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Your Critical Advantage

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...focus on parenting mission Lakeside Lutheran High School is committed to assisting parents and area WELS/ELS congregations in nurturing the faith of our students through a Christ-centered education that emphasizes the grace of God in Christ and lives of Christian service in the home, the church and society. Lakeside’s mission is dedicated to the glory of God on whom alone we are dependent for all blessings and is carried out in response to his love for us.

Remember the name? Mr. Steve Lauber Hundreds of grade school students have been finding our Director of Recruitment, Mr. Lauber, at Lakeside events, at their schools and even in the community.When they remember his name and he can’t remember theirs, he adds their names to a fishbowl in his office. In April, two out of all those names will be drawn and they’ll win iPod Touches!

Terrible twos or teenage blues?

a message from Mr. Lauber

Some people believe raising a baby is the most difficult time for parents. The lack of sleep and constant attention that a baby needs has to be the most trying time. Babies are totally dependent on parents. It’s physically and emotionally demanding time.

Others think it’s the “terrible twos.” Preschoolers are into everything— moving around by themselves means dangers are everywhere. From running into the street, falling off a swing or tripping down the stairs, parents need to always be on guard to protect their children. Ages 6-12 tend to be some of the calmest years for a child and possibly the most manageable for parents. It’s at these ages that children are somewhat independent, yet they still tend to listen to most things that parents or teachers tell them. Often they are respectful and helpful. Most 6-12 year olds tend to enjoy being around their parents, feeling safe and at ease when they’re around.

...focus on learning


Principal: James Grasby Asst. Principal: Don Schultz Recruitment: Steve Lauber Athletic Director: Paul Bauer Regents, Ch: Scott Schneider

Many parents who have experienced the teenage years believe that this age may actually be the toughest of all to parent. Teenagers become less reliant on their parents, while friends and influences of school and society become more and more evident in their lives. This, then, is not a time for parents to come off the relative lull of the elementary years, loosen their hold and let teens go and decide for themselves what to do and where to be. It’s during these years that parents need to be around making a positive influence more than ever. Allowing teens to spread their wings while keeping a very gentle hand in whom they will become as they leave high school is one of the greatest gifts parents can give their children. Your work as a parent of a teenager is critical; it may well be the most important parenting time. Leading in the right direction and making sure God’s Word is there each day is your main job. That is also one of the goals here at Lakeside Lutheran High School.

Teenage maze! page 2 • The Lakeside Advantage • Winter 2012

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about our federation The Lakeside Federation includes 31 congregations in southcentral Wisconsin extending north to south from Beaver Dam to Janesville and east to west from Oconomowoc to Madison. The Lakeside Lutheran Advantage is published 3x annually and distributed free of charge to our students, families, future families and friends. Please pass on this copy to the benefit of others. Direct all correspondence to: Lakeside Lutheran High School 231 Woodland Beach Rd. Lake Mills,WI 53551 • 920.648.2321

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o you have a favorite subject in school? We hope so! Kids spend so much time in school, everyone should find at least one subject to love, don’t you think?

Strong family influences, a Christian education and Christian friends during the high school years can make all the difference in the world as our young adults move through some of the most formative years in their lives.

Of course it won’t surprise you to hear that at Lakeside, we take learning pretty seriously. Whether it be math or science, reading or writing, a new language or the Word of God—when you’re at Lakeside, you’re given tools and opportunities to take your knowledge, understanding and abilities to the next level and beyond.

Do you think th ey just got done with the lesson on God’s gift opposable thumbsof ?

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In addition to having top notch, personalized instruction, your Lakeside Lutheran has an even greater advantage in that every single subject—Human Anatomy, Calculus, Advanced Spanish, Journalism, you name it—is taught in the light of who we are (God’s creation) and what that means for everyday life (what am I here for?). Learning what you need for your future studies, work and life... among hundreds of people who know you have a soul Our math precious to God—doesn’t that sound cool? And it is! department Our library rocks, whether your preference is research, Rick Riordan or Sports Illustrated.

interested in knowing more?

She’s not going to forget a thing the teacher is saying.

See the full list of courses Lakeside Lutheran offers at

is one of the strongest around, for whatever level you’re at.

What’s that? Pi? It must be lunchtime.

find the Easter egg on the above webpage and win a prize! (E-mail if you don’t know what an Easter egg is) #3 • • page 3

What do you have to do?

Maybe you’re already planning to attend Lakeside, but maybe you’re not. Join in no matter what! This contest only requires that you can think of stuff that’s pretty cool about Lakeside Lutheran High School, and let us know. We’ll collect all entries in by the deadline and create a list of ten based on both random picks and selected ones. The list will appear around school, in the next issue of the Advantage and who knows where!

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what else do you need to know?

Contest open to students in 2012-13 grades K–8. Children of LLHS employees are ineligible for prizes. Three entry limit per student. Winners will be chosen from all accepted entries. Four winners as described above each receive $200 tuition credit applicable toward first semester of attendance at Lakeside. Prizes are not transferable. Deadline to enter is March 11, 2013; winners will be notified by phone and announced by March 25, 2013. Lakeside is not responsible for misdirected or lost entries. Acceptability of content will be at the sole discretion of judges. Unless a request to restrict publication accompanies the submission, entrants by participating grant Lakeside Lutheran High School the right to use content in future promotional materials, either attributed or unattributed. Top row (L-R): Lindsey Leipold, gr. 7, St. Peter Helenville (winner); Emma Guld, gr. 7, Peace Sun Prairie; Carlee Zimmermann, gr. 2, St. John Jefferson; 2nd row (L-R): Matthew Fisher, gr. 8, Our Redeemer Madison; Matthias Winters, gr. 7, TSL Watertown; Nick Bemis, gr. 8, St. Paul Lake Mills; Elijah Strutz, gr. 5, Our Redeemer Madison; 3rd row (L-R): Haley Kooiman, gr. 8, St. Paul Lake Mills (winner); Carson Brumm, gr. 6, St. John Jefferson (winner); Robert Lang, gr. 8, St. Paul Lake Mills; Ben (gr. 8) & Lillian (gr. 4) Runke, Peace Sun Prairie; Bottom row (L-R): Samantha Kohls, gr. 7, St. John Waterloo; Faith Retzlaff, gr. 3, Zion Columbus; Katie Guld, gr. 6, Peace Sun Prairie page 4 • The Lakeside Advantage • Winter 2012

How do you enter the contest?

Lots of ways! 1) online at 2) send your quote and identifying personal info to: LLHS, 231 Woodland Beach Rd. Lake Mills, WI 53551 3) drop it in the marked box in the school office or 4) drop it marked boxes at LL events between now and March 11, 2013. In case you’re not using an entry form or submitting online, remember that we need the following info along with your entry: Student Name, Grade, School, Parent Name(s), Home Address & Phone #3 • • page 5

Your Life Skills Advantage ...focus on growing


n page 3 we asked you whether you have a favorite school subject. As awesome as reading, writing, math, science, Word of God and languages can be, do you know how many other types of classes Lakeside has? Maybe your school has some of these too—classes that teach you important stuff, but also usually let you move around more and do things. Maybe art class is that way for you, or maybe computer or gym class?

Child Development Sewing I, II Family Life Foods I, II

Learning to comm unicate using vid eo is a valuable skill in today’s wo rld!

Fine Arts

Art I, II, III Art, Advanced Band Choir, A Cappella Choir, Cantate

Physical Education Strength Training (boys/girls separate) Fit 4 Life (2 levels)

Computer Apps

Advanced Programming Computer Applications Introduction to Computers Introduction to Programming Videography Web Page Development Architectural Drafting CAD Tech 1 - Basic Drafting CAD Tech 2 - Mechanical Drafting Construction Technology Power & Energy (Small Engines) Shop Maintenance Welding (Metals Technology) Woods I, II

glorify God too! Learning to take care of our bodies can help us

page 6 • The Lakeside Advantage • Winter 2012

tal, engines Work with wood, me

Technology Education

...focus on being involved


veryone seems to know high school students can make great memories and have a lot of fun when they join in extras like music and sports. The Lakeside Lutheran Warriors have 16 sports teams to try out for and over a dozen ways to be musically involved, including the Warrior Marching Band during the summer months. These are definitely dreams chased by many students.

Your Lakeside Lutheran offers dozens of choices for “elective” courses—those classes that aren’t required for graduation, but are ones that teach specialized, often critical skills for your life after high school. Many of these electives teach ills. other life sk d an n he tc h ki “hands-on” type lessons, as classes teac er Education um ns Co & Family you can see in the photos. Which ones would you like to learn? Family & Consumer Ed

Your Lasting Advantage

h Ed classes here. and computers in Tec

But that’s just getting started! There are many more groups and activities Lakeside students can be involved with that allow you to develop and share all kinds of talents—including some you maybe don’t even know you have yet! And remember the Lakeside advantage? All these groups are filled with other young Christians just like you. What are some of these groups? Below are descriptions of a few just to get you thinking. Where will you find your special place to shine in high school? ces Do some of these facould ey Th ? ar look famili if you attend one of ade the area Lutheran grside. schools around Lake are These smiling faces r sometimes called ouors” “Lakeside ambassad th when they go out wito Mr. Lauber and talk out younger students ab nd what it’s like to atte say Lakeside. Be sure to e “Hi, I saw you in th ” Advantage magazine!

“When people love one another and they show it, others can see that they are disciples of Christ.”

Maria Manteufel, in WTW LLHS class of '14

“I can definitely see myself using what I'm learning here in many ways.”

Jacob Schneider, LLHS class of '12

Lakeside offers up to fou r years of art class for all levels of ability.

council officers and student s and serve ss cla en m sh fre ’s ar ye skill Here’s a look at this is a great way to develop leadership and helpful n cil fu un ty co et t es some pr reps. Studen . Student council do s blood drives. your fellow students mecoming themes and organize campu stuff, like decide Ho

shmen campus group of freow the tic ge er en an is t ris sh Teens for Ch for ways to are always looking unity. Here you see o wh s or ni se h ug ro m th e ol and in the com love of Jesus at schoy to deliver Christmas gifts that Lakesided. ne ad re in students getting ed in December for a local family students collect #3 • • page 7

231 Woodland Beach Road Lake Mills, WI 53551 Address Service Requested

want an activity calendar? links to photos? info on upcoming events? easy access to our social media sites? camp registration forms? find these & more on the “grade school events” page of our website upcoming lakeside events of interest especially for grade school families

January 23.................... 7th Grade “Warrior for a Day” Future Freshmen Scheduling 6:30 PM January 26 .................. Future Freshmen Scheduling 8:30 AM February 3..................... Lutheran Elementary Schools (LES) Visual Arts Fair & Lakeside Pops Concert @ 2 PM February 15-17............. LES Basketball Tournament at Lakeside February 18.................. Kinderfest @ Lakeside (LES kindergarten classes visit) 9-11 AM March 2......................... Family Fest at Lakeside for PK–4th grade families anytime from 9–noon March–April................... Choice of dates for 2nd Grade Class Visits to Lakeside March 9......................... LLHS 5–8th grade Spelling Bee 9 AM (this is a new date for the bee!) March 18-22 ................ Lakeside Spring Break -- is it yours too? March 27....................... Easter concert @ 7 PM March 29-April 1.......... Easter Recess

Be sure program to pick up a so (2012 s hown) uvenir

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Lakeside Lutheran High School Advantage magazine: Winter 2012 | edition 3


Lakeside Lutheran High School Advantage magazine: Winter 2012 | edition 3

Profile for llhs