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Warrior Homecoming

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The Lakeside Lutheran Link, 2015 Issue 2 mission

50 years of Homecoming floats make for great memories

Motivated by the love of Jesus, Lakeside Lutheran High School partners with families to educate, encourage, and equip students for life and for eternity.

OperationGo an exciting new way to reflect LLHS mission

about our federation

Videographer instructor Todd Hackbarth (right) controls a DJI Phantom 3 camera drone in order to capture publicity photos of the A Cappella Choir. The drone was gifted to Lakeside this year to enhance classroom experiences with current technology. A drone photo became part of the choir poster/programs.

A picture is worth... more than 1,000 words of thanks to the donors, including Twice is Nice Resale Shop and others, who help make your Lakeside Lutheran videography department a model for other Lutheran high schools and the educational field in general. No longer is the ability to design and produce video simply a hobby or luxury; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cites an increasing demand for technically literate workers in general and an 11% growth rate through 2024 in video editor and operator specific occupations (U.S. average for all jobs is 7%) as an impetus for schools to consider this type of technology education a critical component in forward-minded curricula.* Yet, there’s no question that keeping up with the ever-evolving hardware and software in the technology fields is a perpetual challenge for our budget-conscious schools. Your LLHS stands out, not only in the equipment required to instruct students in these valuable skills, but in the generosity of our supporters. Look to the Video Gallery at llhs.org for all LLHS Tech Club uploads, and view our latest video “Places of Dance, Lakeside Version” (see back cover). If you have questions or comments about the LLHS technology education curriculum, feel free to contact Director of Instruction Dan Kuehl at dkuehl@llhs.org or 920-648-2321 x1739. If you‘d like to show your support for the LLHS technology education efforts, please visit www.llhs.org/giving or call the Development Office at extension x2223. *bls.gov/ooh/media-and-communication/film-and-videoeditors-and-camera-operators.htm page 2 | Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org

The Lakeside Lutheran Federation includes 31 congregations in a diverse geographic region in southcentral Wisconsin that extends north to south from Beaver Dam to Janesville and east to west from Oconomowoc to Madison. The Lakeside Lutheran Link is a publication of Lakeside Lutheran High School in Lake Mills, WI, published twice annually and distributed free of charge to graduates, supporters, students, families and friends. Readers are encouraged to pass on copies to benefit others. Please direct all correspondence, letters, news corrections, comments and requests to be added to our home mailing list to: Lakeside Lutheran High School 231 Woodland Beach Rd. Lake Mills, WI 53551 info@llhs.org • 920.648.2321

Principal: James Grasby Assistant Principal: Pastor Don Schultz Development Director: Scott Gronholz Recruitment Director: Steve Lauber Activities Director: Kirk DeNoyer Bd of Regents, Chair: Scott Schneider

Photo credits: Cover: Bari Vredeveld (class of ‘16 Estrella Tesch & Alex Pillard) p. 2: Kimara Winters p. 4: Bari Vredeveld p. 5: contributed by OpGo travelers p. 6: from facebook.com/HatsOnForAuden p. 7: top left, top and bottom right: Edwin Brix Vineyard. bottom left: Kimara Winters

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‘99 alum and family give Forever Warrior special meaning


Two generations of Forever Warriors pioneer local winery


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at windwood in watertown

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our event Help us with an auction donation! Contact Deb Constien debconstien@charter.net (608) 347-4736 Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org | page 3

warrior homecoming

celebrating 50 Years of floats 1975




The junior class has an remarkable history of winning Homecoming float competitions in five and aught years. Juniors took first in every photo on this page. The awesome Snoopy float pictured above right wasn’t in a 5 or 0 year, but it was too impressive not to include!


for 6 yearbook cutline Below is the 1965–6 edy,” (pictured above) “Spe the class of 1967 the winning float by

every year brought additions or enhancements. Homecoming 1964 introduced the Warrior marching band at halftime. Then came 1965 and class float competitions, although it wasn’t until five years later that those floats saw the road in Lakeside’s first Homecoming parade. Prior to 1970, the floats were set up as displays on the campus lawn. The Warriors’ first win on the field came in 1966 with a 34–19 victory over the Johnson Creek Blue Jays. Two years later HoCo evolved into a week-long celebration, and a Queen “and escort” were first pictured in the 1978 yearbook.

Every Lakeside Lutheran yearbook (a.k.a. K.E.M.O.) Have a Homecoming memory since 1964 has at least one to share? What happened to the page dedicated to that annual The class of 2017 had its own pride and joy lighting of the L’s? Send us your with a winn ing float 50 years later. stories, alum! <info@llhs.org> opportunity to show pride and fondness for an alma mater: Homecoming. It only made sense to host the inaugural festivities in 1963, since that was our first fall with alumna and alumni to call home. What did we do before floats?

Team Jersey (at Immanuel Lutheran in Long Valley, near NYC) helped canvass the community to share the message of Christ-crucified with children through an invitation to VBS; the girls also helped run the summer school session.

To paraphrase Isaiah’s good news, “See, we are doing a new thing!” Your Lakeside Lutheran was privileged to initiate an annual student mission trips program during the 2014–15 school year—called Operation GO—in which Warriors at least 16 years old can apply to participate in a summer trip to aid a sister WELS/ELS church and/or school in some way. Summer 2015 saw 15 teens in four different student groups serve three unique locations. Our Lakeside ministry team is thrilled to give students another opportunity to grow in faith and help other believers, across the U.S. and even internationally. For the first year, Pastors Caleb Davisson and Clark Schultz worked Toronto with WELS Kingdom Workers to find locations and the tasks to fulfill the wish of Warrior teens who wanted to “GO” with the Gospel. With the adult participation of teachers Davisson, Nathan Koerber and varsity volleyball coach Jenny (Nommensen ‘98) Krauklis, Warriors headed out to Toronto, to Jersey and to Louisville to help with canvassing, soccer camps and VBS. Of course, they were able to see the sights and beauty of creation on the way, which made these mission trips an extra sweet lifetime memory for all involved. Boise


The success of the first year means a second year is a go! The flags show two new destinations— Boise, Idaho for a large soccer camp and Modesto, California for a new soccer camp and VBS—added to repeat trips to New Jersey for VBS and Toronto for soccer camp. Our five teams with 26 teens are set and raising funds for trip expenses. Please keep this blossoming program in your prayers. (See details and opportunities to support these teens on the Operation Go page under the Faith & Values link on llhs.org)

Coach Krauklis shared a prayer on social media last summer that helps capture the purpose and the goal of all Warriors who walked and taught and crafted and refereed for the Gospel: We pray that these children (most of them non-members) remember that God has power, that they are precious to him, that they remember that God’s Word is most important, that God wants them to be saved and most of all, we pray that this little faith grows and grows so even though we may not see them again on earth, we will in heaven.


The ‘64 yearbook describes that first year: “...festivities began on Thursday evening with a pep rally, snake dance, bon fire, and ended with a hootenanny led by the Imperial Trio from Northwestern College. On Friday evening, the Warriors lost the homecoming game to Fox Valley by a score of 13–6. After the game, the students, faculty, and alumni proceeded to the cafeteria which was decorated to the theme of ‘Autumn Leaves.’” As a young, flourishing high school, almost page 4 | Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org

Long Valley NJ

(Search #WarriorsGO on Facebook.com to see more photos and posts.)

Teams Louisville (at Hope Lutheran) helped canvass the community with the Gospel, and a second team of helped with Summer Bible Camp.

Team Canada (Cross of Life, Mississauga, Ontario), among other activities, assisted with an outreach soccer camp for community youth.

Jesus enabling next summer, 26 Warrior teens on five OpGo teams will carry the Gospel east & west. Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org | page 5

Hats on for Auden...

Hats off to the Evensen family

Being a forever Warrior has served Kerri (Hartwig ‘99) Evensen well, since for several years, she and her family have often found themselves on a medical battlefield. Her response? Give glory to God, fight as hard as she loves, and pick up a crochet needle for the battle. God’s response? One miracle after another. Auden is Kerri and Tom’s just-turned-5 year old boy born with a liver and lung disease, Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Syndrome. He’s been in and out of hospitals since 8 weeks old with several associated ailments, including cirrhosis, esophageal varices and hypoglycemia. Kerri picked up crocheting during the long hospital waits, and then began selling her creations to help raise money for Auden’s and the family’s expenses (see bottom of page). “We do this to help him with his medical expenses, and for Kerri to have kind of an emotional release through all of this,” says husband Tom.

The Evensen family’s story was featured on a morning news segment by ABC affiliate WKOW in Madison. See the video and related story here: http://goo.gl/sgEW3A

In July 2015, after another decline in his health, Auden was placed on the liver transplant list. Later that month, Kerri began the arduous process of becoming a donor. Hers was to be only the 4th living donor liver transplant performed at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, but Auden desperately needed a transplant to save his life. Yet when Kerri underwent the required tests, her MRI revealed a life-threatening condition: she had an aneurysm near her kidney. Kerri was able to have the issue resolved through surgery. “I know I would never have done any other test to find this aneurysm in time,” Kerri says. “So [Auden] absolutely 100 percent saved my life, by checking…to save his life.” So began her recovery and another wait for a very sick Auden. On November 24, 2015—after a failed cadaver transplant attempt in October and a delayed living transplant due to an infection in Auden’s colon in early November—Auden received his life-saving liver transplant. Kerri shares, “It was a miracle in so many ways!” She was already in the hospital, ready to donate part of her own liver—her IV in, her abdomen marked for the incision­—when the surgeon rushed in with news that they had another cadaveric liver for Auden. The complex surgery went smoothly, and Auden “now begins his continuing journey to a second Auden on December 3, chance,” says Kerri. “There is SO much more to Auden than his disease! 2015, 9 days He is sweet, caring, gentle and just a very good boy. He constantly puts a post transplant at Children’s smile on everyone’s face. We have always said ‘there is just something about Hospital of Auden’. He is such a gift. I am honored to be his mom.” Wisconsin. Mom Kerri writes: “We will call this [his] “before plumping up” picture. He has lost a lot of weight this last week...He needs to relearn to eat and drink to fullness, and then some. But I think his smile says it all.”

page 6 | Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org

who needs Merlot from Napa Valley when we have

Marquette from Dodge County? Perhaps for the Martin Sell family, the 2015 milestone of offering their vineyard’s wine for public sale seems like life as usual. After all, this year has been the 5th in as many milestone years for their winery, Edwin Brix Vineyard. What began as a vacation to California wine country for Marty (‘72) and Chris (Bublitz ‘73) Sell has become a fullfledged family business that involves the second generation of forever Warriors Jocelyn (‘00), Ben (‘04) and Nic (‘08) in various aspects of the business.

Located within a 155-acre parcel in Oak Grove, Wisconsin (near Juneau), three acres comprise Edwin Brix Vineyard, the first federally licensed winery in Dodge County (a 2013 milestone). Marty and Chris settled down on this 5th generation family land in 1978, when Marty was beginning his career in architecture and Chris her work in interior design—and around the same time as a trip to California, where they fell in love with Napa Valley. When they revisited Cali in 2007, they noticed the trend toward boutique wineries, and Marty began researching the feasibility of grape-growing on his own land. After all, Dodge County is blessed with great grape-growing soil with its glacier drumlins—the highest drumlin concentration in the world. It’s often compared to upstate New York, an area already popular for cold-weather varietals, such as Pinot Noir and Riesling. With much more education and an expert mentor, it’s been a whirlwind for the Sells ever since. They now have several grapes in the ground, including Marquette, Sabrevois, Frontenac, Chardonel and Brianna. The first Marquette was harvested in 2012 and their first bottling happened in 2014. This fall, their website offers six wines for sale, including a 2013 red Brix Blend, a dessert wine Little Sister (named for Chris) and Wild Stan’s Strawberry Wine, their second vintage of “fun-loving” fruit wines under the E-Flat Eddie label, made with berries from another local grower, Kirschbaum Strawberry Acres. Jocelyn, who handles PR and social media for the family’s venture in addition to helping her parents and brothers with the farming, reports that this year’s production was about 3,000 bottles, with two-thirds using Edwin Brix grapes and 1,000 bottles of strawberry wine. They hope to open a tasting room in a converted granary at the vineyard, and look forward to a future vintages, including the first of the recent white grape plantings. “We hope for a mild winter,” Jocelyn says. Your Warrior family hopes you get your wish, Sells, and look forward to seeing your pioneering success. Read more at www. edwinbrix.com

Evensens, your Warrior family is honored to celebrate your miracles!

www.gofundme.com/ay6twc9w The Evensens have a GoFundMe page to help cover “continuous expenses of hospital stays, constant trips to his hospital which is an hour away, parents’ missed work” and more. Kerri also invites anyone wanting to help to visit their “Hats On for Auden” Facebook page, where dozens of her crocheted hats and other items are displayed. She takes orders!


During a tour that included a look at the winery’s French and American oak barrels holding the wine they call Triunity, Jocelyn Sell describes the blend “Triunity—three in one— can be a difficult concept to grasp. Triunity is a very special blend of Marquette, Sabrevois and Frontenac wines.”

The Sell family vintners (l–r) Chris, Ben, Jocelyn, Nic and Marty are excited for the expected opening of a tasting room around Memorial Day 2016, and invite those interested to stay tuned to their website for the next harvest in 2016/17. Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org | page 7

Andrew Natvig (‘14), attending UW-Milwaukee for film and videography, had one of his freshman projects selected for last spring’s Student Film Festival, a juried showcase of the best short films and videos from UWM Department of Film,Video, Animation and New Genres. See his short at vimeo.com/126891825 (he also does wedding videos!) Grey Davis (‘12), senior at Martin Luther College, earned his fourth year of All-UMAC cross country honors with top 12 finishes each year. Sierra Tackett (‘12), senior biochemistry major at Wisconsin Lutheran College, is one the 2015 recipients of the Sharon A. Schoeneck Christian Women’s Leadership Scholarship. Sierra coordinated the week-long 2015 summer camp hosted by WLC’s International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition team and shared her reflections on the camp in a guest post on the group’s blog: https://goo.gl/YJpvK1 Danny Hafenstein (‘11), a super senior at Wisconsin Lutheran College, wrote a choral piece titled “Farewell Poem” and then directed the WLC choir. See them here: youtu. be/yLfI3CKEOH4 Karla Kehl (‘11) and Eric Haley (‘11) announce their engagement and plans for a July 2016 wedding. Karla teaches at St. John in Waterloo and Eric works at J&L Tire in Johnson Creek. page 8 | Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org

Austin Vater (‘11) was recently congratulated by the Recruiting Sub Station in Waukesha on Facebook (see https://goo.gl/czBPuF), as he is currently entering Marine Boot Camp and then learning Infantry tactics in Combat Training School. Gaige Hunter Kerr (‘11) graduated with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science (cum laude with a distinction in research) in May from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell University. During his time as an undergraduate, Gaige held research appointments in the Department of Atmospheric Science at Cornell and the Département de

géomatique appliquée at the Université de Sherbrooke in Sherbrooke, Québec. Gaige also graduated with a concentration in Music. He studied piano performance with Ji-Young Kim and Blaise Bryski and organ performance with Annette Richards and David Yearsley He is now a doctoral student in the Department of Earth & Planetary Science at Johns Hopkins University, the recipient of the Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) on water, climate, and health. Gaige reports that “over 20 worldrenowned faculty are directly involved in this IGERT and will provide individualized, interdisciplinary research mentorship as I apply new skills to critical issues that will affect the earth’s inhabitants under a changing climate.”

Jennifer (Draeger ‘09) and Pastor James Enderle were married July 30, 2015. Jen reports that James has been serving in World Missions for 4 years, and she has been an FoC teacher for 2 years. They will continue serving together in World Missions. Taylor Schneider (‘09) married Cassandra Roberts on September 5, 2015 at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in West Salem. They make their home in Sparta. Tracy (Schumacher ‘07) and Nick Fude were married on June 7, 2014 and welcomed daughter Scarlett on May 23, 2015. She joins her big sister Grace, age 5. Tracy graduated from MLC in 2011 and now works as an infant-toddler teacher in Cottage Grove.

Shelly (Bruni ‘04) and Steve Coron were married at St. John in Juneau on August 8, 2015. They are making their home in Watertown. Pastor Tim Matthies (‘04) was installed at Cross of Glory Evangelical Lutheran Church in Washington, MI on July 12, 2015. He makes his home in Michigan with wife Rachel after serving in Southeast Asia for three years after MLC graduation and before his seminary years. Melissa Riley (‘97) is currently the General Manager of Tom’s River Volkswagon, Tom’s River, New Jersey. She is one of a small group of female General Managers in the country and had taken this company from #14 to #1 in her first month of leadership. www.tomsrivervw.com She lives in Mullica Hill, NJ. Matthew Williams (‘81) shares that “life has been very good in Michigan the past 25 years.” Good to hear from you, Matthew! Roxann (Hookstead ‘77) Fairbert, of Adams Friendship (formerly of Milton), passed away on June 7, 2015, at UW Hospital in Madison. She worked for many years as a scheduler for Trek Bikes, was a big quilter and absolutely loved spending time with her grandchildren. Her husband Carl, 4 children and 5 grands survive her. Michael Hornby (‘71) of Sharon, WI, died on Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 in Milwaukee. He is survived by five children and five grandchildren. His wife Gail passed away in 2013.

Lance Klug (‘68), of Fort Atkinson, passed away July 5, 2015. A memorial service was held at St. Paul in Fort. Roger Jenni (‘64), of Eagan, MN, passed away suddenly Feb. 21, 2015. Survived by his wife Gayle; 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Funeral service was at Mt. Olivet Lutheran in Minneapolis. Sharon (Von Haden ‘64) Blacik, of Waukegan, IL, entered Life July 28, 2015. Funeral service was at St. John Lutheran in Libertyville, IL. Surviving are husband, Lawrence, two daughters, and a granddaughter. Gloria (Kornstedt ‘63) Jacobs went to her Father on October 11, 2015 at Rainbow Hospice in Johnson Creek. She is survived by husband Kenneth, six children and nine grandchildren. Her funeral was at St. John Lutheran in Waterloo. Diane (Thoma ‘63) Koeppel passed peacefully to her heavenly home on Sept. 30, 2014 at Florida Hospital, Daytona Beach, FL after a brief battle with cancer. She is survived by her husband, Larry, of Port Orange. Madeline “Cookie” (Mochel ‘62) Robbins went home October 23, 2015. Her funeral was at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Janesville. She is survived by three children and seven grandchildren. Her husband Harry died October 1, 2015; they celebrated their 50th anniversary earlier this year. Share your own “alum link” for our next edition. Update us online at www.llhs.org/alum Upload a photo along with it! You can also e-mail your announcement to bvredeve@llhs.org or call Bari at 920.648.2321 x2223

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We are grateful for the heartfelt gifts offered to the ministry of Lakeside Lutheran High School by one or more donors between January & June 2015 in memory or honor of loved ones.

of y r o em In M Lyle Allen Gerald Anderson Robert Baneck Dolores Becker Dorothy Beilke Kenny Betschler Merlin Birkholz Evelyn Bleeker Virginia Boltz Lurline Borchardt Sandy Brandt Frankin Brunk Recella Budahn Carl Christianson Curtis Detjen Gladys Draeger Eldred Draeger Luella Drahmel Roxann Fairbert Peter Fenske Loretta Fuchs Roy Gentz Evelyn Genz Robert Genz Jeanette Grandt Ethel Green

Ruth Grulke Agnes Harless Edwin Haseleu Elmer Henning Loren Holzhueter Bob Hubacher Lenora Jagow Rev. John Jeske Linda Johnson Myrtle Kautzer James Keach Mary Keyes Anita Klug Myrtle Klug Martin Koch Evelyn Kortmann Christine Kovaleske Alice Kraemer Larry Kramer Edna Kroeger Sharon Krueger Ernie Kubly Dorothy Kuenzi Glen Linde Robert Loeffler Roger Luckow Mildred Maahs

of r o n o H In

Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.


At this alum spot on the llhs.org iste you can also see the current list of class reunion contacts we have on file.

William Mackey Dennis Mallow Philip Mallow Darwin Mann Karen Mantey Robert Marquardt Karen Miller John Neupert Loved Ones Mr. Hubert Pann & Mrs. Donna Pann Shirley Parker Marvin Pfeifer Tom Polinski Liz Riesen LouAnn Ruehlow Lucille Rupnow Stuart Schilling Clair Schommer Vanita Schramm Audrey Schuett Jan Schultz

Eugene Seeger Rose Seelman Paul Soukup Ralph Stueber Margaret Stueber Dorothy Stutz Steven Voigt Sandra Wegner Vern Wegner Robert Westphal Carol Wiedenfeld LuElla Wiedenhoeft Arlie Wilke Norbert Willing Lois Winn Jane Winter Brian Wittchow Adolph Wittnebel Norman Zastrow Carl “Cully” Zautner Don Zuelsdorf

class reunion news

Recent Reunions... Class of 1965 held its 50th reunion at Hi-Way Harry’s in Johnson Creek on September 12, 2015 Back (L–R): Gene Burrow, Larry Raether, Reginald Chamberlain, Carol (Yerges) Barnett, Cheri (Zechzer) Hemiller, Tom Bobrofsky, Phil Becker, Jerry Poweleit. Middle: Ed Messmer, Charles Staab, Larry Beckard, Shirley (Becker) Schloesser, Carol (Schumacher) Kionka, Mary Rindfleisch Seated: Bonnie (Vogel) Beckard, Carol (Froeming) Hackmann, Margaret (Stueber) Wille, Rhoda (Hanson) Gross

—Martin Luther

Jim Buege’s 40 Years in Teaching Ministry M/M Darryl Hartwig 50th Wedding Anniversary Carol Huebner’s 80th birthday M/M Dean Schneider 50th Wedding Anniversary Mildred Schwanke’s 95th Birthday

page 10 | Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org

Got news? Don’t forget to share changes & updates at

Class of 1971 held a 44th class reunion on July 11, 2015 at Jefferson Golf Club/ Neighbors Grill. Back Row: Tom Timmel, Ron Schultz, John Kopas, John Roth, Ron Nora. Middle: Tim Welch, Gail (Klug) Koehler, Kathy (Betschler) Wiegand, Roger Brunk, Greg Anderson, Jeff Buchta, Dave Mack, Art Piper, Gary Schuhmacher Front Row: Mary Jo (Clemens) Meylor, Mike Strassburg, Renee (Lidtke) Welch, Jim Klug, Linda (Poetter) Staab, Donna (Dahnert) Sanchez, Sara (Knief) Piper.

Class of 1995 celebrated its 20 year reunion in August at the Essen Haus in Madison. Front (L-R): Kristine (Burrow) Reich, Michelle (Zastrow) Wegner, Kim (Timmel) Peck, Julie (Suits) Linke, Kari (Cody) Deglow, Jason Ries, Kris (Raether) Anton, Laurie (Cole) Guenterberg, Tona (Wallsch) Bartels. Row 2: Lisa Fredrick, Kris (Swartz) Borkowski, Neil Mumm, Kathy (Hulstein) Wiechmann, Lana (Bradley) Knoener, John Stroh, Dan Becraft. Back: Doug Steinke, Todd Brokl, Ted Zanto, Kari (Cornell) Potkay, Matt Hirsch, Chris Baker, Mike Stern, Brian Peck

Class of 2005 celebrated its 10 year reunion at a Brewers game! Thanks to Katie Schultz and Kim Nagel for organizing it!

Lakeside Lutheran Link | 2015 Issue 2 | llhs.org | page 11

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Lakeside Lutheran Link issue 8 -- 2015 issue 2 A bi-annual magazine for alumni and friends of Lakeside Lutheran High School. Homecoming feat...

Lakeside Lutheran Link issue 08  

Lakeside Lutheran Link issue 8 -- 2015 issue 2 A bi-annual magazine for alumni and friends of Lakeside Lutheran High School. Homecoming feat...

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