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The standardized Lady Warriors testing fallacy flying and fierce

Lipasti, Torgerson, Raube score high on Mathematics Competition

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Selfie Olympics volume 56 winners issue 22

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Percussion, marimba, and vocal solos headed to state



Do not worry

Jordan Gaal

Recently a number of Lakeside students participated in the annual American Mathematics Competiton. The competition consisted of a test taken by the individual students administered here at the school. Todd Hackbarth, math teacher and coach headed the competition here. Students who received high enough scores advance on to the next level competition. Unfortunately no Lakeside students advanced further, but a few students received some high scores. In grades 11 and 12, Micah Torgerson and Nora Raube tied for highest in their grades, each having a score of 79.5 out of 150. The second highest students out of these grades was Hannah Tracy with a score of 73.5. The top three scores in this group make up the grades 11 and 12 team score which was 232.5. In grades 9 and 10, Eli Lipasti had the highest score, reaching 85.5, while Josh Higgins came in second with a score of 66. Colton Hatcher took third with a score of 61.5. The team score for the lower grades was 213. Overall every student taking the test scored an average of 54.7 in the upper grades while the lower grades scored an average of 45.


monday 03.03 •Capitol Conference Math Meet at Belleville wednesday 03.05 •Ash Wednesday friday 03.07 •Third Quarter Ends sunday 03.09 •Daylight-savings time begins

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Matthew 6:25

“Therefore, I tell you, do not be anxious about your life.” staff reporter

Elizabeth Cichanofsky

photo by James Beeson

The Brass Ensemble listens to critiques from the judges after performing at the 2014 Wisconsin State Music Association festival hosted at Lodi High School. staff reporter

Hannah Tracy

This past Saturday, a large number of students from Lakeside congregated at Lodi High School to participate in a variety musical events ranging from clarinet duets to brass choirs to Lakeside’s own Swing Choir and Jazz Band in the annual Wisconsin State Music Association Festival. While all of the band and piano students are required to participate in at least one event, many prefer to enter two or more various categories and enjoy themselves immensely.

The majority of Lakeside contestants did well on their events, with final awards of firsts and seconds, but in keeping with the consensus that the judges were much stricter than in past years, only five events made it past this first level of competition to go on to state. The final medal count for the school, excluding the piano competition held at LPS, is five state-bound starred firsts, six first-place class A events, ten second-place class A, twelve first-place class B, two second-place class B, six first-place class C, and one second-place class

Forensics continues to district staff reporter

Adam Poyner

Monday afternoon, the forensics team travelled to Johnson Creek to compete in the sub-district meet. The meet was originally scheduled for last Monday, but was cancelled due to bad weather. Participants in the sub-district meet do not compete against each other as in normal invitationals, but instead perform in order to advance to the district level and eventually the state level. While there were no ribbons or medals awarded at this meet, three members of the team received perfect scores in all three rounds. These speakers were Sarah Hochmuth in Storytelling, Kaitlyn Sage in Far-

rago, and Jordan Gaal in Special Occasion. Four speakers received perfect scores in two out of three rounds. These speakers were Amanda Kehl in Public Address, Adam Poyner in Moments in History, Becca Doering in Solo Acting Humorous, and Mallory Reimer in Prose. In the past four years the Forensics team has advanced 99 out of 100 participants to the State level. Lakeside is one out of only four schools to accomplish this feat. All twenty five team members will advance to the district meet this year at DeForest on March 3, 2014. The next step after district is the state meet at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

C, with a grand total of 155 medals to be awarded to all participants. Those talented musicians who are headed off to the state competition include the Percussion Ensemble, Hannah Varney with her marimba solo, and Courtney Dorn’s vocal solo, as well as two other entries. The state competition will be held on Saturday, April 26 at UW Whitewater, individual sites and performance times still to be announced, and all Lakeside students are encouraged to come and cheer on their classmates as they go for the gold.

Do you worry? Can you tell if your worry is just concern, or if it is a bad type of worry? Here are some things that could tell you which one it is: Do you always think about the worst possible outcome when an idea pops into your head? Does your mind sometimes panic? Do you remember striking memories of everything that went wrong in your past? Do you remember all of the bad things that happen to your friends? If you think about any of these things, you do not have to anymore. Jesus said to His friends, “Therefore, I tell you, do not be anxious about your life” (Matthew 6:25). Jesus reassures us that His Father, and our Heavenly Father, knows all of our needs. He will provide them all at the right time. With that being said, you can relax and stop worrying! If God takes care of the animals in his creation and even the plants, how much more will he take care of someone with a soul?

Google advance internet to fiber fast speeds staff reporter

Colton Hatcher

The Internet is a great tool and source of entertainment, but slow Internet speeds can be very frustrating. How great would it be if web pages would load in milliseconds, large file downloads would be almost instantaneous, and crisp high-definition video could be streamed without any buffering! Google has released a service that does just that, called Google Fiber, with speeds about 100 times faster than the average Internet speed. To make this service even better, Google also provides over 200 live TV channels, all for roughly the same price as a current TV and Internet provider. They can make these speeds a reality through the use of fiber optic cables to transmit

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

data, as compared to the current technology which uses a cable to transmit information, as well as some more fancy-pants patented Google stuff. Now of course, everyone would want to sign up for this service, but there is one minor catch. As of right now, Fiber is only available in a select few American cities, including Palo Alto, California, or Kansas City, Kansas. Google is slowly adding more cities to the list, but it will be many years before it is available or more rural areas, and by that time, this Internet speed will probably already be the standard. Although it may be a little bit too good to be true, Google Fiber is definitely a neat technology that would be great to see in the future.


Lakeside Lutheran High School

Student Viewpoint

volume 56 issue 22

Warrior Times Weekly

A blast into the past


editorial staff

Ryan Beyer



Talk Guy

What is the most annoying trait of the opposite sex?


he year is 1999. The Euro becomes the international currency of Europe, the world’s population reaches six billion, and the graduating class of Lakeside comes up with the idea for a time capsule for the graduating class. This idea came about like many other great ideas had in the past: in a student council meeting. The Student Council, headed by senior president Ryan Jaeger, wanted something interesting to do, something that would last. After some time brainstorming, the idea for a time capsule came up. This idea was a resounding success, and the student body readily accepted it. The time capsules would be built into the trophy case; inside 20 drawers locked and hidden away. The project was completed but, unfortunately, not until after Ryan and his fellow classmates had graduated. This time capsule concept was a very interesting one, with some truly amazing and unique quirks. One of these was that the time capsule would be continuous: it would be


Coke or Pepsi?

“When she acts dumb and really isn’t.” “When girls giggle coming out of the bathroom... I don’t understand...”

By Josh Schonefeld

Girl photo by Nicole Italiano

Locked and hidden away inside these cabinets are drawars filled with sentimental items from previous generations of Lakeside graduates.

used that first year and reused for 20 years to come. This was made possible only by an idea for a shelf with 20 drawers in it, drawn up by a talented group of Student Council members. Each individual slot would act as its own time capsule, used to hold and store each class’ objects for the allotted time of 15 years. The first slot would be used by

the graduating class of 1999, the next slot by 2000, etc. Once all 20 drawers were filled, the order would repeat. Newspaper articles about the graduates, pictures from their proms, and maybe even a class flower were all to be included in the time capsules. All these were ideas about what should be put into these slots. To better remember and embody the high school experiences.

“Burping out loud. Ew.” “When he texts on his phone when he is hanging out with me.” “His pants are too low.”

Freshman: Maddie Mckenna

“Pepsi. They have Mountain Dew.”

What should we write about? Submit ideas for articles and topics to

Sophomore: Noah Kreilkamp “Pepsi. Mom won’t let me drink Coke.”

The standardized testing fallacy Discovering the truth about scores on the ACT and SAT editorial staff

Adam Poyner

Junior: Carolyn Runke “Neither.”


pring is just around the corner. Seniors are breathlessly waiting for graduation and the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. Often this includes attending college, and the ordeal of waiting for acceptance into the school of one’s choice is usually stressful. For many, the largest stress factor is the dreaded standardized test score, which often determines whether or not an admissions officer will even glance at the application. Seniors and juniors across the country, and at Lakeside agonize over test scores, but is this fretting really worth it? According to, only about 27 percent of four-year colleges and universities make SAT or ACT score submissions optional. William Hiss, former Dean of Students for Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, led a study to compare colleges that required test scores to colleges that did not. This study, for students worried about all the cramming they have to do to raise their test score, is a beacon of hope. The averages between the two types of colleges differ by only .05 points. College graduation rates were just .6 percent lower at colleges where test scores were not used when considering admission, according to the study.


Senior:Lea Parker “Pepsi. Coke gives me heartburn.”

Warrior Times Weekly editor-in-chief

Jordan Gaal; Front Page/ Layout and Design, The Final Say

photo courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art

viewpoint editor

Tests like the ACT can cause a student to panic, but is the stress even worth it?

Nicole Italiano;

If the thought of a looming standardized test makes a person want to vomit, there is hope. If a student is a good student and get good grades, it is possible to still be accepted into a great school. However, if a student normally sleeps through classes and uses his chemistry homework as kindling for the fireplace, he should not expect to get into a great school just by acing a standardized test. College admissions officers look at many different aspects of prospective students personal and professional life. Involvement in

extracurricular activities is good for all types of colleges, as well as volunteering. Above all, a diligent work ethic and good grades are the best way to show colleges that one is hardworking and worthy of acceptance. In the future, colleges may be less hesitant to drop the standardized test score submission requirement, and spend more time looking at the big picture of an applicant’s academic background, rather than the few hours spent in a hot, stuffy, smelly gym on a Saturday morning. It has also become clear that not

requiring test scores broadens school diversity and fosters a greater interest in higher education. Without the stress of a standardized test score determining one’s future, one can simply focus on working hard in school. When all is said and done, choosing a college should be a fun and exciting time. Obsessing over test scores can hurt a student’s self-esteem and make him even more nervous about the future. Hopefully, more colleges will see that these test scores do not give an accurate prediction of potential.

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

sports editor Sydney Gronemeyer;

the final say editor

Adam Poyner;


Annah Dobson;


Jodie Schommer;


James Grasby; Prinicpal

staff reporters Ben Tweit Colton Hatcher Daniel Bilitz David Wilson Fai Haw Gavin Loescher Hannah Tracy Josh Schoenfeld

Katelyn Wolf Kiana Krsjzaniek Marcus Klein Marcus Turney Megan Moll Michelle Draeger Ryan Beyer Winter Petry Sarah Hochmuth


Lakeside Lutheran High School

Warrior Sports

Warrior Times Weekly

Athlete of the week Sam Anthon sports editor

Sydney Gronemeyer Sam Anthon clearly is one of Lakeside’s most valuable athletes. She is on a varsity team all three seasons-- volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track in the spring. Sam has been playing volleball for years. She made the varsity volleyball team as a freshman. Her sophomore and junior year she started as an outside hitter. She ended the year only two kills away from a career total of one-hundred kills. In the winter, Sam stays very busy. She starts for the basketball team and also plays for Wisconsin Select Volleyball Club where she competes in tournaments in Chicago every weekend. As a forward on the basketball team, she has helped her team to maintain an undefeated record. This coming spring, Sam will again be on the Track and Field team. She runs hurdels and also throws shot put and is planning on testing her skills in discus. Sam Anthon is valuable to every team she plays for. She has recently received a full ride scholarship to UW Green Bay to play volleyball.

Lady Warriors flying and fierce sports reporter

Athlete Favorites: Sport:



Annah Dobson Fast. Fast was the name of the game as the Lady Warriors took on the Cambridge Blue Jays. The game started off with two points by Moriah Hackbarth and then shortly after another score by Meghan Pingel. As the game continued the Warriors kept their lead. At the end of the first half Lakeside led 34-23. When the game resumed after halftime the Blue Jays began to battle. “In the third quarter they [Cambridge], started to fight, but we started to fight back. They started to score more, but so did we,” says Junior Guard Sami Huebner.

As the third quarter was ending the score was 58-33. As the fourth quarter began nothing was stopping the Warriors. The Warriors were stealing the ball left and right and the shots were going in.They kept the game fast and showed their passion to win. Some of the fans attending the game described the Warriors as “flying” and “fierce.” The final score was Lakeside 72- Cambridge 55. High scorers for the game were Moriah Hackbarth with 22 points and Meghan Pingel with 17. The Lady Warriors continue their undefeated record at 22-0.

volume 56 issue 22

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Medal Standings Country Gold


Russian Federation 13





United States 9






Norway 11

















Netherlands Germany 8


Austria 4


France 4


















Bailey Kerr



Meghan Rowoldt



Upcoming sports events

Craig Matzinger


photo by Kim Turney

photo by Kim Turney

The Warriors fight for the ball against Lake Mills.

The ladies stand and prepare to rebound the ball.

Wrestling season comes to a close sports reporter

Dalton Egli The wrestling season has come to an end, with some mixed feelings. As a team, the Warriors did better than most people expected, finishing with a 3-4 dual record. This was a vast improvement considering they had won 3 duals in the previous 2 years combined. One high point of the season was the Warriors 3rd place finish at the Regional Tournament on February 15. The team had several top finishers and were able to send Gavin Loescher and Dalton Egli on to Sectionals. As individuals, this season could be described as a learning year. The Warriors were a very young team, with six of the fourteen varsity spots filled with freshman. These freshman did very well considering the circumstances. Freshman Clark Thiele, who finished the season with a 19-12 record on varsity, and a runner-up finish


The future looks bright for Warrior wrestling, with only graduating 3 seniors from this years team. The team will look for next years senior leadership, and young guys stepping up to try to be competitive in the Conference.

- BBB Regional Varsity saturday - BBB Regional Final Varsity tuesday - GBB Regional Varsity thursday - BBB Sectional Varsity friday - GBB Regional Varsity

Capitol Conference Standings Team


Boys Basketball Lakeside Lodi Lake Mills Luther Prep Poynette Columbus

photo staff photo by by photography Photography staff

Brandon Swenson having fun at practice. with his teammates in practice. at the Capitol Conference Tournament, was a great contributor at the lower weights, where the Warriors have struggled in previous years. The Warriors also had some great leadership. Senior Gavin Loescher, who finished the season with a record of 33-14, was the cap-

tain of this years team. He finished his high school career with over 50 pins, along with a Capitol Conference championship this season. Juniors Dan Borth, Dalton Egli, Jacob Klug, and Brandon Swenson helped contribute team points all season, and many of them helped the younger wrestlers to grow.

15 21 15 11 18 8

7 1 7 9 4 13

Girls Basketball

photo by photography staff

Captain Gavin Loescher demonstrates new wrestling moves.

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

Lakeside Lodi Lake Mills Luther Prep Poynette Columbus

21 8 3 6 12 11

0 12 18 13 8 10


Lakeside Lutheran High School

The Final Say

volume 56 issue 22

Warrior Times Weekly

You asked

what? Why are the Olympics so popular in the United States? Mainly international goodwill and world collaboration. In order to show our willingness to participate alongside other nations, we throw off our pride for a few weeks and compete in a friendly way.

A Viral book review Selfie Olympics: staff reporter

Kiana Krszjzaniek

Virals, by Kathy Reichs, is about a fourteen-year-old self-described science nerd named Tory Brennan. She and her three friends live on Morris Island, South Carolina, because their parents all work as researchers for a scientific research center on nearby Loggerhead Island. The story begins when Tory and her friends decide to go check


Obviously, Americans are vain. We are so caught up with ourselves that we have to show off, adding to our overblown patriotism with every medal we win. We try to separate ourselves to maintain our stuck up style.

Actual Factual

courtesy of

Cover art for the the book, Virals.

out Loggerhead because they have nothing to do on Morris. They are technically allowed to be there, as long as they do not disturb anyone, but Dr. Karsten hates them anyways. Loggerhead is populated by rhesus monkeys, turtles, and wolfdogs. While they are there, a monkey throws an old dog tag at them. Tory decides that she absolutely needs to know who it belonged to, but her tools are not good enough. She and her friends then start their grand tradition of breaking into laboratories and other places to get what they need for the job. The dog tag turns out to be nothing but trouble for them and, without giving too much away, it puts them on the path to receiving their “gifts”. In between, Tory has to deal with her dad’s girlfriend that she hates, cotillion, and high school stuff. Somehow this all comes together by the end of the book. Every important detail relates to the main plot later on the story. Virals is a good read, especially if one likes such things as the TV show Bones, Maximum Ride, mysteries or science.

150 Selfies Submitted 5 Winners

Most People in One Selfie

Most Original

Submitted by: Zach Tucek

Submitted by: Gilmar Peralta

Editors’ Choice Submitted by: Jacob Nehls

Talk to Mrs. Schommer about staying after school to work on assigned pages. Direct questions to Mrs. Schommer or editors.

“The very first lemon seeds were brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus.” “Disneyland does not sell chewing gum. Walt Disney did not want guests inconvenienced by stepping on gum purchased in the park.”

need volunteers? selling something? buying something? submit a classified Send classifieds to

Students/ faculty: Free Businesses: $5 per ad

Interested in Newspaper design and editing? Interested students can have the chance to learn the newspaper design software and contribute to the design and editing of The Final Say page. Contact Mrs. Schommer or e-mail:

WIAA BBB Regional Final WIAA WR Individual State Tournament

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi draw to a close so do Lakeside’s very own Selfie Olympics. The Selfie Olympics were a resounding success with over 150 submissions from every grade. Choosing the winners was not an easy task. The judges looked towards the definition of a selfie to find the winners. Urban Dictionary defines a selfie

Attention Yearbook Staff Members

“The Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows or eyelashes.”

Saturday 1

The winners

Monday 3

Tuesday 4

Lunch: Salisbury Steak or Stir Fry

15° 2°

as: “A picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to social media. You can usually see the person’s arm holding our the camera, in which case you can clearly tell that this person does not have any friends to take pictures of them so they resort to the internet to find friends.” For the winners (announced below): See Mrs. Schommer each Monday of March to collect a Golden Ticket which can be presented to the Lunch Ladies for an extra cookie.

Most Selfies Submitted


Lea Parker Submitted : 51

Thursday 6

Friday 7

Lunch: Tacos or Chicken Lunch: Salad Bar Cordon Bleu Sandwich

Lunch: Sub Sandwich or Chicken Fajitas

Lunch: Max Snacks or Cheese Sticks

16° 5°

25° 5°

31° 16°

4:30 PM Capital 7:00 PM WIAA GBB Conference Math Meet Regional @ Belleville

Wednesday 5

Lizzy Denzer Submitted : 51

7:00 PM WIAA BBB Sectional

Ash Wednesday

7:00PM WIAA GBB Regional Third Quarter Ends

Sunday 2

8 AM - A Cappella @ Immanual-Farmington

11° 4°

25° -2°

The Lakeside Laugh


A blast from the past

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

WTW volume 56 issue 22  

WTW volume 56 issue 22 The Warrior Times Weekly, the student newspaper of Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills, WI

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