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Secret secrets We have a deep yearning for secrets. Anyone who looks for «insider tips» on tourism websites will find them in their thousands. But – these secrets can’t be so secret if everyone can see them. So our secret tip is this – ask your hotelier what sort of secrets can be discovered around your holiday resort. With a bit of luck, they’ll give you insider knowledge that you can’t find on websites and in travel guides. Thomas Holzleithner & Hardy Egger Editors

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The guest whisperers

of the Nesslerhof Many people know that the Skiwelt amadé is a special kind of winter destination. But fewer know that there are also great health and fitness facilities in the Grossarl Valley. At the Nesslerhof, you can choose between the two – or simply indulge in both.

Wood, loden, leather, warm colours – stylish comfort meets alpine charm. away and then try to think, to live and to act», promise your two hosts. This ­ applies to the Neudeggers themselves, their team and their partners, like Toni the baker, Lenz the butcher, Anni the milk f­ armer, Elisabeth the cheese farmer and Christoph the egg farmer. And: This makes a stay in one of the 62 rooms or suites of the Nesslerhof a very special experience.

Photos: Heldentheater

When it comes to cuisine: At the Nesslerhof, everyone will find what they’re looking for – from bar flies and lounge slouchers to calorie counters and dessert­a­holics. They cook, bake and fry at the Nesslerhof until every single guest has a blissful glimmer in their eyes as they take the first bite. This is very important to Hermann Neudegger, even though he no l­ onger directs the kitchen team as he once did … Captivatingly catered for

If you’re watching a passionate skier flinging her arms enthusiastically around the rosy neck of a complete wellness freak after a wonderful day of skiing or listening as a snowshoe hiker recounts of his latest nature adventure to an enraptured ski tourer, then you’re probably in the Nesslerhof in the Grossarl Valley. «Diversity instead of mono-cultures doesn’t just do nature good», say Tina and Hermann Neudegger, the hosts of the establishment. And: Grossarl and the Nesslerhof can – quite naturally – play all the parts. This not only applies to the plethora of services offered by the Nesslerhof and the natural land­­scape that surrounds it. It also applies to the guests themselves. This establishment is just as perfect for singles or couples looking for rest and relaxation as it is for families: Loving childcare during the main holiday ­periods, Nintendo Wii, billiards or ball pool, a sauna which is suitable for children aged over 3 and a farm with rabbits, chickens, ­ponies, cats and sheep offer enough excitement to fascinate even the liveliest of child-

The Swiss pine sauna lives up to its name.

ren. The «Water World» lives up to its name: a ­generous panoramic indoor pool with ­ heated outdoor pool, 8 types of sauna, facials, body wraps and ­ whole body ­treatments will stimulate the indulgenceseeking bodies of Alpine freaks, carvers, ski tourers, cross-country skiers and snowshoe trekkers alike. But back to Tina and Hermann Neudegger: Actually, they are more «head guest whisperers» than hosts as they have created sworn «guest whisperers» from their team – and their service providers: «We listen when you say ­nothing. We can see your dreams through your eyes. We feel your desires when you are far

«The Neudeggers are guest whisperers.« THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017



Precious secrets The discovery of secret places requires patience and luck.

Text: Martin Novak

Photo: Shutterstock

If you want to get into the Uffizi in Florence, you’ll need a lot of time. To marvel at the works of Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo too, of course. But visitors normally spend more hours waiting than in the halls of the museum. It can take many hours. If you haven’t

bought an online ticket (pro tip) for a couple of extra Euros. In other museums that are not so on demand, waiting is the exception. For example in the famous New Sacristy of the Medici Chapel with the tombs of two Medici rulers, 4

­ esigned by the very same artist, d Michelangelo, whose work is so hard to view in the Uffizi. The problem: Those who are short on travelling time concentrate on the attractions that are listed first in the travel guide – and this is not just the case in Florence. They don’t deviate ­


from the beaten tracks which they’ll have to share with lots of others. And they mainly travel at the same times as others. And then wait alongside them … The simplest piece of advice for travellers is not to travel during those times when everyone does,


«Those who are short on travelling time concentrate on the attractions that are listed first in the travel guide.» No, it’s not Stonehenge. It’s actually the stone circle of Callanish in the Outer Hebrides. in the popular but dreaded «peak season». But it’s easier said than done. Because not everyone has the privilege to pick their own travel times. School holidays and annual company shut-downs specify the dates when holidaymakers can strike out. If you’re not affected by such restrictions, and yet still travel at these times, then you only have yourself to blame. It also helps a little to know how ill-advised it is to t­ ravel through Venice in August or to hope for solitude in a T ­ yrolean or Salzburg ski resort during Austrian semster breaks. And yet some things can only be ­experienced at certain times. You will find a Christkindl ­market just in the run-up to Christmas, not in January. And if you travel all too anticyclically, you’ll realise that even the most heavily-travelled regions have quiet times, when tourists are not welcomed with open arms. But there are also po-

sitive surprises. During times when there aren’t two guests fighting for every hotel bed and when there are spaces available in ­ restaurants, those who are there are appreciated far more. Then a quick refuel is transformed into a nice restaurant with traditional regional food and staff, who barely have chance to breathe in the peak periods, ­ you can experience authentic hospitality instead of professional friendliness. Are you familiar with Callanish? Callanish is similar to Stone­ henge, the mighty megalithic stone circle in the south-west of England. It is just a little smaller and, admittedly, far more difficult to reach, in the far-flung Outer Hebrides. But the flight from Glasgow to Stornoway, the capital city of Lewis and Harris, only takes an hour. From there to Callanish isn’t even another 30 kilometres. And the tourist

stampede to the rocks of Callanish is quite definitely far less than to Stonehenge. Secrets stay secret «My secret tip: The European Nature Reservation is an abso­ lute paradise for nature lovers and peace seekers. Over 300 species of birds can be seen thronging about at ‹peak times› – ­particularly in autumn, nature casts a magnificent coat of ­colour over the nature reserve.» Theresa Humer from the Spa Resort Therme Geinberg5 answers eagerly when asked what secret delicacies the region in the Upper Austrian Innviertel has to offer its guests. Only: Secrets you could find easily on a website are not what we con­ sider to be a secret. We would really like to keep it a secret. In another region of Austria, which is also known for its opulent

«An open secret loses its innocence easily.»

Photo: Conclusio

You can observe grey geese by telescope on Lake Neusiedl – as well as from the loungers of some hotels.




Marine iguana meets tourist. The two live in a sensitive symbiosis. It is worth preserving for both parties.

Photo: Shutterstock Photo: Shutterstock

Not far from the Uffizi in Florence, visitors will find impressive Michelangelo sculptures in the Medici Chapel – here on the tomb of Giuliano de Medici.

«When the magic of a place can be cultivated, the risk that it will be destroyed drops.»




fauna, Lake Neusiedl, guests arm themselves with heavy ­telescopes to catch sight of wild geese and herons, accompanied by local guides. But the very same creatures also wander around the loungers of some ­hotels (names will not be revealed; it’s a secret after all) and can be observed close-up with the naked eye. It’s just less of an adventure than the guided tour. Patience & Luck Locals are not stupid: They prefer to reveal public secrets, while keeping some things to them­ selves. These treasures cannot be found through the most meti­ culous internet research and the reading of all the guide books in the world. You need two things to discover them: luck and patience. Luck to stumble across them and patience to wait for this luck. It´s like in the ­casino: The right number might turn up immediately or not at all. Which is also good in some way: An open secret loses its innocence easily. For decades, very few people knew «Grüner See» lake in Styria, a natural treasure fed by snowmelt. Until Holly­wood star Ashton Kutcher discovered it and posted a picture of the lake with the caption «Magic Moment» on his Facebook page, which had 17 million fans. However, this very disclosure ­ endangered the magic. Since then, those responsible have had their hands full, ensuring that masses of curious visitors do not overburden the magic of this location. Bans and various restrictions are meant to ensure that the «Grüner See» remains a green lake and does not become an unsightly brown puddle,

where there are no more magical moments to experience. Hide-and-seek However, the best protection is not prohibition signs, access restrictions and barriers. The ­ best protection for a secret is that it remains a secret. In 2015, Austrian natural photo­ grapher Matthias Schickhofer published a spectacular photo book about the primeval forests of Europe. But the risk that millions will strike out into the Bavarian Forest, into the Spessart Mountains, the Ukraine or the Mountains of Bosnia and overrun these primeval forests is luckily low. They are too remote and it is too difficult to reach them. But some of these precious places are located quite close to metropolises. In these cases, ­ people make do with g­ ames of hide-and-seek. For example, a primeval forest near Vienna is not ­labelled, so that it is not too easy to find: «The forestry office wants to prevent the forest being trampled by Sunday walkers», said one media report.

But: Tourism also protects. When the magic of a place can be cultivated, the risk that it will be destroyed drops. «In­ stead of cutting down the primeval forests, tourism could be much better developed there», says environmental activist Schickhofer, explaining his ­commitment. It’s always about finding the right balance. If no one were interested in the breeding sites of the grey geese in the reed belt of the «Neusiedlersee», it would be dug out or used for grazing. If too many are interested, then it loses its protective function. Over 200,000 people visit the Galapagos Islands every year. And make life difficult for the animals. Quite innocently, be­ cause the ships on which they arrive introduce parasites and they alter the ecological ­balance.

toises, sea lions and marine ­iguanas, the v­ isitors would stay away. For the people on the islands, this would mean that, as fishermen, they would hunt sardines more and probably have the ­upper hand as competition to the boobies. And would ulti­ mately oust them …

«Locals are not stupid: They prefer to reveal public secrets, while keeping some things to them­selves.»

Only: It wouldn’t work without any tourists at all either. When there were no sardines because of systematic fishing, then the blue-footed boobies that attract the visitors would lose their food source. And if there were no more blue-footed boobies, Galapagos penguins, giant tor-

Primeval forests often protect themselves – by being hard to access. Some are also protected by the forest authorities, who disguise their location.

Photo: Shutterstock





Privacy at the


highest level

for the soul

The amenities of a luxury hotel and the intimacy of a secluded island can both be enjoyed in one place: at the Geinberg5 in the Innviertel. Here, where time can be turned completely upside down ...

Irrespective of the weather, a holiday at the Sonne Lifestyle Resort lights up the hearts of the guests: with style and comfort, attentive service – and salon music. Best combined with the snowy magic of winter. The Sonne Mellau stands for tradition and design.

Refuel your joie de vivre in a private atmosphere – Geinberg5 offers this with its 300 m2 luxury villa and suites – in the heart of the gently hilly landscape of the Innviertel. If you spend some downtime here, you’ll be as undisturbed as on a secluded island, where wishes are granted as if by ­magic. Your private butler pro­ vides ice-cold champagne as well as a message in a bottle for your loved one. Villas and suites have a private spa area with sauna, steam bath and ­indoor and outdoor pools. De­

Food as the whim takes you You can also take a break from the inflexible routine of everyday life: The à la carte breakfast with refinements such as Eggs Royale and coconut rice pudding is available until 18:00 – and if you want, you can make a late lunch of it. In the award-winning Aquarium Restaurant, head chef Peter Reithmayr provides insights into his open kitchen, where delicacies such as sheatfish on purple carrots or black Angus with ­

«Refuel your joie de vivre in a private atmosphere.» signer furniture is pleasing to the eye, while allowing you to sleep on cloud 9. When the snow falls thickly outside, the fire in the open chimney within will warm you.

truffle and wild herbs are served until 22:00 alongside vegetarian creations. If you prefer private dining within your own four walls, you can rely on your ­butler.


Exterior area of the private spa

Photo: Sonne Lifestyle Resort/Marcel A. Meyer

The egg came first. At the ­Christahof in Bezau. Then onto the breakfast buffet at the ­Sonne Lifestyle Resort – with other regional delicacies. And just as it takes a special kind of egg to be served here, ever­y­ one is a special guest at the «Sonne». «Our employees are like rays of sunshine, which conjure warmth into the hearts of our guests every day», emphasises Natalie Läßer, the manager. She took over and developed the ­establishment from her grandmother, the «sunshine-hostess»: Modern wooden architecture kisses a traditional guesthouse, stylish design meets black-andwhite photos of alpine farmers, and from the spa you can see an enchanting alpine backdrop. Adults only The secret to the peaceful atmosphere is found in the concept

«Our employees are like rays of sunshine, which conjure warmth into the hearts of our guests every day.» of the establishment, which only accommodates guests aged 14 and over. «90 percent of our guests really value this», says Läßer. As well as her knowledge of how to manage a traditional yet modern establishment, she uses her musical ­talent to indulge her guests. She presents her latest CD «sonne­ live» during salon music evenings – when the guests return wearily from the ski slopes. Because in the winter, a stay in the «Sonne» is best combined with an extra helping of snow: The ski bus stops directly be­fore the guesthouse; up to 400 kilometres of piste await guests.

Natalie Läßer spoils her guests with her own music. 8 THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017


Our lifeblood flows into every wine

… that is the motto of the Kirnbauer’s – passionate winemakers, who have been cultivating and developing outstanding red and white wines on 40 hectares in Deutschkreutz in the heart of Burgenland for decades.

Photo: Alexander Gliederer

300 days of sunshine a year. A plateau high above «Blaufränkischland». Heavy loess and loamy soil. Warm, dry wind from the Pannonian lowlands twinned with the special impression of Lake Neusiedl. Endless, intricate manual work. Decades of expe­ rience combined with up-to-date knowledge. 1,000 first-class barrique barrels in the cellar … and what is the result? Distinctiveness. Strength. Structure. Differentiated harmony of wine and wood. In short: The finest wines. «The phantom» is at the helm: 30 years ago, Walter Kirnbauer gave this red wine cuvée its own

A kingdom for a grape – the dreamy location more than satisfies the maxim of the Kirnbauer establishment!

Photo: Matthias Brei

otherwise fragrance-free sphere of the worldwideweb – into a promising enjoyment.

brand name as the first of its kind in Austria, sounding the starting pistol as it were for Austrian cuvée culture. The ­ «Phantom» is still the flagship of Weingut K+K Kirnbauer, proving that tradition can grow from innovation. Because such a flagship cannot plough the ocean alone, it is ­dependent on an equally highcalibre companion fleet: This is made up of the GIRMER, for example, an excellent Zweigelt ­ grape variety, which comes from

the Hochbaum vineyard and is harvested from vines that were planted out almost 60 years ago. Or the palate-stunning cuvée FOREVER (Cabernet ­ Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet ­ Franc), or KONQUEST – a pure Cabernet Franc – and twelve other e­xquisite red or ­ white companions. Monovarietal or artificially married. With or without fizz. Spirits included. Together, they take a total of 36 scents from ­ banana to cinnamon out into the world ­ – and turn tasting – even in the

Walter Kirnbauer and his son Markus have a lot of support from the family when it comes to producing these high-quality vintages. The prerequisites for high-quality grapes are created in the vineyard due to cultivation and crop reduction. High vine densities, restrictive grapevine pruning, green harvesting, deciduous work and selection carried out solely by hand form the basis for the out­ standing quality. Afterwards, the vinification requires the highest standard and lots of ­ time – some of the wines are stored for three ­ ­ years before they are even supplied. The result looks great, smells delicious and tastes incredibly good.

What hides behind the following description? Dark garnet-red marriage of Blaufränkisch, Merlot, Cabernet Sau­ vignon and Syrah with notes of bilberry and cranberries, fine roasting aromas, delicate floral ­ hints, elegant cassis fruit: a ­Phantom perhaps?

«Tradition can grow from innovation.» THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017



Unreachable places Not all secret places are places that people yearn to visit. But «an enchantment dwells within every beginning» and that is what drives Harry Haller to open a secret door in the wall in Hermann Hesse’s «Steppenwolf» – a door that then disappears at that very moment. Some places are right in front of our eyes but we don’t see them. Others appear unreachable and remain that way for most – and that is a good thing. Because they all tell stories that fascinate and inspire our fantasy. Text: Florentina Welley Objekt 6, Stiftskaserne Military Barracks, Vienna 7

Photo: Niki Lappas

Grown over with ivy in an almost romantic manner, the enormous former flak tower, which is not particularly noteworthy from the outside, houses a government crisis room, its own television studio which can broadcast in case of emergency and emergency accommodation. In Objekt 6, the mining law prevails – the important rooms face up. Behind 3.5 metres of thick concrete walls, there are 400 workstations that you are allowed to visit on request.

Pharmaceutical & Chemist Museum, Vienna 9

Photo: Kurier/Juerg Christandl

The small rooms on the first floor exude a flair of Sigmund Freud. There is even a «Resorbiteur», a strange powder puff which was used for contraception around 1900, here in the glass cabinet. As well as herbarium specimens, dragon’s blood and mummies dust, an Egyptian mummy’s head is also stored here. Collected previously for research purposes, over 10,000 exhibits now wait to be discovered. Almost unnoticed in the centre of Vienna, Währinger Straße 14, Wien 9,

Global Seed Vault, Spitzbergen, Norway Photo: Dag Terje Filip Endresen

The name conceals a Global Crop Diversity Trust. The future of the world is located on the island of Spitzbergen belonging to the Svalbard island group – in the form of 850,000 types of plant seeds. But the Noah’s Ark in the Arctic region is threatening to thaw due to climate change. Only the security personnel can gain access.

Royal Air Force Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, England

Mount Weather, Virginia, USA If the end of the world is nigh, the American elite have taken care of their retreat. The Federal Emergency Management Agency operates this secret facility, which looks like a small village from above. In case of a nuclear war, the elite will be evacuated and protected in the nuclear shelter. Access is impossible! Wire fencing and security personnel.



Photo: Matt Crypto Eigenes Werk Gemeinfrei


This military base is said to be the headquarters of ECHELON, the spy network of the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 1954, the base was set up to spy on the Soviet’s communication during the Cold War – the world is still listened in on from here today. Only employees of ECHELON and NSA have access here.


Varosha, Cyprus mainly writes about her favourite subjects for the KURIER Freizeit: Fashion and travel mixed with a pinch of lifestyle in the web 2.0 era and social responsibility. She is a font of knowledge and a jack of almost all trades: She has worked in film, in the advertising and media industry, as a stylist, an assistant director and in ­props and costume design. And she was head of fashion at WOMAN. Oh yes, and then the journalist designs fashion productions for Freizeit and works on designer events and more as a freelancer.

Anyone who loves the films of Andrei Tarkovsky should make a pilgrimage to Varosha. But you can only get as far as the beach. Behind the fence in front of the restricted military zone in Famagusta, a fantastic ghost town stretches out as far as the eye can see. Since 1974, the former tourist stronghold has been off-limits – and is said to have been retained almost as collateral to solve the Cyprus issue ever since.

Photo: Tomas NY varosha

Mag. Florentina Welley

Ni’ihau, Hawaii, USA

Photo: JonnyBrazil – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo: Polihale Niihau_sep_2007

Sold to plantation owners in 1863, practically no one else has been able to set foot on the small island since 1915. Only those who get an invitation from an islander are allowed to visit Ni’ihau. The official reason: The language, a Hawaiian dialect, culture, flora and fauna must be preserved in their origins.

Jewish Cemetery, Seegasse, Vienna 9 Is it a coincidence that the view from a retirement home falls onto the oldest cemetery in Vienna? No, as the Jewish cemetery from the 16th century is located in the 2,000 m2 grounds of the retirement home, where a Jewish infirmary once stood. In 1984, the cemetery was reconstructed after it had been destroyed in the Nazi era. Secret access through the retirement home.

UFO crashes? Alien abductions? Area 51 in Nevada is one of the most secret places in the world if you believe that the United States Air Force and American Department of Defense store UFOs and land secret jets here in the military exclusion zone. Entry only for authorised personnel – illegal routes in are perilous.

Vatican Library, Rome, Italy Legends surround this secret library and many an Illuminati film has been shot here. But only those who submit a written request or a letter of recommen­ dation in advance have the chance to enter the secret archive of the Pope to look at the 1,200 year old documents. If you were to put the files about the Order of the Temple, Marie Antoinette and the rest end to end, you would have a snake of books that was 85 kilometres long. In 2020, the last, as yet unopened, part of the archive about Pius XII (1939 to 1958) is meant to be opened.


Photo: Video of Vatican Television Center

Photo: Tim1337 Eigenes Werk

Area 51, Nevada, USA



Winter magic for


Relaxed alpine

body and soul

attitude to life

With a historic tradition and an extreme affinity with art – the Art & Ski-In Hotel Hinterhag creates the perfect symbiosis of rustic cosiness, art and winter enjoyment.

Directly next to one of the great slopes of Tyrol’s ­Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Ski-Dimension, the many advantages of the alpslodge LIFE.STYLE.HOTEL.FISS await its guests – from the fireside lounge to the sky relax zone.

A dream of snow, wood and glass Photos: Michael Huber

Breakfast is served until 11:00 at the front cooking station. There are two à la carte restaurants for those with a ravenous appetite: At Muzi’s, traditional cuisine celebrates its resurrection, while Seppi’s conjures specialities from Tuscany onto your plate. Art by the pool too

As you enter the lobby of the Art & Ski-In Hotel in Hinterhag, the interior made of old wood and modern art exudes pure cosiness, with ­humour and alpine charm. Relaxing on loungers made from rustic wooden toboggans, inspired by the interplay of light from Evi Fersterer’s Mirror Tree – that’s a blessing for the mind, body and soul.

Beginners and more advanced skiers alike will find the right track for them from over 270 kilometres of slopes in Saalbach/Hinterglemm. Right next to the piste, the organic Restaurant Hinterhag Alm provides refreshments before you lite­ rally ski into the hotel. After the après ski, a trip to the in-house panoramic sauna is recommended: High over the rooftops of Saalbach, you can enjoy a Finnish sauna and relax with a great view. Then there’s nothing standing in the way of a very relaxed night in one of the suites, double rooms or family rooms furnished with ­ recycled wood.

«Interior with recycled wood and modern art: pure cosiness with lots of humour and alpine charm» 12

On the high plateau of Fiss, ­hospitality of the highest level will be your host again from 7 December: in the alpslodge. The stylish hotel right next to the ski piste offers all the comforts you can dream of after a day of carving, boarding, cross-country skiing, tobogga­ ning or snow shoe hiking. In the fireside lounge, traditional Chesterfield leather armchairs await their guests, while health and fitness fans might prefer the new waterbeds of the freshly

Anyone who prefers to retreat to their own four walls can ­refuel with a relaxed alpine attitude to life within subtle na­ tural interiors, combined with wood, leather and fur. In the penthouse suite, guests are ­greeted with an open fire and a relaxation area on a floor of its own. The panoramic view from the sky lounge on the rooftop ter­ race is unforgettable. Or the Alpslodge breakfast: In the ­

«Hospitality at the highest level – from the fireside lounge to the new sky relax zone» renovated adult-only sky relax zone. New acquaintances can be made in the alpslounge’s lifestyle bar, over a regional ­hazelnut schnapps maybe.

­ ewly renovated ambiance, you n will find everything the heart desires, from fresh pomegranate to the finest selection of cheeses.

Chilling in the waterbeds of the Snake Caves

Directly into the hotel on skis

Photos: THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017


Quite simply

puradisical! The first rays of morning sun rise delicately over the great Asitz Mountain, conjuring up a glittering blanket of sparkling crystals on the dreamy snow-covered landscape of the Leogang Mountains. Radiant winter sun, crystal-clear alpine air and this very special stillness – this must be paradise. Indeed, it is. But here, it’s called PURADIES. Heavenly winter in PURADIES

Innere Mitte – in the heart of the snow

Beam on beam, shingle over shingle – in the heart of the picturesque backdrop of the Leogang Stony Mountains, you will find PURADIES, a first-rate chalet village: Protected from the outside by rustic, sun-scorched old wooden façades, the chalets’ interiors are surprising with their progressive alpine ­design on one or two storeys, with tra-

ditional tiled stoves and private spas.

caterers – and you can take your favourites home with you, too.

4-star superior facilities

A first-class eye-catcher is the «Freiraum» bar & lounge – made from 16,000 blocks of oak, 40 metres of seating snakes through a room made of glass, steel and stone: No wonder that a sophisticated Scottish whisky tastes particularly good here – perhaps accompanied by a fine cigar. ­ This enjoyment is simply an effect of the excellent architecture combined with the beautiful landscape.

In the connected 4-star superior hotel, you will find comfort rooms, family apartments and deluxe suites for a mountain ­holiday par excellence – thanks to the secluded location in an enormous area, you will have a view of the unspoilt backdrop of the majestic mountain world of the Salzburg Alps. The SPA «Innere Mitte» is available to all hotel and chalet guests aged over 16 – with a 360 degree view of the sky, 4 saunas, yoga studios and fitness rooms. Health, well-being and enjoyment also define the cuisine in PURADIES: Vegetables, fruit, eggs and meat come from the private organic farm, where Senior Sebastian Madreiter really cares for animal welfare. The fact that the in-house grocery store stocks delicious products from the farm and the region including a choice selection of ­ Austrian wines makes staying here pure pleasure for self-

«Secluded location in an enormous area beneath the Asitz»

«Freiraum» made of steel, glass, stone & wood

Photos: Peter Kuehnl

Winter in the alps – for some that means romantic horsedrawn sleigh rides under cosy ­blankets, while others prefer to set off on the quiet soles of their snow shoes through snow-covered forests or carve over the perfectly prepared cross-country ski runs. Bold individualists whoosh over snowcovered slopes or race into the valley on toboggans. Not to mention those who carve their way elegantly over perfectly prepared pistes – some (still) with more elegance than others. Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn is one of the most attractive locations when it ­ ­comes to winter sports – and the PURADIES is the perfect base for all kinds of enjoyment on the slope or otherwise in the winter landscape: Ski in – Ski out. THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017



Secret at the Images from the former Kingdom of Mustang – today, part of Nepal, one of the most hidden parts of the world. Photos: Harry Schiffer

In the rain shadow of the Annapurna – mystical but difficult to climb – there is a small spot of the world that hardly anyone knows about: Until 1992, foreigners were not allowed to enter the former Kingdom of Mustang on the border of Tibet. Even now that Mustang has lost its autonomy as part of Nepal, it remains a hard-to-reach location. Only a few foreigners are permitted to enter with a special permit. One of these was Graz-born travel photographer Harry Schiffer. Together with Graz-based rug gallery owner Harald Geba, whose products are made in Nepal, he was permitted to visit the region and was able to take breath-taking pictures of the landscape and people. Harry Schiffer (left) with Thartse Khen Rinpoche, one of the highest spiritual leaders in Mustang 14



end of the world






Illustration: Fotolia

Photo: Lukas Beck / Paul Zsolnay Verlag

Secret locations: Stranger than paradise

Bob Dylan, a master of all classes, has never spoken at either the Nobel Prize award ­ceremony nor at the presentation of any other award. Even at concerts, they say, he does not speak to the public, yes, not even to his musicians, who only find out what they’re playing next shortly before they start. Perhaps, the master no longer speaks at all, an idea that makes his mind into an extremely mysterious place. Is there only a gelatinous mass there now, destroyed by drugs, like you see with Ozzy Osbourne or some brain-damaged boxer? Or does a highly sophisticated circus of nerve cells play under the pavilion roof of the Zimmermann skullcap? There are lots of secret locations, but that’s not saying that you would want to get to know them all. For example, the secret ­locations of the body? The pubococcygeus muscle may very well be sexually stimulating, but you don’t need to know of the ­adductors, much less feel them. Or the ­pineal gland, which some philosophers ­consider to be the hub of the soul? Not to mention the periodontal pockets, heart ­valves, kidney shadows – all kinds of secret places, strange and far away planets. Even the world outside your body is full of undiscovered places; even in Manhattan, a place which has been documented on film

Franzobel is an Austrian writer. He has published countless plays, prose and lyrics. His plays have been performed in Mexico, Argen­tina, Chile, Denmark, France, Poland, Romania, the Ukraine, Italy, Russia and the USA among others. His great historical adventure novel «Das Floß der Medusa» (The Raft of the Medusa) reached the shortlist for the German Book Prize in 2017. millions of times, there are still corners that hardly anyone knows of. The same applies for Venice when you head off the beaten track – by the way, late autumn is not a bad time to visit either city. Recently, I was in Salzkammergut and found an idyllic path to the lake in Traunkirchen, with a fantastic steak restaurant. How long did I have to ­explore Vienna to find the Wotruba Church? Or St. Marx Cemetery and the

Narrenturm Museum? This year, I saw Retz, a town straight out of «Vicky the Viking», the Nock Mountains and the salt mines in Altaussee for the first time. In Tyrol, I liked the mystical Hall Valley. There are alpine ­lakes that make your jaw drop; enchanted alleys of wine cellars, where your dropped jaw has a silver lining. The world is wonderful, it changes and there is always something new to discover. You just have to be curious. As soon as something is secret, then people want to know about it. Children still earnestly believe that pirates from the Indian Ocean have buried their treasures in their grandparents’ garden, in a workers’ settlement in Leoben, on a farm in Sankt ­Georgen or next to a fire-fighting pond in Probstdorf. For adults, this naive hope is ­often jaded, but it is this curiosity that is ­responsible for the progress of mankind. Mathematicians look for secret places in numbers, physicists search for particles or dark masses and medics for the gene to make us live longer. On the other hand, my search for idyllic places, good restaurants and new words seems trivial, but the childish passion for discovery is the same. It is important not to lose it. And perhaps Bob Dylan will say something again one day too?




Nidum | Mösern Seefeld Tyrol

Photo: Nidum

+43 5212 20300 | | A holiday at the Nidum Casual Luxury Hotel high above the roofs of the Inn Valley in Tyrol offers unlimited freedom, fun and surprise: the relaxed ambience – combined with luxurious furnishings, designer furniture and gentle natural colors – ensures a relaxed feel-good atmosphere.  Accommodation including half-board with 5-course meal  Infinity pool and spa spread over 1500 m² including outdoor sauna  Nidum activity programme  Personal locking cabinet for ski equipment  Free transfer to the ski regions in the Olympiaregion Seefeld

during shuttle times Price per person per night including half-board from € 145

WINTER SEASON: Continuously open until 8 April 2018

The Wildkogel | Bramberg in Oberpinzgau

Photo: Michael Huber

+43 656 620404 | | Apartments, penthouses and chalets in an exquisite yet alpine design offer the freedom to enjoy the splendour of winter in Obertauern National Park in a com­pletely private atmosphere.  Apartments & chalets with full, modern equipment  Spa area with indoor and outdoor pool, spa, fitness area and sauna  Restaurant and cafe bar in the resort  Breakfast service can be booked if required  Player's lounge for children

Price per apartment per night from € 160

WINTER SEASON: 1 December to 29 April 2018

alpina zillertal . family lifestyle kinderhotel | Zillertal

Photo: k. alpinahotel gmbh

+43 5288 62030 | | There’s no such thing as a holiday hotel that is family-friendly and stylish, is there? Yes there is! The «alpina zillertal . family lifestyle children’s hotel» in the heart of the Ziller Valley’s ski resort.  All-inclusive accommodation  Indoor activity pool with water slide, baby pool, family sauna (clothing required)  Penthouse spa with pool, saunas, relaxation rooms (for ages 14 and above)  Free entrance into the Zillertal thermal bath complex – 5 minutes on foot

from the hotel  FAMILY Lifestyle: baby care, baby equipment, indoor play area, gym,

free ski meadow and much more. All-inclusive price per person per night from € 124

WINTER SEASON: 15 December to 15 April 2018 Photo: Andreas Schalber

Alfa Hotel | Serfaus +43 5476 6280 | | Modern alpine hotel flair embedded in the wonderful alpine landscape of Serfaus. In the best position – just a few minutes on foot to the ski lifts and into the village centre.  Tyrol’s Ski-Dimension Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with 214 kilometres of pistes & 68 lifts  Modern and straightforward design in the 4* hotel, newly renovated in 2012  Indoor swimming pool and a varied sauna complex  Cuisine with breakfast buffet, traditional après ski snacks and

sophisticated 5-course menu in the evening  Great offers (even for short stays) on request or available online

WINTER SEASON: 8 December 2017 to 8 April 2018


From € 115 per person per night including ¾ board



Noblesse oblige


rs e b em

m w e n

Who doesn’t know the Austrian legend Kaiser Franz Josef with his luxurious sideburns? At the Jagdschloss Kühtai, the former imperial gem near Innsbruck, you can get an inti­mate look at the legend.


With majestic generosity, the estate from the 17th century is divided into three wings, the «Jagdschloss», the «Elisabeth­ flügel» and the «Dependance Kühtaier Hof». 39 rooms have been created in the magnificent, listed building, demonstrating the bold step into the present day without losing any of the aristocratic tradition. The Regency Rooms in the Jagdschloss with their princely furnishings, carpets and pine wood panelling radiate aristo­ cratic charm and relaxed nonchalance. In the Earls’ Rooms on the floor above, gold ceilings inspire imperial dreams in the soft bed of clouds. In the Elisabethflügel, female refinement is married with modern design – wall-to-ceiling portraits of Empress Sissi are cont-

the Kronplatz The Baumgartners promise you hospitality that gets under your skin in their gourmet and boutique hotel Tanzer in the idyllic Puster Valley – and they keep their word: With South Tyrolean passion & real gourmet expertise. On one hand, the new «Tanzer» – nestled between the s­mall church and barn in the heart of tranquil Issingen – ­ enchants with its modern style: really cool, you might think. But blond wood is actually not cool. It’s very very warm. But at the «Tanzer», it’s also extremely cool! This doesn’t just apply to the structure, but far more to the people who m ­ anage this special establishment.

Winter at its finest: Jagdschloss Kühtai

2020 metres up and on a sun-drenched south-facing slope – surrounded, of course, by majestic summits – the Jagdschloss Kühtai invites you to marvel at the magical pistes eye-to-eye with the summits of the Ötztal Alps. Oh yes, his majesty knew where the best spots were hidden …


rasted with cosy sloping roofs in a charming and slightly eccentric manner. The Finnish sauna, known literally as the «Wood Sweating Cabin» in good old Tyrolean, and a steam bath with selected herbal aromas will pamper your body, while your mind and soul can find peace at a mass in the ­palace chapel. Food fit for an earl in the Earls’ Lounge – that’s the popular 5-course gala dinner made by head chef Johannes Klein­ bichler in the ideal location for an exclusive evening meal, ­discreetly in pairs or in happy, festive (wedding) company. The exquisite creations by pastry chef Johann Köck taste as if they came from the royal confectioner. The bar enchants with its straight­forward, con­ temporary design in a dignified ambiance. On the sun terrace, with the ­ splendour of the unspoilt Alps in front of you, you can look forward to walking the Kaiser-Franz-Josef trail to Marlstein or boldly descending from the summits of the Ötztal, just like the Kaiser did in his days.

Christel and Hans Baumgartner live hospitality, which lite­rally gets under your skin. Son Hannes – who has received a number of awards, by the way – works in the kitchen and son-in-law Michael is responsible for the exceptional cellar. So it’s no wonder that the Ristoranti d´Italia by G ­ ambero Rosso also praises «the Tanzer», as does Gault Millau with 14 points, the ­Michelin Guide, the Schlemmer-Atlas and the Varta-Führer. Anyone who enjoys with passion will be just as passio­ nately and excellently cooked for at «the Tanzer». The suites and rooms leave nothing to be desired either: Blond wood, clear layout and panoramas to bring you to your knees, such as over the

­eautiful «Kronplatz» mounb tain, create an inspiring and cosy ambiance – and this is ­naturally also the case for the sauna and private spa. The wintery Puster Valley is perfect if you like to sneak off to explore – marked and unmarked snow shoe paths pro­ vide access to the most beautiful corners of a veritable winter wonderland. It is well-known that the Kronplatz with its 100 kilometres of slopes is one of the most beautiful ski destinations

«Anyone who enjoys with passion will be just as passionately and excellently cooked for at the new Tanzer.» of South Tyrol – 100% snow-sure and easily accessible with a free shuttle from «the Tanzer». 300 kilometres of cross-country ski runs lead through the largest cross-country ski carousel in South Tyrol. And there is the Sellaronda for anyone who likes it a bit wilder: The 40 kilometre tour leads through 4 of the most beautiful Dolomite passes, the Sella, the Prodoijoch, the Grödnerjoch and the Campolongo pass.

Really cool: the new Tanzer

Photo: Matthias Grasser & Rupert Mühlbacher

«His majesty knew where the best spots were hidden.» THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017



Let’s Go West: Yucca Valley


Los Angeles thiswaytotheEND moonshadowpch

Yucca Valley – the desert lives.

Yucca Valley I start my mission in Yucca Valley, a small town in the ­ ­Mojave Desert, about two hours from Los Angeles. My first ­impression is a mixture of Wild West romance and Footloose, seasoned with American friendliness and hippy charm. The town about 1,000 m above sea level is dominated by the colour beige, the Cactaceae family of plants and a friendly inertia that alleviates my arrival and jetlag. It’s «low season» here, as the temperatures reach their climax in August and many leave or avoid the desert. I myself battle the 40 °C heat with the help of masses of iced blended lattes from the local Frontier Café, while I rummage through thrift

«My first impression is a mixture of Wild West romance and Footloose, seasoned with American friendliness and hippy charm.»

shops (like «The End»), which offer everything to make a vintageloving heart beat faster – from cool secondhand clothes to furniture. However, the highlight of the region is the ­Joshua Tree National Park. The unique stony desert landscape with its imposing rock formations and ancient Joshua trees is reminis­ cent of films where gigantic prehistoric creatures wander sedately across the screen. At the moment, there’s only me walking about, expe­riencing an unparalleled ex­ clusivity, even if it is accom­panied by excessive sweating. Afterwards, I yearn for a hearty meal and decide to test out the tip of my landlord who recommends Pappy and Har­ ­ riet’s in Pioneertown as the number 1 location for barbecue meals and live music. The baby back ribs with grilled asparagus are actually a dream and the exuberant atmosphere in the restaurant is infectious. The mixture of restaurant / bar / stage is particularly popular for indie rock bands as well as famous artists such as Paul McCartney and Coachella acts who give great concerts here on a small scale. Pioneertown is said to be the new hip weekend spot for LA hipsters looking to slow down and live the simple life. Maybe they simply like ­roads without traffic jams and rejoice about finding a parking space right outside the door.

Encinitas I get the beach feeling in Encinitas, a romantic beach town near San Diego. You’ll search in vain for high class brands and high heels here as surfers and beach lovers dominate the scenery and sports clothing and flip-flops reign. Nevertheless, the range of shopping and gastronomy on offer is still remarkable and I fall in love with the gypset fashion, which blends so well ­ with the Californian lifestyle. My favourite shops are Moon­ shadow and Salt, both located on the North Coast Highway 101. After a quick breakfast in Lofty, I visit the garden complex of the spiritual organisation, «Self Realization Fellowship», which is not just a place of peace and serenity, but also offers ­beautiful garden art, Koi carp ponds and a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. Afterwards, I top up my tan on nearby

S­ wami’s Beach, a popular natural beach and surf spot. There’s nothing but sand, waves and the cliffs at your back here. You can switch off perfectly and watch how the local surfers become at one with nature. On this strip of the coast, tacos enjoy culinary domination as I am ­ very close to the Mexican border. The locals’ tip is Bull Taco. The restaurant is essentially a snack bar and yet still worth a visit, as the tacos are tasty and extremely reasonably priced. In addition, the evening offerings include a picture postcard view over the ocean with a fireball sinking into the sea.

«There’s nothing but sand, waves and the cliffs at your back here.»

Beach feeling in Encinitas




A triple dose of California Text & photos: Cornelia Pichler

Another side to Los Angeles In Los Angeles, I’m staying in Venice, where I start every day in Gjusta, a traditional bakery which offers everything from desserts, meat products, smoked fish to pizza in exciting versions with first-class quality. It is not easy to grab a seat but the waiting pays off. Before ordering, don’t forget to take a number. Then I visit my favourite road, Abbot Kinney Boulevard, where there are attractive shops (my tips: The Piece Collective, Aust and Ilan Dei Venice) and a variety of culinary highlights, ­ ­dominated clearly by the healthy, i.e. organic lifestyle. My preferred restaurant for any time of the day is The Butcher’s Daughter, a mix of very cool ambiance and inter­ esting meals. My next adventure is then very «hot» again, as I am taking part in a hike to the Holly­ wood sign, led by Ranger Ted, a mountain guide by trade who has been – how could it be any different? – an actor for the last twenty years. Aside from his information about flora and fauna, we find out that Lady Gaga beheaded him in the 6th season of American Horror Story. Nice! The walk, which takes about three hours, is absolutely recommended, but perhaps not in 30 °C heat. The Hollywood lettering, which has been inaccessible for a number of years now, has ador­ ned the mountain for almost 100 years, but has been renovated countless times since then. One of the ­greatest promoters of the emblem was Hugh Hefner, which proves that all the Playboy Bunnies are actually good for some­

The Butcher´s Daughter

Can Los Angeles look like Havana? Yes.

thing. I also recommend the Paseo Miramar Trail, on which you can hike along the mountain range through Santa Monica for about eight kilometres, awarded by a breath-taking view of the ocean.

tourists pull out their mobiles and create a new Instagram moment. As do I of course – including the hashtag #iwillbeback.

My favourite beach in LA is El Matador in Malibu. The descent down steep wooden stairs can be a bit stressful but it is definitely worth it to lie on soft sand be­ tween mighty rock formations and be lulled to sleep by the thunderous waves. The scen­ery is reminiscent of old James Bond films and you unconsciously wait for Ursula Andress to rise from the surge in a white bikini at some point. On the rooftop bar of the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica, I say goodbye to California. When the sky finally turns into a cheesy, orange backdrop, all the


Cornelia Pichler is a self-confessed lover of American culture and its «Think Big» principle. After spending a year in New York, ­Carinthia-born Cornelia studied English and Spanish and now works as an author and translator. For the last four years, she has spent several weeks a year in the sunshine state of California and gathers the best impressions the Golden State has to offer in terms of geography, culture and ­cuisine. Her approach is always a mixture of quality, authenticity and individuality.


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100 kilometres of pistes

right outside the hotel The «Panorama Obertauern» is the smallest four-star superior hotel in the famous Salzburg ski resort. Family-run – for select connoisseurs. moun­ tain views, indoor pool and honey massages and, last but not least, the unforgettable proximity to the piste in the winter. Directly outside the hotel, you can ski to the Gamsleiten ski lift and the famous «Tauernrunde» route with more than 100 interconnected kilometres of pistes. The in-house ski instructor can provide you with sporting tips. The service at

A hotel for romantics

the Panorama Obertauern is complemented by a first-class à-la-carte restaurant, where head chef Andreas König prepares delicacies such as corn-fed chicken supreme and Lungau medallions of venison.

«Cosy suites for romantic holidays à deux»

Photo: René Marschall


Alpine elegance awaits the guests of the Panorama Obertauern, whether they’re staying in the Tower Suite or the Bay Window Deluxe Room. The establishment, which is managed by the Storch family, impresses with exclusive cosy suites for romantic holidays à deux, with a spa oasis of more than 1,000 square metres over two floors – together with saunas with




Dive into the Tyrolean

winter wonder

bers Alpine charm – stylishly elegant

The «Pure Resort Lermoos» impresses with its luxurious Alpine elegance, lots of space for living and comprehensive service from fresh breakfast croissants to evening adult time around the panoramic pool. Guests will encounter a stylish interior made of wood and stone as soon as they reach the lobby, enabling them to dive ­ immediately into the region’s ­ ­atmosphere. Here in the heart of the Tyrolean «Außerfern» at the «Zugspitz Arena», watches are in sync with nature and people can relax. Especially in the spa­ cious luxury chalets and apartments of the Pure Resort Lermoos, which are characterised by traditional Alpine elements and pure elegance. Under the starry sky The «Wetterstein» Mountains call winter holidaymakers out into the snow; and not just skiers by any means! Whether on a board, on cross-country ski runs over the mountain tops and through the valleys, snow-shoe hiking or on more than 60 kilometres of cleared hiking trails. You can access the Tyrolean winter

­ onder from right outside the w door – whether you’re looking for romance with torch-lit hikes and carriage rides through the snow-covered landscape or ­powerful speed on the «Pistenbully Tour». The winter wonderland is absolutely magical on an evening toboggan ride or when you’re skiing under the starry sky. Then you need to warm up: in the sauna, infrared cabin, in the aromatic steam bath or in the 30-degree panoramic pool. A special advantage: From 18:00, the spa complex of the Pure Resort Lermoos is for adults only. In-house delicacies If you prefer to self-cater, then the perfectly equipped kitchens of the chalets and apartments provide the perfect infrastructure to brandish a wooden spoon whenever the mood takes you and feed your nearest and dearest as they are accustomed

to. Nevertheless, we urge you not to miss out on the delicacies of the in-house «180˚» rePhotos: Daniel Zangerl

Theo Hofherr’s exquisite cuisine staurant. Theo Hofherr, the boss of the establishment, is the chef and confectioner and is assisted by his team in the preparation of delicacies for lunches, evenings and, of course, in between: Tyrolean homemade sausages with Vinschgau bread, veal paillard on flower butter and basil-flavoured spaghetti … – it goes without saying that vegan

connoisseurs will also be spoilt when it comes to the cui­ sine. The patisserie of the hotel offers dessert in the form of sweet temptations – from traditional strudel to colourful macarons. Even the breakfast pastries are prepared in-house – and for those who like to enjoy breakfast in their pyjamas, it can simply be left outside your room door.

«Relaxing in the heart of the Außerfern» THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017




Winter – Quite


simply celestial old Lady A trip to Switzerland is always lovely – good food, hospitable people, great mountains ... But in winter, Switzerland is not only beautiful, it is quite simply celestial.

Photos: Fotolia

One of the largest ski arenas in the world – guaranteed to have snow because it is situated at over 4,000 metres above sea level – more than lives up to its name: The «Matterhorn ski ­paradise» between Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia offers about 360 kilometres of heavenly ­pistes – one even connects the alpine with the northern dimen­sion: It leads over 25 kilometres, from the Matterhorn glacier ­paradise to Zermatt in the ­valley. Enjoy amazing crosscountry ski runs and snow parks like the one on the Theodul Glacier, snowshoe trails, a particularly lovely one being right below the north wall of the Matterhorn, freeriding over 38 summits and – if that’s not enough of a thrill – heli-sking on untouched slopes from the highest point in Switzerland, the Monte Rosa … If you love winter sports, then you’ll find

Photos: Andrea Diglas

Grand old Lady

«Pour» spa: quite simply wildly romantic

An authentic mountain village as a spa resort in the heart of the unspoilt Alpine nature in the Bernese Oberland. A timelessly elegant building, combining lots of history and architecture from the 1930s with cultivated hospitality at the highest level. No wonder that true connoisseurs have been captivated by Bellevue, this «grand old lady» for more than 100 years. As ­classic as the exterior looks, the interior of this charming establishment is just as lively: Guests can choose their preferred room or suite ambiance from three different styles: Nature (Scandinavian youth), Classic (with exquisite vintage) or Privilege (in the best southern aspect). The cuisine of head chef Jürgen ­Willing is creative. Many guests consider his Swiss cuisine with French accents to be «perfect», while Gault Millau has awarded it 14 points. Be it a fivecourse gourmet dinner or hearty, down-to-earth cuisine for a quick snack – at Willing pampered palates will come once and again at their expense. The area surrounding the Bellevue also bestows euphoria: in 24

paradise on earth – in Zermatt. But of course, that is not the only winter paradise in Switzerland. Take «Adelboden-Lenk» in the Bernese Oberland, for example: From the Tschentenalp past Sillerenbühl and Hahnenmoos to Lenk, over 200 kilometres of first-class prepared pistes come together – and of course, anything else to help you speed without skis: on the luge toboggan, the Airboard and good old wooden sleds. The Swiss call it «Schlitteln». If you prefer to move a little slower, then maybe sneak off up the Hörnliweg to the sunny slope above Adelboden and marvel at the wonder of nature on the way to Taubenfels. Or take the enjoyable high-altitude cross-country Haslerberg-Lenk trail under the gentle early spring sunshine. Winter in Switzerland – quite simply celestial!

The Parkhotel & Spa Bellevue in the dream location above Adelboden is a place that true connoisseurs yearn to visit.

the Adelboden-Lenk ski region, 210 kilometres of pistes lead over the most beautiful slopes of the expansive winter arena. Just eight minutes in the gon­ dola lift will take you up onto the Tschentenalp, the local mountain. Then four different pistes allow beginners and professionals alike to descend in top form. Ski race fans might be drawn to the World Cup course on Chuenisbärgli. Afterwards, you should definitely stop off in the «pour» spa at the Bellevue: 1,700 m2 of top-class relaxation await you there. Indoors, you can relax in the charming pool, choice saunas and aromatic steam baths. If you want to be (even more) pampered, try the aromatic, plant-based Yon-Ka skin treatment. Before or after, we recommend plunging into the 34 °C outside brine bath during a snow flurry: quite simply wildly romantic!

«At Willing pampered palates will come once and again at their expense.» THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017


In focus:

the Matterhorn Directly opposite the Matterhorn – probably the most beautiful summit in the Alps – you will find the Matterhorn Focus, a Hotel garni in an absolutely dream location in Zermatt.

Photo: joe.condron/

Face to face with the most beautiful summit of the Alps The suites – transparent …

The Noti family, who own the 4-star superior Hotel garni made up of two houses and a chalet connected together, have defined plain and simple hospitality as their philosophy and they put this into practice every single day. The architectural concept of the building comes from Heinz Julen, a famous Zermattborn architect and artist – as does the inspired interior design with sophisticated sofas, lights and beds from Julen’s studio.

When the mountain calls you, the valley sta­ tion of the «Matterhorn-Express» is just a few steps away – allowing you access into the ski region on the Matterhorn: 100% snow sureness, pistes, tours and slopes without end at almost 4,000 metres above sea level ­between Zermatt and Italy – a veritable paradise. But before you set off, make sure you’ve replenished your energy levels – pre-­ fe­rably with the delicious breakfast served at the Matterhorn Focus.

… and bright

«Plain and simple hospitality and excellent architecture meet the most beautiful summit of the Alps.»

Photos: Matterhorn Focus

The majestic Matterhorn – the «largest sculpture on earth» – rises directly in front of this extraordinary establishment and creates – in the truest sense of the word – an incompa­ rably imposing background for the suites and rooms. The spa with its indoor pool, brine

bath, caldarium, Finnish sauna, massages and heated outdoor jacuzzi radiate Julen’s unmistakable artistic spirit in their colours, mate­ rials and lighting.

A dialogue of water & mountain

Drinks & snacks at the Focus Bar

Inspired by fire – and art as well! THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017



Weingut K+K Kirnbauer/Deutschkreutz The Phantom.

Grape varieties: Blaufränkisch, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah Vinification: Fermentation in stainless steel, biological acid degradation in barriques Maturation: 15 – 18 months in a barrique vessel Soil: Heavy loam, sandy loam Stopper: Natural cork Drinkable: 15 years Drinking temperature: 17 °C

Photo: Herbert Lehmann

Dark garnet-red marriage of Blaufränkisch, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. A complex, interesting nose with notes of bilberry and cranberries, fine ­roasting ­aromas from the barrique storage and delicate floral hints. Elegant cassis fruit on the palate, full of finesse and full-bodied with a long finish.


Photo: Schoendorfer

Photo: Markus Mansi

An icon of the Austrian spirits world is celebrated its 185th birthday with this book. The Spirit of Austria – Rum Desserts & Barfood, Drinks & Cocktails – is an inspiring collection of recipes. Christmas is approaching and nothing is simpler than recreating recipes & drinks by Josef Haslinger (Meinl am Graben, Vienna) to Roberto Pavlovic (Roberto’s American Bar, Vienna). You can find more information at The Spirit of Austria – the cult history of STROH, 128 pages, hardcover, Edition A la Carte, € 16.90,


We raffle 3 Boxes of Spirit of Austria!

How many Austrian hotels are part of the Lifestylehotel Group? The first three emails with the correct answer win a STROH box:


A sparkling clean pair of glasses fresh from the optician – sheer well-being! The Eyeshaker by seeoo makes that possible every day: Glasses in. Liquid in. Shake. Rinse. Dry. Not a shred of grease, suncream or face cream left: Glasses, frames and earpieces are thoroughly clean! Yep, the little enjoyments in life can be super! Eyeshaker set, € 29.90,


Photo: Wever & Ducré


WIROs NEW BEST FRIENDS. Anyone who says «diamonds are a girl’s best friend» doesn’t know our WIROs yet! Because the stylish luminaires by architect and designer Bernd Steinhuber will take your heart by storm. They look like a sketch drawn in the air and can be hung individually or as an ensemble – even in different sizes – e.g. in PURADIES, the Lifestylehotel in Leogang. So pick your favourite shape and combine away! Give your imagination free rein with diamond, globe and industry. Including for the light ambiance. Because these crazy lights are also as flexible as can be in this regard.


Photo: Rituals

You can head out and onto the piste in Alta Badia from mid-November. The winter season with Dolomiti Superski begins on 25 November 2017 and includes 12 ski regions with a total of 450 lifts, 1,200 kilometres of ski pistes and 30 snow parks in about 50 localities. The famous Sellaronda is open from 6 December. This year, special ski passes with special conditions once again entice you to try out countless new activities: Dolomiti Super Première, Dolomiti Super Sun, DOLOMITI SUPERSKI, Skisafari Dolomiti, Adventure Ski Safari and more entice you to have adventures out on the piste. The card’s very own app will help you get about,

«THE RITUAL OF ANAHATA» We have long since wished for a candle that moisturises while also smelling enchanting. The new Winter limited edition «The Ritual of Anahata» contains rosewood and pine extracts. The moisturising massage candle nourishes dry, stressed skin with intensively nurturing, essential oils, while helping the heart, body and soul to relax. The Ritual of Anahata Massage Candle, € 21.50,






extraordinaire Is there anything more fantastic than the V8 with its 30 Hollywood-style rooms? «Of course!» – an armada of cylinders roars back: the new V8 HOTEL Superior!

The V8 Hotel, the newly de­ signed Charles-Lindberg-Platz, the Legend Hall and the new V8 HOTEL Superior join together at the Motor World in Stuttgart-Böblingen into a ring extraordinaire for motorsport aficionados. You hit full throttle as soon as you enter the recently completed V8 Superior: The a­trium draws a spectacular steep

next level. And wow, what’s up there!? No panic, the sport rims gleam securely from the ceiling. Like stars of aluminium. If your love of automobiles goes through your stomach, then you’ll be able to smell the tasty morsels as they rise from the breakfast restaurant. Or be guided to the bar by the full-bodied highway-to-hell baseline.

Renderings: V8 Hotel Superior

curve up onto the 6th level – a truly dignified backdrop for the glittering fleet of legendary oldtimers and high-end sports cars from Porsche to Rolls Royce. Look, marvel, compare, pounce – or considering these beauties at least really start to dream … if you love cars, what more do you want? The elegantly curved stripes on the bright floor are like a racing track, leading to the congress and conference area on the

«The atrium draws a spectacular steep curve up onto the 6th storey.» 28

From the second to the sixth floor, you’ll find pure joy for HP freaks spread over almost 6,000 m2: 153 rooms with extremely stylish furniture offer ­luxury you can trust. 16 of these – as in the V8 Hotel – with sty­ listically confident, themed ­interiors. Hitting the gas with your own strength is the order of the day in the spa – all systems for fitness and rela­ xing: ready! As are those for conferences, gastronomy, celebrations, events of all kinds here and in the Motor World. In December, there’s a warm-up on a grand scale. That’s when Karen and Simeon Schad will be going full speed ahead with a soft opening of their new establishment. Ready? Gooo!

Freshly hatched:

The Waldvogel In the heart of the Wildkogel-Resort «Das Bramberg», a restaurant with Pinzgau charm and an urban flair will be opening in December: the Waldvogel. Andreas Stotter, former sous-chef at Vienna’s Steirereck, is coming home to cook up a storm. Near Europe’s only emerald deposit in Upper Pinzgau, a ­ culinary jewel will open its ­ doors in the middle of December: the Restaurant Waldvogel. Located idyllically in the heart of «Das Bramberg» resort, it will entertain residents at the highest level after a day of ­skiing, bringing locals together and luring night owls in for the last drink of the day. Inte­ riors made of regional stone and wood, supplemented by a couple of vintage touches, create a high-class yet cosy ­ ­atmosphere. Sophisticated homecomer

Younger guests will also enjoy the experience: They can look forward to creative, child-frien­ dly meals. And they appreciate it when their parents are enjoying a leisurely meal – because the children’s playroom is simply soooo cool. Even the early bird lays an egg: Along with the evening à la carte ­delights, breakfast is also served here.

«Andreas Stotter, former sous-chef at Vienna’s Steirer­eck, is coming home to cook up a storm.»

But the heart of it all will be the (show) kitchen of Andreas Stotter. The former sous-chef of Vienna’s Steirereck will now be cooking up a storm back home in Pinzgau: conscious of nature and with unmistakable inspiration. His wife Birgit, a former pastry chef at the Steigenberger, will join his team. From amuse-gueule to dessert, the Waldvogel offers sophisti­ cated gastronomic indulgence.

Interiors made of stone and wood, complemented by vintage touches Photos: David Innerhofer THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017


Where winter is at home The Hochkönig region displays the splendour of winter to the full: with amazing slopes, dream cross-country ski runs, top tours and cuisine that really leaves nothing to be desired.

Photos: Hochkoenig Tourismus GmbH

The King´s Tour: unlimited skiing and sundowners outside or in the cabins – because everything remains open for a while yet ...

Slaloming downhill in the heart of the Ski amadé region between Maria Alm, Dienten and Mühlbach is simply heavenly: Ever­y­ one will find their ideal track on 120 kilometres of seamless slopes. And those who are spoilt for choice can find a few sugges­ tions in the specialist packages available at «Ski amadé – made my day». Each of the five regions of Ski amadé creates its own events – the Hochkönig region delivers a brilliant performance

with the «King’s Tour»: 5 summits, 32 kilometres of pistes and a 6,700 metres drop merge into a kingly ski run – in the truest sense of the word – in the heart of fantastic panoramas. Those who haven’t had enough during the day can continue to carve down the crackling snow crystals under the moonlight and starry sky near the Simmerl lift – free-of-charge with the Hochkönig Card.

First certified vegan region Exercise makes you hungry: Hearty regional delicacies, like ­ Kaiserschmarrn pancakes, Kas­ nocken cheese gnocchi and ­Germknödel dumplings in the ski huts on the edge of the slope, are just as tasty as the international treats that are also available to enjoy. In other winter desti­ nations, vegetarians and vegans find it extremely difficult – not the case in the first certified ve­ gan Hochkönig region, the real hotspot for health-conscious people and animal lovers. Top-class vegeta­rian and vegan cuisine is avai­lable in numerous cabins, restaurants, hotels, cafes and cake shops on and around the Hochkönig. Before a day of skiing draws to a close, there is another romantic dream panorama: Over the mountain chain, orange, sparkling rays spread at eye level over the horizon for one last time. You can watch it while enjoying Austrian finger food ­

Another highlight for alpine gourmets: From 10 to 17 March 2018, the highest farmers’ market in the Alps will take place in the Ski amadé – as a drive-in near the cabins. More than 30 stands in all five of the Ski amadé regions will offer cheese, bacon, game salami, traditional doughnuts and many other delicacies from the farmers of the region. But you don’t need to worry what it will do to your figure: The Ski amadé has ­ 760 kilometres of slopes and 230 cable cars, so getting a ­workout is no problem. So that you can find your way about, the Ski amadé has developed smart ski goggles: Data-con­ taining goggles that import information about the piste conditions, weather, etc.

«5 summits, 32 kilometres of pistes and a 6,700 metres drop merge into a kingly ski run.»

1st certified vegan region in Austria THE STYLEMATE ISSUE NO 03 | 2017




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LIFESTYLEHOTELS Magazin |THE STYLEMATE, Issue No 03/2017, Secret Places  

We have a deep yearning for secrets. Anyone who looks for «insider tips» on tourism websites will find them in their thousands. But – these...

LIFESTYLEHOTELS Magazin |THE STYLEMATE, Issue No 03/2017, Secret Places  

We have a deep yearning for secrets. Anyone who looks for «insider tips» on tourism websites will find them in their thousands. But – these...