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Entrepreneur Geoff Pearman challenges convention, suggesting retirement is becoming an outmoded concept

Employee engagement strategies WHERE TECHNOLOGY IS TAKING US Three tech trends emerging in 2018

Three tips to combat the winter slumber


Why measuring what you do makes such a difference




traits all good leaders have


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If you just wing each interview, the direction, tone and outcome of each conversation can vary wildly, making it more difficult to compare candidates to each other. The outcome of this can be that, despite spending all that time interviewing people, to a certain extent, you’re still none the wiser. Then, the chances are, when it comes to deciding who to hire, you’re going to go with your gut, as you won’t reliably be able to compare one answer to another because you didn’t ask each candidate a few standard questions you can compare them by. So, a little planning can go a long way towards helping you make an informed and considered choice of who to hire, as opposed to just sitting down with each individuals, having a completely random chat, and then hoping you get it right.

Mistake 2

- Overvaluing experience

It is risky to bet too heavily on how much experience a person has, when there are so many factors that determine whether someone will be successful in the role and a good fit for your organisation. An applicant’s skills, knowledge, aptitude and personality all factor into the equation. Because experience is a tangible and measurable component, it is very easy to overvalue it above less easily measurable factors such as intelligence, drive, and other components of raw talent. Experience accumulates with time in the role and skills can be learned and acquired.

Hiring new employees is not an easy process. You’ve got to wade through a mountain of applications, weed out the few you’re interested in and then interview all the candidates – all while still running your company. But if you want your company to grow, you need to hire the right people. You need people that are not only right for the now but can also help you move the business towards bigger and better things in the future. This is especially so for smaller businesses and startups because they have fewer employees and a limited income with which to work.

Your next great employee might be someone with limited experience, but who has fantastic aptitude and flexibility. Placing too much stock on a heavy list of qualifications in your job description, or only considering applicants with x amount of experience and not considering other factors, means you might be turning a blindeye to someone better suited to the role and your company’s culture. However, this is a double-edged sword and there is a flip side. If you’re looking to hire someone without any experience in the hope of finding someone cheaper – you might be buying into a false economy. Ignoring a candidate with what you consider to be necessary experience in the hope of saving a few thousand dollars a year by hiring an unproven person, might not actually save you anything, due to the amount of on-the-job training and potentially decreased productivity the less experienced employee will deliver. So, as with all aspects of running your business, you need to find a balance.

For these companies every single dollar they spend on finding and hiring an employee can affect their longer term success, meaning it’s vital that they avoid making major mistakes while hiring.

But it definitely pays to consider more than just the experience a candidate comes with. You want someone with the potential to grow into the perfect for your company.

But the trouble is that running a small business is hard work and there often simply isn’t the time to commit to a thorough hiring process; and as result, corners get cut.

Mistake 3

The good news is that your competitors are probably making these mistakes whilst hiring as well. This means there’s an opportunity for you to seize; to waste less time and money by hiring right so you can get back to running your company.

This is a common mistake many small business owners make.

Mistake 1

- Not having an interview plan

The single biggest hiring mistake small business owners make is winging it or not having an interview plan. At best they’ll have a few questions written down on a piece of paper, but little else. You need to treat an interview like a deductive science. You’ve sorted through all the resumes and selected the best individuals to be interviewed – but now you need a better way of evaluating their suitability for the role than just having a chat and going with your gut. You achieve this by having an interview plan.

- Assuming the hiring process ends once they’re hired

An employee’s productivity is comprised of 50 percent ability [the reasons you hired them], and 50 percent of what happens once they’re in the workplace. So conducting a good interview, offering that promising person the job and them saying ‘yes’ is only half the task. Employees need to be properly induced and introduced to your company, well trained and supported. It doesn’t matter how impressed you are with someone’s potential – poor training, insufficient access to resources, and little feedback will add up to poor job satisfaction and this will impact their performance. So recruitment doesn’t stop at the ‘welcome aboard’ handshake – you need to make sure they are introduced, trained and supported every step of the way.

First – decide what questions are the most important, and ask them to each candidate.





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This doesn’t have to be an iron-clad, exactly repeatable process – but it does need to have some consistency to it so you can accurately assess candidates’ answers in relation to each other.


Second – know what answers you’re looking for. Then you can assess each answer objectively and place candidates in pecking order.

Got a non-performing AND team member(s)? ASSURANCE

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Clear consequences: If you’ve been Build accountability among your andaccountable Williams Accountants Limited a new people you need toit be speaking with. a solution, people all the time but we immediately. Brainstorm failure... Accountability is not a form of employees by following these tips.include charities clear in all of the above ways, you These whether often fail to bring it into our business identify a fix, redesign the schedule, company was born into the fold – punishment. ... The word “accountable” can be reasonably sure that you did Addressof mistakes — tactfully... SPECIAL PURPOSE using services but with the Martz Group flavour orREPORTING respond in some other way that Communicate your vision... lives. registered or not. means forLimited. actions or Greenanswerable Pen Audit what’s necessary to support their gets the person back on track. either the NZICA Special Framework or the decisions. Toishold someone accountable Be a role model.... really caring for thefollow client and beingSet a expectations... solution Accountability about through performance. At this point, you have means the person is being asked to The new Statement of Service Performance can 4. Clear feedback: Honest, open, Tier Taxation OrderP.B.E. (Public Benefit Entity) and getting done what you said you’d Not everyone wants to be audited but many three choices: repeat, reward, or Make attainable... focussed provider. Total independence issuccess crucial explain why they did (or didn’t do) ongoing feedback is critical. get done. It’s be recognising that other be a4 headache produce and interpret, we ifcan 2,3 or for and/or FOR PROFITS release. Repeat the steps above you employees’ problems them NOTto have to to this end we are pleased something. In and ourassurance personal lives, we hold Accept a reasonable amount of in an audit and assignment, to this 5. 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Repeat the steps above you employees’ problems them in an audit and assurance assignment, to this people readers of your financial statements but own commitments. team members are dependent on the you followed the steps above, then feel that there is still a lack of clarity in The Financial Reporting Act 2013 and the help demystify the jargon and complexities. results of your about the system. If the person succeeded, end we can work. reallyIt’stell youopen, what you need to they not want the cost they are not good fit for the role, when or detail ofaan audit. 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Change is inevitable (apart from vending machines!) There are three things you can do about change. Change is inevitable (apart from vending machines!) Embrace it 1 There 2 you Accept itthree things Ignore itdo about3change. are can It’s our job. because it has a direct commitments

If they have not proven accountable When there is a not awith productive angry Perhaps youconstitution) want some assurance the a Review rules or you canfor have on their ability to achieve their theimpact fall out is still happening today. Was it a and you are reasonably certain that people lack of, or Reporting worse process for holding readers of your financial statements own commitments. you followed thewould stepsbut above, then The Financial Act 2013 and the Engagement instead? We be happy to goodno move? Well that’sitmaybe a discussion for they are not aan good fit for the role, when they accountability not want the cost or detail of audit. people accountable. Embrace itwith External Reporting Board tipped many entities sit down and chat about options you. and substantial you shouldthe release them from itNorth 3 2almost Martz Group 1 is no stranger to change and base in Palmerston Accept it it(subject fall short Ignore is always Possibly to(change legislation and your damages the team.” and capatalise on it It roles, release them, etc). reporting requirements on their heads and we some exciting times by clients. Review engagements (original home of Cloud Keepers are simpler than fullLtd). audits. When there isbefore a factusis that desired not athe productive ofhave opinion. The simple if you are rules or constitution) you can have a Review motivation and the fall out is still happening today. Wasreduces it a right now. lack of,mix or worse process fora merger holding Last October saw with Cloud So if you are looking for a to new business caught in the then you havea to abide by Engagement instead? We would be happy AGREED UPON PROCEDURES. good move? Well that’s maybe discussion forthe performance.” MARTZ GROUP is committed toit Keepers Limited so now we really have advisor who practices what they preach, no accountability people accountable. sit down and chatsubstantial about the options with you. rules –Group simple. Martz is no stranger tothrough change and base Palmerston North The two biggest reasons that we resist realising our clients’ goals almost all the bases covered. Between who isn’tin afraid to stand out in the crowd, damages the team.” These are simply an agreement to provide It almost always we somepeople exciting times before by the clients. Review engagements home of Cloud Keepers Ltd). are simpler than full audits. holding other ofhave opinion. 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We have added to that tribe. July saw The two biggest reasons that we resist We need to aim for clarity in five areas: realising our clients’ goals through almost all the bases covered. Between who isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd, These are simply an agreement to provide Consequences are not: may already. want to share with from us so we can help payroll could be just what you are performing looking for. verifying procedures to ideal when funding can be stretched holding other people accountable are Martz Group add significantly to the tribe. collaboration, quality service and the full team we enjoy 7 Public Practice who remains focussed on good old Firstly getmore better at giving prompt them on their way. Business can be hard – assurance around certain procedures. We One thing is certain – the new reporting 1. 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This means being clear about coach and clients toin achieve We need to guide aim for clarity five areas: Consequences are not: may want to share with us so we can help could be just what you are looking for. from verifying payroll procedures to performing ideal when funding can be stretched already. Accountants Limited for many years. We team so you can better discern if we are feedback. Regularly. At its heart, • Unreasonable or out of proportion Martz Group add significantly to the tribe. the outcome you’re looking for,–how whatever it isway. they desire. everything is running to plan. Firstly get better at giving prompt word fun and audit together. them on their Business can be hard 1. Clear expectations: The first step is won’t how many in case youacan the right fit for youThey and your businesses. We goodsay feedback comes from place of • Angry orverification. reactive a notional IRD audit and

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Our clients enjoy more fun in • Unreasonable out of proportion objective. the outcome you’re looking for, how whatever it is they desire. everything is running to fitplan. word fun and audit together. clients so if you would like an opinion we to be clear and direct. Feedback should won’t say how many in case you the right for you and businesses. Wewould good feedback comes from acan place of scenarios: •their Determined inyour advance established history steeped service to the clients and blends withsuccess, the creativity businesses, work less (or hours and enjoy help you ininany of the following you’ll that measure and howof 2.people Clear capability: What skills does genuinely wanting tothe help. You need to notcalculate be ambiguous. back how old owners of these MARTZ GROUP enjoys the discipline are not size conscious but we are attitude after a failure and used for any re-occurance should go about achieving the welcome the opportunity to meet with you and Business Development, the panache better than average returns for their various We are looking for more audit and assurance Consequences are: Green PenofAudit hashave Qualified ready to the person need to and meet the “give a damn”. The parta of it is Auditors firms are. Both thesesecond firms rich of Chartered Accounting carefully focussed. Our clients enjoy more fun in objective. • Mutually understood of Professional Speaking and now the flavour. The merger sees these families industry groups. FOR PROFITS (Tier 2). G.A.A.P. (Generally clients so ifwhat you like after an opinion we would to be steeped clear direct. should expectations? resources will would discuss you are and to check if we •their Determined in work advance established history service to the following clients and scenarios: blends that with theWhat creativity of businesses, less (or hours and enjoy help you and ininany ofFeedback the 2. Clear capability: What skillsAudit. does accuracy of Assurance and The bonded one big happy family. The notinto be ambiguous. Timely they need? If the person does not after•Give athan failure and used for any re-occurance welcome the opportunity to meet with you and Accepted Accounting Principles). (NZ IFRS RDR) Business Development, the panache better average returns for their various a ring (0800) 0777 and ask might be the desired us solution. We389 can come tofor the person need meet the really focus is always ontothe client, principals ofThe themerger firms remain as consultants, have what’s necessary, can the they •industry Mutually understood •Jocelyn Consistent of Professional Speaking and now flavour. sees these families groups. FOR PROFITS (Tier 2). G.A.A.P. (Generally or email us at expectations? What resources will discuss what you are after and to check if we New Zealand International Financial Reporting you, can •come to us, we can telephone or getting to know personally. acquire what’s missing? Ifyou so, what’s accuracy of Assurance and Audit. The bonded into one big happy family. The Timely they need? If thethem person does not and we willWe make a mutually convenient Accepted Accounting Principles). (NZ IFRS RDR) Give us ayou ring (0800) 389 0777 and ask for us a might be the desired solution. can come to If need any help then give the plan? If not, you’ll need to No-one is justnecessary, a the number atreally MartzWe Group. improved entity. Forfirms all intents and purposesRegime. Standards Reduced Disclosure focus is always on client, principals of the remain as consultants, have what’s can they Skype. work nationwide. •Jocelyn Consistent or email us at New Zealand Financial Reporting we’d happily help implement a delegate tothem someone Otherwise you,Ifelse. you can come toring, us, we can telephone or getting to know personally. acquire what’s missing? so, what’s not a lot seems to haveInternational changed except and we will make aaccountability mutually convenient Whilst we are based in at Christchurch Skype ifof it’s easier for you. culture to help If you need any help then give us a you’re setting them up for failure. the plan? If not, you’ll need to No-one is just a number Martz Group. improved entity. For all intents and purposes Standards Reduced Disclosure Regime. that now the clients will enjoy even better Skype. Weawork nationwide. wedelegate operateto nationwide and have very ring, we’d happily help implement a someone else. Otherwise improve your business. not guaranteed a lot seems toturnaround have changed except service, times and a Whilst we are based in Christchurch Skype ifof it’saccountability easier for you. to help culture that now the clients will enjoy even better service, guaranteed turnaround times and a

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6: Gearing up for the new sales year

10: Smart money

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Kevin Vincent outlines how to add value to sales

6: Meeting your obligations as

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Seven crucial money mistakes to avoid

11: Why exporting matters

an employer

John Shingleton on how to ensure you comply with employment standards

12: Employee engagement strategies

6: Money laundering changes on

the way

Iain Dunstan outlines the changes you need to make ahead of new legislation coming into force

7: Getting on the front foot

Craig Hudson on how to set yourself up for the new financial year

The economic benefits of opening offshore markets

Three quick tips to combat the winter slumber

Three tech trends emerging in 2018

14: Cases that broke the bank


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15: Is refusing to hire a smoker


ADMINISTRATION Louise Keates Angela Barltrop Laura McLoed Lyn Wright

Melissa Smith Jo Pritchard Michelle Amos

Michele Hider talks about the best time to launch a marketing campaign

7: Money for Nothing

Debra Buckley on the benefits of contributing, being valued and connected

8: Trusting your data

Martz Witty on why measuring what you do makes such a difference


8: Seeing the light

Helena Watson Grant Williams Chris Graves Jane Watson

Keith Laidlaw John Fraser Melissa Sinclair Maxine Stewart

Lydia Truesdale

Natalia Rietveld


8: Events diary

PRODUCTION Carolynne Brown Sam Stuart

Jane Cowan-Harris discusses the importance of how you use light, both in and outside of your workplace

Sophie McGinn Kate Johnstone


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24: Hospitality

12: Ten traits all good leaders have Characteristics notable leaders of the past and present all share

13: Where technology is taking us

Real life scenarios that ended with companies facing hefty fines

considered discrimination?

Although refusing to hire a smoker may not be considered fair or reasonable, it is not unlawful

16: Working on

Entrepreneur, consultant, speaker and author Geoff Pearman challenges the conventional, and suggests that retirement is fast becoming an outmoded concept

18: Lifestyles

Items to fill your life with style

19: Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini enters the lucrative SUV market in typical style


Kidney Health New Zealand offers 24-hour support and advice to those in need, and Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Canterbury have moved to new premises where they’re better placed to support the community

Greystone Wines takes a prestigious title, US themed Diner 66 starts with a steadily increasing flow of traffic, and Allan Scott Family Winemakers receive more awards and glowing accolades

26: Focus

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre’s Little Gems Project, Camp Quality New Zealand, Catapult Employment Services, the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers, Scope Group, the Hollywood Cinema’s star-studded history, and the Tug Lyttleton Preservation Society’s mission to keep the ‘old lady’ afloat

32: Goods & Services

The Bargain Chemist, Sue Kelly Water Systems and Kennett Crafted Jewels returns to Christchurch’s city centre

36: Property & Construction

The New Zealand Concrete Contractors Association, Cresco, JAR Builders, Pace Project Management, Master Plumbers’ 2018 New Zealand Plumbing Awards, GE Construction, Broadhurst Builders, showcasing affordable superhomes, how to deliver best practice, why‘green buildings’ make commercial sense, Quaid Construction, Gareth Davis Builders, and the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation

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Pro+Med - a one-stop shop for your health and safety needs The long overdue strengthening of New Zealand's health and safety laws and regulations means all businesses now have much greater responsibilities for their employees’ health and safety while they are at work. Canterbury company Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd can help you meet some of your legal obligations by training your employees in health and safety procedures.

Its Industry Compliance Health and Safety training covers fall arrest and harness safety training, confined space and atmospheric testing, the use of height safety equipment and safe work practices at heights, and much more. Clients are small and large businesses and the general public. “We provide quality training, the best available equipment, medics and safety personnel, and trained standby emergency response teams,” Pro+Med managing director Don Gutsell says.

Pro+Med delivers all training by face-to-face delivery as the interaction of engagement cannot Pro+Med is a “onestop shop” multi-disciplinary be overstated. Our success is due to learners medical and safety training business working interacting with our knowledgeable instructors throughout New Zealand. It has offices in Timaru, and others in the class. Christchurch, Wellington, New Plymouth and Tanawha, Queensland. Pro+Med has recently gained approval from NZQA to deliver: NZ Certificate in Emergency It not only provides health and safety training Care First Responder Level 3, and NZ Certificate courses for different levels of competence, but in Workplace Health and Safety Practice Levels 3 also medical support services at public events and 4. and the supply of medical equipment.

Broad range of health and safety courses

Medics available for special company requirements

Pro+Med is registered as a Tertiary Education Organisation by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) and registered as a Registered Training Organisation in Australia by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority).

Pro+Med supplies medics on short term contracts.

Its courses range from first aid training to Advanced Life Support to health and safety courses.

“We provide quality training, the best available equipment, medics and safety personnel, and trained standby emergency response teams. All staff and contractors of Pro+Med maintain a high level of knowledge and skill within their respective field of expertise.” - Managing director Don Gutsell

“Currently we have two medics working on a petrochemical site in Taranaki and we may soon have four safety staff working on a site in Keri Keri. Our paramedical staff have worked on seismic survey ships and I myself have worked as a safety officer on oil rigs in Taranaki,” Don says.

In this training scenario, students from Nara Medical University, Kyoto, Japan survey and treat a patient with facial burns after gas cylinder explosion.

ProMed EMS Trust ProMed EMS Trust has been set up to deliver training to not-for-profit groups and to raise money and medical equipment for events. Last year ProMed EMS Trust was selected to train Japanese medical learners in disaster emergency medicine outside of a hospital environment and a highlight this year will be sending a team to Japan to train 100 learners in first aid for a civil emergency.

Pro+Med Head Office 22 Sheffield Street For example, its First Responder course is Washdyke designed for occupations that involve high risk Timaru 7910 emergency situations, such as those faced by the (03) 971 5276 police and fire services, workplace safety officers, 0508 PROMED life guards and volunteer or emergency response teams.


A patient is safely transferred with scoop stretcher from coastguard vessel into the ambulance at a first aid refresher course.

Multidisciplinary Safety and Medical Services. Nationwide capability First Aid, First Responders, ACLs-Drs and Dentists

A Coastguard Christchurch first aid refresher CPR scenario in a coastgaurd vessel.

Safety Training - Heights, Confined Space, all sorts of courses Workplace Drug Screening and Training Event Medics and Industrial Medics

Management | Viewpoints

Kevin Vincent

John Shingleton

Managing director of Vincent Consulting

Owner of Waimak Law and Onlinelawyers

Iain Dunstan IncentiaPay CEO and acting Bartercard CEO for Australia and New Zealand

Gearing up for the new sales year

Meeting your obligations as an employer

Money laundering changes on the way

The new sales year is on us. The targets and budget clocks are reset. We are at the starting blocks and it’s too late to turn back. Expectations are set and we must now perform.

Recently, our clients have been asking us to make sure they are compliant with minimum employment and immigration law standards.

CMS, SLA, NPS, you hear acronyms being regularly used in business but what do they actually mean?

With potential fines up to $100,000 and terms of imprisonment up to seven years, it is important to ensure that your business complies with minimum standards.

Well, here are two which you need to know about – AML and CFT. Your obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Act 2009 are changing and you need to know the impact.

I recall the famous quote by Henry Ford, “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you have always got”. We can take from this that if the expectations are higher, we must change our patterns of behaviour, change our attitudes, and change our methods to achieve those higher expectations. I suspect this new financial year’s trading will be significantly harder and only the best will be happy with their results. The proposed fuel cost increases are just one factor that will impact on us all.

While you may assume that your Limited Liability Company protects you from claims, there are a number of situations where the Ministry can fine directors (or company officers) personally for breaches of the legislation. Despite this, most of our clients still seem unsure of whether they comply with minimum standards and, if they’re not compliant, how they can comply.

We must look instead at adding significant and tangible value to our clients. We must have mind sets that serve our own companies and those we serve.

Given the increased focus on this by the Ministry, it is important that you seek advice tailored to your business to ensure that you discharge your obligations.

New thinking will be required, as well as new sales skills in listening, consultation, customer service, negotiation, value added selling, and strategy processes.

However, we have made some general suggestions below:

This year it will be more important than ever to arm our teams with and assist them to hone the skill sets to succeed. We must also be effective leaders demonstrating strong, innovative leadership, consistency, honesty, proactivity, support and encouragement, and good ethical behaviour.

1. Ensure that you keep adequate records. The legislation requires records of the hours your staff work, their holidays, their sick leave and their employment agreements. However, you should also keep an ‘employment file’ which includes copies of requests for leave variations to their employment agreement, medical certificates, and copies of ‘proof of eligibility to work’ such as passport or visa.

In respect of your product and service offering, it is timely to reconsider your USP (unique selling proposition). Do you have one? What is it?

2. Ensure that important dates, such as visa expiry and holiday/leave dates, are accurately recorded and updated as circumstances change.

Invest some time to rank yourself against your competition and understand the characteristics that your customers want and value. Identify where you rank well and where you need improvement.

3. Audit your payroll system to ensure that payments for holidays and public holidays are based on the mathematical formulas in the Holidays Act.

Your USP could come from any number of attributes including: price, quality, range of product or services, publications quality, website, ease of ordering, on-time delivery, reliability or most importantly, added value.

4. Review the hours your salaried staff are working to ensure that, once their gross salary is divided by the hours worked, they are being paid at least the minimum wage for each hour worked.

Can you save your client money by reducing their inventory, saving them employment costs, reducing their asset base, perhaps by using your capabilities or saving them time? Time after all is money. This is added value.

5. Review the rest and meal breaks that your staff are taking to ensure that the breaks are ‘reasonable’ and provide your staff with an opportunity to relax during their shift. Alternatively, ensure that adequate compensation is given to staff who do not take breaks.

There are many ways we can create a USP that will set us apart, set us up as the market leader and become suppliers of choice to our clients. I encourage you to reflect on this as you enter the year ahead.

6. Ensure staff that are on work visas are being paid their minimum entitlements and that their role remains the same as when they applied for their visa.

A prosperous year just doesn’t happen on its own. Winning at sales is a choice. We choose to win or lose and once you choose, you become the sales person you have decided to be. Your success depends on enjoying a positive market share, holding and gaining customers through adding value and having a strong USP, increased turnover, higher profits, expansion, and advancement.

7. Review your employment agreements and ensure that they are up-to-date and compliant. Particularly, examine your deduction from wages clauses and whether they are reasonable and compliant. 8. Get expert advice to ensure that you meet the requirements. Finally, if you are investigated you should seek immediate expert legal advice to mitigate any risks.

Changes are coming into effect in July 2018, so it’s imperative businesses get ahead of the game, as it’s estimated, it will more than quadruple the number of businesses in New Zealand required to contend with AML requirements. When the Act was introduced in 2013, it imposed a series of obligations on certain industries including banks, fund managers, financial advisers, debt collectors, safe deposit box vaults and numerous other entities. It was designed to ensure such businesses and financial instructions were able to detect and report potentially criminal origins or purposes of money. In just a couple of months, these legislative requirements are being extended to include the legal, real estate, sports betting, and high value goods industries (jewelry, precious metals, precious stones, watches, motor vehicles, boats, art, or antiques where cash payments of $15,000 or more are taken). With a shift now from just a warning to prosecution, businesses need to ensure their AML processes and structures are in place ahead of the legislation coming into force for their industry in July. In summary, each reporting entity will need to undertake a risk assessment of the potential for the business to be exposed to money laundering and financing of terrorism activities. An effective AML/CFT programme will need to be written, highlighting procedures to detect, deter, manage, and mitigate the possibility of money laundering taking place. A compliance officer will need to be appointed to administer and maintain your AML/CFT programme. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the AML/ CFT system, and something that shouldn’t be underestimated since the compliance officer will become personally liable for any breaches of the Act, the penalties for which can be up to $200,000 per breach. Customer due diligence processes will need to be in place to include customer identification and identity verification, along with reporting of any suspicious transactions or activity. An annual report will also need to be filed with your supervisor — the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the Financial Markets Authority or the Department of Internal Affairs — highlighting the business’ activities and measures that are in place. Don’t leave it until the last minute — a free eBook is available to download which covers everything you need to know: http://

AML is changing. Are you ready? Download our free eBook on our website.

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Craig Hudson

Michele Hider

Debra Buckley

Country manager at Xero New Zealand

Director of Priority Communications

CEO of the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership

Getting on the front foot

Biting off more than you can chew

Money for nothing

It’s a huge date on small and medium business' calendars across the country, but it feels like the financial year end passes just as quickly as it rolls around. Suddenly we find the financial year of 2017-2018 is in the past and we’re well and truly into the new year.

When is the best time to boost your company’s marketing and communications?

Are you ready for a universal wage? Finland is known around the world as a leader when it comes to taking care of citizens, and in January 2017 the Nordic nation commenced a mandatory payment.

With the chaos of March 31 behind you, it’s a good time to take stock of how your business is performing, what you could improve, and where you are heading. Having happy staff that perform well and are invested in the success of your business is absolutely vital. How is your staff morale? This is a great time to reward your team for their hard work over the previous financial year. Get the new year off to a good start with a team lunch or dinner, or perhaps a bonus if your finances allow. It’s also a good opportunity to share your new financial year strategy with your team. It’s important they are across your vision for the year, and what role each of them will play in achieving the business’ goals. You could also workshop what the year ahead looks like with your staff. Many of them will have experience in areas of the business that you may not be completely across, or simply have an alternative point of view that you hadn’t considered. This is an opportunity to get them involved in the planning process and make a real contribution to the business. As we ease into the new financial year, there are a couple of changes to legislation and new resources available that will impact businesses in different ways. If you have staff who earn the minimum wage, April 1 saw an increase to their hourly rate to $16.50. While it’s a win for these staff, your business may be feeling the pinch. Talk to your accountant or bookkeeper if you’re concerned about the effects of this raise on your bottom line. Stage two of the IRD’s Business Transformation Programme also came into effect in April. This included introducing the Accounting Income Method (AIM) for paying provisional tax and making it easier to file PAYE online. Talk to your accountant about what these changes mean for your business. The increase in the government contribution for parental leave to 22 weeks comes into effect on July 1, so be aware of any impacts on your staff or leave they wish to take. I’d recommend any new business owner takes a look at the resources on These resources can have a really positive impact on small business owners who often wear many different hats.

A) When you’re flat tack and looking to grow. B) When the work is flowing well and there is no real pressure. C) When your two best clients are shutting up shop, your three worst ones won’t pay their bills and your bank manager is getting the jitters. If you’re in the fortunate position of being an ‘A’ performer, a marketing campaign will help bring even more customers your way, but be careful that you aren’t trying to bite off more than you can chew. Do you have the staff and resources you need to supply even more customers, or would it be better to spend some time growing your team and infrastructure, so that you can reap all the benefits of even better marketing and communications? Some of the saddest business tales from the Canterbury earthquakes, for example, were about companies that were inundated with work, but didn’t have the resources to deliver. Rather than turn work away, they continued to accept it, losing their reputation and eventually all of that amazing potential. If you’re at ‘C’, a marketing campaign may be too late. There are plenty of stories of companies getting to the brink and recovering but it could take months for a marketing campaign to deliver the results you need right now. Good marketing also takes money, something that will be in short supply. If, like any good business owner, you are planning at least three months ahead, and can see quieter times on the horizon, boost your marketing now. And make sure you get good advice, so that your money works for you and you connect with the customers you want to reach. ‘B’ is of course the best time to market — when you have money to spend and a little extra capacity to service new clients. In recent weeks, I have taken my own advice and been marketing to some new people in new places to help grow our business. Aside from attracting some wonderful new clients, it has opened our eyes to a world of new possibilities. The planning process alone for a marketing campaign is a useful exercise, as you take a fresh look at who you are, what you have to offer, who you are trying to attract to your business, and the pros and cons of various marketing communications tools. If you think it’s time to put more effort into marketing your business, I’d love to chat — and yes that was a little bit of unashamed marketing from me.

Executive Education People Leaders Senior Management Programme

Leadership Psychology 13 – 15 June Operational Leadership 22 – 24 August Prepare for the new future of work.

The unconditional income is being trialled as part of an experiment where the Finnish Government hopes that those who are unemployed will be encouraged to a find a little work, without the negative impact on their benefit. The true purpose of a universal wage isn’t to replace a benefit or encourage people into a job, but to provide people with a means of basic needs when there are much fewer jobs available. The purpose isn’t political, it is seen as something we must do in readiness for the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the lack of work that lies ahead of us. What’s that saying about idle hands doing the devils work? While we may not be one step away from becoming hardened criminals, I do think we value ourselves more when we are given the opportunity to contribute. The precarious position of our labour market, inequality, the internet, and the rapid pace of change will be key factors in ‘what we do next’. Economic growth, the increase in skill in our labour force, and technology have all been seen as positive’s until the rise of AI. So, would you want money for nothing? With some of our wealthiest global leaders, such as Elon Musk, proponents of the universal basic income (UBI) and the rise in ‘working poor’ in New Zealand; could this be something we strive to achieve as artificial intelligence takes charge of our working day? A digital printer will be replaced with i-everything; a little machine that will be able to do everything for you and give you everything you need without moving from your chair or reaching into your bank account — the idea of money for nothing may well be part of the solution. Or will it? Does social security come solely from having money in the bank, or is it much bigger than that? We all know the answer, it comes from contributing, being valued, being connected and not from the confines of a welfare state. Yes, the world is evolving and the pace of change is faster than ever before, but I am not convinced we are ready for free money. The jobs we do in the future are unknown to us today and the way we connect tomorrow will be different than it is today, so my hopes and dreams are that while it will be different, there remains a way for us to contribute.

Ed ve uti c e Ex



n People Leaders is a division of New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership.

All Senior Management residential programmes are 2.5 days and delivered at the luxurious Braemar Lodge in Canterbury.    Issue #151, 2018 | 7

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EVENTS DIARY What’s happening on the business and entertainment front Martz Witty

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Head of the Martz Group

Head of WorkSpace IQ


Trusting your data

Seeing the light

Many years ago I did a lot of work on client projects with an engineer. Being exposed to every different discipline of engineering, as opposed to my own disciplines, was both frustrating and educational.

In a recent article on workplace wellness, I wrote about the importance your physical workplace environment, including lighting, plays in your everyday wellbeing.

One thing was definite though. The different viewpoint from this engineer created a wider awareness of both the issues facing the client and the possible solutions. I’ve carried this learning throughout my entire career and now profess there is no one answer, there is no one-size-fits-all. Changing how we attack challenges, can, by virtue of the mere process itself, achieve desired outcomes. Sadly, we don’t have the luxury of throwing countless bodies at helping survey alternatives for clients, so the “fix” has to be done by attaining appropriate, relevant and reliable data. Nothing is surer than the old saying that “A person with an opinion and no data is just another person with an opinion”. So where can we glean data from, to help in deliberating, when dealing with a business that is trying to get out of trouble, or just trying to do better? In this instance, history can be useful. Do you have your last five years’ worth of records in a format that makes it easy to glean trends? If you do, then you can overlay those numbers with where you wanted to be (budget-wise). Why were budgets exceeded or not achieved? Then, my favourite… benchmarking. Benchmarking is data that has been generalised across a number of like-businesses. When generalising results, some care must be taken, but benchmarking will highlight some key performance indicators, such as turnover, margin, occupancy costs, employee cost, profit, assets etc. This data can be gleaned from a variety of sources, but your financial advisor should have access to benchmarking data – go and ask them for some help. About the Martz Group Martz Group is a niche marketed boutique group of companies that brings together the discipline and learning of chartered accounting with the creativity and passion of focussed business development, all carefully blended with the panache of motivational and professional speaking. The company’s ethos is a commitment to realising clients’ goals through collaboration, quality service and fun, in a winning tribe environment.

Lighting is something that you use as a matter of course when looking at your screen, but how you use it, both in and outside of your workplace, will have an impact on your health. A big challenge with modern office design is that it favours lots of natural light flooding through a building to help people feel they have more natural, rather than artificial, light. And most of us like to be able to look out a window when we are at work. Too much or too little light not only affects your eyesight, but also your posture. Too little will cause you to lean towards your monitor as you try to read what’s on the screen; too much will likely see you not only screwing up your eyes in an attempt to reduce the amount of light hitting your eyeballs, but also working in an awkward position to avoid that annoying glare shining in behind you. Managing natural light Blinds are the most effective way to manage over-lighting and tinting is also helpful, but you must make sure that it is dense enough for your needs. If possible, orient desks to minimise glare, or the sun being behind your screen. Set yourself up at 90 degrees to the window to allow some management of both sun and glare. So what’s the plan? Ideally, computer users need a light directly over where they are sitting, shining onto the screen, but not into it. Ceiling lights set directly beside windows are often not required as the natural light is sufficient, so if possible, make it so that these lights can be switched on and off independently from the rest to keep the light at a more comfortable level. If you’re unable to influence the lighting design or placement, desk lights are an option, either standalone desktop lamps, or those which can clamp onto your monitor will make a difference. Good lighting will affect your staff and your productivity, so rather than an afterthought, keep it front of mind when planning your office design. Remember to include some thoughts on building orientation, other buildings nearby which may affect your light, the position of inside lighting, and lighting control. Whether you are revamping your existing office, designing a new one, working from home or simply sitting where you always do, effective lighting matters, because you will work more productively and your body will be all the better for it.

Calling all designers and architects. Keep up to date with all the latest trends, products and technology while gathering some great insights from keynote speaker Lauren Vasey, research associate and doctoral candidate at the Institute for Computational Design. Free drinks and canapés, door prizes and free entry. For more information, go to:


LEARN HOW TO GROW AN INTERNET BUSINESS You don’t need to be tech-savvy to attend this workshop. Covering everything you need to know to set up an online business, whether you’re looking to support your income or looking for a complete new way of life, having these skills could be a real game changer. For more information, go to:


LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT LEVEL 1 Learn how to make the transition from buddy to the boss and lead a successful team. This Business Training NZ workshop is designed for those who have been promoted recently into a supervisory-management role or for those who have been there for some time but need to improve their leadership and management skills. For more information, go to:


It’s all in the name. My Business Newtork (or MBN) is a place for likeminded businesspeople to meet, gain knowledge and share ideas – ultimately a chance to build a business network. Meetings are relaxed, structured and professional and start from 7:30am fortnightly, all around Christchurch with specific dates for each location. For more information, go to:


PORT HILLS VOLUNTEER RESTORATION PLANTING Take a break from work and round up the troops and help restore the Port Hills. Four public planting days will be held and will be spread over three sites; 1: Marleys Hill (26 May and 23 June) 2: Dry Bush (9 June) and 3: Bowenvale/Huntsbury (16 June). Get the family involved, or a group of friends, it’s a good day out for the mind and an opportunity to help your local community. For more information, go to:


THE SQUARE – WINTER ALE FESTIVAL A vibrant event to warm up the soul as the temperatures drop. Enjoy the atmosphere, food and beverages with 15 breweries on site, live music and pop-up entertainment. It’s a good excuse for a date night. Tickets are selling out fast. For more information, go to:

Helping keep Got your you balanced blinkers on? in a row

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accounting ltd

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Get your

your professional speaker business developer chartered accountant

UC Business students connecting with industry and our local community

The University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha is helping to shape graduates who are prepared to make a difference in today’s diverse business world. Like any successful organisation the UC Business School | Te Kura Umanga strives to be innovative and enterprising. While ensuring its teaching programmes and research are leading-edge and internationally relevant, there is also a focus on being distinctively Aotearoa New Zealand in its approach. UC Business School Head of School, Paul Ballantine says the school has successful graduates all over the world making notable contributions to business, government and public service. “We all know how much business has changed in recent years in the Canterbury region. We’ve had to be more resilient, innovative and experiential. “This extends to how we are teaching our students to view business issues from a global perspective and find innovative solutions. When they graduate, they are work-ready and have the skills and drive to empower change.” UC Business School is ranked among the highest performing university business schools in Australasia. It is also in the top five percent of business schools in the world, as evidenced by the school’s AACSB International accreditation. Links with government and the local and national business community provide students with hands-on learning experiences. “Professional projects and placements are a great way for our local organisations to participate in education. If you have a project you don’t have time or resources for, consider engaging a business student to do in-depth

research, analysis or consultancy for you,” says Professor Ballantine. The School’s work integrated learning programme allows students to experience a professional environment and develop a good understanding of a sector, market or organisation. The material they submit shows an application of the tools, ideas or concepts of their specialist area of study. Students are available at many levels of study, in teams or as individuals. Projects can involve researching and analysing current or future business activities, and preparing business plans and reports for decision-makers. An internship is typically based onsite with some supervision by the host organisation. Students build valuable skills in problem solving, teamwork and project management, while gaining confidence in doing business presentations and communicating with others. Supporting local firms’ activities is another way the UC Business School provides its students with modern, real-time business learning. Its Advertising and Promotion Management course (MKTG307) has students putting their knowledge of marketing promotion into practice for a local firm. “Last year teams of students competed to win the advertising account for the BNZ Crusaders,” says Lucie Ozanne, Associate Professor of Marketing. “This is similar to what an ad agency goes through when they wish to win a new account. The project involved each team developing a full advertising and promotion campaign including marketing strategy, creative platform and rough-cut concepts in artwork or storyboard formats.” Students immersed themselves in the Crusader’s business. After conducting research that involved focus groups, surveys or customer observation, they defined target markets for the union’s products.

Ross James, Sonia Mazey and Paul Ballantine in the new UC Business School Trading Room. By performing agency roles such as account executive, media planner, creative executive, production manager and co-ordinator, students applied what they learnt in class with a strong emphasis on informed decision making, creativity and innovation. As a result of this project-based course, students are collaborating with the CRFU to create and manage a new app. “Seeing initial concepts become plans, which then develop into products, just shows how versatile our students are at applying their learning to create fresh ideas,” says Professor Ballantine. Engaging a student for work experience, attending Thought Leadership lectures, or participating in the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship events, are opportunities to gain news insights into expanding your business.

Are you ready to make a difference? If you or your staff are looking for training, the recent fees-free announcement could also mean that the Government could pay up to $12,000 for those studying the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, and Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership. Semester Two starts 16 July. There is a wide range of study options available, from preparatory course to undergraduate degrees, diplomas and masters study. So why wait? Connect with us today.

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Smart money

standing. And if you are not financially healthy, your business will no doubt be affected.

6. Unpaid invoices You’ve done the work, emailed the invoice to your client with the usual payment terms and it's now overdue. It's a common complaint for any small business, but it shouldn’t be left to get out of control. Unpaid invoices can stifle a businesses cash flow and bring operations to a grinding halt if large invoices continue to go unpaid.

Seven crucial money mistakes to avoid Every year, hundreds of start-up SMEs in New Zealand fail. There are a countless number of factors that contribute to a business venture’s demise, such as failure to understand the market, business plan problems, bad location, poor internet presence and marketing, and even expanding too fast. But perhaps the most lethal contributor to startup failure is an inability to manage business finances correctly. By avoiding these common financial management mistakes you can ensure your organisation doesn’t become another statistic.

1. Is the price right? Pricing your products or services correctly is tricky business. But it’s worth investing some considered thought and time into this process because it can make all the difference between sinking or swimming. If your price is too high no one will buy; price too low and you lose out on revenue. Develop a strong pricing strategy by assessing what your competitors charge.

2. Cash poor

4. Blurred lines

It is common knowledge that entrepreneurs need a substantial amount of money to invest in the set-up of their business.

Don’t mix your personal and business finances. As a business owner, it’s tempting to blur the lines between personal and business expenses, but it is important to keep these two entities completely separate.

But it is often months if not more than a year before new businesses start to generate a steady income let alone make a profit. And it is during this time, if the business doesn’t have enough cash reserves to carry it through, it can fail.

3. Crippled by credit Young businesses which haven’t secured sufficient operating cash for the initial set up are forced to turn to credit cards for the early stages of survival. However once a business is plastic dependent, it is extremely hard to get out of debt due to the high interest charges and annual fees credit cards carry. Once a cash strapped SME is in credit card debt it’s often only a short amount of time before it is forced to close its doors. Steer clear of getting into credit card debt at all costs by ensuring you have sufficient operating capital.

Maintaining a distinct separation makes it easier for accounting, budgeting and reconciling both sets of books. It is also vital to determining actual profits and losses and for evaluating the financial health of your small business. Plus it reduces your own personal liability and makes the business more credible.

5. Going unpaid In the early stages of operation, it is not uncommon for business owners to pay themselves a very small salary or even nothing at all. It may seem like a smart decision at the time to channel any and all profits back into the businesses, but sacrificing your own pay check could damage your personal financial good

Having a healthy cash-flow is paramount to your survival and success, so you have to learn how to tackle overdue invoices and ensure you get paid. Organise your accounts receivable system, printing your payment terms on the back of every invoice, and follow a clear process in collecting payments. Make sending prompt reminders part of your business.

7. Don’t diversify Look at successful companies you admire and chances are they started by offering just one or two things and so should you. Initially focus on what your business does best and do that one thing better than anyone else. The typical business school of thought is to diversify and offer a wide portfolio of products so when one product dies another one will hopefully flourish. But diversifying prematurely can cripple a business. The problem with selling too many things, especially for a young company, is that it is a massive financial investment that may not pay off because you end up watering down everything you do to the point of mediocrity and they all eventually fail.

The truth about China’s economic growth Trying to get a handle on what is really happening in the Chinese economy has always been difficult, given how opaque it is. The official statistics are only somewhat useful, as the authorities simply tell us what they want us to hear. Take the most commonly watched measure of economic growth, for example. March quarter gross domestic product (GDP) growth was in line with expectations at 6.8 percent, the same as the previous quarter and little changed from the past couple of years. China released these numbers in mid-April, just 12 business days after that three-month period ended. That’s an impressive feat, given the size of the Chinese economy and all the data collection the statisticians no doubt have to collect.

for revisions. No wonder none of us trust their numbers. Investors must keep a close eye on other indicators, even though the headline figures suggest steady growth. One measure we follow is the Li Keqiang index, named after the Premier of the State Council in China.

Some years back, when he was Party Committee Secretary of Liaoning, Li famously remarked to the US Ambassador that the GDP data for his province was ‘man made’ and unreliable. Unfortunately for him, a transcript The United States certainly can’t calculate their of that private conversation was released in growth figures that quickly. It was another 10 2010 by WikiLeaks. days before we saw their advance estimate We’re not sure if we should be concerned of GDP for the same period. What’s more, they will release two formal revisions to those or comforted that the Chinese authorities numbers, fine-tuning them as more information are as cynical as we are about their data. Regardless, Li said he instead watched three comes to light. things to take the pulse of the economy - rail The final figures for the US won’t be available freight volumes, electricity consumption, and until the last week of June, almost a full bank lending. three months after the period they cover has finished. Yet the Chinese boffins can work it all When economic activity is strong, goods are being transported around the country, out in 12 business days, without any need

10 | Issue #151, 2018

rate of GDP growth is unchanged over the last few quarters, in March the Li Keqiang index fell to the lowest in almost two years. Having The Economist magazine created the “Li Keqiang signalled a robust expansion for most of last index” which combined his three preferred year, it has since tapered off to imply the indicators for tracking the fortunes of the weakest pace of growth since June 2016. economy. While it broadly lines up with official That doesn’t necessarily mean we are heading figures over longer periods, during shorter for a hard landing, but it is certainly something timeframes it suggests the Chinese economy is to watch. China is our biggest customer when much more volatile. it comes to goods and services exports, and At the moment, it’s telling us China has lost it is arguably more important for keeping the momentum during recent months. While the global growth story intact than the US. factories are using more power as production ramps up, and banks are lending more money.

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Craigs Investment Partners Limited is a NZX Participant Firm. Jennie Moreton and Alexandra Dalzell are Investment Advisers at Craigs Investment Partners. Adviser Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge. Please visit

Management | Exporting

Why exporting matters The global measure of a nation’s prosperity is gross domestic product per head of population, or GDP per capita – the total value of the goods and services a country produces, divided by the total population. It gives a good idea of how wealthy a country’s people are, on average. Successful exporting countries generally have high GDP per capita and a standard of living to match. Wages are high and people enjoy good health and education and can afford the luxuries of life – modern cars, nice houses, overseas holidays, leisure goods and other comforts. In the days when New Zealand had a cosy trading relationship with Britain, supplying all their meat, been a riotous party going on and New Zealand butter and wool, New Zealand had one of the has been standing outside, watching enviously highest GDPs per capita in the world. through the window. But during the past 30 years the country has Economists say it’s not too late to join the been buffeted by trading patterns that have festivities, but we must lift our game. caused its position to deteriorate. In 1960, our GDP per capita was six percent higher than the average for OECD countries. By 1997 it was 29 percent lower. During that same period GDP per capita across the entire OECD grew by 139 percent, while New Zealand’s only managed to increase by a relatively sluggish 60 percent. If the growth in exports from New Zealand from 1960-1997 had matched that of OECD countries generally, we would have enjoyed a 247 percent increase in GDP rather than 153 percent. That would have translated into a higher standard of living, more jobs and better pay. We have lost ground against the rest of the developed world, and it’s largely because our export performance hasn’t kept up. An immense expansion of world trade has taken place in recent decades, but New Zealand hasn’t fully participated in it. It’s almost as if there’s

If we could apply to exporting the same focus and commitment that has made New Zealand such a great sporting country, able to punch well above its weight in everything from rugby to rowing, yachting and horse riding, we would claw our way back into the elite ranks of exporting countries. For more information visit:

The CPTPP factor BusinessNZ is lauding the newly signed Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), saying many sectors will benefit from the trade agreement. Chief executive Kirk Hope says gains can be expected across most of New Zealand’s exportfacing industries. "Meat exports will be boosted through inclusion of countries in the CPTPP which have until now


imposed steep tariffs, reducing the amount New Zealand meat producers can earn. "Horticulture exports will also be boosted, improving the returns from export items like kiwifruit and apples. "New Zealand’s many emerging, fast-growing tech companies will also find a more welcoming reception in CPTPP partner countries." Kirk says the benefits from inclusion in the newly-minted trade deal would be spread widely across New Zealand export sectors, and would result in more jobs and prosperity here in New Zealand. ExportNZ executive director Catherine Beard says in the context of US protectionist moves and threats of global trade wars, the CPTPP is an exemplar of countries working together for open and free trade. "One thing the US actions have done is get the rest of the world to focus on the benefits of trade, and the CPTPP is a concrete example of everyone moving forward together. Here in New Zealand, the benefit will be felt in terms of jobs.”

Catherine says the agreement has successfully dealt with some remaining public concerns around investor dispute settlement, intellectual property protection and the operation of Pharmac, which will be business as usual. "At the same time, core elements of the deal around tariff reduction and non-tariff barriers have been retained. The agreement represents significant additional income and opportunity for exporters, which will also lead to new jobs many of which will be in the regions (e.g. dairy, horticulture, seafood, meat processing, and timber). "New Zealand being part of the CPTPP agreement will ensure our businesses are competitive and have access to markets on a level playing field, not only with regard to our goods exports, but also with regard to services. “Our businesses will be able to win business on the basis of the quality of their goods or services and not be disadvantaged due to tariff and nontariff barriers. "With the likelihood of the CPTPP coming into force this year, we look forward to ongoing trade gains thereafter."

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Management | Leadership

Employee engagement strategies Three quick tips to combat the winter slumber

By Lydia Truesdale

By Lydia Truesdale

Paul Kelly of Paul Kelly Motor Company made national headlines when he announced he was taking staff on an all-expensses paid trip to Las Vegas. Get Creative in giving your employees a reason to enjoy themselves this winter and remember why, outside the paradigms of their role, they like working for you and your company, whilst simultaneously boosting morale and activity: 1. Get moving with a step challenge A body at rest stays at rest, or so they say. If they are right, lack of employee movement throughout the day could result in lack of employee productivity.

and Show Week, festive holidays and other special occasions, give employees something to look forward to. Better yet, involve food – because nothing brings people together quite like food. The options here are endless: hold ‘Pizza Friday’ on the last Friday of every month, giving employees the opportunity to socialise, relax and feel valued over a free lunch; get a local coffee vendor on board and shout or discount barista drinks once a month; designate one day a month for a pot luck morning tea, or for afterwork drinks, the list goes on. 3. Host fun team bonding exercises, games and tournaments An hour or an afternoon spent on an officewide challenge may save you tens to hundreds of hours in productivity loss through poor employee engagement and motivation.

A 2015 study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that adults are 18 percent more likely to sit for long periods of time And who doesn’t love getting involved in games in winter as compared with summer. and competitions? All that sitting can drain energy, leaving Host a fantasy league sports competition; run employees feeling mentally and mid-winter secret Santa-style event where physically sluggish. employees can spread positive cheer through Encourage hourly movement, even if it’s just to friendly notes and gifts; organise a company bake-off to encourage excitement, comradery stretch, stand up, walk to the water cooler or and a healthy competitive environment; or gather around the building, by finding a way to have employees into inter- or intra-department groups employees accurately record their steps, and reward those who not only participate but excel and host regular in-house air music battles, pop quizzes, even collaboration and problem solving in the challenge. activities like Jenga and scavenger hunts. 2. Acknowledge employees’ efforts with If you’re stuck for inspiration, you can find a ‘special days’ varied reference list of employee engagement Designated special days such as bring your child or pet to work, or dressing up for NZ Cup

10 traits all good leaders have

activities here: ultimate-guide-team-building-activities/.

There’s no easy answer for how to be a good leader. Different approaches work for different individuals, but if we look at some of the notable leaders of the past and present there is, unsurprisingly, distinct characteristics they all share. 1. Courage

endlessly pursue dead ends, but rather they try different approaches until they achieve what they Aristotle spoke of courage as the first virtue. Many speak of it as the backbone of leadership. set out to. Where others would be understood or Leaders need to be decisive yet inclusive, even forgiven for backing out, good leaders keep innovative yet reasoned, selfless yet confident – at it. all of which takes courage. 7. Empowerment 2. Curiosity A leader must trust in their team’s capabilities. Curiosity is not only a prelude to foresight, but also identifies threats and opportunity and seeks Empowerment is a less authoritarian style of leadership than delegation; it still encompasses out areas for improvement. assigning who to what role, but then it’s about A good leader takes an active interest in the trusting employees to perform their tasks. Team world around them. They have an appetite for morale is heightened when individuals feel knowledge and are always asking questions, depended upon for their unique responsibilities. always learning, always experiencing, and as such are always expanding their awareness. 8. Passion 3. Confident body language Passion reveals itself in various forms, but the Communication expert Lisa Marshall notes that common denominator in every case is inexorable leaders aren’t always the most intelligent or commitment. True passion requires honestly strongest people in a group, rather those whose committing to something about which you feel body language and charisma draws people in deeply, and staying committed through difficult and have the ability to hold the attention of an circumstances. entire room. 4. Humility

9. Strong work ethic

Humility encompasses so much more than altruism; it’s about having integrity, being accountable, honest, admitting when you’re wrong, and above all, making those around you feel valued.

A good leader is a hard working leader who organises their time so as no second is wasted. They achieve higher productivity than the average worker — meeting benchmarks before anticipated, and ticking off goals at an accelerated rate. A leader’s work ethic also sets the benchmark for others.

A good leader understands that by practising humility themselves, others will be more willing to go beyond the call of duty knowing their efforts will be recognised and appreciated. 5. Decisiveness

10. A sense of humour It’s all very well to be serious about what you do, but a good leader recognises the need for humour, both inside the workplace and out.

Good leaders possess the power to block out background noise and “interpret situations with rational and emotional intelligence” says author, Many people find comfort in humour and by speaker and CEO Bill Treasurer. appropriately using humour, a leader becomes 6. Persistence more relatable, staff are more inclined to open up, and any potential problems are likely detected A good leader is unremitting. That’s not to say they try the same thing over and again or in advance.

The six rules of leadership Leadership is a word we hear often, but we don’t really stop to think about what it is and why it is so important.

The fact is that leadership is the single most sought after trait in the business world today.

got there through understanding the intricacies of leadership.

Leadership and learning are interlinked – you can’t have one without the other.

Leadership involves the guidance of the conduct of others and leaders need to be more effective than others in conveying meanings and intentions, and in receiving them.

Jack Welch of GE had six rules for leaders and here they are:

It is an important maxim that all leaders must be realists and recognise the need for action, even when that action is not so apparent or can’t be foreseen.

2. Be candid with everyone.

Successful leadership is making the difference between extreme success and unnecessary failure. It underlies everything that we strive to accomplish, from motivating employees to excel beyond their self-imposed limits, to inspiring shareholders who seek confirmation of their confidence in skills of your company and its management.

Leadership is not something that we are born with. Sure, some people exude confidence and charisma along with the gift of the gab, but they 12 | Issue #151, 2018

Inspired leaders know what they want and how they are going to get it, they motivate people, they can manage information and knowledge, and they know what it means to them and their business. Truly inspired leadership comes from being motivated, dedicated and honest.

Leadership is not a job title, it is an expression of who you are and your values.

1. Face reality as it is, not as it was, or as you wish it to be. 3. Don’t manage, lead. 4. Change before you have to. 5. If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete. 6. Control your own destiny.

Management | Technology

Where tech is taking us Three tech trends emerging in 2018 Digital learning skills, smarter homes and medical drone deliveries will be major tech developments that will significantly impact lives of Kiwis, a leading New Zealand tech expert says. NZTech chief executive Graeme Muller says while the tech talk is often about issues such as robots stealing jobs or virtual reality worlds, New Zealanders may sometimes overlook some of the advances that are happening already that will be important for Kiwis in coming days.

Digital learning skills “Possibly the biggest tech trend is the growth in demand for people with skills in digital technologies. These skills are not hard to learn and come with a median salary that is twice the national average,” he says. “The nationwide Digital Skills Study released at the end of last year found digital jobs are increasing twice as fast as graduates are being created. The median annual salary is now $82,000, almost twice that of the average Kiwi. “Learning how to write software, design processes, manage data or any of the hundreds of other tech jobs in demand is the way to go for anyone looking to develop a secure income in 2018. “This year we will also see the launch of the digital technology curricula in all New Zealand schools where students from year one will start to learn how computers work and how to control them."

Smarter homes “The second trend that will sweep across key parts of New Zealand are smarter homes. Usually smart homes talk is about fridges that order your food, but this is more important. Last year’s House Condition Survey found that about half of New Zealand homes suffer from under heating, damp and mould. “All of which are contributing to poor health for many Kiwis. In fact, one study last year

estimated that 1,600 deaths during last winter could be attributed to cold damp housing. “A simple solution, developed by Kiwi social enterprise Whare Hauora, is a low cost sensor which lets people know the temperature and dampness of their rooms and it can even be set up to monitor mould levels. All houses should have healthy home sensors if we want to reduce strain on the health budget and improve the lives of Kiwis,” Graeme says.

Spending patterns Technology is changing spending habits People are spending more online to rent a taxi or a house for a night, and less on in-car satellite navigation and DVDs.

"At the same time, we’re seeing increased spending on technology accessories like headsets and cellphone cases.”

As a result of these changes in technology, the consumers price index (CPI) basket of goods and services used to measure inflation is changing after Stats NZ’s three-yearly review. "More people are going online to buy shared ride services, such as Uber, and shared accommodation services, like home-rental operators Airbnb and BookaBach," says Stats NZ senior manager prices, Jason Attewell. "People are changing what they buy to keep up with changes in technology, and as a result, we’re removing several items from the CPI basket. These items are still available to buy, but New Zealanders just don’t spend as much on them.

Housing and food remain the most important items in the basket, accounting for almost half of people’s spending. Housing includes rent, new builds, and other house improvements. People are also spending more on craft beer and massages, so these are joining the CPI basket too. "New Zealand used to be called a country of rugby, racing, and beer, but spending patterns are changing and Kiwis are increasingly keen on craft beer, body massages at beauty spas, and football club memberships." Stats NZ reviews the CPI basket of goods and services every three years to ensure it remains relevant. This is done by surveying people to find out what they spend their money on.

Drone deliveries “Finally drone deliveries are going to be a major cost saver to the country and will eventually decrease traffic on our roads. When Dominos New Zealand delivered a pizza by drone in 2016, we were told to expect the service to be a commercial reality by 2018. “The technology is ready, with drone delivery trials successfully occurring all over the world, however, regulations remain the sticking point. Globally, New Zealand’s regulatory environment for drones is considered progressive compared to those in the Northern Hemisphere who face greater security considerations. “Last year New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority cleared the way to conduct autonomous beyond line of sight drone trials in the country’s newest 874 square km restricted airspace, dubbed incredible skies, in Northland. “Trials are being conducted by Medical Drones Aotearoa for the delivery of prescription medicines to rural communities. It might be another couple of years before we see hundreds of flying delivery vehicles over our cities, but 2018 should see the launch of the first specialised services.”

Let’s start with the basics

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and social media. Then on top of all that, you need to have a lead generating web presence with good traffic etc.

You’ve probably heard people talk about digital marketing, Google AdWords, online traffic, SEO

This can sound complicated – but it doesn’t have to if you talk to the right people.

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Management | Workplace

Cases that broke the bank The importance of risk assessments and implementing appropriate controls – including training and monitoring workers to ensure they’re working safely, was a dominant message in the sentencing of Avon Industries Limited on health and safety charges. The Whangarei District Court released their sentencing decision on Wednesday, March 21, after Avon Industries appeared in court for sentencing in February. Avon Industries is a production engineering firm who carry out work that includes hot dip galvanising at temperatures over 450°C. In October 2016 a team of workers were regalvanising chain when the bespoke machine they were using jammed. A worker climbed onto the frame of the machine, which was situated above a bath of molten and zinc, to shake the chain free. The worker’s left foot fell through a gap in the frame and went into the bath, resulting in molten zinc pouring into the worker’s boot. He sustained deep burns to his left foot and ankle and spent 21 days in hospital as a result of the incident. WorkSafe’s investigation found that Avon Industries had not conducted a risk assessment on either the process or the machine. They did not have in place a safe system of work, or

a formal training programme for dealing with machine malfunctions – even though chain jams were a known issue. “A positive safety culture is imperative in high risk industries. It is not enough for a company to only identify a hazard – they need to manage that hazard appropriately” says WorkSafe deputy general manager, Investigations and Specialist Services, Simon Humphries. “This means preparing your staff for the work they are doing and monitoring their competence going forward. An ad-hoc and informal approach to safety puts workers at risk. It is not enough to tell your staff that hot metal is dangerous and learning from the person before them is not enough to prevent a worker from harm.”

The prosecution against Edward Smith, brought by the council, related to an overflowing effluent holding pond and a blocked effluent drainage pipe, each resulting in overland flows of dairy effluent. In sentencing Mr Smith, Judge Melanie Harland commented on the inadequacies of the effluent infrastructure on his farm, saying it was “barely adequate” and concluding that the management of the system was “woefully inadequate”. The council’s investigations manager, Patrick Lynch, agreed with the judge that “investment in the effluent infrastructure, and the management of it, needs to be afforded a very high priority.

- Reparations of $30,000 were ordered

“This fine is yet another clear message from the court that people who do not take their environmental responsibilities seriously will be heavily penalised.”

- Costs of $1584.50 were ordered

Fined for underpaying staff

- The maximum penalty is a fine not exceeding $1,500,000.

An Indian restaurant chain has been fined more than $40,000 in penalties after several breaches to employment law, despite having paid more than $24,000 to staff in arrears previously.

- A fine of $371,250 was imposed

Hefty fine for ‘woefully inadequate’ effluent management A Te Kowhai dairy farmer has been convicted and fined $35,625 in the Hamilton District Court for allowing large volumes of dairy effluent to overflow into the environment.

Shamiana Limited and Shamiana Enterprises Limited, with Satish Shetty as the sole director and shareholder, have been fined $41,000 in penalties after several breaches to employment law.

The contamination was identified during a routine inspection by Waikato Regional Council in March 2017 as part of its compliance monitoring programme.

Following complaints received by the Labour Inspectorate, it’s been found that Mr Shetty failed to pay staff minimum wage and holiday pay, as well as keep correct employment agreements.

These repeat breaches of the law meant that Shamiana Limited was ordered to pay $33,000 and similarly, Shamiana Enterprises Limited was ordered to pay $18,000.

Reported cases from the media Tauranga woman awarded $15k despite throwing coffee at co-worker reported in April that Tauranga worker forced to resign after she threw coffee at a co-worker, has been awarded more than $15,000 for constructive dismissal. Sleeping porter wins unfair dismissal case In 2016 reported on a Taranaki hotel porter, fired after falling asleep on the night shift, won more than $5000 from her former employer for unfair dismissal. Worker told to 'f*** off' wins unfair dismissal case In February reported that a building apprentice, told to "f*** off" from his job, was awarded just under $9000 after winning his case with the employment relations authority.

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Management | Health & Wellbeing

One in five businesses offer flexible work hours for parents Flexible working arrangements are becoming more common, giving parent’s different options for managing the kids, especially during school holidays.

Is refusing to hire a smoker considered discrimination? It turns out your health isn't the only thing being harmed by your smoking habit. Finding employment could also be an issue for smokers, an employment expert says. A recent job search turned up 15 New Zealand organisations with job ads that reference “nonsmokers only” or “non-smokers preferred.” They include jobs in the trades industry, transport and logistics, community services, and education sector. Is refusing to hire a smoker considered discrimination? Although refusing to hire a smoker may not be considered fair or reasonable, it is not unlawful. According to Employsure’s senior employment relations expert, Vanessa Bainbridge, there is no one single law that deals solely with job advertisements and what can and cannot be referenced in them. “New Zealand employers can advertise for non-smokers only, without violating the Human Rights Act,” she says. Human Rights laws prevent discrimination on the basis of race, age, sexual orientation or preference, political opinion, marital status, family and carer's responsibilities as well as things like disability and impairment. "Smoking doesn't explicitly fall into one of these categories as unlawful discrimination

— so while the job advert might seem to be discriminating against smokers, it's likely that, under the law, it actually isn't," Vanessa says. Can employers ban smoking in the workplace? Banning smoking in workplaces like bars and restaurants is permitted under the Smoke-free Environments Act. This Act is intended to protect non-smokers from being affected by smoking. "Most workplaces are alcohol-free so, it is common for employers to expect the same standard for a smoke-free workplace.” Further, “it’s a workplace safety issue,” she says. Since 2002, second-hand smoke has been recognised as a significant workplace hazard, shifting the focus from bar or café patrons’ rights to employers’ responsibility to provide a healthy safe workplace for workers. For now, employers wishing to advertise ‘non-smokers only’ are free to do so, but should seek expert advice when hiring or recruiting new staff. “It’s important to use the right language in job ads and ensure workplace policies don’t discriminate.”

Seven stress saving tips for the workplace The contemporary work place has never been so demanding and when individuals begin to feel like they’re stuck in a pressure cooker, it’s only a matter of time before they boil over. Stress is damaging not only to employees’ health, but to the business. Stresses and the rest of its baggage come with the territory but let’s keep them at a minimum. Follow this guide for employers to help reduce stress in the workplace and increase performance of workers. 1. Re-imagine the workplace Make efforts to reignite and amplify enthusiasm among employees by applying design thinking

to the workplace. Modify and condition the environment to help foster talent development and drive performance, and in turn, increase business impact.

According to the latest MYOB Business Monitor survey of more than 1,000 small-to-medium sized businesses around New Zealand, 60 percent offer some form of flexible work options to staff – including almost one-in-five that make specific work arrangements for staff who are parents. The range of arrangements offered include 18 percent who offer flexible hours to working parents, more than a third (34 percent) who say they allow staff to work from home, eight percent who offer four-day working weeks, and 22 percent who offer the ability to vary start and finish times. MYOB New Zealand general manager, Carolyn Luey says increasingly employees are coming to expect flexible work arrangements from their employers because of advancements in technology, such as online tools, allowing them to work remotely. “These days, teams can work from just about anywhere thanks to digital communication, smart phones, laptops and other new technologies,” she says. “People also are more likely to be able to negotiate flexible working arrangements – particularly if they’re a parent or primary caregiver.” Carolyn says working parents rely on flexible work arrangements during the school holidays in particular. “The average working parent receives four weeks of annual leave a year, while their children can receive up to 12 weeks of school holidays. “So, taking time off to manage childcare can be a real challenge if you can’t change your hours or have the ability to work from home.” While day-care centres, school holiday programmes and full-time nannies are viable options, Carolyn says not all parents can afford such care.

“With the right support from their employers, working parents can meet both their professional and parental duties with ease. “It’s a matter of knowing their requirements and looking for a way to accommodate individual needs,” she says. According to the survey, larger businesses are more likely to offer flexible work arrangements, with 69 percent of businesses with a revenue of more than $5 million allowing their staff to work from home. Forty-four percent of these businesses also offer flexible work arrangements to parents, while a fifth (21 percent) offer four-day working weeks. Interestingly, the research identified that older employers are among the least likely to offer flexible work options, with just one percent of employers over the age of 70 providing flexibility to working parents. And, almost half (45 percent) of this group saying they do not offer any flexible work arrangements to their staff. “While some SMEs can’t offer flexible hours due to the nature of their work, there are several productivity benefits for those that can. “Research shows that staff who are given the option to work on their own terms have a greater sense of job satisfaction and lower stress levels, which can increase workplace productivity and efficiency.”

The extent of flexible working arrangements surveyed include: • 18% offer flexible hours to cover childcare • 22% offer flexible start and finish times • 34% allow staff to work away from the office.

education, fitness programmes, providing healthy assignments make it easier for staff to achieve food options and holding meetings which are their targets. health-focussed. 3. Select the right person to carry out the task Bring out the best of the people you have by delegating effectively. Think about what’s involved in the job, what outcome you’re looking to achieve and who’s best matched to complete the job properly. 4. Train people And it may sound obvious, but training staff provides them with the skills to improve work performance. When people hear about how your company offers training it effectively draws in talented workers who see opportunity to grow professionally.

6. Resolve interpersonal problems From time to time you’ll find difficulties arise between groups of people. The most constructive approach is to take a step back from their emotions. Try to see the problem from the other person’s perspective and try to resolve the problem with a solution which best meets both parties’ needs. 7. Provide regular feedback

Sincerity and honesty plays a vital part when providing feedback and it can make a real difference. Be specific and acknowledge which areas they are excelling in and which ones could do with a bit of work. It doesn’t necessarily have 2. Promote health and fitness 5. Define work tasks clearly to be criticism. Feedback encourages positive Introduce a workplace wellness programme to Ensure you make it clear to the employee what changes and recognition pushes employees to encourage activity and support healthy behaviour. steps need to be taken to complete the task. improve their performance further. This can be implemented by offering health It’s all in the detail as they say, well defined    Issue #151, 2018 | 15

Cover story | Geoff Pearman

WORKING ON By Natalia Rietveld

Geoff Pearman - senior entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, speaker and author - challenges the conventional “linear view of life” and goes as far as to suggest “that retirement is fast becoming an outmoded concept”.

Cover story | Geoff Pearman What are your plans for retirement? A question many get asked, but a question fewer are considering.

are also trying to make sense of it because, hang on, people are not retiring.” Geoff adds that with people living longer there are also new business opportunities for companies that are not being picked up on.

To elaborate on the “linear view of life”, that Geoff previously stated, it has long been believed that we all follow a loose master plan or lifecycle that goes a bit like this: we get through schooling and adolescence, then move onto tertiary education or training and into adulthood, then we build our careers and/or raise a family until we reach the age of around 65, when we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

As the “baby boomer bulge” moves through, followed by declining birth rates, we are going to start to see an increase in skill shortages, says Geoff. “In a sense high immigration over the past decade has masked the trend.” In support of this global trend, Geoff’s book, Doing it Differently - Life and Work After 50, is not only informative for those experiencing this life stage in their lives, but holds exceptional relevance for employers and workplaces who have ageing staff or are perhaps looking to make their workplaces more inclusive.

But times are changing, and society is evolving with it. “We are living longer and healthier lives,” says Geoff, “the old life maps that guided our parents are no longer relevant. The boomers are doing what they have always done - challenging the norms and charting a new direction.”

Geoff raises an interesting point in that many workplaces are accepting of the need for greater flexibility in the workplace, specifically for young people who want to travel or for parents with child care responsibilities. Admittedly, Geoff sees this as promising, but the same flexibility is not always offered to older employees who want to travel, or for those who need to care for grandchildren or their ageing parents.

Establishing a new direction Geoff, for any outsider looking in, has had an interesting and diverse career. He started his working life as a carpenter in North Auckland, then after being theologically trained he began a career as a social worker and by the mid-80s he was the South Island training manager for, then, Child Youth and Family (CYF).

Asked how an employer should approach this change, Geoff suggests a couple of starting points. The first thing to do as an employer is to educate yourself. “I always say that employers need to develop an awareness of what’s happening in their workplace, get hold of the facts and challenge some of the common myths about age and work.”

In 1995 he was appointed as the director of Continuing and Bridging Education at the University of Canterbury, a position he held for 11 years. Geoff holds his previous roles in high regard and admits to having very fond memories; but with age came realisation. “I guess I got to my mid-50s and looking back - it’s something a lot of senior managers experience, but don’t talk about - I was successful on the surface, but underneath I was bored. We look at all these business people and leaders who are growing their business and being successful, but we forget to ask if they’re still stimulated by what they’re doing.” At the age of 55, Geoff was headhunted and offered a once in a lifetime opportunity in Australia. What he thought was going to be his dream role quickly turned into his worst nightmare, and after five months, he ended up calling it quits.

His contract with CYF ran out in June 2012 - two years after what he had previously signed up for. During that time Geoff had endured the earthquakes in Christchurch and had relocated north, with his wife, to Wellington. His business plans remained a priority and with the foundations of Partners in Change laid, he was ready kick it into full swing. So, it was off to Brisbane. Australia already had a mature understanding of ageing workforce issues, Geoff knew there was great opportunity there to build his business and then he could work his way back to New Zealand.

“New Zealand now has the second highest workforce participation rate of people aged over 55 in the OECD. This is often regarded as being positive, as people in work contribute to the economy, pay taxes and have higher levels of disposable income. The Ministry of Social Development has projected that paid work earnings of the 65 plus population will grow from $4.8b in 2016 to over $13.6b by 2041.”

Doing it differently Currently; more than 165,000 people aged 65 and over are still engaged in the labour market in NZ, according to The Business of Ageing Report, and that number is expected to rise significantly to around 300,000 by 2031.

“The interesting thing is, you don’t get any credit Geoff was 55 and jobless; not part of the plan. “Thankfully we hadn’t sold the house,” he laughs. in Australia when you’re coming from New Zealand (business-wise) but you get credit in Geoff knows all the facts and figures off by heart, Through networks he landed a role with a New Zealand if you’re successful in Australia. as he is truly invested and it shows. “BNZ reports government agency back in Christchurch but “surprise, surprise” at the age of 58, with a “New Zealand now has the second highest workforce change of government, he was made redundant. Society tells us that by that age he should have been thinking about winding down and preparing for retirement after a long successful career — this was the turning point.

participation rate of people aged over 55 in the OECD.

This is often regarded as being positive, as people in work contribute to the economy, pay taxes and have higher levels

For a while Geoff found himself applying unsuccessfully for roles similar to those he had had in the past — not because he wanted them but because, on reflection, he wanted to prove he still had it in him. He gave up trying after being turned down around 15 times; it seems job hunting is one thing that doesn’t get easier with age.

of disposable income.”

“That got me thinking, why am I beating myself up trying to get a job when what I really could be doing is creating a job? So I set up Partners in Change,” a consultancy business specialising in his firsthand experience – age and work.

Impressive, to say the least, and a sure sign he was onto something worthy, his work isn’t limited to large corporate organisations. He has worked with most sectors including small and medium enterprises. This variety of work has strengthened his insights, frameworks and tools to address the challenge of ageing and work thus Partners in change has grown exponentially.

At around the same time that his journey with Partners in Change began, Geoff got recruited by CYF again to come in and do their workplace capability strategy. “I did that on the understanding that I could work a compressed working week, alongside of that I could start developing my business.”

“One of the first companies I did a mature ageing workforce strategy and action plan for was the Commonwealth Bank of Australia; 35,000 employees at the time.”

The fact is we are facing the reality of more and more people staying on in the workforce after the age of pension entitlement, and that’s a positive thing for many, and for the economy, he says.

that 70 percent of those staying on at work are staying on by choice - because they enjoy what they are doing, they may want a bit more flexibility, but they’re still engaged,” and it’s clear Geoff sits in this category. “Retirement is not what we want to talk about,” he continues, “and 30 percent, according to BNZ, are staying on through financial necessity, but I see another group that hasn’t been picked up on - I believe some people are staying on due to fear. They are afraid of what life will look like without work, they just keep turning up; they may be disengaged, but they show up.

And he cannot stress enough the importance of communication. “Be upfront, talk with your staff in a respectful way as they age at work,” he says. “Employers need to communicate their employee’s worth and remind them that they are valued and have skills that are needed. Have a ‘staying on’ conversation, not a ‘moving on’ conversation.” Geoff suggests finding out what is important to your mature-aged employees. “We know older workers will often take on what we call ‘stereotype threats’, they internalise the myths that ‘older workers are past it’ and ‘older workers don’t adapt to new technology’ or they are ‘keeping young people out of jobs,” which we know are not true. Employers need to actually sit down with their older workers and not talk about retirement, because that is not on the agenda for an increasing number, but ask them, ‘what’s your thinking about the next stage of your life, how can this workplace be a good workplace for you, and what would make it good for us?’ None of that is threatening. “Secondly; embrace flexibility and don’t just assume it’s part time work ageing staff are after. It may be that they’re looking to work from home sometimes because they have responsibilities with the grandchildren, or it might be that they want to rotate to another role or have a gap period. Employers need to be open to job redesign.” Geoff will continue to run workshops, speak at conferences and contribute thought leadership for the foreseeable future. He is challenging established norms and in doing so, is paving the road for those who follow.

With a thriving consultancy business across two countries, a successful book under his belt and being the prime mover behind Senior Entrepreneurs NZ, Geoff can say as he “Individuals are trying to make sense of this approaches the age of 67 he is no longer bored whole new life stage. We have been given an extra 20 years as a result of longevity. Employers and his journey is far from being over.    Issue #151, 2018 | 17

Management | Life and Style

Lifestyles By Lydia Truesdale

1. The ultimate golfing umbrella Blunt’s largest, most robust sports umbrella yet, the Blunt™ Golf G2 was built with high-performance in mind. Featuring a superstrong fibreglass shaft and an ergonomically designed sports handle that's easy to grip, the Golf G2 gives you unprecedented coverage from the elements, keeping you and your equipment as dry as a bone (or as cool as a cucumber).


RRP: from $169

2. Kentia indoor palm Admire the beauty and benefits of the outdoors from the warmth and comfort of your couch with low-maintenance indoor greenery. This easy to care for Howea Forsteriana palm boasts graceful fronds and loves a warm and moderately humid environment with bright indirect light, but is also okay in low light, making it an ideal house guest. RRP: from $85


3. The Denver Ellipse table top fireplace Turn up the temperature – literally and aesthetically – with the Denver Ellipse™, a versatile and luxurious fireplace that offers unlimited decoration possibilities. Featuring two glass screens this innovative model can be placed on TV furniture, dining tables and countertops, or used as a stand-alone piece of furniture. It comes with a radio-frequency remote control which allows an adjustment of the flame intensity on six levels, or you can operate the fire via Bluetooth, on your Apple or Android device or via the decoflame® app.


RRP: $15,525

4. Republic of Florence The Nardi Brown Known for their fine Italian leather construction, Republic of Florence design, craft and create bags that will add a touch of luxury into your everyday life. The Nardi of Brown is no exception, posing as the perfect companion for overnight or weekend getaways, or to combat a hectic daily schedule. Focussing on quality, durability and aesthetics, Republic of Florence designs are crafted in Italy and made to last a lifetime.


RRP: from $400

5. Bear soles Warm up instantly and keep warm with these premium shearling insoles made with natural Australian sheepskin. Simply replace the insoles of your favourite shoes and boots with Bear Soles to give your feet and joints the support and comfort you need. Did we mention they boast shock absorbing foam for comfort and protection from hard surfaces, low level arch support to help with posture, alignment and common pain, and they’re designed to be trimmed to fit best after removing the manufacturer's insoles from your shoes? RRP: from $40

18 | Issue #151, 2018


Luxury cars | Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus at a glance The Urus is Lamborghini’s first SUV. It is officially the world's fastest SUV, with 0-100kmh in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 305kmh.

The Urus is Lamborghini’s first foray into the lucrative SUV market and, as you’d expect, it has charged into the sector like a raging bull.

The 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 is the first turbocharged engine to feature in a Lamborghini production model.

A combination of typical Lamborghini wild styling and ferocious performance ensures this new boy on the block will make its mark.

Four-wheel drive is delivered through an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Avaliable in NZ from around August.

With a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 packing 641 horsepower, it is officially the world's fastest SUV, going from 0-100kmh in 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 305kmh.

Starting price: $339,000.

An all-wheel-drive system features a locking center diff, air suspension keeps the ride civilised, and enormous carbon-ceramic brakes provide the stopping power.

performance and driving dynamics, producing a beast in terms of design and performance, yet proving drivable every day in a range of environments.

Lamborghini’s designers have stayed true to the marquee brand’s heritage in terms of design,

The Urus provides easy driving in the city, maximum comfort during long journeys, thrilling


super sports car dynamics on the road and track, and versatile off-road abilities in a range of environments. Its low-line coupé styling and commanding road position belie the very comfortable ride, higher ground clearance, and luxurious space within.

The Lamborghini Urus has a dual personality: it is multi-dimensional. It can be specified to be as sporty or as elegant as the owner wishes, and can equally be used as a daily luxury drive or provide an exhilarating super sports experience.

Premium Tyres & Auto


is ad

mention th u yo n he w e ic pr il ta re f of T 10% DISCOUN 2 Locations: 245 DYERS RD, BROMLEY, CHRISTCHURCH PH 384 2080 (Corner of Dyers Road & Wickham Street, Christchurch)

222 LINWOOD AVE, CHRISTCHURCH PH 380 5020 (By Burger King)

Call Don on 021 226 3828

Email:    Issue #151, 2018 | 19

been seen The people, their faces and all the right places - Canterbury

1. Stephen McCarthy, Vanessa Puddy (McCarthy Advertising) & Richard O’Brien (nzbiz buysell)

The Marketing Association held their monthly meeting at the No. 4 Bar & Restaurant in Merivale. The members were introduced to the broad spectrum of work undertaken by McCarthy advertising, including work for Te Papa museum and Maia Health Foundation’s 13 Minute crowd funding campaign to land a helipad at Christchurch Hospital.

2. Peter King (Giggle TV), Lance Saggers & Jake Shelton (Mint Design) 3. Kate Spence (Digital Marketing Consulting), Melissa Baer (Total Tours) & Michael Durie (Marketing Assn) 4. Clive Greenwood (Academy Group), Steve Brooker (Court Theatre) & Nicola Devine (Tanker Creative) 5. Niven Boyle (The Media Dept)









& Phil Power (Ravensdown) 6. Charlotte Crisford & Jessie Russell (Top10 Holiday Parks) 7. Louise Landess (Freelance writer) & Agnie Szka Park (Graphic Desk) 8. Clare Burgess (University of Canterbury) & Alethea Laredo (Croft Print).

PWC HeraldTalks held at The Piano; a thought-provoking, breakfast event that discussed the current and upcoming trends in business. Topics included an in-depth look into cryptocurrencies and the prospect of a cashless society as they looked at the future of money.

1. Councilor Raf Manji, Craig Armitage & Sarah Clark (PWC) 2. Sarah Oliver (Christchurch Int Airport), Chris Hair & Ella Eglinton (Ideation) 3. Henry Risk (PwC), Ben Johnston (Anderson Lloyd Lawyers) & Wayne Munn (PWC) 4. Karena Gibon (Vodafone), Scott Amos & Mark Petrie (2 Degrees)



5. Dave Armstrong (BNZ), David Cartwright (Continental) & Nathan Jones (PWC)



6. Jeremy Wilson (Direction Advertising), Karl Waretini (Prosper Professional Coaching) & Janez Frelih (Mykea) 7. Nicolette Le Crene (Perception PR& Marketing), Nicole Oliver & Peter McDonald (NZTE)



1. Haley, Cody & Felix (The Hits) 2. Luisa & Kat Morrison (Morrison Cars). 3. Dean & Jenaea Calvert (Protocol ) 4. Shannon Hughes & James

8. Charlotte Cavanagh (Inspection Detection Ltd), Amy Burfield (Tonkin & Taylor).



A unique urban sporting and social event; The Heineken Urban Polo made its way to Hagley Park. A fantastic collision of sport, fine beverages and music. The event included; three adrenalin-filled, 30-minute polo games; live music from popular DJs; plus on and off-field entertainment.

Murdoch (Carlton Hotel) 5. Shayne Rosario (Air NZ) & Lesley Storm (Edward Gibbon) 6. Mike Morrison (Morrison Cars) & Patrick Keegan (Smartlift) 7. Matt & Brodie (NZME) 8. Greg Cassidy (NZME), John Easton (Vodafone) & Jimmy Farrant (NZME).










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Part of the

Images taken and supplied by Lynne Puddy-Greenwood If you have an event that you’d like covered, email Lynne, Canterbury Today events editor on:

The Christchurch Home Show was the place to be for all the latest products in home renovation and upgrades. There were hundreds of new products and ideas for renovating your house, both inside and out. Expert advice was on offer at the informative seminars, which drew good crowds throughout the whole weekend.

1. Robert Whitehouse, Tania Dempsey & Courtney Brunning (Whitehouse Builders, & Energy Efficient Homes) 2. Scott & Natalie Todd (TC Groundworks) 3. Ken Davidson (Aqua Filter) 4. Sean Paterson (SA Plumbing) 5. Andrew Walker & Lyndsay Croy (Voda Plumbing) 6. John Ballingall & Wendy Godfrey (Peter Ray Homes) 7. Chris & Beth Keane (Keane Building)









8. Luke Seaford & Hamish Long (Lux Home).

EV City is proud to have recently opened its brand new showroom, the first and only showroom in Christchurch specialising exclusively in electric and hybrid vehicles. Opening night saw attendees informed by special guests Vicki Buck and Nicky Kaye, and treated to a firsthand account of touring NZ in a full electric Jucy campervan. The large crowd enjoyed drinks and nibbles while discovering the future of motoring.

1. Wendy, David Fleming (Hampton ITM) & David Boot (EV City) 2. Sandra Talbot (Home & Family), Vicki Buck (Councilor) & Val Carter (Home & Family) 3. Sarah Michaeldes & Raewyn Coutts (PGG Wrightson) 4. Nick Purvis (Smithburn Motors), Rhys Llewellyn (Stadium Cars), Simon Thomas (Thomas Architects) & Ran Boot



5. Scott Webster (Fairview Systems), Brent Ingram (CDF National) & Euan Masters (Fairview Systems)



6. Nikki Kaye (MP) & Fiona Stewart 7. Ashok Ganda (Ingear), Renata Boot (EV City), & Nick Haines (Quick Print Tees) 8. Hazel Boot (EV City), Suran Dickson & Rudy Gomez (A1 Digital Life). 5

1. Dean & Karen Harris (Developers, Boulevard 2016 ltd) 2. Richard McLaughlin (Anchorage Trustees) & Clare O’Neill (Cavell Leitch Law)




The Boulevard Village, Rolleston’s first retirement village, held an informative afternoon at Larcomb Vineyard’s function centre. It was an opportunity to explore the legal aspects of entering a retirement village as told by a guest lawyer and statutory supervisor.

3. Sarah Yeates (Property Brokers Rolleston) & Fergus Spain (Harcourts Rolleston) 4. Kaylene Godinet (Godinets Interiors)

& Ann Butts

5. Trish Palmer, Sandra Dick &

Liz Russell








6. Tony Palmer & Liz Russell (Shareholders) 7. Halie & Grant England (GE Construction).

Planning an event? Hosting something special? Celebrating a milestone?

been seen The people, their faces and all the right places - Canterbury

Images taken and supplied by Lynne Puddy-Greenwood If you have an event that you’d like covered, email Lynne Canterbury Today events editor on:    Issue #151, 2018 | 21

been seen

Classical Sparks, hosted by Newstalk ZB, is one of Christchurch’s most loved events. It returned to Hagley Park for its 35th year.

The people, their faces and all the right places - Canterbury

1. Lorraine Frampton, Nikki Connors (Propeller Properties Investments)

& Luciana Lovrich

2. Ian Avery (The Hits) & Chris Lynch (Newstalk ZB)

Planning an event? Hosting something special? Celebrating a milestone?

3. Sonya & Hardeep Singh (Liquorland) 4. Gwyn Hughes (Artist) & Karon Storr (Demantia Canterbury) 5. Sharon Jones, Carl Duxfield (Canterbury Equstrian) & Corallie Pollard (Landmark Homes)



6. Ryan & David Thomas (St Johns).





Lady Wigram Retirement Village was officially opened by Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister, Hon Dr Megan Woods. The complex moved one step closer to completion with the opening of 16 new apartments and a community centre dubbed The Club House, featuring a restaurant, bar, billiard room, movie theatre, and library. Fourteen other apartments are now well underway along with a swimming pool, spa and gym.

1. George & Kris Inglis (Kirkcaldie Interiors) 2. Barbara Shikonga & Jo Gelens 3. Dene Maddren & Lynn (Ngai Tahu Property) 4. David Sidaway, Liane Dalzell (Mayoress CHCH), Hon Dr Megan Woods (MP), Oliva Cleave & John Tooby 5. Rob Campbell, Claire Foley-Dwan, & Chris Snook (Foley Group Architecture) 6. Liane Dalzell, Oliva, John (Golden Healthcare Group) & Dr Megan Woods 7. Graham, Alice Posthuma (Grace Builders) & Bob Rush (President of the Residents Assoc)









8. Rodney McVicar, Oliva Cleave &

John Toomey.

Regus has now opened its new, light-filled modern workspace in Christchurch – the Awly Building. It’s the only building that has a five-star green rating and is one of the safest buildings in New Zealand. The event showcased the international group’s grade-A office space with parking for cars and bicycles, and a range of flexible workspaces from hot desks to meeting rooms.

1. Erika Jury (Regus), Jen Halliday (Pure Sport Nutrition) & Gilbert Wealleans (Gilbert Photography) 2. Leeann Watson (Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce) & Erica Jury (Regus) 3. Colin Barratt & Anton Ritani (JLL) 4. Laura Hunter & Richie Connell (Plato Agency) 5. Jimmy Farrant, Mat Bowness (NZME) & Dean Harrison (Mediaworks)



6. Jane Wyles & Murray Dempsey (Metropol)



7. Benedict Casey (CBRE), Sam Cowdy (Cowdy & Co), Adam Wallis (CBRE) & Pierre Ferrandon (Regus NZ) 8. Donna Alley (360 Degrees) & Andie Spargo (Creative Licence).


1. Marcia Butterfield (Neat Places) & Blair Ensor (Stuff) 2. Jackie Riordan (Planebiz), Janine Shaw, Sharee Morrison (Nu Image Hair Loss) & Rose Reynolds




Contractors and event attendees spent an enjoyable evening at Botanic – an upmarket bar soon to be opened on the first floor of the Antony Gough-owned hospitality block, overlooking the Avon River banks. The bar itself is a long, narrow space, essentially split into two. One part overlooks the riverside pedestrian area while the other will eventually have views of a lane courtyard once the Terrace development is complete.

3. Craig Mattlingly, Rachel McBeath (Sovereign) & Paul McBeath 4. Lisa Williams (Hereford Holding Ltd) 5.

6. 7. 8.

& Anna Liddell Brylee Lockhart (Court Theatre), Emma Whitehouse (Robertson Bathware) & Molly Brownlee (makeup artist) Nadine Southern (Adyen) & Ricki Taiaroa (Botanic) Sam Russell (Sam Russell Builders) & Daniel Taiaroa (Botanic) Rebecca & Brent Taiaroa.









22 | Issue #151, 2018

Health & Wellbeing | MS and Parkinson’s Canterbury

Health & Wellbeing | Kidney Health NZ

Providing support, information and care

Helping Kiwis with kidney health

Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Canterbury have moved to new, modern premises where they’re better placed to support their community.

Dealing with kidney health issues? Kidney Health New Zealand offers 24-hour support and advice to those in need.

Manager Robin Furley says the new centre on Sir William Pickering Drive in Burnside is a huge improvement from its former location in Worcester St, which was very old and tired and about to be demolished. “In collaboration with Dementia Canterbury we decided to share premises because we wanted something that was much more fit for purpose for our service delivery. This way we can reduce some costs for example by sharing reception.” The purpose of the centre is to provide support, education and information for people with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

“Our Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis nurses run regular peer support groups in Ashburton, Christchurch and Rangiora, which often have an educational element, for example basic yoga

Other groups are weekly Nordic walking, dance, and Counterpunch, a boxing class specially developed for people with Parkinson’s. “Our Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis nurses run regular peer support groups in Ashburton, Christchurch and Rangiora, which often have an educational element, for example basic yoga breathing to manage stress.” The nurses provide home visits and regular contact to support people through health challenges. Other services are a subsidised podiatry service and a Parkinson’s communication maintenance group with a speech language therapist each month. “Last year we were a finalist in the Champion Canterbury awards, which was inspiring and energising” Robin says. Plans for the new centre have been in development for the last couple of years with the establishment of the Canterbury Brain Collective, a joint venture between MS and Parkinson’s Canterbury and Dementia Canterbury. CT

breathing to manage stress.”

· Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Canterbury have about 500 members with Multiple Sclerosis

- Manager Robin Furley

· They have 520 members with Parkinson’s

National education manager Carmel GreganFord is a registered nurse who has worked in the field of kidney disease for over 25 years. She says her organisation provides a source of reliable and relevant information for people nationwide. “We provide information for primary health care such as GPs and nurses, and members of the general public. We raise awareness about kidney disease in the community so that people at risk get themselves checked. “We have a 24-hour phone line, 0800 KIDNEY, which people can ring about anything related to kidneys. “So whether it be going on holiday and they need somewhere to dialyse, having a kidney transplant, somebody wanting to donate a kidney, or somebody told by their GP that their kidneys aren’t working very well and they worry about that - they’d ring me and talk through the issues and what that means for them.” Carmel also produces resources for both patients and health professionals. “We have numerous resources that we can send out. I am happy to talk to anybody who

has questions about their kidneys, what blood tests they should have and what the results mean, as well as providing education sessions to groups that want to learn more about kidney disease.” Kidney Health New Zealand also promotes organ donation, particularly live kidney donations. They encourage people who are at high risk of developing kidney disease to get checked, “that includes people who have diabetes, a history of high blood pressure, family history of kidney disease, people over the age of 60, and those with history of acute kidney injury. “We try to encourage them to go and have a kidney health check, which is a blood pressure and urine check and a simple blood test.” Carmel says if kidney disease is identified early, it can be treated and prevented from getting worse. Kidney Health New Zealand started in 1979 as a non-profit organisation. Receives no government funding so rely on public contributions for support. CT Kidney Health New Zealand Unit 7, 337 Harewood Road Bishopdale Christchurch 0800 Kidney / 0800 543 639 — Advertising Feature

· Over the course of a year they generally get about 100 new referrals of people with Parkinson’s and about 40 of people with Multiple Sclerosis

Robin says the centre’s specialised gym is well used. “We have a strong focus on exercise because evidence shows definite benefits for people with neurological conditions.”

· They are approximately 20 percent Government funded and actively fundraise the rest.

The centre’s physiotherapists assess people’s specific physical ability and will link them up with an appropriate class. The centre provides exercise classes, open gym sessions and yoga during the week.

Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Canterbury 3/49 Sir William Pickering Drive “Our gym has two MOTOmeds which are helpful Burnside Christchurch 8543 for people in wheel chairs, and a specialised (03) 366 2857 treadmill which goes at walking pace. “People feel comfortable exercising alongside others with similar conditions and there is quite — Advertising Feature a social element as well.”

2015 NZ Disability Information Centre of the Year Although Dementia and MSPD have shifted from the Aspire complex, we are still very much in the same place! Just now in what was previously the Dementia building.

Support and Resources for Independent Living • Disability Information Service • Aspire Canterbury Shop • Total Mobility Discounted Taxi Service • Mobile Service


• Mobility scooter demonstrations available. Aspire Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to the community since 1981 Physical Address: 314 Worcester Street Linwood Christchurch

Postal Address: PO Box 32074 Christchurch 8147



Ph: 03 366 6189 Freephone: 0800 347 242 Ph: (Total Mobility) 03 366 9093 E: W:    Issue #151, 2018 | 23

Hospitality | Greystone Wines

Greystone takes prestigious title A North Canterbury winemaker’s fusion of traditional winemaking and ground-breaking techniques has earned him a New Zealand winemaker of the year 2018 title. Dom Maxwell of Greystone Wines won the inaugural Gourmet Traveller WINE accolade, which propels him into New Zealand’s winemaking history. Gourmet Traveller WINE is an independent, award-winning wine journal. “This award acknowledges Maxwell’s thoughtful and often innovative winemaking practices and his contribution to the wider wine industry both directly and by example,” says New Zealand editor of Gourmet Traveller WINE, Master of Wine and chair of judges, Bob Campbell. This is the first year Gourmet Traveller WINE has run the award in New Zealand and the 20th year it has run in Australia. Bob chaired the judging panel alongside two of New Zealand’s most esteemed wine judges and critics, Raymond Chan and Master Sommelier Cameron Douglas.

“We have an exceptionally talented industry of winemakers in New Zealand, so it’s incredibly humbling to be awarded this title,” Dom says. “I can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am for my team and how proud I am to be part of this amazing wine region. North Canterbury makes up just three percent of New Zealand’s total wine production, so we all share a fervent determination to make the best and most genuine wines possible.” The prestigious award from Gourmet Traveller WINE continues from a very successful 2017 for Dom and the Greystone team. In December, Greystone won the title of Best Chardonnay in New Zealand by the world’s leading wine publication, Decanter Magazine. They took out a gold medal for their sauvignon blanc at the Global Sauvignon Blanc Masters 2017 Awards. Decanter Magazine also ranked Greystone’s 2016 Pinot Gris as one of the most exciting wines in the world in their annual “75 Best Buys of 2017”.

Greystone Wines winemaker Dom Maxwell, captured by Dean Mackenzie.

Greystone’s 40-hectare organic vineyard is perched on the unique limestone hills of the Waipara Valley, North Canterbury. CT

Greystone Wines 376 Omihi Road Waipara Dom Maxwell, 41, started his career at Greystone North Canterbury in 2004 as a vineyard hand, after completing (03) 314 6100 In accepting the award, Dom said he was his degree in viticulture and oenology. Dom then “honoured, humbled and surprised", and thanked went on to become Greystone’s winemaker and his team for the support and dedication over the in 2011 New Zealand’s Winestate Winemaker of Wine_ad_18_KL.pdf 1 23/03/18 12:34the PMYear. past 14 years. — Advertising Feature









24 | Issue #151, 2018

Since being founded in 2004, Greystone has: • Twice won Decanter trophies for best Pinot Noir • Been named New Zealand Organic Vineyard of the Year • Won the Air New Zealand trophy for best Riesling and best Pinot Noir.

Hospitality | Diner 66

Hospitality | Allan Scott Family Winemakers

Get your kicks at Diner 66 The new all-American dining experience, Diner 66, is rocking, recording over 7,500 customers in its first month, with trends continuing to show a steady increase. Modelled off American diners on the famous United States highway Route 66, the restaurant is bustling with the energy of patrons young and old who are drawn to the 1950s themes and vibes. The food is produced from American diner recipes and the superb fitout has been designed and built in the United States and assembled in Christchurch by the restaurant owners. Even the Fonz from Happy Days would be impressed.

Pulling in the punters Setting up the restaurant has been a labour of love for owners Shelley Sefton and her husband Ant, who embarked on the project after they drove the historic 3,940-kilometre Route 66 and loved the food and experience. They roped in their business partner, Mike Knowles, who has long term hospitality experience, and the wheels began rocking and rolling. “We’re a great family place to come to. It appeals to both old and young – stirring

memories for those who experienced the 50s and 60s and providing younger people the vibe seen on new TV programs such as Riverdale (a teen drama TV series based on the Archie comics),” Shelley says. “Birthday bookings and parties are coming in thick and fast and our team are getting really good at singing!” Beefy burgers, bacon, eggs and hash browns, curly fries, crunchy, fresh salads, creamy shakes, dreamy waffles, spicy nachos and hotdogs, ice-cream laden sundaes, generous servings, and the infectious beat of 1950s rock and roll music — what more could you want! It’s a formula that’s luring Christchurch diners — around 270-300 a day, including many repeat and regular visitors — to 88 Victoria Street where the new restaurant stands on the corner of Victoria and Montreal streets, close to the central city.

Bookings recommended The restaurant is open six days a week, Tuesday to Sundays, the food is in the mid-price range and the menu is an all-day one.

Award-winning vintage Allan Scott Family Winemakers is toasting a range of new awards as they head into another cosy winter in Marlborough, and with this has come the nod of approval from an esteemed wine writer.

“This year we are turning our eye to our Cromwell location, Scott Base, to see what can be achieved, while of course continuing to roll out some of the best drops in the Marlborough region,” Josh says.

The Cecilia Brut Methode Traditionnelle, a homage to Catherine ‘Cecilia’ Scott, was also awarded a silver, taking the tally to four medals against an impressive set of over 1,000 different wine entries from around the country.

our varieties receiving such high praise. Suffice to say there have been a few impromptu drinks of late at our restaurant Twelve Trees,” Josh says.

Rounding out the accolades came the news that the prestigious Winestate Magazine, Australasia’s biggest wine judging system, has taken a four-star liking to the Allan Scott The team’s first win was at the Royal Easter Show, with gold honours for their 2017 Riesling Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017, as well and Pinot Gris, against strong 2017 competition. as topping its best buys category. The Cecilia Vintage Methode Traditionnelle 2013 also gained They also received a silver award for the winemaker’s premium Generations Marlborough four-star status. Pinot Noir 2016. “It’s encouraging to see such a wide range of

The Easter Show success was backed up with a nod from esteemed wine writer Michael Cooper, when the vineyard’s 2017 Pinot Gris was awarded four stars in the annual ‘New Zealand Wines: Michael Cooper Buyer’s Guide’. Head winemaker Josh Scott says the wins are a product of a successful season, with the team full throttle as they balanced their high winemaking standards with an innovative streak that included concepts like wine in a can and a do-it-yourself red experiment, the Pinot Project.

“The wonderful thing about American diners is the variety of the food and the ambience. Each diner is quite individual. The same dish can vary greatly from one side of the country to the other, but is made with the same passion,” she says.

“One thing is certain at Allan Scott – we never stand still, and 2017 was a stellar year for the vineyard and 2018 is shaping up to be much of the same.

Review the website at to check out the menu, prices and mouth-watering food on offer, and to make bookings.

Allan Scott Family Winemakers offers the following wine ranges:

While the restaurant keeps some tables for diners coming off the street, it is advised to book through the website to secure a table when you want it, then there is no waiting or missing out. CT Diner 66 88 Victoria St Christchurch Central (03) 741 4622

Allan Scott Family Winemakers was founded in 1990. Allan and Catherine Scott oversee the business and all three children have had key roles in the organisation. CT Allan Scott Family Winemakers Jacksons Road RD3 Blenheim (03) 572 9054 — Advertising Feature

· The Allan Scott Estate Range · The Allan Scott Generation Series · The Allan Scott Cecilia Methode Traditionnelle Collection · Craft wine · Scott Base.

— Advertising Feature

Registered Master Plumbers & Drainlayers 11 Purkiss Street, Malborough

Proudly supporting Diner 66 446 Colombo Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023 Ph: (03) 348 9802 Free Phone: 0800 635 477 Fax: (03) 348 4567


03 384 8111 Workmanship Guaranteed

Craftsman Plumbers • Registered Drainlayers • Roofing & Spouting Gas Supply & Fitting • Installation Solar Edwards • Biolytix

0800 578 006


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Focus | Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

Focus | Camp Quality

Delivering life-changing experiences Looking after our little gems Cholmondeley Children’s Centre has been helping children shine for the past 93 years and now it’s your turn to shine with the introduction of The Little Gems Project. The inaugural annual event was held on May 26 at Sixty6 on Peterborough and was the successful launch Cholmondeley envisioned. More than 300 guests were invited to dig out their denim, put on their sparkle and tighten their dancing shoes to support the much-loved charity that has been a saviour for many Canterbury families. This year’s event was hosted by radio and television personality Jason Gunn. Attendees were delighted with performances from Epic Entertainment, live music by The Corks and a live auction — with all proceeds going towards helping families in their time of need. CEO Arron Perriam says, “The Little Gems Project is based on the concept that Cholmondeley believes there is a diamond

within all of us, and we want to help bring out the inner sparkle in every precious Canterbury child – our little gems”, and as Cholmondeley is 80 percent community funded, it relies heavily on businesses and individuals to continue the vital work it does within Canterbury. Cholmondeley has seen more than 25,000 children through it's doors since 1925. The charity understands children need time to be kids and that can be difficult if their families are going through a rough patch. The demand on Cholmondeley’s education, accommodation and social-work services is greater than ever before and it has a unique and critical role to play in the community. Cholmondeley offers a haven where children can forget life’s pressures, create lasting friendships and learn valuable life skills. The Little Gems Project encapsulates the heart of Cholmondeley and it would not have been possible without the support of their valued sponsors, and of course, the people of Canterbury who attended the fundraising evening. If you missed out this time around, there are plenty of other ways you can show your support through volunteering, donations or corporate sponsorship – every little bit helps. The Little Gems website has been set up to keep you updated and informed and will continue to be a source of information for future events, so you can be sure to be a part of it for many years to come. CT Cholmondeley Children’s Centre 6 Cholmondeley Lane Governors Bay T (03) 329 9832

Camp Quality New Zealand does not just benefit the children who attend its nationwide camps each summer, it also contributes enormously to the lives of the young adults who attend as companions. Camp Quality is a national charitable organisation providing camps and recreational activities for children aged five to 16 living with cancer. It is managed and run by committed volunteers dedicated to bringing fun, hope and happiness into their lives. This year more than 280 children were treated to an unforgettable week-long experience at one of Camp Quality’s five locations throughout the country, including the Christchurch camp at Living Springs in Governors Bay. Christchurch camp regional manager Damian Young says Camp Quality provides a stress-free and caring environment for children, where fun and friendship are combined with achievable challenges. These children get the chance to “just be kids”, gaining a sense of normality and independence and focusing on the positive aspects of their lives.

Camp Quality is continually looking for companions for their campers, with about 500 volunteers trained nationwide each year. They must be over 18 and available to attend a training weekend, with male companions particularly sought after.

“It’s about giving them an opportunity to catch up on the things that children should be doing as they grow up.” – Camp regional manager, Damian Young

“It’s about giving them an opportunity to catch up on the things that children should be doing as they grow up,” he says.

“A lot of young people today want to do something meaningful, and being involved with our organisation is hugely rewarding,” he says.

A huge part of the success of Camp Quality in Christchurch is having such an amazing facility to use at Living Springs.

Camp Quality companions gain leadership training, and personal and professional development skills.

"When it comes to organising and running our camps, we are very fortunate to have such a fantastic team at Living Springs who do so much to help ensure that these children get a fun-filled experience every year."

“We are growing our young people of the future and connecting them with a way that they can actively make a difference.”

Camp companions needed A big part of building resilience and confidence in the children is achieved through Camp Quality’s unique companion programme. Each child has a companion assigned to them for the duration of the camp, often meeting the family beforehand and forging a genuine friendship with them. “The companions build a special bond with the campers and ensure each child is safe, sorted and smiling,” Damian says.

Camp Quality is free to attend for both children and companions, with companion applications opening in July for this summer’s Christchurch camp. You can register your interest now on its website. CT Camp Quality New Zealand PO Box 20430 Bishopdale Christchurch 8543 T 0800 CAMP QUALITY (0800 226 778)

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Proudly associated with Cholmondeley PO Box 4241, Christchurch Phone: 03 366 8679 Email: or HEAD OFFICE & WORKSHOP 18 Sir James Wattie Drive, Hornby 26 | Issue #151, 2018

There is no better place in Canterbury than Living Springs to host a team-building event. Stunning harbour views, facilities for a variety of activities and great food. Only a 20-minute drive from the city and yet a world away. Accommodation is also available. Contact Michelle in the office on 03 329 9788 or email

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Focus | Catapult Employment Services

Changing lives Catapult Employment Services chief executive officer, Leanne McTear, is in a role that suits her to a tee and she has certainly earned her stripes to meet its many unique demands. With a Masters in Counselling from Otago University, and extensive experience in the United Kingdom working with a variety of social services, including youth dependent on drugs, Leanne has so much to offer. That’s an easy-to-reach conclusion before you also add in the fact that she has a total of 30 years’ experience in the social and health sectors in both the not for profit and public sectors. With experience working in the physical disability, sensory disability, mental health and criminal justice areas, with a strong passion for supporting young people to identify opportunity and fulfil their potential, she is a true asset to her industry.

Like the CEO herself, the founder — Kevin Blogg — worked tirelessly for social enterprises making a genuine difference in the world. His humble beginnings working alone out of the boot of his car make the organisation’s evolution even more endearing.

Today her focus is simple but significant: “I love to work with passionate people making differences for New Zealand”. And that’s exactly what Catapult Employment Services does.

The social impact of Catapult is felt and celebrated far and wide, culminating in a Champion Charity Small Enterprise award in the 2016 Champion Canterbury Business Awards.

“Our mission is to work collaboratively and looking to the future we want to continue to work across different sectors and help New Zealand employers to understand that a disability is not a barrier to a great working relationship - this is about challenging misconceptions.”

Additionally, Catapult rose with vigour to the challenges that presented following the Canterbury earthquakes, through its establishment of a unique work-focused anxiety counselling service. The service is suitable for anyone who is experiencing severe anxiety when they think about trying to find employment. Of Catapult’s hugely important role, Leanne comments, “Our success is down to every single person believing in our vision and supporting people to find the employment they want to do. We help our clients to develop skills and confidence and pursue what they want to do. “Our mission is to work collaboratively and looking to the future we want to continue to work across different sectors and help New Zealand employers to understand that a disability is not a barrier to a great working relationship — this is about challenging misconceptions.” CT

- Chief executive officer, Leanne McTear

Now in its 15th year, it embraces and practices an important vision: for all people to have the opportunity to participate in paid employment, including those who live with a disability or health issue.


Catapult Employment Services 478 Barrington Street Addington Christchurch Providing employment services under contract (03) 365 7005 to government, it has also expanded to provide services to anyone who is in need of professional career guidance and/or employment placement services. — Advertising Feature

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We are committed to providing a premium linen service to all of our clients. Canterbury Linen Services Ltd are proud to be supporting Catapult Employment Services 21 Sylvan Street, Christchurch 8149 Phone 03 338 2039 Email:

In their words “Your services are excellent and I’m really grateful. One of the reasons I work hard is to honour the effort you put into supporting me in my career.” - Carlton “I highly recommend anyone to come and see any of the consultants… they are welcoming and they are the people to talk to if you are looking for a job. Just come and talk to them.” - Marsha “I found that the consultant immediately picked up on where I’d been and what I needed. He brought me back on track.” - John “I appreciate everything you guys did for me. You were easy to understand and everything you taught me came in useful.” - Mark

An award-winning insurance brokerage with 35+ years’ experience delivering insurance solutions.

SPECIALIST INDUSTRIES BUSINESS INSURANCE PERSONAL INSURANCE LIFE INSURANCE We are proud to be associated with Catapult Employment Services Contact Us Today! P 03 379 1001 E

Proud to provide IT Support to Catapult Employment Services

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Focus | Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers

NZ bookkeepers join international organisation Exciting times are ahead for New Zealand’s hundreds of bookkeepers.

The organisation has built a strong relationship with The Career Academy, an award-winning education provider, which from 2014 has provided entry-level courses in bookkeeping. Higher level and specialist bookkeeping courses for members have been added.

The organisation representing them, the NZ Bookkeepers Association Incorporated (NZBAI), has joined a global organisation with greater resources and support services for members.

Enrolments have been growing each year, as bookkeeping becomes a career of choice for many more people and bookkeepers become more recognised and valued for their major contributions to soundly-run businesses.

In April, the association rebranded and changed its name to the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers, as it became part of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), the largest bookkeeping institute in the world. As part of the changes, the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers terminated its old and clunky website and launched a new, modern and interactive website with up to date technology behind it. Not only will it be easier to use, but it places each individual member in control of their own marketing and promotion on the website.

From left are: Jo Mankelow, treasurer Sue Inkersell, Angela Knight, Cliff Bowden, president Di Crawford-Errington, secretary Julie Russell, vice-president Lisa Martin, Greg Steed and Janine Gartner.

and for courses, for instance, or to book attendance at meetings and webinars, or to order special deals and discounted products and services online.”

NZ Bookkeepers Association vice president, Lisa Martin, says the changes will bring the organisation into the modern era and give it a A code of ethics and a code of conduct for stronger and more influential voice in the financial members approved by Inland Revenue will be services industries. prominently displayed to educate and remind The new website will have the same look and feel members of the standards required of them as as the global organisation. bookkeepers in New Zealand. “It will offer several interactive features that will make it easy to enrol and pay for membership

“At the heart of these changes is an ongoing commitment by our bookkeepers to develop their

Bookkeeping solutions for those who have better things to do. Save yourself money, time and stress by outsourcing your bookkeeping work.

skills, expand their knowledge and bolster their professionalism,” Lisa says. Members have been working towards this ever since they formed the NZ Bookkeepers Association in 2010.

“Being part of a global organisation like ICB will give our members access to the latest trends and thinking around the roles and functions of bookkeeping, and a super modern website with a wealth of information in its database. “The organisation is hugely excited about the changes. They signify that the organisation is maturing and will contribute to it being a more effective voice for the hundreds of bookkeepers in New Zealand,” Lisa says. CT

Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers PO Box 51283 Tawa “Since then the association has been largely run Wellington 5249 by a passionate team of volunteers dedicated to 021 624 965 creating an association that fosters and promotes education and high standards among members,” — Advertising Feature Lisa says.

My Property Bookkeeper

Vivien Cowey 027 514 3567

Keep will take care of your day to day accounting, enabling you to focus 100% on running and growing your business and getting income, with the assurance that things are being taken of by professionals.

Day to day bookkeeping

Liaison with key relations

Finance reports

End of year preparations

We have saved some of our clients 50% on their previous bills and lowered their overheads.

Tenant solutions

Visit our website to see what Keep can do for you and what our clients say about using us. | 027 555 6240

Want to save time, increase value & efficiency? Contact Team today We offer a FREE 30min consultation. ‘Proud to Support the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers’

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Your investment, Our priority


We offer you ‘Peace of Mind’ Bookkeeping and Payroll solutions by: Providing timely reporting Filing your compliance in a timely manner Saving you valuable time


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Focus | Scope Group

Comprehensive contracting services Scope Group, specialists in civil construction, demolition, and asbestos and hazardous substances removal, is growing from strength to strength as it captures opportunities in the construction sector.

“We pride ourselves on providing turn-key solutions taking a project from concept to completion.” Currently, Scope is contributing to the rebuild in Waimakariri, contracted to the Waimakariri District Council to build new curbs and channels, footpaths and landscaping over four sites in Rangiora and Kaiapoi.

Scope has completed a number of civil Founded 15 years ago by Greg Davies, the construction projects such as building large business began as a main contractor specialising culverts for the North Canterbury Transport in commercial construction projects. Infrastructure Recovery alliance (NCTIR), which It has since expanded steadily from its Rangiora is tasked with rebuilding State Highway 1 from base by building on its strengths to become a Christchurch to Blenheim, and the railway national operator with 50 employees providing a corridor following the Kaikoura earthquake. range of complementary services. For the Christchurch City Council, Scope has They are: demolished social housing blocks — Airedale Courts and Brougham Village— following • Civil construction and drainage the earthquakes. • Asbestos removal A prestigious Christchurch building project Scope • Demolition Civil and Drainage worked on was the building • Hazardous materials solutions. The group has worked on a huge variety of projects large and small and has accumulated a wealth of experience. It is a trusted and thoroughly professional contractor who works regularly for several local and central government agencies including Transpower, the Ministry of Education, Housing New Zealand, the Christchurch City Council, Waimakariri District Council, and the Southern District Health Board.

of the new Cathedral Grammar Junior School on Park Avenue, bordering Hagley Park. Scope was contracted to undertake demolition, excavation, ground stabilization and drainage works for the private school site. Soon after the major February 22, 2011 earthquake, Scope was contracted by Church Property Trustees to secure the heavily damaged Christchurch Cathedral site in the Square, with the construction of large, engineered concrete block, steel and timber hoardings, enabling the re-opening of the inner-city tram loop. A huge project for the company is the removal of asbestos from Dunedin Hospital. Due to the duration of the project to date, Scope Group has set up a base in the southern city to tap into asbestos removal projects in the many older buildings.

For details of its projects, visit Scope Group’s website, CT

Scope Group Limited 124 Mt Thomas Road RD1 Rangiora Canterbury 0800 776 840 — Advertising Feature

“No matter how big or small the job, whether it’s a small driveway or a large subdivision, we take pride in managing the project from start to finish” Richard says.

Specialists in Professional Hydro-Seeding & Erosion Control Steve Mitchell Mobile: 021 191 1214 Phone: 03 310 2358

0508 ECO TEC (0508 326 832)

Keeping the earth the way it should be… out of our waterways ‘Proudly supporting Scope Group Ltd’


“We have completed an impressive portfolio of projects and have an unrivalled reputation for getting the job done on time, on budget,” Scope Group contract manager, Richard Davies says. Ph Dan Francis 021 350 770

Contact us before you dig Get the right information regarding the presence of underground pipes and cables

Proudly supporting Scope Group Ltd Locally owned specialists in: • Service Location 03 366 3242 • Concrete Scanning • GPR Surveys • Leak Detection

Building a strong relationship for future growth At BDO, the more we get to know our clients and their business the more passionate we get about them. BDO partner, David Ward, has been working with Scope Group by supporting the growth aspirations of the successful business it is today. Audit | Tax | Advisory 03 379 5155    Issue #151, 2018 | 29

Focus | Hollywood Cinema

A star-studded history The world of cinema is one of the most powerful and immersive forms of escapism. Its imagination knows no bounds and transcends time, genre and geography. Some 80 years ago, in 1938, just shy of World War Two beginning, the world witnessed a number of innovations come to life: The Superman Comic was born; the first jazz concert was held at Carnegie Hall; the classic film Bringing up Baby starring Katherine Hepburn was released. On home soil, Christchurch residents were also seeing stars — Hollywood stars to be exact — with the establishment of the Hollywood Cinema the same year.

“I worked with MGM in Wellington and was involved with a theatre at the Harewood Transit Camp. I ended up in Sumner, living in Scarborough,” and that’s when his connection with the adored cinema began. Originally just one theatre, the Hollywood Cinema has progressively split into three theatres and is the only suburban cinema in Christchurch still standing and still running after 80 years of operation.

“There are no big reels of film to carry around anymore, it’s all digital and the theatres pretty much run themselves. Our projectionist has been with us since he left school — so 25 years.”

“I always liked cinema. I had a theatrette in my father’s garage as a young boy,” Lang says.

A veteran in the movie business, Lang explains that he knows exactly the tone of films that suit the community who are loyal the cinema. “Our films run for several weeks depending on how well they do; we play it by ear according to who comes in. Hunt for the Wilderpeople was one of the most popular films we’ve had.”

- Operator Lang Masters

Dynamic husband and wife duo Lang and Maureen Masters have been at the helm for 50 years, and for Lang especially, it was a true calling.

long, people get to know us and they stop to say ‘hello’ and have a chat.”

The three cinemas can seat 60, 108 and 169 patrons (337 total). Two of the cinemas have luxury corporate seating areas. “It's certainly an interesting industry, with something new always happening. I like meeting new people, and because we have been here so

30 | Issue #151, 2018

With such a special and unique setting it's no wonder Hollywood Cinema remains a heartthrob in the cultural and recreational arenas. The fact it has a great car park and rubs shoulders with delicious bars and eateries is an added bonus. CT

Hollywood Cinema With an amazing history to reflect on, Lang says 28 Marriner Street the changes in cinema during his era have Sumner been profound. Christchurch “There are no big reels of film to carry around (03) 326 6102 anymore, it’s all digital and the theatres pretty much run themselves. Our projectionist has been with us since he left school — so — Advertising Feature 25 years.”

Focus | Tug Lyttleton Preservation Society

Keeping the ‘old lady’ afloat Keeping Tug Lyttleton afloat has been a labour of love for the many volunteers who have been involved in preserving the historic vessel since it was saved from the scrap heap in the 1970s.

means the tug should be back on the water next summer.

“We couldn’t survive without the port company’s help,” Cpt Johns says.

Tug Lyttleton Preservation Society is a not for profit organisation. Society president, Captain Ken Johns, says they are grateful for the support they receive from many local companies and organisations, including local engineering firms, Lyttleton Engineering and Stark Brothers.

“But the tug is part of their history as well, as it was commissioned for what was then the Lyttleton Harbour Board, along with Lyttleton’s history, and Christchurch’s history.”

The 110-year-old vessel is older than the Titanic. It is New Zealand’s oldest steam boat, one of the few coal-powered vessels left in the country, and a floating museum.

The Lyttleton Port Company provides a free berth, free use of the dry dock, and free electricity.

Members of the public who want to ensure this iconic piece of Christchurch’s history continues to ply the waters of Lyttleton Harbour can donate to the society through the Give a Little page on

It’s older than The Earnslaw in Queenstown, and 20-years older than its sister ship, the WC Daldy on Auckland Harbour.

As a not for profit organisation, all money donated to the Tug Lyttleton Preservation Society goes to maintaining the tug and keeping her in working order for future generations to enjoy.

Kept afloat by volunteer labour Tug Lyttleton Preservation Society relies on volunteer labour, and a team of passionate volunteers meets every Thursday at the Lyttleton Harbour to work on the tug. Like Cpt Johns, many of the volunteers who have worked on the tug over the years have been retired merchant seaman. Cpt Johns, who went to sea at 16 and later worked at Lyttelton Harbour, says the sea is in his blood.

The 300-tonne, 126-foot long tugboat arrived in Lyttleton in September 1907. She was retired from tug-duty in 1970, when the Tug Lyttleton Preservation Society took over ownership of the ‘old lady’.

He says his love of the ocean has now been replaced by his passion for Tug Lyttleton. “I love it. It’s my second home. I can’t get down there quick enough. I enjoyed everyday away at sea and I enjoy every day down at the harbour, and the other blokes are the same.”

Volunteers from the society have been working on her preservation ever since. They were determined to keep the tug in operational order, still plying the seas around Lyttleton Harbour, and not turn her into a static exhibition.

Nowadays the volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, including engineers and mechanics. Cpt Johns says you don’t have to have a mechanical or seafaring background as they’ll find a job for every volunteer no matter what their skills.

That way Tug Lyttleton would be preserved for future generations to enjoy and to be an asset for local community and for the many tourists who visit the port town.

“Anyone’s welcome to come down and have a look round. If they want to join we’ll welcome them with open arms and we’ll always find a job for them.”

Funding to keep the ‘old lady’ afloat For many years Tug Lyttelton took day trips and cruises on the harbour, and around Banks Peninsula from Christmas to April.

He says along with joining an enthusiastic team, you get to meet lots of tourists and other visitors, all fascinated by the tug and her long history. CT

Unfortunately, the vessel has been laid up for some months after a boiler problem was found whilst on dry dock.

Tug Lyttleton Preservation Society PO Box 19-659 Woolston Christchurch (03) 384 9940

Passenger fares have been an important source of revenue for the society. The boiler problems meant the society missed out on this vital revenue this year, but a recent grant from a support organisation to fix the boiler

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Welcome Aboard The ...


If you would like to help keep this piece of NZ history afloat, head to to donate |


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Good & Services | Bargain Chemist

Putting your health first It is predicted the global pharma market will reach $1.12 trillion in 2022; it is an industrial powerhouse, within which the newly established Bargain Chemist at 117a Riccarton Road in Christchurch is a disruptive presence on home soil in New Zealand.

The brainchild of qualified pharmacist Peter Shenoda, Bargain Chemist has a simple but significant promise: ‘Our policy: to be New Zealand’s cheapest chemist’. The first chemist in Christchurch with free prescriptions on fully-funded items, the business is 100 percent Kiwi owned and operated. “We are proud to have established our own brand,” Peter says. “For a long time pharmacies have had a reputation for being expensive and we wanted to

Magazine Advert_Viralex Range_April 2018_D2_outlined.indd 1

change that perception by offering great prices and the same excellent service that they would expect. It’s a win-win for the customer.” A pharmacist by trade, Peter trained down at Otago University and has a true passion for the industry. “I’ve run my own businesses before and this presented an opportunity to do something truly different.

With an in-house pharmacist also currently completing the last of their flu injection training, Bargain Chemist will also be in a position to offer this service to its customers just in time for the winter season, and many more services.

On the note of chillier temperatures, the pharmacy has risen to the occasion with an extensive range of beanies and scarves hitting “We are undercutting prices up to a 50 percent its shelves as the latest addition to an already saving for our customers on many retail products generous store offering.

20/04/18 10:30 AM

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on things like vitamins and minerals. So this is on top of our prescriptions, which are free.”

Good & Services | Bargain Chemist These are available in men’s, women’s and kids’ designs in the hottest colours of the season. Big brand perfumes, such as Gucci and Calvin Klein, are also on offer with up to 60 percent off the normal retail prices. For those looking to feed their skin and keep it hydrated and healthy at all times of the year, Bargain Chemist stocks the amazing range from Syrene Skincare. New Zealand made and made up of delicate marine collagen gel and 95 percent natural and pure ingredients, customers can treat themselves to serums, creams and gels; essentials for skin to be able to fight the winter blues. Also in demand is the Comvita Manuka Honey range. Harvested from some of the most remote and pristine regions of New Zealand from the flowers of the native Manuka tree, the Manuka honey used in the collection contains methylglyoxal, a naturally occurring ingredient which plays a part in honey’s antibacterial activity. In addition, the Centrum vitamin range is on offer. A high quality, complete multivitamin, it promotes vitality, eye health, immunity and heart health and is developed for Kiwis. Setting a valuable and important precedent in the pharma sector, it remains to be seen whether other chemists will follow suit, but regardless, Bargain Chemist will persist with its mission to remain synonymous with truly cost-competitive services. For more information, see the team in store, phone (03) 281 7883, or visit the Facebook page at BargainChemistRiccarton. Keep an eye out for the brand new website due to go live in June 2018, Bargain Chemist 117a Riccarton Road Christchurch (03) 281 7883 BargainChemistRiccarton — Advertising Feature

100% New Zealand owned

Testimonials “Excellent! Went in to change my scripts over as they are free! Found the staff to be very friendly and helpful, ended up buying a bunch of other things at good prices. Hope they get more stock in as I’ll be going back a lot!” “Brilliant place!! No charge for govtsubsidised prescriptions and everything else is so much cheaper. Great range of health products too. Staff very friendly and helpful.” “Fantastic service from the pharmacist in store and over the phone with answering a query I had, getting back to me promptly. I will be back.” “It is the best chemist/pharmacy. I recommend everything, including prices.”

‘Welcoming Bargain Chemist to Contact Jax today to make Christchurch with branding and Your branding come alive Ph 027 890 0082 signage support’ Unit D, 301 Blenheim Road Riccarton, Christchurch

Now available at    Issue #151, 2018 | 33

Good & Services | Sue Kelly Water Systems

Sorting anyone’s water problems Water purifying and treatment specialist Sue Kelly is fielding scores of inquiries after the Christchurch City Council’s decision to chlorinate Christchurch’s water supply. “Many people in Christchurch are upset both emotionally and physically with the effects of chlorination – especially on their skin, hair and upper respiratory tract,” owner of Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd, Sue Kelly says. “Fortunately, there are workable solutions to dramatically lessen the impact of chlorine in the city’s water supplies for people who are concerned about the initial and long term health effects,” Sue reassures Christchurch residents. She acknowledges that the decision to chlorinate the council’s wells was not taken lightly, but warns it will not be resolved quickly. Sue Kelly Water Systems has been specialising in water treatment systems for 28 years and has assessed many different water treatment products to determine which are the best quality products and best performers for the most economical operation, long term.

The company’s expertise is backed with a money-back guarantee on all domestic water filters, nitrate and fluoride reduction water purifiers. The company operates with the goal of 100 percent satisfaction from 100 percent of clients, 100 percent of the time. During the 28 years it has had hundreds of satisfied inter-generational and repeat customers who recommend the company and water treatment products to their families, friends, neighbours and business associates. Sue says there are two general options for purifying chlorinated water.

The first is Point of Entry (POE) water treatment systems:

The company’s expertise is

• They are installed near the water valve that controls the water entry to the dwelling

backed with a money-back guarantee on all domestic water filters, nitrate and


fluoride reduction water purifiers.

• All water entering the home runs through granular activated carbon (GAC) media so every tap throughout the home is treated to reduce the chlorine • For this there are two different-sized refillable carbon cartridges and a range of varying sized and capacity GAC water treatment tanks, fitted with a flushing valve. The second option is Point of Use (POU) water treatment systems:

For all g Plumbin Ne eds

All domestic and commercial plumbing Hot water cylinder specialists Drain clearing Water blasting Colour video inspection Sewage suction Septic tank clearing Installation of water filters

Ross Richdale


• These are typically installed in the kitchen to provide an unlimited supply of treated water free of chlorine and other contaminants for all water used in food preparation, cooking, drinks, bottle-fed babies’ formula, animal and goldfish bowls • For this Sue strongly recommends a double filter unit comprised of a GAC filter with a “Doulton” ceramic cartridge to deliver safe, pure water, guaranteed free of all bacteria, cysts and a wide range of chemicals plus heavy metals. For expert advice and peace of mind call Sue Kelly Water Systems first. CT Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd PO Box 41-048 Ferrymead Christchurch (03) 376 4321 0800 177 000 — Advertising Feature FOR ALL PLUMBING NEEDS CONTACT WIM

Ross Richdale Plumbers Ltd Ph: 03 376 4445 Cell: 027 432 8319 Email:

Phone: 021 441 904

Proud to support Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd The Christchurch Company, Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd has over 50 years combined practical experience specialising specifically in water treatment. This knowledge and expertise is important in determining the most effective and economical treatment options for our clients. All water treatment units imported and sold carry a money-back guarantee. WE HAVE GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS TO ALL WATER CONCERNS.

Water Systems


Call now on 376 4321 or 0800 177 000 | visit:

InlinePlumbing Proud to support

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

Plumbing • Gasfitting • Drainlaying


Phone: 03 377 5806 39b Sandyford Street , Sydenham, Christchurch Email:

Electrical • Plumbing • Complete Bathroom Specialists • Gasfitting • Drainlaying 34 | Issue #151, 2018

Goods & Services | Kennett Crafted Jewels

Goods & Services | Threefold Architecture

Accessible Bespoke jeweler returns to city centre architectural One of Christchurch’s oldest jewellery retailers has changed locations back to the central city and is thoroughly enjoying the vibrancy and diversity of it's location. Kennett Crafted Jewels is a family-owned jewellery and watchmaking business, which started in High Street, Christchurch, with over 135 years’ experience spanning four generations. From 1880 to the present, Kennett Crafted Jewels has come to be a leading retailer of engagement and wedding rings, diamond and precious stone jewellery, and watches. “We have stayed in business because we adapted to the times and changes around us,” says owner Anne Kennett. “We have always sold both jewellery and timepieces, but a decrease in watch sales

worldwide has now seen jewellery, specifically engagement and wedding rings, become the mainstay of our business. “We specialise in bespoke designs for our customers and as a family business, our customers know they can trust us for excellent quality and service,” she says. The new Kennett Crafted Jewels store is at 175 High Street, one block away from their pre-earthquake site. “The time to move back into town felt right and we now have the perfect store and location.” The business is now managed by Anne Kennett. She is supported by Neroli Fornasier, whose complementary skills to the business are essential to the customer’s experience. Kennett Crafted Jewels invites you to visit them in their contemporary store or contact them online. Duty free purchases (GST excluded purchases) are available when departing Christchurch and Auckland (conditions apply). CT Kennett Crafted Jewels Billens House 175 High Street Christchurch (03) 366 1232 — Advertising Feature

Kennett Crafted Jewels’ services: Engagement and wedding ring specialists In-house range available along with a bespoke design service. Bespoke jewellery design Create your unique design with designers Anne Kennett and Neroli Fornasier. Jewellery remodeling Update and reconnect with your precious jewellery.

Proud to be associated with Kennett Crafted Jewels

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Threefold Architecture aims to break the mould when it comes to residential and commercial design. As co-director Bryce Monk says, architecture has a somewhat elitist reputation that can be off-putting for many people, so Threefold Architecture hopes to shatter that image. “We want to be accessible and let people know that a bespoke design for their home is possible for anyone, not just those on big budgets.” This relaxed, approachable style extends to the workplace culture. Threefold Architecture has an office space that is pleasant for staff and welcoming for clients. “We don’t want to be seen as stuffy,” Bryce says. “We’ve got a cool office space where people feel at ease, and we have our team meetings around a ping pong table to really get away from that traditional image that people often have of an architecture firm.” Bryce says Threefold Architecture creates unique homes that make the most of the budget available so the houses are not only individual, but are also good value for money. “I often say to people, why go to a group building company where you’ll get a house out of a book that’s had some minor adjustments, when you can have a bespoke home that will potentially sell for well above your investment.” He says that some of the work they are most proud has been on smaller homes, such as a 70sqm home they recently completed in Christchurch. “Internally this house appears much more spacious than you would expect. It was a case of making the most of the space, coming up with new ideas and new solutions and creating a home that is unique.” The design company also works on larger projects, such as the $1.8 million home they recently completed in Central Otago, which Bryce modestly describes as a nice home. Commercial designs and fit-outs are another core area at Threefold Architecture. A recent project they’ve completed was for Streamliners, the technical communication company. The company was expanding and wanted a work area that allowed for quiet spaces, along with areas for conference calls and meetings. Threefold Architecture met these requirements and crafted an office area with modern, industrial styling that reflected the company’s business and its culture.

They’ve also designed numerous homes in Wanaka, particularly in some of the new subdivisions. Bryce says the success of the homes they have designed has led to developers promoting Threefold Architecture as their preferred designer. “The developer can see that Threefold has a proven record. They have selected us to design homes to be built on sections in their subdivisions because they are guaranteed to provide a successful aspect and create an attractive frontage to the subdivisions.” Threefold Architecture’s homes built in Christchurch have been honoured with Master Built National Gold Awards. Bryce says the company has been proud to work with contractors who have been able to turn the designer’s plans into reality and build beautiful homes that impressed the judges. The Threefold team works with clients and builders throughout New Zealand and Bryce says they have built some strong contacts with talented and professional builders. While residential design and commercial design are their core business, Threefold Architecture also undertakes industrial and interior design projects. “The design phase is critical to the success of a project,” Bryce says. “With the combined expertise of a team of five, including co-director Daniel Webb, we can provide focused, quality time at this stage, which ensures a better outcome for the client.” CT Threefold Architecture Ltd 366a Tuam Street Christchurch 021 100 7185 027 425 0644 — Advertising Feature

LOVE YOUR HOME (AGAIN). “Procuro renovated our house into the home of our dreams and it was so easy, even with our young family.” Bernadette & Andy share their renovation story at BUILDING & RENOVATION    Issue #151, 2018 | 35


Engineered Flooring Solutions Industrial, Residential & Pavement Systems Learn About ramsetreid® ramsetreid® specialises in the manufacture and supply of innovative products and solutions for the concrete construction industry. Proud Supply Partner of the New Zealand Concrete Contractors Association.

Our Danley™ product range was specifically developed to solve problems faced by the industry in the design and construction of concrete slabs-on-ground. The range overcomes many common challenges in the design and construction of durable, maintenance-free and safe concrete flatwork. Joint failure and random cracking of industrial concrete floors are the two most frequent sources of complaint from asset owners. A properly designed concrete slab that will perform well under traffic must include products that provide proper load transfer and joint protection. Our products and systems are designed for these vital functions providing durable floors with spall free joints and greatly reduced random cracking. Danley™ also offers a complete range of pod and reinforcing mesh spacers required for fast and efficient construction of residential slabs of unparalleled quality and uniformed concrete cover.

Learn more about the Danley™ product range below Industrial


PD3™ Plate Dowel Cradle

Plate 85 ArmourMate™

Plate dowel & sleeve system designed for construction joint applications. Diamond™ Dowels are a fast fix, load transfer system that minimises differential deflection. Complies with TR34 (4th Edition).

Tapered and sleeveless plate dowel system for saw cut joints – providing superior joint stability and the highest deflection control tolerance in line with ACI 360R-10.

Designed for New Zealand Industrial slabon-ground floors, Plate 85 ArmourMate™ is installed at the construction joints in Post Tension (PT) slab applications or where large shrinkage joints are expected to occur.


PodRail™ Reinforcing Mesh Spacer System Provides superior support for mesh in residential foam pod slabs. Fast and easy to install, the PodRail saves time and reduces fatigue during set up.

The Danley™ PodRail™ complies with AS/NZS 2425:2015

Pavement Keyjoint & Keyjoint Expanda™ Facilitates greater control of joints in concrete enabling load transfer, lateral movement, whilst limiting differential deflection. Keyjoint Expanda™ provides for thermal expansion, pre-assembled with 5mm close-cell foam.

0508 DANLEY (0508 326 539)




No need for saw-cuts! Place Crack-AJoint™ into the wet concrete along the joint line to induce a controlled crack to full concrete depth. Profile height of 25mm in 3m lengths.

A corrosion free sacrificial plastic formwork system. Easy to use with no need for specialised tools – its ‘click together’ componentry provides simplicity, saving you time and money on site. |

TM    Issue #151, 2018 | 37

Property & Construction | New Zealand Concrete Contractors Association

The concrete industry advocates At a time when New Zealand’s construction industry is booming, the concrete sector is also stepping up a level to maintain high standards. The New Zealand Master Concrete Placers Association is rebranding and has taken on the new name of the New Zealand Concrete Contractors Association. It’s also welcoming more concrete industry trades into its group. The association’s core ethos, which is to provide its members — companies who work with concrete — with leadership, advocacy, professional development and training — will stay the same. Association president Brad Robertson says, “the new name better reflects the activities and scope of the work that our current members carry out. “Many are not only concrete placers but also offer concrete pumping, grinding, polishing, finishing, sawing and drilling services. “Another benefit of this change is that the association is now accessible to a wider group of tradespeople. “This will enable all concrete contractors to access support services that will help them produce a consistently high standard of professional work.” Founding association and current board member Martin Black, a 30-year veteran of the industry, says the association has played a

hugely valuable role in providing support to its members. Formed in 1998 to raise concrete placing standards in what was an industry of hundreds of small operators, the association has been tireless in advancing the interests of its members, says Martin. “In addition to the business and technical material on offer, and the discounts with organisations such as Site Safe, one of the biggest benefits for me has been the networking opportunities,” he says. “You are able to share concrete related ideas and solutions with your fellow contractors to the “The association remains committed to benefit of you and your customers.” providing value,” he says. “Over the next 12 To become a member of the association, months we will look to meet our objectives concrete contractors must show a high level of across strategically important areas. competency in concrete work, and adhere to a “For instance, we are working with ready-mixed code of conduct. concrete suppliers to ease the current supply “The association does not offer any guarantees issues in Auckland, which has proven frustrating on behalf of its members,” Brad says. for our members over recent months. “As a variable product, comprised of naturally occurring materials, concrete has the potential to exhibit inconsistencies in terms of finish and colour. “However, members are encouraged to discuss all possible outcomes during the planning stage of a project, and are educated in good practice steps to reduce the likelihood of defects.” Throughout 2018 the association will look to introduce a new brand across its suite of communications tools. Although Brad is keen to point out that this will not distract from executing a wide-ranging work programme.


Proud member of the...

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“Our relationship with the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO) is strong, with association representatives holding places on their concrete National Advisory Group.”

Graham Rotch

Mob: 027 433 9969 Ph/Fax: 03 308 1707 Email:

Contact us on: (03) 961 5176

“This publication will go a long way in helping minimise residential concrete driveway defects. We also have plans to draft a similar CoP for polishing and grinding concrete,” Brad says. The emergence of the New Zealand Concrete Contractors Association into a thriving construction sector is an exciting proposition. With an emphasis on increasing membership, we will reach out to all concrete industry trades, offering co-ordinated support with the aim of enhancing the profile and reputation of the trade, Brad says. CT

The association’s inaugural scholarship was recently awarded to an apprentice from Whanganui, who will now have his BCITO tuition fees paid for by the association as he completes New Zealand Concrete Contractors Association (NZCCA) a National Certificate in Placing and Finishing. PO Box 302486 North Harbour Marking two decades Auckland 0751 of advocacy 027 531 9940 This year marks the 20th anniversary of the New Zealand Concrete Contractors Association, which will be celebrated at the annual conference held at the Novotel Rotorua Lakeside 17-18 August. “Our conferences always strike a nice balance between practical and social programmes,” Brad says. “Members gain tremendous benefit from coming together to receive technical and business-focused information, as well as to network and socialise. We are anticipating that this year’s event will be the best yet.” Promoting technical capability is a key imperative for the association, with regular good practice material circulated to members.

PO Box 592, Ashburton 7740

2017 saw the achievement of a major milestone, with the release of their Code of Practice (CoP) for Concrete Placement of Domestic Driveways.

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NZMCPA/NZCCA is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018 The NZCAA has over 60 members across the country specialising in: • Concrete placing • Concrete pumping • Concrete polishing and grinding.

Proud members of the NZ Concrete Contractors Association

W W W . R M C P L A N TA U D I T. O R G . N Z

A STAMP OF EXCELLENCE QUALITY SYSTEMS FOR CONCRETE Specify ready mixed concrete from an audited plant for your next construction project. 38 | Issue #151, 2018

w | p 0800 CONSOL | c 027 227 8208

Property & Construction | Cresco

Cresco introduces the RibRaft X-Pod Four years after it was introduced, and after an 18-month due diligence process from Firth’s engineer, RibRaft X-Pod was released onto the market. Invented by Fabio Parodi, CEO and founding director of Christchurch structural engineering firm Cresco, RibRaft X-Pod provides a safer and more sustainable foundation technology to be used on a wide scale throughout New Zealand. Fabio says with RibRaft X-Pod, Firth is not only replacing the expanded polystyrene blocks of their successful RibRaft System with stackable polypropylene pods, but it is introducing a technology with better performance across the board. RibRaft X-Pod is 100 percent recyclable, constructed from recycled materials. Fabio says there are many good reasons why RibRaft X-Pod is a better option including: • Polystyrene is substituted with a recycled and suitable material • A dramatic minimisation of site waste and site pollution RibRaft X-Pod can fit with any footprint layout, as a special part with adjustable length ensures virtually no waste is produced • Greater ease of transportation and storage on site The components are stackable. Components for a 180sqm home can be delivered and stored onsite using nothing larger than a standard single axle trailer • Efficiency improvements across cost and install times It is better-performing and more cost-effective on expansive clay ground conditions and on TC2 sites than other current systems due to its reduced footprint and its special interview pattern of ribs. Its interlocking system reduces steel tires. Installers simply click the steel into place and the system self-locks

• RibRaft X-Pod is super stable in windy conditions and during concrete pours

and RibRaft X-Pod is just one of the innovative products designed by the company.

working relationships with both suppliers and clients alike.

• Improved footprint pressure distribution An effective footprint pressure distribution onto the soil reduces the risk of foundation settlement

The Christchurch firm is part of a wider group, with offices in Europe and Australia, and a high scale project portfolio in 32 countries.

With this in mind, Cresco wholeheartedly thanks RFL – one of New Zealand’s leading ‘design to install’ raft floor teams – and Van de Geest Building – a home building company based in North Canterbury.

• Increased punching resistance The patented design moulds the concrete, delivering excellent resistance against concentrated loads acting onto the slab • Enhanced protection against moisture from the ground • Insulation performance is not affected by moisture X-Pods are made from polypropylene and offer effective protection against moisture to the foundation reinforcing and living spaces • Better finishing quality for polished floors No more poly beads floating to the top of the floor and getting in the way or creating gaps.

The steel structure design specialists Cresco specialises in foundation and steel structure designs for residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure constructions,

Fabio says Cresco provides the best practice solutions to suit local needs by sharing knowledge and fostering cooperation across their international engineering network. He says as part of an international company, Cresco can handle tight deadlines by coordination with teams of engineers around the world and the firm always provides clients with a tailored and personal service. “Our teams are sized and managed to ensure prompt action. We have been able to handle complex high-scale projects, up to monthly workloads of 8,000 hours, and we typically deliver the RibRaft X-Pod foundation designs in 48 hours.” He says while the company has been involved in many projects and innovative developments, in New Zealand it is now best known for the RibRaft X-Pod and the Armadillo Foundation System (a technology derived form the same patent of the RibRaft X-Pod), and for keeping foundation cost down with a fully recyclable product.

The benefit of commercial relationships Being successful in business is all about communication and establishing and maintaining

“We do homes ranging from base level to architectural and contemporary builds, says the manager and founder of Van de Geest Building, Dave Van de Geest. “Our ethos is to work directly with clients from concept to completion, keeping a personal touch and a high-quality finish. We were put on to Cresco's X Pod slabs by a local engineer; after researching the product and talking to Fabio Parodi, we tried it and have never looked back. “The majority of our homes are built in Pegasus, which is TC-rated land and requires an engineered slab. “We have found the X Pod system to be a cost effective solution in terms of design and ease of constructing the system, allowing us to pass cost savings on to our clients,” Dave says. CT Cresco 0800 11 33 11 — Advertising Feature

MOWATBECK ACCOUNTANTS LTD your friendly accountants Our firm has provided quality Accounting services since 1999. We understand the Small Medium Enterprise environment and will help you develop and grow your business.

vandegeestbuilding LIMITED ‘Proud supporters of Cresco Engineering’

GEOTECHNICAL Call 022 109 1476

Expert Contemporary Builder’s in North Canterbury With over 14 years in the business, we are experts in home construction, in everything from building new homes from scratch, to completing long awaited renovations.

Over 25 years supporting the construction industry • Land Development • Residential & Commercial Projects • Infrastruture Auckland: 09 478 6655 Christchurch: 03 343 5302

Business Advisory Services Management and Compliance reporting Taxation ‘Proud to support Cresco Engineering’

Phone: 03 348 8654 | Fax: 03 348 5210 E-mail: 290 Clyde Road, Bryndwr, Christchurch    Issue #151, 2018 | 39

Property & Construction | JAR Builders

Repairing and rebuilding Canterbury Eight years of earthquake building repairs have given JAR Builders Limited considerable skills in all aspects of residential and commercial construction and repairs. JAR Builders has been operating in Christchurch for many years and is currently focused on repairing homes and businesses since the region’s first earthquake in 2010. Team member Shannon Gallagher says the business has undertaken a large amount of repair work, including earthquake damage and general insurance work.

engineering company BAT Structures, as well as BAT Architecture for its earthquake strengthening and design work. Shannon says being able to rely on one company for help with its repair work is a huge advantage. “The earthquake work is quite challenging and we have grown a lot in experience by doing this work.

“Every job is challenging and no job is the same. The work

James Murdoch (left), and Shannon Gallagher, of JAR Builders Limited.

can involve anything from full house lifting and levelling to

the earthquake repair work and the satisfaction of JAR Builders has recently completed new homes completing each job for the homeowner. in Rolleston and West Melton and has undertaken many successful new hospitality builds and “If someone approaches us we are more than fitouts, including the Carlton Bar and Eatery, Casa capable of exceeding their expectations and Publica, the refurbishment of Coasters Tavern doing whatever they need,” Shannon says. and the new Pig and Whistle in Queenstown. CT

just an external/internal cosmetic plaster and paint; we do it all.” - Team member Shannon Gallagher

“We are currently doing earthquake repairs including house lifting and remedial repairs. We also undertake new residential builds and renovations,” he says. JAR Builders does all repair work, from start to finish, and works closely with Christchurch

New building work

“Every job is challenging and no job is the same. The work can involve anything from full house lifting and levelling to just an external/internal cosmetic plaster and paint; we do it all.”

JAR Builders has the skills and expertise to complete new design-and-build work, commercial construction and hospitality fitouts.

The company can see your next building project all the way through from concept and design, to construction and fit out. It specialises in satisfying your specific project needs, The JAR Builders team, which consists of its own offering you creative input into the design and builders and trusted full-time contractors, enjoys consultation throughout the process.

JAR Builders Limited PO Box 36557 Merivale Christchurch 8146 021 0284 1765 — Advertising Feature




Premium Quality tiles at excellent prices We supply quality tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, entrance ways and outdoor living areas. Proudly supporting JAR Builders

port... p u s o t d u Pro JAR Builders Certified Drainlayer Drain Unblocking - Electric Eel & Water-blasting CCTV Camera Inspections Repairs Alterations New Housing

Ph: 03 423 1696

Phone 027 435 9005 Email 40 | Issue #151, 2018

Robert Redmond Flooring Proud to support JAR Builders PH: 021 1366 177 Flooring providers for the Canterbury Region

An award-winning insurance brokerage with 35+ years’ experience delivering insurance solutions.

SPECIALIST INDUSTRIES BUSINESS INSURANCE PERSONAL INSURANCE LIFE INSURANCE We are proud to be associated with JAR Builders Contact Us Today! P 03 379 1001 E


Property & Construction | Pace Project Management

Project Management at Pace Pace Project Management is based in Christchurch and has been in the construction project management industry since 2000. It is a nationwide project management company and its team members have developed a wide range of skills.

1. Initiation Phase. This step includes the formal commencement of the project and the scope explanation. In a construction project, it will outline the purpose of the project and define the scope of the project and usually the client brief. 2. Planning Phase. The project manager formulates the best strategy for the team to accomplish the client’s objective. It may fall on the project manager to choose the team members, in addition to requisitioning other resources. Setting the timeline, budget, schedule and communication lines also take place during this phase.

“We are driven by a pragmatic approach to ensuring our clients’ objectives are realised. By aligning our international experience with our local knowledge we can ensure your construction project is delivered on time, on budget and 3. Execution Phase. The project manager will to the quality you expect,” says PACE Project implement and oversee all activities that will Management director Andrew Christian. create the outcomes as outlined in the project plan. In a construction project, this will usually “At Pace Project Management we view our client be the on-site construction phase. relationships as partnerships and tailor the management of every project to that partnership – whether it’s pure project management, development management or construction management of a project from conception through to completion.

4. Control Phase. Execution and control occur simultaneously. The project manager monitors the team assuring that the projected performance from the planning phase becomes a reality.

“The open nature of our partnerships enables us to reduce the risk to the stakeholders and maximise outcomes.”

5. Closure Phase. During this last stage, the project manager will facilitate the finalisation of any administrative tasks, reporting documentation, updating and presenting the resulting deliverable(s) to the client. You can calculate your individual managerial and your project team’s success by answering one important question: Did you meet and/or exceed the client requirements for the project?

The management process The following are the five project management phases used to deliver a successful project outcome which apply to every project, not just a construction or fit-out project:

In a turn-around of roles, Pace Project Management has helped Harcourts Grenadier find a new home - this time for Harcourts themselves in their brand new Building at 98 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch.

The Pace Project Management website has a number of completed projects, all of which have encompassed these five phases; the project has been completed and Pace has met or exceeded the client's expectations.

Professional finish

Pace provides the client with a development budget for the project, including the projected return on investment. At this stage the project’s viability can be ascertained and changes made if required.

Level 3, 112 Tuam Street, Christchurch (03) 366 4282

At the end of a new commercial project, the project manager needs to ensure all the documentation is available for the final code compliance and that all the contractors and consultants have completed the relevant documentation for the Council’s sign off. There The Pace Project Management is also the sign off of the quality of workmanship, difference mainly for the finishes of the project, which is Pace Project Management uses in-house quantity usually signed off by the architect. surveying expertise to establish the viability of the If you want your project professionally managed, project and liaise with real estate professionals contact Neil Walker or Andy Christian on – who will provide the market rental rates for the (03) 366 4282, or visit CT proposed building. Pace Project Management

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FREE QUOTES New Homes | Renovations | Bathrooms | All Other Building m. 021 034 0475 e. a. PO Box 837, Timaru    Issue #151, 2018 | 41

Property & Construction | New Zealand Plumbing Awards

Celebrating the best in the business Six South Islanders took out top awards at this year’s national New Zealand Plumbing Awards. The New Zealand Plumbing Awards celebrate all stages in a plumbing career - from apprentices, to employees and business owners. They also acknowledge top projects and people who have gone over and above for their industry. The awards are the culmination of the New Zealand Plumbing Conference, with Plumbing World, Mico and Marley key sponsors of the 2018 conference.

Apprentice achievements Given the current nationwide shortage of plumbers, employers play a vital role in training

apprentices to be the next generation of qualified tradespeople. Top apprentices and newly qualified plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers were recognised at the awards - particularly by the prestigious James Douglas Medallion, which has been presented since 1948 to an outstanding newly qualified tradesperson. The overall winner is picked from three finalists, two of which were South Islanders this year: Kieran Howden of Rolleston-based DrainPro the drainlaying finalist, and Kelly Adam of Impact Roofing & Plumbing in Dunedin, the plumbing finalist and overall winner. Kelly Adam completed a commerce degree before deciding to pursue plumbing. At the awards, he thanked his wife for supporting

him in making the career switch, which meant completing a four-year apprenticeship. “Five years ago a casual conversation started me on this journey, and I haven’t looked back,” he said. Kelly carried out his apprenticeship through Masterlink - a Master Plumbers’ owned company that employs apprentices and places them with host plumbing firms. He was nominated for the award for his work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to help other apprentices. Six Masterlink apprentices won Plumbing World scholarships at the awards, including South Island apprentices Leon Watson of Adams Plumbing & Drainage 2010 Ltd in Mosgiel, and Scott Gillespie of Advantage Ltd, based in Queenstown and Christchurch. After leaving school, Leon ran the family farm for many years and helped with the farm’s irrigation systems. In his early thirties he decided to train as a plumber. Leon works at Adams Plumbing & Drainage, where he has proved a conscientious, dedicated and loyal apprentice. He has now passed his tradesman registration exams and completed his National Certificates and is set to take his qualifications one step further by sitting his certifying registration exams. Scott has also recently became a qualified plumber and drainlayer. He was nominated for the scholarship for his 100 percent commitment and dedication to his job and for rising to any challenge that comes his way.

50 years of service Plumbing World Scholarship winner Scott Gillespie of Advantage Ltd (left) receiving his Plumbing National Certificate from Masterlink business development manager Sam Timlin.

Dunedin plumbing industry stalwart Roger Herd was selected for this year’s Outstanding Services to Industry award.

Roger started as a plumbing apprentice at A&T Burt in Dunedin 50 years ago. A dedicated Master Plumber, he is a long-standing member of his local Association and has also served on the national Master Plumbers Board, including a term as national president. His involvement with Masterlink began in 2003 as a part-time coordinator. Five years later, he took a full-time role as Masterlink’s South Island manager. Now nearing retirement, Roger remains a passionate supporter of apprentice training, having trained and mentored more than 180 apprentices over his years in the industry.

Winning project The Project of the Year also went to a South Island firm, with Optum Ltd in Queenstown winning this year’s award for their sustainable plumbing work on Camp Glenorchy. This tourist facility has been designed with a goal of using 50 percent less energy and 50 percent less water than standard visitor accommodation, and Otpum Ltd was engaged to install the plumbing and drainage for the project, as well as the heating and solar. Master Plumbers appreciates the support businesses including Mico, Advantage Ltd and Drain Pro. CT Master Plumbers PO Box 6606 Marion Square, Wellington 6141 (04) 384 4184 — Advertising Feature





w w

Q ueenstown Ph: 03 442 8926

Christchurch Ph: 03 3554786


0800 844 448 42 | Issue #151, 2018

The drainlaying experts you can trust A third generation drainlayer is mixing old ways with the new, and developing the only drainlaying franchise in New Zealand. Owner of DrainPro, Nathan Williamson has picked up the baton from his father and grandfather, who were also drainage contractors. Armed with a commerce degree he is building a franchise system upon strong foundations in Canterbury, where he runs a mid-sized drainage contracting company which also operates in Queenstown Lakes. They are about to start up in Auckland. He started in 2014 by being in the “right place, right time”.

award open to any drain laying apprentices – and Kieran won the award. While Kieran got 85 percent on the exam, it was the leadership qualities he displayed that set him apart, says Nathan. Within three years he had become the operations manager of the company. “It’s nice to have someone who’s homegrown, who started with us and has come up through the ranks. That set a precedent for the young guys, that with hard work and persistence these pathways are available.” DrainPro has a policy in the company of promoting from within. The theory behind it is that they bring people in right at the start of their apprenticeships and support them to grow through the ranks.

“The only new recruiting we’re doing is from the “Dad and his father both worked for Fletcher Living very bottom, so that we can mold them into our in Auckland and in mid-2014, while I was in my final ways from the very start. We are very selective in year of study, they moved to Christchurch to set up who we take on. a branch. I was able to jump in on that - they were “It is my hope that everyone who starts with us has my first client.” the potential to go on and become a manager, or take on their own franchise” However, at the start of 2015 work with Fletchers came to a halt and Nathan was left with staff to pay and no immediate work. “That was the first major learning experience; not having all your eggs in one basket. But that forced me to get out and go looking for more work. And that’s where we picked up a lot of the clients we’re still working for today. So it was a blessing in disguise. While their customer base is diverse, their work remains very specialised. DrainPro install drains on new houses, and septic tanks on rural properties. DrainPro operations manager Kieran Howden is also tertiary qualified, with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geography. “Kieran has been with us for three years. He started off just out of university looking for a part time job, before he went travelling. It turned out that he actually quite enjoyed it and never left to go travelling. He started his apprenticeship with us.” Kieran managed to complete his apprenticeship in just over 12 months, which is incredibly fast says Nathan. The standard one takes at least two years. “He did it through sheer persistence and making sure bureaucracy didn’t get in his way." Nathan nominated Kieran for the Master Plumbers Drainlayer Apprentice of the Year award, a national

Nathan says DrainPro brings energy, enthusiasm, innovations, and a dynamic approach to their trade. While he is 25 years old, the oldest person in his company is just 28. These days he says the major thing that sets them apart from 90 percent of their competitors is that their new home drainage and septic tank installation are all completed within one day. This includes arriving on site, laying the drains, getting it inspected and backfilling. Usually this would take two days.

“Their service, standard of work and reliability make DrainPro a pleasure to deal with and a standout among our subbies.” - G.J. Gardner Christchurch South owner, Neil Fraser

“The reason we’re able to do that is because we’re specialists in that area. “Everything’s geared around getting in and out of houses in one day. All of our systems, all our gear, all of our facilities, are geared towards that.”

*The DrainPro boys hard at work.

As for the future, Nathan says the end goal is to have branches nationwide and be the go-to drainlaying company for housing companies nationwide. DrainPro 889 Jones Road Rolleston (03) 421 7167

* Christchurch gear all ready to go.

* At work on a residential project.

Property & Construction | GE Construction

The builders behind The Boulevard Village The Boulevard Village, Rolleston’s new purpose-built retirement village, showcases the high level of workmanship of the main building contractor, GE Construction Ltd. Grant England, GE Construction’s director, says it was an exciting project to be involved in as the high-spec, architecturally-designed village is a first for Rolleston.

Light commercial, hospitality and Grant says light commercial and hospitality work has become a speciality for the team, who shop fittings

Grant has over 25 years’ industry experience, and still takes a hands-on approach to all constructions. He says they were able to secure The Boulevard project because over the years GE Construction has built up a solid reputation as a trusted and quality building company.

GE Construction has been involved in countless light commercial projects throughout Christchurch, including office fit-outs, warehouses, golf courses, retail outlets, storage facilities bars and restaurants.

enjoy the diversity and unique challenges of these projects.

Residential building From architecturally-designed homes, to more most dwellings, GE Construction has built homes

The first stage is due to be opened in August with further stages planned. The first stage consists of five luxury three and two-bedroom villas. When completed the village will include a community lodge, apartments and a care suite. The community lodge will be the hub of the village with dining, lounge, bar and café facilities, along with a beautician/therapy room, gym, library and computer room. The 40 self-contained one or two bedroom apartments will have a further bar, café and dining facilities, and lounge facilities with a library, theatre, hair salon and gym. Twenty care suites will be built in the later stages of development, to provide a choice of care up to hospital level and including dementia care. Each room will have an en suite and small kitchenette. Grant says being involved in the project was a chance for GE Construction to showcase its workmanship and project management skills. The company has been involved in the Christchurch residential and light commercial building industry for 15 years. Starting as a ‘oneman-band’ GE Construction now employs a team of 10 highly-skilled and trained tradesmen.

Certified Scaffolding Services Ltd supporting GE Construction Call 0800 81 66 11 |










Property & Construction | GE Construction

“Your deadlines are our deadlines. We will go the extra mile to ensure that work is completed on time, every time.” - Director Grant England

for clients with a diversity of requirements, house size and budgets. They also specialise in renovations and extensions of all types of homes, from character homes to more modern dwellings. GE Construction can work off the client’s plans, but also provides a full design and build service.

Project management GE Construction is currently the project manager on the first stages of The Boulevard, and offers a

full project management service to all clients. Grant says on projects like The Boulevard, timing is everything and GE Construction has a reputation for getting things done on time. “Your deadlines are our deadlines,” Grant says. “We will go the extra mile to ensure that work is completed on time, every time.” The team can organise and mange the client’s preferred sub-contractors or supply contractors as required, and has strong working relationships with many local contractors.

GE Construction is a registered Master Builder, which means all their work carries the Master Builder 10 year guarantee, is a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) and is Site Safe registered, with a committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment on all its worksites. The company is also proud to support the BCITO Apprenticeship Scheme as part of its commitment to the future of the building and construction industry.

We cover all areas of plumbing including:

He says the team continues to be excited by The Boulevard project. They are proud of the work they are doing currently on stage one, and are looking forward to their involvement with the future stages, which he says will be a great asset for the Rolleston area. CT GE Construction Ltd 027 227 3564 — Advertising Feature

• maintenance plumbing • commercial • new build • backflow prevention • wetback and fire installation • water filter installation and servicing Ph: 0800 080 189

Resource Management Planning Civil Engineering Design Land Surveying and Construction Setout Project Implementation and compliance

Proud to be associated with GE Construction W: P: 323 7085

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Property & Construction | Broadhurst Builders

Brilliant builds made easy Broadhurst Builders might specialise in new-home builds, but that is certainly not all it does. The North Canterbury-based company completes renovations and alterations, timber decking, concreting, fencing, pole barn construction and light commercial work - all to the highest possible standard.

The Broadhurst Builders’ guarantee:

Owner Max Broadhurst has been in construction for nearly 15 years and established Broadhurst Builders in 2013. Today he has eight full-time staff on the tools, including four qualified builders and four apprentices.

• Every project completed to the predetermined budget

Whether you are planning on upsizing or downsizing, relocating to a new area or wanting to build your first or next home, the team at Broadhurst Builders can meet all your needs. The company has built more than 50 quality homes throughout Canterbury, many for couples with young families. With a young family himself, Max has plenty of tips on how to make your new home warm, safe and functional. “We keep our job numbers limited to make sure each job gets the utmost respect and attention,” Max says.

• Every project finished on or before the completion date

• All work completed to the highest standard • A simple, easy and stress-free building process.

Broadhurst Builders has built more than 50 quality homes throughout Canterbury.

“There’s no better feeling than handing over the keys to building with us is we are a small company and we don’t have a lot of overheads, so we can pass those cost savings along to our clients.” Broadhurst Builders is well experienced in all forms of construction, including renovations and alterations, and focuses on achieving a highquality outcome for every client.

someone’s dream home and seeing the excitement and joy on their faces as they admire what they have worked hard to own.” - Owner Max Broadhurst

“I’m on site every day, on every job, and we Broadhurst Builders is extremely client focused don’t try and stretch ourselves too far. We are not and works hard to make the building process as aiming to be the cheapest, but an advantage of enjoyable as possible for its valued customers.


We cover all interior plastering and gib fixing of new homes and light commercial

‘Proud to support Broadhurst Builders’ Ph 027 473 9679

Rock Solid Foundations are an experienced foundation company providing an array of residential and commercial foundation solutions throughout Canterbury. Rock Solid Foundations can provide a one stop shop from design through to foundation completion, or alternatively work in with your own engineers and excavators. Our team focus on providing a friendly service coupled with extensive experience. From start to finish it’s an easy process.









E L E C T R I C I ANS 0800 AMP IT UP (0800 267 48 87)

‘Proud to support Broadhurst Builders’

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027 323 4441

Property & Construction | Broadhurst Builders

A contemporary home by Broadhurst Builders.

The company is proud to be locally owned and operated and not part of a franchise or large building group. When you build with Broadhurst, you will get to know everyone on staff, including owner Max Broadhurst.

The Broadhurst Builders’ process: 1. First contact for a free, no obligation consultation with Max Broadhurst 2. Consultation

Max Broadhurst.

“We want to make the building process as easy and stress free as possible for everyone,” Max says. “I project manage every single job, so the client is always dealing with me. I think that gives them an advantage because my name is on the business. I care about my business and want it to go well.”

Making the job easy for everyone

view their job scheduling programme, select fixtures and fittings, and see progress photos, added weekly, to keep track of every step of the building process.

“There’s no better feeling than handing over the keys to someone’s dream home and seeing the excitement and joy on their faces as they admire what they have worked hard to own.” CT

“For as long as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a builder. All through my apprenticeship I loved my work and watching the excitement as people moved into their freshly completed homes really lit a fire in my belly,” Max says.

Broadhurst Builders Ltd 70 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi North Canterbury 0800 BROADIE (0800 276 2343) 022 276 2343

“My passion is helping people get into their Broadhurst operates its own project management dream homes and making the process as easy, phone app and website login, where clients can simple, stress free and exciting as possible.

3. Concept plans and estimated price

“Proudly supporting Broadhurst Builders”

4. Consented plans and working drawings 5. Detailed project management and fixed-price

— Advertising Feature

Get in contact with Cottle Plumbing for all your plumbing & drainage needs.


Our services include: • Bathroom and kitchen renovations • Hot and cold water systems • Maintenance & Repair • Plumbing for New builds •Residential & Commercial work

6. Relax and watch the progress 7. Receive keys and enjoy your new home.

Committed to providing a high standard of workmanship at competitive rates

IQP backflow installation and testing certified

Joe & Leanne Bemelman Ph: 03 327-6850 •

' 022 1727196 *

Proud to support


Northern Painting Limited

Call Josh: 021 261 8678 •

Residential | New Houses | Repaints - Interior and Exterior P. 021 855 436 E.

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Property & Construction | Superhome Movement


Change the way you live


Then you should consider UPVC Windows & Doors When it comes to building new housing developments, we understand the need for high quality, reliable and long lasting materials. Whatever the style of your house, we have a window or door that will suit it. Energy Efficient Tough & Secure Sound Insulated Durable & Rot Resistant User Friendly Minimal Maintenance

Showcasing affordable superhomes in Christchurch The Superhome Movement in conjunction with NK Windows, the Christchurch City Council and GIB presents the third annual Superhome Tours. The tours are the first and only of their kind in New Zealand, allowing consumers and industry to see and experience high performance homes that are healthier and more thermally efficient than the current NZ building standards. All homes in the tour have been Homestar rated, showing how well these homes compare to the average NZ home.

When and where The self-guided tours will take place over three weekends in June 9-10, 16-17 and 23-24, in Christchurch from 11am to 4pm.

For a map and the address of the 12 superhomes in Christchurch, check out the Superhome Movement website,, and their Facebook page a week before the tours start.

Within your means The Superhome Movement is a not-for-profit building industry group of professionals whose passion is to raise the standards of new homes. It includes, builders, developers, designers and architects, and product suppliers. Co-founder of the Superhome Movement, Christchurch architect Bob Burnett says, “It’s a myth that a superhome is too expensive. More and more people are realising that a superhome is affordable.

Superhome Tours in Christchurch • 12 superhomes • The weekends of June 9-10, June 16-17 and June 23-24 • Self-guided - you drive • Open between 11am and 4pm • Check and Facebook for maps and addresses a week before the tours.

“Superhomes are built to a higher energyefficiency standard than what the NZ Building



Unit 5 Strathallan Estate, 4 Strathallan Street, PO Box 2455, Dunedin GET A FREE QUOTE: 0800 455 501 FIND OUT MORE AT: 48 | Issue #151, 2018

Civil Structural Environmental Geotechnical Ph. 03 348 1000 E.

Proud to be a part of the Superhome Movement

Electrical and Home Automation Services William Hides 021 594 442

Property & Construction | Superhome Movement “It’s a myth that a superhome is too expensive. More and more people are realising that a superhome is affordable.” - Co-founder Bob Burnett

Code requires. That means the power bills are much lower than standard new homes, and they have higher levels of insulation and ventilation meaning they are healthier too. “And it only costs an additional $5,000 to $6,000 for an average-sized new home to be built to the standard of a Superhome. “With smart design that extra cost can easily be met by reducing the floor area of a new home by a small amount – three to five square metres,” Bob says.

Superhomes on show in 2018 tours Be inspired to build smarter. This year’s selection of warmer, dryer, healthier homes, presented by Superhome Movement participants, is bigger and better than ever. These tours are for everyone from builders, architects, tradespeople and suppliers to prospective home owners wanting to gain first hand insights on how to achieve higher building standards and make a difference without costing the earth. Bob Burnett Architecture is hosting Saturday tours of New Zealand’s first 10 Homestar Superhomes in Christchurch until the end of May, starting at 11am sharp at 11 Church Square, Addington. More info can be found at: The Superhome Movement is raising the standard for healthier homes. Want to get involved or find out more? Go to

Building Code outdated Bob says New Zealand’s Building Code sets a low standard for home building and is 20 years behind other developed countries. “It is the minimum standard that a new home must meet, not a target to aspire to,” he says “We don’t heat or ventilate our homes enough. The insulation we put in new homes is about one third of what other OECD countries do. This results in unhealthy homes that are not fit for purpose and fall well below WHO recommendations for healthy living environments. “New Zealand has the highest rate of childhood asthma in the world. About 30 percent of seven year olds in New Zealand have asthma. An appalling statistic and research has shown our cold, damp houses are to blame.” CT Superhome Movement Deborah Croft 027 698 6955

Phone 03 344 3126

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Property & Construction | Best practice

Delivering best practice We often hear the term “best practice” used in the workplace, but do we know what does it really mean? The definition of “best practice” is as follows: “Best practice is a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives because it produces results that are superior to those achieved by other means, or because it has become a standard way of doing things, e.g., a standard way of complying with legal or ethical requirements”. In simple terms this means finding and using the best ways of doing a task that have been accepted within the industry that you work in as the standard that should be reached. How do we go about finding the best way of doing a task? We can look at the other successful companies in our business sector and see how they are doing the task, or we can look for any commonly accepted standard operating procedures or regulatory standards that are in use in our business sector which are used to achieve business objectives. Best practices are a large part of accreditation standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14001. Applying the appropriate best practice standards to your business will enable you to work to objective criteria to achieve quality outcomes. There are some criticisms of the term "best practice." There are claims that the work

necessary to decide what is, and to practice, the "best" is rarely done. This criticism is to some degree backed up by the regulatory requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to take “all steps so far as is reasonably practicable”. The main reason for this is that best practice will differ depending on the individual task being undertaken and according to the environment in which it is being undertaken. In New Zealand industry the rate of injury and death is unacceptably high, and significant improvement needs to be made. The fact is that in spite of considerable effort by, and even successes in, some sections of industry, the performance overall is far short of best practice. The principles of best practice include:

constructs it, manufacturers it, undertakes it or who may be exposed or affected by the plant, substance, structure or task.

1. Safety in design Safety in design means the integration of control measures early in the design process to eliminate or, if this is not reasonably practicable, minimise the risks to health and safety throughout the life of the structure/task being designed. The designer must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the plant, substance, structure or task is designed to be without risks to the health and safety of persons uses it, handles it, stores,

2. Safety leadership Develop a health and safety management system and appoint a health and safety leadership team. Include safety requirements in all construction documents. Ensure adequate trained and certified staff are employed as required by the project being undertaken. Use only suitably qualified sub-contractors as required by contract

specifications. Carry out management led site inspections. Ensure regular toolbox meetings and health and safety committee meetings are held and any recommendations are put in action ASAP. Recognise and reward good safety leadership.

3. Identifying and managing risk Set up a risk register and record risk information. Implement systematic risk management processes. Record residual safety risk information in the risk register. Communicate

InlinePlumbing Plumbing • Gasfitting • Drainlaying


Phone: 03 377 5806 39b Sandyford Street , Sydenham, Christchurch Email:

Electrical • Plumbing • Complete Bathroom Specialists • Gasfitting • Drainlaying


CH 357 0023

5A Holt Place Harewood, Christchurch Near Airport

Property & Construction | Best practice safety risk information to all relevant stakeholders. Record safety information relevant to all operations. Establish a system for all stakeholders to report hazards.

7. Documentation

4. Engagement

In summary

Ensure all staff are trained to carry out their respective tasks and hold any required current certifications to carry out those tasks. Communicate safety commitment to all stakeholders via posted copies of current dated copy of company health and safety policy signed by the managing director of the company.

Although “best practice” may give definite criteria, formula or prescription, the implementation of “best practice” will always require the adaptation of the principles dependent on the circumstances of the task being undertaken, and the environment in which it is being undertaken.

Develop a system to ensure that all documents are current and copies are available for all stakeholders that may need access to them.

There is no perfect one size fits all formula for “best practice” as each business has different Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for requirements and different environments in which safety. Undertake regular measurement of project they operate, and therefore will require at least safety performance using leading indicators and some unique practices depending on lagging indicators, and regularly analyse safety these factors. performance data. By analysing past performances in our own operations, looking at other similar type of 6. Monitoring and compliance businesses operations and checking regulatory Conduct regular site inspections. Ensure there is requirements, we can identify the best practices a system in place to verify that all recommended that will give compliance with regulatory remedial actions identified in any inspection requirements to take all steps so far as is report have been carried out and signed off by reasonably practicable, and then incorporate the person responsible. these into your business plan.

5. Continuous improvement

WE ARE DEDICATED TO THE SAFETY OF YOUR STAFF, CONTRACTORS AND THE PUBLIC. With more than 50 years’ experience in the construction sector we are well aware of the needs of the industry. This means we realise how important the safety of your best asset – your staff – is to you and your company’s future. So, as a local company servicing New Zealanders in the construction industry, we are committed to the safety of your staff. And when you deal with us you’re dealing with the owner, which means you receive a superior and speedy service – every time. Our extensive construction knowledge ensures we understand local compliance issues and we realise how critical your deadlines are and we guarantee to be on time – check out our Secureguarantee.

Secureguarantee • We guarantee to beat any written quote by 10% • We guarantee to return all quotes within 48 hours otherwise you will receive the first week rental FREE of charge! Securescaffold covers all NEW WorkSafe working height requirements providing fall protection for builders, painters, home handyman and roofers on new and existing home constructions. * Terms and conditions apply to the Secureguarantee

Ask your builder if he’s using Securefence and scaffold – it will save you money.

Call Us First! Timber Tru are kitchen & wooden joinery specialists. We listen to your needs so you get the finish you want.


Are you building a new house or looking to update your kitchen, bathroom or windows.

Quality Timber Joinery

New and Renovations | Kitchens | Windows | Doors | Wardrobes

374 Ferry Road, Christchurch Ph: 03 389 2986 E:

Part of the

P: 0800 66 00 22 18c Old Taupo Road, Rotoura 3015 | Level 6, 10 Scotia Place, Auckland, 1010 49 Montgomery Crescent, Upper Hutt, Wellington 2 Ivan Jamieson Place, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8053, NZ    Issue #151, 2018 | 51

Property & Construction | Sustainable building

Going green makes commercial sense Green buildings are delivering a clear financial return to owners, developers and tenants – with ‘brown discounts’ starting to emerge in some cities. World Green Building Council chief executive, Jane Henley says as business tenants see the financial opportunity and start viewing ‘space’ as a service rather than an expense, they’ll start demanding green leases - which will drive improvement in New Zealand construction. For the design and construction industry, this will mean working in closer partnerships, earlier, to deliver higher-performing buildings. She says global evidence clearly proves green construction doesn’t need to cost more. Where there is a cost premium, energy and other savings typically more than make up for that within a reasonable payback period. New Zealand research looking at the costs of 17 green buildings around the country reveals that they don’t systematically cost more to construct than conventional buildings, with some costing as much as a third less. Key findings of WGBC research include: •There is a big gap between actual and perceived cost of green buildings. The cost premium for most certified green buildings is zero to four percent - but they’re perceived by industry to be up to 29 percent more expensive to build •Building green often costs less than conventional buildings, particularly when cost and environmental factors are considered at the beginning of the process •Sustainable buildings cost less to run – including energy, water use and maintenance.

This generally makes up for any cost premiums during design and construction • Green buildings have a marked effect on productivity. Improved lighting, ventilation and views of the outdoors have been proven to boost employee productivity by 11 percent to 23 percent - benefiting business performance and profitability • Green buildings deliver better returns. Research shows higher sales prices, higher occupancy, and in markets where green building is mainstream, there are emerging ‘brown discounts’ for non-green buildings. She says the costs of green building are trending downwards as the industry matures. “Sustainable buildings make business sense. Our business case synthesises all the credible global evidence into one collective resource - and the evidence is clear. “From risk mitigation across a building portfolio and city-wide economic benefits, to the improved health and wellbeing of occupants, the business costs of 17 Green Star office buildings with the case will continue to evolve as markets mature. cost of conventional buildings. We’re seeing momentum grow; green buildings have become the status quo in many cities.” They found that seven of the group cost less than a conventional build and that overall there was no In a study by two New Zealand researchers systematic difference in capital cost. published in the international journal Building Research and Information, authors Michael New Zealand Green Building Council chief Rehm from the University of Auckland School of executive, Alex Cutler says it was immensely Business and Economics, and Rochelle Ade from useful to have New Zealand research that backs up international findings. Ade Consultants, compared the construction

COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Land Surveying / Resource Management Environmental Science / Structural Engineering Geotechnical Engineering / Civil Engineering

“Our sustainable building industry has matured. New Zealand has skilled practitioners who are delivering healthier, more efficient buildings for no more than a conventional build. “Cost is frequently cited as the biggest barrier to green building – but that will shift as businesses understand there are firm financial gains to be made, alongside the health and environmental benefits.”

0800 999 333 Christchurch / Timaru Greymouth / Nelson



Thousands of jobs ready & waiting for you right now! PROUD

To be a finalist ONCE AGAIN in the last NetGuide Best Employment site category! 0800 486 329 | 2 IVAN JAMIESON PLACE, CHCH AIRPORT, CHCH 8053, NZ.

52 | Issue #151, 2018

Property & Construction | Sustainable building

What sustainability really entails Sustainability is more than making structures earthquake-strong and weather-tight. Rain on the plains A gradually warming climate brings greater rain carrying capacity in the atmosphere, so we can expect heavier winter snow on higher ground, and more frequent heavy rain storms than this region experienced last century, even if the average annual rainfall goes down. Drains could be overloaded, as what was ’50year flood’ frequency becomes perhaps 10-year frequency. House and garden designs will need to adapt in order to stay water-tight. In the east of New Zealand climate change may mean the year’s rain falling in uneven bursts between periods of drought, so rainwater storage is part of resilient buildings, as well as being relevant for farmers. Tank water storage is also really useful in civil emergencies, such as after earthquakes. Garden watering and toilet flushing are good uses for stored rainwater, preserving treated and piped supplies for essential uses. As water supply costs rise, designing-in efficiency will pay for itself.

Warming to the idea Sunshine is the free heat input that a resilient house design incorporates, even in winter, by increasing north-facing glazing, while reducing glazing area on the south.

This requires the structure to have internal thermal mass to absorb heat by day and release it overnight to achieve temperature stability. External shading from mid-summer heat is important too, especially at the north-west, to prevent summer overheating. Wall and ceiling insulation needs to be extensive and be placed outside the thermal mass of the floor or sunlit walls for that thermal mass to work. Placing carpets over insulated floors does not work: floor surfaces such as tiles or polished concrete will let solar energy flow in by day and the stored warmth flow out at night. Warmer (but sufficiently ventilated) homes at night are better for our health, allowing good sleep and fewer doctor visits - which improves productivity work and success at school. A quarter of a million homes in New Zealand still have no or little insulation in their roofs and three times that number have little or no wall insulation, so there is scope for considerable improvement to existing homes. Building standards in Europe and North America are running well ahead of ours. Photovoltaic panels are most useful on buildings where the largest power use is 9.30 AM to 4 PM such as at schools, factories and offices, although fast developing technology may soon make on-site power storage cost-effective.

Decentralised power production increases resilience by reducing reliance on distant generators linked to us by the National Grid, and it saves carbon if those distant generators are still burning coal or gas.

Visit for a page of local sustainability links, information on occasional courses and Facebook links. You can download learning guides once registered, free for your use at home or with friends.

Future living skills

Additional advice on bringing sustainability awareness into new building and home renovations appears at: environment/sustainability/build-back-smarter, and at

A resource-efficient, less polluting future will call on new life skills from us as building users, as well as the building designers and constructors. We may need to know about local food production, low carbon transport, waste and water minimisation, re-use and community resilience. These topics feature alongside energy and ecodesign in a local-government backed programme which is now available free in Christchurch, Waimakariri and Timaru Districts.

Article provided courtesy of Rhys Taylor, the national co-ordinator of the Sustainable Living Education Trust.

Sustainable Living Education Trust

NZ Communities face challenges from sudden events such as natural disasters, and from gradual but significant changes such as resource shortages or climate change. An ability to respond to both requires resilience: a mix of adaptation, imagination and resourcefulness. How skilled are you at resilience? Have you given it much thought? The Sustainable Living Programme is a practical, fun way of learning future living skills to become more resilient and to reduce your environmental impacts at home On-line materials are free to residents of this district because the Waimakariri District Council subscribes to the Sustainable Living Programme: to access the learning guides and see more District-specific information,register now at    Issue #151, 2018 | 53

Property & Construction | Sustainable building

The insulation equation A research report on the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes has revealed that current minimum requirements for insulation under New Zealand’s building code are not the most cost effective. The research shows millions of dollars are set to be saved through higher standards of insulation. Across all New Zealand cities, insulation levels higher than the current minimum required could save residents $70 million over 30 years; the benefits far outweighing the upfront cost. On average, ceilings required a 50 percent increase in insulation and walls up to 35 percent. Inadequate insulation for both heating and cooling will cost individual households anywhere up to $5,500 over time. The research was carried out by Pitt & Sherry for Knauf Insulation and is endorsed by the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries, Australia and New Zealand (AWCI), and the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP). It analysed the current ‘deemed to satisfy’ levels against ‘cost-optimal’ levels in different climates and house-types.

Across the board, New Zealand homes would benefit from insulation levels above the current standard.

of better insulated housing. Uncomfortably low indoor temperatures in winter have an adverse impact on health and heating is expensive.�

Topping up ceiling insulation in existing homes “In addition, the study found that retrofitting was shown to be the number one priority. An is also very cost-effective and pays for itself through savings on energy bills in less than eight uninsulated home loses and gains more heat years in almost every case. This is solid evidence of just how cost effective insulation is for New Zealand homes.

through the ceiling and roof than any other part of the house. About 25 percent of heat from the average uninsulated house is lost through the walls and up to 35 percent of heat is typically lost through the ceiling.

“The benefits of insulation should last the life of the building with minimal maintenance, unlike heaters and air conditioners which need to be serviced and eventually replaced.� AWCI executive director, Ian Swann believes the analysis highlights an important issue, given heating and cooling makes up an average of a third of home energy bills.

Knauf Insulation managing director, Stuart Dunbar says that when it comes to insulation, the majority of new buildings will only adhere to the minimum code requirements.

“This is significant because recent data has highlighted that nearly 60 percent of New Zealand homes still have inadequate insulation. Yet 35 percent of the energy used in the average New Zealand household is used for heating.

“This research highlights that in most cities and house types this is not the most cost effective.

“Cost is compelling, but it’s also important to consider the health and sustainability benefits

Our skilled technicians have many years of professional experience in this industry and aim to get you mobile as soon as possible. We offer a full range of collision repair services including Shepherd & Kime Ltd: 137 Antigua Street | P. 366 8256 | M. 021 669 308 E. | Shepherd & Kime 2008 Ltd: 35 Sheffield Crescent P. 348 4448 | E.


TURN YOUR DREAM KITCHEN INTO A REALITY At Misco Joinery our team will take your kitchen from concept stage to completion, making designing and building your new kitchen an easy and enjoyable process.

54 | Issue #151, 2018

E S T. 1 9 8 8 62 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630, New Zealand P: 03 383 4384 E:

Property & Construction | Sustainable building

Why sustainable building solutions make sense There are lots of things to consider when planning your new home or major renovation and one area rightfully deserving to be high on the list is sustainable building solutions.

Incorporating good environmental design before you commence a project is vitally important for the conservation and welfare of our limited natural resources, can save you money in the long run and can avoid costly alterations later on.

attributes of New Zealand's stand-alone homes in terms of energy, health and comfort, water, waste and more.

moisture control, noise control and useability for disabled people.

that homes be officially certified before they can be bought or sold, and it is expected that Homestar will be one of the biggest changes to the New Zealand residential market in years to come.

Looking at waste management during the construction process as well as from user occupation.

1) Energy, health and comfort

6) Management

Looking into energy efficiency throughout the house (space and water heating, whiteware, lighting and renewable energy),

Looking at health and safety issues within the home and the selection of environmentally responsible building contractors.

2) Water The rating is on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being very poor and 10 being world excellence). Many Focussing mainly on water conservation within the home, including rainwater harvesting and grey of the more problematic old kiwi homes sit in Homestar is the official rating and certification water recycling wherever possible. the 2-3 star region so there is plenty of room programme, operated by the New Zealand Green Building Council, that evaluates the environmental for improvement. 3) Materials With the introduction of a rating system Ensuring you select environmentally certified homeowners are able to use Homestar™ to materials, helping provide healthy indoor air quality independently demonstrate true value of their and a more environmentally friendly supply chain home. As the market develops and demand for your home. increases, homes with a higher star rating will be able to sell for more money. 4) Waste Many overseas countries are now requesting

5) Site The Homestar assessment framework is divided Looking at items such as storm water runoff into seven main sections. Each section is then control, native ecology, access to regular transport subdivided into a number of “credits”. A quick connections and local amenities, etc. overview of the framework can be:

Steel Fabrication & Erection

Crane Hire

In House CAD Drawing

1 5 K l o n d y k e D r i v e , H o r n b y, C h r i s t c h u rc h P h o n e : 0 3 3 4 9 0 2 0 0 w w w . c - e . c o. n z E m a i l : e s t i m a t o r @ c - e . c o. n z

HEALTHY DRY VENTILATION Heat recovery solutions for your home The most energy efficient way to ventilate your home Heat Recovery Ventilation ensures a home is: • • • •



Dry Feels warm Smells fresh Without lingering smells

• Driveways • Earthquake repairs • New Home Specialists • Patios & Paths

Contact us today for a healthier future

03 379 3589

196 Wordsworth Street, Christchurch

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Property & Construction | Quaid Construction

Builders you can trust Backed by years of experience, the team at Quaid Construction in Ashburton has been serving the mid-Canterbury housing and farming sectors with an unrelenting commitment to top quality workmanship and professional service.

diverse range of building projects in midCanterbury. They include but are not limited to:

Business owner Justin Quaid has built a reputation for running a team of talented and hard-working trade qualified builders who can think outside the square and provide sound advice for building solutions.

• Specialised Structures.

• Farm buildings • Silage bunkers • Concrete feed pads • Light commercial buildings • Architecturally designed new homes • Alterations and renovations

Decades of combined experience Over its more than a decade in business the Quaid Construction team has completed a

“We're ready and prepared to tackle any building project,” Quaid Construction owner, licensed building practitioner and Master Builder, Justin Quaid, says. “Our Ashburton builders are reputable and have decades of combined experience. Our promise to you is quality workmanship, excellent service and honest advice,” he says.

Local roots Quaid Construction’s projects largely come from word of mouth; a testament to its first-rate workmanship. Born and bred in Ashburton, Justin chose to establish his business and raise a family in the town and surrounding district because of the quality of life and business opportunities he saw there, where the economy is driven by dairy, arable and crop farming. At present, two of the company’s projects are the construction of a 1200 square metre warehouse

and a new tourism facility building which has details such as glass ceilings, external stonework and polished concrete floors. “We understand how stressful the building process can be, which is why we always make the time to listen to what our clients want and then make it happen,” Justin says. Building new homes is a challenge the Quaid team relishes. “We’re a safe pair of hands for your new build. No matter what materials our customers want to use, or the shape, design or size of the project, we can work with that,” Justin says.

Farming and commercial buildings ‘Proud to support Quaid Construction’

Another string to Quaid Construction’s bow is the supply and construction of Specialised Structures for farming, commercial and industrial clients. Specialised Structures is a brand name offering a wide range of Portal Construction Systems, from

Concrete, it’s what we do Phone 03 307 6466 13 Robinson St, Ashburton 7700

Ph: 03 308 9725 | Mob: 027 244 9009



Rural Commercial Industrial

Residential Sound Heating

Contact us 0800 287 423 or 03 307 1544 | 56 | Issue #151, 2018

Property & Construction | Gareth Davis Builders

Property & Construction | Quaid Construction structural steel, cold rolled steel, timber framing to concrete tilt panel, made locally by Steel and Tube.

stringent farming regulations are introduced by regional authorities to lessen the impact of farming on the natural environment.

Justin says this construction system is used to build a wide range of buildings including farm sheds, freestall cow barns, community buildings, aircraft hangers, commercial buildings, barn homes, garages and carports.

His company is experienced and ready to assist farming operations to meet and comply with the new obligations and requirements. CT

With this construction system, buildings are customised so clients get what they want. Materials are cut to exact sizing with no wastage. They are fast to erect, light weight steel and great value for money.

Ready for changes in farming practices Looking forward, Justin expects steady changes to take place in the farming sector as more

Quaid Construction 35B Archibald Street Tinwald Ashburton 027 501 6511 — Advertising Feature

Residential building specialists Gareth Davis Builders Limited is passionate about helping Cantabrians create their dream homes – be it a high-end architectural house, a modest first home, a new kitchen and bathroom or a beautiful extended outdoor space.

stress-free build experience. Having worked with several well-respected architectural builders in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, his wealth of knowledge means you and your project are in good hands.

The company’s owner, Gareth Davis, has been a builder for 15 years, starting his own business in 2012. Today the business is focused on achieving high-quality construction outcomes for every client, regardless of the size of their job.

“Choosing a small company means you are dealing directly with the owner and main builder, me,” Gareth says. “I’m on site every day and I’m only a phone call away.”

A complete building service Gareth Davis Builders tackles every project from decks and fences through to new builds, renovations and extensions, light commercial, earthquake repairs and large architectural homes. “We do everything and we employ our own building team,” Gareth says. “We undertake projects all around Christchurch right up to the Hurunui and Waimakariri districts and we are willing to travel for the right job. We are a small, dynamic team who believe that building a home is a milestone that should be celebrated.” Gareth provides a full project management service so you can sit back and enjoy a

The company provides a personal, flexible service with the added benefit of working closely with Gareth throughout. From the initial concept discussions through to completion, his guiding hand and expertise are never far away.

Gareth Davis Builders has long-standing relationships with a number of excellent subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring all products and services are provided by people they trust. As a licensed building practitioner and registered Master Builder, Gareth provides clients with the assurance of a 10-year Master Build guarantee. “Quality is a huge thing for us and we are very particular with what we do. We have a broad range of skills and it all comes down to the finer details at the end of the job; that’s what we pride ourselves on.” CT Gareth Davis Builders Ltd T 027 5197 993 E — Advertising Feature

Over 50 years experience supporting local homes and companies like Quaid Construction Come in store for your free one-hour consultation today. Plumbing World Home – life happens here.

Plumbing World Ashburton Cnr Cass & Dobson Streets Ph 03 307 5862

Civil, Commercial & Residential Drainage & Excavation



On Grade Proud to support Gareth Davis Builders • Commercial • Domestic • Industrial • Maintenance & Servicing • Rural • Gas Fitting • Heating • Hot Water Systems • Roofing & Spouting

We’ll move the Earth for you!


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Drainage & Excavation Ltd

Nic Chinnery: 027 411 4115    Issue #151, 2018 | 57

Property & Construction | New Zealand Timber Industry Federation

Why wood works Timber is construction’s material mainstay, playing a strong role in building since the 1800s, based on its natural qualities of strength, durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. According to the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation (NZTIF), the thousand-year tradition has retained its popularity in recognition of cost advantages, access to services and seismic performance amongst many other benefits.

Seismic performance

Timber is also a natural electrical insulator, particularly when dry as is the norm in modern house framing. Another key benefit is ease of access to plumbing, electrical and communication services a raised timber floor provides.

In New Zealand wood has long been favoured over brick for residential buildings because of its ability to flex under stress. Experiments carried out last year by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) show timber is the best construction material for coping with New Zealand’s seismic conditions, even more so for a timber framed house built on a piled foundation system.

“With piled systems you have that ease of access, whether you are installing, maintaining or repairing services such as your electrical wiring,

Physical factors

framed flooring systems."

Timber framed construction methods have superior thermal insulating qualities to competing products because of its lower thermal bridging properties. Timber also has a lower temperature gradient profile, therefore reducing the condensation issues associated with steel. Modern preservatives provide timber with protection against the effects of moisture and insect attack, balanced with minimal use of chemicals.

"Timber framed construction is very cost effective and that includes timber piled and - Director Kevin Hign.

plumbing, IT cabling etc under the house. In a solid concrete foundation this becomes much more difficult and a much bigger challenge,” NZTIF director Kevin Hing explains.

Suitably sustainable Plantation forests occupy about six percent of our land area and produce more than enough timber and wood products to meet the country’s future needs. Almost all of the timber used in New Zealand’s construction is sourced from these sustainably managed plantation forests and not from our indigenous forests. This plantation resource continues to expand as harvested trees are replaced and new land planted. Both our native and plantation forests absorb and store carbon dioxide for the full duration of their life cycle, including when it is used as a building material. By actually soaking up and storing carbon, timber is the only construction material which has a positive impact on greenhouse gases within the atmosphere.

Cost competition The cost of timber in frames for an affordable new home build is four to five percent of the total cost. “Timber framed construction is very

cost effective and that includes timber piled and framed flooring systems,” Kevin says. Several grades of framing timber can be used in residential house construction, SG6, SG8 and SG10. These grades have different physical properties, but all comply with building codes and perform to required standards. While SG8 is the most commonly used grade, other grades such as SG6 can be substituted into house designs very easily and could in fact result in cost savings. CT

New Zealand Timber Industry Federation Level 5, 38 Waring Taylor Street Wellington T (04) 473 5200 E — Advertising Feature


Ask for Mitchell Bros timber at your local Timber Store 58 | Issue #151, 2018

form of advertising you can measure, then increase or decrease, so you can manage your workflow accordingly! You’ve probably heard people talk about digital marketing, Google AdWords, online traffic, SEO and social media. Then on top of all that, you need to have a lead generating web presence with good traffic etc. This can sound complicated – but it doesn’t have to if you talk to the right people.

Let’s start with the basics Right now there are people looking for a business just like yours. However, if you don’t have AdWords, there’s a very good chance they’ve just clicked one of your competitors’ websites. Most businesses would benefit from Google AdWords. It’s simple to set up, it’s fast, you set the monthly budget, and you can see the results immediately. Included is a complimentary call tracking service to measure daily results, plus you get a monthly report that’s explained in as much detail as you like.

Don’t let another year go by without truly discovering what digital marketing can do for your business. With years’ of experience and having delivered outstanding results, we have some of the best digital experts in the business. We are so confident, that if you aren’t 100% happy after the first month, you won’t pay a cent for the management fee. And if you mention this ad, set-up is free – a service other companies charge up to $3,000 for. FREE call tracking, which means you can actually hear recordings of the phone calls coming into your business to see if your staff are doing things correctly or if they need more training. This tool can make a massive difference to the FAT on your bottom line. Available to the first 25 people who book a consultation.

With 15 years’ experience - we know what we’re doing. 2 Ivan Jamieson Place, Christchurch 8053 , New Zealand Level 1, 112 Buchan Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand Level 6, 10 Scotia Place, Auckland 1010 , New Zealand. Call 0800 FATWEB, or email to book a FREE consultation.

We have many success stories where people have thought marketing is a waste of money, but have finally found something that gives them a transparent Return on Investment. If you would like to be our next success story, please call or email: We have offices in Auckland and Christchurch and can discuss your needs over the phone or by Skype.

0800 FATWEB |

HEALTH & SAFETY MADE SIMPLE Effective health and safety is not about endless form filling and meetings – it’s about finding practical solutions for hazards and risks that exist in your business. Here's 3 top tips to help you work out what reality looks like for you: Talk about what actually happens every day and use this to identify the big risks; Include people who are on the road or working off-site; Think about long-term health as well as short-term safety. Two years on from the Health and Safety Act changes, we know there is a whole lot of information available and a large number of health and safety providers out there. But you don't have to spend a lot of money to effectively manage risk and keep your team safe. BizPack is straight-talking, straight forward health and safety.

HazardCo’s goal is to help ensure everyone gets home safe at the end of each and every day. What that means is we focus on the health and safety of the person behind the counter, at the desk or out on the road – it’s about practical solutions that work for your day to day needs. BizPack by HazardCo is designed for office and retail based businesses. Visit for more information. Sign up online with promo code “Simple” to receive a 20% discount!

Sign up with promo code "Simple", to receive a 20% discount!

Canterbury Today Issue #151  

Issue 151 of Canterbury Today Business Magazine

Canterbury Today Issue #151  

Issue 151 of Canterbury Today Business Magazine