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Issue 100 |  July/August 2013


From diving over trylines to anxiety on the sideline, John Kirwan is an icon of our time

The science of marketing

Creating a big bang in the marketplace

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Ten ways to use Pinterest to promote your business



Making the most of think tank sessions


Personality profiles

An Auckland Today birthday special

There’s more to being a best seller than having the gift of the gab

Auckland’s hot 100

The definitive list of things to do and see in Auckland


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The wish list

John Key, Len Brown, Michael Barnett and David Shearer share their visions for our city’s future

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Issue 100 July/August 2013

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38 Business Development

Business consultant Kevin Vincent talks about training sales staff

Making the most of think tank sessions

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44 Pole Specialists’ foundation work, Video Pro’s audiovisual ideas and understanding IT with Minerva Learning

Ten ways to use Pinterest to promote your business

50 Export

An Auckland Today birthday special

Sir Kenneth Stevens’ Glidepath is not quite yet a household name, but try finding a business that doesn’t know about its level of success

6 Legal Catherine Muir from Malley & Co Lawyers discusses how trusts can support and protect your business

14 The wish list

7 Governance Auckland Today    

Issue 100


EMA employment services manager David Lowe looks at employment law’s ever shifting goal posts

7 Politics

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8 HR Recruitment guru David Law on an employment market in the middle of a shake up

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ADMINISTRATION Kylie Moore           ADMIN MANAGER Kelly Allen Jade Haylett Cindy Breward Penny Duns

Time management expert Robyn Pearce on who you should really talk to about your office design


Sales specialist Richard Gee on getting over the call reluctance hurdle


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MyOffice director Steve Lowery tells how the cloud can simplify and enhance your operation

52 Recreation Fusion Electronics takes its hi-tech toys to the water

54 Corporate Destinations Palmerston North shakes off its shy demeanour to position itself as a cultural, commercial and recreational gateway

59 Hospitality Lapping up a little luxury on Great Barrier Island’s Earthsong Lodge

61 Goods and Services 16 Auckland’s hot 100 Being our one hundredth issue, we’ve put together a list of things to do and see in Auckland

17 The personality profiles of top salespeople There’s more to being a best seller than having the gift of the gab

18 Cover story

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Labour Party leader David Shearer addresses the rising price of power

Employment trainer Tony Naidu looks at what it takes to develop leaders


Kent Caddick

John Key, Len Brown, Michael Barnett and David Shearer on the key issues facing Auckland, how they can be addressed and what’s on their wish lists for the city’s future

8 Training

Gary Collins

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HMS Solutions keeps forklift fleets on their feet and Northern Forklifts gives business an array of lifting options

64 Initiatives Chemrecovery Industries turns one company’s waste into another’s treasure

66 Focus Tasty times at Bluebird Foods and how Pryors Apparelmaster keeps crews looking the part

From diving over trylines to anxiety on the sideline, John Kirwan is an icon of our time

22 A word of advice New GrabOne boss Vaughan Magnusson on taking the reins

10 Events diary Find out what’s on near you

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24 The science of marketing Creating a big bang in the marketplace

26 Motivation games Get you and your team geared up for the push through winter

30 All Gunn’s blazing Whitebait-TV’s Janine Morrell-Gunn on relationships, corporate responsibility and changing the world

34 Lifestyles

70 Property and Construction Atlas Concrete, Shape Commercials, Drain Surgeons, R&H General Engineers, Wilco Precast, Target Painters, Hi-Q Components, Watts and Hughes Construction, Noticeboard Products, Waller Projects and RH King and Sons.

96 Health and Safety Preparing for winter and the costly business of falls from height

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36 Destinations Discovering Dubai

100 Transport and Motoring How Onehunga Transport’s manufacturing move pays off

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Viewpoints | Management/Legal

Coaching your sales staff

How trusts support and protect your business

Kevin Vincent is a director of business improvement consultants Vincent and Nugent Limited Visit

How often do you ‘field sales’ coach your sales teams? Sales coaching is an ongoing process of analysing and discussing the performance of your salespeople with the goal of improving aspects that need strengthening and reinforcing those that are performed well. At the end of any coaching discussion, salespeople should have a positive feeling about themselves and the skills they’ve performed well. They should also be determined to strengthen any skills identified as development needs. In order for you to achieve these results, it’s important to reinforce skills that your salespeople execute well, and get them to discuss areas which can be improved. Two way discussions and idea sharing between yourself and your salespeople are critical to the coaching process. Field sales coaching focuses on developing the specific selling skills and knowledge of your salespeople, such as selling benefits, handling objections, closing, product knowledge and the like. Ideally, you need to be with the salesperson on the sales call to observe skills and behaviours. Effective coaching takes place before the sales call. This will help “set the stage” for the situation the salesperson faces. It means getting salespeople to brief you on the background, or history, of the account and to define their objectives for the call or for the account.

This analysis will provide both of you with the basis for strengthening the salesperson’s performance. Field sales coaching is one of the most important activities you will perform in terms of developing your people and achieving sales improvement.

The benefits of field sales coaching are numerous: • It can improve the performance of your salespeople • It may help you discover new strategies for approaching the accounts, which you can share with your other salespeople • It shows that you care about developing your salespeople and want to help them grow professionally. This can be a strong motivator in their job performance. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise in the field • It enhances your credibility • Most importantly, field coaching is the most effective way of generating permanent improvements in performance.

Catherine Muir is a partner at Malley & Co Lawyers, specialising in trusts, commercial, property and relationship property law. Visit

The business environment in New Zealand has become progressively tougher. Changes in legislation governing health and safety in workplaces mean more onerous duties and obligations are placed on directors of companies. Add in cash flow risk, increased IRD activity in the area of tax compliance and an increase in claims for defective workmanship in the building industry and this covers just some of the factors increasing the risk faced by business owners today. How a trust can help Many business owners are turning to trusts as a way of protecting their personal and business assets from business risk. If business and personal assets are in a trust, it is less likely they can be accessed by a claimant. The level of protection gained will depend on how well the ownership of the assets has been structured, how well the trust deed has been drafted and how well the trust is administered. The importance of the trust deed and trust administration

It is important to determine priorities for how you will spend your coaching time and with which salespeople you will work with the most.

Not all trust deeds are created equal. The drafting of a trust deed is not a “fill in the gaps” exercise. Every trust deed should be specifically drafted to provide for:

Also, you will need to handle your role in the call with skill. You achieve this by making the salesperson feel at ease and by directing the customer’s attention to the salesperson as much as possible.

• The objectives of the person establishing the trust • An appropriate class of people intended to benefit from the trust assets

It also means making certain the salesperson understands your expectations and objectives for his or her development.

• The risks that the person establishing the trust is seeking to protect against

But don’t leave it there - coaching also takes place after the call. This is to analyse how the salesperson handled the sales presentation, or a particular part of the presentation.

Many trust deeds leave too much control with the person who established the trust. This makes the trust more vulnerable to third party claims. Care needs to be taken to avoid this. The class of beneficiaries of the trust (the people who can benefit from the trust capital and income) should not be too broad. This reduces the risk of trust claims by beneficiaries and claims by former spouses of family members if the marriage of a family member ends.

This analysis after the call is one of the most important times in coaching. It requires that the salesperson break down the key points and help analyse how the call went.

• The type of assets that will be in the trust.

Vincent Nugent offers a one day comprehensive “Field Sales Coaching” training workshop for sales managers throughout New Zealand. Please contact for information on this course.

The trust deed should give the trustees power to retain assets transferred to the trust that are not authorised trustee investments and release the trustees from their obligation to diversify investments. Good trust administration is equally important. There should be an independent trustee and that trustee should play an active part in decision making. Trustee decisions should be recorded in written resolutions. Meetings should occur regularly to consider the assets in the trust, how the income and capital of the trust should be applied and the circumstances of the beneficiaries. Poorly drafted trust deeds and poorly administered trusts are giving rise to successful claims against trusts and trustees by relationship property and other claimants. What to look for in your trust deed • The trust should have at least one independent trustee • The power to appoint and remove trustees should be held by someone independent of the trust • The class of beneficiaries of the trust should generally be narrow, but the trustees should be able to add more beneficiaries later if required • The trust deed should have two classes of beneficiaries, discretionary beneficiaries and final beneficiaries • The beneficiaries should be able to benefit from trust assets in a number of different ways so that income or capital can be applied in a way that is best for that person • The trustees should have power to hold assets that fall outside trustee investment duties under the Trustee Act • The trustees should have power to vary the provisions of the trust deed. Importance of specialist advice Trust law is a complex and rapidly changing area of law. If you are considering establishing a trust, seek advice from a specialist trust lawyer to ensure your asset structuring and any trust you set up gives you the best possible protection.

(CMC) Children Massaging Children as HAUORA lesson at schools NZ Curriculum matching, award-winning & scientifically proven programme for education. Students become calmer, happier and friendlier towards each other. CMC programme teaches Empathy and Peace in the purest form. 6 July/August 2013

- CMC, Created by Eva Scherer

Viewpoints | Governance/Politics

Ever-changing employment law on the move again David Lowe is the manager of employment services at the Employers and Manufacturers Association. Visit

The most significant change in the employment arena in New Zealand in the past 100 years was arguably the introduction of individual employment agreements brought about through the Employment Contracts (later the Employment Relations) Act. Law changes often reflect changes in society and industry and with new employment law later this year, businesses can expect a further rebalancing in the workplace - in their favour. Amendments introduced to Parliament recently propose changes to collective bargaining, restructuring and the Privacy Act, meal and rest breaks, vulnerable workers or ‘Part 6A’ (of the Act), flexible working hours, the starting-out wage rate, strikes and lock-outs and the Employment Relations Authority. That’s a big list and the changes will enable businesses to adapt more quickly to changing market and business conditions, preserving jobs and their very survival. For example, currently, making changes in unionised workplaces can be held up for no good reason and to the detriment of employees and the business in the longer term. A change being proposed will allow employees a choice about whether they should join a union and take on union negotiated conditions, or negotiate their own employment terms and conditions. Already, since May 14, the law requires all unions to hold a secret ballot of their members before striking. A majority must be in favour of striking before strike action can proceed. The secret ballot requirement does not apply if employees have reasonable grounds for believing the strike is justified on the grounds of safety or health. Furthermore, the changes coming to workplace health and safety are sweeping and will require attention and resources from business. For example, a new emphasis on occupational health aims to prevent exposure to a health risk in the workplace.

A completely new OSH law will be put in place to ensure everyone takes the issues far more seriously and to impose deterrent penalties. More training is likely for all managers, not just those responsible for OSH. Directors’ liabilities for health and safety breaches are also under discussion. Of course things don’t always turn out well in workplace relations: employees continue to take personal grievance cases to the Employment Relations Authority and sometimes these escalate to the Employment Court. The EMA measures the number and outcomes of these cases and reports on them publicly each year. We are pleased the statistics continually prove our members, who have access to daily employment law help at no charge, plus seminars to update them, are more likely to succeed in defending a personal grievance claim than non-members. EMA members succeed in two thirds of cases compared with non-members who succeed in much less than half of their cases. On top of that our members pay legal fees on average $5000 less. This year we also decided to ask our members which payroll system they preferred, and why. The results showed they mostly wanted a system that kept them compliant with the law, was simple to use (while of course ensuring staff were paid on time and accurately), and not too costly. An addition to payroll since May has been the starting out wage, to be paid to 16-19-year-olds in certain circumstances, for the first six months in a job. It stands at 80 per cent of the minimum wage, with the latter at $13.75. Without an incentive, an employer with a choice between an experienced and an inexperienced worker will choose experience every time. While there is no silver bullet for creating jobs for young people, the startingout wage offers a vital first step up the employment ladder.

Addressing the price of power David Shearer is the MP for Mt Albert and leader of the Labour Party

I’ve been travelling a lot lately and business people around the country have been telling me that despite working harder than ever, the high costs of doing business mean the rewards just aren’t coming. There are many reasons for this. One I’m committed to tackling is market failure in power prices. Since 1999 power prices have risen well beyond the rate of inflation - last year it was five times faster. That’s not right when electricity demand has been flat. In contrast, many of our major competitor countries have seen declining electricity prices with reduced demand. That holds New Zealand businesses and industry back and makes it hard for us to compete. Labour is not prepared to sit back while power companies cream super-profits at the expense of households, businesses and the economy. My philosophy is that we need to make it as easy as possible for our innovators and businesspeople. That’s why the next Labour Government will create a new agency called NZ Power to act as a single buyer of wholesale electricity. NZ Power will act a bit like Pharmac. It will ensure a fair pricing system so electricity companies get a fair return on their investment but will pass on the savings to consumers. Prices will fall for the average family by more than 10 percent. Businesses and industry will have their power costs lowered by 5-7 percent, allowing them to expand, hire, and export more.

The policy will cost the Crown between $60 to $90 million dollars; a drop in the bucket when you consider that 1.7 million Kiwi households will benefit by over half a billion dollars a year that they will spend in our economy. We’ll cover the cost within the current budgeted allocations for new spending and stay on track to reach surplus by 2014/15 that’s important to us. There are many countries around the world that have a similar system - many of them like South Korea and Brazil have some of the fastest growing economies. It’s proven. I fully support free markets, but when they stiff consumers and hold back our growth, it’s not acceptable. Just doing nothing, sitting on our hands, watching power prices rise and refusing to accept the market has failed is not an option. And the future for power prices looks grim. With the asset sales plan going ahead, electricity prices are likely to increase further when overseas and corporate investors push for higher returns on their investments. This policy shows that it is possible to give a lift to people and the economy while balancing the budget. Labour balanced its budget nine times out of nine. When the National Government took over, the books were in surplus. Since then every year, the Government has been in deficit. Our NZ Power policy will bring down your power bill, stimulate the economy and create the jobs we need. We will be the smart, active, hands-on government that meets you halfway. We’ve got a suite of forward thinking policies to help businesses grow, hire, export, and develop an international reputation as a country of smart operators.

Our policy is bold, but I have been overwhelmed by the support it’s received. Independent economists BERL estimate the lower power prices will boost New Zealand’s economic growth by $450 million and create over 5,000 jobs.   July/August 2013 7

Viewpoints | HR/Training

Local or imported talent what is your position? David Law is director of David Law & Associates (NZ) Ltd specialising in general HR management, employment relations and recruitment. Visit

Has the New Zealand economic climate changed everything? Are you receiving more job applications from local candidates than you did say two to three years ago? Are they the quality applicants that you’ve been searching for, or are they what you’ve been receiving in the past? Recruiters are seeing wholesale changes in the job market around the world and within New Zealand. New Zealand gained 4,300 migrants in the year to October 2012, 3,200 fewer than in the previous 12 months. Statistics NZ figures show 47,800 Kiwis crossed the Tasman to live in the year to October. In the same period 13,200 moved from Australia to here. Approximately two thirds were New Zealanders returning home. Compared to December 1979, NZ lost 333,400 more residents to Australia than it gained. Most of the population growth since then occurred above the age of 40, while most migration occurred below that age. Net migration loss of New Zealanders overseas, in particular to Australia, is increasing. New Zealand employers looking to the future should be mindful of this trend and the government taking a degree of responsibility by proactively reviewing possible tax relief or other employment related incentives.

Qualified, skilled international talent is rapidly drying up combined with our own migration loss. We have employers facing ongoing increases and reduced cash flow who are

8 July/August 2013

Tony Naidu is the founder and president of Biz-LX, delivering online learning experiences across the business curriculum for both academic and corporate use. Visit

forced to reduce their level of overheads. One method has been to employ candidates who are resident in, or have a legal right to work in New Zealand.

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” - Aristotle

From personal observation, by doing this, it is not solving the talent retention problem but just moving the talent from one organisation to another. “Robbing Peter to pay Paul” as the saying goes.

Aristotle’s quote is a contradiction that holds an undeniable truth. To me the emphasis of the first part of the quote, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them,” is to set the scene of a situation where the stakes are at their highest, where we can’t afford to fail.

This not only creates a hard to fill vacancy for one employer, but is also a cause for inflating salaries. As people change jobs it inevitably results in a salary increase, hence creating a salary spiral. This is also weighted by the desire of many Kiwi employers to hire only those with ‘relevant NZ work experience,’ a commonly used phrase when choosing not to employ foreign labour. If this is essential criteria for the role then recruiting New Zealand residents makes logical sense, but it should not outweigh other core competencies when employing the best person for the job. After all, isn’t this the desired outcome, or are you settling for second best? Through the consensus forecasts (from 11 organisations) published by the NZIER in March 2012 it suggested a degree of relative health in the economy moving forward in a positive manner on a number of key economic indicators. None of the forecasts suggested anything other than our economic management being competent, but constrained by the health of our export markets.

Incentives include reducing or removing fringe Take time to reflect on NZ’s strengthening position internationally and the impact benefit tax and introducing more creative tax this has on current and future employment incentives, including reviewing the level of in your business, then review your retention student loan interest rates. The government and recruitment processes? Consider a greater cannot continue expecting NZ employers emphasis be placed on retention, and less (especially SMEs) to absorb additional on recruitment. employment costs and create jobs. Migration loss costs the country as a whole, not only financially, but with the stream of exiting professional talent that the country simply cannot afford to lose.

Developing great leaders through experience

However, should you need to recruit, always do so with a quality candidate in mind. Do not ignore your current high performers, as they are your best investment and. Do not dismiss overseas talent as a preferred option. Better retention policies and sound recruitment strategies will reduce costs and will increase profits.

In a business context this could be a critical negotiation to ensure the survival of your company. Then comes what appears to be a contradiction, “we learn by doing them.” In other words, we learn by experience, we learn by experimenting and sometimes we learn by failing. So how do we get this unique opportunity to “learn before we do”? How do we get experience - especially when the stakes are so high? Think about your own company - would you be comfortable throwing in an inexperienced potential leader into a situation where your company couldn’t afford failure? In the real world, where you fight for survival, it is hard to find these learning opportunities. At Auckland University, completing my undergraduate business degree, I first experienced an online business simulation. The engagement this experience created was different to any other learning I had experienced at school or university before. This virtual experience allowed students to make business decisions with “real” simulated consequences. Seeing for myself how this could impact students, I joined the New Zealand startup company that had developed the simulation. It is still my passion to give future leaders, both students and executives, an opportunity to gain experience without having to take unnecessary risks. For far too long the Socratic learning method had remained virtually unchallenged. This method is where the teacher presents material to the student and the student

goes through a largely intellectual activity of absorbing the material. Simulations, or games, give current and future leaders an opportunity to experience decision making in a virtual environment, where they can learn and develop confidence without damaging consequences. Although simulations were first developed for business in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the late 1990s, when the internet became widespread and simulations became web based, that business simulations really flourished. Attend any academic conference around the world and you will find numerous presentations in support of the idea that people learn best by doing. The leading accreditation body for business schools, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), states that “passive learning is ineffective” and advises faculty to “adopt active learning methodologies”. By using simulations they have an opportunity to face real life situations, sink their teeth into the analysis, and then see the results of their decisions. Leaders develop through experience. Lectures alone do not give leaders the insight they need to have when faced with uncertainty. Participation in simulated situations, where there is no obvious “right” answer and where there are consequences for their decisions, both in economic terms and from stakeholders, gives leaders an opportunity to reflect on the experience. Through this process of experience and reflection, comes real learning. Simulations can’t replicate every situation, but they do offer the ability to develop the leadership tool kit required for facing real life uncertainty. The world needs us to give future leaders a chance to learn through necessary and at times tough lessons. These lessons need to take place in a safe environment, before they are sitting across a boardroom table, trying to negotiate a deal that their company’s future depends on.

Viewpoints | Working Life/Sales

Consulting the right people Overcoming call reluctance about your office layout Robyn Pearce is a time management expert, helping people turn time challenges into high productivity. Visit

If your company is relocating or you’re remodelling your premises, I urge you to get input from the people who’ll be working in it, not just the boss, the architect or the interior designer. Nearly every week I hear stories about offices designed with a primary focus on what looks good, not what encourages real efficiency. Maybe there’s something missing in the curriculum for architects and designers? Far too often the people who will work in the new space are only consulted after all the design elements are finalised, if they’re lucky. More often they’re presented with a fait accompli – often it’s only a choice as to where their desk will face, sometimes not even that (especially in big offices). And then, within days of moving, complaints start to surface about inefficiencies. I might be wrong, but it seems few get advice from building efficiency consultants who specialise in helping companies use their office space effectively. They can save you many thousands of dollars and costly mistakes. Here’s a small selection of stories I was told by frustrated workers in different locations around New Zealand. One organisation has just moved most of their staff from all around town into one lovely new building. They reckon having them all in one building will be more efficient. They will certainly spend less time walking between buildings, but as for efficiency, I’m not so sure. The organisation is mostly open plan which, if they had plenty of quiet rooms, might still be okay. However, space is already at a premium and they haven’t yet got everyone moved into the new building. This is already putting a lot more pressure on quiet rooms and the workers already there report people running around with clip boards, counting heads, trying to work out how they can squeeze in 50 or more people into spaces already quite tightly packed with humanity. Heard of battery hens, anyone?

Of course we can make do with whatever the environment allows – I’ve done it myself more than once. And we can work very effectively in very small spaces. Problems arise however, when we have to constantly share with other people in small spaces. Why? Because we all have different space needs and work styles, let alone different roles. Then there’s the new building designed to meet the coveted five star green rating. I’m a big supporter of energy efficiency, but did anyone stop to consider worker efficiency – and eye strain factors. At least some of the staff can’t see to do their work with the lower wattage light bulbs that meet the coveted five star standard; so guess what people are doing if they can reach the light-bulbs? While we’re on lighting, you might like to do some research into the impact of working under fluorescent lighting all day long. Many people get eye strain, others report headaches and there are many other potential issues reported. And if a light is flickering because it’s due for replacement, some people will get really sick, often with dreadful migraines. And one last one for today; a very attractive looking building with a lot of glass is impossible to work in for the staff seated anywhere near the windows. People couldn’t see their screens. At first they put up cardboard near their desks. That didn’t look too good! The firm then installed blinds. Now the workers have to put their lights on to see and can’t tell what the weather is doing, so they feel like they’re in a box. I’m sure all the organisations involved in these stories were trying hard to create beautiful efficient buildings. But in these cases they’ve missed the most useful planning resource – their staff – and it would have cost them virtually nothing to get their input.

Richard Gee is an author, international speaker and trainer of sales people. His websites, and contain examples and free strategies for sales marketing and business development

Every sales manager dreads sales people who will not go visit customers or are reluctant via a host of excuses of trying to sell.

Check the call guide or language being used on the phone and the structure of the email - especially the ending offer of action to follow up.

You can add to these “I can’t get appointments” and “I am waiting for his decision”.

Lack of quote follow up

These are all symptoms of an exercise known as ‘call reluctance’ where the salesperson is scared to call and sell because of lack of skill or likely refusal to buy.

This template includes a customer brief, your offer, your benefits and the investment. There must also be a set follow up time and date to contact the customer. The check every day for two weeks, then drive the response to follow up quotes every day at a set time.

Set the standard that emails and phone calls do not count as activities to measure - only They use excuses such as “It’s quicker to send face to face calls count and if emails and emails” and “I have phoned, but he has not phone calls are being counted, then change returned my calls”, or “There is no time left needs to occur. today to drive out there and call”.

It is serious but can be fixed... Personality Examine the sales person personality and check if it is outgoing and likes to meet people or is timid and admin focussed. By going on sales calls with the salesperson you can help overcome this trait, or decide to change roles or help find a new career if the personality does not like meeting new people. The actual cause of this issue was that it was, in fact, a hiring mistake. Skills issue By travelling alongside your rep in calls you can observe the skills used.

Set a standard that all quotes must follow a template.

Sales planning Encourage use of AIDA or SPEND as structures that drive a decision and spend time with your rep face to face selling, to observe the use of a structured conversation plan. If these basic skills are not present, you need to send the rep to training to build these skills as your business depends on it. Call reluctance might seem like a massive hurdle, but it can be easily overcome with the above strategies.

Look for listening technique, questioning technique and their ability to overcome objections.

Upcoming Auckland seminars

If any of these are observed - start training them. Either do it yourself or put them on a seminar / workshop to add skills.

June 19 - Leadership with Results 

Knowledge will bring the confidence back and help make a good sales rep.

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Telephone or email focus This is time wasting and non productive. You hired for face to face selling skills - not actions that get there by phone calls for appointments and emails.   July/August 2013 9

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Getting your head in the cloud Steve Lowery is the director of myOffice – specialists in construction sector business support, focussing on accounts and business systems. Visit

Working in the cloud creates a certain magic and simplicity in your business. It gives you instant, anywhere and real time information that allows you to get on with the ‘money making’. Putting your accounts in the cloud is the exact opposite of walking around with your head in the clouds. Already more than 135,000 businesses are actively using Xero and more than 150 software companies are linking their software applications to Xero. What this means is you have the ability to use Xero to manage pretty much any part of your business. And by moving many of your business systems into the cloud, the sky is the limit. You have instant access to everything happening in your company, from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Xero, the world’s easiest accounting software, is in a league of its own when it comes to saving time and giving you instant snap shot of your financials. You only pay for what you need and there are companies like us that will get you set up, manage the running of and support your accountant in ensuring Xero is adding value to everything you do. Then as your business grows and changes, you can add in additional services to increase your productivity. So what is cloud computing? Many have asked the question, it’s just the internet isn’t it? No. You make use of the internet to connect your device (that could be your computer, tablet, phone or laptop) to the cloud. Simply put – the internet is the connection to where your data is stored. Like many others starting to consider the cloud as a viable business option, you want to know if your information is safe. Yes it is. In fact, it’s safer than on your computer at your office. Your computer can be stolen, damaged or corrupted quite easily, in the cloud it is hosted (looked after) by companies that spend millions on systems and experts to protect your data - just like all your banking data you access online.

What the cloud can do for you Remote access on any device Going ‘to the cloud’ gives you mobility. Anywhere, anytime, on any device… it’s available everywhere and to other members of your team. Access to real time info Make decisions fast when you are out in the field, away from the office or on a job, knowing you have the right information. Regular financial reporting helps you to prepare for the future, whether it is increased stock levels, declining sales trends, increasing costs, or tax planning. Banking and billing with ease In Xero you create and then send your invoices to your customers – it’s all tracked and you will always know who has and hasn’t paid and what is owed. Better still, when you spend money, your bank statements feed directly into Xero, eliminating the need for manual input which results in a massive time savings. Delegating work Information can be shared between multiple users and computers and all viewed at the same time, so with everything in one place, delegating and tracking information is simple and seamless. Wide range of solutions There are 150-odd companies that plug into Xero, meaning there is nothing you do that will not work seamlessly as you grow, expand and introduce new systems. There are online payroll systems, automatic data entry and job-management programs that can effortlessly track and process quotes, jobs, stock, back cost and so much more – feeding information straight into your Xero. Magic! Your data is always safe If the worst happensyour information is always safe. After a disaster and as we saw in Christchurch, you don’t have to wait to get access back to a building or dig a server out of the rubble – hook into the internet and you won’t have lost any of your account information. Online cloud technology can save you and your business hundreds of hours resulting in massive productivity improvements!

Can you sell? If so, we want you ! 10 July/August 2013


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MONDAY, JUNE 17 Motivation and Leadership for Managers Motivating and leading your staff can be intimidating prospects for new and experienced managers alike. MIT Business Course Motivation and Leadership for Managers will teach you the theory and practice of leadership and motivation, equipping you with this vital skill set. For more information visit:

THURSDAY, JUNE 20 Leadership Skills for Supervisors Wondering how you can effectively lead your team? You remove the roadblocks for staff and lead them to success. Effective communication is critical to quickly develop new staff and manage difficult situations. Getting the best from employees requires leadership skills and effective management of people. For more information, go to:

THURSDAY, JUNE 27 Project Management Find out about the project management lifecycle and understand what should happen, when it should occur, how to manage stakeholders and what makes a project a success. This high level overview will provide you with an understanding of what project management is about and what it involves. Gain insights to the tips and tricks of effective project management. For more information, visit:

SATURDAY, JULY 27 - 28 The Ultimate Women’s Expo Grab your mums, aunts, sisters, daughters and friends to relax, rejuvenate, revitalise and transform. Be empowered, inspired and motivated by our special keynote speakers, workshops and seminars. Indulge in lots of free samples, gourmet tastings and delicacies. Discover the season’s best from boutiques to emerging designers. For more information, visit:

SATURDAY, JUNE 29 – 30 The Green Living Show 2013 The Green Living Show is New Zealand’s national sustainability show for consumers and industry. Come together and learn and grow for a sustainable future. Four

shows in one extraordinary event: NZ Organic and Natural, Healthy Lifestyle, Ecobuild and Innovation. Enjoy various seminars, demos and workshops for consumers and businesses. For more information, visit:

TUESDAY, JULY 30 Business Budgeting Understand how to plan a budget for your business, how different budgets affect an organisation and which budgeting techniques are best suited to your financial circumstances in Business Budgeting, a half day course. You will learn how to distinguish between budgets and forecasts, comparing forecasts against actual results and examining the impact of budgets on organisational performance. For more information, go to:

MONDAY, AUGUST 5 Meaningful Minute Taking A one day conference for people who participate in various meetings in their workplace, community or sports groups as a note/minute taker. For more information, go to:

TUESDAY, AUGUST 20 Integrated Marketing Having an integrated marketing plan is essential to drive sales and run an effective business. This workshop will make sure you create marketing plans which deliver an effective and integrated approach to your marketing. Using real business scenarios across a wide variety of sectors and company sizes, you will learn how to develop and deliver an integrated marketing plan that is aligned to your business goals and includes the most current tactical options. To register, go to:

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28 -29 Communication Strategies Communication is essential to our everyday life. Effective communication avoids misunderstandings and enables us to connect. Communications is not just about talking; it includes listening, body language, effective questioning and assertiveness. Learn these skills and techniques and more to become an effective communicator. For more information, go to:

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Brainstorming By Kevin Vincent

Wikipedia states “brainstorming” is a technique used to gather a large quantity of ideas, with the ideas generated geared towards solving a specific problem. Highly efficient, simply structured brainstorming by staff is essential for floating good ideas, like cream, to the top. Listening to each others’ ideas fuels rapid development of innovative solutions as well as building team trust, awareness and motivation. Brainstorming is one of the creativity tools that elicits answers when they cannot be easily identified or found. It is a group activity where your staff are led by a facilitator and if the facilitator does a good job, success and innovation are most likely to be achieved. Brainstorming is a powerful tool used by teams and businesses around the world. Many business teachers and seminar leaders are teaching using brainstorming techniques. The following are some activities that either trainers or teachers can use to help lead their participants in more productive brainstorming sessions. It is a tool for generating ideas. It is an activity in which all members of a group (whether it be a work team, classroom, committee, etc.) contribute to a list of problems to be solved or solutions to a problem. Brainstorming helps get a lot of ideas into discussion in a short amount of time. Brainstorming may look unstructured, but to be effective, there should be some ground rules.

To deliver an effective brainstorming session, rather than running laissez-faire sessions on the one hand, or heavily scripted meetings on the other, build the following “dos” and “don’ts” into an otherwise noholds-barred process.

Brainstorming dos • Start a brainstorming session with a short written question narrowly defining the problem to be worked on. In formulating this question don’t assume too much about how the problem is going to be solved • On a large sign in the brainstorming room post a rule prohibiting “critiquing and debating” during brainstorming, or a bell that can be rung when critiquing begins. This allows a way to gently remind participants to reward rather than discourage each others’ thinking • Have only one conversation at a time. To participate in a particular conversation, make a contribution by building on the ideas that others have set forth. After one conversation is finished, you can start a new topic or idea • Write out ideas and put a sequential number next to each. Numbering helps participants understand how productively their brainstorming is going, and helps people keep track when jumping back and forth between ideas • The brainstorming session facilitators should sometimes encourage additional comments. This will focus the group on issues that are particularly interesting to the group and at other times they should suggest switching to a new idea, as energy and momentum about particular issues ebbs and flows

• Cover as much of the walls of the room as possible with writable surfaces like paper or whiteboards and have people write down major ideas. Ensure there is plenty of room and wall space available • Later in the session, returning to the particular spots in the room where ideas were written as they were discussed will provide a “visual memory” that will help participants remember what was discussed • Consider warm-up exercises before brainstorming, particularly if participants don’t know each other, haven’t brainstormed much, or are under a lot of pressure. Simple “pass-it-on” word games or a homework assignment to get hands-on experience with products related to the brainstorming topic, are two popular warm-ups. The quantity and perceived quality of ideas improves when participants do warm-ups first • Use plenty of “mind-mapping” and diagrams, and don’t be afraid to act-out or build crude mock-ups of what you are talking about on the spot to make the concepts more tangible and exciting for participants

• In addition to the ideas themselves, brainstorming is valuable because everyone gets a chance to be heard and acknowledged by the group.

Brainstorming don’ts • Don’t let the boss speak first • Don’t insist that everyone take a turn • Don’t limit the discussion to the opinions of “experts” on any subject • Don’t brainstorm only during off-site retreats effective brainstorming should become natural at work • Don’t outlaw silly ideas or penalise the people who bring them up • Don’t try to write everything down.

Keep in mind that brainstorming is only the first third of a problem solving process. It generates the ideas. It is now up to the participants and team leader to organise the ideas and determine what to do with each one.

What successful people do By Stephen Lynch

What are the reasons that some people (and companies) reach their goals, while others never seem to fulfill their potential? Playing to your natural strengths and talents is one of the major keys to success – this is doing the things that come naturally and easily to you – the things that you really enjoy and find fulfilling. In addition, successful people achieve their goals not only because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. Here is our take on what successful people (and companies) really do: Be specific When you set a goal, make it obvious exactly what you want to achieve and by when. Just expressing an outcome (say, sell 100 widgets this quarter) is not as powerful as expressing your goal as a specific, tangible project that will achieve the desired outcome when successfully implemented. 12 July/August 2013

Champagne test Goals and projects should be expressed in a way that it is obvious what the finish line is that you intend to hit by the due date. For long term projects – what is the desired milestone that you want to reach by the end of this quarter? Is it clear to everyone at which point they can pop the champagne cork this quarter to celebrate achieving that specific milestone? Balance optimism with realism Set yourself up to succeed. Set realistic goals and due dates that take into account that you will also need deal with any fires that come up along the way - yet still achieve your milestones. Don’t underestimate the difficulties and challenges you will face along the way. Your colleagues are counting on you. Only make promises you know you will be able to keep. Make time for strategic execution “Business as usual” must keep happening in the meantime. You still need to create

opportunities, make sales, deliver products and services and collect money – the stuff you do every day to pay the bills. But then you also need to make time (I suggest dedicating half a day every week) to take specific meaningful actions that will move your strategic priorities forward.   Knife and fork it What one action can you complete by the end of the week that is going to move your progress forward another step? Be specific. It needs to be a binary (yes/no) action that is within your control that you can check off and be held accountable for saying, “yes, I completed that action this week”. Measure progress You must track exactly how far you have come and know exactly how far you have left to go. Measure your progress every week. Are you on schedule or do you need help? Are you behind schedule and in danger of missing your due date? Be honest and confront the brutal facts. Don’t wait until

the near the due date to signal that you are running behind. Man up! Show that you have the grit to do what it takes, to overcome the obstacles and get it done. The more you exercise your courage muscle, the stronger it becomes. There are things we have to do that we don’t particularly enjoy doing in order to achieve success – but you have to “eat your veggies” before you get to have any dessert. Celebrate achievement You do pop the cork when projects are implemented or goals are reached don’t you? Make sure you praise and appropriately recognise achievement. Put away “the whip” and enjoy those moments of success.

Stephen Lynch is the chief operating officer of Global Operations at Information kindly provided by RESULTS. com:

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Pinned it

Here are a few pointers:

By Davina Richards

How many of you growing up pinned inspiring, motivational and thought provoking posters, photographs, messages, cards or items onto your bedroom wall? Then it’s no surprise the online scrapbook Pinterest, launched in 2010, is a proven hit with 48.7 million global users. One of the fastest growing social media websites since Facebook and Twitter came and rocked the social media platform, Pinterest connects people through their common interests using visual images which can be easily navigated on an online pinboard. And there’s no doubt that it’s become a religious daily habit for many users who love everything from art, travel, science, technology, fashion, crafts and anything in between. It works by allowing users to create and title their own boards, and ‘pin’ their favourite images or videos. Upload your own information, pin, re-pin, share, follow, collect and organise. Each and every pin can be ‘liked’ and commented on, so you can share your interests with people from around the world. Welcome and encourage comments; this is a social network after all. Pinterest is now one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools used today, with many SMEs turning towards the trend to propel their business forward by creating brand awareness, web traffic and increase sales. Having a presence on Pinterest encourages users and potential buyers to pin your products and comment on what they like (or dislike) about it. Pinterest may not be right for some brands and it’s true it has a wider female demographic, but the popular platform is evolving and we could see a climb in male users in the future. Consider who you want to aim your business at and how Pinterest will help you



Consider who you want to aim your business at and how Pinterest will help you to reach them. Remember that Pinterest is all about the visual rather than the words.

Be positive

Choose images carefully. Consider what it offers to users and how this will reign in potential customers. In doing this, you can engage with users, increase brand identity awareness, drive traffic to your website and boost sales.

Share images which are inviting and show company growth and stability. Choose positive images of your brand, offers and products to pin on your board and make sure they motivate, inspire and educate the user. Regularly update with new images or videos to maintain online interest and promote your brand to a specific audience.



Be involved

Pin It

Re-pin, comment, tag or ‘like’ pins from other businesses. Taking a proactive approach means you’re getting your business known and not coming across as a pushy marketer.

Encourage users to pin your website. Having a ‘Pin It’ button allows an image on a website to be pinned instantly by the user. Install this to your own website and additionally, include the ‘follow me’ button.




Social media platforms

to reach them. Remember that Pinterest is all about the visual rather than the words. Text light and picture heavy is the way forward. If you have a verified website, you will receive information to monitor your performance such as how many people have visited your site from Pinterest, your most repinned and your most recent pins. This way you can work out what content Pinterest users are more likely to respond to.


It’s not just about pinning and responding. Heighten user engagement by making direct interaction available. Include multimedia in your pins such as videos, podcasts, demos, tutorials, presentations, and respectively why not ask customers to upload images of themselves using or wearing your product?

‘talk’ to each other, so it’s a good idea to connect your Pinterest page onto Facebook, Twitter and embed in your blog, this way more people can see what your pinning and reach a wider audience.


No matter what stage you’re at in your business venture, use Pinterest to help you promote and market your business and to guide you to make better marketing decisions.


Pin placement


When you need information you expect to source it quickly and with the most important information at the top. Increase viewer numbers by placing your pin boards on the top, second row or near the middle of your pinboard so users don’t have to scroll endlessly to find what they’re looking for.

Many successful businesses offer free items to attract customers and convert them into buyers. Follow suit by including podcasts, white papers and e-books on your page.



Stand out


Use search engine optimisation. Optimise your Pinterest page by highlighting key words, phrases, titles and descriptions so your business will be found quickly on search engines.

Online users like to know a website is authentic. Verify your website and be a trusted source. You’ll also be able to access the Pinterest Web Analytic feature which allows you to track consumer interest. Use this to move forward with future strategies.   July/August 2013 13

News | Auckland Today birthday special

The wish list By Melinda Collins

There’s something special about turning 100. While we didn’t quite get to meet the Queen for our 100th issue of Auckland Today, we did the next best thing. We spoke to Prime Minister John Key, Auckland Mayor Len Brown, Auckland Chamber of Commerce CEO Michael Barnett and Labour leader David Shearer about key issues facing Auckland, how they can be addressed and what’s on their wish lists for the city’s future.

The recent budget, and the run up to it, saw announcements designed to help ease housing affordability pressures, and ensure we work effectively with local authorities in both Auckland and other regions on these issues.

Rt Hon John Key, Prime Minister “Auckland is hugely important to the future of New Zealand. The city is an economic powerhouse and home to a third of New Zealand’s population. It’s vital that Auckland has the transport infrastructure, housing and amenities to succeed, and at the same time provides a good living environment for people. The National-led Government is acutely aware of the challenges facing the Auckland region and is working hard alongside Auckland to deal with them. Those challenges include pressures on Auckland’s infrastructure and housing arising from the region’s population growth. The Government is working constructively with the Auckland Council, and communities, on these issues.

14 July/August 2013

Before the budget we announced $377 million for two housing initiatives that will have a positive impact on Auckland. The first was to build up to 3,000 new state house bedrooms – adding new bedrooms to three-bedroom state houses. It is expected to deliver up to 3,000 new state house bedrooms to 2,000 properties over the next two years - three-quarters of them in Auckland. The second was an additional 500 two bedroom state houses built over the next two years on large Housing New Zealand properties in Auckland. There is strong demand from Housing New Zealand tenants for more two-bedroom homes in the city. The budget had an initiative involving special legislation – the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Bill – that enables councils and the Government to streamline new housing developments in areas where housing is least affordable. The Government’s aim with these moves is to allow it to work with councils to create accords for new housing developments. The first of these accords was agreed and announced with the Auckland Council before the Budget. It is expected that the first special housing areas will be designated later this year.

Transport is another big challenge for Auckland, and here too the Government is working hard and investing heavily. In the 2008-09 to 2011-12 period, the Government spent $4.4 billion on transport in Auckland. This included $2.1 billion on new state highways and $1.3 billion on public transport infrastructure and services. Auckland has received 59 percent of government funding for public transport infrastructure and services, 52 percent of state highway investment, and 38 percent of the Government’s total spending on transport. I want to see an Auckland that is vibrant and growing, offering the jobs and economic growth we need. And the Government’s focus on jobs and growth is why it negotiated with Sky City for an international convention centre. The new facility will have capacity for 3,500 delegates, and will be built and operated to international standards. It will be capable of attracting international conferences to New Zealand. The economic benefits of the convention centre are projected to be an additional $90 million a year into the economy. Up to 1,000 workers would be employed during the building phase and about 800 would be employed by centre. The Government is working hard on the challenges Auckland faces and I am confident we can address those issues and see the vibrant, diverse and growing city we all want.”

News | Auckland Today birthday special

What are the key issues facing Auckland? “What Auckland badly needs is decisionmaking leadership. At the heart of all the big issues facing Auckland is the need for a bold, focused leadership dedicated to unlocking the roadblocks.

Michael Barnett Auckland Chamber of Commerce CEO

We know Auckland’s problems – finding the money to address Auckland’s transport infrastructure deficit; ensuring the public transport system runs efficiently and is reliable; identifying land for quickly building the affordable houses we urgently need; having a Unitary Plan to provide the rules for the integrated advancement of Auckland – not just for more residential developments, but where parks and reserves, businesses and utility services will be located. We need leadership that has an overall view

What are the key issues facing Auckland?

David Shearer Leader of the Labour Party

“We’re expecting another million people in Auckland over the next 30 years. Our challenge will be generating new high-value jobs, enhancing our reputation as a centre of learning, installing a fast and efficient transport system, building thousands of affordable first homes, and making the most of the jewels in our crown – our two harbours and stunning parks and Waitakere Ranges. With flair and good design and leadership the sky’s the limit for Auckland.” How can these issues be addressed? “We need a clean, modern, revitalised Auckland that feels great to live in – and that means a world-class rail system. That’s why a Labour-led government in partnership

What are the key issues facing Auckland? “Simply put – housing, moving and employing our current and future Aucklanders. Statistics New Zealand estimates that an additional million people will live in Auckland by 2040, and 60 percent of that will be natural increase – births.

Len Brown Auckland Mayor Photo taken by Jay Farnworth.

Housing availability and affordability, and effective transport – both free-flowing roads and good public transport are essential to Auckland remaining a great place to live. We also need to ensure Aucklanders have opportunities to work in high-value and skilled jobs, and that our young people have clear pathways into training, higher education and employment.” How can these be addressed? “With input from tens of thousands of Aucklanders, Auckland Council formed the Auckland Plan – the 30-year-vision for the social, physical and economic development of our city. Our Long-term Plan and annual plans

of the issues and can join the dots and make things happen in a way that gives Aucklanders confidence that our problems are getting solved. Leadership isn’t about the polling booth, it’s about having the courage to make the tough decisions and holding firm to get the results that make Auckland a better place to live, work and play.” How can these be addressed? “Story telling. If Aucklanders understand the problem and the solution then there is a good chance they will be willing to share in putting the solution in place. There is a story to be told about what Auckland’s problems are and the solution. Storytelling is at the heart of

with the council will build the Auckland City Rail Link. Turning Britomart from a terminus into a tunnel will double the number of trains on the network and allow trains every five minutes. Commuters will experience more direct journeys, fewer train changes and faster access to work. Some will have their travel time cut in half.

effective leadership. It is through story telling that a constituency for the action we need to take can be created.” What is on your wish list for the future of Auckland? “Both of the above. The linking of decisionmaking leadership and telling the story of why a particular action is needed, what is involved and how it will happen and when is very much on my wish list for the future of Auckland. My wish list is for real leadership that is centred 24/7 on action to get results and make a real difference. .... We need a reality check and some action, not a bumper sticker slogan, for taking Auckland forward.”

economic policies designed to grow a clever, ideas-based economy that turns heads internationally and brings our talented Kiwis home.” What is on your wish list for the future of Auckland?

“Affordable housing, great jobs, a modern efficient public transport system, a revitalised We’ll work with businesses, local communities and vibrant central city and a waterfront that is a magnet for Aucklanders – a place where and councils to build vibrant, high-quality communities around public transport centres, we can all live, work and play. and we’ll do it beautifully so people will be The wonderful work that’s been done at really proud to live and work in those places. Wynyard Quarter and Britomart are just a taste of what a stunning urban environment Labour’s KiwiBuild policy of helping Aucklanders can look forward to – not just on 100,000 Kiwi families into affordable first the Waitemata harbour but the Manukau too.” homes will be part of this, as will our suite of

look at how we are going to fund this vision and how we are going to implement it, while the draft Unitary Plan is the regulatory toolkit which will guide it. We have secured the route for the Central Rail Link, the single-most transformational infrastructure project we have, which with our new electric train fleet, will unlock the potential of our entire suburban rail network. This will dovetail with dramatically improved bus services, which we start discussing with communities this month [June], and the integrated ticket. We are working on a housing accord with the government, to speed up the pace of building new homes, including affordable housing for first-time and lowerincome buyers. We have a 10-year Economic Development Strategy well underway, including a strong business development programme run by our ATEED organisation.

And we are starting to see good results from our Youth Connections programme, which links high school students with local mentors and employers, and gives our kids clear paths towards future training and employment.” What is on your wish list for the future of Auckland? “I want Auckland to be the world’s most liveable city and we are well on our way to that, although we have work to do. There’s a real sense of optimism and pride returning to Auckland as we see what’s possible and we have successes with new ways of doing things, be it exciting new spaces and buildings around Auckland, interesting collaborations between public and private entities, or industry hubs where our best innovate minds can bounce ideas off of each other. We are finding Auckland solutions to Auckland challenges, and long may that continue as we sort out our transport and housing challenges and make Auckland a truly international city.”   July/August 2013 15

News | Auckland Today birthday special

Auckland’s hot 100 This month marks a very significant milestone for Auckland Today. We have reached our one hundredth issue and with this, put together a list of 100 things to do and see in Auckland. 10 Must-dos 1.


2. Auckland Sky Tower 3. Island-hop 4. Canyoning 5. Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari 6. Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium 7.

Auckland Bridge Climb & Jump

8. Rangitoto Island 9.

Scenic flight

10. The Civic

10 Fishing spots 1.

Auckland Harbour

10 Beaches

10 Surf Spots



Long Bay


2. Mission Bay

2. Muriwai beach and Maori Bay

3. Kare Kare beach

3. Daniels Reef (south of Leigh)

4. Muriwai & Bethell’s Beach

4. Takapuna

5. Waiheke Island

5. Mangawhai Beach and Te Arai

6. Browns Bay

6. Manu Bay, Raglan



Home Bay on Motutapu Island

Bethells beach

8. Takapuna Beach

8. O’Neill’s Bay




10. Waitakere

Great Barrier Island

10. Long Bay

2. Hauraki Gulf 3. Waiheke Island 4. Motuihe Channel

10 Family days out

5. Cornwallis Wharf


6. Campbells Bay

2. Rocket Ropes


3. Rainbow’s End theme park


Auckland Zoo

8. Birkenhead Point

4. Maritime Museum


5. Eden Gardens

Charcoal Bay/Island Bay

6. Butterfly Creek

10. Lake Pupuke


Stardome Observatory

8. Snow Planet 9.

MOTAT (Museum of Transport and Technology)

10. Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World

10 Cool day trips 1.

The free things to do


2. Waiwera hot pools

10 Bars

3. Devonport sea-side village


4. Kawau Island

2. Fukuko

Sale St

5. Mount Eden and One Tree Hill

3. Ebisu

2. Wildlife encounter at Goat Island

6. Parnell village

4. Xuxu

3. Auckland Art Gallery


5. Tyler Street Garage

4. Manukau Heads Lighthouse

8. The French Market La Cigale

6. La Zeppa Kitchen and Bar

5. The Domain, Auckland’s oldest park



6. Auckland harbour

10. Auckland Botanic Gardens



Climb Mount Eden

Rainforest of the Waitakere Ranges

8. Auckland beaches such as Mission Bay 9.

Rangitoto Mission Bay

Brew on the Quay

8. 1885 Britomart 9.

Northern Steamship Co

10. Rakinos

Auckland’s regular cultural events

10. Surf

10 Restaurants

10 Cafes



The Grill

2. Cafe Karadeniz

3. The French Café

3. Dizengoff

4. The Grove

4. Frasers Café & Espresso Bar

5. Cocoro

5. The Fridge

6. Antoine’s

6. Gala Café





8. Toto

8. The Little Grocer




10. Kazuya 16 July/August 2013


2. Roxy

Richmond Road Café

10. Verve Café

News | Business Tips

The personality profiles of top salespeople By Stephen Lynch


The evidence suggests that the personalities of truly great salespeople plays a critical role in determining their success.

Top salespeople have a hunger for knowledge and information. They learn as much as they can about their industry and their customers. They ask their customers difficult and uncomfortable questions in order peel back the layers and get to the heart of the matter. Top salespeople want to know as soon as possible if the customer is willing to buy their solution, and what they need to do to win their business.

Modest Surprisingly, the most successful salespeople do not conform to the fast talking, pushy salesperson stereotype. These egotistical salespeople tend to alienate far more customers than they win over. Rather than making themselves the rock star, the top salespeople positioned their colleagues in the company as being the rock stars, and use their colleagues to help them win the sale.

Conscientious Top salespeople take their responsibilities seriously. They can be relied on to keep their promises and follow up when they say they are going to. However, this does not mean that they run after the customer’s every demand. Instead, they take control of the relationship and lead the customer by the hand though the sales process.

Friendly, but not overly friendly Achievement-oriented Top salespeople are fixated on achieving their goals and measure their success by the sales numbers and how they compare to their peers. They figure out what they need to do to make sales, and they go out and get it done.  

Courageous Top salespeople are not self-conscious. They do not get embarrassed easily. They are willing to risk rejection, and are even prepared to rankle customers in the sales

process. They aggressively believe in what they do and will boldly do what it takes to get the job done.

Thick skinned A high percentage of top sales people come from sporting backgrounds where they are used to tough competition, dealing with disappointments, bouncing back from losses and experiencing the thrill of winning. If they get knocked down, they don’t stay down for long.

Very friendly salespeople can build good relationships with prospects, but often have difficulty asking for the sale. Top salespeople keep it professional and establish a position of authority and dominance where they are able offer good advice and recommendations to the customer, and the customer willingly acts on those recommendations. Do your salespeople have what it takes?

Stephen Lynch is the chief operating officer of Global Operations at Information kindly provided by

How to make better decisions By Stephen Lynch Consider both costs and benefits Our minds tend to consider either costs or benefits only. Taking both perspectives into account takes mental effort. Force yourself to list the pros and cons. One factor we often forget is the ‘opportunity cost.’ When we do one thing, we can’t be doing something else at the same time. It’s either or. When you watch TV the benefit is relaxation and enjoyment - but the cost is that you can’t use that same time to read a business book. Justify yourself When we think someone will check up on us we make more mental effort, leading to better decision-making. Imagine you have to justify your decision to someone else. Would you still make that decision? Distance yourself from the issue Our brains are influenced by our current emotions, which can impair rationality.  Big decisions are better made after a night’s sleep. Step back and consider the likely chain of events. What are the future implications of this decision? Have you considered all the consequences? Don’t believe the hype It’s easy to be persuaded by vivid stories and ignore scientific evidence. Our minds

are naturally influenced by sensational information that is high on hype, but low on factual substance (e.g. as propagated by the media). Look carefully at the information source and sample size - are you being manipulated? Make fewer decisions Peter Drucker said effective executives do not make many decisions - they concentrate on making a few important ones. Make the big strategic decisions, rather than try to solve lots of little problems. Do not make fast decisions. Make the right decisions that have the biggest impact. What would Spock do? Just reminding ourselves to think rationally helps us make better decisions.  Consciously trying to think rationally will also help activate all the other techniques described here.

More than 400 participants attended the EPIC NZ 2013 conference on May 24 at the Langham Hotel Auckland. The conference was aimed at connecting New Zealand’s ethnic and mainstream small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) to better harness trade opportunities. In her welcome speech the Minister for Ethnic Affairs, Judith Collins highlighted the advantages of having a culturally varied business landscape in New Zealand to help overcome the country’s isolation from major markets.

to learning, networking and making connections. “EPIC NZ 2013 was, in a word, inspirational. It was a triumph in demonstrating the business imperative of valuing our differences and leveraging our diversity to build a preferred future.” – Richard Motet, principal consultant, Business Psychology Limited

Highlights of the conference included an inspirational keynote speech from Dr Privahini Bradoo, CEO of e-waste company Blue Oak and founding CEO of Spark, who “We have people with established networks was recently named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. and business connections in almost every country of the world, many who are Other prominent speakers at EPIC NZ 2013 willing to set up meetings and establish included Tenby Powell, founder of the strongholds for other New Zealand NZ SME Business Network, Christopher businesses to expand,” Collins says. Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand and Tim Feedback indicated EPIC NZ 2013 provided Baxter, CEO for DHL Express New Zealand and Pacific Islands. great value for participants in regards

Source: Professor Gary Marcus of New York University

Stephen Lynch is the chief operating officer of Global Operations at Information kindly provided by   July/August 2013 17

News | Cover Story

John Kirwan By Anthony Patrickson | Images by Sue Wiggins and Depression NZ

Sport has a habit of propelling heroes into the limelight, from on-field exploits to the later stages when great players become great coaches, but few transcend their sport in such a way that they can truly be accountable for saving lives. Step forward Sir John Kirwan.

18 July/August 2013

News | Cover Story

A few years ago Kirwan was waiting in line to purchase tickets for a rugby game (he’s certainly too modest to pull the ‘do you know who I am’ line) when he was approached by a man who wanted to thank him for saving his life. The man had been suffering from depression and almost made the ultimate mistake, yet he confided in Kirwan because of his work for Depression NZ and his tell-all book All Blacks Don’t Cry. To tell John Kirwan (or JK as he’s more commonly known) that he is a role model and a lifesaver, which I did during our interview, you will undoubtedly receive the same humble response I received. “No, I’m not a role model. Honestly, I just try to do my best every day and take each day as it comes.”

Japan presented a tough test for coach Kirwan, but immediately he announced his understanding of the Japanese culture by summoning the ‘samurai spirit’ to overcome the height and size disadvantages the national team faced.

JK’s worldly nature and seemingly natural ability to tap into a vein of local understanding has led to many stamps in his passport, but a true love for Auckland has kept one of the city’s favourite sons returning time after time. “It’s an amazing city, a fantastic place to live. You can live many lifestyles in Auckland, it has that big town, small city feel.”

Yesterday is gone from my control, so I don’t worry about it. I can make decisions that will feed my soul and give me the life that I can feel good about

The Auckland Blues job was tailor made for Kirwan, a proud Blues man himself and the early season resurgence is arguably Fronting for Depression NZ took mammoth a reflection of JK’s presence. Or it may be courage as the straight-laced world of sport due to the miniature yellow Fiat Bambina can often be unforgiving when it comes to car that is assigned to the player who is the risqué subject of emotions, especially adjudged to have made the most errors in a negative ones. Kirwan was, and still is a beacon of hope for many a stubborn man who game – that mantle comes with the keys for may not have previously addressed persistent a whole week. negative emotions as possible depression. And the coach is not exempt from the Fiat He’s helped many come to terms with the fact fiasco. JK was awarded the keys for ‘losing it’ that depression is an illness, as opposed to a at half time during the Stormers game. That weakness, and it can affect even those who week Kirwan was knighted at Government appear to have it all. House in Auckland and arrived to join the glitterati in his little yellow chariot.

It’s an amazing city, a fantastic place to live. You can live many lifestyles in Auckland, it has that big town, small city feel. - SIR JOHN KIRWAN

John Kirwan was a young star, a fleet-footed winger with pace to burn and the skills to make any defence nervous when his name appeared on the opposing team sheet. Playing in 63 tests for New Zealand, he also helped the All Blacks lift the inaugural World Cup in 1987, a tournament in which he scored a memorable try against Italy, still regarded as one of the finest tries of all time. A glittering playing career was followed by some exciting assignments abroad. JK was world-renowned in rugby and this certainly assisted in his exportability. “I have been incredibly lucky to travel with my profession to some amazing parts of the world. I enjoy the task of integrating into a new society, to learn the culture to become immersed in a new place.” And integrate he did. He spent time coaching in Italy (2002-2005) and Japan (2007-2011), using his time in the respective countries to learn the culture and even the language.

The honour was bestowed for services to rugby and mental health. Considering he is still actively involved in both rugby and raising awareness of depression, I posed the question to JK of what he personally does to escape or relax and his answer was, as you’d imagine, suitably thought-provoking. “Well, nowadays we can seemingly justify spending 11-12 hours a day or more working, yet we can’t spend one hour doing what we really want. I think everyone should have three to four ways to relax the mind. I took up surfing, but when there were no waves I couldn’t surf, so I looked for something I could always do like reading or cooking.” JK admits he was a little late into education but is now a strong advocate of books and has even had time to pen his own work. “All Blacks Don’t Cry was very cathartic for me. I expressed myself by getting those feelings onto paper and it felt good. To know other people may benefit from hearing my story is just fantastic.” The acclaimed book laid bare the struggles he faced with The Black Dog and how his optimism has helped him become well again. “Reading is my soul food. I’m a serial reader… I may have started late, but I’m certainly making up for it now.” Reading is one of the three main forms of relaxation JK practises. Cooking and the guitar are the other two home-based constants the Blues coach prefers to indulge himself in. When asked how the guitar was working for him, his laugh spoke volumes before his admittance that “It sounds like a squealing cat!” Never mind JK, there’s plenty of time to perfect the chords and let’s just hope the Blues play in tune until the end of the


season under the new mentor’s guidance. Guidance which JK says he will implement through “actions and not words” and we all know which speaks louder. Looking over the CV must be a strong source of pride for JK. If there ever was a career blueprint in New Zealand rugby, Sir JK certainly seems to have followed it pretty closely. An impressive playing career with international honours, an OE while coaching our national sport and external work that helps ordinary members of society on a daily basis – not to mention the small matter of a knighthood for all of the above. To use a sporting cliché, JK has been ‘straight down the line’. The line in his early years was the touchline he used to barnstorm down. In his later years he stood the other side of that same touchline, coaching. But being ‘straight down the line’, in its true context, refers to his honesty and integrity. To openly battle depression before the nation he represented is, to use another sporting cliché, ‘taking one for the team’.

“But now I said, Mr Anxiety Attack, you haven’t beaten me in the past and you’re probably not going to beat me in the future. You can come. I’m not going to fight you anymore. I’m going to work out how I’m going to live with you. You can come, because I know you’re going to leave,” he narrates in his work. Sir John Kirwan remains a figure of strength, a leader of men and beacon of hope. Hope for all Blues fans, hope for depression sufferers and hope for sports fans worldwide that more ‘stars’ will evolve into such role-models for future generations. Although his persona radiates humility, and at times it feels easier to refer to him as JK, he thoroughly deserves to be addressed by his rightful title - Sir John Kirwan.

New Zealand needed a respected figure to stand tall and confess that it’s OK to feel down – you can get through this and his stature in sport made him the ideal candidate to dispel a taboo often associated with mental illness. He immortalised his personal battle in All Blacks Don’t Cry. “Yesterday is gone from my control, so I don’t worry about it. I can make decisions that will feed my soul and give me the life that I can feel good about,” he says in the book. As a coach, Kirwan is a purveyor of tactics on a daily basis, perfected on the training pitch and utilised during games, but even his personal life he has had to use methods of tactical control to fight his illness.   July/August 2013 19

RR News | Local Moves

Edible Blooms By Kayte John

Why do we love flowers? Let me count the ways: romance, colour, form, scent, surprise… flowers are nature’s way of celebrating. Now we have the chance to indulge in flowers - edible ones! Edible Blooms provides a unique gift delivery service across Australia and New Zealand. A fresh alternative to traditional flowers and gift baskets, the product range contains great gift ideas for men and women including gourmet chocolate bouquets, chocolate flowers, edible fruit arrangements, cake pop bouquets, gift hampers, corporate gifts and much more.

up by New Zealand native and first ever Edible Blooms employee, Sarah Bruce. Following the success of the Brisbane store, the business was soon rolled out to the rest of Australia.

Edible Blooms is the creation of Kelly BakerJamieson, who invested her life savings to start the business in 2005. The first store was opened in Brisbane, Australia and was headed

Now in its third year of business, Edible Blooms is enjoying continued success after receiving the People’s Choice Award in the 2009 and 2011 Corporate Events Guide Awards, less than 12 months into opening. In 2011 the business was also named as a finalist in the Westpac Auckland North Business Awards.

In 2008 Sarah saw a gap in the New Zealand market and decided to return home to Auckland and launch Edible Blooms here.

With a focus on using only the highest quality ingredients and providing personal customer service, Edible Blooms has continued to grow and develop a loyal following. “It remains family owned and operated, ensuring a consistent product and service across New Zealand and Australia,” Sarah says. “Every product is created with top quality ingredients, packing a real ‘wow’ factor - they make perfect gifts.”



Sarah is giving away four Sparkling Bouquets worth $99 to the first four Auckland Today readers who email

“Our key strengths are consistence products. We pride ourselves in a high level of customer service. When you order with Edible Blooms you will always be sent a tax receipt with the courier’s tracking details. This way you also have control over your order rather than wondering did this leave the shop? “It has been very rewarding to see the business grow successfully in Australia and now in New Zealand. I love the concept so much; having the opportunity to bring Edible Blooms to my country is a real honour. Edible Blooms bouquets come from the heart, handmade with love and delivered with happiness.”

Please provide your name, address and contact details in the email and quote Edible Blooms in the subject line. Auckland Today readers: Call Edible Blooms on 0508 334 253 and receive a 10 percent discount on your purchase. Please quote ‘Auckland Today’ when confirming your order. Offer ends October 2013.

Edible Blooms NZ Free phone 0508 EDIBLE (334253) E — Advertising Feature




Reader rewards

Today the gift industry is competitive, you can buy a gift from any type of store so what keeps Edible Blooms in business?



NOW $1099


NOW $999 1500x750x600mm NOW $1059 1700x800x600mm



QUALITY GUARANTEE on all of our products




sy ! Ea ean Cl



• Close coupled toilet • 3/6 Litre Flush • ‘Soft close & quick release’ toilet seat

• Wall facing toile • Dual use P&S trap • 3/6 Litre Flush • ‘Soft close & quick release’ toilet seat


900x900mm NOW



1000x100mm NOW


VASK SQUARE SHOWER FLOOR VANITY 900mm ROUND SHOWER & BASE • Polished aluminium frame • 6mm toughened safety glass Bonus Pack -Tray and NZ made easy clean waste $159

• Lacquer White Gloss Finish • Solid Ceramic Basin NOW






Available in: 900x900x6mm, NOW $159 1000x1000x6mm 10 ONLY AT THIS PRICE! NOW




NOW $1099

NOW $1099



NOW $999 1720X820X600mm, 1600X750X600mm 1500X750X600mm

Auckland | Christchurch | Timaru | Melbourne | Canberra Franchises in other cities available, call our Australian office on +61 3 9574 1988 20 July/August 2013

Mt Wellington 47 Lunn Ave, Auckland

Phone 09570 9100 Fax 09 750 9122

OPENING HOURS Monday-Saturday 9–5pm This Sunday only 10-2pm   July/August 2013 21

News | Q&A

A word of advice

By Davina Richards

Say hello to the new face of GrabOne, CEO Vaughan Magnusson. GrabOne founder Shane Bradley parted ways from his group buying website to follow another path of business - so in February Vaughan Magnusson graduated from CFO to CEO. A true leader listens and a true businessman evolves to constantly bring change. Vaughan does just that. He listens to his dedicated management team and the consumers to understand trends, develop initiatives and work towards goals to further improve the business. Vaughan has an inspirational attitude; he is realistic, isn’t deterred by failure and believes in team participation - just some of the many driving forces behind any business success.

at GrabOne who can innovate and continue to take the business forward.

How much is the direction you want to take this company in determined by market forces and trends? Markets and trends are dynamic and always changing, so it’s important for GrabOne to remain agile enough to change direction and tactics in keeping with the times. The key thing is to always listen to what your customers are telling you about your business and keep evolving to need their needs. GrabOne is an example of a business that consumers didn’t know they even needed before we presented it to the market in 2010; we are now on track to sell $125 million worth of deals in 2013.

Are there any new developments in the pipeline?

He talks in his own words about gravitating the business towards continued success in a sustainable way, his personal experiences and offers his top tips of advice for SMEs.

Yes we are currently working on a new business opportunity which will complement our existing offerings really well and it will allow merchants to better manage their short term inventory.

You have been a key member of GrabOne since its launch, what will you be bringing to the table now you are chief executive of the company?

We intend to launch this around July so watch this space. Aside from that, we are constantly refining our model and improving on user experience through relevancy and personalisation of deals along with merchant value adds such as premium listings and data.

My philosophy is to take in views and ideas from across the company and get the whole team participating. It’s paramount to me and the business in the long term, that we foster the great entrepreneurial culture we have created at GrabOne and remain agile and adaptive. Moving fast and not being scared to try new things (and even fail sometimes) is the key to our continued success. I need everyone at GrabOne to listen to what our customers, both members and merchants, are telling us about our business and find ways to deliver better value and outcomes to them. We also striving toward a business-wide focus on simplicity and quality in everything we do. Finally, working with the great management team we have in place to further grow the business in a profitable and sustainable way.

Where does Shane Bradley’s vision end and where does yours begin? I believe there was always a shared vision for GrabOne so the transition of vision is more a shade of grey rather than being black or white. Shane is a gutsy entrepreneur who is passionate about creating businesses and then, as a business grows and matures, he tends to step back and let a skilled management team take over and run the business. My central vision from here is to leverage off GrabOne’s core assets such as our merchant relationships (in their thousands), a 1.2 million strong membership database and our talented staff to develop new businesses and opportunities. We have plenty of talent 22 July/August 2013

What aspirations do you have for the future of the company? GrabOne is in a unique position to totally dominate the group buying market in New Zealand. I would like to see us with a 90 percent market share by year’s end. We started this year at 75 percent and are currently at 80 percent so this goal is achievable.

We also have a very good handle on the DNA of the average SME operator, so we feel we have a good understanding of their needs. We really try and take a partnership approach with our SME merchants to make sure we are delivering value. - CEO, VAUGHAN MAGNUSSON

We also have a very good handle on the DNA of the average SME operator, so we feel we have a good understanding of their needs. We really try and take a partnership approach with our SME merchants to make sure we are delivering value.

What advice would you offer to SMEs starting out in business? • Prepare properly from the outset and get your head around the fact that it won’t be a walk in the park • Conduct research on the market place, customer needs, competitor strengths and weaknesses and gaps in the marketplace

I also want to ensure that we grow our revenues faster than our costs, as simple as that sounds. Building on the trust we have • Back your convictions, but talk to people and with our members and merchants is crucial for take advice onboard our future. • Never underestimate the importance of GrabOne will be a marketing powerhouse cash flow for SMEs, opening up distribution to SMEs • Aim to trade profitability early on, via its digital channel that merchants in particularly if you have finite their own right simply cannot replicate. At capital resources its core GrabOne is an alternative means of advertising to traditional mediums, with the • Assess where the risks are and set about added bonus of being transparent, success mitigating wherever possible based and cash flow positive. • Focus on quality and always play fair in your The redemption process also drives customers dealings (reciprocity is alive and well) in-store so there is plenty of opportunity for • Look to build partnerships with customers merchants to up-sell customers and extract and suppliers, good business operates on real value. trust and confidence • You’ve got to hustle to make headway. Do you have much to do with SME community? Most of our merchants are SMEs, so yes we have a huge involvement in the community and know very well the challenges of running an SME in New Zealand.

• Entering crowded markets with poor margins and tough competition • Entering low growth industries • Lack of financial resources and poor financial management • Lack of knowledge of customer needs and not having a point of difference • Too much concentrated risk to a large customer or supplier • Operating in a silo • Lack of perseverance and resilience • Underestimating the importance of proper execution. What have your life experiences taught you about business? • Early bird gets the worm (first mover advantage is especially critical in digital enterprises) • Be bold and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just learn from them as you go • Great businesses are hard to come by • Cash is king - you don’t miss the water until the well goes dry • Be a realist and remain objective • You need to build trust, so play fair in your dealings with customers/suppliers/staff • You need to think on your feet and change tact from time to time as conditions change

What are the common mistakes SMEs make • Strong brands are powerful and hard to defeat when starting a business? • Ill conceived business models and lack of any research

• It requires a driven and talented team to be successful.

News | Advice

Getting people in workplaces The Auckland Chamber of Commerce assists Auckland businesses to grow in a range of ways – in particular helping businesses find the right people with the right skills and attitude.

The experiences of Natalia Peyroux and Natalia Leota represent common experiences of the two programmes.

CadetMax induction programmes and Supply Chain Solutions is major employer of cadets from the programme.

It took Natalia Peyroux a few years to decide whether she was doing the right thing, but at 24 years old, the mother of two is now employed and able to support her children. After graduating from CadetMax in February this year, Natalia was offered permanent employment with Supply Chain Solutions in Auckland.

Colin says he noticed Natalia’s attitude during the training. “Natalia stood out when I came to the course – she was attentive and interested. She had attitude,” he says Colin is keen to give young people opportunities. “I prefer getting young cadets because you can train them the way you need to – they are keen and eager to learn your systems,” he says.

Natalia Peyroux and Colin Coetzee from Supply Chain Solutions


“I really enjoyed CadetMax – with people to support you in all aspects of your life.” she Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief says. “I followed my brother into CadetMax, as executive Michael Barnett believes that it is he had been successful in getting a job once Through two of its six employment important for businesses to take a more active he graduated. programmes the Chamber provides support role in reducing youth unemployment. to job seekers. The Chamber’s programmes “It was different when I was younger, before “It is not an issue that can be solved by assist women returning to work after raising kids, but with a family to support I needed to the public sector working alone. This is an children, or coming into the workforce for the get more serious. I really just want to do the issue solved by everyone working together; first time – from new career starters to high best I can. business, government, schools, families and achievers, whether at the start of their career communities,” he says. “I really liked having mentors who would be or returning to the workforce. there for you for all aspects of your life – it is a The Chamber, in partnership with Work and The Chamber started two programmes, Return very supportive programme.” Income of the Ministry of Social Development, 2 Work in 2005 and CadetMax in 2008, both also runs a training programme which assists CadetMax is about finding young people designed to help young people access jobs. sole parents to return to work. and giving them confidence and purpose. “We partnered with Work and Income of “Without the motivation and commitment the Ministry of Social Development to make Employment manager at the Auckland you won’t be able to get a job and succeed,” a connection between young people and Chamber of Commerce Penny Smith says Natalia says. women with talent and drive that were job that the programmes offered by the hunting, and the employers that were seeking Colin Coetzee, operations manager of Supply Chamber are designed to support people into work. The Return 2 Work course Chain Solutions, is a regular speaker at staff,” it says.

offers people returning practical skills like interviewing and CV preparation but also helps to restore confidence. “Confidence can be lost very quickly. Even women who are on maternity leave are surprised at how quickly they lose confidence,” she says.

For more information about CadetMax and the Return 2 Work Course contact the Auckland Chamber of Commerce on 0800 709 907 or visit:

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The science of marketing It might sound obvious, but marketing is about reaching the right people, with the right product or service, at the right place, at the right time. 

It’s not just advertising. It’s not just selling. It’s not persuading people to buy things they don’t want or need. True marketing is a science and getting it right can reap immense rewards. Lee Retimana, managing director of Muritai Marketing, is a seasoned and sought after marketing professional who has helped many businesses, large and small, achieve astronomical results. While every client and every project is unique, it’s the science of marketing that underpins everything Muritai Marketing does. The tried and tested research, theory and insight separate good marketers from great ones. “We don’t help our clients just create pretty campaigns, full of glossy ads and empty words. If you come to us and ask for this - we will ask why? It’s about the strategy behind the glossy ad. “Absolutely everything we do is supported by strategy and the science behind what makes people buy. Everything you do must have a purpose and reason that links back to your overall business plan.” Effective marketing comes from examining every aspect of your business and how it affects your customer’s end experience. “It covers everything you need to do to get your products and services to your customers, including research, planning, branding, pricing, packaging, promotion, advertising, communication, selling and distribution.” It might sound daunting, but Lee has the ability to make it simple, achievable and super productive. But then she has been doing this successfully for more than 20 years. She has worked in multinationals like IBM and exporters like Foot Science International. At the other end of the scale, she works with many small, but high growth, companies that want to move into new marketplaces – both here in New Zealand and internationally. Her vivacious personality is infectious and her process enjoyable. After all, business should be fun, she laughs. “I love what I do and it’s

24 July/August 2013

Absolutely everything we do is supported by strategy and the science behind what makes people buy. Everything you do must have a purpose and reason that links back to your overall business plan. - LEE RETIMANA

a privilege to work closely with passionate business owners, helping them move their businesses forward.” Based in Christchurch, she knows that the opportunities for growth here are immense. “We are on the doorstep to the biggest business and economic growth we have ever seen. It’s a vibrant environment out there and as a team we have spent considerable time understanding some of the deeper dynamics of how businesses that want to move fast and grow can do so in this market.” Lee adds that it does not matter what size your company is, as long as you are committed to growing your business, then getting help with your strategic marketing will reap rewards.

The science of marketing separates good marketers from great ones. Lee Retimana (centre) is pictured here with the team that helped bring the Treology brand to market.

Bring clarity to your marketing

successful marketing and brand story that has already carved a prominent niche within its target market.

“So much marketing is done ad hoc with businesses hoping that maybe it might work. We take away the maybe and add clarity and “The customer centric approach to certainty. And we always strive to get the best developing the Tréology brand gave us a results at the best cost.” great understanding of what makes our ideal customer tick, what they think and And that clarity comes from research. do on emotional level. This enabled us to It’s that research that will enable you to build a brand based on who we are selling connect with the right customers, but to, what we do and why we do it,” connecting with the right people means first Andrew says. identifying who they are. “Doing this is not Lee is also passionate about supporting a vague exercise. We hone right into exactly business start-ups. “There is vibrancy and who this person is and what drives them to excitement about helping someone bring get out of bed in the morning.” their idea to life and then take it to market.” Lee says this is the person you have in mind Again, this is where the science of marketing as you develop your brand story. “If you is vital. “You need to identify and understand can speak to that one person, then you will all the channels available, the strategy and capture the audience you are aiming for.” tactics you will use and how your product/ And the story is vital. Telling it can be more service fits into the bigger picture. challenging. Again this is where the science What is the deep desire and need your of marketing comes to play. “You need product/service fulfils?” to identify and understand the channels When you have the strategy right, your available, the strategy and tactics you will success will be so much greater and will use and how your story fits into the bigger happen faster, she says. picture. What is the deep desire and need your product fulfils?” During the years, and due to Lee’s experience in international markets, Muritai has carved itself a niche in export marketing. Last year it helped a new luxury furniture designer and manufacturer, Tréology, launch its brand into the American market. Managing director Andrew Davies worked closely with Lee’s team to produce a professional and highly

But for businesses just getting off the ground there are many financial pressures. It’s for this reason Muritai has put together a range of finance packages. “This allows people to establish the key marketing initiatives they will need to be successful in the marketplace. Finding all the money upfront can be hard, so we have devised a system where they can pay small amounts regularly.”

Making any event Deluxe Deluxe Events and Promotions has been around for nearly six years working away in the background, creating memorable events and promotions that you will probably recognise or remember. The company was created out of the need for a one-stop event shop – in other words one place where businesses could go to get events and promotions organised from the ground up. We’re talking about a range of initiatives including brand ambassadors and promotional models, custom uniforms and clothing, venues, catering, entertainment, marketing and anything else one might require to create a successful promotional activation or event. The CEO of Deluxe Events, Michaiah Simmons has been in the industry for more than 10 years now and has the experience to pull together large events, having worked with brands such as Vodafone, doing a big Christmas lunch for them a few years back, ATEED (Auckland Tourism and Events Economic Development) to promote the V8s coming back to Auckland, Instax one of Fujifilm’s new products in Westfield Malls leading up to Christmas, and many more promotions, brand activations and events during the years. When you ask Michaiah what it is she likes about the industry, the reply is unequivocal. “I love the events and promotions industry because I get to create these events where people can enjoy themselves, or promotions that create a positive interaction, promoting exciting products or businesses. “I love seeing a room full of people enjoying themselves because I have created a successful event – that to me means I have succeeded, so long as the client is happy and everyone has a good time.

“One of my mottos is - where there is a will there is a way! Through hard work, a good imagination and the ability to come up with effective solutions, anything can be achieved. “One of my favorite jobs was the recent promotion for the V8 Supercars where I had the girls doing ‘flash mobs’ out on Queen St; it was awesome to see everyone’s faces as the girls did the dances around them… it all came together so well after weeks of preparation” All the staff at Deluxe are hand picked to represent your brand or business in a professional, but also fun way. Interaction is key and all the staff not only look professional, but can talk about your brand with confidence and intelligence which is so important when it comes to the public’s interaction with your brand. A logo on an advert is no longer enough to capture people – when there is so much information being thrown at you from every direction the best way to get people’s attention is by human interaction; a smile a conversation, a positive interaction is bound to get your product or brand remembered for the right reasons and createing a positive association to your business is the first step to gaining a new customer. A recent addition to the Deluxe business is the custom catering with menus being created by Chef Luca Villari to suit each client’s particular tastes and budgets. Having catered for corporate clients and weddings for 10 years now, he has the expertise to create amazing canapés, small plates and dinners to suit every taste and style of event. Why not talk to Michaiah about upcoming events or promotions you might have in the pipeline and see what the team at Deluxe Events and Promotions can do for you. Michaiah Simmons 0212244665

“I am passionate about providing the best service and love what I do. I love working with my clients to help them achieve something they did not think possible.




0800 DELUXE (335893)

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Motivation games By Melinda Collins

The year starts with a hiss and a bang; you are chock full of motivation, goals and plans. By February your motivation is beginning to ebb and by March you’re wondering how you found the motivation/energy/ time or all of the above to even make such plans.

Luckily we’re here with some tips to get you motivated, your team motivated and some talk from the top as the battle to push into and through winter begins.

How to get motivated • Firstly and arguably most importantly, choose to be happy. Nobody but yourself has control over how you feel and, as a bonus, happy people are easily motivated. Tell yourself everyday how awesome you are • Be willing to leave your comfort zone. The greatest barrier to achieving your potential is your comfort zone, so try taking yourself out of that zone once a day; expect great things • Don’t be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Wisdom is that which helps us avoid making mistakes, but it only comes from making millions of them • Start finishing everything you start. With so many things on these days, it’s easy to have too much going on at once. Finish one task before you begin another • Do Less. Let go of commitments. Whatever you do or keep in your life, make it worthy of keeping. Make everything count • Live fully in the now. When you live in the past or the future you lost control over the present • Remember your peak moments. These are moments of triumph which will remind you who you are, what you are about – and more importantly why you are chasing your unique goals • Don’t give up. It’s so easy to quit when there’s a set back or frustration. But you will never get there if you quit • Don’t let the slump start. Recognise the activities you do procrastinate and nip the behaviour in the bud. Take action right away, no matter how small the victory, and use that momentum for further tasks • Dare to dream big. If there is anything to the law of expectation then we are moving in the direction of our dreams, goals and expectations.

26 July/August 2013

Don’t give up. It’s so easy to quit when there’s a set back or frustration. But you will never get there is you quit

How to give motivation

• Be enthusiastic and love what you do; there’s no better way to motivate those around you • Translate the aspirations and needs of your organisation into tangible goals your staff can work towards • Figure out the aspirations and needs of those within your organisation as this knowledge will help you motivate and inspire them • Create a strong work life balance and ensure you are spending time on what’s important • Demand that your team members bring you solutions to problems, not the problems themselves • Gather input from team members on strategic directions because when it comes time to execute the vision, you will see a high degree of engagement • Empower members of the organisation by allowing them to decide how to go about their work within your guidelines and expectations • Communicate regularly and openly with your team members frequently and openly • Notice and reward ‘positive deviance’ - new practices that yield superior results • Reward results, not the time, effort and cost required to reach it – the role of manager is to create results.

What the big boys say

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”

– Steve Jobs

– Richard Branson

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”

– Albert Einstein

“Find that thing you are super passionate about. A lot of founding principles of Facebook are that if people have access to more information and are more connected, it will make the world better; people will have more understanding, more empathy. That’s the guiding principle for me. On hard days, I really just step back, and that’s the thing that keeps me going.” – Mark Zuckerberg

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.” – Donald Trump

– Bill Gates

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” – Henry Ford

“When I thought I couldn’t go on, I forced myself to keep going. My success is based on persistence, not luck.” – Estee Lauder

“There’s no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can’t do any business from there.” – Colonel Sanders

News | Ideas

Sharing their success By Corazon Miller

In the hustle and bustle of today’s commercial business market, making it big can be tough; getting to the top of the social corporate ladder has become a feat harder than climbing Mt Everest. Many an entrepreneur dreams of making it big, a task which can quite simply be allconsuming. Climbing to the top of the messy pile that is today’s competitive market can be a spirit-crushing journey. For those who have had enough of this cutthroat road to success, there can be another way to make your mark in life. Success does not need to be about reaching the top of the corporate ladder. Instead you can make it about taking hold of the things that are around you and create your own far-reaching ripples of social change. Not everyone can be the next Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey, but it is possible to create your own mark in society; to revolutionise your business and open opportunities for others, changing the way they think and live. After all, the true marker of a successful entrepreneur is a person who has taken whatever skills they have and utilised

whatever resources they have to nurture ideas to invest not just her money but also her to fruition in order to generate social and time, energy and knowledge of the business community change. world with a range of charities and fundraising initiatives. The drive and motivation shouldn’t be about money – after all not many people who have Today she is the co-patron of Eva’s Attic, an succeeded will say their initial goal was about op-shop donating its profits towards several money – more often it was a desire to find a other charities. She is actively involved with solution that drove them to succeed. the Wellington SPCA, helping it to continue serving the city’s neglected animals. It is this imperative to drive social change in order to transform society is what sets many Theresa is also working for the Cambodia an entrepreneur apart from the rest. Charitable Trust, an organisation helping women improve their lives in the developing To see for yourself just how easy a sharing nation, helping these women and young girls success can be take a peek at these two wellto further their education and employment known Kiwis who have made it their mission opportunities. to share their success with others. She is a firm believer that women can be anything they want to be as long as they are For the love of animals and children: given this chance. This belief is something Theresa Gattung that has driven her desire to help charities The former Telecom CEO, she is arguably such as the Cambodian Trust, as well as other one of New Zealand’s most successful and groups dedicated to empowering women, potentially most recognised business women including the YMCA, Women’s Refuge and the - named in Fortune magazine’s list of the New Horizons For Women Trust. 50 most powerful women in international “It touches my heart and I love doing it,” business several times in the last decade, she was also included in the Forbes list of the she says. Theresa points out that while she will always love the commercial side of the world’s 50 most powerful. business, she also loves the concept of the While Theresa was certainly well known social, not for profit type of business. for her tough business-like manner during “I still enjoy the commercial side, however her eight years as CEO of the telecommunications giant, she also has a soft it is nice to do something beyond our own personal goals,” she says. “It gives me the side to her tough façade. perfect mix of head and heart.” Despite her prowess in the business community, there came a time when Theresa Sharing vision: Ray Avery felt called to do more than just share her hard earned dollars with charities and share A scientist and inventor with big dreams, her-self instead. And so, in the years following Ray Avery has made it his mission to her departure from Telecom, Theresa decided provide medical solutions not for profit,

but to better the healthcare systems in the developing world. While working throughout Africa and Asia Ray was exposed to the raw and real shortcomings that he found in many of these developing healthcare systems. What he witnessed drove him find solutions to tackle the big health issues faced by these countries at an affordable and sustainable level. It was with this vision in mind that Ray founded the independent development agency and charity Medicine Mondiale, a network of scientists and social entrepreneurs who volunteer both time and knowledge for free to help developing countries. Together they create low cost sustainable solutions that combat global poverty and the health issues of the most vulnerable and neglected societies. One of his biggest achievements is the development of two state of the art Intraocular Lens Laboratories in Nepal and Eritrea that supply 16 percent of the world’s market for intraocular lenses. Thanks to this innovative lens manufacturing technology, Ray has decreased the global cost of intraocular lenses to less than $6 making modern cataract surgery available to the poorest of the poor – giving sight to about 11 million people. Today he is continuing his work, working not to earn the big bucks for himself, but to try and make a dent in the world healthcare systems. “So I’m a big dreamer,” he says. “I like to make stuff that really works and has a global perspective.”

Pillars of support Would you like to make a difference in a child’s life?

social services, but also mentoring the children of prisoners and a special website, where children can go to get their needs met.

“When a parent goes to prison, their children’s hopes and dreams go with them. Pillars understand this all too well. Often the incarcerated parent has grown up in a family that also lived below the poverty line, and crime is seen as the only escape.  All too often this thinking is passed from It could be you who puts the spark in the life of a child. Volunteering with Pillars can change generation to generation, it’s a vicious circle,” she says. your weekend, your life and the life of a child with a parent in prison. Right now Pillars need Making a difference male mentors to support these children.

How you can help Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children of prisoners? You can become involved in Pillars and help work towards breaking the cycle of crime in New Zealand and making the nation a safer place in which to live.

Could you commit to one child, once a fortnight, for one year?

There are around 20,000 children in New Zealand who have a parent in prison and a lack of effective intervention means these children are up to seven times more likely than the average person to end up as prisoners themselves. One woman who knows all this very well is Verna McFelin, who in 1998 founded and remains chief executive of Pillars. The charity based in Christchurch and Auckland supports children and family of prisoners in New Zealand. The range of programmes provided by Pillars includes assisting access to much needed 28 July/August 2013

To start the journey of being a mentor, Pillars will go through everything you need to know. Its programme is designed to offer accessible volunteering to people who already lead busy lives. “You can help a child see the connection between his or her actions of today and dreams and goals of tomorrow. We are proud that Pillars has already captured the hearts of over 500 volunteers since its inception from all walks of life. “I believe by being a positive role model and by providing support and encouragement in a safe environment, young people can

grow and develop and find their way forward in an often unstable environment and world,” she says. By offering this support the future for a child can become more hopeful as self esteem grows and the possibilities open up for new opportunities. Pillars will be running the Children of Prisoners Week which during the last week of September this year. Its aim is to raise the awareness of the support these children need in New Zealand to restore hope of a positive future that is free of imprisonment.

You can partner in Pillars quest by: • Arranging payroll giving through your employer • Volunteering to mentor a prisoner’s child • Offering your expertise • Becoming a corporate sponsor • Becoming involved in its schools’ support programme  • Donating to Pillars.

For more information email or visit


News | Interview

All Gunn's blazing Janine Morrell-Gunn lives her life in 15 minute increments. That’s the ratings game for the head of the largest television company in the country. Whitebait-TV produces more than five hours of completed television every week along with commercials and corporate videos, employs 50 fulltime staff, up to 70 contractors and has an annual turnover exceeding $8 million dollars. But she’s living, breathing proof that being a successful businesswoman and being a nice person are not mutually exclusive. Janine talks to Melinda Collins about the value of relationships, corporate responsibility and wanting to change the world.

30 July/August 2013

News | Interview

While iconic television personality Jason Gunn is best known as the face of children’s television, less is known about the woman who has stood by his side for the past 18 years. While Jason is the natural born performer, Janine Morrell-Gunn is the gogetter behind the scenes; your typical A type personality… ambitious, driven, organised and proactive. She entered the television industry in her 20s. “I wanted to be a producer of current affairs shows because I thought, naively, that current affairs producers could help shape the world… make it a better place,” she explains. During her first trip to Auckland’s TVNZ she met a man who told her to stay at university before entering the industry. Years later, when TVNZ advertised for internships, that same man was on the selection panel. “Every year during the five years I had been at university I had sent him a Christmas card so he remembered me and he got a say in me being successful as a trainee. “This business is all about relationships.” Her career progressed rapidly and after industry exposure, she moved from current affairs shows like Foreign Correspondent into the youth segment including Dunedin’s Viewfinder and Christchurch’s Spot On. When the Children’s Unit moved to Wellington, she chose to remain in Christchurch for her family. “It really became time to put a stake in the ground and time to ‘sail your own waka’ really. I felt it was time to step out from under TVNZ and set up our own production company.” Whitebait-TV began in Christchurch’s Kilmore Street. When the accountant advised that it would make financial sense to purchase equipment instead of hiring, he wandered off to check out a fire sale at Prime Television, came back and suggested they take out the lease on the Birmingham Drive building. “We started there working on a preschool programme called Bumble which we made for three years under contract for TVNZ. Later on we repackaged the show as Bumblelina teaching English on a Japanese cable channel.” Twenty four hours is a long time in television, she says. “You can have a show, lose a show and claw your show back. So you get quite innovative,” she laughs.

Life on the edge While it’s a competitive industry, Janine says television doesn’t follow the typical boom and bust cycle of business. “We are less affected by what’s happening economically in that a lot of what we do is subjective. I like to say I live my life in 15 minute increments which is ratings. We are totally delivering to audiences, so whatever show you’re making you’re trying to make it better to win audience share. “It does make you live on the edge of your seat.”

And it’s a decision she would never look back on. “We definitely have had our challenges in winning shows and keeping shows. Content is king and for us the process is as important as the product. We have been in this business a long time and I’m very fortunate to be able to get up every day and come to work and love what I do. I just don’t stop thinking about TV shows and the next idea and improving the ones we’ve got.”

don’t feel they belong or can’t carry on and that’s something I take quite personally.”

If you had told her a number of years ago she was going to be running a business, Janine likely would have laughed at you. “I didn’t think that was me and yet here I am. I think doors close and others open. Life is more organic than I ever imagined; things have a way of happening and I am all for leaning in and embracing it.

“We’re bringing in a new producer from Australia which is freeing us up to focus on programme development so we can look at increasing our volume and range of production here from Christchurch. I was also very fortunate to get to go to China last year and we’re looking at a couple of projects over there as well.

“I believe everything is an opportunity. Shit happens, but there’s always a reason.

“What’s been cool after working for large companies is being able to build our own studios, to set up the process how we want it and make it a happy place to work, a place where people want to get up in the morning to come here and enjoy being at Whitebait.”

Risky business While there was an element of risk to establishing the business, it felt natural. “Shirley MacLaine once said to get the fruit off the tree you’ve got to go out on a limb. But it was a natural progression; it’s Jase and I being together and evolving in our roles as performer/presenter and producer. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole and the two of us together achieve so much more than we would on our own.” It’s all about trusting yourself. “A lot of people have great ideas and there’s no ownership or license for these ideas. The important thing is the ability to execute and we’re in the business of having ideas but then being able to deliver those ideas into shows that work for the audience. It’s a big jump from idea to execution.

There are also several professional plans in the pipeline. “It’s in the cards for us to produce a prime time entertainment show, a bit like Letterman and Rove, so Christchurch can be a destination that people book in to come to our show. It’s really important we continue to grow our business.

Because one thing she has learned is you don’t need to be mean to survive. “You don’t have to be an ass to get what you want. There are a lot of tough people in television, but we have this saying ‘first do no harm’. I think it is possible and we have always tried to treat people well.” It’s the same philosophy she has for her family and while her's means everything to her, she knows not to put too much pressure on herself. “I learned a while ago life’s too short to stuff a mushroom, in that you juggle a lot of plates now women are working full time and having families so I think it’s ok to let plates drop now and then, you can’t keep them all up in the air. “I’ve also learnt the value, as a working mother, in taking some time for myself. Unless I look after me, I’m of little value to Jase and our kids, family and friends, let alone being a good employer or helping save our planet.”

We have been in this business a long time and I’m very fortunate to be able to get up every day and come to work and love what I do. - JANINE MORRELL-GUNN

“The key in all of that is people; people are our biggest and most important resource – that’s why the process is so important and people come first. Don’t be scared to pay people more than yourself; we have skills and strengths but we don’t have them all and 50 percent of something is worth more than 100 percent of nothing.” When it comes to people, Janine also enjoys being in a position to nurture some of our home grown talent. “Presenters, performers and artists, I just take my hat off to them and what they do to deliver on-screen. And if my skills can help then to be all they can be then it’s a wonderful thing. “It’s great that Whitebait-TV is able to be a stepping stone for some very talented people into this industry.” Keeping a production facility in Christchurch to ensure work continues to filter down this way is also a key role. “The through-put of work is critical to growing people’s skills and craft especially in an ever changing technological world.”

Lights of hope

It’s not just her family, her staff or the next generation of television producers that Janine takes responsibility for and her altruistic streak is renowned. Her ‘Adopt a Christchurch Family’ charity was extremely successful following the earthquakes, as She soon found it was the hardest work of her was the ‘White Lights of Hope’, which she life. While many businesses can put their work singlehandedly masterminded. But she away in a folder or a filing cabinet, Janine says considers what she has done as the tip of a her work is out there every day for everyone significant iceberg. to see and judge accordingly. Furthermore there were no never-ending supply cabinets. Her next move is to look into the issue “When you start your own business you are of youth suicide. “I do feel real responsibility that in this gorgeous country of ours of only a the stationery cupboard and you are the few million people that there are people who coffee machine,” she laughs. It’s a far cry from her expectations. “I thought I would be able to do what I had seen some other producers do which was go and play golf and have long lunches,” she says.   July/August 2013 31

Businesses stand up to solve youth social issues As New Zealand’s youth organisations face an unprecedented funding crisis, businesses nationwide are standing up with new social brand Y for YOUTH to solve our serious youth social issues. New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world, yet there are more than 6,000 charities dedicated to assisting our youth throughout the country. Y for YOUTH co-founder Alex Greig says “There are hundreds of very successful programmes out there already in the community. The problem is that they are competing with each other for a diminishing pool of government grants, public donations and gaming trust money, which is limiting their ability to scale and expand capacity and in some instances threatening their very survival.” Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation CEO, Craig Pollock says he and his organisation are fully aware of the impending youth sector funding crisis. “Even as one of the larger youth organisations, it is a major challenge finding alternative revenue streams just to fund our current programmes. I suspect a lot of smaller youth organisations may simply not survive the next few years.” Yet as traditional funding sources for the charity sector continue to decline, New Zealand’s alarming youth social statistics, such as bullying and suicide, continue to increase. Just last year there was a 40 percent increase in youth suicide for 15 – 19 year olds.

What can we do about our youth social issues and the youth sector funding crisis? “New Zealand’s youth social problems are not going to be solved with sausage sizzles and the old method of rattling the bucket outside shopping centres. Our serious social problems require serious resources and funding.” Greig says. Y for YOUTH is a turnkey corporate social responsibility platform that enables businesses to contribute to the youth sector in such a way that they benefit from positive publicity and increased sales. Businesses and brands contribute a percentage of their profits to the Y for YOUTH support network. In return companies display the Y for YOUTH trademark on their products and advertising, similar to Fairtrade or the Heart Foundation Tick branding models. Consumers are then encouraged to purchase from these companies. Consumers want to buy from companies that support our communities Greig says that today more than ever, consumers want to buy from companies that contribute to our communities. “We have developed a system that makes it easy for companies to donate to the youth sector, but in such a way that they

benefit from increased sales, positive publicity and an improved brand image. It’s a win-win.” Through the creation of a sustained funding platform for New Zealand’s youth sector, youth organisations’ fundraising burdens can be alleviated so they can focus on expanding their programmes and impacting as many youth as possible throughout New Zealand. Y for YOUTH co-founder Lara Jane says “We’re talking about transformation and positive social change for all of New Zealand. The more youth that are positively impacted, the more youth that grow up to be happy, healthy, contributing members in our communities.” 100 Founding Angels As Y for YOUTH works towards becoming financially sustainable, it has created an opportunity for 100 forward thinking businesses and community focused individuals who wish to be involved in a movement to reduce New Zealand’s youth social statistics, to become Founding Angels.

Founding Angels support the development of Y for YOUTH by making an initial $5,000 donation (or $500 per month x 10 months), then $100 per month for three years. Well known entrepreneur Michael Mayell, founder of Cookie Time, was one of the first to step up and claims that becoming a Founding Angel is a good way of practising corporate social responsibility. “This is just a great opportunity to give back, and it makes it very easy for businesses to do it.” Twenty eight companies and individuals have already come on board as Founding Angels to support the development and growth of Y for YOUTH including Blacksmith Ltd, Navman Wireless, Academy Publishing, Coca–Cola, Tiki Taane, Kim and Mona Dotcom and Sales Star. For further information and to get involved visit

APN Print team celebrating their achievement at Pride In Print

Printing Excellence Wins Golds for APN Print Teamwork and commitment to quality has resulted in every APN Print site in New Zealand winning Gold Medals at New Zealand’s most prestigious print industry gathering, the Pride In Print Awards. Of the nine Gold Medals awarded in the Newspapers Category, no less than six went to APN Print plants. APN Print Ellerslie won three with the New Zealand Herald 19/6/12, the Hamilton News 30/11/12 and The Weekend Sun 15/6/12; APN Print Wanganui won with the Rangitikei District Monitor; APN Print Tauranga with the Bay of Plenty Times 30/5/12 and APN Print Hastings with Hawke’s Bay Today 3/10/12. APN Print sites also won four of the seven Highly Commended Awards issued in the category — Hastings and Tauranga achieving two each. APN Print New Zealand general manager Dan Blackbourn paid tribute to the staff efforts that had made the success possible, saying: “The great thing is that these entries were really representative of what we produce consistently. “These are good examples of what we do in our plants daily and therefore it is a feather in the cap of our staff for the consistency of their quality standards.“ All our staff will be rapt with this and they deserve a pat on the back.” Mr Blackbourn says APN Print’s continuing success at Pride In Print was a reflection of its commitment to both the print industry and the future of newspapers.

Phone 09 526 9440 |

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By Davina Richards


Bed heaven

Telo headboard So white and luxurious you’d think it’d be best to leave it in a showroom. But this pristine, upholstered, tufted headboard shouldn’t be left untouched. Stunning and elegant, it will make your bedroom exude luxury. Just don’t forget to match it with white drapes, duvet, pillow cases and linen. RRP: POA


Available from:


One more time

Jupiter beige wooden watch Its point of difference is the fact that it’s just cool. Fashionable and eco-friendly the Jupiter watch is made with 100 percent maple wood. A tree is planted for every WeWood watch produced, so you don’t need to worry about running off into the forest to start tree-hugging. It’s a little piece of art born from the city of Florence.


RRP: $265 Available from:


Inky indulgence

Caran d’Ache fountain pen They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but with this thing every word you write will come at a hefty price. The Caran d’Ache 1010 Diamonds limited edition fountain pen has taken inspiration from Swiss watch making to deliver an intricate, creative and stunning masterpiece of a writing instrument. It includes gold, rhodium-coated, silver-plated and precious stones. At this price, you’d think miniscule diamonds would fall out when the ink flows. RRP: AU$1.2 million Available from:


Practical shapes

Kaleido tray These boldly coloured, puzzle-like trays can be used as a decorative statement, organiser, or used to serve up a well deserved coffee or wine. Each tray is available in five different sizes and nine colours. RRP: $36 (extra small) to extra large $175 Available from:

34 July/August 2013


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Totally cool

Smeg refrigerator If this isn’t the coolest fridge ever, then I don’t what is. Smeg has stayed on top of the urban retro trend and cloaked today’s technology in an old-style case to help you kit out your kitchen in ultimate style. Choose from the broad range of vibrant retro refrigerators, combined fridgefreezers, washing machines, oven tops and dishwashers, to make even the unlikeliest kitchen appliance stand out in style.


RRP: $7,599 Available from:


The sensor bundle

Belkin WeMo Going out? The Belkin WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit delivers wireless control of your home appliances and electronics, turning devices of your choice on or off via motion sensors. The sensor plugs into an outlet and detects motion up to 9 metres away and sends a wireless signal to the WeMo Switch to turn the connected device on or off.


RRP: $159.95 Available from:


Life’s a beach

Contemporary framed print Available in either white or black frame, this quintessential ‘Kiwiana style’ framed print just evokes the feeling of summer ahead. Beautifully packaged in bubble wrap, Kiwiana wrapping paper and safely protected inside a cardboard sleeve for save delivery. It’s an ideal corporate and conference gift, or for rewarding prompt paying customers and referrals to your business, a wedding present, or as a treat for your home this Christmas. The size is 435 mm x 445 mm and discounts are available when purchased in larger quantities. RRP: $120 Available from: David Kerr Greatscapes Collection

8. 8.

Stash it

Stash Box Talk about male grooming. The stash box comes complete with shaving cream, hair shave brush, a face scrub and moisturiser. The apothecary styled case allows you to utilise the box once the contents have been used on your pretty little face. It works well as a handy box to stash all those essential man items – batteries, old phones, manuals, cables and the like. RRP: $165 Available from:   July/August 2013 35

News | Destinations

Discovering Dubai

Dubai to-dos

By Corazon Miller

This middle-eastern city, which looms grandly out of the natural expanse of the Arabian Desert, is one of a kind, and it knows it. Dubai, the flashy, most populated of the seven United Arab Emirates, proudly boasts about having the biggest mall in the world, the tallest tower in the world, the world’s largest flower garden, the most expensive “seven star” hotel in the world and even the world’s largest ring; a whopping 64kg, 21 carat ring, studded with no less than 615 Swarovski stones.

Opulence is the name of the game With such a lengthy list of “accomplishments” you’d think Dubai would finally be willing to sit back, relax and bask in its luxurious surrounds. But alas, there is no rest for the wicked. The powers that be announced, late last year, it will be breaking the record of its colossal Dubai Mall to create an even bigger mall on the soon to be developed Mohammed Bin Rashid City. As well as the mall, it has been said that the new “city” will host a park 30 percent larger than that of London’s Hyde Park and more than 100 hotel facilities. While such opulence is not to everyone’s taste, Dubai is certainly worth a visit, as like it or not, there is no denying that much of the infrastructure of this former fishing village, turned city of fabricated modern wonders, is something of a modern miracle. One could be forgiven for thinking that the “little village that could” is not situated in

36 July/August 2013

the middle of the Arabian desert, with its grandiose multi-lane motorways, man-made islands dotting the coast line, super sized malls and its huge skyscrapers that defy the very nature of gravity.

An epic enigma This discrepancy between Dubai’s traditional past and its modern visage paints a rather perplexing image of the city – nothing is what it seems. This juxtaposition between the traditions of yesterday and the changing tomorrow was made blindingly obvious during an encounter with a young Emirati creating henna art. When asked if she had any black henna, she responded with a “no, it’s not allowed - it’s not natural.” It was a short statement, which highlighted the fact that while the traditional culture obviously places an emphasis on a natural, more modest way of life, the Dubai of the future is far from rooted in nature. In fact, this city has made a name for itself building objects that appear to defy the very being of nature, with the vast desert land covered by fields, gardens and overtaken by modern architecture, the traditional souks turned into huge shopping centres, interior ski resorts and the luxurious hotels curiously shaped into mini-pyramids and large sail boats.

A melting pot of culture This proud city, both architecturally and demographically, is a melting pot of east meets west. It is home to an immense array of architecture; from the tallest building in the world,– including the king of them all – the Burj Khalifa that stands at an impressive 828 metres, to the mini Venice, mini Atlantis, the Egyptian pyramid shaped mall, to the more traditional, ancient middleeastern souks.

Demographically the cultural mix is just as apparent; from the second you step off the plane, and walk into the vast expanse that is Dubai airport, a mixture of language surrounds you and will continue to fill the air throughout your visit to this unique city. Although Arabic is the official language of Dubai, Persian, Malayalam, English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Tagalog are also spoken. With a large expatriate community and its reputation for being one of the more liberal countries in the region, less than 20 percent of the population are actually Emirati nationals.

For the adventurous and less adventurous alike, there is something to be found in this city of wonders.

Shop till you drop In Dubai, shopping becomes an adventure akin to island hopping. Check out the Madinat Jumeirah hotel with its mini, imitation venus, the Walfi Mall with its Egyptian pyramid-styled design, visit the traditional souks of Dubai across its picturesque creek and explore the Middle East’s interpretation of the mythical long lost Greek isle at Atlantis, The Palms.

Thanks to this melting pot of culture, that at the surface at least, appears to mix together harmoniously, Dubai is often touted as a safe haven for tourists in the Middle East; a region that is more commonly associated with political and military tensions than a relaxing holiday.

Ride the desert

Like any tourist destination Dubai does have its own pitfalls and it doesn’t have the same historical allure as many of its neighbours. However, these facts aside, Dubai definitely has its perks and for those en route from all the way “down under” to the vaster European continent – this proud city is perfectly placed as a stopover destination, to break up that long-haul journey across the globe.

On arrival you can take a camel ride, satisfy your hunger with the enticing middle-eastern BBQ and be enthralled by the light-spinners and belly dancers that take centre stage.

For those in search of a bit of a thrill, Dubai’s many tourist operators offer an exciting, desert safari, which takes you on a bumpy four wheel ride, across the sand dunes, into the middle of the desert.

Cheap deeds While Dubai is not known for being cheap, there are some options for the budget conscious traveller. Learn about Dubai’s history to success at the Dubai Museum, take a ride on an Arbra (traditional boat) across the Dubai Creek or simply wander through the souks and enjoy the uniquely Middle Eastern atmosphere.

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Business Development | Pole Specialists

The pole people For more than 40 years Pole Specialists in Silverdale has been leading the way when it comes to pole foundations, retaining walls and slip repairs for both civil and residential work. From its humble beginnings in 1972, Pole Specialists is now a preferred contractor for many large civil construction and works companies such as Transfield, Fulton Hogan and Downers, while many respected engineering consultants, such as Riley Consultants in Takapuna, Coffeys Consultants based in Silverdale and Hutchinson Consultants from Orewa, have Pole Specialists on their speed dial. Company founder Alastair Cumming says he began the business almost by accident. “I was building our family home near Hatfields Beach on a bush block and in building the log home I used what was a

relatively new concept of pole foundations for it. “I was approached by a number of builders and architects, like the Design Laboratory in Birkenhead, who were interested in the technology and it just grew from there.

Pole Specialists specialise in:

“The pole foundation technology allowed people to build their homes on a site which was not secure, geologically speaking, or very steep but with a good aspect. It also has a low environmental footprint.”

• Piling foundations • Retaining • Slip repairs • Landscaping

During the years the company expanded its field of operations from residential work to the civil arena utilising the pole technology for slip repairs and retaining wall work.

• Structure work • Outdoor timber sales.

As the company grew Alastair was careful to ensure the business did not get ahead of itself. “There is a tendency for companies who want to expand to grow too rapidly, trying to take on work for which they do not really have the experience for,” Alastair says.

“Part of our success in that area is that we have many staff who have been with us for a long time, meaning their experience and know-how is retained in the company as is available to our customers.”

“While we have grown we have controlled that growth by ensuring we have the ability to successfully carry out a particular type of work before taking it on.

The company has also ensured it has a wide range of equipment to handle any job put in front of them, from excavators to piling machines and hydraulic drilling rigs.

Max Birt Sawmills wishes a warm congratulations to Pole Specialists on their 40th Anniversary in business. We are very proud to supply Pole Specialists quality outdoor retaining and fencing timber products. Phone: (64-9) 294 7800

Northpine proudly supporting Pole spec’s

Alastair believes one of the keys to the success of the company is the ability to develop strong relationships with its customers, which include leading engineering consultants, large civil construction companies and local councils. “I think it is a measure of the confidence our customers have in us in that we seem to end up with the most difficult jobs,” Alastair says. “A good line of communication with the consulting engineers is crucial to completing a job successfully and we have great relationships with those engineers, which means we are able to work efficiently together to come up with a solution to any specific on-site problem.” With Alastair, a keen horse man, wanting to spend more time on his passion of polocrosse (a combination of polo and lacrosse), in which he has been president of New Zealand Polocrosse for the last five years, son Sam joined the firm and has taken a leadership role in developing the company during the last 15 years. “Sam has really bought us forward as a company,” Alastair says. “This has extended to setting a very high safety standard which has been crucial in securing contracts with the big civil firms who also place a high importance on safety in the work place.

would like to congratulate Alastair, Sam and the team at Pole Specialists on their milestone of reaching 40 years in business. We wish you all the very best for the future.

Congratulations Pole Specialists, on 40 years in business! Atlas Concrete are proud to have worked along side Pole Specialists. We look forward to the next 40 years!

38 July/August 2013

Ph (09) 486-3333

Specialists in... Roundwood, Poles, Square piles, Machine Round poles and rails Bollards, Marine treatment. Phone: (07) 333 8523 |

Business Development | Pole Specialists “We are a founding member of the Licensed Building Practitioners scheme and recently have had our ACC premiums cut because of our excellent safety record.”

have to drill deeper than originally thought and rather than having to wait for the right equipment or supplies, we have them on hand in our yard.

Another development for the firm (which has assisted it in being able to respond to the changing demands of many jobs), was the setting up of a trade supplies yard at their base in Silverdale in 1999.

While Pole Specialists’ field of operations covers the far north, Rodney, Auckland, South Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty, it is also available for commercial jobs further afield by negotiation.

“This means if a job changes in its specifications we have immediate access to most of the supplies needed to complete the work,” Alastair says.

Case study Stopping the slide

“While engineers can give us a relatively accurate idea on what we are drilling into, this can change on site and we often find we

Pole Specialists 82 Foundry Road Silverdale Auckland T (09) 426 5035

— Advertising Feature

When this Castor Bay clifftop property on Auckland’s North Shore lost five metres of its front lawn down the bank, with indications that more was about to go, the engineers jumped on the phone to Pole Specialists. With the client’s house blocking access for earthmoving equipment and the cliff unlikely to support heavy machinery, Pole Specialists worked with the engineer to devise a solution to give the house long-term support at the right price. By using one of the largest helicopters in the country to fly in their small excavator and drill, the only drama in the project was in the photos. Pole Specialists carried out the repairs without incident, protecting the client’s investment and cementing their reputation as the “go to guys” when the stakes are high.


WE’VE BEEN IN BUSINESS SINCE 1972 WHEN ALASTAIR CUMMING STARTED POLE SPECS IN SILVERDALE, JUST NORTH OF AUCKLAND. We’re still based there and our service area covers the Far North, Rodney, Auckland and South Auckland. We’re also available for commercial jobs further afield by negotiation. Many respected engineering consultants, such as Riley Consultants in Takapuna and Hutchinson Consultants from Orewa, have us on their preferred contractors list for remedial works involving pole, steel and concrete retainers and subground soldier pile retaining. We’re experts at using clever solutions to overcome difficult engineering challenges. To see examples of our work, check out our case studies at We also supply outdoor timber and poles as tradesale.

40 July/August 2013

Business Development Technology | VideoPro

The video pros The technology we have at our fingertips in today’s contemporary society is intellectual and creative liberation at its best. Technology today is the face of the future and the direct result of uninhibited imagination; minds that dare to dream and say no to limitations and go beyond the realms of possibility to give the world what it is always waiting for – a way to do things better than before. VideoPro represents one of these magnificent minds. In fact, it represents more than one - it represents 27 of them in the form of committed and capable employees. VideoPro is a specialist audiovisual sales and integration company made of up of the type of innovative individuals that know how to change the game – professionally, commercially and technologically speaking.

With a presence in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and through its head office in Wellington, this is a company with an unwavering commitment to delivering market leading high-end audiovisual solutions.

The power of diversity Established in 2009, VideoPro NZ is 100 percent owned and operated by its chief executive officer, Jason Tether and managing director, Nathan Roche. Both represent active, committed and ambitious figures in the company and both maintain very hands on roles in the day-to-day running of the organisation. Jason and Nathan each manage a portfolio of loyal clients and oversee critical and strategic business development to ensure VideoPro can defy even its own expectations. Jason and Nathan are supported by an active and dynamic staff base made up of longstanding and highly qualified employees that have specialised in the audio-visual industry, as well as project management and specialist product training. VideoPro’s primary focus is to deliver products that it can be proud of, and proud it should be. The company excels in its industrial field and provides high performance communication solutions for individual, team and group interaction. VideoPro’s offering and services include projection, video wall, HD video conferencing, digital signage, outdoor screens and signage, boardroom integration, control and automation, education products, audio systems, plasma and LCD, project management and consultancy. Its service extends to installation, 24/7 help desk support, routine and preventative maintenance contracts, Service Level Agreements (SLA) and on-site training. The company has aligned itself with major brands characterised by trust, credibility and efficiency and these relationships have paid dividends with respect to VideoPro’s strong position in the market. All VideoPro supplied products are comprehensively tested for New Zealand conditions.

Mayo Group supplies and supports Video Pro Auckland Video Pro - Leaders in the field of Visual Display choose Vogel’s mounting systems - Leaders in providing AV mounting systems for all installation situations.

VideoPro has built strong and long-lasting relationships with Epson, OneLAN, LG, Hills SVL, Mayo Group, Casio, Acme Supplies, Equico, NEC, AMX Crestron, Extron, Panasonic and Smart presence – companies that are unique within themselves. The diversity yielded by these partnerships means VideoPro can offer its customers multiple product and pricing options to satisfy both their brief and budget.

streamline communication channels and we can deliver them the products they need to achieve this.”

VideoPro’s client base is as diverse as its offering with major commercial institutions like Les Mills, Wellington Airport, Sky City, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Christchurch Airport all in the industrial mix and benefiting from the company’s technological prowess.

• Reductions in operating costs and travel time

It is this prowess that has captured the attention of clients far and wide and from many sectors of the New Zealand economy – education, corporate, retail, entertainment, banking/financial, insurance/assurance, arts, energy, public sector, health and charities – the list knows no bounds.

“Gone are the days when presenters, workshops or workplaces required a projector and an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive meeting room environment,” Jason comments.

“Technology is an essential part of today’s business environment, with corporate, public and education sectors investing in solutions to minimise their impact on the environment, reduce operating costs and travel time,” Nathan says. “Businesses want to interact directly with their customers in real-time and

The popularity of presentation-orientated products such as video conferencing, control systems, interactive projectors and digital signage has proliferated exponentially with a myriad of benefits to businesses including: • A greener corporate image

• The ability to communicate globally at the touch of a button • The ability to get messages to a large audience in real-time.

“With a product like the Meeting Mate EB-1400Wi and EB-1410Wi from Epson, it is possible to make any hard, flat surface interactive. With whiteboard function, dual pen interactivity and control pad operation, as well as the ability to save, print, email and capture content from external sources, Meeting Mate is perfect for any meeting room.”

from VideoPro Vogel’s can provide a solution to your installation requirement be it free standing, mobile, ceiling or wall mounted-single screen, multi-screen or video walls. Designed and manufactured in The Netherlands Vogel’s Mounting systems incorporate the very best of design and functionality offering total engineering integrity.

ELECTRONIC WHITEBOARDS Increase the efficiency and productivity of your meetings • Your audience will be free from note taking to concentrate on your presentation • You will ensure accurate information from meetings

For further information contact; MAYO GROUP Ltd. PH. 0800 4VOGELS (0800 486435) Email: Web:

44 July/August 2013

• You can print immediately with the built-in printer or download to softcopy and email to people who were not present at the meeting • You can further edit and enhance the softcopy after it has been downloaded • Networkable models available

Business Development Technology | VideoPro OneLAN digital signage – case study

VideoPro services Education VideoPro is a leading supplier of advanced presentation technologies for the education sector. The company offers specialist advice, installation, on-site training and specialised education pricing to schools, training institutes and universities. The product range includes the latest in digital signage, LED display, plasma and LCD screens, interactive whiteboards, projectors, professional audio equipment and classroom control systems. Public sector VideoPro holds preferred supplier contractors with many local governments, district health boards, courts and ministries. Its service includes a range of support packages, training assistance and maintenance arrangements Commercial Specialists in presentation equipment, VideoPro offers a broad range of audiovisual product and services suited to commercial environments. It combines technology, equipment and industry experience to create integrated audiovisual solutions for corporate, retail, entertainment, financial, arts and energy sectors.

VideoPro is also an Australasian distributor for OneLAN digital signage and content management products. OneLAN is a global leader in digital signage systems, providing a rich set of capabilities that enable businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers. OneLAN ensures its customers are able to achieve a higher quality, more relevant message while reducing costs and providing fine-grained control and reporting to those that need it. Focusing on ease of use, manageability, network security, quality and scalability, OneLAN’s range of Net-Top-Boxes (NTBs) can be found in every corner of society. Being a separate appliance that is Linux based, OneLAN provides an incredibility robust and secure platform. OneLAN clients love the ease of its products and the fact that they area simple way to use web based browser interfaces without having to load software onto their system. “When it comes to relaying messages to clients, staff or potential customers, it is important to enlighten their senses, to firstly engage and ensure the information is easily absorbed,” Jason comments of the technology. “The recognition of digital signage as a successful medium is increasingly growing in New Zealand, where varieties of information are being conveyed in a range of locations,” Nathan adds. “Any information can be relayed through digital signage, whether it is public, internal,

CONSTANT BRILLIANCE The unique lamp-free light source in Casio projectors delivers up to 20,000 hours of superb performance at up to 4,000 ANSI lumen for bright, engaging presentations. With four product groups, including Short Throw series for the education market, the Casio projector range has a model to suit every customer.



All you need for dynamic, engaging lessons.

High brightness projectors for installation.



Ultra portable.

A versatile range of projectors for classrooms, meeting rooms & even digital signage

menus, advertising or marketing. Digital signage can be used to display a room’s meeting allocation, timetables, results or news.” Digital signage can also influence a customer’s behaviour - it can direct customers to different areas, all the while increasing the time they may spend in a store or business, or simply inform them of a special they may not have known about. Interactive digital signage, that allows customers to navigate through a series of questions, allows them to be exposed to more products with the added benefit to the business owner of capturing and collating the information to gain valuable market data. Digital signage eliminates waste, allows rapid control of content and creates a more interactive approach engaging observers and ensuring they receive the message clearly and cleverly.

VideoPro recently provided and installed 160 x 47” commercial grade displays each with a OneLAN NTB digital signage player mounted behind it at 80 Wild Bean Café sites controlled nationally.

About VideoPro • Established in 2009. • With a presence in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and through its head office in Wellington, this is a company with an unwavering commitment to delivering market leading high-end audio visual solutions to corporate, public sector and education markets. • VideoPro’s offering and services include projection, video wall, HD video conferencing, digital signage, outdoor screens and signage, boardroom integration, control and automation, education products, audio systems, plasma and LCD, project management and consultancy • VideoPro’s service extends to installation, 24/7 help desk support, routine and preventative maintenance contracts, Service Level Agreements (SLA) and on-site training. • It has built strong and long-lasting relationships with Epson, LG, Hills SVL, Mayo Group, Casio, Acme Supplies and Equico • All VideoPro supplied products are comprehensively tested for New Zealand conditions. VideoPro Level 6 234 Wakefield Street Wellington T (04) 805 0435 — Advertising Feature

Crestron is the leading provider of control and automation systems for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and more. AVAILABLE FROM VIDEOPRO PH 09 304 0640 46 July/August 2013

Phone: 09 415 9426 | Fax: 09 415 9864 |

Proud to suppo rt Video Pro

RR Business Development | Minerva Learning

Understanding IT Long gone are the days when information technology (IT) was reserved for the academically or financially elite – or those in a cardigan and oversized spectacles. Gone too are the days when good business management was dressed only in a black suit and tie and hailed from an ivy league type college. Globalisation, the proliferation of technology and one savvy little Australasian company have given existing IT and management stereotypes the boot to bring vital skills and knowledge to New Zealand and Australia’s fingertips.

“We founded the business in November 2011 and I set it up in New Zealand in February 2012,” Rhys says. “Steven and I collaborate when it comes to our training material and the nature of the support we offer.” A yearning to own his own business coupled with the passion and desire to unleash the capabilities of people, enabling them to conquer applications and manage successful projects, motivated Rhys to get Minerva Learning underway in New Zealand.

Accessibility, credibility and effective communication underpin Minerva Learning – a “We are committed to making a difference company breaking down the barriers between in people’s professional lives and their working environments.” businesses, IT and project management capability one clever little step at a time. This commitment is palpable in the training available through Minerva Learning and The smarts and the skills is further emphasised by the incredible knowledge and capability brought to the Effectiveness is an elusive quality of sorts training table by Rhys and Steven. that is oft spoken of, but rarely attained – until Minerva Learning hit the professional scene that is. The Minerva vision is simple, but compelling; provide people with the knowledge and skills to be effective.

“What we’ve really done is personalised the training. We offer modular training, covering the functionality and skills you need to learn to be effective in your role.

There are two parts to the Minerva Learning enterprise – each as intelligent and skilled as the other – and no, we’re not talking about technology in this instance.

“A primary example is the Microsoft Office suite – think Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Project – we offer training in each area. We also offer courses that enable people to be effective from change management and leadership, to performance management and communication.

Minerva Learning offers in-house, off-site, or correspondence based training. Training provided directly to businesses is customised to reflect the business environment concerned.

“We offer the opportunity for our trainees to create their own course and choose the modules that suit them and their needs.”

“We understand and appreciate that there are different learning styles within every business and we ensure that each style of learning is catered for,” Rhys says.

We’re referring to the two people who have made it their business, quite literally, to bring organisations up to technological and operational speed when it comes to using Microsoft applications and project / business management. Steven Goldsmith attends to the Australian arm of the business, and Rhys Watson has his focus firmly on Aotearoa. The two guys might be divided by a fair bit of distance, but they don’t let a small thing like the Tasman Sea stop them from working collaboratively and consistently in their professional approach. Minerva Learning’s internationally recognised Microsoft project and business management training courses are performance driven and the brainchild of Rhys and Steven.

Minerva Learning is committed to helping people develop skills that they can apply in a practical capacity – whether it is project management or IT related. “There are a lot of good communicators who lack the fundamental and technical skills necessary in modern workplaces – but this also works the other way around too – you can get a highly skilled individual that is a poor communicator. “We are committed to empowering knowledgeable and capable employees.”

Invest in them and they will invest in you

Minerva Learning works with councils, larger companies and small to medium enterprises.

“We provide all the resources and equipment, including PCs and manuals. Training includes exercises and discussion of the real world use of the tools and techniques covered. We also have chocolate which always accelerates learning and motivation,” he quips. Humour aside, incentives and positive reinforcement is a large part of the training concept and Minerva Learning is about creating supportive learning environments to encourage best learning practices.

Minerva Learning

“At the end of a training session, we provide our participants with the resources they need to practice and reinforce what they have learnt, from USB sticks with the exercises, through to take home manuals, so they can refer to it time and time again to enhance their skills and ensure they retain all the information they need.” Minerva Learning’s key conviction when it comes to upskilling employees and empowering them to fulfil their professional potential resonates with every employer, irrespective of industry. It resonates because it is compellingly honest and truthful –‘if you invest in your people, they will invest in you’. Minerva Learning PO Box 30 1729 Albany Auckland T 0508 646 378 E — Advertising Feature

Get a10% discount on the next booking, when you refer to this ad in Auckland Today.

All about personal growth

Freecall: 0508 MINERVA (646 378)

Recruitment and/or HR problems? For those specialty positions that you are experiencing difficulty in filling or those ongoing HR problems that just won’t go away, David Law & Associates (NZ) Ltd can assist through a range of services backed with experience, a proven reputation and down to earth approach. In todays competitive market it is important to ensure the decisions you make are the right ones, first time.

Take this opportunity, contact David NOW on (09) 4759245 for a FREE no obligation brief and see how he can work with you to make the right choice.   July/August 2013 47

Business Development Technology | Recytech

Smart solutions for outdated IT Asset disposal and recycling, particularly of outdated or unwanted IT equipment and other electronic gear, can be a costly and time consuming business for many firms. One company looking to reduce that cost is Recytech Limited and it is doing it in such a way that it is both environmentally friendly and revenue generating. Ryan Donaldson, business development manager for Recytech explains how they are achieving that. First and foremost, lets get a bit of background on Recytech – what does Recytech do? Recytech provides specialised services to cater for used or unwanted technology such as IT equipment, electronics etc. Essentially, we recover value (where we can) on behalf of our clients. Whether it’s end-of-lease equipment or returned electronics, we recondition and repurpose faulty or returned equipment and as a last resort we recycle redundant equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.

Do you operate outside of New Zealand? Yes, we currently provide solutions for organisations throughout Australasia. Second hand technology, returned or faulty stock and end-of-lease equipment can still hold value. We help organisations to cost effectively remarket, reuse, or recycle their used assets including computers, TVs, appliances and other electronics. Why can’t businesses do this themselves? Like put old IT on an auction website for example?

Ryan Donaldson, business development manager for Recytech There is quite a stigma surrounding recycling of IT and it ending up in landfill. What happens to any equipment that is unusable?

There is nothing to stop a business doing that, but there are risks. We offer a full decommissioning service, which means that all assets (specifically with IT assets) will have the hard drive wiped using state of the art software to ensure no sensitive data remains on the asset. Plus we provide test and audit reports of the retired assets so that our clients have a fully traceable asset history.

We also have the sales network to ensure we get the best possible return on the assets One of our key points of difference at for the client. Selling on auction websites is Recytech is that we ensure all assets managed by us are subject to environmentally limited in terms of the volume they are able to move and is very time consuming, which responsible disposal. Recytech adheres would eat into any margin. to the standards set by the New Zealand Government (EPA) for the exportation of You mentioned returned electronics, what electronic waste; which is a certification to did you mean - retail returns? provide assurance that all electronic waste is processed to the highest standards of safety Yes, exactly. We work with retailers to and environmental responsibility required by responsibly and securely remove returned the Basel Convention of which New Zealand or faulty stock, recondition or repurpose the and many countries around the world are stock and sell through to second hand markets party to.

One of our key points of difference at Recytech is that we ensure all assets managed by us are subject to environmentally responsible disposal.


around the world. It’s also known as reverse logistics. A lot of retailers currently just writeoff the stock - our offer means that retailers can recover value from those returns. How long have you been with Recytech? I am still relatively new to the business – I joined just six weeks ago – but I have known of and worked with Recytech for a number of years. I have come from a large corporate environment at Crown and was looking for something that would allow me a much larger territory. In my new role I am responsible for sourcing used or unwanted IT nationwide. There is huge scope to really establish and grow the role – and for a salesperson, that’s a great motivator. What didn’t you like about a bigger corporate environment? There are lots of great things about corporate working environment – it teaches you about structure, processes and accountability, and there is plenty of support in place to help you grow. I have enjoyed my time with Crown hugely, but being in sales and having a restricted territory (regardless of who you are working for) after a while you reach your capacity and the role turn from sales into account management. How can businesses get in touch with you? Call or email me on the details below, send an enquiry via the website, or drop in to our office at 225a Bush Road in Rosedale.

Ryan Donaldson M 021 479 015 T (09) 972 1936 or 0800 732 983 E — Advertising Feature

48 July/August 2013

Export | Glidepath

Gliding to

international success

Forty years ago Sir Kenneth Stevens established a business that would grow phenomenally; not just in New Zealand - but on the international stage and become a major New Zealand manufacturing exporter. Sir Ken was awarded a knighthood in 2007 ‘For Services to Exporting’, principally earned for his mentoring and assistance to many emerging young exporters. In the Beginning

Anthony Patrickson talks to Sir Kenneth Stevens about the company he has founded and fostered. The company is called Glidepath and if it isn’t quite yet a household name, it’s certainly a name pretty much any business in New Zealand is familiar with.

In 1972 Sir Kenneth Stevens purchased Thompson Engineering, an engineering company focusing on metal fabrication and local maintenance works. Under Sir Ken’s guidance Glidepath was born and shortly after won a small job with Air New Zealand at Auckland Airport. This was Sir Ken’s first airport job and so began a full working career of installing the company’s own systems in airports around the world.

Glidepath specialises in the design, manufacture installation and maintenance of airport baggage handling systems and with more than 624 completed projects in 64 countries it truly is a global success story. With plants in Auckland and Dallas (USA), plus regional offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Durban, Mumbai, Toronto, Lima and Santiago, Glidepath has established itself as a market leader in its chosen field, but it wasn’t always the destination in which the company was headed.

Immediately Sir Ken saw the potential in overseas markets and expansion into Australia and the USA seemed a natural progression – and so it proved to be. In 1983, still known at this time as Thompson Engineering, Sir Ken established a USA

office and factory in Wichita Kansas. Ten years down the track the company was approached by a global materials handling business which sought their expertise and market position. Sir Ken sold the USA arm of his business and was handed a ‘restraint of trade’ agreement, meaning Glidepath had to refrain from working in the USA for six years. Sticking with the Glidepath name, Sir Ken decided to target wider global markets and, 40 years later, his company employs 276 people from Durban to Chile and everywhere in between. In 1997 Sir Ken decided to semi-retire, hiring a CEO, yet the company he founded and nurtured didn’t seem to be reaching his high expectations, nor was it reaching the correct intended markets. With this in mind Sir Ken

regained the reigns of Glidepath in 2003 and guided his company once again in the direction of lucrative contracts in South East Asia, South America and Canada.

Glidepath in the USA In 2001 a successful project in Idaho, Boise Airport was underway when the events of September 11th happened. The 9/11 event turned the airport industry on its head but in turn provided new opportunities for Glidepath in the largest market in the world. Sir Ken decided to establish a trans-American branch of the ever expanding Glidepath. While America, and indeed the whole aviation industry, had been rocked by the events of September 11, the USA Federal Government opened a new department named Homeland

Congratulations Sir Ken on achieving such a milestone in your contribution to New Zealand Manufacturing and Exporting

For more information contact Viking Conveyor on 0800 845 464 or visit

50 July/August 2013

Export | Glidepath Security and security in airports took on a whole new meaning and rigour.

Just a few of Glidepath’s completed $3 million plus projects:

Glidepath had the opportunity, being involved in the logistics of baggage handling, to become the first line of protection in the fight against terrorism.

• John F Kennedy International – New York, USA

Glidepath introduced innovative and reconcilable technology including ‘explosive detection systems’ (EDS) and ‘hold baggage screening’ (HBS) to help in the prevention of unwanted and dangerous materials being loaded onto flights.

• Sydney Domestic – Australia

Along with the EDS and HBS developments, all other Glidepath systems are fully integrated with its GlideControl and GlideViewsuite of software. These systems markedly increase the security, efficiency and speed of baggage transportation while decreasing the failure rates.

• Auckland International – New Zealand

• Lynden Pindling International – Bahamas

• Vancouver International – Canada • Arturo Merino Benitez International – Santiago, Chile • Sangster International – Jamaica

• Jorge Chavez International – Peru • King Shaka International – South Africa • Muscat International – Oman • Cochin Airport – India.

The Glidepath vision The company’s stated intention is “To be leading our industry as the most innovative and proactive provider of technological systems for our valuable customers”. Considering Glidepath sells 95 percent of the equipment and software it manufactures, there is a definite confidence in the company’s products. So much so, that Glidepath offers a 100 percent fail safe inline baggage security screening system and recently completed contracts to install the system in Penang Airport, Malaysia and Christchurch. “Whether you choose a selection of our products and services, or let us tailor a whole solution to meet your needs, you can rest assured that Glidepath will provide a comprehensive and cost effective solution,” the company’s profile states.

Sir Kenneth Stevens The founder, the exporter and the 2012 Flying Kiwi High Tech awardee – Sir Ken has travelled his own path to success, a path almost as complex as the intrinsic network of baggage handling systems Glidepath specialises in. In the last 40 years Sir Ken has travelled in excess of five million statute miles, that’s equivalent to 200 times around the world. So it’s fair to say he’s seen more airport terminals than most pilots.

“I’ve had more than 55 trips on Pan-Am and they haven’t been operating for 22 years,” Sir Ken says. So it’s safe to say, when his baggage disappears behind the curtain flap after check-in, Sir Ken knows the route and the technology involved in making sure it arrives at its designated destination, safely.

Export and investment in youth With more than 20 years in the export industry, Sir Ken is a figurehead for other company leaders to aspire to and he also focuses a sizeable amount of time and effort helping the next generation to become successful exporters. As a board member and a trustee of the Asia-New Zealand foundation and the Chairman of Export New Zealand, Sir Ken certainly has the credentials to advise and educate the future flying Kiwis.

“Competing against other students from the Asian Pacific area, New Zealand has championed three out of the last six years which just shows our schooling system is producing creative thinkers capable of achieving global success.” Glidepath also supports the Vex Robotics Challenge, which aims to foster interest in engineering, mathematics and science – skills Sir Ken believes are integral to producing creative, innovative adults. His investment in youth and education is part of his vision to help New Zealand double its export capability in the future. “It’s a hard industry to want to be in. There is a lot of living out of a suitcase, being away from home for extended periods of time, but it helps companies spread their international wings and increase their financial capabilities, while improving the business reach of New Zealand.”

Sir Ken has transformed Glidepath from its humble beginnings into a remarkable global entity and enroute he has accumulated a large wealth of knowledge on worldwide trading. The youth of today form the exporters of tomorrow and what better mentor to have than Sir Kenneth Stevens to pass down that knowledge that has helped him become one of New Zealand’s most successful businessmen. They do say travel broadens the mind and maybe that is Sir Ken’s key to success, 200 times around the world and counting! Glidepath 30 Cartwright Road Glen Eden Auckland T (09) 818 3354 E — Advertising Feature

“Glidepath work closely in a business partnership with Onehunga School to promote the educational benefits of AsianNew Zealand joint enterprises. Each year we help the kids produce business plans for large companies like Fed-Ex at the Junior FedEx Express Junior Achievement International Trade Challenge and see the fresh perspectives they conjure.

Unit 7A/6 Keith Hay Drive, Wiri, Auckland. Ph 09 969 1876 • Fax 09 969 1877 Cnr Diana Drive & Ashfield St, Glenfield, Auckland Ph: 09 444-6566, Fax: 09 444-4963 Email:




Recreation | Fusion Electronics

The focus of Fusion Surviving in the consumer electronics industry is one thing, excelling in it is another. And for every success story, there’s many more that don’t make it. There’s a dog eats dog mentality that rules this industrial roost. Sycophancy won’t buy you a way into the hearts and minds of your consumers and investors, and good luck certainly won’t keep you there once you make it. The truthful and un-sugared reality of this fiercely competitive market is that success is

measured by market share and market share is achieved and retained through one simple but oft elusive quality – hard work. You only need to look at Fusion Electronics to know that. But Fusion doesn’t just work hard - it lives and breathes what it does. And it doesn’t just punch above its weight in the consumer electronics industry - it throws behind this punch the full force of a world class reputation and first class car, marine and lifestyle entertainment technology.

The Fusion truth Fusion was founded in 2000 by the McNall brothers. It started as a traditional car audio company where products including car stereos, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers were engineered for maximum bang for your buck.

It’s true, at face value this seems like a simple concept, but what really gave the company the kick it needed to survive was a Rolls Royce marketing campaign and a very savvy distribution approach. The McNalls concentrated on the home market in New Zealand before setting their sights on offshore markets in America, the United Kingdom and Russia. Markets that, for all their mercilessness, are where the smaller players become big ones if they play their commercial cards right. Fast forward to 2013, and Sir Peter Maire, a technology legend and founder of navigation giant Navman, is now the owner of Fusion. Sir Peter’s vision has taken the business, particularly its marine division – Fusion True Marine - to new heights. Fusion True Marine is at the epicentre of ground breaking marine entertainment technology, developing, engineering and distributing stereos, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, marine docks and televisions. Fusion chief executive Chris Baird and his team work tirelessly to ensure the business continues to fulfil its potential. “When he took ownership of the business Sir Peter changed the strategy and entire focus of the company from off-the-shelf products to product development,” Chris explains. “Sir Peter identified a gap in the market that no one else did and he leveraged off of that. Up until that point, no one else was taking marine entertainment seriously.” Fusion is the brains behind the iconic internal iPod and iPhone docking marine stereo- the authentic version designed specifically for a marine environment. “This stereo was an important innovation. When we launched it, the world was asking ‘Who is this company?’” Chris says. “At the time, a lot of the big players were taking their car stereos, painting them white, and calling them a marine stereo. They weren’t. If you took one of those stereos and turned it around and looked at the back – you’d see them for what they are straight away and how easy it is for moisture and water to get into the electronics.”

Our staff are fantastic – they go above and beyond, working long hours into their own time. They’re passionate people and they’re constantly thinking about what they can do to better the company – these people are not easy to find.


Comparatively, Fusion True Marine products are called true marine products - because that’s exactly what they are. Conceptualised, built and refined for a specific environment – an environment characterised by extreme weather conditions. “When you make the investment in Apple technology – your iPhone, iPod or Nano, you want to enjoy it,” Chris reasons. “When you put your iPhone in our marine stereo, you can trust that it will be protected from the hazardous conditions of a marine environment – extreme temperatures, salty water and salty air.” It’s clear Fusion has earned its consumers’ trust and the Fusion True Marine stereo has commanded global respect for everything it represents. The technology won the National Marine Electronics Association Supreme Technology Award in America - the first time a marine stereo sound system has scooped the prize. Success aside, Fusion’s team makes no bones about the fact that the consumer electronics industry is cut throat and if you want to compete with the big players, you have to acknowledge and be willingly challenged by that fact. “There have been major players like Kenwood, Sony and Clarion operating out of China and Japan for decades – that’s what you’re up against,” Chris confirms.


52 July/August 2013

Recreation | Fusion Electronics But as hard as the market goes, Fusion goes harder. Not only that - it thinks smarter. “We are fiercely committed to our products and to making our products not only different, but better,” Baird comments. And better they are – big time better too. “Worldwide we are the number one marine entertainment player. We work with companies like Burnsco and Repco in New Zealand – we distribute our marine products to all of its stores in coastal regions. We also distribute to West Marine in America – to more than 400 stores.” The exponential growth the company has experienced has come at a price though – quite literally. In fact, the reality of growth is stone cold sobering and there’s nothing glamorous about the hard work that goes into achieving it. The growth certainly isn’t served piping hot and forget the silver platter all together - in this market, the concept of spoon fed success doesn’t exist.

“Last year Apple changed its technology for the first time in many years by introducing the lightning connector. This has been an incredibly challenging change for the entire industry,” he says.

Fusion is now working with Jayco – the largest motorhome and campervan provider in the Southern Hemisphere. Jayco manufacturers 10, 0000 vans per annum in New Zealand and 32,000 vans per annum at its sister location in America.

Recruiting and retaining the best staff is also a key part of what Fusion does alongside its extensive R&D practices.

“Our staff are fantastic – they go above and beyond, working long hours into their own time. They’re passionate people and they’re constantly thinking about what they can do to better the company – these people are not easy to find.”

Fusion is committed to staying one step ahead of the game and its investment in research and development (R&D) is testament to that. “Research and development is critical for us – we are committed to leading the

“They’re both away from what we call ‘mains power’ so they need to be able to rely on technology that runs efficiently, won’t drain their battery and can handle the conditions. “This is a market that is expanding very quickly for us because it is a big market in New Zealand and is continuing to grow.”

Fusion’s extensive and evolutionary range is the core beneficiary of this reinvestment, as are the company’s innovation hungry customers.

A fusion of strengths

“The caravan and RV customer is very similar to the customer that buys a boat,” Chris explains.

In short, the products Fusion interfaces with are continuing to change, so it needs to change with them.

“It’s a struggle to find good experienced staff. In a market like New Zealand you are competing for a limited number of skilled staff, which is why it is critical to look after them when you have them.

“We have built rigorous design and engineering processes that involve environmental testing, water proofing and exposure to sunlight and vibration.”

The car and marine divisions of Fusion are also joined by a lifestyle and entertainment division, which targets the campervan market.

“In the context of our revenue to R&D spend, we are investing approximately nine percent back into the business in this area. If you look at this figure compared to most New Zealand businesses that commit around two to three percent, or the Silicon Valley average of seven percent, then it’s clear how important this is to us. We know how critical it is to stay ahead.”

“It takes hard work and having a sense of humour to start with,” Baird begins. “We are also committed to building off our cash flow – investing back into the company any money we make.”

Fusion is a company with an international reputation, but a local commitment. “We design and engineer everything in New Zealand. We warranty all our True Marine products for three years and we do that with confidence – our products are built for the marine environment,” Baird says emphatically.

Fusion focus

world in innovation and to do that, we must make significant investments in R&D,” Chris explains.

Diversification Strategic diversification is about aiming to do what you already do well, better. There’s no fine art involved with achieving this, but if there was, Fusion would likely be the one to master it. The company has been globetrotting around the world profiling its products and released its new Fusion True Marine Uni-Dock technology in May at the largest boating show in the Southern Hemisphere – Sanctuary Cove. “This technology is compatible with all apple products – think Nanos, iPods, iPhones – every generation, and all your android style products including the

Preston Consulting Ltd

Power electronics technology transfer

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, which are now the biggest selling phones in the world.” Fusion’s innovative connectivity systems have also been fierce attention seekers around the world. “Our Fusion Link connectivity system is the first of its kind in the world – we have every major marine electronics company signed up,” he says. Fusion Link allows compatible Multi-Function Displays (MFD) the ability to interface and achieve full control of Fusion’s specialised marine entertainment equipment. Multiple systems can be controlled from a single compatible MFD and Fusion Link operates over existing industry standard networks including Ethernet, NMEA 2000 and Wi-Fi. Link zones manage the entire audio experience from the steering station of the vessel, or from a wireless remote control using software downloaded from the websitein the form of an app compatible with iPhone, iPad and Androids. Boat building heavyweights including Sealegs, Benetau, Sunseeker, Regal, Bavaria, Fairline and Hanse are licensed to install the product and Fusion was nominated as a finalist for the 2013 NZ Innovative Hi-Tech Hardware Product Award in recognition of such success.

This international presence is something Fusion is tremendously proud of and Chris believes that there are other New Zealand business that can achieve this expansion too if they seize the opportunity. “New Zealand businesses need to know that they can achieve internationally and not just in local niche markets. But this can only happen if you don’t get scared, and you remain committed to the idea that there’s no one else that can do a better job than you. You just go for it. “One of the most important things for businesses to know is that to take on the world you have to be able to fund your growth and if you get to a stage where that growth becomes stagnant, sometimes you need to recognise when you need help to get to the next level. That is when the partnerships that we have become so important - we are incredibly grateful for these relationships.”

Fusion Electronics PO Box 137-142 Parnell Auckland T (09) 369 2900 — Advertising Feature



Providing innovative and proven solutions for power conversion and control of power electronic systems from 1 watt to 250kW, for NZ and global OEM customers, since 1993.

Christchurch, NZ

Ph. 021 492 454 | Email. 29 Rennie Drive, Airport Oaks PO Box 21837, Waitakere, Auckland 0650   July/August 2013 53

Corporate Destinations | Palmerston North

Destination Manawatu They say it’s always the quiet ones you should watch out for and there’s never been a truer tale told when it comes to Palmerston North. The busy, bustling and bright little city has well and truly shaken off the perception that it has a shy demeanour and has been progressively building its profile and positioning itself as a cultural, commercial and recreational gateway. It’s true – reputation is everything, but you’ve also got to have the goods to go with the reputation and Palmerston North has got both these things in buckets. The city has the gift of the gab when it comes to attracting new and existing patronage, and the brightest business brains from here, there and everywhere come to work and wander in its playground. When you look at Palmerston North’s thriving tourism and hospitality portfolio, it’s not hard to see why.

A rock solid base Palmerston North is the main city of the Manawatu region – bordered by the Ruahine mountain range, which is blanketed in lush native forest. Manawatu is derived from two words, Manawa and Tu. Manawa refers to the heart and Tu describes something that has come to a halt. The ancestor Hau is said to have spoken the words “ka tu taku manawa” meaning “my heart stands still at the sight of the awesome Manawatu River”. Palmerston North is New Zealand’s seventh largest city and the fourth fastest growing in the country. Its name hails from the Maori translation Te Papaioea which is believed to mean, “How beautiful it is”.

District Council, as well as Vision Manawatu, to ensure the region gets the profile and promotion it deserves from the partnership.

Destination Manawatu – the Regional Tourism Authority for Manawatu

Destination Manawatu convention marketing manager, Phil Hildred says there is a strong sense of place embodied in the city and that the perception of Palmerston North has shifted steadily over the years as it has continued to attract tourists and major commercial organisations in their droves.

Destination Manawatu is the Regional Tourism and Marketing Organisation responsible for the city’s i-SITE, community events calendar, lifestyle and leisure campaigns, corporate and commercial investment collateral, convention marketing for Palmerston North city and Manawatu.

“What really attracts people is that the city is centrally located – it is an easy drive and the airport offers great flight schedules into and out of the main centres. There is also a new link that has been established from Nelson.”

It is funded by Palmerston North City Council, Manawatu District Council and local businesses and leads the campaign to develop the region’s profile and image as a place to live, work, play, study, visit and invest in.

Palmerston North’s reputation as an outstanding corporate tourism destination is rock solid – and it’s a reputation that’s been well earned.

Palmerston North airport is linked to New Zealand’s main centres by daily flights and the city represents a gateway to some of the North Island’s key adventure capitals.

Home to 85,000 people, the city is a central distribution and logistics hub in a highly accessible location. Only three hours drive away for more than one million people, the urban centre offers unique and warm hospitality to a high volume of overnight visitors.

The Regional Tourismand Marketing Authority for the Manawatu region, Destination Manawatu, knows and embraces the potential of Palmerston North and the broader area. The organisation works closely with Palmerston North City Council, Manawatu

A compact central business district, which hosts a plethora of accommodation options, bars and restaurants, also makes the city a desirable location for conferences. “Generally everything is within a 10 minute walk and because Palmerston North is a very compact city, it is a lot more affordable to travel around, particularly by taxi,” he explains. “All accommodation providers offer free parking, which is excellent for visitors to the area. We often receive positive feedback from visitors about the low cost of staying in the city.”

Make your next meeting at the


Exceptional meeting and events venues Technology that delivers Exquisite on-site catering Prime CBD location with Free Parking

The Perfect Choice For A Successful Event

T. 06 358 0000 E. 54 July/August 2013

Corporate Destinations | Palmerston North

Food Structures, Digestion and Health Conference “Our recent conference, ‘Food Structures, Digestion and Health’ attracted delegates from as far away as Russia, USA, Canada, France, Japan and Spain. They found it easy to find their around the city and walk back to their hotels at the conclusion of the day’s conference proceedings. We also found it much more cost-effective for all involved to hold a conference in Palmerston North than in the larger and more expensive venues in the major metropolitan areas of the country.” - Harjinder Singh Chairman of Organising Committee


Te Manawa credit Kevin Bills

Something for everyone Palmerston North attracts both corporate and association based conferences including the famed World Federation Roses Society, which will be taking place this year in November, as well as New Zealand commercial giants including Fonterra. The World Federation of Roses Society is a federation of the national rose societies from 41 countries around the world. It represents more than 100,000 rose lovers and has a goal to expand contact among them and increase the flow of knowledge about the rose. “Last year we also had a Food Structures, Digestion and Health conference here,” Phil reveals. “This brought together food industry

professionals and world leading scientists from all over the world with a common interest in food design that delivers better nutrition and consumer wellbeing. We had delegates from Russia, America, France, Spain, Japan and Canada. “In 2012, we also hosted the New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health. This year the New Zealand Vet Association Conference met in Palmerston North, as did the New Zealand Climate Change Conference. “We go that extra mile to tailor each event to the specific interests of our guests, and what made these conferences particularly special was their connection to some of Palmerston North’s key sectors, particularly in science and research, food innovation, health and the

environment. They were an ideal fit for the expertise we have become internationally renowned for.” Like the conference themes, the size and configuration of each conference varies too. “The average size of conference groups is between 200 and 300 people,” Phil says. “Sometimes we have groups of 800, or even larger – larger groups have access to a couple of stadium options, which gives them plenty of space.” The venue base in Palmerston North is about to gain a very attraction addition in the form of Orlando Country Club, which will be available to host conferences from late spring 2013.

“This venue is absolutely brilliant – it is only 12 minutes from the centre of Palmerston North and will be able to host meetings, product launches and small conferences,” he says. “One of the best parts is that delegates will be able to step out of their meeting and straight onto the golf course.” The nature of the conference game is flexibility and Palmerston North is a city that has flexibility at its very core. “We have a very broad range of conference delegates that come to Palmerston North each year,” he confirms. “To meet this demand, we have more than 3000 accommodation beds within the city and wider region. This accommodation ranges from budget right through to 4.5 star hotels.” The diversity in accommodation in Palmerston North has been a purposeful and strategic step in the right direction – a way to meet the individual needs and expectations of different groups, companies and organisations that congregate in the city. “Palmerston North is well known for its wealth of experience – from health care to food innovation to education – we have it all. Many of the delegates that come here are attracted to the area because of what the city offers in these capacities,” Phil explains. Conference delegates can co-ordinate field trips to different areas during their stay including visits to more than 70 educational and research institutions. These visits can include Linton Military Camp, Ohakea Air Force, Massey University- the educational home of 35,000 students and   July/August 2013 55

Corporate Destinations | Palmerston North a world-centre for veterinary science and agri-food research, and the Sport and Rugby Institute – which can host a conference group of up to 120 people and offers world-class sport facilities ideal for group activities or letting off steam during down times.

Palmerston North is…. • Home to more than 85,000 people • A central distribution and logistics hub in a highly accessible location

“Palmerston North is also a key logistics hub for organisations like Foodstuffs, Progressive Enterprises and EziBuy – New Zealand’s largest online clothing retailer, which has its clothing distribution facility based here.”

• Within three hours’ drive for more than one million people • Offering unique and warm hospitality to a high volume of overnight visitors

“Individuals from these organisations are often available to come and speak at associated conferences, and welcome the opportunity to act as hosts to a range of delegates and groups.”

• Linked to New Zealand’s main centres by regular business connection flights daily • A gateway to the North Island’s key adventure capitals

Palmerston North is also home to the Biocommerce Centre, which helps biotechnology companies bring their visions to life. Major brands including Toyota New Zealand and Higgins are based in the area, while multinational pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline has roots in the city.

• Home to world-class educational and research institutions.

Professional play Alongside the professional expertise bubbling away in the region is a lot of fun and games too. Golf tournaments, car racing, arts, heritage and walking trails are available throughout the year. The central library also offers a Library Art and Architecture Tour. Conference groups can visit the Te Manawa Museum and Art Gallery – committed to art, science and history. “The centre was recently redeveloped with an incredible attention to detail and local history,” Phil reveals. “It offers a dynamic and ever-changing experience that is unique, engaging and thoroughly grounded in the stories and treasures of local people.” For the rugby lovers, there’s a rugby heaven in Palmerston North in the form of the New Zealand Rugby museum. In 2011, New

Zealand Rugby collaborated with Te Manawa to develop the world-class attraction, which is located in the centre of Palmerston North. The museum is home to New Zealand rugby heritage and culture and a collection of some of the world’s rarest rugby artifacts, with rare and detailed coverage of the emergence of New Zealand as a major rugby power. “This is an incredibly unique visiting opportunity,” he says. “There are more than 40,000 items in its ever-growing collection and a great interactive area where visitors can have a go at kicking a ball, get involved in a line out, or test out a scrum machine. “It is one of only two museums like this in the world – the other one is in Cardiff.” For the light hearted, a trip to the world famous and iconic Tui factory can be arranged. “This is a very fun and popular event, which conferences may look to coincide with. “It’s called the “Break in at Tui”, which is just a short 35 minute drive from Palmerston North. It’s an amazing evening out for visitors who get taken in a bus to the Tui Factory and are involved in a staged ‘break in’. “They are hosted by the Brucetta and Davina characters from the Tui ads and spend the evening playing games, sampling beer and having dinner before they are returned to the city on the bus. “It’s an incredibly unique experience for people and is something we are asked about a lot. We also have a lot of people telling us about their experiences.” Palmerston North also has a reputation as a bit of a drama queen – in the very best possible way. It has a strong theatrical heart to go with its strong historical setting and many of the original stores, which were built in the 1920s and 1930s, have been restored and now serve as cafés, restaurants and boutiques.

Right in the heart of Palmerston North - City Corporate offers the corporate traveller luxury accommodation matched with superior service. Experience the difference today... ■ Twin Spa Tubs ■ 40” LCD HD TV’s ■ Broadband

■ Superior Bedding ■ Double Glazed ■ Air Conditioning

209 Fitzherbert Avenue, Palmerston North Ph 06 355 4522 E

YOUR IDEAL VENUE Every year, businesses of all shapes and sizes choose the Massey University’s Sport and Rugby Institute for corporate events, conferences and team building. Whether you require seating for 120 people or a meeting room for 10, our facilities are easily configured to meet your corporate needs. We can even provide onsite accommodation and a full range of catering services.

As a character venue and events centre, Wharerata is simply unique! Match turn-of-thecentury stately grandeur with contemporary features plus stunning grounds and you have an icon in the Manawatu events landscape. Conveniently located on Massey’s Turitea Campus, this tranquil homestead and garden provides a private and picturesque backdrop for any event

Choose the Sport and Rugby Institute for your next conference or convention.

The idyllic setting and outstanding indoor-outdoor flow makes Wharerata the venue of choice when hosting conferences, meetings, gala dinners or cocktail functions.

P: +64 6 350 5844 E: W:

P: +64 6 350 5088 E: W:

56 July/August 2013

Corporate Destinations | Palmerston North In turn, the local theatres serve up their fair share of dramatic dynamism. Communitydriven live theatre companies stage regular productions, and musicals while Centrepoint, New Zealand’s only professional theatre outside of a main centre, boasts an annual programme of insightful, charming and dramatic fare featuring some of the country’s best known talent. New Zealand’s first multiplex cinema, Downtown Cinemas, and the ornately refurbished ‘Regent on Broadway’ theatre sit just across the road from each other in the heart of the city’s entertainment precinct. Flanked by trendy restaurants, cafés and ethnic eateries, they make Palmerston North a popular destination for enthusiasts of the screen and stage.

at one of the best-appointed circuits in the Southern Hemisphere. The redeveloped grandstand was completed in March 2005 and includes a corporate area, which is ideal for conference groups and delegates. It’s hard to imagine what else Palmerston North could offer on top of this already rich offering, but the raft of entertaining events available are the social cherry on top so to speak. Destination Manawatu works closely with the event organisers of 28 key annual events in Palmerston North city and Manawatu. Manawatu has an excellent framework for large events to be nurtured and established as an integral part of the annual scene.

For fans of the bright and beautiful, Dugald McKenzie’s Rose Breed Centre, as well as the beautiful scenery of Manawatu Gorge walking track, are always considered must sees to experience the unique flora and fauna in the region.

The organisation has already secured a number of existing events that have the potential to achieve this status and it continues to look at ways to capitalise on these existing opportunities, as well as identifying new ones.

Those with a need for speed and energy to burn can also visit the famed Robertson Holden International Speedway. Centrally located in the heart of the city, the FMG Stadium (formerly the showgrounds), seats 15,000 people and has been the home of speedway in the city since 1929.

Of the extensive offering, Phil says, “Palmerston North has it all – great venues, well priced accommodation, fun activities, a free group accommodation booking service, and cash back on group accommodation bookings.

From October through April each year, the track is buzzing with hundreds of competitors and the stand is packed with thousands of fans from all over New Zealand and further afield – all looking for the action on offer

programmes – helping blend fun into the professional mix with a broad range of social, cultural and recreational opportunities.

March – Central Districts Field Days and Festival of Cultures April – ANZ Netball Championship – Haier Pulse versus Southern Steel May/June – Reel Earth, Environmental Film Festival June – International Jazz and Blues Festival August – Evento Wearable Arts September – International Spring Festival October – Targa Rally November – Tour de Manawatu Cycle Event December – The Royal A&P Show, Highlands Square Day.

Promotional & Branding Products

February – New Zealand Stockcar Teams Championship, NZ Grand Prix, 33 Days of Cycling

• Conference bids – working alongside clients to assist in gathering quotes, securing the right support and delivering a compelling professional conference bid document

• Venue search – offering options for venues that reflect specific needs and budgets and the co-ordination of site visits to see options “It truly is a city that can meet the needs of all first-hand its visitors and particularly those visiting in a • Group accommodation booking service – conference capacity. Within the city, tailored appropriate accommodation solutions site visits are possible for medical, sport, food, for delegates manufacturing, military industry delegates and many more.” • Activities, tours, team building, partner

The 2013 Palmerston North Event Calendar January – NZCT New Zealand Cycle Classic

The bureau offers the following support:

Further information The Palmerston North and Manawatu Convention Bureau is available to work with organisations planning a large conference, convention, association meeting or major exhibition. The service is free and impartial and is based around expert knowledge and services.

Destination Manawatu Level One Square Centre Building 478 Main Street Palmerston North T (06) 350 1810 E — Advertising Feature


Nestled amongst the ancient trees with the Awapuni Racecourse and the Tararuas with their signature wind farms as the backdrop the Awapuni Function Centre is the most versatile venue in Palmerston North. The Awapuni Function Centre has the ability to host multi day conferences and meetings that require breakouts plus host dinners, after 5’s, weddings, trade shows and cocktail parties all under one roof.

06 357 9297

Promotional products + uniforms for conferences, fund-raising, celebrations, or simply getting your name out there.

*Valid Until 31 December 2013, Bookings are essential, One Voucher Per Person

Creative Catering are the onsite caterers at the Awapuni Function Centre which ensures everything from the initial contact until the event runs seamlessly and gives you the advantage of consistently fantastic food plus experienced staff who truly understand the importance of your event. - Nine venues & four breakouts under one roof - Main plenary seats up to 700 people - Free parking - Internet access - Outdoor access - Disabled access - Lift access - Experienced and adaptable staff - Good local contacts with knowledge - Transport available with Motel/Hotel transfers from $3 p/p per day - Disabled access and lifts.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU. Awapuni Racecourse/Racecourse Road, Palmerston North PO Box 52, Palmerston North 4440 PH: 64 6 354 2780 l FAX 64 6 355 5433 l 0800 11 FOOD   July/August 2013 57

The pathfinders Pathfinder Tours Ltd has taken the traditional touring concept and flipped it on its head. Whether you’re looking for leisure or extreme adventure, New Zealand’s best viticultural drop at a world class New Zealand winery, or to take a leap of faith during an iconic New Zealand bungee jump, Pathfinder Tours can pave the way and make it happen. Offering customised, specialised adventure tours in the central and lower North Island, the company works with local and international individuals, couples, groups, businesses and networks to seek out the action and adventure that suits them. Pathfinder Tours doesn’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole and it knows and embraces the fact that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to action and adventure. This is a tour company that loves to think laterally and is committed to empowering you to take the path that suits you.

Your holiday, your choices You don’t need to be a Sir Edmund Hillary wannabe or adrenalin junkie of the year to appreciate what Pathfinder Tours has to offer, because it offers something for everyone. A Pathfinder tour is concession free because the adventure you take can be made with you and your friends, family or colleagues in mind and owner and operator John Murdoch is adamant about that. John has a travel resume that’s every shade of interesting and he’s always had a serious case of itchy feet when it comes to exploring the world. In fact, he may have the itchiest feet of anyone you’ve ever met – he’s been here, there and basically everywhere on his international escapades and a lot of adventure hungry Kiwis are thankful for that fact. John’s also taken more than one walk on the wild side during his own globetrotting. Having studied marine biology, he avoided sharks of the corporate kind and went for the real

deal. “I worked in Sydney Aquarium diving with and hand feeding the sharks and the seals and spent 10 years abroad travelling in over 40 countries.” He’s the perfect blend of free spirit and business smarts, which makes what his company has to offer just that much more enticing. Pathfinder Tours is John’s response to a need for not just speed and adrenalin, but entertainment, inspiration and relaxation too. After tracking Jaguars in Argentina – yes, the real kind, winters spent at a mountain chalet in Chamonix in France and a stint in Tasmania tour guiding, John got to thinking. He saw, and wanted to capitalise on a gap in the tourism market that was screaming out for niche tours – ones that would be defined by flexibility. This flexibility has been strategically and purposefully manifested in the company’s location and objectives. “We are based in Palmerston North, which means we are in a prime location to so many amazing spots – we can scoot up to Mount Ruapehu for some winter action, or head out to Martinborough or Hawke’s Bay for a day at an amazing winery. “The challenge with a lot of tours these days is that they are far too big. Pathfinder Tours is about offering a personalised service. I have focused all my energy into developing a company that is all about the customer.” That commitment means John is the face and the function of the business. “The person usually driving our tour bus is me – I want it that way because it allows for a very dynamic and super interactive experience. “Because we can offer small tour sizes, there is an excellent networking opportunity for staff or conferences who may be looking for some downtime or adventure around their professional programme.” Pathfinder Tours’ attitude to flexibility means that larger group sizes can also be accommodated. In addition to a specialised fleet of high-end Volkswagen vans that can carry small groups, John also has access

to large buses, which can be coordinated to travel in convoy with the smaller vehicles meaning groups sizes of 30 people are also a possibility. “The tours offered are all about maximizing the ease factor and offering creature comforts to customers. “Even our chalet is set up like a home and has been described by guests as ‘a home away from home’, which is great.” The chalet Murdoch is referring to is the Ohakune Mountain Chalet. Nestled in the beautiful village of Ohakune, it is a match made in heaven for those looking for a place to kick off their shoes after a day sipping vinos in the sun, or navigating the ski field.

comes to booking with both the companies. “Customers are able to deal directly with me when booking a tour,” he says. “Sure it is convenient to log onto a website and fill out a booking form, but most of the time you end up paying for things you don’t want to do, or have no interest in. Through the personalised service offered with me, every detail gets my full attention.” So, with all that in mind what are you waiting for? Tours on offer through this unique company have your name written all over them. With Pathfinder Tours you get exactly what you want and there’s no ifs, buts or maybes about it.

Snomad Adventures New Zealand’s snow culture is world famous and with good reason. You can’t buy the kind of attention Aotearoa’s pristine slopes have earned for all their beauty and Snomad Adventures, a core part of Pathfinder Tours, is right in the thick of it all.

Adventure tours – 3, 5, 7 day tours; from the sedate to the extreme.

Group sizes from 2-10 people can enjoy ski and snowboarding adventures on Turoa ski field atop Mt Ruapehu and then kick back at the Ohakune chalet, which is only a 5-10 minute walk from the town centre, yet in a private setting removed from the hustle and bustle.

Specialised tours – golf, surfing, hiking, cycling, fishing, climbing.

“We can organise all the gear, passes, lessons and transport to and from the mountain. This preparation ensures there is no parking or queuing challenges for our tours,” John explains.

Day trips – a trip to the world famous Tui Brewery, excursions to famous herb and wind farms, quad biking, paintballing, garden tours and winery tours.

“The chalet really is designed for maximum comfort. It offers two large lounge areas – one includes a pool table, darts board and games for all ages, as well as large and secure bedrooms, hundreds of DVDs, free internet and wireless and beautiful, soft furnishings.” Like its parent company, Pathfinder Tours, convenience is a key factor in what Snomad Adventures is offering and the same theory applies when it

Ski holidays – 2-6 nights fully hosted, chauffeured holiday packages. Accommodation – private rental of the Snomad chalet in Ohakune, 2-6 nights.

Custom trips – Personalised trips tailor made to suit every requirement.

8 Keeling Street Palmerston North T 0800 766 623 E

Hospitality | Earthsong Lodge

Island style

Great Barrier Island is one of the most beautiful and less travelled places in New Zealand. Just 30 minutes from Auckland, it offers rugged landscapes, spectacular views, white sandy beaches and luxury accommodation by way of Earthsong Lodge. Earthsong Lodge is a small, five star retreat providing comfort in tranquil surroundings. With its unique strawbale adobe walls, guests feel like they’ve stepped into a Tuscan villa. The lodge is accessible by scheduled flights from Auckland airport and helicopter charters also serve the island. Earthsong Lodge was built in 1998 for owners Trevor and Carol Rendle on a five hectare property. In the early 1990s the couple decided they wanted a big change from city life. “We scoured the country looking for land suitable for a small luxury lodge, surrounded by native bush and nearby beaches, all within two hours of a major population centre,” Carol explains.

The perfect place

recycled rimu joinery. Wide private balconies with large French doors and deck chairs provide the perfect place to relax and enjoy the expansive view,” Carol says. Trevor and Carol both come from a hospitality background and genuinely love to meet new people. “Trevor gets to indulge his passion for cooking with his contemporary cuisine and his gregarious personality makes him a great host. Totally inspired by the natural world I have rediscovered my artistic side, creating a landscape of plantings surrounding the lodge that gently mirror nature.”

A sustainable lodge The lodge is a unique building that has been created in harmony with the earth’s natural resources. “The thickness and subtle curves of the adobe-finished walls have a timeless character and beauty creating an overall feeling of comfort. The walls at Earthsong Lodge are insulated with strawbales made from the leftover stems of harvested wheat grain,” Carol says. The use of straw in construction reduces the amount of carbon monoxide pollution when

Earthsong Lodge also holds a renowned reputation as one of the island’s finest dining destination. A regional approach to cuisine ensures the optimum and freshest produce are showcased in every inspired menu. Trevor explains that the menu changes daily with the seasons, providing a constant source of delight to guests. Each morning a delicious breakfast will set you up for the day. The cuisine at Earthsong is focused on simplicity. “The perfect dish consists of perfect ingredients, simply cooked. I enjoy following the seasons and taking advantage of the local island produce, whether it’s Lobster straight from the sea or the joy of harvesting produce from our own gardens and preparing them for our guests,” Trevor says.

Ask About our Flight Accommodation Fish Package

this otherwise waste product is disposed of. The straw bale insulation is thermally efficient and energy conserving, optimising solar gain for heating. “The lodge has oiled and waxed polished wood floors using renewable forest-grown timbers. The timbers used for all window and door joinery were recovered and recycled New Zealand rimu wood from a demolished factory.” With a strong focus on service and sustainability Carol and Trevor have welcomed guests from all around the world. “Earthsong Lodge is the place to immerse yourself in nature; whilst relaxing in the comfort of a luxurious space - we offer a perfect getaway from city life.” Earthsong Lodge 38 Medland Road Great Barrier Island T (09) 429 0030 E — Advertising Feature


A place that encapsulated the very best of New Zealand for the couple and their guests to enjoy was finally found in 1993 on Great Barrier Island. The lodge was built and then opened in 1999. The main lodge building, which consists of a spacious lounge and dining area, is separate from the guest rooms, but linked by cobblestone paths that meander through lush native gardens. “High ceilings give a loft effect, while natural shades bring the outdoors into mingle gently with the hues of the eucalyptus floors and

Proud suppliers of Fine Wine to

Earthsong Lodge 28 Puriri Bay Road, Tryphena Mob: 027 297 3141, Email:   July/August 2013 59

When you need to be there One Room is a revolutionary new way to webcast from funeral homes, chapels or churches to friends and family anywhere in the world over a private broadcast using the internet.

One Room is assisting funeral homes and service venues to reach out to the digital generation, while simultaneously broadening their range of offerings. The ground breaking technology has affirmed One Room as a front runner in the industry with the company invited to speak at funeral-specific events around the world.

Extending invites

It’s a unique online experience that gives users the power to share the service in a high quality and respectful way to those who can’t be there. The journey started a few years ago when a funeral home asked parent company Futuretech Labs to develop a service of higher quality than Skype to stream and record funeral services. Futuretech Labs was chosen for their video pedigree and conceptualised and developed One Room. Greg Hahn of One Room says “We live in a YouTube world where modernisation of events such as auctions are now conducted through the trusted medium of video streaming. One Room uses live broadcast to enable close family and friends to pay their respects from anywhere in the world” The inevitable unfortunately happens and proximity is often a barrier to attendance, but One Room is the ideal way to join the attendees from any location around the globe. The revolution of video streaming has certainly caught the attention of funeral homes and indeed those families who can be assured that location holds no limit to be able to witness the service.

The age of the internet opens the door of opportunity and effectively shrinks the world in terms of communication and One Room has tabled a pathway that is respectful, convenient and gives the end-user a true sense of ‘being there’, no matter their latitude and longitude. “We have had users viewing services from boats in the middle of the ocean. We have had over 450 people log-on to view one single service and viewers from all 4 corners of the globe,” Greg Hahn says. To extend an invite is simple; fill out an online form, select a start and finish time and email to those recipients who wish to view the service. With One Room the barriers that so often impacted upon funeral attendance, such as distance, ill-health and cost factors, will soon become obsolete as technology continues to cater for our basic needs.

It’s all in the cloud The process is a simple one. Funeral homes need only a few small, high definition cameras to record the service. Multiple angles can be selected by the viewer and no hardware is needed as the server and information is maintained via cloud computing. Once recorded, the service can be preserved for future generations or as a precious memento. The success story of Auckland based One Room looks set to continue as the infinitely exportable idea is seized upon by countries the world over. Wade Downey of Dil’s Funeral Services says his business can now expand itself internationally. “People are now connecting with us through our website no matter where they are in the world and the feedback has been really positive, from all corners of the globe. It’s taken off a lot quicker than we thought it would.”

T. (09) 379 6115

Generation Y expects technology and the funeral industry is determined to keep up with the internet world. From face time, to video calling and Skype, we interact through visual mediums at distance on a regular basis, therefore life events or ceremonies can also be transported through these same on-line avenues.

Funeral attendance is always going to be necessary, but now the option to attend in spirit, rather than person, is available at our fingertips. If the circumstance arises make sure the funeral home has the One Room facility, for the good of those who can’t, for whatever reason, make the service. Basically One Room extends your physical presence to a virtual one, allowing a Funeral Provider to market beyond the chapel to the wider city, country and as Wade Downey has found, globally. It allows a brand to become electronic, so that the hundreds of viewers per month see, interact with and become aware of your brand and your business. OneRoom is effectively the first step into the virtual/internet/social media/memorial space – but allowing for this diversity to happen safely and cost effectively.


Goods & Services | HMS Solutions Ltd

Comprehensive forklift service Maintaining your forklift fleet in top working condition is easy with the skilled team at HMS Solutions Limited in Penrose. The fully independent company can maintain and repair all brands of forklifts, as well as other materials-handling equipment. HMS Solutions has a lot of experience to offer. Baleicakauhas been in the forklift industry for eight years; his service manager has been in the industry for more than 20 years and two other staff have been repairing forklifts for more than 30 years each.

“Our core business is forklifts, including all servicing, maintenance, breakdowns, leasing and rentals,” Joe says. “The biggest fleet we service on one site is just over 150 machines, down to small businesses that have anything from one forklift to 10 or 12.”

Joe says the company’s main point of difference is that it is independently owned and is not tied to one forklift brand. Staff can repair all forklift models currently in the market.

HMS Solutions offers a fully mobile service and will carry out its service work on site. Staff discuss each customer’s individual needs and will design a service programme to suit their specific requirements. “We work them out individually, or as the customer requests. A normal service cycle is 250 hours but if they don’t use the machine that often we can tailor to an individual customer’s requirement,” Joe says. The company also offers a 24/7 emergency breakdown service to help customers get their machines back up and running as quickly as possible.

Forklift leasing and rentals available In addition to its service and repair work, HMS Solutions operates a fleet of reconditioned forklifts that are rented, leased or loaned out to customers. “We have about 15 forklifts in our fleet at the moment ready to hire. We buy secondhand forklifts or trade-ins and do them up and get them ready to sell or rent,” Joe says. “We supply loan machines for when we need to do work on customers’ forklifts. If people need a lot of work done and they only have one or two machines, they can’t do without it.”

HMS Solutions is a forklift expert.


Owner Josaia (Joe) Baleicakau formed the business in 2008 and has developed it into a thriving forklift repair company employing six staff, servicing customers throughout the greater Auckland region and focusing on ensuring client forklift fleets are well maintained and serviced.

Growing the business HMS Solutions is continuing to grow, partly due to its top level of service, competitive rates and independent ownership, but also due to the economic downturn. “When the economy is a bit flat people are not buying new machines - they just want to keep old machines going, as it’s often more cost effective, freeing up capital for their core business” he says. So Joe is looking into the possibility of importing quality forklifts from abroad, to determine if there is a viable market in New Zealand.

HMS Solutions offers a range of quality forklift services, including: • Maintenance and service programmes tailored to suit each customer’s unique vehicle use and requirements • Service work carried out on site to reduce downtime and inconvenience for customers • A 24/7 emergency breakdown service • Short or long term forklift rentals or leasing • Loan forklifts to ensure customers continue operating while their machines are being repaired or serviced.

Positive working relationships HMS Solutions has partnered with EMC Forklift Parts (NZ) Limited and TVH Parts Co, which Joe says provide all his company’s forklift parts. Fluid Power Products supplies hydraulics services and oil, with HMS Solutions primarily using Valvoline and ELF oil.

HMS Solutions Limited 4/15 Bassant Avenue Penrose Auckland T (09) 526 4836 E — Advertising Feature


HMS Solutions will come to your business to keep your forklifts in top working order.

By offering specialised services & expert knowledge for all Industrial Plant Maintenance PLUS Precision & General Engineering & Industrial Dry Ice Cleaning.


• All Accounting Services • Taxation • Monthly Management Accounts • Xero & MYOB Set-up & Support • New Business Appraisals • Trusts & Asset Protection

Our specialised services include:

The Problem New Zealand has some of the most challenging conditions in the world and low cost polymers just cant handle it. The Solution Manufacturing our own range of polyurethane tyres, wheels and rollers. The result is a unique range of quality product that offers exceptional long life for a variety of conditions.

yres lift T Fork d and o uckl wo A . East d Lt 9 ares 717 & Sp 846 3 9 7 0 9 8 Ph: 0 45 080 od.c o w t .eas www

• Overhaul, Rewind, Balance or Replacement of all electric motors, pumps & fans • Machining, Wire Cutting, Machine Repairs, Tool Making, regrinds • If it’s broke…rotates & made of metal, we will fix it!

Ph: 09 274 0300 | Fax: 09 273 7307 |

Pleased to support and be associated with HMS Solutions Ltd P. (09) 570 2011 F. (09) 527 6272 E.

• Electric & IC Forkhoists • Preventive Maintenance • Batteries & Tyres Workshop Address: Unit 4,15 Bassant Ave, Penrose, Auckland

Phone: (09) 526 4836 Fax: (09) 526 4837

Mobile: 021 608 639 E-mail:

At HMS Solutions we specialise in forklift maintenance and repairs on all major brands on site or at our workshop. No job is too big or too small. Whatever it is you need, we will find the best solution for you!   July/August 2013 61

Goods & Services | Northern Forklifts

Giving your business a lift Forklifts are used throughout New Zealand, from the field to the supermarket floor, in warehouses, factories and everywhere in between. Northern Forklifts Limited can provide the right forklift for your business, from a simple robust machine to the BMW of forklifts.

Northern Forklifts Limited is one of New Zealand’s leading forklift specialists, offering a wide range of new and used machinery for sale, rent or lease, and providing a comprehensive service, maintenance and emergency breakdown service to customers. Owned by directors Dexter Hyland and Ken Osborn, the company, celebrating three decades of being in business, employs 18 staff across its two branches in Auckland and Whangarei. It supplies a range of materialshandling machinery, from walk-behind pallet trucks to 40 tonne container handlers.

• New Hangcha and Konecranes SMV forklifts to hire or buy • A selection of used forklifts • Rebuilds and refurbishments of tired machines • Any unique materials-handling needs • Spare parts

Hangcha machines

• Forklift service and maintenance work

Northern Forklifts is the New Zealand distributor for Hangcha Forklifts, which Dexter says are basic economic forklifts suited to a wide range of applications. Hangcha is one of China’s two largest forklift manufacturers and is renowned for its high-quality machines, which are used throughout the world.

Northern Forklifts is the New Zealand distributor for Hangcha Forklifts.

Contact Northern Forklifts for all your forklift requirements, including:

• 24/7 forklift repairs and service work • Transport for rental machines • Driver training requirements • Finance.

Hangcha’s range of engine-powered and electric machines includes internal combustion The heavy duty Konecranes SMV counterbalance forklifts, container forklifts, reach trucks, walkie stackers, powered pallet Northern Forklifts is also the New Zealand trucks and mini stackers. distributor of Konecranes SMV machines, which include forklift trucks from 12 to 60 “We saw a place in the market for a ‘no frills’ forklift. There are no computers and no plastic, tonnes, container-handling trucks, reach stackers and gantry trucks. just steel,” he says. “Hangcha is a very cost effective forklift at a time when people are Konecranes SMV machines feature a box very cost conscious. We can offer sales or section chassis and ultra-strong mast design, rental on a new machine.” with common parts for servicing. They meet Euro 3 and 4 standards for fuel consumption Hangcha Forklifts are proving popular with and emissions, and can be configured to meet customers from a range of industries, due to their strength and robustness, as well as their individual requirements. competitive pricing. “Konecranes SMV is a major European brand “Hangcha has given us the ability to penetrate known for its extra high quality. It is aimed at high-utilisation sites where durability and areas of the market that we couldn’t before. long life are paramount,” Dexter says. We see a great future for this product because “It’s the BMW of forklifts and is built for it’s uncomplicated, maintenance costs are controllable, it’s very durable, and the up-front quality, not price. Durability and long life is paramount.” cost is affordable.”

We saw a place in the market for a ‘no frills’ forklift. There are no computers and no plastic, just steel. Hangcha is a very cost effective forklift at a time when people are very cost conscious. We can offer sales or rental on a new machine.

Leading the world in quality material handling products for lift trucks Ph 09 273 9136 Fax 09 273 9137 Email




159 WAIRUA ROAD TAKAPUNA 62 July/August 2013

Goods & Services | Northern Forklifts




Hungcha Forklifts are robust economic machines that are suited to a variety of applications.


NZ’s most cost effective premium brand available. Up to 38% cheaper


No Wheat, Corn, Soy or grain fillers. These are the main contributors to allergies. If your dog has an allergy, simply changing to a food that doesn’t have these can solve the issue


Made with human grade ingredients


Less stool volume. This is because there are no fillers, which means the dog can digest most of the food.


Voted one of the best in the world by leading publications, journals, websites etc


Omega 6 and 3 for a healthy shiny skin and coat



We service and provide parts for everything, from Bombay to Kaitaia, and through our dealer network throughout the country. - DIRECTOR, DEXTER HYLAND

Service, maintenance and repairs The team at Northern Forklifts can help keep your forklift fleet in peak working condition so you can get the most out of your machines. Dexter Hyland says the company offers comprehensive service and maintenance packages, which can be custom designed to suit each customer’s unique needs. Staff recognise that regular onsite checks will keep customers’ forklifts in good condition. Northern Forklifts supplies original parts for Hangcha and Konecranes SMV, as well as for a range of other makes. “We service and provide parts for everything, from Bombay to Kaitaia, and through our dealer network throughout the country,” he says.

Strong working relationships • Northern Forklifts Limited works closely with a number of supply partners in order to offer a top level of service. • Eastwood Forklift Tyres provides all its forklift tyres, while Cascade New Zealand supplies forklift attachments. • City Nissan has provided reliable service vehicles for many years, while Software Management Systems supplies forklift computers.

NZ’s Best and most cost effective pet food

The company offers a 24/7 breakdown and repair service from its Auckland and Whangarei workshops. Northern Forklifts can also rebuild and refurbish your old forklift, as your budget dictates. Rather than buy another secondhand machine, the Northern Forklifts team will make the forklift you know ready to work again.

NZ’s leading Dealer Management, Fleet Management and Rental Hire business system

Dexter says forklifts are used in every industry and are a critical part of operation for many businesses. “They are used right from the fields through the factory into distribution and into the shop.”

The partnership between Orion and Northern Forklifts is now in its 8th year.

Northern Forklifts Limited PO Box 100-110 North Shore Mail Centre Auckland T Auckland branch (09) 443 4661 T Whangarei branch (09) 438 8047

Northern Forklifts’ rental, sales, workshop and parts departments are all seamlessly integrated on one platform with full visibility and control provided to management, along with natural administrative efficiencies and cost savings.

Delivered anywhere in NZ Voted one of the best dog foods in

the world!

Orion’s rental hire functionality has been developed specifically with the materials handling industry in mind and links the unique requirements of forklift dealers with the best of what the automotive industry offers.

Expressions of interest to: OR (09) 5832482

CALL FOR A FREE SAMPLE PACK! More detailed information available visit or freephone 0800 101 729.

— Advertising Feature   July/August 2013 63

Initiatives | Chemrecovery Industries

Environmental alchemists They say one man’s waste is another man’s treasure, well Chemrecovery Industries Limited has certainly capitalised on the old adage through the innovative extraction of heavy metals from waste products.

Established in 2003, Chemrecovery is the product of an earlier business called Chem Waste. Founder Jafar Davari, an Iran-born chemical engineer, has taken the company from a research and development entity onto the verge of a commercial producer of high quality, globally sought after produce.

The many uses of Copper Powder • Conductive paste in electronic devices • Conductive inks

Waste containing metals is an ongoing issue for many industries in New Zealand, as well as Australia and other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Thus, there is a great need to recover and reuse the metals in these wastes to meet national and international sustainability needs.

• Solar cells for solar energy devices

The highly qualified team at Chemrecovery implemented three years of extensive research on heavy metals and has developed a unique way to extract copper powder from copper ammonium liquid waste (better known as copper etch) to produce a valuable product used in the manufacturing of circuit boards.

• Printing inks

• Capacitor chips • Aerospace • Chemical catalysts • Coatings

• Printed circuits • Injection moulding • Brazing/soldering paste • Sintered alloys/products • Anti-fouling paint for ships and boats.

Copper as a metal is valuable, yet in its powder form, it is worth around 50 times the normal copper metal price and Chemrecovery can produce around 18 tonnes of copper powder per year. Chemrecovery also developed the process to convert the same type of waste (copper ammonium chloride) to make copper sulphate and put this process in big scale of operation. Copper sulphate powder is also a key ingredient in fertiliser. A New Zealand fertiliser company recently utilised 150 tonnes of Chemrecovery’s copper sulphate product.

Quality waste The New River Green 50 Awards recognise New Zealand companies generating revenue through eco-friendly initiatives and Davari’s Chemrecovery took the top spot last year.

“Orica Chemicals is pleased to support Chem Recovery as a valued customer.”

Orica Chemicals P O Box 900, Auckland 1140 |123 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket 1023 Customer Service: 0800 22 22 77 Orders:

Focusing on enhancing the environment while simultaneously reducing toxic waste products, the New River Green 50 Awards shed light on the front line of New Zealand businesses helping to promote and upkeep our clean, green international image. Chemrecovery’s extracts have been highly praised by industry expert and university analysts alike. Copper sulphate is not the only valuable commodity being produced by the Onehunga based company. Another remarkable feat of heavy metal recovery was established when the research and development team discovered a method of extracting vanadium oxide from spent vanadium catalyst (a catalyst used to make sulphuric acid) and converting it into vanadium pent oxide, a product used in the steel making process. Chemrecovery managed to extract 56 tonnes of vanadium pent oxide out of 220 tonnes of spent catalyst resulting in all 56 tonnes of potential waste then being sold to a Chinese company. Utilising waste product to become raw material reduces the environmental impact of large scale operations, even waste has a potentially valuable by-product.

Looking forward As with many research based entities, Chemrecovery is committed to discovering new means to extract valuable metals from waste including cobalt, nickel and zinc. Once the initial processes are developed in the laboratory, Chemrecovery then aim to produce on a larger scale, to serve a wider potential market. Visit the company website to read more about the innovative Chemrecovery team.

Chemrecovery Industries Limited 23 Pukemiro Street Onehunga Auckland T (09) 634 1690 — Advertising Feature

Phone: 09 634 1690 AN ENVIRONMENTALLY


23 Pukemiro St Onehunga Auckland. 1643 Mobile: 027 278 7993

Small and medium sized businesses make up one third of New Zealand’s economy – this makes it a very important sector and our mission is to improve their performance by helping them make better business decisions. Business’es in New Zealand fall into three categories - those that:


What we offer

The team is lead by Warwick Russell. He has more than 20 years of experience in a diverse range of businesses. His knowledge and experience comes from being an owner of a number of small and medium sized enterprises in the manufacturing and export sector, as well as hire equipment and horticulture. He has held many high profile positions as a financial executive with large businesses.

SMEtric’s positioning is targeted for those clients that need quick help and want to see results addressing cash flow issues and quick wins around sales and marketing, people performance, exit of the business or parts of and any key strategic issues that need addressing.

These experiences have given Warwick a thorough understanding of the many challenges facing small, medium and large businesses undergoing rapid growth or change. Warwick had a passion for partnering with clients to transform their enterprises into highly profitable and productive businesses. Small to medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of the New Zealand economy and a source of innovation for all industries.

• Improve and grow – 40 percent make only a low income for the owners

Warwick has strong people skills and is able to motivate teams into action for successful outcomes through identifying key business issues and success factors and getting these plans put into action.

• Recovery or exit – 35 percent making no money.

He has gathered a team of six experts to work in the SMEtric team.

In summary, 75 percent of SME owners are making poor incomes from their business.

Not all business consultants are the same and this is where SMEtric sits in the SME consulting space:

• Grow – five percent make a great salary and owners receive dividends. Twenty percent make a good salary

So this is where the SMEtric team of experienced consultants comes in with a focus on acting on the things that really make a difference. SMEtric’s collaboration proposition target market - is businesses with revenues of over $500k. • We personalise a SMEtric team to clients’ requirements • We only use well qualified and experienced advisors - with some business battle scars, so that they understand the challenges that business owners face • We cover a wide breadth of disciplines (strategy, finance, sales, marketing, IT, HR,) • We work fast to deliver quick results • We only get involved if SMEtric can add value. We are approved to provide the following services under the NZTE capability voucher scheme, under which business owners may receive a 50 percent subsidy up to a maximum of $5,000 in a financial year to improve their management capabilities: • Business Planning • Effective Financial Management • Marketing Strategies.

• Business Mentors - are generally for smaller clients where business cannot afford to pay business advisors • Icehouse – where business owners want to make change and have the time to attend these programmes which are of good value. SMEtric is generally more hands on and work with the client and their team at their premises

Virtually all of the work that we have done for clients who have been referred by banks or accountants has been in this category. We have also discovered over the last three years that not many SME owners (apart from say the Icehouse programmes) attend training courses and open up about the challenges for their business in a group environment.

• Patchy work load • Owner (an engineer) wants to double the size of the business. Business in a weak strategic position with supplier and market arrangements. Best engineer in the industry but poor project managements skills and no sales and marketing experience • Off shore contract in the wind for $2.5m requiring LC for equipment supply • South Island competitor interested in getting into North Island.

Outcomes • Five month assignment

We find that face to face discussions are the best and a tailored action plan with SMEtric doing some of the work where the owner and their team do not have the skills or experience. We can also tailor our services to teach them new skills to improve their management capabilities for the long term. We also hold the client to account to execute the plan in order to deliver results.

• Got reporting sorted including a short term cash flow forecast and breakeven analysis

We generally work with established businesses that need to move to the next level once they have sorted out their immediate issues. We do not work with start-ups.

• Pacific Island contract for $2.5m secured with main contractor who took responsibility for LC requirements

Typical financial problems in SME businesses we find and work to fix: 1. No plan or strategy for the future 2. Poor financial literacy 3. Not understanding their customer segments and how to communicate with them 4. Not enough sales activity 5. Wrong people on the bus

• Business Consultants and Coaches – this include the likes of Results, 10X, Thexton Armstrong, Action. They have some good material however, we have a view that nobody can be an expert in everything. We work as a team, matching our range of skills with the client’s needs during the time we work with them.

6. No information to run the business.

• Chartered Accountants - some can provide advisory services, but many do not have (in our view) the DNA around strategy, areas outside of statutory and tax accounting (true CFO services), and sales and marketing. CA’s have over the years tried various programmes such as Ran One, 10X and more recently Bstar. The common issue is that they don’t have time, or make time to do actually use the programmes. SMEtric have been involved with Ran One and Bstar but have found the best business consulting software is Maus who we are accredited partners with.

Case Study: Construction related contractor

• Review undertaken of business strategic position and options for going forward including sales to a competitor or liquidation • Owner recognised that business could not be doubled in size with no extra capital

• Negotiated sale of business on an earn out basis for $350k • Owner secured well paying job with new owner and cleared the mortgages on his family home. If any of this has made you think hard about where your business is headed… call Warwick Russell at SMEtric for more information or to book a free session (worth $300) for a discovery session and to review a diagnostic of your business. The diagnostic session takes up to two hours of your time and you will find some really useful insights on the areas to improve in your business.

SMEtric works by helping business owners to make better decisions so they are in control of their business - i.e. sleep at night and achieve the financial and lifestyle success of owning a business.

Background • Brought in by bank • Breaching banking covenants and facilities maxed out; overdraft, loan, standby LC. • Financials not understood by client or bank • Contracting engineering business with average revenue over 5 years $2.5m last year, a loss of $250k and creditors out to 90+ days

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Focus | Bluebird Foods

Bluebird celebrates 60 years It’s safe to say that Kiwis can’t get enough of New Zealand’s favourite snack food - Bluebird. The iconic brand celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, keeping us in supply of tasty treats, especially chippies, for as long as Kiwis can remember. Bluebird opened its doors in 1953, just a few years after young entrepreneur Les Saussey started selling popcorn and then potato chips at the Western Springs Speedway in Auckland. Saussey started out small, but the popularity of his Bluebird chips quickly flourished and an expansion in flavours such as ready salted, salt and vinegar, and chicken became too much of a temptation, selling at just nine pence a packet. Today Bluebird is one of New Zealand’s largest snack food manufacturers with Kiwi favourites including Bluebird Potato Chips, Doritos Corn Chips, Grain Waves, Twisties, Rashuns, Burger Rings and Cheezels.

promotion throughout our anniversary over June and July in stores across New Zealand.” Bluebird is also giving consumers the opportunity to relive 60 years of Kiwi history via a ‘Favourite Kiwi Moments’ celebration, running for 60 days and hosted on the new Bluebird Facebook page. “This is a great opportunity for families to share their favourite memories and win lots of prizes. Over the years, beside outstanding quality and great tasting snacks, Bluebird and its penguins have won the heart of Kiwi families; it is a truly iconic Kiwi brand,” Nigro says. Nigro further explains that the brand has become a slice of Kiwi life. “We all share memories of family and friends, summer BBQs on the beach sharing Bluebird chips or playing with Cheezels rings on top of our fingers.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, group brand manager, Jodene Nigro says Bluebird is rolling “Bluebird feels privileged that 60 years on it continues to be one of New Zealand’s out a range of activities. favourite snack brands. “An exciting consumer promotion that we “Our great taste comes first from our are running will give families a chance to commitment to great quality ingredients such win a great Kiwi escape to go and see a as potatoes and corn that is 100 percent New beautiful chip of New Zealand. A range of specially marked Bluebird packs will carry the Zealand grown, and are then turned into a delicious range of snacks, manufactured right here at our plant in Auckland,” he says. In 2010, Bluebird won the sought after Westpac Manukau Business Excellence ‘Business of the Year Supreme Award’, along with the Brookfield Lawyers Employer of Choice Award and the EMA Excellence in Manufacturing Award. The business supports building stronger links between employees, charities and the community with its Helping Hands Program. This includes an ongoing commitment to the Salvation Army through product donations, internal fundraising events and employee volunteering time to support Salvation Army initiatives. All funds raised by Bluebird employees are matched dollar for dollar by the PepsiCo foundation. After celebrating Bluebird’s anniversary Nigro explains that the business will continue to create new products and flavours. “Making the best tasting chips remains at the heart of everything Bluebird does - we will continue making great tasting chips well into the future.”

66 July/August 2013

We all share memories of family and friends, summer BBQs on the beach sharing Bluebird chips or playing with Cheezels rings on top of our fingers.


Focus | Bluebird Foods

Kiwi favourites As part of the 60th anniversary celebrations, Bluebird will also be bringing back old Kiwi favourites and introducing some Bluebird classic products from its rich past. This includes Bluebird Discos (in stores now) and Grain Waves Pipes (in stores from August).

Did you know? • Did you know that the penguins only appeared in the early 90s? So... why penguins? • Adelie penguins are a New Zealand native bird which is recognised as an animal species that demonstrates highly social, fun, sharing behaviours. What could be better than penguins to represent fun and celebrations with family and friends? • It takes exactly 20 minutes to turn a potato into potato chips • The potatoes Bluebird uses are grown all across New Zealand in areas such as Pukekohe, Waikato and Hawke’s Bay

Launching a success

• Bluebird makes more than 100 products in various flavours and types – looking at new ideas every day

Success also comes from Bluebird’s great tasting, well loved flavours and regular flavour innovations that help keep the Bluebird party going!

• Bluebird also manufactures other great snacks such as Le Snak, a lunch favourite, Flemings Muesli bars, another Kiwi classic, as well as Quaker muesli bars, made from the world’s number one brand in oats.

Bluebird has launched: • Cheesymite, in 2009 (chosen by the nation via The Rock radio station’s ‘The Nation’s Chip’ promotion). • The ‘Kiwi As’ flavour range in 2009 and 2011: Kiwi Dip, Wattie’s Tomato Sauce & Mince Pie and Mainland Cheese, Hellers Ham and Sour Cream with a dash of Kaitaia Fire.

Do us a flavour In 2010 Bluebird held its “Do us a flavour” competition, where entrants were tasked with creating a new taste for the traditional potato chip. The four final flavours picked by the judges are Cheesy Garlic Bread, Butter Chippin’, Paua Fritters with Lemon Wedges and Sunday Roast. The winning entry was Sunday Roast (the crispy bits in the bottom of the pan) from David of New Plymouth and this flavour has since remained on supermarket shelves.

(09) 236 8995 Suppliers of corn, corn grits and corn flours. Congratulates Bluebird Foods on their 60th anniversary.

Bluebird Foods Ltd 124 Wiri Station Road Manukau City Auckland T (09) 262 8800 Consumer Enquiries 0800 730 123 (10am to 7pm Mon - Fri) — Advertising Feature

CONGRATULATIONS TO BLUEBIRD FOODS ON THEIR 60 YEAR ANNIVERSARY It is with pleasure that New Zealand Starch continues to supply Bluebird Foods with glucose and starch products proudly manufactured in New Zealand. We thank Bluebird Foods for their ongoing support and we look forward to servicing their future needs for many years to come.

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Focus | Pryors Apparelmaster

Does your crew look sharp? If you want your staff to look clean and professional, keep them safe from injury and save your company money with the least amount of hassle, then the folks at Pryors Apparelmaster are the people to talk to. Pryors Apparelmaster is a genuine master when it comes to workplace rental and laundry solutions across the Auckland region. The business is part of the locally owned national Apparelmaster chain. With three generations of the Pryor family at the helm since 1951 it’s no surprise Pryors was named the 2012 New Zealand Apparelmaster Licensee of the Year. While it is not the only part of the business, Pryors is a true leader in supplying workwear to a wide range of business. General manager Brett Homan says the organisation has the flexibility to tailor a workplace rental programme exactly to meet a company’s specific business needs, with no hidden costs. “We buy any kind of workwear, from overalls to shirts and pants, high-visibility safety wear, to food processing garments a company requires - then rent it back to them. We

will custom fit the workwear, professionally launder and repair it, brand and personalise it and ensure the right gear is where and when a company needs it.” Pryors will of course clean and launder any existing workwear, but there are other strings to the company’s bow. “We also rent and commercially clean a wide variety of work mats and towels, co-ordinate washroom supplies and OSH approved first aid kits,” Brett says. “We supply, rent and install garment lockers, provide embroidery services and even supply and clean car seat covers - ideal for the automotive industry.” The company has invested heavily in computer technology to ensure customer satisfaction, including monitoring individual garments through electronic tagging. It is also about to implement a new software programme which has been specifically designed for Apparelmaster franchises.

“The developments in computer technology are extremely important in allowing us to give our customers the best service possible and we have been fortunate to have Portent Computers work alongside us to ensure our systems are up to date and running as they should,” Brett says.

With the need for personal dry cleaning decreasing, the range of services offered needed to be extended, so in 1983 Papakura Dry Cleaning added the growing Apparelmaster workplace rental and laundry solutions license. As a result a new plant was established at Great South Road, Takanini.

Company development

With the passing of Joan and Ray both in 1985, Owen Pryor became the sole director and with the Apparelmaster license firmly in place, he set about taking the business to a new level, servicing the needs of commercial and industrial organisations throughout Auckland; many of whom remain loyal customers today.

Pryors Apparelmaster began its life when Te Awamutu couple Ray and Joan Pryor moved to Auckland and opened the Papakura Dry Cleaning Co in 1951. With a small hand built plant, the company set its roots firmly in Papakura providing dry cleaning services to the growing local community. Their first commercial client of size was the Papakura Army Camp. Business flourished through the 1960s, with Papakura Dry Cleaning growing to five factory outlets all located in the Papakura area. However, with the trend towards casual clothing, wash and wear polyester and with washing machines becoming both affordable and easy to use, business started to slow.

Expansion and growth over the years has seen the company mature to become one of the leading industrial textile care companies in Auckland today, adding complimentary services along the way such as embroidery and staff room locker supply, rental and installation. It wasn’t long before the company out grew their Great South Rd plant and in 2001 they moved to a purpose-built factory in Takanini School Road – a great way to celebrate 50

For all accounting, taxation and financial services, specialising in small businesses. The firm which has served the Counties Manukau Region for over 50 years. Skipper Lay & Associates Limited are proud to support Pryors Apparelmaster. Email: Phone: 09 298-8024 Fax: 09 298-8306 16 Elliot Street, Papakura PO Box 72 097, Papakura 2244

68 July/August 2013

Focus | Pryors Apparelmaster years in business. In the same year the Papakura Dry Cleaning Co became Pryors Apparelmaster recognising the successful Apparelmaster partnership.

use efficiency. The company has achieved ‘Gold Certification’ following completion of their third annual GHG emissions profile (calculated and produced by InStep).”

“Staying abreast of new technology gives Pryors Apparelmaster a real edge and all the senior team are regular attendees at the Clean Show (an international trade show specifically geared for the laundry industry) held biannually in the USA,” Brett says.

Strategies adopted by Pryors include reviewing and refining processes and procedures, striving for minimal use and optimal reuse of water and heat in its plant, and identifying and investing in appropriate technology available locally and globally. This has resulted in a standardised footprint equating to a 14 percent decrease from the previous year, and increased water consumption efficiency by 15 percent from the previous year.

Investing in new technology (much of it seen in operation at Clean Show), such as the new state of the art German engineered Centrifugal Batch Washer (CBW) and 2x 120kg dryers with loading/unloading conveyors, has increased servicing capacity, reduced water and heating costs and crucially improved the garment life and wash quality. Further investments in technology during the years include garment folders, an overhead bagging system and a garment tunnel finisher. Every garment processed through the plant is individually identified with a unique barcode, improving stock control and tracking. Papakura Drycleaners started as a Pryor family business and the same core values and principles are upheld today at Pryors Apparelmaster through Owen’s daughter Emma and son in law Brett Homan at the reins. Both share the same passion for growth and pioneering spirit that the company was founded on by Ray and Joan back in 1951.

Sustainability Pryors Apparelmaster’s commitment to sustainability has seen it nominated in two categories in the 2013 Green Ribbon Awards, which honour outstanding contributions to protecting New Zealand’s environment. Pryors was a finalist in the Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Small Business Leadership categories. According to the Awards judges, “Pryors Apparelmaster is actively focused on reducing their emissions and increasing their water-

Its Green Ribbon Award nominations, along with its recent Instep Gold Certification award, and being named the Apparelmaster 2012 New Zealand Franchisee of the Year, recognises Pryors’ improvements in sustainability. The Instep report which resulted in the company’s Gold Certification says “With the success of reducing their standardised emissions over and above their 10 percent reduction target to achieve a 19 percent decrease in standardised emissions in 2012, Pryors Apparelmaster have proved themselves to be entirely committed to sustainability initiatives and the continual improvements in efficiency. “Pryors Apparelmaster are a leader in this industry in New Zealand and are to be congratulated on their substantial efforts and success to date and for leading the way with sustainable practices in their field,” Instep says. Pryors Apparelmaster 98 Takanini School Road, Takanini Auckland T (09) 269 7061 — Advertising Feature

Importers & Distributors of Commercial and Hospitality Textiles

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Pryors Apparelmaster

Leaders in the world of laundry, drycleaning equipment and technical know how

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Provider of chemical Solutions to the following Industries: • Industrial Laundry • Food & Property Hygiene • Workshop, Ink • Food & Beverage Processing • Transport - Ariation, Rail & Marine

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Property & Construction | Atlas Concrete

Atlas can crush it Atlas Concrete Limited is helping Auckland industry be more environmentally conscious through its new concrete recycling plant in Albany. The company has been providing concrete to the Auckland, and later the north Auckland regions, since the 1950s, and developed its latest concrete recycling plant last year Atlas sales manager Dave Russell says the recycling plant can crush concrete from a variety of sources, including demolished buildings, old driveways and footpaths. The plant accepts demolition material from local authorities, civil engineering contractors, builders, demolition specialists, home renovators and even DIY homeowners. Atlas Concrete’s unique, custom-designed recycling facilities efficiently reduce this waste material to rubble, filter out wood, plastic, metal and other unwanted elements, then screen-size the resulting aggregate to produce various grades and types of products that are 75 percent natural stone. Atlas Concrete has a fleet of modern trucks to service its large customer base.


“We can process up to 400 cubic metres of product a day,” he says. “It’s all graded and we have all the specifications of the 10 different grades to meet the standards.” The recycled concrete is used for base fill and ready-mix concrete, which can only contain a maximum of 20 percent recycled product. “It’s used for base fill, retaining walls and drainage,” Dave says. Atlas’s recycled concrete is ideal for projects that require the use of recycled product. It is a great alternative to standard base metals and is a cheaper hard fill alternative that can be used in most jobs.

Great location and facilities Atlas Concrete’s recycling facility is based at 8 Paul Matthews Road in Albany and is conveniently located near the northern motorway, offering excellent facilities to customers.

The facility was designed and built to local authority regulations concerning dust control, noise mitigation, water discharge volume and quality.

Atlas Concrete’s new Albany recycling plant offers many benefits, including: • A drive-through service for vehicles of all sizes • All tipped product is recycled on site • Cutting edge crushing technology

The company also services West Auckland and the Hibiscus Coast/Rodney areas through its Kumeu and Silverdale branches.

• Automated vehicle washing facilities on site

Atlas Recycling’s drop-off yards can safely, quickly and efficiently accommodate any size or type of delivery vehicle, from earth-moving behemoths to compact car trailers.

• Convenient location near motorways.

A truck washing facility on site allows customers to wash their truck quickly to remove dust and leftover rubble.

• Ten different certified grades

Dave says the recycling plant is state of the art and meets all council requirements. The recycling service has been well received by Atlas Concrete’s customers.

A responsibility to recycle • Atlas Concrete recognises that recycling is the smart, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of processing old aggregate. • Instead of taking up space in landfills, concrete fragments now can be crushed into rubble, which is then sifted, cleaned and efficiently sized into a range of high-quality, standards-approved, competitively priced aggregate materials for a variety of uses. • Atlas Concrete is an industry leader in specification, processing and Green Star environmental building code compliance, demonstrating a commitment to producing a quality product.

Ian Spedding Limited

Your one stop cleaning supplies shop for all your cleaning products and equipment. For an in house business consultation please call 09 573 5250 and we will arrange for one of our Territory Managers to visit you.

Or feel free to call into our shop at 3 Arthur Brown Place, Mt Wellington to view our range of products and specials on display.

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Bulk Haulage Contractors

Proud to support Atlas Concrete Ltd For all your Bulk Haulage needs or to see our trucks and machinery in action, visit Phone: 09 274 8144 Cell: 0274 930 169 email: Papatoetoe, Auckland


Proud to be associated with Atlas concrete. Cosio Industries Ltd Phone 0800 109-093


Property & Construction | Atlas Concrete

Precast tilt slab concrete Atlas Concrete has been supplying Auckland’s construction industry with quality concrete for more than 60 years, specialising in precast concrete and decorative mixes. The company supplies ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete, aggregate and other related supplies to the greater Auckland market through its nine branches across four divisions: Atlas Concrete, Atlas Quarries, Atlas Shipping and Atlas Tilt Slab. Still owned by the Collie family, the company employs a total of 220 staff and offers a top level of service through its long standing business relationships. Dave Russell says an important part of the company’s operation is its precast tilt slab division. Precast concrete comes in a variety of finishes and textures, shapes and sizes to meet the precise requirements of each project.

Pre cast panels are normally specified by an architect. A drawing set is required to supply orders with consideration to current leadtimes in producing the panels. In addition, Atlas Concrete employs subcontractors to build raft floors, which offer a number of benefits including cost savings, reduced construction time, increased strength and superior insulation.

Decorative mixes and aggregates Russell says decorative mixes and exposed aggregates are a specialty of Atlas Concrete, which produces a large amount of practical aesthetic products. Atlas sources decorative natural products from rivers and quarries around New Zealand. Whether specifying concrete for a driveway, commercial property or an entertainment area, these products are designed to give a natural look and texture to complement any situation. Customers can choose different aggregate and oxide colours to achieve a unique look to their property. Most aggregates can also be used in house floors for a polished finish.

A driveway laid by Atlas Concrete in exposed pebble mix with oxide.


The panels represent speedy engineered solutions, which enable the construction of larger residential and industrial buildings to be completed faster and more cost effectively than conventional methods.

Atlas Concrete offers a range of decorative mixes and exposed aggregates, including: • Longburn pebble 20mm – a true river pebble with a rounded finish, which is the most popular in the Atlas range due to its soft tones of blue, grey and brown • Waipa pebble 20mm – a versatile natural pebble with both grey and brown toning from a dry mining site along the Waipa River • Mangatangi pebble 20mm – a grey and gold toned pebble reflecting the look of a typical New Zealand river • Maungaturoto chip 16mm – a quarried chip with brown and green tones and an even chip size offers great results • McCallums chip 20mm – used widely in the roading industry on roundabouts, motorways and traffic islands, it is a durable chip with a distinct red colour • Standard mix 10mm, 14mm, 20mm – Atlas’s standard concrete chip is used in daily production and is a consistent dark grey colour, available in different sizes for a variety of applications.

Aon–delivering distinctive client value via innovative and effective risk management and workforce productivity solutions for New Zealand businesses. Proud to be associated with Atlas Concrete Ltd

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Stevenson Construction Materials are proud suppliers of aggregate to Atlas Concrete since 2003

Cement Preferred and trusted supplier to Atlas Concrete Ltd Ph: (09) 984 8400   July/August 2013 71

Property & Construction | Atlas Concrete

Building products

Atlas Concrete offers a range of quarry products to complement its concrete services.

Ready-mix concrete is a popular choice for both commercial and home DIY jobs and can be supplied by Atlas Concrete in a wide range of volumes. Ready-mix is used for a wide variety of applications, including foundations, flooring and driveways, paths and retaining walls. It is made to specific requirements, often containing additives for colour, waterproofing, hardening or mixes that allow pumping to sites with difficult access. It is the preferred mixing concept as a more consistent and precise product is produced.

• Sand – Atlas has been selling sand to industrial and domestic customers since 1946 and has the right sand product to suit all building, concreting, landscaping and construction needs. Atlas operates its own dredge in Kaipara Harbour to guarantee its supply. Its sand products include Kaipara sand, Woodhill sand and Puni sand

Atlas Concrete also services the building industry with a range of related products, including steel rods and steel mesh, which provide excellent reinforcing for all but the smallest concrete jobs. Atlas Concrete’s yard in Silverdale.


Atlas supplies a variety of concrete building blocks, which are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit specific building requirements. Atlas bagged cement is a high quality Portland general purpose cement, available from its depots in 25kg or 40kg bags. It is an ideal choice for a wide range of general purpose concrete applications, including general construction, mortars, renders and grouts.

• Scoria – A type of igneous rock formed under pressure during the formation of volcanic cones. It is therefore extremely hard and durable yet very porous, so it drains water from surface soils extremely well. Atlas can supply a range of scoria products to suit any application, for a drainage medium under a driveway, to backfill behind block walls and drainage around storm water and sewer lines • Builders mix - A pre-mixed stone aggregate with fines and sand blended ready to have cement and water added. It is used by all construction businesses for large projects or in small residential DIY jobs

The company also supplies a full range of tools and hardware products for the concrete industry, which can be delivered with any ready-mix concrete order. These products include admixtures, sealers, special mortars, concrete repair and protection systems, epoxies, waterproofing, sealants and adhesives.


Atlas Concrete’s popular Mangatangi pebble-mix concrete.

• Basecourse/hard fill - a crushed graded metal that contains fines. It is used primarily as a bedding base for a wide range of applications and contains all chip sizes up to a nominal stated size • Crushed/recycled concrete - Atlas recycle demolished concrete product for use again as crushed concrete and drainage concrete. Crushed concrete is recycled concrete that comes in graded and screened sizes for use as a hard fill or drainage material.

Atlas Concrete Limited PO Box 33244 Takapuna Auckland T (09) 486 3333 — Advertising Feature

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Atlas Concrete Stockists of: WWR665 WWR668 DUCTILE MESH SE62

• Safety & Security Fencing • Safety & Security Gates • Residential Fencing • Residential Gates • Special Welded Wire Reinforcing • Special Anchor Steel Mesh Ph: 09-2666-666 Fax: 09-2662-992 E: PO Box 97855, Manukau City 2241, 131 Kerrs Road Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand 72 July/August 2013

Property & Construction | Shape Commercial

Shaping your commercial space Shape Commercial Ltd is becoming one of New Zealand’s most trusted business interior specialists, offering a full range of services from space planning and design, to fit-outs and furniture solutions. Shape supplies everything from desks, workstations and seating through to storage, hospitality products, whiteboards and bins. Daniel Ready and business partner Eric Nienhuis started the business in May, 2009 and have since been involved in a wide range of commercial work. Often known as the ‘go to’ people for furniture, fittings and equipment, the duo has successfully completed work for many New Zealand companies. From architects, council sites, distribution centres and public spaces such as food courts, Shape is firmly cementing itself as a trusted company. Daniel and Eric have more than 25 years combined experience in the commercial fit-out industry. In that time they have both worked with private corporations to supply everything from workstations to boardroom furniture. “We provide a trusted service in commercial furniture procurement,” Daniel says. “Key to us is problem solving and utilising our combined industry knowledge to make the technical aspects of furniture solutions straight forward for our customers. “We make sure we meet your requirements on time and within budget. We use practical ‘know-how’, innovation and experience to get the job done right,” he explains. Daniel says he has a passion for exhausting every available resource to ensure that client needs are met. “Our customer service focuses on relationships, flexibility, response times and a unique customer experience.” Since opening, Shape has experienced on average about 16 percent growth in its turnover every year for the past four. “Around 80 percent of our business is repeat business.

We like to work with companies that like to work with us and therefore focus our new business development on companies that are looking for a long term partner for commercial furniture. “We have a major national/international client and one of the challenges with any multi-province/country-based entity is creating consistency and fluidity between sites when it comes to fit-out and correct product for application. “We have become very proficient in this with multiple supply options and sources, along with a practiced skill in logistical delivery of away from base sites.” Shape has developed its relationships by offering a very high level of expertise supplying great product delivering true value for money. “Our customers appreciate our level of service and have a full understanding of what we can offer them ensuring they put us at the top of the list when considering commercial furniture requirements,” he says.

Why use Shape Commercial? Fit-out


Shape will work with clients from concept through to final project completion. The business supplies all aspects of furniture with product made both locally and overseas.

In the current economic climate refurbishment can be a real option in refreshing a work environment and adding to the longevity of your current workplace. Shape offers chair refurbishment, re-upholstery, powder coating and top replacement.

Facilitation “At Shape we have a knack for finding what you need.” While the business has a core range of exclusive products, its resources are extensive. If you can’t find it then chances are Shape can or will at least point you in the right direction.

Relocation If you need to move desks, screens, shelving or storage Shape will make the process seamless and simple for you.

Shape has also been awarded exclusive distribution rights to the Tricom system, along with its partner products, Vibe and Stan for New Zealand. Tricom workstations offer workspace options from management through to open office areas. Its smart and adaptable deign makes the simplest and most complex of configurations achievable.

Service is every bit as important as price Shape Commercial Ltd T (09) 215 4833 E

It is for this reason that we have built a loyal customer base who return to us time and time again.

— Advertising Feature

Please contact us on Ph: 09-296-2273 Or you can find us located at 190 Great South, Takanini

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Allan Fell Limited Chartered Accountant Papakura • Cabling Solutions • Telecommunications • Project Management

• Generators • Server Rooms

Come and visit us at Unit 10/49 Sainsbury Road St Lukes, Auckland 1025 Or call us on 09 846 0039

Our commitment to all clients is to provide: • Accurate, confidential and efficient completion of all assignments • Friendly advice to assist the effective operation of your business • Personal service from me as well as my experienced staff • Assistance in structuring their business in the most tax effective manner.

P:09 298 8705 F: 09 298 8380

Specialists in exhibition and event furniture since 1990

A subsidiary of Office Furniture Hire (1990) and Airconditioner Rentals Proud to support Shape Commercials Ltd

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Property & Construction | Drain Surgeons

Removing your water worries If your drains are blocked, you need them cleared fast – it’s just that simple – especially with winter on the way. The team at Drain Surgeons has the expertise and technology to help with any residential or commercial drain problems. Drain Surgeons is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading specialist drainage companies. Established in 1997, with branches in both Auckland and Christchurch, Drain Surgeons has some of the most advanced equipment and technology available and is committed to a comprehensive policy of environmental responsibility. The company, which is owned by directors Bill Whitelegg and Marc Ciochetto, offers a full range of services, including drain unblocking, CCTV inspections, vacuum loading, drain laying, fault location, laser profiling, sonar surveying, smoke testing, leak detection and pipe lining. Drain Surgeons employs almost 100 people across its Auckland and Christchurch branches. The Christchurch division was established soon after the September 2010 earthquake, following a request from the Waimakariri and Christchurch City Councils. The company now has a permanent branch in Canterbury.

Residential service Co-director Bill Whitelegg says domestic work in Auckland is a core business focus for Drain Surgeons and primarily involves unblocking drains, emergency response work and programmed maintenance work. The Drain Surgeons team understands the inconvenience a blocked toilet can cause, and the need to have it unblocked as quickly as possible.

Drain cleaning and hydrojetting work includes: • Flushing silt and debris from the pipeline • Stripping grease and fat from the pipe wall • Flushing foreign objects from the drain • Cleaning drains prior to CCTV inspection • De-scaling pipelines • Root-cutting pipelines.

The company’s specialist trucks have all the necessary equipment on board to clear any drain and the camera equipment to check for blockages, or to assess the condition of the line. If the pipes are damaged, its drain laying teams will provide a free quotation for repair or replacement. Whether customers require drain repairs, replacements, or a whole new system, Drain Surgeons’ teams of experienced, registered drain layers are on hand to assist with professional advice.

Whether customers require drain repairs, replacements, or a whole new system, Drain Surgeons’ teams of experienced, registered drain layers are on hand to assist with professional advice.

Drain cleaning and hydro-jetting work is carried out with a range of equipment and can clean pipelines from 40mm up to two metres in diameter. Drain Surgeons’ qualified staff can assess drainage to determine if there are any problems. A CCTV drain inspection can be carried out and involves placing a high-tech camera into a stormwater or sewer pipeline. Drain Surgeons has a full range of highspec camera equipment available with the ability to inspect pipes ranging in diameter from 50mm to three metres. With pan-andtilt features and zoom capability, no crack or minor pipe defect goes unseen. A high powered hydro-jet can be used to cut through any tree roots causing a blockage.

Drain Surgeons undertakes all aspects of drain laying including: • Stormwater and sewer installation • Emergency repair work • Soak holes • Flooding solutions • Diversions • New home drainage systems • Subdivisions • System upgrades.

Hibiscus Water Supply Manufacture, Service & Repair Centre Motorhomes & Caravans * All makes and all models * Trade Certified Coachbuilders

Vans Drain Surgeon of r re tu ac uf Proud man and convert

Open 7 Days 7.00am-8.00pm 108 Stanmore Bay Road Whangaparaoa Auckland 0932

Phone 0800 424 074 74 July/August 2013

ign, build Custom Des k vechicles Technical wor mes d an al ci er m orho Com hicles & Mot Catering ve

0800 246 978 The Liquid and Solid Hazardous Waste Specialists

Ph 09 415 2266 174 Green Road, Dairy Flat, North Harbour, Auck

Property & Construction | Drain Surgeons Residential work Drain Surgeons’ residential services are available throughout Auckland and Christchurch and include: • Drain unblocking • Drain laying and repairs • Drain cleaning and hydro-jetting • Defective drainage notices • Council CCTV video survey • Drainage consultancy service


“Matt and his guys did an exceptional job. I was very impressed with the efficient, professional service and informative summary afterwards, plus being given a report and CD before they left the site was an unexpected bonus. I intend using your services again as long as you continue to impress. I will highly recommend to others. Keep it up.”

• Root cutting • Vacuum loading • Pre-purchase property inspections.



Drain Surgeons offers a full range of drainage services.

- F Koenen, property manager, Mount Albert Grammar School

Domestic work is a core business focus for Drain Surgeons.

“Say what we do - Do what we say - Prove what we did”


Scot Thrust Limited is a privately owned (family business) and operated company, established in 1988 by Donald H Mackintosh. Since our inception we have formed strategic relationships across our main business areas to deliver on what we say. The main aim of our company is to deliver a professional cost effective service. We pride ourselves on providing well thought solutions - No job is too hard, too big or too small for Scot Thrust. Give us a call.

Proudly associated with Drain Surgeons 51 Hillside Rd • Glenfield • Auckland • Phone 09 444 5047 •   July/August 2013 75

Property & Construction | Drain Surgeons Professional drain laying and repair service

Specialty laser profiling Bill says a specialised service offered by Drain Surgeons involves high-definition laser profiling. Drain Surgeons is an industry leader in large bore pipeline investigations using state of the art laser, sonar and high-definition CCTV profiling systems.

Drain Surgeons’ professional services are well regarded by Auckland’s demanding industrial sector. The company undertakes a lot of maintenance programming for council compliance and prides itself on its quick response times.

“Laser profiling involves a fairly unique piece of equipment, that has been developed and built in conjunction with a partner here,” he says. “We use that for our work with Watercare and for projects around New Zealand investigating the main trunk lines.”

“Our niche market is doing the hard jobs that other people don’t want to do,” Bill says. Drain Surgeons’ registered drain layers have the experience and equipment to tackle any drainage work, including large commercial projects.

The laser profiler is a stand-alone tool for use with CCTV survey systems in order to collect survey data and create accurate pipeline reports. This information includes measurements of pipe size, laterals, water levels and other features, as well as automatic analysis of pipe ovality and capacity up to 30 times per second.

Emergency repair work can be carried out 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with Drain Surgeons specialising in undertaking challenging repair work that other companies might avoid. Drain Surgeons’ industrial drain laying and repair work includes:

The laser profiler attaches to Drain Surgeons’ CCTV equipment and the resulting images are analysed using innovative machine vision

• Stormwater and sewer repairs and renovation

software. “With that technology and our expertise we’re being asked to go all over the world,” he says. “Over the last two years we have undertaken some interesting projects; so far we have profiled over 50km of lines in Brisbane, Melbourne, ACT and Sydney and these lines ranged from 600mm to 3m in diameter.

Strength via association Drain Surgeons has formed profitable partnerships with many suppliers, customers and associated businesses, including: • Plumbing World • Hibiscus Water Supply

“In 2012 we undertook a project in Hong Kong profiling 900mm-1.8m diameter pipes as part of a re-lining project. Last year we also sent a team to Baghdad, Iraq, to train the locals, while undertaking a project profiling a 4.8m diameter pipeline.

• Chemwaste Industries

“We are also scheduled to travel to Bangkok this year to undertake 16km of profiling work.”

• North Harbour Water Carriers

• Frontier Motorhomes • Scot Thrust • Albany Toyota

• McVeagh Fleming

Within New Zealand, Drain Surgeons has work on hand with Watercare Services with Auckland, Hastings, Gisborne and Timaru Councils, undertaking profiling on trunk sewer lines and fully submerged outfall lines.

• Wastewater Transport • Kerrick Industries • AC Electrix • Passrite Driving Academy • Hemisphere Freight

“In short we will go anywhere where authorities require our expertise,” Bill says.

• Monographics.

• Council defective drainage repairs • Flooding and water infiltration projects • Repair of collapsed and broken drains • New house drainage installations • Additions and renovations • Commercial and factory drainage • New manholes • Manhole rehabilitation • Pump chambers • Detention and retention tanks • Cess pit installation • Full reinstatement services. Drain Surgeons offers its industrial and commercial services to a wide range of customers, including large construction and port companies, and meat processing plants.

Drain Surgeons employs almost 100 people across its Auckland and Christchurch branches.


The company undertakes vacuum loading, drain cleaning and hydro jetting, pipe relining, source detection and fault location work, as well as smoke testing, hydro excavation and stormwater maintenance.

Come and find out what makes ALBANY TOYOTA different from the rest. rl

$ aper $$ che ve e’re Saitre w

Corner Main Road & Gills Road Albany


Our dealership not only has the complete range of new passenger and commercial Toyota’s, but a large selection of Signature, SBT and Used Vehicles, spanning over 3 sites in Albany Village.


Proud to support Drain Surgeons Ph: (09) 415 7890 | Fax: (09) 415 7893 Email: |

At McVeagh Fleming, we build relationships with our clients to ensure we know about you, your business and what you are trying to achieve. We will help you structure or set up properly in business - and manage and grow that business. We ensure all of your personal affairs are in the order that they should be. If you need specialist advice, we will take the time to properly work out what you require and make sure the person in our firm with the right specialist skills provides you with effective assistance. If you want lawyers that will be a part of your business team, or fill the role of long term, trusted personal advisers - and that can provide specialist assistance when you need it, call us today.

76 July/August 2013

• Residential • Commercial • Tanks • Events • Swimming Pools

415 8431 or 021 630 322

McVeagh Fleming, Level 14, 1 Queen Street, Auckland City 1010: Business: Andrew Knight (09) 306 6730 Private Client: Matthew Tetley-Jones (09) 306 6728 First Floor, South Tower, 5-7 Corinthian Drive, Albany 0632: Business: James Varney (09) 966 3608 Private Client: Tony Coupe (09) 966 0263

Property & Construction | Drain Surgeons Underground Vision

Underground Vision

The key usages of Underground Vision’s unique service include:

Drain Surgeons now has the technology to assess and inspect freshwater pipelines with zero excavation or interruption to water users.

• Visual infrastructure surveys – the inspection of all pipes from the inside while live • Pre-inspection service for capital works – accurate maps tees, branches, ferrules and other assets in mains • Leakage surveys – live pipe leak surveys • Conditional assessment – the capability to fully structurally assess the condition of mains while live.

The company has established a freshwater mains division, Underground Vision, to focus on inspecting live fresh water mains, rather than drains. It provides a step change in the investigation, surveying and mapping of underground water assets. This is carried out using specialised JD7 technology, supplied by Water Investigations Limited. “We’re breaking in and introducing this technology to the marketplace now,” Bill says.

“This is new equipment from the United Kingdom. We’re the only company using this technology in New Zealand and it’s quite high tech. It’s a new concept that allows us to investigate water mains without the whole network being shut down. It can determine if an old mainline is going to burst or collapse.”

It can provide accurate, up to date analysis of underground water networks, with minimal or no trial excavations. This means there is no longer a need for “blind” excavations; the system can locate every service and identify exactly where the work needs to be done. All surveying can be done with the main live. Customers will not notice any change to their water supply and much less water is wasted due to switching the supply off.

Underground Vision has access to extensive operational experience and has the ability to deploy innovations to the field, with JD7’s revolutionary camera and sensory equipment. Fewer excavations mean less disruption for road users, fewer safety hazards for Underground Vision is the only company pedestrians and reduced environmental in New Zealand offering this technology and service. impact from spoilage.

CCTV council consents Drain Surgeons can help customers provide their local council with CCTV footage and log sheets of drains underneath proposed work sites, whether they’re building, renovating or installing a swimming pool. This information is often required by councils to determine the condition of the drains before work begins. Drain Surgeons’ Build Over package is highly regarded and includes a DVD recording, log sheets, as-built plans, accurate invert levels, fault identification and pipe location services. > Drain Surgeons is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading specialist drainage companies.


The Drain Surgeons team understands the inconvenience a blocked toilet can cause.

Kerrick Industries is a specialised company, Supplying Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Equipment. With marketing operations throughout Australia and New Zealand, we have an extensive service and distribution network.

to be d u o r P d with e t a i c o s as geons r u S n i Dr a All types of Vacuum Loading Septic & Water Tank Cleaning | Grease Taps Cesspits | Ponds | Drilling and Concrete Waste | Drain Unblocking | Jetting

Vacuum Cleaners

Shampoo Machines

Water Blasters

High & Ultra High Pressure Pumps

Sewer/Drain Cleaning Equipment

Hot Water Pressure • • Cleaners

Design and Build Specialists Accessories & Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Proud to support Drain Surgeons

12 Greenpark Road, Penrose, Auckland

Tel: 09 416 1071 | Fax: 09 416 6171 | Mob: 027 490 3526 | Email: 5 McKean Road, Whenuapai, Auckland

0800 253 774 |   July/August 2013 77

Property & Construction | Drain Surgeons


Drain Surgeons’ specialist trucks have all the necessary equipment on board to clear any drain.




A real time inspection and leak detection system for three inch diameter pipes and above, at up to 16-bar pressure. The system provides a complete asset condition examination and leak finding by accessing networks through fire hydrants, air and gate valves. Key features include an interchangeable hi-res CCTV system, pressurised insertion and seal technology, on board hydrophone for leak detection, ‘ruggedised’ control station, real time analysis and evaluation software, and a 100 metre range.

JD7 specialised technology is new to New Zealand, but has been used in more than 7000 successful insertions throughout the world. It has been developed during the past five years and focuses on pipeline assessments and inspection solutions.

Designed for long distance trunk main inspection, the LDS1000 provides CCTV and leak detection with a range of up to 1,000 metres. Incorporating a hi-resolution digital camera and focused light system, LDS1000s can be inserted through air valves or pressure fittings with an internal diameter of two inches or more. Key features include an onboard hydrophone for leak detection, hi-res CCTV system, pressurised insertion and seal technology and a 1,000 metre range.

In 2005 JD7 developed the first camera system to be inserted through a live fire hydrant directly into a clean water system. Since then, the company has developed several systems capable of assessing the full condition of pipes, using a variety of methods. These systems include:


Monographics Monographics Colourprinters printers Colour

Phone: 09 444 6777

The smallest in the JD7 camera range, the Bullet is equipped with hydrophone and CCTV capability for use in three inch pipes and above, including trunk lines. The Bullet provides leakage examination and localisation and can be launched into pipework through full bore fire hydrants, 1.5 inch and above fittings, air and gate valves and quadrina. Key features include it being effective in all materials and pipe sizes, pressurised insertion and seal technology and an onboard hydrophone for leak detection.

PipeScan+ PipeScan+ provides unparalleled data quality and detail for surveying underground water pipes. Incorporating internal ultrasounds probes coupled with a high resolution camera system, it has the capability to scan pipework of all materials, allowing a full dimensional survey, with fully detailed structural assessments to be achieved.

Industrial drainage work Drain Surgeons offers a range of industrial drainage work that will ensure your business keeps operating efficiently. This includes: • Drain laying and repairs • CCTV drainage inspection • Vacuum loading • Drain cleaning and hydro jetting • Pipe relining (pipe patching) • HD laser profiling • Source detection • Fault location • Smoke testing • Hydro excavation • Full maintenance programmes • Storm water maintenance.

This includes wall thickness, corrosion and flaw identification, along with lining thickness, meaning an accurate life expectancy of pipework can be calculated. Key features include a complete structural analysis of pipework, NDT wall thickness, hi-res CCTV system, can be used in four inch and above pipes and has a 100 metre range.

Proud to support Drain Surgeons

0800 PASSRITE Visit:

78 July/August 2013

Drain Surgeons Limited 7F Douglas Alexander Parade Albany Auckland T (09) 415 0298 E — Advertising Feature

Property & Construction | R&H General Engineers

Engineering designs that deliver R&H General Engineers Limited is a family affair that has simply brushed tough economic times aside. Since Julie Light and her son Simon Light took over the business seven years ago, with other son Tim Light on the workshop floor and husband John Light taking care of maintenance and repairs, the company has gone from strength to strength, withstanding a long recession and yet still managing to grow. The strong team of 12 involves a young, but settled group, with R&H preferring to develop people through the business.

Positive relationships are critical • The team at R&H Engineering is committed to developing strong working relationships with its clients. • Since its formation in 1979 the company has built up a large number of key client relationships that are paramount to the success and growth of the company. • Directors Julie Light and Simon Light recognise the importance of working closely with customers to achieve the highest quality, most cost effective engineering solutions. • All staff and management at R&H Engineering employ this philosophy when dealing with a job or client, ensuring all interaction is enjoyable and productive.

R&H is a general engineering company based on East Tamaki Road in Papatoetoe. It manufactures products and offers solutions to clients in the architectural, agricultural, stainless and structural sectors, as well as a wide range of other industries. R&H offers a design service that complements its business, with Simon and another engineer both capable of offering precision engineering to customers. “In-house drawings are a big strength of ours. It means there are no mistakes or problems,” Julie says. “All the drawings are double checked and cross checked, so they know where they’re at. We relish this side of engineering because we can see the project right through to completion, confidently meeting the customer’s needs.”

Parks and rural work R&H Engineering has done a lot of work for companies that look after parks and reserves across Auckland. “We’re preferred engineers for one such company which maintains parks, turf and facilities,” Julie says. “We have fabricated hoppers, designed a leveller and customised many of their trucks and attachments for ride-on lawnmowers and tractors to suit particular requirements”

Focus on general engineering While R&H Engineering has done quite a bit of structural steel fabrication in recent years, Julie says the company is now trying to focus a lot more on its core general engineering work.

“We do a lot of stainless steel handrails, balustrades and staircases. We’ve recently been involved with the building of the admissions building at St Kentigern College, erecting brass and stainless steel shutters on the windows and many handrails etc, to name but a small amount of work there. “We’ve got two engineers in particular who are excellent with stainless steel work. We relish the big meaty jobs however, nothing is too small for us and we do believe in diversifying.” She says one of R&H Engineering’s major strengths is its willingness to see each job through from start to completion. “Our customer service is very good. We’ve become a preferred engineering company with many businesses as we are always there on hand as quick as possible if a problem arises, being mindful of time factors.” R&H General Engineers Limited 61 East Tamaki Road, Papatoetoe Auckland T (09) 278 0100

R&H Engineering is a quality supplier of: • Steel supplied and cut to length • Fasteners • Precision machining • Sheetmetal • On site installation and servicing • Aluminium fabrication and welding • Stainless steel fabrication and welding • Steel fabrication and welding to NZS4711 standards (light to heavy) • Full consultant design and manufacture service • Turf renovation equipment • Hydraulic and pneumatic services and system design • Trailer/truck deck manufacturing (loaders etc).

— Advertising Feature

Proud Supporter of R&H Engineering Ltd p +64 (9) 272 2203 e

Proud to be associated with R+H Engineering Ltd

09 274 2977

M: Simon Light - 021 644 600 Ph/Fax: 09 278 0100 E: 61 East Tamaki Road Papatoetoe Auckland W:   July/August 2013 79

Property & Construction | Wilco Precast

Building on a half century of success This year Wilco Precast celebrates 50 years as a premier precast manufacturer, further cementing the company’s already sterling reputation within the industry. A combination of high quality customer service coupled with unparalleled precast experience has become the trademark of Wilco Precast as the company has made its mark on the construction industry. The in-house team of experts, including estimators, engineers, drafting and production staff, work concisely to provide quality components and systems for a wide range of construction projects around the greater Auckland and Waikato regions.

Certified Precast NZ plant A founding member of Precast NZ Inc and one of only three Precast NZ Certified Plants, Wilco is able to provide project specifiers, head contractors, building owners and others with a level of confidence that its products are manufactured in a plant with advanced manufacturing processes, quality assurance procedures, levels of expertise and experience that have been audited by an independent and accredited inspection body, such as those on the JAS-ANZ Register.

installation and structural qualities. Wilco not only offers the product, but also the essential industry know-how to attain ultimate results from precast products. The Wilco Precast website,, delivers educational resources, project applications, technical support and practical advice. Although Wilco Precast is in the business of building components, it is also focused on building solid relationships with clients. Repeat custom is Wilco’s greatest endorsement; after all, a returning customer is a satisfied customer. The cornerstone of the Wilco philosophy is to be “involved as a team player with an interest in the overall outcome of the project based upon offering quality products, on time, at a competitive price”.

Building with strength Precast concrete is often the material of choice for many architects, engineers and building contractors, due to its rapid

Merchant Quarter


Wilco Precast was originally established in Papatoetoe in 1963 before moving to a state of the art manufacturing facility at Papakura in 2002. During the past 50 years the company has evolved and accumulated a plethora of industry specific knowledge while simultaneously focusing on the all-important aspect of customer satisfaction.

The cornerstone of the Wilco philosophy is to be involved as a team player with an interest in the overall outcome of the project based upon offering quality products, on time, at a competitive price.

This attitude has earned Wilco Precast the reputation among industry experts as a leading supplier of precast solutions, with solutions being the key word. By nature the building industry often has to hurdle various project problems, but Wilco has the key personnel, armed with 20-30 years of experience in many cases, to provide valid solutions to construction problems. One aspect Wilco prides itself on is the retention of experienced manufacturing personnel. Little staff turnover, combined with the company’s up-to-the-minute facilities and quality assurance programme, means the customer can rest assured that the service is completed by consummate professionals who have previously seen and solved many industry issues.

Machinery Movers Ltd

Machinery Movers are Proud to support Wilco Precast

Operating it’s own fleet of trucks, various specialised trailers and forkhoists Machinery Movers offers specialisation in transport handling, dismantling, packing, movement, delivery, site installation of commercial and industrial machinery. Email: Fax: 64-09-278 3600 Telephone: 64-09-278 6700 134 Plunket Avenue, Manukau City, Auckland

80 July/August 2013

Convenient Drive Thru

Hardware Store


Draughting Get in Touch! E q 09 415 6889 P 66 Bush Road, Albany H

Property & Construction | Wilco Precast

Wilco’s service offering Wilco’s estimating staff will advise promptly whether they can assist with a project or not. Usually the answer will be positive, but if they are unable to assist for any reason they will let the customer know promptly. If a project is not yet designed, or is designed but ‘build-ability’ or other features remain an issue, then Wilco will provide a client with the necessary input. Wilco offers solutions to precast construction problems; solutions which they are uniquely placed to provide. So expect frank advice on whether there is a good precast solution or not.  

detailing, where possible, to improve buildability, durability and aesthetics; the client will be offered choices. Wilco has seen and solved just about every possible problem and this, combined with its modern quality assurance programme, ensures the best outcomes.

Sustainability Sustainability is inbuilt into the fabric of Wilco Precast and it remains at the forefront of the company’s contribution toward present day construction being future proofed. The construction industry has the social and economic responsibility to produce sustainable building solutions that will not compromise future generations and the environment.

When it comes to design and shop drawings, Wilco believes its experience should be put to use in the interest of all parties. The result is the customer can expect Wilco to propose alternatives to architectural and engineering

Wilco practises environmentally friendly procedures to contribute towards the company’s concerted effort to reduce waste and emissions and increase recycling of materials.

Wilco practises environmentally friendly procedures to contribute towards the company’s concerted effort to reduce waste and emissions and increase recycling of materials.

Eden Park


When it comes time to pricing the precast components for your project you can expect Wilco to give a clear and complete offer which spells out inclusions and exclusions and the commercial terms of the offer.

The life cycle of precast concrete is another aspect of sustainability. It doesn’t rust like steel or rot like wood, nor does it provide nutrients for mould and is unaffected by moisture, making it a healthy building option for the New Zealand climate. Indoor air quality and material use is becoming more important as the government looks to eliminate poor performing building materials that have contributed to the large number of leaky buildings in New Zealand.

Product range Wilco’s range of precast product offerings span the commercial, residential and civil markets. The ability to construct precast off site, in factory conditions, allows Wilco to manufacture to the required specifications, size and finish – all quickly and economically. Wilco’s state of the art precast facility allows for flexibility in manufacturing various products for each specific project. The product range includes beams and columns, wall and cladding panels, exposed aggregate panels, stairs and landings, motorway barriers and Litecrete lightweight precast concrete.

Litecrete lightweight precast concrete Wilco has developed the first lightweight precast concrete system in New Zealand – Litecrete. It is half the weight of normal precast concrete and can be used in both residential and commercial construction. The product is made using pumice aggregate which offers inbuilt insulation; four times the insulation value of normal precast concrete or masonry. For instance, to comply with the Building Code H1 Energy Efficiency, in Climate Zone 1, the Litecrete residential walls are 220 mm thick. Once installed the Litecrete panels are virtually complete and only require decorating; no strapping and lining, supplementary insulation or plasterboard. Litecrete out-performs timber, masonry and bricks. It is the only durable, structural, thermal and fire resistant material all in one product. It has superior acoustic properties, is non-organic, fire-resistant, rot proof and moisture and pestresistant. For more information visit:


Litecrete used on Sharpac Building,Tauranga

Reoco wish to congratulate Wilco Precast on their 50 year anniversary

Mike Fox Director Reoco Ltd 15 Beasley Ave, Penrose PO Box 12575, Penrose 1642 Auckland, New Zealand Ph 09 579 4646 Fax 09 579 8787 Mobile 021 669 084

EPS Engineering is a general engineering company that provides a variety of fabricated steel products for clients throughout New Zealand. We congratulate Wilco Precast for their achievements over the last 50 years in business. To find out more about EPS Engineering contact Mike at   July/August 2013 81

Property & Construction | Wilco Precast



Merchant Quarter

Projects Wilco has supplied a diverse range of products to a vast array of projects during the last 50 years, from staircases in the Skytower to high rise apartment cladding panels to components for retirement villages. Two examples showing Wilco’s expertise are the Merchant Quarter at New Lynn and Men’s Correctional Facility at Wiri, South Auckland.

Merchant Quarter, New Lynn Wilco supplied 196 geometrically shaped precast concrete façade panels for the Merchant Quarter project at New Lynn.

The asymmetrical panel thicknesses varied from 550mm to 180mm and required 390 cubic metres of concrete. Hawkins Construction manager, Robert Hodgkinson says “In winning this contract one of the top five risks that we identified was achieving the timely procurement of the precast façade. If the panels were late or the complex geometry of the panels not exact then the critical path for the project would be delayed. “The whole process has gone remarkably smoothly and the quality is stunning. The client and consultant team have also commented about the high quality of the precast panels. The architect and structural

Men's Correctional Facility

Wilco has supplied a diverse range of products to a vast array of projects during the last 50 years, from staircases in the Skytower to high rise apartment cladding panels to components for retirement villages.

engineer have remarked how well the shop drawing process went and complimented Wilco on their friendly manner in working through revisions and solving many complex and mind challenging geometrical issues.

Men’s Correctional Facility, Wiri Late last year Wilco won the contract to supply approximately 2000 precast wall and floor panels for the new $840 million, 960 bed Men’s Correctional Facility at Wiri, due to open in 2015. The Y shaped internal wall panels are being cast in vertical steel moulds, using self compacting concrete which is pumped in from the bottom of the moulds. All electrical conduits, weld plates and penetration holes have also been cast-in during the manufacturing process. The floor panels, which sit on top of the walls, form the ceiling of the cells beneath. These panels have a rebate cast-in to form the shower base, along with conduits for plumbing, electrics and fire sprinklers. Roughly 3000 cubic metres of concrete, along with 300 tonnes of reinforcing steel, will be required to complete the precast components by October this year.

82 July/August 2013

The next half century Precast’s popularity will undoubtedly rise due to its speed and efficiency – two prerequisites of modern business. And with Wilco firmly placed at the helm of the Auckland market, it will continue to provide services with utmost professionalism underpinned with a healthy 50 years of experience. The ever changing physical landscape of Auckland offers those with quality products and services, to step forward and fill the gaps. Precast offers the diversity, decoration and adaptability that a growing city requires and as Auckland grows, as will Wilco Precast.

Wilco Precast Limited 66 Boundary Road Papakura Auckland T (09) 295 1606 E LiteCrete T (09) 295 1051 E — Advertising Feature



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between June – November 2013 and Receive 50% OFF any golf activities you may wish to include during your stay with us; Discount includes: Green Fees, Cart Hire and ANY Gear Hire

Formosa Golf Resort is an all inclusive facility that offers golf, driving range, sportscomplex, clubhouse with private function rooms, as well as accommodation on site and fully licensed restaurant. • 18-hole PGA Standard Golf Course • 50 Luxury Villa Rooms • Conference / Function / Wedding Venue • Sports Complex • Driving Range • Panoramic Sea Views

110 Jack Lachlan Drive Beachlands, Auckland Ph: 09 536 4712

Property & Construction | Target Painters

On target Whether you require a straight forward paint job or a larger scale projects, Target Painters has the skills and solutions to tackle the task.

quality paint colour advice wallpaper

Proud suppliers to Target Painters Celebrating their 20th anniversary!


0800 RESENE (737 363)

In 1992, Sid utilised his experience and started the business with six painters and began by doing everything himself including estimating, securing the contracts, running the projects and all the administrative work. By providing clients with expertise and a constant superior customer service, Target Painters has flourished over the years and now employs a team of quantity surveyors, site managers, administrative staff and some 100 painters. “Today, with the combined experience of the team, we have a broader range of knowledge, skills and contacts, increasing our ability to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We are able to apply best practice to all of our contracts,” he says. Target Painters has relied on both commercial partners and residential clients along with its suppliers in the on-going growth and success of the business. “We are committed to keep expanding this growth - a lot of our business has come from word of mouth. It’s great to know that clients are happy with our work and that they are referring us on to new clients.

Auckland Airport Pier 16


in the Auckland area, including intumescent The business has been providing high quality residential, commercial and industrial painting (fire rated paint), wall covering, structural steel painting, line marking, textured systems, services since 1992. extensive spraying and plasterboard linings. Owned and run by Sid Cheah, a qualified Sid explains that his business has successfully quantity surveyor, Target Painters provides lasted for more than 20 years in a demanding the painting services to suit your needs. and constantly changing industry. “Target From high rise buildings to event centres, Painters has built a solid reputation on car parks and government facilities, the painting to a very high standard whilst business is forging its way in high end building solid relationships with my suppliers, commercial finishes. most of which have supported me from the Using top quality products and expertise very start. Target Painters is able to offer high quality painting jobs, all within an agreed completed “Our clients include all the major construction companies, retirement villages, hospitals, time. Sid and his team have extensive property investors and home owners. Hawkins knowledge of quality painting and coating Construction, Macrennie Construction and materials, which means they are able to complete all projects to the highest standard. Dominion Construction are a small handful of some of the businesses we work with.” The company covers all aspects of painting

What Target does

• Painting

Today, with the combined experience of the team, we have a broader range of knowledge, skills and contacts, increasing our ability to achieve the best outcome for our clients. - OWNER, SID CHEAH

“The continuous support from my suppliers and the hard work from my staff has pushed the business to where it is today. After 20 years in business I’m still very much a ‘hands on’ man and like to be involved with all of our projects.” Sid further explains how he plans to be the most efficient painting contractor in the industry by keeping a strong reliable service and offering competitive prices to his clients. Although Target Painters is now firmly cemented and renowned in the painting industry as one of Auckland’s most trusted contractors, Sid knows the business has had to work hard to overcome obstacles that have tested him along the way.

Telephone: 09 524 6139 Freephone: (NZ) 0800 508 800 Email:

• Property Maintenance • Wallpapering • Timber Repairs • Texturing & Stopping • Industrial Spraying • Intumescent Coatings • Protective Coatings. “Overcoming cash flow problems when clients pay slow or don’t pay was difficult when starting out. We had a couple of main setbacks when a couple of builders fell over but we recovered. “Over the years we have completed a wide range of commercial projects such as the Britomart Precinct with Hawkins Construction. We were there nearly three years and at one stage there were over four site managers and 60 painters. “The Britomart project was extremely demanding with multiple stages and hand-overs to the client. We worked some very long hours and worked with many different trades, due to multiple design changes during construction. Prepared to work long hours and even weekends Target Painters is without a doubt prepared to go that extra mile. “Whatever is thrown at us along the way, when projects are completed it gives me and my team a great feeling of accomplishment. The industry is very competitive; you have to keep adapting to survive and that’s what we will do.”

Zone Architectural Products has a long standing relationship with Target Painters & Decorators, and over the years have worked closely with them on dozens of projects around the North Island such as the ASB Theatre, Air New Zealand Hanger, Waikato Hospital and Merchant Quarter. We are pleased to have Target Painters & Decorators as one of our Approved Applicators for CAP Intumescent Coatings for Timber and Phoenix Intumescent Coatings for Steel, as we can trust in them to provide quality work and uphold the integrity of our brands. The team at Zone would like to congratulate Sid and the team at Target on their 20th Anniversary; we look forward to working together for many more years to come.

84 July/August 2013

Property & Construction | Target Painters

A big thank you Sid and the team would like to say a big thank you to their suppliers, most of which have supported Target Painters from the start. Resene Paints “My first supplier when I first started – have received great support throughout the years.” Altex Coatings “John Barnes and team has provided invaluable assistance for protective and intumescent coatings.” Zone NZ Britomart Downtown Auckland



New Lynn merchant quarter


Amac Waterblasting “Alan Mac and I go back to the caves days and we are still going mighty strong.”

“Target Painters has been a customer of Resene Paints for over 20 years. I personally have worked with Sid and Target Painters for 10 years of that time.

Dulux paints “A very supportive supplier, we have done many great projects together.”

It has been a very rewarding relationship, certainly for Resene. I find Sid very easy to work with, he’s a man of his word who takes a lot of pride in his business, his staff and the projects he undertakes.

Placemakers “Been our main supplier for GIB board and other building materials for the past few years.”

“He has a lot of long term customers which further underlines the strength of his Business and the quality of work he undertakes. He also has a great sense of humour and rarely gets rattled, something that serves him well in the commercial construction industry. I would have no hesitation in recommending Target Painters to any prospective customer.”

ASB theatre in Aotea Square


- Craig Cassidy, northern regional manager, Resene Paints

“A main Intumescent Paint supplier. Say hello the three Richards!”

Target Painters Unit A3 269 Mt Smart Road Auckland T (09) 589 1388 E — Advertising Feature


• • • • • •



Proud to have supplied building materials to Target Painters


These exterior cleaning services are available for residential as well as commercial customers.

‘Proud to be supplying paint to Target Painters’

Placemakers Mt Wellington Ph: 09 570 8300   July/August 2013 85

Property & Construction | Hi-Q Components

Where to get those vital ingredients Hi-Q Components specialises in providing ‘whatchamacallits, thingamabobs, gizmos, widgets, doodats and stuff’ – as its website and slogan states. This simplified version of the company’s services has been cleverly converted into laymen’s terms with a humorous slant, yet it captures the true essence of Hi-Q Components’ stock. With thousands of electronic and plastic components for the manufacturing and industrial sectors, Hi-Q is the go-to company for the small yet vital ingredients of the bigger picture.

History Hi-Q Components is a family business, New Zealand owned and operated for more than 30 years. Founded by Doug Higham, an electronics-based worker who saw the opportunity to manufacture plastic spacers. Doug eventually began to import a wide range of plastic and electronic components after expanding due to widespread customer demand. The business has since expanded again and in 2002 Doug’s son Richard took over at the helm. “My father started this business with the view to provide plastic components yet as the times changed, so did demand and we adapted to the changing needs of our customers,” Richard says. Today, Richard is proud to say his 20 year old son also works in the business along with

Proudly HI-Q Supporting d Lt Electronics

his six other valued employees who work harmoniously to provide clients with an efficient, seamless service. Originally registered in 1984 as Hi-Q Electronics Ltd, the company now trades under the name Hi-Q Components and underwent a successful rebrand orchestrated by local firm Gardyne Holt in 2009 (which included a new logo, new look catalogues, website and the catchy ‘whatchamacallits’ slogan). “The rebranding came at a good time for us, as the global recession was hitting businesses hard, we recognised we had to read well and be found easily in all mediums. This has worked well for us and we pulled through the recession registering solid growth in recent years.”

Manufacturing success Every machine needs its cogs and this is where Hi-Q Components presents itself as the solution to many a problem. With a huge range of stockpiled components and five different catalogues in which to search their wares, manufacturers can rest assured Hi-Q has the item in stock to finish their chosen project and there is no minimum order requirements.

Premier Freight Forwarding company for Air, Sea, Road & Rail operations.

We often have requests to assist in the last minute design or manufacture of a vital component. We help find the small solutions that have a big impact - RICHARD HIGHAM

09 2777373 | E:

Imported components often come cheaper - but at what expense? Quality? Quantity? Many suppliers overseas can offer cheaper components, yet their minimum order may concern plenty of customers. Hi-Q Components offer free samples to illustrate the quality of its stock and virtually no minimum order is required (within reason), saving customers the issue of potentially having to over-order to suffice their needs. Richard insists the reputation of Hi-Q Components within the industry is a key factor in the company’s long standing success. “We have plenty of repeat custom and supply components to manufacturers who will be producing consistently over many years and we’re often the first port of call when they need a new component.”

Niche work The niche market of plastic hardware and electronic components spans many sectors including electronic, electrical, engineering, automotive, safety, marine, refrigeration, hydraulics, construction and even aviation.

Congratulations to Hi-Q Electronics Limited Baldwins’ services cover the full cycle of intellectual property management from acquisition of intellectual property rights to strategic development, commercialisation and enforcement of these rights.

Injection Moulded Plastics Industries Ltd SAVE up to 80% on our “full design to finished product” service for the manufacture of plastic articles and components.

Specialists in biodegradable plastics 09 426 1084 |

Ph 09 373 3137


86 July/August 2013

Providing for these niche markets means being agile, as not every company requires the bulk import of a wide range of components and may require a small run of tailored, hard to find components. Hi-Q Components can often be the first call when the last component is required, such is the company’s extensive and diverse range of stock. “We often have requests to assist in the last minute design or manufacture of a vital component. We help find the small solutions that have a big impact.”

Property & Construction | Hi-Q Components

The 3-in-1 cap A perfect example of Hi-Q Components’ adaptability is the introduction of the 3-in-1 cap for safety on New Zealand’s building sites. The component fits onto D10, D12, D16 reinforcing bars, Warratah ‘Y’ metal stakes and scaffold tubes. To combat potentially fatal hazards on building sites, Hi-Q Components began manufacturing the multi-purpose 3-in1 cap to aid in the protection of site workers. Needless to say the Christchurch market has seen a significant increase in the number of safety caps needed as the re-build becomes increasingly safety vigilant.

Online The Hi-Q Components website offers a virtual portal into the modern Albany warehouse ( A large part of the plastics component range has been listed for online purchase to make the task of searching for the right component a little less time consuming. The home page directs the customer to the desired catalogue where they can browse the listings of intricate components at ease. Richard believes the customer is king and Hi-Q Components provides a quick, same day dispatch to anywhere in the world and with customers in Australia, Singapore, Philippines, Bahrain, Hong Kong, China, USA, Mexico, Germany and France as well as right here in New Zealand, they certainly know how to export efficiently.

Challenges welcome The nature of the industry Hi-Q Components supplies is highly interchangeable. Many components may be required that don’t currently exist. Step forward the team at Hi-Q.

“We boast a wide range of components that we have systematically stockpiled over the years and if we have it, we sell it.”

The Future Richard has purposely upgraded the company website to provide the wealth of online information for customers who are becoming far more web-savvy when it comes to ordering. The stock data is available in PDF format and the customer can be guaranteed a swift delivery, as the team strives to provide an efficient logistical service by shipping any orders the same day. Within the circles Hi-Q Components moves in, it is certainly well known. Reputable and long-standing, the company is a staple for the plastic hardware and electronic component market that the manufacturing industry depends upon.

Here at Hi-Q Components we want to be an industry leader, known for innovative solutions to both the international and local manufacturing markets

While the company has plenty of repeat custom through previous clients who have productions that include a Hi-Q component, Richard sees growth for his family owned business. “Here at Hi-Q Components we want to be an industry leader, known for innovative solutions to both the international and local manufacturing markets,” he says. The long established supplier relationship with trusted, ISO approved manufacturers from around the world has ensured a definite strength of quality throughout Hi-Q Components’ range. As the appointed New Zealand distributor for Switches Plus Components Australia, the company obviously has the kudos required to represent respected overseas brands.

So the next time you need a thingamabob, think Hi- Components, and pick up the The key focus of the company has been, and phone or visit is, to provide customers with efficient practical to see if they stock the whatchamacallit that solutions to hardware or electrical needs you need. which can often mean a large amount of problem solving. Hi-Q Components Hi-Q Components has the experience and knowledge when it comes to providing the correct thingamabob or whatchamacallit. We’ve all been there; the ‘final piece of the jigsaw’ moment when it seems all avenues have been exhausted, but the team Hi-Q Components can assist in providing that final, all-important piece.

6C Douglas Alexander Parade Albany Auckland T (09) 415 3333 T 0800 800 293 E — Advertising Feature   July/August 2013 87

Property & Construction | Watts & Hughes Construction

Building solutions for any sector The saying you’re only as good as your last project exists for a reason and one New Zealand construction company honours this sentiment. Watts and Hughes doesn’t take for granted its previous successes and it certainly doesn’t take liberties based on its impeccable reputation. As a multi-disciplined organisation, its prime directive is to commit the same energy, passion and creativity to every project undertaken – a commitment upheld since its inception in the early 1980s. It works according to a strong professional philosophy – “we are committed to doing the job correct first time – every time”.

Ahead of the game Watts and Hughes is a specialist in the construction and property development sectors. The company can start its involvement in a project at any stage and specialises in multiple areas: • Assisting with budget control • Offering a broad range of construction techniques • Setting efficient timelines to overcome, or offset potential construction period difficulties. With roots in Auckland for more than 30 years, and in Tauranga since 2004, the company benefited from an amalgamation in 2010 to strengthen a position in the market that was already rock solid. Today, Watts and Hughes’ work can be seen, felt, and experienced all throughout New Zealand from the North through to the South Island. Its portfolio is all-inclusive, offering a range of construction management services including civil, industrial, recreational, retail, commercial, residential and educational. The work undertaken by the company is as varied as it is challenging and its recent Pukekohe office and retail development project, which provided a home for iconic New Zealand commercial institution, Farmers, was no exception to that trend.

Electrical Contractors & Engineers. All classes of installation & Repair

The company secured the contract after a competitive tender process – a win that contract manager Steve Gutteridge says owes to Watts and Hughes’ competitive edge and formidable reputation.

Telephone 09 579 8376 Fax 09 579 5135 147 Station Road, PO Box 12253, Penrose, Auckland 1642

09 589 1388

The Watts and Hughes site team for this build have significant large project delivery experience and comprehensive experience in retail complex builds. Delivering the project early came down to careful, considered and strategic, yet flexible programming. - CONTRACT MANAGER, STEVE GUTTERIDGE

Not only did the team from Watts and Hughes and its associated sub-contractors complete the build under the $20 million, the project was finished three months in advance. Steve says the wealth of experience committed to the job was at the core of this achievement.

The development accumulated a staggering 195,000 man hours – with an attention to detail that was microscopic in nature.

“The Watts and Hughes site team for this build have significant large project delivery experience and comprehensive experience in retail complex builds. Delivering the project early came down to careful, considered and strategic, yet flexible programming.

“The project also had no environmental issues, which was achieved by strict adherence to our own environmental plan.

“The pre-emptive co-ordination of each of the different build components and having them all delivered to site on time and as required, meant that the speed with which we continued the project continued to increase over time.”

“The site was audited regularly by our own safety officer and numerous times by an independent safety company, with outstanding results,” Steve confirms.

A robust and seamless relationship with its sub-contractors and suppliers also played a critical and integral role in the build process. To complement its own professional philosophy that underpins all its own work, Watts and Hughes looks for quality in its partnerships –the first class kind of quality that is second to none. “We are extremely grateful to all our partners who worked efficiently, honestly

iDAC CONSTRUCTION 2 Lilford Place, Half Moon Bay, Manukau 2012 P +64 9 534 1440,


Property & Construction | Watts & Hughes Construction A detailed vision The Pukekohe office and retail development is a mixed use commercial building with associated car parking facilities. Its look and feel is robust and sleek – a marriage of practical and creative innovation. Materials include extensive structural steel, pre-cast panels, aluminium joinery and metal roofing. The carpark structure is made from structural steel and pre-cast panel with a speed floor flooring system.

and reliably during this development. Special thanks to all involved including T.S Bishop Electrical, Target Painters, Auckland Speedfloor Contracting, Bradnam’s, Tempest and Triangle Fire Protection. “We are especially grateful to our subcontractors. The biggest thing for us when we align ourselves with a subcontractor is quality. “It is vital they have the experience to follow through and we look closely at their previous projects and portfolio to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge required for the project at hand.” Supported by a strong subcontracting team, Watts and Hughes was able to capitalise on its skill base and offer the development the full scope of required works – from concept through to creation. “We did a combination of everything, which really owed to the extensive range of ability we had on the project team,” Steve says. “We co-ordinated the plumbing, mechanical, electrical, fire, data and security side of the work, under the design and build.”

Given its unwavering dedication to producing exceptional results, it’s no surprise that quality assurance was closely managed by Watts and Hughes throughout the process to maintain continuity in pace and result.

incorporate unique patterns and colours to create a modern aesthetic look.” The building has been completed with high quality internal finishes, a generous 3.3m high ceiling to give the building the flow and vibe it deserves, tiled floors and vibrant full height floor to ceiling retail display windows, which are designed to capture the attention and imagination of shoppers.

“Contemporary materials were specified throughout the development,” Steve confirms.

“Amenity planting and specially designed external lighting have a strong presence and traditional architecture is prevalent with the use of continuous flush glaze aluminium joinery featured tinted glass and back painted glass panels.”

“The use of powder coated aluminium profiled steel cladding was used together with paint finished pre-cast panels. These panels have a strong decorative feel and

The building consists of three levels of retail and office spaces with an adjoining car parking facility spilt over four levels and connected by internal vehicle ramps.

“Full design and co-ordination meetings were held by us weekly to ensure continuity and interaction on site. Our own ISO (international standard for organisation) systems were also fully utilised, which ensured a high quality finish.” Backing up Watts and Hughes’ experience and partnerships is its Master Builders Association membership. This membership is true testament to its capabilities, comprehensive building experience, qualifications and practical management experience. Watts and Hughes Construction has won numerous awards at the Master Builders annual ceremony, which celebrates the country’s best work.

TEMPEST Air Conditioning Systems

Triangle Fire Protection are proud to work with Watts & Hughes on the Design & Build fire protection at Pukekohe Retail Development Contact Number 09-4808896 | Email

• Leading NZ Designer, Manufacturer and Installer of Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning systems. • Simple, efficient and cost effective. • Large Retail, Commercial, Education, Industrial. • Nationwide Installers.

Proud to be a part of the Pukekohe Retail Project.

PHONE (09) 415 6960   July/August 2013 89

Property & Construction | Watts & Hughes Construction

What Watts and Hughes do • Watts and Hughes Construction is a multi-disciplined organisation specialising in the construction and property development sectors • Its directors are owners, operators, managers and decision makers • Watts and Hughes offers a professional team of highly qualified individuals that ensure client requirements are the focus of any project and that client expectations of quality, delivery and value are exceeded • Its portfolio is all-inclusive - offering a range of construction management services including civil, industrial, recreational, retail, commercial, residential and educational • Watts and Hughes Construction has won numerous awards at the Master Builders

Level by level annual ceremony, which celebrates the country’s best work • The company recently completed a five storey Pukekohe office and retail development

Ground floor The ground floor has five retail tenancies, with Farmers representing the anchor tenant and occupying 4000 sqm of retail space.

• The project was completed under the budget of $20m

The remaining tenancies on this floor range from 108 sqm – 426 sqm. These stores will be easily accessible via, and encompassed by, the new shopping mall. Dedicated foyer entrances provide internal access to the second floor commercial tenancies.

• Iconic New Zealand business Farmers is the anchor tenant on the first floor of the build

The ground floor has 33 covered car park spaces and two loading bays.

• The building has been completed with high quality internal finishes, a generous 3.3m high ceiling to give the building the flow and vibe it deserves, tiled floors and vibrant full height floor to ceiling retail display windows, which are designed to capture the attention and imagine of shoppers.

First floor

Third floor

The first floor has committed another 4,000 sqm retail space to Farmers. This space is connected to the ground floor by two centrally located escalators public and goods lifts and fire egress stairways.

The third floor has 75 covered car parks, common stairways and a public lift.

• The development accumulated a staggering 195,000 man-hours with an attention to detail that was microscopic in nature

There are 106 covered car parks that have access to the Farmers tenancy.

Fourth floor The fourth floor has 80 uncovered car parks with access to common stairways and a public lift.

Second floor The second floor has seven office tenancies ranging in size from 199 sqm to 1,658 sqm, providing a gross floor area of 3,335 sqm. This office space is serviced by 123 covered car parks that provide access to the office tenancies and associated common stairways, as well as public lift.

Watts & Hughes Construction 15b Vesty Drive Mount Wellington Auckland T (09) 573 5750 E — Advertising Feature

Proud to be associated with Watts & Hughes Construction

When you need Value call Kiwi Roofing! 09 263 9988 | |

mk For all your landscaping requirements: • • • • • • •

Re-vegetation & planting projects. Landscape construction. Specimen tree and plant nursery. Garden care. Mowing & Open Space Management Plant hire & special events. Earthworks & drainage.


master kelwin

f loors

FROM A COMPREHENSIVE UNDERSTANDING OF FLOORING NEEDS ACROSS VIRTUALLY ALL COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENTS. Master Kelwin offers clients a commercial flooring project solution that will make a difference to your business and beyond. 373 Nellson Street, Penrose, Auckland 1061 Tel: 09 276 6242 Fax: 09 276 9940 E:

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Property & Construction | Noticeboard Products

Take notice Ok, it’s true – you don’t need to be Einstein to work out what product range Noticeboard Products has specialised in since its inception in 1991. But what the name of this busy little business doesn’t give away, is just how committed its owners are when it comes to research and development. They are committed to staying one step ahead of the game and work hard to keep their finger on the professional pulse when it comes to changing consumer wants and needs. Owner and operators Chris and Angie Wallace are a dynamic duo. He brings the engineering smarts, she the sales and marketing nous. Together, they’re unstoppable when it comes to developing Noticeboard Products and they’ve been injecting their own creative energy into the business since they took it over in 2003. The Wallaces have a longstanding affiliation with Noticeboard Products that goes beyond their ownership of the business. Angie Wallace was working in a sales capacity for the previous owners when they put the business up for sale for their retirement.

provided us with a great basis to start with. When we bought Noticeboard Products, Chris and I were ready to make our mark on it,” she says. Customisation was the key objective for the Wallaces when they took it over – developing unique designs that would make customers take notice – no pun intended. And take notice they have. “Our best strength is that we can custom make anything within our extensive range of whiteboards, blackboards and pinboards among other products,” Angie explains. It is the breadth of the company’s range that has helped it retain a competitive edge in an overpopulated marketplace. “We don’t cater for a select channel in the market,” she says. “We really work hard to offer a variety of products that appeal to commercial demographics including cafés, bars, restaurants and retailers, as well as sports clubs, kindergartens and schools.”

A king size range Noticeboard Products’ range includes whiteboards, blackboards, pinboards, corkboards and planner boards. There are also combination boards, coaching sports boards, stands and easels, specialty products and accessories up for grabs.

In addition, the company provides special “We knew the original owners for a long time, offers to its customers – all of which can be viewed online at: and they were actually neighbours of ours. I knew a lot about the business itself, which

The company’s fabric wrapped panels are both aesthetically and functionally valuable and have the ability to transform a space. A kaleidoscope of colours in the range means boards can be designed to suit and reflect any space. Sizes range from 230mm x 325mm right through to 1200mm x 3600mm and can be custom made depending on the space restrictions within a room. “We offer a complete range of noticeboards available to suit any budget,” Angie confirms. “Boards are available with a choice of clean pine frame to ensure no unsightly knots, or other timber blemishes, or a stylish anodised aluminium frame with rounded plastic corners.” The company’s innovative factory gives life to the individuality introduced to the Noticeboard Product range. “Technology in this industry is constantly evolving so we make sure we always remain aware of what is going on,” Angie says. “We are very mindful of keeping up to date with what the industry is doing and we have acquired new technology over the years to keep up with changing customer needs. “Thanks to his engineering background, Chris has a great ability to build other resources that we need. His engineering skills in this area really have paid dividends.”


Aluminium Extrusion & Sheet, Scaffolding & Ladders. Fasteners, Sealants, Hardware & lots more.

Working alongside other industries including construction, the company has also built excellent relationships with other companies that inspire new work opportunities for Noticeboard Products.

Pinning down the challenges Despite its growth and strategic partnerships, Angie concedes there have been a number of challenges for the business that it has had to pin down and overcome. The rise of cheaper imports flooding into New Zealand, which represent a less robust but more economical option for the market, have given Noticeboard Products a run for its money and Angie says the company has worked hard to emphasis the unique quality of its range. “Imports really do provide stiff competition for us, but we are proudly New Zealand made and we ourselves are very committed to buying and supporting other local business where we can – that is very important to us. “Because of the competitive industry we are participating in, we are extremely mindful of how important it is that we develop reliable, innovative and quality products, so our customers can have complete confidence in what we are offering them.”

Noticeboard Products Ltd PO Box 38895 Howick Auckland T (09) 576 4830 E — Advertising Feature

Proud suppliers and supporters of Noticeboard Products PO Box 22244 Otahuhu, Auckland Ph 09 276 3789 Fax 09 276 7814,

Proudly Supporting Noticeboards Products for Over 10 Years



freight management solution

Courier and freight agents providing attractive rates from selected domestic and international providers. Managed via our SweetSpot software, creating choices and allowing you to optimise.

Solution providers to Noticeboard Products. 09 533 5537 | 021 966 122 www.sweetsp

Displayed at Total Building Solutions Showhome 3 Lombardia Way, Karaka Habourside Estates, Karaka

Picture Framing | Door Components

Ph: 07 883 8314 E:

VENDOR REFILL MANAGEMENT LTD Intelligent Hardware Inventory Solutions Vendor Refill Management sales, merchandising and ordering services Increasing sales to suppliers and manufacturers nationwide; VRM market intelligence Ph: 021 364 604 Fax: 07 825 7559 Freephone: 0508 876 876 Email:

Spectrum Wall is exclusive to Modish Textiles, who Import and Wholesale nationwide. Spectrum is held as a stock line in Auckland. Modish also Imports and wholesale’s Upholstery and Soft Furnishing fabrics nationwide.

We are proud to supply Spectrum Wall to Noticeboard Products for pinboards and School Wallboard applications. P 094436344 F 094436340 E   July/August 2013 91

Property & Construction | Waller Projects

Bringing designs alive For more than 20 years Mark Waller has helped many a satisfied customer achieve their property dreams, from new builds to large scale renovations and conceptual architectural designs.

or architect (or both) Mark personally advises on a programme that includes fixed pricing and detailed construction plans to keep the customer informed at all times. Working closely with a reliable and tight knit network of suppliers, Waller Projects can transform a customer’s dream from the realm of idea or blueprint, into reality. Mark prides his company on the strategic planning that has consistently delivered success throughout the years. With meticulous preparation, intelligent product selection, accurate documentation, feasibility evaluations and overall professional execution, Waller Projects seamlessly constructs dream homes with utmost customer satisfaction.

Waller Projects is overseen by founder Mark Waller who personally built the company on strong, customer focused foundations. An S2 licenced building practitioner and registered member of the Master Builders Association, Waller Projects can boast of having high end credentials – the sort reflected in its impressive work.

Design and build

Homestar certified Improving the performance of homes and building is a key objective of Waller Projects and is provided through sustainable design and construction methods. Waller Projects can provide a Homestar rating for your new house or renovation which is certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Collaborating with architects excites Waller Projects; the company enjoys the task of conceptual, interesting design and therefore values any partnerships that broaden the company’s already stunning portfolio. Waller Projects can design and tailor build to suit any budget or brief. One on one communication will continue consistently throughout the process to ensure the journey is a smooth, personable one.

Mark personally presides over each project from conception to completion to ensure the The Homestar rating is similar system to which you would expect on a new appliance customer satisfaction guarantee is upheld. and is focused on making New Zealand homes A source of pride for Mark is the company’s warm, healthy and comfortable places to live ability to get jobs through previous customer with minimal environmental impact. recommendations. “Word of mouth is our best form of advertising to date, our satisfied customers seem more than happy to recommend us which shows that we obviously carry out professional, high quality work,” he says.

New builds A large proportion of Waller Projects’ market share comes in the form of new builds and new homes. Working closely with the client

Renovations With house prices at a premium, renovating or extending an existing property provides a cost effective solution that will add value to a home. Waller Projects is experienced in extensions, renovations and home makeovers and can provide a full design-build turn-key service including consent and interior design. In recent years Waller Projects has completed some substantial renovations for both architects and home owners.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

The future

• Deal with a single point of contact who is a qualified project manager, quantity surveyor and government-licensed building practitioner

Waller Projects will continue to provide the Greater Auckland region with a high quality, reliable building service while simultaneously increasing the company skill-set and forming exciting new partnerships. Contact Mark Waller today to discuss how your plans can be brought to fruition.

Waller Projects 33 Punga Road Whenuapai Auckland T (09) 416 7643 E

• Peace of mind through 10 year Master Build Guarantee • Proven project management • Use of Quality Assurance Plan; checklist and systems to ensure a quality end product is in line with ISO 9002 practices

• Team of builders, suppliers and contractors who are leaders in their fields • 20 years of experience in cost management assures the customer of sound advice and alternative solutions • Waller Projects can offer competitive pricing based on a good supplier and subcontractor network • Waller Projects only uses the best in the business.

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0800 GO VIVID (0800 46 8484) Wall restoration to paint finish (skimming)


Plasterboard supplied fixed and stopped Fibrous plaster, cove, cornice and moulds Install and plaster fibrous sheets Level 5 airless spraying

Aidan Higgins 021 114 2574

Your wall restoration & plasterboard specialists

Providing high quality electrical, audio visual, data and security systems throughout the Auckland region.

Your building. Our Project. We can efficiently manage and execute your new building, development, renovation or remodelling project from concept to completion, on-brief, on-budget and on-time. No job too daunting – all challenges accepted! n(09) 416 7643 E 92 July/August 2013


Property & Construction | RH King & Sons Ltd

Steel fabrication specialists There is a saying that some ascribe to, that there is ‘no job too big or too small’ and after 50 years in business it couldn’t be more true than for RH King and Sons Ltd. Since starting out in the 1950s RH King and Sons has fabricated everything from steel furniture, construction beams, stainless steel benches and truck-sized commercial ovens to the smallest shelving and design details. Like many innovative Kiwi businesses RH King and Sons started from humble beginnings in the back of a garage, founded by Bob King - a man who grew up in the steel trade supplying fittings during World War II. After becoming a fabrication specialist, Bob set out on his own, to be joined later by his two sons Graham and Grant. The company has expanded and diversified during the years with Graham and Grant at the helm, the business is staffed by a knowledgeable and friendly team of 20. Sales manager Mark Warren says the team is proud to have served many Kiwi businesses during its time. “Several of our clients are still with us into their third generation. We’ve helped our customers through all manner of economic and political eras. “Our skilled team can assist you with stainless steel benchtops, splashbacks, shower trays, tables, commercial kitchens, trolleys, bain maries, handrails, balustrades, furniture bases and legs, wall linings, steel beams, channels, gates, chutes - just about anything else imaginable.” RH King and Sons is happy to provide free quotes, friendly assistance, and suggestions on design concepts. “We pride ourselves on using quality materials from reputable suppliers and use methods that ensure the jobs are completed

to the highest standard. We have had great relationships with our suppliers such as Tata Steel (British Steel originally) for decades and since moving to Gordon Road in Morningside 12 years ago, we have used our friendly neighbours at Carters – St Lukes almost everyday. “Another trusted supplier is Mercer. We go back a long way as most of our staff did their apprenticeships at Mercer in the past and we have used their quality stainless bowls for decades,” Mark explains. With 50 years under the businesses belt RH King and Sons has also been given the manufacturing rights to the AOM (Air and Odour Management) system New Zealand wide and will be involved with installing the new systems. “These systems basically treat the air before it is released into the atmosphere from commercial restaurants and cafés and neutralises the odour using ozone generators and or electrostatic filters,” Mark says. With a number of exciting projects on the horizon and many completed already this year such as new commercial kitchens for Burgerfuel, a number of commercial restaurant kitchens and extraction systems throughout the local area in Auckland.

What they do Residential


• Stainless steel benchtops

• Steel beams

• Rangehoods & balustrades

• Flitch plates

• Handrails

• Handrails

“We would like to grow the company as much as we can while skilling up the next generation to fabricate the kitchens of the future.

• Cabinets

• Channels

• Splashbacks

• Commercial ovens



“With 300 plus years experience in our factory we are considered the leaders in our field by those in the know. We have relied on word of mouth business and long term relationships to become what we are today, by using the highest quality stainless steel, glue and building materials.”

• Stainless kitchens

• Tables

• Extraction hoods

• Chairs

• Ducting

• Cabinetry

• Grease converters

• Braisiers

• Extraction hoods

• Shelving.

RH King and Sons Ltd 5 Gordon Road Morningside Auckland T (09) 845 2936 E — Advertising Feature

e e in N ew Z

Mercer are experts in stainless steel. We are the only manufacturer of pressed stainless steel bowls in New Zealand and we provide both 304 and 316 grade pressed bowls.




d Ma

al a nd

Perfect for stainless steel bench-tops

F ri e n

d   July/August 2013 93


And now we’ve improved our site to make things even better to ensure you get quality applicants, not dozens of unauthorised overseas applicants that you can’t pronounce.

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Property & Construction | Control Temp Specialists

Keeping your cool Since winter has just arrived it’s just as well the folks at Control Temp Specialists Ltd are there for all your heat pump and air conditioning needs.

Dreaming of


Install and service any of the below: • Ventilation systems • Extract systems • Air handling units • VAV systems • Chilled water plant • Water cooled chillers • Air cooled chillers

The 100 percent New Zealand owned and operated company specialises in domestic and industrial air-con and refrigeration. With more than 50 years’ experience in the New Zealand and Australian market, it is one of the leading industry experts which supplies and installs within an area reaching from Whangarei to Hamilton.

Property & Construction | Paradise Landscapes

• Computer room units • Medium temp commercial cool rooms • Low temp commercial freezers • Bottle coolers • Vertical glass door fridges and freezers.

Just like anything mechanical, maintenance is imperative to keep the product running smoothly, efficiently and at full capacity. So whether you need temperature controlled air-con for use in the medical environment, or a heat pump to keep you warm in your home, seek trusted expert advice and professional support from the people who know all about it.

When you are young, the thrill of the great outdoors beckons you… the space, the freedom, the lush greenery and the sounds of nature at its best. However, as you get older, your vision of the ideal surroundings, or landscape, changes. Rambling greenery may no longer appeal, particularly as it makes it difficult to mow and perhaps your ‘ideal’ patch of bush is now blocking the sun. Look out your window, what do you see? Imagine a garden inviting you into its outdoor living areas creatively laid out as a dynamic extension of your home. For Paradise Landscapes’ Shannon Chisnall that is exactly what he loves to do… encourage people to transform their outdoor space so they can get the most out of their gardens and living areas.

The qualified technicians strive to deliver a professional service including installation, maintenance and repairs.

The range of refrigeration systems covered includes:

For a free quote, why not give Control Temp Specialists a call today.

•Medium temp commercial cool rooms •Low temp commercial freezers •Bottle coolers •Vertical glass door fridges and freezers •Ice machines. Control Temp Specialists Ltd PO Box 112-259 Penrose Auckland T (09) 582 0095 — Advertising Feature

Shannon set up his own company in landscaping after following his lifelong passion for nature. “I was motivated to work for myself. Sometimes I like to spend extra time getting things just right. “I think a garden should look like it’s always been there and the house has been built amongst it. It should look like the setting was there first, not the other way around. “I went to Hawaii and it was great to look at the different types of plants, especially as a lot of these can be grown in New Zealand. I wanted to create a similar environment in people’s outside spaces, but using New Zealand influences such as tropical looking New Zealand plants: cordyline, large tree ferns, puka, pohutukawas (particularly miniature ones). I thought it would be good to combine plant and landscaping knowledge to create these effects.” For Shannon, the aesthetic appeal of a newly finished landscape is the reward. “I like

making a huge change to a property. Homes look so much nicer with a better garden and I gain a real sense of satisfaction from this. I enjoy seeing a huge transformation and the delighted looks of the owners when they come home.” A lot of landscaping is having the right eye to choose the right plants for the right spaces; getting the right mixture of colours, textures and forms. Shannon feels he plays a big part in assisting in the preservation of Kiwi culture. The benefits of a well designed garden are that it adds value and improves the quality of our lives. Let them help with a free quote and consultation. Paradise Landscapes Ltd 1034 Ararimu Road RD3 Drury, Auckland T 0800 666 819 / 0800 365 347 — Advertising Feature

We provide both air conditioning products and air conditioning service, so we can sort you out with a quality product but also provide installation, maintenance and repairs.

09 582 0095

Refspecs is a specialist refrigeration and air conditioning wholesaler.

Phone us on

0800 996 003 Or come and see us at 181a Station Rd Penrose Auckland

P ro u d l y a s s o c i a t e d w i t h

C o n t ro l Te m p S p e c i a l i s t s L t d Selling spare parts and capital equipment to the trade both locally in New Zealand and exporting throughout the Pacific.

HOW’S YOUR GARDEN? Paradise Landscapes wants to help make your dreams become a reality. We guarantee 100% reliability and satisfaction with all aspects of your new gardening project. From garden design through to plantings and outdoor construction.

We do it all!

We’d love to help you with your garden... Call Shannon now on 027 531 6399

Shannon Chisnall, Owner of Paradise Landscapes Ltd   July/August 2013 95

Health & Safety | Preparing for Winter

Preparing for winter It’s interesting how we all recognise the discomfort of the cold, yet rarely do we consider its effects on us while we work. The effects of the cold can range from increased risk of injury, reduced work rate and quality, and greater potential for damage to plant and equipment. Studies have shown that exposure to even moderately cold temperatures can increase the likelihood of workplace incidents. This is because the body’s response to cold causes a decrease in manual dexterity, fingertip sensitivity and muscle strength decreases. Even single digit temperatures can have a wide range of potential harmful effects. Also, the degree of coldness can be underestimated if other factors such as wind chill are not considered. The cold can also affect the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. It can increase irritability and frustration and may even incline people towards taking shortcuts to get finish faster. So how can you help prevent yourself and your employees from the adverse effects of harsh winter conditions? Consider the following points when protecting yourself and your employees from severe winter conditions.

Personal protective equipment Clothing and other Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be appropriate to the weather conditions and the level and duration of the task. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), states that protective clothing is necessary for all work carried out in less than four degrees C, taking into consideration the effect of wind chill.

Particular PPE you could pay attention to are: Layers Clothing should be worn in multiple layers: the air between the layers of clothing provides better insulation. Layering also allows easier adjustment as temperature changes. Being too hot is just as challenging as being too cold.

Fibres Materials such as polypropylene and polyesters are much better than cotton. Cotton tends to dampen faster and increase the chill effect by robbing body heat. Many technical fabrics are available today draw moisture away from the skin.

Outer layers Jackets should be rain and wind proof and allow for easy opening and removal. They should also be able to close off and open at the waist, neck and wrists to help control heat and excess sweating. Always make outer layers high visibility.

Hats A merino wool or polypropylene hat worn under a hard hat can reduce excessive heat loss. Heavy or thick beanies should be avoided, as they will affect the fit and effectiveness of the hard hat.

Providing a comprehensive range of workplace health and wellness services on site at your premises.

Hand protection According to MBIE, when manual handling needs to take place for more than 10 - 20 minutes at temperatures below 16C, special precautions need to be put in place, such as providing warm air blowers or insulated handles on tools. Gloves are also an option, but these can become bulky and affect a worker’s manual dexterity – so try to fix these concerns so safety does not become compromised.

Maintenance Clothes and equipment should be kept clean and dry.

Footwear Modern safety footwear is generally well padded, insulated and made from materials such as leather, which allows the boots to breath.

Socks One pair of thick socks, or two pairs (one inner sock of polypropylenes, nylon or thin wool and a larger thick sock for the outer) is suitable for cold conditions. However, caution must be applied, particularly if the wearer has diabetes or circulation problems, as the thickness of fabric will cause tighter fitting of the safety boots.

Services and Assessments include; Drug Testing Wellness Workstations Hearing and Lung Functions First Aid Kits and Restocking

Face and eye protection In extremely harsh conditions, face and eye protection is appropriate. Make sure the lenses are separated from the nose and mouth to prevent fogging and frosting.

Flu Vaccinations and/or Vouchers

Food, shelter and wellbeing Food and liquid intake are essential to maintain body heat and prevent dehydration. More energy is exerted when working in cold conditions as the body is working hard to keep warm. MBIE states that if continuous work is carried out in temperatures below 0°C, heated warming shelters such as cabins or 96 July/August 2013

‘smoko’ rooms should be available. A strict timetable for breaks should be allowed to let employees warm up and change into dry clothes. A business could also look into investing in flu shots for their employees as a potential sickness prevention strategy.

Training Workers and supervisors should be trained in recognising the symptoms of adverse effect to cold exposure. Workers should be informed about PPE, safe work practices and emergency procedures in case of injury. While working in the cold, a buddy system should be used. Look out for one another and be alert for the symptoms of hypothermia.

Equipment The risk of cold injury can be minimised by good equipment choice and design. Plant, equipment and tools should be designed so that they can be operated without having to remove items of protective clothing. The more complex or fiddly the activity is, the greater the likelihood that PPE will be discarded during the process. If a worker cannot be adequately protected from the effects of cold, then work must be suspended, or work regimes modified, to remove the risk of harm. It’s not about working harder – it’s about working smarter.

Mark Walklin is a safety advisor for Site Safe NZ Inc and belongs to a nationwide network of Site Safe Safety Advisors that help promote, advocate and educate the New Zealand construction industry. Site Safe NZ Inc is a not for profit, industry led organisation that promotes a culture of safety in the New Zealand construction and related industries. If you would like to know more about Site Safe and how the organisation can assist you, or talk to one of our safety advisors, then please contact them on 0800 SITE SAFE or visit

Health & Safety | Falls from height

The costly business of falls from height By Kathryn Heiler and Francois Barton

Every year hundreds of New Zealand workers are seriously injured due to falls from height at work, some of them fatally. The cost of these falls from height is estimated to be $24 million a year in ACC claims – and that doesn’t even touch the human cost of losing a loved one, a valued worker and a member of the community.

Last year the Ministry launched its Preventing Falls from Height campaign. This campaign has three parts:

As the construction work in the Auckland area quickly moves ahead, it is crucial we do not lose sight of the importance of keeping our workers safe and healthy and protect them from the hazards of working from height. Unless everyone commits to making the rebuild safe, we risk lost lives and injured workers.

The Ministry, in association with 21 businesses and industry associations from the country’s construction sector produced the Best Practice Guidelines for Working at Height in New Zealand. The guidelines are a critical element of the programme, as they give all involved with working at height clear direction on how to manage their work in a way that will bring down the death and injury toll.

• Awareness raising – engaging the sector about the hazards associated with working at height • Education - providing safety information about what safe working at heights looks like • Targeted enforcement – visiting residential worksites where there is a risk of corners being cut.

What we’re doing When we look at the statistics, construction industry injuries and fatalities do not paint a pretty picture. When we break them down we can see that falls from height continue to be responsible for an unacceptable number of serious injuries reported to the Ministry. More than half of these come from falls from less than three metres – most commonly off ladders or from single-storey roofs.

The guidelines outline how people organising, planning and doing work at height can keep themselves and others safe. By achieving that, the guidelines also help those involved in the process meet their legal obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment (HSE) Act and the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations, 1995.

Enforcement From July 2012, the Ministry began nationwide targeted enforcement to ensure firms were taking their ethical, social and legal responsibilities seriously, and making it their priority to prevent falls while working at height. If an inspector observes inadequate or no precautions to prevent falls from or through a single-storey roof and other structures, or unsafe use of ladders, a prohibition notice will be issued. If the problem can be rectified immediately, a written warning will be issued. If an inspector finds evidence that the hazard of a fall from height has not been adequately managed, and appropriate steps and controls are not being taken, inspectors will issue an improvement notice. This may require the duty holder’s hazard management system to identify work involving the height hazard and the appropriate steps for carrying out the work safely. For cases involving a fall causing serious harm, a recommendation of prosecution can be expected.

Between July 2012 and January 2013 the Ministry’s inspectors visited 1,500 workplaces across New Zealand in the first enforcement phase of the campaign. Of those, 700 residential construction sites had to be shut down because of poor safety practices. More than 900 enforcement actions were taken against construction sites in that time. With falls from height such a major contributor to the number of serious harm and fatalities reported in the construction sector, it is crucial that the industry fully understands the hazards involved and their responsibilities to help keep workers safe. We must work together to make sure all our workers return home healthy and safe every night.

Kathryn Heiler is the programme director, Canterbury Rebuild Health and Safety. Francois Barton is acting general manager Health and Safety Operations, Southern Region Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Safety net use increasing Safety Nets NZ has been at the forefront of driving compliance to ensure its safety nets address the fundamental concerns highlighted by the Labour Group of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment around working at heights. The nets have been used for some time in commercial applications and now the company is focused on promoting the benefits of using safety nets to the residential building sector. Safety Nets NZ general manager, Craig Daly says Safety Nets NZ has, during the last six months, established protocols and procedures for the use of safety nets specifically for the residential building projects. “The new protocols we have developed for residential builders have proved to offer a practical solution to the problem of internal fall protection on house construction sites. We have worked closely with the industry and actively sought feedback from builders to ensure that our systems work and have minimal impact on the operations of the builders, both in terms of cost and programme,” he says. Daly, who hails from the UK, says the use of safety nets on building sites is commonplace overseas. Although relatively new to New Zealand the benefits are rapidly becoming apparent. According to Daly there are three main factors builders/roofers should consider: •

Are the nets fully compliant

Have they been installed in a fully compliant manner

And have they been installed by a certified rigger.

He says the Leon de Oro brand of nets used by Safety Nets NZ are manufactured in accordance with the rigorous criteria outlined in European standard EN 1263-1. Each net has a unique registration number to ensure it is fully compliant and suitable for purpose. The nets are tested annually. Safety Nets NZ is a corporate member of the New Zealand Safety Council and was the first company in New Zealand to train staff to European and British standards. All of the riggers employed by the company are fully FASET trained and certified. “Safety Nets NZ is recognised as operating to a very high professional standard. Our systems and procedures are accepted as being best practice by the New Zealand Safety Council,” Daly says. He says there are many advantages to using nets from Safety Nets NZ. Unlike other means of internal fall protection available, the installation of safety netting offers unhindered and increased movement for workers both above and below the net. The nets provide a collective passive safety solution for potential falls meaning the net system, unlike a personal harness for example, is not reliant on workers themselves

98 July/August 2013

having to take steps to establish fall protection measures. Nets from Safety Nets NZ can be used in conjunction with normal scaffolding in a wide variety of situations including edge protection, general fall protection, overhead protection, shafts and openings, high rise construction, bridge construction and repair, rail / road bridges, steel and concrete construction and roof replacement. The Safety Nets NZ process involves a site visit to determine the best solution, development of a site specific safety plan and method statement, (on commercial projects), rigging of nets by professional riggers and certification before handover. “In order to ensure the net systems are always installed in a fully compliant and professional manner, Safety Nets NZ has established a two stage sign off procedure whereby once the nets have been installed and certified by riggers, a further inspection is carried out by our senior rigging supervisor, who then also signs off on the job specific Handover Certificate.” The company is on hand to deal with any issues that might arise during the job and returns later to take down the nets once the builders/roofers works have been completed. The appeal and acceptance of the safety net fall protection system is evidenced by the

increasing numbers of leading group house building companies that have engaged the services of Safety Nets NZ, and the fact that Safety Nets NZ has established a new regional centre based in Christchurch, and is currently looking to establish similar local offices to service the Bay of Plenty and Far North areas. “It is our aim to be the most professional, reliable and efficient safety net solution provider in the country, with our primary focus being on the safe delivery of the highest possible level of customer service on every project that we are involved with.”

SAFETY NETS NZ LIMITED PO Box 305 206, Triton Plaza Mairangi Bay FREEPHONE : Tel Fax Email

0800 NETSNZ (638 769)

: (09) 478 9047 : (09) 479 9524 :

Agribusiness| The Campaign for Wool

International Wool Services New Zealand Wool Services International (NZWSI) operates as both a scourer and exporter of wool into markets in more than 30 countries, and with an annual turnover of approximately $200 million, is firmly established as the largest exporter of our country’s wool. NZWSI recently participated in the Sheer Brilliance event held at Auckland’s The Cloud during Prince Charles’ visit and commissioned a unique rug with his personal coat of arms. The rug is made predominantly from glacial wool, a process licenced to NZWSI, that increases the whiteness of the raw wool and enhances the brightness and clarity of the dyed colours. It was created for His Royal Highness to express appreciation for all the work he is undertaking on behalf of the global wool industry as patron of The Campaign for Wool. The rug has been shipped to the New Zealand

High Commission in London for presentation to the Prince himself. Canterbury Today talks to New Zealand Wool Services International managing director, Michael Dwyer about the company’s involvement with The Campaign for Wool. How has your involvement as a brand partner with The Campaign for Wool assisted your business? To date the impact of The Campaign for Wool on our business has not had a substantial impact however, as a major supporter of this campaign NZWSI believe that, long term, it

is the best opportunity for the global wool industry to reposition wool in consumers’ minds as the premium fibre we know it to be. The Campaign for Wool is a marathon, not a sprint and we expect positive results to build as it gains momentum. What do you see as the main points the consumer needs to know about wool and its importance to the New Zealand economy? Wool has seemingly gone out of fashion over the last decade as man made products, backed by massive advertising campaigns and guarantees that try to emulate some of wool's inherent attributes, have enticed consumers to believe the new generation synthetics out-perform wool. The combination of durability, comfort, easy care, fire resistance, biodegradability, breathability and health assistance attributes inherent in wool - cannot be emulated in a single man made fibre. The Campaign for Wool is the vehicle the whole industry believes has the best chance of lifting consumer’s awareness about this fantastic fibre and achieving sustainable returns for our farmers. What does your company offer the wool industry and how do you see your stock growing during the next few years as The Campaign for Wool continues to grow? NZWSI has contributed over $400,000 directly to The Campaign for Wool in the first two years of its roll out in New Zealand, along with additional funding by most of the other major wool exporters in the country. This funding came straight of our bottom line and we were happy to provide it, as we believe that the global approach to promoting wool is in the interest of all wool producers and marketers. Our company’s on going support for the campaign is financial, technical, political and inherent in our daily trading activities. We firmly believe that as consumers’ demand more woollen products and the ecological aspects of wool, as it out performs oil based synthetics, the demand for wool will increase. NZWSI is positioned perfectly to increase its volumes to meet this demand.

Education plays a huge part in influencing the consumer, so what can you tell us about wool that will change consumer habits? The attributes of wool mentioned earlier have significant advantages and impact depending on their product use. Fine wools used in outdoor pursuit are renowned for their breathability and insulative factors known to have saved lives in extreme conditions and vastly out-perform the man made equivalents. In upholstery, wool’s durability, comfort and anti-static properties cannot be surpassed and it is still demanded by most airlines and high end applicators. Coarser wools used in carpeting, for which New Zealand is the premium supplier to the world, have a package of performance that can’t be beaten. Quality wool carpets can last a lifetime, they absorb and neutralise harmful chemicals emitted from treated timbers, inhibit bacterial growth, limit aspects that contribute to health issues such as asthma, are easily cleaned and will smoulder rather than combust in a fire, retarding damage and/or release of toxic chemicals as happens with synthetic and man-made fibres. What are your key points of contribution towards the continued success of the campaign?   NZWSI’s ability to source, process and deliver to the market’s requirements is essential to meeting any additional demand that The Campaign for Wool will generate. Along with a commitment to quality, service and a desire to see wool return as a consumer’s first choice when selecting for clothing, furnishing and carpeting. See for more information on NZWSI and for more pictures of the impressive Royal glacial rug. New Zealand Wool Services International Limited First Floor, 30 Sir William Pickering Drive Russley Christchurch T (03) 357 8700 E

— Advertising Feature

WOOL GROWERS; MAXIMISE YOUR WOOL CHEQUE – SELL DIRECT to WSI, New Zealand’s largest Wool Exporter and first stage wool processor. NZ Wool Services Int’l Ltd (WSI) purchases wool direct from farms, closely linking growers to manufacturers while minimising selling costs. Contact: Malcolm Ching Phone: 03 3578711 Email:   July/August 2013 99

Transport & Motoring | Onehunga Transport Engineering

Manufacturing move pays off Onehunga Transport Engineering Limited’s recent move into manufacturing large truck and trailer units has been a resounding success. The company, more widely known as OTEL, has significantly increased its capabilities since it moved into a large new site in Neilson Street in Penrose two years ago.

OTEL built two new trucks last year for Sims Pacific Metals using Swedish-made Hardox high strength steel, which can be bent, formed and welded without losing its properties. Hardox is made by Swedish steel maker SAAB and can take heavy blows without being deformed or cracked. The two new Sims trucks are 8x4 Hinos fitted with Palfinger Epsilon cranes. The four axle tipping trailers run SAF axles and suspension, Wabco EBS braking systems and have Delta hoists. The units were built to HPMV proforma 72 cubic metre regulations. The truck and trailer units went into operation last year and helped Sims Pacific Metals win a PPG Transport imaging award for their sharp livery.

OTEL was formed 17 years ago and has grown into a key player in the truck manufacturing market. “We’re up there with the big boys and business has been booming since we moved into the new premises,” Opura says. Building truck bodies is OTEL’s core business and it can manufacture curtainsiders, tippers, service vehicles, crane trucks and aerial buckets. “We’re not just limited to Auckland we work down the country too, especially with specialist aerial buckets that we sell to power lines and vegetation companies.” OTEL is an agent for Altec Aerial Lifts and built four aerial buckets for the company last year. It has done a lot of work for Electrix, Northpower and (WEL) Networks, making aerial bucket trucks, line trucks with cranes and service vehicles. The WEL Networks aerial device is based on an Isuzu truck chassis. It has an Altec TA50 (50-foot working height aerial insulated) for working on power lines. A Northpower vegetation truck was set up with a two-man Altec AM50 aerial bucket.

OTEL recently built two large truck-and-trailer units for Sims Pacific Metals using Hardox high-strength steel from Sweden.


Sales manager Opura Rima says the new site has better access for clients and has allowed OTEL to grow and expand into the large truck and trailer market.

The truck body specialists

We’re not just limited to Auckland we work down the country too, especially with specialist aerial buckets that we sell to power lines and vegetation companies. - SALES MANAGER OPURA RIMA

Meeting the market OTEL works closely with customers to provide vehicles that meet their individual requirements. The company has been growing its work building specialised trailers and has also started building bodies for tyre service trucks. It has now built trucks for Carter Tyres, as well as a specialised crane truck for Carters called a tyre manipulator.


0800 111 247 RYCO are proud to support the team at Onehunga Transport

100 July/August 2013

When you want great service People who know your business Quality product and service Competitive pricing On site 24/7 - one call, does it all Call RYCO Hydraulic hose & Product Range: Fuel Lines, Hydraulic Hose Fittings, Power Steering Lines, Quick Release Couplers.

The Carters tyre truck has a Palfinger tail-lift aluminium platform and a 10-horsepower Kohler single cylinder diesel engine fuelled from the truck’s fuel tank.

OTEL has the expertise to build a wide variety of truck bodies, including: • Tipping bodies • Curtainside bodies • Box bodies • Glass carrying vehicles • Service vehicles • Trailers • Line trucks • Crane trucks • Flat decks • Tractor units.

Transport & Motoring | Onehunga Transport Engineering OTEL builds a range of machinery and equipment, including:

Working partnerships • Building strong relationships with suppliers and customers is critical to OTEL’s ongoing success

• All roll-over protective structure (ROPS) frame requirements

• These key partnerships include Sims Pacific Metals, Electrix, WEL Networks, Ryco Hoses, Gove Mitre 10, Transport and Hydraulic Solutions and Transport and Engineering Supplies

• Inside or outside cabin frames • Canopy frames • Protective roof fitted • Loaders

• OTEL also supports its local community through the sponsorship of the Waitakere Bears girls’ under 10 Diamonds softball team.

• Rollers • Bulldozers • Tractors


Onehunga Transport Engineering is a truck body specialist.

Building on success Onehunga Transport Engineering Limited has continued to grow through the economic recession, which it attributes to its focus on quality. Formed in 1995, OTEL has a history of diversifying in order to ride out the tough economic times. It formed OTEL Utilities about 10 years ago to tackle the jobs that no one else wanted. In addition to making truck bodies and trailers, OTEL builds a range of machinery and earthmoving equipment, and fabricates structural steel beams. It has also expanded its range of trucks and vehicles and undertakes repairs, maintenance and refurbishment work.

Opura Rima says the departure from the industry of some other manufacturers during the recent global financial crisis has given OTEL new opportunities for growth, particularly with heavy trailer manufacturing.

• All certified to meet current legislation

The Waitakere Bears girls’ under-10 Diamonds softball team.


• Excavators

• Sandblasted and painting if required.

“Having the ability to build heavy trailers is a building, with a lot of new vehicles now on big plus for us, but we’ll continue to build light the road. trailers and do the customised engineering Demand increased early last year and shows that is a major part of our business.” no sign of letting up. “We’re a medium sized Business has been booming during the truck body and trailer body manufacturer. past few years, when other companies We employ 15 staff and have had a long have struggled. term investment in staff. There’s plenty of As well as the two large truck and trailer units experience here and we’ve recently taken on a new apprentice.” for Sims Pacific Metals, OTEL is building truck tippers for Fulton Hogan. However, many skilled engineers left New Zealand when the industry slowed a few Infrastructure work is picking up and there is increased demand in truck and trailer body years ago, resulting in a skills shortage now.

Onehunga Transport Engineering Limited 331 Neilson Street Onehunga Auckland T (09) 634 8190 E — Advertising Feature   July/August 2013 101

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been seen

Images taken and supplied by Annie Scott Williams

If you have an event that you’d like covered, email Annie at:

Opening of ivillage Restaurant at Victoria Park Market 1. ivillage Victoria park 2. ivillage guests 3. Brad Hill & Bianca Graetz 4. ivillage guests 5. Wayne Gibbons & Ron Macrae 6. ivillage guests 2



7. JP Singh & Nipul Girish 8. Bar Staff at ivillage 9. Tony Howard & Deborah Howard 10. Nick & Victoria Bernecker and David Henderson 11. Chris & Robin Davenport
















12. Chris Davenport & Gordon Molesworth


13. Rogan Hampston & partner 14. Ron & Irene Macrae 15. Cameron Fleming and partner 16. Victoria Park Market Chimney 17. Rick barker & partner and David Henderson 18. Dimple & Smeet Girish 19. ivillage guests.

New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards





Nearly 500 people gathered at the SKYCITY Convention Centre at the end of May for the gala dinner presentation of the New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards. Organised by Safeguard magazine since 2005 and proudly supported by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the awards celebrate successful initiatives to reduce injuries and ill health. Overall winner this year was Ag-Tech Industries with its innovative flexible crush protection device for quad bikes. MC Petra Bagust kept the ceremony moving through its 11 categories, and ministers Judith Collins and Simon Bridges helped present the trophies.


20. Jo-Anne Pugh, Alison Pitman & Hilary Bennett 21. Sarah Stockdale, Kathy Green & Sandra Johnston from Vitae 22. Hon Judith Collins Minister of ACC 23. Rob Jager & George Adams 24. Teresa O’Regan-Byrnes & Karen Peterson both from Innovaid, Paul Shaw Carter Holt Harvey Pulp, Paper & Packaging , Mike Cosman Impac Services & Steve Worsley Charter Holt Harvey Pulp, Paper & Packaging 25. Ashlee Levien, Doug Griffin, Rebecca Stanger, Vadim Spice & Helen Grace from Tai Poutini Polytechnic 26. Stuart Gill, Sarah Brydon, Suzanne Turner, Dean Sinton, Fiona Carney & Alison Gill


102 July/August 2013


Photos taken by Michael Stephen

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