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2011 Business Plan

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Our Vision

To be recognized as an effective resource, providing relevant, innovative, and impactful programming that ensures a healthy business climate and an enhanced quality of life for Longview and Gregg County.

Executive Summary The Longview Chamber is the largest and most influential business organization in Gregg County and is recognized as one of the leading Chambers of Commerce in the state of Texas. The Chamber’s Board of Directors recognizes the importance of continuing this pathway of excellence, and in 2007 committed to developing the Longview Chamber’s Strategic Plan. The Plan is intended to build upon prior success and take advantage of future opportunities for the next three to five years.

Our Mission

To engage in and promote projects with a positive economic impact on the Longview Trade Area.

The theme for the 2011 Business Plan is “building an environment where businesses can grow and

Our Core Values and Guiding Principles

of Directors, a committee of 19 individuals representing a diverse cross-section of the 1,200 plus

prosper.” This theme is founded on the belief that to be prepared for the next wave of economic recovery, it is imperative for the Longview Chamber to identify indicators and driving forces that capitalize on our area’s innovation, intellect and influence. That is why in the fall of 2010 the Board Chamber membership, revisited the Strategic Plan to further complement the process. Additionally, a combination of interviews, surveys, and focus groups was completed by Market St. Strategies in

Strengthen the Local Economy Promote the Community Provide Networking Opportunities Represent the Interests of Business with Government Build Community Leadership and Development Programs

February 2010 in an effort to provide an organizational analysis for the Longview Chamber and

Our Brand Promise

30%. In all three surveys five key areas were identified as priorities: promoting the community,

Longview offers an authentic East Texas experience for visitors, residents, and business. The people are friendly, possess a can-do attitude, and are hard working. Our healthy economic environment attracts businesses: job opportunities, strong and affordable workforce, retail, dining and manufacturing.

Longview Economic Development Corporation. The input gathered has been used to tailor the strategic plan moving forward. The current plan builds on the considerable success the Chamber has experienced over the past decade and, at the same time, emphasizes directions and priorities that will enhance its competitive position and make the Longview Chamber more distinctive. As a precursor to the plan, business and organizational surveys were conducted in 2005, 2007 and 2010 of the entire Chamber membership. The response rate to those surveys was well over strengthening the local economy, providing networking opportunities, representing business with government, and developing community leaders. Chuck Ewart with the Ewart Group was contracted with to facilitate the 2011 planning retreat with the Board of Directors. This year’s full-day retreat included input from the Mayor of Longview and representatives from the Longview Economic Development Corporation to ensure a collaborative comprehensive approach to moving the organization forward. In summary, there will be many positive changes at the Longview Chamber over the next three to five years. These changes will build on the Chamber’s past accomplishments and continue to preserve its core values and traditions.

— The Longview Chamber Board of Directors

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Organizational Guidelines • Grow the organization’s effectiveness, influence and sustainability through relative collaboration and partnerships

Organizational Core Competency To hone organizational effectiveness and prioritization, all endeavors must match the organization’s unique strengths. In order for the Longview Chamber to consider a leadership position in and/ or to actively engage in an activity, it must meet the criteria of being a core competency as defined by:

• Deliver superior member value to grow our membership • Proactively communicate member value through the area’s business community

• Have a regional scope or impact • Make a significant contribution to how our members perceive the activities value • Be difficult for others to imitate

Action Criteria To ensure that the Longview Chamber does not stray from its core mission and is able to achieve its annual business objectives, it is important that all activities are continually evaluated and measured against the following: • Does it fulfill our mission of fostering economic prosperity in the Longview trade area? • Does it align with our core values? • Does it offer direct value to our members in accordance with their interests? • Does it offer an opportunity for attracting new members and retaining existing members? • Does it allow us to generate or enhance our regional influence and credibility? • Does it make a measureable net financial contribution to the organization?

Business Profile 2010 Nearly 1,200 Longview area businesses support the Longview Chamber, making it one of the largest mid-market chambers in Texas. Our membership range includes sole proprietors,

Members by Business Size

(under 25 employees): 77% • Micro (26-99 employees): 14% • Small • Large (over 100 employees): 9% small- and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. 77% of our members are businesses with 25 employees or less, 14% are small businesses made up of 26-99 employees, and 9% are large businesses with 100 or more employees. The Longview Chamber has a significant record of accomplishment throughout the area including business and job growth, pro-business policy development collaborative problem solving, civic engagement, public-private partnerships, and delivering superior member value.

2011 Organizational Objectives The results of these specific objectives may be difficult to measure. However, specific consideration of these objectives is built into each division’s specific tactics. The achievement of these objectives is fundamental to ensuring that the Longview Chamber remains one of the most influential business organizations in the region. • Strategically execute business and job development activities that improve our area’s economy • Actively advocate on behalf of the area’s businesses on important public policy issues

• Advance and promote the competitive advantages of the Longview trade area • Elevate our leadership role in civic discussions, community engagement, volunteerism and philanthropy • Develop and cultivate the next generation of community and civic leaders

2011 Operational Objectives These objectives are measureable goals, which must be achieved in order to ensure the Longview Chamber’s operational success. • Achieve a break-even net income budget • Maintain a minimum financial reserve of $250,000 • Attract $40,000 in new membership dollars • Achieve 85% membership renewal, totaling $320,000 in membership revenue • Generate $83,250 in non-dues revenue through events such as the East Texas Boat, RV, and Camping Expo, PARBUSTERS Golf Tournament, seminars, publication sales, and contributions • Continue to contract with the City of Longview to operate the Convention & Visitors Bureau and Main Street

Business Plan




Increase The Chamber’s membership base and participation by providing an efficient, customer-oriented structure; adequate resources; value-added member benefits; consistent communications; and quality service.


To implement consistent marketing and development initiatives to expand the organization’s human and financial resources.


• Continue to utilize a member-feedback system to monitor needs, results and interests of members, including: customer surveys, member testimonial forms, and utilization of Chamber Ambassadors and Board of Directors. • Enhance and expand Ambassadors program with emphasis on personal membership contacts, networking and effective member communications. • Hold scheduled networking and membership activities that provide a quality, enjoyable environment for fellowship, membership communications, and expanded participation, including regular membership orientations. • Promote involvement of employees in all Chamber-member firms and organizations.


• Design, develop and implement consistent, year-round marketing and advertising initiatives to expand membership base, increase retention, enhance visibility and expand public awareness of The Chamber, with emphasis on mission, goals, role, programs and results achieved by the Chamber. • Sustain ongoing, consistent membership recruitment year-round with a goal of a net increase of 50 new members annually, utilizing staff, volunteers and commissioned sales representatives.


To implement and expand a consistent communications plan that increases awareness of The Chamber’s mission, objectives, programs and measured results.


• Enhance consistency and impact of the Longview Progress Report and the Chamber Buzz, as well as sustain other member communications through utilization of technology and online capabilities in order to create broader awareness of the Chamber’s goals and results, increase participation in programs, and add value to Chamber membership. • Continue to publish the annual Chamber Resource Guide & Directory with Uniquely Longview as well as maintain an effective membership-based web site.


To increase retention of members and expand positive membership relations, contacts, and value-added services.

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2010 Small Business of the Year — Kirby Chemical and Restaurant Supply

Business Development PROGRAMS & FUNCTIONS Purpose

To initiate, promote, market and sustain area business development opportunities that will strengthen our local economy and enhance the trade areas business climate.


To implement consistent marketing and development initiatives to expand the organization’s human and financial resources. Sustain marketing and recruitment initiatives to expand retail sales; enhance competitiveness; recapture lost dollars to other metro markets; expand the metro area’s commercial and retail investment; and promote the community’s business environment.


• Assist existing business by providing connections to resources that will help businesses thrive in a challenging economic environment. • Continue to support the City’s business attraction and job creation efforts through the work of the Longview Economic Development Corporation. • Promote and support entrepreneurial initiatives. • Define, develop and support appropriate strategies that leverage the cultural resources of Longview for economic development and enhancement of the area’s quality of life and livability, through implementation of a strategic planning initiative in the Chamber with public, private, and cultural sectors of Longview, with the goal of becoming one of America’s most livable communities.


2010 Entrepreneur of the Year — Titanium Environmental Services

• Coordinate and maintain an efficient “one stop” business resource center for small business services and information through use of technology as well as a center for counseling and support. • Coordinate the annual Business EXPO and recognize the Small Business Person of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year winners.

Community Development PROGRAMS & FUNCTIONS Purpose

Foster positive relationships between various community constituencies through leadership development, communications, and collaboration to enhance the overall quality of life.


To provide leadership development opportunities that stimulate and facilitate volunteer involvement in community issues and needs.


• Maintain coordination and management of annual Leadership Longview program. • Publish a Leadership Longview graduation booklet profiling participants. • Revitalize Leadership Longview Alumni Association. • Evaluate opportunity for establishment of a “Young Professionals” Council that would provide a forum and networking for development and involvement of the community’s young business professionals and future leaders.

To expand efforts to enhance, sustain, and encourage entrepreneurial development and transfer of technology and research to the marketplace.




• Provide continuing education opportunities for entrepreneurial development and small business training that contribute to increasing and sustaining competitiveness.

To foster a positive and progressive aesthetic image for the Longview community. • Continue to provide staff support for Keep Longview Beautiful. • To identify groups and organizations that can positively impact appearance within the community

• To function as a clearinghouse for appearance-related activities in our community. • Continue to educate and engage businesses and citizens to take responsibility for improving our community environment. • Coordinate and engage in efforts that will improve the looks of Longview by beautifying its surroundings.


To foster and support initiatives that enhance race relations and cooperative working Chambers for economic benefits.


• Pursue mutually beneficial opportunities to expand communications, programming and development cooperation with other public, private and non-profit sectors that will contribute to build an economically viable yet diverse community.

Business Advocacy PROGRAMS & FUNCTIONS Purpose

Represent the interests of members and the overall business community in order to enhance and sustain a positive business climate and to maintain advocacy at all levels of government.


To monitor the activities of local, state, and federal government; sharing information with Chamber members.


• Utilize to keep members informed and to stimulate business involvement in identified public policy issues. • Develop a legislative agenda with clearly defined priorities based on feedback and input from Chamber members. • Maintain regular meetings and communications with elected officials at all levels of government to build productive relationships and sustain advocacy roles for business. • Establish a task force to review, assess and make recommendations that enhance and improve a ”business friendly” environment for commerce with and through local governmental leaders, agencies, and departments; and streamline permitting, planning and other appropriate governmental processes for economic development purposes. • Maintain and enhance visibility and presence of the Longview Chamber in Austin and Washington through regular visits and use of networking with Chamber members, including the Gregg County Legislative Trip. • Coordinate an elected officials reception or event.



• Evaluate, monitor, encourage and contribute to short-term and long-term transportation initiatives that support an expanding economic base. • Maintain ongoing communication with TxDOT officials and City of Longview staff regarding current and planned projects. • Cooperate with and support the East Texas Regional Airport to enhance local air service. • Provide continued support for the Regional Mobility Authority and act as an advocate for RMA projects that positively impact the Longview area.

PAR BUSTERS GOLF TOURNAMENT Representative David Simpson and Councilman Wayne Frost

• Strategically utilize and participate with other coalitions and regional groups, such as the Regional Mobility Authority, to influence public policy. • Coordinate an annual meeting between the Chamber’s Board of Directors, the Longview City Council, and the Gregg County Commissioners to promote regional dialogue and educate local elected officials on the Chamber’s priorities. • Explore the possibility of creating a Political Action Committee (PAC) to advance key local issues and tap into dollars to fund advocacy campaigns for our community. • Develop marketing collateral to educate and create awareness among membership and prospective members on advocacy initiatives and successes.



To assist in raising funds for the Longview Chamber.


• Conduct the 17th Annual PAR BUSTERS Golf Tournament. • Continue to assist in raising scholarships.

Redevelopment in downtown longview Programs & Functions Purpose

Embrace the Main Street philosophy and utilize the four point approach toward preservation and rejuvenation of the downtown area.

To raise the level of awareness within our community about the value of appearance to our quality of life and to provide leadership for effecting change where change is needed.


• Act as a catalyst with individuals, businesses, government, and organizations for improving the appearance of our community. • Provide a forum for community discussions on appearance-related issues in our community. • Speak as an advocacy group for improved appearance in our community. • Identify needed changes to existing ordinances and regulations and advocate for the implementation of these improvements with appropriate elected officials/staff. • Work with TXDOT to ensure the implementation of the appropriate welcoming signage, architecture, and landscaping previously planned for.



To implement initiatives that contribute to assessment and advocacy of long-range transportation and infrastructure needs to support expansion of the area’s economic base.



To create and implement a comprehensive plan to transition downtown Longview into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly urban village offering products, services, arts and entertainment that better reflects our community’s rich and diverse heritage.

Strategies Organization • Work toward building consensus and cooperation among all stake holders within the original 100 Acres of Heritage. • Focus on raising money for projects and administration from donations and sponsorships. • Manage staff and volunteers by recruiting people, providing supervision, and rewarding good work. • Promote the program to downtown interests and the public.


Strengthen the economy and enrich the quality of life in Longview through the promotion of the city as a premiere destination for conventions, meetings, tournaments, and leisure activities.


To implement Longview’s brand to effectively sell and market our community.

Promotion • Market the district’s unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, new businesses, and visitors. • Develop an understanding of the changing market with both potential shoppers and our competition. • Identify our downtown assets, e.g. people, buildings, heritage, and institutions. • Help define our Main Street’s market niche, its unique “position” in the marketplace. • Expand on image campaign, including special events and promotions to lure people to the downtown area. Design • Identify the district’s best assets, such as historic buildings and traditional downtown layout, to begin creating/ enhancing the story which conveys a visual message explaining Main Street Longview and what it offers. • Provide educational forums to educate business owners, tenants, and interested citizens about good design and how it impacts each business as well as the district. • Provide good design advice by encouraging quality improvements to private properties and public spaces. • Guide the planning of Main Street’s development by helping shape regulations. • Motivate others to make aesthetic changes, and create incentives by targeting key projects. Economic Restructuring • Assist existing downtown businesses to expand, and recruit new ones to respond to today’s market. • Develop a clear understanding of the district’s current economic condition and identify opportunities for market growth. • Identify new economic uses for traditional Main Street buildings. • Develop financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitations and business development. • Monitor the economic performance of the district.


• Increase visibility of Longview as a travel destination through promotion of a positive community image. • Attract more visitors to Longview and increase their length of stay. • Improve the visitor experience with enhanced connectivity. • Increase visitor capacity by constantly improving the destination through further investment in attractions and facilities. • Enlist local citizens, organizations and businesses to become active champions for Longview through a community-wide communications effort that infuses the entire city with the vision and brand for Longview. • Provide information materials on Longview to convention delegates, meeting attendees, and tourists. • Maintain networking ties with other bureaus and tourism officials in the state. • Work in concert with LeTourneau University to study the viability of establishing a visitor center. • Encourage and support the recruitment of a convention center/hotel property.


To implement a marketing campaign to attract active, older adults.

2010 Salute to Health Care Award Recipients — Anita R. Scribner, M.D. • Hilda Wallin, RN • Margaret Schottstaedt, M.D. —


• Continue the planning and due diligence to determine feasibility of a retiree attraction program to support local economic development and workforce training efforts in Longview. Affected members must be recruited to develop a program, lead the effort to help secure funding and provide direction for the overall effort, including staffing and operational responsibilities.


To create a marketplace for buyers and sellers of the boating and camping industry.


members for their involvement and commitment to the Longview Chamber.

Business Development Series

Present six (6) educational opportunities to Chamber members, with speakers on topics of business interest.

Business After Hours

Organize and facilitate ten (10) networking opportunities for Chamber members and prospective members.

Texas Hospitality

Organize and facilitate six (6) hospitality training sessions targeting front line employees.


Coordinate and host monthly new member orientations.

• Host the 29th Anniversary ETBRCE. • Host a marketplace to attract residents and visitors. • Increase visibility through targeted media sources. • Increase attendance by 20%.


Host event to recognize and honor volunteer leadership and announce the 2011 Chairman’s Award.

Salute to Health Care

Sponsor the 2nd annual “Salute to Health Care” awards program to recognize outstanding local achievements in health care and highlight the economic impact of the health care industry in the Longview trade area.

Leadership Longview Graduation

Coordinate and host a graduation event that spotlights the success of the participants.

Economic Overview

Sponsor business luncheon featuring Dr. Ray Perryman and highlighting our Chairman’s Club members.

State of the City

Sponsor an annual address by our city’s mayor that offers an opportunity to celebrate the progress of our community.

Member Appreciation Event

Host Prime Time to demonstrate appreciation to Chamber

2011 Chairman, P. Anne Hugman and 2010 Chairman, Jim Kendrick



Anne Hugman

Keith Honey

Hugman Architecture & Construction, Inc.

AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company

Jim Kendrick

Darrell Rachels

Chairman of the Board

Immediate Past Chairman of the Board Longview Regional Medical Center

Dr. Dale Lunsford Chairman Elect of the Board

Divisional Chair

Divisional Chair

Eastman Chemical Company

David McWhorter Divisional Chair

LeTourneau University

Gans & Smith Insurance Agency

Shane Best

Kelly Hall

Chairman of Finance


Texas Bank and Trust

Longview Chamber of Commerce

directors Richard Andrews

John Cox

Dianne Swank


Wellness Pointe

Jon Ray

Tim Vaughn



Good Shepherd Medical Center

Lively Cadillac GMC

TVaughn Properties, LLC

Cathy Cace

Dave Spurrier


Ed Banos Director


Cace’s Seafood and Steak House



Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC


appointed directors Shelby Snell

Appointed Director

Judge Bill Stoudt Appointed Director

Oleum Operating Co, LC

Gregg County

Kelly Hall

Lisa Null



Paul Anderson

Margie Harris

staff President

Senior Vice President 903-753-3281

Leska Parker

Chief Operating Officer 903-237-4010

Membership Services Clerk

Tourism Services Coordinator


Amy Tatum

Membership & Public Affairs Director 903-237-4029

Mary Whitton

Elena Guilbeau



Elaine Reynolds

Carrie Fisher

Program Coordinator

Vice President Downtown Development 903-237-4040

Mitzi Barnes

Special Projects Coordinator 903-237-4021

Convention Sales Manager

Director of First Impressions 903-237-4000

Mayor Jay Dean Appointed Director City of Longview

The Chamber Twitters and Other Social Networking

The Chamber of Commerce continues to embrace technology to remain relevant to chamber members, community leaders, and volunteers. In addition to regularly updating the website, the Chamber is also engaged in the social media networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Staying Connected

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2011 Business Plan  

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