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REVIEW, FRIDAY 20 APRIL 2012, 09.00-16.00, AZRIELI PAVILION SLICES THROUGH SPACE introduces alternative methods for planning and architecture that open for discussions about planning language, hierarchies, participation and relevance. Through literature studies and exploratory research and rethinking we gain new knowledge that enables us to approach a concrete situation for a profound understanding of the context. The studio does not demand fixed scenarios or fancy images, but expects curiosity and an open-minded effort from the students to learn, and to experience and express knowledge that is not obvious.

STUDENTS (presentation order): Elena Angella Kanchan Hailey Ken Shirley Robin Krista Narae Steph Martine Maysan

CRITICS: Morgan Ip Federica Goffi Inderbir Singh Riar Roger Connah Gisle Løkken Magdalena Haggärde

Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Spring 2012 Visiting professors: Gisle Løkken & Magdalena Haggärde, 70°N arkitektur - Tromsø

Slices Through Space - Final Review  

Slices Through Space - Final Review