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Both of the independent studies above look at the ingredients, the manufacturing plant and most importantly the nutritional benefits to

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We need to ensure today’s buildings are valued in 200 years

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23 Black and white Timeless style that’s crisp, clean and cool

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40 Cosy corners An autumn project with winter in mind

42 Cutting it Kitchen essentials

A clever way to add that extra touch

How to get your landscaping right the first time

Unfortunately neither school of thought seems to be proving massively effective. Despite some seriously half-arsed efforts my powers of instant manifestation remain sadly lacking and all the positive thinking in the world isn’t changing the harsh reality of day to day life in Christchurch. Congested streets aren’t magically emptying, vacant sections don’t instantly transform into grassed parks and broken masonry isn’t automatically realigning itself. Even now, three years on, it’s difficult for many of us whose lives are still in turmoil to put things behind us because they’re still staring us in the face.

43 Turn it on

44 Getting well grounded

Happy days

Certain great sages have espoused the concept that your thoughts dictate physical reality. Equally profound and just as unhelpful is that this has been reinforced by theorists studying quantum mechanics.


So what does this leave us with? Just one thing: the crucially important disposition of always looking at the bright side of life.

19 23

Photo by: Jordan Herewini,


In terms of transforming physical reality we might be rank amateurs, but that doesn’t for an instant mean a positive disposition is in any way impotent. It’s anything but for one vital reason; because it buys us time.

The time we need to get to the point where life regains some semblance of normality.

For some this normality arrived reasonably promptly and for others it is yet to appear. We do all face one universal constant though and it’s that our city’s resurrection remains a long, slow and at times painful process. Some of the most painful decisions have revolved around saving heritage buildings and along these lines, in this issue, architect Cymon Alfrey discusses how we value buildings with the view that what we build now must become heritage sites in their own right in years to come. And no matter what the year, our black and white cover theme is never out of style. We also casually peruse today’s designer trends, there’s everything you need to know about mezzanines, how to make feature walls work and the key ingredients on getting your landscaping right the first time, as well as creating cosy corners before winter’s inevitable appearance. So there’s more than enough to make you smile. Sure, that smile might not rearrange sub-atomic structures, but it does change the world - your world and how you see it. You have a happy day, then another, and another, and another and we’ll see you in the winter. Jonathon Taylor

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Flavours of the day What are the trends for 2014 and how can I incorporate them into my home? By Ann-Marie Appleton

Among all the appealing trends available to us, the food, fashion and travel industries influence the interior of a home.

The key is to adopt one or two trends to keep stylish and modern, but don’t adopt them all – just like you wouldn’t wear all the ‘on trend’ fashions and accessories all in one go – ‘less is more’ so the tried and true saying goes.

come in some fabulous colours and textures, and are being used by bolder clients. ‘Hiding’ the kitchen means hiding appliances and storage to create smooth clean surfaces. Induction hobs are one of the main trends in kitchen appliances. Textures and stylish colours compensate for the simplicity.

On trend colours for 2014 are:

Bathrooms are often neglected. Gone are the days when having a clean and tidy bathroom was more than enough. We are seeing a return to sleek sophisticated bathrooms – think ‘spa at home’.

Blue - blue is very huge – from the pastel blue, reliable teal to indigo, everybody appears to be ‘doing’ blue. Blue and white is a strong combination and suits many interior settings and is relatively easy to use and more importantly, get right. Yellow and green – pair with greys and taupes.

The master ensuite now features luxury items such as freestanding baths, waterfall showers, statement pieces in taps and glass basins. Streamlined and tactile, some pieces literally want you to run your hands over them. These often larger spaces are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Floral patterns are massive too – in both fabric and wallpaper. Match bold, floral cushions on a neutral couch to add instant impact.

The second bathroom for children and guests is usually smaller and more utilitarian. ‘Considered’ storage de-clutters the space and not only looks nicer and calmer, but is easier to keep clean and organised.

Colour is back, big time – while neutrals will always remain popular, colour is making a huge impact in home interiors.

Textures – layer them throughout the space; it adds a visual and tactile interest. Patterns are in – think African, animal print, metallics, which can be incorporated in rugs throws, cushions and curtains. Kitchens – off-white and timber kitchens are always popular, now add a splash of colour! The easiest way of course is to use a coloured splash back, but 2014 glass splash backs now include vivid imagery and can make a statement on their own. Choose one element to highlight so you don’t overwhelm the space. Wall tiles now 10 | B&R

The key is to adopt one or two trends to keep stylish and modern, but don’t adopt them all – just like you wouldn’t wear all the ‘on trend’ fashions and accessories all in one go – ‘less is more’ so the tried and true saying goes.

baths/showers where moisture will accumulate. There are some amazing and original papers emerging from European designers which are easily available to order here in New Zealand. Flooring – the top three criteria I hear from clients is that it needs to be durable, smart and feel good. There is plenty of carpet choice out there but maybe you want to consider something like ‘non toxic cork’ – environmentally friendly features are top trends for a greener 2014.

So take time to think about where/what you want to store here and what can be kept in the bedroom; close by if needed.

Vinyls improve all the time – some are not easily distinguishable from the original – ‘vinyl’ wood, stone or ceramic, can add an amazing feature for a fraction of the cost.

Large and ornate mirrors open up a space and bounce electric and natural light around. Selected pieces of furniture are finding their way into bathrooms – space permitting.

New trends emphasise practical use and attractive form – choose what works best for you and your lifestyle, but you have to love it too!

Wallpaper, dare I say it, can make a great impact in a bathroom – maybe safer to stick to a feature wall, in the best ventilated part of the room and not adjacent to

Ann-Marie Appleton is the director of interior design company Frobisher Interiors. She holds a diploma in interior design and is a member of DINZ. Visit

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Making structural statements By Cymon Allfrey

When we talk about heritage in a broad sense, it is in regards to the pre-1900 building stock including the neo-gothic buildings that graced Christchurch. While there is no denying the value and architectural beauty of these buildings, they were built as homage to where we had been, not about who we, as a country, are as an identity.

Internationally, the modernist movement began as early as late 20s/early 30s, when ornamentation was stripped back and new materials and technologies were embraced. A preference for concrete over stone saw materials become the driving force in what was being designed. From the late 50s to the 70s New Zealand was at the forefront of the modernist movement and in Christchurch we were producing world class architecture which not only added value to the city, but was recognised internationally.

strong enough, or purposeful enough to utilise fully. Nothing was done about them, yet now there is unsurpassed value? What changed? The decision to save a building needs to be made on the day it is built. Recognising the value of a structure earlier in its life offers the ability to prepare a conservation plan, ensuring the value is long lasting. Designed and built well, a building should never wear out; it should simply be given a new purpose in which to retain its value. Internationally this has been happening for millennia, the Colosseum is one of the world’s most recognised buildings and has been repurposed many times – from gladiatorial contests to executions to housing and many more. Today it stays partially ruined due to damage caused by earthquakes and stonerobbers, yet attracts thousands of tourists a year.

It was with this style of architecture that New Zealand and Christchurch began to discover its own architectural language and identity.

Is the age of our modernist buildings not enough water under the bridge to make them worthy of preservation? At only 30 – 50 years old, historical value by the people hasn’t been placed on these buildings to the same extent as those which pre-date them.

So why then, are we not as passionate and focused on saving these buildings as we are about those that pre-date them? Does the international standing and influence of the buildings become ignored in favour of age?

We have tampered with them and modified them to suit the needs of the consumer age – in many ways destroying the architectural impact. Take the Lyttelton Administration Tunnel Building for example.

In many instances those buildings which are regarded as heritage and important to the city have fallen into this category based on looking good, rather than the value of the building as a whole. The fact that the building has been around for a long time is elevated beyond its original need and purpose.

Within years of its 1964 construction the ‘fly over’ had been removed. Deemed to be serving no purpose a key element to the design of the building was taken down with no regard to the architectural story behind it.

We need to ask ourselves why we are spending so much money to keep some buildings, when we knew, pre-earthquakes, that they were not 12 | B&R

It was this component of the structure which assisted in the building appearing as though it was anchored to the hill. With no ‘history’, the building wasn’t regarded as important enough to have people fighting for it.

We need to consider the value our modernist buildings will have on the next generation of architects. By pulling down these buildings we are creating a void in our architectural landscape. For this reason it is essential that we invest in, and save, the Town Hall. Not only is it an excellent example of modernist architecture, it is a building that was built with passion for and by the people of Christchurch. In a council published record of the Town Hall the story of the building is described as a journey the city took. It is about the hundred year process that was undertaken to build a town hall. The Christchurch Town Hall construction was not simply a design competition that resulted in an iconic building, it was a considered process driven by a passion to provide our city with a central meeting point. Funding and community needs were addressed over several decades to ensure what was built would serve the city well and long into the future. While there is no doubt the Town Hall will need work undertaken to meet the city’s contemporary needs, the bottom line is that it was driven by the community a hundred years before it was conceived. Recognised both internationally and nationally, it is a building that we need to take pride in. We need to ensure that how we are rebuilding our city will have value in 200 years. We need to learn from our mistakes and place value in what our buildings could add to our city and ensure we are rebuilding with architectural integrity and longevity. With more than 20 years industry experience, Cymon Allfrey holds the Chair of the ADNZ National Board and has won the ADNZ National Supreme Award three times in the past five years.

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Hot spots

Eat here,

go there

By Laura Hall

Baretta Baretta oozes sophistication and regal glamour with its impeccable Italian décor it is thee place to go and been seen in Christchurch right now. The large terracotta courtyard is the perfect place to soak up the last few rays of the summer sun while enjoying good company and a great drink. The restaurant and bar menu boast lashings of olives, sundried tomatoes, cured meats, and mozzarella – heavenly, and surprisingly affordable too.

King of Snake King of Snake harnesses the best foods and flavours from across Southeast Asia and brings them together in an exotic fusion that’s an invigorating explosion for the senses.

Burger Fuel The expanding Burger Fuel franchise has hit Christchurch with its first store in the city opening in January. Lines queuing out of the door have been a regular site and it’s not hard to see why – the creamy aioli magically enhances the taste of everything and super hip friendly staff makes this burger joint an ideal place to kick back and pig out. The “real” wholesome ingredients not only make the gourmet fast food burger taste better it makes you feel better about eating it too. Bush Inn Shopping Centre, Riccarton

14 | B&R

The exotic food teases your taste buds with a surprising combination of flavours that work harmoniously. The spinach leaf with roasted coconut, peanuts, garlic, chilli and lime starter was my personal favourite but the sticky beef wonton were undeniably the crowed favourite with a second helping ordered. The dishes are intended for sharing, which is a great excuse to sample as many as possible. 145 Victoria Street,

The chic atmosphere is made all the more cooler with live music several nights a week. 174 St Asaph Street

Teppanyaki Takao With two restaurants in Kaiapoi Teppanyaki Takao has cemented itself as the emperor of Japanese food in this town. The much loved family friendly restaurant, which has been operating since 2005, recently opened its second restaurant t o serve its cult following. The entertainment factor is a huge draw card thanks to the highly social and skilled chefs who dazzle and delight their audience with culinary tricks and displays. The plentiful, mouth watering food is more than worth the trip out of town. 73/77 Hilton Street, Kaiapoi and 67 Williams Street, Kaiapoi www.teppanyakitakao.jimdo. com




Second By Davina Richards

In an age where homes are cluttered with new stuff, trends do not play a role in the creative processes of this British born designer and the unity of nature, art as sustainability is his signature. New Zealand-based furniture and lighting designer David Trubridge was catapulted onto the international stage in 2001. He has been on the receiving end of many awards, including the prestigious John Britten Award for innovative design and was also a speaker at last year’s TEDxAuckland. In a world where waste is polluting our lands, the self taught furniture

maker has a strong sense of environmental responsibility. His work details the light and delicate minimalism of materials and anchors the importance of organic and sustainable designs. From materials, creative processes to his eco-friendly design and manufacturing business in Hawke’s Bay, David likes his products to tell a story; you can read more about his experiences

and creative processes in his biography So Far. Is a good design something which stands out, or something which blends in? I don’t think you can generalise. Some good designs stand out, while elsewhere a good design may blend in. It all depends on the design and the context. How has the practise of furniture and lighting design evolved for you? It started as a self-employed, craft driven practis e making furniture which sustained me for 25 years. Then the lighting came along and that developed into quite a different business which has allowed me to employ a great team of more than 20 people. What do you think about the current state of the design world? There are a lot of great people who really care, but they tend to

16 | B&R

be small players. Unfortunately most of the big players are largely content with business-as-usual while playing lip service to responsibility. I wish the idealism of the young had more influence! What are you working on at the moment? We are doing quite a bit with acoustics in some form or other. At last the design world has woken up to the fact that it is not enough to design amazing looking buildings and spaces if they deafen you with reverberation! Which cultures have given you new insight, inspiration and understanding into the ideas and processes behind design? I am most inspired by the Australian Aborigines, especially the recent wave of paintings by women artists, such Dorothy Napangardi and Emily Pwerle. Art has always inspired me more than design which has in effect already been done.


Yes of course. In the old days when I was working alone I could make just about anything, but now with much larger overheads my options are much more limited.

If we take your business as an example of being environmentally responsible, do you think there is an awful amount of ignorance about how wasteful our society is?

Sadly we can’t make most of my furniture designs because by the time we have added our costs, then put the piece through our distribution/retail chain mark-ups, the price is prohibitive.

I don’t make my business out to be a paragon of virtue, but we do care and we are constantly trying to improve. I think the same may be true for many other people and businesses.

What do you enjoy the most about mentoring young designers and employing interns? And do you find yourself learning new things as well?

Then there are others who do care, but who are caught in the juggernaut and find it too hard to take enough action. And yes, there is also too much indifference and waste.

I love their fresh energy and enthusiasm. Some of their ideas can be a bit whacky but that is just what we need. Yes of course I learn from them, especially the foreign interns who bring a quite different culture and perspective.

There has to be a mixture of hunger for change from the bottom and encouragement and leadership from the top. Sadly our government shows no sign of living up to its responsibility and we drift backwards rudderless.

Do you find yourself fighting an ongoing battle between form and function; as in is finding the balance one of the toughest elements of design, because if either is compromised the product isn’t what you want it to be? No not really! The dogma of form following function went out in the last century - it is very minimal and boring! The form of my lights has nothing to do with the function.

But you are right that finding balance in design is very hard - all the different criteria are pulling in opposite directions: aesthetics, structure, material requirements and cost. It is very hard to get them all right and just about every design is a compromise of some sort. Have you ever had any designs or concepts which you loved, but weren’t feasible, so they never made it to production?

B&R | 17




Project planning

Materials matter

Planning is the key to negating regret. Make sure your space can accommodate a mezzanine. Talk to your architect and builder, perhaps even get a computer generated image put together.

While you want a mezzanine which is visually appealing, strength is of even greater importance. Ensure materials will be sturdy. You can use wood, light metal, mild steel or concrete, or translucent materials will create even more openness.

Planned purpose You should determine what your mezzanine is for; bedroom, library, or perhaps a work area. Make sure your available space is suitable for the function.

Architecturally speaking, mezzanine floors are intermediate floors between the main floors of a building… in simple terms, mezzanine floors are just cool. Popular for industrial warehousing, distribution and manufacturing, the mezzanine can also be the statement style for your domestic domicile. In fact, as a residential room, mezzanines make a statement both in form and function. So here are some tips for adding a suspended room to your home renovation.

Upsies and downsies Ensure the space above and below your mezzanine is appropriate – both ends should have enough space to stand in. Smaller spaces may still work, perhaps as storage space.

Lighting lover Choose appropriate lighting for the function and ensure it can be controlled from both in the mezzanine area and from below, so you can turn the lights on and off even when you are not in the space.

Staircase to the stars When designing a mezzanine, it is important that the stairs are accessible. Also, be sure that the stairs are safe. You can also be creative in your stairs design. Just be sure that it will not consume too much space. Some use spiral stairs to save space.

When Design 5 supplies your upholstery or furniture, you can expect the quality to be of a very high standard.

18 | B&R

Call us today to discuss what we can do for your home or business. 17/53 Ranfurly St, Kaiapoi 7630 P. (03) 327 9263 E.

Height of fashion Safety trumps appearance, every time. So don’t go crazy on the height, it will cost more and may compromise safety and security.

Suitable space Your dimensions will depend on your available space. The function of the mezzanine will depend on the available space.

Airwaves When you design a mezzanine, you have to consider two things – heating and circulation. When heat rises, it might become too hot in your mezzanine. So, try placing an insulator so it won’t absorb heat. Keeping it open can also help with circulation.

A weighty issue Furniture will vary depending on the function and usage of your mezzanine, but lighter furniture is recommended so it will be easy to place and your mezzanine can bear its weight.



Centre attention

Test pots are your friend. Perhaps try complementary shades which are different intensities of the same basic colour, or for a more dramatic look, go for colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel.

When you’re selling, renting, leasing or letting neutral walls just make sense. But sometimes sensible is just a little, well… sensible.

Colour tricks Many of us picture our feature walls in darker shades, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can use colour to create dramatic effects. Stronger, deeper colours can make your feature wall appear closer; useful if you want to make a long room seem squarer. Lighter tones will make the wall seem further away and create a sense of space.

If you want to add a little spunk to the style stakes, a feature wall can give you maximum impact for minimal effort. Why have a feature wall?

Grab a test pot, slap it on an A3 piece of paper and hold it up during different times of the day to see how the colour looks.

When your walls are all Spanish White, a feature wall can be the injection of personality and excitement you need. A quick and easy way to change the entire feel of a room, it’s great for people with commitment issues.

Paint isn’t your only option Jalapeno, by Resene

Selecting the feature wall For maximum punch, choose a wall that is as plain Jane as you can find, with no windows or doors, as these can detract from the effect. In saying that, a wall with a focal point or feature, such as a mantelpiece, alcove or fireplace, can actually make a great feature wall.

Scheming colour Like always, you should choose your palette carefully. If you need inspiration, look at the fabrics, furniture, artwork or rugs you already have and pick out a shade you like or that will unite the others in the room.

There is more than one way to get funky with a feature wall. Try a shiny, tiled feature wall in the bathroom, boldly patterned wallpaper in the bedroom or if you’re feeling really creative why not try a photo mural, a brick wall, a rustic wooden wall or get really creative with magnetic or blackboard paints. The wall is your oyster.

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0800 27 65 47 (0800 2 POLISH) M. 027 542 2320 E.

Specialising in energy efficient, eco-friendly homes.

Our Planet, Your Home


Ph. 0800 422 845

B&R | 19


Lock it in

When it comes down to it, it’s the ease and sophistication in the architecture of a home which makes it remarkable. And one place to find this is in a Lockwood home.

20 | B&R


Lockwood designs are unmistakably its own and highlight the high level of expertise honed with its network of qualified designers and builders. The result is the breaking of a stereotype due to the wide range of design options available. To deliver an environmental house, we incorporate solar, passive and eco friendly features. But you also get the freedom to design, revise and complete your solid and safe timber home. The devil is in the detail, as they say, with the end result, a tailor made home which matches your individual needs and finalised in immaculate and tangible Lockwood style. Last April Callum Scurr became the new owner of the Lockwood Canterbury franchise and his father, Steve, is the builder and project manager. Backed by a strong team of dynamic, young and hardworking staff, the crew prides itself on their ability to communicate effectively with clients, particularly those who have endured the earthquakes, to deliver high-end homes and a positive image for the Canterbury Franchise.

Elderly Christchurch couple Joan and Rakena Rakena, now occupy a new home in Rapaki Bay, thanks to Lockwood Canterbury. The couple were living in a single garage tin shed and had been doing so since their house was demolished shortly after the earthquakes. Nestled into the hill and located in a quiet spot, their new house overlooks the stunning views of Lyttelton Harbour. “We felt that we were honoured to get the contract and the trust from the family. They have had great support from their surrounding family members. They in turn have supported us with the build and the many decisions made,” Callum says. “The build itself created its own challenges, but the end result is one very happy couple and a modest little house that is perfect for the Rakena’s.” Lockwood Canterbury was generous enough to add some extras, including decking and stone features. With a recognised and trusted company you will get more than what you expected. And because, owning a Lockwood, is kind of a big deal. Stand back and marvel at your new Lockwood Home – its precious down to the grain.

B&R | 21

Hot homes

Creating an oasis A large and busy family required extensive alterations to their 1970s house which had small dark spaces with unsatisfactory relationships to the outdoor areas. The entire lower floor was opened up to create light-filled flexible spaces able to cope with large gatherings of friends and family. It was important to the clients that the house also felt intimate when it was just them at home. This was achieved with large sliding panels which disappear into the walls when not required. They enable the lower floor to be broken down into smaller separate spaces.

Small French doors with low head heights were removed and replaced with full height sliding doors opening to outdoor living areas. This had a huge impact on not only the connection to the exterior, but also the amount of additional natural light provided to the interior of the house. The centre of the house was opened up with a new stair and void. A very large skylight over the stairs provides light to the centre of the house and connection between levels. A double height pergola was added to the exterior to unify the jumbled forms of the existing house. It wraps around the north side to create an intermediary space between

22 | B&R

the inside and outside of both levels, and also connect the upper and lower levels. The outdoor fireplace is treated as a sculptural element and defines the edge of the exterior room. A new spa pool, retiled swimming pool, terraces and landscaping create a relaxed environment for energetic family life. The landscaping carried out by Gary Boyle gives the house a distinctly tropical feel with palm trees and hibiscus. New boundary fencing and walls are offset and layered to create privacy without the feeling of a being in a walled garden. The existing house has been transformed from a dark, gloomy interior with enclosed spaces and little connection to the exterior into a light and airy family home with a resort type feel. Project team Architect: Bossley Architects Interior Designer: Bossley Architects Contractor: Nautica Homes Engineer: Brown + Thomson Ltd Landscaper: Gary Boyle


Cover story

Black white Crisp, clean and cool By Davina Richards

Photo by: Jordan Herewini, Chalkboards available for purchase at

Much like salt and pepper, black and white mix very well when a balance is achieved, and they look after each other too: white reflects light and dark absorbs, creating the ideal equilibrium for any home. Depending on the space you have and the effect you want to achieve, white can make a room appear larger and minimise unkindly marks or blemishes, while the role of

black is good at making a room appear smaller. Crisp whites can make you want to reach for your sunglasses, especially if you have a lot of natural light pouring through your home. Whereas true blacks can be quite oppressive depending on how much you use it and the amount of light available. Therefore many people explore the outcomes of off-whites and grey blacks, such as ivory and deep grey tones, which can come in a range of undertones, tints and shades. There are plenty of variations of colours to determine what looks best in your room.

Artists usually begin with a white canvas to frame their work and likewise, many homeowners opt for white walls and floors to act as a clean backdrop. Use white as the starting point and begin to layer onto your ‘canvas’. Think about stainless steel appliances, brass lighting fixtures, copper and gold colours to complete your design and award your theme with a punch. The drama and volume of a black and white theme can be reinforced by the addition of a third colour from the palette, commonly a bright colour. By incorporating a third colour will dramatise the black and

white by making it stand out. Use your creativity and imagination to incorporate colour around the home; think of feature walls, patterned tiles, accessories and furnishings. Play around with matt and glossy finishes, rough with smooth, graphic designs, lighting fixtures, wallpapers, home wares and accents such as wood to add that earthy feel. In whatever direction you want to take your room; glamour, minimal, chic, vintage, feminine, or gentleman’s black-tie panache, remember to connect your style to the rest of the room to add depth and interest. B&R | 23




Black white

Message on a bottle

Ceramic milk bottle The days of fresh milk delivered to your door may be over, but the old school milk bottles we adore still have a place in our homes. These stamped XOX milk bottles can be used for drinks, an ornament or vase, or placed on the table to serve delicious sauces. RRP: $33 Available from: 2

Fill it up

Bowl Contemporary and classic, the Krenit bowl is the perfect addition to complement your black and white theme. Serve delicious food in this modern and sharp design. Go on, grab yourself some ice cream and don’t be afraid to top it off with Oreos!


By Davina Richards

Many designers profess that the elegant black and white combination is the faithful colour scheme to get that clean cut look. It’s timeless, bold and will dress up any dead space with a touch of class. 2

RRP: large bowl $264 Available from: 3

Cosy up

Cushion Lounging around is always more comfortable when you have a few scattered cushions to enhance the cosiness of your sofa. Thanks to a team of three creative sisters which make up MayMay Chung, here’s one of many quirky products on offer from their online store. Whether you require one to prop you up when reading a book, watching TV or just a place to rest your weary head, you’ve spent money in the right direction.


RRP: $129 Available from: 4

Just in time

Table clock We never seem to get enough time. It can be our friend or it can be our foe, but however you choose to use it, whether it’s to renew that gym membership, you’re never going to use again, or waste the extra hour of daylight savings by trying to work out if you gained an hour, remember that lost time is never found again – Benjamin Franklin. RRP: $299 Available from:

24 | B&R




Defying gravity

Sky planter


I haven’t seen the film Gravity yet but when I picture what it may look like inside the space station, I envisage everything to be white but even if your walls at home aren’t you should think about including this awesome upside down planter. They make a statement all by their little pretty selves. RRP: mini $39 small $49 and medium $99 Available from: 6

Light forms

Lounge chair and side table Squint your eyes and the chair appears to morph into two Pringles; you probably shouldn’t try and bite into it, but you should certainly try it out for comfort. The sensational design of the Dansk chair beckons you into a state of bliss.


RRP: Lounge chair $3,540, side table $1,570 Available from: 7

Inspiration for the wall

Canvas quote


We amuse ourselves endlessly with those Somecards sayings we’ve been reading on the likes of Facebook and chain emails in the office; yes, you know the ones. Just as we love to share laughter, inspiration can also be equally infectious and these canvas quotes are just the tools for the job - even if it is to get through a day at the office. RRP: $40.38


Available from: 8

Under your feet

Rug I’d like to say that I spent hours looking through pages and pages to carefully select this product, until I realised that anything chosen from Boconcept’s collection just works. So I won’t fluff around citing wonderful purchase points - just trust that there’s quality and design behind the chosen one. RRP: 170x240cm $1,395, 200x300cm $1,995 Available from:

B&R | 25


Smart moves Automation’s march through every corner of contemporary life has been as impressive as it is relentless.

As far as home life is concerned, these transformations have been warmly welcomed. From the automatic washing machine and garage door to eco-friendly dishwashers, hard labour about the home has been dramatically decreased. But the evolution of home automation has now entered a whole new era – the ‘smart home’ is upon us and once again, the idea is to make contemporary living both more diverse and at the same time, easier to manage. Having a smart home doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Today’s technology

providers are well aware how quickly the average non techsavvy person’s eyes glaze over when the jargon starts flying – so they’re creating user-friendly bundles that take the tech out of the tech.

Then of course you want to be able to control everything with the mere click of a switch. So local firm econnecx™ provides real-time remote access and scheduling of electrical fittings and appliances via the internet.

One of the primary drivers of home technology is the rate of information transfer – we want information and entertainment and we want it now! This means ultra-fast broadband.

Whether you want to control your heat pump from the office, check the alarm from your phone, turn on the lights, open the garage door or manage the hot water in your holiday home, econnecx™ provides the flexibility to match your lifestyle.

Enable’s fibre network has all the hallmarks of becoming a vital telecommunications infrastructure asset for Canterbury. The company’s building an ultra-fast broadband (UFB) network for 180,000 homes and businesses in the region. This fibre network will deliver all telephone, broadband and entertainment services to homes and businesses for the next 50 years.

SMART IP Cameras for Home or Business Dual Day/Night Lens Two way audio Alarms sent straight to your phone with instant replay Login from any browser Plug & Play with no router config required Up to 32 cameras in one system

4/211 Ferry Rd, Christchurch FREEPHONE 0800 888 324

26 | B&R

If you are building from scratch or retro-fitting, econnecx™ is easy to use and install. It is an affordable and effective way to enjoy complete online management of your home. And when it comes to security the advances are, well, just clever. Viewtech supplies security

installers with a range of CCTV, entry detection, monitoring and vehicle camera systems that are state of the art, yet not necessarily expensive. And these home security systems are getting smarter. Viewtech offers systems that immediately contact you when there’s an alarm or motion event. When activated these systems alerts your phone and in case of the motion alert, allow you to instantly playback the event. The company can also assist in the design and build a system for use almost anywhere. So if you have a specific need or want – then the technology can be moulded to fit your needs, not the other way around. And isn’t that the whole point of having all this capability just a click away!




Sometimes we underestimate the power of an attractive front door. It’s one of the first things we notice when we drive or walk by a house. A simple way to create a great first impression is to smarten the gateway to your humble abode so family, friends and guests are greeted with a front door which says ‘you’re welcome here’. Doors can be easily used as a statement of style and design. Whether you’re buying a new door or giving your existing one a face lift, a splash of new paint and a little attention to details

28 | B&R

such as door knockers, knobs, house numbers, decals (yes, this works just as well on a door as it does on your interior walls), will make a big difference to your entryway. Just be sure that it’s in keeping with the style of your home and the size of the house. Just like how hair frames the face, your front door’s surrounding area needs a little attention too. Spruce up the entrance by framing your door with beautiful greenery, such plants, sidelights, door mat and bell for those little details which goes a long way. Share your door reveal with family, friends and guests. Your style will soon stretch beyond the front gate to the neighbourhood too.


r tip p o T r

Be bold – match the color of your front door to plant pots to add impact.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? MAKE SURE PEOPLE ADMIRE YOUR HOME, NOT CRINGE AT IT To feel good about your new or renovated home, get a garage door that makes you proud to drive up the street each day - right into a safe, warm garage.

TWO UNPARALLELED BRANDS READY WITH THE RIGHT ADVICE Two Dealer networks with real history, experience and a complete range of garage doors and openers to create secure reliable access to your home.

DOMINATOR Since 1988, Dominator Dealers have provided a local garage door service that you can count on.

GARADOR Find your local Dominator dealer 0800 DOMINATOR (366 462)

Formerly trading as AHI, Garador has over 40 years of history within the garage door industry.

Find your local Garador dealer 0800 GARADOR (427 236)

B&R | 29

New homes

Award winning design Today’s houses are expected to offer much more than mere shelter and, as a result, builders are expected to create more than just a structure.

As much as the modern home seeks function, form has become increasingly sought after.

Phil Benton Builders has been getting the equation right with a degree of workmanship that has earned the company national recognition as the name behind the country’s House of the Year for 2013. Nestled comfortably in Merivale’s Poynder Ave, the build was described by judges as a flawless execution of workmanship. “This home is a real show of excellence, and extremely worthy of the Supreme Award.”

homes and extensive remodelling, renovations and additions, took out a total of seven awards at the ceremonies, culminating in the New Zealand National Supreme Award Winner 2013. Both Phil Benton and Dave Fraser are committed to the on-going success of their business and the rebuild of Canterbury.

The company, which specialises in new architecturally designed

Oops… In the last edition of Build & Renovate Today we featured Canterbury’s House of the Year for 2013 – a Merivale masterpiece built by Phil Benton Builders. While the images featured Phil Benton Builders’ award winning home, the accompanying words credited another building company altogether – the 2012 award winner. What we should have said was Phil Benton Builders scooped four regional awards, including the Registered Master Builders Supreme Award for the House 30 | B&R

of the Year and the Westpac New Homes over $2 million category for the Merivale home. And the company also received the Heart of the Home Kitchen Award and the Outdoor Living Award. The judges’ summation said it all: “A home created for entertaining, the kitchen is the hub of the entertaining area and extensive outdoor living options cater to the lifestyle of the owner. An immaculately constructed concrete spine wall runs the length of the home, exposed both internally and externally, creating a sense of substance and permanence in the home.”


Wheelie good designs Wheelie box Brooke from Move Ur Art has been busy with her line of funky wheelie boxes and tables. Check out her Facebook page for a range of quality products which make fantastic children’s toy boxes, or modern tables for your living room. Made from natural ply with castors, you can order one with or without a lid. RRP: $165 Available from:

B&R | 31


Authentic designs Marrakesh wall panel There’s something exquisite about this hand carved screen which steals the attention of anything else in a room. The elegant wall panel creates an outstanding centrepiece and looks stunning as a wall feature or a room divider. A great alternative to steel and wins appeal with its Moroccan design. RRP: $795 Available from:

REPLACEMENT/RETROFIT WINDOWS AND DOORS The affordable way to create a warmer, drier and healthier home Improved insulation - reduced drafts and condensation Quieter home - double glazing reduces outside noise Prompt service and expert advice

FREE measure and quote


Talk to us today about the windows and doors that are right for your home Tony Ineson - Sales Consultant Unit 11, 20 Dakota Crescent M 021 246 6774 Wigram P 03 343 8866 Christchurch and Renovte 2014 - 190mm w x 125mm h.indd 32Build | B&R


21/02/2014 8:11:39 a.m.


Create a deck you’ll love No, it isn’t urban legend, it’s a fact – us Kiwis love our decks. And we love them even more when they’re easy to build and maintain, and just happen to look great as well. One hot product is Eco-Decking from Outdure. It looks and feels better than traditional timber decking and offers superior slip resistance.

Congratulations Claire Clement of Lower Hutt

WINNER OF $3000 ECODECKING MATERIALS + DESIGN FROM OUTDURE Enjoy that newly created outdoor space designed entirely with your life in mind.

Made from high quality grade 11 recycled HDPE composite, it is incredibly durable, is very colour fast and longer lasting. It also happens to be nail-free and screw-free, and is available in a full range of profiles for all decking applications. Eco-Decking is made from 50 percent recycled wood fibers and 50 percent UV resistant recycled polyethylene plastic. The recycled plastic component is what makes it so durable, virtually colour-fast, etc. It’s a great environmentally friendly choice. Visit:

This Lockwood showhome in Christchurch features Eco-Decking

100% Recycled Composite Decking At Futurewood we are dedicated to providing you with stylish, quality and value added alternatives to traditional timber products. Our composite decking provides an improved performance over traditional hardwoods in most applications and helps to reduce our dependence on precious timber species. It looks like wood but offers a range of additional features making Futurewood great value for money. Futurewood products are available across New Zealand. Please call +64 0800 88 88 42 for your nearest outlet or visit our website for further information and request a sample pack

B&R | 33

Interiors STEP 2

Finishing touches

Pick your statement style, the overriding design you wish to create, taking the space and your belongings into consideration (be it modern, minimalist, shabby chic, artsy and eclectic – then move onto step 3 with this in mind.

By Melinda Collins


Turning your house into a home So you’ve got the house and the furniture, but it still doesn’t feel like home? In décor, like many things in life, it is all about the little things.

Accessorise; much like you throw on some earrings or a funky belt to complete an outfit, accessories are a room’s best friend. Throws, cushions, candles, plants, photos and art are all great ways to add some spunk to your space.


According to, “small details do make big difference and, in interior design, these are what separate the memorable spaces from the forgettable ones”.

Penthouse, log cabin, condo, or tent – wherever you reside, wherever you live, your house needs to reflect you. Make a house into a home by turning your house into your home.

Because, for most of us, what separates a home from a house is less about the building itself, and more about the emotional connection and sense of comfort we’re able to create behind closed doors.

Little splashes of personality make big differences to the feeling within your space. Think of some of your hobbies, greatest travels and favourite mementos and incorporate them into your space.

Wow! Is this a Lockwood!? We want to get the word out! We love Lockwood homes and for you, there is no better time to get one. Talk to our experienced and dynamic team, they are waiting to help you! From the first step, we can ensure that it will be an exciting and rewarding venture! You will be so excited by the range of new plans we have available. You want style, stunning features, spacious rooms with fabulous wood and eco design. So take a new look and ring now for more information. You won’t regret it! Open your Lockwood door! Phone 03 344 0299, or visit our website

34 | B&R

Likewise, lamps are a great way to bring your preferred style into a room. Think funky retro, classy urban or mellow antiques when picking your style. STEP 4 Lastly, once your style transformation is complete, don’t make like a desperate housewife and habitually put everything away after yourself. There’s nothing more homely than a lived in home, so leave the newspaper on the breakfast bench, some books scattered on the coffee table or even some slippers by the bed.

Meet your local team of Canterbury Mobile Mortgage Managers.

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Mobile: 027 702 4266

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To find out what we can do for you and to arrange a time to visit, give a Westpac Mobile Mortgage Manager a call.

Westpac’s current home loan lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. An establishment fee and a Low Equity Margin may apply. An additional fee or higher interest rate may apply to loans if the application is accepted but does not meet the standard lending criteria. Westpac New Zealand Limited.


Knock knock?

We understand life can be busy, that’s why we have a locally focused team of mortgage specialists who can meet you at home, at work, or at a café when it suits you. And that’s seven days a week, so we’re always available to help with no obligation advice on: – Residential lending for buying, building or renovating your new home – Refinancing home loans from other lenders – Home loan lending for the purchase of rental properties for investment purposes – The best loan structure and solution for you and your situation

Econergy / Events diary

Using a heat pump to heat hot water Power bill killing you? Installing an Econergy heat pump water heater can help. Hot water makes up about 40 percent of a family’s power bill and it’s clear that an efficient hot water heating system can save a lot of money.

How does the Econergy® water heater work? The Econergy water heater is a very efficient heat pump that heats your water cylinder instead of heating your home. Like a normal heat pump, it moves energy to heat water, not creating the heat by using an electric element. The heated water is

passed through the Econergy® into the top of the hot water cylinder where it can be drawn off straight away for use in the house. What will I save? Using warmth in the air as the primary heat source makes an Econergy system more economical to run than conventional electric or gas water heaters. Installing an Econergy heat pump to your hot water cylinder in many cases, saves around 28 percent on the power bill. How do I find out more? Visit or call us on 0800 326 637 to arrange an obligation-free appraisal.


NZ House and Garden tours The NZ House and Garden tours are returning to Christchurch, once again giving the public a glimpse into some of the region’s most spectacular and unique homes. The 2014 tour ventures out of the city and into the countryside for a welcome change, giving visitors the chance to view grand rural homes in the Amberley and the surrounding countryside. For more information, visit:

SATURDAY, MARCH 8 Culture Galore 2014

Immerse yourself in all the delights and wonders of the wide range of cultures and ethnicities Christchurch has to offer. Celebrate cultural diversity with more than 50 performances, demonstrations, art, craft and fun activities for the whole family. BYO rug or chairs and make a day of it. Limited parking is available. Ray Blank Park: 12pm to 4pm


Renovate & Build Christchurch Home Show Christchurch’s largest building and renovation expo is back at the CBS Canterbury Arena this March. With hundreds of products, ideas and companies on display you’ll find everything you need to help build your new home or renovate your current one. For more information, visit:

SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 23 Cancer Society - Relay for Life

The relay is a chance to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer and fight back against the disease by raising awareness and funds. Relay team member walk or jog throughout the night symbolising that cancer never sleeps. The inspirational event encourages anyone to take part with all fitness levels and 36 | B&R

ages welcome. Teams are asked to donate their fundraising to their local cancer society. For more information, visit:


An iconic event on the New Zealand cycling calendar Le Race returns for the 15th annual race. This race, not for the faint hearted, starts in Sydenham and finishes in Akaroa. For more information, visit:

SATURDAY, MARCH 29 Great Kiwi Beer Festival

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival showcases over 100 local, national and international craft beers. The annual event in North Hagley Park, hosted by industry experts, is a celebration of quality brewing. For more information, visit:


Rhys Darby: Mr Adventure New Zealand comedy icon, Rhys Darby, returns to Christchurch with his new show, Mr Adventure. Join him as he regales stories of his trips to the misty mountains of Rwanda and the eerie shores of Loch Ness. To book visit:


Christchurch Airport Marathon The Christchurch Marathon, inspired by the 1974 Commonwealth Games Marathon, is renowned as one of the fastest courses in the world. This event based near the Christchurch Airport consists of a full marathon (42.2km) run, half marathon (21.2km) run and walk, 10km run and walk and the Kids Mara’Fun (3k). For more information, visit:


Natural style Tiles and stone are the perfect solution for creating innovative and inspired living and working environments. The durability and longevity of tiles and natural stone make them suitable for all areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, indoor and outdoor living spaces and around swimming pools.

Desiganstyle is a leading importer and supplier of exclusive Italian porcelain tiles as well as natural stone sourced from around the world and has just received new stock from Italy featuring the latest trends.

The experienced design consultants are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and will help you to complete a project to the highest standard, no matter what your budget is.

The company offers professional advice on how to select the right tile for your home or commercial project and will work with you every step of the way to meet your requirements, from style and size to finish and instalment. It also offers a beautiful range of bamboo and oak flooring to complete the project.

Swimming pools are a speciality of Designastyle, having an exclusive range of Trend Aquatic mosaics and an exterior stone and tile range to complete your outdoor area. Designastyle operate a tile contracting service “Designastyle Tile Installation” with more than 35 years experience in

the industry and offer a 10 year guarantee on tile, workmanship and waterproofing. “We pride ourselves on quality assurance and are committed to providing a professional service. We have built a reputation for excellence and quality in

Christchurch and Canterbury over many years,” the company says. For a range of quality tiles and stone, industry advice and a professional finish, Designastyle has everything you need to complete your residential or commercial project. Specialising in the tile industry, Designastyle offer a full range of services for residential, retail, wholesale, commercial and installation. We are very passionate about what we do and our clients take assurance in our professional service. Our aim is to create a beautiful tiled environment which is unique and personalised. Sustained longevity and success in the tile industry in Christchurch. Come and visit us at 35 Mandeville Street, Riccarton Christchurch. Ph. 03 348 1099 E. B&R | 37

Preparing for winter


8.2tip r Topr

Cosy corners


For an instant nook, take the door off a closet and insert with a chair, bean bag or large cushions. Voila!

By Davina Richards

The nights are drawing in and cooling down, and it’s darker in the mornings; that’s right, summer’s gone and autumn’s settling in. What this means is now’s a good time to begin an autumn project, and one which you’ll get a lot of use out of when winter creeps in. Creating a cosy little reading nook is a great way to enliven dead spaces and awkward places around the home. It can be a great escape spot for kids and adults alike when you crave a moment to yourself and want to wind down after a long day. And it needn’t be expensive. You can go all out DIY, or simply lay down a soft rug in a corner and adorn with fluffed up cushions, blankets and paraphernalia. Here are a few suggestions to create the perfect nook:

Placement – depending on your personal preference, a nook can be created in places such as an alcove under the stairs, a window seat, a cosy area in the garden or balcony, or in the back corner of a large room. Try out different spaces to find a location which feels right. Privacy – when we want to curl up and get away from the world, many of us like to go somewhere quiet. A private nook may not be possible in every home, but try to find a spot which is away

from foot and car traffic, and in an uncluttered or busy area. Make it comfortable – bring out the eclectic mix of cushions, blankets and suitable lighting. Surround yourself with things you love: books, plants, shelving, a mirror, pin up your favourite photographs, frame book covers or hang artwork up to add depth and to personalise your little fort.

Decorate – choose tranquil colours to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. Strong colours can be distracting and harsh on the eyes. View – unfortunately we’re not all blessed with a room with a view, but if it’s possible to have a view out of a window, such as a garden or river, natural light will flow through.

Put yourself in the picture

Relax, check, then choose. Buying one of Simply Heat’s home heating solutions is easy once you have seen the array of appliances in our showrooms. Experienced sales staff can help. They know the features and benefits of every model. Your budget and situation is evaluated, so they can advise which models are best for your home. Then you can make your choice.

40 | B&R

95 Byron Street, Sydenham, Christchurch Telephone 03 365 3685 Open Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm, Sat 9am to 1pm




Australian Gas Association Certified Star Rating

r. e v e e ir f t s e b r u O Designed by yo u.

Introducing Evolve

See it in your place

Evolve is the new fire that puts you in the designer’s chair. Select your choice of surround and then choose either Silky Oak Logs or Glowing River Stones. Evolve installs easily into finished walls and with multiple flue options, it can often fit where other gas fires can’t.

To Magic virtual fireiTunes app from To download downloadthe ourRinnai virtual fire app from or Google Play iTunes or Google Play, just search “Rinnai” pick up just search "Rinnai" or pick up a life-sizeor poster in store. a life-size poster in store (available from mid March).

Evolve will be available in Edward Gibbon stores from April. BLENHEIM 25 M H QUEENSTOWN 206 GLENDA D



Cutting it Cutting board The wonderful thing about kitchens is there are so many different ways you can call on to express yourself with. One way is to incorporate earthy elements into your creative cooking space, such as this handmade cutting board with a distinctive natural touch. Its natural grain and bark element emanates beauty with its connection to the outdoors. RRP: $106.77 Available from:

42 | B&R


Turn it on By Melinda Collins

It’s one of the smallest fixtures in a house, but it has the ability to stick out like a sore thumb in a beautifully styled room. So the team at Personalised Switch Covers have come up with a solution which, funnily enough, just happens to be personalised switch covers.

They’re a clever way to add an extra touch of design to any room, add colour, match your décor or work your switches into the design of your wallpaper, these personalised switch covers have turned a functional piece of hardware into a design element.

They can be made to fit any size or configuration of switch covers and are made with removable adhesive vinyl with a resin coating, so it’s no problem if you change your mind, or your décor. Best of all, there are more than 80 designs to choose from, you

can design your own and the minimum quantity for ordering is just one.

For places where you might need a night light, like children’s rooms or hallways, the personalised switch covers now come in phosphorescent glow in the dark designs. They recharge using natural or artificial light and emit a warm yellow glow for up to 12 hours. Just visit www.personalisedswitchcovers. com or check them out on Facebook.

B&R | 43

Outdoor living

Getting well grounded By Katie Costain and Ben Freeman

As many Cantabrians begin to rebuild or renovate their homes, it becomes important to start considering the landscape and its functionality within your property.

The garden is typically an afterthought in the building process however, it is a crucial step in the development of your property. It is generally the first view people will get of your home from the street. If you are building new with a blank canvas, the landscape is going to be costly. By including the landscape early in the home design process, you can ensure that you have a clear understanding of the time and costs involved in creating your ideal landscape. Get it right the first time and your garden will flourish and continue to serve you and your family for years to come. When renovating your property, you need to consider the outdoor spaces within their existing context. Features including timber decking, courtyards, sprawling lawns, swimming and spa pools are all design features that are highly sought after by the home buyer, and can transform your property into something that sets it apart from the rest. So regardless of whether you are starting from scratch or it is time for a change, before you start, here are a few questions to ask yourself to ensure you create the landscape look you are after: What theme do I have in mind? Successful gardens utilise the strong points of one or two themes. By sticking to this idea, your garden will read as a cohesive and organised landscape. 44 | B&R

What are my goals for the garden? How do you plan to utilise the spaces within the garden? What are your needs? If you have a young family you may want to consider a large lawn space and planting that is safe for children. If you like to spend a lot of time outside entertaining, perhaps you would prefer a large or numerous entertainment spaces which maximise sun exposure and are sited in a sheltered position. What is my budget?

• Become inspired. Get excited about your garden and all its possibilities and most importantly, make sure you enjoy the process! Common mistakes: • Not researching. This includes everything from garden trends and themes to landscape supplies council bylaws and covenants. It is best to look around to find something that suits your taste, budget and purpose and meets any regulations and rules that may be imposed

Knowing how much you are able to spend from the outset will make the entire design process easier and more transparent. If your budget allows, hiring a landscape professional is money well spent.

• Poor planning. Early planning will allow for the most efficient allocation of resources. There is nothing worse than finding that your ideal feature or furnishing can’t be purchased or sited in its desired location due to a lack of access after construction

Not only can they assist with the design of your property, they can help liaise with and organise contractors, landscape supplies and plants.

• Don’t leave it until the last minute. If you are building, get involved in your landscape design early on and try to coordinate it with the architect’s plans from the outset

How to create the landscape look you are after: • Match the architecture of your house. Your garden needs to be an extension of and compliment the architecture, not clash with it. The best way to do this is to view the inside and outside as a single living environment, with the house informing the outcome of the garden • Keep the landscape design simple and fit for its purpose

• Skimping on plant numbers. After putting in all that time and effort to create your perfect landscape, you don’t want to be let down by a sparsely planted garden. Clumping plants together in groups will give your garden instant and greater impact • Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice. Many landscape architects and designers offer free, no obligation quotes. Utilising the expertise and experience of qualified professionals will enhance the overall outcome of your garden.

• Employ contractors for all/any works you are not comfortable creating yourself • Take inspiration from the environment around you. Plants within your local environment are suited to the climatic conditions and soil type of your region

Katie Costain and Ben Freeman are the directors of Billygoat Landscape Architecture (BGLA), based in Canterbury and Wellington. For more information, visit

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