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LifeLong Medical Care Annual Report 2015

Dear LifeLong Supporter: I want to share with you a few of the challenges faced at LifeLong Medical Care this year. Health care reform has brought welcome coverage to many of our patients who were previously uninsured. The medical education system, however, does not produce enough primary care providers to provide access to care for everyone. We continue to hire Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants and expand responsibilities of our medical team members to respond to this reality. We are also exploring pipeline programs that help prepare our youth for health professions and have added our own Nurse Practitioner Residency Program at LifeLong.


Health care in the future will pay for value. We are driven to show value through data, whether it be data related to quality, patient engagement; or total cost of care. We are working to reinforce our sophistication in using data so that we can keep up with these changes. We continue to also improve our use of technology in our care delivery.

Kevin D. Williams, Board Chair James Johnson, Jr., Vice Chair Scott Sporte, Treasurer Nancy Threatt, Secretary Ron Adler, Past Chair

We know that where a person lives determines much about their health care. LifeLong is paid to provide direct health care services. We will continue to partner with the public health departments, our health promoters, and community partners to do all that we can to make our communities (outside of the exam room or operatory) a healthier place.


Now onto our accomplishments and upcoming news:


Jennie Alexich Roberta C. Brooks Patricia Carson Sussman Gloria Flores-Garcia Janet Howley Robbie Hurtado John L. Jenkins Chris Kiefer Georgia Lacy Edgar Quiroz Lisa Schilling Judith Turiel

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Marty Lynch, Executive Director/CEO Lucinda Bazile, Deputy Director Eric Henley, Chief Medical Officer Porshia Mack, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Kanwar Singh, Chief Financial Officer DL Poole, Chief Administrative Officer Nance Rosencranz, Strategic Planning and Business Development Director

ANNUAL REPORT CONTRIBUTORS Senior Editor: Katherine S. O’Donnell Editor: Mazuri Colley Contributing Editors: Ron Adler, Sandra Aguilera, Renata Fineberg, Michele Grim, Marga Rose Hancock, Marie Loverde, Marty Lynch, Nicole Perelman, Nance Rosencranz, Deborah Workman, Jin Yang

• LifeLong Ashby Health Center recently opened at the Ed Roberts Campus in South Berkeley. • The TRUST Health Center, a partnership with Alameda County, will be serving General Assistance recipients. It opened late Fall in Downtown Oakland. • In January, the LifeLong Dr. William Jenkins Health Center will be moving to a newly built health center on Harbour Way in Richmond. • LifeLong established an Immediate/Urgent Care Center at our Brookside Health Center, across the street from Doctor’s Medical Center. This came about as a result of Doctor’s Medical Center, a community-based hospital located in San Pablo, closing its doors this summer. • Another LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care Center just opened in Berkeley, on Dwight Way. • We received a federal grant to add dental and medical services in Pinole and Rodeo. We expect services to kick off in December or January. We want to be able to serve all of West Contra Costa, and the closure of Doctor’s Medical Center means additional services are sorely needed. Each new site is designed to help our community and complement what we already provide. Next year, we will be celebrating our 40-year anniversary. We’ve come a long way and provided thousands of people with high-quality health care and social services over the years. For instance, during our 2014-2015 Fiscal Year (July 1, 2014June 30, 2015), we provided 46,249 people with much-needed care. As we take you “behind the scenes” of our 15 health centers and the many programs offered at LifeLong this past year, you will see within the Annual Report that many of our 682 staff members have been working here for years. They too are dedicated and committed to “fulfilling our LifeLong promise” to underserved communities. Thank you for being part of our community and continuing to support LifeLong. We can’t do it without you. Sincerely,

Design: Robin Brandes Design Photos Courtesy: Henley Photography, Vickie Leonard Photography, Joseph Ponder


Marty Lynch, PhD, MPA Executive Director/CEO

Over the next few pages, you’ll read about our staff and patients, both sharing their stories about how we’re helping our Alameda, Contra Costa and Marin-based communities to be healthy – and stay healthy. Many of the people we serve each year cannot afford health care. This is why we have 15 health centers and offer many programs for our communities. The overall approach to all-access care gives people the necessary support they desperately need and deserve. Here’s a little more about LifeLong Medical Care and what we do each and every day – and every year.

LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care Centers San Pablo and Berkeley

LifeLong saw the need and opened two Immediate/Urgent Care Centers within West Contra Costa County and Alameda County. This kind of care is an alternative to the Emergency Room for minor illnesses and injuries. At LifeLong, we are committed to providing prompt, professional, and cost effective medical care for both adult and pediatric patients. We provide treatment of conditions which require immediate medical attention (usually within 24 hours), but are not life-threatening or serious enough to require hospitalization. Dr. Desmond Carson with LifeLong patient and future doctor, Edward Corbett II. We’re thinking he’s going to take this toy stethoscope to medical school when he grows up, as a memento of his visits to LifeLong Immediate/Urgent Care Center –San Pablo.

“I feel gratified when I have helped a patient either with their insurance issue or a problem they have had with their doctor. I love resolving issues and always feel grateful when a patient tells me thank you. I love it!” ­– Linda Collins, Patient Services Director, LifeLong Employee (20 years)

When sick or injured, people come to LifeLong regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance status, and we provide them with the medical care they need –and deserve.

“My favorite part of working in Patient Services is helping someone who never had insurance gain access. It is very rewarding when people realize they have access to more than just medical care.” ­– Mayra Lopez, Patient Services Advocate, LifeLong Employee (2 years)

LifeLong recently opened a new Immediate/Urgent Care Center in Berkeley. This is the waiting room patients see when they are first welcomed to our new Center. Photo courtesy Joseph Ponder. 3

LifeLong Health Centers

East Oakland and Downtown Oakland LifeLong East Oakland Health & Wellness Center and the LifeLong Downtown Oakland Health Center are continually evolving to meet the needs of our patients and the surrounding community. We provide not only primary care and chronic disease screening and management at these health centers, but also mental health services, podiatry, acupuncture, health education and social services.

“The work we do is sometimes the one positive thing in our clients’ lives. All people deserve care and compassion regardless of their situation. By providing support, housing and resources we are able to actually improve and save lives and allow people the chance to live with dignity.” ­– B renda Goldstein, Psychosocial Services Director, LifeLong Employee (9 years)

(L-R): Medical Assistants: Nicole Griffin, Harold Brissett, Maria Guzman, Elisa Navarro, Michael Lee, Nikirah Byrd, and Jessie Coker, Medical Assistant/Referrals Coordinator at the East Oakland Health Center.

Rosilyne Wright, Elder Care Coordinator and Tristan Lee, 2015-2016 Community HealthCorps Member on their way to meet a patient at the entrance of LifeLong East Oakland. Rosilyne started a Durable Medical Equipment Closet four years ago. These donated items are given out to patients in an effort to address the needs of our East Oakland community.

“I can honestly say LifeLong Medical Care is hands down the best employer I’ve ever had. LifeLong East Oakland Health Center has allowed me opportunities to grow, give back and support patients in ways that extend beyond the health center’s doors. Treating the whole individual, in addition to their illness, is what it’s all about. LifeLong does that and more, which is the epitome of quality patient care.” – Rosilyne Wright, Elder Care Coordinator, LifeLong Employee (4 years)


Dr. Barbara Towner provides massage to low-income patients at the LifeLong East Oakland Wellness Center.

(L-R): Rhodora Revilla, Clinical Care Assistant; Christina Urias, Referrals Specialist and Austin Thai, Community HealthCorps Member at the Downtown Oakland Health Center.

Eric Fuller, Podiatrist, examines a patient’s foot at the LifeLong East Oakland Wellness Center.

LifeLong Health Centers Eastmont Health Center

LifeLong Eastmont partners with Alameda County Behavioral Health to offer patients integrated medical and mental health services. We created this partnership in order to improve our patients’ physical and mental health and overall quality of life.

Howard Daniel Health Center D’Wayne Murphy, Medical Assistant and Dr. Norman Banks, at LifeLong Howard Daniel Health Center, in between patient appointments.

“My mission in life has always been to help and to heal. Working for LifeLong allows me to advocate for a wide diversity of patients while collaborating with a strong, compassionate and knowledgeable team of providers and staff.” ­– Chela Zitani, Hepatitis C Coordinator, LifeLong Employee (3 months)

LifeLong Howard Daniel Health Center provides primary care to adults and children, women’s health services including pre- and post-natal care, mental health services, and health education for our Oakland community.

TRUST Health Center In partnership with the Alameda County Public Health Department, the TRUST Health Center provides mental health, case management, and primary care services to Alameda County residents who are homeless or are at risk of homelessness.

Jerome, LifeLong patient, gets a quick flu shot at LifeLong Howard Daniel Health Center with the help of Medical Assistant, Jacqueline Mendoza.

Elaine, a LifeLong patient, poses in front of artwork at LifeLong Eastmont.

“We hired a wonderful staff who are dedicated and enthusiastic about integrating physical and mental health services for vulnerable adults in Oakland.” ­– Isobel Harvey, TRUST Health Center Director, LifeLong Employee (2 years)

Jandera Waterman, Center Supervisor, prepares for another great day at LifeLong Eastmont Health Center. 5

LifeLong Dental Care Berkeley Center

We provide dental hygiene, exams and regular screenings, fillings, dentures and extractions. Knowing that not everyone likes to visit the dentist, we try our best to combat people’s fears by sharing our warm and friendly smiles.

Brookside San Pablo Center We provide preventive, restorative, and emergency care for children ages (2-17), as well as for adults. All of our patients receive education and information about good oral health and disease prevention strategies. It’s just another way of helping to keep people healthy.

Mobile Dental Services Not everyone is able to visit our Dental Centers, so LifeLong operates dental vans in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Dr. Barakzoy examines a patient with the help of his Dental Assistant.

“Working with LifeLong allows me to engage with community members and enables me to see my impact first hand.” ­– G in Hansson, Heart 2 Heart Program Coordinator, LifeLong Employee (5 years)

LifeLong Dental Staff at our Berkeley Center. (L to R) Jasmine Glenn, Dental Assistant; Linda Pham, Dental Assistant; and Ana Chavez, Lead Registered Dental Assistant.

Dr. Mostafa Barakzoy has served as LifeLong’s Dental Director since April, 2003. During this time he has consistently improved the quality of care provided, as well as the infrastructure of our dental centers, and created systems to increase our patients’ ability to access care. As Dental Director, Dr. Barakzoy constantly thinks of ways to keep the community as our main focus.


Moises Bernal, Dental Assistant, helps a young patient with a cleaning at our LifeLong Brookside Dental Center.

LifeLong Health Centers Over 60 Health Center

LifeLong Medical Care’s story began here more than 39 years ago with the unwavering belief that continues to guide the organization today– that all people have the right to receive the healthcare and support they need. The year was 1976, in Berkeley, where the senior population faced a growing unmet need for health services. Enter a small group of Gray Panthers, whose members created an innovative solution– a milestone in elder care: the Over 60 Health Center. We provide many services including: primary care, chronic disease screenings, and mental health and social services for patients 60 years and older.

“As I approach the front door of the health center each morning, I can’t help but smile as I know I will be greeted on the other side by patients that have allowed me into their lives, to share their joys and suffering, for the last 18 years. I know this human connection is a privilege and I will be forever grateful to our patients to be the recipient of this, their gift.” – Alison Roberts, Certified Nurse Midwife, LifeLong Employee (18 years)

Ashby Health Center LifeLong Ashby Health Center opened this year, located above the Ashby BART Station in the Ed Roberts Campus, in South Berkeley. Patients have access to a wide variety of providers and resources, such as primary care, women’s health services (including prenatal care), mental health services, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, acupuncture and podiatry.

West Berkeley Health Center A $2.1 million capital campaign was completed in 2014 to help accommodate the growing number of patients who are in need of our services. We provide primary care for both adults and children, women’s health services including pre- and post-natal care, and mental health services. A few of the outreach programs offered on site are, diabetes, cooking, and Zumba classes. We also offer a Centering Program for new mothers.

Cristina Rodriguez, assisting a patient at LifeLong Over 60 Health Center.

“Although our work is never over, every day I leave knowing that our collective actions have made a real impact in the lives of our patients.” – L uis Renteria, HIV Services Coordinator, LifeLong Employee (3 years)

SPECIAL RECOGNITION LifeLong Medical Care and Gillian Fynn, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), at LifeLong West Berkeley are honored to have received the 2015 Community Partner Award from the University of California, Berkeley School of Social Welfare. The School of Social Welfare makes two awards to community partners each year, one to the agency that has provided University of California students with the best learning opportunities, and one individual award for field instructor excellence. 2015 represents the first year an agency and an individual (from that agency) have received both awards.

Alison Roberts, Certified Nurse Midwife, listening to a baby’s heartbeat at LifeLong West Berkeley Health Center.

Jessica Van Kessel, Registered Nurse, with her patient at LifeLong Ashby Health Center.


LifeLong Health Centers

Richmond, Brookside San Pablo and Brookside Richmond We are dedicated to helping each patient live a healthy productive life in Contra Costa County. In addition to medical care, we offer a range of patient education and outreach services for all ages.

Kristof Kaminski, Physician Assistant, makes his way down the halls of LifeLong Brookside San Pablo.

“We serve a marginalized population of seniors who, for the most part of their lives have lived within the social confines of poverty. Most of these seniors have never been afforded the opportunity to participate in artistic forms of expression. I’m inspired by the joy, excitement and passion the seniors display while performing in a play for the first time.” ­– L a Juana Clark, SNAP Project Coordinator, LifeLong Employee (14 years)

Nora Vigil, Patient Services Advocate, is always ready to sign up new patients for health coverage!

“I’m very blessed working at LifeLong. It has enabled me to work with lower income populations within our West Contra Costa County community. Also, working with people who do not have access is really important to me because health care should be a right, not a privilege.”

Senior Network and Activity Program (SNAP) is funded by the Contra Costa Mental Health Department. This program provides seniors living in public housing with social and recreational activities, including monthly outings and weekly classes in art, music, tai chi, exercise, mindfulness and more.

– Andres Abarra, Patient Services Advocate, LifeLong Employee (5 years)

Young patients with their mother at a recent appointment at LifeLong Brookside San Pablo Health Center. 8

LifeLong Pediatric Centers Dr. William Jenkins

Jane Summer, Certified Nurse Midwife, with an expectant mother at LifeLong Brookside Richmond.

“I always got the best care at LifeLong. They helped me all throughout my pregnancy and I am very thankful to LifeLong for everything they have offered me and my child.” ­– Roxana, LifeLong Patient

LifeLong’s Dr. William Jenkins Pediatric Center is located in Richmond. We continue the groundbreaking and community-building practices of Dr. William Jenkins, who had the pleasure of seeing two and three generations of patients come to him for treatment and care through the age of 18. We will be moving to a new health center this Winter to better accommodate the incoming patients who need our medical and social services.

Brookside Richmond and Brookside San Pablo Brookside Community Health Centers merged with LifeLong Medical Care in 2012. At both health centers, we provide primary care, pre- and post-natal care, pediatrics, health education, social services, and patient advocacy.

Jacqueline Rodriguez, Medical Assistant, takes her patient’s blood pressure at LifeLong Brookside San Pablo Health Center.

A new mother gently places her newborn onto the scale before meeting with the pediatrician at LifeLong’s Dr. William Jenkins Pediatric Center. Dr. Fernandes, Associate Medical Director, shares a smile with a young patient at LifeLong’s Dr. William Jenkins Pediatric Center.

“Everywhere else, I was a number. At LifeLong, I am Rafael.” ­– Rafael, LifeLong Patient 9

LifeLong Adult Day Health Center Marin Adult Day Health Center

At LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center we’re here to help people – and their caregivers. We’re the only Adult Day Health Center in Marin County to provide care to the frail and elderly through our health and social programs. These programs are designed to promote wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment. We offer services Monday through Friday, which not only helps our participants to live at home but also gives their caregivers much needed respite. We also provide door-to-door transportation for all of our Marin-based participants.

Abraham Prado, Transportation Coordinator, helps a LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center participant off the bus at the start of the program day.

“You can’t do it all, you need respite. A place like this helps you to maintain sanity as a caregiver and happiness for your loved one.” ­– M  aria, LifeLong Employee and Daughter of LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center Participant

Julie Nad, Program Assistant, helps a LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center participant to her seat.

Anna Scheaff, Program Assistant, checks in with our participants at LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center. 10

Amy Vomastek, Social Worker, with LifeLong Marin Adult Day Health Center participant.

“Who says this is a job? My coworkers are like a family. My Community HealthCorps AmeriCorps Members get me excited about our future primary care workforce and I’m constantly surrounded by leaders who encourage professional growth. And our patients have profound life lessons that one will never forget. I love being a part of this community!” ­– J oe Lee, Program Manager, Community HealthCorps & Volunteer Services, LifeLong Employee (5 years)

Did You Know?

LifeLong Medical Care offers vital programs and services to our communities. Supportive Housing Program (SHP) LifeLong recognizes housing as a core health issue. Thus, this program was developed to bring health and social services into subsidized affordable housing. Tenants with histories of homelessness can achieve housing stability and improve their quality of life. SHP offers services to nearly 600 tenants at 10 different housing sites within Alameda County.

School-Based Programs LifeLong offers comprehensive medical, health education, and youth development services at multiple sites: Rosa Parks Elementary School, West Oakland Middle School, and Elmhurst Community Prep and Alliance Academy. Our goal is to help students learn to be and stay healthy, so they can succeed in both school and their personal lives.

LifeLong Medical Care Patients: By Age Under 1 year

1-4 years

5-12 years

13-14 years

15-19 years


 







20-34 years

35-44 years

45-64 years

65+ years


                  9,036






LifeLong Medical Care Patients: By Race/Ethnicity Latino

African American

         18,185



More than one



 

 







     TOTAL


LifeLong Medical Care Patients: By City of Residence Berkeley



San Pablo


 

   

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    TOTAL

46,249 11

vel ow y Le t r e Feodv ral P eral P ove ede F r ty low Lev r Be o el t a

Did You Know?

e enu Rev


t or


L ifeLong Medical Care Financial Statement

L ifeLong Medical Care Patients Living at or Below Federal Poverty Level (FPL)*

Fiscal Year: July 1, 2014 ­– June 30, 2015**


ng Livi

Livi ng a

Poverty Level 25% are above FPLLiving at or Below Federal Revenue 75% are below FPL Grants & Contracts: $20,884,981


$ 533,765

Total Revenue:



L ifeLong Medical Care Health Centers Receive High-Level Recognition

LifeLong Medical Care is committed to providing the best possible patient experience by employing a patient-centered, team-based approach, utilizing emerging technologies, and ensuring a fully trained and passionate staff.


$ 4,980,714


Other Income:


*Federal Poverty Level=$23,850 Annual Income for a Household of Four.

Rev enu

Patient & Third Party Fees: $39,178,597

Expenses Program Services:


Support Services:


Total Expenses:


*NET Income:

$ 7,792,782


LifeLong has received the highest level of recognition for a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for six of its health centers. LifeLong demonstrated the ability to meet the program’s key elements and characteristics of the medical home model. The following LifeLong Health Centers received a Level 3, the highest rating: • Ashby Health Center • Downtown Oakland Health Center • East Oakland Health Center • Howard Daniel Health Center • Over 60 Health Center • West Berkeley Health Center


* Includes $5 million in grants for capital projects. **Unaudited financial reporting ending June 30, 2015.

“I may not be on the front lines providing care to our patients, but it is extremely rewarding to know that I am making a difference in the lives of the patients we serve by working at LifeLong – and by giving back monetarily. I feel such pride working for an organization that is truly making a difference in our community.” – P atricia Espinosa, Controller, LifeLong Employee and Supporter (19 years)

Make a Difference Today!

Our Special Benefit Events

• Give a Gift Today! Your contribution helps LifeLong fulfill its mission of providing high-quality health care to people of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay.

The San Pablo Lytton Casino’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament was held at the Richmond Country Club, a privately owned golf course. The event benefitted LifeLong Medical Care’s Brookside Health and Immediate/Urgent Care Centers in San Pablo. We raised more than $80,000 last fiscal year and close to $100,000 this year! Be sure to check our website for more information on this future special event. Funds support the thousands of patients we serve each year!

Help Support LifeLong Medical Care

• Double Your Impact: Find out if your company has a matching gift program. • Leave a Legacy: Set up a lasting gift today. • Hold a Fundraiser: Work with the LifeLong Development Department to hold a fundraiser on LifeLong’s behalf. This type of event helps to spread the word about our cause and yours. • Donate Your Vehicle: We accept cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, RV’s and boats! Car Donation Services makes it easy for you. Call 888.686.4483 today to set up an appointment with Car Donation Services to make a tax deductible gift. • AmazonSmile & e-scrip: LifeLong Medical Care benefits when you shop with and AmazonSmile. Visit or for more information. • Call or Email Us: For more information contact us at 510.981.4113 or email: • Follow Us Online: Like us on Facebook! • Attend Our Events: Sign up to get our e-newsletters and updates. Email us at:

Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Annual Fundraiser, Crab & Cocktails Our largest annual fundraiser, Crab & Cocktails was held at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, which is also the new home to LifeLong’s Ashby Health Center. We celebrated our Bobbie Awardee, José Joel Garcia, for his lifelong commitment to improving community health. KTVU Fox News anchor Frank Somerville, an award-winning journalist, served as our Master of Ceremonies. We raised more than $110,000 to help support the thousands of people in need of our programs and services.

Save the Date! LifeLong’s 40-Year Anniversary Gala is coming Spring of 2016. Check our website for more information.

Special Shout Out

To Our Art Committee A special thank you to our “Art Committee”: Barbara Anderson; Susan Marinoff; and Eva Yarmo. They have helped create a warm, beautiful and artistic environment that will be enjoyed by both our patients and staff at LifeLong West Berkeley Health Center. They spent a lot of time finding and displaying art pieces by local artists. We’re very appreciative of their time, dedication and support.

The Annual Charity Golf Tournament benefitted LifeLong Medical Care’s Brookside Health & Immediate/Urgent Care Centers in San Pablo.

KTVU Fox News anchor Frank Somerville, served as our Master of Ceremonies for our annual fundraiser, Crab & Cocktails.


LifeLong Medical Care deeply appreciates your generosity. $10,000 and Above Anonymous (2) Ron** & Patricia Adler Dorothy Graham Anne B. Hannah-Roy

$5,000 - $9,999

Richard & Marlene Millikan David & Beth Sawi

$ 2,500 - $4,999

Henry Abrons & Li-hsia Wang Amy R. Friedricks Jane & Joe Selby Rosalind Singer Gail & Arne Wagner

$1,000 -$2,499

Jennie Alexich** & Bruce Harris Dick Beahrs Kimberly* & Augusto Cardoso Jan & Luciano Corazza Dennis & Joni Cote Edward & Donna Deckard Jennifer H. DeGolia Mark Dopheide Kimberly Duir* Susan* and Robert Edmondson Jan Eldred & Peter Szutu Patricia* & Gaspar Espinosa Bill Falik & Diana Cohen Joyce Fernandez & Dadi D. Ratnagar Mary & Stanley Friedman Will & Carolyn Glaser Janet Howley** & Michael Bridges John** & Amy Jenkins Philip & Carol Kamlarz Chris** & Martha Elena Kiefer Ira M. Lapidus & Brenda Webster Richard L. Litwin Martin & JoAnn Lorber Roland Lum Steve & Linda Lustig Christine & Mark Malcolm Maureen & Chris Oakes Kristi Peters Bonnie Reilly Philip D. Schild Richard Spickard & Charlotte Anderson Judy** & Elliot Turiel Teshina Wilson*


Denny Abrams Ruth Adar Katherine Anixter-Browning Leonard Bachman Faraz F. Berjis & Goly Anvary Roberta Brooks** & Billy McDonald Carol L. Brosgart & Jack Gross Anh Thu Bui * Supervisor Keith Carson Gilbert Chan Paul Cooper & Christine Orr Gloria Flores-Garcia** Ligia Giese Larry Goldman & Paci Hammond Amy & George Gorman Marian & Roger Gray David Greenberg* Anne & Conn Hallinan Sharon Healy Elaine & Herrick Jackson Ellen Jacobs Felicia Jones* John Kelly*


Gretchen Kunitz Arden J. Kwan & Mei Y. Chow-Kwan Georgia M. Lacy** Joyce & Richard Lashof Ann & Randall Lee Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey Gerry Mariott Chester Mark Toni Martin & Michael Darby Evan S. Moore Sherry Novick Katherine S.* & Greg O’Donnell Nate & Linda Oubre Martin A. Paley Abraham Prado* Amy Roth & Bob Epstein Ralph Silber Julie Sinai & Eric Riley Peter & Bev Sinton Nancy Skinner & Lance Brady Michael Smart & Carolyn Novosel Scott Sporte** Mary E. Stevens Stuart Stoller & Novella T. Smith Leonard Syme William Waite Carol L. Wilkins & Bill Savidge Kevin** & Janelle Williams


Gabriel Aguilar* Manuela Albuquerque Stephanie Allan & Brett Downey Jeffrey D. Angell & Joan King-Angell* Arthur & Debra Bakal Eileen Barrett & Elissa Dennis Susan Battersby* Mark Brown Richard & Alice Brown Brad & Nenelle Bunnin Alexis Burck John A. Campbell Michael & Antonia Tully-Cintron Linda A. Cozzarelli Stephanie Estes* Crystal Eubanks Nancy & Jerome Falk Daniel Friedland Alvaro Fuentes Andrew Gaines & Leda Dederich Alex Savidge-Gillett Phyllis Goldsmith & John C. Link Sylvia* & Richard Green Peter M. Heinemann & Dana Kueffner Eric* & Susanna Henley David & Patricia Jacobson Carol Jenkins Victoria Leonard Richard Levine & Susan Helmrich Norman & Audrey Lewak Andra Lichtenstein & William Glover Paul & Sandra Little Colin P. Lynch Emily & Bill Marthinsen Tom Meyer Meredith Minkler & Jerry Peters Edwin Munich Bruce O’Neil* Karen & Arnold Perkins Robert Ratner Stephanie Reif* Jacqueline Richter & Stuart Flashman Nance Rosencranz* Shabana Sabir*

Lisa Schilling** Kanwar D. Singh* & Harneet Nibber Patricia** & Peter Sussman Diane & Arturo Taboada Richard Thomason & Heidi Goldstein Barbara Towner* Harvey & Susan Tureck Erich Oskar Weber John Willmer Troy & Christy Winkles Elaine Witcher


Andrew Alcantara Besty Ami* Maxwell G. Anderson & Linda Olivenbaum Christina Baxter Lucinda* & Ronald Bazile Ralph & Gail Bernstein Ed Blumenstock & Belle Huang Odette Bolano Katharine T. Brookes Timothy Bryant Luisa Buada Ruth & Stanley Buchwalter Jerome & Gloria Burke Mario Carrasco Rick Clark & Patty Reid Joan H. Cole Linda K. Collins* Eileen Consorti Richard Conway & Mary MapeliConway Gilberto A. Cooper Deborah Cox Robert Cretti Diana Davis Daniel Eckhard Rebecca Edwards Gail & Gerald Eiselman Kathleen & Gerald Eisman J.A. Ellis Kelli Eng Jean Entine Rex & Malihe Evans Calvin Fong John Forcum* Mary Ford & Robert Lewis James T. Fousekis José Joel Garcia Maryl Gearhart Meg Gebhard Amos N. Goldhaber Ann & George Goldman Sandi Goldstein & Kenneth Wilkinson Gretchen & Richard Grant Jonee Grassi Agiua Heath* Ryan Hensler* Ann-Marie Hogan Lily Huang Michael & Sheila Humphreys Jovan & James** Johnson, Jr. Carolyn D. Jonesweinberger Clara & Patricia Kates Audrey Kavka Carolyn Kemp Joseph Klems Margot Kushel Patrick Laney Joe Lee* Ralda Lee Diane Lewis

Gerri Lubash Philip Maldari & Ellen Dubrowin Neela Manley Anita McClendon Lanna Butler-McCoy Julie Ann Miller Catharine & E.S. Moran Norman & Eleanor Moscow Meg Moser Denise Mourgos Julie & Fred Nachtwey Richard & Andrea Ng Debbie O’Brien Omoniyi Omotoso* Suzanne Ortiz* Joyce Palmer Susan Park & Dong Suh Ralph L. Peterson Rebecca Pimental DL Poole* Lucille B. Poskanzer Yvette Radford Patrick Ramsey John & Louise Rasmussen Robert Redlo Straty Righellis Bruce Riordan Edith Rivasplata Cynthia & William Robey Zoe Robinson Thomas C. Rockwell Monica Rosenthal Debbi C. Sack Thomas C. Schwartzburg Gayle & Jim Sells Steve & Susan Shortell Varya Simpson Trina Smith* Lois N. Snow Susan & Bruce Stangeland Monroe Strickberger John Swartzberg Steve Swartzendruber Sarah Thompson Carol Valk Stephan M. Vener Ellen Webb Sarah Webb Lisa & Kent Webber Stacey Wells Annette Williams Pamela Williams Sarah Willmer Kim Wolf Lawrence Wright Mildred Yarborough Eileen Zito

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Clyde Adams Alicia Alderette Chavon N. Allison Doreen Archer I. Arnold Renea Bacho Alivia Baker* Eric Barker* Barbara Becker Linda Biemer Lorie S. Brillinger Jennifer McLennon-Brown* Shakera Buchanan* Burton Calder* Kathryn Cale

Catharine Campbell* Ellen Carroll Ann Dyer Cervantes Fred Chermis Mary Linda Courteau Kimberley Cromack Shana Cruz* Judy Cutler Frank Daar Cynthia C. Daniels* Robert L. Davis Terri Restelli-Deits* Noah J. Doyle Rojan Duncan* Jennifer Easton Jacqueline Ensign Maria Cecilia Esguerra* Naomi Feger Violet M. Feinauer Deborah Fernandes* Douglas Frey* Arlene Finn Helen J. Gaines Tahnee Gantt Gwendolyn D. Gill* John Goldberg Matt Graham Erika Griffin Shontavia Gunn* Jim Hamasaki Maxine Hamilton Aaron Hartley Lorraine F. Hauser Edythe B. Heda Valerie Herr Evelyn Hoch Harriet Howard Kathlean Jackson Susan Johannsen Manmeet Kals* Sandra Kelch Francis Kibler Phillip Klatt Martha Kuhl Bhrett Lash Mathew Lewis* Jean R. Lieber John Lindgren Valerie Loo Kelly Lowder E. Anne Lown Eleanor Lupear James Mays* Cheryll Villamor-Macintyre Peggy Merz Genette Miller* Noemi Johansson-Miller Elizabeth R. Minkler Katsuko Minutoli Ashlee Moore Gina Moreland Olga Moreno Andrea Mouille Elizabeth Ann Moulthrop Ellie Myers Judy Nakadegawa Nara Neak* Ellen Newman Angela O’Brien Annegret S. Ogden Jenny Olivera* Greg Paulson Laura Peck Margaret Ramos

Thank you for your help and support! Lenore Ranadive Elizabeth Ratcliff Balderston Clarissa Rease* Francis Reyes Norma Rhodes Charlotte Robinson Marishka Rosinski Eloise Rossiter* Carolyn Roundey Victor Rubin Whodini Saavedra* Craig & Lillian Samuel Jack Sawyer Marty Schiffenbauer Diana M. Scott Aline Sedgmore Anne Sehulster Susan Sharfman Michael Shimizu Jeff Simon Sandra Smith Heidi Stein Delia Stallings Kathryn Stambaugh* Joan G. Sullivan Joyce Sullivan Patricia Sullivan Jane Summer* Emily Tatel* Sharon Thomas Heidi Thompson Linda Tsai Ellen Vargas Anthony R. Vierra Jennifer Wachter* Laurence Walker Nancy Walsh* Elizabeth Webb Anthony White Karen White Don Wilhelm Carla Willis* Sara Woolf* Deborah Workman* Tenzin Youdon*

In-Kind (Individual)

Ron* & Pat Adler Susan Adler Jennie Alexich** & Bruce Harris Roberta Brooks** Pam Copeland Scott Corvin Susie Falk Karla Higgins John** & Amy Jenkins Patrick & Julie Kennedy Chris Kiefer** Marty Lynch* & Eileen Carey Richard & Marlene Millikan Julie Nachtwey Jeanine Saperstein David & Beth Sawi Stephen Schear Cris and Lorna Strotz Barbara Towner* Judy Turiel** Gail Wagner Phil Weinstein

In-Kind (Business)

102.9 KBLX Anguiano Ruiz Farms Aquarium of the Bay BayWolf Restaurant Berkeley Repertory Theatre Berkeleyside Best Buy Cal Adventures Cal Shakes, California Shakespeare Theater California Academy of Sciences Cavallo Point Chabot Space & Science Center Cheese Board Collective Chez Panisse Restaurant & Cafe Claremont Hotel Clos du Bois Winery CMC Farms Diageo Direct Relief International Disneyland Doubletree, Berkeley Marina Exploratorium Grocery Outlet Halog Farms Integrative Therapeutic Kaur Photography Kind Bars Loma Verde Elementary School Minuteman Press Oakland Zoo Penny Pony Productions, Audio/ Visual Pickberry Vineyard Ravenswood Winery Rialto Cinemas Rousseau’s Fine Art Framing of Novato Shades of Gray Southwest Airlines Suzanne Lawton Photography Swank Farms The Yoga Room Trader Joe’s Whole Foods of Novato YMCA, Downtown Berkeley Zut! On Fourth

Tribute Gifts

Thank you to all who gave in honor of: All staff at LifeLong East Oakland Health Center Ron Adler** Rene Bacho D. Eng Rachel Fogel* Gwendolyn Gill* Liza & Bobby Lutzker Marty Lynch* Ben Mansallis* Laura Miller* Holly Rylance* Marcus Thygeson Barbara Towner* Adisa Willmer*

Memorial Gifts

Cypress Security Direct Relief International Doctors Medical Center Dodge & Cox East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation EMCOR Service / Mesa Energy Systems Emeryville Unified School District Eventful Events, Inc. Gilead Sciences Ginnie & Peter Haas Jr. Fund Henley Photography Hofmann Healthcare Group Hong Tai Inc. IAC Integrity Data & Fiber, Inc. International Game Technology John Muir Health Businesses, Organizations, Kaiser Permanente Private Foundations, Contracts Kaiser Permanente-Care and Government Supporters Management Institute 2812 Photography La Clinica de la Raza Abode Services Marin Clean Energy AJE Partners Marin Community Foundation Alameda Health Consortium Marin County Fair Alameda Health Systems Mauzy Insurance Services, Inc. Alegre Home Care McKesson Medical-Surgical Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Mechanics Bank Allyson Appen, StudioA2 Graphic Meczka Marketing Research/ Design Consulting, Inc. Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Mercy Housing Alzheimers Association of Northern Moss Adams, LLP California Multimedia Games, Inc. Analytical Environmental Services National Association of Community Archstone Foundation Health Centers Bally Gaming National Trust for Historic Bay Area Community Resources Preservation Benevity Community Impact Fund Nestle Professional Vitality Berkeley Public School Fund Oakland Unified School District Berkeley Unified School District Office Stuff Inc. Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Foundation Oliver & Company Black American PAC of Contra Costa On Lok Senior Health Services County Panoramic Interests, LLC Blue Shield of California Foundation Partnership HealthPlan of California Bonita House Inc. Peninsula Urology Center, Inc. Brown & Toland Physicians Peralta Community College District California Department of Public Performance Live Health Phil’s Sliders California Family Health Council Piedmont Community Church California HealthCare Foundation Presbyterian Church of Novato California School-Based Health PT Gaming LLC Alliance Resources for Community Center for Care Innovations Development Center for Elders’ Independence Rocket Gaming Systems Chevron Corporation San Pablo Lytton Casino City of Berkeley Satellite Affordable Housing City of Emeryville Associates City of Oakland SGPA Architecture and Planning City of Richmond Stacy Scott Catering City of San Pablo Stidham Law Offices Community Clinic Consortium of Stokes Auction Group Contra Costa and Solano Counties Stratosphere Development Community Economics, Inc. Sutter Health Community Health Center Network SYSCO Food Services of San Francisco, County of Alameda Inc. County of Contra Costa The Abeles Foundation County of Marin The Alyce Fobbs Washington Women’s Covidien Missionary Society Creekwood Senior Home Curiale Wilson LLP CVS Caremark Community Trust Cy Pres Funds: Vinnie Lavender vs. Skilled Healthcare Group, Inc. Thank you to all who gave in memory of: Tom Brown Clara Coleman Annie Fredkin Mary Grecoucis Kathi Hamel Bill Jenkins Mary Katz Helene London Severina Nad Muriel Paley Patricia Pelton Robert Powers Charles L. Robinson Larnders Roy Nancy Wright

The California Endowment The Center for Care Innovations The East Bay Community Foundation The Irwin H. and Viola Mae Lowrey Fund The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation The San Francisco Foundation The Senior Advocacy Group Thomas J. Long Foundation Tides Foundation Tomate Cafe Tri Gamma Sorority Tri-City Health Center U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration Union Bank Foundation University of California, Berkeley University of California, San Francisco US Bank Vickie Leonard Photography Walmart Stores, Inc. Yoga Dana Foundation Young’s Market

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