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Louisiana Literature 2013 presents literature in readings, interviews, discussions, songs, musical interpretations and performances. The writers appear on stages throughout the museum, outdoors and indoors, giving the written and spoken word a place amidst nature, architecture and visual art. We are proud to present this year’s program with important authors from Denmark and abroad, invited because they write good books and have something to say, something to give us who read their books. Louisiana Literature 2013 takes us out into the world with names from such different countries as England, Japan, Norway, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Ghana/Nigeria, Algeria, Finland, Ireland, Iceland and Italy. True to tradition, we offer a number of newly written contributions to the project Audio Walk, where writers engage in dialogue with art and places around the museum. We are looking forward to four days of tribute to the writers and literature – and to being in that special space that arises when the writers meet their readers, old and new. Welcome to Louisiana Literature 2013 Poul Erik Tøjner

Christian Lund

Museum Director

Festival Director


FESTIVAL EVENTS IN ENGLISH THURSDAY 22.8 Weiwei Stage 6:00 PM: Performance by Tomomi Adachi Giacometti Room 6:30 PM: Readings: Zadie Smith, Nick Laird, Colum McCann and Olga Grjasnowa Concert Hall 8:00 PM: Colum McCann interviewed by Synne Rifbjerg

Friday 23.8 

The museum is open untill 11:00 PM

Concert Hall 2:30 PM: Sofi Oksanen interviewed by Synne Rifbjerg. Reading: Helle Fragralid Weiwei Stage 5:00 PM: Colum McCann in conversation with Taiye Selasi. Moderator: Kim Skotte Concert Hall 9:30 PM: Concert: Jenny Hval


Concert Hall 12:00 PM: Suzanne Brøgger in conversation with Olga Grjasnowa. Moderator: Marie Tetzlaff Weiwei Stage 2:00 PM: Taiye Selasi interviewed by Martin Krasnik Villa Stage 3:30 PM: Concert: Jenny Hval Concert Hall 4:30 PM: Zadie Smith interviewed by Synne Rifbjerg Morris Louis Stage 4:30 PM: Performance by Olof Olsson


Museum is open from 10:00 AM

Concert Hall 11:00 AM: Sofi Oksanen in conversation with Rosa Liksom. Moderator: Marie Tetzlaff Morris Louis Stage 1:00 PM: Performance by Olof Olsson Villa Stage 2:00 PM: Performance by Tomomi Adachi Concert Hall 3:00 PM: Reading: Ian McEwan Concert Hall 4:00 PM: Ian McEwan interviewed by Synne Rifbjerg



“I WANT TO SING LIKE A FACE SPLIT OPEN” says 32-year-old Norwegian singer, author and performer Jenny Hval. Hval’s performance is informed by fervent expressive energy. The Guardian singles out her “hallucinatory visual power” and playful honesty. On Innocence is Kinky, the latest album, we hear not only a unique singing voice, often compared to P.J. Harvey’s, but also the voice of a poet. Meet Jenny Hval in the Concert Hall, Friday 9:30 PM and on the Villa Stage, Saturday 3:30 PM

JAPANESE SOUND-POETRY The Japanese performer, composer and soundpoet Tomomi Adachi makes improvised music with voice, computer and home-made instruments, drawing on Japan’s great tradition of sound-poems and on modern performance. Thursday he will perform with an infrared sensor shirt, forming sounds according to how he moves. Sunday he performs the work Japanese sound poetry, which includes a work by Yoko Ono. Meet Tomomi Adachi on the Weiwei Stage, Thursday 6:00 PM and on the Villa Stage, Sunday 2:00 PM (in case of rain, the event will be held

MARTIN RYUM SINGS INGER CHRISTENSEN Danish singer and songwriter Martin Ryum performs with his new songs based on Inger Christensens early collections of poetry Light and Grass. Inger Christensen was till her death in 2009 Danish literature’s strongest candidate for the Nobel Prize. Her work includes titles such as Butterfly Valley: A Requiem, Alphabet and Letter in April. Meet Martin Ryum at the Villa Stage, Friday 6:30PM and Sunday 2:00 PM (in case of rain, the event will be held at the Morris Louis Stage)

Schedule of events may be subject to change

at the Morris Louis Stage)

MONOLOGUE ABOUT WRITING Hear Olof Olsson’s unique kind of performance, combining elements from stand-up comedy, lectures, monologues and silent film. This performance takes up language and storytelling engaging in Olson’s grandfathers secret and unpublished fiction writing. Meet Olof Olsson at the Morris Louis Stage Saturday 4:30 PM and Sunday 1:00 PM Follow the festival on facebook and twitter: #LouisianaLit

OTHER EVENTS AT THE FESTIVAL Audio Walk 2013 A regular feature of Louisiana Literature is Audio Walk (produced by Pejk Malinovski). Eight selected authors have written about spaces and art at Louisiana. The contributions have been produced as a sound experience offering the audience their own literary experience on iPods during the festival. This year two English-speaking artists are contributing: Tomomi Adachi: The Honey Bee is Almost Gone With... (at the Japanese maple in the Sculpture Park and takes its cue from the story of the man who gave the Louisiana Museum its name) Yoko Ono: Letter to a Young Artist (at the entrance to the Yoko Ono exhibition) iPods and maps for AUDIO WALK 2013 are available at the museum entrance. Audio Walk can also be experienced on a smartphone through this link: For Audio Walk 2012 Nicole Krauss contributed Welcome, which takes its cue from the story of the founder of the Louisiana Museum, Knud W. Jensen. For Audio Walk 2011 Gary Shteyngart contributed a text called On the toilet: in Praise of the New Workplace of the Wired Creative Class. Written for the toilets beneath the museum café. These audio walks from 2012 and 2011 are also included on the iPods available at the museum entrance.

MEET THE AUTHORS “ not weep / write, here we are, here we are, write, we are for sale / write, we were away a while / write, we stand by the wall and get some sun / write, it tickles, it tickles, it tickles, it tickles / write, it hurts, it hurts / [...] / it’s like being a telephone that flashes before it begins to ring // we know all that we must know”. Meet Anders Abildgaard in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 3:00 PM

A supernatural phenomenon has sent everything from worms to people into a loop. A man in Los Angeles is the exception: Mark wakes up one morning thinking he has a psychosis, but now, 9 years later, he has accepted the situation: he is all alone in the world. The author’s new novel, År 9 efter Loopet, received great critical acclaim. Meet Peter Adolphsen in the Giacometti Room, Fri. 5:00 PM and in the Concert Hall, Sun. 11:30 AM

PHOTO: Morten Holtum

PHOTO: Cato Lein


PHOTO: Saga Berlin

PHOTO: Morten Holtum

LONE ABURAS (DK) “A homeless person has decided to die at the entrance to LIDL.” In Politisk roman Aburas has a bitterish woman face ‘the refugee problem’ close up when her husband decides to hide an illegal refugee in the guest room. Føtexsøen and Den svære toer showed Aburas as an outstanding humorist. Now she has written a novel about ‘society’. Meet Lone Aburas in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 4:00 PM

PHOTO: Marianne Grøndahl

PHOTO: Morten Holtum


Ursula Andkjær Olsen (DK)

“I give the 3rd millennium heart, I send it into orbit and get it tenfold back again, it grows through its Babel power, tenfold, tenfold, tenfold, / so much / complicated creature...//...A gift that doesn’t expect a counter-gift. / An utterance that expects no reply. / We are infinite.” Meet Ursula Andkjær Olsen on the Morris Louis Stage, Saturday and Sunday 3:00 PM and in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 12:30 PM


A Storm came from Paradise is a gripping story about Anyuru’s father’s exile from Uganda: as a young man he trained as a fighter pilot, but had to flee after a shift in political power. “With stylistic panache and sparkling imagery Anyuru describes a tragedy of exile,” said the nomination for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize 2013. Meet Johannes Anyuru in the Giacometti Room, Friday 3:30 PM and Sunday 2:00 PM


“When there are leaves on the trees it looks as if we live in a forest, although we are in the middle of Berlin.” Renate lives a quiet GDR life with her family, but she also has a secret life where she writes letters to a man in Denmark. Det Der eR is a beautifully written novel by an author also known as a dramatist and scriptwriter. Meet Peter Asmussen in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 4:30 PM

MEET THE AUTHORS Solvej Balle’s publications include the short stories Ifølge loven, the art reflections Det umuliges kunst and the short-prose books &, Eller, and Hvis and Så, both published in the spring. “At night the sky is full of flaws. Little by little it fills up with confusions, aberrations, miscalculations and misreadings. A long story, strange and open above the houses.” Meet Solvej Balle on the Weiwei Stage, Fri. 6:30 PM

“you want to be loved you say / you want to be loved in this and / that way / to be filled with such / and such feelings stuffed / with those you’re ready for / to bare yourself and lie / down flat and blubber about / how idiotic it is,”. After a series of energetic crime novels Dorph successfully returns to poetry with En drøm om kærlighed. Meet Christian Dorph on the Weiwei Stage, Saturday 4:00 PM

PHOTO: Isak Hoffmeyer

PHOTO: Gorm Valentin

SIDSEL FALSIG PEDERSEN (DK) In Måske går det over, in succinct, registrative prose, the author depicts two people, a woman protagonist and her male counterpart, in a relationship where they “phase out and wait”, as she puts it. “Something in me has got stuck, it’s as if I can’t shake it loose again. I will have to sit quite still and wait, then I think it will pass.” Meet Sidsel Falsig Pedersen in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 2:30 PM

PHOTO: Hörður Ásbjörnsson

PHOTO: Robin Skjoldborg


PHOTO: Peter-Andreas Hassiepen

PHOTO: Morten Holtum

MORTEN CHEMNITZ (DK) “A little blue and with the first of the first flowers.//Sun meanwhile. In the still winter-cold bark. In this, branches of the reddish bushes standing beneath the morning. In the green in the bark.//The bright strokes across the full brown bark.” Chemnitz (b. 1984) made his debut with the poetry suite Inden April earlier this year. Meet Morten Chemnitz on the Weiwei Stage, Friday 8:00 PM

PHOTO: Sandra Qvist

PHOTO: Isak Hoffmeyer

SUZANNE BRØGGER (DK) Kærlighedens veje og vildveje, epochmaking novel on feminity and sexuality served as a mirror to women in the 70s. Younger authors’ literary play with autobiography also draws inspiration from Brøgger, who makes it clear that writing has its price. Til T is a family portrait: “the comfortable concentration camp”, as she calls family life. Meet Suzanne Brøgger in the Concert Hall, Saturday 12:00 PM

PHOTO: Robin Skjoldborg




“would you with pleasure like your coffee now ? and breakfast ? She gets up and you bet why not ? So now I’m sat a gain at the same table as here to fore, and looking over at the blue water and necked pams...”. Nellies bog is a tremendous novel a stirring literary experiment recalling Forrest Gump and James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Meet Niels Frank on the Weiwei Stage, Friday 6:30 PM and Sunday 3:00PM


“flood tide death time grieving time speaking time hard time / learn from the lawless, love and hate, defend yourself / rush for the banks, break up rocks / thrown in the waves // the white oat river carries me away”. The poetry collection Flodtid was nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize in 2012. Meet Katarina Frostenson on the Weiwei Stage, Thursday 8:00 PM and Sunday 3:00 PM

OLGA GRJASNOWA (DE) “I try to fill the void with words,” writes the 29-year-old Russian-Jewish writer who will present her acclaimed novel All Russian Men Love Birch Trees. The novel is about young love and loss. A newspaper wrote: “Here comes the new German woman. Achievement-oriented, worldly and angry”. Meet Olga Grjasnowa in the Giacometti Room, Thursday 6:30PM, Friday 6:30 PM and in the Concert Hall, Saturday 12:00 PM Einar Már Guðmundsson (IS) This major Icelandic poet and writer reached a wide readership with the novel Angels of the Universe, which won him the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize in 1995. The novel Icelandic Kings, his first in five years, is a searing critique of the Icelandic upper class. Meet Einar Már Guðmundsson on the Weiwei Stage, Thursday 6:45 PM and in the Concert Hall, Saturday 1:45 PM KATRINE MARIE GULDAGER (DK)

The writer has reached Vol. 3 of her family chronicle about Leonora, Henry and their parents Peter and Lilly from Køge, which began with the novels Ulven and Lille hjerte. Den ny tid begins in 1967, the Summer of Love, when Henry has come to Copenhagen. “An exploded family in a minefield of time bombs”, a reviewer wrote. Meet Katrine Marie Guldager on the Weiwei Stage, Friday 3:30 PM

MEET THE AUTHORS “I had a farm in South Jutland at the foot of Gramby Hill,” Erling Jepsen begins his new novel Den Sønderjyske Farm, which is a sequel to the novel The Art of Crying. Again we follow the small boy Allan and his experiences in South Jutland culture with all the individual and collective secrets Erling Jepsen is a master of writing about. Meet Erling Jepsen on the Weiwei Stage, Sunday 4:30 PM The writer, specialized in exposing marital drama, has earlier written much appreciated novels like Den der lyver and Det første jeg tænker på. She has just published a new collection of concise short stories entitled Postkort til Annie. According to the publisher’s notice the psychological realism is this time about “the quiet life that gets restless”. Meet Ida Jessen on the Weiwei Stage, Friday 3:30 PM

PHOTO: Ceamon McCabe


WACINY LAREDJ (DZ) The Andalusian House, nominated for the Arab Booker Prize in 2011, draws on the author’s Spanish-Arab roots and develops as a family chronicle across countries and centuries, with the family’s Andalusian house in Algeria as the emotional and dramatic focus of the tale. Laredj is professor of literature at the Sorbonne in Paris. Meet Waciny Laredj in the Giacometti Room, Friday 8:00 PM and Saturday 3:00 PM

PHOTO: Brendan Bourke

PHOTO: Murdo Macleod

NICK LAIRD (IE) Irish Nick Laird has written two novels, but has, according to himself, his main strength as a poet. “and sunk in Velvet, surrounded by/the sound of violent doublethink;/sugar glass and blanks, such subterfuge/they use to skim meaning from the real ...,” as it says in the collection Go Giants, which appeared this year. His voice has been compared to Seamus Heaney’s. Meet Nick Laird in the Giacometti Room, Thursday. 6:30 PM

PHOTO: Thomas Knoop

PHOTO: Piotr Topperzer

JANINA KATZ (DK) Endnu ikke allerede received much critical praise: “You are right: / Nothing must be changed. // Your life / is full of another grief. // We are like two watercolours. // In the vase / a withering rose. / In the carafé / undrunk wine. // we don’t know / which of us two / will be the first / not to drink / the rest.” Meet Janina Katz in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 5:00 PM

PHOTO: Fredrik Arff

PHOTO: Miklos Szabo


PHOTO: Pecka Mustonen

PHOTO: Morten Holtum



A girl, a man and a train compartment. Hytti nro. 6 describes a train journey in 1986 from Moscow to Mongolia and a young woman’s meeting with an older Russian man. In clear prose Liksom speaks grimly and movingly of love and a country in decay. The novel has been nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize 2013. Meet Rosa Liksom in the Giacometti Room, Sat. 4:30 PM, and in the Concert Hall, Sun. 11:00 AM

ERLEND LOE (NO) The author’s ironic narrative is evident in the new novel Fvonk, about the life of a sensitive loner whose new tenant turns out to be Norway’s Prime Minister. About friendship between men, and about pregnant women, the image of all that is right and positive in Scandinavian society. Meet Erlend Loe in the Concert Hall, Fri. 5:30 PM, on the Weiwei Stage, Sat. 12:30 PM and in the Giacometti Room, Sun. 12:00PM SVEND ÅGE MADSEN (DK) Pigen i cementblanderen is termed a micro-novel; a collection of micro-texts that play with the language of the crime thriller, the epistolary novel and the collage. Madsen had his 50th anniversary as a writer in the spring and has for example received the Grand Prize of the Danish Academy. Meet Svend Åge Madsen on the Weiwei Stage, Sunday 11:30 AM COLUM MCCANN (IE) Out now with Transatlantic. It tells a story about men traveling from America to Ireland, their reflecting a grand tale of four generations of women whose lives are determined by the Irish-American history. The National Book Award winning Let the Great World Spin sold a million copies. Meet Colum McCann in the Giacometti-room, Thurs. 6:30 PM and in the Concert Hall, 8:00 PM and on the Weiwei Stage, Fri. 5:00 PM IAN McEwan (UK) One of the major voices of English literature McEwan has published masterpieces like Atonement and On Chesil Beach, a story about a love affair failing before it begins. Nominated six times for the Booker Prize, which he won in 1998 for the novel Amsterdam. This spring Sweet Tooth appeared in Danish, showing McEwan’s great sense of wit. Meet Ian McEwan in the Concert Hall, Sunday 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM

MEET THE AUTHORS Minor (b. 1988) makes her debut with the novel Pura Vida, a title that comes from a Costa Rican idiom and is motto for the restless souls that the protagonist Viktoria meets during a gap year that suddenly become three. She travels from Paris to New York and Buenos Aires, does exactly what she wants, but slowly things close in on her. Meet Caroline Albertine Minor on the Weiwei Stage, Friday 8:00 PM

“When her bones suddenly turned towards her / she was so happy / and fearful as she had always been for her lips / she looked like something a child had formed in clay / and now a thousand years later / had been dug up / along with her comb and mirror / that were meant to keep evil spirits / like us at a distance”, it says in 3 1/2 D. Meet Henrik Nordbrandt on the Weiwei Stage, Sat. 3:30 PM and in the Giacometti Room, Sun 4:00 PM

PHOTO: Klaus Holsting

PHOTO: Toni Härkönen

SOFI OKSANEN (FI) “We were followed by the KGB all the time when I was a child. They knew all about us, but we knew nothing about them. I wanted to give a face to those anonymous people,” says Oksanen of her new novel, When the Doves Disappeared, a story of Estonia during World War II and a powerful successor to the acclaimed novel Purge. Meet Sofi Oksanen in the Concert Hall, Friday 2:30 PM and Sunday 11:00 AM

PHOTO: Frida Nygaard Gregersen


ASTA OLIVIA NORDENHOF (DK) “the easy and the lonely / not die by one’s own hand not own yourself entirely / regularity and duties / make sure the sick get tea and oranges, that life comes from without / the earliest water of the morning // nerves madder than myself”. Det nemme og det ensomme has just been published. Also participates in an Audio Walk Meet Asta Olivia Nordenhof in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 1:30 PM

PHOTO: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen

PHOTO: Robin Skjoldborg


PHOTO: Cato Lein

PHOTO: Jessie Kleeman

IBEN MONDRUP (DK) Store Malene is the name of a mountain in Nuuk, Greenland, and the title of a continuation of Mondrup’s previous book, En to tre – Justine. In Store Malene the artist Justine has gone to Greenland with no real purpose. Mondrup writes about desire, possession and surrender in the erotic space between man and woman. Meet Iben Mondrup on the Weiwei Stage, Saturday 4:00 PM

PHOTO: Tonino Mirabella

PHOTO: Sofie Amalie Klougart



“Whatever anyone thinks about this book, it is what I came into the world for,” writes the Italian storyteller in his novel The Mussolini Canal. A colourful family chronicle and political history all in one, based on the author’s own family history. The book drew half a million readers in Italy, and garnered acclaim when it appeared in Danish. Meet Antonio Pennacchi in the Giacometti Room, Sat. 1:30 PM and on the Weiwei Stage, Sun. 1:00 PM

PER PETTERSON (NO) Two men meet on a bridge in Oslo. They haven’t seen each other for 35 years, but once they were close friends. In Jeg nekter, the master storyteller writes his way into the events that separated the two. He has had readers all over the world since The New York Times called Out Stealing Horses one of the year’s best novels. Meet Per Petterson in the Concert Hall, Thursday 4:30 PM and Friday 7:30 PM HASSAN PREISLER (DK) Brown Man’s Burden is the most talkedabout debut of the spring. Its hyperactive language mocks the smooth, global identity: “I am the Hassan I create. I am Hassan Preisler, the actor, the debater, the urbanized, the globalized Hassan, I am the sophisticated, democratized, advanced, informed, super-precocious Hassan”. Meet Hassan Preisler on the Weiwei Stage, Sunday 4:30 PM BJØRN RASMUSSEN (DK)

“Let me tell you I’m fifteen and a half. I’m sitting in the no. 491 bus to Fjaltring. I haven’t changed clothes, I’m to come like this, stuck with the horsey smell, it’s in the contract, that’s the instructions; take your clothes off, you stink of shit”. Huden er det elastiske hylster der omgiver hele legemet was an outstanding debut from 2011. Meet Bjørn Rasmussen in the Giacometti Room, Sunday 1:00 PM

KLAUS RIFBJERG (DK) Intet sikkert abnormt was enthusiastically received by the reviewers, who once more had to admit that there is mordancy and poetry of the true kind in the writer. 18 short stories, some of a few lines, others of several pages, they all convey a high verbal energy and sparkling vitality. Rifbjerg is at his best with this collection of stories. Meet Klaus Rifbjerg in the Concert Hall, Saturday 1:45 PM and Sunday 1:00 PM

MEET THE AUTHORS “The sun is low and white. White, white, white. Like the scene where Barnaby Bear makes Northern Lights by pouring snow in a machine and turning a handle. The nasal sound of the oboe. Jewellery disguised as weapons. It’s hot and women carry children and glasses of coffee out into the sun”. Flex Death is Rolsted’s debut. Meet Jonas Rolsted on the Weiwei Stage, Friday 8:00 PM With her debut, 33-year-old Taiye Selasi, has already been singled out as the new star of English literature, backed up by Salman Rushdie and Toni Morrison. Ghana must go is a profound, emotional story of internal family betrayal, transformation and bonds of love. Selasi wrote the first few pages of her novel in Copenhagen ... Meet Taiye Selasi on the Weiwei Stage, Friday 5:00 PM and Saturday 2:00 PM

PHOTO: Dominique Nabokov

PHOTO: Nancy Crampton


PHOTO: Cato Lein

PHOTO: Lærke Posselt


FREDRIK SJÖBERG (SE) Flugfällan is a subtle book about moving to an island, collecting flies, literature and choosing your own dreams. The author, who has also written a book on Tomas Tranströmer’s fly collection, is himself a fly collector, and the joyous, novelistic book pays tribute to collecting. The writer won the August Prize in 2004. Meet Fredrik Sjöberg in the Giacometti Room, Friday 5:00 PM and Saturday 12:00 PM ZADIE SMITH (UK)

Zadie Smith is considered a unique voice in English literature, praised since her debut White Teeth in 2000. The new experimental novel, NW, received substansial critical acclaim. Smith writes about four Londoners from NW London. The New York Times called NW “something as rare as radical, and passionate and real”. Meet Zadie Smith in the Giacometti Room, Thursday 6:30 PM and in the Concert Hall, Saturday 4:30 PM

PRACTICAL INFORMATION All festival events are free of charge for museum guests. A festival entrance ticket for 4 days is available for DKK 170. One day admission DKK 110. Free admission with Louisiana Club Card. During the festival books by Louisiana Literature authors are available for purchase at the Louisiana shop. Following talks in The Concert Hall and on The Weiwei Stage a 15 min. session with book signing and purchase of books is scheduled.

Seats to events cannot be pre-booked and are not guaranteed with the purchase of entrance tickets. Thanks to translators: Claus Bech, Birgita Bonde Hansen, Sverre Dahl, June Dahy, Annelise Ebbe, Thomas Harder, Charlotte Jørgensen, Mette Moestrup, Aino Roscher, Erik Skyum-Nielsen, Pia Tafdrup, Juliane Wammen Thanks to: The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen, the Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen.


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