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Events to Note Dec. 2..............A Cap St. John, Cold Spring • 8:30 AM A Cap St. James, Cambridge • 10:15 AM Dec. 4............. First Home Wrestling Match • 6:30 PM Dec. 5, 12, 19.............Advent services in area churches Dec. 9................... A Cap St. John, Whitewater • 9 AM A Cap Christus, Richmond • 10 AM SCLBC tryouts at LLHS 6–7:30 PM Dec. 11............................Lakeside Ladies Guild • 7 PM Dec. 16.................................Christmas Concert • 7 PM Dec. 18.....................Review Day: classes dismiss noon Dec. 19–21.............................. Semester Exam schedule Dec. 22-Jan. 2.................... Christmas Break: no classes Dec. 28–29.......... GBB (Fort) & BBB (LMills) tourneys Jan. 3.............. Classes resume/Second semester begins

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blessings at christmas

Federation Connection December 2012

a publication of Lakeside Lutheran High School Volume 2: Issue 4

Do you consider your family a past, present or future “Lakeside family”?

If so, please send

Lakeside one of your 2012 Christmas family photos! Many of our families take photos and turn them into Christmas greetings to share with family and friends. We have a group of Lakeside friends who plan to transform the main bulletin board here at Lakeside into a collage of families who are proud to call themselves Lakeside supporters. Let us add your photo to the board! Drop off a photo in the office, send it with a student or visitor, even e-mail it as an attachment and we will print it out! Then come to campus and enjoy the wonderful collection of families blessed by Christian education at Lakeside!

Contact Info Phone: 920-648-2321 Fax: 920-648-5625 E-mail: Website:


dvent is a season of reflection and preparation for the joyous Christmas season that follows. Although some Advent hymns are quiet and somber, one in particular has a different character. Philip Dodderidge was pastor of a “dissenting” church that did not accept the authority of the Church of England. He was a prolific hymn writer, penning 400 hymns for use primarily in his PRINCIPAL’S PEN congregation. In 1735, he wrote Hark, the Glad Sound! Little did he know that his hymn would become a beloved Advent hymn. The original text has seven stanzas. Christian Worship contains four of them. In the hymn, Dodderidge masterfully communicates law and gospel, sin and grace. With terms like prisoners, bondage, fetters and broken, he conveys sin’s reality in our lives. The sinful nature with which we are born separates us from God’s love and destroys our relationship with him. However, the hymn also expresses gospel comfort with words like bind, cured, grace and restored. They explain the Savior’s work of restoration through his perfect life, innocent death and glorious resurrection. A spirit of reflection and preparation – along with the believer’s only source of comfort and hope in Jesus Christ – is conveyed in one hymn.

God bless your Advent preparation with the sure knowledge that the Prince of Peace brings you true forgiveness and life. Hark, The Glad Sound! Mr. Jim Grasby is principal of Lakeside Lutheran; his column is featured in every Federation Connection. Reach him at 920.648.2321 x 2204 or

student news and notes

Veterans Day event touches soldiers, students, staff, alums & more over 100 guests attend morning of tribute and remembrance There was food, there was fellowship, but above all, there was the sharing of God’s Word as we paid tribute to the military of our great country. It’s just another part of what makes your Lakeside Lutheran High School such a special place for our federation families and beyond. It’s the opportunity to take an event that is celebrated in many locations, public and private, and infuse it with the Word that Teacher Pastor Clark changes lives, the Message that makes Schultz stands with human lives of service and sacrifice a clear his parents, David & reflection of an even greater Love. “We Marlene Schultz, both Air Force veterans. love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Junior Kaitlyn Sage > visited with Grandpa Fred Sage, a Korean Conflict Army vet.

Prayer spoken by assembly gathered for Veterans Day worship service at Lakeside Lutheran, November 9, 2012:

Above, Lakeside National Honor Society students serve breakfast to vets and guests. Below, the entire school assembled and the band played during a special chapel worship in commemoration of Veterans Day and the service of our current and ex-military.

God of all nations, today we pray for our country and we thank you for the grace that you have shown to it. We especially thank you for the contributions and sacrifices of the veterans of our armed forces. Be with these brave men and women – those who have joined us today and those unable to do so. Fill us with faith in you and obedience to you. Continue to prosper America by your grace. In Jesus’ name we pray this. Amen.

why bring 4th graders to visit lakeside? When teacher Steve Lauber began his work as our LES contact person this fall, he knew he would quickly become the “face of Lakeside” to many of our area elementary students. He’s a great cheerleader for the Lakeside experience, but he wanted to take it a step further. How? He schedules visits for every interested class! November was the fourth graders’ turn. From little on, students look forward to growing up, getting a taste of being older. Why not let Lakeside itself show future St. John Jefferson teacher Mr. Jonathan Niemi used Twitter to share high schoolers what it’s like here on campus? Our their fun experience, here in art with young visitors sat in on our daily chapel/devotions, Mrs. Lori Tetzlaff at #futurepicassos experienced high school classrooms that teach advanced subjects with a continued focus on God’s involvement in our lives, and worked with materials and equipment usually reserved for older students. It’s been a win-win. Lakeside is privileged to share the priceless treasure we offer in continued Christian education during critical high school years, and every grade, from kindergarten on, can have fun and learn during visits that give them a taste of life as a “big kid,” no matter where they attend high Our Redeemer Madison students school. To learn more about Lakeside and the LES navigate the halls filled with the “big kids” with some help from Mr. Lauber. relationship, see “Grade School Events” on

Luminaries for Loved Ones... Help us let His light shine by making a $5.00 donation to Lakeside in memory of a loved one this Christmas. The luminaries line our sidewalks (weather permitting) and names are published in the program for the Christmas Concert on December 16. Please remit by December 12 and enclose $5.00 per memorial name. Include the following info with your donation: Name(s) in Memory: 1) _____________________ 2) ________________________

3) ______________________ 4) ________________________

Your name: ___________________________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________ E-mail: _______________________________ Return to: LLHS Development Office • 231 Woodland Beach Road • Lake Mills 53551

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