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The cult of the bromance

Clumsy Custard prepares to take the stage

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Softball has rocky start to season

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Technology for the students

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Caleb Strutz

It’s clumsy. It’s custardy. It’s horrory. It’s showy. That is right, it is the Clumsy Custard Horror Show. This play will be performed in a mere two weeks. That is exciting for some, but not so much for others. Specifically the actors. Two weeks is not a whole lot of time. But the show has come a long way since day one. More than 65 hours of practice have been put into this, and it gets better every practice. It has been a fun experience participating in the play, even with a minor role. It has been a great time so far, and its all uphill from here with the performances just around the corner. Only two weeks left, though, wow! That is both good and bad. It is certainly looked forward to though, by both the actors participating, and people that plan to just view it. Everyone should plan on attending the play. Yeah, you. The person sitting in the lunch room reading this article. You should see it. It is funny, it has audience participation, and it is awesome. Prepare to get clumsy. Tickets for the Clumsy Custard Horror Show are available for purchase in the school office. $7 for adults and $4 for students and children are the ticket prices.

staff reporter

Tina Kehl

photo by Jordan Gaal

Mr. Lauber and Mallory Reimer stand in front of these brilliant new display monitors that can be seen all over the school. They serve as portals for school announcements as well as many other purposes. staff reporter

Colton Hatcher

Technology has always been a center point at Lakeside, and the school is constantly trying to keep the computer systems as new and advanced as possible. Next year will be a great year in technology. This week, as everyone has already seen, a system of televisions to show announcements have been installed around the school. The biggest change for next year has to be the addition of Chromebooks. Each student in the school

will get his or her own Chromebook to use. In case anyone have been living under a rock this past year, a Chromebook is a lightweight laptop that is designed to run web applications rather than traditional programs. As a result, Chromebooks run much faster and smoother than a comparable Windows based computer such as the netbooks Lakeside has now. Bringing the computer-student ratio up past 1:1 will be a great thing for the school, but how

will so many computers be maintained? That is where the dedicated four-student team called “Computer Maintenance” comes in. Running throughout the school behind the scenes, the team keeps everything up and running smoothly, and gives everyone who needs it access to the computers. This group is lead by teacher, Mr. Klug. As technology constantly advances, Lakeside tries to stay with it as best as possible, and make sure everyone can access the great tool called the Internet.

“Game of Thrones” renewed

for two more seasons

Malaysia flight search area narrows Study shows women still make less than men

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staff reporter

Hannah Tracy

Children from all of the different elementary gradeschools crowded into the halls of Lakeside this past weekend. These eager young lads and lasses came to Lakeside as early as eight in the morning on their day off to participate in one of the highlights of their musical year: the annual Lakeside Fine Arts Fair. Fine Arts Fair is something that most Lakeside students have participated in in one way or another. A student may have had their band or choir director force them to compete, been a willing participant, or may have signed on as a student volunteer in exchange for a few service hours. Whatever the case may be, Fine Arts Fair is no walk in the park, even when compared to its big brother WSMA.

Volunteers arrived before the first performances, and even before the judges to begin setting up the concession stand, make sure rooms were open, and get assigned to their jobs for the day. There were also the lucky few student volunteers who are also a part of this year’s spring drama The Clumsy Custard Horror Show who got to wander around the school in costume and in-character to promote the production. By the end of the individual performances and mass rehearsals on Saturday, everyone was thoroughly exhausted, but not done quite yet. Everybody got to come back again on Sunday for the contest’s finale: two concerts held at 1:30 and 4:00. Fortunately, students only had to perform in one concerts and were then able to go home. It was another stunning year for everyone involved.

As the end of the school year approaches, many of us may be feeling stressed out. Whether it is the seniors stressing out about college, or the actors worrying about The Clumsy Custard Horror Show, we know that we can go to someone with all of our troubles and requests. In the passage listed above, we find the comforting hope that we are not alone, and that God is listening to our problems and concerns, just as a dear friend would. We also know that someday Jesus will take us to be with him in Heaven, freeing us from all our burdens forever. Remembering that he is with us helps take away the fear of the future because we know he is guiding us every step of the way. Not only that, but we know we can turn to him at any time and he will be there listening to our prayers and watching over us.

Forensics open house This past Monday the forensics team hosted an open house where family members and friends were able to view many varities of speeches.

Taken from

Russia warns of civil war in Ukraine

Gwith God rowing

Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Embracing the arts at Headlines the Fine Arts Fair

President Obama’s aunt dies

volume 56 issue 27

April Student Rotarian

Hannah Tracy Student Rotarians are selected by the Lake Mills Rotary Club as outstanding members and leaders of the student community.

Hannah is the daughter of Damon and Leah Tracy. Her academic achievements include earing honor and high honor roll status, and letters in academics, band, and choir, as well as several other music awards. She was inducted into the National Honors Society and serves on the Warrior Times staff, Math Team, Tech Club, A Cappella Choir, Band and also the Swing Choir. Next year Hannah plans pursue a Culinary Arts degree and a Technical Baking certificate at Madison Area Technical College.

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

photo by Kim Italiano

Sarah Hochmuth performs a unique Storytelling speech about slugs in love.

photo by Kim Italiano

Josh Schoenfeld and Josiah Eaker’s Playacting speech left audiences laughing out loud.


Lakeside Lutheran High School

Student Viewpoint

volume 56 issue 27

Warrior Times Weekly

The cult of the bromance


editorial staff

Adam Poyner


Talk Guy

“I don’t know.” “Just ask her out.” “Don’t be there in the first place.” “Act like a jerk. I’m being completely honest.”

photo courtesy of Adam Poyner

Jacob Nehls, Jordan Learned, Blake Stroede, Jacob Tietyan, and Walter Georgi are not afraid to be best buds.

of the most overused words in the modern English language, and this must stop. If America and the rest of the world want to continue on the journey of sophistication and class, they have got to stop over using such a senseless word.

Bro is one of the most overused words in the modern English language, and this must stop.

This is also just lightly touching on the matter of the aforementioned “bromance.” It is not okay to be in love with a “bro,” even if one is just joking around. Bros do love each other, but not romantically. Keep them separate! Fraternities are the only places where bromances are treated as acceptable, though they are weird.

Why people look up to superheroes opinion editor

“I don’t even know.” “You never can.” “Look for guidance during this difficult time.” “Be Tom Hiddleston or Theo James.”

By Josh Schoenfeld and Dave Wilson


Submit ideas for articles and topics to


Who provides this scholarship?

heroes to secularism and superheroes to religion. Action heroes deal with immediate, external properties of the world, while superheroes deal with the interior elements of humanity. Superheroes are colorful incarnations of the human spirit. It has long been a common human practice to depict certain emotions with either a certain animal or human form. For example, Spiderman was inspired by the Anansi tribe’s story “Anansi the Spider-Man.” In this way, people put their hopes, fears,

dreams, emotions and all unspeakable facets of human nature into corporeal form and lose them in fantastical worlds to see what they may learn from them. Thor, Captain America, and Wolverine. No matter what view one has one superheroes, one can be certain that superheroes represent good to those who watch them. They take down evil with a “bang” save the world, and go back to living their lives, only to repeat the process all over again in order to bring peace to earth.

Sophomore: Cole Hatcher “Rocky Rococo’s has the most delicious pizza.”


In memory of Morgan Turnquist, the Warrior Scholarship is available to all seniors in the guidance office.

Superman is just one of the many legendary superheroes.

“Culver’s. The chicken strips are good.”

In Memory of Morgan Turnquist

Warrior Scholarship deadline extended

photo courtesy of

Freshman: Will Beyer

What should we write about?

Nicole Italiano


What is your favorite fast food restraunt?


The dawn of the superhero age atman, Superman, and Iron Man. These superheroes everyone has heard of. First created in DC and Marvel comics, these names are now iconic in today’s society. Movies have been made about these superheroes. The superhero franchise is very popular with today’s generation. Little boys (and sometimes little girls) will dress up as Batman for Halloween and will have Avengers-themed birthday parties. Even teenagers are fans of superheroes. One is able to walk the halls of Lakeside and see fellow students wearing superhero shirts, shoes, lunchboxes, and even watches. A certain teacher at Lakeside even has Batman paraphernalia in his classroom. But what has caused this obsession with superheroes? Why do so many people look up to them? The answer to this prevalent question lies within the history of the superheroes Batman and Superman. They are among the oldest, most successful, and longest-running superheroes in comic history. Coming from two very different backgrounds (Superman an alien and Batman an orphan), these two icons appeal to people of all ages. They represent something deeper to society than just an action-packed comic book or movie. One might compare action


How do you get out of the friendzone?


ey what is up A-bro-ham Lincoln!” “Where have you been, my broski?” These ridiculous phrases have undoubtedly been heard by every teenager at some point. Whether or not it is a co-worker, friend, neighbor, classmate, or even a family member, everyone has heard a ‘bro’ over user... a Brover user. This epidemic needs to be stopped. Not only is it unnecessary and stupid to constantly reference a weird brotherly connection between two friends, the worst part is when a pair of male friends develops a “bro romance,” commonly known as a “bromance.” Here is a piece of advice: keep bros and romance separate. Of course, it is natural to feel close to one’s friends, close to one’s “bros.” Some would even encourage all people to develop close personal friendships between male and female bros. But does one really need to constantly remind the world that two people are bros by inserting this word into every single conversation ever? Absolutely not. “Bro” is one


This scholarship has been provided by her family. The family will continue to provide funds each year as possible.

Where can I find information?

Guidlines for the essay and selection process are on the form available in the guidance office.

Junior: Jarod Hill “Culver’s. Halfway between fast food and fancy.”

Senior: Brandon Schwoch

“Five Guys I love a bit of grease.”

Warrior Times Weekly editor-in-chief

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viewpoint editor Nicole Italiano;

sports editor Sydney Gronemeyer;

the final say editor

Adam Poyner;


Annah Dobson;


Jodie Schommer;


James Grasby;

When is it due?

The due date for the scholarship has been extended until the end of April. The Turnquist family encourages and welcomes all seniors in need of financial aid to apply.

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI


staff reporters Ben Tweit Colton Hatcher Daniel Bilitz David Wilson Fai Haw Gavin Loescher Hannah Tracy Josh Schoenfeld

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Lakeside Lutheran High School

Warrior Sports

volume 57 issue 27

Warrior Times Weekly

Athlete of the week sports editor

Sydney Gronemeyer Madison Dumke has overcome the great trial of recovering from a torn ACL right back to being an outstanding athlete. Madi’s freshman year, she made the Varsity cross country team and the JV basketball team. She amazed everyone with her cross country talents and much was expected from her in basketball in the upcoming years. In her sophomore year, Madi made the decision to give up her spot on the track team and test her talents in soccer. She truly loved the sport and did quite well in it, but unfortunately ended up tearing her ACL during this season. Due to this injury, Madi was unable to compete in the next cross country season and most of the next basketball season. But, as soon as Madi did come back to basketball, she was just as great as always. Despite injury, Madi continues to be one of the fastest players on all of her teams. She plans to go back out for cross country next year and can not wait to play basketball again. Currently, Madi is improving in soccer. She only started playing the sport last year and is now a Vasity starting player. Much is expected to come from Madi next year. She says a true athlete is “someone who dedicates a part of themselves to a sport and tries to be the best that they can be.” Madi never takes life too seriously and has fun with everything. When asket what her greates sports accomplishment is, she responded, “I have a high score of 66 on Flappy Bird.”

Madison Dumke

Coach Jim Bauer inducted into Hall of Fame

sports reporter

Athlete Favorites: Sport:


Coach: Classified.


Anything but math.

Teacher: Mr. Buege


Mitchell Christianson


Moriah Hackbarth; she is my role model.

Secret Talent: Twister

Partcipates in: Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer




Ice cream

Girls’ soccer kicks off

Ben Tweit Coaching can be stressful, tiring, and taxing, and takes a lot of patience. Coach Jim Bauer has displayed that he has a lot of patience, and that has paid off. His coaching rubs off on the players he coaches and makes them better. It has also led him to be inducted into the Lutheran Sports Association of Wisconsin Hall of Fame. But even he says that he could not have been inducted by himself. He says, “All coaching awards are a reflection on your players. You get coaching awards because of what your players accomplished. The award is theirs.” He also never wants to be all about individual awards. “My focus is never on awards but on competing in the Conference. It has always been about the Conference to me. I want my teams to be known as teams that are competitive in the Conference year after year.”

Lakeside and Jerry Kruse and Lloyd Thompson from Northwestern in Watertown and Jerry Birkholz who was my principal in Minnesota.”

A person usually needs advice to start coaching. A person could definitely go to Coach Bauer and get superb advice from him, such as this: “To be a coach it takes a bunch of blessings from the Lord: The Lord has blessed me with 1.a supportive wife. 2. Great assistant coaches. 3.Parents who give encouragement to their sons and 4. A whole bunch of young men who are willing to work hard and give themselves unselfishly for a common goal.” This shows that coaching not only takes knowledge and experience, but also the Lord’s blessings, too. That same person who wants to start coaching but does not know where to start can “go to MLC and become a teacher. That’s what a coach is, a teacher. If you become a teacher you will have plenty of opportunities to coach.” Congratulations to Coach Bauer for his induction, but also on his ability to make boys into Warriors.

on the road again to play at Johnson Creek, where they loss 9-2. Monday afternoon the Warriors played Cambridge at home where costly errors led to the fall of the warriors 8-3. On Tuesday the Warriors took on New Glarus. The game ended in the sixth inning with a three run home run by Bailey Kerr and a score of 13-3. While the less than ideal spring sports weather put a damper on the

first week of games, and prevented teams from getting outside for practice, the Warriors were able to work through and get most of the scheduled games in. With a few kinks to work out, the Warriors are very optimistic about the upcoming season. With lots of leadership provided by the five seniors, the Warriors hope to compete for a conference championship. The Warriors play Friday at home against Fort Atkinson.

When asked who his mentors were when he started coaching at Saint Mark’s, Watertown in 1973, he said, “My mentors when I started coaching… were Dale Walz from

photography courtesy of Lifetouch

Mr. Bauer inducted to Lutheran Sports Association of Wisconsin.

Softball has rocky start to season

sports reporter

Winter Petry Last week Tuesday the Warrior softball team opened up the season with games played at home against Marshall. The varsity team, unable to string hits together, loss 7-1. On Friday the softball teams went to Watertown to take on Luther Prep. Led by the exceptional batting of senior first basemen Bailey Kerr, the warriors defeated the Phoenix 13-3. Saturday, the Warriors went

sports reporter

Kiana Krszjzaniek This season may not have started out the greatest, but the girls really started kicking it into high gear for Tuesday’s game against Jefferson. Last Friday the Varsity team, coached by James Garrison and Josh Vinluan, suffered a disappointing defeat 10-1 against Lake Country at home. It did not help that the weather was awful for players and spectators alike; it snowed, sleeted, and hailed at different points and was overall very cold and windy. The Warriors’ goal was scored by junior Macy Marcks in the first half of the game. On Tuesday, however, the Varsity girls played Jefferson at home and won 2-1, with goals scored by


senior Olivia Schieber and freshman Jessica Wagner. For this game there were a few raindrops during warmups, but they all cleared away by the kickoff. At the same time, the JV girls had their first game, also against Jefferson, over at St. Paul’s school. They played with one substitute, and lost 2-1. Sophomore Nora Stake scored the goal. The score had been tied for much of the game. The JV team is coached by Jayne Meske and Brett Kopplin. This year there is no completely set roster for Varsity and JV. Some girls are asked to suit up for both, and a player’s game performance has the potential to move her from one to the other.

photography coutesy of Winter Petry

Warrior softball team stands united in both victory and defeat.

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI


Lakeside Lutheran High School

The Final Say

Warrior Times Weekly

You asked Suit up for the series of


What can I do about my fear of exams? Study! Just kidding, no one really studies. The trick is to just pay attention on the review days and cram in the passing period before the exam. You should be fine. Plus the exams are not that important.


Study! Take good notes for the rest of the year, and if you do not have good notes from earlier, copy them from someone. Study a little bit every night, be faithful with your school work, and you have a good start.

Actual Factual There are 722 miles of subway track in New York city. Maine is the only state with a one syllable name. Using the average 12 ounce soda or beer can it would take about 33 empty aluminum cans to equal one pound.

Saturday 12

volume 56 issue 27 Spring Crossword Puzzle (Finally)

the season: How I Met

Your Mother

final say editor

Adam Poyner

Tracy McMillan, the mother. The title of the show is a reference to its distinctive style. In the year 2030, Ted tells his children how he met their mother through flashbacks. Although the constant flashbacks and flashforwards could be confusing, especially in some of the later seasons, the show is truly a gem. Surprisingly, three of the main cast members had not seen more than meager success before the show, with the exception of Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan. Thanks to How I Met Your Mother, Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders and Jason Segel have become some of the most successful actors and director in the business. If one has never seen How I Met Your Mother, quite simply, that person is missing out. It is a humorous show with a relatable, down to earth cast of caring, loving friends, who always have each other’s backs. How I Met Your Mother is one of the greatest modern sitcoms aired. Thanks to Netflix, this great show can be preserved for future fans. Even though many people are sad that the show has come photo courtesy of to an end, it The cast of How I Met Your Mother: (Clockwise from uptruly was a legper left) Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, endary ride. Cristin Milioti, Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders. “It’s gonna be legen- wait for it -dary. Legendary!” Unless one has been asleep for the past ten years or so, one has most certainly heard this phrase. It is the popular catchphrase of Barney Stinson on the hit television show, How I Met Your Mother. This legendary show has had fans laughing, crying, and most importantly laughing, throughout its nine seasons on CBS. From the “Slap Bet,” to the “Jinx,” to the “Ducky Tie,” there is something great for everyone on this show. The show first aired in 2005. and is set in New York City. The main action of the show surrounds Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, on his life journey through adulthood. Other cast members include Ted’s best friends Barney, played by Neil Patrick Harris; Marshall Eriksen, played by Jason Segel; Lily Aldrin, played by Alyson Hannigan; and Robin Scherbatsky, played by Cobie Smulders. In the final season of the show, Cristin Milioti joined the cast as


2. a Dutch flower from a bulb 3. sow these in the ground and they grow 5. a holiday for moms 7. sign of spring, a bird 9. “April showers bring May ______.” 10. a small pool of water

Prom Posts • Donuts and other bakegoods will be on sale on Tuesday, April 15 before school in the cafeteria. • Masks are available for purchase anytime in the office. Cost is either $3 or $5. • Tickets will be on sale next week before school and during lunch periods. Cost is $18 for seniors, $20 for other students.

Monday 14

Tuesday 15

Palm Sunday A Capella @ St. Andrew, Middleton

Lunch: Salisbury Steak or Chicken and Gravy

Lunch: Tacos or Chicken Lunch: Macaroni and Cordon Bleu Sandwich Cheese or Chicken Nuggets

Lunch: Sub Sandwich or Chicken Fajitas

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ACT Test

Happy Tax Day!

Wednesday 16

Thursday 17

7:00 AM Faculty Meeting Maunday Thursday 7:00 PM Easter Concert


1. farmers ____ crops 3. season after winter 4. bug that turns into a butterfly 6. flower, yellow or white 8. “Spring ____,” vacation


Where did you take Mr. Grasby?

Grab a picture of our principal for vacation or anywhere, this summer and take some cool pictures! Categories:

most exotic, farthest away, silliest, and editors’ choice

Friday 18

Good Friday - No school

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The Lakeside Laugh


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Happy Joke Friday

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