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October 5.... LES Volleyball Tournament at LL | 9 AM Oct. 6..... A Cap at St. Mark, Watertown | 7:30/9/10:45 Here’s some more Oct. 9............................... Ladies Guild ] 7 PM cafeteria helpful details about the Oct. 11.................................................... 1st quarter ends dates on the left: Oct. 12.......... MPO fundraiser pickup/delivery | 9 AM • Fall Grandparents Grade School Dance Clinic | 8:30 AM Day at Lakeside is set Oct. 13........... A Cap Immanuel, Hubbleton | 8:30 AM aside for grandparents St. Mark, Richwood | 10:15 AM who have juniors and/or freshmen (other grades’ Oct. 16......Test & Registration Day | Classes out 12:45 turns come April 16, 2014). Math Meet, Madison LaFollette | 4:15 PM Grandparents share a sweet Oct. 19..... First Cadet/Beginner Band practice | 9 AM morning of fellowship over Oct. 20........A Cap WLChapel, Madison | 8:30/11 AM breakfast and then are Oct. 21...................................... Board of Regents | 7 PM able to join grandchildren Oct. 22.................8th Grade Welcome Night | 5:30 PM in morning classes and Oct. 23....................... FR/JR Grandparents Day | 8 AM a special chapel service. LES Basketball Coaches Clinic | 6:30 PM RSVP or ask more from Oct. 24–25............... No classes (Teachers’ conference) Bari: 920-648-2321 x2223. Oct. 26.......2nd Cadet/Beginner Band practice | 9 AM • Grade school band students Oct. 27.............Joint Reformation Service at LL | 4 PM have a unique opportunity Nov. 2........ last Cadet/Beginner Band practice | 9 AM to work with our Warrior band members when they Beginner Concert in band room | 9:45 AM spend three Saturday Nov. 3...................................Fall back to standard time! mornings at Lakeside in LLHS & LES Fall Band Concert | 2 PM Beginner or Cadet Nov. 6............. Veterans Day Observance at LL | 8 AM Band programs and Nov. 7.......Early release noon/Parent-teacher consults then perform in the Fall Nov. 8–10........................National Choral Fest at LLHS Concert on November 3 (1st year students give a short concert on the last practice Nov. 2 instead). Plan to participate in this outstanding musical opportunity for grade school students to improve and develop instrumental skills!

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October 2013

a publication of Lakeside Lutheran High School Volume 3 : Issue 2

Fed eration Connection

Good stewards share what they know Stewardship is a term with multiple meanings. To many, it is wise and prudent use of God’s blessings in the support of his kingdom work. While this definition is wholly correct, stewardship also has a broader application. This use can be seen in the account of Naaman as recorded in 2 Kings 5. Naaman was the general of the Aramean army, an army that frequently invaded Israel. During one of these raids, the Arameans PRINCIPAL’S PEN captured Israelites and took them back to Aram as slaves. One of these slaves was an Israelite girl who soon became aware of the lifethreatening illness of her master, Naaman. He had leprosy, a circulatory disease that attacks the body’s extremities and eventually leads to death. Knowing of the desperate situation, this girl urged her master to seek a treatment that he had not yet tried. She said, “If only my master would see the prophet who is in Samaria. He would cure him of his leprosy.” With these words, this girl was a good steward. She realized the true value of God’s Word as the healer of hearts and souls. While there was a physical miracle that cured Naaman’s leprosy, there was also the miracle of the work of God’s Word that cured Naaman’s sin of unbelief and led him to acknowledge, “Now I know that there is no other god in all the world except in Israel.” God unfolded a chain of events because a young girl shared her most prized treasure, the all-powerful Word of God. God blessed her with wisdom beyond her years to wisely and prudently use God’s one of greatest blessings to man in support of his kingdom work. Mr. Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran High School; his column is featured in every FedCon. Reach him at 920.648.2321 x 2204

school news and notes:

Singing provides outlet for students to praise and shine Ah, song. Father of American psychology, William James, said, “I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.” Martin Luther said, “As long as we live, there is never enough singing.” Last and most importantly, God’s Word exhorts us to sing praise, and Scripture is filled with examples of singing in all types of occasions. Lakeside Lutheran understands that singing is not only a life skill—for many, it’s a precious gift. In that song is often the language of praise, all Lakeside students are required to learn music, develop the language of song, and are then strongly encouraged to further their abilities and talents.

Freshman Choir students are introduced to simple 4–part choral harmony, music theory and music history. Balance and blend are stressed as the singers prepare for concerts and chapel singing. Performances include the Christmas, Pops, Easter and Commencement Concerts, as well as periodic chapel singing. All choir members may also participate in the WSMA solo and ensemble contest. Cantate Choir consists of sophomores, juniors and seniors who want to continue singing. Required performances include Pops, Easter, and

Commencement Concerts, as well as periodic chapel singing and opportunity for WSMA solo/ensemble competition.

A Cappella Choir is comprised of juniors and seniors chosen by audition. Members dedicate their efforts toward music of greater difficulty in preparation for concerts, chapel singing and choral presentations in area WELS/ELS congregations. This culminates in the presentation of sacred and secular music that displays the finest talents of the high school singers. Other opportunities exist for individuals as well, such as the Student

Recruitment Team, when

students visit area grade schools to meet, greet and entertain in an effort to acquaint younger students with the benefits of Lakeside. Several recently used their gifts during the Homecoming Talent show! Lakeside is privileged to work with many students who recognize and pursue the language of music during their time here; it’s certainly a gift they can use their whole lives! Mr. Jim Buege is Director of Choral Music at Lakeside. If your church group or organization would like to discuss a Lakeside performance, his contact info is or 920-648-2321 x1720. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear WELS Choral Fest singers from across the country here at your LLHS Nov. 8 & 10!

input requested for long-range plan

What would your future Lakeside be like? Tell us!

Lakeside recently began a new strategic planning process, designed at our request, by Crossroads Consulting Ministry. During the current phase of this process, a “guiding coalition” made up of many Lakeside constituencies—faculty, staff, federation pastors and teachers, alumni, parents, board and administration—is working to gather data that will drive decisions about where Lakeside should head and how it should get there. The goal of the phase we’re in is to describe “current reality” accurately and clearly before setting strategic priorities. Some of the most useful information we gather will come directly from federation congregations, and that’s why we are asking you to help with an upcoming opportunity when it is offered to your church. We’d like to have a Lakeside representative come to your congregation to conduct a one-hour listening session sometime within the next month. We’re asking pastors to help identify willing participants in your congregation; specifically, we are looking for a cross-section of supporters—some directly involved with Lakeside and some without much direct contact...those who were connected in the past, those currently involved and those who may be involved with Lakeside in the future...alums and nonalums. We look forward to working with you to make your Lakeside even more of a blessing to your own ministry! Keep your ears open for more info! If you have questions or contributions at this point, please contact Principal Jim Grasby or Executive Director Scott Gronholz.

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October 2013 Lakeside Lutheran Federation Connection newsletter