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LifeLong Medical Care • Annual Report 2016 Celebrating 40 Years of Service to the Community






Q & A with LifeLong Medical Care’s Executive Director/CEO, Dr. Marty Lynch Many people in our community know Marty Lynch, our fearless Executive Director/CEO. For the past 36 of LifeLong Medical Care’s 40-year existence, Marty — along with Board Members, staff, and supporters — has been instrumental in seeing LifeLong grow from one modest health center into an innovative, non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center system serving 52,000+ patients in Alameda, Marty Lynch, Executive Director/CEO.

Contra Costa, and Marin Counties.

Marty, tell us about the black and white photo on the

What has been your proudest moment while in your

cover of this Annual Report. What were you doing?


We were pointing to how much money we had raised for

I am proud every minute of the fact that we served 52,000+

the new Over 60 Health Center Building in Berkeley. It

people this past year and thousands of others in recent years.

opened in May 2000, so it must have been a couple of years

I am also proud that we are ready to offer real health care to

before, at least.

anyone — no matter their age, mental health status, disability,

During your 36 years as Executive Director/CEO for

or citizenship status.

LifeLong, what has been your biggest challenge?

What do you want people to know most about LifeLong?

Getting good basic health care is such a challenge in our

We want to be your community source of health care. A

country. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made — but we have a

majority of our Board of Directors are consumers of our

long way to go. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) helped a lot, but

services. We are truly owned by our community. Our providers

the population is aging and we have no public long-term ser-

and staff are here because they believe in our mission of

vices that support coverage, except Medicaid for the very poor.

assuring that health care is a right — not a privilege — in

What do you foresee as your greatest challenge

our community.

going forward?

Our supporters help 700+ LifeLong staff members with the

Right now our immediate challenge is just finding enough

opportunity to provide 52,000+ people with high-quality

Doctors and other providers to take care of our patients. The Graduate Medical Education system is designed to graduate

medical, dental, and social services each year. 72 percent of our patients live below the federal poverty level. What

specialists (and they are paid much more) instead of produc-

would you like to say to our supporters?

ing primary care doctors for families and elders.

LifeLong is willing to serve every population. We will bill

What has changed the most for LifeLong since the implementation of ACA?

every possible source of payment — Medi-Cal, Medicare, and other plans. However, it is your contributions that allow us to do some of the most important health work in our

More than half of our uninsured patients received coverage

community — work that isn’t paid for by any insurer. It takes

under Medicaid (Medi-Cal here in California). That’s a tremen-

all of us together to provide the health care that LifeLong

dous thing. Now we have to redesign how we deliver care in

brings to its community.

this country . . . and get the rest of the uninsured covered.

2 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

Celebrating 40 Years of Care, Compassion, and Community Many things have changed since LifeLong Medical Care started 40 years ago. But one thing has not: LifeLong’s mission to serve those in need with caring, compassionate health care. It’s not always been like that, as 95-year-old Ms. Betty Reid Soskin, Honorary Chair for LifeLong Medical Care’s 40th Anniversary Gala in March 2016, can attest. Ms. Betty Reid Soskin

Soskin, still an

active Park Ranger at Rosie the Riveter/ World War II Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond — an activity that earned her a commemorative coin from President Obama — gave a heartfelt speech at the gala. In it, she talked about her experience as a frail child in Alameda County trying to access needed health care during the Great Depression.

People forget that those of my age were children during the Great Depression. The only health care I ever knew was subsidized by Alameda County. Free clinics were the only clinics I’d ever experienced until the grownup and married Betty became a Kaiser Permanente member much later in life. Because I was a frail child, I spent a year in what was then called a preventorium (a word that my spell-checker doesn’t even recognize), Del Valle Sanitorium in Livermore, a program created free-of-charge for children considered vulnerable to deadly tuberculosis. That health-giving institution is now long gone. It was the first time I was away from home with parents unable to bear the cost of visits more than a few times over that period. I was about 11 years old. It was during those years that much of the autonomy and independence I enjoy now as an elder was developed. It was also a brush with loneliness of a kind rarely known by children, I think. It was a time to develop inner resources for the sake of mere survival. I doubt if there is anyone around with a greater sense of the meaning of collective health care assumed by one’s community when life’s problems grow beyond loving parents’ ability to cope. I was surrounded by kindly caring adults who helped me to grow through early adolescence. It was during that time that I learned that others cared deeply about children like me, and that I now owed a debt, payable when possible, by taking my place along with others fortunate enough to carry on such important work. Such health services provided for those in need are an essential part of a person’s growth both to those who give and for those who receive. I’m honored to be involved in such critically important work, and to take the time to re-visit a long-forgotten past. Thanks for giving me the opportunity do that. — Betty

Her stunning remarks were met with a standing ovation. Ms. Soskin’s speech is printed here.

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 3

LifeLong Medical Care Centers: A 40-Year Timeline





Over 60 Health Center, Berkeley

West Berkeley Family Practice

LifeLong East Oakland Health Center

LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center







Berkeley Primary Care Access Clinic

Health Centers Renamed LifeLong Medical Care

LifeLong staff provides services in Supportive Housing Program sites

LifeLong Dental Care

LifeLong Downtown Oakland Health Center

Instituted School-Based Health Center Programs

4 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report






LifeLong Eastmont Health Center

LifeLong Brookside San Pablo Health Center

LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care Berkeley

LifeLong TRUST Health Center

LifeLong Pinole Health Center

• •

• •








LifeLong Howard Daniel Health Center

LifeLong Richmond Health Center

LifeLong Brookside Richmond Health Center

LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center

LifeLong Immediate/ Urgent Care San Pablo

LifeLong Ashby Health Center

LifeLong Rodeo Health Center

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 5

LifeLong Over 60 Health Center


They seem to remember the little details. I especially like the fact it still has kind of a hippie vibe — I mean, even hippies grow older.”

The Gray Panthers started LifeLong Over 60 Health Center in Berkeley 40 years ago with a mission: to provide for the wide-ranging physical and mental health needs of older adults in the community. LifeLong’s very first health center still keeps to its mission — and evolves to meet the changing environment. “Before coming to Over 60, I had been in such pain for years! I couldn’t even stand up,” said Mrs. Smith, who came to her doctor’s appointment with her son. “But then I came here and a doctor took one look at the x-rays and got me on a different regimen — a back brace instead of expensive pills.” “Now I’m dancing around the kitchen making cookies!” “The doctors and nurses here are angels! I would recommend this place to anyone who needs medical care.”

LifeLong West Berkeley Health Center


I’d never seen a doctor before and now I’m seeing four — all of them good. They know what they’re talking about — I’m healed!”

6 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

At LifeLong West Berkeley, patients have access to a broad scope of services integrated to suit the individual’s needs — from primary health care for adults and children, to women’s health services, chronic disease management, health education, mental health services, and social services. What does “patient-centered care” mean, in real life? For Dan, it means being healed from injuries that had left him with chronic pain, a stroke that plagued him with seizures, and post-traumatic stress disorder that made him hear voices. It means finding a healthy path forward from a history of abuse as a child, followed by drug and alcohol addiction as an adult. LifeLong’s integrated care team worked collaboratively to help Dan heal. His Primary Care Provider made specialist referrals, monitored his health, and coordinated with pharmacy to make sure he got the medications he needed. Mental health therapy and our in-house Psychiatrist worked diligently to find the right combinations of medicines. Dan’s pain is now much improved and his seizures are under control. He no longer wakes his housemates by shouting in his sleep. The voices have disappeared. And he is doing well in his new job.

LifeLong East Oakland Health Center


This is the best place in the world. It has helped me change my life in a most positive way. Physically and mentally I am a lot stronger than a year ago. Thank you.”

Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that make us the healthiest — like fresh vegetables from the garden, and walking. At LifeLong East Oakland Health Center, community members can enjoy a holistic approach to health care that includes classes, such as cooking and yoga, at the LifeLong East Oakland Wellness Center — as well as access to primary care services, chronic disease management, social services, and mental health services. One patient who says she often felt isolated took the bold step of joining LifeLong’s Walking Group — and the walkers helped her build a friendship circle that makes her feel better physically and emotionally. A rooftop garden for patients and staff is lush with corn, tomatoes, and other vegetables. “Everybody works together,” says Jake, as he does the watering. With our history dating back to the Gray Panthers, LifeLong maintains a commitment to providing care for older adults. One LifeLong East Oakland patient, who is a bilateral below-the-knee amputee, needed a wheelchair, which was neither affordable nor covered by insurance. So LifeLong used the Victor Graham Memorial Fund, funded by a generous donor, to buy her a gently used one. She is now able to remain in her home. Her gratitude was overwhelming.

LifeLong Dental Care Services


It’s the best dental place I’ve ever been to! Thank you, LifeLong Dental Care!”

Javier used to cover his mouth with his hands in embarrassment when he smiled. After some long-overdue dental work at LifeLong Dental Care in Berkeley — including a new bridge — he flashes a grin with confidence. “How do I look?” he beams. All LifeLong Dental Care Service sites know that good oral health is vital to patients’ overall health. They provide dental hygiene, regular exams and screenings, fillings, dentures, and extractions. Dental vans also provide services through Alameda and Contra Costa counties. For Javier, good dental health also means a new lease on life. “They did such a good job over there! I’m not even embarrassed when I smile — I feel like smiling all the time now!” he says. We know that confidence is important, and in this case it was transformative thanks to LifeLong’s primary care and Dental Center Staff working together to make sure that patients got the care they need and deserve.

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 7

LifeLong Downtown Oakland Health Center


The clerks are really polite, courteous, and professional. I really like the way I am treated and cared for by the staff and this doctor’s office.”

LifeLong Downtown Oakland Health Center has many services under one roof: primary care for adults, chronic disease screening and management, mental health services, podiatry, and social services resources. For someone like Marly who has Type 1 Diabetes, that centralization of resources makes it more convenient for her to manage her care. Her nurse gave her a glucometer to measure her blood sugar, and she exercises and watches what she eats. She meets with her doctor often. “My doctor is a good guy!” Because Marly also struggles with depression, she sees a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who helps coordinate her care. Keeping her depression at bay helps her pay more attention to managing her diabetes, she says. She goes to regular group meetings. “I’m feeling better. My blood sugar is down from 10.6 to 7.8. Everybody here is good and really helpful!”

LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center


I feel like I have my father back. Thank you, LifeLong!”

8 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

“Aging gracefully and successfully is not as easy as people think it is,” says a staff member at LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center in Novato. “So much goes into this process that sometimes we take it for granted.” LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center takes nothing for granted in helping its participants age gracefully. The Center provides a safe, caring, activity-filled place for older adults. “To be here in this program is the greatest blessing to me!” says one participant. “I love coming to this program. We get very good care and it keeps me active on the days I’m here!” Participants and their caregivers benefit from the services provided — including nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, case management, recreational/social activities, nutrition, transportation, health education, and social services resources. Art therapy and pet therapy are two of the most popular activities. “My mom gets up early on the days she goes to LifeLong. She dresses up for her friends in the program and waits at the window for the van to pick her up,” says a family member. “Since coming to LifeLong, my husband has started smiling again.”

LifeLong Howard Daniel Health Center


I had prenatal care for my three babies here. My mother also is a patient and has been coming here for 10 years. We’ve been very impressed with the quality of care and service over the years!”

Dr. Howard Daniel was 78 years old and still delivering babies when he asked LifeLong Medical Care to take over his large OB-GYN practice in 2008. Today, LifeLong Howard Daniel Health Center continues the good doctor’s tradition by providing pre- and post-natal care for women, as well as other women’s health services. The Center also offers primary health care for adults and children, mental health services, health education, and social services. “My mom saw Dr. Daniel. He helped us.” says Mary. “My mother still comes here. I’m coming here for prenatal care for my baby, and both of my kids come here for pediatric care.” Clara came to America from Mexico, looking for a better life. But she was quite lonely here. When she became pregnant, she was invited to join one of LifeLong’s Centering Pregnancy Groups with seven other Spanish-speaking women. Here she was able to share her struggles and her dreams, while nurturing a healthy pregnancy. “I love this program. Especially because I am a first-time mom, listening to other mothers going through the same thing has given me much comfort, ability to vent, and the motivation to move forward.”

LifeLong Richmond Health Center


Every time I come here the staff is very friendly! It makes time go

“I have been coming to LifeLong for more than 30 years, I think — I lost count,” says 95-year-old Louisa. “Dr. Carter is my doctor and he knows me really well. He gets me.” “Richmond Health Center is my home and the doctors and nurses are my family. I wouldn’t change my doctor for anything. They take good care of me here. I am happy.” LifeLong Richmond Health Center, located in Richmond, provides primary care for adults, as well as prenatal care, immunizations, health education, and patient assistance and advocacy. Long-time patients, as well as more recent ones, feel well taken care of and happy at the Health Center. “My son and I both are patients at LifeLong — he likes it, and I love it!” says Trisha. “I feel very comfortable when I come here. I never feel rushed in my appointments. The doctor listens to me and makes sure I understand everything he says. He answers all my questions and takes his time.” “It has been only three months since I started coming here, but I feel like they have known me for a long time,” Trisha adds.

by quickly.”

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 9

LifeLong Eastmont Health Center


Clients here feel safe. If they are manic at the moment, they don’t get treated differently. We’ve had a lot of good outcomes since the classes first started.”

Integrating medical care with behavioral health services is helping clients at LifeLong Eastmont Health Center find a safe place to heal their bodies and their minds. In a unique partnership with Alameda County, LifeLong Eastmont patients share a waiting room with Oakland Community Support, a behavioral health clinic. So clients can see a Case Manager and a Primary Care Provider in one place. “Clients here feel safe. If they are manic at the moment, they don’t get treated differently,” says Jandera Waterman. Clients also appreciate the range of classes that are offered. A Jobs Program conducted in conjunction with the county vocational program helps them apply and prepare for jobs. The “Voices, Vision, and Different Realities” class helps people dealing with schizophrenia share coping strategies. Through the recently started OPTIONS Recovery Program, clients can talk about recovery issues affecting them or a family member. “There are some who would not be able to sit down for more than five minutes when they first come here. Now they are able to sit in a group and participate,” Waterman says. “We’ve had a lot of good outcomes since the classes first started.”

LifeLong Brookside Richmond Health Center


I love how sweet and kind everyone is at this office. My needs are always met and everything is done in a very timely fashion.”

10 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

“I had weight loss surgery and I lost 300 pounds!” says Leona. “My diabetes went away and my high blood pressure went away, too! LifeLong Brookside Richmond Health Center’s patient-centered approach to health means people like Leona can access medical, dental, and social services — as well as a wide range of patient education and outreach services — in one convenient location at the Health Center. “I’ve been coming here for a long time,” Leona adds. “If they can’t fix it here, they refer me to a doctor who can.” LifeLong Brookside Richmond’s core services include: primary health care for adults, pre- and post-natal care, pediatrics, multi-disciplinary care coordination, social services, and patient advocacy. Lifestyle programs have really helped Joe, who has been participating in LifeLong’s tobacco cessation groups. He has significantly reduced the amount of cigarettes he uses and today, he plans to quit after 40 years of smoking. His overall health and outlook on life have changed in positive ways, thanks to those who have supported him at the Health Center.

LifeLong Brookside San Pablo Health Center


I really learned so much from my doctor. He would explain with detail everything that I needed to know. He is very professional.”

“They take good care of my whole family here,” says Rosa about LifeLong Brookside San Pablo Health Center in San Pablo. “I’ve been a patient for 10 years. I got pre-natal care while pregnant with all three of my children here. And my kids also got their care here as they grew up.” In addition to pre- and post-natal care and pediatrics, LifeLong Brookside San Pablo also provides primary health care for adults, multi-disciplinary care coordination, case management, health education, social services resources, and patient advocacy. “I like coming to a doctor who speaks Spanish,” said an older patient who came to California from Mexico 30 years ago. “We talk about how to keep my blood pressure down. I’ve learned how to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.” “I can really relate to my young doctor, says a patient getting a pre-natal check-up. “She’s really nice. And I live close by, so the health center is really convenient.” LifeLong Brookside San Pablo also reaches beyond the health center walls to help build healthy neighborhoods. One way we do this is through partnerships with local schools to build garden programs that beautify concrete urban schoolyards and support nutrition education.

LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center


I really recommend this place for pediatrics. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Any time I talk to other moms, I tell them to come here.”

Dr. William Jenkins had the pleasure of treating pediatric patients for 50 years in Richmond. “He never turned anyone away,” says his nurse for 39 years. “When a child got her first vaccination, he would give her $5 for not crying. A good report card also meant Dr. Jenkins rewarded the child.” Today, LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center in Richmond continues the tradition of providing excellent medical care and family-friendly concern. The Health Center, which moved to a new location last year, provides general pediatric care, treatment of illness, preventive care — and of course well-check exams and immunizations — for tiny babies to young adults through age 18. “I’m 10 and I’ve been a patient for three years now,” says Oscar proudly. “Once I was really sick and had an infection. We came here and they were wonderful. After two days I was feeling great!” Today, Oscar was getting a physical exam so he could play football at school. His sister was getting a vaccination in the exam room next door. “They’re very kind here,” Anna says. “They make you feel good.”

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 11

LifeLong TRUST Health Center


When I think about TRUST Health Center I think about happiness, acceptance, and community. It really is whole-person care.”

“TRUST Health Center means help — for once in my life,” says John, a client of LifeLong TRUST Health Center in Oakland. Collaboration between multiple government agencies and non-profit organizations, TRUST Health Center serves adults with disabling conditions and histories of homelessness who also participate in Alameda County’s General Assistance Program. “At TRUST, I feel in control. I feel good about my life. TRUST means safety to me — sanctuary,” says John. Clients at TRUST Health Center receive a lot of social support from staff members who understand and like working with their clients. “TRUST is empowering, inviting — and most importantly I feel safe. TRUST is definitely a learning experience.” With respect for the dignity of each person, the Health Center staff provides for the physical, mental, and social well-being needs of clients in one location. Participating organizations work with clients to find and maintain stable homes, to promote their overall health and well-being, and to help them develop strong social support networks. “When I think about TRUST, I think about spiritual, mental, and physical health,” says Oliver. “LifeLong encompasses all those needs.”

LifeLong Ashby Health Center


LifeLong takes care of my whole family. My mom brought me here since I was 13 years old. I came here when I was pregnant. We’re keeping them busy!”

12 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

“The facility is better and bigger — it’s just beautiful! And I’m happy and healthy.” Our patients appreciate LifeLong Ashby Health Center’s modern and bright space, located in the Ed Roberts Campus in South Berkeley, where it moved in 2015. The health center provides a wide variety of resources, including primary care, women’s health services, prenatal care, pediatrics, chronic disease management, podiatry, acupuncture, and health education. Patients can find mental health and social services resources, as well. LifeLong Ashby Health Center also offers HIV care in a safe and compassionate environment, free from shame. “They know it’s hard for me to be here,” says James. “So the Clinical Care Team reaches out to me to be sure I get the regular care I need.” Case Managers, Doctors, Clinical Care Assistants, and Medical Assistants work together. “They offer me expert clinical care — and the empathy that keeps me coming back so that my disease is well managed.” “Everyone shows concern. They do everything they can to take care of me, and they laugh with me and joke. It makes all the difference!”

LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care – Berkeley


I’m always treated great here. The staff is very courteous and caring, and I know I’m getting top-notch medical care. I always tell my friends about LifeLong.”

“LifeLong’s Immediate/Urgent Care gives me high-quality care and it’s super convenient,” says John, who is suffering from a high fever and a severe sore throat. “Thankfully, I don’t need emergency room services. That’s only for very serious problems,” he added. LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care’s team of highly professional health care providers treat adult and pediatric patients who have illnesses and injuries that require immediate medical attention (usually within 24 hours), but are not life-threatening or serious enough to require emergency room care or hospitalization. Some examples of immediate/urgent care illnesses and injuries include: accidents and falls; sprains and strains; breathing difficulties like mild to moderate asthma; fever or flu; vomiting or diarrhea; eye irritation and redness; and broken bones. “I didn’t need an appointment and I got the care I needed promptly. It’s nice to know there’s a place to go right away that’s in-between the regular doctor’s office and the Emergency Room.”

LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care – San Pablo


The Advice Nurse suggested I come to Immediate/Urgent Care. I came to the right place.”

You have an illness or injury that requires immediate medical attention — but it’s not serious enough to require emergency room care: Where should you go? LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care is a good option. We provide prompt, professional, and cost-effective medical care to adult and pediatric patients. Virginia usually goes to the LifeLong Brookside San Pablo Health Center for her primary care. But today her eye is irritated and red. The Advice Nurse suggested she go to urgent care. “I normally would wait and go to my primary care doctor, but because this involved my eye, I thought it best to come here right away.” With children, you should still make a call to 9-1-1 or visit the emergency room for medical emergencies such as: fast/ rapid breathing or trouble breathing; bluish skin color; not drinking enough fluids when there is repeated vomiting and diarrhea; not waking up or not interacting; and irritability or sudden change in behavior or activity level when sick. LifeLong’s Advice Nurses can help you figure out if you need to go to the Emergency Room, visit an Immediate/Urgent Care Center, or make an appointment for the next day.

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 13

LifeLong Pinole Health Center


I really like how the doctor takes her time explaining things. Because of my medical insurance, I have often felt derailed as a person because of my low income. Not here.”

Patients at LifeLong Pinole Health Center know that being able to communicate well with their doctor is critical for a healthy outcome. “Communication is extremely important to me. I heard about LifeLong and I found this site in Pinole — and I have to say, I love the patient-care attentiveness they have!” says Letitia. “I came here for back pain, and my doctor has addressed all my questions and concerns. Now I don’t have to worry about anything!” LifeLong Pinole Health Center excels at primary health care for adults, health education, immunizations, and patient advocacy and assistance. “Today was my first visit here, and now I am going to change my doctor and location to this one,” says Irene, who came to the visit with her mom. “Staff is really nice and friendly here — they really want to get to know you on a personal level. They were extremely helpful finding out everything about my insurance.” Says Jody: “I am telling you — everybody here has been very helpful and compassionate. It’s very difficult and I wouldn’t know what to do without them. I’m very grateful.”

LifeLong Rodeo Health Center


Patients really care about consistency. Because we have good availability, they’re

The new LifeLong Rodeo Health Center is growing fast as patients in the neighboring community hear about the quality, convenient medical care provided there. “Patients seem to like the private office feeling, the size, the convenience, and the fact that it’s small and cozy,” says Susan Taylor, the Center’s Manager. Patient-provider communication is enhanced by the presence of bilingual speakers. LifeLong Rodeo Health Center, operating in partnership with Contra Costa Housing Authority in Rodeo, offers primary care services for all ages two days a week. The local community can access primary care services two additional days each week at nearby LifeLong Pinole Health Center in Pinole. LifeLong Rodeo Health Center providers know their patients and give them stability and consistency. Patients are referred to medical specialists as they are needed.

getting that consistency. We’re filling a huge community need already.” Note: Patients’ names within these stories have been changed to protect their privacy.

14 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

Did You Know?

In 2015

Number of LifeLong Patients Visiting Our East Bay Health Center Sites:





Marin Adult Day Health Center: OAKLAND






Total Number of LifeLong Patients Served: 52,135

LifeLong Patients Living at or Below Federal Poverty Level (FPL)*

LifeLong Medical Care Insured Patients: Pre and Post-Affordable Care Act (ACA) 2013 Pre-Affordable Care Act (ACA)* Insured:


28% 72%

are above FPL

are below FPL

2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA)* Insured:

34,000 *Federal Poverty Level= $24,250 Annual Income for a Household of Four.

*Information Based on Uniform Data System (UDS)

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 15

Did You Know?




African American


Other/Unreported Caucasian Asian More Than One Ethnicity

13% 5% 1% 10 15 15 20 25 30 35 40 0 0 55 10 20 25 30 35 40

Supportive Housing and School-Based Health Centers

LifeLong Medical Care Financial Statement Fiscal Year: July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016**

Did you know LifeLong Medical Care offers vital programs and services to our communities? For instance, LifeLong’s Supportive Housing Program has 10 sites throughout the East Bay. This program brings health and social services into subsidized, affordable housing. Now the program supports 600 tenants, many with histories of homelessness. Because of this program, tenants can achieve housing stability and improve their quality of life. LifeLong just added a fourth SchoolBased Health Center site to its growing list of locations and services. The LifeLong Emeryville Health Center opened its doors in October of 2016 and provides medical and dental services to children of all ages.

16 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

Revenue: Grants & Contracts:


Patient & Third Party Fees:


Other Income: In-Kind: Total Revenue:

6,358,460 338,561 76,194,657

Expenses: Program Services:


Support Services:


Total Expenses:


* Net Income


* Includes $3 million in grants for capital projects. ** Unaudited financial reporting ending June 30, 2016.



. . .


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Special Events A Look Back at Our Special Events: Annual Gala Our 40-Year Anniversary Gala was held in March 2016 at the Oakland Rotunda. Guests enjoyed dinner, drinks, and an exciting program. Our supporters helped to make the Gala a success, raising $165,000 — more than ever before!

Annual Charity Golf Tournament The San Pablo Lytton Casino’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament was held on October 10, 2016 at the Richmond Country Club, a privately owned golf course. The event benefitted LifeLong Medical Care’s Brookside Health and Urgent Care Center in San Pablo. We raised more than $110,000! We hold the golf tournament every October, so be sure to check our website for more information on this future special event. Funds support the thousands of patients we serve each year!

Save the Date! LifeLong’s Annual Gala. February 25, 2017 at Hs Lordships, Berkeley. 5:30 PM. Check our website: LifeLongMedical.org for more information.

Donate Now: LifeLongMedical.org

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Kevin D. Williams, Board Chair James Johnson, Jr., Vice Chair Phil Kamlarz, Treasurer Scott Sporte, Past Treasurer Nancy Threatt, Secretary Ron Adler, Past Chair

Marty Lynch, Executive Director/CEO


Porshia Mack, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

Jennie Alexich Roberta C. Brooks Patricia Carson Sussman Gloria Flores-Garcia Janet Howley Robbie Hurtado John L. Jenkins Chris Kiefer Georgia Lacy Edgar Quiroz Lisa Schilling Judith Turiel

Lucinda Bazile, Deputy Director Eric Henley, Chief Medical Officer

Kanwar Singh, Chief Financial Officer DL Poole, Chief Administrative Officer Nance Rosencranz, Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development


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Photos courtesy: Marcela Chacon, Henley Photography, Don Melandry, Michelle Vignes, Judy Lepire, Sam Deanek

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 17

LifeLong Medical Care deeply appreciates your generosity. $10,000 and Above Anonymous (1) Ron** & Patricia Adler Richard J. Cohn Dorothy Graham Jeanine & Guy Saperstein

$5,000-$9,999 Anne B. Hannah-Roy David Jonathan Jackson Family Fund

$2,500-$4,999 Anomymous (1) Henry L. Abrons & Li-hsia Wang Dennis & Joni Cote Chris** & Martha Elena Kiefer Roger LaChance Lisa Schilling** Maggie & Contee Seely Jane & Joe Selby Rosalind Singer David & Shannon Sloves Judith** & Elliott Turiel Teshina N. Wilson*

$1,000-$2,499 Anomymous (4) Rose Calhan Edward & Donna Deckard Kimberly Duir* Robert E. & Susan* Edmondson Bill Falik & Diane Cohen Joyce Fernandez & Dadi D. Ratnagar Gillian Fynn* Jeff Gerard Will & Carolyn Glaser Janet Howley** & Michael Bridges Andy Huntington & Melissa Schoen Elaine & Herrick Jackson John** & Amy Jenkins Amanda Jones* Philip** & Carol Kamlarz Ira M. Lapidus & Brenda Webster Roland Lum Colin P. Lynch Chester Mark David & Rachel Metz Richard & Marlene Millikan Marie Monrad Christopher & Maureen Oakes Carla Perissinotto* Madeleine H. Shearer Richard Spickard & Charlotte Anderson Patrice M. Sutton Peter Szutu & Jan Eldred Stacey Wells Carol L. Wilkins & Bill Savidge

$500-$999 Anomymous (1) Jeffrey D. Angell Katherine Anixter-Browning Leonard Bachman Diane Balzer Luisa Buada Kimberly* & Augosto Cardoso Scott & Valerie Corvin

Dr. Julian R. Davis & Dorothy Davis Fred Franks Stan & Mary Friedman Alvaro Fuentes Amy & George Gorman Elmer R. Grossman Anne & Conn Hallinan Charlene Harrington & Ben Yerger Eric* & Susanna Henley Patricia Jacobson Felicia M. Jones* John Kelly* Frank & Jan Klobas Arden J. Kwan & Mei Y. Chow-Kwan Georgia M. Lacy** John C. Link & Phyllis Goldsmith Dan & Emily Loeb Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey Bill & Emily Marthinsen Fred & Julie Nachtwey Jean B. Nudelman Steve O’Brien Martin A. Paley Julie Petrini Victor Pinho Chuck Prosper Edgar Quiroz** Deborah Robinson Roger & Mae Lani Sanjek Thomas & Sheila M. Schwartzburg Gayle & Jim Sells Dean Sherry Julie Sinai & Eric Riley Mary E. Stevens Stuart Stoller & Novella T. Smith Alicia Taylor* & Phil Lubina Barbara Towner* Justin Waldrop

$100-$499 Anonymous (5) Liz Agnello Gabriel Aguilar* Marilynn Aiches Jennie Alexich** & Bruce A. Harris Stephanie Allan & Brett Downey Betsy Ami Irma Anderson Dion L. Aroner Sarah Bailey* Anthony Bair Arthur & Debra Bakal Eileen Barrett & Elissa Dennis Susan Battersby Lucinda* & Ronald Bazile Judith L. Bloom Dan & Jackie Boggan Ursula Boynton Katharine T. Brookes Roberta Brooks** & Billy McDonald Carol L. Brosgart & Jack Gross Mark Brown Richard & Alice Brown Ruth Buchwalter Alexis Burck Lanna Butler-McCoy Susan Caliri

18 • LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report

Carrie Cangelosi* & Michael Lee Joan Carpenter Supervisor Keith Carson Wilma Chan Joan H. Cole Richard & Mary Mapelli-Conway Paul Cooper & Christine Orr Shanna Cruz* Daniel Cukierman Brian Curtis John Danner & Nancy Pietrafesa Robert & Merle Davis Greg & Tara Dietrieck Frances Dinkelspiel Loree Draeger Mark Drilling Gail Eiselman J. A. Ellis Robert Englund Stephanie Estes* Nancy & Jerome Falk Chuck & Elizabeth Farnsworth Jerald Feglay Sabrina Fendrick Gloria Flores-Garcia** Donald L. Foley Calvin Fong John Forcum* Louis Freedberg & Alina Sakganicoff Daniel Friedland Maureen Frisch Larsen & Heather Fusco José Joel & Judith Garcia Grant E. Gauger Mary M. Goglio Amos N. Goldhaber Larry Goldman & Paci Hammond Brenda Goldstein* Sandi Goldstein & Kenneth Wilkinson Gretchen & Richard Grant Jonee Grassi Marian & Roger Gray Sylvia Green* David Greenberg* Michele Grim* Senator Loni Hancock & Mayor Thomas H. Bates Jan Hannah Allen Hardy Helen Hatami Sharon Healy Peter M. Heinemann & Dana Kueffner Ryan Hensler* Jose Hernandez Leticia Hernandez* Miriam Ng Richard & Andrea Ng Paul Hofmann Mark Horne William Huff Carol Jenkins Nashua Kalil Patricia Kates Audrey Kavka Carolyn Kemp Joseph Klems

Sharad Kohli Elena & Ronald Krause Lauren Kroninger Andy Kruse Louis Labat Stephen W. Lakatos Joe Lee Ying Lee Jeff Leinen Deborah LeVeen Debra Levin Andra Lichtenstein & William Glover Dorothy & Stephen Lindheim Steve J. & Linda Lustig Liza & Bobby Lutzker Philip Maldari Susan Marinoff Kate Kline May & Bob May Kevin McLaughlin Laura Miller Meredith Minkler & Jerry Peters Maria T. Mino Catharine D. Moran Lauren Moreno Norman & Eleanor Moscow Carmen R. Nevarez Helen F. Neville Katherine S.* & Greg O’Donnell Annegret S. Ogden Suzanne Ortiz Kathleen Osvatkorte Lynn Oveson* Gloria Perissinotto DL Poole* Lucille & Arthur Poskanzer Edith Rivasplata Alison Roberts* J.J. & R.H. Romeo Nance Rosencranz* Shabana Sabir* Andre Schmitz Dorothy M. Schurmann David & Terry Shames Michael Shimizu Amy & Ethan Shrago Ralph Silber Peter & Bev Sinton Mark Van Slambrook Trina Smith* Michael Sosin & Tedi Siminowsky Scott Sporte** Susan & Bruce Stangeland Stacey Stein* & Garen Corbett Monroe Strickberger Patricia Sullivan Jane Summer* Patricia** & Peter Sussman Diane & Arturo Taboada Dolores & Stephen Taller Saeed Tavassoli Giovanna Temko Vernon G. Theiss Richard Thomason & Heidi Goldstein Nancy I. Threatt Bill Tracy Catherine Trimbur & Mal Burnstein Carol Valk

David Vliet Jennifer Wachter* Claire I. Wahrhaftig William & Diane Waite Laurence & Ruth Walker Erin Wengrofsky Kevin** & Janelle Williams Pamela Williams Phyllis Willett Adisa Willmer* Sarah Willmer Lawrence Wright Eva Yarmo & David Rosenthal

Up to $99 Anonymous (10) Margarita Ajello-Larsen David Almand Smith Adele Amodeo Sarah Bailey Alivia Baker Jason Brand Shakera Buchanan* Burton Calder Catharine (Trina) Campbell* Ellen Carroll Alide Chase Vivian Clayton Terry Cooper* Lucy Corona Judy Cutler Cynthia C. Daniels Kara* & Michael De La Paz Jocelyn De Sena Rufus Diamant Elvia Diaz Martin L. Diaz* Rojan Duncan* Robin Dyroff Patricia Edwards Cherie Emery-Klein Patricia Enos Lauren Enteen Becky Erba Deborah Fernandes* Rachel Fogel Jane Ann Fontenot Douglas Frey Lorenzo Friar Helen J. Gaines Yolanda Gamble* Gwendolyn D. Gill* Haregewoin Girma* Sidney E. Guthrie Michael Hernandez Valerie Herr Henry P. Hotz Harriet Howard Michael & Sheila Humphreys Carol Ives Karen Kenyon Matt King Phillip Klatt Neil & Peggy Kostick Bailey Kuester Margaret Love Maria Victoria Lee

Tristan Lee Katie Lewis Matthew Lewis* Jean R. Lieber Jean Marsters Greg McConnell Jennifer McLennan-Brown* Brisa Mendoza* Edwin Munich Gary L. Musante Judy Nakadegawa Ellen Newman Jenny Olivera* Omoniyi Omotoso* Janet Perlman Maria I. Pezzuto Abraham Prado Jeri Rayford Dan Reichl Bonnie Reilly Terri Restelli-Deits* Francis Reyes* Marishka Rosinski Eloise Rossiter* Monica Salgado Jeorson Santos Jack Sawyer Marty Schiffenbauer Autumn Schwemer Joshua Silverman Jeff Simon Kanwar D. Singh* & Harneet Nibber Daniel Smith & Margery Lackman Margot Smith Tomas Solis Morris J. Soublet Kathryn Stambaugh* & Tom Mazzotta Heidi Stein Alan B. Steinbach Joan G. Sullivan Linda Tsai Ece Turhal Esperanza Vaca Nancy Veerhusen Nancy Walsh Carla Willis Sara Woolf* Serena Wu Tenzin Youdon*

In-Kind (Individuals) Ron** & Pat Adler Susan & Kent Adler Jennie Alexich** Scott Corvin Kara* & Michael De La Paz Sally-Ann Fain Epstein Susie Falk Michele Grim* Karla Higgins John** & Amy Jenkins Patrick & Julie Kennedy Chris Kiefer ** Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey Victoria McMasters Richard & Marlene Millikan Julie Nachtwey Roger Sosakete Perkins & Chela Zitani*

Jeanine & Guy Saperstein David & Beth Sawi Stephen Schear Cris and Lorna Strotz Barbara Towner* Judy Turiel** Gail Wagner Phil Weinstein

Memorial Gifts

In-Kind (Businesses)

Businesses, Organizations, Foundations, and Government Supporters

102.9 KBLX Anguilano Ruiz Farms Barnes & Noble Bay Area Rescue Mission Berkeley Repertory Theatre Berkeleyside Book Passage Cal Adventures Cal Shakes, California Shakespeare Theatre Cavallo Point, The Lodge at the Golden Gate Claremont Resort & Spa Disneyland Resort Foods Co. Halog Farms Kaur Photography Menchie’s National Association of Community Health Centers National Holistic Institute New American Farm OCSC Sailing Pak ‘N Save Pear Street Bistro Physical Therapy Innovation Richmond Country Club Safeway Shotgun Players Stella Nonna The Natural Grocery Company Tomate Cafe Trader Joe’s Walmart Stores, Inc.

Tribute Gifts Thank you to all who gave in honor of: Ron Adler** All staff at LifeLong Medical Care Frances Catlett Dana Dr. Davi* Erica* Dr. Susan Ferguson* Good People Doing Good Work for our Community Harsh* Dr. William Jenkins Joe Lee Marty Lynch* Dr. Ben Mansalis* Marin Adult Health Center, staff, participants and caregivers Barbara Morgan Elsie Ogata Andrew Schiemann Gwennadiy Smirnov/Musician Theodore Gartner The hard work of LifeLong Staff The wonderful Staff at Over 60 Ellie Vargas* Vickey*

Thank you to all who gave in memory of: Mary Grecousi Muriel Paley Ms. Poindexter Ida May Spickard Nancy Wright

Abode Services Affordable Housing Associates AJE Partners Alameda Health Consortium Alameda Health Systems Albany – El Cerrito Kiwanis Allen, Glaessner, Hazelwood and Werth, LLP Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Alzheimer’s Association American Cancer Society Aramark Uniform Archstone Foundation Barney & Barney Foundation Bay Area District Benevity Community Impact Fund Berkeley Patients Group Berkeley Public Education Foundation Berkeley Repertory Theatre Berkeley Unified School District Blue Shield of California Foundation Bonita House, Inc. Boyd’s Coffee California Colorectal Cancer Coalition California Family Health Council California Health Care Foundation California Primary Care Association California School-Based Health Alliance Center for Care Innovations Center for Elders’ Independence Charles Weitzer and Associates, Inc. Chevron Corporation City of Berkeley City of Emeryville City of Oakland City of Richmond City of San Pablo Coca-Cola Co. Community Economics, Inc. Community Health Center Network Concern: EAP County of Alameda County of Contra Costa County of Marin CVS Health Foundation Cypress Security East Bay Community Foundation EMCOR Service / Mesa Energy Systems Emery Unified School District Friends of Novato Gilead Sciences, Inc. Ginnie & Peter Haas Jr. Fund Global Payments Health Career Connections HEDCO Foundation Humanity United IGT

Integrity Data & Fiber, Inc. Irwin Foundation Jewish Community Federation John Muir Health Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Kaiser Foundation Hospital Fund for Community Benefits Programs Kaiser Permanente East Bay Area Community Benefit Korman & Ng Real Estate Services Lesher Foundation Marin Community Foundation Marin County Fair Mauzy Insurance Services, Inc. Mechanics Bank Meczka Marketing Research/ Consulting, Inc. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt Mercy Housing MTS Health Care Multimedia Games, Inc. Mutual of America National Association of Community Health Centers Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc. Northern California Community Loan Fund Novato Senior Citizens Club Inc. Oakland Unified School District Office Stuff Inc. Oliver & Company On Lok Senior Health Services Pak ‘N Save Panera, LLC Peralta Colleges Performance Live Presbyterian Church of Novato PT Gaming LLC Republic Services Resources for Community Development San Pablo Lytton Casino San Rafael Elks Lodge, #1108 Scientific Games SGPA Architecture and Planning Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Varian Partners in Giving Employee Engagement Fund) State of California – Health and Human Services Agency Stidham Law Offices Stratosphere Development Suhr Risk Services Surveillance Systems Incorporated Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center SYSCO Food Services of San Francisco, Inc. The Abeles Foundation The California Endowment The Grace Jones Richardson Trust The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation The Regents of the University of California The San Francisco Foundation The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation Tri-City Health Center True North Foundation U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Union Bank Foundation US Bank Western Clinician’s Network YMCA of the Central Bay Area Yoga Dana Foundation

LifeLong Medical Care Staff (Contributed 15+ Years): Yadira Alvarez Norman Banks Azucena Barocio Lucinda Bazile Moises Bernal Diane Chow Douglas Clarke Yahne Davis Delia Delgado Patricia Espinosa Guillermina Flores Lauren Galaty Yolanda L. Gamble Luz Garcia Alicia Garcia-Ceja Ana E. Grande Sylvia Green Ana Guerrero Frances Herb Malie A. Javier Lisa Kasle Rachel Kham-Onate Yevette Ladd John Lennox Erika Lopez Marty Lynch John Mahony Earl McDaniel Laura M. Miller Barbara A. Moore Elsa Mora Wanda Morales Edna Moushiabad Grisselva Pardinas Alison Roberts Ana Robles Carole Russell Jayum E. Starks Barbara Towner Diana E. Trinidad Laurie Trombla Guillermina Vazquez-Blue Carol Violet Meredith Whiteside Claudia Zurita

LifeLong Medical Care Staff* L ifeLong Medical Care Board Member** We have recognized contributions made between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. We hope we have acknowledged your generosity accurately. Please contact us at development@lifelongmedical.org to notify us of any unintended errors or omissions.

LifeLong Medical Care • 2016 Annual Report • 19









38 B


Pac Stan Press FIRST CLASS Indicias (Not Presorted) FIRST CLASS U.S. POSTAGE 35 PAID LifeLong Administrative Office CA SACRAMENTO, 2344 Sixth Street PERMIT NO.690 Berkeley, CA 94710 P.O. Box 11247 Berkeley, CA 94712 510.981.4100 lifelongmedical.org LifeLong Medical Care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Federally Qualified Health Center. We are independent, communitybased, and patient-directed.


Health services provided for those in need are an essential part of a person’s growth both to those who give and for those who receive.” –B  etty Reid Soskin Age 95, LifeLong Supporter








Profile for LifeLong Medical Care

LifeLong Medical Care  

2016 Annual Report

LifeLong Medical Care  

2016 Annual Report


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