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A Message from Dr. Marty Lynch After 41 years of serving the community, LifeLong Medical Care continues to innovate and improve the way we deliver health care. Last year we served 59,395 people in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Marin Counties in a variety of settings: from primary care, to urgent care and dental care, in schools, an adult day health care center, and in supportive housing facilities. In all settings, our health care providers nurture caring relationships with patients, relationships that sometimes endure for generations. These flourMarty Lynch, Executive Director/CEO


ish because our patients trust us to give them high-quality and compassionate care, regardless of their ability to pay. 2017 has been a challenging year as we struggle to survive financially in a threatening political environment. We never know when Congress will put the Affordable Care Act (ACA) back on the chopping

Our care and commitment to building a healthy community run deep. We strive to find new approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of all populations — regardless of their ability to pay. Your continued support enables us to make a difference.” — Dr. Marty Lynch Executive Director/CEO

block or cut Community Health Center funding. ACA insures thousands of our patients. LifeLong also stands to lose $6 million if federal funding is not continued. Despite political obstacles, we continue to pursue our mission of ensuring that health care is a right — not a privilege. We’ve recently relocated our LifeLong Pinole Health Center and expanded services. We’ve also launched a capital campaign to fund construction of the new LifeLong William Jenkins Health

Center in Richmond. Building on the decades of goodwill and quality medical care with which Dr. Jenkins served children, the new facility will serve patients of all ages. Our care and commitment to building a healthy community run deep. We strive to find new approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of all populations. Your continued support and contributions enable us to make a difference in your community. Thank you.

Marty Lynch Executive Director/CEO


Moms Supporting Moms at Centering Program prenatal care is in a group. There’s so much education and support,” says Deborah SimonWeisberg, MD, as she looks over a group of new moms and babies attending the Centering Program at LifeLong Medical Care’s West Berkeley Health Center. “I started coming to the Centering Program when I was pregnant with my latest baby,” says Noel. “LifeLong called me and invited me to the Program when they learned I was pregnant. It was so good to be able to compare notes with other moms and feel like I wasn’t crazy.”


I love coming to the group and talking about my experiences. I wouldn’t have been able to meet so many moms without the Centering Program.” — Wendy Pregnant women who are due around the same time come to the Centering Program for prenatal care and continue to come for a while after the babies are born. Doctors see each woman individually, carrying out wellwoman assessments, giving vaccinations and PAP tests, and doing checkups on the babies. “At each visit, new moms are given post-partum depression screenings,” says Jocelyn DeSena, Coordinator and Lactation Educator at LifeLong West Berkeley. Women record their own weight and blood pressure. Then they “circle up” and have facilitated discussions on topics of interest, from breast-feeding, to nutrition, to how to handle the division of work in a household with a new baby. “My friend says she goes to the obstetrician and gets rushed out of the office,” says Michelle. “I said I get a whole hour at my visit!” “I love coming to the group and talking about my experiences,” says Wendy. “I wouldn’t have been able to meet so many other moms without the Centering Program.” “There’s a lot of healing going on,” says DeSena. “We are building a community of trust.”

Prenatal Care

“One of the best ways to deliver

Dr. Deborah Simon-Weisberg, MD, checks out a baby at LifeLong Medical Care’s Centering Program, LifeLong West Berkeley Health Center. Moms get well-woman assessments then share pregnancy experiences in a group setting. Families show off their beautiful babies.


Dental Care is Vital to Overall Health says Mostafa Barakzoy, DDS, about the nineyear-old girl who was his dental patient. “Every tooth was broken down from an infection. She was not able to eat because her mouth hurt so badly.” The head of LifeLong Medical Care’s Dental Program and a talented dentist, Dr. Barakzoy was able to fix the little girl’s teeth so she has a healthy and beautiful smile. He believes that oral health is critical to overall medical health, and he is leading LifeLong Medical Care’s efforts to improve dental health for all populations.


We have to reach out to all segments of society who need basic dental services. This outreach includes the minority community and increasing preventive services to kids.” — Dr. Mostafa Barakzoy, DDS “We have to reach out to all segments of society who need basic services,” he says. “This outreach includes the minority community and increasing preventive services to kids. Through good prevention, kids are less likely to have tooth loss and we can help prevent time off school.” LifeLong also is focusing on patients with diabetes, who face increased risk of gum infection and corresponding cardiovascular disease. “He’s the best,” says one of Dr. Barakzoy’s patients, Michael, who has seen him for the past eight years. Michael has diabetes and had broken teeth and a serious infection when he first came into LifeLong. Dr. Brakazoy pulled teeth, performed a surgical technique, and fit Michael with complete dentures. “He said to me, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll give you 100%.’ But he really gives me 200%,” says Michael, flashing a brilliant smile. “It’s a privilege to work with you,” says Dr. Barakzoy to Michael. He added: “In this job, there will never be a day when you get in your car after work and say, ‘What did I do today?’”


Dental Care

“It really hits you in the heart,”

Oral health is vital to overall health, says Mostafa Barakzoy, DDS, head of LifeLong Medical Care’s Dental Program. “He’s the best,” says one of his patients who had surgery and complete dentures fitted. LifeLong is reaching out to provide preventive care to all populations. LifeLong is also a teaching site for University of California, San Francisco dental students.

Loving the Days at Adult Day Health Center for gardening, “we center our care around what each individual likes,” says Kathy Ficco, RN, Care Coordinator at LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center. “I love the gym. I go two to three times a day,” says Jon, a Center Participant. “I like talking with people and sharing ideas,” says Margaret, who enjoys sitting in the sunny garden and sewing lap quilts as she chats. “Jon and I ride the Whistlestop bus together,” she adds. LifeLong provides free transportation from people’s homes in Marin and Sonoma Counties to the Center. Brian, a former chef, is focused on cultivating a pepper garden this year. “The herbs and beefsteak tomatoes are doing well, too.” Sometimes the vegetables are used in cooking meals at the Center. “It’s very, very nice here. They have good meals, too” says Center participant, Ron.


It’s a thrill every time I see this dog. You are the most precious dog. I just love you. I’ll be your great grandma, ok?” — Mary Kathy makes the rounds, chatting with participants and often taking blood pressure or checking blood glucose levels for people with diabetes. She’s always on hand if someone isn’t feeling well. She makes sure that people’s social needs are met. “We do everything we can to prevent social isolation.” “This is the best job in the world,” Kathy says. A young woman from the Marin Humane Society brings her own dog, Piper, around the games room for people to pet. “I bring Piper a couple of times a month. She loves getting the attention from everyone.” “It’s a thrill every time I see this dog,” giggles Mary, who picks Piper up and lets her lick her face. “You are the most precious dog,” she coos. “I just love you. I’ll be your great grandma, ok?”

Elder Care

Whether it’s love of music or a passion

Piper, the therapy dog, stops by LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center to visit. Gardening is a favorite pastime for Brian, a former chef. Staff members chat with participants and check on their medical needs. “We do everything we can to prevent social isolation,” says Kathy Ficco, Registered Nurse.


Friendly Faces Who Treat You Right Away good job,” says Gary about LifeLong Immediate/ Urgent Care – San Pablo. Dr. Desmond Carson, MD, has treated Gary several times. Gary knows he’ll get high-quality care from people who care about him, when he comes to LifeLong Urgent Care. “Patients don’t really care about how much you know, unless they know that you care, too,” observes Dr. Carson.


I always come to LifeLong’s Urgent Care in San Pablo. They do a real good job.” — Gary

LifeLong Medical Care opened its Urgent Care Center across the street from Doctors Medical Center on the same day the San Pablo hospital closed in 2015. While patients who need emergency department services still have to go out of town to be treated, patients who have illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention, but which are not life-threatening or serious enough to require emergency room care, can receive treatment at Immediate/Urgent Care. LifeLong also operates an Immediate/Urgent Care Center in Berkeley. At both locations, LifeLong’s team of experienced clinicians treat all types of non-life-threatening medical conditions, including accidents and falls, sprains and strains, fever or flus, vomiting or diarrhea, broken bones, severe sore throat, among many others. If patients don’t have a primary care provider at LifeLong, our staff will establish one so there is continuity of care. Note: Patients’ names within these stories have been changed to protect their privacy.


Urgent Care

“I always come here. They do a real

Doctors at LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care – San Pablo work with a patient they have known for years. “Patients don’t really care about how much you know, unless they know that you care, too,” says Dr. Carson, MD. Mariam Kamyab, RN, is the Urgent Care Nurse Supervisor for LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care – Berkeley.

“They helped me when I needed it,

because some people usually don’t care,” says an 8th-grade student at Elmhurst Community Prep/Alliance Academy about LifeLong Medical Care’s School-Based Health Center there. LifeLong Medical Care’s School-Based Health Centers are designed to offer age-appropriate, comprehensive medical, dental, health education, and youth-development services during and after school hours. “We provide tools for students and families to be more successful,” says Kristine Carter, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Lead SchoolBased Clinician at LifeLong’s West Oakland Middle School (WOMS) Health Center. “We try to keep people healthy and safe enough to make good decisions for the future. We take a social, mental, and physical approach.”


Y’all saved her life. You supported her. You showed her you cared and it was genuine.” — Grandparent of student

The Centers also provide psychosocial screening that surveys students about nutrition, self-harm, violence, sleep, and sexuality. Providers address any red flags immediately. “Some kids are being bullied or question their sexuality and are at risk for suicide.” The survey also can catch the silent kids who often feel nobody cares about them. The grandparent of an 8th-grade student at LifeLong’s WOMS Health Center says: “It’s what I’ve been looking for since her mom died. Y’all saved her life (when she wanted to commit suicide). You supported her. You showed her you cared and it was genuine . . . I love you guys.” LifeLong sponsors four School-Based Health Centers: Elmhurst Community Prep/Alliance Academy, West Oakland Middle School, Emeryville Health Center, and Rosa Parks Elementary School (behavioral health services only). “We have a good rapport with communities,” notes Carter. “We offer flu clinics for community members and have a food pantry that serves 140 families a month. It’s really rewarding work.”

Care at School

School-Based Care Keeps Kids Healthy

LifeLong’s School-Based Health Centers provide tools to help kids and families be more successful, says Kristine Carter, a Nurse Practitioner at LifeLong’s West Oakland Middle School Health Center. The Health Center also sponsors vaccine clinics and a food pantry for the community at large. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT • 7

“My mother, Olga Graham, started a

wonderful program for seniors at LifeLong Medical Care in my father Victor E. Graham’s memory, after his death in 1987,” says daughter Dorothy Graham. “Now in 2017, we are in the 30th year of my family’s support of LifeLong’s programs to keep elders independent in their own homes and avoid nursing-home placement or re-hospitalization. Through ways both large and small, the funds fill in crucial gaps not covered through other resources.”


The Graham Funds have helped hundreds of patients here. Mrs. Graham, her heart is wide open!” — Rosilyne Wright

Rosilyne Wright, Elder Care Coordinator at LifeLong Medical Care’s East Oakland Health Center, emphasizes: “The Victor Graham Memorial Fund is a lifesaver. It makes all the difference in the world to people.” Wright makes home visits to Angela, who is recovering from a recent hospitalization. The Fund helped Angela with personal care items and a grab bar so she wouldn’t fall and end up back in the hospital. “Rosilyne and the Graham Fund came through for me,” says Angela. “They certainly have made a difference to my life!” With the help of the Graham Funds, many patients were provided with services that went above and beyond. LifeLong’s Social Workers have endless stories of such kindness. For an 81-year-old patient who wanted to see his dying sister in Louisiana, a bus ticket from the Victor Graham Memorial Fund meant he was able to see his 90-year-old sister before she passed. He had not seen her in 20 years and was extremely grateful for this precious gift. Dorothy Graham also knew there was a serious need to establish the Graham Respite Care Fund, which provides home care services for patients. It also enables families to get away for a few hours and recharge while knowing their family member is being cared for by a medical professional.


Graham Funds

30 Years of Making a Difference for Seniors

The Victor Graham Memorial Fund and the Graham Respite Care Fund help keep elders independent in their home and avoid nursing-home placement. Rosilyne Wright, Elder Care Coordinator at LifeLong East Oakland Health Center, visits a patient in her home. “We are so grateful to have this funding available,” says Talia Davidow, Lead Social Worker for LifeLong Medical Care’s Over 60 Health Center.

As his mother looks on, eight-year-old

Manuel helps Certified Nurse Midwife Kim Cardoso move a Doppler wand over his mom’s pregnant belly. Suddenly, he hears the heartbeat of his soon-to-be-born brother or sister. “Oh my gosh!” he exclaims. Cardoso’s face lights up. Mom looks at her firstborn lovingly. As LifeLong Medical Care’s Women’s Health Lead, Cardoso never tires of seeing this kind of family scene: “I love my job.” “She knows us,” says mom Stacy about Cardoso. “We’ve been seeing each other during my whole pregnancy. She makes me feel so comfortable.” Once Stacy has her baby, she can come back to see Cardoso and her team throughout all stages of her life.


She knows us. We’ve been seeing each other during my whole pregnancy. She makes me feel so comfortable.” — Stacy

Her kids can receive their health care at LifeLong Ashby Health Center, too. When they moved to their light-filled space at Berkeley’s Ed Roberts Campus, above the Ashby BART Station, in 2015, “we realized we were perfectly positioned to start caring for children, too,” says Cardoso, who is an Associate Medical Director and Women’s Health Lead there. “It feels great to be able to care for all ages and whole families now. The patients and staff are loving it,” says Cardoso. Their team approach to women’s health care includes medical providers, midwives, community health workers, nurses, medical assistants, social workers, and health educators — all working to provide health care at every stage of a woman’s life. “Women come from a lot of different backgrounds and challenges. Our philosophy of care is meeting patients where they’re at.”

Women’s Health

Providing Care From Babies to Hot Flashes

A young boy hears the heartbeat of his brother or sister in his mom’s womb for the first time. Certified Nurse Midwife Kim Cardoso sees her patients throughout their pregnancy. Women’s Health Services Lead for LifeLong, Cardoso says they take a team-based approach to care that appeals to patients and staff.


PrEP: Breaking Through the Stigma this?” That’s the reaction most patients have when they learn that by taking a pill once a day they can prevent HIV,” says Samali Lubega, MD, Associate Medical Director at LifeLong Medical Care’s East Oakland Health Center. The treatment is known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. “We want PrEP to be part of patients’ overall sexual health throughout their lives,” says Dr. Lubega, a Family Physician with specialist certification in HIV care. “We want to break through the stigma.” Rather than “targeting” patients at high risk of HIV, LifeLong providers are coached to weave information about PrEP into natural conversations with patients.


We want PrEP to be part of patients’ overall sexual health throughout their lives. We want to break through the stigma.” — Dr. Samali Lubega In conjunction with University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), LifeLong Medical Care is participating in PrEP research. While most studies have been conducted on men, LifeLong is studying women of color, who have disproportionately higher rates of HIV compared with other ethnicities. “Women who are on PrEP have a 0% chance of getting HIV,” says Dr. Lubega. “And it’s safe for nursing women.” The PrEP drug, Truvada, is expensive, but most insurance plans cover Truvada for eligible patients, notes Dr. Lubega. Uninsured patients who are eligible can join Alameda County Health Program to pay for medication. “I think the most important thing is to show patients we’re invested in their holistic health, including sexual health,” says Trina Smith, LifeLong East Oakland’s Lead Medical Assistant and member of the study’s community advisory board. LifeLong has a very high HIV-testing rate for its patients and a successful outreach and treatment program for patients who test positive. Dr. Lubega has long had a personal interest in this work: “My parents are from Africa, and they had family members who died from AIDS.” 10 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E

HIV Care

“How can it be that I’ve never heard of

”PrEP, a drug that prevents HIV infection, should be part of patients’ overall sexual health,” says Samali Lubega, MD, Associate Medical Director at LifeLong Medical Care East Oakland Health Center. Dr. Lubega, a Family Physician with specialist certification in HIV care, works with other providers and staff to “break through the stigma”.

“I’ve known Mrs. Flores my whole

life,” says Maria, who came to LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center when she was a child, and whose two children now get their care at the Health Center. “My father also came here, so it’s three generations of our family who’ve gotten our pediatric care here.” “It’s pretty cool that Grandpa came here, too,” says 14-year-old Ricky. “When my mother first passed, my kids were younger, and I didn’t know what to do,” adds Maria. “Mrs. Flores would call me and say, ‘You’ve got to get their vaccinations now,’ or ‘You’ve got to get the baby her check-up now.’ She told me everything I needed to do. They really take care of you here.”


It’s wonderful to know generations of families. Often I’ll be stopped on the street by my former pediatric patients. Oh my goodness, they grow up on you!” — Mrs. Guillermina Flores Mrs. Guillermina Flores, the supervisor for the Health Center, worked with Dr. Jenkins for 39 years. As one of the first African American pediatricians practicing in the Richmond flats, Dr. Jenkins treated more than a million patients. “He was a sweetheart,” remembers Maria. Dr. Jenkins passed away in 2012. His practice merged with LifeLong Medical Care soon after. Mrs. Flores has continued to work there: “It’s part of my life,” she says. “People trust you.” LifeLong Medical Care is constructing a new health center that will expand services and give permanence to the decades of goodwill and quality medical care with which Dr. Jenkins served the Richmond community. “I’m looking forward to the convenience of having care for all ages,” Maria says. “It’s wonderful to know generations of families,” says Mrs. Flores. “Often I’ll be stopped in the street by former patients who knew me when they were kids. Oh my goodness, they grow up on you!”

Pediatric Care

Providing Care for Generations of Kids

Mrs. Guillermina Flores, Supervisor for the LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center, has worked with three generations of the same family. An architectural drawing shows the proposed LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center, which will expand services. Now a mom, Maria posed with the late Dr. Jenkins at his retirement party.

2 0 1 7 A N N U A L R E P O R T • 11

Johnny had been living on the streets

of Oakland for three years. He had pneumonia and a badly infected leg wound when he finally found his way to LifeLong Medical Care’s Trust Health Center. “I talked with Dr. J (Dr. Jason Reinking),” says Johnny. “When he looked at my leg, he said, ‘Ok, it’s really bad, but you and me are going to fix this.’ Something about the way he said that made me trust him.” “Trust brought me in. They sat me down and they LOOKED at me. They said, ‘You’re not going to be outside any longer.’ ”


At Trust, we’ve always strived to be leaders in whole-person care.” — Dr. Jeffrey Seal

Johnny’s leg wound was on the verge of sepsis. He had pneumonia and was addicted. His kidneys were only functioning at 50% levels. His teeth were rotting. Trust offered Johnny integrated, team-based care and primary care medical services, as well as behavioral health care services. It also provided recovery-focused medical care, specialty medical care, and health coaching. “At Trust, we’ve always strived to be leaders in whole-person care. Through community and collaboration, we’re developing ways to tend to all of the facets of a person’s life — housing, substance-use treatment, work, relationships — which help ensure their recovery,” says Jeffrey Seal, MD, Psychiatrist and Medical Director of Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless. Johnny received wound care daily. He kept his medical appointments, took his medications, and participated in self-care classes. His Health and Wellness Coach helped him find halfway houses and eventually qualify for his own apartment — a long-held dream. “I have a new lease on life. Without Trust in my life, I really don’t think I would be here.”

12 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E

Whole-Person Care

Trust is a Leader In Whole-Person Care

LifeLong Medical Care Trust Health Center offers integrated, whole-person care for all facets of a patient’s life. Through community collaboration, staff cares for a patient’s medical, housing, behavioral mental health, and substance-use treatment needs. “I have a new lease on life,” says a patient.

Did You Know?

2017: LifeLong Patients By Age Under 1 Year:


1-4 years:


5-12 years:


13-14 years:


15-19 years:


20-34 years:


35-44 years:


45-64 years:


65+ years:

6,229 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000


Total Number of LifeLong Patients Served: 59,395

2017: LifeLong Patients By Race/Ethnicity African American








More Than One Ethnicity
















22 24



Total Number of LifeLong Patients Served: 59,395

2 0 1 7 A N N U A L R E P O R T • 13

Did You Know?

Number of Patients Visiting LifeLong’s East Bay/Marin Health Center Sites Berkeley/Emeryville

San Pablo/Pinole/Rodeo









In 2017, the Total Number of LifeLong Patients Served: 59,395

LifeLong Patients Living at or Below Federal Poverty Level (FPL)*

LifeLong Medical Care Financial Statement Fiscal Year: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017** REVENUE


 atient & Third Party Fees: P 50,478,306 Grants & Contracts: 20,064,329


are below FPL

. .

Other Income: 8,118,998 In-Kind: 42,094 Total Revenue: 78,703,727 EXPENSES


are above FPL

*Federal Poverty Level = $24,300 (Annual Income for a Household of Four)

Program Services: 58,710,431 Support Services: 15,775,010



Total Expenses: 74,485,441 Net Income: 4,218,286 ** Unaudited financial reporting ending June 30, 2017.

14 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E


Make a Difference —Today! A few ways you can help support LifeLong Medical Care: u Give a Gift Today! Your contribution helps LifeLong fulfill its mission of providing high-quality health care to people of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay. u Double Your Impact: Find out if your company has a matching gifts program. Leave a Legacy: Contact our Development Department u for more information on setting up a lasting gift. Call 510.981.4154 or development@lifelongmedical.org. Hold a Fundraiser: Work with the LifeLong Developu ment Department to hold a fundraiser on LifeLong’s behalf. This type of event helps to spread the word about our cause. Donate Your Vehicle: We accept cars, trucks, vans, u motorcycles, RV’s and boats! Car Donation Services makes it easy for you. You may get a tax write-off when you donate it to LifeLong Medical Care. Call 888.686.4483 today to set up an appointment with Car Donation Services.

Special Events LifeLong’s Annual Gala Kicks Off New William Jenkins Health Center Capital Campaign More than 225 people attended our Annual Gala February 25, 2017 at Hs Lordships Restaurant in Berkeley. The dinner-dance and fundraiser also kicked off the LifeLong William Jenkins Health Center Capital Campaign. The “fund-a-need” event at the gala raised $26,000 to start this venture.

Annual Charity Golf Tournament San Pablo Lytton Casino’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament took place October 16, 2017, at the Richmond Country Club, a privately owned golf course. This fun event benefitted LifeLong Brookside and LifeLong Urgent Care Center in San Pablo.

Save the Date! LifeLong’s Annual Gala will take place February 24, 2018, at the Claremont Club & Spa in Berkeley starting at 5:30 p.m. Check out our website: LifeLongMedical.org for more information.

AmazonSmile & e-scrip: LifeLong Medical Care benefits u when you shop with escrip.com and AmazonSmile. Visit Amazon.com or LifeLongMedical.org for more information. Call or Email Us: Speak with our Development & External u Communications Director about making a contribution or discuss ways you can help make a difference. Contact Katherine S. O’Donnell at 510.981.4183 or email: kodonnell@lifelongmedical.org. Follow Us Online: Like LifeLong on Facebook! u u Attend Our Events: Sign up to get our e-newsletters and updates. Email us at: development@lifelongmedical.org. LifeLong appreciates everything you have done and continue to do for us each and every day. Life is filled with uncertainty. We get it. We hope you will consider giving at the same level you have in years past, if not more, to help a person in need of medical, dental, and/or social services. You can — and do — make a difference by giving a gift today. Thank you.



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Marty Lynch, Executive Director/CEO


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LifeLong Medical Care Locations Alameda County Ashby Health Center 3075 Adeline St., Suite 280 Berkeley, CA 94703 (510) 981-4100 Dental Care 1860 Alcatraz Ave. Berkeley, CA 94703 (510) 653-8500 lmmediate/Urgent Care– Berkeley 2001 Dwight Way Room 1388 Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 204-7979 Over 60 Health Center 3260 Sacramento St. Berkeley, CA 94702 (510) 981-4100 West Berkeley Health Center 837 Addison St. Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 981-4100 Downtown Oakland Health Center 616 16th St. Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 981-4100 Eastmont Health Center 7200 Bancroft Ave. Suite 125A Oakland, CA 94605 (510) 981-4100 East Oakland Health Center Foothill Square 10700 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 14B Oakland, CA 94605 (510) 981-4100 Howard Daniel Health Center 9933 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland, CA 94605 (510) 981-4100 Trust Health Center 386 14th St. Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 981-5050 Dental Van Alameda County Call for locations (510) 280-6080

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Contra Costa County Pinole Health Center 806 San Pablo Ave. Suite 1 Pinole, CA 94564 (510) 981-3255 Brookside Richmond Health Center 1030 Nevin Ave. Richmond, CA 94801 (510) 215-5001 Brazell H. Carter Health Center 2600 Macdonald Ave. Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 981-4100 William Jenkins Health Center 150 Harbour Way Richmond, CA 94801 (510) 237-9537 Rodeo Health Center 25 California St. Rodeo, CA 94572 (510) 981-3266 Brookside Dental Care 2023 Vale Rd. San Pablo, CA 94806 (510) 231-9814 Brookside San Pablo Health Center 2023 Vale Rd. San Pablo, CA 94806 (510) 215-9092 lmmediate/Urgent Care– San Pablo 2023 Vale Rd. San Pablo, CA 94806 (510) 231-9800 Ronald McDonald Dental Van Call for locations (510) 231-9814

Marin County Marin Adult Day Health Center 1905 Novato Blvd. Novato, CA 94947 (415) 897-6884

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LifeLong Medical Care Deeply Appreciates Your Generosity. $10,000 and Above Anonymous (1) Ron** & Patricia Adler Dorothy Graham Jeanine & Guy Saperstein

Patricia** & Peter Sussman Peter Szutu & Jan Eldred Carol L. Wilkins & Bill Savidge

Katharine T. Brookes Mark Brown Richard & Alice Brown Stanley & Ruth Buchwalter Alexis Burck $500 – $999 Jerome & Gloria Burke Anonymous (2) $5,000 – $9,999 Lanna Butler-McCoy Jennie Alexich & Carrie Cangelosi* & Richard J. Cohn Bruce A. Harris Michael Lee Anne B. Hannah-Roy Jeffrey D. Angell Laura Cardenas Herrick & Elaine Jackson Katherine Anixter-Browning Susan Caliri Senator Nancy Skinner & Leonard Bachman Supervisor Keith Carson Lance Brady Stefano Bertozzi Tiffany Cheang John Suhr Mark Brown Ying-Ting Chen Luisa Buada $2,500 – $4,999 Joan H. Cole Kimberly* & Augosto Cardoso Richard & Mary Anonymous Mapelli-Conway Brazell Carter* Henry L. Abrons & Li-hsia Wang Paul Cooper & Christine Orr Rick Clark & Patty Reed John** & Amy Jenkins Robert Cretti Arden J. Kwan & Mei Y. Chow-Kwan Philip** & Carol Kamlarz Shanna Cruz* Chris** & Martha Elena Kiefer Scott & Valerie Corvin John Danner & Nancy Pietrafesa Linda Cozzarelli Lisa Schilling** Linda Davis* Joyce Fernandez & Joe & Jane N. Selby Dadi D. Ratnagar Kara* & Michael De La Paz Rosalind Singer Larry Goldman & Faith Demeduc David & Shannon Sloves Paci Hammond Gerald & Gail Eiselman Ethan Stone Anne & Conn Hallinan J. A. Ellis Judith** & Elliott Turiel Eric* & Susanna Henley William Ellis & Julie G. Felicia M. Jones* Shearer $1,000 – $2,499 Ashok Joshi Stephanie Estes* Anonymous (4) John Kelly* Nancy & Jerome Falk Irma Anderson Frank & Jan Klobas Gloria Flores-Garcia** Mostafa Barakzoy* Georgia M. Lacy** Calvin Fong Eileen Barrett & Paul Leonard Jane Ann Fontenot & Elissa Dennis Bud Hensley Bill & Emily Marthinsen Roberta Brooks** & John Forcum* Njeri McGee-Tyner Billy McDonald Stanley & Mary Friedman Jacqueline Richter & Dennis & Joni Cote Stuart Flashman Douglas* & Amy Frey Edward & Donna Deckard José Rodriguez & Daniel Friedland Kimberly Duir* Rene Nieves Alvaro Fuentes Robert E. & Susan* David Rosenthal & Eva Yarmo Gillian Fynn* Edmondson Monica Rosenthal Bill Falik & Diane Cohen Michael Gallagher Laura Royster Janet Howley** & Maryl Gearhart Thomas & Sheila M. Michael Bridges Amos & Marilyn Goldhaber Schwartzburg Carol Jenkins George & Ann Goldman Gayle & Jim Sells Amanda Jones* Larry Goldman & Steve & Susan Shortell Ira M. Lapidus & Brenda Paci Hammond Stacey Stein* & Webster Brenda Goldstein* Garen Corbett John C. Link & Phyllis Gretchen & Richard Grant Diane & Arturo Taboada Goldsmith Marian & Roger Gray Julia Weisner* Richard L. Litwin Michele Grim* Dan & Emily Loeb Sylvia Green* $100 – $499 Roland Lum David Greenberg* Anonymous (5) Steve J. & Linda Lustig Howard & Alice Gruber Gabriel Aguilar* Colin P. Lynch Tasha Henneman Stephanie Allan & Brett Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey Ryan Hensler* Downey Joel & Carol Marcus Leticia Hernandez* Stacy Anderson Chester Mark Paul Hofmann Jeffrey D. Angell Catherine McDonald Dennis & Mary M. Johnson Brett Appleberg Richard & Marlene Millikan Smriti Joneja* Arthur & Debra Bakal Christopher & Maureen Felicia M. Jones* John Balmes Oakes Patricia Kates Gilbert Banuelos Arnold & Karen Perkins Audrey Kavka Susan Battersby David & Beth Sawi Elena & Ronald Krause John & Molly Bergstrom Maggie & Contee Seely Louis Labat Aman Bhasin Madeleine H. Shearer Valerie Lam Robert & Amy Blake Richard Spickard & Peter Leary Charlotte Anderson Judith L. Bloom Joe Lee

18 • L I F E L O N G M E D I C A L C A R E

Ralda Lee Ying Lee Deborah LeVeen Norman & Audrey Lewak Peter Lipp Irene Marcos Philip Maldari Susan Marinoff Bennett & Wendy Markel Lucia Matzger Chris McCarthy James McMillan Jesse Merjil* Tom Meyer Morton & Carol Miller Meredith Minkler & Jerry Peters Marcelo & Maria T. Mino E.S. & Catharine D. Moran Doug Morgan Norman & Eleanor Moscow Andrea Ng Allissa Ngim Natalya Nicoloff Ifeoma Nwokoye* Katherine S.* & Greg O’Donnell Richard Osmundson Monica Panh Mike Panza JoAnn Price Alice Prussin Paul & Florence Raskin John & Louise Rasmussen Kit Ratcliff & Janet Tam William & Cynthia Robey J.J. & R.H. Romeo Dorothy M. Schurmann J. Patricia Scott Michael Smart & Carolyn Novosel Trina Smith* Susan & Bruce Stangeland Monroe Strickberger & Ursula Rolfe Stacie Roundtree Monica Salusky Cynthia Sharpe* Jane Summer* Teresa Tam Richard Thomason & Heidi Goldstein Barbara Towner* Miggie Trevino-Carson Jeff & Linda Trowbridge Harvey & Susan Tureck Carol Valk Jennifer Wachter* William & Diane Waite Laurence & Ruth Walker Stanley & Constance Weisner Don & Gail Wilhelm Phyllis Willett Kevin** & Janelle Williams Pamela Williams Sara Woolf* Deborah Workman*

Lawrence Wright Rami & Kathie Zwick

Up to $99 Anonymous (5) Margarita Ajello-Larsen Betsy Ami Adele Amodeo Ahmad Anderson Athena Apostle Doreen Archer Norman Awill Lara Barth Ty Breathe* Shakera Buchanan* Anh Thu Bui* Fern Buch & Frank Koval Rakesha Butler* Catharine (Trina) Campbell* Jennifer Cancino* Laura Cardenas Carrie Carter Rory Caygill-Walsh* Angelin Cheng* John Chiang Vivian Clayton Denis Clifford Sarah Cluff* Mazuri Colley Faith Crumpler* Raquel Cummings* Cynthia C. Daniels* Robert & Merle Davis Jocelyn De Sena* Brenda Deeley Lynne Doherty Rojan Duncan* Jennifer Elton* Kelsey Entrekin Donald & Becky Erba Maricela Escobar* Violet M. Feinauer Susan Ferguson* Deborah Fernandes* Robert & Kayla Fitzpatrick Linda Frankel* Helen J. Gaines Yolanda Gamble* Helen F. Gentry Norma Gibson Gwendolyn D. Gill Rick Goldsmith & Lauren Moreno Juan C. Grande* Saleena Gupte* Dennis Hagerty Fariza Hammadou Carolyn Hand* Steven Hardy* Diane Harrison Lorraine Hauser Johnathan Hill* Stacy Hill* Vickey Hui* Robbie Hurtado** Deepa Jani* Amal Johnson

Vamia Johnston* Samail Kasozi-Lubega* David Kittams & Robin Winokur Neil & Peggy Kostick Bailey Kuester Dianne Lafaurie Sally Lappen & Nik Warren Rachel Larson* Charmaine LeBlanc Victoria Leonard & Noah Kahn Jean R. Lieber Robert Littlejohn & Jean Marsters* Skylar Loeb* Bertram Lubin Bonney Lynch* Jennifer Mangel Leanne Marcotrigiano Rita Matthew Kate McGlashan* Mary McLellan Anjelica Mendoza Gary L. Musante Judy Nakadegawa Kimberly Ngo Jacqueline Nguyen* Steve O’Brien Omoniyi Omotoso* Suzanne Ortiz Kim Nguyen* Ratha Panh Sam Panh Michelle Park* Rafael Pena Raymond & Maria Pezzuto Edgar Quiroz** & Claudia Avila-Quiroz Himalina Rajanakhan* Margaret Ramos Marasigan Terri Restelli-Deits* Francis Reyes Charles & Nancy Richard Ana Robles* Nance Rosencranz* Marishka Rosinski Eloise Rossiter* Jack Sawyer Elizabeth Sesma-Olinyk Katherine Schoellenbach Rob Shapera Hana Shirriel* Nathan & Nina Shoehalter Jeff Sochet Kristin Soriano Lily Strasburg* Jayme Suarez* Joan G. Sullivan Kanwar D. Singh* & Harneet Nibber Austin Thai Vernon G. Theiss Linda Tsai Justin Tholen Yoselynn Urquilla* Jessica Van Kessel*

Ellen Vargas* Deina Villalobos* Helen Voznilek Nancy Walsh* Stacey Wells Carla Willis* Adisa Willmer* Toni White Elena Xuncax Douglas & Betty Jo Yamamoto Shing Yan Hung Tenzin Youdon* Murray Zimiles

In-Kind (Individuals) Ron** & Pat Adler Susan & Kent Adler Jennie Alexich Susan August Rory Caygill-Walsh* Scott Corvin Linda Collins Kara* & Michael De La Paz Kelsey Entrekin* Susie Falk Shari Gleicher* Michele Grim* Karla Higgins John** & Amy Jenkins Patrick & Julie Kennedy Chris Kiefer** Katie Lewis Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey David Greenberg* Richard & Marlene Millikan Jonny Moseley Fred & Julie Nachtwey Betty Nobue Kano Marissa Rojas* Jeanine & Guy Saperstein David & Beth Sawi Stephen Schear Roger Sosakete Perkins & Chela Zitani* Cris and Lorna Strotz Barbara Towner* Judy Turiel** Gail Wagner Phil Weinstein In-Kind (Businesses) 101 Surf Sports 102.9 KBLX Adventures by the Sea Alameda Alliance for Health Aquarium of the Bay Berkeley Repertory Theatre Berkeleyside Book Passage Boyd’s Coffee Bright Eyes Optometry Buena Vista Winery Cal Adventures California Family Health Council California School-Based Health Alliance Cal Shakes, California Shakespeare Theatre Capital Genealogy

City of Berkeley Public Health Department Claremont Resort & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel Coca Cola Co. Credo Restaurant Disneyland Resort Elite Associates Every Woman Counts Field Stone Winery and Vineyard Forever Family Photography Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards Golden State Warriors Grocery Outlet Hafner Vineyard Halog Farms Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc. Hiller Aviation Museum Jacuzzi Family Vineyards of The Olive Press Kaur Photography Little River Inn Little Village Preschool - Albany Marin Shakespeare Company Morton & Bassett Mountain Play Association National Association of Community Health Centers Numi Organic Tea Panaroma Baking Company Richmond Country Club Safeway San Francisco Ballet Association San Jose Sharks San Rafael Pacific Baseball Club Semifreddis, Inc. Shotgun Players Sonoma Raceway Southwest Airlines Specialty Produce St. George Spirits Sweet Adeline Bakeshop The Berkeley Baby Book Project The Cheesecake Factory The Natural Grocery Company The Xocholate Bar Tchieng Farm Tomate Cafe Toots Trader Joe’s Trancedence Theatre Company YMCA Berkeley

Tribute Gifts Thank you to all who gave in honor of: Ada and Gaby’s 40th Anniversary Ron Adler** All Staff at LifeLong Medical Care Andrew Bossi Liam Liza and Bobby Lutzker Marty Lynch*

City of San Pablo CL Dellums Coca-Cola Co. Community Clinic Consortium Community Health Center Network Concern: EAP Contra Costa Electric, Inc. County of Alameda County of Contra Costa Memorial Gifts Thank you to all who gave County of Marin in memory of: CVS Health Foundation Marieta B. Andrade Cypress Security Rene Bacho Delta Dental Community Care Foundation Alfred Bernstein East Bay Asian Local Beatrice Domb Development Corporation Ellsworth East Bay Community Annie Fradkin Foundation Cory Henderson East Bay Foundation on Aging Joseph Ponder Ecolab Jane Rasmussen EMCOR Service / Mesa Virginia Thomas Energy Systems Nancy Wright Friends of Novato Ida Mae Young Giesecke Diverent (G & D) Gilead Sciences, Inc. Businesses, Organizations, Ginnie & Peter Haas Jr. Fund Foundations and Health Career Connections Government Supporters HEDCO Foundation Abode Services Hong Tai Inc. Ainsworth Game Technology IDEO Alameda Alliance for Health IGT Alameda Health Consortium Jewish Community Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Federation Alzheimer’s Association John Muir Health Amberwood Gardens Kaiser Foundation Hospitals American Cancer Society Kaiser Foundation Hospital AmeriPride Services, Inc. Fund for Community Archstone Foundation Benefits Programs Asian Health Services Kaiser Permanente East Bay Area Community Benefit Avigilon La Clínica de La Raza Barbara Lee for Congress Benevity Community Impact Leavitt United Insurance Fund Marin Community Foundation Berkeley Unified School Mauzy Insurance Services, District Inc. Blaisdell Office Supplies Mechanics Bank Bluenovo Meczka Marketing Research/ Consulting, Inc. Blue Shield of California Foundation Mercy Housing Bonita House, Inc. MTS Health Care Boyd’s Coffee Multimedia Games, Inc. California Allied for Patient Mutual of America Protection National Association of California Colorectal Cancer Community Health Centers Coalition Neogen Care California Health Care Nonstop Administration & Foundation Insurances Services, Inc. California Primary Care Novato Senior Citizens Association Club Inc. California School-Based Oakland Unified School Health Alliance District CaliforniaVolunteers Oliver & Company Center for Care Innovations On Lok Lifeways Center for Elders’ Pacific Janitorial Supply Co. Independence Panera, LLC Chevron Corporation Peralta Community Church Without Walls, College District Berkeley People Ready City of Berkeley Performance Live City of Emeryville Phillips 66 City of Oakland Presbyterian Church of City of Richmond Novato Dr. Laura Martin Miller Katherine O’Donnell* Robert Ratner Nance Rosencranz* Bobbie Singer Gwennadiy Smirnov Ellie Vargas* Wonderful Staff at Over 60

PT Gaming LLC Public Health Institute Rahab Medical Supply Red Bull Regal Wine Co. Resources for Community Development S & L Body Frame San Pablo Lytton Casino Satellite Affordable Housing Associates Scientific Games SGPA Architecture and Planning Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Varian Partners in Giving Employee Engagement Fund) Southern Glacier’s Wine & Spirits Stidham Law Offices Suhr Risk Services Sunlight Giving Surveillance Systems Incorporated Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center SYSCO Food Services of San Francisco, Inc. The Abeles Foundation The California Endowment The California Wellness Foundation The Regents of the University of California The San Francisco Foundation The Standard The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving The William G. Irwin Charity Foundation Tomate Café Tri-City Health Center U.S. Department of Health and Human Services U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development University of California, San Francisco Union Bank Foundation US Bank Yoga Dana Foundation

LifeLong Medical Care Staff (Contributed 15+ Years): Edith Alonso Yadira Alvarez Norman Banks Azucena Barocio

Lucinda Bazile Moises Bernal Diane Chow Douglas Clarke Jessie Coker Yahne Davis Delia Delgado Olga Eaglin Patricia Espinosa Guillermina Flores Lauren Galaty Yolanda Gamble Luz Garcia Alicia Garcia-Ceja Ericka Maldonado Ana Grande Sylvia Green Ana Guerrero LaKimba Hart Frances Herb Maricela Hernandez Malie Javier Lisa Kasle Rachel Kham-Onate Yevette Ladd John Lennox Barbara Lewis Erika Lopez Marty Lynch Earl McDaniel Jesse Merjil Laura Miller Barbara Moore Beatrice Moore Elsa Mora Wanda Morales Edna Moushiabad Rocelia Negrete-Garcia Grisselva Pardinas Rosa Ramirez Alison Roberts Ana Robles Carole Russell Beth Schweitzer Barbara Smith Ann Sussman David Thompson Barbara Towner Diana Trinidad Laurie Trombla Christina Urias Arcelia Valadez Guillermina Vazquez-Blue Carol Violet Meredith Whiteside Iona Wilson Dominica Zone Claudia Zurita

*LifeLong Medical Care Staff **LifeLong Medical Care Board Member We have recognized contributions made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. We hope we have acknowledged your generosity accurately. Please contact us at development@lifelongmedical.org to notify us of any unintended errors or omissions.

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LifeLong Administrative Office 2344 Sixth Street Berkeley, CA 94710 P.O. Box 11247 Berkeley, CA 94712 510.981.4100 lifelongmedical.org LifeLong Medical Care is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Federally Qualified Health Center. We are independent, communitybased, and patient-directed.


We strive to find new approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of all populations — regardless of their ability to pay. Your continued support enables us to make a difference.” — Dr. Marty Lynch

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LifeLong Medical Care  

2017 Annual Report

LifeLong Medical Care  

2017 Annual Report


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