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Winter warmers Furnishings to cushion winter’s blow

Six reasons

to renovate this winter

WHY USE A KITCHEN DESIGNER? There are times when you shouldn’t go it alone

Estimation games The gap between insurers’ estimates and the actual cost of rebuilding

Tech toys

for boys

SMARTLIFT s y s t e m s ltd

Smartlift Systems - engineering innovative solutions for the Canterbury rebuild Services Smartlift Systems is delivering the most advanced and accurate re-levelling system in the market today. Our repairs to commercial and residential foundations and floors in the earthquake effected region in Canterbury sees buildings re-levelled to millimetre accuracy. But the benefits are ongoing. In the event of another seismic event, if Smartlift systems have been installed, you can re-level your home as often as required for the life of the building. This delivers added advantages for home owners and insurance companies alike. Smartlift Systems can lift reinforced and some unreinforced concrete foundations and floors 50mm to 500mm, without having to remove heavy exterior veneers or heavy roof cladding.

Smartlift Features Include: Repair of lateral spread Lifts 50mm to 500mm and above Residential and commercial buildings Designed and engineered specifically for Christchurch houses High degree of accuracy – to a degree of mm Ability to level multiple storey structures, concrete block walls, type A, B1, B2, C1, C2 foundations, or a combination Increased value of property once Smartlift Systems has been installed.

PH. 03 928 2695 / M. 022 627 1003 / E. 326a Papanui Road, Papanui, Christchurch

Innovative Repair Solutions Smartlift is the most cost effective house re-levelling solution to earthquake effected Canterbury home and building owners. Smartlift was designed and engineered specifically for Christchurch houses and we use an independent engineer to complement our licensed building practitioners. Smartlift Systems is not limited by the height of the lift. Our system uses a climbing jack system and is capable of 500mm lifts and greater.

Smartlift has proven itself in the commercial sector of Canterbury by repairing heavy industrial buildings, including the ability in some cases to lift heavy factory walls and floors. Smartlift contractors and engineers can supply PS1, PS3 and PS4 suitable for council consents. The Smartlift patented system has the ability to jack the house off the ground, to enable us to repair or replace under floor services such as power, water and sewer systems.

Once Smartlift has been installed, your house can be re-levelled as often as required for the life of the building. Once the Smartlift system is in place, the foundation bearing area will have been increased by up to 300 percent, effectively reducing the pressure on the ground.

By future proofing your home we add value and peace of mind, not only for you, the home owner, but for your insurance company as well. SMARTLIFT SYSTEMS will increase the value of your property.

Our system is suitable for a range of building types. These include single and two storey houses and we can re-level structures with heavy exterior veneers and roof cladding still remaining in place. Also multiple storey buildings, concrete block walls or party walls, Type A, B1, B2, C1 and C2 dwelling foundations‌ or a combination.

PH. 03 928 2695 / M. 022 627 1003 E.

SMARTLIFT s y s t e m s ltd

It’s easy to get the look with

Guthrie Bowron Cranford Street


Our extensive range includes styl es from the best fabric houses, so you’re sure to find something you love. We offer a free in-home measure and quote service, plus free making on a wide range of fabrics.


Choose from affordable GB Home, quality Guthrie Bowron, or top of the range Dulux paints. Come in-store for free colour advice. We have expert advice in store to help you get the right paint for the job.


Choose from thousands of wallpaper designs, many of which are exclusive to Guthrie Bowron. From simple textures to lavish feature wall styles, we’re prou d to be home to one of the largest ranges of wallpapers in New Zealand.


Whatever your flooring needs are, we’ve got you covered. Let our experts help you find the perfect solution for every floor in your home.


We have a large range of Philips lighting on display including all the new LED technology. Bring in your plans and we can provide a lighting design and quote on house lots.

Come in and see how easy it is to get the look you want at your local one stop shop for the lot - Guthrie Bowron Cranford Street Paint | Wallpaper | Flooring Curtains | Blinds | Lighting | Advice

P. 03 354 3422

GB Cranford Ltd 4/484 Cranford Street Christchurch 8051

Cover image provided courtesy of WallVision featuring wallpaper from Boråstapeter’s Mineral collection. Visit:


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8 Estimation games The widening gap between insurers’ estimates and the actual cost of rebuilding

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Fireplaces with the wow factor

10 Inside out New horizons in bathroom design

Now that’s a good idea…

12 Material world The latest trends and fabric tactics


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21 Winter warmers Knitted furnishings to cushion winter’s blow

25 Hot halls Creating an impact isn’t all that difficult

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The sum of your insurance

All things considered, it really isn’t too much of a surprise to find the home insurance goal posts have been moved.

26 Man lab Tech toys for boys

29 Style to suit Getting perfect pieces made to measure


34 Why use a kitchen designer? Creating your new kitchen is no place to go it alone

38 Six reasons to renovate this winter Don’t let frosty days prevent you from getting busy on the inside

39 Cosy up Layering textures adds depth and warmth to any interior

44 Energy efficient features Why they justify the price

49 Shaping your place The principles of great backyard design

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It is now your responsibility to specify how much it will cost to rebuild your home in the event of its destruction. The days of simply ticking a box called ‘total cover’ and then forgetting about it are gone. Now you have to specify a dollar amount your home is insured for. So if it goes up in smoke, where once your total cover policy would cover the cost of a rebuild, you’re now insured up to a specific amount. This is called the ‘sum insured’ and it is the maximum amount an insurer will pay if a house needs to be rebuilt. It’s already claimed at lest one victim. A Christchurch homeowner who hadn’t understood the sum insured would only cover him to the maximum amount set out on the policy ended up being underinsured by about $900,000. Ouch! The trouble is there seems to be a grey area - the gap between insurers’ estimates and the actual cost of rebuilding. In his column Estimation Games, ADNZ chairman Cymon Allfrey


says it’s a gap that’s widening with insurers’ per-square-metre rebuild cost estimations leaving many homeowners underinsured. So Cymon peers into this void and offers advice on where and how you can plug the leaks, so to speak. The sceptic in me suspects these low estimates are a deliberate plan to disguise the actual cost of home insurance. And the optimist in me thinks pretty much the same thing. So do have a read and double check your policy to ensure your sum insured is actually a sum that insures you. In homage to the old adage ‘do it once and do it right’, we investigate why creating your new kitchen is no place to go it alone, and give six solid reasons why sprucing up your interior this winter might work wonders. Also Ben Freeman and Katie Costain outline how the principals of good design apply to backyards both great and small. We also check out the latest trends and fabric tactics, peek at the world of knitted furnishings and look at how layering textures can hep cushion winter’s blow.

Jonathon Taylor

Scan the QR code to check us out at


Estimation games By Cymon Allfrey

Leading quantity surveyors have identified a widening gap between the per-square-metre default rebuild cost, assumed by insurers, and the actual cost of rebuilding as estimated by quantity surveyors. An issue that has, and will continue to see many homeowners underinsured should the worst happen.

When we talk about the total cost to build there are shades of grey around what it covers. Does the price include: professional fees, landscaping, GST and more, or simply the cost to build the structure in question? While the total build cost being quoted in the marketplace tends to be the cost of building a house, when it comes to your total replacement insurance value, the cover is more than just building a home. It is the build price plus paths, patios, decks, fences, driveways, built landscaping, demolition of damaged existing structures, professional fees, council consents, service connections, land remediation and the list goes on. So with such a variance between what the marketplace terms cost to build, and your insurance policy, how do you ensure your insurance payout is going to stretch far enough to cover what you are entitled to should the worst happen? There are three key influences when it comes to square metre rates – size, quality and detail, or what I like to refer to as architectural-ness; the design elements and solutions that are put in place to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and space efficient structure. 8 | B&R

While the size of the home is dictated by the client, the other two can vary significantly from one 250sqm house to another. While one may have a per square metre rate of $1,700, the other might have a per square metre rate of $6,500 or more – highlighting the many shades of grey when comparing one house to another, whether they are the same size or not. Essentially, insurance companies appear to have taken total build costs and worked out an average square metre rate for rebuilding. For example, for homes estimated to cost $400,000 - $500,000 to build, the insurance pay out price is $1,850 - $2,300, well below the $3,530 per-square-metre rate deemed adequate by quantity surveyors in a recently published article. While at a glance the insurance pay out rate may seem substantial, it fails to take into account the individual aspects and unique attributes of what once was. When talking to my insurance company recently to discuss my repair cost following the Canterbury quakes, not only could they not identify what was covered within the squaremetre-rate being offered, they didn’t know the size of my site or the quality, age etc of any specific features. They had simply identified a figure based on an average 170sqm house that was unreflective of the street, site, composition and architectural details that make up my home.

The system that has been put in place to generate these payout figures is lacking in sophistication as it fails to recognise loss and what stood before. While, insurers must lift the square metre rebuild cost, as homeowners we must look beyond accepting the default rate. Our homes are our biggest asset, we should be protecting ourselves more by getting them and our property valued. By engaging a loss expert or quantity surveyor you can guarantee you are putting the right steps in place to ensure your property is insured adequately – because can you really afford not to? With the insurance policy figures set to dictate what homeowners can rebuild, it can and will, see homeowners forced to build smaller, and perhaps without the quality that they once had. More than likely, seeing homeowner rebuild a home that is worth less than the outstanding monies owned to their banks on the mortgage. My question here then, is at what point will the lender be satisfied that the potential margin of error in what is being paid out for replacement is adequate, or are the current actions of the insurance companies indicating that our banks are more interested in what we owe, than our equity?

The insurance square metre rates are poorly informed and generic. Not only do they fail to recognise that every house and every site is different, they lack knowledge around whether the site requires groundwork repair or not. And as we know from recent events, while one site might be fine, five doors down it can be a totally different story with the site requiring detailed groundwork repair and foundations to make it adequate for rebuilding.

With more than 20 years industry experience, Cymon Allfrey holds the Chair of the ADNZ National Board and has won the ADNZ National Supreme Award three times in the past five years



Some like it By Laura Hall

Cocoon fires

At some time or another we’ve found ourselves staring into a fire, hypnotised by its dancing flames and beautiful display of colours. The Cocoon fire catches your gaze twofold because of its sexy and sleek design. It runs on bio fuel, doesn’t require a flue and is environmentally friendly. Hang it from the ceiling or convert into a freestanding “Terra”. You can move it from room to room making it a great stylish addition to interior and exterior spaces. We might not love the cold, but we do love that warm fuzzy feeling.

RRP: POA Available from:

Living Flame As the rain pitter-patters on the roof curl up with a good book and feel the radiant heat of the Eastside Quattro open front fire. Most fires have glass panels enclosing them, preventing the heat coming out of the front and spreading throughout the room. But the open front Eastside Quattro View gives off a direct heat; the type you like to feel when sitting in front of a real fire as it crackles and pops. This may look purely like a decorative fire but they are efficient heaters built for New Zealand conditions. All Living Flame fires are made to order in their Auckland factory, meaning they can offer a bespoke product with a personal touch. They offer a lifetime guarantee on the fireplace bodys and burner beds.

RRP: $4,267 plus GST Available from:

Escea Fireplaces have come a long way from the days of putting another log on the fire to ward off the harsh winter nights. Now the Escea DX 1500 can heat your entire home effortlessly while maintaining its sleek, sophisticated appearance. The Heat Ducting Technology and Escea’s exclusive Smart Heat control system captures up to 90 percent of the available heat and returns it back into the different rooms of your home via Escea’s Heat Ducts.

Built on a solid past, shaping the future!

The ultra wide DX 1500 model harnesses the latest in fireplace technology allowing you to control your fireplace using a home automation system, the Internet, or by your smart phone. And with the option of having it double sided you can get twice the fireplace for your buck with one side in your lounge and the other in your kitchen or dining room.

RRP: from $9,595 Available from:

The Park Terrace - an innovative, top quality, stunning architecturally designed prefabricated home. This beautiful design is quick to build, energy efficient, sustainable and exceptional value. B&R | 9


Inside out Bringing the outdoors in is a rising trend in bathroom design – be it a large window framing lush green foliage, a glass door or louvres opening to the garden or, in this case, a bathroom opening completely to a pond, courtyard or patio. Ok, so this last one is admittedly the dream option, but the key to achieving the look, irrespective of the size of the view, is to keep the interior of the bathroom uncluttered.

Smaller bathrooms in particular will benefit from ‘visual trickery’ whereby wall hung fixtures, such as vanities and toilets, create the illusion of more space and ‘dead space’ (such as a tight corner) is used for storage, keeping toiletries and clutter out of sight. For those with space, a freestanding sculptural bath is

10 | B&R

a must have and Kohler’s Escale brings just the right shape and proportions to the mix.

It is available as either a conventional bath or with bubble massage technology, where thousands of bubbles filled with warm air are released from concealed air jets. For those with limited space Kohler has a number of conventional built-in baths offering the same bubble massage technology. Practically speaking though, the open plan mode is really only

Kohler Escale freestanding bath: $2,553 viable in a larger scale room – but whatever the space, choose a multifunction shower that can pamper tired bodies and aching muscles with a strong massage spray or a refreshing, restorative deluge of water.

Kohler Escale freestanding bath with BubbleMassage: $3,339 Kohler bathroom products are retailed exclusively by Mico stores nationally. Visit


Material world By Davina Richards

Bolt of Cloth celebrates the textiles and the spirit of creativity which drives us all. With the popular business swelling with new products it’s no surprise the stockist of designer fabrics and home furniture has expanded its business from one store to three. Owner Suzannah Tonascia established the business on Madras Street back in 2009 and after the February 2011 earthquakes was forced to relocate to The Colombo in Sydenham.


Suzannah in the Newmarket store (photo by Helen Bankers)

In a bid to expand the business and reach the growing number of online customers, an Auckland store was opened in June, 2013 and incorporates Finnish textiles, homewares and clothing brand Marimekko. In its latest move, a third store was opened at The Tannery’s Emporium in Woolston earlier this year. Suzannah talks to us about the latest trends and fabric tactics. What materials and designs are on trend right now?


A Kaiku wallhanging features in Hugo’s nursery, designed for him by Kate

Bright punches of colour and combining fabrics in unique and novel ways are two key trends we are seeing right now. It’s all about breaking the rules and being individual. What materials would you suggest to people who want to create a cosy home this winter?


Marimekko ceramics are colourful on the Bolt of Cloth shelves

12 | B&R

Softer elements like fabrics are perfect for insulation, absorbing sounds and making homes feel personalised and finished rather than sterile and show homey. While roller blinds are practical, there is nothing quite like closing curtains in winter for cosiness and then snuggling up to a pile of feather filled cushions on your

couch. Make sure you have some lighting on dimmer switches or some free standing lights for moody perfection. Can you tell us anything about the new products you’ll be getting in stock? We are always getting new products in stock! We’ve just released a winter collection of wool/alpaca cushion covers which are warm and tactile, and perfect for mix and matching. We have a really interesting new collection of Marimekko fabrics, ceramics and homeware arriving in July – lots of purples (inspired by the Pantone colour of the year), and a mix of elegant pieces with a folksy collection. We are also launching our own range of roller blinds and ottomans shortly. Which upcoming designers should we look out for? You have to keep an eye out for the winner of this year’s Bolt of Cloth Textile Design Award. Last year’s winner was ex-Christchurch designer Josie Dawson and we have her stunning designs in store as cushion covers. We will be working with this year’s winner (entries close at the end of August) to get their designs in store in a suitable format by Christmas. We hope to have something exciting and inspiring to show you and be able to support an up and coming designer in the process.


Solid colours verses patterns, how do you use them and where? I personally love patterns, but solid colours allow you to mix up more colours and patterns together in a way that works. Colour is an interesting thing, as the more you have the more you can get away with – and for lots of us, the happier it makes us feel.

Yes. People who are signed up on our website as members already get lots of special offers. We email them a secret code every two weeks which enables them to buy certain items at a discounted price that isn’t shown online or in store. This is free and anyone can join at We are also working on some very attractive packages for people needing to furnish windows in their whole home, and an

Do you have a favourite designer? Who is it and why? That is a really difficult one as I like so many designers and for so many reasons. I love Florence Broadhurst for her timeless elegance and how cleverly she designed Etsuya Furuya for her quirky irrelevance and how untraditionally Japanese her work is. I also love Sanna Annka for her modern folksy vibe (she has a funky new collection out at Christmas) and of course Maija Isola for her trail blazing designs for Marimekko which are still going strong 50 years on.

The new store at the Tannery, 3 Garlands Rd, Woolston


Will customers be able to take advantage of special offers or promotions this season?

interior design service that will enable clients using it to buy at reduced prices.

is the magic ingredient that makes each of our homes unique. The same object can look completely different in each environment it goes in – human creativity is limitless!

Do you prefer stand alone products or a combination to create an impact?

What process do you go through to determine what products make it into your stores?

Definitely a combination. I think how you combine items

It is a combination of instinct with some method. For fabrics,

it’s about whether I feel our customers will love the colours and the design ,combined with the practical element of that fabric in terms of how I can visualise it being used and whether it is actually going to work for that. Some fabrics have been designed to just be more useful than others. There is no crystal ball unfortunately!


PHONE 021 140 1738 Carpentry Floor Levelling – Jack and Pack – Pile Replacement Render and Splash Coatings for Foundations and Retaining walls Epoxy and Crack Injection Services Foundation Repairs Gib Fixing B&R | 13


Find out more at Proudly supported by

14 | B&R


A reminder to quake safe your home

With the devastation caused by Canterbury earthquakes still so raw in the memory of many, the recent Cook Strait and Eketahuna quakes should reinforce the need for all New Zealanders to make sure their home is ‘quake safe’.

EQC Reinsurance, Research and Education general manager, Dr Hugh Cowan says “We can’t predict the locality or severity of earthquakes, so taking a moment now to quake safe your home could prevent significant damage in the future”.


Dr Hugh Cowan

There are also some easy steps you can take to protect your ornaments, pictures/mirrors and appliances and prevent them from becoming projectiles in a quake. • Place plastic putty (Blu Tack) and non-slip mats under ornaments and glassware. • Push hooks closed after hanging pictures/ mirrors or squeeze filler material into the gap so the cord cannot jump out. • Place non-slip mats under small appliances. Larger appliances such as televisions can be secured using strap restraints available from specialist safety or hardware stores.

Used by GNS Science to secure lab equipment TOP QUAKE SAFE TIPS 1• Fasten wall units, bookcases and other tall furniture to wall studs using metal brackets which are available from most hardware stores. 2• Store heavy objects on lower shelves or in low cabinets with latches. 3• Secure water cylinders with timber blocks fastened to the floor and attach a strap around the top of the cylinder. The straps can be bought as part of a special kit from plumbing supply or hardware stores. 4• Replace your chimney with a lighter metal flue. 5• Strap down header tanks on the roof or in the roof space. Sunlight can perish the straps so they need to be checked and replaced regularly. 6• Check your house is well-fixed to its foundations. Wire, bolt or bracket bearers to piles. Nail strong plywood sheets to the inside of the framing in the sub-floor space. Nail strong plywood sheets to brace and clad the outside piles. Check that any extensions to your home are well tied to the original house foundations. If you are unsure about how to do this, a builder can help.

Seismic restraint for appliances & furniture. Designed to flex in a quake to keep you safer • Quick release for cleaning and servicing • No holes in your appliances • From $20 per kit • Easy DIY installation

Buy online from These are just some of the helpful tips included in EQC’s free guide to making your home quake safe called: Easy Ways to Quake Safe your Home which is available online at www., or you can phone EQC on 0800 326 243 and request a copy be sent to you. The booklet is available in eight languages. B&R | 15


Memorable scents ECOYA candle Many people melt at the smell of freshly baked bread, cut grass or damp earth after a downpour; we try to forget a bad smell as quickly as possible, but the pleasant ones stick around. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let the cold weather desensitise you this winter and fill your home with the sweet smell of French pear. Place it in your bathroom while you relax in the bath, in the hallway or living room. A sweet scent is the remaining element to seal in the cosiness of your home. RRP: $49.95

16 | B&R











OVER $ 1

Available from:


Hot homes

Designer home

for a designed lifestyle

This spectacular Queenstown home designed by Dravitzki & Brown Architecture is positioned on a terrace in Jack’s Point looking back towards Queenstown and Coronet Peak, in an area flanked on one side by Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables on the other. Not really that bad a spot it must be said! Filled with an array of quality features any homeowner would be proud of, this masterpiece is on sale and could be yours at any moment. Just imagine yourself living in this newly built contemporary home boasting a generous land area of 1,119sqm and being greeted by the double door entranceway leading to the living, dining and entertaining terrace.

18 | B&R

“The brief was to design a home that would both fit with its environment but have a modern aesthetic. It also had to be four bedrooms, maximise the elevated views and be a home that would work for a range of people, either as a permanent residence or as a holiday home,” director Katrina Dravitzki from Dravitzki and Brown Architecture says. “The site was relatively narrow towards the north and views, with houses quite close on the eastern

Hot homes

and western boundaries, so the design was about maximising the number of rooms that face north, whilst maintaining privacy within the home. “The form of the house became three pavilions wide with an upper level master bedroom. The master bedroom has a 360 degree view of all the surrounding mountain peaks and Lake Wakatipu.” The spacious home is surrounded by stunning areas of reserve both in front and behind the property, enhancing the mesmerising northerly outlook and the beauty which lies in the sound architecture of this designer home. The geometric shape is stylish and striking, and its large yawning sliding doors and frameless glass balustrade to the upper level deck allows for superior views into the distance. Although liberally spacious, privacy doesn’t escape its quarters; a sense of intimacy

and comfort is easily found for those who choose to live here. It contains four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two garages and a designer, custom-made, open plan kitchen containing everything you would expect to find or need, including Fisher and Paykel kitchen appliances and a wine fridge in the adjoining scullery. Built in 2013 it was constructed using a mix of iron and cedar materials. Cedar cladding climbs the exterior walls, timber flooring covers the living and dining room areas, and beyond this point you’ll find yourself on hardwood timber decking. The garden, which appears to go on and on as it merges into the scenic background, is fully landscaped; clean and filed down edges, frames the property lines. “Jack’s Point in Queenstown has a rural natural character, quite different to most new

subdivisions, so material choice is really important. Cedar and Corten steel are just rustic enough to blend in with the Central Otago colours, but still maintain a modern look which is important to our design style”. A healthy sized home for anyone looking for the good life. 40 Jacks Point Rise home has put its own stamp in the region.

40 Jacks Point Rise Queenstown $1,245,000 For more information, contact Jane Hanna at Harcourts Queenstown: T 0274 585 503

B&R | 19


GO BLUNT Blunt umbrella You know those annoying moments when you’re walking through a cold and wet street and gale force winds charge at you like the force of 100 men in combat? You can see the look of terror spread across your own face in slow motion as your umbrella turns inside out and you’re forced to battle with an inanimate object out on the street. Avoid showing yourself up in public this winter. The revolutionary Blunt umbrella has you covered. RRP: $135 Available from:

Kick them out with Sleepoutz Are you tired of living under the same roof as your grumpy, lazy, annoying teenager?

Let Sleepoutz solve your problems by kicking them out of your house, but not your home, in one of its stunning modern buildings - giving them their independence and encouraging responsibility without the expense and hassle of flatting. These high quality portable building are perfect if you need extra room and can also be used as an office. Sleepoutz are built strong, warm and safe to NZ standards using high quality materials and workmanship to produce fully insulated, double glazed beautiful looking buildings.

Sleepoutz are so easy to hook up – you just ‘plug and play’ as they come with Electrical Code of Compliance and safety features like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. No council permits or consent is needed for Sleepoutz under 10sqm and if this size doesn’t suit, they can custom build to your specific needs which can include self contained extras such as toilets, kitchenette and en-suites. They are available to rent from only $75 per week, or buy from $10k and can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand.

Please connect with Dean on 0800 468 737 or at:

20 | B&R

Cover story

Winter warmers By Davina Richards

Looking for real comfort? Our emotions and mental health is influenced by our living spaces, so why not make the best of the impending winter season and accessorise with soft knitted furnishings to cushion the blow, so to speak. Whether you’re a fan of knitting or crochet, the art has been a labour of love for decades.

There’s a whole spectrum of designs in a range of thickness and texture to provide that luxurious touch. You’ll find everything from cosy oversized throw blankets, hot water bottle covers to clocks and cat beds. There’s something for every part of your home, even the ones you never would have thought of. Forget what’s happening on the other side of your front door and raise the temperature in your winter nest which stirs up a warm winter storm all on its own.

THROW BLANKET It’s almost criminal that any home can go without some sort of knitted accessory. A knitted throw not only comes in handy during the colder months, but choosing the right one looks fabulous all year round. A good throw should never be hidden away, so drape it lovingly over your sofa or at the end of your bed. Available in charcoal, ivory cream, natural fawn, light grey and dark grey. RRP: $350 plus postage (delivery to Christchurch is $15) Available from:

B&R | 21

Winter warmers





By Davina Richards 1 CASUAL COMFORT




Bean bag


Covered vase - neon base

Cat bed

Sometimes you just can’t beat blobbing out in a bean bag. Handmade with the finest New Zealand wool and hand knitted in Nepal, this beautiful example comes in white, light grey and brown colours. I imagine just sitting in it is like one big bear hug. Great for children and big kids love it too!

You can’t exactly snuggle up to this delightful furniture piece; well you could, I guess, but this knitted clock is destined to transform a cold wall. Italian designer Carlo Tamborini has been busy designing lights and interior furnishings for Kartell, Diamantini & Domeniconi, MOS and Coro, and this fully functioning cotton clock from the Gomitolo Collection is just one of them.

Your vases need some knitted TLC too. Raw and organic, this crochet jute sleeve turns dull areas into an eye catching corner with a pop of colour. The sleeve includes the glass insert and you can use it as a pencil holder, organiser or vase. Adorn your home with three colour options: neon pink, neon lime and neon orange.

It’s a hard life for felines and sometimes we wish we were one of them, because if I was a cat I could sleep for 13 – 16 hours, roam in mysterious places and enjoy endless entertainment by chasing my own tail. And if I was a cat I would sleep in this oversized crochet cat bed. And purr. A lot!

RRP: $43 (Each pot is 7.5cm wide and 10.5cm high)

RRP: $95.10

RRP: $885 (Size: 90 x 135 x 90cm) Available from:

RRP: $538 Available from: or:

22 | B&R

Available from: www.

Available from:

Winter warmers









Floor rug/bath mat

Face cloth

Hot water bottle

Glück pendant

Walking bare foot on cold hard floors in winter is enough to make you do crazy eye movements and scrunch your face up like you’ve gobbled a handful of Haribo sours. An expression which when it happens to a baby, is hilarious, but it’s no laughing matter when it happens to you at home. Lay down this soft rug for your tootsies to dig into.

A little luxury for your bathroom and a gentle way to wash your face, these hand knitted Alba Rosa cotton and bamboo facecloths are made in Christchurch and are machine washable. Available in mint green, natural and soft brown, there’s a colour to suit any bathroom.

This hot water bottle is well dressed to keep you warm this season and there’s just something very homely about it. Keep it on stand by for those aches and pains or tuck it under the duvet cover to keep your bed warm before climbing into it. It’s the seasonal choice of accessory!

RRP: $8.50

RRP: $39.90

Available from:

Available from:

Knitted furniture is underrated. This crochet pendant brings warmth and texture, and possesses a charm which can lack in many hard furniture pieces. Knitting expert Naomi Paul is just one of the creatives who appreciates sustainability and indulges in the beauty of pulling yarn through loops using materials from the fashion industry.

RRP: $93.23 Available from:

RRP: Prices start from $2,017 Available from: B&R | 23


Hot halls By Davina Richards

Hallways are usually the first thing you see when you step into someone’s home. The impression you want to avoid is that your place is small, dark and cold, even if the only time the area sees natural light is when someone opens the front door. It can be challenging to find a design which will transform a hallway from boring and dull to charming and inspiring, but creating an impact doesn’t need to be as complex as you think. Your hallway is used just as much as your bedroom, kitchen and living room, so decorate it like you would with any other room. Pay attention to detail: lighting, furnishings, accessories, floor and walls.

Colour up If you have a long hallway, choose a bold colour on the end wall which will make the space appear shorter. To make a ceiling appear lower, paint a bold colour on the ceiling. Leave all other walls in a lighter shade of colour. Sometimes bright colours don’t work well on large surface areas, whether you opt to use paint or patterned wallpaper, so the hallway is an ideal place to play around with bright, bold and rich colours. Apply a burst of colour by choosing a lively colour from another room in your home such as the living area; it could be a colour from a throw, lampshade or fabric. In doing this you allow colour to flow seamlessly from the hallway to the connected spaces beyond. If you use patterned wallpaper or stencilling, remember that larger hallways work best with large-scale patterns and vice versa. Reflect light by hanging mirrors to make the space feel larger and lighter.

Furniture and accessories Furniture in an entranceway can reinforce the sense of homeliness – remember to add tables, chairs or bookcases which are an appropriate scale for your hallway. You don’t want to be bumping into sharp corners as you walk out of the door.



Effective to over 150m2 For 2-3 bedroom homes/baches

Nailed it


Before you start making holes in the walls to hang up pictures, create a template by tracing the outline of your chosen picture frames onto a piece of paper. After tracing each frame, make a mark or punch a hole through the paper where the nail or hook will go. Once you’ve settled on the right arrangement, tape them to the wall. You can also lay your picture frames out on the floor and re-arrange as much as you like to find the design layout for your wall. Mix small to medium-sized photographs or artwork for smaller areas. A collection of large sizes work best in bigger hallways. Don’t be shy to decorate by laying a runner on the floor, hang up some stunning artwork, family photographs, and add narrow pieces of furniture such as a table or bookcase. Finish off with accessories: a vase of flowers, candles, mirror and ornaments. For a creative streak, why not include a wall decal in your design. No room for a coat stand and bored of a line of hooks? Try a tree wall decal – screw in hooks at different heights where the tree branches are and voila! A place to hang your coats and scarves, and it couldn’t look any prettier! You could even hang up family photographs which look like they’re suspended from the tree branches.

Lighting Many hallways do not receive lots of natural light, so it can feel like you’re walking into a dark tunnel. Add some creative lighting effects, or if you’re in the process of building or renovating, include windows or skylights to beautify your dark hallway. Hallways should be inviting and appealing.



Incl P&P

SAVE $20 Use the promotional code ‘LOYAL’ to receive $20 off the Domestic Unit. Offer ends 31st August 2014.

OR for larger homes, try the PRO UNIT. For a limited time - purchase the PRO UNIT and receive the DOMESTIC UNIT, FREE!

0800 001 333 WWW.PLUGINPESTFREE.CO.NZ B&R | 25

Man lab

THE ART OF NOISE JMC Soundboard RRP: $7,700 Available from: If you think sound systems make your home look like a nerd’s nirvana, yet you still want serious sounds, then the JMC Soundboard is just the ticket - a speaker system that camouflages as a piece of modern art. The board has a contemporary shape, is light and rigid for optimum sound capabilities and available in a variety of colours. Due to the speaker’s omnidirectional wave, music penetrates the entire room, while you don’t even know a sound system is there.

26 | B&R

Man lab



Ring Clock

Balolo wooden Playstation 4 cover

RRP: from $230 Available from:

RRP: $236 Available from:

Good ideas are contagious and such is the case with the Ring Clock; a design project that went viral and as a result, into full scale production.

So your epic Sony Playstation 4 sits, quite justifiably, dead centre and right beside its partner in crime – one seriously sized flat panel screen. But, as hi-tech gadgets tend to do, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

it into its natural surroundings to avoid any disapproving glares cast its way from certain other members of the household.

Step up the Balolo wooden PS4 cover. Each German made cover is precision cut to, 7 mm thin from walnut, bamboo, zebra or Since hiding such a wondrous cherry wood and you can pick marvel of the modern world simply isn’t an option, you need to and choose different colours for sneakily camouflage it - blending the top and bottom. Game on.

It features three rings that rotate separately, displaying the hour, minutes and seconds. The first row shows numbers 1 to 24, the second shows 1 to 59, and the third sports little dots.

The numbers light up when you rotate the ring, it’s made from stainless steel, is waterresistant, comes with a wireless charger and the LED lights turn off automatically to save battery life. Sure, reading the time is more difficult than a conventional watch, but as a ring in itself the cool factor is off the charts.

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New homes

Leading lady Being awarded a Hays 2014 Women in Construction award was a big feather in Coralie Pollard’s cap. She won the inaugural award in March for her contribution to support women in construction. She and her husband Steve own and operate Landmark Homes in Christchurch.

The Hays awards are aimed to recognise and reward women who have achieved excellence in the construction industry, companies that are committed to developing the careers of women in the industry, and individuals who support women in the industry. There were three award categories, with Coralie winning

the award for contribution for supporting women in construction. “These awards recognise the outstanding contribution made by women in construction, and are timely recognition in light of the essential contribution women are making to the rebuild of Christchurch,” Hays managing director Jason Walker says. Coralie was born in Christchurch, originally leaving to attend Massey University to study veterinary science. “I quickly realised I wasn’t cut out to be a vet, so I changed direction and did some design courses, which lead to a drafting job at a local architectural practice in Palmerston North,” she says.

Today she takes care of all commercial work for Landmark Homes, including looking after the sales team, planning and construction of show homes, project quantity surveying and estimating team, while Stephen Pollard runs the Construction Operations side of the company. Coralie says she’s quite honoured and humbled to win the Hays award and had to submit a variety of referees for consideration as part of the selection process. Landmark Homes employs a number of women across a range of occupations. “I have enjoyed a long and varied career in construction throughout New Zealand, but the reason I received this award is because I recognise the value that women bring to construction.

Visit our website for the full picture... Visit our website for fabulous plans, flexible options and creative solutions that will make your next home a true Landmark. Be inspired by your free Landmark book.

Coralie and Steve Pollard, after Coralie received her Hays 2014 Women in Construction award earlier this year.

“We employ a lot of women as quantity surveyors, sales and administrative staff. There are a lot of very capable women coming into the construction sector, especially with Christchurch needing a lot of people for the rebuild.”

Office: Unit 2a 295 Blenheim Road Ph: (03) 961 1048 Fax: (03) 961 1059 Showhome located on corner of Bayliss Drive and Lillian Street, Sovereign Lakes, Kaiapoi.

Call one of our sales consultants today on Ros Huppert: 027 778 8847 John Riley: 022 123 9658 Come and view our lovely new Abel Tasman Showhome, just opened. 28 | B&R

New homes

Style to suit If you just can’t find that perfect piece of furniture then you can always get it made to measure. Leading the way in upholstery and custom design furniture in Christchurch is Design 5.

Based in the old Kaiapoi Mill, Design 5 was established by Simon Griffiths with his wife Denise Mcilroy in 2007.

The business offers a complete manufacturing service for custom-made upholstered chairs and lounge furniture. The small team designs and builds to the specifications required by each client. The company stays on top of the latest trends to deliver a range of options and solutions to produce stunning furniture pieces.

Simon says it’s common for people to ask him to create a product seen from photographs. “People want something different. They don’t want what everybody else has.” So bring your photographs and magazine cut-outs and watch the designers work to replicate the style of furniture with a personal twist. They also reupholster squabs, dining chairs and lounge suites.

Wow! Is this a Lockwood!? We want to get the word out! We love Lockwood homes and for you, there is no better time to get one. Talk to our experienced and dynamic team, they are waiting to help you! From the first step, we can ensure that it will be an exciting and rewarding venture! You will be so excited by the range of new plans we have available. You want style, stunning features, spacious rooms with fabulous wood and eco design. So take a new look and ring now for more information. You won’t regret it! Open your Lockwood door! Phone 03 338 13 13, or email for all enquiries.

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New homes

Warm up this winter

It really is never a bad time to install central heating in your home and warm water systems make a lot of sense.

Installing a central heating system can be done at any time, but the team at Central Heating New Zealand recommend doing it when building a new home or during repairs. A standard Kiwi home can run a central heating system for about the same cost as running two heat pumps, while keeping the whole house warm and comfortable - not just one or two rooms or hallways. How does warm water central heating work? Warm water central heating systems, which can be installed in new or existing homes, use a closed network of water filled

30 | B&R

pipes to distribute radiant heat thoroughly and evenly throughout the house. The water in these pipes is heated by either a boiler or heat pump. Boilers are appliances that combust fuel, while heat pumps are electrical appliances that transfer energy from the air or ground water. Water transfers energy at a much higher rate than air, making these systems very efficient. Because radiant heat does not rely upon forced air movement, these systems also reduce dust and allergens.

THE BENEFITS OF CENTRAL HEATING: Effective: Warm water central heating systems heat your whole house Efficient: Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air, making warm water central heating systems much more efficient than warm air systems Healthy: Central heating systems improve general health and wellbeing of the homeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s occupants Safe: A safe option for children and the elderly because there are no naked flames or elements, and for people with respiratory or allergy problems because there is no forced air flow Controllable: Systems are fully programmable and can be thermostatically controlled or turned off in rooms that are not being used Quiet: The systems are virtually silent Quick: With radiator systems, the house can be warm within minutes of the system being turned on, regardless of how cold it is outside Customised: Central Heating New Zealand will work out the specific heating requirements of your home to achieve the best heating solution for your needs Flexible: Choose from a range of different heat sources and heat distribution combinations to get the best performance and cost benefits for your lifestyle.

Hot spots

Eat here,

go there

By Laura Hall

Hello Sunday Café We’ve lost many of our heritage buildings, so it is inspiring to see this 18th century post office refurbished and now the new home of Hello Sunday Café.

Mexicano’s The fiesta is always in full swing at Mexicano’s whether you’re going for a margarita at the bar or a meal in the restaurant you’ll experience Mexican street style food at its best.

The Dirty Land The lounge bar stays true to its name, heavy red velvet curtains block off the outside world while intimate seating, dim lighting and low music create the perfect environment for a private rendezvous. Their specialty is strong drinks, certainly not for the faint hearted and with a weekly Guest Cocktail they are sure to keep you guessing. The walls are adorned with a collection of paintings from artist Brian Viveros. The haunting images depict beautiful women with bloody faces and cigarettes pursed between their red lips staring down at their patrons.

The meals are designed for sharing with friends and family so order up! The tacos are my personal favourite but why not be adventures and try the grilled market fish, squid and prawns, melon salad or the pork hock, new style salsa verde and corn crema. The colourful sombreros and fake stick-on moustaches are well worth purchasing after a few tequilas for a memorable night.

The hearty meals made with love are starting to create a buzz with the locals. Dishes to try include the eggs Benedict, fish tacos and the chickpea and polenta fritters.

C1 Espresso

Relax with family and friends in the warm inviting courtyard or café and take your time to savour their nourishing food and coffee.

C1 has been a local institution among coffee connoisseur since 1996. And now they have an exciting new drawcard, Pneumatic Sliders.

6 Elgin Street Sydenham HelloSundayChristchurchCafe

The mini burgers are loaded into a canister then delivered to your table at 100km per hour via pneumatic tubing, mounted to the roof. Not only do the Pneumatic Sliders have a great novelty factor that is sure to entertain, but the sliders taste great too. Flavours such as spicy lamb meatball and pulled pork shoulder offer something a bit different to standard burger flavours and are sure to please. Corner of High & Tuam Streets

131 Victoria Street

131 Victoria Street thedirtyland

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NZ’s most cost effective premium brand available. Up to 38% cheaper


No Wheat, Corn, Soy or grain fillers. These are the main contributors to allergies. If your dog has an allergy, simply changing to a food that doesn’t have these can solve the issue


Made with human grade ingredients


Less stool volume. This is because there are no fillers, which means the dog can digest most of the food.


Voted one of the best in the world by leading publications, journals, websites etc


Omega 6 and 3 for a healthy shiny skin and coat



NZ’s Best and most cost effective pet food

Mash up Electric potato and vegetable masher Potato is the ultimate comfort food and as a nation we’re big fans of the vegetable, or is it a fruit? Either way this electric vegetable and potato masher is a great kitchen tool likely to make a difference at dinner time. Experiment by whipping up some guacamole, dips, baby food and cake batters. RRP: $69.99 Available from:

y t i l s a n u O itchMeMADE K O T S CU Design, manufacture and installation

Delivered anywhere in NZ

We make to your requirements - free measure and quote.

Joiners and Cabinet Makers Laquer Work Country Style Kitchens Wardrobe Systems Shop Fitting Bathroom Vanities Finance Available

Voted one of the best dog foods in

the world!

CALL FOR A FREE SAMPLE PACK! More detailed information available visit or freephone 0800 101 729.

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Ltd SHOWROOM OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 5 Clothier Street, Phone: 03 365 4535 Email:


Cool cookers Linea silver glass gas cooktop

Smeg has a striking range of sleek and minimalist cooktops to suit any kitchen space. The Smeg Linea range is developed by Smeg’s internal design studio and is anchored by its leading edge technology. This includes its Thermoseal technology, delivering some of the most energy efficient cooking appliances available.


Linea highlights include the ergonomically designed handles, the LED-lit, transparent control knobs and the easy to read LED displays. The Linea range features a super strong material with crystal translucency for a mirror finish, which, when combined with Smeg’s satin stainless steel, gives the range a reflective beauty.

• Semi flush mounted

This silver glass gas cooktop stems from the Linea range and is

• Automatic electronic ignition • Black burner caps • Cast iron trivets • Safety valves • Polycarbonate front control knobs • Brushed inox finish • Comes with NZ plug. available with silver, black or white glass. It features rear illuminated knobs, heavy duty trivets, flame failure and has a mark-resistant coating on graphite model. RRP: $3,799.00 Available from:

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Why use a kitchen designer? By Laura Hall

Kiwi’s have a staunch DIY attitude and cringe at the thought of paying someone else to do home renovations.

But when it comes to designing, renovating or building something as important and complex as your kitchen it is seriously worth considering using a kitchen designer to do it once and do it properly. Employing a qualified kitchen designer offers many benefits as they have skills and experience that can’t be matched. Kitchens aren’t that simple to construct, there are a huge number of building regulations and codes to comply with. If you

aren’t familiar with them you could make major mistakes which cost you time and money. It is a kitchen designer’s job to stay up to date with codes and regulations, which is particularly useful when renovating older homes. Designers have working relationships with exclusive suppliers in the industry. Using a designer means you have access to the latest products at great trade discounts. The kitchen is the heart of your home so it is important to create something truly unique and special to you. A kitchen designer will create a one-off bespoke kitchen which is personalised to your needs, rather than just a cookie cutter kit set.

From a complete new kitchen installation to a simple door swap, Dream Doors have the kitchen solution for you. Scroll through the website to discover the vast range of doors, bench tops, kitchens and design ideas Dream Doors have to offer. Dream Doors can supply innovative kitchen storage solutions, top-brand appliances, quality sinks and designer bench tops. Dream Doors are there to help you turn your tired old kitchen into a fantastic new kitchen. Dream Doors (Christchurch) Adrian and Tammy Kay Phone: 03 338 1081 Mobile: 027 338 1081 Email: Email:

34 | B&R

Kitchen designers work for you and manage the entire process from start to finish. It is their job to ensure the project comes in on budget and on time, taking the stress off of your shoulders.

This stunning lay out is by Kitchens by Design, images supplied courtesy of


BE IN TO WIN Fancy flavours Colonna lemon infused extra virgin olive oil The story behind Colonna’s Granverde begins in Molise, Italy. Made from handpicked olives and spray-free lemons carefully selected from Marina Colonna’s Bosco Pontini Estate, the sweet olive oil is just too good not to share. Which is why Sabato is kindly giving away one bottle of 250mI Colonna lemon infused extra virgin olive oil.

Simply email your name and address to, with ‘Colonna Giveaway – Build and Renovate Today’ in the subject line, by Friday, July 11.

RRP: 250ml $29.90 or 500ml $39.90 Available from:

Specialising in energy efficient, eco-friendly homes.


Professional Floor Sanding 2014 Ltd Your flooring professionals Our qualified staff are able to use a wide variety of products to acheive your desired finish. For a free No Obligation Quote - Phone. 03 382 3995 Mention this ad and get a free bona floor care system on completion of the job.

Our Planet, Your Home


Ph. 0800 422 845

Office: 03 382 3995 Email: 5 Briarmont Street, Avondale 8061 B&R | 35

36 | B&R


In a knot Light Pendant If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not one for overly traditional lights and looking to complement an industrial or mancave styled home, look no further than to the Manila rope light with its natural elements. Made from natural fibre rope with Italian hand made glass, it might not fit into everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dĂŠcor, but its great interior lighting with an original design which sparks a bit of ropey interest. RRP: $525 for 3 metres or $575 for 4 metres Available from:

B&R | 37


Six reasons to renovate your home this winter Winter’s coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside your house all day. Brush away the boredom bug this season and do a bit of renovation work to keep you busy. 1• Tradespeople tend to be more available during the colder months as business slows down, which means they’re likely to be on hand when you need them and when you want them.

2• Because there are fewer jobs for tradespeople to attend, the job on your property can be worked on faster.

3• You could benefit from reduced costs. Negotiate on price while business is quiet. 4• If you plan to sell your home, summer time is usually the best time to do it. Renovate your home before spring so your property is ready for sale as soon as the sun comes out.

5• Don’t forget about your outdoor area it works hand-in-hand with your interior living spaces. Building an outdoor fire or decking is a great way to get out of the house and use an area which would normally go completely unused in winter. 6• Your job is done. Come summer time, all you need to do is sit back and bask in the sun.


When Design 5 supplies your upholstery or furniture, you can expect the quality to be of a very high standard.

38 | B&R

Call us today to discuss what we can do for your home or business. 17/53 Ranfurly St, Kaiapoi 7630 P. (03) 327 9263 E.


Cosy up By Ann-Marie Appleton

It’s that time of year where not only are we making a complete wardrobe switch and pulling on our winter woolies, we all want to close the curtains, light the fire and candles, turn the heating up and sink into our sofas with a cup or glass of something very tasty! The key word to making your home cosy this winter is ‘layering’ – layer upon layer of textures will create depth and warmth to any interior.

Here are some suggestions to make your home more inviting this winter: If you are considering a new paint scheme, on trend colours for 2014 are olive, wine, jade, scarlet, mustard, indigo, ink and midnight blue – these work really well with great neutrals such as taupes and warm greys. Navy is considered the ‘new neutral’ for its ability to blend with colours and other styles. For the lovers of the “snow white look” balance the rooms with rich and various shades of white to avoid the sterile and cold look. There is a huge and varied choice of wallpaper available which often has a warmer feel than paint, especially the heavily textured and patterned designs. Be brave and hang on all four walls - it really makes an impact. Use rich, dense fabrics such as velvet, suede, wool and corduroy, these can be used on furniture and accessories such as cushions and throws. Throws are great to have on hand throughout the house, not just the bedrooms. Knitted accessories are fashionable at the moment – cushion covers and pouffs are modern and fun in a chunky cable knit.

Faux furs look and feel fabulous either draped over yourself, on furniture, like a hard back chair or on top of the bed. Traditional tartan wool checks look smart in both the town and country and are now available in more contemporary colours. Throw a thick, chunky rug or runner on timber and tiled floors for extra warmth underfoot and to introduce another ‘layer’ – essential on a cold winters morning if you haven’t got under floor heating. Candles are great all year round, but come into their own in the winter months. Vary the size and colours to spice it up a bit – try mixing pink and orange together if you want to try something different from the white/ ivory classics. Diffusers and room sprays come in a range of ‘winter’ scents if you prefer not to light candles. Hurricanes and lanterns are a good safety option and contain a lit candle safely. Switch off the overhead ceiling lights and switch on the lamps – table and floor lamps create ambience and used with candles casts a warm, soft glow throughout the space.


val briggs interiors

Free Measure & Quote A complete service for your window furnishings. Competitive Pricing • Rods • Blinds • Upholstery • Mirrors • Wallpaper • Track • Cushions • Giftware • Lamps • Bedheads Showroom at 44 South Terrace, Darfield 7510 Phone 03 318 8896 Fax 03 318 8220 Mobile 027 250 3314


The ‘appearance’ of wood adds immediate warmth to a home. If you live in an older house, you might have a paneled wall. If not you can pick out ‘wood accents’ with wooden boxes, furniture and accessories. Insulate your home in every possible manner and add curtains and blinds to reduce the heat loss - all your time and effort will be well worth it! Ann-Marie Appleton is the director of interior design company Frobisher Interiors. She holds a diploma in interior design and is a member of DINZ. Visit B&R | 39


Earthquake damage to leadlights goes largely unrecognised The Artglass Association of New Zealand (those skilled in making and repairing leadlight), recommend everyone who owns leadlight windows carefully examine their leadlights for damage from the more than 13,000 earthquakes Christchurch has had since September 2010. Leadlights and Stained glass have suffered major damage from the earthquakes, but the problem is that unless the panels contain broken glass the damage is going largely unnoticed. Every leadlight in Christchurch has been put under huge stress

plane but is slowly collapsing. This sagging causes further pressure on the glass and more breaks in the glass will continue to occur. Hairline cracks in the lead, slight slumping of the panel, edges of glass visible are some of the signs that the window has suffered earthquake damage.

and vibration. The vibration and shaking has caused cracking of both internal and border lead joints. These are the very joints that hold the leadlight panel together and give the leadlight its structural strength. There are hairline cracks that are very hard to see and expert advice should be sought to determine

uPVC Windows & Doors European Design Thermally Efficient Highly Secure

WARM. QUIET. SAFE. Ph. 03 344 3126 E. Showroom: 8 Anchorage Rd, Hornby Christchurch 40 | B&R


whether the leadlight has suffered earthquake damage or not. Once these fine hairline cracks appear in the lead, sagging of the whole panel either inwards or outwards can occur. This sagging could be slight but over time it will continue to increase, as now the leadlight is no longer on a flat

If leadlights are not repaired now, as the earthquake damage that it is, then the unthinkable will happen. The structural strength of the window will continue to deteriorate and the owner of the home or building that contains these beautiful windows will be faced with an unenviable decision. Finance their repair personally or loose these beautiful windows permanently. For professional advice contact your local member of the Art Glass Association of New Zealand.


Doubling up If you’re either building or renovating, the benefits of installing double glazed windows really do speak for themselves. The primary and obvious advantage over single panes of glass is the airtight construction of double glazed windows creates thermal insulation.

volume of UV entering a room, which helps protect furnishings. But you need to ensure a qualified fitter installs them. Condensation will appear between the panes if the seal is broken and since the panes can’t be pulled apart and repaired – the window will need to be replaced; so get a professional to do it right the first time.

This reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat and requires less energy to heat up or cool down you home. And this equates to lower energy bills.

Benefits of double glazing

You also get a reduction in condensation. The layer of air between the two panes of glass, along with the airtight seal, prevents condensation from building up by blocking moisture in cold weather.

• Quieter

Double glazed windows also improve sound insulation and can cut down on the

• Reduced heat loss • Less condensation • Reduces glare • Lower energy costs • Replaces thermal drapes • Adds value to your property.

REPLACEMENT/RETROFIT WINDOWS AND DOORS The affordable way to create a warmer, drier and healthier home Improved insulation - reduced drafts and condensation Quieter home - double glazing reduces outside noise Prompt service and expert advice

FREE measure and quote


Talk to us today about the windows and doors that are right for your home Tony Ineson - Sales Consultant Unit 11, 20 Dakota Crescent M 021 246 6774 Wigram P 03 343 8866 Christchurch Build and Renovte 2014 - 190mm w x 125mm h.indd 1

21/02/2014 8:11:39 a.m.

B&R | 41


Underfoot Crochet rug Luxurious custom made floor coverings using the finest wool yarns is everything and more you can expect from Nick Radford Rugs Ltd in Christchurch. Style your home and reflect your passion for understated and bold rugs with this crochet rug. Made by hand from pure New Zealand wool, it will pair well with a variety of furniture styles so it will never look out of place. Underfoot warmth is a must-have this season. RRP: $595/sqm Available from:

42 | B&R

B&R | 43

d Limite Time*

d Limite Time*

limited time*

free power


*Approximately 5.5 billion years.

The price of electricity has gone up by 84% over the last 10 years.+ Solar Power is Free. With SolarCity PV panels, your electricity company could end up paying you, which would make a nice change don’t you think? Call New Zealand’s leading solar company (that’s us) today on Freephone 0508 853 853 or go to to book a free solar assessment on your home and start turning sunshine into savings today.

Energy efficient features justify the price More than 90 percent of home buyers believe that high levels of insulation and efficient heating and cooling justify a home having a price premium.

When it comes to specific home features such as double glazing, solar panels, efficient energy fixtures and water conservation systems, more than half of home buyers agree that these contribute to a price premium. These attitudes are revealed in a survey undertaken by in association with Homestar to gauge the features people regard as important when looking for a home to buy. “It is clear that sustainability and environmentally friendly features are increasingly important to home buyers,” says Paul McKenzie of Leigh Featherstone of Homestar says it is good news Kiwis are taking such a strong interest in how well their home performs. “We’re seeing a real appetite for good advice and information.” Prospective home buyers surveyed rated house orientation to maximise sunlight as the single most important home feature, with 86 percent of respondents rating it as important. A high level of insulation was rated important by 82 percent of respondents. Having specific energy efficient features such as solar panels and double glazing is important to nearly half the respondents, while 36 percent also consider whether the house is built from sustainable or environmentally friendly materials. Nearly 30 percent rated water saving features such as a rain water tank as important.

Home performance components that contribute to a premium price: 1. High levels of insulation. 2. Efficient heating and cooling. 3. Solar panels. 4. Efficient energy and water fixtures. 5. Double glazing. 6. Water conservation systems. 7. An independent rating and official certificate for the homes performance. 8. Low energy lighting. 9. Fixtures and fittings with low levels of toxicity. After sun exposure and insulation, the home feature rated most important by home buyers is where you put your car - off-street and covered car parking both rated as important by nearly 75 percent of respondents. Other home features considered crucial by more than half the respondents include, in order: number of bedrooms (3 or more), ample storage space, indoor/outdoor flow, a quiet street location, an outdoor entertaining area and open plan living. However kitchen design is only rated as important by 51 percent of respondents.

Plumbing “ NEW ZEALAND


We are delighted with the final product and its performance and would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.



New Zealand Plumbing & Solar (NZPS) is your one stop shop for all your solar needs. NZPS supplies & installs one of the most efficient solar water & solar PV products on the market. We specialise in new home or renovation gas fitting. This ranges from gas hot water conversions, new gas water installations, gas cooking & gas heating. With over 30 years plumbing experience, we provide a professional & quality plumbing service that prides itself of being able to do the job once and to do it right.

+ Source: Ministry of Economic Development Table 1: Electricity Consumer prices (nominal)

44 | B&R

Call us 03 338 7753 or 027 519 8831

Garador dealer


Insulated garage doors If your garage door is not insulated, it could quite conceivably be the biggest source of heat loss from your home. This is why Christchurch based company, Conqueror International Ltd, produces New Zealand’s most thermally efficient garage doors. “Other garage doors on the New Zealand market don’t even come close to providing the insulating benefits of Conqueror garage doors,” the company says. So it’s little wonder Conqueror doors are the garage doors of choice for an increasing number of Cantabrians.

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Why are Conqueror garage doors so thermally efficient? At the heart of every Conqueror garage door is a highly effective insulating product named PIR (polyisocyanurate). This is the special ingredient that puts the word “optimum” in Conqueror garage doors. Just how thermally efficient are Conqueror garage doors? Energy efficiency is indisputably a key advantage of this superior insulation product.  The PIR core in Conqueror garage doors is reputed to be 50 percent more thermally efficient than other insulation products used by other manufacturers. How important is it to have an insulated garage door?

How important is it to be warm and have a lowered power bill? The fact is, if your garage door is not insulated, it could quite conceivably be the biggest source of heat loss from your home. A Conqueror insulated garage door will noticeably reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home by creating a thermal barrier which will keep the cold out and the heat in.

Energy efficiency aside, are there other reasons for selecting Conqueror garage doors?

How high is the price of these garage doors with insulation of such high repute?

How do I arrange a measure and quote?

A Conqueror garage door is typically only a few hundred dollars more than a traditional, single-skin steel door. With the potential savings made on power bills, the price difference becomes even less significant.

Conqueror products are durable and cost-effective and their PIR insulation systems exceed fire safety regulations. Conqueror are also the only manufacturer that offers at no extra cost, white powder coated tracks and hardware.

Simply look in the Dealer section of our website www. and contact your nearest accredited installer. The measure and quote is a simple and speedy process and comes with absolutely no obligation to purchase.


Outside ideas Nothing quite makes or breaks a property with as much ease as quality landscaping and let’s fact it - first impressions really do count.

Like many areas in life, planning is essential. “I always say to my clients the best money is spent on planning and getting good

advice. With designing and creating gardens, getting it right is often not apparent for many years as plants take time to grow and mature. “Don’t rush into things because it costs more financially and mentally to do the job twice when it could have been done right the first time.” Gardens are so receptive to love and care Erik says, which makes them a great way to gain

Erik Ellis Landscapes rebuilding Canterbury Port Hills retaining walls


“A good garden is one part plan, one part implementation and one part maintenance. The garden’s character develops with the maintenance and care it receives.”

Natural stone and exotic plants make for a resort feel in a sumner garden


According to Erik Ellis Landscapes’ managing director Dr Erik Ellis, the key to making the best first impression is locality. “Like real estate, it’s all about location, location, location – using the right plant in the right place. Keep it simple and add as you go while keeping to a consistent theme.

empowerment and positive change. “For many people their gardens have long been a place of refuge and are more so at this time than ever before. By gardening you can make changes and gain a feeling of progress and movement forward. “By making changes in our gardens we can feel empowered and make change seem a good thing with much of what has

happened recently out of our direct control.” Carefully plan any changes you want to make and get some expert advice. “Getting professionals involved early for substantial change is the best money you can spend. Poor advice is always poor but good advice will save money in the long term.

100% Recycled Composite Decking At Futurewood we are dedicated to providing you with stylish, quality and value added alternatives to traditional timber products. Our composite decking provides an improved performance over traditional hardwoods in most applications and helps to reduce our dependence on precious timber species. It looks like wood but offers a range of additional features making Futurewood great value for money. Futurewood products are available across New Zealand. Please call +64 0800 88 88 42 for your nearest outlet or visit our website for further information and request a sample pack

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Getting edgy Most gardens require some sort of border, whether it’s to keep the garden path separate from the flower bed, or the lawn or landscaping features such as sculptures and fountains. Either way it’s a great way to define your garden space.

One of the most popular materials used are bricks because they’re inexpensive, low maintenance and requires minimal effort to install. They can be used to create an attractive border in a number of different styles, including vertical edging or placing them diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees to create a jagged edge.

Bordering stones, flagstone and cobblestone are popular in creating a classic look best suited to a cottage garden or country property. Stacking stones to create a solid wall will add texture, depth and create height, complementing the plants and surrounding features.

While logs and railway sleepers offer a distinctive, rustic look and are commonly used for paths, steps, raised borders, bridges and retaining walls. New sleepers are best for children’s play areas and seating areas. If you prefer to go back to the basics, opt for a simple and natural border using plants.


CHRISTCHURCH LANDSCAPING & DRIVEWAY SPECIALISTS Allscapes Ltd are your experts in all aspects of landscaping. From initial concept and design through to completion, Allscapes offer a quality service every step of the way. Bringing more than 20 years local and international experience, the Allscapes team can work alongside you to bring your outdoor space to life. Whether your job is a small earthquake repair or a complete section overhaul, a no obligation quote is only a phone call away. FREE QUOTES We offer free quotations, so contact us today for all your landscaping, driveway and gardening needs.

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Shaping your place Using the principals of design in your landscape By Katie Costain and Ben Freeman

The principles of design and composition help create a harmonious object or space. These principles are translatable across many mediums and while some may be more important than others depending on the discipline, they are the fundamentals of all good and robust design. They are used every day by architects and designers, and can be easily employed by you too if you choose to design your garden yourself. Here are a few of the basics to get you started. Line A line is a way of defining the form of an object, creating movement and giving your eye a path to travel across your landscape. In design, straight lines are sharp, powerful and indicate length. By contrast, curves convey a sense of the organic, soft curving lines can reflect the human body and are often pleasing and softening in your landscape. Angles can create discourse and edginess, but they can also create a sense of structure and strength. Use and take inspiration from the lines of your house, the seasonal lines the sun follows, lines the shadows create. You can also use sight lines from key spaces inside your home, and then again, eye lines from your neighbour’s house. When drawing a plan, find interesting intersections where lines meet and the shapes these lines create. Shape and form By using the right shapes, sizes and proportion, you can enhance the organic shapes of plants, creating a beautiful balance and sense of depth. You can also create a strong sense of shape and form with planting alone.

Try mixing small leaf shrubs placed behind the striking form of spear shaped leaved plants and flaxes, or larger leaves mixed with grasses or succulents for an exuberant palette of texture and forms in your space. The relationship of forms in any spatial design is so important. How the forms in your landscape connect and relate with each other determine how you will move around and perceive your landscape. Space Creating space is easy; creating a sense of space is difficult. The term ‘form follows function’ should be the moniker of every designer and it is an absolute golden rule when designing your landscape. First, identify what it is you need the space for. Is it for entertaining? Is it for enjoying breakfast or for enjoying your spa pool? These questions will define the use of the space and then describe the type of space you need. A spa area tells us you may want a more private and therefore intimate space, while an entertaining space is more public and therefore needs to be an open and inviting space. Positive and negative space The use of positive and negative space is a great tool in creating composition and organisation in your design. Consider an object as positive space and the space around the object as negative space. By using more negative space you are increasing the hierarchy of the positive space. For example, the importance of a feature plant is given more hierarchy when it has space around it than if it was planted amongst dense planting. Although do be careful, too much negative space, and the positive object can look a little lonely. Hierarchy Hierarchy is a term used to describe the importance of elements in a design. It creates

a narrative or story for the eye to follow. Consider your landscape and figure out what is the most important element you would like to showcase and give it hierarchy. Try adding height such as a raised terrace. Visually, elevated elements stand above the rest. Light The use of light in design is so important, without it we wouldn’t really see much of the design, so use plenty of it! It is also a great tool to establish hierarchy by spotlighting elements in your landscape. When designing your landscape, consider light in your garden, the path the sun takes and the shadows that are cast as a result. Using up-lighting is a fantastic way to create drama and sometimes even prestige in your landscape. In contrast, background lighting creates a sense of depth, whilst still highlighting the garden. Depth You can create depth in your garden by layering plants. Taller plants belong at the back, medium sized in the middle and ground covers at the front of the garden bed. This not only adds a physical depth, but if done correctly, it can provide depth through colour and texture too. These are a few of the design principles and composition tools used by designers to achieve a harmonious, and more importantly, functional design. It may be a little overwhelming when considering creating a plan for your landscape, but these principles will help you establish a wellconsidered design.

Katie Costain and Ben Freeman are the directors of Billygoat Landscape Architecture (BGLA), based in Canterbury and Wellington. For more information, visit B&R | 49


Boundaryline Fencing Systems Christchurch home owner Tracy Hintz says her family didn’t have to do a lot of research before choosing the EliteWall solid panel fence from Boundaryline Fencing Systems to secure their new Christchurch home.

“We chose aluminium slats and are really happy with the finish,” says Tracy, who also purchased DuraPanel aluminium fencing from Boundaryline to secure her new swimming pool area. Boundaryline has approved fencing installers in most regions, with the product also easily installed by builders, landscapers, or even by the property owners’ themselves. Tracy used her own builder to erect both fences, “the builder said the instructions from Boundaryline were very easy to understand. They also have a good website where you can find all the information you need.” Another Christchurch property owner, Glenn Davis chose the EliteWall system to replace a block fence that was destroyed in the February 2011 earthquake. “We bought the property in December 2011 as is, where is, with the plan to do some landscaping and

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replace the fence. It took a while to work through things with the insurance company and during that time we started to look at fencing options.” His research involved “door knocking” property owners in the local neighbourhood whose fences he admired. “That’s how we ended up speaking to Boundaryline. We liked the contemporary look and their EliteWall panel fence with negative detail panel joints was the standout option for us.” Glenn was impressed by the speed the installation team erected his new fence. “I decided to paint the fence myself and was amazed at the number of people who stopped to tell me how great it looked.” The service from Boundaryline was another plus, he says. “Communication was excellent and they were flexible about accommodating a couple of design changes.” Boundaryline has offices in Christchurch and Invercargill and distribute their range of innovative fencing systems throughout New Zealand.

The new EliteWall and SentryPanel fence at the I-Sight centre on Papanui Road


“My best friend built a new home across the road and put up an EliteWall fence which looked great. She said the fence was simple and quick to put up, and Boundaryline were fantastic to deal with. The choice was easy.”

COMMERCIAL FENCING The fence at the new I-Sight day surgery eye clinic, on Papanui Road, is one of Boundaryline Fencing Systems latest commercial projects. The new fence features a combination of the companies EliteWall solid panel fencing and SentryPanel fencing with custommade sliding gates. The property owners wanted the fence to look good, but also provide safety and security for the clinic. This fence delivers on both factors. The EliteWall solid panel fence delivered the stylish looks thanks to its versatile design which can be texture-coated and painted to complement the landscape and buildings. The solid panels provide privacy with superior acoustic performance, significantly reducing road noise.

EliteWall is lightweight yet structurally strong and was efficiently installed by one of Boundaryline’s approved installation contractors for Leighs Construction. Leighs Construction operations manager, Graeme Earl says the service they received from Boundaryline was “exceptional they were very professional and the product looks really, really cool.” “The fence is incredibly lightweight, so it didn’t require any specific engineering which is always an issue now in Christchurch when you go for a heavy fence. It saved us a substantial amount of money, we would definitely use them again.” Boundaryline Fencing Systems T 0800 003 006 E

Comprehensive displays at the Home Ideas Centre, 37 Mandeville St, Riccarton. For more information and to browse our entire product offering, to download specification sheets, digital brochures, access CAD library and view galleries - visit the In Residence website: Build-Renovate-INRESIDENCE-FPad v2.indd 1

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Issue #7 of Build & Renovate Today Magazine

Build & Renovate 7  

Issue #7 of Build & Renovate Today Magazine