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All of the kindergarten classeshave had meetings together and discussed the kinds of components they would like to see in their "Ideal City." We ended up with a fabulous master list which was comprised of the following:

1. Restaurants 2. swimming pools 3. the sea 4. amusement parks 5. lots of flowers and trees and greenery 6. a school that every child in the city could attend 7. gifts hidden in places so that when children are walking down the street they would spontaneously find them 8. gifts hanging from trees 9. the city should be colourful 10. from time to time there should be fireworks going off intermittently throughout the day 11. everyone should be wearing costumes all the time 12. there should be skyscrapers 13. only race cars allowed 14. there shouldn't be too many people in the city 15. it should have a giant aquarium 16. there should be submarines 17. it should be a place where no money is needed 18. there should be bicycle paths 19. lots of butterflies 20. lots of birds 21. there should be paths for walking 22. there should always be snow 23. bridges 24. the homes should be single dwellings with swimming pools 25. there should be lots of shopping malls

26. there should be a library on every street 27. there should be pyramid like they have in Egypt 28. there should be parks with flowers and greenery and all the housesshould have trees 29. historical properties 30. there should be special places for animals to live

It was interesting for us to note that many of the ideas came out in several classeslike parks, shopping malls, bridges, etc. Obviously we chose not to record repetitively on our master list.

Izmir children Ideal city  
Izmir children Ideal city  

24.the homes should be single dwellings with swimming pools 11.everyone should be wearing costumes all the time 12.there should be skyscrape...