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Water main break causes future complications

Katelyn Wolf

“Do not go the play expecting to take a nap. Especially with the surprising plot twists.” “We have a talented cast, who each practice is getting better.” says Pastor Clark Schultz, who is the director of the play. “With the talent we have it will be fun to see it all put together in April, and we can’t wait for you to see it.”


saturday 02.22 •Capitol Conference Solo-Ensemble @ Lodi •Lakeside LES Basketball Tournament monday 02.24 •Forensics Sub-District @ Johnson Creek thursday 02.27 •Pastors Day-9:37 am

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Gwith God rowing

Beyond the walls of Lakeside

Staff Reporter

Out of the cosmic constellations comes to Lakeside a play full of drama, romance, and suspense. Preparations have already begun for The Clumsy Custard Horror Show, the spring play this year. The story takes place in the land of Zob Proper, where Swashbuck Valpariso has traveled with his Worfle friend to win the heart of the Princess Prince, the daughter of King Dumb. But darkness is lurking in Zob Improper, as the evil Dacron plans to have the princess for himself. Do not go the play expecting to take a nap. Especially with the surprising plot twists, and the unique and fun audience participation.

volume 56 issue 21

Colossians 2:6 “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”

photos by Todd Grundman

The burst water main may cause complications to the Softball field dug-out (above). The pipe was buried well below the suface and proved difficult to reach (below). editor-in-chief

Jordan Gaal

While students were enjoying a day off of school, some Lakeside staff members were addressing the issue of a burst pipe. Todd Grundman, Lakeside’s Operations Manager, reported on the water main break, “We cracked a 6” main line running from the street to our building. It was under the driveway behind the bus garage. All the guys working on it said it is the deepest frost they have ever seen (5-5 1/2 ft). The line was actually about 14 feet down, so it took some serious time to dig through the frost

and then that deep and find the crack. They had hoped to be done by noon, but didn’t get it patched till 3 pm, and then still had all the back filling to do.” Teacher Matt Doering comments on the potential future damage the pipe may have caused. “There is a concern that the water may have eroded the ground beneath the softball field’s dug-out. The water may also have collected underneath the dug-out which could push up the concrete foundation as it freezes, causing damage. From what we article continued on p.4

GPS celebrates 25 years of not getting lost editor-in-chief

Jordan Gaal

GPS, otherwise known as Global Positioning Satellite, revolutionized the way the world travels. This year marks 25 years since the first satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral. This satellite changed the way of technology for years to come. Since then GPS

has become embedded into almost every piece of technology in the world. GPS is used in mapping, smart phone apps, geotagging, diaster relief and much more. How exactly does GPS work though? Every signal relies on at least 24 satellites flying 20,000 kilometers above the earth. Each satellite is the size of a giraffe and weighs one pound. They fly overhead in six different orbital paths which trace out the familiar shape of an atom. The satellites then beam signals down and the device captures the signal. The device then compares the time it was received to the time it was transmitted. A quick calculation allows the device to figure out the distance to the satellite.

Proclaiming that one knows Jesus as our Savior is easy when he or she goes to a private Lutheran school. People are free to say anything pertaining to Jesus and God without fear of ridicule from his or her peers. The world outside parochial school is a very different place, though. Not everyone outside of Lakeside is Christian. Many may run into people throughout the course of his or her life that ridicule Christians for their so-called “radical” beliefs. These people are very much unlike those inside the walls of Lakeside. People like this may encourage Lakeside graduates to tuck away his or her Christian faith in order to fit in this society, but God says in the Bible to stand firm in the faith that one has been taught. Lakeside provides a firm ground for one to build off of throughout one’s life when one is no longer confined within the safe walls of this school. The practices of standing firm in the Word that one has been taught in Lakeside Religion classes is meant to be put into practice after graduation. Students should continue to live in Christ because one is rooted in him and strengthened in the faith as one has been taught here at Lakeside.

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U.N. report: North Korea’s brutality unparalleled Comcast merger with Time Warner Cable John Henson, son of Jim Henson, dies Eleven dead in record Japan snowfall photos by Jordan Gaal

GPS has enabled millions of people to travel anywhere without getting lost.

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U.S. gun sales plunge Google Fiber expands to metropolitan areas


Lakeside Lutheran High School

Student Viewpoint

volume 56 issue 21

Warrior Times Weekly

The new learning system Girl


editorial staff

Megan Moll


Talk Guy

What do you think about beanies?


t is incredibly obvious that there are many benefits that come along with technology, whether it is a cell phone enabling a victim of a car accident to call 911 or a computer allowing someone to find the answer to a question by using the Internet. But what kind of benefits can come from having technology in the classroom? Giving every student his or her own electronic device, such as a Chromebook, can be extremely beneficial. It is a lot easier than having to hand out a device that is shared between students every time it is needed. It is also very helpful to be able to take it to every class. It might only be necessary for one class, but can come in handy during others, such as when a student needs to look up how to say a word in a different language during a foreign language class. Not only is it beneficial to have technology inside the classroom, but it is also helpful to have technology outside of it. Having a device, such as


“I look at a girl’s hair for, like, 10 seconds, so I don’t even notice.” “It’s clearly not even for warmth, so why wear it?”

What is your dream pet?

By Josh Schonefeld

Girl photo by Nicole Italiano

Working hard on their Chromebooks, the seniors in British Literature type away, composing their character sketches.

a Chromebook, can come in handy if a student is sick and has to stay home from school, but still wants to get homework done and handed in on time. Entire essays can be written and handed in without even looking at a piece of paper. Not only can students get assignments done and handed in online, but class discussions can also be held on websites such as Moodle.

Having technology in the classroom can be expensive and hard to deal with at first, but it can also help in the long run. Many schools have started using technology in the classroom. Studies have shown that using computers in the classroom actually helps students learn quicker and with less difficulty. Widespread use of this technology can greatly benefit a school.

“I love them! They are so cute and keep me warm.” “I really like them because if I am having a bad hair day, I can just throw one on and Bam! Gorgeous.”

Freshman: Mindy Meske “Chinchilla. Nice and fluffy.”

What should we write about? Submit ideas for articles and topics to

Sophomore: Isaac Birch “Pandas. They’re huggable.”

Negative Hollywood domination The side-effects and influence of idolizing celebrities

opinion editor

Nicole Italiano


ost people have a favorite celebrity, whether it is a singer, athlete, model, or actor. People will spend money going into theatres to see movies that his or her favorite celebrity is in, or a person will spend money buying a singer’s new album. But do people understand the influence celebrities have on the American population, especially the youth? The young people in America put celebrities on pedestals, glamorizing them, obsessing over them. Celebrities have a great effect on today’s youth, and it is not always the best influence. As America turns on the television to the news channels, there are many journalists that are talking about Hollywood. Every action a celebrity makes is broadcasted to the whole wide world, good or bad. For instance, Fox 6 News took a poll of the worst female role model for women. The celebrity who won this was Miley Cyrus at 68 percent because of her transformation from a Disney princess to an R-rated personality. Not only that, but magazines, television, and the movies are pushing the stereotyping of young people, especially women. According to the Huffington Post, Hollywood often portrays young women as a commodity, as “hot”, easily replaceable, and only good


Junior: Lizzy Denzer “An awesome Norweigan.”

Senior: Brandon Schwoch “Ender dragon.”

Warrior Times Weekly editors-in-chief

Jordan Gaal; Front Page/ Layout and Design, The Final Say

photo courtesy of

Nicole Italiano;

Justin Bieber was also rated high in recent polls as being a negative role model for adolescents.

for her body. But young girls are not the only ones being influenced by Hollywood: the boys are, too. In the same poll done by Fox 6 News, viewers ranked Chris Brown as the worst male role model. This was due to beating up his sometimes-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009. This is an alarming subject that needs to be altered, fast. There are solutions to this growing obsession with Hollywood and its snares. The first one is to find a positive role model. Not all celebrities

are bad: there are some good ones out there, like Jennifer Lawrence. In a recent interview she said, “In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress. I eat like a caveman. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner!’” One can also look at Ian Somerhalder, star of the TV series The Vampire Diaries. Somerhalder took part in the Women’s Aid UK’s 2011 “The Real Man Campaign” and is a committed animal and environmentalist rights activist. Positive role models do not have to come from Hollywood, however:

Student Viewpoint/ Editorial Staff

Positive influences can be a relative, like a parent, sibling, or even a grandparent. These people can teach another family member good morals, are able to give advice, and can teach one to set good ideals, causing a person to look up to them. Other than looking at a family member for good influences, one can simply turn off the TV, stop reading that magazine that brings down self esteem, and just avoid negative influences in the media all together. Instead of wishing for that model’s body or that athlete’s speed, people should be content with what one has.

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Jodie Schommer;


James Grasby; Prinicpal

sports editor

Sydney Gronemeyer;


Annah Dobson;

staff reporters Adam Poyner Sarah Hochmuth Ben Tweit Colton Hatcher Daniel Bilitz David Wilson Fai Haw Gavin Loescher Hannah Tracy James Beeson

Josh Schoenfeld Katelyn Wolf Kiana Krsjzaniek Marcus Klein Marcus Turney Megan Moll Michelle Draeger Ryan Beyer Winter Petry Sarah Hochmuth


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Sydney Gronemeyer Dalton Egli has made his name known as a true athlete in the world of wrestling this season. He had a strong season throughout wrestling and really proved himself at Regionals. He had lost to a wrestler from Lodi in a previous dual, but caused an upset beating him in the Regional championship. Dalton now is advancing to Sectionals with a high seed and a chance to go to State. Although a leader on the wrestling team, wrestling is not Dalton’s passion. Since gradeschool Dalton has been passionate about the sport of football. He has played for Lakeside’s team since he could throw a ball and never gave up on making his game better. He joined the Varsity team for their last two games his sophomore year and started almost every game last year. In past years, Dalton has played baseball in the spring. This year, he plans on joining the track team to throw shot and discus. Dalton has always been a strong force on Lakeside’s sports teams. In perhaps the peak of his sports career, he will compete at wrestling sectionals this Saturday.

sports reporter

Madison Dumke

Athlete Favorites: Sport:


Color: Lakeside Blue


Clark Thiele

Woman: Brandon Swenson



Wrestlers advance to Sectionals sports reporters

Clark Thiele Gavin Loescher Last weekend our Lakeside wrestlers did very well at Columbus high school for their conference tournament. Some names that pop out are junior Dalton Egli who placed second in a tough match against Lodi at 285 pounds and freshman Clark Thiele who also took second to Lodi at 120 pounds. Their team captain, Gavin Loescher, however, took home the gold medal and the title of Conference Champion as he defeated his opponent from Columbus in a tech fall--meaning he scored a lead of 15 points. As our Warrior wrestlers come toward the end of their season they traveled to Regionals last Saturday. The Warrior wrestlers surprised everyone last Saturday at the WIAA Regional tournament at Marshall. The Warriors finished 3rd of 7 behind Lodi and Portage. The other teams there were Rio/Fall River/ Cabria-Freisland, Columbus, Marshall, and Lake Mills. Both Jacob Klug and Zech Schleef took 6th. Lakeside also had a pair of 5th place finishers, Taylor Buelter and Timothy Pochowski. Clark Thiele, Kyle Burger, Isaac Birch, and Dan Borth all took 4th. James Beeson was


Ladies continue winning streak

Lakeside’s only 3rd place winner. And the wrestlers who are moving on to sectionals: Gavin Loescher with second, and Dalton Egli with first. At heavyweight, Dalton Egli was the underdog going into the championship match. Dalton had been pinned by Adam Bruening from Lodi several times before. Dalton, however, did not let that stop him and ended up pinning Adam Bruening in 2:19. The upset went the other way at the 138 pound weight class. Gavin Loescher lost to Mitch Falk of Lodi in overtime during the championship match. Just a week before, Gavin had beaten him 7-0 in the semifinals at conference. Gavin ended up wrestling another match to clinch 2nd and pinned Jesse Virgin in 5:43. Gavin Loescher and Dalton Egli will be wrestling at sectionals tomorrow, hosted by Adams-Friendship.

Last Friday the lady Warriors pulled out another conference win for their season beating Lodi 60-32. The ladies started out strong and had a ten point lead by the end of the first quarter. They played the second quarter just as well and increased their lead to 38-17. The team continued to increase their lead throughout the second half of the game allowing them to coast to a victory. Moriah Hackbarth was the leading scorer of the game for the Warriors with 13 points. Twelve other girls scored throughout the game making the win a team effort. With this win, the ladies continued their perfect season record to 18-0. The Warriors are currently ranked 10th in the State after this weeks polls.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Medal Standings Country Gold


Germany 8








Norway 7


Netherlands 6



United States

















Switzerland 5


Belarus 5


Canada 4


Poland photo by Kim Turney

Keri Bachler shoots and scores during a heated game.

Warriors advance towards playoffs sports reporter

Ben Tweit The Lakeside Lutheran basketball team squared off against the Poynette Pumas for a game that many call Senior Night, a game in which the seniors are honored for their service to the team and representation of the school. It was the seniors’ final regular season home game. Logan Birkholz, Brock Vredeveld, Micah Torgerson, Isaiah Gronholz and Luke Thiele would be playing for the last time in their gym, with their fans surrounding them. At first, the game wasn’t too bad. Lakeside only trailed 19-17 after the first half. But then, the second half came around. Poynette exploded and put together a 20-2 run and never looked back. Despite the defeat, many good things came out of this loss. Logan Birkholz played aggressively even though he had four fouls, which almost led to fast-

volume 56 issue 21

break scores. Brock Vredeveld kept shooting and finally hit a three. Mason DeNoyer had a lot of offensive rebounds. Even at the end, when Coach Bauer sat his seniors for the final minutes, Matt Struck stepped up and scored six points off a three and a converted “and one.” While the loss is disappointing, the Warriors cannot let that deter them from focusing on the game against a finalist for the top point guard award in Wisconsin in Cam Ward and the #4 team in Division 3: Marshall. After Marshall the Warriors play at a tournament to fight for a potential shot at State. Anything can happen, and the Warriors can not think that their season is over. After all, they received a bye in the tournament and a #4 seed, and will wait for the winner of Evansville and Brodhead, who will travel to Lakeside to challenge the Warriors for a chance to move on.












France 3


Upcoming sports events saturday - Wrestling Regionals Varsity tuesday - BBB vs Poynetee FR/JV/V - Home GBB vs WLA FR/JV/V - Away thursday - GBB vs Dells FR/JV/V - Away friday - BBB vs Marshall FR/JV/V - Away

Capitol Conference Standings Team


Boys Basketball Lakeside Lodi Lake Mills Luther Prep Poynette Columbus

14 15 13 10 16 8

3 5 6 8 4 11

Girls Basketball

photo by Deb Egli

Dalton Egli pins his way to Regional champion.

photo by photography staff

Warriors rebound the ball in a game against Luther Prep.

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Lakeside Lodi Lake Mills Luther Prep Poynette Columbus

18 6 3 5 10 10

0 11 16 11 8 9


Lakeside Lutheran High School

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You asked

what? It is almost prom and I do not have a date! What do I do? First people need to remember that a date is not needed in order for prom to be fun. Plenty of people go to prom with friends and have an amazing time. Do not just find a date to prom because everyone else is.

Experimenting with history of the puzzles hashtag 1. hyecstirm

staff reporter

Colton Hatcher


First of all, it is not almost prom. Prom is like, three months away. Second of all, people are going to start pairing up soon, so if one wants a date like everybody else he better start looking around.

Actual Factual

“The fax machine was patented the same year the first wagon left on the Oregon Trail, 1843.” “England is smaller than the state of Florida by 15,409 square miles.”

The # symbol is a common sight when browsing the Internet. Whether on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and the all too notorious twitter, the hashtag, also called a hash, pound, number sign, or even an octothorpe, is used to organize and share information with people with similar interests. Whenever a person uses a hashtag, it connects their post to a page on the website for that specific hashtag. So, for example, if someone types somewhere in a Twitter post, #JimBo, it will link their post to to a page that contains all the posts with #JimBo, and they can find other people who also enjoy talking about hashtags. Adding a hash to a post, status, or picture may seem like a cool and modern thing to do, but in fact, it is not new at all. The hashtag, as it is used now, originated in 1988. It was used in something called the Internet Relay Chat, of IRC, which

was essentially a way to send texts between two or more computers, again to sort words or phrases and organize message with the same tag. The modern use of the hashtag came from Twitter in October, 2007, when a man by the name of Nate Ridder started adding #sandiegofire at to end of his tweets to inform the rest of the world about wildfires in the area at that time. This sparked (no pun intended) the hashtag craze, and in 2009 Twitter fully implemented it's use.

Adding a hash to a post, status, or picture may seem like a cool and modern thing to do, but in fact, it is not new at all. Hashtags are a great way to get in touch with people who have similar interests or to spread an idea around. Hashtags have been around for many years and people can rest assured that they will be around for many more.

Water main break complications continued

can tell so far the water most likely went to the sides of the dug-out and not underneath which will minimize damage. We will not now the actual damage until the ice thaws and the snow melts in the spring.” Doering discovered the burst

“It has been over 40 years since anyone has stepped foot on the moon.”

Saturday 22


Monday 24

18° 4°

Unscramble each of the clue words. Take the letters that appear in the boxes with inscribed circles and unscramble them for the final message.

2. anmoyta 3. piohylsygo 4. syispch 5. logbyio 6. calsphiy niesecc 7. taerh neicesc

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Selfie Olympics Tweet your “selfie” shot to @llwarriortimes The winning selfies will receive an extra cookie on Monday for a month.

Categories include: -Most Original -Most People in One Selfie -Editor’s Choice selfies due today at 3:10

pipe last week Wednesday with his daughter Becca. He knew something was wrong when he saw the softball field covered in water. He commented, “I knew the snow had not melted into water because it was still too cold.”

Tuesday 25

Capitol Conference Solo 6:00 PM - FR/JV/V GBB vs 4:00 PM - FR/JV/V GBB Ensemble Festival @ Lodi Cambridge (Away) vs WLA (Away) WIAA Wrestling Sectional 7: 00 PM - General Board 6:00 PM - FR/JV/V BBB Lakeside LES Basketball vs Poynette (Home) WIAA WR Team Sunday 23 Sectional 8 AM - A Cappella @ Lunch: Chili or Lunch: Chicken Patty or St. John, Jefferson Grilled Cheese Hamburger

24° 3°

volume 56 issue 21

15° 1°

Wednesday 26

Thursday 27

Lunch: Turkey Melt or Ham and Cheese

Lunch: Chicken Parmesan Lunch: Pizza or or Ranch Wrap Italian Flat Bread

16° -7°

10° -9°

The Lakeside Laugh

Friday 28

9:37 AM - Pastors Day 7:00 PM - WIAA BBB 6:00 PM - FR/JV/V GBB vs Regional Marshall (Home) WIAA Wrestling State WIAA Wrestling State

10° -3°

Below-zero humor

What are you If I dig deep doing down enough I might find there? another day off of school.


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