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The Art of Superyachting Whether you you wish wish to to buy, buy,build, build, sell sell or or charter charter aa large large yacht, yacht, Whether speak to to Burgess Burgess –– the the world’s world’s leading leading superyacht superyacht specialists. specialists. speak


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Bob Marley famously sang about it in his 1977 song “One Love” and many

Schon Bob Marley sang 1977 in seinem berühmten Song „One Love“ über

other singers have followed suit but it is only now that it is gradually becoming

die Bedeutung des Gebens und viele andere Sänger nach ihm auch. Doch

apparent what was really meant. For a long time, we have believed that,

erst heute wird uns allmählich bewusst, was wirklich damit gemeint war.

as individuals or lone warriors, we have to fight our way to the top. Our ego

Lange Zeit haben wir geglaubt, dass wir uns als Individuen oder Einzel-

and our minds fool us into feeling that we must be competitive, that we should

kämpfer bis nach ganz oben kämpfen müssten. Unser Ego und unser

aspire to stand out from the “crowd”. In the world of business in particular,

Verstand gaukeln uns vor, dass wir uns ständig mit anderen messen und

this way of thinking is prevalent in many companies. However, in our private

versuchen müssen, aus der Masse herauszustechen. Vor allem in der

lives as well, we often exclude others and behave egotistically, albeit sub-

Geschäftswelt herrscht diese Denkweise in vielen Unternehmen vor.

consciously, when we allow ourselves to be led by the mind instead of the

Doch auch privat schliessen wir andere häufig aus und verhalten uns –

heart. But it is now beginning to dawn on more and more people that true

wenn auch unbewusst – egoistisch, wenn wir nur auf unseren Verstand

success, innovation and the maximum possible degree of satisfaction in every

hören, anstatt unserem Herzen zu folgen.

part of our lives are more likely to be achieved when they join together

Zum Glück wird heute immer mehr Menschen klar, dass sich wahrer Er-

“with love”. The word cooperation comes from the Latin word cooperatio

folg, Innovation und höchstmögliche Zufriedenheit in allen Bereichen

and literally means “working together” – this is a key principle. It does not just

unseres Lebens viel leichter einstellen, wenn sie Hand in Hand mit Liebe

involve working together with the intention of making a profit from something;

gehen. Kooperation kommt vom lateinischen Wort cooperatio und be-

we should give and receive out of sheer pleasure and generosity. Take a

deutet wörtlich „zusammenarbeiten“ – dies ist ein wichtiger Grundsatz.

moment to consider the situations in which you could give someone some-

Allerdings ist damit nicht nur gemeint, dass man sich nur zusammentut,

thing without expecting to get anything in return. It could start with a friendly

um Profit aus etwas zu schlagen – auch aus blosser Freude und Gross-

smile or a genuine compliment in order to “brighten up” the other person’s

zügigkeit sollten wir geben und nehmen. Denken Sie doch einen Moment

day. Or maybe you can make someone happy or help them with a little act

lang darüber nach, in welchen Situationen Sie einem anderen Menschen

of kindness that does not result in any difficulties or “losses” for you yourself.

etwas zuteilwerden lassen könnten, ohne eine Gegenleistung dafür zu er-

Studies have shown that even the smallest gesture can have an enormous

warten. Das kann ein freundliches Lächeln oder ein aufrichtig gemeintes

effect and that, if we were all prepared to give more of ourselves, everyone

Kompliment sein, mit dem Sie dem anderen den Tag versüssen. Oder ein-

would be happier. Furthermore, if each one of us gave more there would also

fach eine kleine freundliche Geste, die den anderen glücklich macht oder

be more for each person to receive. Cooperating – working together –

ihm hilft, ohne dass es Ihnen selbst zum Nachteil gereicht. Studien haben

could therefore open up new channels and give rise to new opportunities to

gezeigt, dass selbst kleinste Gesten eine enorme Wirkung entfalten können

the benefit of each and every one of us. This is now the tenth year that we have

und dass wir alle glücklicher wären, wenn jeder von uns bereit sein würde,

“worked together” to provide this wonderful marketing platform, job creation

nur ein bisschen mehr zu geben – schliesslich würden wir dann alle auch

tool and source of inspiration and enrichment – a cooperation that we will

mehr bekommen. Durch echte Kooperation können sich also neue Türen

continue to nurture in the future to the benefit of each and every one of us.

und Chancen eröffnen, von denen wir alle profitieren.

Made with Love Your Luxury Life MAGAZINE Team


Dear friends of Luxury Life

Publishers: Renato Schweizer & his daughter Patricia Schweizer

Dies ist das zehnte Jahr, in dem wir zusammen an dieser wundervollen Marketingplattform, Jobmaschine sowie Quelle der Inspiration und Bereicherung arbeiten – und auch künftig werden wir diese wertvolle Kooperation zu unser aller Freude und Nutzen fortsetzen und pflegen.











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NATURE Great Dane

tents Dominican Republic Tourist Board Hochstrasse, 54 . D-60313 Frankfurt/Main Tel.: +49 69 91397878 . Fax: +49 69283430 switzerland@godominicanrepublic.com #DominikanischeRepublik GoDominicanRepublic.com Dominikanische Republik Tourist Board

La Romana


High Jewellery

LESEDI LA RONA A unique opportunity to own a piece of history.

Possessing a top D colour, the highest grade for a diamond, and exceptional clarity, each gem will be certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Clients of Graff are being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to

before being laser inscribed with GRAFF LESEDI LA

own a piece of diamond history as the Lesedi La Rona finally

RONA and its unique GIA number, invisible to the naked

begins to reveal its secrets. Following more than a year of detailed

eye but futher authenticating the unique origin of these

analysis, cutting and polishing by an elite team of gemmologists

important stones. Graff‘s skilled artisans then study the

and master craftsmen, Graff is beginning to unveil the exquisite

diamonds individually, assessing the spectacular beauty

diamonds cut from the 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona, which have

of each, before creating the jewels in which these im-

been set into classic Graff jewels designed to celebrate their

portant gems are to be set.

extraordinary provenance. Each numbered creation in the collection of striking Hailed a miracle from the moment it emerged from the ground,

solitaire rings, earrings and pendants will bear the

the Lesedi La Rona made diamond history as the largest rough

hallmarks of a classic Graff creation – an elegant

diamond found in more than a century and the second largest

setting that focuses the attention on the captivating

ever discovered. Ever since, anticipation has been building around

centre stones – and be accompanied by a certificate

the diamonds concealed within this singularly rare stone.

of authenticity. Destined to be passed down through generations, the legacy of the Lesedi La Rona will live

More than 60 sensational diamonds, ranging in size from under

on in this truly remarkable collection of jewels.

a carat to in excess of 100 carats, are anticipated.

www.graffdiamonds.com High Jewellery

11 81

CHANEL N°5 Red Edition, Eau de Parfum HARRY WINSTON Loop Collection, Pendant with Diamonds and Yellow Sapphires MCM Dog Charm (available at Harrods.com) BVLGARI AW18, Metallic


Stripe Serpenti Forever Top Handle Bag (available at Harrods.com) SISLEY PARIS Le Phyton Rouge Lipstick GRAFF High Jewellery Watch with Finest Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds SAINT LAURENT


AW18, Small Velvet Sunset Shoulder Bag (available at Harrods.com) PIAGET High Jewellery Possession bangle,18K pink gold set with 1222/1300 brilliant-cut diamonds AERIN Gilded Crystal Bookends, dipped in 18K Gold (available at Harrods.com or Aerin.com) JIMMY CHOO VICTORIA 100, Black Satin Pointy Toe Pumps with Jet Black Swarovski Crystals.

EXCELL’AGE EFFECT CellLift Eye Contour Cream With stabilised bio-integral cells


© All rights reserved. Cellcosmet™ and CellECTIVE™ are registered trademarks of Cellap Laboratoire S.A.

Ultra Revitalising Smoothing Lift-Up Effect Radiant Eyes

DOLCE & GABBANA Cashmere and Silk Scarf (available at Harrods.com) LOUIS XIII The Legacy Limited Edition Magnum – A Unique Collector’s Piece AERIN Antonin Sculpture, 19.5cm x 17.7cm


(available at Harrods.com or Aerin.com) PORSCHE DESIGN Carbon Weekender Black AERIN Jasper Stone Bottle Stopper (available at Harrods.com or Aerin.com) AEROWATCH Pocket Watch


Lépine Hebdomas MULBERRY Mother-Of-Pearl Cufflinks (available at Harrods.com) TOM FORD Python Belt (available at Harrods.com) LAURENT-PERRIER Cuvée Rosé, Limited Edition.


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The most exclusive way to travel The fastest track through the security checks and then by limousine to the aircraft: all-round assistance on your trip, including a culinary stop in the luxury VIP lounge. The VIP service – for unique experiences, regardless of the airline and booking class. VIP Service, Phone +41 43 816 21 42, vip@zurich-airport.com, www.zurich-airport.com/vip













I have the power to create change. PERSÖNLICHE & INDIVIDUELLE ERNÄHRUNGSBERATUNG IN DER SCHWEIZ info@puravida-ernaehrung.ch I +41 (0) 79 552 34 85 I www.puravida-ernaehrung.ch

Sapphire – Residential property in Berlin



isMusic By Sara Musinowski Translation Malak Ramadan

He designed the Jewish Museum in Berlin. With the Sapphire, he completed his first residential property in the city. Daniel Libeskind’s buildings seek to inspire people. We talk to him about architecture as music and the perfect Libeskind apartment. Three golden questions & answers for your exclusive purchase of a unique penthouse in Berlin-Mitte.

When I came to live in Berlin, it was a divided city. It’s amazing to see the development. It has become such a diverse place full of interesting people. Yes, I love Berlin. You have recently completed the ‘Sapphire’ project in Berlin. What tempted you to create a residential building here? I saw it as a challenge, because so much of Berlin’s architecture is still very conventional. It’s still haunted by the idea that everything must be white, simple and reduced. So I was glad to get a very typical site. A corner plot, twenty metre building height, all the usual Berlin building restrictions applied. The question was: How can we really be innovative here? How can we create something beautiful? To

Mr. Libeskind, you lived in Berlin for over 14 years. How has the character of the city evolved? 20

Real Estate

live in and for the street. To show you can create twentyfirst century architecture within the regulatory framework.

Berlin has grown from a teenager into a young woman (laughs).

“Residential buildings are often underestimated,” you

It has changed tremendously for the better.

said recently. “But they are the poetry of architecture.”

Sapphire – Penthouse

Yes! What is architecture for? It’s not about that oneoff-museum. Not that one church. It’s about everyday life. The poetry of life. That’s what’s so fascinating about designing a residential building like the Sapphire. To show that it can be an energizing element, something you see in the morning when you look through your window, a fixed point that gives you a sense of orientation in an ever changing cosmos. That’s very important —and it is poetic.

Two Penthouses in Berlin-Mitte for Sale The Sapphire penthouses, Daniel Libeskind‘s unique creations, are situated in Berlin‘s beating heart. Both objects boast spectacular panoramic views of Berlin-Mitte framed by this star architect‘s inspirational building. This is an once in a life time chance to own a contemporary architectural masterpiece. The 4 room apartment with 229 sqm will be equipped exclusively according to your individual wishes. Turn this jewel into your individual home - create your own Sapphire. The fully developed 2 bedroom apartment with 93 sqm, gallery, roof terrace and an additional balcony is ready to move in. Feel the exhilarating vibes about your unique living experience over the roof tops of the most wanted metropolitan in Europe.

For more information contact: ZIEGERT – Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH Schlüterstr. 54 I 10629 Berlin I T. +49 30 880 3530 sapphire@ziegert-immobilien.de www.ziegert-immobilien.de

By Patricia Schweizer

The Dual Time Resonance Masterpiece 1 – ARMIN STROM Dual Time Resonance is a horological Masterpiece: a chef-d‘oeuvre combining the practicality of two completely independent time indications with the increased precision of two independent movements in resonance. The Dual Time Resonance launches the Swiss manufacturer’s new flagship Masterpiece collection, which highlights Armin Storm’s extraordinary technical and artistic abilities. Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance shines a spotlight on Resonance: two independent movements sit side-by-side in a distinctive oval case, their regulators wedded by Armin Strom’s patented Resonance Clutch Spring performing a continually horological two-step between the dual eye-catching counter-oscillating balances.

The Resonance Clutch Spring is the key to Armin Strom’s mastery of resonance, and was the result of three years of intensive research and development. Two independent movements display two independent time zones — not simply one movement with two displays. Armin Strom Co-Founder and technical director Claude Greisler explains, “Developing a perpetual calendar or tourbillon would have been far easier than the years we spent calculating and validating the Resonance Clutch Springs, it was uncharted territory.” Independent movements enable the Dual Time Resonance to indicate GMT, or a second time zone, as well as a function used as a timer or countdown. Power reserve indicators on each of the hand-guilloche dials and a 24-hour indication at 6 o’clock complete the indications. While it has been long known that resonance in watch and clock movements with synchronized coupled oscillators improves accuracy by averaging slight differences in the precision of each movement and in wristwatches

minimises adverse effects of shocks on precision. Less known is that resonance also conserves energy: vibrational energy that is normally be lost through the supports of the regulator is conserved in the system. Armin Strom’s laboratory testing has revealed gains in precision of 15-20% for two COSC chronometer-level regulated movements placed in resonance. “Form follows function” could have been written for the Dual Time Resonance: two movements side by side (rather than stacked vertically) naturally led to the oval-shaped case, while the increased space afforded by the movements in this configuration allowed for two barrels per movement and a longer power reserve. Gazing through the display back at all four barrels winding simultaneously is as mesmerising as the ballet of the dual regulators on the dial. The Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance launches in a limited edition of 8 pieces in Grade 5 titanium. Price: CHF 180,000. www.arminstrom.com


89 25

Histoire de Tourbillon 9 – HARRY WINSTON For nine years, the exceptional qualities that characterize Harry Winston have been embodied in a singular tourbillon watch. Histoire de Tourbillon 9 – the latest from a long lineage of timepieces – casts a new light on fine watchmaking innovation. Its triaxial tourbillon has been augmented with retrograde jumping hours and retrograde minutes. Once again, the Histoire de Tourbillon collection pushes the boundaries of cinematic magic attained by a tourbillon. Histoire de Tourbillon 9 sees this complication perform a new ballet, choreographed by the pure expertise of Harry Winston. Nestling in a well of light, the triaxial tourbillon takes up every possible position on the sphere, in turn creating an infinite number of possible positions for the escapement. Hence time is measured with uniquely exquisite delicacy. It is rendered visible by two hands. Both the minute hand and the hour hand are retrograde, while the latter is jumping. True to the highly mechanical and skeletonized style of Harry Winston’s grand complications, Histoire de Tourbillon 9 plays with volume, symmetry, and transparency, following principles of design that break with convention.



Case: 18K rose gold Diameter: 46.5 mm Height: 20.84 mm Movement: Caliber HW4504, Mechanical, manual winding Tourbillons: 1 triaxial tourbillon, Internal carriage: 1 rotation in 45 seconds, Intermediate carriage: 1 rotation in 75 seconds, External carriage: 1 rotation in 300 seconds Power reserve: 50 hours Water-resistance: 3 bar

Les Cabinotiers Grand Complication Phoenix – VACHERON CONSTANTIN Since the 18th century, Vacheron Constantin has perpetuated the tradition of the „Cabinotiers“, the name given to the prestigious and cultivated watchmakers who worked in workshops bathed in light located on the top floors of Geneva‘s buildings. The expertise of these accomplished masters was backed by vast scientific knowledge, fired by a curiosity for new ideas and nurtured by the philosophy of the Enlightenment. Their deft hands craft excep-

tional timepieces of rare technical and aesthetic complexity, inspired by astronomy, science and the arts. Vacheron Constantin continues to take on these highly technical and creative challenges within its Les Cabinotiers department, which gives rise to one-of-a-kind models intended for clients, along with specifically commissioned bespoke timepieces. Engineers, designers, watchmakers and craftsmen unite their imagination, expertise and passion in bringing this extremely refined watchmaking excellence to life, as is vividly testified by the new one-of-akind Les Cabinotiers Grand Complication Phoenix.

Case: 18K 5N pink gold with case-band hand-engraved with “Phoenix” sculpture, bezel and case back handengraved with an ornamental pattern Diameter: 47 mm Height: 19.10 mm Movement: Caliber 2755, Mechanical, manual winding Power reserve: approx. 58 hours



Avenue Classic Aurora, The Avenue Collection™ – HARRY WINSTON A tribute to the Art Deco style that influenced many of Harry Winston’s early designs, the Avenue Classic Aurora exudes the unparalleled glamor of New York, with sparkling diamonds and colorful sapphires.

Case: 18K rose gold, 50 brilliant-cut diamonds, 12 baguettecut pink sapphires Diameter: 21.4 x 36.1 mm Movement: Caliber HW1046, Quartz Water-resistance: 3 bar

Eleganza – CORUM Corum is unveiling a new collection that is 100% dedicated to women: Eleganza. Its particularity: available both in casual chic and precious jewellery versions; as part of a strictly limited edition, these feminine models feature, for the first time in the brand’s history, an automatic regulator movement.

Case: 18K white gold or 18K rose gold Diameter: 40 mm Movement: Automatic regulator movement Limited Edition: maximum of 8-18 pieces

00 28


Case: 18K white gold and slate blue PVD-treated grade 5 titanium, bead-set 64 diamonds, 4.60 ct. Dial: Dark blue mother-of-pearl Diameter: 42.50 mm Height: 14.52 mm Movement: Caliber EMT17, automatic-winding Power reserve: 72 hours Water-resistance: 3 bar Limited Edition: 20 pieces

Margot Velours blossoms – CHRISTOPHE CLARET “He loves me… He loves me not.” Which woman in love has never taken the time to pluck the petals of a daisy and symbolically ascertain the feelings of the one she cares for? The first feminine complication from Christophe Claret, designed and developed within the Manufacture, magnificently reproduces the random unpredictability of nature and appears in a delightfully gentle new version. In terms of its complications, Margot Velours features an ingenious mechanism that reproduces the unpredictability of nature. A simple press of the pusher at 2 o’clock brings the watch to life. With each press, a petal – sometimes a pair of petals, it is impossible to foresee – subtly disappears under the dial in a smooth action, perfectly depicting the delicate undressing of the flower. The eagerly-awaited answer appears at random

in calligraphic letters (in French) on the dial at 4 o’clock: Un peu (a little) – beaucoup (a lot) – passionnément (passionately) – à la folie (madly) – pas du tout (not at all)? At each press of the pusher, a distinct, crystalline chime resonates, audibly signaling the pace of the game. The striking mechanism is one of Manufacture Claret’s signature complications, blending technical mastery with sublime esthetics, and here its hammer is adorned with a prong-set ruby. A caseband window at 8 o’clock allows clear views of it vertically striking the cathedral gong above. Finally, the reset pusher at 4 o’clock instantly makes all petals reappear around the pistil and turns the ‘sentiment’ display at 4 o’clock to an ellipsis (…). The petal display and its mechanism have been awarded a patent. Price: CHF 198,000. Timepieces www.christopheclaret.com

00 29

Premier Winston Candy Automatic 31mm – HARRY WINSTON The Premier Collection™ Time just got sweeter at Harry Winston with the Premier Winston Candy Automatic 31mm. Celebrating the dazzling art of snow-setting, bright candy-colored gemstones are set on the dial and case of this vibrant limited-edition high jewelry timepiece which is equipped with a sophisticated mechanical heart. For many women, walking into a Harry Winston Salon is similar to the thrill experienced by a child walking into a candy shop. Surrounded by tempting high jewelry creations, making a decision can be a deliciously difficult experience. Harry Winston has captured this whimsical moment with the multi-colored Premier Winston Candy timepiece.



Case: 18K white gold Gems: 244 diamonds and candycolored gems Diameter: 31.0 mm Height: 8.36 mm Movement: Caliber HW2010, Mechanical, automatic Power reserve: 40 hours Water-resistance: 3 bar Limited Edition: 77 pieces

Playing with eight different gemstones, the colorful confetti blanketing the dial is destined to satisfy the cravings of even the sweetest tooth. Like a high jewelry dispenser, the dial of the Premier Winston Candy features a cascade of 244 diamonds and candycolored gems. To create the joyful scene on the dial, eight different gemstones were cut in three different sizes and artfully snow-set. By combining the bright white light of 108 diamonds with the dazzling neon-blue of 25 Paraiba tourmalines, the intense green glow of 24 tsavorites, the vivid orange hue of 24 spessartites and the mysterious fire of 17 dark- and 17 light-blue sapphires, as well as 16 red spinels and 13 pink sapphires, Harry Winston has created its most delectable high jewelry timepiece to date.

Coloured diamond Secret Blossom watch – GRAFF Many of the world‘s most famous, and valuable, coloured diamonds have passed through the House of Graff, and we continue to celebrate their brilliance in new creations that showcase their phenomenal diversity. Graff‘s passion for coloured diamonds goes far beyond the yellows, pinks and blues for which it is best known. Diamonds are discovered in a kaleidoscope of colours, and Graff searches for the finest in the world, be it a vivid orange stone or a dreamy blue grey diamond. Today, Graff is celebrating its legacy of cutting and polishing some of the most beautiful coloured diamonds in the world with a series of exclusive jewels and a magnificent Secret Blossom watch (89.93cts) that showcase the splendour of coloured diamonds across the spectrum.



VOG OUTLETCITY METZINGEN welcoming international fashion magazine VOGUE and its first VOGUE CONCEPT STORE.





Urban Style

Tim Labenda


By Patricia Schweizer Translation Mark S. Kennedy

Christmas time is shopping time – and every year the Luxury Life MAGAZINE team is drawn to OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. There, at Germany‘s most successful outlet centre, we always find what we‘re looking for, thanks to more than 80 designer labels and luxury brands – from Armani to Prada to Windsor – offering their premium fashions at reduced outlet prices.

Weihnachtszeit ist Shoppingzeit und so zieht es das Team vom Luxury Life MAGAZINE alle Jahre wieder in die OUTLETCITY METZINGEN. In Deutschlands erfolgreichstem Outlet werden wir immer fündig, denn mehr als 80 Designerlabels und Luxusmarken – von Armani über Prada bis Windsor – bieten dort ihre Premium-Mode zu reduzierten Outlet-Preisen an.


33 81

This year, we could hardly wait to go Christmas shopping, knowing the experience would be as exclusive as it was meaningful: OUTLETCITY METZINGEN had expanded its range of shops on November 7, 2018, welcoming international fashion magazine VOGUE and its first VOGUE CONCEPT STORE. We love young designers! When we arrived at Reutlinger Strasse 63, the new pop-up store was thus our first destination. Covering an area of 100 square metres in a prime location, the shop‘s emphasis is on promoting up-and-coming German fashion labels. We were incredibly keen to see the creations of young designers from the VOGUE SALON such as William Fan, Marina Hoermanseder, Dawid Tomaszewski, Tim Labenda and Jeanne Zizi Margot de Kroon, founder of Zazi Vintage.

VOG In the shop, we joined the international crowd of fashion-loving

shoppers and proceeded to discover one favourite item after

another. The VOGUE selections made our style-conscious hearts

skip a beat. Inspired by the key looks in the shop, which had

Tim Labenda

been personally selected and styled by VOGUE Editor-in-Chief

Christina Arp, we all complemented our wardrobes with a few exclusive designer pieces. The beauty of it: the prices were all at least 30 per cent lower than the RRP!

In diesem Jahr war die Vorfreude auf ein ebenso exklusives wie besinnliches Shopping-Erlebnis beson-

We also couldn‘t pass by the limited VOGUE accessories and

ders gross, denn die OUTLETCITY METZINGEN hat

fashion pieces: stylish shirts and hoodies made their way into

Nachwuchs bekommen: Am 7. November 2018 er-

our shopping bags as well as the current issue of VOGUE, which

öffnete das internationale Fashion-Magazin VOGUE

was, of course, also available in the new Concept Store.

dort den ersten VOGUE CONCEPT STORE.

It felt like we spent hours on one of the Google smartphones that

Wir lieben Jungdesigner! In der Reutlinger Strasse 63

are available at several places in the shop. Thanks to augmented

angekommen, steuerten wir deshalb auch als erstes

reality, we had the chance to experience the designers and their

den neuen Pop-up-Store an. Auf einer Fläche von

creations virtually, immersing ourselves in videos with personal

100 Quadratmetern in bester Lage steht dort die

greetings and beaming ourselves into runway shows.

Förderung aufstrebender deutscher Modelabels im Vordergrund. Wir waren unheimlich gespannt auf die

For those who have yet to shop for Christmas presents or still

Kreationen von Nachwuchsdesignern aus dem VOGUE

need a suitable wardrobe for the holidays, we highly recommend

SALON wie William Fan, Marina Hoermanseder,


Dawid Tomaszewski, Tim Labenda und Jeanne Zizi

STORE. If you are not able to make it to this international shop-

Margot de Kroon, Gründerin von Zazi Vintage.

ping destination south of Stuttgart in time before the holidays, you can also buy selected items at outlet prices in the online shop.

Im Store mischten wir uns unter das internationale Publikum aus modebegeisterten Shoppern und entdeckten

It was certainly not our last visit to the VOGUE CONCEPT STORE: it will be open until April 2019. 34



ein Lieblingsteil nach dem anderen. Die von VOGUE selektierte Auswahl liess unsere Fashion-Herzen höher-

schlagen. Inspiriert von den Key-Looks im Shop, die von VOGUE-Chefredakteurin Christina Arp persönlich ausgewählt und gestylt wurden, ergänzten wir unsere Kleiderschränke durch das ein oder andere exklusive Designer-Stück. Das Schöne daran: Alle Preise waren um mindestens 30 Prozent gegenüber der UVP reduziert! Auch an den limitierten VOGUE-Accessoires und -FashionPieces kamen wir nicht vorbei: Stylische Shirts und Hoodies wanderten ebenso in unsere Shopping-Bags wie die aktuelle Ausgabe der VOGUE, die es im neuen Concept Store selbstverständlich ebenfalls zu erwerben gab. Gefühlte Stunden verbrachten wir an einem der Google

G UE Smartphones, die an mehreren Stationen im Shop bereitgestellt wurden. Via Augmented-Reality konnten wir

die Designer und ihre Kreationen virtuell erleben: Wir

William Fan

vertieften uns in Videos mit persönlichen Grussbotschaften und tauchten in Runway-Shows ein.

Wer jetzt noch keine Weihnachtsgeschenke oder keine

passende Garderobe für die Feiertage hat, sollte in die OUTLETCITY METZINGEN fahren und den VOGUE CONCEPT STORE besuchen. Wer es nicht mehr recht-

zeitig vor dem Fest in die internationale Shopping-

Destination südlich von Stuttgart schafft, kann auch im Online-Shop ausgewählte Teile zu Outlet-Preisen kaufen. Für uns war es sicherlich nicht der letzte Besuch im VOGUE CONCEPT STORE, denn der hat noch bis einschliesslich April 2019 geöffnet.


Marina Hoermanseder

Outletcity Metzingen

Reutlinger Strasse 63

72555 Metzingen I Germany

Open: Monday to Friday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm Saturday

09:00 am – 08:00 pm


Marina Hoermanseder

35 81



COME TRUE By Renato Schweizer & Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy



Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

F Treading on hallowed ground. A look behind the scenes at one of the world’s most famed luxury sportscar manufacturers – Ferrari.

In den heiligen Hallen von Ferrari. Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen des weltberühmten Herstellers von Luxussportwagen.

From Elvis Presley’s 250 GT TDF in the 1958 movie Viva Las

Ob Elvis Presleys 250 GT TDF in „Tolle Nächte in

Vegas, through Steve McQueen’s iconic 1968 Ferrari 275 GTS/4

Las Vegas“ von 1958, Steve McQueens legendärer

NART Spider, driven by Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown

1968er Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider in „Die

Affair, to the red Ferrari F355 GTS which was put through its

Thomas Crown Affäre“ mit Faye Dunaway oder der rote

paces by Pierce Brosnan’s adversary in a nail-biting road duel

Ferrari F355 GTS, den Pierce Brosnans Widersacher

in GoldenEye, Ferraris have long been stars of the screen and

in „James Bond 007 – GoldenEye“ in einem spektaku-

highly-desired, top-of-the-range vehicles for the rich and famous.

lären Strassenduell bis ans Limit fährt – Ferraris gehören

Many sportspersons and celebrities, including David Beckham,

von jeher zu den Stars auf der Kinoleinwand und zu

Usain Bolt, John Lennon and Hugh Grant, are amongst the

heissbegehrten Objekten der Reichen und Schönen.

proud, past and present owners of one of the Italian manu-

Viele Sportlegenden und andere Celebrities wie David

facturer’s outstanding powerful and stylish cars. The chance to

Beckham, Usain Bolt, John Lennon und Hugh Grant

witness the making of future icons at first hand and even to take

gehören zu den stolzen Besitzern eines der PS-starken

one of these amazing vehicles out on a test drive is therefore

und formvollenden Fahrzeuge des italienischen Auto-

the dream of any sportscar fan and an opportunity that we at

mobilherstellers. Mit eigenen Augen zu sehen, wie eine

Luxury Life MAGAZINE could not resist.

solche Ikone gefertigt wird und sogar eine Probefahrt mit einem dieser atemberaubenden Fahrzeuge zu

The invitation – to spend two days as the guests of this renowned

absolvieren, gehört zu den Träumen jedes Motorsport-

automotive company – was received with excitement and anti-

Fans und war eine Chance, der auch wir vom Luxury

cipation, as well as by slightly envious glances from those not lucky

Life MAGAZINE nicht widerstehen konnten.

enough to attend. We waited eagerly until the day eventually dawned when our adventures were to start. Our destination was

Die Einladung, zwei Tage als Gäste der weltberühmten

the north Italian town of Maranello, home of the Ferrari factory,

Automarke zu verbringen, wurde dementsprechend mit

the company’s fascinating museum and its celebrated Scuderia

Begeisterung und Vorfreude seitens des Teams be-

Ferrari F1 racing team. Here, we look back at our thrilling time

gleitet – und den neidvollen Blicken derjenigen, die zu

and offer our readers a taste of all we experienced.

Hause bleiben mussten. Wie aufgeregte kleine Kinder vor Weihnachten zählten wir die Tage bis zu unserem Abenteuer. Unser Ziel war die norditalienische Stadt Maranello, wo das Ferrari-Werk, das unternehmenseigene Museum sowie der Formel-1-Rennstall Scuderia Ferrari zu Hause sind. In diesem Artikel lassen wir einige unserer zahlreichen unvergesslichen Erlebnisse für Sie Revue passieren.


37 81


Styling Centre

The “town� where dreams come true. Our first port of call was the impressive factory site whose layout is reminiscent of a small town. Normally, visitors can only enjoy a coach tour of this extensive, bustling community, with its streets named after leading Ferrari F1 drivers, but we were privileged to be able to enter the production halls and see for ourselves how these technical works of art are created. The famous Ferrari red can be seen throughout, from the overalls of the staff and the colour of the equipment trolleys, through paintwork and picture frames, to most of the cars themselves. In the engine department, the sterility of the production aisles contrasts with sections where lush green plants and flowers are a welcome and unusual feature. Despite the clinical cleanliness and efficiency of a modern production site, one is immediately aware that this is more than just a place to work; the staff have a real sense of belonging to the Ferrari family.



Styling Centre

Ein Ort, an dem Träume wahr werden. Unsere erste Station war das beeindruckende Werksgelände, das wie eine Kleinstadt anmutet. Normalerweise kommen Besucher nur in den Genuss einer Busrundfahrt durch die weitläufige Anlage mit ihren Strassen, die nach führenden Ferrari-Formel-1-Fahrern benannt sind. Wir hatten jedoch das Privileg, auch die Produktionshallen besichtigen zu dürfen und einen einzigartigen Einblick in die Fertigung dieser technischen Wunderwerke zu bekommen. Das berühmte FerrariRot ist hier allgegenwärtig – angefangen von den Overalls der Mitarbeiter und den Werkzeug-Trolleys über die Wandfarbe und Bilderrahmen bis hin zu den meisten der gefertigten Fahrzeuge selbst. In der Motorenabteilung steht die Sterilität der Fertigungsgänge in einem ungewöhnlichen Kontrast zu Bereichen, die mit Grünpflanzen und Blumen geschmückt sind. Trotz der klinischen Reinheit und Effizienz einer modernen Produktionsstätte spürt man sofort, dass es sich hier um viel mehr als nur einen Arbeitsplatz handelt – die Mitarbeiter sind stolz darauf, ein Teil der FerrariFamilie zu sein. Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

2017 produzierten die rund 3.000 Mitarbeiter von Ferrari insgesamt 8.400 Luxusportwagen mit einer erfolgreichen Mischung aus modernster Technologie und vollendeter Handwerkskunst. Im gesamten Werk werden die Fahrzeuge in unterschiedlichen Phasen der Fertigung von Robotern mit massiven Greifern transportiert, angehoben und gedreht. Modernste Technik und penible Überwachung werden hier grossgeschrieben. Gleichzeitig werden etwa die Sitzpolster in minuziöser Handarbeit vernäht. Qualität steht im gesamten Fertigungsprozess an vorderster Stelle – einer der Gründe dafür, dass Ferrari praktisch alle Motorenteile selbst herstellt. Denn nur so kann die Einhaltung der rigorosen Standards sichergestellt werden. Erstaunlich fanden wir, dass alle Fahrzeuge auf der Fertigungslinie bereits verkauft waren – jedes einzelne wurde auf Bestellung hergestellt.


39 81



In 2017, Ferrari’s approximately 3,000 employees produced a

Unsere nächste Station war das Centro Stile mit seiner

total of 8,400 luxury, high-performance cars, with a successful

eindrucksvollen Architektur. In dieser „Denkfabrik“ mit

mixture of state-of-the-art technology and skilled craftmanship.

ihrer Modellierungsabteilung, der Autosattlerei sowie

Throughout the factory, massive grippers transport, lift and turn

den Farb- und Verzierungsbereichen werden die Designs

the vehicles at different stages of their production. Advanced

der künftigen Ferrari-Modelle zum Leben erweckt. Im

technological equipment and seamless monitoring are written

ersten Stock befindet sich der Bereich für das Tailor-

large. And yet, for example, the upholstery is still meticulously

Made-Programm. Hier können sich Kunden ihren Ferrari

stitched by hand. Quality is a primary consideration throughout

nach ihren ganz persönlichen Vorstellungen konfigurie-

the entire production workflow, which is one of the reasons why

ren lassen. Anhand von Moodboards, Stoffmustern und

Ferrari make virtually all of the engine parts themselves. Only then

fein nuancierten Farbbeispielen können Kunden jedes

can the stringent standards be complied with. We were surprised

noch so kleine Detail ihrer neuen Ferraris selbst auszu-

to learn that all the cars on the production line had already been

wählen – ein Prozess, bei dem Kunden noch aktiver mit-

sold – each one is made specifically to order.

gestalten können als beim Ferrari-Händler Ihres Vertrauens.

Our next stop was the architecturally stunning Styling Centre

Wie Global Sales Director Luca Zanetti erklärt, erfreut

(Centro Stile). This inspiring thinktank, with its modelling depart-

sich dieser Service grosser Beliebtheit, denn fast jeder

ment, upholstery workshop and colour and trim section, is where

Ferrari wird nach den Wünschen des Käufers mass-

the designs of the Ferraris of the future come into being.

geschneidert. Ein Personal Designer unterstützt jeden Kunden bei der Auswahl der Materialien, die seinen

The first floor houses the Tailor Made area, set up especially for

individuellen Anforderungen und Präferenzen am besten

customers to come and choose their own personal configuration.

entsprechen. Selbst aussergewöhnliche Wünsche wer-

Here, mood boards, fabric samples and paint colours that differ

den nach Möglichkeit erfüllt – so bestand ein Kunde

in tiny nuances enable clients to define every small detail of the

auf eine Innenausstattung, die komplett aus Jeansstoff

look of their new Ferrari, making this process more “hands-on”

besteht. Und wer es besonders exklusiv mag, kann sich

than that available at a dealership.

von Ferrari einen einzigartigen Farbton anmischen und eigens für sich reservieren lassen.


41 81

Styling Centre I Tailor Made area

As Mr Luca Zanetti (Global Sales Director) explained, this service is extremely popular as almost all Ferraris are individually customised. Each client is supported by a Personal Designer who provides expert advice on selecting the perfect materials to suit their needs and tastes. Even rather uncommon wishes are met as far as possible, such as for a customer who had set their heart on a denim interior. Those aspiring to the height of exclusivity can have a unique colour created and reserved especially for them.

We don't sell a car, we sell a dream. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, former Chairman of Ferrari S.p.A

Although we were thrilled by our chance to gain insight into the mechanisms behind this illustrious automotive producer, Ferrari still had an exceptional treat in store for us – a scenic drive in one of their magnificent masterpieces. Gliding along the winding roads in the midst of the beautiful Italian countryside, enveloped in the roar of the engine and the smell of new leather, we did not need the legendary prancing horse that forms the centrepiece of the multi-function steering wheel to remind us that we were 44


Wir verkaufen keine Autos, wir verkaufen Traeume Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, former Chairman of Ferrari S.p.A

Mit diesem exklusiven Blick hinter die Kulissen des legendären Automobilherstellers wären wir mehr als zufrieden gewesen. Ferrari hatte jedoch noch ein ganz besonderes Highlight für uns in petto – einen malerischen Ausflug in einem seiner grandiosen Meisterwerke. Als wir über kurvenreiche Strassen durch die zauberhafte Landschaft Italiens fuhren, eingehüllt im röhrenden Sound des Motors und im Duft nach neuem Leder, hätten wir nicht die ganze Zeit das legendäre Emblem mit dem springenden Pferd in der Mitte des Multifunktionslenkrads vor Augen haben müssen, um zu wissen, dass wir uns gerade in die Riege der vielen Stars, Spitzensportler und Motorsport-Fans einreihten, die wie wir die Chance hatten, eine Probefahrt mit dem neuesten Konzept von Ferrari zu machen – dem Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T Interior

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

following in the footsteps of stars, sportspeople and premium

Bevor wir losfuhren, weihte uns Produktmanager Marco

car aficionados as we took up the chance to test drive the latest

Bai in einige der Geheimnisse des neuen Ferraris ein.

Ferrari concept – the impressive Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T.

Dank des „kleineren“ Turbo-V8-Motors konnten CO2Ausstoss, Kraftstoffverbrauch und Fahrzeuggewicht

Before setting off, Mr Marco Bai (Product Manager) had let us

erheblich gesenkt werden. Zugleich bietet das Modell

in on some of the secrets of this outstanding model. “Downsizing”

die kompromisslos starke Performance und bei jedem

to a V8 turbo engine has enabled CO2 emissions, fuel consumption

Tempo die sagenhafte Beschleunigung, die man von

and weight to be significantly reduced, while still ensuring the

einem Ferrari erwartet. Der GTC4 Lusso T beschleunigt

no-compromise, blistering performance and powerful accele-

in nur 3,5 Sekunden von 0 auf 100 und wartet mit

ration at all speeds expected of a Ferrari. The GTC4 Lusso T

einer Spitzengeschwindigkeit von 320 km/h und

takes just 3.5 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h, it boasts a

einer maximalen Drehzahl von 7.500 UpM auf. Kein

top speed of more than 320 km/h and a maximum of 7,500

Wunder, dass dieser V8 zum „Internationalen Motor

rpm. No wonder this V8 was voted “International Engine of the

des Jahres“ 2016 und 2017 gekürt würde. Weitere

Year” in both 2016 and 2017. Other features, such as the

Features wie die Allradlenkung und die verbesserte

model’s all-wheel steering and the advanced in-car acoustic

Akustik im Innenraum machen die Fahrt zum absoluten

comfort, make driving an absolute pleasure.


Inside the vehicle, the Ferrari designers have come up with a

Für das Innere des Fahrzeugs haben sich die Ferrari-

“flawless triumph of sporty luxury”. We loved the innovative

Designer nach eigenen Angaben einen „makellosen

Dual Cockpit that allows the front passenger to share the driving

Triumph sportlichen Luxus“ ausgedacht. Überzeugend

experience, and meticulous attention to detail is reflected both

fanden wir das innovative Dual-Cockpit-Konzept, mit

in the sophisticated look of the interior as well as in the state-

dem Ferrari das gemeinsame Fahrerlebnis von Fahrer

of-the-art equipment provided. The designers have successfully

und Beifahrer weiter verbessert hat. Von beein-

combined a powerful-looking, dynamic exterior with the need

druckender Detailliebe zeugen sowohl das raffinierte

for ample space for all four passengers and their luggage. Our

Innendesign als auch die hochmoderne technische

verdict is that this sleek, tapered 4-seater is perfect for those

Ausstattung. Die Designer haben ein dynamisches,

seeking a top-of-the-range sporty vehicle that is also suitable

kraftstrotzendes Exterieur mit einem grosszügigen Platz-

for everyday driving.

angebot für alle vier Insassen und Gepäck kombiniert.

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T

During the scenic tour it was also evident that Ferrari is held in

Unser Fazit: Dieser schlanke, keilförmige 2+2-Sitzer

high esteem throughout Italy. Everywhere we went we were

ist das perfekte Fahrzeug für alle, die auf der Suche

greeted with approving glances or enthusiastic cries of “bella

nach einem alltagstauglichen Sportwagen der Extra-

macchina”, making us proud drivers of one of the company’s

klasse sind.

models, albeit for just a few hours. Während der Probefahrt wurde auch deutlich, dass

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Ferrari in ganz Italien höchstes Ansehen geniesst. Wo wir auch hinkamen – überall wurden wir mit anerkennenden Blicken und „bella machina“-Rufen begrüsst, was uns zu sichtlich stolzen Fahrern eines Ferraris machte – wenn auch nur für ein paar Stunden.

Enzo Ferrari

A glimpse behind the scenes at Ferrari would not be complete without an F1 encounter. Although the Formula 1 department was out of bounds, we did have the amazing opportunity to take a close look at some former Grand Prix-winning cars from the Scuderia Ferrari stable, made famous by names such as Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher. After their racing days are over, these exceptional sportscars can be purchased by long-standing clients and driven at customer events. 48

Was du traeumen kannst, kannst du auch tun. Enzo Ferrari



PURCHASE & SALE OF CLASSIC CARS Switzerland I +41 (0) 56 631 1000 I info@lutziger-classiccars.ch I www.lutziger-classiccars.ch

Ohne ein authentisches Formel-1-Erlebnis wäre jeder Besuch bei Ferrari unvollständig. Auch wenn die F1Abteilung für die Öffentlichkeit unzugänglich ist, hatten wir die Gelegenheit, einige der ehemaligen GrandPrix-Fahrzeuge des Rennstalls Scuderia Ferrari, die von Rennsportlegenden wie Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda und Michael Schumacher von Triumph zu Triumph gesteuert wurden, aus nächster Nähe zu bewundern. Ist ihre Zeit im Rennsport abgelaufen, werden diese aussergewöhnlichen Rennwagen langjährigen Kunden zum Kauf angeboten oder können im Rahmen von exklusiven Events gefahren werden. Im Gegensatz zur F1-Abteilung ist das Ferrari-Museum für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich und definitiv einen Besuch wert. Besucher haben hier nicht nur die Chance, einige seltene Modelle zu bestaunen und einen Blick In contrast, the Ferrari Museum is open to the general public

in die Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft des be-

and is definitely well worth a visit. As well as some rare models

rühmten Autobauers zu werfen, sondern können sich in

and an illuminating look into the past, present and future of the

einem F1-Simulator auf verschiedenen Grand-Prix-

renowned Italian premium car manufacturer, visitors can also

Strecken einen Eindruck vom unbeschreiblichen Ge-

get a taste of the incredible Ferrari feeling on an F1 simulator

schwindigkeitsrausch in einem Formel-1-Wagen abholen.

and choose one of several Grand Prix circuits on which to put

Gruppen aus zwei bis drei Personen können sich

themselves to the (virtual) test. Groups of two or three can also

zudem der Pitstop-Challenge stellen und den Reifen

take up the pit stop challenge − changing a tyre of a single-

eines Monopostos wechseln. Das kostenlose Foto ist

seater racing car. The complimentary photo is a great memento

eine tolle Erinnerung an ein einzigartiges Erlebnis.

of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Dank der Gastfreundschaft und dem grossartigen Thanks to the warm welcome and enthralling programme pro-

Programm, das wir von Ferrari und seinen Mitarbeitern

vided by Ferrari and its staff, we at Luxury Life MAGAZINE have

geboten bekommen, haben wir ein ganzes Fotoalbum

filled an entire photo album with wonderful memories of these

mit unvergesslichen Momenten dieser zwei Tage gefüllt.

remarkable two days. We hope you have enjoyed reliving some

Wir hoffen, dass wir einige dieser Momente für Sie

of these moments with us.


erlebbar machen konnten.


Ihr Traumauto ist der Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso wie zuvor in der Bildstrecke beschrieben oder sogar ein

Ferrari 812 superfast in giallo triplo strato?

Die Autowelt Schweiz erf+llt Ihnen alle individuellen W+nsche bei Premiumfahrzeugen! www.autoweltschweiz.ch Wir haben uns auf den Verkauf von Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Supersportcars sowie einmaligen Classic Fahrzeugen spezialisiert. Durch unser weltweites Netzwerk zu H'ndlern, sowie privaten Sammlern haben wir die M*glichkeit Ihnen mit Werksbestellungen, sowie attraktiven Lagerfahrzeugen, jeden Wunsch zu erf+llen.




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Jason Momoa loves Aquaman. Even out of the water, he’s a modern take on an ancient Viking – intimidating on first approach, but when extending his giant paw to greet, the exterior belies the façade. He’s cool as a cat, and he’s back as the superhero caught between dry land and the depths of the ocean in the return of Aquaman in December.

climbing with me. They love being outdoors and bouldering is the best way they can get to grips with that world. We can do it together in safe spaces yet there is still the thrill of being in the wilderness and tackling the extremes of nature. Anything that’s indoors becomes monotonous after a while, and it sometimes feels kind of fake to be climbing indoor walls when it is man versus rock. You want the hiking, you want the breeze around you, so want the looseness of the rock, you want to feel it under your fingernails.

What does it give you in terms of physical strength and your mindset? I wouldn’t say it gives me anything in terms of physical strength because it’s the strength I already have there that I’m using. You don’t go climbing to improve strength, you go to prove you have it in the first place!



You’re a bit of a bouldering beast - what’s the appeal?

For me it’s mostly about the incredible high climbing

Bouldering is the most technical and limitless form of rock-climbing.

will give you – it’s the combination of knowing every

It’s brilliant to do with my kids, who always like to go hiking and

part of your body, it’s tackling something that evolves

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa I Actor and Model


and changes as a challenge, and no matter at what stage you’re at, it’s bringing forward that little bit of fear that every climber has.

Where’s the most awe-inspiring place you’ve climbed? There’s the Red Rocks, up in Hueco Tanks in Texas. The bouldering there is out of this world. Perhaps the first time I really got the thrill from climbing – that would have been at The Needles in South Dakota. There are so many – obviously Colorado, then Italy, Tibet – that’s the great thing; there are climbs everywhere and they are all totally different, and you can explore them with little more than an open mind and a firm grip. I think mentally and spiritually. it‘s the most healthy thing you can do in the whole world.

If climbing at home do you have a pattern that you follow? I‘m used to getting up at 5am and going for a run or doing a heavy workout, so I can climb instead if at home. It‘s a very peaceful time for where I get to think and clear my head and it‘s a great way to start the day. It‘s also more fun to do some kind of sport or outdoor training than going to a gym and lifting weights which, like I’ve said, is kind of monotonous.

You take your son bouldering - you know that young people have an advantage, right? What happens when he outgrades you? I love it. Watching my kids climb gives me the biggest buzz of them all. To see your kids thrive and enjoy something that gives you so much pleasure is a massive thing. I think kids have a big advantage in the way they view challenges too. The wall you see isn’t the same wall they see. Ultimately, family is a really important word for me. It’s everything to me, it’s what I live for. And after working with these guys, they are an extension of that. We worked together in these close confines, it was chaos and we were all there for each other, getting in it. These guys are like, if they needed me, anytime anywhere, I’m there for them. I am. Interview


Jason Momoa in Aquaman

The age they are at now they are just my absolute world. I loved the early days where I would just look them in the eyes and cook them pancakes, where I would read them stories and play and talk about dinosaurs, but this is another level. When I was younger, I pissed around, I pushed it too far and was a little punk pushing people’s buttons, and had fun too. Obviously I want them to have fun, but this to be is the best way to live, and hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes I did. They won’t end up living in an Airstream!

You’re playing Aquaman - what’s the most memorable underwater experience you’ve had in real life? Some of the shoots for the film have actually been pretty hardcore. I’m used to putting myself on the edge where I’m battling my own strength and gravity. To find I’m going up against a whole new set of rules is pretty cool, but scary. Anyway it’s all about the lungs. But, you know, I’ve spent my life doing stunts and being physical. I love rugby, I grew up playing hockey and rock climbing, skateboarding, everything. I enjoy anything that presents physical extremes.

Were you inspired by the mystery of the world under our oceans when preparing for the role? That’s an interesting question because so much of what I have lived and loved has been on terra firma. It’s been a new world, even though I get to represent my people, Polynesians, and something that’s really significant for them is water, and the gods of water, you know that is where I’m at - I get to play a brown skinned super hero, I feel very privileged charged with something sacred.

Tell us about your typical training week in the lead up to Aquaman? My physique in these types of movies is often the same. It’s a combination of bulking up whilst staying on a diet that keeps me motivated and full of energy. That’s always been something I’ve had to battle with because those things don’t necessarily go together.

I’ve had regimes in the past I’ve tired of really quickly and it’s tough to stay on them, although I have done. Then there have been those that take too much from my physically. Although there is a lot of build in these movies you’ve also got to be in the right place mentally as well. It’s a combination. So the idea is to work towards low-intensity bodybuilding and all-body exercises with regular peaks. If I’m climbing then it’s a contradiction to be pushing the bulk. Instead, it has to be built gradually. It’s six hours a day, the aim to put on between 30-40lb, lots of cardio, lots of carbs, chicken, no alcohol whatsoever, gallons of water, and plenty of sleep. It’s about working with my trainer and constructing a plan that we know is realistic, yet that has good results.

Did you get to train with Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren)?


Only over steak and wine.



Villa With Plunge Pool

CasaChameleon LUXURIOUS ENCOUNTER WITH UNSPOILT NATURE By Louise Mawbey & Patricia Schweizer Translation Mark S. Kennedy

Villa With Plunge Pool

Villa Suite With Plunge Pool

Beach of Mal País in Costa Rica


Costa Rica, with its abundant flora and fauna, magical beaches

Eine überreichliche Pflanzen- und Tierwelt, Traumstrände, freundliche Men-

and friendly people, is the home to a stand-out, adults-only villa resort

schen und ein Top-Villenresort nur für Erwachsene – mit all dem lockt

of the highest quality.

Costa Rica. Genauer gesagt, das malerische Künstlerdorf Mal País mit

Located in Mal País, a quaint bohemian village with an extensive un-

seinen ausgedehnten unberührten Stränden, die Surfern hervorragende

touched beach and excellent conditions for surfers, Casa Chameleon at

Bedingungen bieten.

Mal Pais has just 10 luxury villas. Based on the concept of “letting the

In diesem kleinen Paradies liegen die nur 10 noblen Villen der Casa

outside in”, each villa has been designed to be one with its surroun-

Chameleon in Mal País. Die Häuser fügen sich harmonisch in die Umge-

dings, allowing guests to fully appreciate being in the midst of the lush

bung ein und machen die Aussenwelt so weit als möglich auch vom Innen-

jungle. The use of natural materials and the application of environ-

raum aus erlebbar. Dies lässt die Gäste den Aufenthalt im prunkvollen

mentally-friendly principles means a stunning yet relaxing experience

Dschungel intensiv geniessen. Bei der so atemberaubenden wie entspan-

with a clear conscience.

nenden Begegnung mit der Natur ist sogar ein gutes Gewissen garantiert,

Despite this, no luxury is spared and all the beautifully furnished villas

denn es kommen umweltfreundliche Prinzipien und natürliche Materialien

feature a private ocean-view infinity edge pool, a terrace with a hammock

zum Einsatz.

and outdoor seating, air conditioning, free WiFi and much more.

Dennoch herrscht kein Mangel an Luxus! Die wunderschön eingerichteten

Dining is not to be missed; based on fresh local produce, guests are

Villen verfügen alle über einen privaten Infinity-Pool mit Blick auf den Ozean,

treated to exquisite dining either in their own villa, in the hotel or under

eine Terrasse mit Hängematte und Sitzplätze im Freien, eine Klimaanlage,

the starlit sky. Soothing spa treatments, such as tailored massages, are

kostenloses WLAN und viele weitere Annehmlichkeiten. Ein absolutes

also given in the comfort of your own villa.

Muss ist übrigens das Abendessen. Da werden die Gäste mit exquisiten

The boutique resort is excellently run by the congenial and dedicated

Köstlichkeiten aus frischen Produkten der Region verwöhnt. Essen kann

General Manager Jose Pablo Saenz. His attention to detail and inno-

man je nach Wunsch in der eigenen Villa, im Restaurant oder unter dem

vative ideas set Casa Chameleon apart from other high-class Costa

Sternenhimmel. Ebenfalls in der eigenen Villa kann man sich mit wohltu-

Rican resorts. His brainchild – the Barbecue Dinner – is a wonderful

enden Spa-Behandlungen verwöhnen lassen, etwa einer Massage, die

communal experience where delicious local specialities can be savou-

auf die persönlichen Bedürfnisse abgestimmt wird.

red while friendships are made.

Das Boutique-Resort wird mit viel Liebe zum Detail und innovativen Ideen

Additionally, the impressive OCiO Villas estate, managed by Casa

von José Pablo Saenz geleitet. Der engagierte und sympathische General

Chameleon, is also in the vicinity and is another premium hideaway

Manager legt grossen Wert darauf, mit der Casa Chameleon andere erst-

– but that’s another story you should not miss!

klassige Resorts in Costa Rica zu übertreffen. Diesem Qualitätsbewusstsein

Luxury Life MAGAZINE’s verdict: A spectacular, top-class retreat

entsprang auch die Idee zum Barbecue Dinner. Bei dem geselligen Ereig-


nis kommen kulinarische Spezialitäten aus der Region auf den Tisch und

with eco-friendly credentials.

in der herzlichen Atmosphäre entwickeln sich schnell neue Freundschaften.

Casa Chameleon Hotel

In der Nähe liegen übrigens auch die eindrucksvollen OCiO Villen, ein

at Mal País I Costa Rica

weiteres Hideaway der Premium-Klasse und ebenfalls unter der Leitung

US & Canada: 1-(888)-705-0274

der Casa Chameleon. Das ist aber eine andere Geschichte, die Sie sich

Costa Rica +(506)-2103-1212

jedoch genauso wenig entgehen lassen sollten!


Fazit von Luxury Life MAGAZINE: Ein spektakulärer und umweltfreund-


licher Rückzugsort der Spitzenklasse.


59 81


TRAVEL Qsuite – Double bed mum and child I Business Class



Enjoy an unforgettable experience above the clouds and add a free stayover in Doha to your journey. Qatar Airways: Qsuite – First in Business The Qsuite features the industry’s first-ever double bed available in Business Class, with privacy panels that stow away, allowing passengers in adjoining seats to create their own private space. Adjustable panels and movable TV monitors on the center four seats allow colleagues,

QATAR Airways

friends or families travelling together to transform their space into a private suite, allowing them to work, dine and socialize together. Since the 1st November 2018 the new Business Class Cabin is operated daily on the afternoon flights (QR 96) from Zurich. Add Doha to your journey and take advantage of our Free Hotel Stay and Free Transit Visa Turn one holiday into two and enjoy a free night in a 4 or 5-star hotel with our +Qatar program, courtesy of Qatar Airways and the Qatar Tourism Authority. Qatar allows visa-free access to passengers from 80 countries. Other nationals having a stopover from 5 to 96 hours can apply for a complimentary transit visa online. Take advantage of your transit through Doha to discover the city›s treasures including the Museum of Islamic Art, the cultural village Katara, the Pearl, the Souk Waqif. Or experience a true adventure by doing a desert safari or have dinner aboard a traditional dhow before you resume your journey to your final destination. www.qatarairways.com

Chilled Appetiser I Business Class

Save up to 10% with the QRDREAM Promocode Destinations: Seychelles, Phuket, Bangkok, Krabi, Sydney, Colombo, Windhoek, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Zanzibar, Bali, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melbourne, Auckland, Goa, Tokyo, Perth, Nairobi, Manila, Clark, Singapore, Hanoi, Phnom Penh. From: Zurich and Geneva

I Offer period:

7/09/18 - 28/02/19

Travel period: 17/09/18 - 31/12/19 (except: 21- 27/12/18, 19 -23/04/19, 21 -27/12/19) Book now under www.qatarairways.com/QRDREAM

Qsuite – Quad Family Dining I Business Class

s Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London will reopen its doors in December. With bustling Knightsbridge and Harrods on its doorstep and leafy Hyde Park at its rear, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is London’s most prestigious address. Blending sumptuous guestrooms with a world-leading spa and a stylish bar, it is the definitive destination for a luxury escape. And with two award-winning restaurants including Bar Boulud, London and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, the first London restaurant for one of the UK’s most renowned chefs, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park stands at the culinary centre of the capital. Reopening on Tuesday, 4 December 2018. www.mandarinoriental.com

Restaurant La Rotonda

Westin Palace Madrid – In the heart of city. Discover the traditional Palace-Hotel Style – iconic Belle Epoque decor and luxurious amenities and treat yourself to an invigorating stay in this hotel in the heart of Madrid. Directly situated in the very center of the „Art Triangle“ between the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sophia Museum. The legacy is more alive than ever – step into La Rotonda or the MuseoBar, frequented by some of Madrids most famous visitors like Hemingway, Dali, Picasso or Sophia Loren and enjoy a distinguished „PalaceFeeling“ in this privileged and unique location. For the upcoming Festive Season the restaurant „Rotonda“ offers Fine Dining and an sophisticated atmosphere. www.westinpalacemadrid.com


Parkhotel Adler in the Heart of the Black Forest Germany is a Member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Parkhotel Adler SIMPLY A WONDERFUL PLACE TO BE. By Patricia Schweizer & Louise Mawbey

Inspired by the report in the Autumn Edition of Luxury Life MAGAZINE, I decided there could be no better place to spend a mini-break with a valued friend than Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten, in the beautiful Black Forest region of Germany. What awaited us was premium accommodation with its own special appeal, friendly and hospitable staff, scrumptious food, pampering spa offerings and Fine-dining Restaurant Oscars

luxury amenities set in lovely countryside. On being shown to our tastefully decorated suite (the hotel’s charming owner Ms Newman has a real eye for elegant, timeless design) in the Belle Époque main building, we first spent time savouring the attractive view from the balcony: authentic Black Forest architecture, delightful scenery and even a picture postcard onion dome church. The suite itself, with its purple hues, was excellently equipped with luxuriant bedding, satellite TV, an iPod docking station and indulgent bathrobes and slippers. Not wanting to waste a minute of our 2-day stay, we soon set out to explore. Despite being one of the “Small Luxury Hotels of the World”, Parkhotel Adler is located in extensive grounds and its just 56 rooms and suites have a massive 70,000m² at their disposal. In addition to the main building there is also a traditional Black Forest house dating back to 1639, a generously-sized outdoor pool with spa pavilion, an outdoor jacuzzi, a children’s play area, a duck pond, etc. It was then time for a wonderful, rejuvenating massage at the luxury HOFFMANN Beauté & Physiotherapie spa, run by Roland Hoffmann. The treatments are based on premium Thalgo and Babor products and were particularly welcome after

Adler the journey to Hinterzarten. We also bathed in the indoor and outdoor pools,

Fine-dining at Oscars

spent time in the superb saunas and relaxed on sunbeds on the manicured lawn, bringing our afternoon to a pleasurable close.

However, the highlight of our first day was yet to come. The multi-course dinner at the new “Oscars” restaurant was simply sensational. We were treated to course

after course of exquisite, creative and beautifully presented delicacies that truly earned the designation “fine dining”. The stunning Leo Lounge bar was our last port of call − a sophisticated cocktail before we turned in for the night.

After a perfect, uninterrupted sleep, the culinary delights continued with one of

the most delicious and abundant buffet breakfasts I have ever experienced. The wide selection of high-quality cheeses, meats and fish included something for everyone – including the youngest guests − and the breakfast room’s pleasant atmosphere meant the day got off to a great start.

We spent our second day strolling through the vast grounds and the enchanting local countryside, with just time to stop off at the hotel’s stunning Café Diva, the Art Nouveau Vienna coffee house, where we enjoyed speciality coffees and,

of course, a decadent slice of Black Forest Gateaux. www.parkhoteladler.de



SEAMÃNTIKA™ ist eine einzigartige Marke, die die heilenden Kräfte von Pflanzen, Ölen und Früchten mit den wertvollen Mineralien des Toten Meeres kombiniert. Für SEAMÃNTIKA™ wird eine grosse Bandbreite an Pflanzen, Ölen und Fruchtextrakten verwendet. Gemeinsam mit Meeresmineralien bilden sie die Grundlage für eine natürlichere und zeitgemässere Hautpflege. Für natürlich strahlende Schönheit.

Ohne SLS | Ohne SLES | Ohne Parabene | Ohne Petrolatum


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Hotel Kitzhof MOUNTAIN DESIGN RESORT Studio Suite

HOMELY ALPINE CHIC IN A SUPERB LOCATION By Patricia Schweizer & Louise Mawbey

Kitzbühel is synonymous with premium vacations, amazing views and perfect conditions for winter sports fans and summer tourists alike. The Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort – undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in the region – is located just a 5-minute walk from the town’s picturesque medieval centre, with its upscale stores and delightful cafes. Design plays the lead in all the 168 stylish rooms and suites, where modern lines meet antique wood and deer antlers meet designer lamps. Every single detail has been carefully selected in line with the overall concept and natural light floods Studio Suite Balcony

the rooms with stunning Alpine vistas. WiFi, a minibar with free soft drinks and a flat screen TV are provided in every category and the elegant bathrooms all feature a rainfall shower and exclusive Susanne Kaufmann products. The 700 sqm KITZ SPA, with an indoor pool, two steam baths and saunas, relaxation area and a state-of-the-art gym, is a wonderful place to relax in a sophisticated atmosphere. The hotel’s restaurant area features 5 different restaurant concepts which serve everything from international specialities to traditional Tyrolean dishes, all to an excellent standard, while the Kitz Lounge is a cosy retreat where high-quality drinks, snacks and homemade cakes can be enjoyed in front of the warming open fire. The spectacular natural landscape and the extensive gardens with romantic terrace and pond make the Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort the ideal setting for fairy-tale weddings and never-to-be-forgotten events. www.hotel-kitzhof.com

Enoteca with adjoining walk-in wine cellar


Resting area overlooking a spectacular waterfall

Karl C. Reiter I General Manager

Posthotel Achenkirch


In need of a tranquil, rejuvenating break to get away from the hustle and bustle of our Posthotel Signature Suite

everyday lives, we couldn’t have made a better choice than the Posthotel Achenkirch Resort. This top-class destination offers adults everything they need to recharge their batteries, savour epicurean delights and simply indulge their body and soul. But the story first started in 1918, when Karl and Hermine Reiter took over the former coaching inn, located on Lake Achensee in Austria’s stunning Tyrol. The second generation was the driving force behind major remodelling work and the third Reiter generation turned the resort into Austria’s first “wellness” hotel – a term which describes a luxury hotel focussed on health, beauty and relaxation. The present Manager, Karl C. Reiter jun., is continuing the family tradition of excellence and dedication to the wellbeing of the guests. Based on the philosophy of “Green Luxury”, the hotel’s concept proves that upmarket hospitality can be sustainable – with everything from bee colonies and spring water, to a photovoltaic system and an electric car. We could therefore relish our stay without a guilty conscience. The stand-out feature of the resort is its spa provision, boasting 7,000 m² of sauna and water areas which combine a premium setting and attentive service with highquality, Far-East-inspired treatments. This extensive offering includes three indoor and five outdoor pools, two of them are sole pools, and the warm and cold yin yan pool

Atrium SPA – «Sunken Temple»

(heated throughout the year), Mediterranean hot baths and, our favourite, the Sunken Temple, with its gentle light, selection of saunas and unique meditation room. The hotel’s glorious location is ideal for activities such as mountain biking, horse riding and golf, not to mention the whole range of winter sports played out against the beautiful backdrop of the Karwendel mountains. The resort also features a fully-equipped gym, indoor and outdoor tennis courts and a squash court. Under the helm of award-winning Head Chef Fabian Leinich, dining at the hotel is a wonderful experience. The choice ranges from gourmet fine dining to food based on the principles of Far Eastern medical traditions at the TENZO health restaurant, but all the eateries focus on sustainably sourced local produce, lovingly created dishes, a welcoming atmosphere and professional service. Just like all the resort’s accommodation, our room was a cosy retreat that oozed discreet luxury and subtle elegance. Natural materials and carefully chosen accessories predominate while every amenity expected of a first-class hotel is provided. In line with the concept of the entire resort, these rooms successfully promote the wellbeing of each and every guest. www.posthotel.at

New Health Restaurant «Tenzo»



10 10


110,000 PRINT-RUN







The Ice Rink in The Courtyard

Winter Moments TH E C H EDI ANDE R M ATT By Patricia Schweizer & Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy



Sporting adventures in a luxury winter wonderland.

Sportliche Luxusabenteuer in märchenhafter Winterlandschaft.

The 5-star hotel The Chedi Andermatt, located 1,447 meters

Alpine Schweizer Gastfreundlichkeit auf höchstem Ni-

above sea level in the delightful skiing village of Andermatt, is

veau bietet das 5-Sterne-Hotel The Chedi Andermatt.

the crème de la crème of premium Swiss Alpine hospitality.

Das Premiumhotel auf 1.447 Metern Höhe im zauber-

It boasts 123 sophisticated rooms and suites, award-winning

haften Skidorf Andermatt glänzt mit 123 erlesenen

gourmet restaurants and a 2,400m² spa oasis offering top

Zimmern und Suiten, preisgekrönten Gourmet-Restaurants

quality treatments. Its successful mix of Alpine chic and Asian

und erstklassigen Behandlungen in einer 2.400 Qua-

inspiration is an elegant setting at any time of year, but it is the

dratmeter grossen Spa-Oase. Dabei verdankt sich die

winter months when the hotel really comes into its own.

einmalige Eleganz des Hauses einer gelungenen Verbindung alpinen Chics mit asiatischer Inspiration.

Starting with the picture postcard, snow-covered village and im-

Das Ambiente ist zu jeder Jahreszeit hinreissend, un-

pressive mountain backdrop, through the 120 kilometres of

übertroffen sind jedoch die Wintermonate.

ski runs – with something for experienced daredevils and complete novices alike – to the quaint The Ice Rink in The Courtyard

In dem bildschön verschneiten Dorf mit der eindrucks-

and the attentive ski butler service, this hotel offers everything

vollen Bergkulisse werden Wintersportträume wahr.

the winter sports fan could wish for.

Dazu tragen nicht zuletzt die 120 Kilometer Skipisten bei – sie sind den Ansprüchen erfahrener Draufgänger

The Chedi Andermatt has a variety of luxury winter offerings,

genauso gewachsen wie denen von Brettneulingen

such as the Warm-up Package early on in the season and the

– und der idyllische The Ice Rink im The Courtyard. Hotel

69 81

Olympic skier Marco Büchel

PistenBully experience

exclusive HEAD ski weekend with none other than Olympic skier

Das Tüpfelchen auf dem i ist aber der aufmerksame

Marco Büchel. However, the Gotthard Deep Snow Experience

Service des Ski-Butlers.

is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not to be missed – after a chauffeur driven ride in a Porsche, participants are taken high

Luxuriöse Winterangebote locken ins The Chedi Ander-

up on the Gotthard Pass in a PistenBully to a military fort. And

matt, etwa das Warm-up Package zu Saisonbeginn

there the experience really begins when the participants don

oder ein exklusives HEAD Skiwochenende mit Olympia-

their snow shoes and hike through the wonderous landscape.

Skirennfahrer Marco Büchel. Highlight unter den Ange-

An exclusive avalanche training session follows and, after the

boten ist die einzigartige Gotthard Deep Snow Expe-

“hidden treasure” has been found, the efforts are rewarded with

rience: Auf die erste Etappe chauffiert im Porsche folgt

mulled wine, stunning vistas and then a tasty 4-course lunch in

eine Fahrt im PistenBully zu einer alten Militärfestung

the warm bunker.

hoch oben auf dem Gotthard-Pass. Hier geht das Abenteuer dann richtig los mit einer Wanderung auf

Luxury Life MAGAZINE’s verdict: Active thrills by day, luxury pam-

Schneeschuhen durch die zauberhafte Winterlandschaft.

pering and relaxation in the evenings – the perfect destination

Ein exklusives Lawinentraining gehört ebenso dazu wie

for winter (sports) lovers.

die Suche nach dem „verborgenen Schatz“. Belohnt


werden die Mühen mit Glühwein, atemberaubenden Ausblicken und einem köstlichen 4-Gänge-Mittagsmenü im warmen Bunker.

HEAD ski weekend experience

Das Fazit von Luxury Life MAGAZINE: Adrenalin am Tag, Entspannung, Luxus und Verwöhnfeeling am Abend – für alle, die Spass an Schnee und Wintersport haben, ein perfektes Ziel. www.thechediandermatt.com

THE CHEDI ANDERMATT***** Gotthardstrasse 4 CH-6490 Andermatt I Schweiz Phone: +41 (0)41 888 74 88 reservations@chediandermatt.com



Foto: Theodor Barth


Die Digital-Ausgaben sind in der GUTE FAHRT-App erhältlich!

BESTELL- / ABO-HOTLINE: www.delius-klasing.de/zeitschriften/auto 0521/55 99 55 Delius Klasing Verlag, Postfach 101671, D-33516 Bielefeld € 2,– Versandkosten bei Direktbestellung


OF THE WATER By Jesper Storgaard Jensen Translation Mark S. Kennedy




The Italian family name Riva is synonymous with style, elegance and luxury. But also with history. For more than 175 years, the company has been producing luxurious sports yachts which, over time, have become immortal thanks to their sleek design. Several VIP clients have been beguiled by this design over the years.

Der italienische Familienname Riva steht fĂźr Design, Luxus und Stil, aber auch fĂźr Tradition. Seit Ăźber 175 Jahren baut das Unternehmen prachtvolle Sportyachten, die dank ihrer schlanken Kontur inzwischen zu Legenden geworden sind. Kein Wunder, dass sich auch viele Stars und Sternchen in dieses Design verliebt haben.


00 81 73

Riva 110’ Dolcevita I Living Room

Riva 110’ Dolcevita I Bed Room

Riva 110’ Dolcevita I 33-metre long


Wer die neue Riva 110’ Dolcevita und die Riva 66’ Ribelle einmal zu Gesicht bekommt, wird sich nicht

R daran sattsehen können. Offenkundig haben die Riva-

Designer ihr gesamtes Können in die Waagschale gelegt, um die perfekte Kombination aus Eleganz,

Exklusivität und einer besonders edlen Gestaltung zu realisieren.

2018 wurden die beiden neuen Meisterwerke des

Yachtbaus der Weltöffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Die Riva 66’ Ribelle ist das sportlichere der beiden Modelle.

Angetrieben von zwei V12-Motoren erreicht sie eine Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 37 Knoten und eine Reisegeschwindigkeit von 33 Knoten.

Das wahre Flaggschiff ist jedoch die eindrucksvolle 33 Meter lange Riva 110’ Dolcevita, die sich durch

ein extrem elegantes, beinahe „königliches“ Profil auszeichnet. Die luxuriöse Inneneinrichtung ist in klassischen „Armani-Farben“ wie Weiss, Grauweiss, verschiedenen

Grautönen, Braun und Schwarz gehalten und macht

diese Yacht zum perfekten schwimmenden Zuhause, mit dem man die Sieben Weltmeere durchkreuzen kann.

Once you have caught a glimpse of the two new aquatic

Beide Boote sind zweifelsohne Inbegriffe von Design,

wonders – Riva 110’ Dolcevita and Riva 66’ Ribelle – it’s really

Luxus und einer offenkundigen Liebe zum Detail – und

hard to tear your eyes away again. The Riva designers have

zugleich eine Hommage an die Vergangenheit. Denn

evidently done everything they could to combine elegance,

diese Art der Vornehmheit ist selbstverständlich nicht

exclusivity and an extremely refined design.

neu. Sie blickt auf eine lange Tradition zurück und hat die ein oder andere Geschichte zu erzählen.

Both the Riva 66’ Ribelle and the Riva 110’ Dolcevita were

the sportiest of the two, powered by V12 engines which make it

Ein Ausnahmetischler mit dem richtigen Riecher

possible to reach a maximum speed of 37 knots and a cruising

1842 tobte in der Region rund um den Lago d’Iseo

speed of 33 knots. The true flagship, though, is the impressive

ein gewaltiger Sturm. Die Boote vieler einheimischer

33-metre long Riva 110’ Dolcevita, characterized by an ex-

Fischer wurden komplett zerstört, so dass ihr Lebens-

tremely elegant and almost “royal” profile. The luxurious interiors

unterhalt auf dem Spiel stand. Die Situation war kritisch,

- in “Armani colors” such as white, off-white, different shades of

doch wie durch ein Wunder war zur selben Zeit ein

grey, brown and black – simply give it the look of a genuine

junger Tischler namens Pietro Riva vor Ort, der kürzlich

roving home that would be perfect for cruising the seven seas.

vom nahegelegenen Comer See in die Region ge-

presented to the world’s press in 2018. The Riva 66’ Ribelle is

kommen war. Mit herausragendem handwerklichen

This yacht is definitely the quintessence of design and luxury, as

Können und einer beneidenswerten Beharrlichkeit ge-

well as of the expression of love for every single detail. Not to

lang es ihm, die meisten Boote zu reparieren und sich so

mention the personification of history. Because this kind of

die Anerkennung und Bewunderung der einheimischen

elegance is obviously not new. It has come a long way, and

Fischer zu verdienen. Dieser neu erlangte Ruhm brachte

has quite a number of stories to tell.

ihn auf die Ideen, den Bootsbau zu seinem Beruf zu


75 81

Riva 66’ Ribelle

An outstanding carpentry talent

machen: Er gründete seine eigene Werft und fing an,

The year was 1842 and in the area around Lake Iseo, in the

Yachten in einer vollkommen neuen und originellen

northern part of Italy, a terrible storm had raged. Many of the

Manier zu bauen.

local fishermen’s boats were totally wrecked and thus they had no chance to work. The situation was critical but, as if by miracle,

Dank Pietros handwerklichen Geschicks und seines

a young carpenter, Pietro Riva, who had recently arrived in the

untrüglichen Geschäftssinns wurde aus der Riva-Werft

area from near-by Lake Como, showed up on the scene. With

bald ein bekanntes und angesehenes Unternehmen.

extraordinary skill and persistence, he managed to repair most

Das Geschäft lief sehr gut und auch Pietros Familie

of the boats, thus earning him esteem and admiration from all

wuchs. Tatsächlich sollte sein Sohn Ernesto später ins

the local fishermen. He decided to use this moment of fame to

Unternehmen einsteigen und zahlreiche technische

take another step: opening his own shipyard and beginning to

Neuerungen wie zum Beispiel den Verbrennungsmotor

build yachts in a style that nobody had seen before.

einführen, die Riva einen Quantensprung in der Produktion ermöglichten, die sich bis dahin auf einem recht

Due to Pietro’s skill and entrepreneurship, the Riva shipyard quickly

bescheidenen Niveau befunden hatte.

became a well-known and respected company. Business was going really well and so were family matters. In fact, Pietro’s son

Nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg war es Ernestos Sohn

Ernesto joined the company later on and introduced several

Serafino, der das Unternehmen in die Zukunft über-

technical innovations such as the internal combustion engine.

führte. Er machte aus Riva eine echte Marke, die all-

This enabled Riva to take a giant leap forwards in terms of

mählich zu einem Symbol für Noblesse, Perfektion und

production quality, which up to then had only achieved modest

Status wurde.

standards. 76


Ri Following the First World War, Serafino Riva – Ernesto’s son –

Das wohl wichtigste Ereignis in der Firmengeschichte

was the next family member to bring the business into the future.

von Riva ereignete sich jedoch 1962, als der brillante

He was the one who turned the company into a true brand that

Designer Carlo Riva mehrere sportliche Yachten auf

slowly became synonymous with elegance, status and perfection.

den Markt brachte. Eine davon war die Acquarama, die aufgrund ihres unverwechselbaren Designs schon

However, it was in 1962 that the Riva company experienced

bald zu Weltruhm gelangte. Mit ihren kurvigen Linien

what was probably the most important event in its history, when

und ihren adretten Formen zog sie auch die Aufmerk-

the brilliant designer Carlo Riva launched a number of sporty

samkeit des berühmten Fiat-Chefs Gianni Agnelli auf

yachts. One of them was the Acquarama that would soon gain

sich. Tatsächlich war er es, der das erste Modell der

world fame due to its unmistakable look. The design, made of

Acquarama taufte und dabei den neuen Riva-Slogan

sinuous lines and elegant shapes, had also been discovered by

prägte: „Sonne, Meer und wahre Lebensfreude“.

the famous Fiat president Gianni Agnelli. In fact, Agnelli was the one to inaugurate the first model of the Aqcuarama, giving birth

Die Acquarama lief zum perfekten Zeitpunkt vom Stapel.

to the new Riva slogan “Sun, sea and the joy of living”.

Der Zweite Weltkrieg lag fast zwei Jahrzehnte zurück

und die italienische Wirtschaft erlebte einen Boom –

The invention of the Acquarama hit the Italian market at the best

die Zeit war geprägt von Zuversicht und Optimismus

possible moment. The Second World War was becoming a

und so hatte die Acquarama quasi freie Fahrt auf den

distant memory while the Italian economy was starting to boom;

italienischen Küstengewässern.

Anita Ekberg

iva this was coupled with a positive vision of the future. The open

Liebesobjekt der internationalen Jetset-Szene

waters were ready for the Acquarama.

In den Folgejahren sollten viele weitere Prominente dem

Beispiel von Agnelli folgen. Beispielsweise Brigitte

Loved by VIPs

Bardot, die gleich mehrere Schnellboote der Marke

Many other VIPs were to follow in the footsteps of Agnelli in the

Riva ihr Eigen nannte – allesamt Geschenke von ihrem

years to come. One of them was Brigitte Bardot, who owned

Ehemann Gunter Sachs. Ihr persönliches Lieblingsboot

several Riva speedboats that were given to her by her husband

tauften die beiden auf den Namen Dracula und schip-

Gunther Sachs. They nicknamed their personal favorite boat

perten damit am liebsten als Vampire verkleidet umher!

Dracula and they loved cruising around on it dressed up as

In den 60ern war die französische Côte d’Azur wohl

vampires! In the sixties, the French Cote d’Azur was probably

das angesagteste Reiseziel unter Filmstars und anderen

the trendiest holiday spot for film stars and VIPs in general. And

Promis. Natürlich bot es sich da an, ein Boot zu be-

there, it was great to have a good-looking vessel that would

sitzen, das einem ein Image von Stil und Grazie verlieh.

successfully underline an image of style and elegance. Anita

Die schwedische Schauspielerin Anita Ekberg wusste

Ekberg understood that very well, and she actually wanted to

das nur allzu gut und wollte ihrer Riva Tritone einen

personalize her Riva Tritone. She asked the company to put in

persönlichen Touch verleihen. Also bat sie Riva, ihre

zebra-striped fabrics and, of course, her wish was fulfilled. But

Yacht in Stoffe mit Zebrastreifen zu hüllen – und

names such as Richard Burton, Jean Paul Belmondo, Elton John

selbstverständlich wurde ihr dieser Wunsch erfüllt!

and Peter Sellers have also been seen behind the steering wheel

Doch auch Berühmtheiten wie Richard Burton, Jean-

Brigitte Bardot

of a beautiful Riva boat. And Sean Connery apparently missed

Paul Belmondo, Elton John und Peter Sellers wurden

the speed and action from the James Bond movies so much that

schon hinterm Steuerrad eines Riva-Bootes gesehen.

three years after his last appearance as agent 007 he bought

Und Sean Connery vermisste die Action und den

his own stunning Riva Rudy.

Geschwindigkeitsrausch aus den James-Bond-Filmen anscheinend so sehr, dass er sich drei Jahre nach

Carlo Riva died in 2017 at the age of 95. But his design still

seinem letzten Auftritt als Agent 007 seine eigene

lives on. Since the year 2000, Riva has been part of the Italian

Riva Rudy zulegte.

Ferretti Group. Even though the Chinese group Weichai took over 58% of the Ferretti Group in 2012, most of the production

Carlo Riva starb 2017 im Alter von 95 Jahren, doch

facilities are still located in the small north Italian town of Sarnico,

sein Design lebt bis heute fort. Seit 2000 gehört die

on Lake Iseo. Another two shipyards are situated in Ancona and

Marke Riva zur italienischen Ferretti Group. Auch wenn

La Spezia.

sich seit 2012 58 % der Anteile an Ferretti im Besitz der chinesischen Unternehmensgruppe Weichai be-

The sailing legend of beauty and elegance – known as “the

finden, werden die legendären Sportyachten noch

Ferrari of the sea” – still goes on after 175 years. And the two

immer grösstenteils in der norditalienischen Kleinstadt

new models, the Riva 66’ Ribelle and Riva 110’ Dolcevita, are

Sarnico am Lago d’Iseo gefertigt. Zwei weitere Werften

the living proof that Riva is fully equipped to sail towards the

befinden sich in Ancona und La Spezia.

future in great style.

www.riva-yacht.com 175 Jahre später lebt der schwimmende Mythos von Schönheit und Eleganz – der auch den Spitznamen „Ferrari des Meeres“ trägt – weiter. Und mit den beiden neuen Modellen Riva 66’ Ribelle und Riva 110’ Dolcevita unterstreicht die Traditionswerft, dass sie weiterhin optimal aufgestellt ist, um stilvoll und innovativ wie eh und je auf Kurs zu bleiben. www.riva-yacht.com





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Built with Love INTERIOR NEWS By Andreas Hofstätter

MOSS by Cor The perfect place to rest, lounge and snuggle: large, soft, Moss! Shoes off. Feet up. Arms spread. Breathe out. Sink in. How can a human being ever want to be somewhere else but in this endless, all-embracing softness? A sofa in which you lie as if on a bed of Moss. Infinitely cosy. Infinitely large. Greatness is also evident in the details of Moss: Like the gap worked ingeniously between the backrest and armrest of the sofa, lending a little playful lightness to this expansive piece of furniture. Lavishly spacious and yet defined down to the smallest detail: Each fabric-covered Moss sofa is adorned with colour-matched piping which underlines the furniture‘s rectilinear contours. www.cor.de




Firepit füür no.1 by Rutz Feuerstellen Design-fireplace, 360∘ rotatable, with an integrated folding table, installed in a room with a pitched roof. www.rutz-feuerstellen.ch

Sanluca Limited Edition by Poltrona Frau Achille Castiglioni & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Poltrona Frau has launched Sanluca Limited Edition 2018 to celebrate 100th birth anniversary of Achille Castiglioni (1918–2002). More than just a limited edition, it is a cultural project on the visionary armchair designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1960. Sanluca Limited Edition comes from a careful philological, conceptual and emotional journey, whose intent is to celebrate the extraordinary relationship between the two brothers. Poltrona Frau brings a brand new dimension to the longstanding story of the iconic chair by creating a Limited Edition which explores the relationship between the Castiglioni brothers and the renowned Swiss artist-graphic Max Huber. Poltrona Frau has chosen from the Max Huber Archive an unpublished drawing from 1968. Entitled „Geophysical Waves” and featuring the intense abstraction, it has been transformed into a bespoke wool and cotton fabric by Poltrona Frau. The graphic waves of the Huber’s drawing cover the sculptural waves of the Sanluca armchair, giving to imaginations a new lease of life. www.poltronafrau.it



Maree Wohndesign & Beratung Zofingen By Manuela Panknin “Home is where the heart is.” For Manuela Panknin, Founder of Maree Wohndesign & Beratung, this is true not only for her own abode but also for those of her clients: she puts her heart and soul into creating wonderful, tailormade living spaces and holiday homes for the most discerning of customers, whether it be a renovation or a brand new domicile. Maree Wohndesign & Beratung, located in the historical centre of the delightful Swiss town of Zofingen, has developed into the region’s no.1 port of call for those looking for inspiration for superior interior design and home decoration.

54 84


Thanks to her eye for quality and an instinctive sense of what makes a room beautiful and harmonious, the friendly, dedicated and diligent home decor expert provides premium, customised consultancy services which guide the client through the entire process – from initial discussions and individual planning, through the creation of tailored pieces, to precision implementation, everything is taken care of. Private clients as well as restaurants, hotels and spas have enjoyed the sumptuous results of Manuela’s work. Manuela Panknin, who relocated from Berlin to Switzerland 12 years ago, also runs a small furniture, furnishings and ornaments store which is a treasure trove of unusual yet tasteful and timeless items, some of which are one-off pieces. Stylish wooden tables and orient-inspired sofas mingle with intricate decorative objects which cannot fail to inspire all who visit. www.maree-wohndesign.ch

Bundle Sofa by Walter Knoll Design: Eoos „Buuuuuun-dle!“ The game, popular not only with children in Great

The soft upholstery looks like a large folded blanket, a design idea sup-

Britain, becomes pure bliss. Pile up clothes and blankets, shout

posedly as simple as it is ingenious. The end result is a sofa which unites

„buuuuuun-dle“ and dive right into the soft make-shift cushions. This

all the sensorial qualities of a well-designed piece of upholstered furniture.

promise of happiness is inherent in the new sofa designed by EOOS.

Softer, gentler, homelier. A pure bundle of joy. www.walterknoll.de

Eda-Mame by B&B Italia Design: Piero Missoni Inspired by the organic form of a soy-bean, Eda-Mame by Piero Lissoni is a statement piece sculptural in design that creates an impressive impact in a space. A single object that is a fusion of three types of seating - high-back chair, easy chair and pouf. Its threefold nature lends Eda-Mame extreme versatility in both residential and public settings, and can also highlight areas for co-working, passage and short stays, like hotel lobbies. Made of moulded foam, Eda-Mame is upholstered in a stretch fabric with a light stitching. The support base is made of crosspieces with rounded steel feet connected to each other by a bar, all in pewter painted finish. www.bebitalia.it

Taiki by Lema Design: Chiara Andreatti www.lemamobili.com



Nex by Piure Minimalist, luxurious and elegant. Finely structured lines, the subtle design of the many components… we have brought these details to the fore in our NEX Sideboard range. Nothing overdone, and nothing underdone. The interplay of surfaces and lines is held in exciting proportion and marked by luxurious reserve. The waferthin tops and exteriors are elaborately mitred and perfectly matched, framing the carcass with a filigree shadow gap, which we in turn give a clear, delicately crafted design. Fineness like this should appear to float. That’s why NEX provides various graceful and sturdy leg variations for you to choose from. Fineness at first glance? Voilà! www.piure.de


Cestone sofa by Flexform

The concept behind the Cestone sofa virtually overturns the design perspectives of living room decor. If, up until a point in time, the sofa was

Design: Antonio Citterio

most often placed against a wall, along the perimeter of the living room,

„Time authenticates the validity of the idea“. Antonio Citterio

the Cestone sofa takes center stage, expressly designed to sit in the center of the room. In the spotlight are the sofa’s back and sides, parts

In the words of the designer, time is an unyielding judge and relegates

that are not usually expected to add value. Instead, the back and sides

to oblivion everything that is entirely void of authentic content. Not so

of the Cestone sofa are made of metal frames upholstered with woven

for the Cestone sofa, backed by a design concept that is remarkably

strips of cowhide. The strips are in two different widths, and two options

relevant today and by exquisitely-executed construction details that

are available for the irregular woven pattern. The cowhide strips can be

position it well beyond the fate of fading fashions. Like many other

closely woven, forming a compact surface; or more loosely woven, allo-

Flexform sofas, it has played a role in redefining not only the language

wing the underlying upholstery fabric to show through. The resulting

of contemporary living, but also its boundaries and expression in home

‘checkerboard’ pattern makes a strong visual statement in aesthetically-

furnishings, concepts that are closely tied to the changes in today’s

pleasing contrast to the soft, perfectly-proportioned upholstered parts.

lifestyles. www.bebitalia.it

The Cestone sofa comes in 13 different colors, four of them in suede.

680,000 readers around the world


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Louise by Brand van Egmond Design: Brand van Egmond Louise. A simple frame, decorated in a pleasing rhythm with glass lanterns. A hint of chaos, never far away in designs from William Brand, is present: the different colours and positions of the glass lanterns have a joyful effect. Standard the frame is available in burnished brass, and the lanterns in four different types of glass: bronze, clear satin, grey and iridescent. www.brandvanegmond.com

Mondo by OKHA Design: Brand van Egmond The elegant Mondo Coffee table is a paradoxical puzzle. The seemingly discordant composition of vertical and horizontal wafer-thin steel profiles fuse together to create two perfectly concentric and symmetrical squares. The vertical supports are diametrically opposed only visually revealing one pair of supports at a time. It is balance and imbalance, random and systematic. www.okha.com

Riva dog bed by LABONI

CoppĂŠlia Suspended by moooi


Design: Arihiro Miyake CoppĂŠlia magically comes to life once more, dancing the darkness away in an endless twirl of graceful motion and glowing LED lights. The light is a reinterpretation of a traditional chandelier made from steel wire and dozens of LEDs. Each of the LEDs on the lamp is powered through the steel frame, without any additional wires. The complex spoke-like structure of the light ensures that the different parts of the frame carrying the positive and negative currents never touch, only coming together at each LED light source. www.moooi.com





By Patricia Schweizer & Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy




Casale Marittimo village, vineyards and countryside landscape in Maremma. Pisa Tuscany, Italy


00 81 91


Pitigliano, Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy: panoramic view of the medieval village founded in Etruscan time on the tuff hill

Tuscany. The picture postcard destination. Tuscany. The location of rolling hills, elegant cypress alleys, medieval villages and impressive cities. The land of lovely weather, cooling shade and ethereal light. The home of fine art, fascinating museums, historic buildings and famous churches. The setting for exquisite wines, delicious home-made cuisine and stately accommodation. The backdrop for exploration on foot, by bike, in a cabriolet and on horse-back. But above all, the destination for a warm welcome and a blissful experience never to be forgotten.

With all these superlatives embodied by the Italian region of Tuscany, travellers need a helping hand to ensure they get the very best out of their vacation. Luxury Life MAGAZINE has found just the right point of contact for premium travellers who nevertheless want to discover authentic Tuscany.




Beautiful foggy landscape in Tuscany, Italy

Florence with Cathedral and typical Italian pizza in Tuscany, Italy

Toskana – ein Reiseziel wie aus dem Bilderbuch. Die Toskana steht für hügelige Landschaften, grazile Zypressenalleen, mittelalterliche Dörfer und sagenhafte Städte. Sie ist bekannt für herrliches Wetter, schattige Haine und himmlisches Licht. Sie ist Heimat von grossartiger Kunst, faszinierenden Museen, historischen Bauwerken und berühmten Kirchen. Sie ist Kernland für erlesene Weine, köstliche, hausgemachte Speisen und prachtvolle Unterkünfte. Ausserdem ist sie Kulisse für Ausflüge zu Fuss, mit dem Fahrrad, im Cabriolet oder zu Pferd. Doch vor allem ist die Toskana ein Reiseziel mit legendärer Gastfreundschaft und einem beispiellosen Flair, das viele in Erinnerung bleibende Momente garantiert. shutterstock.com


00 81 93

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Angesichts dieser Vielzahl an Superlativen benötigen Toskana-Reisende ein bisschen Orientierung, um die zahlreichen Möglichkeiten auszuschöpfen, die diese berühmte Region Mittelitaliens zu bieten hat. Luxury Life MAGAZINE hat den perfekten Ort für diejenigen ausfindig gemacht, die einen Sinne für authentische Reiseerlebnisse haben, ohne auf höchsten Luxus verzichten zu wollen.

Tuscany Now & More – Mehr als nur typischer Toskana-Urlaub. Tuscany Now & More wurde 1990 gegründet und hat sich einen Namen als Vermittler wunderschöner Villen in der Toskana gemacht, die auf die Wünsche anspruchsvoller Luxusreisende ausgerichtet sind. Alle Unterkünfte werden vom Expertenteam der Agentur sorg-


Siena, Tuscany, Italy


Fetovaia Beach, Elba island, Italy

Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany Now & More − “Don‘t Just Visit Tuscany, Live It.”

fältig ausgesucht, um Gästen die Qualität zu bieten,

Founded in 1990, Tuscany Now & More has made a name for

prachtvoll eingerichtete Suiten und einen Concierge-

itself as the agent for stand-out villas in Tuscany, catering to the

Service, der gewährleistet, dass keine Wünsche un-

needs of the luxury traveller. All the residences are hand-picked

erfüllt bleiben, damit sich Gäste voll und ganz auf ihr

by the team of experts to ensure the quality its clients expect.

Toskana-Erlebnis einlassen können. Die hilfsbereiten und

They all boast private pools, accommodation to suit the most

gut informierten Mitarbeiter sind gerne bereit, auch

discerning guests and a concierge service that takes away all

bei individuellen Anfragen zu helfen und die passende

the worry and the work, allowing holidaymakers to concentrate

Unterkunft für Ihre Ansprüche herauszusuchen. Extra-

fully on their wonderful Tuscan experience. The helpful, know-

Services wie private Köche, Zimmermädchen und

ledgeable staff are more than happy to assist with individual

Hochzeitsplaner können ebenfalls arrangiert werden.

queries and are skilled at finding just the right property to match

Die meisten der 145 Häuser befinden sich in der

your needs. Additional services, such as personal chefs, maids

Toskana. Tuscany Now & More vermittelt jedoch auch

and wedding planners, can be arranged. Most of the 145

Villen in anderen Regionen Italiens, darunter in Venedig,

properties are in Tuscany, however Tuscany Now & More also

Umbrien und Rom. Dieser preisgekrönte Reisevermittler

brokers villas in places as far afield as Venice, Umbria and Rome.

war unser Partner für eine wundervolle Reise in die

This award-winning agency was the starting point for our wonder-


die sie erwarten. Jedes Quartier verfügt über Privatpools,

ful Tuscan holiday. Im Sommer kamen wir vom Luxury Life MAGAZINE in In the summer, we at Luxury Life MAGAZINE were treated to a

den Genuss eines unvergleichlichen Urlaubs in dieser

once-in-a-lifetime stay in this fascinating, idyllic region. Accompany

faszinierenden und malerischen Region. In diesem

us as we relive the glorious days and balmy evenings spent in the

Artikel lassen wir die erfreulichsten Stunden in der

Villa le Cipressae, hosted exclusively by Tuscany Now & More.

Villa le Cipressae, die exklusiv von Tuscany Now & More vermittelt wird, für Sie noch einmal aufleben. Travel

00 81 95

Villa le Cipressae. A 17th century Tuscan paradise. With our heads full of images of tree-lined avenues, undulating landscapes, pretty hamlets and olive groves, we headed off to the Villa le Cipressae, located on a delightful hillside just 9 km from the unspoilt medieval city of Lucca. On arrival we were not only hit by the stunning landscape views that surpassed our expectations but also by the fragrant aromas and fascinating light which are only to be found in this part of the world. No wonder artists, travellers and writers, from Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci to Charles Dickens and E.M. Forster, have been inspired by this area for centuries. The villa itself was everything we could have wished for – and much more besides. The layout, with its 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, plus a variety of elegant communal areas – is perfect for large groups who want to enjoy each other’s company but still have the opportunity for quiet moments alone or in small clusters. The ground floor comprises, for example, one of three sitting rooms – this one with a well-stocked library – a country-style kitchen with a full range of modern equipment, plus a dramatically decorated dining room with ample space to seat 12 guests. 96


Villa le Cipressae – ein toskanisches Paradies aus dem 17. Jahrhundert. Mit Bildern von zypressengesäumten Alleen, sanft geschwungenen Hügellandschaften, malerischen Dörfern und Olivenhainen im Kopf kamen wir bei der Villa le Cipressae an, die sich in grandioser Hügellage nur neun Kilometer von der mittelalterlichen Stadt Lucca befindet. Bei unserer Ankunft waren wir nicht nur verzaubert von der atemberaubenden Landschaft, die all unsere Erwartungen übertraf, sondern auch von den intensiven Düften und dem einzigartigen Licht, das man nur in diesem Teil der Welt vorfindet. Kein Wunder, dass Künstler, Weltenbummler und Schriftsteller – von Michelangelo und Leonardo da Vinci bis hin zu Charles Dickens und E.M. Forster – von jeher in dieser Region Inspiration gefunden haben. Die Villa selbst bot alles, was das Herz begehrt – und noch sehr viel mehr. Die Aufteilung mit den sechs Schlafund Badezimmern sowie mehreren elegant eingerichteten Gemeinschaftsräumen eignet sich bestens für grössere Gruppen, die gemeinsam eine herausragende Zeit verbringen möchten, bietet aber auch Rückzugsorte für ruhige Minuten allein oder in kleinen Grüppchen. Im Erdgeschoss befindet sich einer von drei Aufenthaltsräumen – in diesem Fall mit gut ausgestatteter Bibliothek – und eine moderne, komplett ausgestattete Küche im Landhausstil sowie ein Speisesaal mit prachtvollem Dekor und Platz für bis zu zwölf Gästen. In den beiden oberen Geschossen sind die klimatisierten Schlafzimmer, edle Marmorbäder (einige davon ans Schlafzimmer angrenzend) sowie zwei weitere Aufenthaltsräume, ein kleines Esszimmer und eine Kitchenette untergebracht. Der diskrete Zimmerservice stellt täglich sicher, dass alles makellos sauber und ordentlich ist. Beim Dekor und der Einrichtung wurden keine Kosten gescheut und doch hat sich die Villa ihren historischen Charme bewahrt. Wir haben eine wunderbare gemeinsame Zeit in der Villa verbracht, gute Gespräche geführt, die Seele baumeln lassen, gemeinsam gekocht (Einkaufsmöglichkeiten gibt es in der Nähe) und die selbst zubereiteten Speisen in netter Atmosphäre genossen. Auch einen der Extra-Services, die in der Villa gebucht werden können, haben wir uns gegönnt: Ein Privatkoch zauberte eigens für uns köstliche regionale Speisen. Travel

00 81 97

The upper two floors house the air-conditioned bedrooms,

Wie man es von einem Hotel der gehobenen Kategorie

sumptuous marble bathrooms (some of which are en-suite) and

erwarten kann, ist die Villa trotz ihres antiken Charmes

two further sitting rooms, a small dining area and a kitchenette.

mit allen Vorzügen der modernen Welt ausgestattet

The unobtrusive, daily maid service ensured that everything was

– angefangen von einem Geschirrspüler, Nespresso-

kept perfectly clean and tidy.

Kaffeemaschinen und Grills bis hin zu Satellitenfernsehen, CD-Player, iPod-Dockingstationen und WLAN

No expense has been spared with the décor and the amenities,

ist für alles gesorgt.

but the villa has retained its historical feel. We loved spending time together in the villa, chatting, relaxing, cooking (provisions

Die Aussenbereiche der Villa stehen den Innenräumen

can be obtained nearby) and enjoying the results of our endeavours.

in nichts nach. Abends sassen wir am liebsten am

We also had the pleasure of trying out one of the additional

Esstisch unter freiem Himmel oder im komfortablen Sitz-

services that can be booked at the villa – the private chef. We

bereich unter der vornehmen Kolonnade zusammen,

were treated to delicious homemade, regional dishes from a

um bei einem Glas Wein aus der Region die Erlebnisse

master of the trade.

des vergangenen Tages Revue passieren zu lassen oder einfach nur den fantastischen Ausblick zu ge-

As one would expect from a villa of this quality, modern facilities

niessen. Der gepflegte Terrassengarten wartet zudem mit

are not lacking, despite the old-world charm. Ranging from a

wunderschönen Weinbögen, ornamentalen Elementen,

dishwasher, Nespresso coffee machines and barbecues to satellite

duftenden einheimischen Pflanzen und zahlreichen

TV, CD players, an iPod dock and wireless internet, every need

kleinen Orten auf, die Ruhe und Abgeschiedenheit

is catered for.

bieten. Viele entspannende Stunden verbrachten wir

Tusc The grounds of the villa have just as much to offer as the interior. One of our favourite pastimes was congregating at the al fresco

dining table or in the comfy sitting area under the elegant

colonnade to report on the day’s activities, enjoy a delicious

glass of local wine or simply take in the amazing views. The well-maintained, tiered garden also features beautiful grapevine

arches, ornamental features, fragrant Tuscan plants and a variety of quiet little spots offering seclusion and tranquillity. Many pleasant hours were whiled away relaxing on the sunbeds by

the 10 x 3m pool, with the more active amongst us challenging others to a game of table tennis or visiting the small gym.

A glorious day was spent in nearby Lucca: we marvelled at the well-preserved historical buildings, soaked up the sun in the town square, ate delicious local food and returned loaded with

shopping bags. Other activities within a 10 km radius include horse riding, golf and tennis. Pisa and the stunning coastline are also just a short drive away.

But guests at the Villa le Cipressae do not actually need to venture out of the grounds. This quintessential, grand Tuscan

home-from-home for travellers looking for authenticity coupled with luxury has enough to offer all on its own and is the ideal destination for magical experiences. www.tuscanynowandmore.com



cany auch auf den Sonnenliegen am 10 x 3 Meter grossen Pool, während sich die Aktiveren unter uns bei einer

Partie Tischtennis oder im kleinen Fitnessraum austobten. Einen fantastischen Tag auswärts verbrachten wir im

nahegelegenen Lucca: Wir bestaunten die gut erhaltenen historischen Gebäude, sassen auf der zentralen Piazza in der Sonne, genossen lokale Spezialitäten und kehrten von einer erfolgreichen Shopping-Tour voll-

bepackt zurück. Im Umkreis von 10 km hat man ausserdem die Möglichkeit zum Reiten, Golf oder Tennis. Auch Pisa und die überwältigende Küste liegen nur eine kurze Autofahrt entfernt.

Eigentlich muss man als Gast der Villa le Cipressae

das Hotelgelände aber gar nicht verlassen. Denn

dieses ultimative Luxusdomizil bietet anspruchsvollsten

Gästen alles, was es für einen unvergesslichen Urlaub braucht, und ist das ideale Reiseziel für viele zauberhafte Momente.



101 00 81


is the new wine By Louise Mawbey Translation Mark S. Kennedy


Thanks to the surge in popularity of premium craft beers, quality beer has become an in-vogue drink at high society events, sophisticated gatherings and cosy get-togethers. Students Sandro, Thomas and Tim − a team of young, passionate aficionados − have tapped into this growing market with an innovative idea. Their beer subscription service delivers a select assortment of Swiss beers right to the door.

Hochwertiges Craft Beer erfreut sich immer grösserer Beliebtheit und hat sich zum In-Getränk auf High-SocietyEvents, schicken Partys und gemütlichen Zusammenkünften entwickelt. Die drei Studenten Sandro, Thomas und Tim – ein Team aus jungen, leidenschaftlichen Bierkennern – sind mit einer innovativen Idee auf diesen wachsenden Markt vorgestossen. Mit ihrem Bierabo liefern sie eine erlesene Auswahl an Schweizer Bieren kostenlos bis vor die Haustür.


There could be no better place for a beer subscription startup

Tatsächlich könnte es keinen besseren Ort für ein Bierabo-Start-up

than Switzerland. The small country boasts the highest density

geben als die Schweiz. Das kleine Land weist weltweit die grösste

of breweries in the whole world – approximately 900 in total.

Dichte an Brauereien auf. Die insgesamt rund 900 Brauereien

More than 4,000 different beers are produced there, including

brauen mehr als 4.000 verschiedene Biersorten, darunter solche

those with exotic ingredients (such as blueberry and Swiss choco-

mit exotischen Zutaten (wie Heidelbeere und Schweizer Schoko-

late) or with organic credentials. Sadly, the products from many

lade) und biologische Biere. Leider sind die edlen Tropfen vieler

of these small regional breweries are only stocked locally and

dieser kleinen, regionalen Brauereien nur lokal vorrätig. Den

were thus out of reach for most potential customers who had

meisten Bierliebhabern bleibt die Schweizer Biervielfalt deshalb

no other choice than to fall back on the same few major players

verwehrt und sie müssen auf die immer selben wenigen Gross-

– until now.

brauereien zurückgreifen.

This is where the ExquiBeer team comes into their own. Their exten-

Dank ExquiBeer hat das jetzt ein Ende. Mit seinem umfangreichen

sive knowledge of the Swiss beer market is put to use to carefully

Wissen des Schweizer Biermarktes liefert das Team drei Mal im

compile a package of 24 or 48 top-quality beers which is sent

Jahr sorgfältig zusammengestellte Kisten mit 24 oder 48 Spitzen-

directly to their customers’ homes, anywhere in Europe, three

bieren europaweit zum Kunden nach Hause. Jede Lieferung um-

times a year. Each delivery contains at least six beers they have

fasst mindesten sechs Biere, die der Kunde bislang in seinem Abo

not previously tried in their subscription.

noch nicht probiert hat.

The new, pioneering company also sells the bottles individually

Im ExquiShop auf der Website des jungen, wegweisenden Unter-

on its website or clients can assemble their own packages to suit

nehmens können Kunden die Biere auch flaschenweise kaufen

their particular tastes. The beers can be delivered to any address

oder sich nach ihrem persönlichen Geschmack eine eigene Aus-

in Switzerland.

wahl zusammenstellen. Die Biere können an jede Adresse in der

ExquiBeer specialises in providing premium service coupled with

Schweiz geliefert werden.

the highest-quality beers available. A subscription is thus also the

ExquiBeer hat sich auf die Bereitstellung eines Premium-Services,

perfect idea for an unusual Christmas gift as there is no better

verbunden mit den hochwertigsten Schweizer Bieren spezialisiert.

and easier way to experience the full range of products offered

Ein Bierabo ist somit auch die perfekte Idee für ein ungewöhnliches

by the Swiss brewery industry.


Weihnachtsgeschenk, denn es gibt keine bessere und einfachere Möglichkeit, die komplette Vielfalt der Schweizer Bierlandschaft kennenzulernen und zu geniessen.


Christmas Edition Christmas gift tip: give an Exqui subscription Find more informations at www.exqui.ch

103 81

Must have House of Oud – The Crop Edition.

Each year, a selection of the best quality Oud is stored in memory of the season that has generated it - from this selection comes to life House of Oud The Crop Edition, a tribute to the purest Oud. 100% natural, the collection is a result of distilling a blend of ingredients of the utmost value. Exclusive and limited edition, the numbers are dictated by the availability of oud and just as every batch is unique, so too are these fragran-

Wake up in style – Travel Time by Harry Winston.

ces. Incomparable and numbered, the packaging of every piece in the Crop collection contains a certificate that guarantees its uniqueness. www.thoo.it Shop at www.harrods.com

A high jewelry white gold timepiece, Travel Time doubles as a portable alarm clock, carefully crafted to fit in your pocket. Inspired by Mr. Winston’s preferred diamond cut, Travel Time reimagines the silhouette of the cherished emerald-cut shape. Harry Winston continues its exploration in the field of luxury accessories with a precious objet d’art that embodies the same signature expertise in creativity and design as the House’s iconic high jewelry creations. The 18-karat white gold Travel Time combines the practicality of a portable alarm and desk clock with the precious materials and flawless finishes associated with the House of Harry Winston. Embellished with a combination of semi-precious, sparkling blue aventurine, opalescent mother-of-pearl, rich blue sapphires, and diamonds, this timepiece is the ultimate travel companion. www.harrywinston.com

Aerin – Agate Coasters. A work of art fit for dressing your coffee and dinner table to impress, these luxurious coasters from Aerin are finished with a decadent gold-plated rim for


added opulence. Crafted from predominantly black natural mineral, they‘ll add some chic sophistication to entertaining. www.aerin.com

Shamballa Jewels – The Core Collection. The core collection is an extravagant yet subtle way of displaying your passion for bespoke luxury. Singular beauty, symbolism and classic designs that can be cherished for a lifetime and can be passed through generations. From bold diamond rings to simple gold bands, Shamballa Jewels offers the best between Ancient Eastern philosophy and Nordic design

Christmas Hamper by Harrods – The perfect gift for friends and loved ones.

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DANE By Ursula Birr Translation Louise Mawbey

It is as strong as a wrestler and as elegant as a ballet dancer. It slouches about on its bed when indoors and flies like the wind across the grass when it is outside. This is what it is like when you share your genes with mastiffs and sighthounds.

Sie hat die Kraft eines Ringers und die Eleganz einer Tänzerin. Träge lümmelt sie drinnen auf ihrem Bett, stürmisch fliegt sie draussen übers Gras. So ist das, wenn in den Adern das Blut von Mastiff und Windhund fliesst...

What a show-stopper! Wherever this giant appears, with its shoulder height of at least 75 centimetres, its long, straight legs

Was für ein Auftritt! Wo dieser Hüne mit seinen min-

and a hint of arrogance on its face, it attracts the attention of

destens 75 Zentimetern Schulterhöhe, den langen

both human and other dogs alike. No one gets in the way of a

geraden Beinen und einem Hauch von Arroganz im

Great Dane, sauntering along nonchalantly on its loose leash.

Blick auftaucht, hat er die volle Aufmerksamkeit – der

And when it runs free, accelerating gradually from a bouncing

Menschen und der anderen Hunde. In den Weg stellt

trot to an expansive gallop, all eyes follow it.

sich keiner der lässig an der lockeren Leine schlen-

Imposing appearance with an amazing character. It is treated with respect wherever it goes. And it is for this precise reason that it is so self-assured and tolerant. The elegant colossus has a high sensitivity thereshold which is just as it should be. An aggessive Great Dane is totally unacceptable – it is contrary 106



107 00 81

to the typical natur of the breed. It is supposed to be a supernanny for children, a gentle companion for the two-legged members of the family. A well-behaved Great Dane ignores strangers who impolitely approach it, but does not give a single inch – just like the bodyguard and housedog it once was. Around 500 years ago, when mastiffs were still used for hunting, the best, most gracious and most powerful of them moved in with their masters and stayed at their side day and night. They were reliable guards, protectors and companions – a kind of four-legged valet. Those who did not have a career as a housedog hunted down wild boar and drove them towards the hunters. As the large, heavy mastiffs were not quick enough they were crossed with sighthounds, probably Irish wolfhounds. A fascinating mixture that explains the unique disposition of the Great Dan. It has inherited the nonchalant selfassurance of all mastiffs, but also the sensitivity

dernden Deutschen Dogge. Und wenn sie im freien Lauf ganz allmählich beschleunigt, in federnden Trab übergeht und schliesslich raumgreifend galoppiert, folgen ihr auch die Blicke.

Imposante Erscheinung mit fantastischem Charakter. Respekt erfährt sie überall. Genau das macht sie so selbstsicher und damit tolerant. Die hohe Reizschwelle der eleganten Giganten ist gewünscht. Eine aggressive Dogge geht gar nicht – sagt der Wesensstandard für die Rasse. Eine Supernanny soll sie Kindern gegenüber sein, ein sanfter Begleiter für ihre Zweibeiner. Die gut erzogene Dogge übersieht Fremde, die sich ihr unhöflich nähern, weicht aber keinen Zentimeter zur Seite – ganz der Bodyguard und Kammerhund, der sie einst war. Vor rund 500 Jahren, als Doggen noch zur Jagd gingen, zogen die Besten, Edelsten und Kraftvollsten zu ihren Herrn und weilten Tag und Nacht an deren Seite. Als zuverlässige Wächter, Beschützer und Begleiter – vierbeinige Kammerdiener eben. Wer keine Karriere als Kammerhund machte, der brachte Wildschweine auf und trieb sie den Jägern zu. Weil die grossen schweren Mastiffs dafür nicht schnell genug waren, kreuzte man sie mit Windhunden, vermutlich Irish Wolfhounds. Eine brisante Mischung, die das einzigartige Wesen der Dogge erklärt. Sie hat die gelassene Selbstsicherheit aller Molosser geerbt, aber

auch die Empfindsamkeit und Sensibilität der Windhunde. Mal kehrt sie den Dickkopf der kraftstrotzenden Mastiffs heraus, dann wieder den unerschöpflichen Schmusebedarf der zarten Rennhunde. Auch äusserlich haben beide Vorfahren ihre Spuren hinterlassen. Doggen haben einen schmalen, edlen Kopf, aber kräftige Lefzen. Sie haben seidenweiches, glänzendes kurzes Fell und einen massiv-kompakten Körper, der aber viel schlanker ist als der anderer Molosser. Das muss er auch, und zwar von Anfang an. Wenn die and sensibility of he sighthounds. Sometimes it exhibits the stubborn-

Welpen auf die Welt kommen, wiegen sie zwischen

ness of the brawny mastiff and at other times the inexhaustible

700 und 800 Gramm, doch bereits nach acht Wochen

smoochiness of the tender-hearted racing hounds. Both its ancestors

hat sich das Geburtsgewicht mehr als verzehnfacht.

have also left their mark on its appearance. Great Danes have a

Das rasante Wachstum des Körpers ist eine extreme

narrow, noble head with powerful lips. They have silky smooth, glossy short fur and a sturdy, compact body that is much slimmer than other mastiffs. And this is as it should be, from birth onwards. When the puppies are born they weight between 700 and 800 grams but after only eight weeks they already weigh more than ten times that amount. The rapid growth puts an enormous strain on the young bones which develop much more slowly. The breeder therefore has to ensure that the Great Dane puppies have a precisely controlled, well-balanced diet in order that the frame keeps pace with the muscles. Breeders also have to watch out that the puppies do not become too high-spirited and put too much strain on their bones and joints. Providing the correct diet for the Great Dane is the first challenge faced by new owners after they have picked up their puppies when they are approximately ten weeks old. Many concerned breeders give their puppies and their new family an elaborate feeding schedule to take home with them. Challenge number two – even before proper training begins – is, at least in the first year, exercise. No stairs, no hard pavements, no big jumps. The dog must also not be allowed to repeatedly stand up and lie down again while they are in the house. All this puts strain on the joints and can cause serious, long-term health problems. Those wanting to prevent a lively, affectionate young Great Dane Nature

109 00 81

like this from following their every move need to have the patience

Belastung für die jugendlichen Knochen, die sich viel

of a saint and be at least as stubborn as the puppy itself. After

langsamer entwickeln. Schon der Züchter muss deshalb

all, this is also good preparation for the last major challenge

bei der Babydogge auf behutsame, genau ausge-

before your perfect life with your perfect dog can begin – the

wogene Ernährung achten, damit das Skelett mit der

training. It is absolutely clear that only an excellently well-trained

Muskulatur Schritt hält. Und er muss darauf achten,

Great Dane will win the recognition and the admiration it deserves.

dass die Welpen nicht zu viel Übermut zeigen, der Knochen und Gelenke zu stark belastet.

An enormous animal such as this, which will later weigh a



minimm of 50 kilos and possibly as much as 85 kilos and be

Die richtige Ernährung der Deutschen Dogge ist die

able to clear everything off a table without even trying if it

erste Herausforderung des neuen Besitzers, wenn er

decides to do so, cannot be tamed by means of power games.

seinen Welpen mit etwa zehn Wochen abholt. Viele

The diva in the Great Dane wants to be spoken to gently, be

besorgte Züchter geben ihren Welpen und dessen

thoroughly praised for everything it does right and be motivated

neuer Familie einen ausgeklügelten Futterplan mit.

by small but delicious rewards. The training „musts“ are walking

Herausforderung Nummer zwei – noch vor der Erzie-

on a loose leash, prompt obedience to no-go commands and

hung – ist, zumindest im ersten Jahr, die Bewegung.

staying in alone. These three things can only be taught with lots

Keine Treppen, kein hartes Pflaster, keine grossen

of time and patience. In contrast, the Great Dane learns how

Sprünge. Aber auch kein ständiges Aufstehen und

to stay at heel, to come when it is called and to ignore joggers,

Wiederhinlegen im Haus. Das alles belastet die Gelenke

cyclists and playing children (who it does not know) with virtually

und kann böse gesundheitliche Spätfolgen nach sich

no training at all. It is part of their nature; the housedog from

ziehen. Wer so ein wuseliges Doggen-Kind daran hin-

years gone by still playing an important role. A Grat Dane also

dern will, sich liebesbedürftig an seine Fersen zu

does not have to learn appropriate behaviour in the house, it

heften, braucht eine Engelsgeduld und einen mindes-

tens ebenso sturen Dickkopf wie der Welpe. Immerhin: Das schult für die letzte grosse Herausforderung vor dem Traumleben mit einem Traumhund – für die Erziehung. Glasklar ist, dass nur eine super erzogene Dogge von der Umwelt die Anerkennung und Bewunderung erhält, die ihr zusteht. So ein Riesentier, das später mal mindestens 50, vielleicht aber auch 85 Kilo auf die Waage bringt und mit links jeden Tisch abräumen kann, wenn es will, lässt sich mit Machtspielchen nicht zähmen. Die Diva in der Dogge will sanft angesprochen werden, volle Bestätigung für jede richtige Handlung erhalten und mit kleinen, feinen Belohnungen motiviert werden. Die Must‘s in der Erziehung sind das Laufen an der lockeren Leine, das prompte Befolgen aller No-Go‘s und das Alleinebleiben. Alle drei sind nur mit viel Geduld und Zeit vermittelbar. Das Dicht-beiHerrchen/Frauchen-Bleiben, das Kommen auf Ruf sowie das Nichtbeachten von Joggern, Radfahrern und spielenden (fremden) Kindern dagegen lernt die Dogge fast von selbst. Es kommt ihrer Natur entgegen, in der der Kammerhund von einst noch eine grosse Rolle spielt. Auch Manieren in der Wohnung muss eine Dogge nicht erst lernen, sie beherrscht sie. Voraussetzung ist ein weiches Hundebett, wo sie ihren herrlichen Körper ausstrecken kann. Dort liegt sie entweder schlummernd already knows what to do. All the dog needs is a soft bed large

herum oder sie blickt mit erhobenem Haupt über ihr

enough to stretch out its magnificient body, where it can either lie

Reich. Wenn der Windhund im Blut dominiert, könnte

around drowsily or look over its realm with its head held high.

sie eventuell versuchen, das Menschenbett zu be-

If the sighthound blood is dominant it might try to take over its

setzen, was bei aller Liebe zu diesem extrem sauberen

owners‘ bed. This should be stopped immediately as although

und fast geruchlosen Hund doch zu einiger Enge

this lovely dog is extremely clean and almost odour-free it does

führen wird und deshalb sofort geklärt werden sollte.

take up an enormous amount of room. Mindestens ein Jahr, meistens aber eher drei, braucht eine A Great Dane needs at least one year and most often practically

Deutsche Dogge, bevor sie halbwegs erwachsen ist.

three before it is more or less fully-grown. It is well worth investing

Viel Zeit und Geld in diese zwei Jahre zu investieren

a lot of time and money in these years. An appropriate diet and

lohnt sich. Doggengerechte Ernährung und moderate

moderate exercise on soft ground, including off-leash, are things

Bewegung auf weichem Boden inklusive Freilauf sind

that the owner can always provide in order to try to prevent

bis dahin und auch später das, was der Halter gegen die

illnesses that the Great Dane, just like all other large dogs, is

Krankheiten tun kann, für die Doggen, wie alle grossen

prone to: hip dysplasia, DCM (disease of the myocardium), gastric

Hunde, anfällig sind: Hüftdylapsie, Herzmuskelerkran-

torsio and bone cancer. Lean Great Danes who were allowed

kung, Magendrehung oder Knochenkrebs. Schlanke

to grow up slowly in order to reach maturity in good health repay

Doggen, denen eine lange Jugend gegönnt wurde, um

the kindness with a long life expectancy. They can live for eight,

gesund zu reifen, belohnen das mit einer höheren Lebens-

maybe even ten years. Even though their boisterous temperament

erwartung. Sie können acht, sogar zehn Jahre alt werden.

abates somewhat over time, an elegant appearance and uncon-

Wenn auch mit den Jahren das ungestüme Tempera-

ditional love towards its owners remain throughout its life.

ment weicht, was bleibt, sind eine elegante Erscheinung und die bedingungslose Liebe zu ihren Menschen. Nature

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