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2013 | issue one 920-648-2321 x 2217 Lake Mills, WI 53551

Published semiannually for the Annual Fund Supporters of Lakeside Lutheran High School

A Message from the Development Director

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Let’s be social! s another school year closes, A I am reminded just how precious time is. Just a few short days ago, 74 students walked across a stage and collected their Lakeside Lutheran diplomas. Graduating from high school can be a milestone, a crossroad, and an adventure all-in-one. How precious are those four years our graduates have heard God’s encouragement through His word: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6). What a blessing that God continues to provide Lakeside Lutheran High School with the opportunity to nurture the faiths of young adults. As supporters of Lakeside, you should feel encouraged through God’s word as well: “...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Gal. 5:22-23). As we continue to grow spiritually, may we see more and more evidence of His Holy Spirit in our lives, more and more “fruit of the Spirit.” And with more and more fruit, there is more and more to give to others! May the Lord continue to richly bless you.

Scott with wife M son Jacob, LL classary and of 2013

— Scott J. Gronholz

Development Director Lakeside Lutheran High School The Legacy is published twice yearly by the Development Office of Lakeside Lutheran High School; content is intended for Annual Giving Society members. Correspondence and address changes may be sent to The Legacy, 231 Woodland Beach Rd., Lake Mills, WI 53551, or e-mailed to Executive Editor: Scott Gronholz; Editor: Bari Vredeveld; Layout/Graphics: Kimara Winters Photo contributors: Becca Lauber (forensics, p. 3); Kim Turney (Gronholz family, p. 2; soccer, p. 3); Karen Brumm (back cover); Bari Vredeveld, Kimara Winters Lakeside Lutheran Principal: James Grasby


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Missy McKenna

Members of the Chi Fellowship, through the fruits of the Holy Spirit, have provided a single gift of less than$1,000 during the last year to Lakeside Lutheran High School. With the Greek letter Chi so evident in our churches and schools, your association with this fellowship is a reminder of God’s love, and every gift is significant to Lakeside.

If someone had told me in 2007 that Lakeside would one day be such an integral part of our lives, I would have said something like, “Where’s that?” We were living in Two Rivers, buying Scrip for Manitowoc Lutheran High School and quite content. Then my husband, who is in the military, was transferred to Madison. All of a sudden, our lives were turned upside down—and the words of Jeremiah 29:11 were what got us through many a day. 

As a thank you for your gift we offer you a subscription to The Legacy, and invite you to attend a fellowship event. To remain a member of this Chi Fellowship we encourage you to renew your annual support each year, or prayerfully consider joining the Rho or Kentro Fellowships.

Now, almost six years later, I can see what those plans were to prosper our family. Out of all of the communities we could have moved to, we were led to Lake Mills, and Lakeside did soon become part of our family’s vocabulary. We went from not even knowing where it was, to me working there as a lunch lady and running the Scrip program, my husband assisting with boys golf, our oldest son set to graduate from LLHS in 2014 and our daughter about to begin her freshman year at Lakeside this fall. By the time our youngest makes it through, we will have been part of the Lakeside family for over 13 years.

Chi Fellowship Giving 302 Members

Total Gifts $18,540

November 17, 2012 through May 17, 2013

General Operating: $3,707

Grand Event: $1,393

3102 ,71 yaM hguorht 2102 ,71 rebmev oN

Other: $1,725

pihswolleF ihC srebmeM 862

741,71$ stfiG latoT 707,3$ gnitarepO lareneG 228,5$ cudeR tbeD - dnuF gnidliuB 138$ ecnatsissA noitiuT 008$ noitadnuoF 262,4$ laeppA dnuF launnA 527,1$ rehtO 393,1$ tnevE dnarG

eneG dliuB oitiuT

What a blessed “family” to be a part of. Intelligent, Christian teachers, inspiring coaches, supportive coworkers, amazing students, dedicated parents...all of these are components that make up the Lakeside family and make it such a wonderful place to be. I am so thankful that this school and its family is where the Lord led our family; I pray that He leads many families here in the future to grow in His grace and to nurture our young people in the shadow of His cross!

Missy is a Food Service Assistant & the Warrior Scrip Coordinator at your Lakeside Lutheran High School.

Annual Fund Appeal: $4,262

nuoF unnA

Building Fund– e h tO Debt Reduction: dnarG $5,822

pihswolleF ohR srebmeM 27

583,6$ stfiG latoT 542,1$ gnitarepO lareneG 588,2$ cudeR tbeD - dnuF gnidliuB 599$ ecnatsissA noitiuT 0$ noitadnuoF 563$ laeppA dnuF launnA 598$ rehtO 620,11$ tnevE dnarG

Foundation: $800 Student Assistance: $831

eG iuB iuT uoF


nnA h tO arG

All the believers were one in heart and mind... they shared everything they had. 014,2 9$ Acts 4:32 017,61$

pihswolleF ortneK srebmeM 26 stfiG latoT gnitarepO lareneG

551,75$ cudeR tbeD - dnuF gnidliuB 000,21$ ecnatsissA noitiuT 0$ noitadnuoF 025,5$ laeppA dnuF launnA 520,1$ rehtO 093,1$ tnevE dnarG

Left: At the Grand Event with husband Sam. Right: Having fun with lunchroom visitors from Wisconsin Lutheran College.




Members of the Rho Fellowship, with the Lord’s guidance, have provided multiple gifts totaling less than $1,000 within the last year to Lakeside Lutheran High School. The Greek letters Rho and Chi form the symbol for Christ. This symbol, displayed in the center of our school seal, serves as a reminder that Christ is the center of our faith at Lakeside. Through this faith we return our blessings to continue His work.

As a thank you for your gifts we offer you membership in the Rho Fellowship, a subscription to The Legacy, and also invite you to attend the fellowship events that have been planned for you.

17, 2012 through May 17, 2013



To$17,147 remain a member of the Rho Fellowship we encourage you to renew your $3,707 Gene support nd - Debt Reduc $5,822 each year, or prayerfully consider joining our Kentro Fellowship.



d Appeal



$831 $800 $4,262 $1,725 $1,393

Rho Fellowship GivingTuitio Foun 84 Members

Total Gifts




Othe Grand


$6,385 erating $1,245 nd - Debt Reduc $2,885 stance $995 $0 d Appeal $365 $895 Grand Event: nt $11,026

November 17, 2012 through May 17, 2013


Bari Vredeveld We are in this together. Parenting and Lakeside go together naturally—these children of ours and children of God. This is what I’ve come to realize as a parent, staff member, volunteer, supporter and friend in Christ. We teach them about God. We teach them to work hard, obey, lead, respect, serve, forgive and love. We build realistic confidence. We provide guidance. We offer prayer. We enforce godly discipline. We help with life lessons. We lead by example. We encourage excellence in all things. We help build a foundation. We don’t get everything right 100% of the time, but we have the reassurance that God did. We do our best to grow their faith and make it their own. Finally, we love them…but we know that God loves them more than we do anyway. Bari is the Development Department Assistant at your Lakeside Lutheran High School.

General Operating: $1,245 Building Fund– Debt Reduction: $2,885 Ge




Student Assistance: $995

$92,410 erating $16,710 nd - Debt Reduc $57,155 stance $12,000 $0 d Appeal $5,520 $1,025 nt $1,390


Fou Fund Appeal: $365 Annual Ann Oth

Other: Gra$895

Foundation $0

...I will send down showers in season; Operating there will beGeneral showers of blessing. Building Fund - Debt Reduction Ezekiel 34:26 Tuition Assistance


Foundation Annual Fund Appeal Other

Left: Bari can usually be found preparing for one of the Development department’s many events. Middle: Bari with husband Chad. Right: Bari finds a moment to enjoy the fruits of her labor at Grand Event 2013.


Kentro November 17, 2012 through May 17, 2013 Chi Fellowship

our 2nd annual Grand Event was just that...


268 Members Total Gifts

$17,147 $3,707

Members of the KentroBuilding Fellowship have offered a gift, or returned Fund - Debt Reduc $5,822 a commitment card, toTuition Lakeside Lutheran $831 High School of $1,000 Assistance Foundation $800 or more for the year. The Greek word, Kentro, meaning center, Annual Fund Appeal $4,262 leads us to reflect on Christ as the center of our lives. Through Him Other $1,725 Grand Event $1,393 to offer them up to we receive these blessings, and are encouraged His glory. Rho Fellowship General Operating

72 Members

$6,385 As a thank you for these blessings you have shared, we offer you a General Operating $1,245 Building Fund, - and Debt Reduc $2,885 subscription to invite you to join us at several Tuition Assistance $995 fellowship events in your honor. Foundation $0 Annual Fund Appeal $365 $895 we encourage you to To remain a member ofOther the Kentro Fellowship Grand Event $11,026 Total Gifts




Grand Event snapshot:

Approximate net proceeds from GE2013: $47,000


(silent auction: $11,000+ • live auction: $22,000)


258 guests • 50+ student/40+ adult volunteers well over 300 donated items for event

Annu Othe Grand

(top items: signed Donald Driver print; sports & theater tickets; getaway packages; boat ride & dinner with personalities; furniture certificate; pizza packages!)

The Legacy

Clockwise from bottom left: New this year was a “dessert auction.” 18 donors created 33 breathtakingly gorgeous desserts; bids amounted to over $2,600 and every sweet tooth was happy. Bidders during the live auction won dozens of valuable items and excursions, and also funded specific projects such as renew your gift $9,400 for the tuition voucher program and $3,400 annually through the enclosed Commitment card. to help fund an outreach mission trip involving Ge Kentro Fellowship Lakeside students and headed by teacher Ted Klug. 62 Members Bui The silent auction raised over $11,000, involved the Total Gifts $92,410 Tui entire Lakeside General Operating $16,710 cafeteria and Building Fund - Debt Reduc $57,155 Fou 62$12,000 Members Tuition Assistance kept dozens of Ann Foundation $0 students busy as Total Gifts $93,800 Annual Fund Appeal $5,520 Oth they volunteered $1,025 Other November 17, 2012 through May 17, 2013 to set up, serve Gra Grand Event $1,390 appetizers, play piano and more. At left: Lakeside supporter Elsbeth Other: $1,025 Fuchs purchased Grand Event: $1,390 one of 30 Annual Fund Appeal: $5,520 freshwater pearl General Operating: General Operating necklaces sold Student Assistance: $12,000 $16,710 during the social Building Fund - Debt Reduction hour; she found Tuition Assistance out after dinner Foundation that her box was the “lucky” Annual Fund Appeal one that was a Other 14k white gold Grand Event diamond and Foundation $0 Building Fund– pearl necklace Debt Reduction: instead! Bottom $57,155 right: Lakeside dad and grandpa Bob Lemke surveyed the silent auction ...Well done, good and faithful servant... from a great resting spot by Matthew 25:21 the wine raffle display table.

Kentro Fellowship Giving



My gift to support Christian education

Leaves of Legacy

2013-14 Development Office Calendar of Events

Annual Giving Society Please accept this gift of $_____ to include me in the Chi Fellowship for 2014 *one-time gift

Winter Gala 2013

Please accept this gift of $_____ to include me in the Rho Fellowship for 2014 *two or more gifts

Please accept this gift of $_____to include me in the Kentro Fellowship for 2014 *gift of $1,000 or more

Commitment of $1,000 or more * Chi, Rho, and Kentro gifts exclude memorials/honors. I would like my gift distributed to the following area(s): General Operating Building Fund Adopt a Student


__________________ Payment

Check (made payable to Lakeside Lutheran High School) Please contact me to establish Automatic Checking Withdrawal

Email: Phone: Name: Address


Located in the lobby of the east school entrance, our Leaves of Legacy tree is a symbol of deep roots bearing much fruit for the future, a recognition of support for quality Christian education. Individual leaves are engraved with individual and family names and shine like the light these donors have provided for the future of our ministry here at Lakeside Lutheran. Have you considered a deferred gift to your Lakeside Lutheran High School? Share our vision with a cash gift or fill out a designation form adding Lakeside Lutheran High School as a beneficiary in your will, estate or life insurance policy. If you have already included Lakeside in your plans, please let us know. Please contact Scott Gronholz, Development Director, at 920.648.2321 x2217

8/23/13 9/27/13 10/23/13 11/6/13 1/11/14 2/2/14 2/8/14 4/9/14 4/25/14

Football Appreciation Tent (FB v. WLA) Homecoming Alum Tailgate Tent (FB v. LPS) Fall Grandparents Day (FR/JR) Veterans Day Observance Event Annual Giving Society - (Kentro) Winter Gala Annual Giving Society (Chi, Rho, Kentro) Chili Dinner & Pops Concert 3rd annual Grand Event! Spring Grandparents Day (SO/SR) Annual Giving Society (Rho & Kentro) Reception & Spring Production

~Ask for more information about any event~

We’d love to have you join the fun! 11

(background photo: May Banquet rainbow of dresses)

2013 | issue one

Return Service Requested 920-648-2321 ext. 2217

Development Office 231 Woodland Beach Road Lake Mills, WI 53551

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Lake Mills, WI Permit 89

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