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Hyebos Nature Area


Situated along the scenic banks of Hylebos Creek, the 15-acre Hylebos Nature Area in Fife stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to environmental conservation. Acquired through a combination of county and federal grants, this site underwent extensive development to restore its natural habitat.

Supported by funding from the Pierce County Conservation Futures Fund and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the park’s creation reflects a collaborative effort between government agencies and local volunteers. The ongoing maintenance and operation of the park are sustained through the dedicated contributions of these volunteer groups.

As an integral part of Fife’s expanding park system, the Hylebos Nature Area offers residents a serene escape amidst nature’s beauty. Whether exploring its winding trails, observing wildlife, or simply unwinding in its peaceful surroundings, visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility of this pristine landscape.

With flexible opening hours accommodating seasonal changes, the Hylebos Nature Area welcomes visitors year-round. Located at 5802 4th St. E., Fife, it provides a valuable recreational space for the community to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with nature’s wonders.

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Nelson Nature Park


Nelson Nature Park, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Edgewood, Washington, stands as a tranquil oasis known as a “passive park,” harmoniously integrated into a serene wetland habitat teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Despite the absence of traditional ball fields or playground equipment, this park offers an abundance of natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

Visitors to Nelson Nature Park are greeted by halfmile paved walking paths that meander through towering trees and native vegetation. Whether seeking a light exercise session or simply desiring a leisurely stroll amidst nature’s embrace, the park provides an idyllic setting for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Embracing the park’s serene ambiance, visitors can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the surrounding wetland area, discovering the wonders of local wildlife and plant life along the way. With each step along the winding paths, a sense of tranquility and connection with nature envelops those who wander through Nelson Nature Park.

Located in Edgewood, Washington, this hidden gem invites residents and visitors alike to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embark on a journey of exploration and serenity. Whether for a peaceful moment of reflection or an invigorating nature walk, Nelson Nature Park offers a sanctuary where the beauty of the natural world unfolds at every turn.


West Milton Nature Preserve


Nestled within the serene landscape lies West Milton Nature Preserve, encompassing the captivating beauty of Sweetwater Creek, an essential tributary of Hylebos Creek, and its surrounding wetlands. This preserve is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of salmon and trout populations, embodying a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Through focused efforts on habitat rehabilitation, the preserve strives to create a flourishing ecosystem conducive to the sustainable growth of these iconic fish species. By nurturing the natural environment and implementing conservation strategies, West Milton Nature Preserve plays a vital role in safeguarding the delicate balance of aquatic life in the region.

Furthermore, the preserve serves as a platform for community engagement, encouraging individuals to become active participants in the conservation journey. Through educational initiatives and immersive experiences, visitors are inspired to develop a deeper connection with nature, fostering a legacy of ecological integrity for generations to come.

As visitors explore the tranquil surroundings of West Milton Nature Preserve, they are invited to witness the beauty of nature and its inhabitants, reminding us of the profound interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world.

The Interurban Trail


The Milton Interurban Trail offers a delightful escape into nature, boasting picturesque picnic grounds, scenic viewing spots, and a winding path perfect for walking and cycling enthusiasts. Following the historic Interurban railway right-of-way, this scenic route meanders through the charming City of Milton, stretching from 70th Avenue in Pierce County to Military Road in King County, as indicated by the yellow line on aerial maps.


Spanning a width of 100 feet, the trail traverses through diverse landscapes, including lush stands of coniferous trees and notable natural features such as the East Branch of Hylebos Creek, affectionately known as Sweetwater Creek. Whether seeking an invigorating workout or a leisurely stroll amidst nature’s beauty, the Milton Interurban Trail offers an ideal setting for both exercise and relaxation.

As visitors embark on their journey along this scenic pathway, they are greeted with opportunities to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings, indulge in scenic vistas, and forge a deeper connection with the natural world. With its blend of natural beauty and recreational amenities, the Milton Interurban Trail beckons adventurers of all ages to explore and discover the hidden gems nestled within its picturesque landscapes.



AA2 Repair and Maintenance, LLC

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Ace Group/Mosaic Real Estate

429 29th St NE Suite A (253) 693-0880

Adventure Investments

4624 16th St E A8 (253) 509-8240

Affinity Benefits Group (253) 224-9695 affinitybg.com

Aflac - Wendy King (253) 670-2391


Alder Ridge Senior Apartments

2800 Alder St (253) 878-5665 villageconcepts.com/alder-ridgesenior-apartments/

Almond Roca 3500 20th St East (253) 620-3030 brown-haley.com

Anytime Fitness

900 Meridian Ave E #30 (253) 517-8431


Apex Cold Storage

3400 A Industry Dr E (253) 926-1050


Associated Materials (253) 765-5247



444 54th Ave E (253) 381-3746


Barrett Business Services Inc (BBSI)

4507 Pacific Hwy E Suite B (253) 441-2130


Better Business Bureau

serving the Northwest

1000 Station Dr #222 (253) 830-2924


BJ’s Bingo

4411 Pacific Hwy E (253) 922-0430


Boot Barn

5312 Pacific Highway E (253) 393-9029 bootbarn.com

BPI Medical, Inc.

5417 12th St E Suite 100 (253) 883-5040 bpimedical.com

Bucky’s Complete Auto Repair

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Candy Rawson Agency - State Farm 2720 70th Ave E (253) 926-0100


Chorus Frog Winery 10418 13th St Ct E (206) 310-6075 chorusfrogwine.com

Christal Hillstead Law (253) 533-2111 christalhillsteadlaw.com

Citation Management

5312 Pacific Hwy E (253) 922-3173 citationmgt.com

Citizens For A Healthy Bay

535 Dock St Suite 213 (253) 383-2429 healthybay.org

City of Edgewood 2224 104th Ave E (253) 952-3299 cityofedgewood.org

City of Fife

5411 23rd St E (253) 922-2489 cityoffife.org


City of Milton

1000 Laurel St (253) 922-8733


Cobalt Storage

8025 Pacific Hwy E (253) 922-1023


Cobra Painting, LLC

10412 36TH St E (253) 266-5820 cobrapaintingllc.com

Comcast Business 2301 Cooper Crest St (253) 797-7157

Concierge Bookkeepers LLC

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Copy Wrights

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2367 Tacoma Ave S (253) 241-9272 creative24.net

Dr. Lisa L. Buttaro, DDS, PLLC

6106 20th St E (253) 926-3803 fifedentalcenter.com

East Pierce Fire & Rescue

18421 Veterans Memorial Dr E (253) 863-1800 eastpiercefire.org

Economic Development Board for TacomaPierce County 950 Pacific Ave #410 (253) 383-4726 edbtacomapierce.org

Edgewood Community Park 36th E and Meridian Avenue E cityofedgewood.org

Edgewood Fife

Milton Kiwanis 2806 117th Ct E (253) 228-8540 edgewood-milton-kiwanis.org

Edgewood Nursery & Garden

11000 36th St E (206) 391-4058 edgewoosnursersyandgarden.com

Edward Jones - Shawn Boyer Financial Advisor 10407 8th St E (253) 252-2648 edwardjones.com

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Emerald Queen Hotel & Casinos

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Excel Supply Co. 2001 48th Ave Ct E Suite A (253) 896-1195 excelsupplystore.com

Farmer & Betts, Inc 6050 20th St E (253) 926-0900 fbpension.com

FedEx Ground Fife

3015 78th Ave E (253) 778-7400


Fife Chiropractic & Health Awareness 2026 54th Ave E (253) 922-0450 fifechiropractic.com



Fife License & Title

4905 Pacific Hwy E 235-926-8227 fifelicense.com

Fife Milton Edgewood Chamber of Commerce

2018 54th Ave E (253) 922-9320 fmechamber.org

Fife School District 1720 Oak St (253) 517-1000 fifeschools.com

Fife Service & Towing, Inc.

1313 34th Ave E (253) 922-8784 fifetowing.com

Fife You Store It

4509 20th St E (253) 922-0141 fifeyoustoreit.com

Figures & Financials, LLC 1112 Hemlock St (253) 347-4561 figuresandfinancials.com

FLS Accounting

4301-A Industry Dr E (253) 952-3478


Fluffy Bunnies Cleaning Service

5817 23rd St e (253) 349-0729 fluffybunniescleaning.com

FME Little League P.O.Box


Foothills Family Furniture

4918 20th St E (253) 944-1970


For the Love of Homes -

Keller Williams Real Estate 1029 E Main St #201 (206) 898-3401

Freedom Martial Arts

Academy, LLC

2908 Meridian E (253) 268-2874 fmaatkd.com

Gamakatsu USA, Inc

7218 45th St Ct E #100 (253) 922-8373


Gardner-Fields 2240 Taylor Way (253) 627-4098

Geiger-Deb Main 811 S Hawthorne St 253-921-7594 debmain.geiger.com

Hale Nani Staging and Designs 2751 Comet St (253) 693-8735 halenanidesign.com

Harborstone Credit Union 4210 20th St E Suite A (253) 365-6162 harborstone.com

Harborstone credit union 4720 Center St (206) 475-7306 harborstone.com

Helix Design Group 6021 12th St E #201 (253) 922-9037 helixdesigngroup.net

Heritage Bank 1420 5th Ave (206) 204-4095 heritagebanknw.com

Honda of Fife 4301 20th St E (253) 922-2673 hondaoffife.com

Ideal Dental of Milton 2748 Milton Way #202 (253) 927-5501 reigndental.com

IGNITE-U (253) 312-9301 igniteu365.com

Invista Performance Solutions

4500 Steilacoom Blvd SW Building 19, Room 205 (253) 583-8865 invistaperforms.org


Johnson RV

4105 Pacific Hwy E (253) 286-0833


Kanon Electric Inc

1018 122nd Ave E (253) 312-8971 kanonelectric.com

Kitsap Bank

4714 Point Fosdik Dr (253) 922-5100 fifebank.com

Law Office of Thomas F. Feller, PLLC

1308 Alexander Ave E (253) 439-7152 thomasfellerlaw.com

Lifespring Foursquare Church 37603 28th Ave S (253) 896-5433 lifespringfs.com


1700 Seventh Ave #2178 (206) 623-7638 localprobook.com

Locke Systems Computer & IT Services

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Marine View Ventures

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McCallum License Agency, Inc

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MCS Mechanical & Control Services, Inc. 6426 18th St E (253) 926-9777 groupmcs.com

Milgard 1010 54th Ave E (253) 922-6030 milgard.com

Mill Ridge Village 607 28th Ave (253) 925-9200 villageconcepts.com

Milton Grocery Outlet

900 Meridian Ave E (253) 226-7741 loc8nearme.com/washington/ milton/grocery-outlet/6499996/

Mobility Concepts, Inc 1017 54th Ave E Suite A (253) 896-0970 mobilityconceptsinc.com

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney - Mary McGonigal 1301 A St #300 (253) 593-5040

Motel 6 5201 20th St E 253-922-1270 motel6.com

Mountain View Community Center

3607 122nd Ave E Suite A (253) 826-4329 mtviewcc.org

Murrey’s Disposal 4822 70th Ave E (253) 414-0345

Nightside Distillery

2908 Meridian E #116 (253) 377-1379 nightsidedistillery.com

Northwest Custom Apparel 2025 Freeman Rd E (253) 922-5793 nwcustomapparel.com

Nykole Larson & Associates 6050 20th St E (253) 517-3187 nlaregroup.com

Office of Congressman

Denny Heck

1423 E 29th St (253) 722-5860 dennyheck.house.gov

Pacific Islander Health Board 5210 12th St E (888) 308-7113 pihealthboard.org



Pacific Office Automation

2925 70th Ave E #100 (253) 572-6400 pacificoffice.com

Pape Machinery Inc

3607 20th St E (253) 922-8718 pape.com

Pierce County Council, District #2

930 Tacoma Ave S (253) 798-2222 piercecountywa.gov/1375/District-2

Pierce County

Library System

3005 112th St E (253) 548-3300 piercecountylibrary.org

Pierce Transit

3701 96th St SW (253) 581-8000 piercetransit.org

Port of Tacoma PO Box 1837 (253) 383-5841 portoftacoma.com

PSI Electronics, LLC

5007 Pacific Hwy E (206) 276-8999 psicompany.com

Puget Sound Energy Co

3130 S 38th St (425) 478-7529


Puyallup Sumner Chamber

323 North Meridian Suite A (253) 845-6755

Rainier Connect

2516 South Holgate (253) 683-4218 rainierconnect.com

Reservation Outpost

321 54th Ave E (253) 922-6600

loc8nearme.com/washington/fife/ reservation-outpost/2355183/

Sahale Outdoors

5030 26th St E (253) 394-2613 sahaleoutdoors.org


11400 SE 6th St (425) 456-1781

Scharmach Automotive Group

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4602 20th St E (253) 922-2222 sportco.com

State Farm AgencyCandy Rawson 2720 70th Ave E (253) 926-0100 candyismyagent.com

State Farm AgencyCorey Wilkins

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Tacoma Defiance & Tacoma Rainiers

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Tacoma Diesel & Equipment

444 54th Ave E (253) 922-8171 tacomadiesel.com

Tacoma Public Utilities 3628 South 35th St (253) 502-8600


Tacoma Regional Convention + Visitor Bureau 1119 Pacific Ave #500 (253) 284-3254 traveltacoma.com


Tacoma Stars Soccer

364 Upland Dr (253) 257-5464

Tacoma Trophy

4021 100th St SW Suite B (253) 302-5566 tacomatrophy.com

Tacoma Weekly News

304 Puyallup Ave (253) 922-5317 tacomaweekly.com

Tax Centers, Inc

3021 Meridian E (253) 446-1957

Telecare Mental Health Services of Washington 7224 Pacific Hwy E (253) 589-5334 telecarecorp.com

The Cottages at Edgewood

2510 Meridian Ave E (253) 881-1435


The Frying Dutchman

1203 Porter Way (206) 713-2210


The Gallery

5303 Pacific Hwy E (253) 344-1013 thegalleryco.com

The Mahoney Group 14900 Interurban Ave S Suite 284 (206) 223-9966


The Mill Restaurant & Sports Bar

900 Meridian E #50 (253) 831-4936


Timberland Bank

2418 Meridian E (253) 328-0747

lringer-timberlandbank. mortgagewebcenter.com

Total Freight Logistics

International LLC

5013 Pacific Hwy E #18 (253) 926-6855


Total Property Management Services

7220 Pacific Hwy E (253) 927-3076


Town Square Publications

95 W Algonquin Rd (253) 861-6509


TR Trucking Inc

3400 C Industry Dr E (253) 926-8939


3518 Pacific Hwy E (253) 922-0550

True Blue Roofing 16027 81st Ave E (253) 229-1787


Tyler McClung State Farm 2022 Meridian Ave E (253) 952-6388


VFW Post 11401 (253) 951-4925

Washington Policy Center PO Box 3643 (206) 937-9691

Your Credit Union Partner (253) 878-4579


Zahoomi Pierce LLC (DBA Great Clips)

900 Meridian Ave E (206) 745-2877


4905 Pacific Hwy E Suite 2A Fife, WA 98424 Hours: M-F 9-5:30 Sat 9-12 Serving Fife since 2005 Contact us at (253) 926-8227

Fife History Museum Bridging the Past & Present

The Fife Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center is to ensure that the history of Fife and the surrounding area is kept alive and made accessible for present and future generations. To fulfill our mission, the Society collects, preserves, interprets, publishes, and exhibits materials about Fife, thus providing a valuable record of various histories of its people. The Fife Historical Society was founded in 2000 following a donation made by the Dacca family to the city of Fife with the intention of creating a museum.

The museum is open Wednesday – Friday from 11am – 4pm and the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month from 11am – 4pm. Featured exhibits include: Gas Stations of Fife, Behind Barbed Wire, Poodle Dog, Pharmacy, Post Office, Andre’s Market & Museum Gift Shop, 1950’s living room & kitchen, Brookville Gardens, Sanitary Infant Dairy, KMO Radio, library of PNW books, Fife maps, the HiDive, Pat Reed School Room, Fife School District, Year books from 1925 to present, and much more. Whether you are a Fife native, or new to the area, there is sure to be something of interest and new to you.

Don’t forget to join us for our annual events – The Fife Community Car Show which will be the last Sunday in June and Christmas at the Museum which will be the 1st Saturday of December.

Stop by our website for more information –FifeHistoryMuseum.org


History Of The Dacca Barn

The “Dacca Barn” is located next to the Fife History Museum at Dacca Park at 2820 54th Avenue East in Fife, Washington. The Barn was constructed in 1964 for Louis and Marion Dacca who owned and operated a vegetable “truck” farm of approximately twenty-five acres on the site of Dacca Park from 1942 until the passing of Louis Dacca in 1993.

The Barn was built by contractor Joe Vandershelden who was known for his excellent workmanship and attention to detail. The Barn was originally located on a site to the south close to the Union Pacific railroad tracks where the farming operations were conducted. “L. L. Dacca Farms” utilized this Barn for washing, storing, and loading vegetables into trucks for marketing. The dimensions of the Barn were 40 feet wide by 70 feet long with a full cement floor, drainage, high double doors and bathroom. In the early 1970’s, a large “Jack Frost” freezer was added where harvested vegetables in crates could be temporarily stored for market. It was within the confines of this structure where many high school students during the summer learned the values of hard work, discipline and fellowship.

In the early 2000’s, the Dacca family sold the farm property and Barn to the City of Fife when plans were finalized for a new school and the park named after Louis Dacca. In 2004, the Fife Historical Society, as lessee, moved the Barn to its current location where the structure was initially utilized for agricultural displays. Ultimately, with the help of volunteers, donations and the City of Fife, the Barn was preserved and renovated with kitchen and amenities for community use and rental alongside the historic railroad engine and caboose. Since 2022, the Barn has been managed and operated by the City of Fife to serve the Fife community.


Edgewood Grange Hall

A Living Legacy of Endurance and Community Spirit

In the heart of Edgewood, Washington, the Grange Hall stands as a poignant testament to the resilience and fortitude of the early settlers who first laid the foundations of this community. Erected in the early 1900s, this hall was more than a mere meeting place; it served as the pulsating center of handshakes, camaraderie, and local commerce.

Unique in its concept, the Edgewood Grange Hall holds a distinctive honor as the inaugural hall constructed in Western Washington. Its origins trace back to the turn of the century, a symbol of the pioneering spirit that defined the region. Decades later, showcasing its adaptability and commitment to heritage, the hall underwent a successful relocation from its original site to its present location just off Meridian Ave E.


Today, the Edgewood Grange Hall continues to be a versatile and inviting space for events, gatherings, and communal celebrations. Whether you seek a venue for a special occasion or a place to share moments with loved ones, this hall offers warmth and flexibility against the backdrop of living history.

Step inside, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the echoes of a bygone era, where every plank and beam tells a story of endurance and community solidarity. As you bask in the ambiance of this living piece of history, the Edgewood Grange Hall beckons not just as a venue but as a cherished monument connecting the present to the indomitable spirit of Edgewood’s past.


The Interurban Trail

the Interurban Trail weaves a near-straight, 14-mile path connecting Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, Algona, and Pacific, tracing the historic Interurban Rail Line. This off-road, non-motorized route unfolds along a diverse landscape, offering a unique perspective on the region’s rich history and vibrant activities.

Embarking from Fort Dent Park at Fort Dent Way, the trail commences its journey, traversing the Green River, passing under Interstate 405, and progressing southward through the Puget Sound Energy powerline corridor. Following the BNSF railroad, the trail unveils a tapestry of landscapes, meandering through both historic industrial areas and suburban expanses, eventually crossing the expansive Green River Valley.


With strategic access points, the Interurban Trail opens doors to Southcenter, Renton Junction, downtown Kent, Auburn’s Emerald Downs, and the welcoming communities of Algona and Pacific. Presently culminating at 3rd Avenue SW in Pacific, the trail hints at a potential recreational loop with the Green River Trail, marked by a second intersection at Kent’s Foster Park.

The Interurban Trail isn’t merely a picturesque journey; it serves as a vital north-south commuter route for residents commuting between south King County and major employment centers in Auburn, Kent, Tukwila, Renton, and Seattle. Accessible and well-connected, the trail boasts numerous parking locations, ensuring convenience for all enthusiasts.

With a length of 14.7 miles, the completed portions of the trail feature paved surfaces with soft shoulders, catering to a range of non-motorized activities. While primarily welcoming all such users, limited access for equestrians is noted in specific sections.

As ongoing efforts strive towards full accessibility for persons with disabilities, the Interurban Trail emerges not just as a pathway but as a dynamic conduit, inviting exploration, recreation, and a unique connection with the historical and natural tapestry of the Pacific Northwest.

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Witha population around 11,000 and a thriving business environment, Fife offers a small-town feel with big-city ideas. Open space, vibrant parks, outdoor public art, close-knit neighborhoods, and great schools make Fife an ideal place for families. Located along Interstate 5, just a short drive to Tacoma, Sea-Tac International Airport and the Port of Tacoma, the city is also a center of industry and commerce in the Puget Sound region.


Fife Lifestyle

There’s always something to keep you busy in Fife. The city boasts nearly 170 acres of public parkland, natural areas and open space, plus eight developed parks and five playgrounds. Our parks offer picnic shelters, playgrounds, basketball courts, skate parks, volleyball courts and baseball fields – and in summer 2024, a brand-new spray park will join the city’s list of recreational amenities. More than five miles of beautiful, designated trails await hikers, bikers, walkers and runners. In fact, Fife is known for its accessible outdoor spaces, with fully paved surfaces at six of our well-maintained trails. And for those with four-legged friends, the off-leash area at Dacca Park is the place to be, thanks to its flat walking trails, picnic areas and two ponds.

Popular with swimmers of all ages and abilities, the Fife Aquatic Center includes a six-lane, 25yard main pool, children’s wading pool and a hot tub. Pool programming ranges from swimming and aquatic fitness classes to special events, like Movie at the Pool. The adjacent Fife Community Center provides a place where area residents can come together for recreation programming, including fitness classes, bingo, senior lunches and more. Both facilities can also be rented for gatherings or parties.

In Fife, we celebrate our community throughout the year with a robust calendar of fun-filled and family-friendly events – many of which are free. In the summer, you can tap your toes along to the beat during our Music in the Park concert series and kick back and enjoy a flick at Movie in the Park. Join your neighbors to welcome winter at the annual City Hall Tree Lighting, complete with complimentary cocoa and a magical flurry of snow. In between, our biggest event, the Fife Harvest Festival, draws more than 5,000 people from around the region every fall with activities, entertainment, vendor booths and much more.

Great Growth

Founded in 1957, the City of Fife has grown from its agricultural roots into an accessible business hub – linking people, cities, jobs and attractions.

In Fife, we’re industrious by nature. No B+O tax, a responsive city government and chamber of commerce, and its central location make Fife well positioned to do business. The City of Fife has established itself as a thriving warehouse, distribution, and transportation district. Easy access to the Port of Tacoma and I-5 makes the city prime real estate for development and business opportunities, such as lodging, manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses. With the completion of SR-167 connecting I-5 to the port expected in 2026, and a Sound Transit light rail station with service to Seattle and Tacoma scheduled to open in 2038, Fife will continue to attract a wide range of businesses. No wonder the city is already home to Amazon, Cardinal Health, Costco Business Center, FedEx, Milgard Corporate, Mission Foods, United Parcel Services and others.

Visit us soon and you’ll see why Fife residents say the city is a great place to live, work and play.

Connect With Us

Get to know Fife by visiting our city website at cityoffife.org

You can also follow us on social media:

@fife_washington @fifePD @fifewashington @fifeparksrecaquatics @fife_washington 24 FIFE • MILTON • EDGEWOOD / 2024 VISITORS GUIDE
Fife 25
Personal and Business Taxes Financial Statement Preparation Business and Tax Planning QuickBooks Pro Advisors Bookkeeping Services Estate and Trust Services 4301-A Industry Drive East Fife, WA 98424 (253) 838-8000 (253) 926-0840 flsaccounting.com 26 FIFE • MILTON • EDGEWOOD / 2024 VISITORS GUIDE

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Nestled in both Pierce County and King County, Washington, Milton is a small city that beams with charm and character. With a population of just over 8,700 residents, it may not be the state’s most populous city, but it is a place that embodies a unique blend of history, community spirit, and natural beauty.


Milton’s rich history dates back to the late 1800s when a mill was built on a hill overlooking the Puyallup Valley, birthing the initial settlement known as Mill Town. Renamed Milton after the rejection of the “Mill Town” moniker by the U.S. Postal Service, the town drew inspiration from a renowned poet. In the early 1900s, the Interurban Railway connected Milton to Seattle and Tacoma, facilitating its growth. This led to the establishment of a public schoolhouse in 1903 and the town’s official incorporation in 1907.

Milton’s educational institutions, under the Fife School District, provide a strong foundation for its youth, emphasizing academic excellence and a wealth of extracurricular opportunities. Recent years have seen economic development efforts due in part to Milton’s strategic location between Seattle and Tacoma, making it an attractive hub for businesses, driving economic growth, and

creating new job opportunities for residents. While respecting our past, we look to the future.

As Milton continues to grow, a dedicated effort to beautify and modernize the city is underway, harmonizing its historic past with forward-looking aspirations.

” As Milton continues to grow, a dedicated effort to beautify and modernize the city is underway, harmonizing its historic past with forwardlooking aspirations.

At the heart of Milton’s identity lies its vibrant sense of community, marked by the city’s consistent hosting of a wide range of events and programs throughout the year. From well-loved annual traditions such as Milton Days and the Craft Bazaar, to new traditions such as Toucha-Truck, Trunk-or-Treat, and the Santa parade, Milton serves as the stage where neighbors naturally evolve into friends, nurturing a powerful sense of togetherness. The Milton Activity Center stands as a hub for community engagement, presenting an assortment of programs like the Senior Morning Chats and Family Story Time, in addition to various other activities tailored for all age groups. In this welcoming environment, Milton thrives as a close-knit community where bonds are forged, memories are made, and neighbors truly become an extended family.

Milton’s natural beauty is equally captivating. Nestled in close proximity to the majestic Mount Rainier, the city acts as a gateway to Pacific Northwest adventures. With just a short drive, families can relish many nearby outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, and camping. The Interurban Trail facilitates exploration of the region’s stunning natural surroundings for both residents and visitors. Milton’s location makes it an ideal launchpad for your outdoor excursions.

Milton is the city that fuses its rich history with a vibrant sense of community, picturesque natural surroundings, and a wealth of diverse yearround events. This distinctive blend of charm and character, coupled with a commitment to honoring its heritage while embracing the future, renders Milton an outstanding place to reside and do business. Milton is a welcoming environment that stands out in the Pacific Northwest.

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One of the largest cities in Pierce County, Edgewood, Washington is located approximately 30 miles south of Seattle. Portions of the city are situated within the boundaries of the Puyallup Indian Reservation, and neighboring cities include Milton, Fife, Federal Way, Pacific, Sumner, Puyallup, as well as portions of unincorporated Pierce and King counties. Edgewood values its rural small-town character, family-friendly neighborhoods it’s trees and open spaces.

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Parks and trails in Edgewood include Edgewood Community Park, Edgemont Park, the Interurban Trail, Nelson Nature Park, and the Nelson Farm Park, and provide a full range of recreational opportunities for all segments of the population from competitive activities, such as sports and games, to more passive activities, including walking and enjoying nature. Attractive, wellmaintained recreation areas also contribute to the quality of life by providing open space, wildlife habitat, and groundwater recharge areas for the community.

Edgewood’s most recognizable landmark is the Nyholm Windmill which was incorporated into the city logo in 2020. The windmill, built in 1902 by Peter Nyholm, was moved from his farm on Jovita Blvd, to its current location across from city hall, on August 24, 1980, where it remains a city landmark today, more than a century after it was built.

Three school districts currently serve the City of Edgewood, Sumner-Bonney Lake, Puyallup, and Fife Schools. The city has its own Police


& 206.919.5840

Department housed within city hall, contracted through the Pierce County Sheriffs Department. The department consists of 12 deputies, including a Police Chief and Office Assistant.

Mountain View Community Center calls Edgewood home as well and provides an array of community programs to the citizens including senior lunches, community dinners, craft classes, and much more.

The City of Edgewood is a great place to live, it’s a community of active citizens who are engaged in the decisions that shape their future and make Edgewood a unique, safe and prosperous community of neighbors.

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