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Nudgee Beach, Super Moon Event in October.

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Over 2 Billion Containers Returned

YOUR LOCAL TEAM Publisher - Ben Tibben ben@lovingnundah.com.au Account Manager - Larni Tibben larni@lovingnundah.com.au Marketing Coordinator - Megan Bock megan@lovingnundah.com.au Photography - Tony Gwynn-Jones gwynn-jonesphoto@aapt.net.au

Since the introduction of the Containers for Change Program two years ago, Queenslanders have returned 2,469,295,112 containers. This has seen a reduction in beverage container litter by 54% and more than 110 kilo-tonnes of material processed and recycled. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a 10c refund. Return your containers to Nundah Primary State School (bag drop), DFO Brisbane Airport (bag drop), 915 Nudgee Road, Banyo (depot), Georgies Bar, Banyo (bag drop) or 46 Millway Street, Kedron (depot).


LOCAL AREA MARKETING OUR NEXT ISSUE AND CONTENT #49 February/March 2021 Booking deadline: 15 January Content deadline: 22 January Distributed: 8 February Phone: 07 3162 0802 Email: megan@lovingnundah.com.au

Local AREa CONTENT marketing + Advertising How It Works...

Local MP Leanne Linard appointed to Cabinet Member for Nudgee, Leanne Linard MP, has been appointed to the Queensland Government Cabinet. Leanne is one of three new appointments to the new-look Cabinet and has become the Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs. ‘Every child and young person deserves a safe and loving start to life, an education and a chance to reach their potential. Sadly not every child is born into that environment and many need our support and indeed protection. I look forward to working with the sector, stakeholders and passionate child safety officers and foster carers in the 4 years ahead,’ says Leanne. ‘Likewise, multicultural affairs is an area I know is rich with opportunities and challenges, including confronting racism when it rears its head and making sure we have a diverse and inclusive society. There’s plenty to be done and I’m looking forward to getting started’.

Multiple Ways / Channels We reach people across print, web and social media: Facebook 17,600+ followers Instagram 4,200+ followers Email 1,100+ subscribers Website 10,000 impressions per month Brisbane Inner North Locals We deliver to the right people and serve the local community with relevant information Frequency is Right • Bimonthly Magazine 25,000 printed sent to letterboxed and locations • Fortnightly E-News • 24/7 Website • 24/7 Instagram + Facebook Proven Results • Strong local following • Massive social media growth • Approx 16 million pages of positive local content

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Nudgee Beach – Nundah’s Closest Beach The cover photo for this issue was taken at Nudgee Beach during the recent super new moon, on November 15, 2020. Nudgee Beach is a great location for locals to explore and enjoy. While not a traditional ‘beach’ (it’s not really suitable for swimming), there is plenty to do, including birdwatching, fishing, canoeing, boating and cycling. Nudgee Beach has a 2km boardwalk around the wetlands to explore the mangroves and a bird hide for bird watching. Cyclists frequent the area, with bike tracks that connect to the Boondall Wetlands and even as far as Mitchelton via the Kedron Brook Bikeway. A visit to Nudgee Beach’s only shop and cafe is a must – Pam’s Cafe 88 serves coffee, ice-cream, takeaway meals and more. An upgrade to the playground at Nudgee Beach recently opened, with all abilities

elements, allowing equal access to play spaces. There are plenty of covered picnic areas and shady trees, barbeque areas and wide open spaces for activities. Four-legged friends love Nudgee Beach too. There is an off-leash dog area at Tuckeroo Park, which features an area just for small dogs. Grab your picnic basket and head out for an outing by the water this summer.

Cover Photo: Tony Gwynn-Jones Visit lovingnundah.com.au


Phill’s jams and preserves

‘Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would open a small fruit and vegetable store this year,’ said Phill. ‘I’m now up at 4.45am three mornings a week to head out to the Rocklea Markets to get fresh produce, and we now have 50 - 60 different items available.’

Phill’s Jams + Preserves and Fruit + Veg An oversupply of limes has led a Nundah couple to start their very own fruit and vegetable stall in Walkers Way, Nundah. Phill and his wife found themselves with an influx of limes after their 12-year-old lime tree was brimming with fruit. Phill started selling the limes to neighbours and friends, along with his homemade jams and preserves. Soon more and more people were coming to Phill’s house to purchase his homemade items, with requests for different items. Phill, who has a long history in the fruit and vegetable field, decided to obtain his: buyers licence to bring fresh fruit and vegetables to Nundah locals. One of Phill’s first jobs as a child was growing his own fruit and vegetables on his country farm and selling it in the neighbourhood on his Malvern Star push-bike. After a variety of jobs growing up, Phill became a Fruit and Vegetable Manager, taking him to stores across Queensland. Phill thought he had left those days behind him, but a strong interest from the local area has seen his small stall increase in size. Phill has good relationships with many of the agents at the markets, and personally selects all of the produce that he sells at his store.

‘The most popular items are the bananas, apples, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli,’ says Phill. ‘We also have a range of summer fruits, including stone fruits, mangos, cherries and paw paws – perfect for Christmas celebrations.’ As well as his fruit and vegetables, Phill has a range of homemade chutneys, jams and pickles and local honey, with the most popular being his tomato chutney and strawberry jam. Phill is planning on closing his small store after Christmas to take a break after a busy 2020. It will reopen in the New Year. You can visit Phill’s store at 29 Walkers Way, Nundah, from 9.30am to 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday.

alue V t a Gre tials n e s s E

Phill’s Jams + Preserves and Fruit + Veg 29 Walkers Way, Nundah

Make your Dreams come true with Style Style Kitchens by Design designs, constructs and installs upmarket kitchens, bathrooms and custom cabinetry using the latest technology and old-fashioned service. Visit the Nundah showroom to discuss your project with an experienced designer today. Showroom: 2/1207 Sandgate Road, Nundah Ph: 1300 249 211 stylekitchensbydesign.com.au stylekitchensbydesign

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Nundah Community Meals Earlier in the year, Loving Nundah featured Compassion 4 Community, a group of volunteers feeding those in the local area who were in need. Olive Volavola, Margaret Carl, Janelle Crouch and the volunteer team worked to provide three-course meals at the Nundah Activity Centre for those who needed food and company. When COVID-19 restrictions came in, Olive and her dedicated team were unable to welcome those in need to the Centre. So, they quickly adapted and began a pick-up and delivery service to get meals to those that were hungry.

“The need has increased in our community with COVID-19. People have lost their jobs and are struggling. We are now seeing lots of new people, and some with big families,” says Olive. The Compassion 4 Community team serves 3-course meals (soup, main and dessert) three times a week. They make at least 250 meals and deliver to 13 suburbs in and around Nundah. In November 2020, they served their 69,000th meal and delivered their 80th food hamper to residents who normally would have gone hungry. In addition to their normal service, Compassion 4 Community is holding their annual Christmas Day Lunch. At 11.30am on Christmas Day, the team will host and serve a three-course Christmas meal for people who normally spend the day alone, or those who normally go without. “It’s so much more than just food,” says Olive. “So many people are alone on Christmas, without friends and family. This day is about enjoying a meal with a room of people – something many people don’t have.” Compassion 4 Community would love to have more volunteers helping during the week, or at their Christmas Day Lunch. If you can assist, message the Compassion 4 Community Facebook page for more information. Compassion 4 Community | 15 Jenner Street, Nundah (Mon, Wed and Fri 10am - 7pm) Compassion4Community

HEALTH & FITNESS with Davina Donovan and Rob Lloyd from Fitstop Nundah

The Myth about Compensating for Festive Indulgence Does this sound familiar? You gear up for the festive season with a calendar full of events that involve food, drink, and more food. While you love indulging, the festive season is a barrage of indulgence. Typically one of two things happens. You say to yourself ‘no, don’t eat that’ (but then do anyway) or you feel guilty and then feel the need to change your diet choices the next day or try and out-train the indulgence.

It is not necessary to ‘make up for’ the holiday overload. In fact, it is very difficult to out-train less than optimal diet choices. Similarly, trying to ignore your internal dialogue (e.g. "Don't eat that!") will likely have the opposite effect - the thought you try to push away tends to stick with you until you give in and eat the forbidden item. You’re better off increasing your daily steps, maintaining your usual exercise routine, and seeking to return to your level of ‘normal’ once the holiday period is over. As for your thoughts, practice saying ‘I’ll have a little’ instead of ‘Don’t eat that’. Giving yourself a little of something may prevent an overindulgence later. Fitstop Nundah | 5/1220 Sandgate Road, Nundah Ph: 0413 106 643 | www.fitstop.com/nundah fitstopnundah | fitstop__nundah

Would you like to help? You can donate food containers that can be used to deliver meals

Make your Smile a New Year Resolution!

Donations of groceries are gratefully accepted

You can volunteer your time to cook meals, clean or make deliveries You can donate Christmas presents for the upcoming Christmas Day Lunch You can donate a handbag/men’s bag filled with toiletries for those in need Cash donations/gift cards are appreciated to purchase groceries and petrol for meal deliveries (Compassion 4 Community is a Public Benevolent Institute and any financial donations are tax-deductible) All donations can be delivered to 15 Jenner Street, Nundah on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10am and 7pm.

Thank you for supporting our independently owned business throughout 2020. If your teeth become a casualty of the Christmas festivities remember, we will be OPEN over the Christmas and New Year period (excluding public holidays). New patients always welcome.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Phone: 3260 6200 Email: enquire@nundahdental.com.au 6/1231 Sandgate Rd Nundah (off Aspinall St) www.nundahdental.com.au | NundahVillageDental

Good News Read the article on page 11 for good news from We Care Week that will help this service!



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with Ciaran Caldwell from The Joint Nundah

with Jordan McLennan from Jordan McLennan Properties

Men’s Health: A New Conversation

How To Beat Competing Offers

Did you take part in Movember? Growing a dodgy stache is the easy part – having difficult conversations and raising awareness around men’s health is hard, but is the focus of this important movement.

Have your heart set on your dream home but worried about a multiple offer scenario?

Specifically: • Aussie men die 4.4 years earlier than women • 60% are overweight and 50% don’t exercise regularly • Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed men’s cancer and it affects 1 in 6 Australian males. The good news: • Prostate cancer figures have improved with excellent treatment options • If caught early, 94% of men can expect to live to five years and 92% to 10 years • 150 minutes of exercise a week is as good as medicine.

We’ve seen it before - here are our four steps you can take to help you beat competing buyers! • O rganise Your Finances: Having loan pre-approval instantly gives weight to your offer and shows you’re prepared. • M ove Fast: When you see a new listing and you’re interested, don’t wait for the open home. Ask for a private inspection ASAP to show you’re a motivated buyer. • T ailor Your Offer: An offer that suits the vendor's needs and has clean timeframes for contingencies will definitely make an impression.

Cardio and Resistance training in combination can lower death rates, improve tolerance to and reduce side effects of cancer treatment, and reduce recurrence rates by up to 35%.

• H ire An Agent With Local Knowledge: An experienced agent with local expertise likely has good connections in the area and their reputation can help you secure your offer, because the vendor's agent knows they are reliable to work with.

Need support getting in your 150 minutes of recommended exercise a week? Make an appointment at The Joint to receive a tailored management plan.

A little specialist advice goes a long way, so if you’re still on the hunt for an experienced agent, let's have a chat.

The Joint | 9/1220 Sandgate Rd, Nundah and 1/62 Crockford St, Northgate Ph: 3191 4455 | www.thejointnundah.com | thejointnundah

Jordan McLennan Properties | Ph: 0405 368 111 www.jordanmclennan.com | jordan@jordanmclennan.com

Latest Nundah Now News The Nundah Now Annual General Meeting was held on Monday, 26 October at Platform 14, Nundah. The executive team for 2021 was formed, with Ben Tibben from Mozmo Creative elected as President, Annie Reid as Vice-President, Sharon Gingell from Northside Connect elected as Secretary and Hannah Olsson from DFK Hirn Newey as Treasurer. The Committee Members for 2021 are Sonny Pascoe, Adam Allan, Leanne Linard and Kevin Conway.

Join Nundah Now Local Residents & Business Members Wanted.


12 Month Membership for Local Business! Hannah Olsson, Treasurer, Ben Tibben, President and Sharon Gingell, Secretary

Use the code 'nundah19' when registering online.

The Nundah Now committee looks forward to continue promoting Nundah and making this suburb a better place to work and live in 2021. Help promote liveability and support businesses in the suburb of Nundah.


#Support Local

The Christmas tree and decorations will be up outside Nundah Corner in early December to light up Nundah for Christmas!

Nundah Now will also be promoting local businesses via their #SupportLocal social media campaign.


Nundah Now will highlight a range of gift ideas for Christmas that you can buy from the local area. After a turbulent 2020, we can all help support our local businesses better by shopping and dining local in the lead up to Christmas – and afterwards!

nundahnow and

Made with love in Nundah.

nundahnowinc for the latest

Register online at nundah.com/join-nundah-now


PO Box 129 Nundah Village, Qld 4012 Ph: Secretary 0421 332 231 email: nundahnow@nundah.com






with Hannah Olsson from DFK Hirn Newey

with Nicole Stimson from Eyecare Plus Nundah

The Economic Recovery Plan for Australia

Why Everyone Needs To Wear Sunglasses

Recently Treasurer Josh Frydenberg handed down the 2020-2021 Federal Budget and outlined The Economic Recovery Plan for Australia.

Sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes. They are just as important as wearing a hat and sunscreen protection on your skin – particularly here in Queensland. Even on overcast days, it is important to wear sunglasses to protect the health of your eyes.

As an individual, you can look forward to tax cuts with the government announcing $17.8 billion in tax relief. Furthermore, the low- and middle-income tax offset will be continuing for another year, with the low-income offset also being increased to $700. The changes to these offsets will benefit those being taxed and earning up to $120,000 per annum. If you are a business owner, you can look forward to a range of new incentives. The instant asset write-off no longer has an upper threshold if you meet all necessary requirements. This means any eligible assets you purchase after the date of the budget can be claimed as an immediate tax deduction by your business. Furthermore, businesses can now apply current year losses against previous year income to result in a possible refund. Also, your business could be eligible for JobMaker Hiring Credits if you create new jobs for eligible employees.

• 5-10% skin cancers occur around the eyes. • T he most common cause of cataracts (cloudiness of lens) is chronic exposure to UV sunlight. Cataracts manifest as we get older – but changes start to happen from our first decade in life. • O ther eye problems from UV damage include pterygiums and macular degeneration. The sun’s brightness and glare can also interfere with comfortable vision. Invest in a good quality pair of sunglasses that adhere to Australian Standards – your eyes will thank you for it. It is important that good eyewear protection habits start early in life.

If you have questions about these new incentives, contact DFK Hirn Newey for more information.

If you have any questions about your eye health or vision, speak to Nicole at Eyecare Plus Nundah.

DFK Hirn Newey | 1143 Sandgate Road, Nundah Ph: 3266 1488 | www.dfkhirnnewey.com.au dfkhirnnewey

Eyecare Plus Nundah – Optometrist I 1190 Sandgate Road, Nundah Ph: 3266 6444 | www.eyecareplus.com.au/nundah eyecareplusnundah

Come together, Live well, Be happy •

Remedial massage and social support groups with Government subsidises, Medicare, DVA and Private Health Insurance options available

Private in-home care services tailored to meet your individual care needs and budget

Group exercise and individual sessions from $8 per class with our Accredited Exercise Physiologists

Local office supporting local clients in HomeCare and Wellness activities

Accredited HomeCare provider across all 8 Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Standards

For more information about joining the BallyCara family please contact us on 1300 272 222 or email info@ballycara.com

Caras’ & Co

by BallyCara



Visit us at our new location Caras’ & Co, 36 Rose Street, Wooloowin www.ballycara.com Inspiring healthy & happy living Visit lovingnundah.com.au


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Are you Storm Ready?

Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grants

Despite a challenging year with COVID-19, I am pleased to have delivered key projects within the Northgate Ward including the Weyers Road Bikeway connection in Nudgee, the Pfingst Road corridor upgrade at Wavell Heights, park upgrades and multiple road resurfacing projects. This year has certainly had its unforeseen challenges and it is nice to end this year with some Christmas and festive cheer.

Every year, Brisbane experiences severe weather, including summer storms. With storm season upon us, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared if the worst were to happen. Now is the time to get your home storm-ready by cleaning your roof, gutters and downpipes, along with securing loose and large items in your yard and balconies.

Brisbane City Council is driving suburban economic vitality by helping businesses and property owners to upgrade their shopfronts.

Council provides free early warning alerts for residents and visitors. Register to get free weather alerts, which can be delivered via email, text, phone message or app notification.

The easing of State Government COVID-19 restrictions will allow our community to celebrate with a free Christmas Movie in Boyd Park, on Friday 4 December. As 2020 draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to wish residents of Northgate Ward and their families, a Merry FR EE MOVIE Christmas and a Outdoor Cinema in the Suburbs -- PRESENTS -safe and Happy New Year!


4 December • Mov ie at 6:30pm

• Boyd Park, Nund


You can register and find advice on how to prepare you property, emergency kits, and how to stay safe in a severe weather event at www.brisbane.qld.gov.au.

We're supporting our local suburban shops in getting back on their feet in this economically turbulent time by matching applicants with up to 50% of their shop front upgrades up to $5,000. The Suburban Shopfront Improvement Grant program is now open and closes on Wednesday 23 December 2020. This is a matched grant, for every dollar requested from Council, the applicant must have an equal dollar amount (or more) to put toward the project. Please note that funds are limited. This grant aims to assist shopfronts in refreshing the façade of their street frontage. Find more information at www.brisbane.qld.gov.au.

Cr Adam


Hosted by Brisbane City


Cr Adam Allan

Councillor for Northgate Ward

3403 2210 northgate.ward@bcc.qld.gov.au www.adamallan.com.au Councillor.Allan

Councillor for Northg

Follow facebook.com

ate Ward


for updates

Brisbane City Council (24hr Contact Centre) 3403 8888

Growing business and brands Branding that people can fall in love with. Brochures and campaigns to get your message across. Websites that win customers.


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Not to be used in conjunction with VIP discounts, on public holidays, rewards program or with any other offer. Free item to equal or lesser value on one transaction. Main Meal excludes Sides & The Kids’ Club menu. One offer per person. Only valid with meals from menu at Toombul & Stafford. Expires 31/12/20. V13

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GIFT & GIVE GUIDE 2020 has been a year unlike any other. This year, we encourage you more than ever to shop small and support our local businesses. If you are in a position to help, we encourage you to support our local charities and not-for-profit organisations who are working hard in the community.




Donate nonperishable food items, pet food and toiletries for the Zillmere Community Centre. Donated items will help struggling families, homeless people and anyone in financial or domestic crisis in the local area. Food items can be donated in the cage outside of Flight Centre, Nundah Village or at the collection boxes outside of Coles and Aldi at Toombul Shopping Centre.

Get your loved one an organic, locally-made and endlessly refillable Organic Facial Gift Pack from Vessel Nundah! This pack includes a Facial Cleanser, Facial Toner, Facial Moisturiser and 3 handmade, washable facial scrubbies.

The Salvation Army is asking for donations of gifts, books, sporting equipment, arts and crafts, school supplies and toiletries for families this Christmas. Donate items under the tree at Kmart Toombul.

Vessel Nundah | 1/8 Station Street, Nundah

Toombul Shopping Centre | 1015 Sandgate Road, Nundah

Nundah Village Shopping Centre | Cnr Buckland and Sandgate Roads, Nundah Toombul Shopping Centre | 1015 Sandgate Road, Nundah


CHRISTMAS ATTIRE Looking for a breezy outfit for Christmas Day? Or, wanting to spoil someone with jewellery, a new handbag or accessory? Antica Home has a range of fabulous gift ideas, and items you’ll want to keep for yourself!

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland is asking for your support to help provide gifts to children in hospital dealing with Cystic Fibrosis. You can leave a gift under the Christmas Giving Tree at The Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Bookshop and make being stuck in hospital just a little bit better. The Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Bookshop | 3/160 Ryans Road, Nundah

Antica Home | Toombul Shopping Centre, 1015 Sandgate Road, Nundah

CHRISTMAS TREATS Treat a friend (or yourself) to some delicious Christmas goodies from Flour & Chocolate. Enjoy Christmas cookies, cupcakes, plum puddings, fruit mince tarts, macarons and more. Flour & Chocolate Northgate | 78 Old Toombul Road, Northgate


BOTANICAL GIFTS Looking for a gift for your favourite friend, teacher or family member? 2B Planted has a gorgeous range of plants and pots that your plant-loving friend will enjoy.

Events are finally back on, so now is the perfect time to stock up on takeaway beers from Fick Brewing Company. Be the hero of Christmas Day when you crack these out in the afternoon. Cheers! Fick Brewing Company | 108 Old Toombul Road, Northgate

2B Planted | VEND Market Place, 1768 Sandgate Road, Virginia



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This is

This is. Maxine Silvestro, Nundah & Districts Historical Society

"History belongs to everyone. Dust off the archives and share it!" This is. series focuses on Nundah Natives, interviewed and photographed by local contributor Gaylia Lee. www.thisismephotography.com.au

Born and bred in Nundah, Maxine is a bit of an expert on the early German missionary settlement of Nundah (Turrbul land) and the stories of those who lived and died here during this time. Although now living outside of Nundah, Maxine’s sense of public service brings her back a few times per week to join the team as the secretary for the Nundah & Districts Historical Society. Maxine is determined to modernise and share the archives via the introduction of the Facebook page which she and the team lovingly update.

A former state public servant and mother of two adult children, Maxine fell in love with a very handsome Italian man in her youth and later married him – after learning to speak Italian! They started their family while living in Italy but sadly, Maxine lost her love to an illness while he was still young. The Italian influence lives on – she has bulk tomato sauce cook-ups and has quite the collection of statues in her garden. The Nundah & Districts Historical Society is a non-profit organisation that relies on book sales, donations and memberships to keep its doors open. The Society was founded in 1984 and maintains records, photographs, maps and documents of the Nundah districts and of the pioneers of the district. For more information visit the Facebook page: Nundah Districts Historical Society Inc.

Join us every day for a delicious feed Contactless ordering from your table now available We will bring the food to you Book a spot today! theroyalnundah.com.au

Made with love in Nundah.


Our Local Representatives We asked our local representatives about this year and their plans for 2021

Anika Wells MP Federal Member for Lilley Northsiders have pulled together to meet the many challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With 20,431 Lilley residents and 5,377 businesses relying on JobKeeper to help make ends meet, it’s vital that this support from the Federal Government isn’t removed or reduced too soon. In 2021, I’ll be working hard to ensure the Federal Government doesn’t leave Northside families behind and that policies are in place to get people back into jobs. Parents returning to work also need support to ensure they can access affordable childcare. Early childhood educators are essential workers and the pandemic has exposed what we have known for a long time – our early education system isn’t working for early educators or working families. Lilley families need a meaningful plan to ensure our early educators are supported and shown the respect they deserve, and early education is affordable, accessible and high quality for every child on the Northside.

Leanne Linard MP Member for Nudgee and Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs

Thank you ‘Nudgee’ for putting your faith in me for a third term. It is an absolute privilege to be given the opportunity to continue to serve our community for the next four years. My priority this term, as it has been for the past two, is to see our community get the infrastructure upgrades and investment in services that our growing community needs. Over the coming twelve months my priority is to see the election and budget commitments I have promised, delivered, including a range of initiatives at local schools, upgrades to sporting fields, a Northgate Park’n’ride expansion study, a Banyo station accessibility upgrade and a feasibility study into the Banyo road and rail crossing (contingent on matched BCC funding). In addition to my electorate responsibilities, it is a privilege to have been appointed to the role of Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs. This portfolio is close to my heart, both as a mother of two young children and as the representative of a vibrant and multicultural community such as ours. There’s plenty to be done and I’m looking forward to continuing to work hard for our community in the coming years.

Cr Adam Allan Northgate Ward As your local Councillor, I continue to focus on the future of our area over the coming years. Council is committed to supporting our city and suburbs following COVID-19. As you may be aware, Council has commenced a social media marketing campaign, Brisbetter Local, to support local shopping precincts by encouraging residents to get out and shop locally. Additionally, a new Suburban Business Hub is to be established in Nundah which will provide support to businesses and organisations. The hub will be a place for business owners to meet, obtain advice, attend seminars and seek support to recover from the coronavirus crisis and thrive. I would encourage you to buy local where possible, it’s never been more important to support our small businesses. Key projects to be progressed include upgrades to the Hows and Melton Road Intersection, the Nudgee Recreation Reserve sport and recreation park and the Nudgee Waterhole Reserve upgrade. These key green space improvements provide our community with more opportunities to enjoy Brisbane's beautiful climate and connect with family and friends. Your feedback on initiatives that benefit our local community and suburbs is valued and I look forward to working with you over the coming year.



Visit Visit lovingnundah.com.au lovingnundah.com.au

/lovingnundah lovingnundah

We Care Week 2020 – Supporting Our Local Community We Care Week was held from the 15 to 22 November 2020, focusing on volunteer projects in Nundah and surrounding suburbs.

We Care Week is an initiative of Majestic Church Brisbane. Organisers Sonny and Leisa Pascoe, as well as a team of dedicated volunteers, delivered a number of projects to help not-for-profit organisations and individuals in need. This year, We Care Week looked a bit different due to the COVID-19 restrictions. With the need for help even higher than normal, the We Care Week team tackled two projects in the local area – raising funds and food for Compassion 4 Community and hosting a High Tea supporting women impacted by domestic violence. The High Tea, hosted at Northside Connect, was attended by a number of women in the area Leisa and Sonny Pascoe, who enjoyed a delicious morning tea and gift We Care Week organisers bags to take home. We Care Week raised funds for Compassion 4 Community, a local organisation featured on page four in this issue of Loving Nundah, who are feeding those in need in the local area. Compassion 4 Community is run by an amazing bunch of locals volunteering their time to care for the community to ensure people don’t go hungry. Seeing this need, We Care Week decided to raise funds to help Compassion 4 Community continue to help those in need and with the generosity of Majestic Church and the people of Nundah, they were able to raise an amazing $15,000!

Compassion 4 Co

mmunity volunteer


High Tea volunteers

unteering Leisa Pascoe vol at the High Tea

This is the third year that We Care Week has helped the local community – to see the impact We Care Week has made over the years, visit wecareweek.com.au


The Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Bookshop End of Year and New Year Sales are On

Shop 3, 100 East West Arterial Road (Service Rd entry off Nudgee Rd)

Stock up on books for your holiday reading and support those with cystic fibrosis. End of Year Sale: 16 December to 20 December The CFQ Bookshop is closed COB 20 December to 6 January New Year Sale: 6 January to 10 January

The Cystic Fibrosis Bookshop raises funds to make short lives big! All proceeds support the services delivered by Cystic Fibrosis Queensland.

Open 4:30am 7 days Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm 3/160 Ryan’s Road, Nundah | Ph: 3256 9622

Made with love in Nundah.




LOCAL BUSINESS GUIDE Your guide to supporting local FOOD & DRINK


All Inn Brewing Co 189 Elliott Road, Banyo


2B Planted Unique gift ideas and home decor for Christmas VEND Market Place, Virginia 2bPlanted | 2b_planted

Grab a Loving Nundah VIP Membership – Limited to 10!

Open from


12pm, 7 days

Summer is here!

Over $370 value. Must mention this ad!

24fit Wavell Heights 159 Hamilton Road, Wavell Heights Ph: 0455 369 846 | 24fit.com.au/wavell-heights 24fitwavellheights | 24fit_wavellheights



SUN SAFE SWIMWEAR ORDER ONLINE NOW Babes in the Shade Free local pickup in Clayfield www.babesintheshade.com.au

Flour & Chocolate Northgate Lovingly Handmade Daily 78 Old Toombul Road, Northgate Ph: 3161 6246 flourandchocolatenorthgate


DS Energy DS Energy is your local energy and solar business with a long history of satisfied clients. If you are looking for a quality job by a trustworthy team, give the experts a call today. 6/60 Allworth Street, Northgate Ph: 3161 5351 www.dsenergy.com.au dsenergy

All your plants, pots, and refillable skincare and cleaning products in one store.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

1/8 Station Street, Nundah www.vesselnundah.com.au www.theplantlounge.com.au

Call Steve PH: 0404 623 895 Fraser Road Coffee


Great coffee, treats and pastries (gluten-free and vegan available too!)


1/12 Fraser Road, Northgate fraserroadcoffee Ph: 0433 278 600 |

Contact David today

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York Street Espresso Bar 83 York Street, Nundah yorkstreetespressobar

www.whitegrovehouse.com.au | Ph: 3062 0506 812 Sandgate Road, Clayfield

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WHAT’S ON? Free Movie in the Park 04 A free movie in the park will be held on Friday, 4 December from 6.30pm. Bring your bean bag and picnic rug and enjoy food trucks and a screening of Get Santa. Friday, 4 December TIME: Movie starts at 6.30pm LOCATION: Boyd Park, Nundah COST: Free MORE INFO: Contact Northgate Ward on 3403 2210 FRI DEC



Sunday, 6 December TIME: 1pm to 4pm LOCATION: Elliott Road, Banyo MORE INFO: virginiagolfclub

Hamilton Wheelers Summer Twilight Series Enjoy cycling? Take part in Hamilton Wheeler’s Summer Twilight Series at the Nundah Criterium Circuit. Spectators are welcome to cheer on the races – there is prize money for the first 4 places in each race. Races are held on 9 and 16 December, 20 and 27 January and 3 February. Wednesday, 9 December TIME: From 4.30pm LOCATION: Nundah Criterium Circuit COST: $12 seniors, juniors free MORE INFO: www.hamiltonwheelers.com


Live Music at Upstairs Toombul Enjoy live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 04 in December at Upstairs Toombul. Sit back, relax and enjoy on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 5pm - 7pm and Sunday’s from 12pm - 2pm. Friday, Saturday TIME: From 5pm - 7pm Sunday TIME: From 12pm - 2pm LOCATION: Upstairs Toombul COST: Free MORE INFO: upstairstoombul

*Information correct at time of printing. Remember to stay home if you’re sick and to follow any regulations in place to keep you and our community safe.


Cruizy Sundays Enjoy live music and delicious meals at Virginia Golf Club’s final Cruizy Sunday for 2020.




Fri, Dec 11 - Womxn Who Rock-Climb Night 11 Have fun at the monthly Womxn who Rock-Climb evening. Test yourself on the top rope, lead routes, auto belays or race a friend on the speed-walls. Enjoy socialising with like-minded women. FRI DEC

Friday, 11 December TIME: 6pm - 9pm LOCATION: Urban Xtreme, 4/370 Nudgee Road, Hendra MORE INFO: urbanxtremeadventures

JP Service A free Justice of the Peace service is available at Toombul Shopping Centre six days a week. Online Workshop - Kids Creative Writing Workshop 18 Kids will take part in a series of short writing activities using observation, imagination and description. It’s ideal for children aged 9 - 12 years and designed to build creativity and confidence. This event will be delivered via Zoom. FRI DEC

Friday, 18 December TIME: 2pm to 3pm LOCATION: Your home via Zoom COST: Free MORE INFO: www.brisbane.qld.gov.au



Comedy Christmas Special Get into the festive spirit and enjoy a night of massive laughs with some of Australia’s best comedians.

Friday, 18 December TIME: 7pm LOCATION: The Lounge, Nundah COST: $29.90 MORE INFO: theloungenundah

Yoga for Stress Learn how to move out of stressed states into calmer regulated states with Yoga. This class, which is a mix of mindful movement, yoga postures, breathwork and specific mindfulness meditation techniques to help activate relaxation and healing and build strength and resilience. SAT DEC


Saturday, 5 December TIME: 3pm - 4.30pm LOCATION: Clayfield Yoga Studio, 30 Wagner Road, Clayfield COST: $29 MORE INFO: www.clayfieldyoga.com.au

Saturday, 12 December TIME: 3.30pm - 6.30pm LOCATION: Northside Evangelical Church, 5 Arnold Street, Northgate COST: Free MORE INFO: NorthsideEvangelicalChurchBrisbane

Paper Planes in the Park Do you love everything to do with aeroplanes? Come along and join in at the Banyo Memorial Park to see if you can design and build a winning paper plane. This event is hosted by the Banyo Library and ideal for children aged 6 - 11 years old.

Nundah Christmas Twilight Markets 05 Browse artisan handmade gifts, gourmet eats and drinks, fresh Christmas produce and enjoy live entertainment, pop-up bar, DJ, kids activities and even a visit from Santa. Saturday, 5 December TIME: 4pm to 10pm LOCATION: Station Street, Nundah COST: $2 MORE INFO: nundahmarkets SAT DEC

Made with love in Nundah.


Thursday, 17 December TIME: 1pm - 2pm LOCATION: Banyo Memorial Park (next to the Banyo Library at 284 St Vincents Road, Banyo) COST: Free MORE INFO: www.brisbane.qld.gov.au

Nundah Lions Club (every second week) Last meeting for 2020 will be 15 December, meetings resume 19 January 2021. TIME: 6.30pm LOCATION: Norths Devils Leagues Club, Amelia and Franklin Sts, Nundah MORE INFO: Pat on 0417 708 262 or Ted on 0414 745 934 Hatha Yoga and Meditation Last class for 2020 will be 22 December and will resume in the New Year. TIME: 6pm to 7pm and 7.15pm to 8.15pm LOCATION: Northside Connect, 14 Station Street, Nundah MORE INFO: www.nundahyoga.com.au


Live Music at All Inn Brewing Co 10 Wear your dancing boots for some live music at All Inn Brewing Co. Enjoy tunes from Junior and the Easy Aces and cold beer from All Inn Brewing Co.

TIME: 5:45pm for a 6:15pm start LOCATION: Prince of Wales Hotel, 1154 Sandgate Rd, Nundah MORE INFO: Terry on 0488 698 983 or Geoff on 0413 960 132


Sunday, 10 January TIME: Live music from 3pm LOCATION: 189 Elliott Road, Banyo MORE INFO: allinnbrewingco Online Author Event with Isobelle Carmody Carmody is a well-known Australian 12 Isobelle author who has written many novels and short stories for children and adults. Join Isobelle for this very special online event via Zoom as she reads from her novel The Red Wind and holds a discussion. This event is ideal for children aged 8 - 10 years. TUE JAN



Rotary Club of Nundah Meetings held until December 16 2020, then resume on January 20 2021.


NEC Christmas Markets 12 Bring friends and family and enjoy stalls brimming with plants, handmade kids clothing, Christmas decorations, gifts, freshly baked goodies and more. There will be a free sausage sizzle and kids activities.

TIME: 9am to 12pm LOCATION: The Lounge, Toombul Shopping Centre

Tuesday, 12 January TIME: 10am to 10.45am LOCATION: Your home via Zoom BOOKINGS: Bookings are required. Call the Hamilton Library on 3403 1050 to reserve your space MORE INFO: www.brisbane.qld.gov.au


EVERY THURSDAY Blue Sky Harmony Final rehearsal for 2020 is Thursday, 10 December, with rehearsals resuming on Thursday, 28 January 2021. TIME: 7pm LOCATION: Toombul Shire Hall, 1141 Sandgate Road, Nundah MORE INFO: Julie on 0409 267 730 or info@blueskyharmony.com.au


Nundah Farmers Markets TIME: 6am to 12pm LOCATION: Station St, Nundah MORE INFO: /nundahmarkets




The Nundah Spirit W H AT ’ S H A P P E N I N G AT N O R T H S I D E C O N N E C T – D E C / J A N Nundah Neighbourhood Centre | Brisbane North Community Legal Service | Domestic Violence and Family Support Program

Northside Connect | Phone: 3260 6820 | Fax: 3260 7127 Address: 14 Station Street, Nundah Postal: PO Box 386, Nundah 4012 Email: admin@northsideconnect.org.au Website: www.nundahcc.org.au Northside Connect

AGM and Launch of New Brand

We Care Week High Tea

On the 30th November Northside Connect held its Annual General Meeting and launched the new name and brand.

On the 5th November the Majestic Church hosted a High Tea at Northside Connect for women who had experienced domestic violence, as part of their We Care Week program. Women were treated to a delicious high tea as well as receiving a pamper pack with lots of lovely goodies.

The night was a celebration of the work of the organisation and an opportunity to bring our community together to say thank you to all those that have supported us throughout the year. After a challenging year, it was very positive to see so many familiar faces and catch up with everyone face to face.

The volunteers of Majestic Church did an amazing job of spoiling the women and giving them a much needed retreat from the challenges of their day-to-day lives.

Northside Connect has a new website!

Walk Against Domestic and Family Violence You are invited to join in walking to raise awareness of the Red Bench Foundation's Domestic and Family Violence Walk Against Violence during 16 days of Activism Against Gendered Violence. Join us at 8:00am, on Sunday 6 December, as we walk from Boyd Park, Nundah to Nundah Village's Red Bench on Station Street, Nundah. A gold coin fundraising BBQ breakfast will be available at Northside Connect after the walk. Registration is from 7:45am, Boyd Park, Nundah. Register for free at https://www.trybooking.com/BMYFH

Along with our new name and new brand we also have a brand new website, to check it out go to: www.northsideconnect.org.au

Looking forward to 2021 Like everyone, 2020 has been a challenging year for Northside Connect. In March 2020, we closed our doors to the community with no certainty of when we would be able to reopen them again. COVID-19 had hit Brisbane and we had all been put on severe restrictions to stop the spread of the pandemic. The decision to close our doors was not an easy one, and challenged all our staff, volunteers, and the Management Committee. It went against our ethos to have an open-door service, where people can drop in and seek support and assistance, and where we can meet the needs of our local community. As an essential service, we were able to continue to deliver some services and quickly adapted our model of service delivery to ensure we could respond to the increased demand across all of our program areas. For the past 9 months, we have continued with this response and slowly reopened face-to-face activities as restrictions eased and it became safer to be out in the community.



As we come to the end of 2020, we are positive for what the New Year will bring. We hope to bring back our full range of programs and activities and offer more in the way of face-to-face support. We will take what we've learned from this year and continue to deliver flexible services that meet the needs of a wide range of people across the north Brisbane region. We hope everyone has a peaceful and safe holiday and will have an opportunity to celebrate with others, whether it be family, friends, neighbours or maybe strangers who will soon become something more. From the staff and Management Committee of Northside Connect

Visit lovingnundah.com.au


Room Hire

Historical Plaque in Nundah

Can’t have a party in your backyard because of COVID-19 restrictions? Have it in our space instead!

On Monday 26th October, North-East Baptist Church had the privilege of receiving a plaque from the Baptist Heritage Society of Queensland to mount on the building marking the site of the Nundah Baptist Memorial Church.

At Northside Connect you can hire both indoor and outdoor spaces, invite up to 120 guests and have a great time knowing you’re supporting your local community. The space is family-friendly, suited for all ages and abilities, and is located in the heart of Nundah. You can choose to self-cater or take advantage of the many amazing local catering options.

A short ceremony was held with representatives from the Queensland Baptist Archives including Rev Dr David Parker and Mr Eric Kopittke. The wooden structure mentioned on the plaque is the building adjacent to North-East Baptist Church located at 17-19 Chapel Street. The Baptist Church of Queensland has a rich history and The Baptist Heritage Society of Queensland does an excellent job of keeping records and archives.

So what are you waiting for? Email us now at admin@northsideconnect.org.au and start planning your best party yet!

Come for a stroll down Chapel Street sometime to have a look at the plaque and the building next door.


Nundah Lions Christmas Cakes Enjoy Christmas with a traditional Lions Christmas Cake or Pudding. Cakes can be ordered by contacting Pat on 0417 708 262 or Ted on 0414 745 934

Northside Connect – Christmas Closure 2020

Upgrades to our IT systems Northside Connect has been successful in gaining funds from a number of sources that will greatly assist in adapting the organisation to better respond to any future restrictions on service delivery as a result of a pandemic or other similar disaster.

Thank you to the Qld Department of Employment, Small Business and Training for the Small Business COVID-19 Adaptation grant, Department of Justice and Attorney General for funding to improve IT capabilities for virtual service delivery and Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation for the Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant. Funds from all of these grants have been used to upgrade our IT systems, phone system and security system, create a new interactive website to assist in the delivery of virtual services and implement strategies to better market and communicate with our community about what we do. Made with love in Nundah.

The centre is closed for walk-ins, but available over the phone 10am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday. For more information on attending daily activities and to book, please phone on 3260 6820 or email admin@nortsideconnect.org.au Northside Connect will be closed from Monday 21st December 2020, reopening Wednesday, 6th January 2021. Final program dates for 2020 are:

Monday, 7th December English Language Classes

Tuesday, 8th December Fruit and Veg Handout

Wednesday, 9th December Sewing Group

Wednesday, 9th December Yoga

Wednesday, 9th December Legal Service (Legal Service will continue to take appointments for phone advice until fully booked up to 9th December)

Thursday, 10th December Fruit and Veg Handout

If restrictions continue to lift and there are no community transmissions, Northside Connect intends to reopen its front space from the 6th January 2021. Program start dates for 2021 will be confirmed when we return in 2021 and have assessed current restrictions and required safety plans. Up-to-date information will be available on our website and posted on our front door. This Nundah Neighbourhood Centre is closed every second Tuesday of the month from 2.30pm for a staff meeting. FUNDING ACKNOWLEDGMENT: The Nundah Neighbourhood Centre Program receives funding from the Queensland Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors. The Brisbane North Community Legal Service is funded by Federal and State Government, distributed by the Attorney General of Qld under the National Partnership Agreement. The Domestic Violence and Family Support Program is funded through a combination of both Queensland Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and Federal and State Government funding, distributed by the Attorney General of Qld. NCI also receive additional assistance through one off grants from Government and Philanthropic sources and generous donations from community members, local businesses and other organisations. DISCLAIMER: This publication contains general information only. Readers should not act on the basis of any material in this publication and obtain specific expert professional advice about their own particular situation. The NCSGI expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever caused to any persons with respect to any action taken in reliance in the contents of this publication.