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Welcome to WilCo, short for Wilson County, Tennessee! Nestled in the heart of the Volunteer State, WilCo boasts an array of attractions that make it a hidden gem in the South. From the adrenaline-pumping Nashville Superspeedway, the versatile Farm Bureau Exposition Center, and the cherished traditions of the Wilson County Tennessee State Fair, this is a destination for your bucket list. Beyond the mainstays, WilCo is defined by its warm, small-town hospitality, ensuring every visitor feels like a cherished guest. Stroll through charming local boutiques, bask in the natural beauty of our breathtaking parks, and savor the delectable offerings of our diverse dining scene. Don’t forget to indulge in the rich flavors of our local creameries, a true testament to our commitment to quality. Here in Wilson County, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. Whether you’re an adventureseeker, a culture connoisseur, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, WilCo has you covered. Experience firsthand why Wilson County is renowned as ‘Near Nashville, miles from ordinary!’ We invite you to come explore, unwind, and create lasting memories with us.

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A Taste of


Town Square Social




ndulge your taste buds in the culinary delights of southern cooking! Whether you’re in the mood for a down-home barbecue feast, hot chicken or homemade treats, our restaurants, cafes, and eateries are sure to leave you craving for more. Join us as we embark on a culinary journey that showcases the best of Tennessee’s flavors, all within the warm embrace of Wilson County hospitality. Get ready to savor every bite, because dining in WilCo is an experience you won’t want to miss!



615 Pizza Company 340 S Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-547-4992 615pizza.com Pizza

Big Bad Wolf Smokehouse Grill 189 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-2258 stageleftcatering.com/restaurant Smokehouse/BBQ

Al Basha Lounge & Restaurant 203 S Maple St., Lebanon 615-784-4448 Middle Eastern

Billy Goat Coffee and Café 3690 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-553-4371 billygoatcoffeecafe.com Coffeehouse/Cafe

AM Asian Cuisine 1235 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-4062 amasiancuisine.weebly.com Asian Adopted Farmhouse Coffee Co. 100 Public Square, Watertown 615-226-7245 adoptedfarmhouse.com Cafe

BJ Hot Chicken 109 N Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-965-2352 lebanon.bjhotchicken.com Hot Chicken/Southern Bubbakoo’s Burritos 161 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-622-5622 bubbakoos.com Tex Mex BJ Hot Chicken

Bangkok Pad Thai 155 Legends Dr., Lebanon 615-443-4677 Asian Barrel House Restaurant and Bar 3950 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-4280 barrelhousemj.com American/Bar Basic.Eatery 122 Public Square, Lebanon 615-200-8858 basiceatery.com Healthy


Buffalo Wild Wings 100 Adams Ln., Mt. Juliet 615-773-9001 buffalowildwings.com American Burger Republic 1982 Providence Pkwy., Mt. Juliet 615-553-2679 burgerrepublic.com/mt-juliet/ American Burger Theory 75 Belinda Pkwy., Mt. Juliet 615-829-7780 American

BawarcHi Biryanis 151 Adams Ln., #7, Mt. Juliet 615-635-6427 bawarchimjt.com Indian

Calabria Brick Oven Pizzeria 1209 N. Mt. Juilet Rd., Mt. Juliet local 615-288-8078 FAV calabriapizzeriamtjuliet.com Pizza/Italian

Belle’s Little Kitchen 210 West High St., Lebanon 615-547-6888 belleslittlecountrykitchen.com Southern Comfort

Casa Amigos 115 E. Main St., Watertown 615-237-0400 Mexican


DelMonaco Watertown

Cedar City Brewing Co. 112 Public Square, Lebanon cedarcitybrewing.com Brewery/American



Chada Thai Restaurant 600 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-4212 chadathaitn.com Thai/Asian Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen 50 Old Pleasant Grove Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-4002 cheddars.com/home American China Moon 4128 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-5351 mtjulietchinamoon.com Asian Cinco De Mayo 580 Nonaville Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-4920 cincodemayomexicanrestaurant.com Mexican

Coach’s Eastgate Grille 6750 Eastgate Blvd., Lebanon 615-470-8415 coachseastgate.net American/Bar Cori’s Doghouse 401 S Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-6960 corisdoghouse.com American Corner Pub Between the Lakes 4136 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-2782 cpbetweenthelakes.com American/Bar Cumberland Canteen 450 Cherokee Dock Rd., Lebanon 615-903-4489 cumberlandcanteen.com LAKESIDE – American/Bar David’s Pizza 329 N. Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-444-8232 davidspizzaleb.com Pizza/Italian





Martin’s BBQ


DelMonaco Watertown 131 Depot St., Watertown 931-858-1177 delmonacowinery.com Winery/American

Fulin’s Asian Cuisine 401 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Mt Juliet 615-758-2309 fulins.com/mt-juliet-tn/ Asian

Demo’s Restaurant 130 Legends Dr., Lebanon 615-443-4600 demosrestaurants.com Steakhouse/Italian

Gondola Restaurant 625 S. Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-444-6016 Italian

Depot Junction Café 108 Depot Ave., Watertown 615-237-3976 Southern Comfort

Gotcha Poke Bowl & Bubble Tea 1984 Providence Pkwy., Ste 102, Mt. Juliet 615-553-4466 gotchapokebowlbubbletea.com Asian

Dos Sisters Mexican Restaurant 300 Pleasant Grove Rd., #365, Mt. Juliet 615-758-8244 dossistersmexicanrestauranttn.com Mexican

Granny’s Kitchen 11381 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-0383 grannyskitchenmj.com Southern Comfort

El Comal Mexican Restaurant 11177 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-4430 elcomalmexicanrestauraunt.com Mexican

Hibachi Jr. 11321 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-622-5115 hibachijr.com Japanese/Asian

El Molino’s Mexican Restaurant 809 S. Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-449-9300 elmolinomexican.com Mexican

J. Clayborn’s 2.0 Bakery & Café 1021 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-784-4055 jclaybornsbakeryandcafe.com Bakery/Café

El OK Corral 14841 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-3598 elokcorralmr.com Mexican

Jersey Oven Bagels 300 Pleasant Grove Rd,. Ste 460, Mt. Juliet 615-553-2437 jerseyoven.com Bagels and Sandwiches

Far East Buffet 300 Old Pleasant Grove Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-8696 fareastbuffet.chinesemenu.com Asian

Jonathan’s Grille 613 S. Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-2167 jonathansgrille.com American/Bar

Frankie’s Cafe 1449 W Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon 615-449-3140 Southern Comfort

Kansha Japanese Express 115 S. Hartmann Dr., Lebanon 615-784-4003 Japanese/Asian

Dining Local Joe’s Café 2037 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-553-2525 localjoescafe.com Southern Comfort

M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers 401 S Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-8269 local mlrose.com FAV American/Bar

Longhorn Steakhouse 355 Pleasant Grove Rd, Mt. Juliet 615-773-5221 longhornsteakhouse.com Steakhouse

MoriMori 649 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-549-6540 morimorisushibar.com Japanese/Asian

Los Compadres 401 Hwy 109 North, Lebanon 615-547-9526 loscompadrestn.com Mexican

Nutrition Nova 11320 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-0659 Healthy/Smoothie

Mangos Mexican Restaurant 1416 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-470-8289 mangosrestaurants.com Mexican Margarita House Mexican Restaurant 151 Adams Lane, Mt. Juliet 615-758-8992 margaritahousemexicanrestaurant.com Mexican

local Martin’s BBQ Joint 200 Crossings Ln., Mt. Juliet FAV 615-686-2066 martinsbbqjoint.com/mt-juliet BBQ Memo’s Mexican Kitchen 1319 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-3611 memosmexicankitchen.com Mexican Mixed Grill Gyros 1265 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-4029 Mediterranean

N2 Nutrition 1701 W Main St., #111, Lebanon 615-437-1008 Healthy New Moon BBQ 711 Park Ave., Lebanon, 615-444-7920 newmoonbbq.com BBQ Nobu Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-8288 nobumtjuliet.com Asian Oishii Asian Steak and Sushi 11219 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-3387 Asian Oscar’s Taco Shop 1984 Providence Pkwy., Mt. Juliet 615-288-4048 oscarstacoshop.com Mexican Painturo’s 522 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-443-8444 painturos.com Pizza/Italian


Check out our event listings: www.wilsoncountyfairgrounds.com Experience Wilson County’s Welcoming & Rejuvenating Energy www.VisitWilCo.com


Sweet Biscuit

PDK Southern Kitchen 1984 Providence Pkwy., Mt. Juliet 615-235-6334 pdksouthernpantry.com Southern Comfort

Red Lobster 401 S Mt Juliet Rd., Ste 120, Mt. Juliet 615-758-9910 redlobster.com Seafood

Peking Chinese Restaurant 1316 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-449-3304 pekinglebanontn.com Asian

Rice Box 1123 N Castle Heights Ave., Lebanon 615-449-9488 lebanonricebox.com Asian

Persis Biryani Indian Grill 630 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt Juliet 615-288-3786 persisnashville.com Indian

Roasted Coconut 201 E Market St., Lebanon 615-547-9649 roastedcoconut.com Healthy

Prost & Riot Beer Haus 12192 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-1994 prostandriot.com American/Bar

RSVP at the Club 1300 Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon 615-470-7012 rsvpattheclub.com American

Red Bicycle Coffee 2099 N Mt Juliet Rd., Ste 26, Mt. Juliet 615-425-9437 rbmountjuliet.com Coffeehouse/Cafe

Sake Japanese Grill 1008 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-453-1566 sakejapanesegrill.weebly.com Japanese/Asian

August 15-24, 2024 www.wilsoncountytnstatefair.com

We'll see YOU at the Fair! 10

Dining Sammy B’s Restaurant & Catering 705 Cadet Ct., Lebanon 615-547-4550 American/Bar Scoreboard Bar & Grill 9120 Saundersville Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-5174 scoreboardcedarcreek.com LAKESIDE-American/Grill Seafood Palace 512 Pleasant Grove Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-8808 seafoodpalacetn.com Seafood Slow Hand Bakehouse 111 S Greenwood St, Lebanon, 615-470-8021 slowhandbakehouse.com Bakery

Tenn Lakes Brewing Company 300 N. Maple St., Ste 4-135, Lebanon 615-994-1330 local tennlakesbrewing.com FAV Brewery/American Thai Samuri 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Ste. 250, Mt. Juliet 615-758-2332 thaisamurai.com Thai/Asian The Goat 1127 Westwood Blvd., Mt. Juliet 615-203-8260 lcgoat.com American/Bar The Pandas Nutrition 1012 W Main St., Ste B, Lebanon 615-924-5425 Healthy

Smiley Thai & Sushi 11356 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-553-2596 smileythaiandsushi.com Asian

The Paper Mill 4066 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-7070 thepapermillmj.com American

Snow White Drive-in 1714 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-443-4299 Diner/American (LOCAL FAV)

Tipsy Thai 3193 S Mt Juliet Rd., Ste 270, Mt. Juliet 615-754-6060 Thai/Asian

Sparta Pike Grill 9464 Sparta Pike, Watertown 615-697-2045 spartapikegrill.business.site Mediterranean

local Town Square Social 145 Public Square, Lebanon FAV 615-784-4593 sociallebanon.com American/Bar

Split Bean Roasting Co. 110A E. Main St., Lebanon 615-784-4058 splitbeanroasting.com Coffeehouse/Bakery

Truleigh Scrumptious Sweet Cafe 2232 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-3364 tssweetcafe.com Bakery/Cafe

Stroud’s Barbeque 1400 Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon 615-444-6695 stroudsbarbeque.com BBQ

Witt’s Barbecue 401 S Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-443-1919 whittsbarbecue.com BBQ

Sunny Kitchen 621 Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-8888 sunnykitchenjuliet.com Asian

Yummy Pho Bac 2037 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-553-4081 yummyphobactn.com Asian

Sushi Max 224 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-453-0423 thesushimax.com Sushi

Xiaos’ Hibachi and Sushi Japanese Restaurant 623 S Cumberland St., Ste G, Lebanon 615-637-3405 xiaoshibachiandsushitn.com Asian

Sweet Biscuit Co. 2654 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., MT. Juliet 615-2883649 sweetbiscuitco.com Bakery




WILCO Favorites Sammy B’s

Beloved dining establishment renowned for its Southern-inspired cuisine and inviting ambiance. With a menu featuring a delectable fusion of comfort classics and inventive dishes, patrons can savor a taste of Tennessee hospitality in every bite.


Local Favorites Big Bad Wolf Smokehouse

With a reputation for expertly smoked meats and a menu featuring succulent ribs, flavorful brisket, and mouthwatering pulled pork, this eatery offers a taste of authentic Southern barbecue that keeps patrons coming back for more.

Calabria Brick Oven Pizza

Cozy Italian eatery known for its delectable, wood-fired pizzas and rustic charm. Using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients, they create mouthwatering pies with perfectly crisp crusts and flavorful toppings that have earned them a dedicated local following.

Martin’s BBQ Joint

Initially established in Nashville, barbecue restaurant is known for its mouthwatering smoked meats, tangy sauces, and casual, welcoming atmosphere, Martin's has become a beloved destination for barbecue enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

Snow White Drive-In

Nostalgic drive-in diner serving up classic American comfort food including burgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes since 1953. This charming diner has been featured in music videos & even a movie!

The Goat

Popular local hangout known for its casual, laid-back vibe and a diverse menu featuring comfort food with a modern twist. With options for outdoor dining, live music events, and a welcoming atmosphere, it's a go-to spot for residents and visitors looking for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience.

Town Square Social

Indulge your taste buds at Town Square Social, Lebanon’s culinary gem in the heart of the town square. This restaurant, a harmonious blend of modern ambiance and southern charm, offers a delectable menu featuring BBQ specialties to innovative twists on classic Southern dishes, and signature cocktails.



Savor your

sweet tooth!


ndulge your sweet tooth on a delightful journey of local favorites! In this section of our guide, we unveil the crown jewel of confections – homegrown ice cream that captures the essence of tradition and innovation. From quaint bakeries to hidden gems, discover the artistry behind our local sweet treats and savor the magic of handcrafted ice cream that defines the heart and soul of Wilson County.



SWEETS/BAKERIES Adelita’s Ice Cream Shop 307 W Main St. Lebanon 615-239-7710 Ice Cream Adopted Farmhouse 100 Public Square, Watertown 615-697-2026 theadoptedfarmhouse.com Cafe/Bakery Billy Goat Coffee and Café 3690 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-553-4371 billygoatcoffeecafe.com Bakery/Café Crumbl Cookie 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd. Suite 247, Mt. Juliet 615-433-5669 crumblcookies.com Cookies Delicias La Michoacana 1315 W Main St. Suite C Lebanon 615-547-9979 Desserts Haagen-Dazs 401 S Mt Juliet Rd Suite 250B, Mt. Juliet 615-754-1472 https://hdicecreamcake.com Ice Cream J. Clayborn’s 2.0 Bakery & Café 1021 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-784-4055 jclaybornsbakeryandcafe.com Bakery/Café Jersey Oven Bagels 300 Pleasant Grove Rd., Suite 460 Mt. Juliet 615-553-2437 jerseyoven.com Bagels Just Love Coffee Cafe 63 Belinda Pkwy., Mt. Juliet 615-754-1211 justlovecoffeecafe.com/mtjuliet Bakery/Café MaggieMoo’s Ice Cream 155 Legends Dr., Lebanon 615-443-4040 maggiemooscaters.com Ice Cream Main Street Merchantile and Creamery 128 Public Square, Lebanon 615-498-1542 Ice Cream

Adopted Farmhouse


J. Clayborn’s 2.0 Bakery & Café

Nothing Bundt Cakes 4110 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-553-2702 nothingbundtcakes.com Bakery Planet Smoothie 2014 Providence Pkwy., Ste 102, Mt. Juliet 615-553-2702 planetsmoothie.com Smoothies Polly Sparrow Bakery 102 Public Sq., Lebanon 813-361-9054 Bakery/Café Pop’s Coffee Shop 517 West Main St., Lebanon 615-450-8629 Bakery/Café Ready Teddy’s 1400 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-2842 readyteddy’s.com Bakery/Café Red Bicycle Coffee 2099 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-425-9437 rbmtjuliet.com Bakery/Café


Scoopz Italian Ices 224 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-547-9346 Desserts Scooter’s Coffee 1526 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-3445 scooterscoffee.com Breakfast and Coffee Sharky’s Snoballs 104 N Maple St., Lebanon Snowcones Shop Springs Creamery 2816 Sparta Pike, Lebanon 615-470-8440 shopspringscreamery.com Ice Cream Slow Hand Bakehouse 111 S Greenwood St., Lebanon 615-470-8021 slowhandbakehouse.com Bakery Split Bean Roasting Co. 110A E. Main St., Lebanon 615-784-4058 splitbeanroasting.com Bakery/Café

Sweet Biscuit Co. 2654 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., MT. Juliet 615-288-3649 sweetbiscuitco.com Bakery Sweet Ce Ce’s Frozen Yogurt 1720 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-4997 sweetcecesmtjuliet.com Frozen Yogurt Sweet Thing Bakery 512 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-562-2149 Bakery Truleigh Scrumptious Sweet Cafe 2232 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-3364 tssweetcafe.com Bakery/Cafe Yia-Ghee’s SpecialTeas 104 E. Main St., Lebanon 615-547-9091 Tea/Desserts


A Winning Combination


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Late Night In

Cedar City Brewing




here the vibrant pulse of Nashville's famed live music scene meets the charm of a more laid-back, local atmosphere. Step into the rhythm of our late-night bars, where the soulful notes of live music fill the air, echoing the spirit of Music City itself. Escape the bustling downtown and immerse yourself in the authentic tunes and welcoming vibes of Wilson County's hidden gems.




Lively fusion of classic arcade gaming and board game fun, creating a nostalgic and entertaining atmosphere for patrons. With a diverse selection of games, beer on tap, and delicious cocktails, it’s the perfect spot for friends and families to gather, play, and enjoy a laidback evening out.

Cahoots Dancehall & Honkytonk

Vibrant country music venue and late-night dancehall that channels the spirited essence of Nashville’s honky-tonk scene. With live music, energetic dance floors, and a friendly, atmosphere, Cahoots offers a lively night out for music lovers without fighting the downtown crowd.

Cedar City Brewing Co.

Vibrant craft brewery and taproom, known for its innovative and flavorful brews. With a diverse selection of handcrafted beers and mouthwatering burgers, it’s a popular destination for both beer enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy a relaxing evening out.

DelMonaco Watertown

Charming winery & vineyard restaurant with a tasteful all-American menu and brunch spread. DelMonaco offers a memorable dining and wine tasting experience in the famous historic Watertown square.

The Paper Mill

Dynamic eatery, combining a cozy atmosphere with a vibrant live music scene. This venue offers a diverse range of musical acts, providing a lively backdrop for patrons to enjoy while savoring delicious food and drinks in a welcoming setting.

Town Square Social

Lively gastropub located in Lebanon’s historic square, offering a unique blend of elevated comfort food and craft cocktails in an stylish setting. With its eclectic menu and vibrant atmosphere, it’s a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike looking for a dynamic dining and entertainment experience.

Tenn Lakes Brewing Company

Destination for craft beer enthusiasts, offering a selection of meticulously brewed beers in a welcoming, industrial setting. With a focus on quality and a variety of flavors to suit all tastes, it’s a gathering place for locals and visitors alike to savor exceptional brews while taking in the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

East Nashville Beer Works

Coming soon! (spring/summer of 2024)



Barcadia 107 W Main St, Lebanon Arcade Bar Cahoots Dancehall & Honkytonk 427 S College St, Lebanon 615-470-8112 cahootslebanon.com Concert Venue/Bar Coach’s Eastgate Grille 6750 Eastgate Blvd., Lebanon 615-470-8415 American/Bar Corner Pub Between the Lakes 4136 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-2782 cpbetweenthelakes.com Bar & Grill DelMonaco Watertown 131 Depot St, Watertown 931-858-1177 delmonacowinery.com Winery/Event Venue Kat’s Bar and Grille 2037 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-5287 katsbarandgrille.com Bar & Grill Legend’s Sports Bar 155 Legends Dr., Lebanon 615-444-4240 thelegendssportsgrill.com Bar & Grill M.L. Rose Craft Burger & Beers 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-4920 cincodemayomexicanrestaurant.com Restaurant/Bar

Prost & Riot Beer Haus 12192 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-1994 prostandriot.com Bar & Grill Tenn Lakes Brewing Company 300 N. Maple St., Lebanon 615-994-1330 tennlakesbrewing.com Brewery/American Town Square Social 145 Public Square, Lebanon 615-784-4593 sociallebanon.com Restaurant/Bar The Goat 1127 Westwood Blvd., Mt. Juliet 615-203-8260 lcgoat.com American/Bar The Paper Mill 4066 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-7070 thepapermillmj.com Restaurant/Bar/Live Music Venue USA Sports Grill 151 Adams Ln., Mt. Juliet 615-754-1999 usasportsgrill.com American/Bar Working Man Winery 402 E Main St., Lebanon 615-915-3911 Winery



Lodging In

Comfort Suites

LEBANON Avid 120 Willard Hagan Dr. 615-307-6200 ihg.com Candlewood Suites 110 Willard Hagan Dr. 615-795-0300 ihg.com M

Cedar Valley Inn 631 S Cumberland St., Lebanon (615) 444-0505 executive-inn-lebanon.com M

Comfort Inn & Suites 904 Murfreesboro Rd. 615-443-0027 choicehotels.com M

Days Inn by Wyndham 822 S. Cumberland St. 615-257-0202 wyndhamhotels.com M

Econo Lodge 829 S. Cumberland St. 615-444-1001 choicehotels.com Executive Inn 631 S. Cumberland St. 615-444-0505 bestwestern.com M

Fairfield Inn & Suites 1145 Franklin Rd. 615-470-2224 marriott.com M

Hampton Inn & Suites 1065 Franklin Rd. 615-444-3445 hilton.com M

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 826 S. Cumberland St. 615-994-3225 ihg.com M

La Quinta Inn & Suites 140 Dixie Ave. 615-470-1001 wyndhamhotels.com Mainstay Suites 150 S. Eastgate Ct. 615-449-7005 choicehotels.com M

My Place Hotel 1004 S. Cumberland Center Blvd. 615-784-4760 myplacehotels.com Quality Inn 641 S. Cumberland St. 615-444-7020 choicehotels.com Quality Inn 110 Old Leeville Pike 615-994-3993 choicehotels.com M




Ramada by Wyndham 704 S. Cumberland St. 615-444-7400 wyndhamhotels.com/ramada M



Hilton Garden Inn 1975 Providence Pkwy. 615-637-0400 hilton.com M

Sleep Inn & Suites 150 S. Eastgate Ct. 615-449-7005 choicehotels.com

Holiday Inn & Suites/Avid 75 Belinda Pkwy. 615-829-7779 ihg.com



Holiday Inn Express & Suites 565 S. Mt. Juliet Rd. 615-553-5200 ihg.com

Travel Inn 914 Murfreesboro Rd. 615-444-5635


Woodspring Suites 205 South Eastgate Court 615-453-9087 woodspring.com

Home2 Suites 110 Providence Trail 615-288-1065 hilton.com M

Mt. Juliet

Quality Inn & Suites 1000 Herschel Dr. 615-773-3600 choicehotels.com

Comfort Suites 600 Red Ink Dr. 615-206-3310 choicehotels.com



Courtyard by Marriot 1980 Providence Pkwy. 615-432-4070 marriott.com

Residence Inn By Marriott 5004 Crossing Cir. 615-622-8001 marriott.com M


Hampton Inn & Suites 5001 Crossings Circle 615-553-5900 hilton.com M

Staybridge Suites 69 Belinda Pkwy. 615-754-2111 M

Tru by Hilton 1977 Providence Pkwy. 615-637-0400 hilton.com

Fairfield Inn & Suites






Shopping In


nce known as the antique capital of the South, Wilson County has been a haven for boutique enthusiasts and lovers of quaint local shopping. Stroll through our historical squares, steeped in rich heritage, and experience the timeless allure of the past. Plus, with Nashville just a stone’s throw away, you can enjoy all the excitement and culture of Music City without the hefty price tag. Whether you’re seeking distinctive treasures or a taste of history, Wilson County offers a divine shopping experience for all who visit.

26 26

Jack’s Guitarcheology

Shopping 3:Sixteen 108 E. Main St., Lebanon 615-547-9131 3sixteenboutiquetn.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories

Collect Co. 101 Short St, Lebanon 615-466-7066 shopcollectco.com Antiques

Adopted Farmhouse 100 Public Square, Watertown 615-697-2026 adoptedfarmhouse.com Home decor & coffee house

Cotton + Cedar Boutique 105 N. Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-559-2529 cottonandcedar.com Women’s Clothing, accessories & shoes

All About Holidays 1946 Murfreesboro Rd., Lebanon 615-449-0518 allaboutholidays.com Holiday costumes & accessories

Dainty Darlin 304 Public Square, Watertown 615-604-6897 Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories

Antiques on 231 320 S. Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-443-4395 antiqueson231.com Antiques Attic Trinkets & Treasures 11780 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-613-2800 attictrinketsntreasures.antiquetrail.com Antiques Beckwith Soap 427 Beckwith Rd, Mt. Juliet 629-702-9430 beckwithsoaptn.com Soap, Health & Beauty

Dreams Boutique 124 Public Square, Lebanon 615-547-9799 dreamsboutique-tn.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Em + Kate 104 Public Square, Lebanon 615-547-9240 emandkatetn.com Children’s clothing boutique Essential Modern Vintage 323 E Main St, Lebanon, TN 37087 615-855-9226 essentialmodernvintage.com Vintage furniture

Bella Boutique 2584 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet bellawigstn.net Beauty Boot Barn 1008 S. Cumberland Center Blvd., Lebanon 615-449-9636 bootbarn.com Boots, jewelry, hats, shoes & clothing Breeden’s Orchard 631 Beckwith Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-449-2880 breedensorchard.com Local produce, products & gifts Cherished Treasures 3360 Sparta Pike, Watertown 615-310-6794 Antiques Cloud 9 Antiques and Such 405 Park Ave., Lebanon 615-915-3911 cloud9-antiques.com Antiques Coco & Lou 105 Signature Place, Lebanon 615-965-6201 Home décor & gifts

Demeter’s Common 228 W. Main St., Ste E, Lebanon 615-804-1916 Specialty grocery & gifts

Friends In Stitches 106 N. Greenwood St., Lebanon 615-453-2221 Apparel & gifts Gargoyles French Decor 421 E. Main St., Mt. Juliet 615-440-1462 gargoylesfrenchdecor.com Antiques, art and furniture GG’s Jewelry & Gifts, Inc. 1331 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-449-8594 ggjewelrygifts.com Jewelry & gifts Harper’s Books 107 S. Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-549-5089 Books, comic books & gifts Heavenly Scents Soap Co 113 N. Cumberland St., Lebanon 615-547-9528 heavenlyscentssoapco.com Soaps, health & beauty



Dreams Boutique

Iddy & Oscar’s 133 Public Square, Lebanon 615-917-5975 iddyandoscars.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories

Music City Toys & Collectibles 101 W. Main St., Watertown 931-260-6578 musiccitytoy.biz Toys + collectibles

Jack’s Guitarcheology 107 Public Sq., Lebanon, TN 37087 jacksguitarcheology.com

NashGirl 415 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 715-309-9094 Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories

Jessy’s Boutique 106 S. College St., Lebanon 931-256-6858 jessysboutique.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Judy’s Fashion Boutique 224 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-443-5433 judyfashionboutique.com Women’s/Children’s clothing & shoes Lizard Thicket 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-9602 shoplizardthicket.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Main Street Merchantile and Creamery 128 Public Square, Lebanon 615-498-1542 Gift shop & Ice cream Markham’s Shoes 101 Public Square, Lebanon 615-443-5086 Shoes & accessories Music City Bricks 41 Business Park Dr., Lebanon 615-965-6551 musiccitybricks.com Toys + collectibles


Nook 11853 Lebanon Rd., Ste 5, Mt. Juliet 615-600-2052 nookliving.net Home Goods Once New Clothing & Consignment 1340 W Main St., #105, Lebanon 615-965-2490 Consignment clothing, shoes & accessories Poppie’s Boutique 132 Public Square, Lebanon 615-784-4222 shoppoppiesboutique.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Providence Marketplace 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-2298 shopprovidencemarketplace.com Variety of assorted shops Public Square Marketplace 120 N. College St., Lebanon 615-547-6621 publicsquaremarketplace.com Local artisans + makers products Sassy Daisy Boutique 3586 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-4788 shopsassydaisy.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories

Shopping Sea of Silver & Sass 340 N. Castle Heights Ave., Lebanon 615-788-4503 Women’s clothing and jewelry Shops on the Square 119 Public Square, Lebanon 615-547-6112 Local assorted shops Shop Springs Creamery 2816 Sparta Pike, Lebanon 615-470-8440 shopspringscreamery.com Local dairy products, ice cream, gifts Sibs Boutique 108 W Main St., Lebanon 615-470-8350 Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Silver Ridge Pottery 3712 Chicken Rd., Lebanon 615-286-1264 silverridgepottery.com Custom made pottery Simply Vintage Antiques 13751 Lebanon Rd, Mt. Juliet 615-944-4669 simplyvintageantiques.com Antiques Sister’s WhimZy 2396 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-773-4030 sisters-whimzy.myshopify.com Women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, home décor & gifts TenThirtyFive 3590 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-805-6862 tenthirtyfive.net Consignment clothing, shoes & accessories The Artful Abode 106 E. Main St., Lebanon 615-547-9800 theartfulabodetn.com Home décor, gifts & art

The Incredible Christmas Place 2250 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 895-453-0415 christmasplace.com Holiday décor & gifts The Lit Brand 108 W. Main St., Lebanon thelitbrandllc.com Custom accessories, hats & clothing The Mill at Lebanon 300 N. Maple St., Lebanon 615-443-6901 themillatlebanon.com Event venue with assorted retail stores The Sugar Pea Fashion Exchange 3384 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-553-4627 Women’s consignment clothing, shoes & accessories The Village Forager 2320 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 615-288-3474 thevillageforager.com Gifts, antiques & home decor The White Room 1001 Murfreesboro Rd., Lebanon 615-449-9756 thewhiteroom.us Formal wear, wedding dresses & accessories Tia’s Boutique 3650 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-797-8427 Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Urban Mills Promotions & Boutique 126 Public Square, Lebanon 615-466-5288 urbanmillsboutique.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Wearhouse 1012 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-547-4111 Consignment clothing, shoes, accessories & home décor

The Basement Marketplace 14625 Lebanon Rd., Old Hickory 615-754-9500 basement-marketplace.business.site Home décor, gifts, clothing & accessories The Dragonfly Consignment 3548 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-4700 thedragonflymj.com Consignment furniture & home décor

White Lily Boutique 1736 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-240-7458 whitelilyboutique.com Women’s clothing, shoes & accessories Wilkie’s Outfitters 110 Public Square, Lebanon 615-784-4179 wilkiesoutfitters.com Outdoor apparel, shoes & accessories



Take a walk through

history Civil War Trail Markers 400 E. Spring St., Lebanon visitwilco.com History Fiddler’s Grove Historic Village 945 E. Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon 615-547-6111 local fiddlersgrovetn.com FAV History Fite-Fessenden House Museum 236 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-444-2275 fitefessenden.wixsite.com/home Museum Sadie Ford Heritage Farm and Art Center 5220 Murfreesboro Rd., Lebanon 615-443-2769 tnstateparks.com Museum/Arts Sellars Farm and State Archaeologicial Area 433 Poplar Hill Rd., Lebanon 615-885-2422 nativehistoryassociation.org History Wilson County Veterans Museum 304 E. Main St., Lebanon 615-444-2460 wilsoncountyveteransmuseum.com Museum




ilson County, Tennessee, boasts a rich tapestry of historical sites that offer a captivating journey through the past. From the stately preserved homes to the charming town squares, every corner of this county holds a piece of history waiting to be discovered. Visitors can step back in time at landmarks like the Historic Lebanon Square and Fiddlers Grove Historic Village, immersing themselves in the stories and architecture that shaped this vibrant community. Whether exploring the grandeur of historic estates or wandering through quaint, time-honored towns, we invite to embark on a fascinating voyage through Tennessee's captivating heritage.

DID you KNow? Fiddlers Grove Historic Village, located in Lebanon, TN showcases more than 60+ preserved buildings and artifacts that lets you take a walk through the historic Wilson County. Fiddlers Grove Historic Village






ilCo offers an abundance of unique wedding and event venues that offer an enchanting escape just moments away from the vibrant heartbeat of Nashville. From historic estates to picturesque outdoor settings, our unique venues provide an array of venues that promise an unforgettable celebration without compromising on cost. Explore the perfect balance of proximity to Nashville's excitement and the affordability that will fit any event needs.

The Mill at Lebanon 300 N Maple St., Lebanon 615-443-6901 themillatlebanon.com Event/Wedding Venue


Venues Above Main 104 E Main St Ste B, Lebanon 615-543-4898 abovemain.events Event/Wedding/Music Venue

Terian Farms 2891 Callis Rd, Lebanon 615-202-2020 terianfarmseventcenter.com Wedding Venue

Billy Goat Hill Retreat 6975 Cairo Bend Rd, Lebanon 615-640-0410 billygoathillretreat.com Event/Wedding Venue

The Arcade/ Venue 142 142 Public Sq., Lebanon 615-965-8500 venue142.com Wedding/Event Venue

DelMonaco Winery Watertown 131 Depot St., Watertown 615-858-1177 delmonacowinery.com Winery/Event Venue

Tomlinson Farm Weddings 4032 Coles Ferry Pike, Lebanon 615-210-6968 Wedding/Event Venue

Estate at Cherokee Dock 175 Cherokee Dock Rd., Lebanon 615-369-6474 cherokeedock.com Event/Wedding Venue Farm Bureau Expo Center 945 E Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon 615-450-3049 farmbureauexpo.com Expo/Event Venue Gently’s Ballroom 11952 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-403-8805 Event Venue Iriswoods Wedding and Event Venue 7044 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-701-3216 iriswoods.com Event/Wedding Venue

The Capitol Theatre local 110 W Main St., Lebanon FAV 615-784-4014 capitoltheatretn.com Theatre/Event Venue The Event Room Watertown 120 E Main St., Watertown 615-450-6323 theeventroomtn.com Event Venue The Everlasting Pond 433 Old Statesville Rd., Watertown 479-322-8057 theeverlastingpond.com Wedding Venue The Farm at Cedar Springs 784 Phillips Rd., Lebanon 479-322-8057 thefarmatcedarspringstn.com Wedding Venue

Legacy Farms 8061 Murfreesboro Rd., Lebanon 615-321-2394 legacyfarmstn.com Event/Wedding Venue

The Wedding Barn & Event Venue 6455 Old Murfreesboro Rd., Lebanon 615-477-4374 likazooevents.com Event/Wedding Venue

Misty Blue Event Venue 6978 Lebanon Rd. C, Mt. Juliet 615-470-5355 mistyblueeventvenue.com Event/Wedding Venue

The Wedding Woods at Circle S Farms 1627 Old Laguardo Rd., E #8907, Lebanon 615-405-6860 theweddingwoods.com Wedding Venue

On The Bend Party Barn 601 Cairo Bend Rd., Lebanon 615-582-1520 OnTheBendPartyBarn.com Event/Wedding Venue

Tucker’s Gap Event Center 2900 Callis Rd., Lebanon 615-788-5730 tuckersgap.com Wedding Venue

Reedeming Hills 5170 SE Tater Peeler Rd., Lebanon 615-933-9419 redeeminghills.com Event/Wedding Venue

Twisted Cedar Farms 4464 Trousdale Ferry Pike, Lebanon 615-293-6355 twistedcedarfarms.com Wedding Venue


Starstruck Farm FAV 10471 Hwy 109 N, Lebanon 615-422-0016 starstruckfarmadventure.com Event/Wedding/Glamping Venue

Wild Turkey Ranch 5750 E Richmond Shop Rd., Lebanon 615-415-3892 wildturkeyranch.com Event/Wedding Venue

Tennessee Tiny Weddings 4821 Alvin Sperry Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-903-0729 tntinyweddings.com Wedding Venue



The Stables at Cedars of Lebanon




tep into a world of exploration as we unveil the attractions that define our unique county. Immerse yourself in the unique stories woven into our museums and local landmarks that highlights our cultural treasures. From the echoes of history resonating in our historical sites to the exhilarating energy of NASCAR racing, our guide invites you to embark on a journey of discovery. Join us as we showcase the best of our community, promising an unforgettable adventure for every visitor!



Barcadia 615 Candle Lab, Lebanon Arcade Bar Breeden’s Orchard 631 Beckwith Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-449-2880 breedensorchard.com local Orchard


Chad’s Winter Wonderland 791 Old Laguardo Rd. E., Lebanon 615-444-0099 Holiday Attraction


Dancing Lights FAV of Christmas 1033 Sparta Pike., Lebanon thedancinglightsofchristmas.com Holiday Attraction

Cahoots Dancehall & Honkytonk 427 S College St., Lebanon 615-470-8112 cahootslebanon.com Venue/Bar

Hammer & Stain Mt. Juliet 3544 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-288-4896 hammerandstainmountjuliet.com Arts & Crafts

Capitol Theatre 110 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-784-4014 capitoltheatretn.com Theatre

Imagine That Art Studio 1342 W. Main St., Lebanon 615-784-4494 imaginethatlebanon.com Arts & Crafts Jimmy Floyd Center Pool 200 N. Castle Heights Ave., Lebanon 615-453-4545 lebanontn.org Pool

Cedar Creek Marina 9120 Saunderville Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-758-5174 cedarcreekmarina.net Outdoor recreation Cedar Creek Sports Center 10770 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-2744 cedarcreeksportscenter.com Mini golfing/arcade/go-karts


Nashville Superspeedway 4847 McCreary Rd., Lebanon 866-RACE-TIX local nashvillesuperspeedway.com FAV Sports Pine Creek Golf Course 1835 Logue Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-449-7272 pinecreekgolf.net Outdoor recreation Rhonda and Chris’ Treeland 2054 Beech Log Rd., Watertown 615-237-9304 treelandtn.com Holiday Attraction


Wilson County Veterans Museums

DID you KNow? Formerly owned by Reba McEntire as a horse farm, Starstruck Farms offers a unique Airbnb experience where you can rent glamping huts or stay in a fully renovated horse stall.



Stardust Drive-in Theatre

Shutes Branch Recreational Area 603 Mossy Point, Mt. Juliet 615-754-4847 old-hickory-lake.ord/shutes-branch Outdoor recreation The Axe Shack 151 Adams Ln., Mt. Juliet 615-754-6866 axe-shack.com Axe Throwing The Stables at Cedars of Lebanon 1301 Stables Rd., Lebanon 615-961-1427 ridecedars.com Horseback Riding Six1Five Sports 139 Lineberry Blvd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-5556 615sportstraining.com Sports Complex Stardust Drive-in Theatre 310 Purple Tiger Dr., Watertown 615-237-0077 stardustdrivein.com local Drive-In FAV Working Man Winery 402 E Main St., Lebanon 615-915-3911 Winery Xtreme Paintball 212 W. Old Laguardo Rd., Lebanon 615-547-2324 xtremepaintball.net Paintball


Woody Hunt Stadium 1 Cumberland Sq., Lebanon 615-547-1366 Stadium/Sports

DID you KNow?

ATTRACTIONS The Wilson County/Tennessee State Fair located in Lebanon, TN has been named one of the top 50 fairs in the U.S. from 2009-2022 (aside from 2020 due to COVID regulations), reaching a record breaking 776,195 visitors in 2022!



nashville superspeedway W

elcome to the Nashville Superspeedway, an adrenaline-pumping destination for motorsport enthusiasts located in picturesque Lebanon, Tennessee. This state-of-the-art racing facility offers an unforgettable experience for fans of all ages. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, the track’s expansive layout and modern amenities provide the perfect setting for heart-pounding NASCAR races and other thrilling events.


The Nashville Superspeedway is more than just a racetrack; it’s a hub for entertainment, a venue for community events and a source of economic activity for the region. We host events which bring together people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a racing fan or not, the speedway has something to offer for everyone. With a capacity to host tens of thousands of spectators, the Nashville Superspeedway offers an electrifying atmosphere that is second to none. From the roar of engines to the excitement of pit stops, every moment at the track is filled with anticipation and energy. Whether you’re a die-hard race fan or a firsttime visitor, the Nashville Superspeedway promises an unforgettable day of highspeed action.

Our events attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, creating jobs and generating revenue for local businesses, and they come to spend money on hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the area. In fact, we welcome over 260,000 people on property annually -- including upwards of 105,000 during our NASCAR race week -- that includes 74 events covering 211 calendar days with attendees from all 50 states and 20 different countries. Over the past two years, Nashville Superspeedway and Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway combined to produce $875 million in direct economic impact $2.8 billion in indirect economic impact and benefits throughout their respective regional economies.

Join us for an unforgettable day of speed, skill, and sheer excitement at the Nashville Superspeedway!

Nashville Superspeedway’s 2024 race schedule includes: SUNDAY, JUNE 30 Ally 400 NASCAR Cup Series race 2:30 p.m. CT, NBC, PRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio SATURDAY, JUNE 29 Tennessee Lottery 250 NASCAR Xfinity Series race 4 p.m. CT, USA, PRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio FRIDAY, JUNE 28 Rackley Roofing 200 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race Start time TBD, FS1, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio



Art & Murals


hether you’re spending some time here in WilCo or just passing through, take some time and visit some of our many murals throughout Wilson County. The Paint WilCo murals initiative was started in 2019 with the hopes of enhancing the beauty of Wilson County and increasing interest and integrating art into our communities.



Art & Murals Snap a shot at the Messages of Hope Mural with your special someone. Have your kids make their best silly face in front of the Caboose Mural. Take Grandpa to the Veterans Mural and listen to his stories. There are so many opportunities and locations to visit. With phase one of Paint WilCo coming to an end, murals can be found in Watertown, Mt. Juliet, and Lebanon. In looking ahead to phase two with more and more involvement and interest, check back for more murals to come!

Wilson County Agriculture Mural 945 E. Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon Lebanon Postcard Mural 135 Public Square., Lebanon Charlie Daniels Park Caboose Mural 1075 Charlie Daniels Pkwy., Mt. Juliet Wilson County Veteran’s Mural 312 E. Main St, Lebanon Messages of Hope Mural 129 S. College St., Lebanon Lebanon Looks Good On You Mural 1340 W. Main St., Lebanon Watertown Train Mural 105 W. Main St., Watertown We Will Rise Mural 626 E. Main St., Lebanon WilCo Butterfly Wings Mural 124 Public Square, Lebanon TN 225 Birthday Mural 300 N. Maple St., Lebanon (Located inside The Mill) The Garden Mural 117 E. Main St., Lebanon The Election Commission Mural 230 E Gay St., Lebanon Lebanon Square Mural


a walk in the park Light a campfire and everyone’s a storyteller. - John Geddes


ime spent in nature is priceless. Building memories that will leave a lasting memory in the hearts of children and those who are young at heart will last forever. Our parks and trails provide adventures and experiences the whole family as well as couples and the single adventurer will enjoy. Whether it’s a day trip or a long weekend away, our parks have it all.

Cedars of Lebanon State Park


Parks Cedars of Lebanon State Park

has 117 campsites. There are nine twobedroom cabins, picnic areas, an assembly hall, disk golf course, riding stables, playground, laundry room, gazebo, nature center, and a gift shop.

Long Hunter State Park

has a variety of activities that include fishing and hiking. There are two boat launch ramps on J. Percy Priest Lake, as well as a group camp, a backcountry campsite, meeting facility that is great for work retreats or gatherings and a visitor center. It offers more than 20 miles of hiking trails that range from pleasant strolls to longer hikes for the more adventurous. The Volunteer Trail is a five-and-a-half-mile trek that follows the beautiful shoreline, and there is a self-guided and paved trail as well. In addition to our great state parks, we also have local parks that offer walking trails, playgrounds and other outdoor amenities.

Don Fox Park

located in Lebanon offers a splash pad, walking trail, a playground and pavilions with tables and grills.

Charlie Daniel’s Park

in Mt. Juliet has two playgrounds, sports fields and ball courts including pickle ball. There is a walking trail a splash pad, gazebos and pavilions.

Cedars of Lebanon State Park 7678 Cedar Forest Rd., Lebanon 615-443-2769 local lebanontn.org FAV State Park

Jones Family Park 1535-1657 N Mt Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet 615-754-2552 mtjuliet-tn.gov Park/Playground

Charlie Daniels Park 1075 Charlie Daniels Pkwy., Mt. Juliet 615-758-6522 mtjuliet-tn.gov Park/Playground

Long Hunter State Park 2910 Hobson Pike, Hermitage 615-885-2422 tnparks.com State Park

City of Lebanon Dog Park 408 Jim Draper Blvd., Lebanon 615-443-2839 lebanontn.org Dog Park

South MJ Bark Park 143 SE Springdale Dr, Mt. Juliet 615-758-6522 Dog Park

Don Fox Park 955 W. Baddour Pkwy., Lebanon 615-449-0303 lebanontn.org Park



Events In


Mile-Long Yard Sale Spring Fest in the Grove Spring Festival Excursion Train Spring Fling Artisan Market Brick Universe


Wilson County Fair Watertown JazzFest Rackley Roofing 200 Tennessee Lottery 250 Ally 400 Redneck Rumble


WilCo Pow Wow Taste of Wilson County Watertown’s Halloween on the Square Wilson County Oktoberfest Ghosts in the Grove Cedar City Fall Beer Fest


Dancing Lights of Lebanon Chad’s Winter Wonderland Mistletoe Merchants North Pole Exursion Train Lebanon’s Christmas on the Square 46


Wilson County/ TN State Fair




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