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volume 56 freshman orientation

Welcome freshmen G

Weekly devotion for the student


Getting involved in high school and beyond editor-in-chief

Isaiah 41:10 “So do not

Jordan Gaal

fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.”

Walking through the halls of Lakeside what does one see? The halls are always buzzing with activity before, during, and after school. One can never find themselves bored at Lakeside with all the different things to get involved it. Sports are a big thing for many students, but what about the students who would rather use their talents elsewhere? There is a large variety of other groups to join and get involved in as well. Listed below are some of the groups one can photos by Jordan Gaal, courtesy of join as well as who they should Athletics, fine arts, academics, there are many activities at Lakeside, classes are just the start. talk to about joining.

Academic Bowl

The Academic bowl is a competition that Lakeside travels to every year where students compete by taking tests and answering questions. Sound like fun? Talk to Mrs. Corlett in the foods and sewing room.

Chess Team

Chess can be a challenging yet fun game. One can keep their mind sharp by honing their chess skills. Contact Mr. Tracy, the science teacher, if interested in joining a challenging group.


Whether it is singing or acting, drama can be fun for everyone. Lakeside is known for their stellar plays and musicals. For information about try-outs, see Pastor Clark Schultz, the religion teacher with the superhero classroom.

Math Team

Not getting enough math in class? Why not do some on the side too for competitio? Mr. Hackbarth, the math and videography teacher would be the person to talk to.


Forensics is the only activity at Lakeside where one can win awards for talking. Perfect for the student who is always blabbing in class. Chat to Mr. Lauber the English teahcer and recruitment director.

Student Council

Govern the student body with an iron fist. Talk to Pastor Toepel the Latin and Spanish teacher about running for a freshman position on student council. Freshmen can run for President of their class, vice president, or a representative and make desicions for the school.

Teen for Christ

If one has ever wished they could do more to help those in need, maybe even give the less fortunate gifts around Christmas. If one wants to praise God by volunteering for him, talk to Mrs. Hirschfeld in the Extended Learning Center.


Create the memories that students will cherish forever. Design a page in the yearbook and design a page in history. If one feels up to the challenge talk to Mrs. Schommer, the English teacher.


If one desires to be that hard hitting journalist, repoting the news to the people then the Warrior Times is perfect for them. Also talk to Mrs. Schommer to get involved in newspaper design as well.

These are just a few of the many activities to get involved in.

What to do if a locker jams The ultimate resource It happens: one minute

before the tardy bell and the locker jams. Or maybe one might

have forgotten the locker combination, at the worst time possible. One may find themselves panicing and not knowing what to do in such a situation. What does one do in a situation when class starts in seconds and the student has no way of entering their locker to access their books for class? Talk to Louie, one can sometimes find him in his office across from the cafeteria, otherwise around the building. Louie can fix any locker in a jiffy and he is always willing to help with a smile.


with God

? t u

o d e

k c o


Louie is always happy to help a freshman in need.

231 woodland beach rd. lake mills, WI

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library and a quick chat with the wonderful librarian, Mrs. Huska, can make one’s school project or paper a breeze. Many students do not know that they have so many different helpful resources at their fingertips right in the library and Mrs. Huska will go out of her way to help a student discover those resources.

Mrs. Huska, the librarian

Warrior Times Weekly


From history books to dictionaries to magazines, the library has it all. One stop to Lakeside’s


A new school year can be a scary thing. But the start of high school can be simply terrifying. Lakeside is different though in more ways than one. This school offers something that many schools do not: the chance to learn about our Savior and attend high school in a Christian environment. This Christian atmosphere makes Lakeside an excellenct choice. It is a school that can remind us every day that one does not need to be afraid. Whether it is sports, grades, relationships or just flat out starting high school, God can help anyone in their time of need and it is truly a blessing that one can attend a school where this is common knowledge. At Lakeside each of the teachers genuinely cares for the students’ well being and the Christian faith. They delight to see a student who grows strong in their academics as well as the Word. One should remeber to make the most out of the years here at Lakeside, they are some of the best.

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Warrior Times Weekly student newspaper 2013-14 special freshman orientation edition

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