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Issue 81 | February/March 2013

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THE TRUSTED NAME IN HOMES Tuohy Homes Ltd is a familyowned and operated business that has been trading for over 40 years, and is one of Wellington’s leading household names within the residential housing industry. The company has also built many commercial projects and one currently under construction is the new Lockwood Plunket building in Porirua. Tuohy Homes has a proud history of building quality homes both locally and in the greater Wellington Region. The business continues to build high appeal, low-maintenance, quake safe ‘Lockwood Homes’ with the same passion and pride as it did back in the 1960s. In 1984, company director Brent Tuohy, started out serving his carpentry apprenticeship with Tuohy Homes. He continued building many homes for the company before progressing to project management, then becoming co-director, working alongside his father Phil Tuohy (founder of Tuohy Homes), and onto his current position as the sole director of the company. Brent has a vast knowledge of the industry and has a very good grasp on how to protect your investment; by ensuring your home is constructed to the very highest standard and budget expectations. Brent has carried the business forward with the

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equivalent pride and passion to that of his father, Phil. Tuohy Homes is with you every step of the way; from helping you find the perfect section, or demolishing/removing a house that does not work anymore, to designing the home to suit your needs and making the most of your location, and of course working to your budget. They have their own professional design office that can alter any existing floor plan, and also offer a complete design and build service using the latest ArchiCAD technology to provide a design that is totally unique. Tuohy Homes also work with architectural concept plans. They provide a full Project Management service to ensure a smooth, efficient, stress free build for their clients. And also offer assistance with kitchen design, interior solutions and landscaping requirements. Tuohy Homes has a great team who work hard to design and build its clients’ dream homes, and has a fantastic team of experienced, licensed builders and subcontractors who bring their clients’ dream home to life. Tuohy Homes is also very mindful of the growing demand for homes that have the strength to withstand all that nature throws at it, are warm, low maintenance and eco friendly. Lockwood Homes encompass all of these features with double glazing, ample insulation, low maintenance interior and

exterior, eco features that can be added such as solar heating and water reticulation. The orientation of the home on the building site also provides the opportunity to embrace passive heating, and of course there’s the strength of the house itself. When the Christchurch earthquake hit, Tuohy Homes was very relieved, but not surprised, to know that the Lockwood homes stood strong with little or no damage, and kept the occupants safe during that tragic event. During the years Lockwood Homes have evolved into what they are today - from standard floor plans, to completely flexible floor plans to a full ‘design and build’ service. Modern and functional in design, they ‘stand strong’ in extreme environmental conditions, are eco friendly, warm, and not noisy! Interior painted Gib walls are incorporated into homes for clients who wish to have a mix of both timber and colour. Lockwood interior walls

also offer two timber finishes - the ‘natural’ timber finish and the ‘blonded’ finish, which is a beautiful light finish. Lockwood is currently reviewing its floor plans and designs with some exciting new looks coming – so watch this space! The Lockwood website can be viewed at Tuohy Homes‘ website www.tuohyhomes. has some very useful links including current section listings, client testimonials, a photo gallery, and the planning process (to better explain how to plan your new dream home). Tuohy Homes is a trusted company that ‘takes care of it all’. They are professional, experienced and approachable, and pride themselves on creating a positive building experience for all their clients. They build a quality home that will stand the test of time, and will be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Issue 81 February/March 2013

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Issue 81

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6 | Working life

11 | Property

22 | Initiatives

Business mindset expert Karen Degen explains why workaholism can be a dangerous addiction

Olly Newland previews what the 2013 real estate market might have in store

Buy NZ Made’s mission to keep it local, we look at Foundation Architecture and Interiors work on Gusto’s new home, why getting your next conference fully catered makes so much sense and Access Automation takes local knowledge to the global stage

6 | Strategies

12 | Want better business results?

Thinking about selling up? Then strike while the iron’s hot

Perhaps it’s time to harden up

12 | Selling yourself online

Business strategist Kevin Vincent talks about driving sales success

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13 | Protecting yourself in the cloud

Labour Party leader David Shearer on creating commercial opportunities

Cloud technology and remote access raise new security issues for company data

8 | Small business

14 | Ruck and roll

Time management expert Robyn Pearce on the difference goal setting can make

It’s easily the best sporting event on the national calendar and the party of all parties.

Get noticed with Dzine Signs and Displays and Quickstart Auto Electrical can keep any fleet humming

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Vaughan Reed from Labyrinth Solutions on easing the pain associated with online marketing

SME Business Network co-founder, Tenby Powell talks about delivering influence

9 | Online

17 | Getting the crowd on your side

Website designer Suzanne Carter’s top tips for updating your website

Using online networking to get projects up and running

10 | Technology

18 | Risky business

Super service delivered with style at Rydges Wellington, and the Portlander reinvents itself as a place for all people. The Bangalore Polo Club moves to reward loyal locals, The Establishment proves itself a downtown delight, dining at the Duke and great tastes at the 10 O’clock Cookie Bakery Café. Create cool conferences at Wallaceville House, getting down at the Dockside, dine fine at Arbitraeyeur and Te Horo Foods’ labour of love

Gadget guru Ian Knott reviews two Belkin offerings delivering seriously smart viewing

Kiwi SME’s cite a major incident as their biggest risk, yet most simply aren’t prepared

10 | Events diary

19 | Hot off the grill

This is where you find out what’s on near you

One year young and already the best restaurant in the country, The Grill’s Sean Connolly has a minimalist approach to savour

21 | Lifestyles



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Three French Polynesian destinations – one budget, another mid-range, and one to blow the bank


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We talk to Hertz Sevens general manager Steve Walters about what’s involved behind the scenes at the event that turns Wellington on its head


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Gary Collins Managing Director

21/01/13 2:53 PM

Viewpoint | Working life/Strategies

Workaholism the ‘respectable’ addiction

Thinking about selling up? Then strike while the iron’s hot

Karen Degen is the owner of Set Free with EFT, a company that changes mindsets to create business success. Email or visit

Wikipedia defines a workaholic as a person who is addicted to work. Although overworking is almost a respectable addiction, it is as dangerous as any other addiction and needs to be treated by a professional.

often choose food. That is of course a generalisation, but an interesting one. Perhaps driven by the culture of our past when men worked to support their families and their worth as a person was tied up in their ability to do so.

Overworking or keeping busy is merely the symptom. The real issue is an aversion to quiet time, because in that quiet time we are alone with thoughts and feelings that may be uncomfortable or distressing. Workaholics feel the need to be busy all the time, to the point that they often perform tasks that aren’t required or necessary.

There are a number of reasons why this particular escape mechanism might be the most damaging of all, even more so than drugs and alcohol. The most obvious is that your health may be affected.

When life gets challenging we look for ways to escape the stressful thoughts and feelings we are experiencing, even if just for a little while. Escape mechanisms like alcohol, smoking or drugs are well recognised, but many people don’t recognise overworking as one. It would seem counterproductive to overwork when stressed, but in fact it is a very effective escape mechanism. If we keep busy enough we don’t give ourselves time to think or feel. This is especially true when the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings stem from issues outside of the workplace. If relationships at home are strained, or if home is not a place where we can feel at peace, then spending more time at work can seem like the easier option. Even when at home a workaholic is likely to keep busy by doing odd jobs or projects, or perhaps spending much of their time exercising or playing sport, making them emotionally unavailable to their family. Overworking has the added benefit of making the person feel important. In our culture, being stressed and busy has almost become a badge of honour and there can even be a sense of shame in admitting you are not super busy. We need to take steps to change this culture to engender a healthy work-life balance.

At the core of it many people don’t feel worthy, or of value, hence their ‘need’ to work more.

Additionally, if you are physically absent and emotionally unavailable to your family then relationships, either with your spouse or children, will suffer. Most importantly of all though is the effect of pushing those thoughts and emotions aside. Not giving ourselves time to feel does not mean the negative emotions are not there, and this can cause problems. Overworking or keeping busy is not emotionally healthy. In the absence of professional help, the best solution for stress is to give yourself the time and space to work through the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, rather than escaping from them. Unfortunately, like many addicts, this is not always something we have control over. Experts say that as with addictions to alcohol, drugs or gambling, workaholics’ denial and destructive behaviour will persist despite feedback from loved ones or danger signs such as deteriorating relationships. Although we may not be prepared to admit the addiction in ourselves, a good manager will seek to prevent employees from succumbing. According to Wikipedia, “Workaholism is not the same as working hard. Despite logging in an extraordinary amount of hours and sacrificing their health and loved ones for their jobs, workaholics are frequently ineffective employees”.

Richard O’Brien is the director of operations at - specialists in assisting anyone serious about buying or selling a business

Unsure markets, less spending, tougher times and tighter money have seen a drop in business for sale listings, as those who would have normally listed their business for sale hold back in order to work the cash flow, waiting for improved profits and a more buoyant economy. While the decision to sell your business needs careful thought and planning, there are a number of reasons why you may want to move sooner than later: 1. Under supply Just like with property, it’s easier to sell a good house and get a good price when there are limited numbers on the market. There are buyers with the money looking for good, stronger businesses now. While there are still many opportunities out there, there has been a drop in quality listings. Good businesses are selling. Buyer traffic has been relatively stable however, buyers are more discerning and comment on the lack of quality businesses that are on the market. 2. Improved profits

decline in business, as businesses take energy and attention to keep them in shape. Waiting too long with hope alone won’t make your business more desirable. Often it’s better to cash-out than burnout, and start enjoying life once again. 5. Baby Boomers exiting on mass New Zealand has a huge number of self-employed people and a large percentage of these people are from the baby boom generation. As this generation start to sell and step away from their businesses, a smaller supply of generation X’s will be seeking to invest. Unfortunately an over supply of average businesses is likely to result in a number of businesses failing to sell. 6. Plan your business exit If you are considering cashing up and selling your business now, or even in three years time, then you should start planning to ready your business for sale to maximise your chances of a sale, and to get your best return in what could become a crowded and competitive marketplace. Groom your business for sale. Ensure all systems and procedures are documented and in place. Make sure your financial records reflect a healthy and strong business that someone will want to buy.

A number of business owners are reporting improved sales and income. Having cut expenses and adapted their business model in order to survive the last three years, many businesses are now lean, mean and well placed for buyer scrutiny. 3. Buyers are out there There are corporate buyers, private groups and individuals with significant funds looking to put it to use through strategic acquisitions and business investments. If you own a healthy and profitable business then it’s a seller’s market for you – and banks are still interested in strong businesses. 4. Holding on too long Some business owners will grow tired and lose the passion for their business before they get to sell. Loss of interest can see a

Men are often the ones who unconsciously choose overworking or keeping busy as their escape mechanism, while women

Ph. 04 527 9730

Check out Youthtown’s holiday and term programmes

6 | February/March 2013

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Viewpoint | Management/Politics

Managing sales success

Creating commercial opportunities

Kevin Vincent is a director of business improvement consultants Vincent and Nugent Limited.

Few salespeople succeed by performing one skill, activity, or behaviour well. Considering that there are a multitude of skills, behaviours, strategies and actions that make up the “complete salesperson”, how does the sales manager know which buttons to push, what actions to take for development purposes? Most sales managers rely on revenue (increase, decline, or flat) to determine who needs help the most, and if they can find time, they try to pinpoint a deficiency and go to the rescue (often too late, focusing on the wrong problem). What sales managers need is a simple system, with minimum time investment, to organise and monitor activity, predict where the problems will occur and then focus on the right solution at the right time. An effective managing performance system will enable the sales manager to:

• Contact activity • General behaviour • New business pipeline • Product mix • Sales revenue • Selling skills • Strategy execution • Territory management. Each of the above critical success factors is further defined by performance indicators (the next step) which provides key performance measures for each. In tracking activity for any one of the critical success factors that impact sales performance, if the manager notices a shortfall or change in a performance indicator, this should trigger the move to the next step, which is simply getting a more defined or finite fix on the issue or identifying the performance gap. The critical success factor for “selling skills” identifies four areas as gains or gaps to review – they are: • Call planning

• Recognise performance “warning signs and symptoms” before they become problems

• Probing needs/opportunities

• Analyse performance indicators

• Handling resistance/closing.

• Develop their people by identifying gains and gaps in expected performance

As part of the analysis of or for each sales team member, the sales manager has to monitor other critical success factors to see if there are other gaps. Assuming the gap is serious, or there are multiple gaps in other factors, the sales manager can move to the next step with confidence.

• Determine root causes of performance problems and choose solutions • Select the most appropriate actions to reinforce gains and eliminate gaps • Follow a system to drive sales performance and results. The first challenge is to simplify the sales manager’s job by identifying major priorities so they can target what’s important and not “get lost in the traffic”. Critical success factors all interact to a degree and they enable the manager to focus on priorities which ultimately define performance. The interacting critical success factors are: • Account penetration • Administration

• Benefits/presentation

The final step in the on-going process is acting on the solution. Many sales managers fall back and assume “one solution fits all” problems, but they need to have a full menu of solutions and be skilled in their use and application. Our model provides 10 viable solutions, many of which are positive to offer reinforcement or to create improvement. They range from appraisal (can improve minor performance gaps) to training (when knowledge or skills reinforcement are called for), but a full complement must certainly include coaching, counselling, and communicating expectations.

David Shearer is the MP for Mt Albert and leader of the Labour Party

I grew up in South Auckland. My parents worked hard and saved hard. They gave me a great start in life and instilled in me the importance of working to make a difference and to improve people’s lives.

Firstly, to get people into jobs we will pay employers the equivalent of the dole if they take on apprentices. We will also require companies that win significant government contracts to take on apprentices.

I spent a great deal of my life doing that through humanitarian work in countries torn apart by violence, poverty and disease.

We know that exporters are being crippled by the high dollar so we will give the Reserve Bank more tools to tackle that issue, so its focus is broader than just inflation.

Five years ago, I arrived in Iraq. The job in front of my 500-strong team was overwhelming; to rebuild a country ravaged by war and decades of corruption. From a sandbagged room in Baghdad, I ran a $2 billion effort to build schools, hospitals, power stations and water supplies. This work taught me about the importance of being hands-on at the top, not sitting back and shrugging when things go wrong, saying “the job is just too big” or “it’s someone else’s responsibility”. It also taught me that it’s about being smart in your approach rather than just throwing money at problems. I grew up in a household where nothing was put on tick. I know the value of money and I know how to manage it. That’s why I’m committed to running a prudent government that keeps debt down.

Secondly, we want to help businesses come up with new ideas and products, so we will give them a tax break for research and development.

Labour will also introduce universal KiwiSaver to build a pool of money that can be invested in our businesses, while also creating a secure retirement nest egg. It’s about giving New Zealand businesses and workers the opportunities they deserve. It’s about supporting people who are prepared to do the hard graft and removing the roadblocks in their way. We’re not getting that now. All we are getting is a promise that a brighter future is just around the corner but it never arrives. That’s why the number of Kiwis who’ve given up on New Zealand and headed to Australia under National is now more than 170,000. I don’t want us to continue to lose our best and brightest. That’s why I’ll fight back for a future that delivers opportunities for all New Zealanders.

I also know that to improve people’s lives and to grow businesses and communities, we need to invest in them. There are smart and cost-efficient ways to do that. At the moment, we are on a path to decline and constant struggle. I won’t accept that. I’m too proud of New Zealand to accept second best. It’s time to fight back and that includes building wealth on the back of our Kiwi ‘can do’ attitude, supporting our businesses and exporters so they can grow and find new markets for their products and helping create new, high value jobs so that people can get ahead. There are a number of concrete steps Labour will take under my leadership.

(CMC) Children Massaging Children as HAUORA lesson at schools NZ Curriculum matching, award-winning & scientifically proven programme for education. Students become calmer, happier and friendlier towards each other. CMC programme teaches Empathy and Peace in the purest form.

- CMC, Created by Eva Scherer   February/March 2013 | 7

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21/01/13 2:53 PM

Viewpoint | Small business/Tactics

Goal setting for small business Robyn Pearce is a time management expert, helping people turn time challenges into high productivity and the life balance you desire. Visit

Usually when I approach people with the question “What are your goals in life?” I am met with one of two glib answers often accompanied with a not-so-subtle eye roll. People either tell me that they want to win Lotto so they can sail off in to the sunset or, on the other end of the spectrum, that their only goal is to make it through the day without pulling their own hair out. Many of us have good intentions or some idea of where we would like to be in 10 years, but only three to five percent of people have clearly defined, established goals set in place. It is crucial to set definitive long-term goals for ourselves to ensure we have the appropriate sailing attire ready for when that sunset finally arrives. If you have ever done any programmes on setting your business’ vision or writing a business plan, no doubt you’ve been advised to write down your goals. But – have you done it? Or have you done it just for your business, and forgotten the rest of your life? If you haven’t yet written your goals down (and it’s the writing down that’s the critical bit) use these steps and get started - it’s easier than you think: Find a quiet spot. Whether it is your office or bedroom or favourite park, you need to be somewhere you feel comfortable and where the ideas will flow. Limit interruptions; don’t attempt it while other people are trying to engage with you, and remember to turn off your phone. Think as far into your future as you can. At least a year out and ideally much further ahead. What do you want your life or business to look like in five or 10 years? Write your goals down. Many people question the significance of this, but the reason for it is that putting your thoughts down on paper forces clarity. Similarly, there is nothing more rewarding or motivating than physically ticking off your goals one by one.

their lives. It pays to look at the bigger picture, as for many of us, our work and home lives are intertwined, especially if running a business from home. Try breaking your goals up into sub-headings such as; mind, body and wellbeing, business and workplace, relationships, family and home, career, prosperity, money and time, people, community and contribution. Structure helps us think. Don’t limit yourself. Forget ‘realistic’ for now. Nothing is too small or too large. Dream big. It isn’t your imminent tasks or relatively easy projects we’re interested in at this stage. They come later. ‘Realistic’ is entirely too limiting for long-term dream goals. Who wants to be realistic? Or only choose goals that are easily achievable? How boring! Be very specific. Goals need to be specific and larger goals should be broken down in to small, achievable blocks that you can work towards on a weekly or monthly basis. Don’t say ‘I want to make more money’, or ‘I want to retire at 55’. Instead describe what you need to do to achieve this, and break it down into chunks. Find or make pictures to represent your words and thoughts. A good idea is to make a collage, a poster, a scrapbook or some kind of visual reminder. Pictures are incredibly powerful. Put them wherever you’ll see them constantly – it might be your fridge, office wall or your bathroom. After a while they’ll become wallpaper and you’ll hardly notice them most of the time. However, the message continues to impact your sub-conscious. It might take some years, but you’ll be amazed at the result. It is so easy to get lost in the seas of emails, voice messages, obligations and errands that seem to control our day to day lives, but by setting goals we are able to clarify what is truly important to us. So please, take out a pen and paper and jot down the things that you hope to someday achieve. Otherwise I can assure you, your dreams will sail on by while you stand with two feet firmly planted on the shore.

When writing goals many people tend to focus on only the professional aspects of

Dealing with difficult task masters Dr Mary Casey is a conflict resolution specialist and founder and CEO of the Casey Centre, a leading integrated health and education service

Maintaining a professional working relationship with your boss is important, so how do you address their behaviour without it souring? Every boss is different and so you need specific strategies to most effectively deal with them. Instead of trying to change someone, the best course of action is to enact strategies that focus on dealing with their behaviour, rather than trying to change their personalities. The micromanager Does your boss want a meeting with you several times a week, be cc’d in every email, and check your work on an hourly basis? While this behaviour can be annoying initially, eventually it can make you doubt your own abilities. Micromanaging has nothing to do with your work quality – it’s about your boss. Suggest a dedicated meeting time and create a list of successful projects you’ve worked on to prove your work quality. Be honest - let your boss know you feel they’re monitoring your work too closely. The non-communicator They come and go without telling you, don’t give staff an opportunity to contact them when they need them and never give performance feedback. Communicate through notes or emails, and set deadlines for responses – such as “please respond by Tuesday, and if I don’t hear from you I assume the proposed action is okay”. As these bosses are emotionally withdrawn, it may be hard to communicate with them, so ask open-ended questions. The drama queen This type of boss seeks drama in the workplace, or tends to worry or panic over every incident. It’s important not to give them the attention they crave. Remain calm and, if possible, ignore overthe-top behaviour.

and conversations eventually lead to discussing people? Work on constantly changing the subject from people to positive things. The slave driver A master delegator, this type of boss ensures staff work well into the night, with no mention of time in lieu. When another employee leaves, you may also suddenly find yourself doing their job, too. Set the boundaries of what your hours are; work within these hours and within your scope. A good idea is to check with your boss that your job description is the same. The detractor Does your manager shift the blame to you or other staff whenever results fail to come in or something goes wrong? Do they take credit for good results you have achieved on your own? This type of boss is not just insecure but a master manipulator. The best way to deal with this situation is to put your concerns in writing. It’s important that you outline the issue and the outcome. You may write something like “I’d like to say exactly what occurred so that you know why I’m upset”. They will more often than not agree with you. They will also be careful of blaming you or taking due credit away. The bully If someone uses their physical presence to intimidate, shout at people around other staff, or is not open to hearing or taking on suggestions or ideas, then they’re a classic bully. Stand up to them and you may find they back down. Ask them not to yell or interrupt. When a situation gets heated, use their first name and ask them if they can outline exactly what the problem is. The bottom line In some instances, be prepared to leave if necessary. An employer’s habits won’t change overnight, but if after many attempts to improve fail, it may be best to move on. Weigh up whether the effects on your health, your emotional state and your personal life are worth staying in the job for.

Gossip monger What do you do when your boss is the source of office gossip

8 | February/March 2013

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21/01/13 2:53 PM

Viewpoint | Marketing/Online

How to make online marketing easier

Cleaning tips for your website

Vaughan Reed is the managing director of Labyrinth Solutions. Visit

A recent marketing survey undertaken by Labyrinth Solutions, canvassing 50 of the biggest companies in New Zealand, found two universal sources of frustration in the current economy. The first issue related to reduced marketing budgets combined with increasing expectations of teams under pressure. The second recurring issue involved keeping up with a rapidly changing web environment. We approached the marketing departments of many of New Zealand’s leading companies, national and international, and asked them to nominate their biggest frustration and their biggest issue. Amazingly, they almost all highlighted the same themes.

Suzanne Carter is the business development manager for website design and development company Limelight Online Ltd. To find out more visit

We’ve always focused on the ‘long-term’ for our clients. We’ve found that clients who have regular contact with us, and utilise our regular strategy sessions, achieve online success with their website. We wanted to really encourage this type of client partnership and Web to Cloud achieves this with its all-inclusive pricing model. Labyrinth is the first premium web company in New Zealand to be offering the subscription web to cloud service. We have been operating for 12 years and we can still offer a web design service that involves up front costing, but we are finding more customers are interested in the new concept.

Subscription pricing provides significant advantages for marketers. The cost of the website project moves from capital expenditure to operational expenditure – Labyrinth Solution’s response to the often this helps to streamline budgeting. In repeated problems involved changing the way addition, businesses can easily assess the the website market could be delivered, by return on their online investment against creating a web to cloud alternative. their monthly costs. The premium website design platform uses a subscription-based pricing model. In reducing Results from the questionnaire highlighted the sometimes prohibitive set up cost of the upfront costs, our website directly creating a premium website and the difficulty addresses key concerns that marketers of managing a website with limited resources. face when establishing and maintaining a Other issues included the desire for businesses successful website in today’s tough to be able to clearly see the value of their economic climate. online solution and the return on With the cost of high-end websites ranging this investment. from $20,000 upwards, the option of a monthly fee is preferable to many companies The majority of survey respondents struggling with cash flow issues, as it spreads recognised the importance of having a risk and minimises the need to fund major clear online strategy and ongoing strategic outlays for web solutions that can sometimes support, but several expressed a lack of time have short-term viability. or available expertise from their website providers in this area. We are de-risking it for our clients and wearing that risk ourselves, but the pricing The web environment is changing rapidly and structure ensures we are all motivated to many companies are struggling to keep up. achieve improved outcomes. It is in our They lack the skill and resources in house and best interest, as well as theirs, to get it budget constraints may preclude outsourcing right. We are looking to establish long term relationships. We need to deliver on outcomes for expertise. It surprised us how many of the same issues were nominated by the range of which have been set. companies we surveyed. Responsive and reliable web systems Marketers face getting results online in a In creating long term partnerships, the web challenging if not painful economy. Web to company is assured that the cost of the Cloud provides a robust, future-proof solution website will be recovered and the client is that will ensure businesses reach their assured of a responsive, reliable and capable web management system. business goals.

As we are now into a new year, it’s the ideal time to get your website ready for the year ahead by giving it a good old clean. You’ll be amazed at the difference a little attention to detail, a few updates and some simple changes can make to the look, feel and performance of your site. Some of these tasks might require the help of your web developer, but don’t worry I’m not talking about a major overhaul here – just a few easy (yet highimpact) ways to spruce up your site and breathe life back into it. Here is your website cleaning check list: 1. Review your content Read through all the content on your website and make sure that it is all up to date and accurately reflects your business and your products or services. If you have had no newsletters since 2010, then you should remove that page from your website, as it is best not to have them on there if they are that out of date.

Firefox and Safari are always releasing updates and this means your website may not be looking that flash on some of them now. Check out your website on each of the major browsers and make sure everything is looking how it should be. If not, get in touch with your developer and ask them to fix this for you. 5. Add new images Just like content the wrong image/photo can create a bad first impression. The presence (or absence) of good images speaks volumes about the perceived quality of the products or services you offer. 7. Add some fresh content It is absolutely critical if you want to do well on search engines such as Google, that one of the main tasks you need to be doing is making sure your website is constantly updated with new content. Having a blog on your website is a great way to achieve this. A blog can also showcase your industry knowledge and provide you with that extra bit of trust and credibility.

8. Update products, service descriptions and prices Also, make sure there are no spelling or Revisit your product or services pages and grammar mistakes. If you can’t spot an error check that all of the content is still relevant. from a mile off then ask someone who can. Have the prices changed? Is the product 2. Your call to action still available? Do you have a strong and clear call to action 9. Add new testimonials that is repeated throughout your site? You Even if you’ve already got some outstanding need to tell users what to do when they testimonials on your site, it doesn’t hurt to go to your site. Should they call you, email change them from time to time. Ask recent you, make a booking or subscribe to your clients for feedback. newsletter. If you don’t clearly tell them what to do they won’t do it! 10. Check your forms A strong call to action will increase your online conversions by a significant amount. Sometimes it is the small things that make the biggest difference. 3. Check your copyright date Does your website proudly display “Copyright 2009” in the footer? The message this gives is that you have not updated your website for several years and so who knows what information is still relevant. 4. Test your website on different browsers Browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer,

Have you checked all your online forms recently? If not, make sure you revisit them and fill them out as if you were a client. Are all the fields still relevant or should there be some necessary additional ones? Does the form submit OK or was there an error message? As the person who completed the form did you get a copy sent to you by email? In conclusion So, get your duster out, your polish at the ready and start working through this checklist and your website will have the wonderful clean it fully deserves.

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Viewpoints | Technology

News | Events Diary

Seriously smart viewing Ian Knott has been commentating on various forms of technology for the past 16 years. He’s had columns on gadgets, gaming, computing and digital entertainment in many newspapers, magazines and websites in New Zealand and overseas.

I review a lot of gadgets and if I’m to be honest, many of them blur into a techno-haze of more megapixels, better screens or greater portability. But every now and then a product comes along that makes even a cynical old techhead like myself jolt upright and take notice. One such product is @TV Plus. This stylish and clever little box from Belkin facilitates remote viewing of your television from anywhere you have an internet or 3G connection. TV can be effortlessly streamed to your iPad, iPhone, Mac or Android powered device wherever you may be. But that’s not all - you can also pause live TV and record what’s playing on your portable device provided you have enough storage memory available. Belkin is a company that lives and breathes plug-n-play devices and @TV is no exception. Set up is as easy as hooking up a network cable from your modem, plugging your Sky or Telstra decoder into the component or composite ports (not HDMI) on the back of the @TV box, and then from the box to the ‘AV IN’ port on your TV. A small remote blaster is placed in front of your decoder to allow the changing of channels remotely. Then simply download the app onto your portable device/s and once you’ve given your TV a name and password, you’re good to go. Within the app itself you can change the quality of the video (streaming at the highest quality isn’t recommended over the 3G network) and bring up a remote control that can do most things your normal remote can do (the programme guide isn’t yet available in NZ). Unfortunately @TV doesn’t allow you to view a different channel to what your decoder is displaying at home, because it’s a direct output of whatever is currently playing. Changing channels brings with it approximately a five second delay as the new information is transferred over the network between the three devices, which is understandable with most New Zealand broadband speeds. I’ve found that I use @TV a lot more than I initially thought I would. The kids stream

Events diary

What’s happening on the business and entertainment front



Introduction to Business seminar – Porirua

Jim Beam Homegrown 2013 – Wellington

A free seminar on how to start a new business; learn about business structures, income tax, expenses you can claim, GST, and more.

The Wellington waterfront will be transformed to into a summer party featuring the best of Kiwi music. The festival features the most diverse line-up to date; from award-winners and exclusive collaborations to old favourites and rising talent.

To find out more and register, go to: wellington/porirua/

For tickets go to:

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Alan Davies - Life is Pain – Wellington the Cartoon Network to the iPad on long trips in the car, going to bed and watching Sky channels (without having to pay for a Multiroom subscription), and for watching those rugby tests in the middle of the night. While videophiles might snub the lack of HDMI support, the obvious restrictions around streaming massive amounts of video data make it impractical in the current environment. Speaking of HDMI – most of our AV products are high definition these days. This might not be a problem if your TV has multiple HDMI inputs, but if your TV only has one or two and your PS3, Xbox 360 and HD satellite decoder all need connecting, then some kind of HDMI hub or switcher is in order. Belkin has the perfect solution with ScreenCast AV 4 Wireless AV-to-HDTV Adapter – which wirelessly transmits the HDMI signal in 1080p from your devices to your TV, also cutting back on unsightly clutter. ScreenCast has two separate, very sleek boxes; the larger of which can accommodate up to four HDMI devices. This then wirelessly transmits to the smaller second box, which runs a solitary HDMI cable to your TV. As usual, setup is quite simple and the built-in menu system allows you to allocate names to each of your inputted devices. The beauty of the wireless transmission means your devices can be stored up to 30 metres away, even in another room. Of course this isn’t practical for gaming consoles, but for those with large lounges or minimalist décor this could be an absolute blessing. For those worried about wireless lag, especially when gaming, I haven’t noticed any difference between wired or wireless when using the ScreenCast, but I do have both units right next to each other. Belkin @TV will set you back $250 and is worth every cent in my books, but with the ScreenCast AV 4 Wireless AV-to-HDTV Adapter going for around $300, a decent hidden cabling option might be more cost effective if your AV setup allows it.

Alan Davies, one of the UK’s best-loved comedians and actors, the star of QI and Jonathan Creek makes a long-awaited return to New Zealand with his brand new show ‘Life is Pain’. Book early, this is sure to be a hot ticket. For more information, visit:

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 Understanding your Financials – Wellington Ideal for the business owner who wants to understand their financial accounts in more depth and how they can use these accounts for the financial management of their business. This workshop helps you to learn how to use the information contained in your annual financial statements - from analysing key areas of your business activity through to planning for future years. To find out more and to register, go to: wellington-central/2013/02/12/ understand-your-financials-0900.aspx

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13 Managing your Time – Palmerston North For business owners who want to learn and improve simple time management strategies. This workshop will help you improve your time management skills by providing tips, suggestions that will aid you in gaining more control and a balance in work and life. To find out more and to register, go to: palmerston-north/2013/02/13/ managing-your-time-0930.aspx

TUESDAY, MARCH 5 So you Think you Give Great Service – Levin This three-hour workshop will teach you about the damage caused to businesses through poor service. Discuss the myths and barriers within business, how to turn compliments and complaints into gold, knowing what your customer wants in order to exceed in customer service and how to measure improvements. It is something that every business needs to aim for and achieve if they expect to be successful in the long term. To find out more and to register, go to: levin/2013/03/05/so-you-think-yougive-great-service-0930.aspx

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 GST workshop - Lower Hutt This workshop is a hands-on interactive session where you learn to complete a mock cashbook and GST return. It is ideal for sole traders, partnerships and other small businesses. For more information and to register, go to: wellington/lower-hutt/

FRIDAY, MARCH 15 A Time and Stress Management for the Office – Wellington This course provides knowledge and tools for better time management, and techniques for coping with the stress that comes with busy and demanding roles. For more information and to register, go to:



NZ House & Garden Tour – Wellington

Strengthening Resilience for the Workplace – Wellington

This gives you the chance to take a peek inside an eclectic mix of some of the country’s most spectacular homes and gardens, all in aid of two very special charities – the Cancer Society of New Zealand and Look Good Feel Better. Step inside the pages of NZ House & Garden, enjoy an outing with family and friends, be inspired and support two wonderful charities all in one very special day out. For more information, visit:

This course applies the latest thinking on resilience to everyday working and personal lives. It will equip you with practical tools to continue to improve your resilience after the workshop is over. It is based on current scientific research and sound psychological principles. For more information and to register, go to:

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News | Property

The year in retrospect… and what is to come By Olly Newland

Now is a good time to review the past 10 to 11 months and look into the foreseeable future.

Interest rates The low interest rate environment continues, with the pundits pushing their predictions for interest rates rises further and further into the future. I take the opposite view. I believe that interest rates will remain at or near the current levels for many years to come, and may even fall further. This is the new “normal” and is, in effect, a huge wage rise for the mortgage belt and working classes, let alone for investors and first home buyers. Never in my lifetime have I seen interest rates so low as now, but I am reassured by the fact that the current rates are in line with the rest of the world. Unless massive inflation appears, there is no reason why rates should ever go up significantly. A low interest rate environment means that people can afford their mortgages — and even borrow more — which, by the way, is why prices are steadily rising in many parts of the country, Auckland in particular. Even if interest rates were raised by a quarter or half a point, what difference would that really make? The side-effect of low interest rates is that savers are tempted to put their money into other avenues of investment, with investment property being one of their options. In my view, the merry dance will continue. House prices are likely going to double again over the next few years. Of that I am certain.

A low interest rate environment means that people can afford their mortgages — and even borrow more — which, by the way, is why prices are steadily rising in many parts of the country, Auckland in particular.

Put another way, good commercial property has doubled in value, and hence we now have a plethora of commercial syndicates offering all types of commercial investment for the smaller investor seeking higher returns. Retail shops remain one of the more popular commercial investments, followed closely by small industrial units. Anything with multiple tenancies is of high demand because that arrangement helps spread some of the risk.

They realise that the market is improving and that many parts of the country are now enjoying a resurgence in demand and values. The first matter that has to be explained is that the market is not a homogeneous lump moving in unison in one direction or the other. No - the market consists of many parts all moving at different speeds. The trick is to pick the slice of the market that is about to move rather than climbing into one or another market at the last minute. Even more important is not to be talked into buying cheap rubbish in depressed suburbs.

retirees — so buy in confidence once you have done your due diligence.

Lifestyle and beach homes These are still suffering and are hard to make money out of unless the market regains its boom mentality again. Lifestyle and beach homes were the toys of the wealthy (or indebted) during good times.

So what is hot and what’s not?

Now that times are not so good, these toys aren’t played with as much as before. If you buy into these then don’t expect capital gain, or big rents in the short to medium term (Kim Dot Com may the exception if what he paid in rent is correct.)


Bare sections

If you can afford to buy into what I call the “Mum, Dad and three kids” market then that’s the best market of all. Good average family homes with a bit of land to kick a ball around will do just nicely. If the property can be improved, then so much the better! Growth and income are bound to rise because of the shortage of just these types of property. Remember it’s the land that is the most valuable part.

If you can afford to buy big pieces of land in a well built-up area, then you may be sitting on a gold mine. But land that is out in the countryside, or by some swamp or silted-up river, is almost impossible to sell let alone get an income from it. Buy if you must, but at your own risk.

If rental housing is not to your taste think Buy as much land under the house as possible Commercial property does not make headlines about commercial. It’s a whole new world and and avoid tiny sections. the difference between the two is like chalk much but it too is undergoing a revolution. and cheese. The low interest rates have made the returns Town houses and units from commercial property that much more Much of what applies to houses also applies Where is best to invest? attractive. Where once upon a time a 10 to these properties. Position and construction One of the most frequent questions my percent return was commonplace, this has are vital as they too are often hard to extend. advisory clients ask is: Where should I be slipped to six percent or less depending on Town houses and units make up a great investing for income and security? the quality of the location and the tenant. part of the market for first home buyers and

Commercial property

Olly Newland

Property Consultant Impartial, expert guidance

For an obligation-free session with Olly, call: 0800 66 22 80

With more than 45 years in the property game, Olly Newland provides a consulting and mentoring service for people committed to make serious progress with property investments… whether it be buying, selling, holding or troubleshooting. If you’re interested in knowing more, visit Olly’s webpage at

Get skilled advice on residential and commercial property investment from Olly Newland, reknowned property expert, author & Authorised Financial Advisor. Purchasing, selling & managing property.

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News | Tactics

Want better business results? Maybe you’re not being tough enough

Do you have an online marketing mantra for 2013?

By Stephen Lynch

I remember being thrilled with my first promotion to a managerial position. I was promoted from sales rep to sales manager, and had just been relocated by my company to the city where the head office was located.

Mention online marketing and most businesses with a website mentally tick that strategy off as complete. But is your website really working for you? Is it adding value to your bottom line? A website is your online brand builder, it’s a 24-hour, seven-day a week sales tool that should be adding to the strategic growth of your business, says OnPage1 Media director, Scott Wilson. “So many businesses have fantastic looking websites, but there is no strategy behind them. They just don’t maximise the online potential.” With the new business year looming, Wilson encourages all businesses to take an objective look at their online marketing strategy. “Most people see the internet as a way to grow their business, but they simply don’t know how to use the online environment as a tool to make this happen.”

One of the best pieces of management advice I received, strangely enough, was from the owner of a car dealership as he was handing over the keys of my shiny new company car. As his chain of car dealerships was one of the largest in region, I figured he must know a thing or two about how to be a good boss, so I made a point to listen closely.

decisions. Making decisions is what you are paid to do. You need to confidently set the strategic direction. Be tough enough to drive business execution. Be tough enough to pull the plug on projects that are not living up to their original promise.

Set clear expectations

He said, “I have learned two key things about being a good manager I would like to share with you. One; have a drink with your team, but never get drunk in front of them. Two; be friendly with your team, but don’t try to be their best friend. If your team doesn’t respect you, or if you get too friendly, you will never be a successful manager.”

Structure is not a dirty word. People crave structure. Your employees need to clearly understand how their roles and goals relate to the overall company strategy, and how their performance will be evaluated every week, every month.

These days we see lots of articles about how important it is to “empower” employees by leaving them alone, and how you don’t want to “micromanage” them. I wonder if things have gone too far? The biggest problem business leaders report to me is that they struggle with business execution - they struggle to get their people to get things done – fast!

Yes we all want to be liked, and no one wants to be jerk. However, weak managers are not respected. Weak managers are too casual and friendly. They let small problems build up into big problems, when they should have been dealt with immediately. Managing is not something you do when things go wrong. Your number one job is to keep projects moving forward and support your people so they can achieve their goals. Getting things done is your number one job every day.

I read an interview with the author of “It’s Okay to Be the Boss: The Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming the Manager Your Employees Need.” The author claims that “undermanagement” is now the problem. Managers have forgotten how to manage. Here’s our take on some of the key points…

It’s okay to be the boss Let your team see that you have a firm handle on the business and can make good

Toughen up

Take responsibility As a manager you only succeed when your team succeeds. You praise the team when the team succeeds. You alone take responsibility when the team fails. Yes, being a manager is a tough job. Are you tough enough?

Online success must start with a strong and focused strategy. “I see many businesses, especially those in growth phases, with strong strategies across almost every area of the business, but online marketing is often put aside. For many it is in the too hard basket, because they just do not know where to start. “Businesses are trying all sorts of different tactics, but because none of them are tied into a specific strategy, any success is minimal and fragmented.” OnPage1 Media work with companies to develop a strategy to harness the potential of the online environment. To be successful, Wilson suggests there are three areas businesses need to focus on:


To be effective online, you need to have relevant, rich and engaging content – not just on your website, but across all online platforms you use. This means keeping information up to date, adding to it and finding online and offline communications channels that can feed back into your online portals. Again everything needs to be linked to your strategic plan. “We work with our clients to get their stories, columns and news published offline in a relevant way. We can then use this online to help build their brands. Done correctly it is effective and yields excellent results.”

Convert To convert – you must have a clear call to action. “Does someone visiting your website know what you want them to do next? “This is where you can make the biggest wins. The skill in converting an online searcher into a buyer, is to match their conversation with your solution,” he adds. “When people go online, you need to try and imagine what is going on in their head. They have a problem and are looking for a solution – what will they type into Google?” If you can get good at matching these conversations with your website’s content, then you are half way to getting this searcher to become a client. “This is so simple, but very powerful when done correctly. The key is to understand what it is they are really looking for and then deliver this through your content and strategy – again connect, communicate, and convert.”

What’s happening behind the scenes?

First the online strategy must connect to the businesses overall growth strategy. The last and one of the most important aspects to successful online marketing is to Secondly, there has to be legitimate look at and understand the maths behind the online connections with the people you scenes. “By understanding the metrics and want to reach. You must know what your the analytics, and then strategically using the ideal customer/client looks like and what tools available the results can be enormous.” their pain points are. “You need to look at the marketplace, your competitors, your current results and you need to benchmark everything. All this contributes to a gap analysis which identifies your potential and the tools and tactics needed to help you reach your goals.”

Communicate Give people what they are looking for – keep it simple and straight to the point. Well-written copy is a powerful tool. “Every business I have worked with has great information and stories about their services, products or areas of expertise – but it’s not often they share any of this in a meaningful way,” Wilson says.

The internet constantly changes and to ensure your business is thriving online – you need to be strategic, understand what it is you are trying to achieve and how to best do that. “This is where true internet marketing professionals come into their own – they are fully versed in and adapting constantly to the ever evolving internet. “We work with companies who are in a growth phase and serious about taking their business to the next level. Our online marketing strategy session helps establish a robust and strategic online plan – one that is focused on results and based on the science of what really works online.”

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RR News | The Cloud

Protecting yourself in the cloud Cloud technology and remote access raises new security issues for companies Many New Zealand companies may be exposed to serious IT breaches because they fail to update their remote access systems after employees leave. IT and telecommunications service integration company, Lume Ltd managing director Richard Cheesman says independent audits by his company have revealed a worrying frequency in the number of companies with this vulnerability. “We find that many ex-employees and suppliers can still access the networks of companies – either via virtual private networks (VPN) or through the ‘cloud – long after their association has ended. “Most New Zealand companies, being relatively small, don’t have dedicated IT governance or a policy and procedures manual that is kept up to date with fundamental changes in the business

environment, including cloud and mobile technology. “It’s not just technology. The way we are working is changing too, with more and more employees requiring secure remote access to a company’s network, whether its because they’re working from home or are on the road a lot. He says updating remote access security protocols should be a part of a business policies and procedures manual and somebody within the company should be given direct responsibility for ensuring it happens. “It is also likely, particularly with employees, that their mobile phones, tablet computers and even home PCs have automatic exchange access to company email. That access should be removed when they leave. “In the past we had physical security. Now the ‘heart’ of a company’s operations are virtual, which brings with it a whole new way of having to think and act about these things. “If we can’t see it or touch it, we tend to neglect it and this can be extremely dangerous. “For example, what’s to prevent a disgruntled employee or supplier sending defamatory or

nasty emails to all your customers? What’s to prevent them ordering supplies if you have a credit account (as) it’s easy to change the destination address?” Cheeseman says Lume was established because of the growing gap in IT governance. “Due to the growth of increasingly complex, cross platform technologies, the need for multiple suppliers and diverse IT and telecommunications platforms, more and

more companies are finding themselves bewildered and overwhelmed. “Managed service integration means we take the role of an internal IT manager to manage the various technology functions of the company, because we have the necessary expertise to help companies make good strategic decisions about their technology. We carry out management and oversight of the whole IT and telecommunications environment.”   February/March 2013 | 13

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Cover Story | Wellington Sevens

Ruck and roll It’s become the party of all parties. While it was the Hong Kong Sevens which used to be the showcase of the abbreviated game, in the past few years Wellington has grabbed top host bragging rights with both hands – providing a spectacle of sport and entertainment to match pretty much anything around. For two days Wellington becomes the sevens capital of the world where locals and visitors join in the celebration. We talk to Hertz Sevens general manager Steve Walters about what it takes to be the host of this event and what’s involved behind the scenes.

How would you describe the Hertz Rugby Sevens to someone who has never been to it or seen it? The Hertz Sevens is a fantastic mix of sport and entertainment. One of the best things about the tournament is that much of the entertainment is generated by the crowd; they are pretty vocal in cheering on the teams, and even more vocal in-between games singing along to songs or joining in with the entertainment. The Hertz Sevens is fun. The event captures the spirit of the entire city; in the build-up to the tournament people are getting into the festival nature of the event and over the two days of the tournament the city transforms itself into the sevens capital of the world, celebrating rugby sevens, Wellington, and an interpretation of New Zealand’s culture that is truly unique.

What does your job entail as general manager of the Wellington Sevens? My primary role is to oversee the tournament and ensure it’s a success on all fronts. Typically this involves ensuring the 16 international teams we fly into New Zealand and the nine international referees are well-looked after, the hosting of the tournament is up to world standard, our media obligations are delivered to a world standard (the Hertz Sevens is broadcast in 152 countries), our commercial partners maximise their relationship with the tournament and all stakeholders come out sharing in the success of Wellington being a great host and looking forward to the next one. A key aspect of my role is to ensure the commercial success of the tournament. As the economic recession continues to bite this is a demanding aspect of the role, requiring greater effort than five years ago. Hopefully as the global presence of rugby sevens grows with its entry into the Olympic Games in 2016, there may be greater demand to be involved by global partners. As with any event another key aspect of the tournament is problem solving, especially as we get closer to delivering the tournament itself. There are always a few unexpected situations that need resolution.

Hertz Sevens general manager Steve Walters

The Hertz Sevens is a fantastic mix of sport and entertainment. One of the best things about the tournament is that much of the entertainment is generated by the crowd.

- Hertz Sevens general manager Steve Walters

How long have you been doing it for?

I was originally employed at the NZRU in 1999 as the tournament commercial manager to stage the first tournament in February 2000. This was the first rugby ever played at Westpac Stadium, with Jonah Lomu and Christian Cullen in the New Zealand team. In 2003 the commercial management of the tournament was transferred to the Wellington Rugby Union, with it then being responsible for all main aspects of hosting and delivering the tournament. In 2007 I became general manager, and have now been so for five tournaments, with 2013 being my sixth.

What are the biggest challenges in organising this event and how do you overcome them? A big challenge is managing an everincreasing tournament. Each year we look to do more in and around the tournament, requiring greater planning, commitment and resource. This includes activities in Wellington City building up to, during and after the

14 | February/March 2013

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Cover Story | Wellington Sevens

tournament, so visitors have a great experience.

Olympics we’ll see the level of competition and dedicated sevens rise.

Rugby sevens entry into the Olympics means higher standards are demanded from the IRB in hosting the event, relating to all aspects such as facilities, systems, hosting, and security. We need to deliver these higher standards.

It’s important to keep the entertainment fresh as well as the vast majority of attendees have attended at least three times before.

An area taking greater focus each year is crowd management. Society as a whole is putting more focus on the role alcohol plays in our lives, including at large events. We’re very conscious of this and are doing more each year to educate fans that they should pace themselves if they choose to consume alcohol. We’re reminding all attendees to “drink like there is a tomorrow”.

How many volunteers are involved throughout the two days and where do they come from? We’re fortunate to have over 250 volunteers provide their skills and energy. They come from all walks of life and a wide variety of backgrounds, and share in the desire to work as a team to get great results. Most of these are for the two days of the tournament, but some of these will volunteer for the months leading up to the event. We make a special effort to look after our volunteers as they’re the lifeblood of the tournament; the majority have volunteered for multiple years with quite a few volunteering for all 13 tournaments, and now heading into their 14th year.

How do you ensure that the popularity of this event doesn’t wane? A key ingredient is ensuring we’ve got the world’s best rugby sevens players on show. The HSBC Sevens World Series is a great development by the IRB, ensuring most teams have contracted players that can appear around the world. With the upcoming

How closely do you work with other unions which host the event in their respective countries? The IRB gets the host unions together from all 10 hosting countries once a year to review what’s been happening and discuss the best way forward. We partner with the Las Vegas tournament, sending the 15 core teams to the USA straight after Wellington, so we work closely with them. We don’t have that much to do directly with the others, but have always got open channels to discuss strategies and issues. We are keen to work more closely with the Gold Coast tournament staged in Australia in October, as we see many benefits in promoting each other’s tournaments to our respective home markets.

What facets from the sevens success can be transferred to increase spectator numbers at ITM Cup and Investec Super Rugby games? A success factor of the Hertz Sevens is crowd interaction. We firmly believe in the ‘more you give, the more you receive’ philosophy, so are always looking for opportunities via social media, online and the big screen to get fans interacting with the teams and each other. The format of the tournament, with 45 games played over two days with plenty of time in-between to be seen on the big screen and have fun is a big factor, combined with typically great summer weather. Increased crowd involvement for Super Rugby and ITM Cup would add to the spectacle, but bringing in the warm summer weather might be a little more difficult…

How much sleep do you get on sevens week?

This will be a great tool in reminding people to manage their behaviour for their own benefit and those around them. This all adds The workload is very demanding from October to keeping attendees safe inside the stadium onwards with the mandatory Christmas and and with the positive nature of the crowd New Year close down of the country a great everyone is generally enjoying themselves. way to ensure batteries are recharged for the final month’s efforts. During sevens week I typically get four to five hours sleep a night. Usually I get the chance to get a longer sleep after the first day when all the work has been done in preparation of the tournament, although unfortunately I’m usually so wired by then I wake up at 5am anyway.

What will you be doing the day after the sevens tournament? Our work doesn’t finish when the tournament finishes. I’ve got media commitments the day after the tournament, and may have debriefs with the IRB or other visiting stakeholders before they depart New Zealand the following day. We send teams off to Las Vegas on the Monday following the tournament, so we’ve got hosting obligations until the end of play on Monday.

How hard is it to make sure attendees are safe and what strategies are in place to ensure they are? We’ve got good vision on the crowd and a high number of security staff monitoring the crowd. We encourage people to text for help if they have any issues, and run a vigorous process to minimise any people getting into the tournament that are intoxicated or attempting to smuggle alcohol in. We’ve added a further step in 2013 by requiring anyone over the age of 18 years and intending to drink to wear a wristband. This will be removed as a warning if people’s behaviour is becoming an issue, not enabling the attendee to purchase or consume any more alcohol.

What would your biggest request be for people who are coming to the sevens? Come early; these are the best athletes in the world at rugby sevens and each year the standard improves. It’s a fantastic spectacle. It’s like having an Olympics in our own back yard, every year.

What do you enjoy most about the job? Hearing anecdotes about the positive impact the Hertz Sevens has had on Wellington. Everyone’s got a story about an unusual sight or people going out of their way to be more generous and welcoming. This isn’t just Wellingtonians, but also visitors here for the weekend. The spirit becomes infectious and creates great goodwill for Wellington, giving visitors from all over the world great reasons to come in the first place, and to keep coming back.

How many of the games do you actually get to watch throughout the two days? Unfortunately of the 45 games, I only get to see approximately 10 games. I plan my commitments to ensure these are the pivotal games, and any game the All Blacks sevens are in.

Who is your pick for this year’s winner in Wellington? With a great track record, great management, great core team combined with new talent, and leading the series, it’s got to be New Zealand.    February/March 2013 | 15

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News | Q&A

The New Zealand SME Business Network: One voice For too long there had been an empty, silent space where the voices of small business owners/managers should have been sharing their experiences, ideas and insightfulness to address issues which small to medium businesses face. But now The New Zealand SME Business Network has been formed to fill that void, allowing SME’s to encourage and positively influence government policy by sharing their perspectives, to ultimately vitalise the national economy. It costs nothing to be a part of the group on the social media site, LinkedIn, where you will find some of our leading owners/ managers offering advice, support and sharing successes and failures alike to lead the way for small businesses.

“After only eleven months the Network has over 2000 members, the majority of whom are SME owner/managers. “They are actively engaged and care a lot about New Zealand. They are definitely interested in their own growth and also want to contribute to the economic growth of New Zealand. “Their discussion threads have been active, intelligent and, at times, insightful in terms of practical and easily implementable initiatives that could make a significant and positive impact on New Zealand economically and socially.”

We speak to Tenby Powell, co-founder and director of Hunter Powell Investment Partners, who along with Sharon Hunter has established what they call a “Network-of-Influence”, What research has prompted which could change and shape economic and its introduction? social growth significantly. “None. What is the New Zealand SME “Based on our experience of start-up’s and Business Network? growing SME’s from small to big (PC Direct, “The New Zealand SME Business Network was introduced in November 2011, it is a nonpartisan community of SME owner/managers and their advisors, now numbering in excess of 2000 members, introduced with a vision of being the ‘Voice of SME’s to Government’ via the Minister of Small Business. “It is managed primarily via the social networking site LinkedIn with supporting social media via Facebook (with a page of same name) and Twitter. “It is a network-of-influence created to positively communicate to government the critical importance of SME’s to New Zealand’s economy by business owners themselves – not academics or government officials. “Accordingly it provides initiatives, recommendations and advice that are practical in nature and designed to improve the environment in which SME’s operate. “It costs nothing to join the New Zealand SME Business Network. We are doing this work pro bono because we feel not enough is being done to support SME’s in New Zealand. We are not seeking to monetize this in any way nor reap personal gain.” How does it work? “Traditional thinking suggested that SME’s were hard to reach – given many are not technically sophisticated, other than having email and a cell phone and, once reached, were either uncommunicative – due to time constraints and/or lack of interest in anything other than their own success, or did not have meaningful input due to lack of education. “The successful establishment of the New Zealand Business Network disproves this on three levels.

EuroPacific Foods, Hirepool, and Envoy360), it was very obvious that we needed a national voice for SME’s – as opposed to a multitude of disparate interest groups – who can work positively with government to initiate change to our small business environment. “Having been SME owners ourselves who have turned two enterprises, PC Direct and Hirepool, into large businesses (by New Zealand standards), we were aware that the traditional views held on SME’s were mostly erroneous.” Who can be a member? “Anyone who is interested in actively supporting the environmental change needed for small businesses to grow in New Zealand. “To join, you must join LinkedIn first then join the New Zealand SME Business Network - which is a fully moderated LinkedIn group. “While most are SME owner/managers, some are advisors to SME’s and some members are from large corporations who remember what it was like to be small. “The New Zealand SME Business Network is not a group designed to offer the sales of services or products to members, nor is it permitted to make anti-government or disparaging remarks about any political party; hence our strict non-partisan stance and active moderation of the LinkedIn site.” What impact has it had? “After only 10 months we have gained significant traction in the quality and quantity of initiatives introduced to the Minister of Small Business and, in turn, he has been very engaged.

It costs nothing to join the New Zealand SME Business Network. We are doing this work pro bono because we feel not enough is being done to support SME’s in New Zealand. We are not seeking to monetize this in any way nor reap personal gain.

“Specifically we have suggested that the SBAG (Small Business Advisory Group who reports to the Minister from within MBIE) lacked both strategic empowerment and the ability to engage with, and communicate to, SME owner/managers. “Consequently, the Minister has sought applications from successful owner/managers to represent New Zealand’s small business community on the SBAG and the Terms of Reference are being reviewed to enable a more active level of communication.” In what ways can you help business owners? “The single best way we can support small business owners is to reduce the amount of red tape at both local and central governmental levels. “This, and the subject of tax reforms for SME’s, has been the biggest issues covered by our group and has been reported extensively in the media. These are huge issues to grapple with for a group who is only 10 months old.” How have business owners responded? “With engaged interest and enthusiasm. Readers should go to the LinkedIn website and look at the past threads to see the quantity and quality of discussions. To view this, readers will need to join the group.” What have you achieved so far? “In addition to the aforementioned, we have received considerable media attention and are now considered a bonafide voice for SME’s with commentary sought on a range of issues. This is important as the perspective of SME owner/managers is very different to that of academics and government officials, the vast majority of whom have never owned or managed a business.”

What are the most common challenges for small businesses? “Major themes centre on tax and compliance.

“Many SME owners are seeking a significant simplification in the former and a reduction of the latter. While most are supportive of the Government's continued austerity/zero growth focus, so as not to incur further debt, some have expressed strong opinions that this will stifle recovery at a time when we should be growing. “But the time taken up with local and central government compliance reigns supreme. “This is closely followed by debt collection, in that it takes up so much time and resources for the return and collecting on invoices from cash strapped clients who are willing, but unable to pay. “Other themes include lack of access to growth capital and perceived lack of support or over-control by banks.” Why is it important for small businesses in NZ to receive this kind of help? “Small business is New Zealand’s economic firm base. “Ninety seven percent of all New Zealand businesses are SME’s; employing 19 or fewer people and yet accounting for 38.6 percent of NZ’s total economic output, on a value-added basis, and employing 31 percent of the NZ workforce. “SME’s are a vital part of New Zealand’s economy, yet we get very limited support. “The New Zealand SME Business Network is designed to provide support to SME owner/ managers by those who have successfully grown SME’s here and abroad.”

To join the group go to:

16 | February/March 2013

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News | Trends

Getting the crowd on your side There was once an elusive proverb penned telling of needing money to make money. Not the easiest advice to follow, particularly when the money is as elusive as the proverb. But today hundreds of projects are getting off the ground thanks to an innovative funding platform using just the internet and some good old fashioned networking. By Melinda Collins Crowdfunding is hitting headlines around the world for its successful campaigns – and now small businesses here in New Zealand are giving it a go. Popular crowdfunding websites such as PledgeMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are home to thousands of creative projects and resourceful entrepreneurs opting for an alternative way to raise funds. New York based funding platform Kickstarter has raised more than $323 million for upwards of 10,000 projects in the past three years. The site’s top 10 projects have pocketed more than $32 million. While sceptics call it an internet fad, there is no sign of an impending slowdown; Kickstarter’s second biggest project has only just recently wrapped up. Thousands of Kiwis have signed up to the New Zealand equivalent, PledgeMe, pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into local projects and campaigns, half a million dollars to be precise. A popular vehicle for artists and musicians to raise cash to get a project off the ground, such sites have enabled webcomic books and roleplaying video games to be developed. Perhaps best-known is TaikaWaititi’s use of crowdfunding to help pay for the distribution of his movie Boy. It’s funding without the big banks and investment brokers, says PledgeMe cofounder Anna Guenther. “Crowdfunding is a new way to fund projects. Instead of selffunding or accessing government grants, crowdfunding allows you to tap into your crowd of family, friends, and fans to help fund projects up front. “This is a new form of patronage, with a reward system around giving. It is an all-ornothing model, meaning that the projects are only funded if they reach their goal by their deadline,” she says. PledgeMe has been operating since June 2011, with a re-launch in February 2012. Project creators submit their proposals online, the PledgeMe team helps them set up a page and they ask their crowd to get involved. Their pledgers pledge money in return for rewards, but are only charged if the project goal is met by the deadline.

how you can engage them and what you need to go ahead, she says. So, why is crowdfunding such an incredible platform? “It’s participatory - it allows your crowd to help you create your project. It also gives valuable feedback when you’re still in the planning phases and gives you the feedback you need to go ahead.” Crowdfunding in action The ‘Pink Ribbon Calendar Girls’ project really touched the hearts of a lot of people, with 114 pledgers giving more than $10,000 to get the project off the ground. Here’s what they have to say about their PledgeMe experience. What did you like about PledgeMe? “We really liked the idea of crowdfunding for arts projects. What a great way to help get projects off the ground that might not otherwise get the opportunity. We had also been looking for sponsorship for our project without much success. This seemed like a viable alternative… and it worked! “The main goal of our project is to raise awareness about breast cancer in New Zealand and PledgeMe allowed us to reach out with this message, while also sharing the stories of the brave women behind the Pink Ribbon Calendar.”

The main goal of our project is to raise awareness about breast cancer in New Zealand and PledgeMe allowed us to reach out with this message, while also sharing the stories of the brave women behind the Pink Ribbon Calendar. - PledgeMe co-founder Anna Guenther

How did you find the experience? “Nerve wrecking, but very exciting at the same time as we inched towards our goal. It took much longer to build up a network of supporters and awareness about the project than we realised. In hindsight we should have put the project on PledgeMe for longer than the recommended 30 days. “As New Zealanders gain awareness a bout PledgeMe and the concept of crowdfunding it will be easier for future projects. We spent a lot of time educating people about PledgeMe and crowdfunding and how it all worked. We are thrilled that we managed to reach our target! “The team at PledgeMe got right in behind us, helping us to promote ourcause and even making a pledge themselves!  Thanks PledgeMe you have really helped to make our project a success.”

“The creative industry seems like the natural starting point - the projects are engaging, and the creators need funding,” Anna explains. “But, there are so many more applications for crowdfunding – community projects, technology, business startups – it’s just figuring out the project pitch and who your crowd is. “Projects definitely need to be clear about what they need (and why), and need a video and some inspiring rewards to engage their crowd.” The key things you need to consider when planning a campaign are who your crowd is,    February/March 2013 | 17

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News | Small Business

Risky business By Karen Pasco

New Zealand SMEs have cited the biggest risk to their businesses as being disruption to business following a major incident. However, a report from Massey University states that many businesses are just not prepared for such events. A recent survey conducted by insurance brokers and risk advisors Marsh Ltd, says for senior executives from SMEs (below 50 employees), the top risk factor was business disruption, followed by non-compliance, with legal and contractual obligations, and losing key staff to competitors.

It was interesting to see how much better prepared and less vulnerable Canterbury SMEs were compared to those in other parts of the country. The experience of dealing with a natural disaster clearly raised the level of companies’ crisis management planning and awareness.

The research found a high degree of vulnerability and a lack of formal crisis planning among small businesses across New Zealand. Only a small proportion of the businesses surveyed had a formal business continuity plan and less than 10 percent had a written crisis management plan. Of these, less than half had tested their plan in practice. The proportion of SMEs undertaking continuity planning did increase after the first Christchurch earthquake in September 2010, and the experience of dealing with the impact of the subsequent earthquakes has actually made surviving Christchurch SMEs more resilient.

“It was interesting to see how much better prepared and less vulnerable Canterbury SMEs “The prominence of natural disaster related were compared to those in other parts of risks in our 2012 survey shows that the impact the country. The experience of dealing with of recent local and global events is still very a natural disaster clearly raised the level of much being felt across the country,” the companies’ crisis management planning and report says. awareness,” Professor Deakins says. “Unfortunately businesses do not always “While Canterbury SMEs were better realise the full impact that a major event can prepared as a result, it was not through have until after it has occurred.” formal continuity planning. They were more

systems for financial and office management, methods for maintaining customers and building networks, and coverage of psychological elements, such as dealing with trauma,” he says.

Key BusinesSMEasure findings include:

The report states, that of those organisations that were affected by the September 4 earthquake or subsequent aftershocks, the majority (64 percent) were forced to close temporarily. Of those organisations that reported closing for a period of time, the average length of closure was seven days.

• 43 percent of SMEs surveyed had experienced a crisis in the past five years

“While closure is a major impact following a disaster, there are several other factors that disrupt or hinder an organisation’s ability to business even if it does not cause the business to close. Examples for such factors include unavailability of staff, lack of customers, increased costs or decreased productivity. Further supply chain interruptions can have a major impact on the ability of a firm to continue its operations,” the report says.

• Vulnerability increases if the crisis is caused by a natural disaster, rather than an internal crisis

There were 1127 firms which completed the Massey University survey. Of those, 51 percent had between zero to five FTEs, 46 percent had six to 49 FTEs and three percent had 50 to 99 FTEs.

Massey University Small and Medium Enterprise Research Centre director, Professor David Deakins says New Zealand urgently needs a national programme to help small and medium-sized businesses prepare for crises like the Christchurch earthquakes.

resilient because of changes they had made to their businesses; this might be better computer and online systems, the ability to trade outside their premises, or additional staff trainings so their people know what action to take in a crisis.”

The centre has recently conducted a study, on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development, to examine the effects of the Christchurch earthquakes on SMEs across New Zealand, as well as their readiness for dealing with a crisis or a natural disaster. As a result the centre has released the BusinesSMEasure report.

Their experiences could be useful to others which is why the report concludes with a recommendation that a national programme of measures to improve SME resilience “should A copy of the BusinesSMEasure 2011 can be be given a high priority”. downloaded at: “Any such programme would have a number of components, including training in business continuity planning, using online computer

The New Zealand Centre for Small and Medium Enterprise Research is based at Massey University’s Wellington campus. It was established in 2000 to help maximise the contribution to the economy of New Zealand’s more than 470,000 SMEs, which account for 31 percent of all employment. sme/businessmeasure/Report_MED_ FINAL.pdf

• Only one-third of firms responded to the most recent serious crisis in a resilient manner

• Less than 10 percent of SMEs have a formal written crisis management plan • A formal written crisis management plan does not necessarily make a company more resilient; experience in dealing with the consequences of a crisis is more important • Canterbury SMEs that are still in business after the earthquakes have an increased capability to adapt to changes in the business environment • Belief, by owner-managers, in business continuity levels were relatively high, but Canterbury SMEs were less likely to believe their current level of insurance would safeguard their business if their business was unable to operate for three months.

18 | February/March 2013

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News | Interview


off the grill

By Karen Pasco

He’s created $1000-a-head meals, has travelled the world creating designer dishes and won numerous awards and accolades, but for renowned chef Sean Connolly, less is more. His entrance in to the Auckland dining arena last year was much like a boxing match – both flashy and frantic. The Under the Grill reality series showcased the highlights and trials in putting together his fully-functioning restaurant at SkyCity in just 100 days, with the looming 2011 Rugby World Cup the deadline for opening. Despite the rush, even the toughest in the restaurant industry, the critics, have been quick to acknowledge Connolly’s efforts. Open less than a year; he took out top

honours in the Cuisine magazine Restaurant of the Year awards, also winning the Best New Restaurant category. More recently he has been seen travelling the length of New Zealand in his third television show, On the Grill, highlighting some of the best goods New Zealand growers are producing and showing how they can be best enhanced through the cooking process. So what and how did it all begin for Sean, and what provides the inspiration to keep on doing what he does best?

Q & A with Sean Connolly What is your earliest memory of cooking? I remember making and decorating cakes with my mum Margaret and my grandmother. It’s probably mum in most households, but I was also fortunate in that my grandmother was a dab hand in the kitchen too. What impression did it make on you? I think my grandmother Esther left the biggest impression on me, telling me stories of cooking through adversity during the Second World War and about some of her old school dishes. She had a huge laugh and a very warm personality we would talk about food, then the following week when we’d turn up at her house, she would have prepared something special for my sister and I. Where do you get inspiration from? I like to read a lot and I like to collaborate with my colleagues. The best ideas usually come up after work over a couple of beers. What are your favourite ingredients? Free range eggs, Ortiz anchovies, Forum chardonnay vinegar, good virgin olive oil, bitter dark chocolate, dry chilli flakes and Star anise. Who has been your biggest influence? I have worked with many chefs over the years that have had a huge influence on my cooking. It would be unfair to mention one or two, but the main thing I have learned from them is to take the ‘less-is-more’ approach. A good chef is one who knows when to stand back and let the produce speak for itself. The insecure chef adds more and more to a dish and it loses its beauty and clean lines.

How do you balance doing the business side of things with being a chef? It’s a fine line between the two and it is important never to lose your passion for food but you absolutely need to keep a good eye on the figures. What do you enjoy most the business or being a chef? I really enjoy both... I like cutting deals, creating business opportunities, food products and also delivering restaurant concepts to meet the client’s brief with my culinary twist on things. When are the times when you really just want to get back and create in the kitchen? When I’m stuck in the office doing paperwork I really miss the kitchen. I wish I could get back in. When I’m in it and the adrenalin is pumping, I realise why I love it. How did the opportunity arise to come to New Zealand? Part of being a chef these days is spending time in the restaurant talking to customers. Nigel Morrison from Sky City was enjoying a meal in my old restaurant San’s Kitchen... we got chatting and he asked me if I could cook steak like this in New Zealand. I said yes, I can cook it anywhere you’d like, and the rest is history. You started off in Yorkshire, moved to Australia and now have The Grill in Auckland. How does the influence of different countries reflect in the food you create? The world is so flat these days there are no boundaries to what we can cook for each other. I have been heavily influenced by my first TV show ‘My Family Feast’ where I cooked with 13 different nationalities in three months.    February/March 2013 | 19

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News | Lifestyles

Sensual point of difference Cast iron bath For the ultimate bathing experience look no further than this freestanding enamel cast iron bath from Kohler, offering luxury in the sleekest and minimalist design. This little bathroom beauty is chip, crack and slip resistant and its thick enamel body retains water temperature for longer. Sit back, relax, maybe light a few candles; it’s so deluxe you’ll never make it back to your bed.

Home Indulgence

RRP: $4,739 Available from:

Light up


Anfora floor lamp

Although suitable for contemporary café’s, restaurants and offices, this beautifully crafted design looks good in any room needing a touch of modern flair. Its soft glow radiates through gentle bends and curves, creating an ambience of charm and character. Designed by Miguel Herranz, this innovative design comes in seven colours: American whitewood, beech, yellow, orange, red, green and grey. Three words: piece of art. RRP: $3,978 Available from:

Magimix Vision Toaster


Best thing since sliced bread Say goodbye to cremated toast and sneak a peek through the glass window to perfectly toasted bread. Thanks to the design produced by no other than the French, you can place any sized bread, from thick pieces to long, into its adjustable slot and watch it toast evenly between the two sheets of double-pane glass. It gets a definite nod from bread lovers. RRP: $599 Available from:

< <

Table statement Brazilian coffee table

The classic design contrasts nicely with its bent glass to deliver a touch of modernism to enhance any contemporary home. This minimalistic coffee table comes in black or white gloss finish. You wouldn’t want coffee stains on this beauty. RRP: $1,750 Available from:

Hold all Hope 1967 Large leather bag Made from a soft textured leather, this product comes in red, dark blue, garnet (to you and me that’s still red) and ochre (and that’s mustard). It has a zip closure, double handle, removable shoulder strap, lined interior and internal pockets. A stylish, simple and functional bag which is big enough to hold everything from purses, notepads, laptops, kindles, or can just be used as a fashionable overnight bag or gym bag. RRP: $193 Available from:

20 | February/March 2013

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News | Hot Spots

Island time By Davina Richards

For those of you planning to loosen the purse strings you’ll find luxury which you thought only existed in dreams. And those of you who are just looking to rest up comfortably without spending a fortune, there is something for you here too. Here are three hotspot destinations in French Polynesia ranging from budget, mid-range to blow your bank destinations.

Wish you were here Bora Bora is the most famous island in French Polynesia. Less than an hour’s flight from the island of Mo’orea you can literally jump over to Bora Bora, renowned for its luxurious accommodation that caters for the most romantic getaway, or a perfect family holiday.

overwater bungalows with beach, mountain, lagoon and resort-views, plus it has seven beachfront villas with private pools. There are four restaurants, a fitness centre, and for a little ‘me time’ a holistic spa is available.

The premium Four Seasons Resort screams luxury. You’ll be rubbing your eyes as you witness the phenomenal views… and I’m not just talking about the island - the resort is a case study in grandeur.

You can hike or take a 4x4 tour to witness the panoramic views from the mountain tops. There’s a plethora of water sports such as wind surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing and snorkelling, or you can take romantic sunset cruises.

Surrounded by tropical groves and palm trees, the Four Seasons Resort boasts 100

At every turn you find exquisite beauty, be it the resort’s superior designed

accommodation and facilities, to the island’s sparkling lagoon. Take pictures while you can, it’ll be the only evidence you have to prove you’ve been to heaven and back. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora Bora Bora French Polynesia

The hidden secret The island of Mo’orea (pronounced moeoh-ray-ah) is a gem of tropical blues and iridescent greens dominated by a dormant volcano. Mountain peaks and pristine lagoons make for a backdrop that really does dazzle. Adds to the attraction is Mo’orea’s locals preserving the natural splendour by avoiding the clichés of commercialism common at many tropical destinations. You can hike up mountains, scuba dive, snorkel, cycle and horse ride if you get a bit twitchy staying in one place for too long. Hotel Kaveka is one of French Polynesia’s leading mid-range accommodations

where you will find that spending a few more bucks allows you to settle in a dream of paradise. The hotel has improved its property during the last two years and boasts an overwater restaurant on Cook’s Bay with high quality cuisine specialising in Chinese, French, Tahitian, and American food. Families with children under the age of 10 can stay for free. It’s a perfect place to sit back and enjoy a marvellous tropical setting. Stress? What stress? Mai tai, anyone? Hotel Kaveka Moorea French Polynesia

Beauty on a budget Nicknamed the ‘Vanilla Island’ Taha’a is a tiny island cloaked in jungle, with rugged, raw, mossy green hills and of course, vanilla plantations. Guesthouse Au Phil Du Temps is on the West coast of Taha’a and opposite the famous Bora Bora Island. Here you can step in to one of the furnished bungalows with private showers, quality beds, a fan, mosquito screens, TV and wi-fi connection free for guests with computers. Get a taste of European and Tahitian dishes, as well as delicious desserts such as waffles, chocolate fondant, coconut flan and Taha’a vanilla flan.

The guesthouse offers various activities such as visits to the vanilla plantation, where you can purchase vanilla powder, essence or pods, vanilla olive oil and vanilla body milk. Other activities include a 4x4 island tour, a Motu picnic in the beautiful coral garden and pearl farm excursions. Visitors can also take a short walk to the botanic garden close by, or try kite surfing and diving.

Pension Au Phil du Temps Taha’a French Polynesia    February/March 2013 | 21

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Initiatives | Buy New Zealand Made

Nurturing home-grown success Why buying local is the best thing you can do for our economy Buying local is a concept which has been bandied about since the establishment of a globalised marketplace. But with the Buy New Zealand Made campaign about to reach its quarter century milestone, the buy local message runs deep in our little corner of the South Pacific. Buy New Zealand Made is a lifestyle.

Established in 1988, the Buy New Zealand made campaign’s emphasis has shifted over the years, but the basic aim of encouraging consumers and organisations to buy New Zealand goods and services wherever possible has remained the same. Quite simply, the Buy New Zealand campaign is about encouraging people to buy and sell New Zealand made products. Not just in New Zealand either, we’re talking about exporting; taking our great products and brands to the world. When you buy a New Zealand produced product, you’re helping to create jobs and promote growth. We can be proud of the quality of our products. The concept is an easy one to sell. Kiwis love New Zealand made products and most prefer to buy them too. So join the campaign and show pride in Aotearoa. You’re not only buying great, high-quality products, you’re promoting growth and job opportunities within your country.

Membership benefits

Connect and exchange

Double your brand power

Join Buy NZ Made and automatically gain access to networking opportunities with over 1000 manufacturers and retailers. You’ll also gain exposure to customers who go to the Buy NZ Made website specifically looking for NZ made goods… all available in one handy marketplace.

The iconic ‘kiwi in the triangle’ logo is a great marketing tool for businesses. It provides a unique selling point and adds value to your own brand. Basically, if your product carries the kiwi trademark, your customers can be certain they’re buying local.

Drive traffic Gain traffic to your website and sell goods online by linking your profile page on buynz. to your website’s shopping cart.

Join up Membership and the licence to use the ‘kiwi in the triangle’ logo is open to anyone who manufactures or sells NZ made products and services. Shoppers can join up too, just by signing up at

Join up as a retailer Membership is open to retailers who sell NZ Made products for the small cost of $50 (+GST) per year. Retailers can advertise the kiwi in the triangle logo instore and on their website, but labelling products with the logo is restricted to manufacturers of the product themselves. Join up online today.

22 | February/March 2013

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Initiatives | Buy New Zealand Made

Quarter century campaign Next year Buy NZ Made celebrates 25 years of campaign history. Here’s a timeline overview of how the campaign has developed during this time: November 1988 The Buy NZ Made message gains momentum with the launch of the campaign by the NZ Council of Trade Unions and the NZ Manufacturers Federation, with principal sponsor Printpac-UEB 1988 Buy NZ Made is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of NZ Manufacturers Federation and licenses use of the kiwi in a triangle trademarks and logos. Manufacturing members may use the logo on their goods that qualify, under the Fair Trading Act, to be labelled as Made in New Zealand 1988/89 TV advertising run to promote the campaign 1990 Buy NZ Made lobbies Government to influence state sector purchasing practices December 1990 The Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce write to the heads of all government departments asking them to ensure that local producers are given full and fair opportunity to compete for their business 1990 A new television commercial was run with production costs funded by the Government, featuring Dame Kiri Te Kanawa 1991 The NZ Industrial Supplies Office is established in the Ministry of Commerce to improve information for government buyers

about domestic industry capability and the availability of domestic products and services 1992 Mandatory country of origin labelling is applied to clothing and footwear and use of the kiwi logo continues to grow March 1992 The first Kiwi Pride Festival was held. It had strong support from 2,000 retailers and generated more than 20 newspaper features and 30-40 radio and television items. A steam locomotive was repainted with the World War II slogan and ran rides for the public around Auckland. Festivals ran again in 1993 and 1994 1994 TV ads feature cartoon Kenny the Kiwi, encouraging people to Buy NZ Made and Keep Your Country Working 1999 The Buy NZ Made campaign had changed its emphasis from encouraging New Zealand consumers to buy locally made goods in preference to imported ones, to specifically promoting members products, adding value to their companies by increasing sales May 2001 The Employers and Manufacturers Federation merge to become BusinessNZ, which takes ownership of the Buy NZ Made Campaign 2001-2005 Promotions run included newspaper advertising supplements, sponsorships and the Great New Zealand Christmas Stocking campaign where shoppers who purchased NZ made goods could go in the draw for a stocking filled with goods donated by members

31 March 2005 Prime Minister Helen Clark launches the Retail Membership category 2005 Following the General Election, the Labour Party and the Green Party sign a co-operation agreement that includes a Buy Kiwi Made programme being part of the broader programme of achieving sustainable development of the NZ economy 2006 A blue and gold designer logo is introduced to support the fashion industry 2007 The Buy Kiwi Made media campaign is developed by the Ministry of Economic Development in consultation with representatives of Business NZ, Buy NZ Made, NZ Council of Trade Unions, NZ Retailers Association, two independent advisers, and representatives of the minister and the Government spokesperson for Buy Kiwi Made

2008 Buy Kiwi made organised stands at Trade shows to exhibit NZ Made Products. Buy NZ Made continues to support its members at trade shows today 2009 The site which was partly government funded is launched for those looking to purchase New Zealand made goods online 2009 A nationwide competition is launched through the Buy Kiwi Made campaign encouraging consumers where shoppers who purchased NZ made goods could go in the draw for prize packs filled with goods donated by members. Entry boxes could be found in most major retail stores in New Zealand 2010 The Cottage Industry Membership category class is implemented to help small business 2011 The black & silver 2011 logo is created especially for the Rugby World Cup

2007 A bi-lingual red and black version is launched to coincide with Maori language week. A New Zealand Grown logo is also introduced in to apply to nonmanufactured produce 2008 Buy NZ Made relaunches its website which now includes a member directory listing and a portal for members to order stationery online and download the artwork 2008 Buy Kiwi Made launches its well known Oliver Driver advertising campaign, breathing life back into NZ Manufacturing

2011 Buy NZ Made launches an online directory website to help Christchurch businesses get on their feet Sept 2011 The website is revamped with a focus on helping members sell their goods online, drive traffic and increase networks, relationship building and interaction and includes the integration of ‘getnzmade’.    February/March 2013 | 23

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Initiatives | Buy New Zealand Made

Retail case study: Vintage Kids Retailer Vintage Kids has been with the campaign since 2010. Owner and founder Carolyn EyreWalker is living her dream and supporting New Zealand designers in the process. So how has the Buy New Zealand Made campaign strengthened her brand and what does New Zealand Made mean to her? Tell us a bit about your background. What led you to launching Vintage Kids? “I have had a life-long love of vintage and antiques. As a child I was always the one rabbiting through grandma’s cupboards and saving my pocket money to buy ‘treasures’ at local garage sales. “When I came back from England (the vintage mecca) I decided it was time to realise that dream of having my own store, one filled with history, the type of shop that changed every time you visited. I have three young children and decided to start with an online business: vintage for children and grow from there.” What does a typical day at work involve for you? “I love my job as each day is different. My working day is normally split, as being online we are open 24 hours. We get many local and international queries day or night. A large part of my day is on the computer, answering

emails, liaising with customers and suppliers, sourcing and loading gorgeous new products to have online. “We have started reupholstering antique furniture, so I spend part of the week collecting furniture, searching for beautiful fabrics and meeting with our upholsterer who is an absolute gem of a craftsman.

Which NZ designers, artists or creative people do you currently like? “New Zealand has the most amazing depth of talent for a small country. I am in awe of some of the incredible abilities of some of our cottage industry suppliers who have found something they are good at, believe it, make it and are consistently professional in all they do.

“I finish at 3pm to collect the children, then will generally be back online a few evenings a “The tip of the iceberg are designers such as Limited Vintage, Locket, Lulu’s Closet, One week to keep in touch. Button, Art Divine and Reborn.” “We also have just opened a ‘pop-up’ shop What is your best piece of advice in Christchurch that is open 9-12am on for people wanting to start their own retail Tuesdays and Thursdays, which I just love, as business? it’s great to see everything on display and to meet our customers.” “Stay true to your business’s core values. Decide what your identity is, make sure you believe in it and love your product. Work hard and always be ready for the curve-balls.” What does ‘NZ Made’ mean to you? “It makes me feel good buying New Zealand made. New Zealand Made is a huge part of our business ethos. For me it means buying a product that supports the designer, the maker and the local economy.

Buy NZ Made fast facts • Established in 1988 • Is a great marketing tool bringing significant benefits to businesses • Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Business New Zealand • Lobbies Government to influence state sector purchasing practices (through Business NZ) • Owns the trademark of the iconic Kiwi in the Triangle logo, encouraging people to Buy NZ Made • Has a website which includes a member directory listing and a portal for members to order logo labeling merchandise and download the artwork • Allows members to adapt the Kiwi in the Triangle logo colours to suit their own branding • Kiwi in the Triangle logo is recognized by 95 percent of Kiwis

“It also means buying something personal and significant, and quite often unique; so much nicer than the mass produced items.

• Developed nz, an online directory website to help Christchurch businesses get on their feet

“At Vintage Kids you will find a range of fabulous artists, designer and vintage ‘magpie’ collections. They pride themselves on hunting out the best of NZ talent to offer limited edition and one-off pieces. Visit and follow them at”

• website with a focus on helping members sell their goods online, drive traffic and increase networks, relationship building and interaction.

THE STAGE IS SET! Stage Sections, Choir Risers, Grandstands, Audience Seating, Drama Suite Modules, Drapes, Steps, Lecterns, Trolleys, Ramps etc. Top quality, NZ made products, designed to be easy to handle and store. Guaranteed to perform. Currently installed in many schools, universities & performance venues.

Choir Chorus Risers

Design • Manufacture • Sales • Hire Services Stage, Steps & Lectern

Email: Phone 07 825 2933. Mobile 027 473 4443

24 | February/March 2013

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RR Initiatives | Buy New Zealand Made

Manufacturer case study: Citrus Magic Ltd It’s all well and good to extol the virtues of such a campaign, so let’s look at how Buy New Zealand Made looks in practice. Citrus Magic Ltd owner Sheree Hayward joined the Buy New Zealand campaign in 2009. So what does New Zealand Made mean to her and how has the campaign helped her?





Tell us a bit about your background? “Eighteen years ago I was employed by Citrus Based Cleaner as a door to door salesperson marketing the product throughout New Zealand. This was a new company and a new product. No-one had heard of Citrus Concentrate. After 12 months, I was promoted to general manager and helped build up a successful sales team marketing throughout NZ and Fiji. “After years on the road living in motels I decided I needed to make somewhere my home-base, I chose Christchurch and purchased my first home. That was 11 years ago. Six years ago the opportunity came up for me to purchase the company. I am passionate about the product so the decision was an easy one. ‘One Cleaner for All Your Cleaning Chores!’ The only cleaner I market!” Describe a typical day? “Top priority at the start of my day is my trim latte. I have an office close to the city so I head there every morning with my 15 year old Jack Russell Jag. Jag has also travelled with me marketing Citrus Based Cleaner around New Zealand. She has been all around New Zealand a few times. She knows the product better than most I think. “Each morning I make a call to my rural rep Brett. Brett has been employed with Citrus Based Cleaner for more than 10 years. He is very experienced and a loyal staff member. We chat about his day ahead and he sets his goals. “I am in sole charge, so my day is filled with all errands needed to run a company; customer service, orders, accounts and marketing. I have distributors in Nelson, Hawkes Bay and North Shore, so keeping in contact with them is important to ensure they are on track with their targets.

based CLEANER *100% Biodegradable One cleaner is all you need! New Zealands most Versatile Cleaner Ask about our new Heavy Duty Product Phone now for WINTER SPECIALS!


0800 424878

“At around 5-5.30pm I head to see the amazing team at Les Mills. I find it is a great stress release and keeps my body and mind in shape. A perfect way to end a busy day!”

1. Excellent palatability. “Cats & Dogs love it”

Best piece of business advice?

2. All natural ingredients. (Chicken, Rice, Lamb)

“First of all you have to be passionate and understand your product. Get really good advice and know your market. Find your point of difference and sell it.” Best and worst things about owning your own business? “The best part is you are the core responsibility of making it work. You have flexibility you may not otherwise get as an employee. You can get excited about the successes. You are accountable for making yourself and your team motivated to achieve goals.

3. All naturally preserved. (Vitamin E & C) 4. Premium quality proteins for increased energy. 5. Natural herbs for savoury and medicinal purposes. 6. Premium oils and fat for a healthy, shiny skin and coat. (With balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids) 7. Excellent for pets with allergies or problem skin.

“However, the worst things are that sick days are very few and long holidays don’t exist, especially for small business. You have to be always ahead of the market or you can get left behind. There is pressure as usually you have financial investment, and of course time. A positive and optimistic mind is needed everyday.”

8. Low stool volume. (Low odour too)

What does ‘NZ Made’ mean to you?

11. Full money back guarantee

“I love ‘NZ Made’. I think every Kiwi is passionate about ‘our’ products that are made in New Zealand. I display the logo on my product and website. And every tradeshow I attend I have large Buy NZ Made signs for everyone to see.” How has being part of the NZ Made Campaign helped you? “The NZ Made team is always friendly and helpful. I exhibit at trade-shows throughout the country and they help me organise these. They are top of my list for being the best marketing decision I made when I purchased the company. Everyone recognises the kiwi logos.”

9. Superior digestibility. (Natural digestive enzymes) 10. CANIDAE is cost effective. (Feed 1 cup for 12kgs of body weight)

Delivered anywhere in NZ

Voted one of t best dog food he s in

the world!

So what is your Citrus Based Cleaner? “Citrus Based Cleaner is a pleasantly scented, ready to use concentrated cleaner and degreaser that has been specially designed to work equally well in a wide range of cleaning chores. Natural orange extracts, alongside biodegradable surfactants, detergents, dirt suspending agents, water softeners and builders, combine to produce a formidable cleaner for everyday applications. Visit” Buy New Zealand Made Level 6, Lumley House 3-7 Hunter Street Wellington T (04) 496 6557 — Advertising Feature

CALL FOR A FREE SAMPLE PACK NOW! More detailed information available visit or freephone 0800 101 729.    February/March 2013 | 25

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Initiatives | Foundation Architects

Designs done

with gusto

Foundation works across the commercial and residential disciplines, including hospitality and urban projects, bringing its unique and thoughtful style to each project. The studio provides a complete range of architectural services required to create each project and will tailor its services to meet any requirements, across all scales and budgets

Gusto One of the company’s most significant projects during the past couple of years was the relocation of Gusto within the Dominion Building, on the corner of Victoria and Mercer Streets.

Gusto is a modern business involved in branding, graphic design and illustration. It was relocated down to a lower floor within the building due to the need for more space. Sam says the project was scaled down from the initial brief, which involved helping Gusto refocus its business and position itself for the future. “In the end what we ended up doing was focusing on the entry reception, a meeting room and some new offices,” he says. “The bulk of it is an open-plan work space. We started the design just before Christmas 2010 and they were operating on site in early 2011.” Foundation Architecture and Interiors Studio completed the new fitout of about 300 square metres within a tight timeframe. “They’ve now got a new meeting room, new reception and all new furniture, three private offices, a kitchen, another small office and new data and wiring,” Sam says. “The job was done quickly on a fast-track process. I was there between three and five days a week on site providing additional information as it was required by the contractors.” The project was completed by Heyhoe Builders, with furniture provided by Nu-Image Interiors and Formway. Shelley Graham Interior Design was also brought on board to help with final colour, fabric and product selection.

Photos provided courtesy of Philip Merry

The new Gusto offices are one of Foundation Architecture’s most significant recent projects.


Foundation Architecture and Interiors Studio’s completion of Gusto’s new Wellington premises in quick time has been a huge success for everyone involved. The company is a design studio on Marion Street, formed in 2007 by registered architects Arindam Sen and Sam Martin.

In all our projects we do our utmost to listen to what people’s specific requirements are and deliver a project that meets their needs - Architect, Sam Martin

A collaborative approach Foundation Architecture and Interiors Studio generates architecture with a client-focused and project-specific approach. This collaborative framework includes clients, contractors, fabricators and consultants, with co-operation essential for successful project delivery.

“In all our projects we do our utmost to listen to what people’s specific requirements are and deliver a project that meets their needs,” Sam says. “The client provides the spark, the reason for the project; we develop an appropriate and considered response. We’re interested in wanting to make things work for people.” While times have been difficult during the recent recession, business has started to pick up for Foundation Architecture and Interiors Studio, which is experiencing a steady growth in work.

Sam says Gusto was extremely pleased with the finished result. “We worked pretty hard to deliver what the client wanted, when they wanted it.”

< Gusto is a modern business involved in branding, graphic design and illustration


Turn to the Experts.

3 Ngauranga Gorge Road, Ngauranga, PO Box 1860 Wellington 6140, Fax: 04 471 1705

Plumbing | Drainage | Gas fitting | Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Tim Hockly - director / craftsman / plumber Mobile 021339113 Phone 0508insink Email Post P.O. box 9510, Marion Square, Wellington

5 Lochiel Rd Khandallah Wellington 6035

Fast and friendly service | 0508 IN SINK

26 | February/March 2013

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Initiatives | Foundation Architects

Initiatives | Conferences and team building

Get your catering sorted so you can focus on the task at hand


A new meeting room at Gusto, designed by Foundation Architecture and Interiors Studio.

Who’s who at Foundation Architecture? Foundation Architecture and Interiors Studio was formed in 2007 by principals Arindam Sen and Sam Martin. Arindam Sen Arindam migrated to New Zealand in 1989 and subsequently gained an honours degree in architecture. With experience gained at other ideas-driven practices, Arindam has contributed to a wide range of residential and commercial projects, including Kumototo Bridge on the Wellington waterfront, Wellington International Airport stage 1, Greytown Forum civic alteration and the Holiday Inn foyer and restaurant fitout in Wellington. Sam Martin Sam graduated with an honours degree in architecture and an art history degree in 2002. He entered sole practice in 2004 and subsequently completed many residential and commercial projects, including the Bowen Galleries and Milk Crate cafe.

The client provides the spark, the reason for the project; we develop an appropriate and considered response. We’re interested in wanting to make things work for people.

- Architect, Sam Martin


Most of the new Gusto premises is open plan.

Foundation Architecture and Interiors Studio 8 Marion Street Wellington T (04) 384 8249 F (04) 384 8248 E — Advertising Feature

Food – it’s a vital ingredient for any conference, meeting or workshop. One option worth considering is outcatering, which offers a wider selection of food types, styles and presentations to suit your particular needs. There are a lot of companies that out-cater and the selection is quite varied. So there will of course be a fair bit of variation in what you get. Depending on what you choose, it could be superb and great fun, or just mediocre. When you book a venue that doesn’t provide catering, you should ask if you can choose your own caterer. Some venues have contracts with selected caterers, so if you want a particular type of food, you may not be able to get it. This is important if you want some sort of theme. Another thing to consider is if the cutlery, crockery etc are supplied, who does the cleaning up and do the caterers provide waiting staff. When you find out what is supplied, compare that to what you want and what you are prepared to do.



Doing things yourself to save dollars is possibly a false economy, as you may end up getting dish pan hands from having to hand wash, as the venue doesn’t have a dish washer. Better to arrange for all the dishes to be dealt with by the caterers. Also bear in mind you may have staff with special food requirements. Most caterers can accommodate for this, but it still pays to check. Make your next conference one to remember for the right reasons. Article provided by Spitfire Catering, providing catering services in Greater Wellington for the last 14 years.

Spitfire Catering T (04) 939 7627 — Advertising Feature

Spit Roasts • BBQ’s • Weddings • Salads Finger Food • Desserts • Express Delivery Meal in a Bun • Conventional Catering

Ph. 04 939 7627 E.    February/March 2013 | 27

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Initiatives | Access Automation

Taking local know-how to the world

The Wellington company specialises in cable cars for steep residential sites, but also designs and builds large cable cars for international resorts and developments. The company was formed in 1990 by director Mark Galvin, a research scientist who saw a gap in the market for small residential cable cars around Wellington’s steep hills. Mark began designing and building cable cars in his garage and today employs a highly skilled staff of 11 from Access Automation’s Wakefield Street site.

Residential cable cars Access Automation is an international industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative hillside access systems.

The company designed, built and installed two cable cars on a 140-metre incline for the brand new Intercontinental Resort in De Nang, Vietnam. The project was commissioned in April and was recently named inclined elevator project of the year by Elevator World magazine. “We’re quite proud of that award because we’re competing on a world stage,” Mark says. “The cable cars at the Intercontinental Resort connect the reception with the accommodation and villas up the hillside. What makes that project unique is we had an innovative architect who wanted the cars to have a Vietnamese flavour - they had to look like a Vietnamese fishing boat.” The fishing boat cable cars are the perfect complement to the beautiful resort and offer spectacular views across the resort and beach. Access Automation exports 80 percent of its product and undertakes commercial projects throughout Australasia and the Pacific.

Access Automation specialises in private cable cars for steep residential sites.


Access Automation is a world leader in cable car technology, and has recently received an international award to prove it.

Access Automation designed these award-winning Vietnamese fishing boat-style cable cars for the new Intercontinental Resort in Vietnam.

Its commercial installations are engineered from the ground up to provide durable operation day after day, even for continuous use installations in the most severe marine or exposed sites.

The company’s core work is within the residential market, designing and building cable cars and incline lifts for steep properties throughout New Zealand. “Building sites on the flat around Wellington are becoming pretty scarce,” he says. “Our products make steep hillside sites quite accessible.” Access Automation’s range of residential products includes monorail cable cars, dual-rail cable cars, and cable cars for the disabled or elderly. The committed team is also working to grow sales into the Australian residential market, where it is increasingly being seen as a world leader.

Technology leads the world

International cable car award The Vietnamese cable cars carry guests from the resort reception up through the accommodation villas.


Access Automation has recently completed a number of high-profile international projects, including an award-winning job in Vietnam.

Electrical supplier to the Industry for over 25 years Proud to support Access Automation Lower Hutt (04) 569-2267 •

INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING SPECIALIST COATINGS Contact us today for a FREE No-obligation Quote Email: Phone: 0508 382 273 Visit our website:

Access Automation is gaining international attention due to its development of innovative technology. The company has developed a system to keep the cable car level as it travels over a track that changes gradient along its length, reducing the need for extensive site excavations that alternative access systems demand. The auto levelling technology can cope with total gradient changes of up to 45 degrees and a maximum gradient at any part of the track of 90 degrees. Access Automation’s turning inclined lift technology means the rails can change direction and turn corners. It is possible to combine both the turning and auto levelling systems to provide the ultimate freedom in setting rail geometry and unlocking the potential of the site.

Cable car services Access Automation’s 20 years of industry experience means the company can offer services in: • Custom design and engineering of small residential and large commercial cable cars • Modernisation and upgrades of cable cars • Cable car maintenance • Independent Qualified Person (IQP) inspections.

Access Automation 13 Wakefield Street Alicetown Lower Hutt T (04) 939 1140 F (04) 939 1142 E — Advertising Feature

Pleased to be of service to Access Automation Ltd

• • • • • • • •

Zinc Metal Spraying Abrasive Blasting Spray Painting Soda Blasting General Engineering Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Pipe Bending

28 | February/March 2013

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Focus | Aura Information Secuirty

Are you really cyber secure?

“It’s not that there’s suddenly more cybercrime than before, it’s just that people are starting to wake up to the impact of breaches and the relative ease of hacking into historically insecure systems,” says Andy Prow, founder and managing director of Aura InfoSec. “If you have vulnerabilities in your website or network and aren’t addressing them, then sooner or later, they will be exploited by cyber criminals. Such vulnerabilities include unpatched systems, insecure code or even just simple misconfigurations that leave tiny cracks in your IT defences.” Aura provide IT Security consulting services relevant to all technologies, from web to physical network, Wi-Fi, mobile and BYOD (bring your own device). Aura’s success has also come from its holistic approach to IT security. “We don’t just focus on the immediate security flaws of the system, but why they’re there in the first place - like old systems, poor coding, poor product selection, insecure build, lack of updates and management… the list goes on,“ he says. Aura therefore spend as much time performing secure developer and secure admin training, code reviews, threat modelling and risk assessments as they do performing the traditional penetration tests.

is built into our work. The team research new threats and security issues with all new technology advances and have presented both here in NZ and around the globe at leading IT security conferences.” However, vulnerabilities change on a rapid basis. New threats and attacks are being created daily, new code is being written and systems are being changed regularly. To keep up with the ever-changing risk profile, Aura launched a new business in 2008 called Aura RedEye. RedEye is a vulnerability management service that provides continuous monitoring of your network or websites and identifies all detectable or possible vulnerabilities. RedEye consists of custom software written by Aura, which has received four grants from MSI (now MoBIE) for the R&D behind RedEye. This software sits on servers in the cloud, on client sites and now inside a number of hosting providers around NZ, to scan both external and internal networks, and public and private websites and web-applications. “Our highly trained security specialists then review these issues and prioritise them for your business and are on-tap to provide expert advisories on how to resolve or mitigate any security issues.

“Areas we’re expanding more into in 2013 are wider training, focusing on all staff including the management and exec teams, and also Red-Teaming,” he says.

“We are also New Zealand’s first and only PCI Approved Scanning Vendor and our focus is on large enterprises wanting to achieve PCI compliance, as well as optimising their overall security posture.”

Red-Teaming is where Aura spend a longer amount of time performing real-world attacks of multiple systems, people and processes, to test the more real-world responses of organisations.

Andy says most large businesses underestimate the cost of a successful cyber exploit which can be measured in terms of lost time, reputational damage and ultimately revenue.

“To keep the team up to speed on the latest threats and technologies, regular research

Aura is continuing to develop new features into RedEye, such as its online vulnerability

Chief finance officer Diane Prow on the far left and managing director Andy Prow on the far right with clients.


Whether it be privacy breaches, website hacks or denial of service attacks, you cannot get away from the topic of cyber security. It’s good to know we have high-tech companies in NZ helping to fight against cyber-crime, and one such company is Wellington’s Aura Information Security (Aura InfoSec).

In their words

Aura RedEye can assist an enterprise with its information security by:

“Due to the high number of application updates we release every week, RedEye has been an essential service to help spot vulnerabilities immediately so that we can patch them as soon as possible.”

• Providing an external and internal vulnerability scanning managed service • Providing a comprehensive website to manage and mitigate vulnerabilities

- Alistair Grigg, chief operating officer, Xero

• reducing company time spent collating and interpreting complicated IT security reports

Hosting providers

• Alternatively, setting up and supporting Rapid7’s Nexpose for internal network scanning.

• Providing an expert vulnerability scannin managed service • Scan both internal networks, or all of your external interfaces, from websites to remotely hosted cloud sercives, including a growing number of NZ hosting providers who can scan within the data-center and private clouds

management portal and integration with Endace’s data-capture Probe and F5’s web application firewall (WAF) for a newly launched service called RedShield.

• Tune your F5 WAF with the new Red-Shield service to provide rapid protection of your websites

“RedShield is going to the next level”, Andy says. “RedEye as a system scans for security holes - now with RedShield we can quickly apply customised defences for vulnerable websites that provide a rapid level of protection whilst the site is being fixed properly”.

Wellington technology company in the New Zealand 2011 Deloitte Fast 50.

Aura RedEye’s work is being internationally recognised, winning the Australia New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA), as well as being named a finalist in both the prestigious Wellington Gold Awards and the AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards. Aura InfoSec also won the Electra Business of the Year in 2010 and Aura RedEye was named the Emerging Business of the Year at the 2012 Electra Kapiti Horowhenua Business Awards. As well as this Aura has been in the Deloitte APAC Technology Fast 500 for the last three years running and was the fastest growing

With the global Cyber-Security market being worth US $68 billion per annum, Aura is definitely a Wellington company to keep an eye on. Aura Information Security Level 12
 Tourism & Travel House 79 Boulcott Street Wellington T (04) 894 3755
E — Advertising Feature

When it comes to being hacked, it’s just a matter of time

e: Ph: 0508 REDEYE (733 393) International Ph: +64 4 894 3755

Aura RedEye from Aura Information Security is a vulnerability scanning managed service that provides continuous monitoring of your network or websites and identifies all internationally-known vulnerabilites. Our highly trained security specialists then review these issues and prioritise them for your business. Through an easy-to-use secure website, they can even provide advice on how to fix issues, when necessary.

Upgrade your cleaning service today Are you suffering issues with your business cleaning service? Are you having trouble getting a quick response to issues you raise? Here’s how Masterclean2000 may be able to help. Masterclean2000 takes responsibility and works hard to avoid issues, but should you ever have a query, we will address it directly, quickly and completely. Clients span the Corporate, Industrial, Property Management, Commercial, Retail, Education and Medical Sectors. See our website for details

The difference is, we care.

Masterclean2000 proudly associated with Aura Information Security

For information on how we can help you, contact us today: Ph: 04 5892020 E:

On contract acceptance receive 15% off your first month’s invoice.    February/March 2013 | 29

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Focus | Human Dynamo Workshop

Setting the scene

In their words “You and your crew have done an outstanding job, and I am very grateful for your huge contribution. I always had the feeling that once we had given you a project, then we could stop worrying about it, and move on to worrying about something else. “You wouldn’t believe the number of people who (unprompted) came up to us and said that these were the best sets and props that they had seen anywhere. Many of these people were experienced Hollywood types. The words that came up again and again were ‘quality’ and ‘workmanship’.”

When James Cameron and Peter Jackson are some of your repeat customers, standards and creativity have to be at a pinnacle, after all, Hollywood expects. The Human Dynamo Workshop prides itself on manufacturing and producing many diverse props, models and sculptures for use on the silver screen and chances are many millions of unbeknownst viewers have gazed upon one of their creations in awe at some point. Name dropping can get you far in certain industries, but the calibre of names available for quoting by Human Dynamo is almost an embarrassment of glitterati. The company website contains detailed information outlining previous projects www. including Avatar, Lord of the Rings, King Kong and The Hobbit. Rob Uivel, founder and co-director of Human Dynamo, provides the company with a wealth of experience ranging from model making disciplines to material knowledge. Susan Dorrington, co-director and wife of Rob, provides the visual and creative dynamic to the Human Dynamo team. During their years

Importers and wholesalers of a large range of timber and ply to joiners, furniture manufacturers and other timber related industries.

Proudly supporting Human Dynamo Workshop

of travelling and working overseas, the couple still enjoying working together and believe their creative sides are always fulfilled by the interesting line of work they are deployed in. “Clients are often relieved to find us, saying they had wondered who would be able to make it for them,” Susan says. As far as creativity goes, the list of projects undertaken by the Human Dynamo’s during the years makes for interesting reading, from an actual sized fibreglass blue whale heart replica to a giant can of energy drink ‘V’. Three blue whale hearts have now been made by the Human Dynamo Workshop, two of which reside here in New Zealand (Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa) and the other has made the journey to Germany to be showcased in a German museum (LWL, Muenster). Just to put that task into perspective, a blue whale has a heart approximately the size of a Mini Cooper.

• Bath Headrests • Furniture Cushioning • Medical and Health Products • Polyurethane Integral Skin • Seat Bodies

• Film & TV Props • Graphite Foam • Metropolitan Train • Recreational Products • Theatre Seating

Our experience in developing polyurethane formulations enables us to produce items which meet a wide range of physical properties and requirements.

Proud to support Human Dynamo Workshop

67 Port Road, Seaview, Petone P 04 566 2345, F 04 566 2347

Ph: 04 526 6246 E:

The Human Dynamo works closely with designers to establish their needs, from initial drawings to material sourcing and final completion. For example, Whittakers & Sons utilised the product development skills of the Wellington based Dynamo while experimenting with casts and moulds to detect elements of ‘snap-ability’ and aesthetics of it chocolate bars. This also helped Whittakers work on the shape and volume of the chocolate bar, leading to a perfected final product.

“While our origins are in prop and model making for film and advertising, now our clients are diverse. We are often working business to business or organisations. In 2012 along with work for the Hobbit’s Three Foot Seven production company, we have successfully executed work for Acma Industries, Athfield Architects, Formway Design, Hobbiton, JJ Whittaker & Sons, Moore Wilsons, Wellington iSite and more.” Designers take note, The Human Dynamo Workshop can provide services unrivalled by many and although movies were the origin and still remain the core of the business, the assorted skill sets at its disposal allows the company to diversify continually. Architects often call on the highly technical skills of the team to produce scale models from drawings or, as times change, Autocad files and other technologically advanced forms of information.

Local industry also benefit from the technical expertise and machinery of Human Dynamo with the making of prototypes, moulds, models and low run manufacturing of parts. Sue believes Human Dynamo’s ability to evolve is a key aspect in their success. “We use old skills coupled with new technology to create. We like to keep up with the ever changing nature of the industry,” she says. In a recent project, the team designed a larger than scale replica of a 1947 Citroen light truck. Moore Wilson’s, the client, wanted the truck to be authentic in every detail even though it will remain static. It houses a Parisian style chicken rotisserie in the car park of the cash and carry yet customers and passers-by alike comment on its impressive design and construction. “I’m proud of the fabrication outcome - it’s a really good result. Everyone that worked on the project did so with amazing skill and dedication. Shown true in the fact that most customers think the truck is real. Often asking, is it going to travel around,” Sue says. The future looks dynamic for the Dynamo’s, watch out for their work on some of the world’s biggest stages – or contact the team to have your very own quirky visuals brought to life. The Human Dynamo Workshop Unit 5, 131 Park Road Mirimar T (04) 380 8218 E Twitter: @hdworkshop — Advertising Feature

Orrsum Laser Services are pleased to be associated with

Human Dynamo Workshop Laser cutting - Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel - Other material by negotiation

Ph: 920 0079 Fax: 920 0078 Email:,

Phone: 04 380 8218 30 | February/March 2013

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RR Focus | Stephanie Phillips Architect

Designing your business from the ground up Stephanie Phillips Architect Limited can help your new business be a success through its full project management and business start-up services.


Total new business service Steph Phillips says the project involved helping several orthopaedic surgeons come together to form a new practice. “I was involved in the selection of the premises at Bowen Hospital and how the layout affected how they would run the practice,” she says.

Opus Consultants assisted Stephanie Phillips Architect with the documentation for the design, while Phillips did the design and determined where the interior walls would be placed. White opaque glass walls were used to ensure a good flow of light through the premises.

A large part of Phillips’ work involved project management and the establishment of a new business, including selecting the right phone system and helping with staff appointments. She has previous experience in business establishment, as well as helping clients with budget management. Stephanie Phillips Architect is a specialist in medical projects and has also undertaken large residential projects and other commercial fitouts. “We can create a much more usable space that is more efficient, by repositioning walls and using colour and light,” she says. “Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Surgeons have experienced a significant increase in business and are now more efficient in the way they work.” Stephanie Phillips Architect Limited PO Box 22348 Khandallah Wellington T (04) 479 3493 F (04) 479 3483 E

100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied plus we’ll give you another 12 month membership FREE Free access to search CVs and work wanted ads You are able to include a profile of your company next to your job ad – FREE! is provided by Kiwis for the benefit of all Kiwis. We’re proud to be the only major Kiwi owned job site

CV Search

“We wanted to maximise the benefits of the site, which has spectacular views from the consulting rooms. We made sure the patients are facing the view and feel calmed and relaxed by that, and the consultants have a pleasant working environment.”

Phillips was also responsible for designing the furniture, including desks, chairs and reception counter, which were made by local joiner Lee Gutherson.

Moneyback Guarantee

The Wellington company has completed several significant projects recently, including one for Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Surgeons in the new Bowen specialist medical centre in Churchill Drive.

You will get unlimited access to place as many job ads for an entire 12 months for $595 +GST

Unlimited Access


Special offer

6 Bottles of wine FREE

$595 +GST

when signing up using this code wine -valued at $119


The launch site for every Kiwi career

Company Profile

— Advertising Feature

OR PHONE 0800 4 TODAY (0800 486 329) I know you are busy. You work, he works. You sort the car, the bills, the kids, the kids’ appointments, the relatives, the presents, all that stuff. He keeps you current with what’s on TV and puts out the rubbish. If you want to get your building project moving along, send me an email at I will respond with an information pack setting out the steps, some guidance on costs and a few good tips and pointers. If I can help with your council consent I will arrange to visit your place, give you advice about the project and do a proposal for you. Projects can change along the way so I will break it into stages and you can pause or stop when you need to. To be honest, my best advice is not to do a building project. It is time consuming, expensive and stressful. But if you are keen, I can help you get off to a good start.


apply now

Kiwi Owned

Home Project Building Plans

Plans for alterations, extensions, decks, garages, beams, certificates of acceptance and other small works

Contact Matt Cantwell on Ph: 021 770 897 or through E:    February/March 2013 | 31

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22/01/13 9:44 AM

Focus | Xero

Accounting you can count on A mark of true intelligence is said to be the ability to take something complex and make it simple and understandable for others. Rod Drury has done just this. He took the complex concept of accounting, simplified it and packaged it in a way that everyone just “got”. Not surprising then that his company, Xero, has gone global.

In building the global business, Wellington and New Zealand have remained at the core. The headquarters in Wellington continues to expand and, as general manager of human resources Natasha Hubbard explains, it has a vibrant and exciting future. “In the past 12 months the company has more than doubled its customers and revenue and with more than 100 vacancies. It’s an exciting period of time for us. We are experiencing extraordinary growth in all areas are expanding our product development in Wellington even further.” Xero is undertaking a significant recruitment drive with roles available across the spectrum, including software design, development and quality assurance through to technical platform operations and customer support specialists. While the roles available at Xero are diverse, the company is looking for job candidates who are passionate about all things web. “We’re specifically looking for people who want to work in an exciting, dynamic industry, in a company which has strong growth prospects. “We want people who recognise the opportunity to work on a platform that connects hundreds of thousands of users around the world – small business owners and their advisors. We are looking for people who are passionate about what they do, who are keen to do nothing but their best and eager to take the opportunity to see what they build being used by people around the world.”

Rod Drury

We’re still laying the foundations for a company that is going to play a significant role in New Zealand’s technological landscape both now and in the future. The most exciting features and capabilities are still yet to come.

- Xero general manager of human resources, Natasha Hubbard

While Xero has achieved a lot, it is only just getting started, Hubbard explains. “We’re still laying the foundations for a company that is going to play a significant role in New Zealand’s technological landscape both now and in the future. “The most exciting features and capabilities are still yet to come.”

Anyone who wants to take up the challenge should get in touch with Xero and grab the chance to be their best, in what is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. “We are looking for a number of talented experts in design and software architecture, we will be hiring only the best talent. Johnsonville Office 11-13 Broderick Rd Johnsonville t: 04 477 1801, f: 04 477 0856 e:

Upper Hutt Office 72-74 Main Street Upper Hutt t: 04 528 3739, f: 04 528 3737 e:

“This is an opportunity for Wellingtonians who are looking for a real opportunity to work amongst some of the leading world class operators.”

32 | February/March 2013

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22/01/13 9:44 AM

Focus | Xero

It’s an exciting period of time for us. We are experiencing extraordinary growth in all areas are expanding our product development in Wellington even further.

- Xero general manager of human resources Natasha Hubbard

Xeroing in Xero was established by the two-time New Zealand Entrepreneur of the year winner Rod Drury and specialist small business accountant Hamish Edwards in 2006. From small beginnings the company now employs more than 300 staff in offices, not only in Wellington, but also Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, San Francisco and Britain. On top of that, it is listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges and its software is used by more than 111,000 small businesses and thousands of accounting firms around the world. Its success is founded on the fact that Xero software allows small business owners to revolutionise the way they run and manage their business. No longer do businesses toil over inadequate systems to streamline quotes and invoices, input manual timesheets or spend hours crunching the numbers because, thanks to Xero, what used to take hours can now be done with the click of a button. Tasks such as invoices, reconciliations and profit and loss reports can be done anywhere there is internet access. Quite simply, Xero has taken the mundane task of accounting and flipped it on its head.

Xero to hero The man behind the global accounting firm Xero is Rod Drury, a Hawke’s Bay surfer with some sharp ideas. Enamoured with computers at Napier Boy’s High School, he saw the potential in this new technology at a young age. His computer

teacher Bob McCaw, father of one of the first Trade Me investors Phil McCaw, inspired him to delve into the new world of computer wizardry. His School Certificate earned him the title of the highest qualified member of his family and he was later introduced to Victoria University which he attended, despite the bewilderment of his family. After he completed his Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA) majoring in Accounting, he took his first job at Ernst and Young, where he learnt his foundation skills and started thinking about more efficient business systems. After his apprenticeship he wanted to work in software development. He started a business partnership with Tony Stewart and developed Glazier Systems – a software development and consultancy company. That company sold in 1999 for $7.5m and still runs today as Intergen with Stewart at the helm and more than 300 employees. He went on the establish AfterMail – email software which allows users to capture, archive, retain and preserve, as well as search for mail. This was later bought by Californian firm Quest Software for a multimillion dollar sum.

The company’s directors are a striking array of like-minded visionaries – Trade Me founder Sam Morgan, MYOB co-founder Craig Winkler, Works Infrastructure former chief executive Graham Shaw and Xero chairman Sam Knowles who established Kiwibank. This could explain Xero’s continuing success. It could also be because of the company’s growth; while it took five years to build up the first 50,000 customers, in the past 10 months that number has doubled. It could also be because of the business’s increase in annualised committed monthly revenue which has grown to $38.7.5m.


GST | Payroll | Accounts Payable & Receivable | Administration | Xero Setup and Training

We take care of all your office work at your place or ours Do you want to improve efficiency and cash flow in your business?

— Advertising Feature

Go Fi8ure provide peace of mind with premium bookkeeping and accounting solutions. Our efficient, economical and mobile service is perfect for small and medium sized businesses within the greater Wellington region.

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a superhero.

We can help with everything from a bank or GST reconciliation to management accounting, payroll and reporting for a business as big as 30 staff.


How can we help with your business?

Contact us today to book your free, no obligation assessment

- Optimising your GST, Payroll and Office Administration - Ensuring your records are accurate and filing systems are IRD auditable - Ongoing training, support and assistance is provided

BOOKKEEPING SUPERHEROES Mobile, efficient, affordable

7 Lion Court, Upper Hutt 5018 Phone (04) 971-0586, Liann Leyland PH 021 2210 770, Tania Hayes PH 027 586 9722 Email,

Xero New Zealand T 0800 GET XERO E


But it was 2006 when the Xero story began. Drury and Edwards, who had worked as the virtual CFO in AfterMail, launched the accounting software company, which gives small business a real-time accounting, invoicing, billing and banking system. A year later Xero was listed on the New Zealand stock exchange.

one hour consultation

It could be because of the announcement that the company is now also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange to make it easier for its Aussie partners and customers to invest. Or perhaps it is because Drury took the complex system of accounting and allowed us all to just “get it”.

GoFi8ure the Xero Heroes of the Bookkeeping world!    February/March 2013 | 33

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Business Development | Dzine Signs and Displays

Getting noticed

Dzine Signs and Displays can do:

Creating a great first impression is always important, and no business recognises that more than Dzine Signs and Displays.

• Vehicle wraps

The Wellington business is all about quality; providing a quality service that leads to a topquality product.

• Signage engineering

• Shop front signage • Fleet marking • Safety signage • Window films tint • Point-of-sale signage • Printed splash backs • Floor graphics • Custom spray production.

Founded in 1997 by Steve Brattle, Dzine Signs and Displays is Upper Hutt’s go-to provider of signage solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company offers a range of printing services, including vehicle wraps, large-format digital printing and graphic design. Its large factory houses all the latest gear, including a heated spray booth to custom paint vehicles, a gas-operated spray oven and two large-format digital printers. Vehicle wraps are the latest form of vehicle advertising, with the Dzine Signs team able to create a total vehicle image to suit any business’ image. The company offers a full design service and can even help design the perfect company logo.

It runs full solvent, mild solvent and thermal digital printers, which allow the company to offer a huge range of printed media, including PVC, self-adhesive vinyls, mesh banners, flag material and tyvek. The company also operates a fulltime graphics division within its workshop, offering anything from logo design to complete brand management. Dzine Signs manages some of New Zealand’s major brands and can offer nationwide installation and application through the 3M applicator network, of which it has been a member since 2002.

Quality is key Dzine Signs and Displays is all about quality and ensuring every job is completed to the highest possible standard. The family business, which also involves Steve Brattle’s sons Arran, Christopher and Dustin, and Dustin’s wife Lisa, only employs qualified sign tradespeople.

Quality is key at Dzine Signs and Displays in Upper Hutt.


Dzine Signs and Displays is a market leader in large-format digital printing and has the best machine/media combinations available.

“The sign industry has been invaded by people who are not experienced in the industry - they are not tradespeople,” Steve says.

“I’ve been in the industry for 45 years and I can tell just by looking at a sign if a non-tradesman has done it. You’ve got to really make sure that you’re going to give value for money and that the sign is going to work. We get called in to solve a lot of problems and if someone wants a signage system we design and build it.”

Sign writing is one step up from word of mouth. If you’re going to have an advertisement for your business you’ve only got one chance to make a first impression. A sign is very important and we try to promote ourselves as sign architects.

Brattle is realistic about pricing and wants to make marketing viable for every business. He believes the secret to success for Dzine Signs and Displays is his family’s focus on networking. They are actively involved in the Chamber of Commerce and are a member of the New Zealand Sign Association.

Dzine Signs and Displays director Steve Brattle.

In previous years the company has been a finalist in the Upper Hutt Small Business Awards and in the Wellington Gold Awards. It has also won the small business of the year award.


A large vehicle wrap by Dzine Signs and Displays.

34 | February/March 2013

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22/01/13 9:44 AM

RR Business Development | Dzine Signs and Displays

You’ve already heard of the dangers of drinking out of plastic


Dzine Signs and Displays can help clients create the perfect image for any location.

• • • • • • • • •

500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, Priced from $23.95 inc GST Dishwasher safe 18/8 food grade quality stainless steel Fits most cup holders Great gift Individually boxed Fits ice cubes 100% money back guarantee Free sports lid


Dzine Signs and Displays has its own heated spray booth to custom paint vehicles.

Exciting new print technology Dzine Signs and Displays is operating new technology that allows it to print directly onto boards, ensuring the highest quality is achieved every time. Steve Brattle says the company has a large flat-bed printer, which has changed the nature of some of its work.

real estate agents who need urgent signs, as well as road signs and signs for the Wellington Regional Council.” While there are a few other companies doing direct printing, Brattle says not many have their own spray bake oven. “We put a clear PPG bake finish on, which is like a car finish. It’s good for vandal proofing and for longevity.”




Previously, the Dzine Signs team had to print a roll-to-roll and laminate it onto the board. “Now we can do an urgent sign within a few hours. We do a lot of work for


o. nz

“We’re now doing a lot of print directly onto boards. We then spray coat the finished product and bake it in an oven,” he says. “We also print directly onto glass splash backs. We print onto doors, we do floor graphics and vehicle wraps. We’ve had the flat-bed printer for two and-a-half years and it has changed the type of production we do.”

c w. safebottles.

Call 0800 777 444, or go to our website to order your SafeBottle today Proud to support Dzine Signs & Graphics Dzine Signs and Displays 10 Jupiter Grove Upper Hutt 5018 T (04) 939 6860 F (04) 939 6861 E — Advertising Feature

47b Birmingham Drive, Middleton, PO Box 1879, Christchurch 8140.

For all your insurance needs; Car, Home, Travel, Business, Marine, Retail, Rural, Trade, Liability, contact us today: Phone: (04) 527 3740 or 0508 MY BROKER Fax: (04) 527 3748 736 Frgusson Drive, Upper Hutt    February/March 2013 | 35

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22/01/13 9:44 AM

Business Development | Quickstart Auto Electrical

Your auto electrical home Quickstart Auto Electrical in Upper Hutt offers a specialist auto electrical and air conditioning service that is second to none in the greater Wellington region.

Today about half of Quickstart’s work still involves commercial contracts on large machinery and vehicles such as buses and trucks, while the remaining half is on private clients’ cars, motorbikes and other vehicles.

Specialty services Quickstart Auto Electrical offers a full electrical repair and maintenance service.

Quickstart can source and install a range of automotive products such as car stereos, alarms, batteries, starter motors and alternators, cameras and CCTV systems and GPS tracking. The company also undertakes a total air conditioning service on all vehicles, including trucks and buses. It is the Thermoking agent for the lower North Island and has the latest hose and pipe-making equipment to complete repairs on any vehicle without removing the air conditioning pipes.

It has established fleet management systems to complete preventative electrical maintenance and servicing of larger fleets to minimise costly breakdowns and repairs. The company has the latest scan diagnostic equipment for cars, trucks and buses. It has one of the widest range of diagnostic scan equipment in the greater Wellington region. It was formed by Brad and Sarah Walker as a mobile service in 2007 and opened permanent workshop in Whakatiki Street, Upper Hutt, in January 2011.

Quickstart Auto Electrical owner Brad Walker hard at work.


The company offers a full range of auto electrical and air conditioning services, including repairs and installations.

Sarah Walker says Quickstart receives a lot of work from other mechanics, car yards and panel beaters which need specialty work done. The business has already been recognised for its skills and professionalism, and was named a trade services finalist in the 2012 Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce business awards. It is the only licensed AA repairer in Upper Hutt, which means it adheres to the AA’s high service standard. It also stocks AA batteries. Quickstart Auto Electrical has been warmly received by the local Upper Hutt community.

Super services Quickstart Auto Electrical offers a full range of auto electrical and air conditioning services, including: • All electrical repairs, installations and classic car restoration

Brad and Sarah Walker have invested heavily its scan diagnostic tools and are continually looking for ways to reinvest into their business and keep it at the forefront of the industry.

• Air conditioning servicing and repairs

> Robert Hartstonge works on a vehicle at Quickstart Auto Electrical in Upper Hutt.

• Car security and audio equipment

• Diagnostic scan equipment

Owners Brad and Sarah are pleased with the positive response they’ve gained since opening their Whakatiki Street workshop two years ago. “We’re thankful that the community has really got behind us,” Sarah says. Quickstart has also benefited from its relationship with suppliers and the careful planning the Walkers have put into their business. “We found there was a gap in the market in Upper Hutt for a specialist auto electrician. “We made sure our location was good - we’re just down the road from the buses - and it was all about positioning and timing. If you plan for success and work hard then everything should come to fruition.” Quickstart Auto Electrical Unit 9, 110 Whakatiki Street Upper Hutt T (04) 527 4952 T 0800 AUTO FIX E

• Automotive parts

— Advertising Feature

• Batteries, starter motors and alternators

• CCTV systems and GPS tracking • Specialist truck and bus services • Mobile service • AA licensed repairs and Smartfuel reward dollars.

Small Business Accounting have built a nationwide business on being supportive, personal, and affordable. Our site details how we can assist you through this potential minefield. Self-employed business people and property investors are a huge part of New Zealand, and are the businesses that we know best.

Proud to support Quickstart Auto Electrical

PHONE: 04 939 2779 • WWW.SBA.CO.NZ

Quickstart Auto Electrical’s modern facility in Upper Hutt.

36 | February/March 2013

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Goods & Services | The Real Music Company

The home of The last decade has seen an explosion of technological advancement – surround sound, high-definition television and 3D cinematic experience. Media quality has improved everywhere – except in music, where convenience and portability have trumped sound quality. However, The Real Music Company continues to put the quality back into sound systems with a wide range of British audio products built to convey music’s passion and emotion, the pinnacle, according to manager Steve Ching, of good music. “There is a perception in the hi-fi industry that the British product is more musically focused; not so much about the hi-fi jargon and technology, the bass, treble and sound stage, it’s more about the emotive aspects of the music – the pace, rhythm and timing, connecting with the musical intent – which we believe are inherent to good music systems.” “British brands are focused on musicality and whether you can emotively connect to what you’re listening to – that’s what sets good hi-fi apart.” It has certainly been a good approach, with a sign now 21 years old still pinned behind the counter claiming that ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten’. “Much of this industry is price driven and while we offer competitive pricing, you really do get what you pay for. A good quality

superior sound

purchase is not an everyday expense; we believe people should take their time with the decision, trust their own ears and judgement,” Steve says.

introduction of the big Australian “boxmoving” retailers and their effect on the retail sector, and of course the changes in the technology itself over that time.”

“We are specialists; we know what we’re about and can offer good advice to people.”

Today The Real Music Company team are experts in streaming technology – the ability to stream music over a home computer network. “We have some of the finest product out there offering the convenience people expect, with the high end sound quality that our CD and vinyl technology can offer, now on a streaming platform.”

Established in 1990 by Chris Murphy, The Real Music Company has seen first-hand the changes in the two-channel arena, from vinyl and turntables, to tape decks, CDs, minidiscs, the advent of home theatre with surround sound, DVD and AV receivers. Now there are Blu-ray players, high definition TVs and projectors with 3D technology, and the rise of whole-house multi-zone audio and video solutions. Steve has also seen a number of changes within the industry during his 18 year tenure which began soon after he purchased equipment there himself. “We have seen many changes in the industry in terms of the number of specialist brands available, the number of suppliers touting them, the

The Real Music Company the proud Wellington home of these British-designed and built hi-fi brands for 21 years

The company’s premier audio brand Naim Audio has been a step ahead of the market with fantastic new products in the streaming arena. “We can now provide customers with both high quality ripping and storage of their CD collections and the ability to ‘stream’ that music across a wired or wireless network through their streamers like the top selling Uniti range of all-in-one CD player/amplifier/ DAC/FM and Internet radio network connected systems.”

With some of the biggest names in audio behind the company, brands including Naim Audio, Rega, Totem Loudspeakers, and importers NA Distributors, APG and PQ Imports, there is good back up and after sales support available. All the brands are selected for their high quality which comes back to the company’s overriding values of providing only the highest quality products for maximum sound quality. “We’re not here to say ‘here’s this big fancy system with a myriad of features’, we just want to know that years down the track our customers will be sitting there, still tapping their toes and really relating to their music. “If we can ensure that our customers have smiles on their faces, then our job’s done.” The Real Music Company 9-11 Marion Street Wellington T (04) 385 8353 E  — Advertising Feature

Think outside the box. The new Loewe AirSpeaker.

Your iPhone, iPad or Mac has never sounded like this before. The Loewe AirSpeaker (top) plays music wirelessly via Apple AirPlay technology while the Soundbox (lower) plays CD, FM radio and iPod - both with unbeatable sound quality. With 2 main colour and* variety of insets, they are sure to cut an excellent figure whatever position they take in your home. Which is why it’s more than likely that you’ll want one for every what are you waiting for, come into The Real Music Company and check out the new Loewe audio range now! * Silver inset are standard. Coloured insets available at additional cost for both models.    February/March 2013 | 37

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22/01/13 10:02 AM

Goods & Services | Design In Residence

Design you can depend on Bespoke can be as just a sophisticated way of saying custom made, but then perhaps bespoke is just sophisticated. There is certainly an urbane, refined look about the bespoke products crafted by Design in Residence. Because, at the Tinakori Road Studio base, Design in Residence has been melding a formation between fashion and furniture and the results are exquisite. “We’re not architects, but then we’re not just a kitchen sales shop either,” explains co-owner Andrew Scott. “It’s what we do that makes us something unique.” That something unique is defined as “Integrating a tailor made design, by incorporating an exact identity which is appropriate and exclusive for you, without compromising functionality of aesthetic”. “I call it magic. But there is a little more to it than waving a wand,” Andrew explains. “We produce detailed drawings, get the joinery quotes, the building quotes and then manage those processes and oversee the installation on site. “We are unique because we amalgamate the design and project management processes.”

Whether you require an interior designer as well, or wish to use your own, Design in Residence has no trouble achieving the desired end result in the interiors of any home project. And, while based in Wellington, the company has the ability to work anywhere in New Zealand, providing a skill and service that is client result focused. The company has also completed numerous projects in China and Australia. With more than 30 years in the industry, Andrew and wife Lynette are passionate about housing and interiors and pride themselves on running a solution based company. They bring to the table the latest products available in the market place and manage a process that is required to assure that every area is utilised in a way which is practical and efficient with functionality. So vast is their experience that many interior designers use the company’s service. “With our experience in the building industry we have a good understanding of the process,” Andrew explains.

Case study – revamping a Victorian villa Susana Palmer used Design in Residence for two renovation projects based on the recommendation of a friend. The first was a kitchen fitout, then a year later they decided to renovate their bathrooms. “Our Victorian villa with an unfortunate early eighties renovation had more than its fair share of poky dark bathrooms, each housing a lonely toilet or a shower or a bath, but not all three. It was quite a design challenge,” she explains. The outcome far exceeded her expectations. “Andrew Scott was quite

simply excellent. He had brilliant ideas and ways to deal with tricky space issues that exceeded those of our architect, reflecting his many years of experience. He is a personable, efficient, effective and dedicated designer and project manager. He always answers his phone and nothing is too much trouble. “He and his wife Lynette make a great team. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, and even better, I snuck in an ensuite walk-in wardrobe (designed by Andrew) when my husband wasn’t looking.”

“With this experience we communicate well with all contractors, from the very beginning to the very end of any project, making sure that the design work is clearly presented with all the correct information for all contractors to follow in 2D CAD and 3D images. The design work also helps our clients visualise the final outcome.”

Sinkware | Rangehoods Cookware | Waste Disposals Water Filters | Accessories

Proudly supporting Design in Residence Contact us on Ph: or 0800 83 83 84 E:

Design in Residence ensures all outsourced contractors are the best in the business. “Our customers are buying our reputation. So we have a stringent vetting process for anyone we outsource and predominantly deal with contractors we have strong relationships with. “We set very high standards.” No doubt the peace of mind is also a drawcard. You know those horror stories

where people are trying to install a kitchen when the plumber goes awol, then the kitset doesn’t fit exactly as it should. With Design in Residence, everything is done and dusted and you don’t have to cope with the stress. “Our competitors traditionally just sell you a kitchen then enslave you to sort everything else out, from installation to plumbing. We want to offer the full package and ensure you are happy with the finished result.”

Design in Residence 322 Tinakori Road Thorndon Wellington T (04) 802 5064 — Advertising Feature

We are proud to be entrusted with the manufacture and installation of designer kitchens for Andrew. • Experienced manufacturing & installation team • Custom made • Quality Assured • 10 year guarantee • Appliance packages available 42 Bennett Street P: 06 355 4646 F: 06 355 4650 E: 38 | February/March 2013

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Goods & Services | Khan Painters

Kings of colour

Goods & Services | Turn You On Electrical

Switched on For all your electrical desires, Turn You On electrical has the power to satisfy your electrical-related issues, from maintenance and installation to inspections.

Making your mark in any competitive market can be a hard task. But Khan Painters does stand out in a crowded market and is helping property sellers in the lower North Island do the same. Because there is nothing quite like a paint job to increase sales success. Khan Painters has been serving the private painting needs of lower North Island people for more than 20 years and has grown through the word of mouth marketing developed naturally through years of delivering high quality workmanship. Housing New Zealand work makes up part of the company’s workload, but a wide range of private interior and exterior makes up the larger part, from multi-storey buildings, small one-offs, to plastering and the unpopular jobs of chemical stripping and lead paint removal which many companies refuse to tackle. But it’s the finished product, the ability to meet tight deadlines and the professionalism which Khan Painters has received much praise for. The principal painting contractor on site on behalf of HNZC for a number of projects within the Wellington region, Khan Painters recently completed the exterior painting of 134 Dixon Street, a complex containing 117 apartments within the city centre. This building has a category one listing with the Historic Places Trust (NZHPT) be a place

of “historic value and should be considered worth protecting”. The project was subject to a stringent quality assurance process and was signed off by NZHPT, the onsite historic architect, building surveyor, project manager team followed by a warranty statement from Dulux. Project manager Sam Hay describes Khan Painters as an integral part of the project and was most impressed with the company’s ability to manage relationships with a taxing tenant base, in turn facilitating timetabling enabling specific project milestones to be meet. Khan Painters was also employed by the Wellington City Council to paint 11 blocks of flats. Project manager A Barrett was employed to oversee the project and was responsible for quality, PR with tenants and the completion of the contract on time. “I cannot speak highly enough of Khan Ltd Painters, they followed our specifications to the letter. Their PR work with the tenants and employers was exemplary and they met all deadlines set for them. The quality was better than expected,” he says. Khan Painters 22 Samwell Drive Whitby Wellington T 0800 274 999 M 027 449 5071 E

T Grigg Electrical was the original name given to the business when it was established back in 2006. When the business grew, director Tim Grigg partnered up with his good mates and electricians, Simon Scannell and Matt Porteous, and changed the company name to Turn You On in March, 2010. Today the company consists of a team of six proud sparkies who happen to be a group of friends who, between them, have broad knowledge and extensive experience. This ranges from industrial work right through to residential and commercial projects. The team has worked on large projects like Westpac Stadium, Wellington Airport, various subdivisions and the not so large, like replacing your blown light bulb. Tim says branding plays an important part in the business and has a small boutique advertising company to help make Turn You On stand out from other companies. He says that having a team who work well together and are passionate about their work means they produce quality work. “We have commitment, but just as importantly, we like to get the job done right. We have meetings every Sunday to talk through issues from the week and also to have a plan of attack,” Tim says. The friendly and professional team keep no secrets about their love for all things electrical and complete any job, no matter how big or small, quickly and safely, with attention to detail. Turn You On clearly values its core function as a professional electrical company, and as

We have commitment, but just as importantly, we like to get the job done right. We have meetings every Sunday to talk through issues from the week and also to have a plan of attack - Director, Tim Grigg

part of that, it likesto pass on expertise on to others by taking on apprentices each year. Stand back and watch the professional men in action as they complete all your jobs with no fuss.

Don’t forget to put your sunglasses on as the only sparks flying will be the qualified team working quickly to get the job done.

Turn You On PO Box 13845 Johnsonville Wellington 6440 — Advertising Feature

— Advertising Feature

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Giving customers what they want - how IKEA leads the way

IKEA is an iconic Swedish company that sells modern and contemporary designer furniture and accessories, such as beds, coffee tables, vanities, lamps, frames and now its even started selling plants. But IKEA is much more than just a retailer. It sells its customers an experience, an experience which remains consistent in all the 325 shops now established around the globe. IKEA’s success is not only demonstrable by the number of successful stores it runs; it is also reflected in their bottom line, with a turnover of 26 billion Euros in 2011. So, why is IKEA so successful? What is it that they do that others don’t or can’t? It is only a furniture shop after all. Well, not quite. IKEA’s strategy is well defined and clever, and taps into all the areas of the business. Firstly, IKEA starts with clever designs which combine cost effective materials and cut costing solutions, without altering the quality and affordable price. The distribution and retail costs are also managed effectively in order to keep prices low. Ingvar Kamprad, the company’s founder, invented the flat pack/self-assembly concept back in 1953 in order to reduce breakage, shipping and inventory costs. Combined with the self-service solution in 1963, Ingvar created an innovative business model many companies could only dream of. Add to that the addition of free catalogues in 1951 and the restaurants in 1960, you quickly understand that Ingmar didn’t think mainstream. It may be surprising to learn that the IKEA concept, as it is today, was designed

back in the 50s and 60s, rather than by a marketing guru in the 21st Century! The real strength of IKEA is the concept which builds a relationship with the consumer. Everything is made to make the customer’s life easier, while allowing IKEA to sell as much as possible. The experience at IKEA engages customers and empowers them to take control of their shopping adventure. As customers arrive, they grab a little notebook and a pencil to take notes, and pick up a tape-measure in order to measure dimensions of whatever they want. Customers might want to shop in peace, so can check-in their children at the playground where a trained teacher will take care of them during your visit. Worried about leaving your children with strangers? Fear no more, you are given a free pager in case your child needs you. As a customer, you then start your visit in the first part of the shop, the showroom. If you have a sore ankle you can borrow one of the wheelchairs. You can’t get lost, as there are big arrows on the floor to indicate the way to go. The shop is designed in a oneway layout IKEA calls the “long natural way”. It encourages customers to visit the entire shop when traditional shops allow you to go straight to what you’re after.

Another happy customer


Massey executive MBA student Delphine Ducaruge, recently undertook a study tour around Scandinavia to visit and understand the business models of some of the most successful local companies. She tells us what she learnt from one of Sweden’s largest companies: IKEA.

Firstly, IKEA starts with clever designs which combine cost effective materials and cut costing solutions, without altering the quality and affordable price. The distribution and retail costs are also managed effectively in order to keep prices low.

a home (with the only exception being the price tags) and you want to buy it all.

The showroom has different spaces, of different sizes and different styles, for different taste and needs. These spaces Unlike most furniture retailers, the IKEA show you how you could use the furniture showroom displays are based on spaces. and inspire you to dream of a better place. These spaces are effectively “imitation In between the spaces, the furniture is homes” with walls. As you sit in the lounge and look around, you are able to visualise how displayed by group styles: couches, the products would look in your own space. In coffee tables, beds, kitchens, etc and you can try them. short, you see everything you would find in

By the time you get out of the showroom, you’re starving. Well, how convenient. Here is the restaurant! Once you’ve finished eating (in what feels like someone's dining room), you go downstairs to the market area. Be prepared to spend a decent amount of time in there. The market area is where everything that is not furniture is displayed and packaged ready to be bought. There are things you didn’t even know existed or that you needed. You grab what you need: frames, lights, textiles, eating and cooking accessories. The choice is huge, the price so low it’s heartbreaking when you live in New Zealand and can only take 23kg home. After the market area, is the self-serve furniture warehouse, with massive commercial trolleys for your convenience, which is where you grab your flat pack items. You then go and pay wondering how you ended up buying so many items. It’s not your fault. How could you have resisted? <

IKEA concept center in Delf, Holland

Still hungry? A shop by the exit sells a range of Swedish products from chocolate to salmon. You don’t have to like this concept. You don’t have to like furniture. You don’t have to like the food. You don’t have to like yellow and blue (logo). But you can’t dislike and deny the creativity, the ingenuity, the thinking outside of the box aspect of IKEA. IKEA takes care of customers and guests. During a presentation one of my classmates was cold but didn’t say anything, she just looked cold. Out of the blue, a staff member, in charge of making sure things were going smoothly, came and gave her a blanket. She later explained that during previous uses of the room they had noticed the room tends to be cold and came up with the solution to have a basket full of blankets by the entrance. Who gives blankets to their cold guests? What a brilliant idea! We were all highly impressed at both the attention to detail and the practical solution. IKEA has a culture of inventiveness and progressive thinking. Since the first day it started, Ingvar and his team have continued to come up with cutting edge ideas. From ingenious designs, the invention of the flat pack, through the showroom layout and market area concepts, through to the restaurant, Ingvar has always thought differently. He doesn’t look around and observe what others do. He looks around and sees what his customers’ needs are. And he satisfies those needs in creative and practical ways. IKEA has a philosophy of regularly engaging with customers on a personal level. It is not by staying in their comfy corporate seats that management can understand the changes of the customers’ needs, so at IKEA the low profile of the managers is amazing. It’s part of the IKEA mentality. Everyone at management level (yes everyone) does a week per year on the floor. They talk to customers, help them and guide them. From these conversations they truly understand the changes in the market and can help determine the strategic direction the company needs to take and how to help their customers better. Recently they came up with the 1 Euro breakfast and are now starting to build hotels near their stores. IKEA’s vision is “a better everyday life for the many people”. It communicates this vision all around the world. It is not perfect English however, they may do this on purpose to sound cute and unthreatening. Perhaps, another clever IKEA strategy? Photos by Delphine Ducaruge

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What makes up Canidae dog food? Let’s start with the ingredients. On the back of your pet food (or any food) the ingredients listed are in order of weight ie; there is more of the first ingredient than the second and so on. This normally means that the first 5 ingredients usually make up the majority of the final product. These are the most important.

What’s not in Canidae

A chicken by-product is normally everything but the chicken. Which isn’t a bad thing, but this makes up a large part of their protein. And protein is the most important ingredient. So you really want top quality meat as your protein.

Long-term daily administration may result in a compromised immune system, muscle wasting, and destruction of the friendly bacteria living in the intestines that aid the digestion of food and assimilation of nutrients.

Some other companies will try and make up their protein with vegetable protein. Again, while this isn’t bad for them, most of the vegetable protein passes straight through them as dogs aren’t able to digest it.

Colouring agents provide a “rich and meaty” look to modify the appearance of highly processed foods and make them appealing to pet owners. It’s imperative to check you current pet food to see if any of the above are included. However sometimes it’s very hard to identify as they can often disguise them.

What’s in Canidae

At last, one of the best pet foods in the world is available in New Zealand. And best of all we deliver anywhere free.

Canidae includes 4 human grade meats. Other “leading” brands might include one meat (not human grade) and if you’re “lucky” a by-product.

To give you an extreme example that all proteins are not equal, but will both show on the Guaranteed Analysis; fingernails are 100% protein, but they don’t really help our diet.

• NO Artificial Colours and Dyes

that’s because they do extensive research as this is their business. We will become a household name, it will take a lot of time and a lot of energy, but we are all dedicated pet lovers here, so pet health is our passion. If you really want to give your pet the best call us on 0800 101 729. We also offer a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the food or any part of our service we will refund you in full and ask what we can do to make you happy. So far we haven’t refused any request.

• Four Human Grade Meals Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish. Chicken Meal - Defined by Association American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) as being “ground or otherwise reduced in particle size”, meal serves as a concentrated source of amino acids that is low in ash (minerals), moisture and fat. Chicken meal is far superior to just chicken. It takes up to 7kgs of chicken to make just 1kg of Chicken Meal. This is because all the moisture has been removed first leaving an extremely pure protein.

• NO Antibiotics or steroids

• NO Chemical additives or artificial preservatives Chemical antioxidants, such as ethoxyquin, BHT or BHA, that were designed to extend the shelf life and reduce fat spoilage (rancidity) of pet foods may cause allergic reactions and affect liver and kidney functions.

• NO Wheat, Soy or corn

• Whole Grain Brown Rice Grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, these whole grains supply complex carbohydrates for sustained energy and B vitamins and beneficial fiber to maintain a healthy digestive tract and promote normal stools. The healthful oils in rice bran contain important phytonutrients, including heart-healthy oryzanols.

These may cause allergies in some dogs and cats.

• Flax Seed Meal

Even though two products may say they contain 21% protein, one product could contain top quality protein and may extend the life of your dog, the other brand that uses cheap by-products or vegetable protein could cause protein deficiencies as the dog wasn’t able to digest it.

• NO Artificial Flavours

Protein deficiencies result in slow growth, deformed boned, chronic ear and skin infections, epilepsy, cancer, spinning or tail chasing, aggression, timidity, excessive shedding crooked whiskers, gastrointestinal upsets, poor appetite and an impaired ability to heal from wounds. Excess protein can cause obesity and brittle bones.

• NO Poultry by-products

A rich source of linoleic and omega-3 fatty acids as well as essential amino acids. Flax is a good source of magnesium, phosphorous and copper, and a very good source of dietary fiber, thiamin and manganese. It also contains vitamins including B group and E. Flax is a recommended source for lignans, an important phytonutrient with powerful antioxidant properties.

Your choice is either believe the marketing hype of the big multi national corporations, or believe the independent research. Many of Canidaes best clients in NZ are breeders,

Call now for a free sample

Flavour enhancers are produced by the enzymatic liquefaction or hydrolysis of animal tissue. Those made with phosphoric acid are appealing to cats because they “tingle” on the tongue. Ground, rendered, cleaned slaughtered poultry carcass parts such as necks, feet, lymph nodes, undeveloped eggs and intestines (and a small amount of feathers). The quality is inconsistent between batches. Note: By product meals are often derived from 4-D meat sources - defined as food animals that have been rejected for human consumption because they were presented to the meat packing plant as “Dead, Dying, Disabled or Diseased”.

NZ’s Best and most cost effective petfood

Why should you buy Canidae?

Why are these petfoods questionable?*

It’s been said that the potential life span of some dogs could be as great as 27 years. However more dogs than ever before are dying from cancer. This is either due to environmental issues or their diet. Unfortunately environmental issues are largely out of our control, but what we can control is their diet.


Did you know that most large multinational corporations that supply much of the pet food in New Zealand spend more on advertising than on their ingredients.

Use of chicken by-product meal, fish meal, dried egg product and fish oil.

Do you know that the best diet you can give your dog is a home cooked diet? We can have dozens of home cooked diets available on our website, free of charge, or if you prefer we can post these to you free of charge. However we also realise most people don’t have the time to do this all the time. Where we can help is we have one of the best pet foods available in the world, now it’s available in NZ. Instead of taking my word for it, you need to understand why Candiae is so good, and potentially why your current pet food may be harming your dog. Unfortunately this topic is more complex than it appears. You’re probably thinking, “Surely if my vet sells me my current pet food or it’s available in supermarkets, it must be ok”. The real answer is no! I’ve managed to condense years of research and knowledge into 4 pages. If you want more info I have included some independent publications and websites where you can find more information. I recommend you do this, because why should you believe me more than the flashy ads on TV or your Vet, who (in most cases) gets paid from these companies? Read on to learn more.

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• Naturally Preserved Herbal Formulation • Omega 6 & 3 Fatty acids • Essential Vitamins and Amino Acid Chelated Minerals • Guaranteed Viable Micro-Organisms

Corn as 1st ingredient, use of chicken by-product meal and animal digest. Eukanuba

Iams Use of chicken by-product meal, fish meal, dried egg product and fish oil. Pedigree Use of corn as 1st ingredient, chicken by-product meal, meat meal, meat & bone meal, animal fat, BHA/BHT and natural poultry flavour. Pro Plan Use of poultry by-product meal, animal fat, fish meal, animal digest and dried egg product.

Purina Dog Chow Use of corn as 1st ingredient, poultry by-product meal, animal fat, animal digest and artificial flavour/colour.

Frank and Stein Collins

If you’d like to learn more, or to order, call free 0800 101 729 or visit our website

Royal Canin Use of dried egg powder and non-specific fish oil. Science Diet

Is it really more expensive?

Use of chicken by-product meal, animal fat and dried egg product.

Amount to feed a 13.6kg dog:

Solid Gold


1 & 1/4 cups per day

Use of non-specific ocean fish, beef meal & recent “dry dog formula changes” which are cost based (see website “News and Announcements”). Some changes are made positive however.


2 & 1/8 cups per day

Science Diet

2 cups per day


1 & 3/4 cups per day

Purina One

1 & 3/4 cups per day

Purina Pro Plan

1 & 3/4 cups per day


1 & 1/2 cups per day

Nutro Natural Choice

1 & 1/2 cups per day

Nature’s Recipe Use of Menadione.

0800 101 729 • *According to the World Dog Journal. The confidential Dog report.

You need to feed 20% - 70% more of these other brands.

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RR Goods & Services | Stansborough

Threads of


Peter Jackson has again brought the attention of the world to New Zealand with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and local Petone-based textiles company Stansborough plays a glittering role, literally. Stansborough has secured a lucrative licensing agreement with Warner Brothers to sell some of the fabrics it designs and manufactures, including the ‘magical silver scarf’ worn by Gandalf the Grey in the latest blockbuster trilogy filmed right here in picturesque Middle Earth.

to cross-breed with already proven sheep, in the hope of developing flocks for specific purposes.

According to Tolkien; Gandalf’s scarf (worn by Sir Ian McKellen) ‘is made from the finest slivers of Mithril from the Mines of Moria and shines like moonlit silver’ – with a description this complex it was certainly a task for a highend textile company with a certain special ingredient. Said ingredient is the blue-grey wool from of one of the rarest breeds of sheep, Stansborough Greys.

However, the Eldridges recognised the potential fleece quality of the Goth breed and decided to assist in their procreation, which would ultimately lead to the current flock of more than 1200 being registered as a unique breed with pure-bred status.

History Stansborough Greys originate from Denmark and their wool was in fact used by the Vikings for their ships sails more than 1000 years ago due to its high strength and water-shedding characteristics. Company directors Cheryl and Barry Eldridge originally purchased 350 sheep during a time period when New Zealand was experimenting with imported breeds of sheep

“New Zealand farmers prefer white sheep, nobody really wanted them and the flock that were brought out had ended up on a farm in the South Island,” Cheryl says.

Unique is certainly an underlying characteristic of Stansborough as an operational farm and as a business. For instance, the looms the wool is eventually woven on are not exactly modern industrial machines – they date back to the 1890’s. Barry Eldridge and loom technician Richard Graham operate the Yorkshire Hattersley looms, thought to be the only looms of their kind still working commercially in the world, to complete the labour intensive yet incredibly eco-friendly production of the world famous fabric.

Special offer Movies The process from discovering the silvery sheep, to producing the silvery scarf has led Stansborough indirectly onto the silver screen and bestowed their drapes across many a famous actor’s frame. Elijah Wood and many other stars sported a ‘fellowship cloak’ in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and apparently Hollywood product placement costs a fortune? Not when your products are as rare and sought-after as Stansborough’s range of fabric gold. Sir Ian McKellen who plays Gandalf the Grey blogged before the filming of The Hobbit, “I now have a substantial, magic-looking silvery scarf to wear and act with and perhaps find some part of its own to play”. As one of the main protagonists of the movie, it was essential his attire matched his grandeur. The ‘substantial’ reference by Sir Ian McKellen refers to the length of his scarf, at 2.8m it will certainly keep any wizard warm in windy Wellington or anywhere in the world for that matter. The landmark licensing agreement with Warner Brothers represents a huge potential market for Stansborough, in essence a familyowned and operated company. The overseas and export market is certainly not alien to Stansborough, with sales already established worldwide the global interest has certainly spiked with the release of The Hobbit. It was originally Ngila Dickson who spotted the quality of Stansborough’s produce, something which undoubtedly contributed to the two Oscars she later won for her work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Mention you read our story in Wellington Today and receive a discount on our corporate gifting packages!

That is exactly the surprise Barry and Cheryl received when designer Ngila Dickson decided to pay a visit after she’d sung the praises of the New Zealand-made fabrics. Such was her impression, 1000 m of fabric was ordered for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Stansborough fabrics featured in all the following flicks: • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) • The Desolation of Smaug (2013) • There and Back Again (2014) • The Lord of the Rings trilogy • Disney’s - Chronicles of Narnia and The Lion,The Witch and The Wardrobe • Disneys Chronicles of Narnia – The Prince Caspian

• Avatar • The Waterhouse • Kidnapped.

Cheryl Eldridge says humbly, “it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time”. Who would have thought that being in the right place at the right time could lead to one of Hollywood’s greatest directors appreciating the quality of the Stansborough textiles that would be adorned by the stars of his movies? 42 | February/March 2013

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Goods & Services | Stansborough

Stansborough as a business Rest assured, Stansborough products are not exclusively for A-list movie stars, in fact, its corporate gifting could be the perfect way to help introduce an air of wizardry and magic into any boardroom. It also diversifies its range of textiles to encompass a very desirable range of throws, wraps, babywear and top-end interiors. Stansborough also specialise in bespoke weaving for interior designers. Cheryl Eldridge, creative nucleus of Stansborough, believes nature inspires the brand’s produce and the 3,000 acre farm provides a perfect base to grow the company

for generations to come. With that in mind, they haven’t used any fertiliser for more than 10 years and practise sustainable farm management methods and only use eco-friendly animal health products wherever possible.

mill operation. In another step to add variety to the Stansborough brand, the Eldridge’s have also begun producing UMF honey on their property.

The Eldridge’s insist upon having a forestry plantation and a bush reserve to cancel out their carbon footprint.

Public interest in Stansborough products and also the day-to-day operations of the Petone-based operation has risen greatly since the company has been involved with Hollywood powerhouses.

The farm itself which includes a herd of 80 alpacas, has been maintained sustainably over the past 18 years. Cheryl now has Adrian Graham and family carrying out the day-today running of the Stansborough farm, while daughters Kiri and Nicola are involved in the design and marketing section of the Petone

With the insatiable appetite to peer into the mill and see the old-fashioned looms in action, Stansborough has opened its doors tovisitors who can take the unique opportunity to look through ‘the window into the past’ by stopping into the mill shop, located at the beach end of Sydney Street, Petone.

High praise

“Just a wee note to say I am so inspired by your product, and thrilled to have seen it all as well as heard the story. What a story. I really look forward to keeping in touch and having a project or two to use some of your pieces. Its just wonderful and a great NZ success to know about. Congratulations on your initiative, skill and hard work. I wish you all the best and hope you reap the rewards you deserve.” - Helen (interior designer, Hawke’s Bay)

“Your fabrics are so amazing and have brought our creatures into Narnia beautifully. Our Centaurs, Satyrs and Dwarves are all wearing your fabrics. Thanks so so much for all of your brilliant efforts, you made a huge difference for us. We are extremely grateful for your talents.”

“I loved the costuming and was very proud. Your textiles were integral to a lot of the main characters – I was lucky that you had the stock available.” - Lesley Burkes-Harding (costume designer for BBC’s ‘Kidnapped’)

Stansborough 22 Sydney Street Petone Wellington T (04) 566 5591 E

- Kimberly Adams and Isis Mussenden (costume designers - Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion & The Witch and The Wardrobe, Prince of Caspian)

Congratulations to Cher yl & Barr y at Stansborough! It is a pleasure to assist good operators like Stansborough to not only ‘count the beans’, but to really make them grow. Call us on (04) 972-4182 or visit for a free business growth meeting to find out how.

“We appreciate the practical and focused business assistance Love to Grow provide us” - Cheryl Eldrige

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The most environmentallyconscious woolscourer on earth Entrust your wool to people who care and specify to your supplier to have their wool scoured at Cavalier Woolscourers Ltd. Cavalier Woolscourers Ltd For more information please contact Nigel Hales - or Tony Cunningham - Telephone: +64 6 834 1421 Fax: + 64 6 835 1237 LEADERSHIP • EXCELLENCE • INTEGRITY • SERVICE

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21/01/13 3:03 PM

Cavalier Woolscourers Ltd congratulates Cheryl and Barry Eldridge of “Stansborough” We are delighted that their wonderful products have gained international recognition. We have been following with interest the progress of “Stansborough” over many years, as they are a classic example of true Kiwi ingenuity. Not only do they weave the wool themselves, they actually grow the sheep, select the wool and take the wool through to the finished product and then to the market. The Stansborough finished product is of outstanding quality and we make sure that our many international visitors leave here with a Stansborough rug or throw - NZ

grown, NZ scoured, NZ made – a true home grown Kiwi story! Cavalier Woolscourers Ltd has two main scouring sites located in the geographical heart of New Zealand’s wool growing regions. Hawkes Bay Woolscourers is located in Napier and Canterbury Woolscourers is located in Timaru. Both plants run the latest ANDAR processing lines. “We are the only New Zealand wool scouring company that has been specifically set up with ANDAR ‘Top Master Woolscours’ to scour fine wool to exacting quality standards,” Cavalier Woolscourers CEO Mr Hales says.

“Our machinery can process from coarser to finer wools, from merino to drysdale, alpaca, mohair - we can do it all.” While our scours are geared to wash large volumes of wool, our minimum lot size is just one bale. We take it as our responsibility to provide cost effective scouring services for customers such as Cheryl and Barry, who want to add value to their wool here in New Zealand, without having to manufacture overseas, such as in China.

Cavalier Woolscourers - entrusted to wash one of the finest New Zealand bales ever grown at 11.4 micron

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Hospitality | Rydges Wellington

Superior service delivered in style Wellington’s Rydges Hotel took out the Hospitality New Zealand’s 2012 Supreme Award Champion title at its annual awards ceremony held in Wellington late last year. The strategically located, purpose-built hotel took out category wins of ‘Best Accommodation Hotel’ and ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ en route to taking out the supreme national award. Hospitality New Zealand (HNZ) chief executive Bruce Robertson says while many businesses in the hospitality sector were finding it hard to continue trading profitably, others like Rydges Wellington were prospering with smart strategies. “Those points of difference showcased by award winners like Rydges Wellington include service offerings, delivering customers a totally unexpected, yet far superior experience to what they were anticipating, providing an ambience or atmosphere far removed from the local competition, and embracing new technology.” Rydges Wellington general manager Simon White says the HNZ category wins highlight the areas the hotel has focused on, along with innovative marketing, since Rydges took over the hotel just 18 months ago and subsequently invested more than a million dollars on improvements and rebranding. “The two awards work in tandem. We have concentrated our efforts on customer service

through guest recognition programmes and making ourselves available to our guests. That in turn gives us the opportunity to continually improve the hotel product through guest and staff feedback,” he says. “To be the recipient of these awards after just 18 months in the Wellington market is fantastic recognition and a credit to the dedication and hard work of the team here at the hotel.”

Rydges Wellington The strategically located 280 room, Featherston Street hotel is the first entry into the capital for the Australasian Hotel and Resort Group. Rydges Wellington boasts panoramic harbour views, overlooking Lambton Quay, the Beehive, Victoria University, Wellington Railway Station and is a stroll away from Westpac Stadium. All standard and deluxe rooms are appointed with kitchenettes extending to full kitchens in all 19 suites. Leisure centre facilities include a 17m lap pool, spa pool, sauna and exercise room. Rydges Wellington completes the group’s New Zealand network, with Rydges hotels already firmly established in Queenstown, Christchurch, Rotorua and Auckland.

Rydges Hotels and Resorts Established in 1988, Rydges is one of Australasia’s largest tourism operators in the Pacific. The Australian and New Zealand owned company currently offers 7,500 mid-scale and deluxe rooms in desirable CBD, regional and resort locations across Australasia, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

Rydges Wellington additional facilities • Leisure facilities including: 17m lap pool, spa, sauna and cardio room (guest access to offsite gym) • Portlander bar and grill • 24 hour room service • Valet car parking • iPads available for use from front desk with 20mins free internet • Five conference spaces flooded with natural light • Meeting capacity for 230 conference delegates • Dedicated conference centre • Spacious pre-function area.

PriorityGUEST Rewards programme

GOLDMARK GROUP are proud to be associated with Rydges Wellington and congratulate them for taking out the Supreme Award at the 2012 Hospitality New Zealand Awards for Best Accomodation and Excellence in Customer Service.

As a member of the Rydges Hotels and Resorts, Rydges Wellington offers the hotel group’s PriorityGUEST Rewards programme, with special corporate memberships.

Goldmark Group has a long history in the shopfitting industry. We have been working closely with some of our clients for over 25 years. We cater for shop and office fit out needs for businesses and their branches throughout New Zealand.

Membership is free and provides exclusive benefits including:

• 10 percent off best available rates online

Phone (04) 3878964

• 20 percent off meals and drinks • Points towards free stays • Welcome drink

The Radio Network is so pleased to have been a part of Rydges Hotel Wellington Supreme Award success. For Effective Advertising Solutions that get results, get in touch with: Keith May - Key Account Manager The Radio Network Wellington - DDI: 04 3826695

Pandoro has operated in New Zealand for 19 years being set up by its original founders to produce and retail the highest quality authentic Italian artisan breads and cakes.

Wellington Wholesale Orders Deliveries daily Phone 04 499 1121 • Fax 04 499 1161


Pleased to support RydgesWellington

• Priority desk check-in • 1pm check out • 50 percent off in-room internet. PriorityGUEST Rewards has also introduced a company programme, rewarding companies with savings of up to 20 percent off the hotel’s best rates for all your travellers. Enjoy all the benefits of membership plus the opportunity to pool points towards free stays, no lengthy contracts and the more you book the more you save. To join up for individual and company memberships go to:

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Hospitality | Rydges Wellington

Guest reviews

Two nights in a 2 bed room with our two children - 2 and 4 year old. Everything in room was great as was the excellent breakfast and main meal - staff at restaurant went out of way to help us entertain the kids with the colour pencils and colouring in menus. Only thing I was left wondering was how to access the laptops advertised in the room rates. Swimming pool also excellent for my daughter who is learning to swim. Sean, December 10, 2012 

I’m an extensive traveller, and I must say, Rydges is right up there. Led by a great GM, all of the staff display a passion for what they do. You can tell that Rydges Wellington is always looking to up the ante and bring new and exciting offers to their guests.

I was unable to get to Auckland due to the Tornado, I rang Rydges and although they were booked out they took my name in case of a cancellation. Within 30 minutes they had called me back and I had a bed for the night. When I arrived the lady on reception was extremely helpful making sure I had a taxi booked for the morning and everything was sorted for my return home. When I got up to the room it was beautifully designed and very clean. It was a relief to walk into the room after a hectic night. Thanks for your hospitality. I will definitely be staying at Rydges when I return to Wellington. Sarah, December 9, 2012 

Matt, December 11, 2012      (5 stars)

Rydges Wellington 75 Featherston Street Wellington T (04) 499 8686 T 0800 RYDGES E — Advertising Feature

D.E Coffee & Tea NZ Ltd 0800 277927    February/March 2013 | 47

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21/01/13 3:03 PM

Hospitality | Portlander

Portlander reinvents itself as a place for all people With only between one and two percent of dinners at the Rydges Hotel restaurant in Wellington not being hotel guests, the management team at Rydges new it was time for a change.

The location of Portlander, on the corner of Whitmore and Featherston Streets, makes it close to many corporate and government offices and is en-route for foot traffic of 50,000 every day to and from the train station.

“What we wanted to create was a dining experience that would appeal to all Wellingtonians and visitors to the city, and not just our hotel guests,” Rydges general manager Simon White says.

“Pre refurbishment, chain mail curtains and closed fixed seating separated the restaurant from the general public, with a perception of the restaurant being available to hotel guests only.

“The first thing we did was to look around the city to see what was lacking in terms of a dining experience, to find a niche market that would define us.

“Portlander is now an open plan, accessible and welcoming space for both hotel guests and walk in patrons alike.”

“To increase the capture rates from this foot traffic was a key objective with the refurbishment to Portlander to become a destination in its own right and no longer perceived as a hotel restaurant,” White says. “The outdoor menu windows, new entry through the outside patio, ‘you don’t have to sleep with us to eat with us’ window sticker, corner window seat, takeaway coffee’s and train ticket promotion have all helped to increase capture rates.

The result of the refurbishment is non-hotel guest dinners have rocketed from one to two percent, to 38 percent of all dinners.

“We identified that there was a real lack of good quality steakhouse restaurants in the city. So by basing our restaurant on that, plus quality seafood for which Wellington is reknown, we came up with the Portlander.”

White says a key ingredient of this success has been the staff. “They were involved in the initial concept discussions and have really taken ownership of the concept. They offer our dinners familiarity, without being too familiar and a great blend of personality and knowledge.”

The Portlander is very much a stand alone restaurant with its organic, timber panelled décor giving it a rustic feel offsetting the ornate marbled hotel lobby.

All products are

Proud to be associated with Portlander



When it comes to the crunch, nothing beats a Whistler Nut!

Cashews | Pistachios | Peanuts | Chocolate Almonds We supply Whistler nuts to: • Hotel Minibars and Housebars • Motels • Gift Companies • Corporate • Delicatessens • Bars & Cafés

Portlander Lunch

Portlander Dinner

11.30am - 2.30pm seven days a week

5.30pm - 10.30pm seven days a week

Can serve as an island of sanity, a comforting recharge of succulent you-time, a chance for a juicy catch-up and a feast for the senses in an otherwise busy (and often decidedly unsensuous) day in the capital.

Dinner at the Portlander is the stuff of gastronomic adventures. When local knowledge meets an international calibre skill set, as in chef Farouk Ghazali’s masterful flavour combining, you should really just hold on and enjoy it.

While as a steakhouse, our midday offering naturally includes a classic like the tender Hereford sirloin, when it comes to lunch there’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a juicy burger that’s been cleverly put together. Whatever your fancy - from meat-itarian to vegetarian – the rotating, seasonal burger selection has the power to “sassify” every palette, including rustling up gluten-free orders by request! Once tempted to explore our lunch offerings, you will experience an exquisite selection of beast, fish, fowl and other simple earthly pleasures, transformed in the very best of hands. A take-out burger option is available for $10, a tasty lunch at a great price for many local corporates who have to lunch and work simultaneously.

The inspired, open kitchen holds court, introducing varied wild game, along with carefully selected and aged, free-range meats as the main characters. These star performers are then spun with freshest regional produce into irresistible stories, worth retelling. The premises serve as a spiritual home of sorts for the true carnivore and more refined meat-eater alike, with perfectly done, searingly good, prime angus sirloin, marvelously marbled wagyu or pistachio lamb rack with garlic mash on bacon and mushroom ragout. Unique creations involving rich, slow-braised pork ribs move to comfort, while ‘Hare Wellington’ with duck pâté, manuka honeyroasted beetroot and baked field mushrooms evokes our wild side. Today’s catch of fish

127 Raukawa Road, RD4, Hastings • Ph: 0800 800 688 •

GOLDMARK GROUP are proud to be associated with Portlander Goldmark Group has a long history in the shopfitting industry. We have been working closely with some of our clients for over 25 years. We cater for shop and office fit out needs for businesses and their branches throughout New Zealand.

Bramco Granite and Marble would like to congratulate Rydges hotel on the Portlander refurbishment. “It was fantastic to have a client that appreciates quality products and services and wasn’t scared to add a little colour in their design” When you need, Natural or Engineered Stone see Bramco, Wellingtons trusted name in Stone for over 10 years. Don’t be limited in your design, come and see our new stock from Brazil and Madagascar.

Bramco, Igneous is Bliss

G O L D M A R K Phone (04) 3878964

121 Port Road, Seaview, Lower Hutt, Phone 04 570 0025 Email,

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Hospitality | Portlander

Hospitality | Bangalore Polo Club

Home of the Bangalore Badges Equestrian polo is a sport of excellence and privilege and one local haunt where this tradition continues is the Bangalore Polo Club, which has celebrated 150 years of triumph since it was established back in 1859.

and seafood are served artfully, just a stone’s throw from the shimmering ocean they were caught hours earlier. Vegetarians in search of an eatery which can cater to the flesh-fetish of their more omnivorous companions – while also respecting the local vegetation and dairy with equal care and imagination – need look no further. With fare like panko-crumbed goat’s chevre with mushroom truffle and spicy capsicum, or aubergine ratatouille roulade with feta, rocket and curls of fresh-shaved parmesan, the inspired kitchen is fired up about making your meal more than an afterthought.

Interactive cooking display Portlander team members greet guests in the lobby and offer canapés in the evening. Team members and head chef, Farouk Ghazali personally offer guests sample canapés chats regularly to guests, this personalised and interactive approach sets Portlander aside from other establishments.

I went here with a business associate and had a fantastic experience. My t-bone was absolutely the lovely, large, perfectly cooked piece of meat I was hoping for. My associate’s marmalade coated ribs were decadent and moreish. And the Syrah was as big as the steak. For dinner, this place is awesome. It is at a part of town (near Parliament) where there aren’t many good places to eat or drink, so if you’re in Wellington on business or for a bit of politics, very much recommended. - David B (Menu Mania)

The empire runs on pints and curry. Enjoy one of the authentic curries and a pint for $15.00 every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Wednesday Every Wednesday at 18:59, also its founding year, a lucky loyalty club member will be awarded a $50 bar tab

The restaurant floor features New Zealand green shell mussels, oysters and king crab leg’s accompanied by an ice well with wines to match the menu.


This is visually exciting and enforces the freshness of the produce available.

New Portlander website


The English Invasion

Unique deli and seafood display

This is designed to show patrons the produce on offer and to encourage chefs to be interactive with preparation of food. Portlander chefs are not chained to the grill, the deli/seafood display allows our chefs to interact with our guests while preparing your seafood platter or charcuterie plate in front of you.

Specialists In Supply, Installation and Finishing of

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Most Valuable Player

Head chef Farouk Ghazali has also initiated an interactive positioning in the hotel lobby and restaurant where he personally welcomes guests to the bar area and offers samples of a The new delicatessen fridge situated by the variety of freshly hand sliced deli meats which hand slicer features a selection of cheeses, dried meats used for the slicer, sundried feature on the new Portlander menu. tomatoes, olives, mustards and sauces.


Loyalty Offers

The Portlander website has been designed to be smartphone user friendly with imagery that scrolls across the screen with the flick of your finger. The website also features a live music feed from the restaurant and reservations can be booked online. This innovation shows Portlander as being forward thinking and keeping up with the modern consumer who is increasingly dependent on smartphones and accessibility to online information. Visit

Absent Bandit Treat yourself to a fabulous $5 Absolut cocktail between 8pm and 10pm Monday Churchill’s Misgivings Monday sees a free dessert with every main meal purchased Thursday The Brigadier’s Shout The club’s shout with beer and bubbles for $6 until 9pm Sunday Gin Sundays Choose one of the 25 gins, all served in “pitchers for two” at half the usual price Tuesday Badger vs Tiger Buy a Tiger or a Badgers Piss from 4pm7pm for only $5/pint or $20/pitcher. Friday Mascot Madness $10 pizzas from 4pm-7pm

BPC (as the locals call it) is drenched in history, is rich with tradition and welcomes you with a friendly smile from staff. Its fantastic vibe along with its fabulous deco of sporting memorabilia and excellent service makes it the perfect venue to enjoy every special occasion. It provides you with one of the best clubrooms in Wellington for all to enjoy. The club offers an interesting selection of beers and an extensive wine and cocktail list to suit all tastes. It also delivers a diverse and simply delicious menu which will easily persuade you to stay for dinner too. The attentive staff prides itself on making your experience fully enjoyable and offers everyone a unique experience in a relaxed atmosphere with service which is friendly and prompt. The venue cherishes its history and shows appreciation to loyalty club members with exclusive rewards offered every day of the week. Stimulating and interesting, BPC holds its style and flavour, complemented with a delightful ambience where you can feast upon a wide range of tempting food and drink. For a venue which is passionate about polo sport and its history, The Bangalore Polo Club incorporates culture, music, style, and tradition, in to one remarkable club.

Bangalore Polo Club 63 Courtenay Place Wellington T (04) 384 6416 — Advertising Feature

Including Parquetry & Pre-finished Floors


Phone 589-7922 Mobile 021-246-7195

Portlander 75 Featherston Street Wellington T (04) 498 3762 E — Advertising Feature    February/March 2013 | 49

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21/01/13 3:03 PM

Hospitality | The Establishment

A downtown delight The Establishment, a vibrant bar and restaurant situated in the nucleus of the Wellington social hub, is set to become even busier as the official bar of the Hertz rugby sevens tournament in February. Standing proudly on the corners of Courtenay band ‘The Noodles’ performing live, the Place and Blair Street, the beautiful Edwardian atmosphere is always electric at architecture certainly captures the eye, while The Establishment. the bar and restaurant located inside seems to Corporate functions be capturing equal attention. Originally built in 1905, the building has housed a number of intriguing tenants including high profile banks, but today it is as a popular bar and restaurant it has captured the capital’s socialites with its vast, varied menu and exciting late nights.

The Establishment has four first class hospitality areas to choose from and guarantees to host an incomparable function compared to other central venues. With such confidence also comes perks for the customer, including no venue charge if minimum spend requirements are met and they can accommodate between 10-500 people at any given time. The Establishment also has the ability to supply any party with a DJ, separate sound systems and friendly dedicated staff.

The menu is extremely reasonable, catering for the most discerning of palettes while still being easy on the purse strings. The drinks menu, and most notably the cocktail menu, provides a drink for all occasions from a mojito to a Moscow mule. With the restaurant Tequila Bar and bar housed in the same premises it’s the perfect place to start a big night in Wellington. The Tequila Bar is a boutique cocktail bar inside a nightclub, this gem sits on the side of With one of the only 24 hour liqour licences the Main Bar. With large French doors onto a in Wellington, The Establishment is not only balcony that opens on to Blair Street it means the perfect place to start a night out, it you can be seen but remain inaccessible in a presents the full party-goers package. With high profile yet secure area. the satisfied stomachs, the drinks can flow Catering for up to 70 patrons, with booth as easy as the entertainment – whether seating and television it’s the perfect space that is Tuesday night karaoke or Wellington

for an intimate all-night function or even to gradually merge into the nightclub in the Main Bar. Alternatively it can be used as a conference space for up to 20, where the friendly staff will be on hand to serve an array of cocktails. The large bi-folding glass doors are also perfect to catch the late afternoon sun, ideal for meeting outside of the office.

a standing function, the large wrap around balcony creates a great indoor-outdoor flow.

Restaurant - level 1

The Lounge

The Restaurant on the first floor of The Establishment is the perfect function space for large dinner groups, or casual cocktail functions. Able to seat up to 100 for formal dining, with a maximum capacity of 200 for

The Lounge is a spacious, private area that adjoins The Restaurant on level one of The Establishment. A comfortable function space, usually furnished with couches that can be arranged to meet the needs of customers. The Lounge has a small balcony affording a view of Blair Street up to Courtenay Place.

Proud to be associated with The Establishment Founded in 1993 Fresh Connection Ltd is a privately held 100% NZ owned company, specialising in the supply of Fresh and Prepared Produce to the Food Service Industry throughout New Zealand.

An all-day relaxed dining area separates the restaurant from the bar and nightclub downstairs, this space contains a fully stocked bar, a restaurant and a kitchen able to meet all catering needs and the helpful, competent staff will ensure the evening runs smoothly.

This space is perfect for formal dining or a social function. The Lounge can hold 80 patrons standing or 40 for dinner. It is perhaps the most private of the function spaces, and ideal for clients wanting to have a function on Courtenay Place, without the hustle and bustle. Make sure to pay The Establishment a visit while on the Wellington social scene, it could be next year’s venue for the Christmas party or the next social work gathering suggestively labelled as ‘team-building’. Be sure to ‘like’ The Establishment on Facebook and follow the latest news and offers.

Fruit | Vegetables | Prepared Product Herbs | Micro Herbs | Eggs | Frozen

12 Cashew Street, Grenada North, Wellington 5028 Ph: 04 232 3484 | Fax: 04 232 3478 E:

The Establishment Cnr Courtenay Place and Blair Street Wellington T (04) 382 8654 E — Advertising Feature

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Hospitality | Duke Carvells


congratulate Duke Carvells Family owned and customer driven are our hallmarks

Dining at the Duke There’s nothing at all lacklustre about this reincarnated Spanish saloon as it celebrates five years at its home in a small lane off Cuba Street. But then this isn’t just a regular Mediterranean restaurant and it wasn’t founded by a regular family. Nestled comfortably in Swan Lane, Te Aro, Duke Carvells is another outlet of the fabled Bresolin dynasty. Remiro, a Venetian émigré who died in 2007, established the legendary and lamented Il Casino in Tory St and his sons Leonardo and Lorenzo run the Scopa Caffé Cucina, Gentleman’s Beans and Crazy Horse Steak House.

Created as a way to pay homage to their late father, Remiro Bresolin, the restaurant was named after the impoverished Duke Carvell, believed to have traded his way around the world riding on name and confidence alone. “The duke was a bit of a hedonistic man of the Mediterranean who loved to eat drink and have a good time all over the place,” co-owner Lorenzo Bresolin explains. “We adopted the story as a means to celebrate the man’s life. His influence has allowed us to draw from Spanish and French, to Italian and even North African cuisine and flavours, so that trickles down from the food and wine to the liqueurs and cocktails we serve.”

The reviews are in As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the quality of a restaurant is in the experience of the diner. According to New Zealand Herald food reviewer Peter Calder, there is no other choice than to get into Duke Carvells. “If you take my advice, you will drop whatever you are doing right now and book a flight to Wellington,” he says. “Immediately upon landing, head straight for Duke Carvell’s and order a plate of their sesame-crusted lamb’s brains. “You’ve come all this way after all. Go on: knock yourself out.”

Duke’s offers fine dining from 12 every day and, with a stunning open courtyard, is a great spot to catch the afternoon sun. It is also a great space for functions and has hosted weddings, reunions, birthday parties and many other private functions.

It has certainly been a successful strategy, with Lorenzo winning an award for his outstanding contribution to Wellington hospitality at Capital Awards and his chef, Jamie Armour winning outstanding emerging chef of the year at the same awards Established initially as a place for people to celebration. “It was very humbling to be have a drink while they waited for a table at recognised for what we’ve built, which is Scopa, the brothers soon saw Duke Carvells’ largely the homage paid to my father who potential and developed it into a restaurant brought us up in the industry and had such in its own right; because there’s something special about Duke Carvells, or to give it its full suave charisma that there was nothing his sons would rather do than to carry on what name, Duke Carvells Swan Lane Emporium. he started. “We like to think we are doing him proud by continuing the reputation he forged for high quality service and product.” Like the story of Duke Carvell as told by his varied forbears, the story of Duke Carvells Swan Lane Emporium is one of ‘Sola virtus triumphat’ – triumph through virtue.

Throughout New Zealand you will find our wines. Whether the wines are from New Zealand or imported, they are sourced from the finest most individualistic producers

One online reviewer went in on a cold night before heading to a film and had an amazing experience. “It was lovely and warm inside with a beautiful atmosphere! The decor was lovely with some really cool candle holders and art work on the walls. The combination of the food, atmosphere and amazing waiter made this a truly amazing evening and makes me want to come back again and again. Thank you Duke’s!”

Blackboard also own and operate their own vineyards and brands using the best winemaking techniques and the finest barrels ensuring great quality year after year after year.

New Zealand Wine List • Blackridge • Evenwood • George Michel • Lammastide • Cellar 9 • Squawking Magpie • Westbrook

• Brightwater • Five Oaks • Margrain • Emergo • Mebus Estate • Waipipi • Whitehaven

20 Barnes Street, Seaview, Lower Hutt Ph: 04 566 8015 E:

One described the atmosphere as “one of those places where you just feel like you are part of a party in someone’s own home. The team are so welcoming and hospitable, with just the right amount of familiarity. Our waiter was both charming and personable, knew when to be around, when to crack a joke and when to disappear. “The beauty of dining at Duke Carvells is that you can just order a few things, share them, declare something fantastic, order another one or two and just keep going like that. A few bottles of wine, food that kept coming, service with a smile and a round of liqueurs to finish meant a brilliant night out.”

Capital Eggs is delighted to supply free range eggs to Duke Carvells and congratulate them for their recent awards. For information on any of our eggs or processed egg products please view or to speak with us phone 04 387 9841 Duke Carvells 6 Swan Lane TeAro T (04) 385 2240 E — Advertising Feature    February/March 2013 | 51

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Hospitality | Ten O’clock Cookie Bakery Cafe

An award winning bakery café A range of national awards are just the icing on the cake for the family owned and operated 10 O’clock Cookie Bakery Café because for the Kloeg family, baking is in the blood. Based in Masterton’s Queen Street, the Ten O’clock Cookie Bakery Café supplies a diverse selection of cakes, rolls, sandwiches, pies, tarts and pastries for both dine in or takeaway. In 2006 the bakery was expanded to include a café with the ability to seat 80 customers and a separate kitchen allows the company to cook meals to order. “Food is not just a job for us,” co-owners John and son Michael explain. “It’s very much a hobby as well. So whether we’re at home, work or travelling, we get to indulge in that passion and try out new things.” From delicious free range eggs on their own freshly baked bagels to the best ever “The Sammie”, with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato on their signature seven grain artisan bread, the Ten O’clock Cookie Bakery Café strives for perfection. Michael landed in the deep end of the business that his parents, John and Anneke, had purchased in 1988. “I really grew up in the place,” he says. “I suppose I wanted to finish school, they wanted me to stay, one of the bakers left at work and I was handy at the job.” It’s a humble explanation for a business which is anything but. Michael won the

International Australia/New Zealand Live Baking Competition in 2005, the bakery was awarded Bakery of the Year by BIANZ in 2009 and at the recent National Bakery of the Year Awards, the business won the ‘Best Bread’ category and other pastry awards. “Over the past eight years we have continued to develop our recipes and many people don’t realise how much time and money goes into these awards,” Michael explains. They have also been crowned the country’s best hot cross bun bakers for three years running - in 2007, 2008 and 2009. “Unfortunately they stopped running the competition. It really encouraged us to think for ways to improve our already famous buns, but it also confirmed that we do have such a quality product,” John says. “We are delighted with our success.” Accolades are quite literally the icing on the cake, Michael says. “We always push ourselves to do our absolute best and to be recognised at a national industry level is like a pat on the back for all our effort. These competitions provide us with an opportunity to network with other bakers who have a wealth of knowledge in the industry and it’s a good chance to share that knowledge and encourage others to carry on that good work.”

Fast facts • Established in 1975 • Purchased by the Kloeg family in 1988 • Now owned and operated by John and Anneke Kloeg, and Michael and Rosalie Kloeg • Has numerous awards under its belt including Bakery of the Year • Includes a café seating 80 guests • A separate kitchen can cater for made to order foods • Provides catering, cakes, freshly baked artisan bread, and seasonal food supplies • A range of cookies, cheesesticks and hot cross buns available at Moore Wilson Fresh.

Baking in the blood The Kloegs started off with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the baking industry, initially from John’s training in The Netherlands, and wife, Anneke’s expertise in shop and customer service. The Ten O’clock Cookie Bakery Café has gone from strength to strength. “In terms of future planning we believe we can bring anything to fruition that we put our minds to, but right now we’re in a very good place with a family/work balance, so we’re happy with the status quo.


133 Ngaumutawa Road, Masterton Email:

“We would much rather have one top quality bakery café, than a bunch of average ones.”

— Advertising Feature

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Quality Stainless Steel Products & Services

Ph: 06 377 5988

So popular is the business that people are always suggesting the Kloegs open another store, but better trumps bigger for the family. “It’s important to us that we are always improving in what we are doing, so we place a fair bit of emphasis on training, internal systems to train our café staff, and we have two apprentice bakers we’re training.

Ten O’clock Cookie Bakery Café 180 Queen Street   Masterton T (06) 377 4551 E

Pleased to support 10 O’Clock Cookie Bakery Cafe

Benches, Aluminium, Copper, Commercial & Domestic General Engineering

“The beauty of what we have here is that we have kept our finger on the ball and that contributes to the way the business is run.”

Proud to be the Business Advisors and Chartered Accountants for Ten O’Clock Cookie Bakery Cafe. Phone: 06 353 6901 Address: Cnr Main St and Victoria Ave Palmerston North Web: Email:

Morrison Creed client service plans providing you certainty of delivery and costs over the forthcoming 12 month period

52 | February/March 2013

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21/01/13 3:03 PM

Hospitality | Wallaceville House

Hospitality | Dockside Restuarant

Boutique splendour

for any event

Boutique venues can offer a more distinct, individual and pleasurable experience for those who use their facilities. The unique environment, personal service and attention to detail allows guests, whether there for a conference, wedding, function or an overnight stay, to feel cared for. Individual service and a beautiful environment are all within minutes of the inner city, at the boutique establishment of Wallaceville House. This historic venue built in the early 1900s is steeped not only in tradition and beauty, but is worlds apart from the distractions of town. In fact the only interruption will be the songbirds loitering in the trees nearby. Wallaceville House can cater for a party of 30 – 130 guests. It always guarantees a private room when booking your function, corporate event or birthday.

Working together Wallaceville House has grown a reputation of adapting each conference or function to the needs of its clients. It has flexible function rooms, conference accommodation on site and is set in beautiful and peaceful surrounds. Catering for each occasion is simple with its in-house chef able to create a menu for your budget, theme and individual needs. As well Wallaceville House has a wide range of audio/visual equipment available for hire and is fully licensed.

Wallaceville House caters for: • Wedding Anniversaries • Birthdays • School Leavers • Engagements • Leaving Parties • Surprise Parties • Special Occasions • Corporate events.

Down at the Dockside As well it offers businesses or groups of people its infamous Murder Mystery Nights, sure to enthrall, surprise and entertain. This is a wonderful way to spend a night with colleagues and friends as you work together to figure out “whodunnit”.

I do As a wedding venue Wallaceville House captures the romantic essence of a special day. With options for an outside or inside ceremony, plenty of places to take photographs and exclusive use of the venue for the day, Wallaceville House is the perfect location to exchange vows and then enjoy in the celebration. Because of the exclusive use of the venue it means the bridal party and guests feel as though the place is theirs for the day – creating a wonderful atmosphere. The personalised attention to detail and the excellent service staff provide, will make any wedding day a huge success. Whatever the wedding party’s desire, they will assist planning with menus, entertainment and more. Whatever the event, Wallaceville House staff can assist to ensure it is a success. Whether you come to celebrate a wedding, work at a conference, or rest in the accommodation you’ll find the atmosphere at Wallaceville House soothing.

Wallaceville House 2 Wallaceville Road Upper Hutt Wellington T (04) 527 7785 E

No matter what Wellington’s unpredictable weather brings, you’ll find the complete package at the Dockside Restaurant and bar, come rain or shine.

which also makes for great photo opportunities. Tying it all together Dockside provides superb cuisine, an extensive win list, and live music from Wellington’s best bands; this is one venue where everything is thoughtfully placed to suit your desires. Even Wellington’s weather couldn’t spoil your day.

Let the fantastic and friendly team spoil you for the day or evening, be it a simple lunch with friends, drinks with work colleagues, an intimate gathering, a corporate or private function, or friends and family for a wedding celebration. Dockside can transform easily from pre-dinner drinks to dining and dancing, using its three diverse function areas. The upstairs restaurant can seat 70 diners or 100 guests. Also upstairs is a private dining room which can seat up to 18 seated guests or 40 guests standing. The outside waterside desk comfortably seats up to 140 diners or 300 standing guests. The range of cuisine on offer includes the freshest seafood to vegetarian dishes and can be enjoyed indoors or out on the large outdoor dining area overlooking Wellington’s waterfront; you can see why Dockside makes the ideal venue to celebrate any occasion. So if you’re looking to book a wedding celebration or birthday bash, the staff are friendly and prompt, catering for your every whim. Dockside offers function planning with its own in-house wedding coordinator – just relax as you feel stress falling away from you like a discarded garment.

Dockside also features a HeliPro nearby, so you can arrive in style by boat or helicopter — Advertising Feature

Dockside Restaurant and Bar Shed 3 Queens Wharf Wellington T (04) 499 9900

— Advertising Feature

Wellington’s No.1 supplier of

Pleased to support Wallaceville House DISTRIBUTORS OF CHEMICALS, CONSUMABLES, HARDWARE, MACHINERY, PAPER, PLASTIC BAGS, HOTEL AMENITIES AND BRUSHWARE 6 Gear St, Petone, Wellington | Phone. 0800 443 679 | Fax. 04 566 3072 | Email.

Fresh Seafood

Moore Wilson Tory Street 04 384 7549 | Moore Wilson Kenepuru Drive 04 237 0912 Moore Wilson Masterton 06 377 5194 | Mobile Shop - Upper Hutt Cossie (Mon) Paekakariki (Fri-Sun) | Wholesale Trade Orders 04 801 0514    February/March 2013 | 53

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21/01/13 3:03 PM

Hospitality | Arbitrageur Restaurant

Hospitality | Te Horo Foods

Come dine with me

Labour of love

Arbitrageur restaurant brings you only the best wine and dine experience.

Sweet, thick and sinfully fruity; you can slather it on bread or spread in to doughnuts, between layers of cake and use in biscuits, Te Horo Foods range of seven simply delicious jams is undeniably sensational. <

Images by Sarah Hunter from Transmit 2012

to suit your meal; the flavours a wonder Celebrating 10 years in March this year, the restaurant is on top of its game when it comes accompaniment to your choice of dish, no to casual dining with a dash of exquisite style, matter what your choice. splendour and service. Just let the wine simply sweep and swirl over your tongue coating each and every Arbitrageur’s point of difference is by far its one of your taste buds with excitement and wine list. With a cellar at times holding as attention. Then let your eyes draw upon many as 350 labels it would be rude not to the simply sinful dessert menu – one which enjoy a glass. Wine Spectator magazine has will make you drool, as though they were voted Arbitrageur as having one of the most outstanding restaurant wine lists in the world, whipped up by the devil’s spoon. and rightly so. You will inevitably take great pleasure in Arbitrageur, which has attention to Arbitrageur’s award winning chef/owner detail from décor to dining, all topped off Chris Green has spent time in Europe, and lived in Geneva. He was inspired by European with courteous, prepared staff who are a pleasure to deal with. culinary traditions and takes inspiration from its decor and atmosphere, which has been Finalist in the Cuisine Restaurant of the appropriately injected into the restaurant’s Year Awards 2012, if you value quality character, adding to its attraction. food and drink, you will discover a new realm of pleasure where the marriage of “Chris describes his food as ‘modern bistro’, food and wine simultaneously connect in classic dishes with a modern interpretation, perfect harmony. based on natural flavours and the best local ingredients,” manager Olivia Lacey says. Gather friends, family and loved ones if you want more than just a dining experience. If you’re in the mood for food you’ll struggle to decide with the dishes on the menu put before you, such as the succulent, slowArbitrageur Restaurant braised Lamb Neck Moussaka, or Herb and 125 Featherston St Pepper Crusted Salmon. Wellington The friendly staff will instantly delight T (04) 499 5530 and aid you in choosing a fantastic wine — Advertising Feature

Situated in the district of Te Horo on the outskirts of Otaki, North of Wellington, you can find one of the highest quality jams available in New Zealand. Each product starts with high quality fruit crops carefully grown in the fertile soil found in Te Horo plains, and finishes with their final drop in the jar.

each pan to stop the foaming and the jam from bubbling over. “We supply to Martha’s Pantry, Caffe L’affare, Urban Harvest and also New World and Countdown supermarkets in the Wellington region, as well as supermarkets and specialty stores round the country. Export growth is also the next priority for the company and we currently sell in the top stores in Sydney, Singapore and Malaysia.” So, if you’re looking for a jam without additives, preservatives, stabilisers and gelling agents, Te Horo Foods will supply you nothing but real natural fruit, natural sugar, a trace of butter and each jar is sealed with love. Once you’ve had a taste, a jam jar just won’t cut it. Where’s a barrel when you need one?

The Sharp family has been working the land since 1970 and in the early 80s planted an orchard on the Kapiti coast. Established on the orchard in 2009, Te Horo Foods is managed by the second generation of Sharps. The Sharp family has an astonishing grasp of how to make a perfect homemade jam made from scratch, and all recipes have been handed down and modified for the kitchen. The range of jams are made from 100 percent pure New Zealand fruit, and the rich and unique taste found in Te Horo jams seals in all the flavor and texture. It’s no wonder Te Horo Foods was made the winner of the Cuisine Magazine Artisan Awards 2012. Director Kate Gibbs says the company is passionate about what they do and says that it is a true labour of love. “It is very labour intensive from the washing and grading of fruit, to the de-stoning the apricots by hand, to stirring the pans and filling the pots, then boxing it all up,” Kate says. “There are no preservatives of additives, apart from half a teaspoon of butter in

Te Horo Foods 668 State Highway One Te Horo Otaki T 0800 782 666

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