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it was grand!

Mar. 2........ 8/10:30 | A Cap @ Immanuel, Farmington Mar. 3.............4:30 | Forensics District at DeForest HS The Lakeside Grand Event was held at LLHS for a 4:30 | Conference Math Meet @ Belleville sold-out crowd of 265 Mar. 7.................................................Third quarter ends on Saturday, February 8. Girls BB regional playoff game @ LLHS Almost 100 LLHS students Mar. 8..........................9 AM | MPO Fundraiser pickup gave over 325 hours to Mar. 9..................... Spring Ahead for Daylight Savings join with dozens of adult 8:30/10:30 | A Cap @ St. John, Newville volunteers in making this Mar. 10..................... 6:30 PM | Winters Sports Awards third annual “Mission Track practice begins Possible”-themed event Mar. 10–13...............4–6 PM | 2014–15 Dance Tryouts another resounding success. Mar. 11....................... 9 AM–2 PM | Blood Drive at LL The students took on a Mar. 13...............................10 AM | Late start for LLHS wide variety of jobs, from Mar. 14–16....... East Regional BandFest @ Manitowoc napkin folding to auction Mar. 17–21................................Spring Break: no school set up & break down, from Mar. 17.......................................Softball practice begins decorating to serving 6:30 PM - Board of Regents appetizers, raffle sales, Mar. 24..................................................... Classes resume dinner service and bussing, Baseball & Girls Soccer practices begin dishwashing, piano playing, Mar. 30................... 8/10:30 | A Cap @ St. John, Juneau jazz banding, video promo Mar. 31................................... Boys Golf practice begins production, photo booth, Apr. 7....... 6 PM | Forensics Team Friends & Fam Nite hosting check-in/out, and even offering donations such as original artwork, a wood bench and desserts.

March 11 9 AM–2 PM at your Lakeside Lutheran Call the office 920.648.2321 for appt. Walk ups accepted. Contact Info

Through a fun and entertaining evening that included silent and live auctions, a dessert auction, 50/50, wine and jewelry raffles, the evening netted over $53,000 for the ministry, including $14,200 for Student Tuition Assistance and almost $4,000 toward new convertible tubas for the Warrior Band. Thank you to all who supported the effort!

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March 2014

a publication of Lakeside Lutheran High School Volume 3 : Issue 7

Fed eration Connection The art of involvement A recent conversation with a parent affirmed that Lakeside has great parents who are involved in their children’s lives.

The topic was school policy. This parent inquired if something was permissible at school. His daughter told him it was so. Yet, this discerning parent wanted to hear it directly from the school. Once the school stated its position, the matter was settled for him. This is good parenting. Good parenting is the art of involvement. It is knowing how much to be involved in your teenager’s life without going over the top. It means listening to your child without immediately accepting (or refuting) what (s)he says. Too many parents throw up their hands with a “whatever” attitude when it comes to their child’s life. A teenager’s choices in clothing, media, and personal activities often inspire a “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” style of parenting. In short, as long as the teenager is occupied and is out of the parent’s hair, anything goes. Good parenting is based on a central truth that a teenager is immature and needs parental maturity. Exercising this maturity is a parent’s responsibility. It means actually leading your child in ways to serve God and others. This sometimes means saying no. After all, your goal is to be a parent—not merely to be liked. Staying involved in your child’s life means being an active parent. It involves use of a precious personal resource – time. However, expending your time is a small sacrifice. After all, your child is a treasure from God, “a heritage from the Lord [and] a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3). Lord, lead our parents to be active and engaged in raising their children.


Mr. Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran High School; his column is featured in every FedCon. Reach him at 920.648.2321 x 2204 or

school news and notes:

Thanks for the memories, Lakeside Ladies Guild

Mrs. Huska facilitates freshmen speed dating in library Third in a series of faculty and staff responses to why they’re thankful to serve at your Lakeside, along with what they’ve seen in the lives of students that demonstrates the value of the investment of time and resources for the families who choose LLHS for their children.

Mrs. Phyllis Huska has managed the LLHS library and its archives since 1992 A ‘69 alum herself, Mrs. Huska shares: “I am passionate about Christian education. More than ever, we need our young people to be rooted in Christ.” And about her job in the Warrior library? “I love it when students return a book and want to talk about it with me—either because they enjoyed it so much they want to share, or they hated it and didn’t even finish it. Years ago a senior boy— who hadn’t checked out a book in four years—had to read a book for Reading Strategies class. He was reluctant, but I gave him several choices; he picked the skinniest book. When he brought it back, he volunteered that he had never enjoyed reading and avoided it—but—he liked the story he read! His parting comment? “I never knew reading could be fun!” Maybe he’s never read a book since, but for a brief moment he enjoyed reading. That’s my goal with books I find for our library—that one might touch a life.”

Recently, Mrs. Huska and English teacher Mrs. Jodie Schommer teamed up to give freshmen Language Arts students a day that was both fun and productive. They called it “Library Speed Dating.” Using tables full of a wide variety of books, freshmen moved from station to station, browsing the books on that table, making notes on why books appealed or did not appeal to them. The goal of the session was to find a book they were willing to “date,” since they had to write a book report later. If they found a book they liked, they could carry it to the next table; if they later found a book that was even more appealing, they could “jilt” the first book and replace it with the new. If at the end of the session they had not found a book to date, Mrs. Schommer had a table of books to the side called “blind dates.” She chose a title for any students who had not found their own “dates” by the end of the session. At first tentative (as freshmen are about many things in high school), most quickly had fun with the activity. “It was all in good fun to try expose students to some books they might not otherwise try,” says Mrs. Huska. Happy reading, freshmen!

We saw a beautiful stained glass window installed in February, a legacy gift from the LLHS Ladies Guild. The artwork was created by Renata Brandenburg of Touch of Color Stained Glass Studio. Be sure to stop by the main office and see this lovely addition, and thank a lady of the former Guild.

In June 1958, a newly-formed Ladies’ Guild served about 600 guests at a reception for a new principal and his family in the dining area of the newly constructed St. Paul Fort Atkinson elementary school, located just across the street from the old school building. In the Sunday bulletin on June 29, Pastor Henry Gieschen of St. Paul, included this announcement to his congregation: “A HIGH HONOR: Our old school building, which has served us faithfully till it became too small, will go down in history as the place in which the Jefferson County Lutheran High School was begun. A high honor indeed for our old school and our congregation. May we all support the Lutheran High School which will be begun in our midst in September, with our prayers and our contributions.” The Lakeside Ladies Guild—whose organization predated our school when it formed a constitution in April 1957—have been upholding this exhortation ever since, through service, education and support to Lakeside Lutheran High School. The Guild disbanded in December 2013 due to years of declining membership. Yet, ever faithful to their school and its purpose, the ladies wanted to complete a special, final project. Artist Renata Brandenburg had approached Lakeside some time back with an offer to create a stained glass design for display at Lakeside, and last month, the artwork was installed in the middle transom of the inside bank of windows above the west entrance. Its placement allows everyone in school to view it during the day as it benefits from the sunlight that streams toward the entrance. As time goes on, it may well become a feature in photos taken on campus. From that well-equipped kitchen the Guild provided in 1963, to the many capital purchases for home economics, music, transportation and the industrial arts departments since, Ladies Guild members have been steadfast and enthusiastic, even as members branched into other efforts, such the Coupon Refunding Program in the 70s and the Twice is Nice Retail Store in the 90s. We know that while the meetings are no more, the spirit of their commitment to the ministry lives on; we need only to look up and out to be reminded of their legacy.

14 03 LLHS Federation Connection  
14 03 LLHS Federation Connection  

14.03 March 2014 Lakeside Lutheran Federation Connection Keeping your Lakeside Lutheran in the minds and prayers of Federation members in th...