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LifeLong Medical Care Annual Report 2018

A Message from Dr. Marty Lynch Innovation always has been EBCRP and LifeLong allows us to offer a fuller the keynote of LifeLong array of medical, behavioral health, Medical Care’s quest to substance-use treatment, case management, improve the health of and dental services to people with some of communities we serve. the greatest needs in the East Bay. Through developing new We’ll see even more innovations in 2019 approaches to caring for as LifeLong implements a new electronic our patients, and spreading health record platform called EPIC. This best practices across the has the potential to improve coordination organization, we have been of patient care with other EPIC providers able to improve quality that in the area. Marty Lynch, Executive Director/CEO serves the whole person. Building on the innovative legacy of From lactation counseling for new pediatrician Dr. William Jenkins, construcmothers, to ensuring that patients transition of the new LifeLong William Jenkins tion to and from nursing Health Center is under homes safely, to building way. Beams are rising up heart health through soat 150 Harbour Way, Through developing new cial engagement, the stoRichmond. The present approaches to caring for our ries in this year’s annual LifeLong William Jenkins patients, and spreading best report demonstrate the Health Center, LifeLong practices across the organization, we have been able to diversity and richness of Brookside Richmond improve quality that serves innovations with which Health Center, and the whole person. LifeLong is engaged. LifeLong Brazell H. — Dr. Marty Lynch With the goal of exCarter Health Center will panding much-needed be moving to this locacare and services to the tion in the fall of 2019, broader community, LifeLong Medical Care along with a new urgent care center and has embraced two new organizations as dental center. The new health center will members of its family this year: East Bay provide care to the entire family. Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) and With your help, LifeLong Medical Care can Dr. Michael Lenoir and Associates. Dr. Lenoir, continue to learn innovative approaches to MD, has worked in the community as an help eliminate health disparities and deliver Allergy Specialist and Pediatrician for 40 the high-quality health care that has been years and has dedicated his practice to our hallmark for the past 42 years. serving all children. The partnership between Thank you for your support.


Marty Lynch Executive Director/CEO


“We see a lot of kids with asthma,” says Dr. Omotoso, LifeLong’s Associate Medical Director for Pediatrics.

Dr. Omotoso examines a child. LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center in Richmond is participating in asthma research with UC Berkeley and UCSF.

Research Studies Environmental Links to Asthma in Richmond Kids Asthma is the leading chronic condition in children under age 18. But asthma rates across socioeconomic groups and minority cultures show significant disparities. LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center is participating in a new research study that looks at how social and environmental stressors influence asthma in children cared for at the health center in Richmond. LifeLong Medical Care is partnering with University of California Berkeley and University of California San Francisco on the pilot study. “We see a lot of kids with asthma,” says Dr. Omoniyi Omotoso, MD, Associate Asthma affects kids’ health. Medical Director for There are a lot of admisPediatrics at LifeLong sions to the emergency William Jenkins, who is room and hospital. Kids working on the study. miss school and fall behind. “Environmental factors play — Dr. Omoniyi Omotoso a part. The biggest issue here really is pollution. The oil refineries in Richmond contribute to the prevalence of asthma, as do socioeconomic factors. Many of the people living here are underserved minorities.” According to the California Department of Public Health, children ages 5 – 17 in Contra Costa


County (where LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center is located) have a lifetime asthma prevalence of just over 34%. The rest of California kids that age have a prevalence of about 18%. “Pollution from cars contributes to asthma,” says Dr. Omotoso, who treats patients at LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center. “These neighborhoods are often in close proximity to freeways.” “Asthma affects kids’ health. There are a lot of admissions to the emergency room and hospital. Kids miss school and fall behind. Parents who already struggle to survive have to take time off work. It impacts everyone — like a domino effect. Families don’t have a choice to move out of the area.” Dr. Omotoso hopes this study will show clear evidence about social and environmental triggers for asthma “so that we can develop ways to improve the health of the population as a whole.” 2018 ANNUAL REPORT • 3

A new mom in LifeLong’s Breastfeeding Support Program comforts her baby. LifeLong West Berkeley has about 15 to 20 new moms each month.

Jocelyn De Sena works with a new mom. The Breastfeeding Program is built into the newborn baby visit.

Breastfeeding Program Gives Support and Education to New Moms New mothers often don’t have extended family to support them, and breastfeeding is not necessarily seen as a routine part of life. So the Breastfeeding Support Program at LifeLong Medical Care has been designed to provide that support and education to new moms, says Jocelyn De Sena, a Certified Clinical Lactation Educator who works with new moms at LifeLong’s West Berkeley Family Practice Health Center. The program, which was piloted at LifeLong West Berkeley, is built into the newborn baby visit. De Sena sees about 15 to 20 new moms each month there. “At a newborn baby visit, I always ask consent to I found the program helpful. visit with mom before It’s great how Jocelyn the provider comes into would call me to check in the room. The moms with me and make herself are always like, ‘Yes! available. Goodness yes!’” — New Mom Lactation support is provided at the hospital and home. “Mothers tend to come home from the hospital a day or two before the milk volume increases. Moms can get nervous and afraid there won’t be enough milk. It’s totally as much an emotional issue as a technical issue,” says De Sena.



“I found the program helpful,” says new mom Donna. Her son was born with a tongue-tie, so it was “a really hard road for eight weeks or so. It’s great how Jocelyn would call me to check in with me and make herself available.” LifeLong West Berkeley also has set up a new lactation-friendly room for staff members who pump milk for their infants. The program also has been picked up at LifeLong Howard Daniel Health Center, where lactation educator Kierra Moorhead works with about five new moms each month. “I meet with moms until they are confident,” says Moorhead. “At the end of the day, you really feel like you did something that had an impact for that family,” says De Sena.

As patients move between hospitals, nursing homes, and the community, LifeLong manages their transitions.

The Expanded Nursing Home Program Care Team coordinates care so transitions are safe, efficient, and person-centered.

Nursing Home Program Expands for Better Continuity of Care “I feel taken care of,” says Bert, who recently had a stroke and transitioned from hospital to nursing home and back to his own home. “If I have to be in this position, LifeLong is the best team I can think of to be with.” LifeLong Medical Care’s Expanded Nursing Home program provides continuity of care for LifeLong patients like Bert in six nursing homes across the East Bay. As patients move between hospitals, nursing homes, and the community, LifeLong manages their care so that transitions are safe, efficient, and I feel taken care of. If I person-centered. have to be in this position, The program used to be LifeLong is the best team provided only for LifeLong I can think of to be with. Over 60 patients, but now — Bert it has been expanded to all LifeLong patients. Melissa Allen is a Nurse Practitioner and part of a five-person team that coordinates care for transitioning patients. “We have access to patients’ electronic medical records, and when someone is ready to leave the nursing home we send them home with a 30-day supply of their medications, schedule a follow-up


medical appointment, set up home health care, and make sure any medical equipment is made available,” she says. They also work with a social service team to see about getting the patient in a skilled nursing facility, if needed. “People coming out of a hospital often need nursing home care or rehabilitation prior to going home. We facilitate that transition, which often can last several weeks. Our care team follows the patient and keeps their Primary Care Provider informed.” The Primary Care Provider sees patients recently out of the hospital at least once a week. They see longer-term patients monthly. “I think patients like to know they’re connected,” says Allen. “Patients have an affinity for LifeLong and are pleased we’re able to help by coordinating their care back to their home health center.”


Heart 2 Heart workers go into the Berkeley community to check people’s blood pressure. “We meet them where they’re at.”

Heart 2 Heart has partnered with three South Berkeley barbershops — often a gathering place for African American men.

Heart 2 Heart: Building Heart Health Through Social Engagement Every Thursday, Miss Nellie goes to LifeLong Medical Care’s Over 60 Health Center to have her blood pressure checked and meet with friends in LifeLong’s Heart 2 Heart Program. When she goes home, she encourages her family to eat healthfully and beware of diabetes, which runs in the family. “It’s been a very good thing,” she says about Heart 2 Heart’s drop-in center. “You have to stay on top of these things.” A unique program geared toward lowering the incidence of cardiovasIt’s easier to hear about cular disease through health issues from a family social engagement, member or friend in the LifeLong’s Heart 2 Heart community. This program Program was formed in builds trust with LifeLong. partnership with the City of Berkeley. The city experi—Vincente Cordero ences high rates of heartrelated illness, especially among African Americans. Operating primarily in South Berkeley, the program focuses on reducing health inequalities. “A big part of the program is bridging the gap between LifeLong Medical Care and the community,” explains Vincente Cordero, LifeLong’s Community Engagement Specialist. “Sometimes



people have an innate distrust of health care. It’s easier to hear about health issues from a family member or friend in the community. This program builds trust with LifeLong.” Heart 2 Heart has partnered with three South Berkeley barbershops — often a gathering place for African American men. During the health hubs, the public is invited to access health resources, have their blood pressure checked, and enjoy a healthy snack. “You’d be surprised how much happiness the ‘smoothie bike’ brings people,” says Cordero. Heart 2 Heart also features health-advocate training sessions, a mobile blood-pressure screening van, and mini-grants to fund healthy activities. “We meet them where they’re at,” says Carrie Balthrop, a Heart 2 Heart Program Specialist for LifeLong. Miss Nellie checks her blood pressure weekly and shares lessons from Heart 2 Heart. “It’s rewarding to me. I’m a great grandmother, so I want to have an impact on my whole family.”

Dr. Marsters (center) was recently recognized by the California Society of Addiction Medicine for her 15 years of volunteer service.

With Dr. Marsters in the lead, LifeLong has been a trailblazer in promoting the nasal spray antidote, Naloxone.

Saving Lives by Providing Antidote Kits for Opioid Overdose 115 Americans a day are dying as a result of the opioid crisis. But now people can take action. There is a harmless antidote, Naloxone, which anyone can carry. LifeLong Medical Care is promoting these wallet-sized nasal spray kits to people who take opioids medically or could be exposed through the use of recreational drugs. Just recently, a LifeLong Medical Care Member who was carrying this antidote was able to save their child’s life, says Jean Marsters, MD, a LifeLong Medical Care Psychiatrist and consultant on safer prescribing. “More Americans should More Americans should carry this antidote,” says carry this antidote. We Dr. Marsters. “We need to need to stop having so stop having so many many Americans dying.” Americans dying.” — Dr. Jean Marsters The kits promote safety in the homes of people who are taking prescription opioid pain pills for chronic pain or for someone who is recovering from surgery, for example. Naloxone is not an opioid and it’s not habit forming. Symptoms of an opioid overdose emergency can include: unusual sleepiness or unresponsiveness, absent or slow breathing, cold and clammy skin, and blueish nails and lips.


LifeLong has been a trailblazer in promoting Naloxone in the East Bay. Dr. Marsters worked with area pharmacies to teach them how to order this drug for their shelves. She conducted training sessions with LifeLong Medical Care Providers so they could discuss the issue with patients, developed a system whereby Registered Nurses could identify patients who might need the kit, and worked with Touro University Pharmacists on a project to review patients’ medical records to identify people who could benefit from having a kit. “Now, I’d love to have people embracing the Good Samaritan drug as a community safety item to save lives,” says Dr. Marsters.


A LifeLong Medical Care AmeriCorps Fellow distributes fresh produce at the Veggie Giveaway at LifeLong East Oakland Health Center.

The Veggie Giveaway now operates at 11 LifeLong sites, providing food for about 400 individuals.

AmeriCorps Fellows Work to Solve Health Inequalities Corn, carrots, greens, and bushels of seasonal produce are distributed with a smile — and often a recipe — to about 100 people at LifeLong East Oakland Health Center each Monday. The Veggie Giveaway, which is open to the public, is one of the most popular programs sponsored by LifeLong Medical Care’s AmeriCorps Program. AmeriCorps Fellows pick up the produce from farmers’ markets and bring it back to the health center, where staff set up tables and pass out food. Fellows chat with people and, when needed, offer additional information about food banks or how to sign up for CalFresh AmeriCorps has been a (foodstamps). really positive experience. The Veggie Giveaway I gained a lot of interpernow operates at 11 sonal skills — skills I LifeLong sites, providing wouldn’t necessarily gain fresh food for about 400 in a classroom setting. individuals. “It’s wonderful!” — Adrienne Carter says Bilan Jirde, Program Manager for AmeriCorps Health Fellows at LifeLong. Now in its 16th year, LifeLong’s AmeriCorps program focuses on health inequalities. “Twenty AmeriCorps Fellows get hands-on experience and professional development wrapped into one,” says Jirde. People usually come from a



background wanting to pursue public health, medical school, or social work case management. One of AmeriCorps Fellow Adrienne Carter’s projects has been to work with food insecurity. She has grown LifeLong East Oakland’s Veggie Giveaway from 40 people to 100. She also formed a partnership with Alameda County Food Bank so that LifeLong can access 1,000 pounds of food on a weekly basis. Carter and colleague Sonny Perfect also have created a wellness-basket program. LifeLong’s home health workers take the baskets of fruit and vegetables to patients they visit. Perfect, who wants to become a Physician’s Assistant, also has formed a men’s health group at LifeLong East Oakland. “AmeriCorps has been a really positive experience,” says Carter, who is applying to medical school. “I gained a lot of interpersonal skills — skills I wouldn’t necessarily gain in a classroom setting.”

LifeLong’s Care at Home Team brings health and social services to frail older adults living at home.

Patients like Sally are grateful to have care workers come to their home.

Care at Home Program Meets Seniors’ Medical and Social Needs “Thank goodness I finally got somebody on my side. I’m very thankful. It really is a blessing in terms of providing needs,” says Sally about her experience with LifeLong’s Care at Home program. With funding from the Thomas J. Long Foundation, the LifeLong Care at Home program enables frail seniors to live safely at home by providing a well-trained and compassionate care team to bring them the health and social services they need. “It’s not just addressing patients’ medical needs,” Thank goodness I finally says Deborah Workman, got somebody on my side. LifeLong’s Director of Planning and Grants I’m very thankful. It really Administration. A core is a blessing in terms of team is made up of a providing needs. physician or nurse practi— Sally tioner, medical assistant, social work care manager, and behavioral health provider who make house calls. Providers identify other needs that wouldn’t show up in a normal doctor’s visit, such as food insecurity, unsafe home environments, or treatable depression. “This program very much goes to our roots with the Gray Panthers, who led the charge of


providing access to health and social services for older adults,” notes Workman. Several LifeLong Health Centers have been offering home care for years. “We took what we learned from them and standardized and streamlined best practices,” explains Erica Morse, LifeLong’s Program Manager for Strategic Initiatives. “We’ll try the program out and then bring it to other LifeLong health centers.” “The value of home visits cannot be overstated,” says Brigitte Peltekof, a Social Worker on the care team. “Patients are so grateful to have people come to their home.” Funding from East Bay Foundation on Aging allows us to continue our focus on our Oakland senior population. “We also use the Graham Respite Care Fund quite a bit for home help services not covered by insurance,” adds Peltekof. “We’re very grateful to Mrs. Graham. Patients couldn’t be more thankful. I don’t know what they would do without her help.” We’re very appreciative of all of their support.


Dr. Saleena Gupte, an Integrative Medicine Homeopath, offers one-on-one homeopathic treatments.

The care team includes a Physician, Integrative Medicine Homeopath, Community Health Worker, and a Wellness Program Manager.

An Integrative Approach to Whole-Person Wellness “I think what we’re doing is unique. The homeopathic approach to wellness looks at all levels of symptoms. It’s a whole-person approach to care — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual,” says Dr. Saleena Gupte, DrPH, an Integrative Medicine Homeopath at LifeLong Medical Care. “For someone to be able to access and feel a difference on many of those levels is very powerful,” Dr. Gupte adds. Through a donor-advised initiative, Dr. Gupta integrates the homeopathic I definitely noticed a big medicine with traditional difference. I feel wellness medicine available at is developing on more LifeLong. She conducts the levels. I’m healing mentally, monthly group sessions with a medical provider. For physically, and spiritually. her individual patients, she — Michael loops in the patient’s primary care provider when needed. “I’m building a relationship with traditional medicine/Western treatment. So it’s truly integrative.” She also offers one-on-one homeopathic treatments during one-hour sessions that are tailored to the individual patient’s needs. The first intake session lasts two hours. “It’s very innovative


10 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E

to do this type of thing in a primary care setting and in a community health center. Just the amount of time patients get with a provider is unique.” Overall, integrative medicine patients report that they primarily seek treatment for stress and mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Some people seek relief for chronic pain. Mental health symptoms, as well as physical health and overall wellbeing, improve with the homeopathic treatment, she says. “I definitely noticed a big difference” after starting homeopathic treatment, says Michael. “I feel wellness is developing on more levels. I’m healing mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s more like enrichment, more of a solid connection with health. It’s helped me survive and thrive.” Patients have a “resounding interest” in all types of integrative medicine, says Dr. Gupta. “We are grateful to the donor who knew this was a need and has helped fund a program that truly supports people in need.”

Dr. Michael Lenoir, MD, and his wife and Nurse Practitioner Denise Lenoir. Dr. Lenoir has worked in the community for 40 years.

(L to R) Co-Founders of East Bay Recovery Project (EBCRP), Marta Rose and Joan Zweben.

EBCRP and Dr. Michael Lenoir and Associates Join LifeLong Family With the goal of expanding much-needed care and services to the broader community, LifeLong Medical Care has embraced two new organizations as members of its family this year: East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) and Dr. Michael Lenoir and Associates. Dr. Lenoir, MD, has worked in the community as an Allergy Specialist and Pediatrician for 40 years. As a private practitioner, he has dedicated his practice to serving all children including those with Medi-Cal. We want to stay in the com(Dr. Lenoir keeps his munity and serve. We don’t allergy practice privately.) turn anybody away. LifeLong “We want to stay in the community and serve,” Medical Care has the same says Dr. Lenoir. “We don’t philosophy. It’s a great fit. turn anybody away. —Dr. Michael Lenoir LifeLong Medical Care has the same philosophy. It’s a great fit.” Observes Denise Lenoir, a Nurse Practitioner, who works with her husband: “What’s so nice about our practice is that we’re seeing the kids of parents we used to take care of. It’s multi-generational. It’s good to see them grown into productive, responsible adults raising their kids.”


East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) also has joined LifeLong Medical Care’s family of services this year. The partnership allows LifeLong and EBCRP to offer a fuller array of medical, behavioral health, substance-use treatment, case management, and dental services to Alameda County residents. “By merging with LifeLong Medical Care, we are strengthening our collective mission to increase access to high-quality mental health, substanceuse disorder, primary care, dental, and wellness services to people with some of the greatest needs in our community”, said Marta Rose, EBCRP co-founder and LifeLong-EBCRP Program and Operations Director. East Bay Community Recovery Project was founded in 1989 by Joan Zweben, PhD, and Marta Rose, LMFT. Their vision to provide comprehensive substance use and co-occurring disorder care in Alameda County has helped more than 25,000 people build healthy and productive futures for themselves and their families. 2 0 1 8 A N N U A L R E P O R T • 11

Rosalind “Bobbie” Singer: A Life of Activism and Service July 15, 1924 to January 24, 2018 Born Rosalind Ruth Schoenfeld in the for candidates for a master’s in public Bronx, New York, Bobbie Singer felt health. She switched careers and an obligation from a tender age to earned an MPH from UC Berkeley in serve others. Her father was a well1965. “She wanted to get busy and do to-do Jewish immigrant and a selfstuff,” said Roberts. taught tool-and-die maker who held During her long life, Bobbie became three patents. As a child living in a teacher, writer, organizer, cookie Manhattan during the Great Depresbaker, listener, questioner, philanthrosion, Bobbie saved her weekly allowpist, bicyclist, and storyteller. She was ance to buy an apple from her favorite wife to three husbands, mother, street vendor. One day as she was curriculum developer, as well as peace walking along the street with her gover- and social justice activist, said Roberts. ness, a car swerved and hit the apple Throughout her life, Bobbie involved cart. A policeman saw the tumult and her son in political work. “I was raised thought the apple seller was at fault. following her around, knocking on Rosalind “Bobbie” Singer The policeman started hitting the doors, marching and doing picketing vendor with his billy club — and Bobbie work. One of my happiest occasions as LifeLong Medical Care and contributed jumped on the cop’s back and starting a kid was going on a Vietnam protest thousands of dollars to the health care hitting him with her tiny fists. “My march with my parents.” organization over the years. mother used to state that she Bobbie also received a grant started her political career by beatto write a health curriculum ing up a cop,” says Dan Roberts, for the Albany Public Schools. In the Berkeley/Albany area, Bobbie Bobbie’s son, with a laugh. Bobbie’s model of health care Singer worked with Interdependent In childhood, Bobbie lived at advocacy set an example that Elders, which later was folded into fashionable addresses in midencouraged and supported the Over 60 Health Center — LifeLong Manhattan and attended Ethical citizen advocacy for a stronger Medical Care’s first health center. She Culture Schools, because these and more just health care was a strong advocate and supporter schools did not impose quotas system. for LifeLong Medical Care. on Jewish students. Bothered by She was the first board social and economic inequities, president of the Tenderloin she became active in progressive Senior Organizing Project, a causes as a teenager and never 16-year effort to create tenant stopped. “Her first political work was Bobbie was proud of getting associations to fight for the rights of stuffing envelopes for Spanish Civil arrested by protesting at the Nevada low-income elders in San Francisco’s War refugees,” Roberts said. nuclear weapons test site — several single-room occupancy hotels. Bobbie earned Masters Degrees in times. She was a founding member of “She did so much for people!” said history from Dominican College in the Peace Caucus of the American Bobbie’s foster daughter, Michelle San Rafael and in public health from Public Health Association and Coval. “It was Mom’s whole MO. She the University of California, Berkeley. recipient of the Dorothy Nyswander believed that in order to be a human Getting her masters in public health Award of the Society for Public Health being, you had to help others. And if was a fluke: She had wanted to study Education for outstanding contribuyou had more than others, then you for a doctorate in history at UC tions to the field. definitely had to give back. That’s Berkeley in 1961, but she was told In the Berkeley/Albany area, Bobbie exactly what she did her whole life.” that they “wouldn’t even consider worked with Interdependent Elders, Bobbie lived in Berkeley from taking a woman your age,” said her which later was folded into the Over 1963-2006, when she relocated to son. She was 37. 60 Health Center — LifeLong Medical Seattle to be close to her son, Dan Fortunately, Bobbie heard from a Care’s first health center. Bobbie Roberts. “But her heart was always friend that Cal Berkeley was looking continued to be a strong advocate for in Berkeley,” he said. 12 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E

Make a Difference — Today! A few ways you can help support LifeLong Medical Care: u Give a Gift Today! Your contribution helps LifeLong fulfill its mission of providing high-quality health care to people of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay. u Double Your Impact: Find out if your company has a matching gifts program. u Leave a Legacy: Contact our Development Department for more information on setting up a lasting gift. Call 510.981.4154 or development@lifelongmedical.org. u Hold a Fundraiser: Work with the LifeLong Development Department to hold a fundraiser on LifeLong’s behalf. This type of event helps to spread the word about our cause. u Donate Your Vehicle: We accept cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RV’s and boats! Car Donation Services

The Claremont Club and Spa in Berkeley.

Special Events Save the Date for Annual Gala! LifeLong’s Annual Gala will take place March 2, 2019, at the Claremont Club and Spa in Berkeley. It will start at 5:30 p.m. Check out our website to learn more: lifelongmedical.org. Annual Charity Golf Tournament In partnership with San Pablo Lytton Casino, LifeLong Medical Care’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament took place October 29, 2018, at the Richmond Country Club, a privately owned golf course. Proceeds from this fun event went to LifeLong Brookside and LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care in San Pablo.

makes it easy for you. You may get a tax write-off when you donate it to LifeLong Medical Care. Call 888.686.4483 today to set up an appointment with Car Donation Services. u AmazonSmile & e-scrip: LifeLong Medical Care benefits when you shop with escrip.com and AmazonSmile. Visit Amazon.com or lifelongmedical.org for more information. u Call or Email Us: Speak with our Development & External Communications Director about making a contribution or discuss ways you can help make a difference. Contact Katherine S. O’Donnell at 510.981.4183 or email: kodonnell@lifelongmedical.org. u Follow Us Online: Like LifeLong on Facebook! u Attend Our Events: Sign up to get our e-newsletters and updates. Email us at: development@lifelongmedical.org. LifeLong appreciates everything you have done and continue to do for us each and every day. Life is filled with uncertainty. We get it. We hope you will consider giving at the same level you have in years past, if not more, to help a person in need of medical, dental, and/or social services. You can — and do — make a difference by giving a gift today.



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Did You Know? 2018: LifeLong Patients By Age*

2018: LifeLong Patients By Race* 30,000









22,500 20,000





More Than One Race


African American

Other/Unreported Race

2018: LifeLong Patients By Ethnicity*


65+ years

45-64 years

35-44 years

20-34 years


15-19 years

13-14 years

5-12 years

1-4 years

1,515 Under 1 Year












7,486 4,792











Total Number of LifeLong Patients Served: 61,444


Unreported Ethnicity *Data based on Uniform Data System (UDS) Report.

14 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E

LifeLong Patients Living at or Below Federal Poverty Level (FPL)*


are at/or below FPL


did not report income


are at/or above FPL

*Federal Poverty Level = $24,300 (Annual Income for a Household of Four)

Fiscal Year: July 1, 2017–June 30, 2018**

LifeLong Medical Care Financial Statement  REVENUE  atient & Third Party Fees: P $57,735,162 Grants & Contracts: $22,389,496 Other Income: $8,811,877 In-Kind: $20,208

. . .


Total Revenue: $88,956,743 EXPENSES  rogram Services: P $64,415,786 Support Services: $17,193,665 ** U  naudited financial reporting ending June 30, 2018.



Total Expenses: $81,609,451 Net Income: $7,347,292

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LifeLong Medical Care Services

Locations in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin Counties



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Supportive Housing Program East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) 16 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E


LifeLong Medical Care Offers the Following Services by City: Administrative Office Administrative Office & Patient Services 2344 Sixth St. Berkeley | (510) 981-4100

Health Centers Ashby Health Center 3075 Adeline St., Suite 280 Berkeley | (510) 981-4100 Over 60 Health Center 3260 Sacramento St. Berkeley | (510) 981-4100 West Berkeley Family Practice 837 Addison St. Berkeley | (510) 981-4100 Downtown Oakland Health Center 616 16th St. Oakland | (510) 981-4100 Eastmont Health Center 7200 Bancroft Ave., Suite 125A Oakland | (510) 981-4100 East Oakland Health Center Foothill Square 10700 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 14B Oakland | (510) 981-4100 Howard Daniel Health Center 9933 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland | (510) 981-4100 Lenoir Health Center 2940 Summit St., Suite 1B Oakland | (510) 834-4897 Trust Health Center 386 14th St. Oakland | (510) 210-5050 Pinole Health Center 806 San Pablo Ave., Suite 1 Pinole | (510) 981-3255 Brazell H. Carter Health Center 2600 Macdonald Ave. Richmond | (510) 981-4100

Brookside Richmond Health Center 1030 Nevin Ave. Richmond | (510) 215-5001 William Jenkins Health Center 150 Harbour Way Richmond | (510) 237-9537

School-Based Health Centers Rosa Parks Elementary School Berkeley Emeryville Health Center Emeryville

Rodeo Health Center 25 California St. Rodeo | (510) 981-3255

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Brookside San Pablo Health Center 2023 Vale Rd. San Pablo | (510) 215-9092

West Oakland Middle School Oakland

Supportive Housing Program Immediate/Urgent Care Centers

Berkeley (3 sites)

lmmediate/Urgent Care–Berkeley 2001 Dwight Way, Suite 1388 Berkeley | (510) 204-7979

Oakland (9 sites)

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lmmediate/Urgent Care–San Pablo 2023 Vale Rd. San Pablo | (510) 231-9800

East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP)

Adult Day Health Center

EBCRP Main Office 2579 San Pablo Ave. Oakland | (510) 446-7100

Marin Adult Day Health Center 1905 Novato Blvd. Novato | (415) 897-6884

Dental Care Centers Berkeley Dental Care 1860 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley | (510) 653-8500 Pinole Dental Care 806 San Pablo Ave., Suite 1 Pinole | (510) 981-3255 Brookside Dental Care 2023 Vale Rd. San Pablo | (510) 231-9814

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LifeLong Medical Care Deeply Appreciates Your Generosity. Thank you for your support. $10,000 and Above Anonymous (1) Ron** & Patricia Adler Dorothy Graham Jeanine & Guy Saperstein

$5,000 – $9,999 Anne B. Hannah-Roy Herrick & Elaine Jackson Carol Jenkins Philip** & Carol Kamlarz

$2,500 – $4,999 Dennis & Joni Cote Katherine Gunther Chris** & Martha Elena Kiefer Joe & Jane N. Selby Madeleine H. Shearer David & Shannon Sloves Ethan Stone Judith** & Elliott Turiel

$1,000 – $2,499 Anonymous (3) Henry L. Abrons & Li-hsia Wang Eileen Barrett & Elissa Dennis Edward & Donna Deckard Kimberly Duir* Bill Falik & Diane Cohen Stanley & Mary Friedman Hugh and Elizabeth Fullerton Full Circle Fund Rick Goldsmith & Lauren Moreno* Jacqueline Gross Cristina Hawes-Bensadoun & Marc Bensadoun John** & Amy Jenkins Paul A. Leonard Peter Leary & Theresa Lawhead Roland Lum Colin P. Lynch Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey Joel & Carol Marcus Chester Mark Christine Modera Christopher & Maureen Oakes Edgar Quiroz** & Claudia Avila-Quiroz David & Beth Sawi Maggie & Contee Seely Gayle & Jim Sells Kanwar D. Singh* & Harneet Nibber Rosalind Singer Richard Spickard & Charlotte Anderson Peter Szutu & Jan Eldred Barbara Towner* Earl R. Williamson

$500 – $999 Anonymous (2 ) Irma Anderson Jeffrey D. Angell & Joan King-Angell* Leonard Bachman Kay Blonz Roberta Brooks & Billy McDonald

Mark Brown Luisa Buada Ruth & Stanley Buchwalter Rick Clark & Patty Reed Arden J. Kwan & Mei Y. Chow-Kwan Frances Dinkelspiel & Gary Wayne Robert E. & Susan* Edmondson Gloria Flores-Garcia** Jesse Goldlink Robert & Shelley Golomb David Greenberg* Anne & Conn Hallinan Janet Howley** & Michael Bridges Felicia M. Jones* John Kelly* Frank & Jan Klobas Arthur Krantz Elena & Ronald Krause Gretchen Kunitz Georgia M. Lacy** Norman & Audrey Lewak Robert F. Lewis & Mary Ford Lorenzo Friar Steve J. & Linda Lustig Bill & Emily Marthinsen Fred & Julie Nachtwey Martin A. Paley Jacqueline Richter & Stuart Flashman Lisa Schilling Thomas & Sheila M. Schwartzburg Julie Sinai* & Eric Riley Carol L. Wilkins & Bill Savidge Richard Shapiro & Pat Sakai

Jane Cullinan & Cal James Shanna Cruz* Robert L. Davis Kara* & Michael De La Paz Gerald & Gail Eiselman Stephanie Estes* Crystal Eubanks Nancy & Jerome Falk Susan Ferguson* & Ken Finney Robert & Kayla Fitzpatrick Richard E. Flanagan Jane Ann Fontenot & Bud Hensley John Forcum* Linda Frankel* & Charles Weitzer Alvaro Fuentes Gillian Fynn* Andrew Gaines & Leda Dederich Michael Gallagher & Theo Schwabacher Mukulla Godwin Amos & Marilyn Goldhaber Larry Goldman & Paci Hammond Brenda Goldstein* Amy & George Gorman Ana Grande* Gretchen & Richard Grant Jonee Grassi Marian & Roger Gray Sylvia Green* Michele Grim Eric* & Susanna Henley Mary Hennessy Ryan Hensler* Paul Hofmann Janet Hurwich $100 – $499 Amanda Jones* Anonymous (12) Eileen Kahn Jennie Alexich & Patricia Kates & Henry Brady Bruce A. Harris Audrey Kavka Stephanie Allan & Brett Louis Labat Downey Peter Leary & Keith Alward Theresa Lawhead Barbara Anderson Ying Lee She Ankrah Deborah LeVeen Norman Awill & Suzette Lew Barbara Camacho Rick & Carol Leytem Arthur & Debra Bakal Andra Lichtenstein & Former Mayor Tom Bates & Former Senator Loni Hancock William Glover John C. Link & Susan Battersby* Phyllis Goldsmith Ron & Lucinda* Bazile Dan & Emily Loeb Mariana Beatty Skylar Loeb* Judith L. Bloom Martin & JoAnn Lorber Sara Branco Stuart Lyle Katharine T. Brookes Susan Marinoff & Brad & Nenelle Bunnin Thomas Schrag Jerome Burke Bennett & Wendy Markel Lanna Butler-McCoy Lucia Matzger Carrie Cangelosi* & Chris McCarthy Michael Lee Mary Catherine McDermott Supervisor Keith Carson Njeri McGee-Tyner Brazell Carter* & Cheryl Maier & William Donnalucci Williams Dabney Curtis Caton Matthew & Joyce Mc Carron Joan H. Cole Patricia McGowan Richard Conway & Tom Meyer Mary Mapelli-Conway Meredith Minkler & Gilberto A. Cooper Jerry Peters Linda A. Cozzarelli Marcelo & Maria T. Mino Robert & Mary Jo Cretti E.S. & Catharine D. Moran

18 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E

Norman & Eleanor Moscow Sherry Novick Steve O’Brien Katherine S.* & Greg O’Donnell Carmel O’Hara Annegret & Dunbar Ogden III Josh Oliver Omoniyi Omotoso* Mike Panza Beverly Parker* DL* & Sonja Poole Arthur & Lucille Poskanzer Harold & Turi Reynolds José Rodriguez* & René Nieves Ursula Rolfe J.J. & R.H. Romeo David Rosenthal & Eva Yarmo Izac Ross John & Debbi Sack Alina Salganicoff Craig* and Lillian Samuel Gladys Sanguinetti Melissa Schoen & Andy Huntington Tracy Schrider Thomas & Sheila M. Schwartzburg David & Terry Shames Cynthia Sharpe* Douglas & Wendy Sinton Senator Nancy Skinner Trina Smith* Susan & Bruce Stangeland Neil & Nicole Steffen Stuart Stoller & Novella Smith Jane Summer* Patricia** & Peter Sussman Diane Sharken Taboada & Arturo Taboada Dolores S. Taller Richard Thomason & Heidi Goldstein Jeff & Linda Trowbridge Ignatius Tsang Harvey & Susan Tureck Hans & Leni Von Blanckensee William & Diane Waite Laurence & Ruth Walker Margaret Wessner John White & Marcia Black Kenneth Wilkinson & Sandi Goldstein Pamela Williams Barbara & Chris Wilson Sara Woolf* Douglas & Betty Jo Yamamoto

Up to $99 Anonymous (24) Rachel Allen Rochelle Allen* Maria Almendares Stefanie Almendares Edith Alonso* Melvin Barnett Bianca Barajas* Fern Burch & Frank Koval Rakesha Butler* Catharine (Trina) Campbell* Laura Cardenas Adrienne Carter

Sam Chatterton-Kirchmeier* Arthur Chin Denis Clifford Renisha Coleman Michael Crane Maria Culcasi* Cynthia C. Daniels* Michael Deegan-McCree Jocelyn De Sena* Rojan Duncan* J. A. Ellis Jacqueline Ensign Maricela Escobar* Patricia Espinosa* Guillermina Flores* Sharon Fox Rozlyn Franklin Douglas* & Amy Frey Yolanda Gamble Ronald Ganzon Joy Garibay Cheri Gillies* Alexander Gray* Fariza Hammadou Frank & Lorraine Hauser Rosa Hippler Alyssa Hodge Mark Jackson* Bilan Jirde* Ryan Joves Jana Katsuyama Emeric Kennard Neil & Peggy Kostick Martha Kuhl Margery Lackman & Daniel Smith Julia La Manna Sally Lappen & Nik Warren Samali Kasozi-Lubega* Ty Lambert Richard Levine & Susan Helmrich Jean R. Lieber Dan Lieberman Corrina Ma Christine & Jay Magtibay Amberlyn Martinez Norris Heidi Mayer Lenore McDonald Amanda Morris Elsa Mora* Jessica Munoz* Judy Nakadegawa Josalynn Neal* Helen & John Neville Ellen Newman & Nicholas Ray Son Nguyen* Ifeoma Nwokoye Tamra Ollar Rachel Onate* Mayra Orozco-Llamas Leo & Hasse Pagel Hugo & Rebecca Pemintel Lourdes Quinonez* Terri Restelli-Deits* Francis Reyes Eloise Rossiter* Victor Rubin Kyle Russ* Janelle Sauz Jack Sawyer Katherine Schoellenbach*

Dorothy M. Schurmann Laura Sideman Rissman Kristin Soriano* Julia Still* Joan G. Sullivan Austin Thai* Linda Tsai Ellen Vargas* Nancy Veerhusen* Charlotte Walker* Jennifer Wachter* Gurinder Wadhwa* Claire Wahrhaftig Mike Wakefield John & Rosemary Walker Corrine Warmsley* Paul Warren-Boyd Stanley & Constance Weisner Carla Willis* Adisa Willmer Winslow Weir-Mathews Matt Woodruff Deborah Workman* Elena Xuncax* Tenzin Youdon*

In-Kind (Individuals) Ron** & Pat Adler Susan & Kent Adler Dr. Mostafa Barakzoy* Judith L. Bloom Rakesha Butler* Suzette Carson Rory Caygill-Walsh* Linda Collins* Kara* & Michael De La Paz Jason Eriksen Gloria Flores-Garcia** Jane Ann Fontenot & Bud Hensley Yolanda Gamble Michael Gallagher & Theo Schwabacher David Greenberg* Johnathan Hill* Paul Hofmann John** & Amy Jenkins Javon & James Johnson III** Jana Katsuyama Chris** & Martha Elena Kiefer Michael Krasny Sally Lappen & Nik Warren Katie Lewis* Skylar Loeb* Theresa Lua Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey Felicia Ma* Leanne Marcotrigiano* Mary McLellan* Akash Patel Kyle Russ* David & Beth Sawi Helen Schneider Roger Sosakete Perkins & Chela Zitani* Cris & Lorna Strotz Ray E. Stewart, DMD, MS Patricia Sussman** Supporters of LifeLong Barbara Towner* Judy Turiel**

In-Kind (Businesses) 102.9 KBLX Ashby Village Aveda Bay Area Discovery Museum Beach Blanket Babylon Berkeleyside Boyd’s Coffee Canvas and Cabernet Claremont Resort & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel Clif Family Winery Coca Cola Co. Credo Restaurant Disneyland Resort East Brothers Beer Co. Every Woman Counts Freight and Salvage Coffee House Foods Co. Family Forever Photography Golden State Warriors Grocery Outlet Happy Boy Farms Hofmann Healthcare Group Horizon Home Health Care Kaur Fine Art Portraits Kaur House of Portraits Kaur Photography Ketér Salon Kiehl’s KTVU Fox 2 News La Farine Lagunitas Brewing Company Maui Jim Sunglasses Morton & Bassett Spice Company North Bay Brewery Tours Oakland Harley-Davidson Oakland Zoo Pacific Janitorial Supply Co. Picklewood Vineyards Piedmont Grocery Co. Rainbow Donuts Ravenswood Winery Richmond Country Club Rosenblum Cellars Safeway Safeway Community Markets Sam’s Club Southwest Airlines Specialty Produce Starbucks St. George Spirits The Berkeley Baby Book Project Tomate Café Trader Joe’s

Tribute Gifts Thank you to all who gave in honor of: Pat & Ron Adler** Ron Adler** Bill & Susan Maria Teresa Cordova-Perez Cate Flanagan Chris Kiefer** Marty Lynch* Kevin Modera Nibber Family Over 60 Center Nance Rosencranz Helen Schneider

Margaret Sheehan Bobbie Singer Pat Sussman** Ellie Vargas* All Staff at LifeLong Medical Care Thank you East Oakland! Your great work!

James McMillan Mike Panza Arnold & Karen Perkins Alice Prussin Paul & Florence B. Raskin José Rodriguez* & René Nieves Ursula Rolfe William Savidge & Memorial Gifts Carol L. Wilkins Thank you to all who gave Thomas & Sheila Schwartzberg in memory of: Lisa Schilling Wilbert Anderson Jim & Gayle Sells Marieta B. Andrade Diane Sharken Taboada & Alfred Bernstein Arturo Taboada Gloria Burke, M.D. Senator Nancy Skinner & Annie Fradkin Lance Brady Vern Haddick & Paul Herman Stacey Stein* & Garen Corbett Dr. William Jenkins John Suhr Mrs. Lucille Labat Peter Szutu & Jan Eldred Helene London Teresa Tam Mercedes The Joseph & Vera Long Muriel Paley Foundation Barbara Scales Justin Tholen Ida Mae Young Miggie Trevino-Carson Dr. William Jenkins Health Jeff & Linda Trowbridge Center’s Capital Campaign William & Diane Waite Stan & Connie Weisner Henry L. Abrons & Deborah Workman* Li-hsia Wang Ron** & Patricia Adler Businesses, Organizations, Irma Anderson Foundations and John Balmes Government Supporters Gilbert Banuelos & Jen 916 Poker Depot Molgaard Eileen Barrett & Elissa Dennis Ace Home Health Care & Hospice Stefano Bertozzi Abode Services Judith L. Bloom Ainsworth Game Technology Roberta Brooks & Billy AJE Partners McDonald Alameda Alliance for Health Mark Brown Alameda Health Consortium Luisa Buada Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Alexis Burck Alpha Gaming, Inc. John Chiang Alzheimer’s Association Brazell Carter* & AmeriPride Services, Inc. Donnalucci Williams Asian Health Services Kimberly Duir Robert & Susan* Edmondson Bay Area Beverage Company Bay Area Discovery Museum Jane Anne Fontenot & Bud Hensley Benevity Community Impact Fund Gillian Fynn* Berkeley Unified School Larry Goldman & Paci District Hammond Bingham, Osborn & Howard & Alice Gruber Scarborough Foundation Eric* & Susanna Henley Bluenovo Tasha Henneman** Blue Shield of California Janet Howley** & Foundation Michael Bridges Bonita House, Inc. Shing Yan Hung Boyd’s Coffee Carol Jenkins California Allied for Patient John** & Amy Jenkins Protection Smriti Joneja* California Colorectal Cancer Kaiser Permanente-East Bay Coalition (C4) Community Foundation California Health Care Philip** & Carol Kamlarz Foundation Chris** & Martha Elena Kiefer CaliforniaVolunteers Gerry Kosko Center for Care Innovations Georgia Lacy** Center for Elders’ Joe Lee Independence Ying Lee Chevron Corporation John C. Link & Phyllis Cintas Goldsmith City of Berkeley Amelia Lopez City of Emeryville Steve & Linda Lustig City of Oakland Colin Lynch City of Richmond Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey City of San Pablo Chris McCarthy CL Dellums Catherine McDonald Coca-Cola Co.

Community Clinic Consortium Community Health Center Network CONCERN: EAP Contra Costa Electric, Inc. Contra Costa Health Services County of Alameda County of Contra Costa County of Marin Curiale Wilson, LLP Cypress Security Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation Del Monte Meat Co. Delta Dental Community Care Foundation East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation East Bay Community Foundation East Bay Foundation on Aging Ecolab EMCOR Service / Mesa Energy Systems Federal Heath Sign Co. Foods Co. Gallagher Chapman GIMAG Home Health Care Ginnie & Peter Haas Jr. Fund HealthFlex Home Health Services Hofmann Healthcare Group Hillhouse Construction Hugh and Elizabeth Fullerton Full Circle Fund IDEO IGT Irwin H. and Viola Mae Lowrey Fund at The East Bay Community Foundation Jewish Community Federation John Muir Health Joseph and Vera Long Foundation Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Program Kaiser Permanente East Bay Area Community Benefit Leavitt United Insurance Services Local Initiatives Support Corporation March of Dimes Marie Star Home Health Services Marin General Hospital Marin Community Foundation Mauzy Insurance Services, Inc. Mechanics Bank Mercy Housing Mountain Fresh Spring Water Multimedia Games, Inc. Mutual of America Nonstop Administration & Insurances Services, Inc. North Bay Brewery Tours Novato Senior Citizens Club Inc. Oakland Unified School District Office Stuff, Inc. Oliver & Company On Lok, Inc. Pacific Janitorial Supply Co. Pacific Service Credit Union Peralta Community College District People Ready Performance Live

Presbyterian Church of Novato PT Gaming LLC Public Health Institute Rahab Medical Supply Red Bull Republic Services Resources for Community Development Richmond Express Safeway San Pablo Lytton Casino Satellite Affordable Housing Associates Scientific Games SGPA Architecture and Planning Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Varian Partners in Giving Employee Engagement Fund) Smart & Final Charitable Foundation Southern Glacier’s Wine & Spirits State of California Stidham Law Offices Suhr Risk Services Sunlight Giving Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center SYSCO Food Services of San Francisco, Inc. The California Endowment The Center for Independent Living The Regents of the University of California The San Francisco Foundation The Standard The Swenson Group The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation Thomas J. Long Foundation Tides Foundation TLB Insurance Services Tomate Café Tri-City Health Center Tri-Quest Builders & Developers, Inc. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development University of California, San Francisco Union Bank Foundation United Way of the Bay Area US Bank Yoga Dana Foundation Your Cause, LLC

LifeLong Medical Care Staff (Contributed 15+ Years):

Norman Banks Mostafa Barakzoy Azucena Barocio Lucinda Bazile Kimberly Cardoso Diane Chow La Juana Clark Douglas Clarke Jessie Coker Yahne Davis Delia Delgado Patricia Espinosa Guillermina Flores Jessica Furer Luz Garcia Alicia Garcia-Ceja Ericka Maldonado Melvia Gibson Ana Grande Sylvia Green Ana Guerrero LaKimba Hart Frances Herb Maricela Hernandez Malie Javier Lisa Kasle Rachel Kham-Onate Yevette Ladd John Lennox Denise Lenoir Barbara Lewis Erika Lopez Marty Lynch Jesse Merjil Laura Miller Barbara Moore Elsa Mora Alvaro Morales Wanda Morales Edna Moushiabad Rocella Negrete-Garcia Grisselva Pardinas Rosa Ramirez Alison Roberts Ana Robles Carole Russell Beth Schweitzer Kathryn Stambaugh Ann Sussman David Thompson Barbara Towner Diana Trinidad Laurie Trombla Christina Urias Arcelia Valadez Guillermina Vazquez-Blue Carol Violet Meredith Whiteside Dominica Zone Claudia Zurita

Edith Alonso Yadira Alvarez

*LifeLong Medical Care Staff **LifeLong Medical Care Board Member We have recognized contributions made between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. We hope we have acknowledged your generosity accurately. Please contact us at development@lifelongmedical.org to notify us of any unintended errors or omissions.

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An outstanding place, with great medical assistants, nurses and doctors. I have been to others — this is the place to come. I trust them, they work fast, listen, and are very, very caring, knowledgeable, personable, and helpful. I have a PhD, work in healthcare, and have many MD friends and relatives. This is what medicine today should look and feel like. — LifeLong Medical Care Patient







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