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A Homecoming to G remember

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with God

Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

staff reporter

Adam Poyner

The Sophomores took the Powder Puff Football championship this year, upsetting a long tradtion of Senior victories. Following the gender reversal sports the Talent Show featuring many amazing acts. The Seniors were also auctioned off last Friday to raise money for Homecoming. photos by Maria Manteuful, Jordan Gaal, Bari Vredeveld

God tells His children not to conform to the world, but to use His will as a perfect way to live. In today’s world there are so many influences that can take effect on people’s judgment and beliefs. When a major celebrity professes his or her faith, that celebrity is told to keep it to himself or herself, but when a major athlete comes out as gay, he or she is widely praised as being brave and proud of who he or she is. Christians, know that society and religion do not always mix well. When it comes to eternal salvation, conforming to society can only hurt Christians. The truth that is known in the Bible is that Christians should live their lives according to God’s Word.


2013 editor-in-chief

Jordan Gaal

Louder cheers have never been heard in the Lakeside gymnasium. The Boys’ Volleyball Tournament was full of intense and fierce competition. Students also participated in other activties such as muscial chairs, the infamous dodgeball, and a class relay.


231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

Homecoming week at Lakeside is a week like no other. Students all over the school are filled with spirit as they decorate the hallways, doors, windows, floats, and various other things around the school. There are even groups of students working on hilarious videos pertaining to this years Homecoming theme: monsters. The terrifying Senior banner features a football playing zombie, while the Junior hallway is adorned with vampires of the night. The Freshmen have captivated the cafeteria with Minion style aliens and there are some terrifying doors with werewolves howling at the moon. The competitions this year proved just as intense as ever. The Seniors took home the musical chairs championship this year with Brock Vredeveld as the final man standing. The Seniors also won the dodgeball competition after shutting out the Juniors and Freshmen. The Sophomores ran the ball in for the final touchdown to win the powder-puff football tournament, but the Seniors took the victory in the boy’s volleyball tournament with the luck of their yoga pants. Homecoming has been quite the week of fun and games. Students look forward to the Football game against Luther Prep tonight.


Lakeside Lutheran High School

Student Viewpoint

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Making some noise Mr. Lauber talks about his recruiting team, what it is, and what his team does when they are out recruiting

“It is fun to see

editorial staff

Adam Poyner


akeside is not like other schools in several ways. Enrollment is not required, parents have to pay tuition, and most importantly, Lakeside teaches the good news of Jesus’ saving grace. One of the ways Lakeside encourages students to attend is through the recruitment team. “The students that help with recruitment basically entertain students from K-8 with a talent or through some sort of acting,” states faculty leader and recruitment director Mr. Stephen Lauber. The recruitment team is one of the newest organizations at Lakeside, starting last year as part of Mr. Lauber’s new recruitment program. Not much has changed since the recruitment team’s beginning, “We are still trying just to entertain the students and leave them with a positive outlook on Lakeside,” continues Mr. Lauber. Unlike other organizations at Lakeside, the recruitment team does not have any requirements outside of school hours. A few days a month, the group travels to area Lutheran grade schools during school hours and sometimes return within half a day.

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the grade school students laugh and want to see more. When we ask, ‘Do you want to see one more thing’ and the students scream ‘Yes’ that makes it all worth it.” -Mr. Lauber photo by yearbook staff Mr. Lauber is in charge of recruiting

When the recruitment team goes to the grade schools, they usually perform in a special type of assembly, sometimes with the whole school, or separated by grades. According to Mr. Lauber, “It is fun to see the grade school students laugh and want to see more. When we ask ‘Do you want to see one more thing’ and the students scream ‘Yes’ that makes it all worth it.” While the recruitment team may just sound like a fun sideshow for grade school students, it is one of the most important organizations at Lakeside. It

provides students who have no connection to Lakeside with a picture of what Lakeside students are like. “Anything to highlight what a wonderful school Lakeside is and to focus on what we are really about, specifically keeping Christ at the center of everything, can only have positive effects in the long run,” concludes Mr. Lauber. If one is interested in joining the team, keep in mind that the team wants to spread God’s Word and lead young people to God through Lakeside.

volume 56 issue 6

Guy vs.


Should you dress up for the Homecoming dance?

Guy “Probably should.” “Only if I don’t have to wear a suit.” “My girlfriend is making me.”


“Of course!” “Definitely! Got to be cute!” “I really should.” “Only if I can wear Converse...”


Talk What is your favorite Homecoming activity?

Andrew Natvig, Adam Zuehlke, Lucas Johnstone, Brandon Schwoch

Homecoming: then and now A look back at Lakeside’s 1981 Homecoming editorial staff

Hannah Tracy


of fine dining and soft music, presided over by the Homecoming King and Queen. Quite the culture shock for students who have been warned for four years running about no dirty dancing. In addition to this rather marked difference, participation in the talent show was much more varied than the dozen or so accoustic guitar solos and duets and trios that students have come to expect. In fact, the winner in 1981 was not musical at all, but rather a student reenactment of a Muppet skit. How is that for getting creative?

ick-tock... tick-tock... The clock is slowly turning back thirty-three years to Lakeside’s 1981 Homecoming... Muppet style. The week passed much as it did this past one in 2013, with dress up days and class competitions, decorations, and, of course, the Homecoming football game. But, it seems like something is missing… the homecoming dance! Three decades ago, back when Mr. Walta and Pastor Toepel were still new to school and Mr. Tracy was sitting in a student’s desk rather than assigning science homework, public dancing was still considered improper and even immoral. Instead of the notso-time-honored tradition that students look forward to at the end of a week filled with hilarity and fun, students in the 1980’s attended a Homecoming Banquet. This banquet conby photography staff sisted of an evening photo Last year’s sophomores stop painting to smile for the camera

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

Freshman: Kyle Burger Um, um, uh... dress up days.

Sophomore: Cole Hatcher Thrift Day.

Junior: Nora Raube The dance.

Senior: Jordan Gaal Being the MC.


Lakeside Lutheran High School

Warrior Sports

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Running at Poynette Games Sports

sports reporter

David Luehring

Fourth place. This is the number that sits next to both of Lakeside Lutheran’s Cross Country. Teams after Tuesday’s conference meet. They ran at McCarthy park in Marshall in one of the most important meets of the season. On the girl’s side the competition was very fierce. The top four teams were only separated by seven points. The final tally was Poynette 65, Luther Prep 66, Lodi 66, and Lakeside 72. The Warrior girls were paced by Sydney Cody who had a time of 17:09. She was followed by Natalie Bubolz. They placed 8th and 9th respectively, which is enough for second team conference. Catherine Hill took 15th just missing the second team cut. Estrella Tesch, Lydia Ulrich, Lizi Schwartz and Kiana Krszjaniek also competed on varsity. They were hoping for better, but they are still in position to have a legitimate shot at winning the conference at the second conference meet. The boys side the course ran fast, but it was not enough to pull them to victory. There was a little bigger gap between points in the boys meet. Poynette again won the meet with a score of 51 points. Luther Prep and Lodi followed. Lakeside was a few points off the pace and had a score of 74. They had three runners on the first team conference.

David Luehring paced the group and finished with a time of 17:25. He was followed by Mitchell Georgi and Elijah Tesch who took 5th and 6th. The three of them ran under 18:00 for personal records. They were rounded out by Kirkland Hill,

Dalton Egli Homecoming focuses on one event: friday night football. The dance team dances, the band performs a field show, and of course, the Warrior football team takes the field. This year, Lakeside faces the Luther Prep Phoenix, who is 0-5 for the season. The Phoenix are coming off of a 41-0 loss against Columbus in their homecoming game last week. Columbus scored their first two touchdowns of the night off of two punt returns. The Phoenix were never able to get their offense going en route to a shutout loss. Prep is only averaging 104 yards per game, and have been out scored by 32 points per game. Lakeside is also coming off of a loss; a 21-

Varsity Football - home Warriors vs. LPS Homecomming Dance 7:30-10:30

Monday 9.30 JV Football - away Warriors @ LPS

Capitol Conference Standings

photo by Ruth Fenske

The Boy’s Cross Country team poses for a picture

28 heartbreaking loss to the Poynette Pumas. This was Lakeside’s first conference loss since the 2010 season. The Warriors scored the game-tying touchdown with five minutes left, but the Pumas went right down the field and scored, leaving Lakeside only a minute to try to put up the tying score. They were able to move the ball, but came up 25 yards short. Lakeside is 3-2 on the season, and are averaging 383 yards per game, with 316 of those coming on the ground. The defense, which has struggled at times, is allowing 291 yards per game. The Warriors have not lost to Luther Prep since 2009, and have outscored them by 64 points in that span. All signs look to be pointing to a glorious Warrior homecoming victory.


The Warriors are fiercly ready to defeat the Pheonix.


Defeat of the L-Cats



Varsity Football

sports reporter

James Lang The Lakeside versus Lake Mills game was a tough one for the warriors after the L-Cats were defeated 8-0 last year and wanted revenge. Both teams took off right away at the beginning and the game took off. Lake Mills had a terrible hand ball in the box giving Lakeside a penalty kick. The kick was made and Lake Mills was ready to get back at them, but were held off till half time. During the second, Lakeside started fighting hard, and about halfway through the second half Isaiah Gronholz took a shot to the backside of the goal to make the score 2-0. Lake mills started to get very mad about not being able to get a goal. not even ten minutes after the goal, Isaiah Gronholz got a ball over the top of the defence and juked through three defenders and caught the goalie on the wrong foot and placed it low in the corner. The goalie had nothing to do but watch the ball roll in. The game ended in a 3-0 victory for Lakeside.

photo by Ruth Fenske


Friday 9.27

Saturday 9.28

Homecoming predictions sports reporter

Cole Hatcher, Ben Tweit, and Ryan Beyer. They have some work to be done in the coming weeks to put them in a position to compete for the conference title. Both Warrior teams will compete next at the Lakeside home course on October 3rd.

Lakeside Lodi Lake Mills Luther Prep Poynette Columbus

3 5 1 0 2 5

2 0 4 5 3 0

Varsity Volleyball Lakeside Lodi Lake Mills Luther Prep Poynette Columbus

2 6 3 0 1 1

1 0 4 0 3 3

Varsity Soccer Lakeside Lodi Lake Mills Luther Prep Poynette Columbus

3 4 1 1 1 3

2 2 2 0 2 5

photo by photography staff

Micah “Kung-Foo” kicks the ball.

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI


Lakeside Lutheran High School

The Final Say

volume 56 issue 6

Warrior Times Weekly

What grinds my Picture of the Week Gears

You asked


grand master

Is Homecoming rigged for the seniors?

Matt Ebert

I do not know how many of our great Lakeside students have after school jobs, but let me tell you something. Work can grind my gears. Now I work at a local grocery store in the Watertown area.

The school administration strives for fairness in all aspects of the school, including Homecoming and all it’s events. Seniors are just physically and metally more developed and therefore win. Yes.

One of my many jobs is to bring in the carts from the parking lot for the convenience of our amazing customers. Sometimes though, our customers have a funny way of showing their appreciation... Some customers find it more convenient for themselves to leave their cart in the far reaches of our parking lot. While I’m sure this is very helpful for them, it is anything but for the workers. Instead of a fifteen minute cart run, it turns into a half an hour and cuts down on productivity, which some of the employees seriously lack any ways. Another one of my favorite types of customers are those who seemingly lack the skill to match, excel in the mixing art, or are determined to make things as difficult as possible. They put a little cart in first, then a big one, then a little one, then try to jam a big one into the back of the little, and then end up storming away in a fury, leaving behind a mangled mess of what used to be perfectly usuable carts. My absolute favorite though, is when people leave the children’s carts outside. They’re about two feet tall and have a huge sign on them that says, “Must Remain in Store”. Yet some how I still find these carts outside. Either the entire population of Watertown is illiterate or it lets children do whatever they please. Either way it paints a dismall picture for the future of Watertucky. The moral of this article is quite simple. Whether a teenager, a mother or father, or just a working stiff, for the love of all that is good on this earth, please just use some common sense. It’d make the world a better place.

or Picture courtesy of GOLFWANG


Whoever turns in the best caption to of the week this picture will have their rendering Expanding students’ posted on the student pub bulletin boards! knowledge

Two professors at the Idaho State University are trying to get funds to build and unmanned areial drone. Attached to the drone they want high resolution cameras, and thermal imaging. What do they want the drones for? To spy on Bigfoot. They believe that sasquatch does exist and that this is the next logical step on finding this elusive creature. Their drone would be forty-five feet long and, unlike conventional government drones, these special bigfoot hunting drones, would be more quite and stealthy, so as to not scare away its “prey”. They say there are more sightings everyday, and they want the first definitive picture.

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Saturday 28

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9:00 AM - JV VB vs. Watertown Lunch: Hamburger or Invitational (Away) Cheese Ravioli 10:00 AM - V VB @ LIT (Home) 4:15 PM - LES CC Meet 7:30-10:30 PM - Homecoming 4:30 PM - JV FB vs LPS (Away) Dance

A look at the lunch menu, events, and Sunday 29 AM - A Cappella @ St. the weather 9:00 Peter Helenville

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Lunch: Choice of Pizza

5:00 PM - JV/V Soccer vs Portage 5:15 PM - FR/JV/V VB vs Lake Mills (Away)




Friday 4

Lunch: BBQ Pulled Pork or Chicken Nuggets

Wednesday 2

Lunch:Philly Beef or Rib Patty

Lunch: Mini Corn Dogs or Chicken Caesar Salad

4:15 PM CC at Lake Mills Invite 7:00 PM - V FB vs Columbus (Away) 5:00 PM - FR FB vs LPS (Home)

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Everybody was Kung-Foo fighting


231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

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