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Local students inspire new art mural at Nundah Village.

We Care Week rallies the community to make a difference.

A local guide to help you support local this holiday season.

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news bites Nundah’s Cash Store Truck Our cover stars this issue are Buckland Auto Service and the Nundah Cash Store Truck.

YOUR LOCAL TEAM Publisher - Ben Tibben Account Manager - Larni Tibben Marketing Coordinator - Megan Bock Photography - Tony Gwynn-Jones


OUR NEXT ISSUE #55 February/March 2022 Booking deadline: 14 January Content deadline: 21 January Distributed: 7 February Phone: 07 3162 0802 Email:


Buckland Auto Service is owned by Bill and Marilyn Russell. They purchased the business from Bill’s father in 1956, and estimate they have provided over 60,000 car services since then! The Nundah Cash Store Truck was recreated by Northgate business owners, Greg and Christine Stevens. After seeing a photo of the original truck in the 1920’s at local cafe Simply Duo, Greg embarked on the ambitious challenge of recreating the truck. The Nundah Cash Store truck is now a popular addition at local community events. Read more about how Greg recreated the Nundah Cash Store Truck at Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse has reopened, with new products, interactive elements, a cafe and an ice-cream parlour. New owner Adiel Ben-karmona has paid homage to original owner Tom, who passed away in June 2021, with new Willy Wonka inspired chocolate bars, called ‘Tom’s Chocolate Bar.’ And just like in the popular book, hidden in some of the chocolate bars are special Golden Tickets, with the lucky ticket holders winning a free chocolate bar. Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse 4/358 Nudgee Road, Hendra

Local Students Inspire Nundah Art Mural

The Waterhole art mural was finished in November and was painted along the wall above the travellator at Nundah Village.

The curious and creative minds of students at Nundah State School have been the inspiration behind a truly unique art mural in Nundah. Nundah Village Shopping Centre commissioned a local artist to work with the students of Nundah State School to help create the theme and vision for the large art mural located at the shopping centre. Through workshops, the students shared their ideas on community, the local landscape, and activities enjoyed by past and present generations in Nundah.

The community can view The Waterhole art mural near the travellators at Nundah Village Shopping Centre. Locals can also view the footage from the students’ workshop and see how the mural was created, by scanning the QR code opposite the mural.

After the sessions with the students, Nundah Village commissioned the mural artist to create a bright, colourful design, inspired by the children’s lively discussion and artistic ideas.

The video shows the children describing their love for Nundah and their community.

Nundah Village Shopping Centre 89 Buckland Road, Nundah nundahvillage

The Waterhole art mural is a piece of local art for everyone in the community to enjoy.


Marty is an awesome trainer – he keeps me motivated and it’s fun too. My favourite part is that I can jump into a sesh within 3 minutes so I can work out anytime in my busy schedule with kids and work! - Celina, 12RND Fitness Nundah member

Ready to get started? Contact Marty at 12RND Nundah to get your first workout for FREE

12RND Fitness Nundah 89 Buckland Road, Nundah Ph: 0447 007 052 | |

Made with love in Nundah.



expert advice

LEGAL MATTERS with Aaron Ball from Shorestone Legal

Can an ex claim some of your inheritance? What happens if you or your ex-partner has received an inheritance? Can an ex-partner claim some or all of it? Of course every case is unique, so there’s rarely a simple answer to this question. That’s why it’s important that you always get comprehensive legal advice when ending a long-term relationship.

and homemaker), inheritances are usually included as an asset of the relationship and dealt with like other assets and liabilities when separating. However, depending on when the inheritance was received and some other relevant factors, it will usually be retained by the beneficiary named in the will.

In many cases, however, the answer is both yes… and no!

Inheritances are just one of the many legal complexities many people don’t think about when dividing their assets. If you have recently separated, call Shorestone Legal for a free consultation and legal advice specifically about your situation.

Depending on the length of your relationship, and the contributions each party has made including both financial (e.g. wages or other income) and non-financial (e.g. as parenting

Aaron Ball, Principal Solicitor | Shorestone Legal | Ph: 3266 4657


HEALTH & FITNESS with James Prasser from Fitstop Nundah

Hot tips to avoid the end of year blow out We are now entering the silly season, enjoying boozy Christmas functions, parties and New Year celebrations. I love a good time, so I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but perhaps try a few of these tips so all your hard work and progress isn’t lost. 1. Moderation: Enjoy yourself, but be conscious of the amount you are consuming. You would be surprised what smarter choices can do for your lifestyle and your waistline. 2. Exercise & Habits: Whatever your exercise routine looks like, do your absolute best to keep yourself accountable and into those good created habits. Don’t fall victim to

“I’ll start Monday”. Staying in a consistent routine will help during this time of year. 3. Plan: It’s a busy time of year, so plan your workouts and plan your nutrition. Even if you don’t feel like it, a great motto is ‘any workout is better than nothing’. Try substituting some regular foods you eat to make room for those over indulgent foods that come with this time of year. Hydration: By this I mean H20, not the alcoholic kind. Planning a big night? Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after an event. You’ll be thankful in the morning that you did!

Fitstop Nundah | 5/1220 Sandgate Road, Nundah | Ph: 0413 106 643 | fitstopnundah | fitstop__nundah

expert advice



with Anjalee Howlett from The Joint

with Jordan McLennan from Jordan McLennan Properties

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

7 Tips to Add Value Over Christmas

At this time of year, particularly after the roller coaster two years that we’ve had, most of us will be aware that we are holding some stress and tension.

1. First Impressions Matter – Everyone wants that ‘home’ feeling when they arrive! Exterior paint, external house wash, fresh lawn or a new letterbox will do the trick.

5. Replace Your Lighting – Are your light globes the same colour or a variety? Do the fixtures date your home? Good lighting is essential to make your space bigger and feel more modern.

2. Refresh Your Yard – Do some weeding, mulch your garden beds, mow/water your lawn and discard any household junk.

6. Update Tiles – The tiles in your kitchen or bathroom can highlight the age of the house. Replacing the tiles can be the perfect finishing touch to the room.

Much of our body’s tension and chronic disease can be attributed to prolonged stress and our ‘fight or flight’ response to this stress. This response is driven by our autonomic nervous system. This nervous system is made up of the sympathetic system, which activates our flight or fight response, and the parasympathetic system, which restores the body to a state of calm.

Remedial Massage, by an accredited and registered therapist, has been shown to quieten the sympathetic nervous system, by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. The short-term effect can be a feeling of reduced stress and anxiety, but longer-term benefits of regular massage include improvements in overall physical and mental wellbeing. To enhance overall wellbeing on a long term basis, we should consider adding Remedial Massage into our Self Care toolkit.

The Joint | 9/1220 Sandgate Rd, Nundah & 1/62 Crockford St, Northgate thejointnundah Ph: 3191 4455 | |

3. Begin With The Easy & Simple Swaps – Look at the handles on your kitchen/bathroom cabinetry or the tapware in your wet areas. 4. A Fresh Coat of Paint – This revitalises the home. It makes the space feel newer, larger and cleaner.

7. Focus on High Traffic Areas – Buyers focus on these areas the most. Add storage, accessories, change tapware, double towel rail etc. For more handy tips specific to your home, contact Jordan McLennan.

Jordan McLennan Properties | Ph: 0405 368 111 |

Yo u r l o c a l N u n d a h P h o t o g r a p h e r and you, just as you are.

photography portraits




Make your Smile a New Year Resolution! Thank you for supporting our independently owned business throughout 2021. If your teeth become a casualty of the Christmas festivities remember, we will be OPEN over the Christmas and New Year period (excluding public holidays). New patients always welcome.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Phone: 3260 6200

0402 442 288



Email: 6/1231 Sandgate Rd Nundah (off Aspinall St) | NundahVillageDental

Not to be used in conjunction with VIP discounts, on public holidays, rewards program or with any other offer. Free item to equal or lesser value on one transaction. Main Meal excludes Sides & The Kids’ Club menu. One offer per person. Only valid with meals from menu at Toombul & Stafford. Expires 31/12/21. V13

Made with love in Nundah.


Lilley MP continues fight for climate action

Nundah Bypass Tunnel celebrates 20 years

Major works started in 2000, with the 285m tunnel finished at a cost of $53 million. The community was invited to walk through the tunnel on completion, with certificates given to those in attendance on the day.

Australians in the regions are not the only people concerned about the effects of climate change. At mobile offices held across Lilley’s 26 suburbs in 2021, many residents have spoken to me about the cost of inaction. Lilley's coastal location makes us particularly vulnerable to some of

the more destructive consequences of climate change. By 2070, it’s predicted that Lilley will have more than 25 days above 35 degrees each year. Approximately one-third of Lilley is vulnerable to sea-level rise and two-fifths of our electorate would be vulnerable to flooding events due to projected increases in rainfall intensity.

Resumption of property started in 1999, with 11 properties demolished to make way for the two-way, six-lane tunnel.

The Nundah Bypass Tunnel is celebrating 20 years since opening in late 2001. For many years, the local community and business owners of Nundah struggled with the traffic congestion through the business centre in Sandgate Road. For 35 years, ideas and suggestions were debated, until a long-awaited decision was made in 1997 to create a road tunnel under Bage Street to divert traffic away from the suburban centre.

The tunnel was renamed the George Bridges Tunnel in 2009 after a campaign by Nundah and Districts Historical Society President, Denis Clearly. George Bridges (1820-1898) was a prominent landowner in Nundah and is regarded as the founder of the Nundah business centre.

Use the QR code to read more about my work as your Federal representative to protect our Northside environment. Anika Wells MP 1176 Sandgate Road, Nundah Ph: 3266 8244 anikawellsmp


Photos provided by the Nundah & Districts Historical Society Inc.

Taking Fitness to Another Level

‘With coach support in every session, our members are supported and encouraged through their workout.’

12RND Fitness Nundah have taken things to another level, with new owners and new coaching screens.

Marty and the team have also introduced new outdoor activities for 12RND Nundah members to take part in, including team hikes, charity fun runs, and fitness challenges.

Marty and Lucy are the proud owners at 12RND Fitness Nundah, taking over earlier in 2021. Marty was an amateur boxer back in Ireland and was drawn to 12RND Fitness because of its unique training structure, which involves both boxing and strength training.

This is. Hope. Liz is the Deacon at St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church in Nundah. In December, she is to be ordained as an Anglican Priest. Women have only been able to be ordained in Australia for just short of 30 years. Approachable, relatable and fun, Liz is also a tango-dancing wife and a mother to two children. When asked what Christmas means to her, she answers – Hope. Hope is not blind optimism, it is about positive, loving action that strives to make things better. Jesus was a Jew and a refugee. He came to earth to live and die in a human way – to walk in our shoes. Despite frequent

exposure to hostility, he was driven by the love for ALL people and taught forgiveness.

‘Our members enjoy the flexibility of 12RND Fitness, with no class times or bookings required’, says Marty.

Members also have access to special programs, including TRAIN: On Demand and free 6-week challenges. If you are looking for your next fitness challenge, contact the team at 12RND Nundah to get started this summer.

This Christmas (and beyond), may we be inspired to view what is going on around us with the perspective of love and empathy for the other – by walking in their shoes. When we do this, our eyes can be opened to a greater understanding of how things can be better and act to bring about change. This is Hope. From This is Me Photography: From my family to yours, wishing you all the love, health and peace in the world for this Christmas and the year to follow. Thank you for checking out this column in 2021! x

This is. series focuses on Nundah locals, interviewed and photographed by local contributor Gaylia Lee. thisismephotography_gaylialee

12RND Fitness Nundah | 89 Buckland Road, Nundah 12rndnundah Ph: 0447 007 052 | |

Locals Caring for Locals The annual ‘We Care Week’, held in partnership with Majestic Church Brisbane, raised over $20,000 for local projects and people in November. This year, We Care Week held a number of projects to raise funds, including the first ever 4012 Community Challenge. Locals came together as a community to navigate a checkpoint course throughout Nundah to get active, have fun and make a difference. The winning teams were able to nominate their charity of choice, with Compassion 4 Community receiving $1,000 and the Northside Connect Domestic Support Group receiving $500. Made with love in Nundah.

In other projects, We Care Week completed projects at the Youth Lodge, sponsored Swarm Performing Arts Scholarships, committed random acts of kindness and raised $5,000 for Compassion 4 Community, which will provide 600 meals to the homeless and vulnerable in Nundah. They also paid in full the Christmas laybys for 22 families, which will provide families with some joy at Christmas. This was thanks to the individuals and local businesses who gave generously this year, in a true display of locals caring for locals.

Thank you to Visual Reality, Light Source Computing, Loving Nundah, Swarm Studios, Lead Rail Planning, RS Creative Technologies, OG Kustom Adventures, Richy Rich Photography, Nundah Family Dentists, ME Active, Genesis Lash & Beauty, The Royal, Banyo Meat Service, The Plant Lounge, Blanched by Virgo, Ciao Gelato, Koko Hair & Beauty and Boo 2U. We Care Week wecareweek


The Skin & Beauty Suite


Shop Local This Summer

Give the gift that keeps giving this Christmas. Purchase any gift voucher in salon during December and receive a $20 voucher for yourself!* 131 Northgate Road, Northgate Ph: 3924 6146 theskinandbeautysuite skinandbeautysuite

A local guide to help you support local this holiday season and have a great summer.

Fraser Road Coffee We are open Christmas Day 7am to 10am! Keep an eye out this summer for our new menu items. Open Monday to Friday, 6am to 2pm. 1/12 Fraser Road, Northgate Ph: 0433 278 600 fraserroadcoffee

Dark Tonic Roasters A niche family-owned cafe. Roasted coffee beans on site with house-made goodies. Breakfast, lunch and smoothies.

*Conditions apply, offer excludes packages.

18 Corrie Street, Chermside Ph: 0406 200 019 darktonicroasters

Pinot and Picasso It’s a popular option for end-of-year parties, birthdays, hen nights, an evening out with the girls or even just a change from the pub. Pinot and Picasso are inviting you to release your inner Picasso! Pinot and Picasso is Australia’s #1 Paint and Sip group and you are invited to join in the fun at their new creative space in the heart of Nundah Village. The space is completely BYO drinks and snacks (so it doesn't have to be pinot!). Fridge space, glassware and all painting materials are provided, but if you’re after an easy night, add a grazing box to your ticket. Then all you have to do is paint, sip and laugh your way to a masterpiece!

The kids don't miss out either... Pinot and Picasso’s sellout school holiday workshops let pint-sized Picasso's create their own masterpieces with help every step of the way. With over 100 artworks to choose from, and new ones added regularly, there is something for everyone. Experienced artists host each session – beginners are welcome along with experienced painters looking for a challenge! 3/1192 Sandgate Road, Nundah Ph: 1300 414 329 pinotandpicassonundahvillage

Private bookings are also available for events such as Christmas parties, birthdays and team building work functions – with exclusive use of the studio.


Fuel & Co Fuel & Co is a local favourite serving up amazing coffee and brunch items. Did you know Fuel & Co can host functions in the evenings? Head to and click on the functions tab for more information. 190 Buckland Road, Nundah Ph: 3266 3117 Fuel & Co 190 Buckland Road Nundah fuelandco

Aether Brewing This summer, enjoy the latest releases from family-owned and independent local brewer, Aether Brewing. Joining the ever-popular core range, and the newly released Summer of Sour series, Aether Brewing has announced two new additions to the Oak & Organisms brand, ‘Intertwined’ Pinot Grigio Sour, and ‘Severance’ Belgian Truffle Witbier. Enjoy at the taproom, at home, or give as a gift this Christmas. 340 Melton Road, Northgate Ph: 3815 6455 aetherbrewing aether_brewing

Tan Chiropractic This summer, Tan Chiro is encouraging locals to take charge of their health so they can enjoy the great outdoors. Owner and principal chiropractor Dr Jace Tan moved into chiropractic services to focus on preventative and self-care treatment. ‘We live in an increasingly stressedout society. Our treatment goal is to nudge locals in the right direction so they can take more control of their health and be able to do what they love without pain,’ says Jace.

Made with love in Nundah.

Jace has practiced as a chiropractor for over ten years in Brisbane, after studying in Melbourne. She has worked in clinics in Northgate, Milton and Brisbane CBD before opening her practice in Chermside.

those struggling with sciatica, back pain and pubic bone pain. I also have a postgraduate specialty for babies, helping bubs specifically with breastfeeding issues.’

Jace has a special interest in two main areas – chronic pain and caring for Mums and Bubs.

Tan Chiro is currently offering $50 new patient visits. If you’d like to discuss treatment options and start a tailored plan to support your health and movement, contact Tan Chiro.

‘Chronic pain is a key focus for me – chronic pain is back pain, neck pain or any pain that has been ongoing for more than 6 months,’ says Jace ‘As for Mums, I have a passion in supporting them in their before and after pregnancy journeys, including

24 Corrie Street, Chermside Ph: 3350 3800 tanchiropractic


An Evening with Trent Dalton St Rita’s College celebrated the launch of their new community engagement initiative, The Think Project, with a lively in-conversation evening with author Trent Dalton and journalist Christine Jackman.

The Think Project is a literary initiative led by St Rita’s College, in partnership with Riverbend Books, to encourage a love of literature and creative thinking. The initiative provides opportunities to engage with writers, illustrators and creatives through book events, workshops and conferences. To launch The Think Project, the school hosted an evening with Trent Dalton, to coincide with the release of his highly anticipated third book, Love Stories. Trent, who grew up in Brisbane, is a two-time winner of the Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism and best-selling author of Boy Swallows Universe and All Our Shimmering Skies. Trent shared the stage with former colleague, Christine Jackman for a discussion on his new book, the backstories to his narratives and

Photos provided by St Rita’s College

about love being everywhere in our lives. “The night was the epitome of an ‘in conversation’,” says Noni Harrison, Head of Library at St Rita’s College. “We truly felt like we were privy to a conversation between friends.”

Who to Follow on the

Sweet Treats Sarah Ky at @sarahfitfoodie

“Christine and Trent reflected on family, love and finding the good among tragedy.” “Trent shared stories that spanned his life and books, reminding us to hold tight to the person that ignites our pilot light, and that love can be found in punctuation.”

Gram this Summer

Fitness and Parenting Lauren Kate at @__laurenkate

Art Rachel Burke at @imakestagram

Looking for fitness inspiration? Local Mum Lauren shares regular workouts and healthy tips to her 81,000+ followers. Also a Mum to three kids, Lauren is an advocate for mental health and finding the right balance.

It’s all about colour on Rachel’s page! The local artist, designer, author and tinsel maven shares her latest creations and collaborations with her 176,000 followers. She makes creative clothing and accessories, and partners with other artists and businesses.

Love your sweet treats? You’ll want to follow this Nundah local. With over 23,000 followers, Sarah shares her tried and tested recipes, with vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options.

Fashion Bec Smith at @bec.smith.stylist Bec, a popular Stylist and self-proclaimed shopaholic, loves to share her top styling tips with her 1,600 followers. She shares her everyday outfits, fresh finds and the latest fashion trends.

Food and Cooking Dominique Rizzo at @chefdominiquerizzo Join Chef Dominique’s 3,500+ followers, who get local food tips, recipe ideas and meal inspiration. Dominique is an advocate for cooking with fresh, seasonal and local produce – perfect inspiration for the summer months ahead!





*Retailer hours may vary, please check with individual stores to confirm.

Located at 18th Avenue, Skygate, Brisbane Airport 10

The Brisbane App

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year We love our friendly city and great lifestyle. Brisbane has so much to offer particularly over the festive season. Despite another challenging year, I am pleased to have delivered key projects within the Northgate Ward including park upgrades, footpaths and multiple road resurfacing projects. Work continues on a number of significant projects.

Helping Small Business Kickstart 2022 The start of a new year is a great opportunity to review, refresh and refocus your business goals and we’re here to help you kickstart your year. Whether you are ready to start up or scale up, we have workshops, webinars, one-on-one mentoring and free online courses giving you the real-world skills to make the difference between thriving and surviving. Our first-ever Women in Business Grant is now open and will provide funding to support female business owners to grow and develop their business. Women in business are key to the success of the local economy, representing up to 35% of small business owners. The grant closes 9 December, 2021. Find more information at

Would you like to always be in the know of Brisbane’s hottest spots, hidden secrets and exciting events? Well now you can! The Schrinner Council has launched the official Brisbane app, which gives you the ability to create guides detailing your favourite parts of Brisbane, or search for experiences based on your interests and location. As a business owner, you can register your business for free to connect with new customers. It is an easy way to encourage residents and visitors to discover hidden gems, just like your business!

As we find ourselves coming to the close of 2021, Brisbane comes alive with plenty of Christmas festivities. I encourage you to continue to support and buy local – it’s never been more important to make our small business community feel loved. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Cr Adam Alan

Cr Adam


Scan the QR code or visit

Outdoor Cinema in the Suburbs event at Boyd Park, Nundah on Friday 4 February 2022. Follow

councillor.allan for more information.

ALLAN Councillor for Northgate Ward

3403 2210 Councillor.Allan

Brisbane City Council (24hr Contact Centre) 3403 8888

the italian way

$110 Adults | $65 Seniors $65 12-16 YEars | $25 U12 | U5 FREE Bookings essential theroyal_nundah theroyalhotel

Made with love in Nundah.


The Early Years of Nudgee Beach

By 1900, Nudgee Beach foreshore was lined with canvas tents, especially at Christmas and Easter when horse-drawn wagons full of city folk converged there, finding their way through zig zag tracks on Nudgee Beach Road. Some holiday makers came by train to Nudgee Station and then by a motor bus service to the reserve. By 1907, Nudgee Beach Reserve became public property and as the city grew, more folk were wanting holidays at the seaside. In 1912, permits were required to erect tents from the Toombul Shire Council.

A hidden treasure remained out of sight for years, until the early 1870s when a new recreation ground was found. The road at that time had been impassable on account of dead timber, lantana and prickly pear.

On 26 December 1915, 67 blocks of land were up for sale at 5 pounds deposit and 1 pound per month. Interest was 5 percent. The result was that all 67 blocks sold. If you would like to learn more about the early history of our local suburbs, visit the Nundah & Districts Historical Society, located in the Nundah Library.

Loving Summer Activities You don’t need to drive hours to have fun on the water this summer. We’ve found some great water-based activities to enjoy on Brisbane’s northside.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at Sandgate Sandgate is a great location to StandUp Paddle Board – it has calm waters and you might glimpse dolphins, stingrays and dugongs. If you don’t have your own board, you can hire one from a local company, with many even offering lessons for yourself – and your pooch! Visit for more information.

Fishing at Nudgee Beach No boat? No worries. There are plenty of spots suitable for landbased fishing at Nudgee Budge. Flathead can be found along the canal edges and other common species are bream, catfish, pikey eels and stingrays. Brisbane City Council also hosts regular Fishing for Beginner events, with the next one (for 10-17 year olds) being held on Sunday, 16 January 2022. For more information, visit Chermside Water Park Chermside Aquatic Centre is home to Brisbane’s largest water park, with more than 200m of twisty water slides. It has three large pools, including a wading lagoon pool perfect for the little ones. Lots of picnic seating, grass and shaded areas available.

Nundah & Districts Historical Society Inc. Ph: 3260 6703 | E Nundah & Districts Historical Society Inc

The water park is open 10am to 5pm weekends and during the summer school holidays.

Nundah Now Committee The Nundah Now Annual General Meeting was held on Monday, 15 November at the Royal. The executive team for 2022 was formed, with Sonny Pascoe elected as President, Annie Reid as Vice-President, Sharon Gingell from Northside Connect as Secretary and Hannah Olsson from DFK Hirn Newey as Treasurer. The Committee Members for 2022 are Ben Tibben, Adam Allan, Kevin Conway and Ryan Shaw. The Nundah Now committee thanks Ben Tibben, who was President for over five years, for his commitment to the association and to the local area. During Ben’s time as President, a number of new events and community initiatives were developed and the Nundah Festival was named Community Event of the Year 2017 in the Lord Mayor’s Australian Day Awards.

Local Residents & Business Members Wanted.


Christmas in the Village


FREE EVENT Thurs day, 9th December 2021

Join Nundah Now


Help promote liveability and support businesses in the suburb of Nundah. Register online at




Follow 12

nundahnow and

nundahnowinc for the latest

PO Box 129 Nundah Village, Qld 4012 Ph: Secretary 0421 332 231 email:

DEC/JAN 2022

What’s on guide... *Information correct at time of printing.


SATURDAY, DEC 4 Nundah Christmas Twilight Markets You won’t want to miss the entertainment, activities, shopping and fun at Nundah’s Christmas Twilight Markets. Enjoy artisan handmade gifts, gourmet eats and drinks, live entertainment, snaps with Santa, a pop-up bar, DJ and kids activities. TIME: 4pm to 10pm LOCATION: Station Street, Nundah COST: $2 entry MORE INFO: nundahmarkets

SATURDAY, DEC 11 Nundah Christmas Plant and Gift Markets Enjoy a fabulous selection from local makers and artists at the Nundah Christmas Plant and Gift Markets! Shop for Christmas gifts (or a gift to yourself!) with kokedamas, plants, ceramics, candles, homewares and more available. Entry is free, with raffle tickets available to support the Romero Centre. Hosted by The Plant Lounge and Northside Connect. TIME: 5pm to 9pm LOCATION: 14 Station Street, Nundah COST: Free entry MORE INFO: theplantloungebrisbane

SUNDAY, DEC 5 Nundah Carols in the Park The Nundah Carols in the Park are back! Bring your friends and family for an evening with the community under the stars at Boyd Park, Nundah. Enjoy kids activities and food from the BBQ Roadshow, I Heart Calamari, Potato Twisters and Jimbo’s Delights food trucks. Carols will start at 6.30pm. TIME: From 5pm LOCATION: Boyd Park, Nundah COST: Free entry MORE INFO: nebnundah

SATURDAY, DEC 18 Ascot Green Christmas Carols and Markets Join in for a celebration of the festive season. Enjoy an evening of creative stalls, markets, gourmet food vendors and Christmas Carols from Birralee Choir, Excelsior Band and Opera Queensland. TIME: 5pm to 8pm LOCATION: St Leger Lawn, Eagle Farm Racecourse, Ascot COST: Free entry, but registration is required. MORE INFO:

SUNDAY, DEC 19 Carols by CANDYlight With all your favourite Christmas carols and some naughtiness along the way, Candy will be joined by some of Brisbane’s best singers and drag queens. Pop on your Christmas best and join in for Christmas cheer as they raise money for MyCool Events charity. 18+ only show. TIME: 3pm LOCATION: Kedron-Wavell Services Club COST: $30, with $5 going to MyCool Events charity MORE INFO: kedronwavell


Blue Christmas Service: 6pm at St Francis Church, Nundah. For those who hurt at Christmas time.

Park, Play & Tunes Would you like to meet local families? Join volunteer local mum Amy for a fun afternoon for children aged 0-5 and their carers. Follow the Facebook page for closing details over Christmas and New Year’s. Time: 4.15pm to 5pm Location: Sapsford Park, 21 Sapsford Road, Northgate COST: Free More Info: mumsdadsbubsmusic

Family Service: 6pm at St Oswald’s Church, Banyo. Includes Christmas songs, glow sticks and a nativity! Midnight Mass: 11.30pm at St Francis Church, Nundah Sat, Dec 25, Christmas Day 7am at Holy Spirit Church, Wavell Heights 8am at St Oswald’s Church, Banyo 9am at St Francis Church, Nundah

Made with love in Nundah.

Holy Spirit Church 39 Imbros Street, Nundah

Christmas Vegan Markets Enjoy your favourite vegan eats, drinkies, shopping and more at the Christmas Vegan Markets. There’s free entry, loads of free parking and it’s dog friendly. TIME: 9am to 4pm LOCATION: Upstairs Toombul COST: Free entry MORE INFO: toombul


Fri, Dec 24, Christmas Eve



Nundah Lions Club (every second week) Dinner meetings held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. TIME: Monday at 6.30pm Location: Norths Devils Leagues Club, Amelia and Franklin St, Nundah More Info: Pat on 0417 708 262 or Ted on 0414 745 934


Service times as normal

Christmas in the Village Enjoy an evening with locals at Nundah’s Christmas in the Village! Enjoy a sausage sizzle, Christmas carols and entertainment. Santa will arrive at 6.30pm with a free gift for each child. This free community event is organised by Nundah Now Inc with the support of a number of local businesses. TIME: 5pm start, 6.30pm Santa arrives LOCATION: 14 Station Street, Nundah COST: Free entry MORE INFO: nundahnow


Rotary Club of Nundah New members and volunteers welcome. The last meeting for 2021 will be on the 15 December, and meetings will resume on 19 January 2022. Time: 5:45pm for a 6:15pm start Location: Prince of Wales Hotel, 1154 Sandgate Rd, Nundah More Info: Terry on 0488 698 983 or Geoff on 0413 960 132

Sun, Dec 26, Boxing Day


JP Service A free Justice of the Peace service is available outside Muffin Break six days a week. Please check Toombul website for opening hours over the Christmas/New Year’s period. TIME: 9am to 12pm LOCATION: Toombul Shopping Centre

St Francis’ Church 62 Cavendish Street, Nundah St Oswald’s Church 9 Froude Street, Banyo

EVERY SATURDAY Kedron Parkrun Kedron Parkrun is a free, timed 5km run/ walk put on by the community for the community. Kedron Parkrun will be running on Christmas Day, but will not be operating on New Year’s Day. TIME: 6.45am for a 7am start LOCATION: 128 Shaw Rd, Kedron MORE INFO:

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The Nundah Spirit W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G AT N O R T H S I D E C O N N E C T – D E C / J A N Nundah Neighbourhood Centre | Brisbane North Community Legal Service | Domestic Violence and Family Support Program

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Start By Believing

As we come to the end of another very busy and challenging year at Northside Connect, the staff and Committee would like to say a big thank you to those individuals and businesses that supported the Centre in making a difference over the last 12 months.

October was Sexual Violence Awareness Month (SVAM) in Queensland. This was a time to hold events to help raise community awareness about sexual violence, promote the support options available to people affected by sexual assault and sexual abuse, and work to uphold a clear message that sexual violence will not be tolerated in our communities.

We would like to give special thanks to the Nundah and surrounding community which provide so much ongoing support to the Centre. Particularly, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our community in donating to our food relief program. This program has provided significant relief to many struggling families and individuals throughout the year, and as a program that relies solely on donations to operate, the support has been essential.

Local businesses have also played a significant role in supporting the Centre. Thank you to JJ Richards, The Commonwealth Bank Toombul, Blockhouse Coffee, Rotary Club of Nundah, Nundah Now Inc, The Plant Lounge, The Pink Gift, Craft and Doll Shop and Populace Threads – just a few of the local businesses who supported the Centre over the year. Thank you to our local representatives: Adam Allan, Councillor for Northgate Ward; Leanne Linard, member for Nudgee; Anika Wells, Federal member for Lilley. All of our local representatives have been great champions of the Centre and we greatly appreciate their recognition of the valued role we play in our local community. We would also like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all of the volunteers at Northside Connect. Volunteers continue to play a very significant role at the Centre and without the commitment of their time, skills and creativity the many programs offered would not be available.

The SVAM theme this year was START BY BELIEVING and the Northside Sexual Assault Action Network and the Northside Alliance Against Domestic Violence worked together on a project to promote this theme. Three workshops were held on the northside of Brisbane to create a banner, as pictured. The banner was created by women survivors of sexual violence and the words, ‘all of us’ were added to emphasise that sexual violence can and does happen to people of all backgrounds and, unfortunately, some more than others. The banner was placed near the Nundah Train Station during the month of October.

Postcards of the banner were also created with a QR code, for people to scan and watch a 3-minute video of the creation of the banner and hear three different women talk about the importance of being believed when disclosing experiences of sexual violence. On 19 October 2021 the video was launched at Northside Connect. The launch included a speaker from the networks mentioned above, as well as a very compelling speech by a woman with lived experience of sexual violence. She spoke about her experience of being believed and how this changed the trajectory of her life and her recovery.

Finally, thank you to Ben Tibben and the staff of Loving Nundah who very generously donate two professionally edited pages of the Loving Nundah Magazine to the organisation.

To see and listen to the three minute video please scan the QR code.

Room Hire Looking for a local venue to have a party or special event? At Northside Connect you can hire both indoor and outdoor spaces, invite up to 120 guests and have a great time knowing you’re supporting your local community! The space is family-friendly, suited for all ages and abilities, and is located in the heart of Nundah. You can choose to self-cater or take advantage of the many amazing local catering options! So what are you waiting for? Email us now at and start planning your best party yet!


A Yarn for 2021; Hopes for 2022 Noonga Reconciliation Group Inc. Noonga = Nundah (meaning = chain of waterholes) Turrabul Country. Juggara neighbours. The Noonga Reconciliation Group (NRG) recently celebrated 2021 by coming together with members and supporters to review the work done across the year to renew the vision for the group and find ways to support the growing membership in 2022. Gunggari woman, president Moira Bligh acknowledged the link between small, local acts of reconciliation and solidarity to the progression of national issues by sharing how the collective understanding of Australia’s Shared History shapes person to person interactions in the community.

“The fundamental issues that NRG seek to progress e.g. Recognition in the Australian Constitution, Changing the Flag and Anthem are not fringe issues but issues that are gaining enormous support with the recent endorsement from Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Catholic Church who has backed the Uluru Statement saying “only a heart of stone could allow the Indigenous peoples to become aliens, exiles and refugees in their own land”… and the continued work of the Qld Government’s Treaty Advancement Committee Report.” NRG invites all members, supporters and interested people to join them. By sharing a skill, participating in an event, building a new relationship, making a donation or attending a meeting you will increase your ways of living respectfully with culture. Details of meetings and events for 2022 will be available on the group’s Facebook page and website as well as by contacting All are welcome. Moira also thanked all those involved in the planning, delivery and attendance of 2021 National Sorry Day (26 May) at the Kalinga Park Sorry Site. This year as well, we were asked by the Brisbane City Council to assist them in their Sorry Day Event with the Mayor.

Christmas Market at Northside Connect The Plant Lounge is teaming up with Northside Connect to “bring you our first ever Plant & Gift Christmas Markets on Saturday 11 December, 5pm to 9pm. Our carpark will be transformed into Christmas Markets, and we will be full to the brim with plant and gift goodies, candles, crystals and homewares. Grab something to eat from our friends at the Good Food Trailer along with a glass of wine or cold beer while you browse the stalls and finish off your Christmas shopping.

We nominated Leoni Pope who too has a very powerful story about what happened to her as a Stolen Generation. Leoni, her daughter Ffion and Taurean Lee attended the Lord Mayor’s event. Much thanks were received from the Brisbane City Council. The gathering closed by welcoming in the Committee for 2022, Moira in her 12th year as President, Cate Ryan (VP), Colleen Kelly (Secretary), Jenny Winton (Treasurer), Eden McNamara, Trish Bartlett, Sharon Gingell, Jan Evens, Merryl Simpson and Margaret Rowley.

Noonga Reconciliation Group Inc. | noongareconciliationgroup

Northside Connect – Christmas Closure 2021 The centre will close at 12.30pm on Thursday, 23 December 2021 and will reopen at 9am on Monday, 10 January 2022. For more information on attending daily activities and to book, please phone on 3260 6820 or email

Final program dates for 2021 are: Monday, 6 December English Class Mondays

Wednesday, 8 December Sewing Group

Thursday, 9 December English Class Thursdays

Tuesday, 14 December Fruit and Vege Handout

Wednesday, 8 December Evening Legal Service

Final program dates for 2022 are: Tuesday, 18 January 2022 Fruit and Vege Handout

Monday, 31 January 2022 English Class Mondays

Wednesday, 2 February 2022 Evening Legal Service

Thursday, 3 February 2022 English Class Thursdays

Wednesday, 2 February 2022 Sewing Group

Northside Connect is closed every second Tuesday of the month from 2.30pm for a staff meeting. FUNDING ACKNOWLEDGMENT: The Nundah Neighbourhood Centre Program receives funding from the Queensland Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors. The Brisbane North Community Legal Service is funded by Federal and State Government, distributed by the Attorney General of Qld under the National Partnership Agreement. The Domestic Violence and Family Support Program is funded through a combination of both Queensland Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and Federal and State Government funding, distributed by the Attorney General of Qld. NCI also receives additional assistance through one off grants from Government and Philanthropic sources and generous donations from community members, local businesses and other organisations. DISCLAIMER: This publication contains general information only. Readers should not act on the basis of any material in this publication and obtain specific expert professional advice about their own particular situation. The NCI expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever caused to any persons with respect to any action taken in reliance on the contents of this publication.

Made with love in Nundah.


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