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Summer is for Deflate gate in The U.S. television New England loves coffee

volume 57 issue 28

Helpful hints in G Princess Charlotte is born in studying for exams London In national news:


with God

It is finished

staff reporter

Elizabeth Cichanofsky

staff reporter

Elizabeth Cichanofsky

Breaking News, the royal couple has had their second child! Prince George has a new baby sister who not only has the title “sister,” but also, “princess.” Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born on May 2 at St. Mary’s hospital in west London. The princess was an average size, weighing eight pounds and three ounces. Princess Charlotte’s name is a combination of her relative’s names. Charlotte, her first name, comes from her paternal grandfather, Charles. Elizabeth comes from her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and Diana comes from her late grandmother, Diana. That is such a well thought out name. Princess Charlotte is now fourth in line to the throne, so she probably will not be reigning anytime soon. Although the princess does not know it, people all around the world are obsessing about her new life. Just twelve short hours after Kate arrived at the hospital, she was standing outside with William, holding the newborn baby in her arms. Kate whispered to William while they were outside, “I hope she’s not cold.” Out there in the cold, Charlotte was introduced to photos and stardom for the first time. On May 3, Charlotte was introduced to her whole family. The family all came to say hi, and to see the new edition. With the set of chubby cheeks that she has, who wouldn’t want to go and see her face to face? The royals choose not to baptize their children, but to christen them. Charlotte has not been christened yet, but she will be in the future. She will also be addressed as “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge.” The world has warmly welcomed this new bundle of joy, and will continue to follow her story as she grows up.

us w o l l fo twitter es m i t n r o rrio a w l @l

It is coming up to a very stressful time of the school year. This is the time that every student dreads, but yet loves. No student ever looks forward to taking an exam, but they look forward to getting the exams over and starting summer vacation. Exams are very tough because a student needs to recall everything that he/she has learned during the semester, and then take a gigantic test on the information.

For those who care about how they do on the exams, be sure to study. Some students sit down for hours and hours, days upon days, and they still can’t remember a thing when it comes time to taking the exam. Others can sit down for a couple of hours, look something over briefly, and then ace the exam. No student is the same, so be sure to find the right study pattern that works best. Not studying at all will definitely not help the situation. Students should study all of the material that will be covered on the

exam. They should start studying a couple of days before the exams, so that they are not trying to cram all of the material into their brain the night before. Cramming never works out too well. So, as Lakeside closes yet another school year, please make sure everyone studies hard, and does their very best to the glory of God. Seniors, have a blessed graduation, and God’s blessings on the years to come. Have a fantastic summer vacation Lakeside students, faculty, and staff!

Declared not guilty editor-in-chief

Alex Pillard

photo courtesy of Alex Pillard

Adam Poyner studies hard for his final exam in British Literature

New look with an old style staff reporter

Joy Alcorn

Many soon-to-be-former Lakeside students will be leaving their homes for the first time later this year. They’ll have to deal with paying taxes, and buying their own necessities. This can be a rough time for people that might not have enough money for fun things like new clothing. Keeping up with the latest trends is hard when funds are low, but that is no reason to give up. A recent trend among college age people has been thrifting, which is just a fancy word for shopping at thrifts shops. A lot of people do not like buying clothes at thrift stores because they sometimes smell “weird” or look “ugly”, but these problems are easily solved with a little creative thinking. The smell is the easiest part. If the article does not have any directions on the tag, Great! It just needs one or two washes. Some things that are “dry-clean only,” just need to be hung-dry

after washing. Others cannot be washed, but since the problem is the smell all that needs to be done it to throw the item into a dryer-bag and run it through a heat cycle. The “ugly” factor is a bit more difficult. A lot of cool modifications can be done using simple cut and tie methods. The best part about this is that the clothing looks “found” or “reclaimed” and that style is still in.

On March 6, Officer Matt Kenny shot and killed 19 year old Tony Robinson in Madison. Kenny fired at Robinson because he was jumping in front of oncoming cars, and attempted to strangle someone. Kenny then shot at Robinson for self-defense. The shooting lead to many protests throughout Madison. The protesters chanted, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” The protesters also carried around banners saying, “Black Lives Matter.” Many arrests were needed because some of the protesters were getting out of hand. On May 12, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne declared the shooting and killing of Tony Robinson a “lawful use of deadly police force.” After Officer Kenny was declared not guilty, more protests arose, and more people were arrested.

“When he had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’ With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.” John 19:30 staff reporter

Joy Alcorn

The theme this year is complete. Complete is a cool word because it has many synonyms such as, whole, together, and finished. Another translation for the above verse is, “paid in full”, which is the basis of the Christian faith. Without the word “finished” faith in Jesus would have no meaning. Christians would have to be perfect to get to heaven and that is impossible. Of course, many other religions, and even some forms of Christianity, believe that they have to work to get to heaven, but luckily for the rest, Jesus finished the job for them long ago.


Headlines • Waitress gets $50,000 tip from will of favorite customer • India and China: Friends, foes, or frenemies? • Big quakes caught on tape • Mother, son both fighting cancer • Baby born on Air Canada flight from

online edition photo courtesy of abcnews

Tony Robinson (left), was fatally shot by Officer Matt Kenny (right), on March 6, 2015

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Summer is for television Locker

the WTW T Around the school any student could look around and see the cleanliness of the halls, classrooms, even the bathrooms. Everyone knows who keeps it looking spotless and vibrant, but who actually takes the time to say even a brief “thank you” to the men who do this? Most everyone has probably heard of the term ‘unsung heroes’. Well, if the award exists, the Unsung Heroes of the Year Award would have to go to the Lakeside janitorial staff. Think of all the things that the janitorial staff do just to keep everyone comfortable in the school. You wouldn’t walk on a layer of garbage in the hallways would you? Of course not. The janitorial staff makes sure that every square inch of the floors are 100% garbage-free. And that is not all. They take out the trash daily so that faculty, students, and visitors alike do not need to bring gas masks or plug their noses. They clean the toilets nightly so that those who sit on the can do not feel the need to vomit, too. You think those are nasty jobs to do? The jobs previously mentioned only scratch the surface of what these men do to show their love for Lakeside. What some people do not know is just how long the janitors stay on campus to beautify it. The sun may have gone down for two hours, but they stay and clean and mop and spray and wipe to get the school to shine like a freshly polished dress shoe. So the next time you see one of these unsung heroes, go out of your way to thank them. And not just once or to one of the staff members, but to all of them multiple times, and show your appreciation to what these men have done.

Warrior Times Weekly editors in chief

Alex Pillard; Front Page

hree shows that you should binge-watch

Emelyn Schoeller, Mary Schallert

Freshman: Charlie Pingel Run.

photo courtesy of

The person is practicing the art of binge-watching. Can you guess which show he is watching? staff reporter

Devon Perkins

Birds sing in chorus as a warm, gentle breeze lazily blows through the trees overhead. A lawnmower’s vengeful path through too-long blades of grass is heard whining in the distance. It is summer, but you are nowhere to be seen outside. Where are you? You are sitting in your dark, cool basement, of course, still in your pajamas watching TV. In fact, you have likely been there for two days; you should probably take a shower. But when you are half-way through binge watching the 9th season of The Office, there’s no time for trivial things such as a change of clothes. The only problem with this is the fact that you’re watching the 9th season of The Office; why would you do that to yourself when there’s a wealth of

Viewpoint Editor

Ben Tweit

Corey Paske;

It is hard to avoid reality television shows when scrolling through channels. Reality shows are everywhere. Duck Dynasty, Total Divas, Keeping up with the Kardashians, the list goes on and on. But the question is, what are these shows trying to teach us? In the new reality show Buckwild, teenagers are shown as daredevils and unmannered brats, which is not a completely true stereotype. These shows seem to promote sinning and not repenting. This is not right. Stay away from these shows. They are trying to haul

The Final Say


Jodie Schommer;


James Grasby; Prinicpal


Annah Dobson;

staff reporters Elliott Butler Isaiah Lenz Ashley McLain Isaac Heckmann Katelyn Wolf

Emelyn Schoeller Mary Schallert Liz Cichanofsky Joy Alcorn Cara McElroy Devon Perkins

w us o l l o f r witte r t i m e s t n o rrio



shows far better deserving of your attention? While there are many great shows, here are 3 of the best to binge watch in the summer. The first good show to binge watch in the summer is Arrow. You do not need to be a superhero fan to enjoy one of the most recently successful comic book shows. It is successful for a reason too; with great action scenes, memorable characters, and a fun storyline, what is not to love about this show? The second good show to binge watch this summer is 30 Rock. 30 Rock is a comedy show that really deserves to be watched at least twice in order to appreciate the wealth of jokes constantly thrown at you. With lovable and hilarious characters, 30 Rock is one of the best comedy shows to watch this summer. The final show you should defi-

nitely binge watch this summer is Lost. Any self-respecting fan of TV has probably heard of this show, and for good reason. Lost had the perfect combination of drama, suspense, action, and more than enough mystery to keep you coming back to find answers. When almost 50 people survive a plane crash and land on a island in the middle of nowhere, they soon find that things go bump in the night, and that this is no ordinary island. If you enjoy spending your summer rotting away inside your basement, these are 3 great shows to watch. If you do not enjoy spending your summer rotting away inside your basement, you will after watching these shows. (Please try not to spend your entire summer rotting away inside your basement; spend some time outside too!)

us away from Jesus. Many people have called out these shows as

inaccurate and offensive, and we should do the same.

Reality TV too dangerous

Student Viewpoint/ Editorial Staff

Ben Tweit;

Talk What is the first thing you do over summer break?

Ben Tweit; Sports

volume 57 issue 28

Sophomore: Noah Miller Golf with my best pal Colin.

Junior: Cody Lauersdorf Milk cows.

Senior: Brandon Gleesing Working a lot.

Guy vs Girl What is your favorite sport to watch?


“Football. The classic.” “Basketball, watching baseball is worse than watching paint dry.” “Rugby. Just because.”


photo courtesy of

Tell us!

The picture above is not courage and bravery, it is plain stupidity.

Do you hate what we write? Submit ideas for articles and topics to

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“Volleyball. It’s a sport that girls are better at than guy.” “Basketball.” “Soccer. Lots of contact.”

Lakeside Lutheran High School

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Athlete of the week: JV Baseball Turns Around After Lose at Mauston

Stephen Phelps

Athlete Favorites: Sport: Soccer/ Baseball Class: Lunch Teacher: Mr. Meske Pastime: Reading Future: Legit Trainer Editor

Yes Stephen Phelps is back and playing sports once again. He is currently on the Varsity baseball team but he is looking forward to his favorite sport to start up agian in the fall. Soccer is Stephen and is looking to have a better season than last year. He likes to read outside of school and has some interesting plans for the his future. Stephen wants to become “A Legit Trainer” We assume a sports trainer and wish him luck in that field.

Poll of the day Courtisy of ESPN.

The punishment that the New England Patiots Recieved was ____. Too Much Just Right Not Enough World’s response

Too Much Just Right Not enough

AL Standings

48% 25% 27%

Courtisy of

Yankees Rays Blue Jays Red Sox Orioles


Royals Tigers Twins White Sox Indians

Brady Jenson The JV baseball team took the long trip down to Mauston last Friday where they were defeated 8-0. The team had some early pitching and fielding mistakes that led to a five run first inning, but the Warriors did not give up. They only allowed three more runs in the next five innings of work. The team swung the bats consistently but couldn’t string together enough hits for some runs. With only three strikeouts for the day by the Warriors, Mauston had plenty of balls to field. Trey Roth pitched three innings of work with 3 outs on 3 pitches in the second inning. Nick Voigt came in for

the fourth inning and finished the job without allowing Mauston to

photo courtesy of Mrs. Winters The JV baseball Team Photo

score during his three innings of work. The team started their Tuesday game, against Columbus, just like their Friday game, but that

Softball Shootout goes down in Lodi Editor

Corey Paske


Staff Reporter

21-14 19-16 17-18 16-18 15-17 22-13 21-14 19-16 14-17 12-21


Astros 21-13 Angels 17-17 Mariners 15-18 Rangers 15-20 Athletics 13-23

w us r o l l o f twitte es on r r i o r t i m a @llw

Corey Paske

The Varsity Lady Warriors went to Lodi to face the the Lodi Blue Devils. They were ready and had their bats going to start the game. Holye Doyle was on the mound for the Warriors. She pitched a complete game but pitching was not the story of the game. In the first inning the Warriors came out swinging for the fences. They scored eight runs in the top of the first and took control of the game. The Blue Devils scored two runs of their own in the bottom of the first and the game was set at eight to two. Lakeside would scored two more runs in the second to stretch the lead to eight runs. After the second inning Lodi picked it up. They scored four runs in the third and six more runs in the fourth to take the lead. Lodi had erased an eight run lead to take the lead for the first time. They were up by two runs heading

into the fifth inning. After no runs were scored in the fifth the Warriors scored three runs in the top of the sixth to recapture the lead. With a score of thirteen to twelve the Warriors would set in and never relinquish it. The final score was just that thirteen to twelve and the Lady Warriors walk out of Lodi with a win. Lakeside had a number of girls hit well on tuesday like Winter Petry. She had two doubles in the two hits she got. Ashley Kohls and Jen Schubkegel both hit home runs. The Warriors only struck out four times as a team in the game where-

Ashley Kolhs, “I finally fulfilled a life goal when I hit that homerun.” as the Lodi Blue devils struck out a total of nine times. Hollie Doyle picked up the in as she pitched all seven innings in the game.

wouldn’t last for long. After going down 7-2, the Warriors decided it was time to rally in the bottom of the third inning. The team took the lead and didn’t look back after that. The team was up 14-8 at the bottom of the fifth and was looking to 10 run rule the Cardinals. With two quick outs, the four runs that they needed didn’t look so easy to get. The Warriors pushed through with their last out and ended the game with a double by Matthies Winters. The 18-8 win was a team effort as the Warriors look to have another strong two games against Lake Mills tonight.

it and his general response to them gave a clear picture. Tom Brady was not taking this very seriously. So as May eighth rolled around the nation had taken in the report and was ready for some punishment. So the NFL Commissioner

Justin Gaal Something happened about two weeks ago that gave us all a taste of what was to come for the 2015-2016, NFL season. The thing that happened that gave us this taste was the 2015 NFL draft. The draft took place in Chicago for the first time in more than fifty years. There were a lot of highly prospected draft picks in this year’s

Corey Paske Summer is almost here and that means that the Warrior Times Weekly will not be able to keep. you informed with sports. So here are some of the major events to watch if you want to stay in the lop in the sports world. The NBA Championship Seriesthe teams are still not decided. They will be a good one though. If you like basketball this would be the last big NBA event until next fall. The NHL Playoffs- This year the previous champs are gone so a new one will be crowned. Watch and see who it is this summer. The Deflategate Trial- Tom Brady is appealing the suspension. If we doesn’t win that there is a chance that he will sue the NFL and take it to the legal system. The NBA Draft- See where Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker fall in this years draft. Also keep up with the new faces that will be on the Bucks this next year.

Corey Paske

photo courtesy of Google Images Tom Brady celebrating his Super Bowl Win

Staff Reporter



terview and tried to stay away from all the questions about the Wells Report but it got to him. He ended up answering a few questions about

Melvin Gordon on to San Diego

Things to Watch

Deflategate in New England May sixth was a big day in the eyes of the NFL. Yes this day was the date in which Ted Wells, a NFL detective, released his report on his investigation of the New England Patriots. This was a report that stated that “It was more probable than not that Tom Brady knew that the balls had been underinflated.” The Wells report stirred the nation. In his 240 page report he tells that Tom Brady had texted with the ball boys before the game. That Tom probably knew that this was going on and that he himself told the ball boys to do this. As the Wells report gained momentum and reaction from the football universe Tom Brady prepared to go speak at a college not about the report but as an preset interview. May seventh Tom did the in-

volume 57 issue 28

Roger Goodell dropped the hammer. He also made the Patriots give up a first round and fourth round draft picks. The Patriots were also slapped with a one million dollar fine. This is the biggest fine ever handed down in NFL history, but that is not the big news. No, it is that Patriots Quarterback, the face of the NFL, was suspended for the first four games of the NFL season. Tom Brady was considered one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He was always looked at as the best competitor and a stand up guy until this happened. Bob Kraft was always close to the Commissioner and the NFL wanted to send a message. That no matter how close you are to the Commissioner, if you do something to cheat or threaten the integrity of the NFL you will be punished severely

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, wi

photo courtesy of Google Images Melvin Gordon on Draft Day

NFL draft, but the one prospect that everyone in Wisconsin probably had their eyes on was Melvin Gordon. Melvin Gordon helped Wisconsin during the three seasons he played on the team. He was thinking about declaring for the draft after his sophomore season last year, but he decided to stay for another year. The extra year Melvin Gordon stayed for did nothing but helped his draft stock as he was the nation’s top running back and had a phenomenal season. He ended up being the second running back taken in the draft behind Todd Gurley. Melvin Gordon went to the San Diego Chargers on the 15th pick of the draft. The San Diego Chargers express their excitement to add Melvin Gordon to their team and say that they will have a great year.

Baseball Terms 9-0 - This is the score of a game that was forfeited. Base Knock- a single. The Hitter makes it to first. Beanball- The Pitcher throws a pitch at the batter’s head on purpose. Big League- A nickname for the MLB Bread and Butter- If the Player is really good at some part of his game, then that is his bread and butter. Bush League- A slang term for the minor leagues. Hopefully these few terms have helped enlighten you in the great sport of Track and Field.


Lakeside Lutheran High School

The Final Say

volume 57 issue 28

Warrior Times Weekly


The United States

loves coffee But most people do not know that different regions prefer some types over others. Final Say Editor

Ben Tweit

Most adults (and even young adults) these days start their morning with a cup (or two or three) of joe. It is almost a textbook start to their mornings. What comes after waking up? Not breakfast, but coffee. While this is not a bad thing (studies show that coffee drinkers live longer than those that do not), it is certainly an addictive practice. photo courtesy of The United States loves The above map shows the preferred drinks of different regions. Note the coffee, and most people know exquisite taste of Memphis and Portland. that. But do they know that different regions have different to fit in, would you just grab a car- southwest of their like their bevertastes when it comes to their order. amel macchiato and wear a Bron- ages icy and frozen. Throw Florida For example, people in Omaha cos-archrival Raiders jersey? Cer- in that group, too will you? Even states are split on top drinks prefer a simple mocha, while peo- tainly not. You walk up to counter ple in Seattle would rather have as though you control the place, to buy. California is divided almost the extra shot of espresso. Another order a tea latte, and proudly strut in half. The northern half is the latte example would be people down in your stuff, showing off that beauti- half, while the southern half is the Tampa like their coffee served iced, ful orange Peyton Manning jersey frappuccino half. San Francisco, which lies in the southern frappe while citizens in Philadelphia like that you bought the night before. the blonde roast. What does this Back to the regional taste thing. half, even takes it a step farther. have to do with anything? Nothing. People in the north like their bev- They are the leading city when it But sometimes statistics are good. erages warm, most times hot. This comes to drinking the rare green tea Or maybe one of you readers will is because we need all the warmth frappuccino. So if you visit these places in the want to blend in to society on a va- we can get in the winter and early cation to wherever, say Denver. In spring. How about down south? summer, make sure to buy these reDenver, they like the tea latte. So Oklahoma and mostly everybody gional favorites if you want to fit in. photos courtesy of

The white chocolate latte (left) is Memphis’s favorite Starbucks drink, while the green tea frappucchino (right) is the preferred drink of San Francisco. Other favorites are in the map above.

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Benjamin Franklin was the fifth in a series of the youngest son of the youngest son. In Quebec, Canada, there is a law that says margarine and butter must be different colors. If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months, and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite. In France, a five year old child can buy an alcoholic drink in a bar. Almonds are a member of the peach family.

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Shannon Jones Claire Schultz Brandon Gleesing Emma Groninger Katie Klug All summer b-days

“If you need me, I’ll be over here eating my feelings.” “You can’t fight here! This is the war room!” “Do you like movies about gladiators?” “Since I’ve met you, I’ve noticed things that I never knew were there before, birds singing, dew glistening on a newly formed leaf, stoplights...” “It’s fourth and fifteen are you’re looking at a fullcourt press.” “It’s okay. Normally you would not be going sixty-five down the wrong way of a one-way street.”

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BB @ Lodi Soccer @ Heights SB @ Mauston

SB vs. Belleville TR Conf. @ Cambridge Soccer vs. Kettle Moraine

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