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Issue 119 | July/August 2016

FROM OOMPHER TO UNFILTERED The rise and rise of Jake Millar NZ’s hottest young entrepreneur

DO MORALS MATTER IN THE DIGITAL AGE? Ensuring free-market capitalism remains morally in-check

Jet Park Hotel’s cutting edge upgrade

HAPPY DAYS Why having fun in the workplace is essential for success


signs you need an attitude adjustment

10 alltraits good

leaders have

Beating the mid-winter blues

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Pages 6-8 6 | The PM’s desk John Key on the Government’s commitment to helping kiwis get ahead 6 | The six rules of leadership Kevin Vincent explains why leadership is the single most sought-after business trait today

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10 | Five signs you need an attitude adjustment How not to become another statistic in the pity party pandemic 10 | When to give a damn When is giving a damn justified, and when is it not?

6 | Four strategies to deal with low interest rates Cameron Watson’s investor techniques to tackle a flat market

11 | The magic of regular feedback If you want the best out of your people, then let them know where they stand

7 |Buying your way into tourism Richard O’Brien on why buying a business in the tourist sector makes plenty of sense

12 Ten traits all good leaders have The distinct characteristics all notable leaders share

7 | The cost of training Martz Witty says it’s better to invest in someone and lose them, than it is to spend nothing and have them stay

13 | Beating the mid-winter blues How to combat the ‘coldrums’ this winter

7 | The rise of the Millennials Debra Buckley explains why company culture will soon be a top priority for every business 8 | Are you sitting pretty? Jane Cowan-Harris says the humble chair is a vital cog in daily working life

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8 | The deft art of delegation Robyn Pearce talks about the art and craft of delegation 8 | Events diary This is where you find out what’s on near you

13 | Happy days Why having fun in the workplace is essential for success 14 | Cover story From Oompher to Unfiltered; the rise and rise of Jake Millar – New Zealand’s hottest young entrepreneur

20 | Corporate Venues Jet Park Airport Hotel’s cutting edge conference centre, and the addition of 60 new guest rooms, is the latest in a long line of developments spanning the hotel’s 18 year history 28 | Focus Silverdale Adventure Park, You Travel, Xtream Signs, APCO Coatings, Whangarei Marina, Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club, ETEL, Glen Eden RSA and Potter Interior Systems 45 | Property & Construction Auckland’s residential building breaks the billion dollar mark, Taylor Construction, Elliot Johnson Building, Bossley Architects, The House Company, Goodwin Property Management and DK Putt Plumbing 54 | Goods & Services Industrial electrical solutions from Highway Electrical and Simpro Handling Equipment’s Superior lifting solutions 58 | Transport & Motoring How Corporate Cars bridges the gap between luxury and affordability

16 | Do morals matter in the digital age? Ensuring free-market capitalism remains morally in-check 18 | Lifestyles Everything from gadgets and gizmos to hat stands and baubles

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4 |July/August 2016

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Rt Hon John Key

Kevin Vincent

Cameron Watson

Prime Minister

Managing director of Vincent Consulting

Quality of advice manager at Craigs Investment Partners

Helping kiwis get ahead

The six rules of leadership

Helping New Zealand families get ahead is a priority for the National-led Government. We’ve made a number of positive announcements in recent months that highlight our commitment to that. These include news we’re putting an extra $124 million into Pharmac over the next four years, which will bring its budget next year to a record $850 million. Pharmac says this extra money will allow it to fund treatments across a wide range of health areas, including for advanced melanoma, Hepatitis C and brain tumours. Many of the drugs to treat these illnesses are cutting-edge and extremely expensive, which puts them out of reach of most New Zealanders unless they are publicly funded. Last year, New Zealanders received around 3.5 million publicly funded medicines and this latest announcement will mean thousands more will receive potentially lifesaving treatments. Another initiative that will help everyday New Zealanders get ahead is the changes we are making to our tax system to reduce compliance costs and make tax simpler for businesses, particularly smaller ones. Small businesses are the backbone of the New Zealand economy – around 97 percent of all New Zealand enterprises employ 20 or fewer people. It’s vital we search out ways of reducing the financial and time burdens these businesses face. One of the key changes we’re making is reforming provisional tax so that up to 110,000 small businesses will be able to use a new pay-as-you-go option from April 2018. We’re also helping to keep interest rates at almost 60 year lows, encouraging businesses to invest in R&D through grants, and overhauling the Resource Management Act to reduce costs and delays. New Zealand exporters will save $274 million a year in tariffs through the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement, and it will boost our economy by at least $2.7 billion a year by 2030. In other news, nearly 12,000 New Zealanders were helped into their first home in the first 12 months of the National-led Government’s KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme, including more than 1100 in Auckland. In April last year, we doubled support for first home buyers through the scheme. Low and middle-income couples can now apply for government grants of up to $20,000 to put towards a deposit for their first home. We’re investing $435 million into this scheme and it has been projected to help around 90,000 New Zealanders into their first home over five years. Improving our health system, helping enterprising small businesses get ahead, and helping more Kiwis into home ownership are just some of the ways we’re helping hard working New Zealanders get ahead.

Four strategies to deal with low Leadership, communication and innovation are interest rates intrinsically linked in successful companies.

Leadership is a word we hear often, but we don’t really stop to think about what it is and why it is so important. The fact is that leadership is the single most sought after trait in the business world today. Leadership and learning are interlinked – you can’t have one without the other. Successful leadership is making the difference between extreme success and unnecessary failure. It underlies everything that we strive to accomplish, from motivating employees to excel beyond their self imposed limits, to inspiring shareholders who seek confirmation of their confidence in skills of your company and its management. Leadership is not something that we are born with. Sure, some people exude confidence and charisma along with the gift of the gab, but they got there through understanding the intricacies of leadership. Leadership involves the guidance of the conduct of others and leaders need to be more effective than others in conveying meanings and intentions, and in receiving them. It is an important maxim that all leaders must be realists and recognise the need for action, even when that action is not so apparent or can’t be foreseen. Inspired leaders know what they want and how they are going to get it, they motivate people, they can manage information and knowledge, and they know what it means to them and their business. Truly inspired leadership comes from being motivated, dedicated and honest. We’ve all heard the saying ‘walk the talk’. This is true and is essential. In addition, trust, respect, and a willingness to adapt a common purpose must become a self disciplining code of everyday working life. Time seems shorter. Technology is faster and staff are smarter. Together, we always need to be one step ahead to keep leading people to the next plateau of success. So where do we start. Are we ready to take up the challenge of competing with others in leading business? Leadership is not a job title, it is an expression of who you are and your values. Be encouraged to take that all important stride forward with confidence, knowledge, commitment and with winning attitudes. Jack Welch of GE had six rules for leaders and here they are: 1. Face reality as it is not as it was or as you wish it to be. 2. Be candid with everyone. 3. Don’t manage, lead. 4. Change before you have to. 5. If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete. 6.Control your own destiny.


st To be a finali ONCE AGAIN uide tg Ne in last year ’s ent Best Employm y! site categor


6 |July/August 2016

One of the biggest challenges currently facing investors is low interest rates. With inflation at rock bottom levels, this challenge may be with us for some time yet. Below we outline strategies to deal with this situation. 1. Be realistic about returns Respondents to a recent investor survey believed on average that a nine percent return was ‘medium’ and 15 percent was ‘fairly high’. With today’s low interest rates, these expectations look unrealistic to us without taking on very high levels of risk. In our view, it is prudent to set objectives and invest with modest return expectations. Investment returns are linked to inflation, growth and interest rates, all of which are pointing to mid to single digit returns over coming years. 2. Understand risk, especially those new to investing Returns from a balanced portfolio are not like returns from the bank. They go up and down. Do not expect a straight line. The degree of volatility will depend largely on how a portfolio is split between lower-risk income assets (cash and bonds) and higher-risk growth assets (property and shares). Understanding this is especially important for new investors. In the wake of low interest rates, we notice an increasing number of people diversifying their portfolios away from bank deposits to shares in search of higher returns. Returns over coming years are not only likely to be lower, but also more volatile. 3. Build a portfolio that generates sustainable income We believe a key benefit of building a portfolio of direct assets is obtaining access to the underlying interest and dividend cashflows from the investments. Income is not fixed and can fall if interest rates decline or dividends are reduced, but it is significantly less volatile than movements in share and bond prices. As such, income provides somewhat of a cushion during periods of market volatility. 4. Be prepared to supplement income with capital withdrawals The decline we have seen in interest rates means that relying only on income generated by a portfolio can result in a significant decline in income. We believe investors should be prepared to reduce capital to help supplement their retirement income. This does not sit well with many investors who believe capital should be passed on to the next generation intact. This may have been possible when interest rates were eight percent or more, but those days have passed. Cam Watson is the Training and Development Manager at Craigs Investment Partners. His disclosure statement is available free of charge on request. This is general information only. Visit for more information.

News | Viewpoints

Richard O'Brien

Martz Witty

Debra Buckley

Director of operations at NZbizbuysell

Head of the Martz Group

CEO of the New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership

Buying your way into tourism

The cost of training

The rise of the Millennials

Tourism has flown firmly into number one position as New Zealand’s prime industry – with no finish line in sight.

At our firm we undertake a lot of team training making sure everyone is up to date and top of their game.

Buying a business in the tourist sector can be a lucrative lifestyle option, attracting the sociable, savvy and adventurous. Opportunities abound in every niche.

Conversely we are privileged to also assist many businesses train and upskill their own teams. A common grizzle from clients is often “Oh, but I spend all this money training my staff and then they go and leave on me!”

Corporate culture is not an idea or something you buy off the shelf. Positive corporate culture is proving to be the ‘game changer’ in our competitive commercial environment and there is a very obvious reason why - the rise of the Millennials.

While a growth market is desirable when buying any business, tourism business buyers still need to exercise care ensuring the business has a future and will provide a return that will service any loans and support the lifestyle you want. Although there are some great opportunities, it is more tactical buying in today’s flourishing market, compared to grabbing a bargain in a downturn. With an increase in airlines flying direct to New Zealand, such as Air China and American Airlines, tourist numbers are picked to keep growing. The once ghost town of empty beds is now a thing of the past. When considering the purchase of an accommodation business, such as a boutique bed and breakfast, not only are you entering the real estate market, but possibly providing a family home, an income and lifestyle, while increasing future value. You can live in a location that you love and choose the length of the season you operate. Having an entrepreneurial drive may tempt some to start out on their own, but finding a suitable established business is usually the best way to go, as you can assess its market, financials and offering, to ensure it is profitable today and hopefully tomorrow. This takes the gamble out of the equation - not to mention saving invaluable time and having cashflow from day one. There is a much higher success rate with a successful existing business. Established accommodation and adventure operations will usually have a sound financial history, new and returning customers, as well as proven systems. Tourism operators have the security of knowing that industry partners such as Tourism Association New Zealand are working hard with initiatives to increase tourism numbers and spend into the next decade. Often the previous business owner will stay on a bit to get you started or provide mentoring – so prior business experience is not always mandatory. A good option is to visit some businesses that appeal and get a feel for them, their profitability and if you can see yourself running it. From the modest but bustling city centre café to a remote high-end lodge, there is a slice of tourism pie for all.

It’s not an uncommon complaint, but let’s take a moment and put this into perspective. I personally would turn that argument on its ear and ask, “Is it better to invest in someone, glean some advantage (money, experience and expertise) from the training and then lose them… or to spend nothing on them, have them useless in their role and have them stay?” I know which I prefer out of the two – but ultimately I would rather train and have them stay – of course. There is a fundamental rule in business, well there’s lots, but today I want to focus on the rule that “If nothing changes – nothing changes.” It would be one step short of insanity to change absolutely nothing and pray that a different result will happen in terms of your team. It is human nature that (most) want to better themselves, be more productive, more efficient, earn more money. These all go hand in hand with upskilling and training. The good news is - training is (usually) tax deductible, so that’s another win for you as an employer, as well as a win for your team member. When it comes to training, how much should you spend? Well that of course depends on the business, the nature of the position, the skills required, the individual employee/ manager/owner. There are too many variables to give a succinct answer here. Nonetheless one thing is certain – everyone in the organisation needs training – on something: from health and safety, to systems, to stress management, to HR, to finance, and so on. And just because you own it, doesn’t exclude you from needing training (in my honest opinion). Probably more in fact! A challenge can be finding courses that fit your needs. They are out there - it’s just a matter of sourcing them. A favourite these days are webinars where you can leverage the cost across a greater number of attendees. Keep a record of all your training on your individual employee files. It’s best practice and appropriate if you should ever end up in a performance managed exit where you might be accused of failing to provide support and training. Now go to it.

People Leaders Senior Management programmes

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2.5 day residential programmes Hanmer Springs

Leadership Psychology Transform corporate culture and expand your ability to deliver

Operational Leadership Maximise productivity and achieve more through effective implementation

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In a recent study by the Resilient Organisations Research Group at the University of Canterbury, it was discovered that organisations flourish when they are focused on employee wellbeing. It is no longer ‘the thing you might focus on one day as an organisation’, or an extra competency you look for when hiring your next senior manager. Positive culture provides significant increases in a number of key areas of any business. It is measurable in terms of output, retention and succession, and is a fundamental element in corporate success. Culture will become a top five priority for every business in the next three to five years, as we embrace the millennial generation as the dominant demographic in our workforce. Globally the organisations and leaders who are doing something about it now will relish the returns. Baby Boomers revolted against their conservative upbringing and by doing this they set a more dominant culture in which to raise their children. Millennials seek collaboration, vision, values and the ability to make a difference to both their work and social environment, and these things are at the core of their wellbeing. Recognising achievement, driving innovation and taking risks are all part of the millennial generation’s habits. They are educated, confident, connected and technologically savvy. Did I mention ambitious? Millennials are proudly and positively ambitious; I personally love that about them. This positivity will contribute to the day to day performance of an organisation, contributing to an energised, effective and productive workplace. The big difference between Millennials and Baby Boomers is that they not only seek, but desire, a good work-life balance. A fulfilling job will only solve half of the equation in their pursuit for excellence. Further education and professional development will become an employee benefit that is the difference between someone staying and committing to an organisation versus low retention rates. When looking at any business the first question I ask is “how does your culture look to an insider?” The second is “how do you embrace the needs of the next generation of leaders?” If you were to ask yourself the same two questions, would you draw the great power of the Millennials to your team? Millennials are your emerging leaders; do all you can to help them rise and you will be rewarded.

Increase your ability to contribute and build on your experience Challenge your thinking and maximise your productivity


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Transform your thoughts and innovation into action and results

Shape your future

Unrivalled leadership programmes crafted through global thinking People Leaders is a division of New Zealand Institute of Management and Leadership.    July/August 2016 | 7

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Jane Cowan-Harris

Robyn Pearce

Head of WorkSpace IQ

Time management expert

What’s happening on the business and entertainment front


Are you sitting pretty?

The deft art of delegation

Choosing seats that work for a wide range of people is a real challenge. There are so many considerations.

Delegation, or the lack of it, can make or break any business.

Unless it’s a part of your job, it’s unlikely that you get to buy chairs that often. Maybe at work you might have some input into the choice of chair, but generally we get what we’re given. Sometimes these are chairs that with some adjustment features you can use to make yourself more comfortable. A chair that fits you reasonably well and is adjusted to the right height is a key factor in keeping pain free at work. Office chairs are not particularly cheap, but there are several reasonably priced options on the market if you know what to look for. Pointers to look for when choosing a chair: • A seat depth that gives you enough leg support (3-4 fingers between the front of the chair and the back of your legs) • A back which is high enough for you to lean back and be able to feel your shoulder blades against the chair • Preferably the ability to adjust the chair back angle • Ability to raise the seat up high enough so that the keyboard can be used with relaxed shoulders • Some lumbar (lower back) support or the ability to tilt the seat forwards (helps keep the spine aligned when sitting). Beware of ‘sitting time’ You may have noticed that chairs sometimes have a ‘sitting time’ rating of 4, 8 or even 8+ hours. This relates to how much padding the seat has, the back support and the chair’s adjustability. An eight hour rating is not giving you permission to sit for that length of time! No matter how good a chair is; it is how you are sitting and how long you sit in the chair for that will determine if you start to develop low back pain. If you’re desk bound, try to get up at least once an hour during the day and ideally get out for a walk at lunchtime; this helps increase circulation around your body including in your brain. Everyone I come across who does get out for a walk always says how much better they function for the rest of the day. If you’re not already walking, give it a go. Remember, you have options Look around and consider your options before you buy. Aim for flexibility in adjustments and look for chair models with some options of seat sizes. If you’re unsure what to buy, get some specialist advice.

Ask your builder if he’s using Securefence & Securescaffold – it will save you money.

As I work with both large and small companies in a very wide range of industries around the world, I constantly hear that many owners and managers struggle with delegation. I’ve noticed two major mistakes made by many well-intentioned folk: 1. They’re available too much of the time to their staff. 2. When passing a task over, they give lots of unnecessary detail to competent staff. Being available for staff isn’t of course an issue in small farming businesses, but for many business operators and owners, it can be. Do you have a lot of interruptions? Do you find that staff with queries, phone calls, drop-in visitors and emails regularly break your focus? If you’ve said ‘yes’ to staff interruptions, consider this: We’ve come out of the dark ages where bosses communicated as little as possible to their underlings. People were expected to take instructions and just get on with the job. During the last few decades there has been a change in management style. We’re now encouraged to communicate openly with our staff, to ‘empower’ them. However, there’s a downside. Many business owners feel they have to constantly ‘be there’ for their people. So where does delegation fit in here? Being ‘there for your staff’ 100 percent of the time is not good management. In fact, it causes bottlenecks, frustration and low morale, and blocks your staff from learning and developing their own skills. If competent people keep interrupting you with questions they should be able to handle, ask them to come with two solutions every time they come with a question. Pretty soon you’ll reduce the questions. If they’ve had to work out the answers before they come, they’ll soon realise they don’t need to interrupt you for what amounts to a ‘rubber-stamp job’. If you’re too quick to supply the answer, you encourage laziness and dependency. Beware of good old human nature – the tendency to take the easy road. For many people, if they can get someone else to do their thinking, why wouldn’t they ask! And a solution for Point 2; if a staff member is competent don’t force your details on them. Instead, give them the big picture of what you want to achieve and see what they come up with. Of course you’re willing to guide, coach and review, but beware of unnecessary detail. Often a good staff member will have a better way.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION This is a series of three workshops designed to deliver powerful skills from Neuro Linguistic Programming and related fields to family, team and work situations. You will learn the key skills to build co-operative team and client relationships. To register, go to:

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MONDAY, AUGUST 15 - 18 WOMEN IN BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES The Women in Banking and Financial Services Leadership Summit 2016, is the premier leadership development and networking event designed for current and emerging female executives and aspiring leaders in the industry. To register, go to:

SATURDAY, AUGUST 20 NEW RULES OF BUSINESS New Rules of Business is a one day workshop that condenses the knowledge and ideas others take years to figure out into one dynamic, jam-packed day. To register, go to:

MONDAY, AUGUST 29 - 30 ACHIEVING BUSINESS GROWTH In this two day workshop you will learn how to employ, organise, and motivate the people in your business. You will develop a 12 month action plan with the facilitators that will help you stay focused and reach milestones to drive the business forward. To register, go to:

TUESDAY, AUGUST 30 BUSINESS UPDATE Every quarter the Auckland Camber of Commerce provides local businesses with key information about the environment in which they’re operating. It will highlight economic issues and opportunities that may impact Auckland businesses. To register, go to:

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31 EMPLOYER WORKSHOP This workshop is a hands-on interactive session where you will learn how to complete a mock monthly wage summary for two employees, calculate PAYE and other deductions, and file your employer monthly returns online. It is ideal for sole traders and small businesses. To register, go to:

& By using Securefence and Securescaffold you can rest assured that your objectives of safety, cost and meeting deadlines are of our paramount importance to us.

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News | Headspace

When to give a damn By Lydia Truesdale

T.S Eliot was on to something when he scribed “teach us to care and not to care”. But what exactly did he mean? The onus here is differentiating the damn-worthy from the damned. When is giving a damn justified, and when is it not?

The art of caring Indeed, your damns should be used at times that intrinsically matter. Imagine you are only allotted a certain amount of damns to use in your lifetime. Suddenly, knowing when (and to who) to allocate those damns becomes a lot clearer.

To not give a damn doesn’t mean to be indifferent or lack belief or passion. It means not cashing in our damns on life’s trivialities. You save these damns for issues that actually matters; the personal, cultural, social, emotional, physical or financial issues that jeopardise our and others’ wellbeing, – the issues worth standing up for.

Of course there are exceptions – we all have bad days now and then where everything seems to drive us crazy – but truthfully, if you find yourself caring about every trivial encounter and occurrence, then chances are you probably don’t have many (if any) deeply rooted beliefs to legitimately give a damn about and fulfil your ‘damn quota’.

Not giving a damn means going about your day with purpose. It means not getting distracted by the inconsequential. It means being able to appreciate the differences in people, in communities, in life.

Chances are you’ve either lost focus, don’t have a lot going on, or have too much going on, and the coupons aren’t really what you give a damn about. In any case, your life compass is probably due for recalibration.

Essentially, it means understanding that bad things happen to everyone and sometimes we can’t do anything about it. In those times, where we are powerless to the programme of the universe, it’s best to save our damns for something that we can actually change for the better.

Take a moment, sit down and ponder what it is you want, and stop taking your frustrations out on the person who may or may not have just been doing their job. Granted it would be nice to pull a Clarke Gable and say to everyone in every situation, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a

Some things really just aren’t worth the worry


The art of not caring

Is the cashier who won’t accept your coupons worth giving a damn over? Probably not. Is the council’s act of selling off precious local resources worth giving a damn over? Probably.

damn.” But we are human, and we do give a damn. And what we give a damn about essentially defines who we are. So pay close attention to where your damns go. As the great writer Samuel Johnson said of man’s obligations, “He should be careful not to mislead unwary minds, by appearing to set too high a value upon things by which no real excellence is conferred”.

5 signs you need an attitude adjustment By Lydia Truesdale

A bad mood and a bad attitude are not the same thing, but the former is undoubtedly a precursor for the latter. A bad attitude develops gradually; we get into bad moods for various reasons and these bad vibes build up to develop a bad attitude. Worse still, bad attitudes are contagious. Don’t become a statistic in the pity party pandemic – if you are experiencing some (or all) of the following symptoms, you could well be in need of an attitude adjustment. 1. Everything irritates you And by everything we mean everything: the grocery item you forgot to pick up; the family member asking a favour; the food joint that didn’t get your order right; the remote batteries dying… need we go on? The solution: ask yourself whether this inconvenience will matter a year down the track. This is an easy way to gain perspective and put seemingly mammoth issues in their place.

2. You are jealous and bitter about others’ success Humans are, by nature, competitive. But we are also compassionate beings, and when competitiveness overrides compassion and deems you incapable of celebrating the successes of others, chances are you’re becoming (or have already become), resentful. The solution: set your own goals and stop comparing yourself and your progress to those around you. Everyone has a skill set – some greater than others. Make the most of yours by focussing on effective ways to use your skills towards achieving your goals. 3. “But” becomes your best friend “I was going to… but something came up.” If the word “but” features frequently in your vocabulary, it’s very possible that excuses are stopping you from utilising your potential. Instead you’re probably wasting opportunities. The solution: take note of how often you actually say “but” and you’ll realise how it allows your positivity and motivation to elude you. Make a conscious effort to end your sentence before using the “but” word.

4. You are ruminating, not reflecting After a difference in opinion you spend countless minutes going over what you should have said and what to say next – sound familiar? Endlessly replaying a negative scenario in your head is a clear sign that negativity dominates your thoughts. The solution: the easiest way to move on is to keep busy. Failing that, write a letter to the person which you don’t intend to send. Externalising your feelings this way allows you to shed anxiety without upsetting the other person, or further fuelling the disagreement. 5. You believe the universe is conspiring against you Unsuccessful people tend to claim they are unlucky, but it’s more likely that a negative attitude is blocking them from making the most out of life’s serendipitous situations. The feeling that everyone else has it better than you is the gateway to negativity and a bad attitude. The solution: instead of focussing on what is or went wrong, find the positives in your situation. If you are still struggling to see through the fog of negativity then take a walk – virtually or physically – to charities and sites of the less fortunate to remind yourself that the world you inhabit probably isn’t nearly as bad as you perceive it to be.

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News | Management

The magic of regular feedback By Stephen Lynch

You might recognise some of the following “myths” about Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) and that they are somehow “different” such as:

Follow up

• Seeking personal meaning through work

Praise good performance

• Valuing work-life balance

Recognition and praise is best delivered in the environment where the actual performance occurred, ideally among the person’s peers. Alternatively, if you are in a virtual team, make sure to send the team a notification of your praise being delivered. Let the whole team know when someone is doing a good job whether it is hitting their numbers, or getting their key tasks done on time.

• Valuing learning and growth over remuneration. Research conducted in 2014 found that Millennials are not as different as the media would have us believe. We are all pretty much the same with respect to our alignment (or otherwise) with the above statements. The research report “Workforce 2020 - The looming talent crisis” surveyed more than 2,700 leaders and 2,700 employees from 27 different countries and they did uncover a couple of key differences about Millennials. It seems that Millennials: • Value formal training and mentoring more than previous generations • Want more feedback from their managers than previous generations. Only 46 percent agreed that their managers delivered on their expectations for feedback. So here are some suggestions for making sure you are delivering on the feedback expectations of your team members.

Make performance visible Use software dashboards to make each person’s goals and tasks clearly visible - not only to the individual, but to everyone else on the team. Once these goals and tasks have been negotiated and agreed with each team member, they should be made public so everyone on the team can get real time visual feedback on: • What each person is working on • How well each person is tracking.

Coach poor performance It’s not fun, but it has to be done. Problems seldom fix themselves. If you allow poor performance to persist without providing honest feedback and taking visible action to improve the situation, the manager is implicitly saying to the entire team that, “poor performance is OK around here”. If you allow poor performance to be the norm, a culture of mediocrity develops.

Ask coaching questions If someone is struggling, talk to the nonperformer in a non-threatening and supportive way and ask the following three questions: “I see the number of sales appointments you booked last week is ‘in the red’ again…

If you want the best out of any employee – you need to let them know where they stand


• Wanting to make a positive difference to the world with their work

Making performance visible is a huge help, but it’s just the beginning. Dashboards don’t absolve the manager of their obligation to coach and support their people. I have a saying, “Successful business execution is 20 percent getting clear about what needs to be done, and 80 percent following up to make sure it actually gets done”.

Recognition and praise is best delivered in the environment where the actual performance occurred, ideally among the person’s peers. Alternatively, if you are in a virtual team, make sure to send the team a notification of your praise being delivered.

tangible actions and capture them as tasks. Follow up next week to make sure these tasks got done, and assess their impact on performance.

Coaching outcomes

1. What’s happening here? Allow the employee to respond. There may be valid reason for something not getting done.

If the person makes the necessary improvements, praise and recognise their progress and make them feel like the winner they are.

2. What action can we take this week to move this forward? Let them come up with solutions first. Then suggest others.

If however they are habitually falling short and can’t make the necessary improvements within an agreed time frame, then it is your role as a manager to do something about it.

3. What support do you need? Make it clear that you are on their side and that your role is to support your team members to be successful. Work together to come up with

Using the “manager as coach” analogy, you only win when your team succeeds. Your job as a manager is to select, train, coach and support a team of winning players.

If someone is unable to perform on your team, you either: • Coach them to meet the standard

• Find them a new position where they can meet the standard, or • You owe it to the rest of the team to remove them from the field. You do want a team of winners don’t you? Being a manager means giving people regular feedback on their performance. If you aren’t comfortable with this, then you should not be managing people.

Stephen Lynch, chief operating officer of Global Operations at Information kindly provided by

MEDIA CONSULTANT/SALESPERSON We are one of the largest privately owned publishing companies in New Zealand with offices in Auckland and Christchurch, and due to expansion we need 2 dynamic sales people in Christchurch. Academy Group produces a wide range of products including business magazines, niche market magazines, corporate and education sector diaries, wall planners plus various other print based products. This is your opportunity to join a business that has vast experience in the publishing sector and has achieved success in the marketplace since 1980. Various remuneration packages are available made up of retainer plus commission and bonuses. • Your work ethic and discipline is essential • Honesty is a must - humour appreciated • You will need a good understanding of business and be able to talk to everyone from trades people to CEOs • You MUST be oozing enthusiasm!

• Experience preferred, but not necessary as initial and on-going training and support provided • Various remuneration packages available-made up of retainer plus commission, plus monthly bonuses, flexible hours and subsidised health insurance for you and your family. Part of the

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News | Leadership

10 traits

all good leaders have

By Lydia Truesdale

There’s no easy answer for how to be a good leader. Different approaches work for different individuals, but if we look at some of the notable leaders of the past and present there is, unsurprisingly, distinct characteristics they all share. 1. Courage

The good news is that courage can be learned, according to author, speaker and CEO of Giant Leap Consulting, Bill Treasurer.

2. Curiosity Curiosity is not only a prelude to foresight, but also identifies threats and opportunity and seeks out areas for improvement. It took curiosity for Alexander to explore and conquer Macedonia; for Sir Isaac Newton or Stephen Hawking to question the natural world and lead the way to understanding.

A strong work ethic and a good sense of humour are two of the most desirable leadership traits


Aristotle spoke of courage as the first virtue. Many speak of it as the backbone of leadership. Leaders need to be decisive yet inclusive, innovative yet reasoned, selfless yet confident – all of which takes courage.

5. Decisiveness For better or worse, decisions shape history just as much as the people themselves do. Decision making would be easy had we all the time and resources to put into it, but in many situations decisions need to be made instantaneously and under pressure. Good leaders possess the power to block out background noise and “interpret situations with rational and emotional intelligence,” says Bill Treasurer.

6. Persistence

A good leader takes an active interest in the world around them. A good leader is unremitting. That’s not to say they try the same They have an appetite for knowledge and are always asking questions, always learning, always experiencing, and as such are thing over and again or endlessly pursue dead ends, but rather try different approaches until they achieve what they set out to. always expanding their awareness. Where others would be understood or even forgiven for backing out, good leaders keep at it. 3. Confident body language Communication expert Lisa Marshall notes that leaders aren’t always the most intelligent or strongest people in a group, rather those whose body language and charisma draws people in and have the ability to hold the attention of an entire room.

According to Gordon Tredgold of Leadership Principles, persistence “sets the tone of how our teams and departments react when facing adversity,” and therefore influences how many objectives become missions complete.

This very balance of demonstrating confidence not cockiness, while remaining approachable, is a tactic by leaders to encourage 7. Empowerment A leader must trust in their team’s capabilities. Empowerment others to take interest. is a less authoritarian style of leadership than delegation; it still encompasses assigning who to what role, but then it’s about 4. Humility trusting employees to perform their tasks. Team morale is Humility encompasses so much more than altruism; it’s heightened when individuals feel depended upon for their about having integrity, being accountable, honest, admitting unique responsibilities. when you’re wrong, and above all, making those around you feel valued.

A good leader understands that by practising humility themselves, others will be more willing to go beyond the call of duty knowing their efforts will be recognised and appreciated. Ted Talk speaker and best-selling author of Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek, says those leaders willing to ‘eat last’ are rewarded with “deeply loyal colleagues who are driven to advance the desired vision.”

8. Passion Passion reveals itself in various forms but the common denominator in every case is inexorable commitment. Forbes contributor and author of Leading So People Will Follow, Erika Anderson notes that “passion isn’t a wild, loud, take-noprisoners quality. True passion requires honestly committing to something about which you feel deeply, and staying committed through difficult circumstances.”

A good leader takes an active interest in the world around them. They have an appetite for knowledge and are always asking questions, always learning, always experiencing, and as such are always expanding their awareness.

9. Strong work ethic A good leader is a hard working leader who organises their time so as no second is wasted. They achieve higher productivity than the average worker - meeting benchmarks before anticipated and ticking off goals at an accelerated rate. A leader’s work ethic also sets the benchmark for others.

10. A sense of humour It’s all very well to be serious about what you do, but a good leader recognises the need for humour, both inside the workplace and out. Many people find comfort in humour and by appropriately using humour a leader becomes more relatable, staff are more inclined to open up, and any potential problems are likely detected in advance. A study by Bell Leadership Institute found that a strong work ethic and a good sense of humour were the two most desirable traits in leaders.

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News | Working life

Happy days

Beating the mid-winter blues As the days get shorter and the temperatures get colder, winter can be a challenging time in the office, affecting both employee productivity and performance.


A fun work culture increases staff engagement, fosters creativity, promotes teamwork and lifts overall job satisfaction levels

Encouraging fun and play in the workplace is essential for today’s business to be successful. Team building and corporate culture expert, Dwain Richardson, who has dedicated his career to bringing fun and games into businesses across Australasia, says a fun workplace culture has many and varied benefits. “It will actually increase the productivity of staff even if there is time set aside for ‘play’ activities,” Dwain says. “A work culture that is fun will also increase staff engagement, foster creativity, promote teamwork and lift overall job satisfaction levels. In turn, this will reduce staff turnover and sick and stress leave days. “I have certainly seen a greater focus for New Zealand and Australian business, particularly over the past decade, in bringing fun and play into work.” Dwain says ‘fun’ and ‘play’ does not mean staff “messing around” and losing sight of what the business goals and objectives are. “It simply means the business identifying and incorporating activities into the workplace that bring smiles and laughter to generate satisfaction, productivity, engagement, creativity and teamwork. “Three popular ways in workplaces today are regular games or competitions, staff gatherings and team building activities. It might be a game to achieve business targets to participating in a staff footy tipping competition. “Staff gatherings may be birthday activities, professional development days or company milestone celebrations. “Team building activities are very popular as they are not only focused on fun, but also on teamwork, communication, leadership and positive corporate social responsibility outcomes.”

He says recent research shows more school leavers and university graduates are prioritising work-life balance over money. “We are finding more people entering the workforce today are prioritising enjoyment and happiness at work than a few decades ago, when there was a greater focus on earning money to support a household.

A work culture that is fun will also increase staff engagement, foster creativity, promote teamwork and lift overall job satisfaction levels.

“Ever since I made a commitment to enjoying my work life, I have dedicated my career to helping others find the fun in their work lives and develop fun work cultures. In our company we live and breathe that ‘positive team cultures create success’.”

Dwain is the owner and managing director of Corporate Challenge Events, one of Australasia’s leading team building and corporate events organisations. Corporate Challenge Events offers 38 different team building programs across New Zealand, all of which can be tailored to the needs and objectives of clients. The expertise of Corporate Challenge Events also includes corporate training and coaching for individuals and groups, and the planning and delivery of major conferences to smaller business events, functions and launches. For more information on Corporate Challenge Events visit:

Industry expert, Eugene De Villiers, highlights the challenges and opportunities that come with the new season, and provides key tips on how employers can help combat the midwinter workplace blues.

as simple as verbal acknowledgement at weekly team meetings, a paid lunch, a casual clothing day, or even flexi hours.

The winter-blues are a real issue in today’s workplace. Research has found that the ‘blues’ are not only characterised by an increase of cold and flu symptoms, but in more serious circumstances, depression and fatigue in employees.

If possible, bring a social atmosphere into the workplace to build excitement and keep staff engaged. As energy levels decrease, it is important to encourage employees to socialise and have some comedic relief throughout the day.

It can leave employees deprived of energy and affect their sleeping and eating patterns, which can result in them feeling unmotivated and having lower levels of confidence.

Try and organise social events, invite the team tenpin bowling, hold after work drinks or start a sports team. At Extra Mile Company we have a shared lunch every Wednesday and afternoon drinks on a Friday, which keeps the team connected and gives all staff a chance to have a break and some fun. Also try and recognise significant events - birthdays, weddings and other personal and professional milestones, and celebrate these.

This can be characterised within the workplace by staff feeling agitated, resulting in a lack of laughter in the office. Helping employees overcome the mid-winter blues can help productivity flourish and keep workplace energy levels high throughout winter. When your team are motivated they interact differently with both suppliers and customers, which has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Keep your place warm Firstly, in order to overcome the mid-winter blues, it is important to create a comfortable workplace. If possible, make natural light accessible; open blinds, hold meetings in welllit rooms and encourage employees to take their breaks outside the office. Play music and keep the coffee coming. Consider the temperature of the office. When it’s cold outside, there is no point in bringing the winter chills indoors, so keep the workplace cosy. Not only will this increase employees’ positivity, but it will decrease their yearning to get home to the warmth.

It’s all about attitude

Keep up the communication Finally, one of the most effective ways to help employees beat the winter blues is to simply communicate with them. Get to know your team members and find out what engages and interests them. An increased flow of communication shows employees that management care about their wellbeing. Giving yourself and your time to others changes their mood, and yours. Be aware of any changes in post-holiday behaviour and address any concerns you may have. Be approachable and sympathetic to make employees feel comfortable coming to you with any potential grievances.

The winter blues can cause a lack of motivation in the workplace, so look at setting goals and incentives. Setting goals for both management and employees to work towards can help fight complacency and inspire staff.

As an employer, it is important that staff feel they can talk to you with issues they have within the workplace - if they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed for example. Employers may further consider flexible scheduling with work hours and allow more work from home options to accommodate an employee’s needs.

At Extra Mile Company, we apply and incentivise staff to be there, play, make their day and choose your attitude. For small to medium sized enterprises, incentives don’t need to be large to be effective. They can be

Eugene De Villiers is the managing director of the Auckland based Extra Mile Company, which specialises in creating cost effective behavioural change programmes. For more information contact

Create incentives

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News | Cover Story


He sold his first startup business to the government, he has enviable contacts with some of the biggest players in the business world, he’s had a one-on-one meeting with Sir Richard Branson, recently moved to America and is now taking his second business global. You’d be forgiven for thinking these are the triumphs of a well seasoned businessperson, but in fact they are the accomplishments of a 20 year old entrepreneur, originally from Greymouth on the West Coast of the South Island. Jake Millar has already accomplished more in business than many dream to in a lifetime – and he has done it all without any formal study, favouring to learn through on the job training instead. Speaking with Jake you quickly gain an understanding of how he’s achieved what he has. He speaks rapidly with an enthusiasm that you rarely see; there is a hunger and a passion inside of him that is unique. I doubt he has an off switch.

14 |July/August 2016

News | Cover Story The site had 12 paying subscribers before it even launched and now has about 5,000. In addition to the exclusive video content, members can also pitch their business ideas online which get put in front of people like Julie Christie, Eric Watson and Sir George Fistonich. The site brings the almost unheard of stories of incredibly successful New Zealanders to its viewers. He says New Zealanders are achieving huge things on the world stage, but kiwis back home aren’t even aware of them. To name a few examples he says there is a kiwi who is CEO of the Virgin Group, Josh Bayliss, Richard Branson’s second in charge, president of General Motors, Dan Ammann, Tesla co-founder, Ian Wright, and president and CEO of Walmart U.S, Greg Foran.

“You’ve got to be fully committed. You can’t get lazy. It’s 24/7. Business is the ultimate sport. It’s always on. As soon as you get lazy, you’re screwed.” His go-getting entrepreneurial spirit has been deeply imbedded in him since a young age. At just seven years old he started his first business selling magnets outside the supermarket in Greymouth. The small enterprise was called, Jake-o-Magnets, and by all accounts a huge success. Jake’s Mum used to drop him off at the supermarket and come back five hours later; generally he had pocketed about $45.00, which was “a killing” at the time he says. On September, 4 2010, when Jake was 15 years old, his life changed forever. His father, Rod, died in a skydiving plane crash in Fox Glacier when the family’s FU24 aircraft smashed into the ground shortly after take off, killing all nine people onboard, including four of Jake’s close friends.

You’ve got to be fully committed. You can’t get lazy. It’s 24/7. Business is the ultimate sport. It’s always on. As soon as you get lazy, you’re screwed.


After the accident Jake wrote to Prime Minister John Key thanking him for visiting the crash site to pay his respects. He wrote back, asking to meet with Jake over lunch. “I was inspired by John Key’s start in life. His Dad died when he was seven years old and he went on to achieve his dream. If he could; why couldn’t I?”

Screw it, let’s do it Many people in the business world look up to Richard Branson and aspire to be like him, but not many say, as teenagers no less, ‘I am going to be like Richard Branson’ and in a few short years put themselves on a path to that goal. The billionaire has been Jake’s real life hero since he read his autobiography ‘Losing my Virginity’. “My interest in business was sparked when I read Richard Branson’s autobiography back at Christchurch Boys' High School. I became really inspired by what he’d achieved and his ability to take risks. And after I’d read his autobiography I decided that’s what I was going to do as well, and decided to go out and start companies.” And that’s exactly what he did, turning down a $40,000 law scholarship offered to him by the Dean of Law at the University of Otago. In the famous words of his hero he said “Screw it, let’s do it,” and dived head first into becoming an entrepreneur.

because it best serves their career ambitions. “There was too much careers information, but not enough inspiration. Young people are also heavily influenced by what their parents want them to do. Oompher challenges that.”

Oompher aims to open people’s eyes to different possibilities in life and inspire them through words of wisdom from leaders in various fields through video interviews. Jake interviewed 135 highly successfully people in a broad range of industries including arts, business, cuisine, entrepreneurship, innovation, law, politics, media, sports and technology. The website launched to schools throughout the country in July 2014 with the backing of some powerful commercial partners including BNZ, Canon, Deloitte and Toyota. Oompher quickly caught the attention of its target market, amassing 70,000 views in less than a year and collected over $300,000 in revenue. And In a few short months after launching the site, Jake negotiated the sale of Oompher to the New Zealand Government, Crown Entity Careers New Zealand, signing it over in May 2015.

“They are just a few examples of kiwis who are doing incredible things in business around the world, but their stories aren’t very well known at home and I think that’s a cultural thing. New Zealanders, generally speaking, aren’t as interested in business as other populations are. New Zealanders tend to care more about rugby and sport. “These business people aren’t well known at all. So we are really passionate about bringing these stories to entrepreneurs and businesses just getting started to help them build their success.” The site features educational videos with advice from Eric Watson, Stephen Jennings, Sir Michael Hill, Diane Foreman, Sir Ralph Norris, Christopher Luxon, Dame Trelise Cooper and even Jake’s hero Richard Branson, to name a few of Unfiltered’s 67 interviews currently listed on the platform.

A dream come true It had been a dream of Jake’s to meet Branson for many years and he made that dream come true in June when he meet the man himself to interview him for Unfiltered. An interview that he says was a big win for the company, because it validated the website on an international playing field.

He says the best piece of advice he hears time and time again from the Unfiltered interviewees, is the importance of product/market fit. Entrepreneurs tend to come up with what they think is a great idea and go full steam ahead, pouring thousands of dollars into it without researching the market first and doing the appropriate validation. Then they find out that they don’t have a market once they’ve already launched, he explains. “I’ve learnt from so many of our interviewees that it is always better to research your market extensively before you launch. Actually find out what your market’s painful problems are, what your customers wake up in the middle of the night sweating about, what’s the biggest problem on their mind and how you can solve that for them. “If you can solve a problem that’s going to save people time, money, frustration and stress, they are probably going to pay for that.”

Destiny in his own hands Now he is taking Unfiltered international. Jake moved to San Francisco in June and already has a list of big American names in his sights for interviews, including former eBay president Jeffrey Skoll and Airbnb co-founder and CTO, Nathan Blecharczyk. “The plan is to definitely expand the business globally, especially in the United States market. I’m confident that we can get millions of subscribers all over the world.” His goal for millions of subscribers isn’t unrealistic based on the feedback the website has already received. “Members are loving the content, learning so much from it and saying it’s fantastic and exactly what they’ve been looking for to grow their companies and grow themselves as individuals as well.” Many website businesses have struggled for some time now to make pay per view website content a success, but few have cracked the code.

“Viewers will pay for content if it solves a specific problem for them in a specific niche. So in our case we are bringing to life stories from business leaders who often don’t tell their stories to the media and even if they do, it’s generally not as “The meeting made me realise that everyone is human. I think people like Richard Branson seem in-depth as they have done with Unfiltered. You like they are almost removed from where you are can’t go elsewhere to find our content because it’s nowhere else online. People will pay for that, as a human and you don’t imagine it’s actually possible to be like them. But actually meeting him as it delivers real value.” it was clear how humble and genuine he really is. Unfiltered may be Jake’s second successful It makes you realise that anyone can go out and business but you can be sure it isn’t his last. With achieve what these people have done because his incredible passion for starting companions they are all humans just like the rest of us.” and for improving people’s lives through “He has been the single biggest inspiration in my life. What I’ve learnt from him is massive - even before meeting him. So to be able to meet him was a dream come true.

Having interviewed some of the biggest names in global business, what has he learnt?

business, he is one young entrepreneur who is just getting started.

Bringing stories to light After the hand over of Oompher he took a short break and travelled around the US exploring new business ideas. During that time he spoke with a lot of business leaders who all said there was a real lack of New Zealandspecific business education content to help them grow their companies.

The careers and motivational website, Oompher, was Jake’s first start-up company. He sold his car for funds and began working on the idea shortly after leaving high school in late 2013.

“We saw a need to create a business education platform in New Zealand because there was nothing like that. There are so many amazing New Zealanders who have achieved the most extraordinary things in business. I thrive off talking to business leaders and learning from them.”

The genesis for the business was conceived when Jake saw that there was a lack of information and resources available for young people exploring their career options. He says teenagers tend to go to university simply because it seems like the right thing to do – not

He wasted no time starting his second business and co-founded Unfiltered late last year, alongside Yuuki Ogino. The exclusive business education platform is dedicated to helping businesses grow through valuable interviews and advice from wellknown and successful entrepreneurs.    July/August 2016 | 15

News | Food for thought

Do morals matter in the digital age? By Will Hackney

Both greed and morality have been poured into the foundations of capitalism’s highways, but it is greed that has eaten away at the roadside. The same voracity that once paved the birthplace of empires can later leave them coughing and choking in their own dust; empires rise and empires fall from the insatiable human appetite for more. Look no further than 2001’s Enron scandal – a stunning example of ethical transgression and financial immorality of unprecedented levels against their employees and clients alike. Their downfall also reinforced a good thing: the corporate playground still has rules. Thankfully, lawmakers, regulators and legislature have been the referee up until now; when they blow the whistle, people listen. Over hundreds of years, common and legislative laws have been honed, perfected and applied to the understood principles and modus operandi governing a capitalist society. Now, however, the rules of engagement are changing. The furious pace of technology is transforming the business landscape at unprecedented rates, and captains of industry are incontrovertibly entering unchartered waters where our lawmakers are slow to catch up. In our new digital economy, are we heading off the grid on matters of legal precedence and ethical objectivity? What happens when we gain ‘first mover advantage’, capturing a corner of a new emergent market in disruption, but there are no rules to guide us through the choppy moral waters of commercial benefit? How do we ensure that free-market capitalism in the digital age remains morally in-check when we currently lack the navigation chart? Harvard professor Michael Porter proposes the concept of shared value as an imperative

The new digital era admittedly is casting us into unmapped territory; traditional terms of engagement and former ethical definitions may not be enough to navigate us through the chop.

tool to steer us through the future competitive frontier. Digital infrastructure has produced work environments that cheerlead multidisciplinary, cross-sectional collaboration. Similarly - this sense of inter-connectedness leaks into the social landscape, promoting a sense of corporate social responsibility and engagement. Corporate leaders are increasingly acknowledging the fact that what’s good for their stakeholders is ultimately good for them too.

Sizable companies are starting to move away from an exploitive bulldozing technique to a more inclusive, long term approach that fulfils both parties’ interests. Invariably as they seek value based solutions for their own company, there is a spin-off effect on stakeholders. The result: mutual edification and an obvious win for both sides.

“Leaders of companies that are making significant progress in building large scale social enterprises, consider solving major social problems in profitable ways to be a, if not, the, raison d’être,” say Marc Pfitzer and Valerie Bockstette, writers for the Harvard Business Review, on the matter. Paramount to the process of creating shared value is embedding a sense of social mission into corporate culture and then backing it up with quantifiable action. Sustainable and effective partnerships hang on the need for across-the-board ownership of the vision. That’s why Nestlé’s chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, relentlessly hammered away for over two decades on the inextricable link between the company’s long-term progress and the health of its food source agricultural communities, water resources and consumers. As of today, country managers are expected to deliver progress on these peripheral factors

in their yearly business plan, alongside the profitability reports to Nestlé shareholders. Although rule books for measuring shared value are still far off, there are profound success stories to offer road maps along the way. The new digital era admittedly is casting us into unmapped territory; traditional terms of engagement and former ethical definitions may not be enough to navigate us through the chop. But by gleaning from the emerging paradigm, one that champions cross-pollination and flattened hierarchy structures, we can inadvertently carve out new moral paths. Perhaps it’s what Sir Isaac Newton was saying after all in his second law of dynamics: “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – or, in other words, “there is a wake we leave behind in all we do”. What’s best for going forward is ensuring we know what we’re leaving behind.

HFT solutions to save you money Industry around the world understands the importance of maximising performance, minimising costs and reducing carbon footprints. But how can this be achieved? The simple answer is through innovation; the kind of innovation Hybrid Fuel Technology (HFT) specialises in. Efficiency and environmentally friendly practises go hand in hand – especially when it comes to industrial fuel consumption.

HFT develops innovative fuel conditioners for industry by identifying problem areas inside the market posing significant challenges for industry, then formulating target specific solutions.

HFT’s commitment to this is evident in its work. Its diesel (gas oil) technology is gazetted under the ‘Health and Safety Act’ for underground mining. It is working with the mineral industry to remove harmful diesel emissions translating in a safer work environment for employees, and assists the maritime industry to deal with the introduction of low sulphur fuel. For more information visit:

OOPS Being successful in business is all about establishing and maintaining working relationships. In the Mackenzie Transport feature article, on page 61 in the June/July issue of Auckland Today, we neglected to mention that Hybrid Fuel Technology, along with Pipeline Wam, McFall Fuel and Gough Palfinger are all professional partners of Mackenzie Transport, and apologise for this omission.


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been seen The people, their faces and all the right places - Auckland

Images taken and supplied by Lynne Puddy-Greenwood If you have an event that you’d like covered, email Lynne on:

Colin Mathura-Jeffree was among the glittering guests at the launch of Nikki Connors’ book, A Fabulous Failure, at Soul on the Viaduct Harbour. “Here we have an incredible life story about the honest journey of an impressive, indomitable survivor Nikki C,” Colin said during the launch. Surrounded by business people, media, friends and family, Nikki paid warm tribute to everyone who had supported and believed in her. Now, the principal of Propellor Property Investments,, Nikki works with prospective purchasers to implement property solutions to meet their long term goals.    July/August 2016 | 17

News | Lifestyles



By Lydia Truesdale

1. Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Headphones Named the best Bluetooth wireless headphone of 2015 and 2016 by CNET, these beauties allow you to feel the music, not the wires. Take calls, skip songs and change the volume right from the headphone. The Bluetooth connection lets you enjoy your music wirelessly for up to 12 – 20 hours when plugged into your audio device.


RRP: $619.95

2. Freedom Furniture Metro Wall Light Throw hate to the shade with this brazen copper wall light. As part of Freedom’s new Art Class collection, this sophisticated design says goodbye to typical seasonal trends and holds its own year-round in the style stakes.


RRP: $149

3. Jewellery Box by Letliv Sleek yet secure, this modern day jewellery box is perfect for storing and displaying your jewels at home or while travelling. With a mirror on the underside of its lid and boasting simplistic, universal design appeal, this is the ultimate jewellery box in which to house your own crown jewels. RRP: $224


4. Overnighter duffel by Don’t Tell New York With a couple of contemporary Canterbury lads at its helm, this emerging brand knows no limits. Fashion and functionality fuse to bring timeless, androgynous and durable designs that last as long as you do. Hand crafted using New Zealand calf leather, a merino-blend woollen lining and heavy duty brass zips, complete with interior and exterior pockets to keep your essentials handy, The Overnighter is the ultimate companion for those winter weekend getaways. RRP: $580

5. Duffel Ottoman by Tim Webber Design Not only is this piece ergonomically inspired, but the winter colour palette of rich greys with pops of primary colours is aesthetically on trend. Much like the classic drawstring duffel bag that it drew its inspiration from, the Duffel Ottoman’s design features paired with its wool-felt fabric create a strong sense of quality and workmanship. The rope handles and leather accents allow for easy movement of the ottoman, making it great for collaborative spaces and open plan environments. RRP: $1,550

18 |July/August 2016



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Corporate venues | Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre

Experience true hospitality Auckland is a dynamic and fluid space, evolving as it grows to continually meet the needs of its people. Much like the city itself, the Jet Park Airport Hotel has found success by constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of its guests, with the latest development for this innovative hospitality operator set to make it bigger and better than ever before. Jet Park Airport Hotel’s cutting edge conference centre and the addition of 60 new guest rooms is the latest in a long line of developments that span the hotel’s 18 year history. With the capacity for 250 people and located close to the existing hotel, state of the art facilities and modern guest rooms, the hotel and conference centre complex will be able to offer the very best services to a variety of market segments. “We wanted a modern, highly functional building which is located close to the existing building a design that both incorporates our current buildings, but provides a renewed profile to the whole site,” Liz Herrmann, one of the hotel’s directors, says of the new development. “We sought flexibility for conference space and set-ups, a beautiful green space, modern building with state of the art technology.”

We wanted a modern, highly functional building which is located close to the existing building a design that both incorporates our current buildings, but provides a renewed profile to the whole site.

Natural lighting in the conference rooms, ultra-modern sound, data and audio-visual technology, and the continuation of award winning environmentally friendly operational principles already employed at the hotel are just some of the features businesses and conference organisers can expect from this innovative local hotel.

Earthworks began in February 2015 and despite weather delays, construction labour shortages and the need to allow for deep foundations due to soft ground in the area, doors are set to open this month. “This new extension of modern rooms and cutting edge conference facilities will

complement our already existing assortment of rooms and meeting facilities which our guests have come to expect and enjoy,” Liz says. “This will give us the opportunity to further enhance our wonderful guest service, for which we are well known.”


Rodd family

Connecta table

Domino table

Furniture for the executive conference centre, with furniture trending into becoming the feature point of any commercial space. Titan Furniture recognise the need for upmarket and even custom designs to ensure your conference décor stands out from the rest. Titan Furniture has been supplying conferences, events, training centres and public spaces for over 35 years. TITAN FURNITURE LTD ARE PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING JET PARK HOTEL 20 |July/August 2016

TITAN FURNITURE LTD 36 Honan Place, Auckland 1026 Freephone: 0800 820 131 Telephone: (09) 828 1079 Email:

Corporate venues | Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre

We are Direct Importer and We Supply High Quality @ Low Prices to 5 Star Hotels & Motels and Top Laundries

This development will be immensely important for a number of reasons. Our existing precinct is growing in popularity for meetings, it’s very convenient for people all around New Zealand.

Urban oasis The field next door where cows once grazed is now a warehouse, and despite the growing industry around the hotel, established native vegetation on the property offers a small oasis to some NZ birdlife in the area. Owing to the large, private, family owned and operated property, the hotel will also develop a pond and wetland area with native planting adjacent to the centre, with an outdoor area where groups may enjoy BBQs, teambuilding activities, and that is suitable for outside product launches. The hotel’s situation near Auckland Airport, together with the direct, complimentary shuttle service, free car parking, and quality 222 room accommodation will make Jet Park Hotel and Conference Centre an ideal and convenient venue for meetings, product launches, conferences, trade shows, and weddings.

Full Range of Hospitality linen & Towels including Flat Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, Towels, Tea Towels Etc.

The Jet Park Hotel general manager, Jeeva Jeevananthan says the new facilities will play an integral role in the local market. “This development will be immensely important for a number of reasons. Our existing precinct is growing in popularity for meetings, it’s very convenient for people all around New Zealand,” he says.

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Commercial White Towels

“With access to our free shuttle, conference organisers don’t need to organise transportation to or from flights. In terms of convenience, they can get in the shuttle and be at the airport within 10 minutes, as opposed to the travel time when you’re going through the central city.

Standard Towels Range 500 Gsm & Luxury Towels Range 645 Gsm

“Traffic congestion is increasing within the central city. In 2-3 years, when the International Convention Centre is complete, the Jet Park Airport Hotel will still far outweigh its convenience.” >

Commercial White Linen


80% Cotton / 20% Poly Super Luxury T265

We are proud to supply the Hospitality sector with a range of products that ensure our customers remain top of their market. Guest Amenities • From HEALTHPAK Food & Beverages • Spreads • Sugars • Robert Harris Coffee • Dilmah Tea Rubbish Bags Cleaning Supplies • Chemicals • Gloves • Cloths Paper Products • Paper Towels • Toilet Tissue • Facial Tissue 6 C Polaris Place, East Tamaki, Auckland Tel: 09 274 8653 | Free Ph: 0800 10 60 63

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Pleased to be included as a key supplier to the Jet Park project Phone:

60% Cotton / 40% Poly Super Heavy 155 Gsm

Worldstar Textiles (NZ) Ltd

Archer Concepts Hotel & Hospitality Furniture

0800 663 272

Tel: 09 257 2549 Cell: 021 462 545 E:    July/August 2016 | 21

Corporate venues | Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre Exceptional facilities With a great reputation in the market place, a 4.5 star Qualmark Rating, numerous awards and outstanding service, together with a free 24 hour shuttle bus to and from the airport, with complimentary car parking, the Jet Park Airport Hotel is a great location for conference guests who don’t want to travel to and from the city. Located on a very large piece of land which has never been subdivided, the hotel grounds

afforded a great location to extend the operation, Liz says. “We have enjoyed good success with the small conference rooms located in our existing hotel and our customers have asked for many years for larger spaces (which we’ve had to turn down),” Liz says. “So this, together with an increasing demand for conference facilities away from the CBD, was the main driver for expansion of our facilities.”

22 |July/August 2016

Liz says both she and the team are delighted with the end product. “It’s been a very handson experience with my son being project manager for the hotel, working together with Watts and Hughes, who built the original hotel 18 years ago, and hiring our own subcontractors. Chenery Plumbing and Ward Chandler Electrical have both worked with us since our inception, so to have them involved with this development was really important to us,” she says.

“We’re a family business and we’re all very hands on with our department heads that have all contributed greatly in the process of this whole building story.” Conferencing at Jet Park Hotel is made easy by the dedicated conferencing staff, seven purpose-built conference rooms, four boardrooms, and a well appointed business centre. The boardrooms include complimentary unlimited tea and coffee, free use of white-board on stand, flip-chart, pens and paper. >

Corporate venues | Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre features • Just five minutes to Auckland Airport with a free airport shuttle service • No need for taxis to the city • Free on-site car parking for conference delegates • Complimentary WiFi Internet provided to all in-house guests • Caring, efficient staff that really listen to you and make certain your needs are met • Easy menu format with tasty menu choices • National award winning restaurant and Indaba Lounge Bar for after-function relaxation • Fast and secure Internet • Accommodation packages available.

Coolum Collection 24 |July/August 2016

Corporate venues | Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre

It’s the service that makes the difference and it’s our staff that makes the difference for us. We put a lot of time and effort into our staff training. As a result, we have low staff turnover because we have the core principles of service right and that reflects in our occupancy rates.

Service strength

Jet Park Hotel was opened in 1998 and is a family owned enterprise which enjoys a 4 Star Plus and Enviro-Gold Qualmark rating. It currently offers a wide selection of room types from its 222 guest rooms, conference facilities, and an award winning restaurant, pool, gym, and lounge bar. Jet Park Hotel has an outstanding team who are dedicated to personal and caring service, not only for their valued guests, but for the environment, their staff and the community. For information about the hotel visit

A large stock of rooms places the hotel in a position in the market where it can provide quality accommodation for guests travelling for leisure or business. During the years the hotel has enjoyed the opportunity to provide exceptional hospitality to government officials, celebrities and dignitaries. Throughout this time the property has been under the same NZ ownership and operation – one of the major reasons it has grown from strength to strength in the quality of services and facilities it strives to provide to guests. A strong contingent of around 174 staff – some with the company for more than 10 years – are passionate about their area of expertise and aim to ensure the guest experience is beyond expectation, with a multitude of awards in recognition of this dedication. Anyone can build a hotel, general manager Jeeva explains, but, “It’s the service that makes the difference and it’s our staff that makes the difference for us. We put a lot of time and effort into our staff training. As a result, we have low staff turnover because we have the core principles of service right and that reflects in our occupancy rates.” AT

Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre 63 Westney Road Mangere Auckland T (09) 275 4100 — Advertising Feature

DEPARTMENTS Hotel & Motel Amenities Disposables & Washroom Consumables Textiles & Linen Appliances & Equipment Food & Beverage Food Service & Kitchenware Cleaning, Janitorial & Hygiene Furniture & Beds Miscellaneous & Accessories

0800 277 225 Call us toll-free! 26 |July/August 2016


Ph (09) 278 1622 | E 129 Rosscommon Road, Auckland |

Corporate venues | Jet Park Airport Hotel and Conference Centre

Tricky build proves no problem for Watts and Hughes The temporary fences have come down and the Watts and Hughes construction workers have cleaned up and left. Now the Jet Park Hotel’s new conference centre and guest rooms are open for business. Auckland’s newest conference complex features a 250 person multi-level conference complex, an additional 60 guest rooms and a garden, pond and wetland area adjacent to the centre. The Watts and Hughes contract manager, Dennis Saunders says the completed build looks and feels fantastic. “The client seems very happy with the finished product. It’s a high quality finish throughout the conference facility and restaurant and it looks pretty stylish.” But it’s not the first time Watts and Hughes can pat themselves on the back for a great result. The construction company built the original Jet Park Hotel, adjacent to the new structure, more than 17 years ago. A true testimony to the lasting relationships the construction firm holds with its valued clients. The new building is seamlessly amalgamated into the existing hotel even though it’s a stand alone structure. Dennis says this meant Watts and Hughes was faced with the challenge of building an entirely new hotel on the same sight that the original hotel was still operating from. Building the hotel in close quarters with a fully operational business comes with its obstacles. “The build required careful planning to successfully minimise disruption to the guests

The client seems very happy with the finished product. It’s a high quality finish throughout the conference facility and restaurant and it looks pretty stylish.


and ongoing business, this included traffic control of large deliveries in a shared driveway and mitigating noise and construction activity.” The Jet Park Hotel business remained in full swing during the almost 18 month long construction period, thanks to careful planning from both the client and the Watts and Hughes team, who meticulously detailed the entire build from start to finish. Dennis says the overloaded Auckland construction market means it is very difficult to get subcontractors onsite when required, and to get the best out of them.

Fire Doors / Fire Windows / Solid Core Non-Fire Doors for Commercial / Industrial / Aged Care / Apartments Wholly New Zealand Owned and Operated Proud to continue our association with Jet Park Phone (09) 579-8895

” “Prior to the building boom it was possible to order materials or a subcontractor and have them onsite within a week, now wait times can be up to three to four weeks for simple concrete supply. “Virtually every trade in Auckland is stretched very thin, which means weekly and daily focus on programming has become a bigger factor than usual. Micro-programming and daily monitoring is of huge importance at the moment throughout the industry.” But despite the industry-wide delays, Watts and Hughes still successfully completed the build

in a timely fashion. More than 70,000 man hours have been spent on the new hotel and conference centre complex with the highest safety and quality standards achieved. AT Watts and Hughes 15B Vestey Drive Mount Wellington Auckland T (09) 573 5750 E

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Proud to be associated with the Jet Park Hotel Conference Centre Locker Group Specialise in; Perforated Metals Gridforge Welded Grating Fibreglass Grating Handrail Systems Gridwalk, Gripwalk & Expanded Metal Mashes

Contact our sales team today!

12 Offenhauser Dr | East Tamaki | Ph: 09 273 9825 |


Take cabinetry to a whole new level with Sage Doors Laseredge Doors! Using a colourfast polypropylene laser edge tape and no glue, Sage Doors manufacture the ideal doors and panels for any situation.

Ask your cabinetmaker for Sage Doors!

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0800 50 SAGE

(0800 50 7243) Sage is proud to have supplied quality Laseredge™ doors and panels to JetPark Hotel    July/August 2016 | 27

Focus | Silverdale Adventure Park

An adventure for the whole family Fun for the entire family awaits at Silverdale Adventure Park. The new park just north of Auckland features a range of exciting rides and activities, suitable for the very young through to the very old. Silverdale Adventure Park opened in January and has already captured the public’s imagination, with large visitor numbers coming for the day. The park, which was in the planning stages for several years, features a large downhill luge, an

off-road Polaris ATV experience, a spaceship simulator, a dual zipline, a vertical bungy, a tube slide, a horse-and-farm experience, a playzone for young children, and mini moon buggies. Director Barry Larman says many of the rides are unique to North Auckland, including the offroad Polaris ATVs, the downhill luge carts and the dual zipline. “We designed and built the zipline and it’s suitable for most of the family. We’ve had a 90 year old on the reverse bungy, while the Polaris is a great opportunity to get into the dirt and mud and have an all-terrain experience,” he says.

Silverdale Adventure Park rides and activities: Downhill luge: A 600m purpose-built track with tight corners, steep drops and multiple speed bumps. The luge carts are safe and user friendly, with superior brakes making them suitable for anyone age eight and over.

Off-road Polaris: For visitors aged 16-plus, experience the fun of driving a brand new Polaris ATV among the twists, turns and dirt on the 1km moonscape track strapped in with a four-point harness and full crash helmet.

Shooting star vertical bungy: Get fired into the air at a maximum of 4G, feel that split second of weightlessness, then rotate and bob before coming back down to earth.

Spaceship simulator: A 32 seat spaceship simulator cinema experience, showing a rotation of four films.

Cosmic Playzone: An adventure playground for ages 2-12 years, featuring amusement rides and an exciting playzone to explore. Party rooms are available for hire and can accommodate up to 12 children, with special cake table and little sibling mushroom seats.

The good thing about the park is that the majority of our customers come for the day. They can bring a picnic and wander around the rides and markets.


“The cosmic playzone is packed every Saturday and Sunday, and we’ve already run around 180 birthday parties since we opened; it’s one of our main winners.” Silverdale Adventure Park has its own café, Area 51, which is fully licensed and ideal for corporate functions. The first Park-in-the-Dark night was held in June and was a great success. It will be repeated once a month during the winter months. Markets will also be held monthly,

Dual zipline: Grab a friend for a ride on the head-first 260 metre zipline dive. Soar together through the trees and over the luge track. Tube slide: Break land-butt records in a super fast, child friendly, purpose built synthetic track inflatable tube slide. while an exciting range of special events are being planned for Christmas. “The good thing about the park is that the majority of our customers come for the day. They can bring a picnic and wander around the rides and markets,” Barry says. “You make the time; we make the magic.”

Adventure Park still growing Stage two of Silverdale Adventure Park will soon be under construction and should be open to the public this summer. Barry says a range of new experiences are being planned for stage two. “We have all the equipment here on site and we’re working on two rides at the moment. We’re going to have some exciting new feature rides ready for next summer and we’ll be introducing them as they’re completed.” AT Silverdale Adventure Park 2104 East Coast Road Silverdale T (09) 426 5555 E — Advertising Feature


Focus | Silverdale Adventure Park

Luge Cart World’s innovative carts

Pyramid Engineering

Luge Cart World has built innovative luges for the Silverdale Adventure Park and is now selling them throughout the world.

Pyramid Engineering is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that provides the luge components for the Silverdale Adventure Park. It also manufactures roll-form machines for steel housing, gear boxes for the louvre industry, rocket components for the aerospace industry and welded fabrications for the building industry.

Owned by Les Osbourne, Luge Cart World was formed to provide the luge and carts for Auckland’s new adventure park. “I’m the original inventor and designer for Auckland Luge and I began building luges eight years ago,” Les says.

The company is owned by Les Osbourne and Alan Roberts and is the manufacturing arm for Luge Cart World.

“There was an opportunity for somebody else to get in on the market. Because I had that technical information, I wanted to start taking it out to the world. We have now sold luges to the Philippines, China, Indonesia and the Silverdale Adventure Park.”

Pyramid Engineering is a specialist, precision engineering business based in Silverdale, with the ability and experience to turn ideas and inventions into reality.

Luge Cart World takes care of all inquiries from track design, carts and people handling to actual cart design. Les says a number of features make his user-friendly luge carts stand out, including that one size fits all. The carts have hydraulic disc brakes and large-diameter mag wheels on the back for superior stability.

It undertakes CNC machining, metal presswork, robot and precision welding and can handle most production fabrication work.

“We’ve had good feedback at the Silverdale Adventure Park and have a 5-star rating. We’re going to do a ‘ride in the dark’ evening and want to have ongoing events to get corporates to use our facilities. We can take up to 150 people in the café and it’s a great place for team building.”

Luge carts for Silverdale Adventure Park


The luge carts at the Silverdale Adventure Park were designed and built by Pyramid Engineering

Pyramid Engineering designed and built all the carts for the Silverdale Adventure Park. It has also supplied its Mark I and II versions to various entertainment parks in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Luge Cart World has supplied the user friendly luge carts for the Silverdale Adventure Park


Luge Cart World is now working on new projects north of Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The luge will be the largest one in the world, with one track being 1.7km long and the other 1.5km.

The company employs about40 staff who are highly skilled and experienced, and capable of completing projects from the simplest to the most complicated.

“We also manufacture zip lines, conveyor systems for the luge and a people-moving machine which is like jet skis on rails. All inquiries are welcome,” Les says. AT

Pyramid Engineering and Luge Cart World 50 Forge Road Silverdale Auckland T (09) 421 9058 E

— Advertising Feature

Pyramid Engineering are proud to have designed and built all the Luge carts for the Auckland Luge project in Silverdale north of Auckland. Due to the number of enquiries from all parts of the world we have now established a subsidiary company called Luge Cart World to handle all Luge cart enquiries from Track design, Cart and people handling to actual cart design. The manufacture of all these components will still be undertaken by Pyramid Engineering.

Luge Cart World is committed to providing facility operators with consultancy, equipment and support services for everything Luge cart related. Luging is more than carts or a track. It is an experience resulting from excellence in design and construction. Please contact us if you are interested in Luge equipment.

Les Osburne 09 421 9822 or

Call us now... 09 421 9058 or enquire online    July/August 2016 | 29

Focus | You Travel

Let your adventure begin The third planet from the sun, the Earth’s surface area totals close to 500 million square km. Although some 70 percent of its surface is submerged, the remaining 149 million sq km is ripe, not just for the taking, but for the seeing, experiencing, exploring and living. When it comes to booking all that experiencing, who better to turn to than the experts? One of the new experts on the scene is You Travel, a vibrant new travel brand that knows exactly what Kiwis want when they travel and deliver on this every time. Formerly United Travel, there are 34 stores across New Zealand here to help you embrace life through travel. The company aims to continue to lead the travel industry market and then take it up another level for you, general manager retail, First Travel Group, John Willson says. “The travel industry is extremely competitive - sometimes you’re even competing against your biggest suppliers. We’re used to that competitive environment, having been involved in the industry for a number of years and we compete well,” John says. “The You Travel brand sits firmly in the hard stuff, the cruising and unique experiences type of holiday where people do lot of research online, but won’t actually push the button to book, because they need to have the surety of an experienced person to do that.”

The travel industry is extremely competitive sometimes you’re even competing against your biggest suppliers. We’re used to that competitive environment, having been involved in the industry for a number of years and we compete well. - JOHN WILLSON, GENERAL MANAGER RETAIL

As dozens of travel websites and apps vie for your business, how is it that the job of travel agent still exists? It’s an assumption you’ve heard before; Travel agents are a dying breed as the rise of do-ityourself booking engines have all but wiped out travel agencies. But as You Travel demonstrates, that’s not the case at all, as illustrated by its travel agents who continue to play an integral role, shaping the holidays of the customers behind it. “The pricing between online and bricks and mortar travel agents has narrowed and today a good travel agent can get a better deal to meet the customers’ needs,” John says. “So it’s important bricks and mortar agencies continue to strive to meet these needs and that’s what we’re focusing our staff training on; directly marketing our knowledge experience, ensuring the customer gets the trip they want at a competitive price.”

China Airlines, your gateway to Taiwan, Asia and Europe CHINA AIRLINES ARE PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING YOU TRAVEL

Level 6, 52 Swanson Street, Auckland 1010 | Phone: 09 977 2200

AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND CRUISE Auckland to Sydney | 13-Night cruise | Departs 2 January 2017 Interior stateroom from NZ$2,499*pp • Oceanview stateroom from NZ$2,999*pp Special Bonus: ✓ Dinner for two in the exclusive Pinnacle Grill ✓ Dinner for two in the Italian-inspired Caneletto restaurant ✓ Welcome bottle of sparkling wine in your stateroom TERMS & CONDITIONS Fare is per person, in NZ Dollars, share twin, includes port taxes & govt fees (as at 29/06/2016) and all applicable discounts. Fares & taxes are subject to change without notice up until full payment is received. Airfares and gratuities are additional. Special conditions, currency fluctuations, availability restrictions and itinerary changes may apply. Additional terms & conditions apply. Sales to 31/07/2016 or until sold out.

32 |July/August 2016

Focus | You Travel


First Travel Group, general manager retail, John Willson

Travel agents today work across multiple platforms to help clients book a wide variety of trips. “The truth is travel agents have adapted to the changing environment. They are just as relevant today as ever before because they are meeting a consumer’s needs,” John says. In addition to providing destination-specific advice, You Travel’s knowledgeable agents can negotiate international hotel and flight packages, helping you get a cost competitive trip and, importantly, things can prove difficult when travelling overseas, especially if you’re heading somewhere which has complicated visa or passport requirements. Not only can you get a better value when you use a travel agent, but you also have the peace of mind that you won’t get stranded in a foreign country.

Explore India & Sri Lanka uniquely with

y! a d o T s Call U 466 8 7 6 0 Ph 080

Various touring option are available. Contact TOTAL HOLDIAY OPTIONS for further details. E. | W.

Planning a cruise may sound easy, but you have to consider a lot of variables. What itinerary is right for you? Do you need a hotel room and car rental? A You Travel professional can help you sort out all of the intricacies of your cruise and ensure everything runs smoothly. And when it doesn’t, You Travel is available 24/7 with emergency assistance before, during and after your trip, which will give you great peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the experience. “Service nowadays has to be expected, and rightly so,” John says. But what a travel agency can give is the knowledge and expertise that pertains to the travel product. “While booking point to point from Auckland to Sydney is easy to do, when you’re heading to Europe for a river cruise, suddenly there’s a very real benefit to working with someone who has been there and done that, has the knowledge, skill and ability to get the most economical option for what the client actually wants.” >

EXPERIENCE THE SEABOURN DIFFERENCE Intimate, ultra-luxury ships with only 450 guests Spacious, all suite accommodations with sweeping ocean views – most with verandas Open bars throughout the ship

Unrivalled service with tipping neither required nor expected – Service simply to delight you Unique and interesting ports of call to must-see cities and hidden gems where large ships cannot go

Cruise World congratulates YOU TRAVEL! Contact YOU TRAVEL for the latest Seabourn brochure! Ask about Special Offer of US$2639pp For 7 Night Mediterranean Cruise    July/August 2016 | 33

Focus | You Travel

While booking point to point from Auckland to Sydney is easy to do, when you’re heading to Europe for a river cruise, suddenly there’s a very real benefit to working with someone who has been there and done that, has the knowledge, skill and ability to get the most economical option for what the client actually wants.

In fact, You Travel’s consultants have global connections and contacts who can arrange experiences that you can’t get online and that can make a trip truly extraordinary for you. Being part of the First Travel Group, New Zealand’s leading independent travel alliance, gives You Travel access to the most competitive prices which are then passed on to you.

Also, a You Travel consultant can get better pricing than you can find online, and can secure special perks you can’t get yourself.

able to secure better pricing than you can find online, and other special perks you can’t get yourself.

You Travel is the retail brand of the First Travel Group, New Zealand’s leading independent travel alliance. This enables the company access to the First Travel Group is a genuine co-operative most competitive prices which are then passed and New Zealand’s leading independent travel onto the customer, with a You Travel consultant alliance. “The head office is run by its members. Any residual profit made by the head office is returned to its members in the form of a dividend. So there is nobody getting rich out of this system except for the membership who are doing the transactions. “Head offices does the marketing, gets the deals, manages the business side of the operations for the agencies, so they can focus on doing the work – that’s what attracts new travel members to this environment. “We’re a reasonably conservative company and we’re very careful about who joins us in the co-operative. We have recently doubled the co-operative in terms of agencies and we’re now one of the largest co-operatives. “We’re more than happy to have like-minded people join but they need to be able to accept our philosophies and processes, integrity, transparency in everything we do. It’s very nice position to be in, because it’s not a numbers game for us.” AT

34 |July/August 2016

You Travel T (09) 3081830 Freephone 0800 YOU TRAVEL E

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Focus | Xtream Signs

Focus | APCO Coatings

Innovative signage solutions The local manufacturers of The value of signage and the impact it has on your business should not be underestimated. The ability to engage a potential customer directly influences their decision of whether to visit your business, purchase your product, or recommend your business to a friend. Signage can invoke perceptions about the quality of your products and services; if it isn’t eye-catching, high quality and memorable, then it’s time for an upgrade. In today’s competitive industry, Xtream Signs helps businesses stand out from the rest and update their look with innovative design and signage solutions. Matt Porteous leads the team and has developed the business from the ground up during the last 16 years. He has the experience and creativity to think outside the box and his specialised team pride themselves on having the knowledge and accuracy to ensure projects are delivered to the highest standard. Xtream Signs offers a full service; from design and manufacture, right through to installation. No project is too challenging for the Xtream team, who can efficiently install signs up to 12 metres high. Xtream Signs is Auckland based, but has the capability to take on projects nationwide. “We’ve completed projects in main centres including Christchurch and Wellington, and small towns such as Te Kuiti and Arataki,” Matt says. Customers can visit their workshop in Avondale, Auckland, but Matt says the majority of the time Xtream Signs will visit the client onsite to view and measure up the project. “We enjoy visiting

the client to ascertain their needs and then recommend the best signage solution. “Once the customer signs off on the proof and quote, our team can install the sign. The whole process from design, manufacture and installation can be completed in a timely manner. “We enjoy challenging ourselves and exploring new ideas. We are always improving and reinvesting in new technology to make sure we are at the cutting edge of our industry.” AT

Signage services include: • Building signs for indoor and outdoor use • Vehicle and truck signage • Pylon signs • Promotional signage • Banners

With any kind of construction the design and build is only half the equation. The remaining and often under appreciated matter is the painting, priming and sealing that ensures the structure attains its aesthetic longevity. Enter APCO Coatings, the local manufacturers of quality and cost effective solutions. APCO first appeared on the scene in 1993 as part of global company Asian Paints’ expansion into Australasia. In 2003 ownership then changed and the company became 100 percent New Zealand owned. Although now a separate entity, retaining close ties with the tenth largest decorative paint company in the world brings an abundance of benefits for customers: access to global products and information, and support and service to product users – something they believe many market leaders currently lack.

Manufactured locally, respected worldwide

• Window frosting • Pavement signs.

Xtream Signs 43 Honan Place Avondale Auckland T (09) 379 3438 E

world class painting products

Since entering the New Zealand market APCO’s continual growth has paved the way for a local manufacturing plant. Initially product was imported, but as demand grew they recognised the need for products to be made locally and with our unique climate and lifestyle in mind.

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“With the market leaders being very strong with their advertising it can be difficult making Aucklanders aware that there is a paint specialist manufacturing product right

here in East Tamaki,” says spokeswoman Melissa Stuckey. “We are proud to be a New Zealand manufacturer with a focus on being environmentally conscious.”

Specialty product lines APCO’s specialised product range extends to a variety of purposes. As such there’s very little they can’t help with when it comes to the finishing touches. Their speciality lines include pool paints and roof coatings for professional applicators, and they can also custom make products like pallet paint and scenic finish for the film industry. Alongside their specialty lines are house paints for interior and exterior use, floor coatings and specific high build primers and finishers, including Elastomeric and a texture coating for plaster and masonry exteriors.

Where to buy APCO products APCO’s full product range can be found at its East Tamaki factory-shop where store specials are available at all times. Select product lines are also available at various stockists nationwide (www.apcocoatings. AT APCO Coatings 14 Ron Driver Place East Tamaki Auckland 2013 T 0800 289 2726 E

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WHOLESALE SIGNAGE MANUFACTURER Proud to support Xtream Signs for all fabricated signage requirements Tel: +64 (09) 255 1309 | Email:

Most successful paint brands rely on our quality products and services ▶ Design and manufacture of colour cards, swatches and fan decks; ▶ Design and manufacture of colour systems; ▶ Production and inventory control of colour standards; ▶ Colour consultation and advice on marketing strategy ▶ Graphic design. | E. | P. +64 9 274 6027

Phone +64 9 252 0167

Manufacturers and suppliers of:

• Pallets – export and local • Crates • Pallet recycling • Dunnage • Cut-to-length • Repair services • Pallet management • ISPM 15 certified products • Pallet design services At Pallet Supplies we are able to offer the right mix of product, quality and the service you are looking for.

We are proud to be associated with APCO 3 Jerry Green Street, Wiri, Auckland, New Zealand | E    July/August 2016 | 35

Focus | Whangarei Marina

New marina planned for Whangarei Plans are in place for a second marina in Whangarei to host the growing demand for berths by both permanent and short-term visiting boats. The existing Whangarei Marina is located right in the heart of Whangarei and provides about 280 berths within a picturesque setting. Marina manager Brian Caulton says the existing marina is no longer big enough to cope with demand. “We get about 130 international boats through here each season, which creates large economic benefits for Whangarei. However, that number isn’t going up because we can’t accommodate any more; we’re turning away 40 international boats a year,” he says.

There is a waiting list for permanent berths at the marina, which is a popular choice due to its range of facilities and proximity within central Whangarei. Brian receives many inquiries from retired Aucklanders wanting to move to Whangarei and berth their boats.

The beautiful Whangarei Marina at night

It is proposed the new marina will have 100+ berths and will be located just downstream of the new bridge at the entrance to the existing marina. Concept plans for the new facility have been drawn up and the location surveyed, with a resource consent application soon to be made. “We need more space and berths and the location is pretty awesome; it’s really close to town,” Brian says. “We’re hoping to have the new marina up and running within three years.”

Berths at Whangarei Marina are in big demand from both locals and visiting boats


Marina berths are either finger pontoons or rafting alongside floating pontoons. They have water and electricity and most are behind locked gates at night. Pile berths are either two or four piles, which are rowed out to. There is a courtesy berth for new arrivals or filling of water near the office window.

We need more space and berths and the location is pretty awesome; it’s really close to town. We’re hoping to have the new marina up and running within three years.


“We also get a lot of New Zealand boats visiting and there also seems to be a lot more Auckland boats coming up to Whangarei for refits using the local marine services here.”

279 Port Rd, Whangarei | Ph: 09 438 0753, Fax: 09 438 0467 Email: |

MARINE: • Full Class Survey & Repair Services for Commercial and Pleasure Vessels • 1800 & 40 Ton Slipway Facility • All Aspects of Marine Maintenance Protective Coatings HP Water Blasting Wet Grit Blasting Tank Cleaning Contaminant Removal Electrical Maintenance

System Design Motor Overhauls Megga Testing S/Board Cleaning Fault Investigation Procurement

Ship Repair NZ Ltd is a locally owned and operated “This gives us expertise in house and ensures that we company based in Whangarei NZ, whose highly skilled have a highly capable team ready to go at all times to staff have a wealth of knowledge in the marine sector. meet customer demand.


Ship Repair NZ Ltd offer a very experienced vessel survey / refit project management and a facility that includes a very sheltered commercial wharf with berths of 120m, 67m and 36m and a 40 tonne and 1800 tonne slipways.

3 The Sailing vessel Spirit of New Zealand.

The team at Ship Repair have years of experience to deal with any issues or circumstances that may arise during your vessel’s slipping. Staff numbers sit at around 40. A focus on training and retaining highly qualified staff has been a major driver.

36 |July/August 2016

We are a one stop shop specialising in all the tasks from heavy fabrication, general and specialised engineering, blasting and painting, marine electrical repairs and installations to any other tasks that maybe required to get your vessel back in the water and into operation. No job is too big or too small for the team at ship repair – it doesn’t matter what kind of marine work you require we will get your ship together.

3 The Oceanic Discoverer, a 63-metre passenger liner, which has been into the company several times for survey and general repairs, which the hull topside had a complete change of colour in 5 days during its visit in 2015. 3 Luxury vessels Alucia, Umbra, Legacy and Advantage. 3 The Tanker Heracles every two years to date. 3 Local fishing vessels.

Focus | Whangarei Marina

Focus | Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club

Iconic club marks its half century


A new additional marina is planned for Whangarei just downstream of the opening bridge

Local community clubs have played an integral part at the heart of New Zealand communities for a number of generations. They’ve offered a welcoming haven to enjoy a drink, catch up with friends, be entertained, get involved with sports and enjoy a hearty meal. The Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club has been providing these services and more to its local community since 1964. In May this year it celebrated its 50th anniversary with a luncheon for its members. Remarkably, 40 of the clubs original members attended the celebrations. The club also honoured its oldest member’s hundredth birthday recently.


A range of facilities and hospitality options are located adjacent to Whangarei Marina

An ideal location Whangarei Marina is an ideal base for your boating activities due to the large number of nearby facilities and its proximity to downtown Whangarei. The marina is just a day’s sail to world renowned sites including the Bay of Islands, Great Barrier Island, Auckland and the Tutukaka Coast. Brian Caulton says everything you could need is within easy walking distance. The marina has a range of facilities on site, including a TV lounge, BBQ and swap library. Toilets, showers and washing machines are available, as well as wireless internet. Water is chlorinated and drinkable, with rubbish recycling also on offer. Mail can be received at the office, while sewerage pump out is available at neighbouring Riverside Drive Marina free of charge. There are many nearby facilities that visitors to Whangarei Marina can enjoy. Hop off your boat and get a cup of coffee or cool beer at one of the quayside restaurants and cafes. Stroll over to the swimming baths and fitness centre, take a longer walk through one of the many picturesque native forest walk, or let the children enjoy the huge playground nearby. Just a block or so away is the shopping district, movie theatre, medical and dental services, Internet cafes and a low price supermarket.

After you have taken care of yourself you can organise some care for your boat. There are seven haul-out areas nearby and a well established boat service industry, including Ship Repair NZ, Immaculate Marine and Diesel Maintenance Ltd. AT Whangarei Marina 37 Quayside Town Basin Whangarei T (09) 438 2033 E

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IMMACULATE MARINE BOAT REPAIRS Repairs and modifications to yachts, launches & powerboats. Specialising in wooden, composite and glass reinfored plastics.

The Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club has a strong history, but it also has a focus on modernisation as the club manager, Patricia Rangi explains. “In April we completed a million dollar renovation, updating the kitchen and restaurant area.”

Members can also enjoy platters from its café during the day. With the future of the club in mind it recently opened up membership to junior members. From 15 years of age teenagers can join as long as they are affiliated with a sport in the club. AT Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club 6-10 Alfriston Road Manurewa Auckland T (09) 267 4341 E

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She says the new club rooms reflect the present times, along with the bright and modern café overlooking the extensive dance floor and the outdoor paved patio. In addition, the club’s grounds feature a full outdoor bowling green, a full TAB and indoor sports facilities including pool, snooker and darts. “The club is extremely strong in sports with active teams and great facilities.” As the largest club in Auckland it offers its 4,500 members a wide range of activities and entertainment options.

SERVICING MANUKAU SOUTH FOR OVER 60 YEARS • Wheel Chair Hoist Vans • Maxi Vans • 24-54 Seat Buses • All Eftpos, Credit, DPA & Gold Cards accepted

24 Hours | Ph 295 1000

Entertainment nights held every Saturday are a favourite for club members as they always draw a crowd. The club also hosts meets for poker tournaments, over sixties meetings and trips, weekly trivial pursuit, golf days, chess, darts and card clubs, football competitions, karaoke competitions and more. The Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club’s restaurant seats 140 people and has a full menu plus a carvery – so you can always get a roast.

• Hardstand space organised • Undercover space organised Immaculate Marine are proud to be supporting Whangarei Province + Marina

Trade Certified Boat builder 30 years industry experience Quality Service - Our Commitment to you. Specialists in Diesel Injection + Turbo Charging 45 Port Road | Ph 09 438 9092 | A/H 027 439 3952

For a comprehensive service contact us Mobile: 021 279 2807 • Phone: 09 436 4422 Email:

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Focus | ETEL

Smart transformers ETEL Limited is celebrating 60 years of innovation and success that have led it to become a leading provider of distribution transformers to the electrical industry. As an engineering manufacturing company that supplies a full range of distribution transformers to customers throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, ETEL has formed an outstanding reputation for superior quality and customer service.

A history of innovation Founded in 1956 as a specialised transformer manufacturer, ETEL achieved high growth and notable success after shifting its manufacturing focus to distribution transformers in 1994.


An ETEL 4MVA Industrial transformer installed at a mine site in Western Australia

In 2009 an office and warehousing facility was opened in Melbourne, with a dedicated sales team employed.


The company’s presence is now firmly established in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region, with more than 50 percent of its total output supplied to the Australian and the Pacific Island markets, where ETEL has met the demand for larger units and higher volume products.

ETEL’s products are evidence of a dedicated commitment to innovation and quality in distribution transformers and associated equipment, each designed to meet the unique requirements and vision of the client. The company’s products include:

By assembling a team with a high level of technical knowledge and product expertise, ETEL is committed to utilising the latest technology, production processes and supply chain innovations to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

An ETEL 1MVA Industrial Cable box transformer

High quality product range

Minipad pad-mounted transformers These distribution substation transformers have been developed specifically to meet customers’ needs and feature compact overall dimensions and identical MV and LV cubicles, resulting in a symmetrical and aesthetic appearance.

Micropad pad-mount transformers ETEL’s micropad low kVA distribution transformers are specifically designed for ground mounting, providing an ideal solution for underground reticulation installations for small capacity and rural applications. Pole-mounted distribution transformers The range includes transformers from 1.0kVA single phase through to 630kVA three-phase platform (and pole-bolted) arrangements, constructed with fully hot-dipped galvanised tanks and lids. Industrial transformers Designed for simplicity of installation and maintenance, the range extends from 100kVA or smaller through to 4000 kVA

(three-phase) arrangements for indoor and outdoor applications. Kiosk substations Packaged substation transformers include installed MV and LV switchgear, and accessories such as street lighting circuits, ripple control and other protection equipment. Maintenance and refurbishment services ETEL currently provides a wide range of refurbishment and maintenance service support for all types of distribution transformers. Consignment stock A large range of stock is carried at 15 locations throughout Australasia, to support all the clients’ logistical needs. >

Coverstaff Recruitment has been supplying talented Temporary and Permanent Staff to Auckland business for over 15 years.

We congratulate ETEL Transformers on reaching their milestone and are delighted that we have been part of their success story over the last 10 years. We are experts in supplying staff for:

• Production • Manufacturing • Warehousing • Logistics • Call Centres • GMP & Food Safety • Machine Operators • General Work We also offer genuine expertise in working with the Health in Safety at Work Act (HSWA) with our Director being a member on a select committee that developed the Worksafe New Zealand Guidelines to support the Act.

Talent is like electricity, not everyone understands it, but we all need it. South Auckland: 09 271 0680 | West Auckland: 09 820 4193 | North Shore: 09 415 7160 38 |July/August 2016


The way to distribute power. Safely, always. All over the world.

Proud to support ETEL. Congratulations on your 60th Anniversary. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship.

JEAN MÜLLER NZ LTD Unit 2, 37 Hurlstone Drive New Plymouth Ph. +64 6 769 9694

One company - 23,000 products - countless possibilities Your reliable partner in New Zealand since 1999 JEAN MÜLLER NZ LTD is a fully owned subsidiary of JEAN MÜLLER. The company was founded in 1897 in Eltville on the backs of the Rhine River in Germany. Quality, expertise and innovation - what has set us apart for over 115 years has now made an international name of itself: “The Name for Safety”. JEAN MÜLLER NZ LTD provides solutions for low voltage power distribution applications through the supply of products from our own production in Germany combined with local design, assemble and manufacture.    July/August 2016 | 39

Focus | ETEL

Innovative new developments

It’s our technical expertise and our emphasis on customer service that differentiates us and that is how we continue to grow into a global distribution transformer supplier.


ETEL Limited has launched a range of new developments during the past year that will help it expand into a global supplier of distribution transformers. Group sales and marketing manager, Geoff Knight says several new contracts have been secured in Victoria recently, expanding the company’s position within the Australian market. ETEL established a type testing facility in April for impulse testing with simulated lightning strikes of up to 300,000 volts. The impulse generator has an automated measurement and control system which makes the acquisition of impulse responses accurate and easy. “The new testing facility allows us the flexibility to proof new designs in-house,” Geoff says. “We can test improvements to our existing product line, or test the 20 percent of our product that we engineer and built from the ground up every year. While we conduct routine testing on all transformers, this is about the capability to perform robust and rapid product development.”

Arc fault containment involves a fabricated enclosure designed to prevent a rapid pressure build-up and to funnel harmful pressure and heated gas away from personnel.


ETEL’s 200kVA Generation 2 Smart Kiosk Substation, capable of capturing transformer health statistics to enhance smart grid management

“The arc fault kiosk is designed to protect operators, and to protect the public, during those rare occurrences where something goes wrong,” Geoff says. “If the kiosk doors are open and a fault occurs with the switchgear, our enclosure will still protect the operator. This product expands on our range and meets the growing safety needs of our customers.” ETEL has recently opened up a new logistics department and stores in Auckland, allowing it to stock additional materials locally and improve continuity of supply to customers. “We have an expanded planning team, allowing us to schedule, balance and capacity plan our plants better,” he says. “It’s about driving ETEL from a medium sized business to a large one, with internationally competitive systems and capabilities, and a global outlook.” ETEL Melbourne’s warehouse pole mount transformer stock

Standing out from the crowd ETEL strives hard to provide the highest quality products and service possible, taking pride in its wide range of innovations. Geoff says its custom engineered product helps differentiate ETEL from its competitors. “We started off as an engineering manufacturing company and we’ve chosen to remain that way. “We now have a greater capacity and a faster turn around of design-build work, having recently increased our engineering and draughting capabilities. It’s about our ability to engineer a product to meet the ever-changing needs of our customer base.” ETEL’s commitment to customer service is also evident in its finished goods, with the company holding between 1,500 and 2,000 completed transformers at 15 locations throughout New Zealand and Australia. “It’s our technical expertise and our emphasis on customer service that differentiates us and that is how we continue to grow into a global distribution transformer supplier.” AT


No man stands alone


COMPANY PROFILE We provide logistics services to virtually all key industry sectors including: Ü Aerospace Ü Automotive Ü FMCG Ü High Tech Ü Industrials Ü Oil & Gas Logistics Ü Pharma & Healthcare Ü Retail

2.1 MW Wind Turbine and ETEL 2.5MVA Kiosk Transformer, 1 of 64 Turbine and Kiosk installations operating at Mt Mercer Wind Farm in Victoria, Australia


ETEL has recently gained arc fault containment accreditation for kiosk enclosures with its prefabricated substations.

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Contact us on: (03) 961 5176

Being successful in business is all about communication and, with this, establishing and maintaining working relationships with both suppliers and clients alike: so ETEL would like to thank all its clients, suppliers and partners. With this in mind, it thanks those companies who have supported the company on these pages: Coverstaff Recruitment, Jean Mueller, Kuehne + Nagel, and Steel & Tube.

ETEL Limited 550 Rosebank Road Avondale Auckland Freephone 0800 893 835 T (09) 820 6110 E — Advertising Feature

A hub of the community The Glen Eden RSA is a home away from home for its members. As a segment of RSA (Returned and Services’ Association) New Zealand, the Glen Eden association is a place of community, of support and of comradeship for members in the area. It provides a warm and welcoming venue for the local West Auckland community. Come along and enjoy the restaurant, bar, live entertainment, and sports and social groups, or just meet up with friends and family in the attractive, modern facilities.

Sports and social clubs

The Glen Eden Returned Services Association (Inc) was formed in 1934 as part of Auckland’s Western Suburbs RSA and became an association in it’s own right in 1979. It has now grown into the modern facility it is today.

The recently refurbished The Foothills restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant with a superb menu. Serving lunch, dinner, bar snacks and meals for the children, and prices are extremely reasonable.

Joining one of the sports and social clubs is easy, they’re great fun and a good way to make new friends. Any member of the Glen Eden RSA can join the sports and social clubs.

The Foothills restaurant

Courtesy van



Regular live entertainment, happy hours, dances, gaming machines, sports groups, big screen sports and much more make Glen Eden RSA a fantastic destination for people of all ages.

There is seating for up to 180 people in the great lounge area.


A courtesy van is available Friday and Saturdays

Excellent bar facilities offer a large range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at very competitive prices.

Membership Full membership is open to anyone aged over 18. Youth membership is open to anyone aged over 12 years.

Hours Open Monday to Saturday from 11am, Sunday from 12 noon

Private functions Booking a private function is simple and catering is available. Simply contact the team to discuss your requirements.

Sports and social clubs Darts, snooker, 8 ball and fishing are among the sports groups open to members of the Glen Eden RSA.

Contact NZ Mobiles for home broadband & Mobile phone deals! HOME BROADBAND

Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Me & Mrs Jones are proud to be associated with the Glen Eden RSA

for 2degrees pay monthly mobile customers


PER MONTH* *Conditions apply


on special pricing on 2degrees mobile plans

CUSTOMISED MOBILE SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS.. NZ Mobiles are proud to be associated with the Glen Eden RSA

60c Glen Mall Place, Glen Eden Phone 813 1023


Flower Famous in West Auckland

Open 7 days - full floral service k birthdays k babies k romance k sympathy k anniversary k cut blooms for home Mention this advert to receive double loyalty points on fresh flower purchases*

Phone: 818 6556

Glen Eden RSA 9 Glendale Rd Glen Eden West Auckland T (09) 818 4219 E

Proudly Associated with Glen Eden RSA


Ph 09 921 4630

Corner of View Rd and Great North Rd (4148 Gt Nth Rd)

Level 2, 5-7 Kingdon Street Newmarket, Auckland

*Offer valid July/August 2016 Terms and conditions apply

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008

Trevor Goldsmith “The Bald One” With a support team assisting he can provide a service second to none, From financial assistance to moving to your new home he can help.

If you are buying or selling out west call him today

Proud to support the Glen Eden RSA

Our Products

® Lamb ® Beef ® Pork ® Chicken ® Sausages ® Specialty Meats ® Frozen Food Henderson 8 Pioneer Street, Henderson, Auckland Phone: 09 838 9118

Celebrating 13 years helping people achieve their Dreams    July/August 2016 | 41

Focus | Potter Interior Systems

Fifty years of building business together Much like the collaborative nature of construction itself, so too is a building’s interior the culmination of a diverse range of products and services. Aluminium partitions, linings, steel studs, insulation, ceiling grid and panels, acoustic wall coverings and the more visible pinboards and whiteboards are just some of the integral components which make up contemporary commercial spaces. And there’s one more thing these integral components have in common – they can all be supplied by Potter Interior Systems. The local firm is this year celebrating 50 years in business and, with recent involvement in some of the city’s most significant commercial and infrastructural developments, this commercial milestone is likely to be just the first of many more. “The business started 50 years ago as a privately owned distributor of insulation and grid products, then through the acquisition process became a manufacturer of whiteboards and pinboards, in addition to its distribution business,” Potter Interior Systems general manager, Craig Hawkins explains.

“We’ve changed hands a couple of times over the years and during this time we have evolved into a distributor of a far wider range of building products into the commercial market. “As a distributor the business operates in three distinct sectors, being the wall and ceiling sector, insulation sector, and the manufacture of whiteboards and acoustic panels. In addition, seismic and fire protection products, necessary in order to meet the more stringent new building code requirements, are two growth areas in our industry and which we now carry a range of products.” In May 2010, Potter Interior Systems was purchased by Australian publicly listed company CSR and today has a nationwide presence, with a head office and main warehousing facility in Auckland, as well as new and updated warehouse and distribution facilities in Petone, Wellington and in Sydenham, Christchurch.

INEX Metals Ltd provide a range of aluminium products and services to the manufacturing and fabrication industries throughout the NZ and Pacific markets.

Specialists in Aluminium Manufacturing custom made extruded products/profiles. Stocking a comprehensive range of standard extrusions, sheet, coil and plate. Providing an indent service for non standard and hard to get aluminum products.

Congratulations to Potters Interiors on 50 years in business

42 |July/August 2016

Ph: 09 270 8342 | F: 09 270 8352 E: 11-13 Fisher Cres. Mt Wellington, Auckland

Focus | Potter Interior Systems

Potter Interior Systems is today so much more than a distributor of products, with the ‘Systems’ in the name referring to the key role the company plays in the design processes behind the products it supplies.

strongest in the industry, with major suppliers like USG Boral, AMF, Inex Metals, Nalco, Bradford, Rockwall, Mammoth, GIB, Pyrotek and Tracklok to name a few, as well as the Potter Interior Systems own brand.

“If someone wants office partitioning, we have a wide range of partition systems that fit together in different ways, including sliding doors for meeting rooms that can open up and open plan offices with customisable break-out rooms for example,” Craig says.

The company’s wall and ceiling systems were recently specified to delineate different work areas and create an interesting, yet functional, new office space in the innovative new Fuji Xerox offices in Auckland.

This ability culminates in a one stop shop for interior fit outs, with companies coming to Potter Interior Systems with a construction plan for the team to work from.

Other recent high profile projects include the Trust Power office in Tauranga, the ANZ Corporate office in Albany, the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau, 33 Bowen St in Wellington, NZ Blood Services in Christchurch and Environment Canterbury’s new Christchurch offices.

As part of the larger CSR Group, the team can also provide synergies within other CSR Group companies, which include the likes of Bradford Insulation, Hebel, Monier and Viridian Glass. The brands behind the company are also some of the

“Key to the success of a project is getting involved as early as possible, to ensure we can provide a high level of assistance throughout the design process, to develop the solution that will best meet the end-needs. This requires strong

“We can work with a client to develop the specific solution that will meet their needs.”

connections with architects who are specifying the products and key for us is to continue to grow and maintain those relationships. “Hand in hand with that is ensuring that we tick the green box, with several of our products gaining the right to use the ‘Declare’ label.

"Sustainability is at the forefront now and we’re mindful of that, so we’re ensuring the products that we supply are as green as possible in order to gain the approvals of the New Zealand Green Building Council and the like, and will therefore be the preferred products when it comes to being specified.” >


Everybody enjoys peace and quiet but that can be difficult to get in apartments, hospitals and hotels and we know those are the places you need it most. Our engineers have designed something so all you can hear is the sound of a whisper. Whisperwall is a superior acoustic steel stud that has the ability to achieve an STC rating of 62 along with a -/60/60 fire rating which makes it the all in one performance wall. Don’t be silent about your noise problem. Ring and ask us about Whisperwall today!

For more information call 09 579 0175 or email

Congratulations Potters on 50 years!    July/August 2016 | 43

Focus | Potter Interior Systems A team effort Potter Interior Systems operates a small team of 48 across the country and it’s this team which Craig says is behind the company’s success. “We have a strong team of very dedicated people across the company and a strong culture that we have built over the last three years in particular,” he says. “We are all mindful as well of the importance of ensuring we work in a safe working environment and we have invested a lot in this area to ensure our people are all confident they can leave work at the end of the day in the same condition and manner as they arrived in the morning.

Congratulations & support for Potter Interior Systems. Providing New Zealand With Premier Specialty and Technical Adhesive Tape Products

44d Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand P: 09 837 3996 | F: 09 837 3999 E:

We have a strong team of very dedicated people across the company and a strong culture that we have built over the last three years in particular.

“We have also made a point of trying to win the all-important customer service game. We do not like to say no; instead we’ll take issues on board and work through them from there, in order to find a solution that meets the customer's needs, and we pride ourselves on that customer service. “Our team always makes sure the customer comes first and in celebrating our 50 year anniversary, we want to acknowledge the commitment of our people to the company, which is what has seen the company succeed over the years.

“We will be celebrating our 50 year anniversary with both customers and suppliers throughout the year, because in times like these, when not only the company, but the building industry as a whole is enjoying success, we want everyone to share in that success.” AT Potter Interior Systems Head office 9 McNab Street Penrose Auckland T (09) 579 1338 — Advertising Feature


Potters on your 50 year milestone.

USG Boral (previously USG and DONN) have been proud suppliers to Potters for 47 of those years with our DONN seismic ceilings, plasterboard suspension, specialty feature ceilings and steel stud systems.

0800 USGBORAL 44 |July/August 2016

Property & Construction | Auckland's building boom

Auckland breaks the billion dollar mark Auckland residential construction topped $1 billion for the first time in the March 2016 quarter with another half billion of non-residential work on top of that.

Building activity volume continues to grow

as this can be more responsive and flexible than a planning approach.

Growth in all building activity volume continued in the March 2016 quarter. The total volume of building work rose 5.3 percent (seasonally adjusted) from the previous quarter, with rises of 5.5 percent for residential buildings and 5.0 percent for non-residential buildings. The residential volume trend is now 2.1 percent higher than the earlier series peak in the June 2004 quarter.

“This National Policy statement still focuses too much on planning and not enough on allowing markets to work. Home owners and businesses are best placed to make individual choices reflecting their needs and wants rather than having planners make decisions for them.

Statistics New Zealand figures reveal the seasonally adjusted value of residential building work in Auckland grew 13 percent in the March 2016 quarter, compared with the December 2015 quarter.

BusinessNZ has welcomed the Government’s National Policy statement on Urban Development Capacity, but says it may not address long term issues around land supply.

Business indicators senior manager Neil Kelly says “Every week this quarter about $120 million worth of building work was put in place in Auckland.” Nationally, the actual value of all building activity in the March 2016 quarter was $4.4 billion, comprising $2.8 billion of residential work and $1.6 billion of non-residential work. The seasonally adjusted value of all building work rose 6.3 percent across the country in the March 2016 quarter compared with the December 2015 quarter. The value grew in North Island regions, but fell in Canterbury and the rest of the South Island.

Less planning, more choice needed

BusinessNZ chief executive, Kirk Hope says a gradual approach to dismantling metropolitan urban limits is not decisive enough to stem dramatic imbalances in land and house prices. “This National Policy statement correctly calls into question the role of planning itself. Problems with undersupply of housing in Auckland stem from overly restrictive planning. Land value should be set by its highest value use and markets should be allowed to find that value,” Kirk says. “Planners and regulators cannot be expected to keep up with market changes as quickly as market participants can. We need a more market approach to housing provision,

“As long as developers pay the economic and environmental costs of associated infrastructure, development should be allowed where business and homeowners choose to build.”

Syndicates offer hope for first time buyers First home buyers struggling to gain a foothold into heated property markets could consider purchasing in a syndicate to improve their buying power, says Harcourts NZ CEO, Chris Kennedy. Noting the volume of discussion surrounding how difficult it is, in heated real estate markets, for newcomers to buy that first property, Chris says “One answer to that could be to buy property in conjunction with a group of others. “It’s a common enough structure in the commercial property world, where groups of individuals often pool resources to purchase properties. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t also work for residential properties.

“We’re already seeing a rise in the number of home ownership partnerships between parents and their children, to assist the younger generation into their first home. I imagine, as key markets around the country remain heated, we will start to see more groups of individuals working together to get that first property.” The trick to a successful property syndicate is doing your research and making sure you have a water-tight partnership agreement, so there is an agreed course of action, should any problems arise or circumstances change, he says. “As well as making sure you know and like the people you’re buying with, you need to consider all eventualities, and make sure it includes a dispute resolution process.” Key matters the syndicate agreement should cover include: • What happens if one partner wants to sell before the others? • What happens if different partners are investing different amounts? • How will any maintenance and operating costs be divided? • How will any capital gains or losses be divided? • How will the mortgage be structured and repaid? • Are you buying as a company, or as individuals, or tenants in common? AT    July/August 2016 | 45

Property & Construction | Taylor Construction

Innovative designs built with pride Damien Taylor is keeping his residential building company, Taylor Construction small for a reason; to keep the quality and control high on every single job.

Damien employs a small team of skilled employees in his building company, which he established in Howick in 2011. Taylor Construction was formed to create innovative and interesting homes built with traditional care and attention to detail, r egardless of the budget. The team is young, energetic and proud to be a part of a vibrant and growing company. They’re dedicated, serious and aware of their responsibility and duty of care, so you can be confident your plans will turn into the home you’re expecting.

Client testimonial “Damien and his team built us a very fine home which we are very proud of. As we had also opted for Damien to project manage the build of our home, he made our workload much easier. We certainly would have no hesitation in recommending Taylor Construction to project manage and build your new home.” - Anila and Bhupen Narsey, Botany Downs

Do it once and do it right. – TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION

“We only have a small crew and we want to keep it quite tight and focused on having goodquality guys,” Damien says. “We prefer to do it that way for quality reasons. Most of our builders have done their apprenticeships with me and they’ve been with us from the start. We also have reliable contractors who used to work for me, but they had some initiative and have gone out on their own. We use them on jobs where we need some extra help.” This commitment to quality is evident on every home Taylor Construction builds. Damien is particularly proud to be on excellent terms to this day with past clients and the owners now living in the homes he has built. All Damien’s clients have been able to be exactly as involved in their projects as they chose to be, an option that ensures maximum pleasure and minimum stress; very important when working together for extended periods in time.


E. PO Box 385, Drury 0800 81 6611

At Allwin Steel Enterprises we specialise in Residential and Commercial Structural Steelwork. Working closely with Engineers and Architects, we have the experience and expertise necessary to be able to undertake your structural steelwork requirements with the least possible hassle.

P (09) 274 0464 F (09) 274 4762 E

For winter ‘16 MC Tiles are introducing


Push the bounderies and get in touch for a quote or your nearest stockist.

Ph 0800 002 005 HOWICK SHOWROOM: 198 Moore Street, Howick ALBANY SHOWROOM: Tawa Trade Centre, Shop 5, 2 Tawa Drive, Albany.

FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING SUPPLIES Universal Plumbing Plus are proud to support Taylor Construction Unit 3 /12 Neil Park Drive, East Tamaki, 09 265 1434 25 Morningside Drive St Lukes 09 846 2645

46 |July/August 2016

Property & Construction | Taylor Construction Building new homes for Aucklanders

subdividing them and building mid-range homes on them,” he says.

Taylor Homes has the experience and expertise to build your dream architectural home to the highest level of quality.

“We offer a high quality finish compared to home builder groups. We’re known in the community now, so when our product comes on the market, it doesn’t hang around long.”

The company builds homes in the mid-high range, with a focus on building architectural homes for discerning clients. Director Damien Taylor deals with all customers personally, meaning clients can go straight to the company owner with any questions or concerns. While most of Taylor Construction’s projects are in Auckland’s eastern suburbs, the company has built as far away as Taupo and will go virtually anywhere for the right project. “Lately we’ve been building a lot of spec homes; we’ve been buying large blocks of land and

Taylor Construction does all the design work for its spec homes, which are usually put up for sale once the plans are finalised and ready for building consent. “They sell very quickly. We market them off the plans, which allows the owner to have control over the colours and interior décor.” Taylor Construction is a member of the Certified Builders’ Association of New Zealand and offers a Certified Home Builders’ Guarantee upon request. >






From Plans to Perfection

Supplies for on the Job

Help Yourself

Got Stock? Or a Flock?

Renovating or building a new home from the plans up? Visit Akarana Timbers for the perfect product and service.

From a small repair to a big construction site, Akarana Timbers has the goods to get the job done.

Need advice? Need supplies? Akarana Timbers will help you help yourself with everything you need to DIY.

With a great range of rural supplies, including fully customised farm sheds, you can stock up at Akarana Timbers.

Huge range of building materials. Timber, hardware and tools. Catering to both Trade and retail customers makes Akarana Timbers your ultimate one stop shop. Knowledgeable staff to help you including Mandarin speaking staff in store. AKARANA TIMBERS ARE PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION 28 Trugood Drive, East Tamaki │ Phone (09) 253 9010 │ Email │    July/August 2016 | 47

Property & Construction | Elliot Johnson Building

Property & Construction | Taylor Construction

Not your average builders Do it once, do it well is the mantra that Elliot Johnson Building lives by. Though the company is a fresh face on the Auckland building scene, its tradesmen are wise beyond their years – and the word is quickly spreading.

Not only does Elliot Johnson Building specialise in the intricate work that most builders aren’t qualified to offer, but the company also challenges the perception that the first couple of years in business are the most trying, having had a three month wait list since trading began last year. “In Auckland a lot of businesses are going as big as they can,” says owner Elliot Johnson. “We’re not looking at being the biggest company; we’re looking at staying small and being able to do really high quality work and handle demand well.”

Client testimonial

Absolute Airconditioning & Refrigeration Limited We design, supply & install airconditioning systems that meet the building code & are IQP registered. FOR OFFICE, CONTROL ROOMS, CLEANROOMS & REFRIGERATION PLANT

Auckland’s No 1 Supplier of

Airconditioning Systems

FREE PHONE 0800 432 454

“Taylor Construction has been doing all of our development work for the last three years now. They have completed all the work in the tight timeframes we operate in, while carrying out the high quality of workmanship we demand. Damien and his team have been able to complete a diverse range of projects ranging in budget in which we are always satisfied with. Highly recommended to all that are considering building their own home.” - SELWYN TAYLOR, DEVELOPER

Taylor Construction PO Box 38262 Howick Auckland 2145 T (021) 0279 1507 E

— Advertising Feature

Elliot hails from a background in joinery and carpentry and as such has a broadened building skill set. He’s amassed some 15 years’ experience and several trade qualifications: he’s a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) carrying out restricted work in carpentry (consented building work) and Site-2 (management of large architecturally designed buildings). He’s also a member of the Certified Builders Association which gives clients access to “one of the most comprehensive, independent building guarantees there is”. By no means are they your average builders. Some of their more elaborate work includes intricate staircases and even a ‘secret bookcase’, set up on drawer runners to conceal a covert room. A side project of Elliot’s has been the making of hollow timber surfboards and his collection was recently on display in an art gallery in Hawke’s Bay.


As well as their two builders is a handful of good sub trades to call on including an electrician, plumber, painter, tiler and for the design side of things, a draftsman. But perhaps the most important member of staff is Elliot’s nine month old Border Collie, Charlie, who excels at entertaining children and clients and occasionally assists with excavation work and digging foundations! If you have any unique building requests or you simply want a better than average builder to carry out your new build, renovation or extension, then contact Elliot Johnson Building right away; there’s a wait list for a reason. AT Elliot Johnson Building 135 Aviemore Drive Highland Park Auckland 2010 T 022 3007 307 E

Ph (09) 274 8082

Having close working relationships with a highly skilled team of sub-contractors means they’ve simplified the process for the client and taken the stress away.

Jodi Anderson is proud to be supporting Elliot Johnson Builders

CHROMA Painting & Services

Specialising in reducing ACC levies and implementing protection plans to cover illness as well as accidents.

Phone: 021 642 294 Email:

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021 0272 0961


Your Business Insurance Partner

48 |July/August 2016

FREE PHONE today for a no-obligation quote


Property & Construction | Bossley Architects

Fusing form and function Architecture isn’t just about creating visually compelling structures. As Bossley Architects in Auckland will tell you, it’s about fusing form and function to create structures that improve the lives of those inhabiting them. Driven by a strong sense of responsibility as an architect to explore conceptual possibilities and propose better alternatives, Pete Bossley established Bossley Architects in 1996.

“We like to undertake construction observation to ensure the project is realised as it has been designed and the highest quality of workmanship is maintained.

“I wanted to very deliberately meet clients’ needs while producing high quality architecture that pushed the boundaries of New Zealand architecture,” says director Pete Bossley.

“Following a project from concept design through to completion is very rewarding.”

Bossley Architects has built a reputation for producing high-end results across the residential, commercial and community housing sectors. Pete and partner Peter Sisam head the team of 18, which is comprised of four registered architects, a specialist interior designer and a handful of talented architectural graduates, technicians and support staff. This collective skill set allows their scope of services to be all inclusive. They have a range of projects under their belt from small baches to multi-million dollar commercial projects, and they have a particular interest for museum and cultural projects. In 2012 Pete was awarded the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) prestigious gold medal – a significant achievement recognising his contribution to the advancement of New Zealand architecture throughout his career.

Local architects, global impact From their Auckland base Bossley Architects comfortably manage their domestic and international clients. Although the process is different for each – naturally tailored to their specific requirements – the one common denominator is the exceptionally high quality, personalised service offered from beginning to end. The initial meeting with the client is to primarily understand and navigate their specific needs. From there, design ideas are explored and refined, and the concept is progressed through the design stages with ongoing client consultation. The final design is then detailed for resource and building consent.

A strong sense of social responsibility The team’s ability to create spaces that inspire happiness, better lifestyles and in turn better societies, is arguably unparalleled. Furthermore, their commitment to social justice is noble. The practice has overseen several low cost community projects, including working alongside the Fred Hollows Foundation to design clinics and eye surgeries throughout the Pacific Islands. The first of these, the Regional Eye Centre, is a totally off-grid facility recently completed in Honiara. “We’ve designed a group of modular, flat-pack buildings to be made in New Zealand and assembled in the Islands,” Pete says. “We’ve also designed affordable housing for lower income people, Housing NZ, and an organisation called The First Tee, which is helping provide buildings for an international foundation that encourages kids in lower social economic communities to get involved in sport, specifically golf.” Although equipped to cater to global demand, Bossley Architects is certainly grounded by a dignified community-mindedness. Contact Bossley Architects today for all your residential and commercial architectural requirements. AT Bossley Architects 2/55 Mackelvie Street Grey Lynn Auckland 1021 T (09) 361 2201 E — Advertising Feature

Specialists in high quality building. Now providing services from Auckland to Northland.

09 374 4430    July/August 2016 | 49

Property & Construction | The House Company

Designs to last a lifetime Auckland’s burgeoning residential market is playing no small part in shaping the dynamic new city taking form around us, with remarkable housing demand fuelling the development of some of the country’s most striking architectural endeavours. The name behind some of these exceptional homes is The House Company.

An award winning firm which has a commercial reach from north of the bridge to Langs Beach, The House Company isn’t your run of the mill housing company. In fact, when it comes to this trend setting local firm, it’s about getting the best of both worlds. “We sit nicely between the standard model of housing companies and an architect designing a project and sending it out to tender as a one-off build,” The House Company, general manager Philip Powney explains. “Our model is built around design and build, so rather than producing a design through an architect and sending it out to tender, we cobble that together so you can get architectural input with the systems, processes and guarantees of a housing company, with a fixed price for your build.”

The House Company is currently building a fourth home for the same client, a relationship which has spanned 15 years, and has just signed a build contract with another client who built with the firm 11 years ago and whose family member also built with the company 18 years ago. “We get treated more like the family than the builder,” Philip laughs. “We produce a quality product and have a really good rapport with our clients. We’re very much a go-to builder. We provide a trusted environment for people and always say it like it is.”

This enables flexibility for clients, who can have involvement in the architectural design with The House Company personalising the package. “We have the benefit of using a number of external designers or draughts people so we have a lot of flexibility and design capabilities.

This quality is illustrated by The House Company’s performance in the Master Builder House of the Year achievements. Last year’s competition saw the company take out five awards for three homes, with two of them category winners.

“We can select a designer to suit the client’s needs, as opposed to using one key designer for all projects.”

“Awards are a constant target that we never let up on,” Philip says.

A small but strong team of 13 from the ‘front door’ design and build consultants, through to project manager who oversees the project onsite are passionate about what they do. “As a team we are proud of the quality we deliver, whether they’re the designer, interior designer or the builder, they all have that pride.

50 |July/August 2016

“We don’t do cheap and cheerful, we’re a high quality provider and, as a result, a large percentage of our work comes from referral, with the benefit of our Warkworth and Silverdale showhomes.”

“It’s a reward for the effort. We aim for every single home to be that same award winning quality. That helps drive innovation and innovation drives the team.” A two level, four bedroom home in Red Beach saw the company take out the Sustainable Lifestyle Award in last year’s competition and sustainability is a key theme for the company.

Property & Construction | The House Company

We plan to continue to strive to be the very best we can be by focusing on quality and attention to detail. Cheap and fast only lasts so long. Good design will always show through in the end and last the test of time.


“We had to meet very specific requirements to show how this home would be economic throughout its lifecycle for generations to come, not just for the next 50 years,” Philip says. “The build was focused around energy efficiency cost of operation, and it was also was required to be free from chemical residues in the environment, so all treatments had to be approved as suitable, so there would be no toxicity in the air.” Buildings account for 45 percent of all energy output, so they are a natural place to start when thinking about sustainability. All of The House Company’s homes are designed naturally to reach the Homestar equivalent of a 4 Star home, incorporating standard sustainable features which meet the NZ Green building council standards. The other winners include the company’s Warkworth showhome, which is well known in the local community, and the third was a striking Langs Beach build.

Owned by founder Hamish McArthur, The House Company has been operating for 25 years and is the name behind more than 1,000 homes, with general manager Philip Powney responsible for the day to day running of the operation.

“We operate as a big family business rather than a small corporate, so we’re small enough to have a strong culture of involving everybody. We don’t exceed 20-30 projects on site at any given point, so everybody within the business knows about all the jobs we have on at one time,” Philip says. “We plan to continue to strive to be the very best we can be by focusing on quality and attention to detail. Cheap and fast only lasts so long. Good design will always show through in the end and last the test of time.” AT The House Company T 0800 600 620 (09) 426 7268 E — Advertising Feature

NORTH HARBOUR DOORS Established 1984

Specialist in Pre-Hung Doors



Interior and Exterior Proudly Supplying Doors to... THE HOUSE COMPANY Visit our Showroom in Silverdale 29 David McCathie Place

Phone 09 426 6915

P: 09 426-3065 E:



021 738 744 DEREK

021 08366 989 CHAD

Trench & Power (2014) Services Ltd are proud to be supporting The House Company


THE HOUSE COMPANY PO Box 152, Westpark Village, Auckland 0661 E: | T: (09) 4164467 Mobiles: (021)&(0274) 951449    July/August 2016 | 51

Property & Construction | Goodwin Property Management

Place your property in hands you can trust the subsequent saturation of the market with unlicensed property managers, our business is and will remain a licensed agency.

The investment property market can be a complex one to navigate. The key is having a team of well chosen experts by your side, like industry gurus Goodwin Property Management.

Their service to their clients is proven by the many national awards won over the years, including Agency of the Year 2014 awarded by the Leading Property Managers NZ, and national recognition for five years running (2009-2014) awarded by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ).

General manager Catherine Goodwin notes these awards are hard fought and “a testament to the team’s dedication to delivering excellence.”

A long lineage in real estate Catherine’s great grandfather, Miles J Cassidy, had one the first real estate agencies in Auckland in the early 1900s. His son Horace became President of the REINZ and later made a life member for his services to the industry. Catherine’s father, Ashley Goodwin, has been listing and selling Auckland real estate since 1973. Initially working for Beltons, he managed a small rent roll and, contrary to popular belief at the time, recognised real potential in rentals. “I saw the sense in keeping my rent roll; it continues to grow today and is now perhaps one of the largest in Auckland,” Ashley says. In 1991 Ashley purchased Beltons Real Estate’s Mt. Albert branch, establishing Goodwin Realty. The subsequent opening of six branch offices in strategic locations secured them a dominant market share and they went on to achieve top sales awards, as a franchised member of United Realty and Ray White, across both their New Zealand and international networks.

New Zealand Largest Tenancy Database Tenancy Information NZ is honoured to be a key supplier to Goodwin Realty.

“Membership to the REINZ and the exclusive LPMNZ ensures our property managers are resourced to provide the best service to every client.” Utilising leading technology platforms, Goodwin’s are able to best process and control their portfolio, allowing Goodwin’s property managers to efficiently carry out all related tasks.

Catherine and Ashley Goodwin


During their 25 years renting and managing residential investment property across Auckland, the family owned and operated Goodwin Property Management has grown to administer one of Auckland’s largest portfolios.

“We are also independently audited. Whether an owner or tenant, your money is secure in the hands of Goodwin Property Management.

(so successful in fact it was sold to Bayleys without going to market). The company rebranded as Goodwin Property Management and now serves as an independent, licensed real estate agency dedicated solely to the service of property management and rentals.

Service that’s second to none Catherine’s legal background has become one of the company’s strongest draw cards. “The business of residential tenancy is an increasingly litigious environment and our legal knowledge can be relied upon. “Despite the controversial deregulation of New Zealand’s property management industry and

The services of a professional property manager are more important now than ever before. Contact Goodwin Property Management today to maximise the value of your property investment. AT Goodwin Property Management Mt Albert branch: 888 New North Road T (09) 846 9830 CBD branch: 21A Wellesley St West P (09) 373 4400 E — Advertising Feature

Despite making a career for herself as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, England and Wales, Catherine returned home at the age of 28 to nurture the legacy her family had built over such a long period. “It was the sales team that encouraged my transition from property manager to operations manager and subsequently general manager,” she says. In 2011 the decision was made to sell the company’s very successful sales agency

Specialists in residential tenancy debt recovery Other Services Proudly protecting the assets/income of GOODWIN REALTY LIMITED’S Property Management clients for more than 10 years.

Congratulations on 25 years of amazing service!

P: 0800 00 35 45


Know what you’re buying – Protect what you own Proud to be associated with Goodwin Realty 0800 METH LAB 0800 6384 522

09 973 40 25


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Court Hearings | Other Debt Recovery Tenancy Debt Collection Service

Call Us! 0800 111 007 email: •

For all your plumbing needs DK Putt Plumbing provides a full plumbing, gasfitting, drainage, and metal roofing service for clients in the greater Auckland and surrounding areas. The team of 12 qualified plumbers can perform any plumbing or gasfitting job – from fixing a dripping tap through to large commercial projects. For more than 40 years DK Putt Plumbing has been working all around Auckland, and the team members all bring a friendly, positive, can-do attitude to every job. The friendly and helpful staff can assist you in residential work as well as commercial projects. The team’s scope of work includes carrying out maintenance work, or full alteration and project works, and quotations can be provided.

Plumbing services DK Putt Plumbing specialises in plumbing for residential and commercial clients throughout Auckland and the wider surrounding area. The team of 12 qualified plumbers has a fleet of fully-equipped vans, so they can respond to your plumbing needs promptly and efficiently. They provide a full plumbing service for residential and commercial clients – everything from fixing your dripping tap to major jobs. Maintenance plumbing: Commercial or residential repairs to taps, leaking pipes, hot water cylinders, showers, basins, toilets and sink units.

Drain unblocking: Unblocking of sinks, toilets, showers and drains, as well as repairs and alterations to wastepipes and drainage pipes, plus CCTV camera inspections. Water leak detection: Electronic water leak detection, water usage reports, water saving tapware, backflow prevention. Hot water cylinders: Repairs and replacement of all brands of hot water cylinders, gas and electric. Kitchens: New and remodelled kitchens, new taps, gas stoves, water filters, under bench water filters, under bench water heaters, chillers. Bathrooms: New and remodelled bathrooms, vanities, baths, shower units, toilet suites, taps and mixers.

The roofing crew can work on residential and Gardens: New outdoor taps, irrigation systems, commercial properties and undertake both small garden ponds, BBQs, rainwater storage systems, and large jobs. They use high quality fittings and materials and have team members who pumped systems, drainage. are certified in working at height and for using scissor lifts and boom lifts. Gasfitting DK Putt Plumbing provides a gasfitting service for commercial and residential clients throughout the wider Auckland region. The professional service means you can be assured that all relevant safety standards and compliance regulations have been fully met.

Roofing DK Putt Plumbing are the experts in long run metal roof installation and repairs. They also repair downpipes, flashings, and gutters, unblock drains - anything to make your roof waterproof and secure.

Domestic services DK Putt Plumbing provides a full plumbing, gasfitting and roofing service for residential clients throughout the wider Auckland region. No job is too small or too big for the team at DK Putt Plumbing and they bring the same level of professionalism to every job, whether it’s fixing a leaky tap or a major installation.

Commercial services DK Putt Plumbing provides a professional plumbing, gasfitting and roofing service

Always Visible

FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING AND BATHROOM NEEDS Universal Plumbing Plus are proud to be supporting DK Putt Plumbing 25 Morningside Drive, Mount Albert • Ph 09 846 2645 77 Barry’s point Rd, Takapuna • Ph 09 486 0220 12 Neilpark Drive, East Tamaki • Ph 09 265 1434 Email:

Supplier of quality piping systems, covering a wide range of industries and applications, including plumbing, refrigeration, medical gas, heating and mechanical. MM KEMBLA NZ LTD ARE PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING DK PUTT PLUMBING

PH 09 274 0111 |

Vehicle Tracking Driver Behaviour Feedback Fleet Management Solutions

for commercial and industrial clients throughout Auckland. The DK Putt team has provided plumbing, gasfitting and roofing services for numerous commercial premises during its 40+ years in business, including factories, warehouses, shopping areas, hotels and motels, restaurants, cafes, and apartment complexes. They fully understand that commercial clients want to keep downtime to a minimum, so always work quickly and efficiently and aim to avoid any business interruption. D.K. Putt Plumbing 2006 Ltd West and Central Auckland: (09) 524 0056 South and East Auckland: (09) 262 3820 North Shore: (09) 414 4000 E

Where Quality Plumbing Supplies and Quality Service Costs No More!

PH (09) 262 1462


0800 899 000 96A Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland |

Westgate Manukau Beachlands Clevedon

Is your website costing you money or making you money? 120 day money back


Our websites start from $997+gst for a standard business websitE - full e-commerce WEBsiteS also available, which means your business can sell products 24/7. | 0800 444 090 |    July/August 2016 | 53

Goods & Services | Highway Electrical

Industrial electrical solutions Highway Electrical has the solution for your industrial electrical problem, from large turnkey design-build projects, through to maintenance, breakdowns and unique jobbing.

The company was formed in the early 1970s and is today owned by Kevin Ball and Kevin McGarvey, who lead a small but highly skilled team. It focuses primarily on industrial work, as well as some small commercial work.

“In that area there’s quite a strong focus on the steel and timber industries. We do timber treatment plants, concrete batching plants, enviro waste plants, steel processing, such as cut to length and slitting, and medical waste plants.”

“We do work from breakdowns and maintenance and small jobbing work in the manufacturing sector, right up to turnkey solutions for process applications to the value of $500,000 to $600,000,” Kevin Ball says.

The opportunity to be involved in projects often stems from a requirement from an existing customer. Other major design-build projects completed by Highway Electrical include the electrical control system for the Winyard Quarter bridge and three large concrete plants for Allied Concrete in Auckland, Silverdale and Christchurch.

“Kevin McGarvey looks after the project side of the business and I look after the maintenance, jobbing and breakdowns.”

“There’s a strong focus now on safety and the design of electrical safety systems within our Highway Electrical offers a depth of experience in projects,” Kevin says. “We are also involved industrial and commercial electrical project work with environmental work, automation and control work. It’s a growing area, as is safety.” that is hard to beat.

Design-build projects

The company has completed many significant projects in recent years, including the design, build and installation of the electrical control system for the Wairau Bridge at Milford Marina, a foot bridge that can be raised and lowered remotely to allow boats to pass underneath. “We typically do machine automation and most turnkey projects have been green field jobs involving highly specialised work,” Kevin McGarvey says.

Highway Electrical’s three main operating areas: • Electrical installation in small-to-medium sized commercial buildings • General jobbing and maintenance work in the manufacturing sector, including planned maintenance • Turnkey solutions for process applications in the manufacturing and processing areas.


Highway Electrical does a lot of work automating concrete processing plants


A coil painting plant, automated by Highway Electrical

Suppliers to Electrical Contractors & Industrial Electricians


FREEPHONE: 0800 806 341

Proudly supporting Highway Electrical Limited • Accounting • Taxation • Rental Properties • Business Start-Up • Company Formations • Cashflow Forecasting • Xero

Hire Towers Limited are proud to support Highway Electrical 113 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga Ph: 09 634 1481 Fax: 09 622 2150


P. 09 573 0024

Electrical and Automation Engineers NZ Controls celebrating 11 years of delivering engineering excellence 54 |July/August 2016

Level 1, 320 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki T. 09 272 4000 | E. |

Goods & Services | Highway Electrical Electrical jobbing work Highway Electrical’s scope of electrical jobbing work for New Zealand manufacturers is huge. Kevin Ball says jobbing includes work for companies that manufacture products for the power reticulation industry, steel processing plants, concrete batching plants and wire mesh-making plants. “A lot of the industrial work we do is for clients who we’ve had for a long time, and we’ve picked new clients up along the way as well,” he says. “For those clients we do a lot of jobbing work, breakdowns, maintenance and looking after their buildings. There is also a cross over from project work to maintenance as we look after installations we have completed.”

• Lead and tool checks on a regular basis as required by government regulations • Planned maintenance for plants, including Christmas and shutdown maintenance for terminal checks, heat checks, visual checks, filter changes, DC motors and drives • Free quotes for installation and maintenance work • Callout service available by request and consultation • Installation of intelligent building controls • Commercial and industrial maintenance • Commercial and industrial installations

Breakdowns and maintenance Highway Electrical offers customers advice on power conservation and provides a 24/7 callback service by arrangement. “We try and offer very good response times to breakdowns,” Kevin says. “That’s very important. When there’s a breakdown people lose a lot more money by having a machine down than the cost of the repair.” Maintenance work is often carried out on the company’s turnkey design-build projects and the company employs a cross section of highly skilled staff and gains a lot of work through word of mouth and reputation.


The Wairau Bridge at Milford Marina can be raised remotely to let boats pass underneath. The bridge’s electrical system was designed, built and installed by Highway Electrical

Services available from Highway Electrical

Kevin says the company has built strong relationships with customers and suppliers, including Musco Lighting in Australia, which supplies sports field lighting that is installed by Highway Electrical. AT

• Small jobbing work • Turnkey solutions for manufacturing processes • PLC installations and programming • Industrial electronic repair and service work by arrangement.

Highway Electrical Limited PO Box 230274 Botany Auckland T (09) 273 9505 E — Advertising Feature    July/August 2016 | 55

Property & Construction | Simpro Handling Equipment

Superior lifting solutions Simpro Handling Equipment is celebrating 30 years as a leading provider of lifting solutions designed to improve its customers’ efficiency and safety standards. The company was formed in 1986 and today is just as committed to delivering smart lifting solutions that improve health and safety in the workplace. Its bin tippers and stackers are boosting productivity and safety in thousands of workplaces across New Zealand, Australia, Europe and America. Sales executive Braden Simmons says Simpro is a great Kiwi success story. The first bins were designed and built for Auckland City Council in 1986, with the company now exporting throughout the world.

Simpro Handling Equipment builds a range of innovative products, including: Bin tippers: • Multi-tip • Dumpmaster • Megadumper • Ezi-MT • Dockmaster • Forklift tipper • Stainless steel tippers • Wheelie bins • WeighRite.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and are great examples of New Zealand innovation and thinking outside the box to solve workplace problems.

Simpro is the market leader in bin tippers, stackers and specialised materials-handling equipment, which are unique and intelligently designed. Its products have an enduring reputation for safety, reliability and smart workflow technology.

Simpro’s product range includes the popular Dumpmaster bin tippers, which are the ultimate solution for emptying bins or drums weighing up to 300kg at virtually any height. The Multi-Tip from Simpro is safe, economic, easy to use and versatile, and ideal for schools, recycling centres and councils, utilising an innovative and safe tipping mechanism. Simpro’s Quikstak smart stacker is easy to move and steer and improves productivity, while reducing or eliminating the risk of operator injury.

Stackers and lifters: • Quikstak smart-stacker • Crate Wizard • Crate Genie • Hylifta Goods Lift.

A relatively new product for the company is the Ezi-MT light-duty manual bin tipper, which is an environmentally friendly option for low volume users. It uses 60 percent less steel than other bin tippers and has no powered components, generates no electronic waste and is completely recyclable. “We have always tried to keep our product line quite tightly focused on improving workplace safety,” Braden says. “We have a totally focused product range and we believe it’s the best in the world.”

Simpro Handling Equipment has plans to move into a larger purpose designed manufacturing facility within the next two years. Business development manager, Daniel Currie says recent changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 have provided a great opportunity for the company, which provides the ultimate solution for customers handling large volumes of waste and are concerned about their ability to comply with the law. AT

Innovative Kiwi manufacturers “All of our products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and are great examples of New Zealand innovation and thinking outside the box to solve workplace problems,” Braden says. “We have a full CAD environment with 3D printing for prototyping and we’re working to move into a 21st century manufacturing model.”

Simpro Handling Equipment 51-53 Church Street Onehunga Auckland Freephone 0800 734 744 T (09) 634 7445

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Special Wire & Tube Ltd are proud to be supporting SIMPRO Handling Equipment

Phone (09) 622 1722


Ph 09 636 0155

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Congratulations to SIMPRO on their 30th Anniversary

Transport & Motoring | Corporate Cars

Bridging the gap between luxury and affordability When choosing a vehicle you need to consider things like safety and economy, style and practicality, but not to be overlooked is the balance between what you need and what you can afford. Bridging the gap between luxury and affordability is what Corporate Cars stands for. Out of its locations on the North Shore and in Grey Lynn, Corporate Cars is making it that much easier for people to access the vehicles they deserve on the budgets they have. Directors David Khan and Glenn Tulloch are proud to see Corporate Cars celebrate its fifth birthday and the move to a bigger, better premises as a result of its growth. “Our fifth anniversary is proof of our business model being hugely successful,” David Khan says. That business model sees Corporate Cars deal exclusively in luxury European vehicles, most of which are demonstrator and almost-new models with very few kilometres on the clock – some even less than 200km.

Client testimonial “Please pass on to your valuable employees, Cory and Mark, as we wish to thank them for their fantastic assistance they provided in helping my wife and I select and purchase our Jaguar car. We were impressed by the treatment we received throughout the transaction and we were happy about both quality and value of the vehicle, which we feel could not be matched by any other dealer. Your dealership was recommended by our friends who purchased other vehicles and all were completely satisfied. Linda and I fully recommend your dealership.” - Colin and Linda Logan

North Shore Compliance Centre

Corporate Cars at a glance • Dealers in luxury European vehicles • Demonstrator and low KM models only • Finance and leasing available • Mechanical warranty and insurance options • Two locations: on the North Shore and in Grey Lynn.

Between their two locations they house a fleet of roughly 70 European vehicles at any given time. There’s a range of options at a range of price points, from vehicles new to the market, to the popular classics, making available a taste of luxury to people of all walks of life.

With its onsite finance facility, Corporate Cars is positioned to help clients access the financial assistance that is often required with this type of purchase. Their experienced business managers can help tailor a finance plan for either personal or business use.

• Lapsed Registration • De Registered Vehicle • Modified / Lowered / Re-Powered


North Shore Compliance Centre are proud to be associated with Corporate Cars

42 View Rd, Glenfield, North Shore City Ph (09) 444 0014 |

Client testimonial “Just want to say thanks for introducing us to the new Mercedes E350 CDI we purchased yesterday. We not only appreciated the warm welcome you showed us Lisa and the extent of your knowledge and information, but also how professional the team at Corporate Cars are in all aspects. We look forward to using you again in the future.” - Averley Dennerly.

The decision to offer European cars only was an easy one for David.

Importing a car?

Furthermore, they have brokerage facilities with some of New Zealand’s leading finance lenders, including UDC and Marac Finance, and believe it’s their job to find the best loan available for the client’s needs.

There’s also a wide range of mechanical warranties and insurance options available, with up to three years cover on most vehicles. Most of the vehicles also have a worldwide balance of factory warranty. Don’t delay it any longer; treat yourself to the vehicle you deserve from Corporate Cars’ reasonably priced fleet of luxury European automotives. AT Corporate Cars Ltd 131 Wairau Road North Shore T (09) 444 2779 174 Great North Road Grey Lynn T (09) 443 5589

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European Vehicle Service Centre


Autosure – Market leaders since 1986 partnering with Corporate Cars Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary.

State of the Art European Vehicle repair centre WOFs | Electrical Fault Finding & Repairs | Servicing & General Repairs | Cambelts | Brakes, Steering, Suspension | Computer Diagnostics | Loan Cars Available

Level 2 | 12 - 14 Northcroft Street, Takapuna Ph 09 - 489-9107 | Fax 09 - 489-9108

Ph 09 444 9290

58 |July/August 2016

125 Diana Drive, Wairau Valley E: