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Sophomores visit Seminary

staff reporter

Annah Dobson

On April 30, 2014 the Sophomore class took their annual class trip. The first stop was at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon. When they first arrived, the class was split up into four groups to take tours of the campus. They got to see pictures of post graduates such as Pastor Davison, Pastor Clark Schultz, and Pastor Don Schultz. They also got to experience the dorms, library, and different classes with real live seminarians. At the end of the tours, the students sat in the chapel for a quick question and answer session with some Lakeside alumni studying at the Seminary. The second stop for the students was the Mequon Nature Preserve where they met up with former Lakeside teacher Mr. Nickels. Mr. Nickels led the groups on a tour of the grounds where the students planted 100 trees. The last stop was the Mayfair Mall food court, where students had a short amount of time to order, eat and board the buses.

May Student Rotarian

Cassanda Doering

Student Rotarians are selected by the Lake Mills Rotary Club as outstanding members and leaders of the student community.

The Lakeside Lutheran High School Junior Rotarian for May 2014 is Cassandra Doering. She is the daughter of Matt and Jill Doering. Her academic achievements include Class of 2014 Top Ten Students. She has earned an academic letter, and was inducted into the National Honor Society. Her sports participation has included freshman volleyball, freshman and JV basketball, and fours year as a starter on the varsity softball team. She is a soprano in the A Cappella Choir. She is a member at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Lake Mills, where she volunteers with VBS and Sunday School, and belongs to its youth group. Her future plans are to teach young children, live somewhere warm and raise a family.


The truth behind breakfast

warrior sports

Baseball wins on the homefield

the final say

Dietary Overkill: volume 56 blood type diet issue 30

Wonderful memories made at May Banquet staff reporter

Nicole Italiano

pictures, such as a Parisian street with chairs in one corner of the gym and a table filled with props in another corner of the gym. After dinner, the seniors participated in the Grand March. Many seniors had their own little photo ops, such as a sweet peck on the cheek to taking selfies and later posting them on Instagram. Senior photo courtest of Sydney Gronemeyer Natalie Bu- Olivia Scheiber and Micah Torgerson crowned bolz says, May Banquet King and Queen “The Grand tition was Andrew Natvig. March was definitely my faAfter Mr. Lakeside had ended, vorite part of the night.” the senior video was shown. All After the Grand March, the of the seniors shared their favorstudents went into the East ite memories from the past four Gym to watch the Mr. Lake- years of their high school experiside competition. This year’s ence, and alongside the video clip contestants were Andrew was a baby and senior picture. Natvig, Jordan Gaal, LoWhen the Mr. Lakeside comgan Birkholz, Kurt Halleen, petition and student video were Matt Ebert, Lucas Johnstone, over, the students headed back to Andrew Graumann, Micah the West Gym for the dance. The Torgeson, Dylan Schultz, and music of the night was mostly of Brandon Schwoch. A lot of the electronic dance genre with talent was shown, whether a few slow dances mixed in. At it was a “White Christmas” the end of the night, most Prom duet, a blind man on the cat- attendees were sweaty and exwalk, or a puppet act. The hausted, but very happy. photo courtest of Sydney Gronemeyer three parts to the competiMany memories were made Newspaper editors Jordan Gaal tion were an interview, tal- at the May Banquet and the stuand Nicole Italiano enjoy a ent show, and a catwalk. The dents will keep those memories memorable night at May Banquet. winner of the night’s compe- with them wherever they may go. Gorgeous gowns, dancing couples, and lots of laughs were a few occurrences at last Saturday’s May Banquet. Many Lakeside students attended the prom and had a great time with their friends. The theme for this year’s prom was “Masquerade.” The night began with all the students finding their tables and then eating a delicious dinner catered from Glen’s Meat Market in Watertown while being serenaded by soft piano music. There were places for the students to take

Senior trip split in two


staff reporter

Maria Manteufel

This year the senior class did things a little different. Instead of all of the seniors going to one place they decided to split into two. The seniors could not decide on a place to all go. Half of the class went to Devil’s Lake and the other half went to Kalahari. At the Kalahari the seniors that went got to enjoy the indoor waterpark and indoor theme park. There were many different things at the waterpark that one could do. Many seniors went down the many slides that the Kalahari had. Many others

enjoyed the lazy river, wave pool and the hot tub. The seniors were given a lunch of a large slice of pizza and a large drink. In the indoor theme park the seniors got to do many different things. Some of the things included mini golf, rock wall climbing, ropes course, go karts, laser tag, and other things. When asked about the trip to the Kalahari Spencer Jensen had this to say, “We had a lot of fun with the mini golf and go-karts.” The trip went well and many of the seniors enjoyed themselves.


Sydney Gronemeyer

The seniors that chose not to spend their day at a waterpark, traveled to Devil’s Lake to hike the day away. On this trip the seniors took a long hike through the scenic paths of Devil’s Lake state park. The weather was perfect for hiking. There was no too much sun, and it was not so hot that people were exhausted from their excursions. The day was capped off with a lovely campfire and grilled food.

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Gwith God rowing

Walking with God editor-in-chief

Sydney Gronemeyer

Isaiah 30:21 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” It is easy to feel that you are alone on your walk with God at times. The path may seem blurred and impossible to follow. Things like this make us scared and worried about the future because we cannot know what God is trying to tell us or what he wants us to do. God assures us that he will always tell us where to go. As said in Isaiah 30:21, no matter what we do, there will always be a voice telling us where to walk. And who or what is this voice? This voice is heard through searching God’s scriptures and through prayer. Whether we realize it or not, God is giving us direction at every moment. The littlest of things could be God guiding us. Suppose you did not get invited to a party, or a certain person refuses to be your friend. This simply could be God’s way of guiding your feet away from evil. This is why even though it may be difficult to accept when things do not go the way we want them to, this is God’s was of pushing is in the right direction. So what are you going to do? Are you going to gladly listen to this voice behind you and follow wherever God leads you, or choose to follow your own path? God allows you to follow whichever path you want, but warns that His path is the only one that leads to any true reward. This reward is heaven. What earthly desire could ever outweigh the desire of eternal life? Always remember the voice that is guiding you.

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Lakeside Lutheran High School

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volume 56 issue 30

Warrior Times Weekly

The truth behind breakfast staff writer




Talk Guy

How much is too much to pay for prom clothes?

Jordan Gaal

Often students claim they are too busy to eat breakfast, or maybe they skip the meal in an effort to lose weight. Some students do not eat breakfast because they simply are not hungry in the morning. Unfortunately for these students, breakfast is an extremely important meal for many reasons, and skipping it can have long term, unintended consequences. Believe it or not breakfast actually helps a person lose weight. Anyone who says that skipping breakfast can help shed a few pounds is completely misinformed. An interesting thing happens when a person does not eat for a long period of time, the metabolism rate slows down. The metabolism rate is what determines how fast a person burns off the calories he or she eats. When the metabolism rate slows, more weight is gained. If breakfast is consumed, it actually speeds up a person’s metabolism, helping that person to lose weight. There is a reason breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, because it is. It provides the necessary energy to keep a student functioning


“I didn’t go to prom. It’s stupid.” “Unless you’re going to reuse the suit, never go above $200. Be reasonable.” “It’s better to rent a tux.”

Do you eat breakfast? Why or why not?

By Josh Schoenfeld and Dave Wilson

Girl photo courtesy of Adam Poyner

Nicole Italiano finds time in her busy day to eat a healthy breakfast.

throughout the day. If someone often finds himself grouchy in the morning, the most likely cause is probably a lack of breakfast. The first step one can take in making morning more pleasant is eating breakfast. Registered Dietitian Jennifer Gaal comments, “Breakfast gives you the energy you need to get your body and mind working for the day.” Breakfast also keeps a person from consuming extra empty calories later when he or she becomes hungry. Not only is breakfast vital and helps to a person to stay fit, it also is

one of the easiest meals to eat. Anyone who says that he or she has no time to eat breakfast is the epitome of lazy. A good breakfast can be anything from a fast bowl of cereal, to a grab-n-go healthy granola bar. It is the one meal that requires the least effort but yields the greatest benefit. It is also important to make time for breakfast. Not eating breakfast does not make a person cool, it only makes that person tired and unhealthy. Overall breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Stu-

“You’ll have prom pictures for the rest of your life. Price does not matter!” “Anything above $300 is too much.” “I paid $150 for mine. That seems reasonable.”

dents who fail to see the benefits of breakfast and feel that they have no time to eat it are simply lazy and missing out on many of the benefits of this meal. If one still feels that breakfast is lame and not worth his or her time, then that person is blind to the facts and does not deserve the benefits that breakfast provides.

Summer for some, math class for most a comparison of american schools and schools around the world

Freshman: Cordon Lafleur “Yes, it’s delicious.”

Sophomore: Isaac Birch “No, I love breakfast.”

Junior: Michelle Draeger “Yes, I’m hungry.”

viewpoint editor

Adam Poyner

For most people, the end of the school year is a time for celebration. Seniors are finalizing their graduation party plans, applying for colleges, and maybe even studying for a few exams. Others are preparing to sleep late, travel, and have fun for the next three months. However, in Europe, students are preparing for another full month of school. Most European schools have been under the same rules and regulations for several years now. Schools have a two month summer holiday, one week fall holiday, two or three week Christmas holiday, two week spring holiday, and a one week winter break. The purpose of having school almost year round while still providing significant breaks has proven beneficial to the overall European education system. Students can retain concepts more easily. Teachers can build on past concepts with less general review. Another benefit of the European education system is that most stress the importance of math, science, and other more practical, real world classes. Many European schools also require their students to take multiple languages, most predom-


Senior: Brenna Zuleger “Yes, I love food.”

Warrior Times Weekly editor-in-chief

Sydney Gronemeyer; Front Page

viewpoint editor

Adam Poyner;

sports editor Winter Petry; photo courtesy of Adam Poyner Students and teachers in America may be packing up for summer, but classrooms in Europe will still be filled until the end of June.

the final say editor

inantly English, Spanish and Chinese. These skills allow students to enter the workforce sooner after graduating from secondary school (high school) with less time spent in vocational schools (college). Because of this advantage, European students tend to have less debt when they enter a job than an American student who spent thousands of dollars on four years or more of college. The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE)


is considering adopting one of the simpler factors of the European education system. One of the biggest problems with the American education system is students who are going through school without understanding what they are learning, and just slipping through with a passing grade. European students are required to take a standardized test before entering middle and high school. This test determines how they rank, how much they have learned and how

they learn. They are placed in the next level school at an appropriate grade and difficulty level. This way a student will be put in the appropriate learning environment at an earlier age, rather than having to take summer school or retake a course. A few states have already imposed tests and regulations like these. Education in the United States can be saved. It must, or the next generation of Americans will be far behind the rest of the world.

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Ben Tweit; Annah Dobson;


Jodie Schommer;


James Grasby; Prinicpal

staff reporters Ben Tweit Colton Hatcher Daniel Bilitz David Wilson Fai Haw Gavin Loescher Hannah Tracy Josh Schoenfeld

Katelyn Wolf Kiana Krsjzaniek Marcus Klein Marcus Turney Megan Moll Michelle Draeger Ryan Beyer Winter Petry Sarah Hochmuth

Lakeside Lutheran High School

Warrior Sports

Warrior Times Weekly

Athlete of the week sports editor

Winter Petry Senior Logan Birkholz is a three sport athlete, playing football, basketball, and baseball. During this school year, he served as a captain on all three varsity teams. Logan was a huge asset for every team he played for. He is valued by both his teammates and his coaches. Ever since his freshman year, he was expected to very successful in his sports career due to his great amount of natural athleticism. Some of Logan’s favorite sports memories include the locker room celebrations after wins in both football and basketball. He loved the crazy chants and cheers of his fellow teammates after that had all worked so hard. With graduation right around the corner, Logan is going to miss all the friends he has made and the team atmospheres of Lakeside the most. His greatest sports related accomplishment has been winning the 2014 badminton tournament in Fit class. He defeated his formidable opponent Keri Bachler in the championship match. Logan dreams big and shoots for the stars in his hopes to pursue a NBA career in the future. Logan averaged 11 points per game with a season high of 19, and was second team all-conference, this school year. Logan will be attending UW Lacrosse next fall. He looks forward to seeing what the NBA has to offer after his freshman year.

Logan Birkholz

05.09.14 volume 56 issue 30

Baseball wins on the homefield

sports reporter

Jordan Norenberg

Athlete Favorites: Sport:


Coach: Coach Bauer


Freshman P.E.

Teacher: Mrs. Veith


“‘Can’t never stop nobody, can’t knock nobody hustle.”


‘Legend of the DMV’


Conversion of Augustine


Children Spaghetti

Strike one. Strike two. Strike three. You’re out! Monday night, the baseball team went through a seven inning game and walked off the field with a big win. Junior, Matt Struck pitched a tough but great game early on this week against Waterloo. His true talent really showed through throughout the game. The Warriors played many good innings, and had one big inning where they scored three runs. There were many great plays by everyone on the field, but Waterloo just had no way of keeping up. Throughout the game, the Warrior dugout was full smiles and laughter. The team had finished the game with a score of 6-1. It was a much deserved win for the Warrior boys. On Saturday afternoon, the team will meet at Luther Preparatory school for a double-header starting at 11 a.m. They hope to continue a winning streak againt the Phoenix.

photography by Kim Turney

Kevin Durant wins MVP

Warrior attempt to pick off a runner at first.

Soccer Softball faces tough kicks off at Watertown losses sports editor

Winter Petry Last Friday the Warrior softball team played at Jefferson for a non-conference matchup. Despite a late rally in the seventh inning, the Warriors lost that game 7-13. They gave the game their all. On Monday the softball team played Winnebago Lutheran Academy near Fond du Lac. The game started off well for the Warriors with a lead of 8-2 going into the third inning. The hitting of WLA and the untimely errors of the Warriors changed the outcome of the game. The Warriors, unable to bounce back from a few tough innings, loss the game 11-19. This Friday the Warriors take on Wisconsin Heights at home at 4:45 p.m.


sports reporter

Kiana Krszjzaniek This past Friday the soccer girls played Watertown High School. The JV team had some good things happen in the second half, but scored no goals and lost the game 8-0. The Varsity girls held the score at 1-1 for a while, but in the end lost with a score of 2-1. The only Warrior goal was scored by senior Olivia Scheiber. On Tuesday the Lady Warriors played the Delavan-Darien Comets. The JV team had it first tied game with a final score of 2-2. In the first half, it looked as though the Comets were going to win, but the Warriors scored two goals in the second half. Freshmen Haley Kooiman and Rekha Drevlow both scored goals. The Varsity team lost 3-1 with their only goal scored by senior Olivia Scheiber.

sports editor

Winter Petry Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, won the NBA’s top individual honor Tuesday, receiving 119 first-place votes. Miami’s LeBron James, who had won the last two MVP awards and four of the last five, finished second with six first-place votes, and Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers was third, Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls in fourth, and James Harden of the Houston Rockets in fifth place. Durant gave a very emotional speech thanking everyone from his teammates to his mother, Wanda

Pratt, at a ceremony in Edmond, Oklahoma, on Tuesday. Durant averages 32.0 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists, becoming the first player to win both the scoring title and the MVP award in the same season since Allen Iverson did it in 2000-2001. The 6-foot-9 forward led his team to a regular season record of 59-23. The Thunder is currently in the second round of the playoffs, playing the Los Angeles Clippers in the West Conference Semi-Finals. Oklahoma hopes to continue playing, and return to the 2014 NBA Finals.

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Upcoming sports events Friday -

Track LIT Varsity @ WLC saturday - Baseball Doubleheader Varsity @ LPS Soccer Varsity @ Clinton Softball Varsity vs. Cloumbus tuesday - Baseball FR/JV/V vs. Wis Heights Soccer Varsity @ LPS Softball Varsity @ LM wednesday- Baseball FR/JV/V vs. Johnson Creek Softball Varsity @ Waterloo thursday- Golf mini meet @ LPS Soccer Varsity vs. LPS Softball Varsity vs. Poynette


Lakeside Lutheran High School

The Final Say

volume 56 issue 30

Warrior Times Weekly

You asked


Dietary Overkill final say editor

Ben Tweit

solutely, positively, a better way to lose weight than injecting one’s self with pee. Another diet that people use is the blood type diet. This confusing

Conversation will be your best friend for 90 minutes every exam. Find the smart people of the class and get their answers. Or, if that would hurt your godly conscience, pray and let it fly. Good luck!

photo courtesy of Adam Poyner

This would be your diet if you have Type A blood.

Fun facts about the Empire State Building

viewpoint editor

Adam Poyner

Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil. Buttermilk does not contain any butter. Giraffes can go without water longer than a camel.

photo from

The Empire State Building has become a landmark of New York.

57° 33°

diet requires one to eat according to one’s blood type. For example, if one has the blood Type A, that means vegetables are the ideal food. The main reason why this diet works at all is because one is limiting the amount of food he eats. Of course, one can also limit his food intake through portion control. One can eat what he feels like, no matter what his blood type is.

102 stories of fun:

Actual Factual

Saturday 10

Two diets that do more harm than good

What do I do if I do not study Many people who are sensitive for my final exams? about their weight will do almost anything to stay at a “desireable” You’re screwed. Period. weight. One weight loss solution You have probably had some use is more of a problem than reminders to study for a solution. Doctors do not want you them for about two to know about it. weeks. Even if you This diet gives the tapeworm a run for its money. Why? The weight had studied for fifteen loss "cure" consists of nothing more minutes a day for two than ingesting the urine of pregnant weeks, that’s about 7 women. hours. Could have used Whether this is effective or not that to study! really does not matter. There is ab-


Simple Sudoku Puzzles

If one has ever seen any pictures of New York, the city or state, those pictures most likely include the Empire State Building. These are some fun and interesting facts about a state and national landmark. The building itself cost $24,718,000 to build (nearly half the expected cost because of the Great Depression). Including the property on which the building sits, the total cost for the Empire State Building was $40,948,900. There are several numbers to describe the height of the Empire State Building. The total height of the building, including the lightning rod, is 1,454 feet. The height of the building from the ground to its tip is usually given as 1,250 feet. The measurement from the ground to the 102nd floor observatory is 1,224 feet and from the ground to the 86th floor observatory is 1,050 feet.

Wednesday 14

From the sponsers of the Selfie Olympics...

Where did you take Mr. Grasby? Grab a picture of our principal for the summer for some cool pictures! Categories:

most exotic, farthest away, silliest, and editors’ choice

Monday 12

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Lunch: Cheesy Chicken Flat Bread or Hot Dog or Pizzaburger

Lunch: Chicken Nuggets or Lunch: Sub Sandwich or Pork Roast and Gravy over Chicken Fajitas Mashed Potatoes

Lunch: Hamburger or Fish Lunch: Max Snacks or Pizza

49° 37°

49° 35°

55° 38°

51° 37°

The Lakeside Laugh


Thursday 15


Friday 16

56° 39°

A blast from the past

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