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"FOCUS" "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

What's first in your life? For a student at Lakeside, God's kingdom and God's righteousness are first. Our school year theme is all about priorities - the things to which we devote the most time and energy. During the high school years, a student is pulled in so many different directions as he or she seeks to have a "fulfilled life." Even after high school, this "tug-of-war" continues on and on. Family, friends, grades, sports, music, hobbies, jobs, and more - they all are important and demand our attention. But above them all stands God's kingdom and God's righteousness. As we seek to have a good school year and a fulfilled life, may God keep us focused on what is most important during this school year, and in the future. What does it mean for Lakeside students to have a "Christian focus"? It means that students… Quarter 1: Focus on God's promises: "My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promises." (Psalm 119:148) Quarter 2: Focus on building each other up: "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." (1 Thessalonians 5:11) Quarter 3: Focus on eternity: "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal." (2 Corinthians 4:18) Quarter 4: Focus on sharing Jesus with others: "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect." (1 Peter 3:15) What is winning the "tug-of-war" in your life? May it always be God's kingdom and God's righteousness. This school year we plan to focus foremost on God's promises and on building each other up. Above and beyond other things, we plan to focus on eternity and on sharing Jesus with others. And as we do these things, we trust in Jesus, who has promised us, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10)


Lakeside Lutheran High School is committed to assisting parents and area WELS/ELS congregations in nurturing the faith of our students through a Christ-centered education that emphasizes the grace of God in Christ, and lives of Christian service in the home, church, and society. Lakeside Lutheran’s mission is dedicated to the glory of God on whom alone we are dependent for all blessings and is carried out in response to His love for us.


To maintain a curriculum that has as its focus the inspired, inerrant Word of God To cultivate a curriculum that produces students who desire to reach their full potential To create and maintain a school climate that is consistent with God’s will To help students understand that their faith is relevant in life and their individual gifts should be used for lifelong ministry in their homes, vocations, churches and communities 5. To promote Christian family life 6. To hold steadily before our students the opportunity for full time called service in the church (A complete copy of the mission statement is available in the office.)

PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE Lakeside's premises are monitored and recorded daily by video cameras in order to protect students, faculty, and staff, and to monitor potentially dangerous situations. Students involved in regular classroom, co-curricular, or school-related social events may be photographed, videotaped, or recorded by LLHS representatives or members of the community press (tv, radio, newspaper). These images or recordings may be used in yearbooks, displays, newsletters, promotions, videos, CDs, DVDs, or other media distributed by the school for advertisement or promotion. Parents or students with legal reasons for suppressing this information need to contact the school administration to assure the exclusion of their name or images from such usages.

PHILOSOPHY OF MINISTRY AND DISCIPLINE Lakeside Lutheran High School is a Christian ministry. This handbook helps this ministry run in a “fitting and orderly way” (1 Cor. 14:40). Consider the sacrifice of our Lord so that, like the psalmist, we might “delight in the law of the LORD” (Ps. 1:2). Chief among all teachings of Scripture is the grace of God in Christ. Lakeside Lutheran and all its students, teachers, and staff need to grasp in faith this truth that we are justified before God by grace and grace alone. Growing out of this relationship based on grace is the sanctified life of the children

of God. As a ministry of the Church, Lakeside Lutheran seeks to forge a relationship with parents and students that compels all of us to grow in godly living. Our handbook policies are rooted in God’s will. God gave us a Savior because He loves us. He gave us His commandments for Christian living for the same reason. Our obedience to His will is an act of worship which also brings blessings to the Christian Church as we spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Certain areas of student behavior and conduct receive special attention in this handbook. Every student and parent should be aware of the fact that a student handbook cannot address every situation of student discipline. Not every “do” and “don’t” will be listed. A Christian is guided by the will of God and willingly receives admonition and instruction when his words or actions offend others or disrupt the ministry of Lakeside. Lakeside reserves the right to revise policies, amend rules, or alter regulations at any time in accordance with the best interests of this ministry. Because each of us is a disciple of Christ all day long, Lakeside Lutheran’s ministry will sometimes reach beyond campus. At extracurricular events, while traveling to and from school, and even during free time, students and faculty either live as disciples or deny the faith through their actions and words. Each disciple seeks to grow in Christian living at home and school, and we need to be held accountable as disciples of Christ.


Academic progress is reported in several ways: 1. Online through the Schoolmaster program (password required) 2. Report cards at the end of each quarter 3. Interim reports at mid-quarter to those who are having trouble in class 4. Progress reports may be arranged as requested by parents.

ACCIDENTS Any student involved in an accident of any kind on the school premises requiring a doctor’s care or which causes the student to miss one-half day or more of school must be reported to the office as soon as possible.


Lakeside Lutheran High School is accredited by AdvancEd, an international organization that accredits private and public schools, from elementary to college level institutions. Accreditation is an important step that ensures Lakeside's academic program has met or exceeded high standards of educational quality and continuing improvement as mandated by this organization. Lakeside has pursued and maintained accreditation so that families can be confident in the educational excellence available at Lakeside and to open doors of opportunity for students to attend colleges that require graduation from an accredited school.

ADMISSIONS Lakeside Lutheran High School offers Christian secondary education to anyone who desires a high school education based upon the Word of God. In light of Acts 10:34-35, “God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right,” Lakeside Lutheran High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, nor disability, insofar as the administration of its educational policies, scholarship programs, athletic and other school-administered programs are concerned. As a parochial school and non-profit institution, Lakeside Lutheran High School reserves the right to refuse enrollment or to disenroll students whose personal or family’s beliefs or morals conflict with Lakeside's understanding of the Word of God. The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod Publication “This We Believe (copyright 1999 Northwestern Publishing House, Milwaukee WI) is a helpful resource to more fully understand Lakeside Lutheran High School’s Scriptural beliefs. This document is available in the school office and can also be accessed on the school website. No student shall at any time contest or undermine the stated purpose of the school or doctrines of the WELS as revealed in Scripture, in or outside the classroom. No student shall solicit support for religious convictions contrary to those doctrines. A persistent lack of cooperation with the school as it carries out its mission may also result in disenrollment. Those interested in Lakeside Lutheran High School who hold church affiliations other than the WELS or ELS should carefully evaluate the school’s mission and beliefs prior to application. When unity in spirit and purpose is clearly communicated by the enrollee and family, applications are encouraged and readily considered. Biblical fellowship principles will be communicated and applied when necessary.


Together with parents, Lakeside Lutheran High School strives for a chemical free attitude in our students. God’s Word and the laws of the State of Wisconsin prohibit the possession or use of certain controlled substances. Note: an “illegal substance” is defined – but is not limited to – prescription medications that are given to another person or used in manners other than the intended one; non-prescribed, controlled substances; non-prescription drugs used in manners other than the intended one; illegal drugs; alcohol; tobacco; or any other substances that may be used to alter one’s behavior, thinking, or judgment.

The possession and/or use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, paraphernalia associated with drug use, or any other illegal substance is not permitted anywhere on our campus or buses, or at any school event (on or off campus). Neither age of majority nor parental permission will negate this policy. A violation of this policy will result in a suspension and possible expulsion, pending Board of Regents’ action.

The illegal possession and/or use of any of these substances or items off campus may also be a matter of school discipline. Even when the actual use of such substances is off campus, the public discussion of such activity has an effect on the reputation of Christianity and this Christian school, and may lead other students to try the same. During the school year, any student who is apprehended by the police for drug / alcohol use, or who is seen illegally using drugs / alcohol by an LLHS faculty / staff member or by an independent reliable source which is corroborated, may be subject to disciplinary action such as suspension and/or expulsion.

When this problem is discovered, a professional assessment may be required at the student’s expense. If a student is having a drug/alcohol problem and the student and parents refuse help, enrollment will be terminated.

In many circumstances, law enforcement may be contacted and fines issued (see “Law Enforcement Cooperation” in this handbook)

The Assistant Principal in consultation with faculty and administration will be responsible for carrying out this policy. Co-curricular application: Students in co-curricular activities represent the Lord and this school publicly. Any possession and/or use of illegal substances, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can result in serious consequences. Being in the presence of this illegal activity may also be considered a violation of this policy and can also result in serious consequences. This is the school’s guide in situations involving the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by student leaders: 1. The Assistant Principal will give Christian counseling (Law and Gospel) 2. Law enforcement may be contacted (see “Law Enforcement Cooperation” in this handbook) 3. Parents will be contacted 4. Counseling may be required. 5. For a specified time the student will not represent Lakeside Lutheran in co-curricular public contests/performances (see guidelines below). A co-curricular activity is any activity offered as a nonacademic program - athletics,”non-graded” musical groups, drama, color guard, jazz ensemble, swing choir, forensics, student council, S.H.O. Team, Warrior Times, National Honor Society, yearbook staff, or any other co-curricular activity not stated. The Lakeside Lutheran Student Athlete Handbook has a complete application for athletes. Curricular and all non-athletic application: The following applies to every student publicly representing Lakeside:  A student who violates Lakeside's “Alcohol-Tobacco-Drug policy” (ATD policy) will be removed from all public appearances for a set period of time. Reinstatement for public appearances is possible in most cases after the period of removal has been served. However, a student may permanently be removed from an activity if the “purpose” of that activity is violated by infraction of the ATD policy (e.g.: SHO Team).  A student who violates Lakesides ATD policy may participate in rehearsals, practices, and non-public activities during their period of removal.  For curricular and/or non-athletic activities, the school year is divided into four “seasons” that correspond to the academic quarters. Infractions of the ATD policy will be handled as such: o Infractions occurring before the midterm point (interim) of the quarter: the student is removed from public appearances for the remainder of that quarter o Infractions on or after the interim date: the student is removed from public appearances for the remainder of that quarter through the interim of the following quarter o Summer infractions (the first day of summer vacation through the day before school resumes): the student is removed from public appearances for summer through the interim of the first quarter o Exclusion from public appearances extends to activities in which a student is normally active in a class with public appearances or a cocurricular activity o An advisor/coach/teacher – in consultation with the Assistant Principal – may require the student to complete assignments and/or perform service tasks related to the activity/class in lieu of public appearances during the period of removal.


When absent, class assignments are available upon request. Parents are encouraged to contact the office as early in the day as possible to make that request. Requested assignments and books will be ready for pick up at the end of the school day.


Lakeside Lutheran High School is a member of the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) and the Capitol North Conference. The following interscholastic sports programs are offered: Girls Boys Fall Volleyball Football


Cross Country FB Dance Team

Cross Country Soccer

Basketball BB Dance Team

Basketball Wrestling


Track and Field Track and Field Softball Baseball Soccer Golf For those interested in participating in athletics, a “student-athlete handbook” is available in the office. Each athlete is responsible for knowing and following the athletic guidelines of the school. Some of the highlights included in the student-athlete handbook are… • Health (A physical exam is required by the WIAA once every two years. Also, a written consent from an athlete’s parent or guardian is required. Forms are available from the athletic director.) • Training rules A complete list of training rules is included in the student-athlete handbook. It is the responsibility of each athlete to learn and follow these training rules. At all athletic events, Christian sportsmanship is required of all of our participants and spectators. Students who leave an athletic contest are not allowed re-entry. In addition to athletics, Lakeside offers the following co-curricular opportunities. Students are encouraged to get involved as they seek to make friends and use their God-given abilities. No club or organization may operate in the name of the school without faculty approval or supervision. Choirs: Other Co-Curriculars: A Cappella Touring Choir Academic Bowl Team Student Council Swing Choir Chess Team Tech A/V Club Cantate Choir Drama Teens for Christ Equestrian Club Yearbook Forensics Bands: Math Team Jazz Band National Honor Society Pep Band Newspaper Summer Band Science Club Participants and parents involved in one of the above programs must understand that the administrators, advisors, and coaches have the best interest of the participants in mind as they plan and conduct the program. A student must be in school by no later than 10 AM and have a valid excuse for the partial day absence, if he or she wants to participate in any cocurricular activities that same day. Attendance for the full day is strongly encouraged. Questions about excuses go to the Assistant Principal. All athletic and non-athletic participants involved in alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs face consequences as listed under "Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs” in this Student Handbook. Eligibility Minimum quarterly GPA is 1.5. An athlete cannot have more than one “F” on his or her report card. Misconduct affecting participation: Participants understand that as representatives of their Lord, family, school, and community, they should conduct themselves properly at all times. Therefore, misconduct in and outside of school may jeopardize participation. Be especially aware that the inappropriate use of social networks or other websites can affect co-curricular eligibility and potentially damage reputations. Zero Acceptance Policy for Co-Curricula: Students who have not finalized their registration for the upcoming school year or who have not turned in their athletic forms will not be allowed to practice or try out for any team until those steps are completed. The WIAA mandates that no student will be eligible for interscholastic athletics, practice or competition until the parent signs and submits verification of receiving the “WIAA Rules of Eligibility,” “Permission to Participate in Athletics,” “Concussion Information” forms, and other forms related to health and physicals.

ATTENDANCE Lakeside Lutheran High School’s attendance policy has two principles: 1. Full-time attendance is the responsibility of students. Wisconsin Statutes call for full-time attendance for ages 7 to 18. 2. All absences require written explanation, including a reason for the student’s absence. A down-loadable form for this is available on Lakeside’s website, under “Form and Documents.” If you are going to write out your own excuse, please use the following format: (date) (student’s name) was absent on (date) because of (reason) Signed (parent or guardian)

A student must be in school by no later than 10 AM and have a valid excuse for the partial day absence, if he or she wants to participate in any cocurricular activities that same day. Attendance for the full day is strongly encouraged. Questions about excuses go to the Assistant Principal. 1. Minimum attendance: Lakeside Lutheran withholds credit from any class in which a student has been absent twelve or more times in a semester. This includes all excused or unexcused absences; it does not include absences due to a school related activity. If a student has been absent six times, a letter will be sent home. If a student has been absent nine times, student and parents will begin consultations with a member of the Attendance Committee. This process may be accelerated if a student is compiling a large number of absences very early in the semester. In certain circumstances, the Attendance Committee may place a student on "Attendance Probation" and/or require all future absences to be accompanied by doctors’ or dentists’ notes. If a student has been absent twelve times, student and parents will meet with the Attendance Committee to determine whether he/she may receive credit in the courses affected by absences. If credit is withheld due to attendance difficulties, a failing grade is recorded. Exceptions may be made for periods of extended medical needs. In such a case, it is important that a parent/guardian contact the school office as soon as possible and provide a doctor’s excuse for such absences. 2. Unplanned Absence: The following are examples of excusable, unplanned absences: Illness / Family member's illness or death / Family emergency / Inclement weather • Parents are to call the office by 8:45 a.m. Submit a written excuse the first day back. • A student who becomes ill at school should come to the office for assistance. • A student with a communicable disease shall not return to school until the disease is no longer communicable, as identified by State statute. The Center for Disease Control recommends that those with flu-like illnesses stay home for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever without the use of fever-reducing medicines. • Extended illness or frequent absent patterns will require a medical excuse signed by a doctor or other health professional, as identified by State statue. 3. Pre-planned absence of a partial day, or multiple days: Since Lakeside's goal is to educate, and since that goal is hindered by absences, we strongly encourage students and families to use time outside of formal class days for personal activities. Absences hurt the educational process and add to faculty work loads. Though we wish to encourage family unity and closeness, we suggest that family vacations be planned for times when school is not in session. The following are examples of excusable planned absences: School-related activities / Funeral / Medical or dental appointments / Special family appointments / Driver’s Tests / College visitations For pre-planned absences, submit a written request prior to the date of absence. Follow this procedure: A. The student picks up a pre-planned absence request form (“yellow sheet”) and has parents sign it. You can also download this form from the Lakeside website under “Form and Documents.” B. Have each classroom teacher give you an assignment, initial the form, and indicate the current grade status being earned in that class. C. Class work should be in good order. D. Submit the completed form prior to the date(s) of absence. E. Receive approval from the Assistant Principal. 4. Unexcused Absence Failure to follow the above procedures will result in unexcused absences. The school reserves the right to reject certain excuses for absences (planned or unplanned). A student who follows the above procedures may still be considered “unexcused” if the excuse is rejected by the school. An unexcused absence is defined as… • An absence for which the student does not have a valid excuse. • The student was not where he/she was supposed to be (not in a scheduled class). A student may receive an unexcused absence if he/she is on campus, but not in his/her scheduled class. Skipping class to work on other homework or projects is considered an unexcused absence. An unexcused absence results in a detention (for each class period missed) and is entered onto a student’s permanent record. Missed work is to be made up. An excessive number of unexcused absences (5 in a semester) may result in suspension, disciplinary probation, and/or other possible consequences. 5. Truancy is defined as… …an absence from school without the knowledge or consent of a parent, guardian, or school authority. Truancy is recorded on a student’s permanent record, and is also considered an “unexcused absence,” resulting in consequences as listed above.


Textbooks are the property of the school. If a book is lost or stolen while under the student's care, the school may require payment for the book. Do not write in textbooks except by direction of a teacher.


Students are held responsible for damage they do to Lakeside's building, grounds, or property. Posters or decorations must be approved by the office or an advisor.


Bus transportation is a privilege – not a right. These guidelines apply on all bus routes: 1. The bus driver is in charge of the bus and its passengers at all times. 2. The bus driver may require students to leave the back row of bus seats open for safety reasons. 3. Remain in one seat during the route. 4. Shouting and excessive noise are not permissible. 5. Do not throw any object inside or outside the bus. 6. Do not open windows to shout, throw objects, or hang outside the bus. 7. Respect for and cooperation with the bus driver is every rider’s responsibility. 8. Get a parent’s written permission to be let off anywhere other than your scheduled stop. Students who do not obey will incur disciplinary action. The driver will ask that uncooperative behavior stop. This is your only warning. The driver may move a student to an assigned seat for an appropriate period of time. The student may be referred to the Assistant Principal. Loss of bus riding privileges may occur, depending on the frequency or severity of the misbehavior.

CAFETERIA Please observe these cafeteria guidelines: 1. Students who would like to buy a hot lunch should remember the following… • Weekly tickets may be purchased any day except Friday • Option one: Buy tickets for the whole week. The value of a hot lunch ticket during the 2012-13 school year was $3.00 (a 5-day week of a hot lunch was $15.00). Prices are subject to change. • Option two: Buy one lunch at a time. This cost $3.10 per lunch during the 2012-13 school year. Prices are subject to change. • Refunds: You may receive a cash refund for extra tickets (if, for example, the student paid for a whole week, but was absent for one or more lunches). If using a refund to buy a lunch, 10 cents must be added to the ticket refund. • The beginning of every week “resets” the ticket purchases for hot lunch. Excess tickets from previous weeks cannot be used for purchasing hot lunch. Refunds are provided only for absences – not if you didn’t eat because you didn’t like the menu. Present the ticket for a refund immediately after the absence. • Forgetting your lunch ticket: You can do this once per semester, and bring it the next day. After that, if you have to pay for a lunch, you will not get a refund if you present the lost ticket at a later time. • Use your own ticket. • Leftovers: When leftovers are offered, they are available only to students who have purchased a hot lunch that day. 2. Students who have not purchased a hot lunch may not eat off of the tray of one who has made that purchase. Those who do this will be charged the price of a lunch, according to government mandated regulations. 3. Students who bring a bag lunch are to eat in the cafeteria. Cafeteria food and drink should not be taken out of the cafeteria. Milk is sold every day. If you would like water, there are two drinking fountains located across from the cafeteria. 4. Do not skip ahead in line, cut in, or hold places for other students. 5. Throwing of food or anything else is not permitted. 6. Students are not permitted in the hallways when they are finished eating, since classes are in session. 7. Students are not allowed to go to any car without permission. 8. Lakeside operates a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave campus for lunch. 9. No professional food deliveries (subway sandwiches, pizza, etc.) are allowed during lunch hours.

CELL PHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONICS Students may possess a cell phone, ipod, or another electronic communication / mass media device during the school day if that device is… • Powered off • Stored out of sight. (“Stored” means that the device is not in view, reasonably secured in a locker, backpack/purse, or pocket.) • Not being used in any way. Any headphone, ear piece, or similar equipment associated with an electronic device must be stored and not worn. Students may use cell phones in the office area after receiving permission. If an electronic device is heard or seen, it is a violation of the policy.

1st Violation:

2nd Violation:

The device will be confiscated for the rest of one school day. $10 fine is paid before the device is returned. A note is sent home, signed by parents, and returned.

The device will be confiscated for the rest of one school day. $10 fine is paid before the phone is returned. Detention • Subsequent violations result in further fines and disciplinary actions. A third violation may require a parent consultation before the device is returned. The school reserves the right to confiscate devices overnight if fines are not paid and / or parents are not available for consultation. The school reserves the right to examine the contents of a cell phone or any other electronic device if there is a reason to believe that school policies, rules, or regulations have been violated. Certain electronic devices are not allowed in school. Pagers, beepers, laser pointers or any other similar devices will be confiscated if found at school. Any device with a camera may not be used to take pictures of tests, nor may it be used for anything exploitive, hurtful or damaging. Camera use is strictly forbidden in private areas such as locker rooms, restrooms, or dressing rooms. Such use may also be a violation of law and necessitate the involvement of law enforcement. Students who bring any electronic device to school do so at their own risk. Lakeside Lutheran High School is not responsible for the safety or securing of personal electronic equipment that students choose to bring to school. A teacher, in consultation with administration, may allow for an exception to this policy if an electronic device is necessary to fulfill a class requirement.

CHAPEL Since Lakeside is dedicated to training Christian young people and to keeping staff and students immersed in the Word, worship is a focal point of every day. During the school week Lakeside will have a varied worship format, using faculty, guest pastors, or students as leaders. Each student is required to attend these worship opportunities. Disruptive behavior or refusal to participate in worship is a spiritual issue that will be brought to the attention of the student and parent(s)/guardian.


Cheating is a violation of God’s will. Examples of cheating are… • Receiving or providing unauthorized aid on an assignment, project, or test. • Copying and pasting material from the internet, or from another person’s work, and presenting it as your own. • Sharing answers from a test or assignment (including electronic storage of answers on an electronic device). • Students who provide their work to someone else are also cheating and are subject to the same discipline. • Organized cheating groups that exchange copies of class materials will be dealt with by the teacher in consultation with school administration.. • If there is reasonable suspicion of plagiarism or other kinds of cheating, the teacher has the right to require the student to re-do the assignment. We best serve students who cheat by confronting the violation so that they might receive forgiveness and appropriate training. A student who cheats is subject to the following disciplinary steps: 1. First instance: A “0%” is given for the assignment; the parents are contacted and the student serves a detention. 2. Second instance: A “0%” is given for the assignment or test. The student meets with the Assistant Principal and a letter is sent home. The student serves a detention. 3. Third instance: The student will lose credit for the semester in the class in which he/she cheated. The student will be assigned to a study hall for the rest of the semester. 4. Any further instance: The Board of Regents is asked to consider expelling the student. 5. These rules are cumulative during a semester; that is, each incident (leading to an expulsion) may occur in a different class than the others.


Each student who wishes to use the Lakeside Lutheran computer network signs a “Computer Use Agreement.” Copies are available in the office. Highlights of that agreement include… • Computers may be used for educational purposes only, and not for entertainment. • Use of LLHS computer resources for commercial activity, product advertisement, or political lobbying is prohibited • Inappropriate use of a computer will result in loss of computer privileges. • Stealing or using the password of anyone else is a serious problem and will be dealt with accordingly. • Unauthorized use of a teacher’s or staff member’s computer, or stealing or using the password or identity of a teacher or staff member, may lead to expulsion from Lakeside Lutheran. • Any attempt to “hack” the computer system of Lakeside Lutheran (from onsite or offsite) may also lead to expulsion. Damaging the network or network files of Lakeside Lutheran may become a legal matter as well. Because each of us is a disciple of Christ all day long, Lakeside students are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner whenever they are on the internet, on or off campus. LLHS students are prohibited from electronically submitting, publishing, displaying, or transmitting any material that

describes or depicts sinful, illegal, or inappropriate behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, defamatory, inaccurate or abusive material, or threatening or obscene material. This behavior may not take place on social networking websites or on any other website or public forum, on or off campus. Those who do so are subject to disciplinary action. Misconduct may affect co-curricular performance (see "Athletics and Other Co-Curricular Opportunities").

COURSE CHANGES Once courses are selected, course changes are discouraged. If necessary, students have five school days at the beginning of a semester to make changes. After that, a dropped course is designated either “withdrew passing” or “withdrew failing” through one week of the next quarter. Any course dropped after that date is recorded as an “F.” Course changes are handled through the Guidance Office, and appropriate fees are charged.

DANCES Most dances are arranged through the Student Council or May Banquet Committee and chaperoned by the Concerned Parent Organization following these guidelines: 1. Tickets must be purchased in advance 2. Students are not permitted to leave a dance and return later 3. No carry-ins (soda, water, etc.) of any kind are allowed 4. Students absent during the school day may not attend a dance that same day without prior approval from administration. 5. Students who are suspended may not attend school dances. 6. Parents of missing students (those who purchased tickets but did not attend) are contacted 7. Guests are registered in advance and cleared by the administration. 8. Age: Students must be at least in the ninth grade to attend. Students who graduated from high school one year ago, or less, may attend. Students older than this may not attend. 9. The school dress code is enforced at dances. A dress code for formal dances is published prior to the dance. See "Dress and Appearance…Formal Dress Code" in this handbook. 10. Students under disciplinary probation or who are serving a suspension related to behavior or a training rules violation may not be a representative on a Homecoming or May Banquet court, or serve as an escort or emcee. 11. All students and guests are expected to follow LLHS guidelines of behavior at dances. These guidelines are as follows… Style of dancing… •

While dancing, it is appropriate to keep your hands above the waist, but not to touch an individual in a sexual way (or to give the impression that you’re doing that).

“Dirty dancing,” as it is sometimes called, front-to-back dancing, or “pelvic grinding” is not appropriate.

• Running into people on the dance floor, or putting people on your shoulders, would not be acceptable, or in most cases even safe. Respect of authority… •

Chaperones will intervene in any inappropriate situation. The directions they give are authoritative. Chaperones may expel a student from a dance who does not show Christian decency or violates the Student Handbook. Parents will be contacted if their child is expelled from a dance.

If a person or couple needs to be warned more than once, they may be asked to leave the dance or sit out for the remainder of the dance.

Continued defiance of school rules may result in a student, or couple, being banned from future dances (such as Homecoming or the “May Banquet”).


Detentions are served from 3:20 to 4:05 most often on Tuesday. A second detention may be served that same afternoon from 4:10-4:55. Detentions take precedence over jobs, sports practices, or games. If a student cannot serve a detention on the day scheduled, the student will need to make arrangements with the assistant principal to serve the detention at a different time and/or on a different day. The student will be charged a $10 switching fee whenever he/she moves a detention away from Tuesday afternoon. A student’s request to move a detention may be denied, under certain circumstances. A detention notice is sent home with the student to be signed by a parent and returned. Students who skip detention or fail to have a parent sign the detention notice may be required to serve an extra detention. Detentions are given for repeated failure to do assignments, truancy, unexcused absences, violation of the dress code, cell phone violations, speaking / writing / possessing inappropriate material, inappropriate language, forgery, cheating, possession of matches or a cigarette lighter, or other disorderly or inappropriate behavior. Detentions may also be given for off-campus behavior that hurts others or the reputation of the school. The frequency or severity of an offense may result in consequences greater than a detention, as listed below under "Discipline." Students who are given an excessive amount of detentions (3 in a quarter, 6 cumulative in a school year) may be suspended and/or placed on disciplinary probation by school administration for a pre-determined period of time. Students who repeatedly skip detention will face suspension and possible expulsion.


Lakeside Lutheran High School annually publishes a student directory for all members of the Lakeside family. This publication discloses some student

information known as "directory data" (according to Wisconsin State Statute). The student's name, address, grade level, home congregation, parent/guardian names, home phone number, and parent email address are contained in this publication. The purpose of this directory is to enable parents and/or students to contact other parents and/or students in regards to social events, car pooling, etc. If a parent/guardian does not wish to have all or any part of this "directory data" released, please inform the principal in writing at the beginning of the school year.


Jesus told us to serve each other in love. This still directs the relationships of students and teachers in this Christian school. Christian love calls for discipline that will strengthen the discipleship of students and staff as Lakeside Lutheran’s mission directs. Initial discipline falls to the teacher. Some problems may be referred to the Assistant Principal. •

Detentions are typically given for the reasons listed under “Detentions.”

Removal from class may take place for such things as persistent, disruptive, or disrespectful behavior. The student must immediately report to the office. At that time a report will be filed and parents contacted. More than one removal from class may result in disciplinary probation. On-going problems of the same nature may result in dismissal from class and loss of credit for the course.

Disciplinary probation may take place because of detentions (see above), more than one removal from class, or other serious behavioral infractions.

Immediate suspension applies to such things as possession of tobacco, stealing, gang activity, destruction of property, a second act of truancy, causing a false fire alarm, blatant disrespect toward faculty or staff, persistently inappropriate language, giving public offense because of an immoral life, or other serious behavioral infractions. Interfering with the safety of students and staff or disrupting the ministry of LLHS may also result in a suspension. Suspensions may be used for disciplinary purposes or as a time out for further investigation.

The school may require a student to pay for costs incurred as a result of his or her misbehavior (for example, the cost of an in-school suspension supervisor).

A school police liaison officer is called when students are involved in illegal activities on campus. Possession of a weapon, possession, use, or supplying alcohol or illegal drugs, or any violation of a state statute or city ordinance would be circumstances when this would occur. Other circumstances include (but are not limited to) possession of cigarettes/tobacco (first offense), fighting (above and beyond minor altercations such as pushing or shoving), major thefts, and sexual assault.

Expulsion can take place when there is a continued disregard for school policy, a violation of probation, or other serious behavioral infractions.

Possession, use, or supplying of any alcohol or illegal drugs, or paraphernalia associated with drug use, will result in immediate suspension from classes and possible dismissal from school pending action by the Board of Regents.

Students under disciplinary probation or who are serving a suspension related to behavior or a training rules violation may not be a representative on a Homecoming or May Banquet court, or serve as an escort or emcee. Certain types of student behavior that takes place off campus may also be dealt with by the school. Public sins certainly have an effect on the reputation of this school, and Christianity. Some sins may pose a danger to students or teachers even though the sin took place off campus. Listing every offense requiring Christian discipline is neither possible nor necessary. God’s will for Christian living remains our guide. •


As Christians, we want to glorify God in everything we do, including our style of dress. What we wear reflects who we are – children of God. We want to avoid anything that might give offense, false impressions, or otherwise detract from our identity as Christians. As students in a school setting, we also recognize that a dress code establishes an orderly and positive learning environment. For this reason, students are required to obey the following guidelines every day, including dress-up days for sports/music/other… Tops: •

All tops should meet the minimum of collarbone height. Examples of tops that fit this criteria include, but are not limited to, collared shirts with one button open, “crew-neck” shirts, “round-neck” t-shirts, etc.

Tops that do not meet this criteria (for example, “cammies,” “scoop-neck” shirts, “v-neck” shirts) should not be worn, or must have another shirt that meets the above criteria worn underneath. See-through materials that show or accentuate undergarments should not be worn. One may wear a collarbone-height shirt under a more revealing shirt.

The following are examples of tops to avoid: Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts, off-shoulder shirts, bare midriffs, bare backs, low-cut backs, tight-fitting or sexually suggestive tops. A tank top is any shirt that does not cover from the neck line to the rounding of the shoulder. (Girls: Sleeveless dresses and blouses may be worn with the exception of tank tops.) All tops must cover underwear, or anything that resembles underwear.

Pants, shorts, skirts, etc: •

Shorts, skirts, or dresses should be no shorter than three inches above the knee. (This applies to all outfits. Panty hose, spandex, tights, or tight-fitting leggings, "jeggings," yoga pants, or anything similar (skin-tight) may be worn with an appropriate length skirt over the top, but may not be worn alone as pants.)

Do not wear excessively baggy or low-hanging pants; or pants that do not cover underwear (standing or sitting).

Do not wear pants (or other clothing items) that are excessively tattered, torn, frayed. Do not wear dirty clothing or clothing with holes. Pajama pants (or pants that look similar) are also forbidden.

As we seek to maintain an atmosphere that glorifies God and promotes learning, we require students to avoid the following: •

Extremes in dress and/or appearance (remember modesty), extremes in hair style or hair color, etc., that either draw attention to the student or becomes disruptive to the class or school environment

Clothing (including jackets) which has advertising or slogans related to immorality, the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, bars, gambling, prowrestling / pro-fighting, weapons, or questionable innuendoes (double-meaning slogans are included here).

Clothing with slogans or pictures related to astrology, satanic symbols, or other religions, or ungodly or anti-Christian themes in the media.

Clothing identified with a band, musician or a music tour, including clothing and other objects that simultaneously name a band and a brand name. However, clothing of music groups officially sanctioned by Lakeside Lutheran is allowed.

Visible body piercing (ear piercings are OK), extenders, or gauging. No tongue piercings. Covering a visible body piercing with a band-aid (or something similar) is not allowed.

No visible tattoos.

Slippers, no shoes, bare feet

Anything gang related

Hats, caps, hoods, headscarves, sunglasses, or other head gear (in the school building during a school day)

Coats are to be left in lockers.

Because fashions change, the dress code may change also. No dress code will provide an answer to every potential choice faced by students. Common sense, combined with a desire to glorify God, will hopefully result in good choices. This dress code is in effect as soon as the student enters the school until his/her departure, and when the student is present at Lakeside Lutheran– sponsored events, on and off campus. For the sake of order, when there are differences of opinion concerning dress, the judgment of the Lakeside Lutheran faculty and administration will be respected. If a student is wearing something that does not meet dress code criteria: 1) The student will be sent to the office to speak with an administrator. 2) A determination is made whether the student must immediately correct his or her clothing. 3) If the student can’t correct his or her clothing, an item of clothing may be provided by the school. If this happens… a. The item must be returned in 2 days, washed. b. If the item isn’t washed, a $5 cleaning fee will be assessed. c. If the item is lost or damaged, a $20 replacement fee is charged to the student. 4) If a correction of clothing is not possible, a parent will be contacted to bring a proper change of clothes. Until that happens, the student will not be allowed to return to class – an in-school suspension. 5) If a correction of clothing is still not possible (sometimes due to lack of cooperation by the student), the student will be suspended for the duration of the day – an in-school suspension. 6) Absence due to improper appearance may result in tardies, unexcused absences, and/or in-school suspensions. 7) Letters are sent home after the second violation. A third or fourth violation requires a detention and other possible consequences. A fifth violation may mean suspension. Repeated defiance of this dress code may result in a three-day suspension. Formal Dress Code Guidelines for formal events (such as May Banquet) are as follows. Formal attire should not show cleavage or abdomens. See-through dresses are not allowed. No cut-outs are allowed on the sides or front panels of dresses. Backless dresses should be waist-line height or higher with appropriate coverage on the sides. These dress code guidelines also pertain to non-LLHS students who may be attending formal dances as guests. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the student/guest not being admitted to the dance.

EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD STUDENTS Students who are eighteen years of age will submit to all rules and regulations that govern the school. In the event that any student is no longer living

with parent or guardian, special arrangements for excuses and other situations must be made according to school policy.

ELIGIBILITY To remain academically eligible: 1. Minimum grade point average (GPA) is 1.5 / C- in the most recent quarter. 2. More than one F means ineligibility regardless of GPA. 3. A student whose quarter grade is an “incomplete” will be ineligible if the work is not completed within five school days. 4. Fourth quarter grades (not semester grades) determine eligibility in the upcoming fall season. Note the following: • You must be eligible to try out for, or participate in, any co-curricular activity or athletics. • Ineligibility begins when the list of ineligible students is posted. • Ineligibility may be reviewed halfway through the quarter (the same day as interim reports) upon request. If a student remains ineligible, the next opportunity for eligibility comes when the next quarter grades are posted. Appeals to the eligibility policy are to be made to the Principal.


For information on financial aid to attend Lakeside Lutheran, see the Business Office. Parents will fill out the LLHS financial aid form. This form can be found on the Lakeside website. For information on financial aid for college or other post-secondary pursuits, see the Guidance Office.


Gambling for money or things of value is not allowed on the Lakeside campus.

GRADUATION AND GRADE ADVANCEMENT Seniors who have completed the following graduation requirements will be eligible for a diploma: 1) Students must have accumulated 26 credits 2) Students must have completed all required courses. 3) Students must not have any unresolved disciplinary matters. 4) Students must not have any unresolved financial obligations. No diploma or transcript of credits earned will be issued for any student who has not fulfilled all financial obligations to LLHS. Valedictorian/Salutatorian: A valedictorian/salutatorian who is interested in being a class speaker at the graduation ceremony must have attended LLHS for his/her entire junior and senior year. Class rank is determined by GPA.


The faculty has adopted the following grading scale: A 96% - 100% BA93% - 95% C+ B+ 91% - 92% C B 87% - 90% C-

85% - 86% 83% - 84% 79% - 82% 77% - 78%


75% - 76% 72% - 74% 70% - 71% 0% - 69%

For classes graduating in 2014 and 2015, the grade point average is determined on a four-point scale: A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0. For classes graduating in 2016 and thereafter, the grade point average is determined by the following four-point scale: A 4.0 C 2.0 A3.67 C1.67 B+ 3.33 D+ 1.33 B 3.0 D 1.0 B2.67 D0.67 C+ 2.33 F 0.0


The following student services are available through the Guidance Office: career counseling, academic counseling, selection of post-high school pursuits, financial aid assistance for college, and personal counseling. For financial aid to attend Lakeside Lutheran, see the Business Office or the Lakeside website.


Purpose: It is the goal of LLHS to maintain a safe learning and work environment. Students, staff, and the school community are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful Christian manner. All forms of harassment, or bullying, are strictly prohibited. This kind of sinful behavior disrupts the Christian ministry at LLHS and causes harm to all those who are involved. LLHS will strive to prevent this sin from taking place within the school, but also recognizes that this sin will still occur, despite all the efforts of its faculty, staff, administration, and student body. When this sinful behavior does take place, LLHS will address it with the goal of eliminating it as quickly as possible. What is Bullying? It is intentional, harmful behavior initiated by one or more persons and directed toward another person(s). LLHS is primarily concerned about such acts that occur in the school, on school property, on the bus, or during any school event on or off campus. However, bullying behaviors that occur off-campus (e.g. at a private residence, on the internet, etc.) involving members of the school community may also be the concern of LLHS and its administration if substantiated. Cooperation between parents and school is important in these cases. The following is a list of behaviors that demonstrate bullying. A person who demonstrates a negative behavior may not always be a bully. It is the goal of LLHS to reduce/eliminate bullying by addressing these behaviors as they occur… Physical: Pushing, hitting, shoving, biting, scratching, tripping, damaging or stealing property, making faces or rude gestures, initiating or forcing inappropriate touching, etc. Verbal: Name calling, put downs, racist remarks, teasing, threats, spreading rumors, etc. Social: Ostracism or exclusion, alienating, etc. Indirect: Circulating or sending inappropriate (violent, sexual, malicious, etc.) notes or pictures in any medium (paper, electronic, etc.), using other people to threaten, intimidate, or humiliate; encouraging others to violate the anti-bullying policy, etc. Psychological: Acts that instill a sense of fear or anxiety, etc. Electronic: Sending inappropriate or threatening messages (email, text, or other) (similar to “indirect bullying” above), creating or posting inappropriate, defamatory, or threatening information or pictures on websites. Summary: Any act that insults or demeans an individual in such a way as to cause distress, reluctance to attend school, or behavioral problems. Prohibition: Lakeside will not tolerate or sanction any activity that jeopardizes the physical or emotional safety of its students, faculty, or staff. In connection with this, forms or rites of initiation are not sanctioned at Lakeside Lutheran. Harassment or bullying of students, faculty, or staff by phone, letter, electronic media, or other means will not be tolerated. Violent threats against any member of the LLHS family will be dealt with firmly and reasonably. Such a threat may result in suspension and/or expulsion. Reporting: It is the responsibility of every member of the LLHS family to report bullying behaviors to the administration as soon as possible. A report could be verbal, written, or anonymous. Without reporting, the situation will not improve. A helpful report would include the “who, what, where, and when” of the incident, and not just third-party hearsay. Faculty and staff: Any member of the faculty or staff that witnesses a suspected bullying incident should address the matter immediately. Stop any form of bullying that you witness, and determine if the behavior meets the criteria for bullying, or if the behavior is an isolated incident that can be resolved immediately (not every conflict constitutes bullying). If the behavior meets the criteria for bullying, report it to the administration. Report any complaints that students or others bring to you, regarding bullying. Parents and students who have knowledge of bullying should also report this information as soon as possible. If possible, report the bullying behavior to the teacher, coach, or advisor, who is overseeing the activity at which the behavior took place. Students who feel that they have been or are becoming the victims of bullying behaviors should notify the school counselor, teacher, or administration as soon as possible. Before reporting, a student may attempt to stop the behavior without school intervention by doing the following… o o o o

Respond assertively (tell the harasser to stop, or walk away) Document the situation (write down the date, time, location, witnesses, and your response to the situation. Keep this documentation.) If the harassment is severe, or if it does not stop after you have dealt with it assertively, report it to an adult you trust. If you are afraid to speak to a teacher or adult alone, take a friend along with you.

Protection from retaliation: If an individual retaliates in any way against a student or parent who reports bullying behavior, that individual will be subject to the disciplinary measures as outlined in this policy.

Responses to Bullying Behaviors: LLHS recognizes that not all negative behaviors should be considered bullying or willful violation of this policy. However, all bullying behaviors will be addressed according to the procedures below. Each bullying offense will be referred to school administrators for disciplinary response. Offense #1

Meet with administrator – no punitive actions

Offense #2


Offense #3

Detention and counseling

Offense #4

1 day in school suspension and counseling

Offense #5

3 day out of school suspension

Offense #6

Student may be recommended for dismissal

LLHS reserves the right to by-pass steps in the consequences as warranted by the offense, up to and including dismissal. An offense may necessitate the involvement of law enforcement or social services. Consequences only take effect after an incident has been thoroughly investigated and can be corroborated by multiple sources or eye witnesses. Prevention and Education Procedures: A copy of this policy will be made available on the school website and will be made available to any interested party if requested. For students: Religion classes will annually discuss the sin of bullying and the Gospel motivation to stand up against this sin. The clear steps of student-reporting will also be discussed. A strong encouragement for students to “let their lights shine” in these circumstances will be shared. For faculty/staff: Because adults must take the initiative in combating bullying, teachers and staff will receive regular education regarding this issue. A strong emphasis on faithful supervision of students in and out of the classroom will be a part of this. Conclusion: May God bless LLHS students, staff, and the school community with an attitude of Christian love and respect toward each other. May we all recognize each other as blood-bought souls deeply loved by God, and treat each other in such a manner. When sin arises, may we deal with that sin in a God-pleasing way.


Parents share with the school any important health information regarding their child by filling out a health form. Every year, parents are asked to update this form. Any changes to a child’s health condition during the school year that may affect attendance, behavior, or academic performance should be communicated to the school as soon as possible. If a student needs to take prescription medication during the school day… 1)

The student may take that medication independently, on his own, following the direction of his or her parents. The student is asked to be discreet as he or she takes that medication, and under no circumstances should this medication be shared with anyone else. 2) Diabetic students should make arrangements with the school office if refrigerated storage is needed. It is their responsibility to see that required foods or juices are available as needed. 3) If parents desire that the school dispense medication to the student, the appropriate permission forms must be completed and directions are required. Please contact the office for such permission forms. By Wisconsin state law, schools cannot dispense medication unless these forms are properly filled out. If a student is taking medication (at home or at school) that may cause side effects that could cause problems at school, parents must notify the school. By Wisconsin state law, students who use an inhaler to take prescription asthma medication must submit a permission form to the office. Forms are available on the LLHS website and in the office.


Honor Roll consists of: • High Honors: 3.750 - 4.000 GPA • Honors: 3.250 - 3.749 • Commendable: 3.000 - 3.249 An academic letter is awarded when a student has at least a 3.30 cumulative GPA after three semesters. If he/she maintains at least a 3.30 GPA, a bar is awarded after 5 and/or 7 semesters.


If a student receives an incomplete grade on a report card, the maximum number of days to complete the work is ten calendar days. (The first day is the day after incompletes are announced. The tenth day is at close of the tenth calendar day.) Extension of the ten-day period for an individual student to complete work may be a joint decision of the Principal, Assistant Principal, the Guidance Director and the teacher of the course. At the end of

the ten-day period, all incomplete work will be marked “0%,” and a course grade must be posted and credit for the class will be determined.


Law enforcement officers or representatives of the Department of Social Services are allowed access to students attending school on Lakeside’s campus. Before any interview takes place, prior approval will be given by the Principal or his designee. Parent notification will take place when a student is interviewed. At times, law enforcement units will carry out random searches of the parking lot, building, and lockers. When these searches occur, dogs may be used to detect illegal substances. This will be done in cooperation with the LLHS administration.

LEAVING CAMPUS Lakeside operates a closed campus. Students are not to leave campus once they have arrived until the school day is over. If you need to leave campus early, attendance policies apply (see “Attendance”). A student who wishes to leave campus without written permission may ask the Assistant Principal for approval. The Assistant Principal will try to contact the parents. If you have permission to leave during the school day, sign out at the office before leaving; upon return sign in. Students who leave campus without any permission are unexcused and will serve one detention for each class hour missed. The parents will be notified as soon as possible. Make arrangements with the Principal to leave for any work release program.

LIBRARY Students are welcome to use the library for research and reading. The courtyard of the library is also available for students during good weather. The librarian has the responsibility to ask any student to leave the library if the student is not using the library resources or keeping others from using their time wisely. Students in study hall are expected to do their work there, unless they need to use the library’s resources. The use of the library is a privilege. This privilege may be revoked because of academic, attendance, or behavioral issues. Most library materials are checked out for two weeks. Prompt return of library materials is necessary. Late returns are charged a fee. If you fail to return materials or pay fines, library privileges will be suspended and report cards, transcripts and your diploma will not be issued.

LOCKER All students are issued a hallway locker and are required to keep their locker locked at all times. A persistently unlocked locker will result in a detention. Do not share your combination. Do not store large sums of money or anything of high value in lockers. LLHS is not responsible for lost or stolen items. See the office for problems opening lockers. A student may decorate the inside of the locker using magnets or tape. For special occasions (e.g., birthday) students may temporarily decorate the outside of a locker using magnets or tape. Decorations must reflect Christian values. Students are held responsible for any permanent markings or damage done to the inside or outside of the locker. No open beverage containers (coffee cups, etc.) are allowed in lockers. Only sealed, or resealable beverage containers are allowed. Perishable food items are not allowed to be stored in lockers overnight. Lakeside Lutheran officials reserve the right to search student lockers at any time.


Time allotted for makeup work is left to the individual teacher.

MEDICATION DISTRIBUTION Look under “Health form and medication guidelines.”


The school office staff is available to answer questions and offer assistance to students and parents. In order to contact the office, call 920-648-2321. You may also email at


All students who drive vehicles (including motorcycles) to school must register their vehicles and use on-campus parking for safety and security. Register vehicles on registration day or when you begin to drive to school. A school-issued window cling must be displayed in the upper left corner of the windshield. The cost is $10.00 per year to register the first vehicle. Additional vehicles are $1.00 per auto. The fine for not registering vehicles or violation of parking terms is $10.00 per day. Repeated or deliberate violations result in loss of driving privileges. Vehicles should be locked. Do not enter any car during the school day without school permission. Park in an orderly fashion in the lots, using the marked spaces only; the area near the buses is not for student parking.

Careless or dangerous use of a car will result in loss of driving privileges or other consequences. Lakeside Lutheran officials reserve the right to have any vehicle inspected at any time.

PASSES AND PLANNERS Passes are kept by each student at the back of the Student Planner. Get a pass from the instructor or study hall monitor to leave class. Students who are late to class or study hall will not be allowed into a room without a pass from the office. Do not share planners (get a pass using someone else’s planner). If you lose your planner, you must purchase a new one ($5) in order to get passes. Students who continuously request passes without a planner, and refuse to buy a new one, will be issued a new planner at the cost of $5 billed to the student’s account.


If a student of Lakeside Lutheran becomes pregnant or fathers a child out of wedlock, the administration will meet with the student, parents and pastor to discuss continued enrollment and participation in school activities. Concern for the physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare of the student and unborn child, along with concern for the student body and members of the Lakeside Federation, will dictate the course of action. This policy assumes that the life of the conceived child has been preserved. Because our Lord’s will is “for life,” the sinful decision to end life through an abortion will follow guidelines similar to the above. A complete copy of Lakeside Lutheran’s Pregnancy Policy is available in the office.


Wholesome and God-pleasing relationships among our students are encouraged. Christian standards of living call for appropriate displays of affection. Anything beyond a quick hug or hand-holding is considered inappropriate in a school setting and may lead to concerns about offensive behavior taking place within our Christian student body.


Because weather and road conditions can vary significantly from one end of the LLHS Federation to another, we encourage parent(s) to use their discretion regarding whether they should allow their sons or daughters to drive to school on any given day.


To assure the health, safety, and welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and property, Lakeside reserves the right to conduct searches of students and their personal effects, such as their bags, locker, or car.

SEXUAL BEHAVIOR In the Bible, God regulates marriage, sexual behavior and the family. God instituted marriage as a lifelong union of one man and one woman (Matthew 19:4-6). Marriage as it is defined in this way is the only proper context for sexual intimacy and the procreation of children. A person who engages in sexual conduct outside of this bond of marriage sins against his or her own body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:13, 18-20). The Bible forbids all sexual activity apart from the Biblical definition of marriage. Sexual misconduct (i.e. sexual intercourse, oral sex, “sexting” homosexual/lesbian behavior, living together, pornography, etc.) on or off campus is a serious violation of God’s will for the Christian’s life and may be grounds for expulsion. Appropriate government agencies will be contacted when students below the legal age of consent are involved in sexual activity. Sexual misconduct that results in pregnancy will be dealt with as outlined above, under "Pregnancy Policy."

STUDENT COUNCIL The student council is comprised of 24 students – a student body president, 3 other officers, the president and vice president of each class, and three representatives from each class. The chief purpose of the student council is to serve the student body by setting Christian examples and encouraging Christian fellowship and service. It aims to develop Christian leadership and God-given talents. It serves as a link between the students and faculty and has responsibility for many of the school’s social functions and activities. The council discusses problems and recommends changes regarding student life. It has charge of the mission offerings and investigates worthwhile mission work to which the money may be contributed. The Student Council receives its authority from the administration. Its faculty advisor guides the council’s work. All students are called upon to give them support and cooperation.

STUDY HALL / COMMONS STUDY HALL Students will be scheduled into study halls when they do not have class. Study halls are quiet study areas where students are expected to work on assignments. Students are required to bring books and study materials. Card playing, other games, and listening to music are not permitted. If a person wants to see an instructor during the study hall period, he must have received a pass from that instructor prior to that study hall period. “Commons” is a loosely supervised study hall reserved for Seniors. Commons is located in the atrium. Commons is intended only for those students who are able to practice self-discipline. Any student who has the privilege of attending Commons must accept personal responsibility for decent, godly behavior. If a student cannot freely give this maturity of behavior, the student is removed from Commons without any possibility of returning. Behavioral requirements for students in Commons are shared at the beginning of every school year. Some of the requirements necessary to be scheduled into Commons are…

• Has completed a commons application. • Has exhibited a history of good behavior during freshman, sophomore, and junior years. • Has maintained a GPA of 2.5 or better. No D’s or F’s. • Has maintained various attendance, academic, and behavioral requirements. Students who become ineligible according to school guidelines will be scheduled into a regular study hall. Students may be scheduled into Commons only one period per day.

TARDINESS Students who arrive at school late are to check in at the office. Students who are 15 minutes or more late for a class period are considered “absent” and not “tardy” for that class period. Normal passing time between classes is four minutes. When the bell rings, students are tardy if they are not in the classroom or do not meet a teacher’s guideline for beginning class. • Students who are tardy more than six times in a quarter will be fined $10 for each tardy thereafter. • After the ninth tardy, each tardy incurs a detention, in addition to the $10 fine. • After the twelfth tardy the student serves a one-day in-school suspension for each tardy. The student will be placed on disciplinary probation. • The 15th tardy requires a meeting with the Board of Regents regarding continued enrollment. As a courtesy, the school notifies students and parents as tardies accumulate. However, it is the student’s own responsibility to be aware of the number of tardies he or she is accumulating. This information is available in the front office, or can be found online.


Parents/guardians sign a tuition plan agreement form. Report cards, transcripts, and diploma are not issued to students whose financial obligations are not current. The tuition of students going on tour (e.g. band or choir trip) is to be paid in full before leaving. If an initial down-payment is required, the student is to be current in tuition payments on a monthly basis, or the initial down-payment will not be accepted. Questions regarding tuition, fines and fees should be directed to the Administrative Secretary.


Lakeside Lutheran welcomes visiting students who are considering enrollment at LLHS. Visitors and their hosts are asked to observe these guidelines: 1. The LLHS host submits a completed “Visitor Form” at least one day in advance of the visit. 2. Bring only visitors who are considering enrollment. Students at other high schools generally are not candidates for enrollment at LLHS. 3. Each visitor must have a designated host student who is responsible for that visitor. The host may bring only one visitor. 4. Do not bring the same visitor more than once. 5. Sign in at the office upon arrival. Visitors wear a pass during their stay. 6. Visitors follow the schedules of their hosts or a schedule provided by the administration. 7. Visitors follow school and classroom guidelines (such as dress code). A teacher or the administration may ask a visitor and/or the host to leave for lack of cooperation. 8. Visitors are not permitted on the last day of school or before major vacations such as Christmas, spring break, or Easter. Any exception to these guidelines needs to be cleared by the Principal or Assistant Principal.


Only resealable clear plastic bottles of water are permitted in classrooms. There will be some classrooms / learning areas where nothing is allowed. The teacher makes this determination.

WEAPONS / EXPLOSIVES / THREATS No one shall possess, use, threaten the use of, or store a weapon or look-alike weapon on school property, in a school facility, in a school or privatelyowned vehicle, or at any school-sponsored function. A weapon is defined as any object that by its design, use, or intended use could cause bodily harm or property damage or intimidate other persons. Weapons include, but are not limited to, the following: firearms, whether loaded or unloaded and whether operational or not; replica firearms; electronic stun devices; knives; and martial arts equipment. Items not designed as weapons will also be included under this policy if they are used to cause or with the intent of causing bodily harm or property damage or to intimidate others. Possession of a weapon or ammunition (real, replica, or home-made) or anything that jeopardizes the safety of others will bring severe consequences such as a suspension and/or expulsion. Possession or use of explosives is forbidden.

SCHOOL SONG For dear old Lakeside, for Lakeside Get right up on your toes

Enemies surround you - Go conquer all your foes And then they’ll fear you, we’ll cheer you Our hopes you will fulfill For Lakeside, Lakeside, Lakeside, You will! You will!


Fax: 920-648-5625

OFFICE PERSONNEL AND STAFF FOR THE 2012-2013 SCHOOL YEAR: Administrative Secretary: Mrs. Sharon Yanggen Assistant Principal of Student Life: Pastor Don Schultz Athletic Director: Mr. Paul Bauer Attendance Secretary: Mrs. Sara Staude / Mrs. Lygia Matthies Business Manager: Mr. Todd Grundman Development Director: Mr. Scott Gronholz Development Secretary: Mrs. Bari Vredeveld Director of Instruction: Mr. Daniel Kuehl Extended Learning Center Assistant: Mrs. Darice Brumm

Extended Learning Center Director: Mrs. Ruth Hirschfeld Food Services Director: Mrs. Vicki Sukow Guidance Director: Dr. Dennis Gulczynski Guidance Secretary: Mrs. Ruth Fenske Librarian: Mrs. Phyllis Huska Maintenance: Mr. Leon Jaeger Principal: Mr. James Grasby Publications Coordinator: Mrs. Kimara Winters Recruitment Director: Mr. Steve Lauber

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