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We are the highest rated provider of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney services in Bromley. With a High Street office in Petts Wood, our fully qualified team can ensure your future is protected. Southeast Legacies was founded by brothers Anthony Rockliffe TEP and Peter Rockliffe. Anthony is a full STEP member, an internationally recognised qualification covering Estates and Trusts. We offer a discounted rate when preparing Wills together with Lasting Powers of Attorney for Complete Peace of Mind:

Essential Complete Peace of Mind – 1 Person

• Simple Single Will • Both Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health and Finance) – 40 Pages of Paperwork £499 + VAT (£150 saving)*

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• Simple Couples Wills • Both Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health and Finance) – 80 Pages of Paperwork £749 + VAT (£200 saving)*

Premium Complete Peace of Mind – 1 Person

• Single Trust Will – with the addition of a trust to add further protection for assets/ • Both Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health and Finance) – 40 Pages of Paperwork • Protects against re-marriage/potential future care costs £649 + VAT (£200 saving)*

Premium Complete Peace of Mind – 2 People

• Couples Trust Wills – with the addition of a trust to add further protection for • 4 Lasting Powers of Attorney (Health and Finance for 2 people) – 80 Pages of Paperwork • Protects against re-marriage/potential future care costs £999 + VAT (£300 saving)* *Government Registration Fees: This is charged per LPA and will cost £82 per LPA if you do not qualify for a discount or exemption. If a client’s income is under £12,000 per annum, we can apply for a 50% discounted rate (£41 per LPA). If the LPA’s are registered for the rest of your life.

0208 114 7111 or email us 17 Chatsworth Parade, Petts Wood, BR5 1DF

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The Team

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t’s the height of summer and many of us will be looking to plan trips or keep the kids entertained at home. We’ve got just the thing with our mini pull-out-and-keep guide on things to do - at home, nearby or further afield. And the best news? We’ve chosen super affordable activities with the odd freebie for good measure too. Check out the middle pages to start being inspired.

In other news, you’ll be informed, entertained and educated with a whole range of inspiring and interesting articles – from ‘Things you never knew about the River Thames’ to ‘Recognising the 7 stages of personal purpose’ and everything in between. We’d love to hear what you liked in this month’s issue – email hello@lifeinmgaaines. for the chance to win a One4All digital gift card. As usual, you'll find a great selection of independent businesses advertising in this issue - please do support them (and mention Life In…Magazines) where possible; they rely on community support to keep our local economy strong.

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YOUR LOCAL ROOFING AND BUILDING COMPANY Your Local Roofing and Building Company


ALL NEW WORK CO MES Dear Houseowner, WITH A I thought we should let you know that A&J Roofing Specialist Ltd will be 10-YEAR working near to you over the next few days and we would like to apologise G UARANT for any noise or disruption that we may cause.



In return for your consideration we would be happy to provide free advice on the care and maintenance of your roof.


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Mobile: 07407 233 191 Office: 0208 485 6470 Email: Email: | Mobile: 07407 233 191 Office: 0208 485 6470 TMS House, Cray Avenue, Orpington, BR5 3QB Office: 0168 976 8648

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Flying the flag… Have just read your June magazine for the first time and really enjoyed it. Just one comment - in your Jubilee centre piece, all your union flags were unfortunately upside down! The thick white band in the top right-hand corner should be below the red band not above it. It may seem a bit picky, but it is a courtesy to the Queen and years ago, an upside-down union flag represented distress or danger. Just to really bore the pants off you, did you know it’s only called a Union Jack if it’s on a ship/boat, otherwise it’s a Union Flag? Thanks for a really interesting magazine – l’m looking forward to the next one!


Poetry corner EXT

A 10% RArt Modern OFF OUR

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The Royal Academy summerTHISshow AD Every year, is where I go CRAYFORD SIDCUP PETTS WOOD SEVENOAKS My painting carried with great care DA1 4LB DA14 6NF BR5 1DQ TN13 2UT 01322 525090 01689 830964 020 8309 6016 01732 742000 Hoping they will hang it there

Jan K Thank you for pointing that out Jan – and for informing us about the flag we used from an online photo bank, which we have now informed them about. Interesting news also about the ‘Union Jack/Flag’ but according to our research, in 1908 the UK parliament agreed that either terminology could be used (

I became a ‘Friend’ of the magazine because I genuinely enjoy reading it every month - it's not just a bunch of adverts. I recently moved back to Orpington so delivering the mag was a great way for me to meet my new neighbours, get out in the fresh air, and enjoy some gentle exercise. As a bonus I see all the lovely gardens in our area and meet some furry friends. All for less than one hour per month! If you are already out walking yourself or your dog, you could easily deliver some magazines too! Your reward: strengthening our lovely community and braving the English Summer.

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I painted flowers and animals And sea shells on the shore But the judges only shook their heads saying “that’s not what we’re looking for” I thought I would try just once more So set-up my easel and started to draw My husband, who was doing some DIY Suddenly tripped as he passed by The paint he was carrying flew in the air Splashed over the drawing and went everywhere In all the confusion, nobody saw My painting had fallen onto the floor Then our dog, who had just come in from outdoors Ran over the canvas with his muddy paws As I was about to put it in the bin The children asked “can we do some colouring in”? My husband said later “don’t despair… Put it in a frame and take it there” So I handed it in, and was about to depart When I heard a judge say “this is a great work of art” Most of the critics seemed to agree They said I was the new David Hockney I was in the paper and on the TV Everyone wanted to interview me

Bit of a buzz Have you tuned in to listen to the Bromley Buzz podcast? Coming up this month are interviews with Ellie Reeves, MP for Lewisham West and Penge, Bromley’s tennis centre, Kent Cricket and Cllr Simon Jeal in Penge. Listen in at

So if you go to the show and look around Mine is the picture they’ve hung upside down Maureen Perrin Would you like to submit a poem? Email

Community Champ Last month’s Community Challenge on social media (@lifeinmags) was to ‘Make it your mission to brighten someone’s mood.’ Well done to community champ Teresa (@teresa_tantalisingcakes) who replied to tell us that she has started to send letters to people who are ill in the hope of bringing some joy to their lives. This month’s challenge is to make a cake or cook a meal for someone you care about – we’d love to hear your stories. Email us at

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Bullers Wood House



Pam Preedy

The 1944 Education Act & Bromley Technical High School for Girls

Bullers Wood 1889 after alterations

by PAM PREEDY, historian & author The 1944 Education Act was groundbreaking. It replaced the previous education system with three separate stages that we would recognise today: primary, secondary and further education. It also introduced a three-tiered system to secondary education: grammar, technical and secondary modern schools. The dreaded 11+ test was introduced to decide which type of secondary school a child should enter. The Act also provided for the raising of the school leaving age from 14 to 15; this was achieved in April, 1947, with the recommendation that it should rise again to 16. This was only achieved on 1st September, 1971. Bromley Education Committee was faced with the challenge to provide secondary school places for the increased number of children. Additional accommodation was needed and in the first instance this was to be in huts. It would also mean buying land, often through compulsory purchase, to replace the huts in the long term and add dining accommodation. Bromley was one of the few areas that introduced all three tiers in secondary education. In many areas there were only grammar and secondary modern schools, the latter catering for 75% of the population. Only 5% of the population went to a technical school. I found the 11+ particularly unnerving. I even went off my food – the only time ever! I was allocated to Bromley Technical High School for Girls in 1957, now called Bullers Wood, at Bickley. It was a trek to get there from Eden Park. I took the 7.40am 194A bus to Beckenham and then the 227 rather than the train. In the first few years I would be ready so early I could catch the earlier bus and was usually one of the first girls to arrive at the school. By the last few years my mother would stand in the road to shout when the 8am bus was in view and I would dash out of the house, just in time to catch it! I remember few, if any, children were taken to school by car The school comprised three large Victorian houses, Bullers Wood, Hydeswood and Inglewood, connected with new buildings, housing the hall, classrooms and dining rooms. It was a short trek to get to Inglewood, passing on the way the caretaker’s cottage which was later developed into a gymnasium, the new laboratories and on up a short hill to the house. In 1957, this was mainly used for those learning secretarial skills and, I think, for those planning a career in nursing.

6 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

The Library used to be a drawing room, note the frieze and original carpet.

Bullers Wood, a substantial Victorian house surrounded by extensive grounds, was leased by the Sanderson family in the late 1880s. The Sandersons decided to modernise and redecorate the house. Its main claim to fame was, and still is, the library - originally the drawing room, decorated by William Morris. It still retains William Morris wallpaper and his decorated ceiling. The original William Morris carpet is held by the V & A Museum. In the 1930s, Sir Sydney Nicholson, organist of Westminster Abbey, bought Bullers Wood and founded a choir school. He built Hydeswood as a home for himself. As the choir school expanded, it moved into part of this building. In 1944, the Bromley Day Commercial School moved into Bullers Wood when its premises in Wharton Road suffered bomb damage from a flying bomb that landed in the playground. Finally, in 1947 this became the Bromley Technical High School for Girls and today is Bullers Wood School for Girls. Bullers Wood was the heart of the school. Our cloakrooms were in the basement; the headmistress had her office on the first floor and the staff had a common room in the attics, though this became a prefects’ room when I reached the Sixth Form. This is the school that I attended, surrounded by the wonderful grounds that a tomboy such as myself and my friends could enjoy. I remember once falling from a tree. I was slightly hurt, but didn’t dare admit this to any teacher in case I got into trouble. Our year was the first year to go to the school aged 11. Before this the school only took 13+ year olds. I have warm memories of my time there and had an excellent education. Pay a visit to Bromley Historic Collections on the 2nd floor of Bromley Central Library to learn more about Bromley Borough’s history.


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community NOTICEBOARD Book signing

Hannah Gray, The Mayor of Bromley, Cllr Preedy, at Pam n, joined author and historia y’s Richmal mle Bro at ing sign k boo her recent k, 'Living Through Crompton Pub. Pam’s boo now on sale (via is e' Hom at r Wa at Gre the inating insight of fasc a rs offe Amazon), and g through World the people of Bromley livin War One.

COMMUNITY HOUSE ANNUAL FORUM Bromley Voluntary Sector Trust, who manage Community House, South Street Bromley, a registered charity, outlined its 2021 financia l performance and its future plans at a recent forum held for its housed charities. As part of its plans mov ing forward, the charity aims to adopt more eco -conscious measures and welcome more local charitie s, businesses and individuals to its workspaces and via its virtual offices. Frances Forrest from Your Brom ley BID (Business Improvement District) also attende d, and outlined future plans which included new events for the town centre, a range of initiativ es to improve the town centre such as branded han ging baskets and enhanced cleaning of the town centre pavements, and services to levy paying busines ses such as allocation of free recycling.


At Language for Fun we star t talking in Italian and Spa nish from day 1! I’m Giulia and I love teaching languages. I offer classes in both Italian and Spanish and the methodolog y used means that the focus for learning is fun, interac tive and great for building con fidence! I love sharing my love of languages with other adu lts and love seeing their confidence grow week by week. You will never have to speak in front of the group (unless you want to) and you will have online backup to go over vocabulary at hom e during the week. In Septem ber, I am planning to star t new beginners’ classes for Spa nish and Italian. If you’re interested in eith er joining an existing cla ss or a new class, call me on 0770 900 302 9 or email giulia@languageforfun.u k. For details see ww w.

Speakers wanted! Are you someone who has something interesting to share with others? Do you have a story to tell or knowledge to impart? The U3A Bromley is seeking speakers for a one-hour slot for its regular monthly meetings at the United Reform Church (20 Widmore Rd, BR1 1RY). Payment is offered. If interested call 020 8777 6345.


l, Milla, Can you help local gir tish raise money for the Bri just 14 e’s Sh n? atio nd Fou Heart n to do Lon the ted and comple h her Dad, Brighton bike ride, wit months. after training for many

pport If you feel you can su use ca at Milla – and a gre de eri bik llas mi .ly/ visit bit

Administrator wanted!

Southeast Legacies is an ambitious, family-run legal business looking for support in the form of an administrator at our office in Petts Wood. This is a permanent, full-time position. The main focus of the role is providing support for the legal business; duties will include general office support, including filing, database maintenance and client interaction, including booking appointments and sending letters. Previous administration experience is essential.

8 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

The ideal candidate will display the following qualities: positive and enthusiastic, efficient and well organised, has a strong attention to detail, professional and friendly manner and an understanding of systems and business processes. Start date is negotiable but as soon as possible is preferred. Please send CVs to

community NOTICEBOARD An Ambassador for Bromle y town centre a job that makes a differe nce

Looking for a job where you ’ll use all your customer and diplomacy skills and develop new ones? Where you will mostly wor k out of doors, make a real improvement to Bro mley town centre and whe re no two days are the same? If you like peo ple, have a bubbly per son alit y and are pro -active in resolving pro blems, then this job could be for you. Your Bromley’s Ambassad or is a vital and highly visible par t of the small You r Bromley Business Improvement District (BID ) team. Starting salary: £23,50 0 for a 35 hour week, usually 9-5, Mondays to Fridays. Occasional early evening work and weekend work, always with notice, to ass ist at BID events. For details see /ybjobs/


st, The Warren at Ha yes will host sepa and evening events rate afternoon to fundraise for an d support Ukraine presented by the Ma . Jointly yor of Bromley, Cll r Hannah Gray, an Clubs of Bromley, d the Rotary there will be daytime family activities, fol an evening of music lowed by al entertainment. For more informati on see mpthewarre

Join the Gracious Care team

Kent-based accountancy practice Perrys has raised £5,500 for the Gravesend charity Family Matters after successfully hosting its tenth annual fundraising golf day. The event, which was hosted at Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club in Ticehurst, saw 19 teams club together to take on The Old Course. The day included a three-course meal, a silent auction and a raffle, which helped to boost funds. Family Matters provides free therapy and counselling services to survivors of sexual abuse and rape.

Are you look for a new challenge? Do you want to work as part of a fantastic team? We are looking for new staff to join our multi award-winning company. We offer a good package, lots of training and plenty of support. What we ask from you is a car, a licence and reliability.

Call 01689 854747 or see for details.

Can you spare some time?

On Thur sday 13th October the Beckenham Business Association (BBA) will hold its annual Business Day from 10am -4pm. They are seeking volunteers who can offer their time at the event to help within a variety of roles – from helping with initial setup and processing attendees, to fetc hing equipment and being a point of contact for business own ers on the day.

If you can spare your time for the day, please send an email to info@beckenhambusine ssassociat

share local


Feature on the

Community Noticeboard!

Email A small fee applies - we have limited space for free charity listings.


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BOOK NOW AT BOX OFFICE 0343 310 0020 10 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022


Teach & Build If your son or daughter is interested in how to custom build their own PC, James from Our Technician offers a ‘Teach & Build’ service where he covers every element of the build so that children can have an in-depth understanding of what they’re doing, why they are doing it and what it is for. Something for the summer holidays perhaps?

Showcase at Bluewater Sh

It’s fun, rewarding and great for children to say that they have built their own PC! For more information see or call 0208-616 0244

owcase Cinem as has relaunc hed its Bluewater sit e following a lux ury refurbishment. The cinema no w offers 17 auditoriums with fully custom isable recliners, two gi ant XPlus scre ens, featuring crystal clear las er projection, an d fully immersive Dolb y Atmos sound. The VIP Gallery bar and lounge has als o undergone a full makeove r.

Floral Fest winners Fest entries were This year’s Bromley Floral Jubilee and inum Plat the nd arou themed creativity and ur colo of st brought a regal bur petition, com The et. Stre h Hig y mle to Bro ools from entered by 30 primary sch judged by was h, oug bor the out ugh thro k, Mark moc Dim rlie Cha gardening expert, tre and Frances Cen den Gar s ling ool Coo of Reeve e, Darrick Wood Junior Sch llenor School for Most Creativ Cha op ary Bish d Prim ude od incl Wo s d ner and Elmstea Forrest of Your Bromley. Win ool for Best Use of Colour lay, Clare House Primary Sch me. for Best Horticultural Disp The of Use t School for Bes

The MumMum Foundation Gary Valentine set up the MumMum Foundation following the death of his nan (his ‘MumMum’), who Gary describes as “the most loving, caring and beautiful person”. He wanted to give something back to those who are going through cancer treatment as his ‘MumMum’ did.

What service do you provide? We support families affected by cancer. Our primary

objective is to help put smiles on the faces of those who need them most, whether it be a meal out with loved ones, a trip to the theatre, a day out, a weekend away or simply someone to talk to.

Who is it available to? Individuals and families who have been affected by cancer. We were blessed enough to

share beautiful memories with our loved one; we want families simply to share the same blessing with theirs. We ask nothing in return. We are just doing what our loved one, ‘MumMum,’ would have wanted.

How are you funded? Only via donations. Do you accept donations? Yes – people can donate via the website. When and where do you meet? We don’t hold meetings as such but if you know someone who could benefit from our help, please get in touch.

Are you looking for volunteers? Yes, we always need volunteers at our events when we hold them – charity balls, dinners etc.. the more the merrier!

How can people help? By visiting to donate. The MumMum Foundation is based at 262 High Street, Orpington (c/o Valentine and Turner). Visit or email for more information.

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MAYOR’S VOICE The Platinum Jubilee weekend was a whirlwind, with the Deputy Mayor and I visiting over 109 street parties throughout Bromley between us! We enjoyed marches, planted a tree in Queen’s Gardens and attended The Civic Service of Thanksgiving, which took place at Bromley Parish Church. Congratulations must go to Designer Drapes in Penge High Street, which won the borough’s best Jubilee-inspired decorated shop competition. And finally, the weekend involved the lighting of Bromley’s beacon at Crystal Palace. The flame was passed one-by-one by local youth group members and then onto me, where I then led the crowd in singing the national anthem. It was a real heart-warming moment. In other news, I opened the BMX cycle track at Hoblingwell Wood Recreation Ground in Cray Valley, which was designed by professional BMX riders who gave demonstrations. The BMX track is open for the general public and schools, which is brilliant! I’ve also been overjoyed to congratulate Bromley Football Club for the achievement of winning the FA Trophy!

Meanwhile, I was accompanied by the Mayor of Lewisham to attend Mind’s Annual General Meeting, a mental health and dementia charity based in Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham, which was held at St Dunstan’s Pavilion. I also attended the English Youth Ballet gala evening at the Churchill Theatre which showcased phenomenal talent. And the Bromley Arts Festival at the Ripley Arts Centre was a welcoming event for arts organisations, which consisted of lovely dance and music acts. Finally, I led a flag-raising ceremony at the Civic Centre, which was attended by a representative of the Armed Forces! It's been a busy, but very enjoyable, month and it’s just wonderful to see so much happening on our doorstep - #ProudOfBromley. Until next month, Cllr Hannah Gray Mayor of Bromley (2022-23)

Lines from Linda

besides I would miss my week in the sun. I had brought a few basics with me, so I decided I would stay, but I would dress for the dining room, and wear a bikini during the day and, at all times, keep my head buried in a book, thus blocking out the surrounding sights.

Bliss. It’s holiday month. But, I’ll bet I’m not the only person who has indecision in abundance when it comes to what to pack for your holiday. The thing is, one just doesn’t know what the weather might do. We used to be sure of a sunny climate in August, especially abroad, but nowadays you can’t go anywhere without a brolly and raincoat.

That night, I sat alone, fully dressed, at my table in the dining room, surrounded by naked bodies, including the waiters. My own embarrassment Many years ago, when I was young and single, was speedily forgotten as I eaves-dropped on I saw an advert for a holiday in France that the conversation from the tables around me. advertised: We have everything you need That night, I sat here, for night and day, including the alone, fully dressed, Apparently, a guest of the camp had gone wind-surfing that morning, the wind had weather, so you can pack lightly. That at my table in the been quite fierce and himself and his surf sounded perfect, so I booked the holiday dining room, board had been blown further down the and flight, packed lightly, and jetted off to surrounded coast, arriving in the next resort, much to St Tropez. by naked bodies, the horror of the fully dressed beach bathers, including the To my utter shock when I arrived at the including their children. The man in question waiters centre, I was greeted by a naked, male had been arrested, covered in a towel, and taken receptionist. As he led me to my cottage, I to the local police station. At the nudist’s instruction, passed a couple (also naked), walking hand in hand. the police had rung the manager at this resort, who had My cottage was perfect, and as described, had everything speedily dressed, jumped in a taxi, and arrived at the I needed, including a kettle, a full fridge, and a pair of flippolice station, bailed his guest out and brought him back. flops, but no dressing gown! By this time, I had realised I watched as the guests around me bounced their bits up my faux pas – I had booked myself into a nudist camp! and down as they guffawed at the story of the poor man’s plight. That was the moment I vowed to over-draw on my My cheeks burned at the thought. I was brought up in a credit card and take the next plane home. Catholic convent, I couldn’t possibly spend the next week


wandering about in the buff. I couldn’t afford to buy another flight ticket to go home,

12 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

For more about me and my crime novels see


NICHOLAS Lovely, lively language lessons for adults

Small, friendly groups • Conversation-based learning From beginners to advanced • Fun and relaxed classes




Giulia: 07709003029 –


07753 611769



New phone/broadband extensions

T: 07780 471567

Cat 5 wiring

Fault finding repairs/ improve broadband speeds

E: the_topiary_team


Internal/external tidying/ re-rounting of cables prior to double glazing

07845 705900






The New Taste In Town



Brunch • Lunch 1ST FLOOR TERRACE NOW OPEN 27 High Street Chislehurst, BR7 5AE. For table reservations or to hire the 1st floor with terrace call: 0208 295 3495 or via

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SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Remote Support Available PC/ Laptop Repairs Apple Repairs Installations Virus Removals Custom PC Builds


Business Support


14 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

07544 500131

5 Minutes With…


Chas Jordan

Chas Jordan, Founder of Fair Contracts Associates, has lived in Bromley for over 40 years with his wife and two children. Some four years ago, with the help of others, he set up the Bromley Business Network. We caught up with Chas to find out more on how he’s helping small businesses in the borough… Hi Chas – can you tell us more about the Bromley Business Network – and why you set it up?

I joined my first networking group around 15 years ago and took an 18-month break in 2016/17. When I resumed networking, I vowed never to join any group who charged joining or annual membership fees as there is no need for them. During late summer 2019 I was attending a group at Bromley Football Club, which was due to close, and was asked if I would set up a group to replace the one leaving. I didn’t want to go into it alone, but luckily David Spragg overheard the conversation and said he would help. Susan Wright and Helen Paul agreed to join the team and we registered Bromley Business Network Limited, the four of us are directors and equal shareholders. We operate on a not-for-profit basis and profits we do make are shared between member benefits and our nominated charities, such as the Diagrama Foundation.

What’s the structure of the meetings and do you have any great stories?

We have no restrictions; the belief is in collaboration not competition and it is great to see people in the same industries/professions working together on projects. It's a group who genuinely look out for each other’s wellbeing more than any other group I know, and I am really proud to be a part of it. The format is a chat over coffee followed by a 45-second round, with attendees telling us who they are, what they

do and what we can do for them. This is followed by a refill of drinks and then a personal presentation from one of our members. The presentation is about the person more than their business, because without knowing the person behind the business, how can you really trust them? I love bringing people together, seeing them develop and working together – it’s a great feeling and payment enough for me. I like to help whoever, however, whenever and as quietly as I can; something I am immensely proud of is putting Bromley Football Club and Bromley Mencap together, which led to a number of the Mencap guys getting employed at the club.

What do you do in your day job Chas and who do you cater for?

My ‘day job’ is resolving disputes for people and organisations, I am a qualified Mediator and while I could mediate over personal issues or neighbour disputes etc, I choose to focus on commercial issues. This generally involves a contract of some kind, and I learned very early on that people do not read contracts, some suppliers often make contracts long and difficult to read for that reason. Sadly, a B2B transaction does not carry the same protection as a consumer transaction does; there is no cooling off period, so it is important to get it right the very first time and be fully aware of what you are signing up to that's where I help.

If you were to give one piece of advice to a small business networking for the first time, what would it be?

Just be yourself and be true to yourself, because people will soon realise if you’re not. Wear your work clothes; don’t wear a three-piece-suit if you’re a tradesperson. Be comfortable, relax and treat your networking as a business meeting, because that is what it is.

Image: Bresser Photos

What’s the future for BBN – any new developments in the pipeline?

We’ll continue offering hybrid meetings (we offered Zoom calls during lockdown and continued offering both online and in-person meetings in tandem) and we are introducing speakers on subjects our members want to hear about once or twice a year. But things that will not be introduced are membership or joining fees and lock outs - everybody is welcomed and included. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Bromley Business Network see

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what's on community & charity BEAMS24 - Football Challenge

Saturday 3rd September – Sunday 4th September (24-hour event)

Dartford Football Club Cost: Individual Registration: £15 Team Cost: £100 Contact: Email Tel: 01322 668501 or see We Are Beams, a local charity supporting disabled children, is launching a brand new event called Beams 24 Football Challenge. This non-stop 24hr fun football challenge will raise money to provide 24hr care for disabled children. It runs from 12pm on Saturday 3rd September to 12pm on 4th September at Dartford Football Club. 7 a side teams will play for one hour each within the 24hr period. Teams and individuals of all abilities are encouraged to join up and everyone is welcome including, youth, disabled, senior or friends and family.

Bromley Friendship Centre

Every 2nd Wednesday of each month 1.30pm for 2pm

4th Floor Hall of Bromley Central Library Cost: Annual subscription £15 and monthly visits £2 Looking for a way to meet new friends? We normally have a speaker and end with a cup of tea and biscuit. Regular activities include lunches, outings and theatre visits.

Bromley Mencap Services

Contact: 020 8466 0790

Helpline open Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm

Email support: Call for advice and a friendly voice. Please phone our helpline should you require any support or need advice.

Bromley Well

Monday - Saturday, 9am-5pm

Contact: 0808 278 7898 Email: Bromley Well provides help for you to stay emotionally and physically well and to remain independent.

Bromley Speakers Club

1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of each month

Meetings start at 7.15pm and finish at 9.30pm (except where stated - see website). Ripley Arts Centre, 24 Sundridge Avenue, BR1 2PX Cost: Free Contact: Facebook: Practise your speaking skills and improve your confidence with a friendly and supportive group at Bromley Speakers. Guests are welcome to come along free of charge.

Orpington 'Drop In' Parkinson's Café

1st Thursday of each month, 10.30am - 12.30pm Sanctuary Café, Orpington Baptist Church,

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Your essential what's on guide for events, activities, clubs and much more in and around Bromley.

There's something for everyone! We’re looking to hear about your news, notices and local events! Email us at

Station Road BR6 0RZ Cost: Free Contact: Pop in for a cuppa and a chat, share information, experiences and meet new friends.

Forget-Me-Not Survivors Of Suicide Loss Meets the first Thursday of every month 7.45pm - 9.45pm

Cost: Free Contact: Sandra - 07519 105354 Email: Twitter: @ForgetMeNotSoSl Forget-Me-Not offers support for all those affected by suicide loss. The group is self-led and informal, where you can connect with other survivors.

Just Babies

Every Tuesday, 1.30pm - 3.30pm

St Nicholas Church,14 Leamington Avenue BR6 9QB Cost: Free Contact: Rosemary Fordyce on 01689 854 261 or email New mothers share experiences and offer each other support.

Knitting Club

Knitting blankets, mittens & bonding hearts for Special Care Baby Units at PRUH and Kings College hospitals.

2pm-4pm on Wednesdays during term time

Crofton Baptist Church, Orpington Contact: Lin Harewood 01689 877010 on Wednesdays Or email Anyone is welcome - you don’t have to be an experienced knitter. No need 2-aPly just come and make friends! We are knitters who natter so come and spin a yarn while you knit a yarn for a worthy cause. We won’t let reality get in the way of a good yarn!

Orpington Unit St John Ambulance Volunteer First Aid Training Every Tuesday, 7.15pm - 9pm

Park Road, St Mary Cray BR5 4AS Cost: Free Contact: John Matthews A weekly meet for the volunteers to learn and develop their first aid skills in preparation for providing first aid at local events in and around Orpington.

Orpington Quilters

Second Thursday of the month, 7pm - 9.30pm Crofton Halls, Crofton Road, BR6 8PR Cost: £5 to visitors at meetings when we have a

speaker, and £4 on other evenings. Contact: A group of enthusiastic quilters who meet to discuss and extend knowledge of patchwork and quilting.

u3a Talks – General Meeting 16th August, 10.30am-12pm

Cost: Members free, visitors £5 United Reform Church, 20 Widmore Rd, Bromley, BR1 1RY Contact: 020 8777 6345, email membershipsecretary@ or see A talk by senior political advisor, Robert Straker, entitled ‘Early England and Beyond.’

Tinnitus Support Group Orpington

Wednesday 7th September, 10am-12noon

Orpington Village Hall, 311 High Street, Orpington. BR6 0NN Cost: Free Contact: 01622 691151 Email: The Rotary Club of Orpington Crofton supports Hi Kent's Tinnitus Support Group that meets monthly.


what's on Norman Park near the Mencap Community Hub at the Hook Farm Road (A21) entrance. (The Cow Shed is situated on the new section of the walking path behind the car park).

Flin's Online & Live Fitness Classes See website for class dates & times

Cost: PAYG £5 - £8 Contact Fran: 07976 412027 Online streaming plus live offerings - 40+ classes a week, early mornings, mid mornings and evenings, including weekend classes. Outdoor Boot Camp, Circuits, Strength, Cardio, Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Total Body Lite, Box Fit and more: fitness for all! Mornings at Westcombe Park RFC, evenings at Tubbenden School.

Orpington FC Football Academy Every Saturday

10am - 11am Children aged four-seven 11am - 12pm Children aged seven-ten Goddington Park Cost: £4 per session Conatct: Email: Boys Football

Code Ninjas

15:30-18:30 Monday to Wednesday and 9:00-12:00 Saturdays

Ripley Arts Centre, 24 Sundridge Avenue, Bromley, BR1 2PX Contact:, tel: 07803 817 178 Kids learn to code while building their own video games. They gain problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills in a fun, safe, and inspiring environment. Book a Free Game Building Session with us at https://

HEALTH, FITNESS & MINDSET Bromley Ramblers: Walking For Health See website for dates & times

Cost: Free Contact: wellbeing-walks Wellbeing walks in and around Bromley. The Ramblers is a charity dedicated to removing barriers so everyone can enjoy walking in green spaces and to preserving and improving hundreds of thousands of miles of well-loved paths, tracks and trails across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Dr Bike Cycle Maintenance Session 6th August, 9am - 12pm

Cost: Free Norman Park Hook Farm Road BR2 9SX Contact: 020 8313 4546, Email: Get a free MOT for your bike. Fully qualified DR BIKE cycle mechanics will check your bike and fix minor faults such as brakes, chain, cables, gears and tyre pressure. Simply bring your bicycle along to the Cow Shed in

libraries Beckenham

Contact: 020 8650 7292 Open Monday 9.30am - 7pm, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30pm - 5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am - 5pm Thursday & Sunday closed.

Bromley Central Library

Contact: 020 3931 0900 Email: Open Monday - Friday 9.30am -7pm Saturday 9.30am - 5pm. Sunday closed. Please check websites for the latest library updates and opening times.


Contact: 020 8460 9692 Open Monday & Tuesday 9.30am - 1pm & 2pm 5.30pm, Friday day 9.30am - 1pm & 2pm - 5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm, Wednesday, Thursady & Sunday closed.


Contact: 020 8467 0355 Open Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30am - 1pm & 2pm - 5.30pm, Saturday 9.30am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm, Monday, Thursday & Sunday closed.

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what's on MARKETS Chislehurst Farmers Market

Third Sunday of the month, 10am - 2pm

Hornbrook House Car Park, High Street, Chislehurst, BR7 5AB Cost: Free Contact: 07775 736116 Produce includes seasonal fruit and vegetables, chocolates, cider and alcoholic drinks, bread, meat, cheese, preserves, sauces and much more.

MUSIC & entertainment The Owl Prowl - Summer Holiday Art Trail

28th July – 5th October, 24/7, seven days a week Cost: The trail is free to take part in and a map is available at Contact: 12 beautiful art owls are coming to Bromley town centre. The artistic creations will be displayed around the town, creating a trail of discovery for visitors and helping them to explore Bromley. For details see www.yourbromley. com/owl-prowl

Petts Wood Calling 2022 – Charity Music Festival 6th August, 12 noon – 10pm

Petts Wood Memorial Gardens Cost: Advance tickets £10, tickets on the door £13 Contact: A one-day music festival in the heart of Petts Wood. With great bands, tasty food and a fully stocked bar, who needs Glastonbury when you could come to Petts Wood Calling!


Contact: Email or call 07930756012 / 020 8650 8015 As a leading businesswomen’s network, we provide on and off-line trading and business growth opportunities across the UK and overseas at local level. Our dynamic networking business helps businesswomen make the connections and find the support needed in business – from meeting locally to share experiences, to working together to grow business through regular vibrant, buzzy networking meetings.

Bromley Business Network

Hybrid meetings - Face-to-face (at Bromley Football Club) and online

Doors open at 6.30am every other Wednesday. Cost: £23 in person or £12.50 online. See Includes a full cooked breakfast, unlimited tea/coffee.

theatre/ Performances Churchill Theatre, Bromley Contact:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Fri 12th - Sat 13th August, Various times

Tickets from £15 Created by Jonathan Rockefeller, the critically acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a vibrant celebration of Eric Carle’s adored classics and the perfect introduction to live theatre.

Facing the Music with Patricia Routledge & Edward Seckerson Sun 21st August, 3pm

Tickets £22 In this fascinating encounter with the writer and broadcaster Edward Seckerson, Keeping Up Appearances icon, Patricia Routledge, recalls her career with access to some rare and treasured recordings.

1230 The Women’s Company Bromley

90s Live

Kekik Kitchen, Bromley 12.30pm-2pm followed by open networking Non-members £28 and members £18. This includes a complimentary delicious lunch, plus any workshops and speakers.

Tickets: £30 It’s time for 90s Live! The music of a generation brought to life with fantastic vocals, genius costumes and of course; all the dance moves you know and love for the ultimate 90s night out!

3rd Wednesday of each month

shout about your event... A listing costs £15 or £60 for 6 months (£10 a month). Charities and non-profits are eligible for a 15% discount. Life In...Bromley cannot be held responsible for any changes or cancellations of an event. We recommend you double check times, places & dates if attending an event listed.

18 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

Sat 27th August, 7:30pm



To advertise call 020 3488 9959 email Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


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Are you or your teen stressed and anxious? Do you feel like you and your teen are worlds apart?

Let's Talk

Giving your loved ones the service that they deserve

Do you want to reconnect with your teen?

Community is important to me and I’m passionate about what I do.


My work as a life celebrant helps families who have lost a loved one to create a unique and fitting ceremony that’s personal to them.

Book a one off NEEDS AUDIT session to learn more about them, what makes them tick, what they really NEED and the resources they already have within themselves to meet those needs. After the sessions you will: Know more about them Know where their needs aren’t being met Know how to meet those needs Become more aware and present Alleviate the need for shouting and door slamming These sessions are open to parents and teens together, or as an individual. Price £50 per person I’d like to invite you to book your session today email:

Other services I offer include: • Weddings & vow renewals

• A ‘Remember Me’ package • Bereavement Café counselling • Grief Care boxes



LET US DO ALL THE HARD WORK! Based in Bromley and with over 30-years of experience, Easy Gardens are experts at undertaking garden clearances and ongoing maintenance. From small suburban gardens to country mansions, no job is too big or too small.

FREE QUOTATIONS We always love to visit a customer's garden in the first instance to walk around and understand your exact requirements, after which we will provide a detailed written quotation of the work that has been agreed. Very often, we can arrange to complete the work within 2-3 days of your instruction. We pride ourselves on delivering a very professional and competitive service and look forward to your call!

Call us on: 07878 938 265 • 20 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

Image: Dylan Clinton

Local Heroes...


Matt Hall

Dawn Bennett nominated Matt Hall, Head of Community at Bromley FC, as a local hero. She said: “For many years Matt has tirelessly supported our local community, from assisting with teaching at our local school to being the ‘go to’ man for all things Bromley Football Club related, community or otherwise. He has never failed to provide support and time and it’s always with a smile! He’s well worthy of recognition.” Assistant Editor, Steve Tolmie, caught up with Matt shortly after Bromley’s brilliant win in the FA Trophy Final at Wembley…

Congratulations Matt! How does it feel to be nominated as a Local Hero? I feel very proud, shocked - and very thankful to Dawn as well. It’s very unexpected. I don’t do this job for personal recognition, I love the football club and want to make a difference.

Tell us about the different ways you have been able to bring Bromley FC and the local community together. From Monday through to Sunday we offer a range of programmes including midweek soccer schools, ‘Man v Fat’ and dedicated schemes to get more girls into football. We have a very successful Saturday morning soccer school where we welcome over 230 kids each week. And we also run some very rewarding disability schemes and visit schools too.

What does a typical working day look like for you? It’s a fast-paced environment, with constant change. I spend a lot of time project planning as well as managing and timetabling our brilliant team of coaches for our after-school sessions. I’m also the stadium announcer/commentator for home games – a bit of a ‘jack of all trades’!

Why do you think sport is so important for different members of our local community?

What does ‘community’ mean to you? Everything really. It’s what we live and breathe and we strive to keep pushing to support everyone. We’re a real community club and we pride ourselves on that.

What’s coming up this summer for you in new your role as Head of Community? We’ve got six weeks of kids’ football coming up, and I’d like to highlight the first week, which is Access to Sport. It’s a HAF (Holiday, Activities and Food) programme, primarily targeted at children who are on free school meals and those with mild learning disabilities. The children get a whole day of football and a hot meal. It’s free of charge - we’re working with Bromley Children and Families Forum and Bromley Council on that project and very proud we can do it.

What do you most enjoy about living in the Bromley borough? I’m very proud to be from Bromley and have lived all my life in Orpington. I love the community feel of the borough and this job has opened my eyes to the fantastic organisations that support people. I don’t see myself moving away at all.

And finally… tell us how it felt to be at Wembley and see the Bromley men’s team win the FA Trophy? It was phenomenal and fantastic. I can’t express how proud I was of the players. I had the privilege of announcing the Bromley team to the Wembley crowd. The memories of the day will be treasured for a lifetime.

When I was young I would always be out playing sport. We want to encourage kids (and everyone) to be more active, get outside, get fitter and make new friends. We want to help make Bromley a fitter, healthier place.

Bromley’s women’s team won their league this season. How will you use this to encourage more young girls and women to play football? It’s a really exciting time for women’s football. We are all about inclusivity and want to bring the women’s team to be a real part of our family. We want the women to be centre stage on the Sundays like the men are on the Saturdays. I think we might be the only club in Kent with a full-time women and girls development officer, Andrea. Women’s football is on the up – we had a record crowd for the FA Cup match against Hastings this season. And it’s not just the youngsters – we also have the Bromley Belles for the 30+ age group.

A special ‘Thank You’ to Time For Flowers for sponsoring the bouquets for our Local Heroes.

Nominate a local hero – it could be a friend, neighbour, local business or a member of your family! Email

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lifestyle - PUZZLE PAGE

WIN A PAIR OF CINEMA TICKETS Unscramble the words below – which are all to do with going on holiday – and then use the first letter from each answer to spell out the name of a Kent seaside town. Send the answer to or text 07403 550068 with your name and address.




10. MINTTENRAETEN sponsored by

@BromleyPicturehouse @Bromley_PH

We’ve teamed up with Bromley Picturehouse to give one lucky winner a pair of cinema tickets to watch a film of their choice. For details see This is a monthly competition, open to residents in the Bromley borough only. Ts & Cs apply. Last month’s answer - JULIET Strictly one entry per person. All competition winners are listed on our website. Competitions are open to Bromley Borough residents only. For competition terms and conditions see

22 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

Text or email your answer, along with your full name, telephone number and postal address to 07403 550068


for your chance to win!

Foster Denovo is a multi-award-winning firm of financial advisers that provides financial advice to individuals and families. Our local financial advisers based at our office in Bromley, specialise in providing financial advice in the following areas. • • • • • • • •

Financial planning Trust and estate planning Savings and investments Retirement planning Pension options at retirement Mortgages Protection Small business solutions

Working in partnership with your local Foster Denovo financial adviser can help you make the right financial planning choices.

Why Foster Denovo? Our advisers are friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable and our priority is to help our clients achieve their immediate financial planning needs and longer-term financial aspirations. For a fee free, no obligation initial meeting to discuss your immediate or long-term financial planning requirements, please:

call John Winters or Sharon Cain on 01689 868 163 or 07767 818 665 or email or Website:

Devonshire House, 29-31 Elmfield Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1LT.

If you seek advice there may be a fee involved, full details will be provided prior to any work undertaken. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested. Accessing pension benefits early may impact on levels of retirement income and your entitlement to certain means tested benefits and is not suitable for everyone. You should seek advice to understand your options at retirement.

Foster Denovo Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Office: Ruxley House, 2 Hamm Moor Lane, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 2SA. Telephone: 01932 870 720 Email: Website:

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At home

1. Kitchen creations: Make these simple but scrumptious fairy cakes. Ingredients: 100g (4 oz) softened butter, 100g (4 oz) caster sugar, 2 large eggs, 100g (4 oz) self-raising flour and 1 level tsp baking powder. Method: Heat the oven to 200C, 180C fan, gas 6. Place 12 fairy cake cases into a 12-hole bun tin. Measure all the ingredients and add it all into a large bowl. Beat for 2-3 mins until the mixture is well blended and smooth. Fill each paper case with the mixture. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Decorate!

2. Think outside the box: Collect cardboard boxes, cereal packets and whatever you can get your hands on and set your child the task of making an indoor den within a time frame.

3. Finger paint (or rock paint): Let their imaginations run wild. Grab your paints, brushes, water and old clothes and you’re ready to go.

4. Movie marathon anyone? Get comfy, grab some snacks and you and the family are ready to go.

5. Beat the heat this summer by making fruit slushies! These are not only

In London

1. Get interactive at the Science Museum. Spot space rockets and giant steam engines, Pattern Pod is an amazing multi-sensory area for your kids to try, fly a low-level mission in an RAF Typhoon jet. Have a ride in their Fly 360° jet flight simulators. You can get free admission at but will have to pay extra for the rides.

20 free or affo to do with t


tasty but healthy to. Ingredients: 2 cups of frozen fruit of your choice, 1 tablespoon honey, 1/2 cup water. Method: Place the frozen fruit, honey, and water in a blender or foodprocessor. Blend thoroughly, adding an additional 1/4 cup of water if needed to blend. Serve immediately for a slushy you can scoop with a spoon or let rest for 5-10 minutes for a slushy you can sip through a straw.

2. There are great parks in London for the kids to blow off steam and guess what? They’re free!

From Brockwell Park and Coram’s Fields, to Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, there’s something for everyone. Why not go to a different one every week?

3. Splish, splash, splosh! The Granary Square fountains (nearest station St Pancras) are a great way to cool off on a hot summer’s day. With 1,080 water jets, your kids are guaranteed to have hours of fun.

nature (in over 89 acres), the kids will also learn the history and see the working life of the farm. Oh and it’s free to visit! See

5. Dinosaurs in London? Yes, that’s right – well… sort of. Step back in time at Crystal Palace Park Trust’s ‘Dinosaur Court’ to see life-size models. See

24 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs (cpdin

4. Get up close to animals at the Woodland Farm Trust. Not only do you get to be at one with


Further afield

1. Margate is bang on trend – and seems to have everything. From soaking up the rays on the sandy beach and visiting the arcades, to free exhibitions at Turner Contemporary and Dreamland Margate of course (free to enter, but rides are extra). A day trip never seems long enough!

2. In Essex, Southend offers a plethora of family-friendly activities. From indoor crazy golf to visiting the ‘theme park on the sea’ at Adventure Island. Alternatively, opt for a walk on the mile-long pier, treat yourself to an ice-cream and then jump on the mini train to return to land.

3. Ready to Brighton your day? Spend a day at one of Brighton’s free museums, have a picnic at the Royal Pavilion Gardens, take a ride on Volk’s Electric Railway, head to Brighton Palace Pier or get topsy turvy at the UpsideDown House. Fun for all the family!

4. Charming Canterbury is a great location

ordable things the kids this


for things to do. With free admission, The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge is fun for all ages. Then there’s a Roman-themed children’s play area at Westgate Parks. Or discover RSPB Blean Woods, one of the oldest woodlands in England. And for history fans, uncover rare objects at Canterbury Roman Museum.

5. Get playful in Portsmouth. Let the kids enjoy the adventure

playgrounds by Canoe Lake, visit the historical attraction of Southsea Castle and take in Old Portsmouth and Parade Pier. There’s great bang for your buck to be had at Southsea Model Village; set in an old Victorian fort, the kids will love it.


On our doorstep

1. Fancy a tee-off? Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf features two 18-hole outdoor adventure golf courses, set in picturesque surroundings, plus a café for refreshments after all the hard work. See

2. There’s more to Bluewater than just shopping. You’ve got a multi-screen cinema, England’s longest and fastest zipline at Hang loose Adventure plus Young Driver. Not to mention 50 acres of landscaped parkland. You can walk through the Mosaic Gallery Tunnel and discover a large lake, home to an abundance of wildlife. Maybe stop for a picnic or enjoy a walk or bike ride by following a cycle route?

3. Try one of our great local leisure centres – it’s not just the gym and swimming they offer. How about a family game of badminton? Then there’s soft play facilities, bowling, squash, arcade games…the list goes on.

4. Parks and gardens – living in the Bromley Borough means that we’ve got a lot of parks and gardens to enjoy. From High Elms and Priory Gardens to Kingswood Glen and Kelsey Park. Grab a blanket for a picnic, buy an ice cream and feed the ducks. You’ll have a blast!

5. Go on a mini educational trip. Head 30 metres below ground through Chislehurst Caves, visit Orpington’s Crofton Roman Villa, pop into the Historic Collections in Bromley Central Library or visit Christmas Tree Farm or Eagle Heights to learn more about the animals and our feathered friends.

August 2022 Life in... BROMLEY 25


Health Check


An interview with senior audiologist, Ana Rodrigues, Hearbase Bromley, 4 East Street, BR1 1QX

Why should I have my hearing tested?

Not being able to hear seriously impacts your quality of life, not to mention talking with friends, family and others. I recommend if you show any of these early signs, you should get it checked. If you are concerned about someone close to you who struggles to hear, speak to them about getting a free hearing test and why not join them to offer support if they need a little bit of encouragement?

What is an audiologist?

An audiologist is a clinical health care professional responsible for helping those who have problems with their hearing and balance disorders. It’s a highly qualified role, and each day an audiologist could be assessing and fitting hearing aids, providing ear protection, tinnitus support and advising on balance and wax removal.

How long have you been at Hearbase?

I have been at Hearbase for nearly 4 years now and I enjoy my work, especially meeting and helping so many people in the local community, old and young, from all walks of life. I am based at the Hearbase Bromley branch, 4 East Street, BR1 1QX (opposite the old Post Office).

What are the first signs of a hearing problem?

Some of the early signs are when you struggle to keep up with conversation in noisy places, when your family tell you the TV is too loud, or when you have difficulty hearing people clearly. If you experience ringing or buzzing in your ears, or head, or a feeling of blockage, these can also be early signs of hearing loss. Also, if you find you can hear better when you look at people’s faces that can be a red flag and you should get your hearing tested.

26 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

advertorial Why should I go to Hearbase Bromley?

Well, to start, our hearing tests are completely free. This isn’t unique to us, you can get your hearing tested elsewhere, but as we are expert audiologists, if we find anything of concern after your free hearing test, we will point you in the direction of specialist services quickly. We are a really friendly bunch of people and our focus is to listen and help you to manage your hearing.

How should I look after my hearing?

If you notice any change to your hearing, large or small, then always get it checked. Having a hearing test should be done regularly like you do with your teeth and eyes. This is important however old or young you are. If you work in a noisy place or have a history of hearing loss in your family, have a hearing test, it only takes 30-60 minutes. Call us on 0208 460 8954 or email and book your free hearing test at Hearbase Bromley today!

Call us on 0208 460 8954 or email - book your free hearing test today!

Don’t forget to mention ‘Life In Bromley’ when you book!

August 2022 Life in... BROMLEY 27

A family run Sea Food Restaurant located in Bromley, serving fresh seafood in cosy and relaxing surroundings. | 0208 313 1379 250, High Street, Bromley, BR11PG Window & exterior building cleaning in London, Bromley, Kent and the South East

A professional, fully insured service with uniformed operatives Residential & commercial Window cleaning - water-fed pole & rope access High-level gutter cleaning Pressure washing

01689 885004 | 07740 051785 |




for a fully fitted electric garage door.

Garolla garage doors are expertly made to measure in our own UK factories, they’re strong and solidly built. The electric Garolla door rolls up vertically, taking up only 8 inches inside your garage, maximising valuable space. Our expert local installers will fit your new door and they’ll take away the old one too, so there’s no mess.

Give us a call today and we’ll come and measure up FREE of charge.


020 3151 4675 MOBILE:

07537 149 128 *Offer valid for openings up to 2.4m wide & including 2 remote controls, 55mm white slats, internal manual override.

28 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

Money & Shopping


Save money on eating out The cost-of-living crisis is currently impacting millions of people and many of us will be cutting back on nights out and entertainment as a means of saving money. However, as Which? explains, it’s not impossible to enjoy the occasional treat – there are ways to save on eating out or ordering a takeaway from your favourite restaurants while sticking to a budget… 1


Chain restaurant mailing lists: Joining some chain restaurants’ own clubs or mailing lists can save a lot of money. These tend to be free to sign up for via email and are run by large chains such as Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Pizza Express. Customers on a company’s mailing list often get details of special deals sent straight to their inbox as soon as they are launched. For example, Which? found Pizza Express offered a 35% discount for a local restaurant when signing up. Bring your own booze: On average, restaurants mark up the price of wine by 167%. A typical bottle of house wine starts from around £15, whereas an equivalent bottle from a supermarket can be found from £5 – though some BYOB restaurants may charge a small corkage fee. Customers can search online for nearby BYOB restaurants, or see business-directory for listings.

mystery shoppers to eat and drink in pubs, cafes and restaurants – often large chains. Mystery diners are usually paid or gifted the cost of the meal in return for an honest review of their experience.

6. Join dining clubs to get discounts: Loyalty schemes and dining clubs can give diners discounts of up to 50% off at participating restaurants. Tastecard and Gourmet Society both offer a free 90-day trial, meaning customers could get free restaurant discounts for six months by trialling them back-to-back.

7. Find vouchers and discount codes before you go out: Many restaurants offer vouchers online. There are also a number of websites, such as VoucherCodes and HotUKDeals, that post deals and discount codes regularly. It can be worth checking daily deal websites, such as Groupon and Wowcher, for restaurant offers too.

8. ‘Kids eat free’ offers: If dining out as a family, it is worth checking if nearby restaurants offer discounts for children. Several popular chains offer discounts for children at certain times including Bella Italia, The Real Greek and Morrisons Cafe.

9. Book online: Websites such as OpenTable, Lastminute and 5pm specialise in two-for-one offers, 50% off deals and promotions where wine might be included with a meal. Users can search for the deals currently available nearby, then book a table at their chosen restaurant. On arrival, they simply need to remind the server that the booking was a special deal online.

3. Order direct from the restaurant: It’s often cheaper to order food directly from a restaurant, rather than through an app delivery service such as Deliveroo or Just Eat.

4. Don’t pay for water: Establishments that serve

10. Take a doggy bag: Don’t waste leftover food.

alcohol are required by law to give customers free tap water.

5. Get paid to dine out: Some companies recruit

People commonly over-order in restaurants, so it makes sense to ask for a box or bag to take your leftovers home. This can also save money on lunch the following day.

TOP TRUMPS LIMITED EDITION From the 1980s and Guinness World Record titles, to 30 Things To See In Margate and Only Fools and Horses, Winning Moves UK has unveiled Top Trumps Limited Editions – an adult twist on the card game. They’re ideal as a gift, to educate yourself or just to play a unique game of Top Trumps. Prices start at £4.99 for a pack, available from

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Life Hacks


There have been countless studies that show waking early can be a catapult to increased productivity, clarity and purpose. So we asked sleep expert Narwan Amini from to reveal what the health benefits of waking early are... Is there a link between waking up early and success? People who rise early tend to be more alert and energised, meaning that they can concentrate better than others throughout the day. A study in 2010, by biologist Christoph Randler, found that morning people are more proactive, spend time identifying goals and how to reach them, and aim for career success. Early risers tend to have better problemsolving skills, resulting in better performance in education, and high-paying jobs.

Are there any specific health benefits to waking up early? Waking up early makes going to bed earlier easier, and regulates your circadian rhythm, leading to deeper sleep at night. This consistent sleep improves blood pressure, fundamental brain functions, mood and your immune system.

How can I train myself to wake up earlier? One way is to start waking up 15-30 minutes earlier, over several days. This will allow your body to adjust to new sleeping patterns and minimise adverse effects such as fatigue. Also adopt healthy habits such as limiting electronics at night, sleeping in a cool, dark and quiet bedroom, and avoiding large and heavy meals before bed. Finding the motivation to get yourself up and out of bed in the morning is crucial.

What to do if… you leave your phone on the bus Step 1: Find out which company runs the bus route you were on. Check at

Step 2: Click on the relevant website and search for lost property or ‘contact’. Most websites will ask you to fill out a lost property form.

Step 3: Have details to hand including the bus number, the time and date (roughly) and anything specific about when you lost it.

Tip: Try locating your phone via an app (Find My iPhone, Phone Tracker etc)


3. Articulate

by Kat Byles, founder of The True Business School (

As you embrace your purpose, articulate it in a few simple words that inspire and resonate with your heart. The simpler the better.

You were born with a purpose and when it's placed at the heart of your life, you benefit from clarity of focus and direction. There are recognisable stages to the growth and development of your purpose and you may experience more than one stage at a time. When you become aware of the stage you are at, you have a map and can more easily participate in your purpose being fulfilled.

1. Calling You sense you have a bigger purpose than what is currently being expressed. There may be a sense of ‘something’ missing, a sensation pulling you towards ‘something’ you can’t quite understand, it is led by a desire for more – more meaning, contribution and impact. When you experience a calling, practise bringing more of your true nature into your life every day, and as you do, your purpose is revealed to you.

2. Receive As you follow your true nature, you begin to receive a sense of your purpose, the more you receive the clearer it becomes. At this stage, stay curious. Don’t deny it or push it away. Embrace and begin to own your purpose.

30 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

4. Align Align your decisions, actions, behaviours, products and services with your purpose. Let go of any aspects of your life that are not aligned with your purpose.

5. Embody As you make decisions aligned with your purpose, you shift from an intellectual understanding to your purpose becoming a tangible, living expression.

6. Lead There is a noticeable dedication, integrity and congruence and this inspires others. At this stage, as you communicate and share the wisdom of your experience openly and transparently, you become a recognised leader in your field.

7. Evolution You surrender more deeply, let go of what wants to go and allow what wants to come. Which stage do you most resonate with? And which stage do you want to invest your focus, energy and attention on next?

As a trusted independent insurance broker, let us do the hard work for you! At JD Travel Insurance we appreciate that one size does not fit all. Our experienced team specialise in providing bespoke and tailored travel insurance arrangements. The team are able to cover all eventualities including, (but not limited to): Persons with minor and serious pre-existing health conditions

Cruise holidays Travel Disruption Golfing holidays Wintersports cover

y Happ ys a d i l Ho all from JD t a el Trav

Gadget cover Longstay trips Business trip cover

Contact us for a no obligation quotation; our team are knowledgeable, empathetic and will handle your enquiry with sensitivity.

Call the team now on 0344

247 4749 or visit our website

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Monthly deliveries in the Bromley & Orpington areas Good rates of pay Map areas and trolley provided

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32 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022



ARRIVE AT THE AIRPORT STRESS-FREE THIS SUMMER Thanks to Airport Parking & Hotels (APH), here are some tips and tricks you can do to arrive at the airport stress-free this summer, so the holiday can really start when you leave home! 1. Getting there: Take time to plan ahead and consider all your options. Travelling by train or coach can work extremely well for those who live very close to a station, but do research on planned engineering work if you opt for this. Private cars and taxis are other favoured transfer options, but the cost can be high for longer distances, so it might be worth comparing a taxi firm’s quoted price against the cost for off-airport parking for trips lasting just a few days. Taxis also add to general traffic congestion, again with twice as many journeys.

2. Save on parking: If you do decide to drive yourself and park it’s best to shop around before and prebook to find the best deal. Although considered the most straightforward option, parking on-site at a car park operated by the airport itself can be more costly. To save on premium fees, compare airport parking prices online and consider pre-booking parking at a

Park Mark-approved off-airport Park and Ride site. Bus transfers to the airport are usually frequent and speedy so this is an ideal way to save money that can be spent at a destination instead.

3. Plan for an early flight: Those with early flights can save money and eliminate morning stress by combining an overnight hotel stay at or near the airport with an airport parking package. Booking overnight accommodation and parking at the same time can be surprisingly good value, so it’s worth considering an overnight stay to avoid early morning traffic and secure a few extra hours of sleep before a long day of travel or to simply extend your holiday by one night.

4. Final checks: Check the car has enough petrol, oil and the tyres are fine; check your travel documents and passports, Covid regulations/passes, make a note of your hotel address and passport details and keep them separate – and check you’ve packed everything. The most forgotten holiday items include phone chargers and adapters, cash, toothbrushes, sunglasses, plasters and prescription medicine.


London City Airport has outlined its plan to become the first net zero airport in London by the end of the decade. A sustainability roadmap has been published, setting out the steps it will be taking between now and 2030 to achieve its goal. These include measures to phase out gas for heating its buildings, ensuring all airport vehicles become electric, and plans to become a zero waste and zero single use plastics business.

AHOY THERE! Next time you’re looking for a funfilled (and familyfriendly) activity to do in London, why not give Go-Boat a try? The self-drive boat company offers the ideal activity with a difference to do with friends or family. There are three London locations to choose from – Paddington, Kingston or Canary Wharf, and you can even take a picnic along to enjoy while you soak up the sights and sounds of London! Guests will enjoy a leisurely cruise, with the boats

travelling at speeds of 4mph, and take in some of London’s most impressive views including Hampton Court Palace (Kingston), the Isle of Dogs (Canary Wharf) Little Venice and Camden Lock (Paddington). Groups of up to eight can board each boat and the experience is both dog and child friendly with life jackets and buoyancy aids provided. No prior boating knowledge is necessary, with staff giving a full tutorial before setting sail, meaning it’s something for the whole family to enjoy. The eco-friendly boats, powered by electricity, are available to hire between 9am and 7.15pm for one-, two- and three hours, with prices leading in at £95. To book or for more information see

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5 ways to make Your Household Smarter It’s not just ‘Home, sweet home’ anymore: these days it’s also ‘Home, smart home’. More and more people are making use of technology to set up ‘smart homes’ where the heating, lighting and other appliances can be controlled using internet-connected devices and smartphones. In fact, over two million Brits are now making use of gadgets to organise their home more efficiently and conveniently. Here, with the help of Northern Powergrid, we explore five ways you can smarten up your home, this year and beyond.

1. Choose a smart system Some smart devices can be controlled without a hub these days, but smart systems are convenient because they serve as a central hub for every device throughout your home. Smart systems make your life simple. With this, you can control everything from your lightbulbs to your thermostat with ease. You can set timers and establish a routine, whether this is running a bath after work or locking your doors at night, and you can control it all from an app on your phone.

2. Home security tech Smart security systems are a great way to fortify your home with technology. This can be something as small as a doorbell camera or as complex as an alarm system. There are multiple benefits to having a smart security system within your home. In fact, installing a smart system can reduce home insurance costs by 13% and, according to a survey by Co-Op, 89% of burglars in the UK admitted that they would be deterred by a smart home.

3. Utilise smart boilers & meters As well as feeling safe and secure, being toasty and warm is another way to guarantee you will have the best night’s sleep. A smart meter will let you control the temperature throughout your home at the click of a button, they’re also very simple to use and can be controlled through a mobile app.

4. Electric vehicle charging Electric cars are the future. They replace the need for crude oil, from petrol to diesel, and lower the amount of carbon we emit into the atmosphere. To encourage more people to drive electric cars, a further 145,000 electric vehicle charging points have been installed across the nation. Also, all newly built homes will be required to have an electric vehicle charging port as of this year, so EV charger installation will become more common than we now know.

5. Experiment with other smart devices There are many more smart devices that assist homeowners with their day-to-day lives, including a smart fridge. These can keep your veggies chilled while tracking their expiry dates. And why stop there? Smart vacuums operate independently, cleaning the surfaces throughout your home with ease; smart lights can be turned on remotely and even set on a timer; smart plugs replace the need for any faulty switches. Don’t even get us started on smart rings or smart egg trays. These are some of the ways you can smarten up your home. Which gadgets are you excited to try?

Are friends electric? Electric cars are the future – and they’re the present too. The Department for Transport has reported that there are now more than a quarter of a million EVs using UK roads while sales of plug-in vehicles have reached all-time highs, with 327,000 registered in 2021 – a 77% rise on 2020. And to keep these cars on the road, the Department has revealed that almost 600 new public chargepoints are being installed each month, with the expectation that there will be 300,000 of them by 2030. That’s equivalent to almost five times the number of fuel pumps currently available to drivers.

34 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

2030 could be a big year for cleaner, greener driving. The government is committed to phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by that date, to continue cleaning up the country’s air. Last year CO2 emissions from cars decreased by 11% and the hope is that this trend will continue.


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Did You Know… The nation’s favourite pranks A study by Jammie Dodgers reveals that a whopping 95% of Brits believe that it’s important to embrace your “inner child”, especially when it comes to fun, mischief and pranks. Nearly two thirds of Brits (63%) confess they love to prank, with men far more likely to prank someone than their (72%) female counterparts (54%). This is especially true for parents, or should we say kidults, as more than a third (36%) reveal they feel they are less mature than their own kids! Of the adults surveyed who have children, over half (56%) have been told that they’re embarrassing parents. Despite legal adulthood starting at 18, new research has found that the average Brit doesn’t consider themselves a grown up until they pass 30. The survey also revealed a definitive list of signs you are a “kidult”, including buying sweets to cheer yourself up (56%), watching cartoons (39%) and eating your favourite biccie in your own special way, like taking it apart and eating the filling first.

The nation’s Top 10 favourite pranks:


Things you never knew about the River Thames


The River Thames is one of London’s oldest and most popular attractions, not only bringing in millions of overseas visitors each year but piquing local interest too. As well as being a tourist hotspot, it is England’s longest river and the second-longest river in the United Kingdom. This got us thinking, how much of the Thames is undiscovered? The team at Barratt London took a deep dive into the 30-million-year-old river to reveal what tropical marine life resides in the river, the wackiest items that have been found as well as which items could be recycled.


Year Sighted

5,000-year-old human bone


16th Century Sword


Plastic Crocodile


Iron Ball and Chain


Giant Michael Jackson Statue


28-metre-long megalodon shark tooth

Year Unknown

Roman Brothel Token

Year Unknown

Skull segment from a 30,000-year-old woolly Rhino

Year Unknown

1. Jumping out at someone and shouting ‘Boo!’ 2. Using an extra or different remote to sneakily change the TV channel 3. Prank calling a mate 4. Scaring someone with fake insects or snakes 5. Whoopee cushions 6. Replacing family photos with famous people 7. Removing batteries from devices 8. Clingfilm over the toilet seat 9. Telling your children the Wi-Fi is down when it isn’t 10. Changing the clocks

What sea life can be spotted in the Thames?

Prescription charges

Wet wipes are reported to be the most littered item in the river and when mixed with mud they form slimy layers. Food wrappers are found to be the top lightweight item, making up to 20% of all litter in the Thames.

NHS prescription charges will be frozen for the first time in 12 years to help with the cost of living. Charges usually increase in line with average inflation. This year - in a move not seen for over a decade - the cost for prescriptions will remain the same to help ease cost of living pressures and ensure prescription medication remains accessible. This means people in England who pay prescription charges are saving £17 million overall. Charges for prescriptions will remain at £9.35 for a single charge or £30.25 for a 3-month prescription prepayment certificate (PPCs). 12 month PPCs will remain at £108.10 and can be paid for in instalments, meaning people can get all the medicines they need for just over £2 a week.

Data finds that whales are the most common animal residing in the Thames. Dolphins, a harbour porpoise, several sharks, seahorses and eels have also been spotted.

What waste items are found most in the Thames?

Ed McCoy, Sales and Marketing Director at Barratt West London, said: “Discovering that a number of whales have chosen to make Londoners their neighbours has been quite a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Their ‘under the radar’ presence makes them the perfect quiet and considerate neighbours. It's a privilege to share our city with them. The study also brought to light the items that should not be calling the Thames home, that could have very easily been recycled instead. We hope this new knowledge of our underwater neighbours will make a lot of people think twice about dumping rubbish into the Thames."

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UK breaks with your dog

With 12.5 million dogs now living in the UK, many hotels, holiday lets, restaurants and attractions are choosing to welcome both two and four-legged guests through their doors. Dr Jayne Laycock, resident vet at YuMOVE, outlines five considerations to bear in mind:

1. Make sure the accommodation is suitable: Ensure the property can cater to your dog’s individual needs. This might include: • Non-slip mats or flooring – to prevent slips and sliding which can be tough on dog’s joints • Doggie steps or ramps to provide easy access. This is particularly important for breeds such as Dachshunds to support their back, as well as older dogs • Raised food and water bowls, which reduces strain on joints and promotes better digestion • Stair gate – speak to the hotelier or property owner in advance to see if this can be accommodated

2. Ensure your pet is safe while travelling: Rule 57 of the Highway Code states: "When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves.” If you’re heading out on a long journey, make sure you plan in plenty of pit stops where you and your

5 ways to love your cat

In celebration of World Cat Day on 8th August, PerfectPets Books looks at seven ways to love your cat. 1. Provide a safe home: When they feel safe and loved a cat will want to stay close to their owners. If your cat is an outdoor cat microchipping and spaying (if female) and neutering (if male) is a necessity. 2. Give them tasty treats: The way to a cat’s heart is definitely through its taste buds. Treats with tuna, salmon and small pieces of cooked chicken can be a gourmet heaven for your cat. 3. Spend quality time together: We often quickly assume that cats have a solitary nature and are happy being left alone. The truth is they are independent animals, more so than dogs, but they do enjoy bonding with their owners and want your undevoted attention when they so desire. Have conversations and engage regularly and in return they will give you a lifetime of loyalty.

dog can stretch your legs and get some water before you get back out on the road again. This will keep them from getting irritable and restless while travelling. Take things to keep them comfortable, such as bedding and toys.

3. Check the weather: On warm days, ground surfaces such as paving and sand can become very hot, which can burn your dog’s paws and make them sore. The easiest thing to do is a quick temperature check – step out with no shoes on and see how it feels for you. If it’s too hot for you to stand on for more than a few seconds, chances are it’ll also be too hot for your dog’s paws as well. Always make sure you take plenty of water out with you on daily activities and excursions for you and your dog. If you’re planning on exploring, you’ll all need to stay hydrated or you and your pet could run the risk of developing heatstroke.

4. Be mindful of other dogs: It’s important to ask yourself – how sociable is your pet around other dogs? You should consider their behaviour toward other pets and people before you travel to ensure they won’t be put into a situation where they feel anxious and threatened. If you do have a pooch that’s a little nervous around other dogs, it might be worth looking at a location that’s a little more isolated than a resort or hotel.

5. Dogs get home sick too: Our furry friends are creatures of routine and habit. Disrupting their routine might have some adverse results in their behaviour. They also tend to get used to the smells, sounds and visuals around them, so one of the easiest ways of curbing home sickness is to surround them with the sights and smells of home. Take things like their favourite blankets and toys on holiday with you, as this will instantly put them at ease and make their new environment feel more familiar.

Neuter your Cat for £5

Do you live in our Bromley area (BR1 - 4 or SE20, SE23 & SE26) and would like some help to get your cat neutered? We are offering you the chance to have your cat neutered for just £5. For more information please contact Bromley Cats Protection on :

07776667852 w w w. c a t s . o r g . u k / b r o m l e y / contact-us Email:

neutering@bromley. Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) SC037711 (Scotland) NEU_2343

4. Play games: Introduce a variety of toys to your cat to encourage them to express their natural instincts. Playtime is important for keeping your cat stimulated and healthy. 5. Brush your cat regularly: Brushing your cat regularly will help foster trust and bonding. Cats are great at keeping up their own hygiene but laying in their owner’s lap and being groomed is not something they will run away from.

38 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022


Your pet pics...

Bonnie is such a lovely gentle cat. Jane Askew

This is Misty, my 14-year old cuddle cat. He's a huge softy who loves belly rubs and scratches the scratching post only for treats. He's the best company and meows silently. Karen Brockwell

Ruby Tuesday Piglet Parker is 13 and the bestest big sister ever. She’s also my best friend in the whole wide world. We always say stick together - always squad goals! Gemma Parker

Our beautiful 8mth fur babies. Mo Reene

Here is Rosie! She’s 3 years old and is a mixture of everything (no, not a designer mix!), she likes to go on 5k jogs, she’s feisty and thinks she’s bigger than she is (she’s tiny weighing 4.5kg) Laura Graham

Our gorgeous rescue cat Oscar is nearly 10 and is a loyal friend, totally unlike any cat I've had before! We wouldn't have got through lockdown without him. He's a total therapy cat who instinctively knows when you need company. He has sat through a number of home school lessons keeping company for my daughters, especially when they were having a tough day. We're blessed to have him. Suzanna Argenio-Haimes Before Suri is a Persian Himalayan. She’s an absolute diva and everything is on her terms. Jin Nailedit

This is Karakan, my rescue dog from Hungary. Ellen Murphy After

Here’s our rescue dog Nelly from Macedonia who loves everyone and loves to be cuddled Sarah Coleman

This is my cat Milo who was 6 in June. He is an indoor cat who loves spending time on the balcony in the sunshine catching bugs! He was very poorly with a blocked bladder a few years ago which was touch and go, but thanks to the Ceila Hammond Charity, he pulled through. He’s a happy, affectionate cat with a big personality. Everyone who meets him says he is more like a dog as he's so vocal and even plays fetch Adele Barber

Here's loveable Maggie Vicki Novell

This is Rocco. He sleeps and snores a lot of the time, but can run like a greyhound if he can be bothered! Michelle McColloch

Cute pet pictures – send yours to

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Health & Fitness

7 TIPS ON SLEEPING IN A HEATWAVE IF YOU HAVE HAY FEVER Sleeping in a heatwave is difficult enough, but if you have hay fever as well, it can make things even worse and leave you feeling tired and exhausted. However, there are things you can do to help – airborne allergens expert, Max Wiseberg gives his top tips… 1. Take a shower or bath before sleeping to remove pollen particles from your hair and body. 2. Apply a small amount of organic drug-free allergen barrier balm like HayMax around the nostrils and bones of the eyes. 3. Don’t drink alcohol before bed. Beer, wine and spirits all contain histamine, the chemical that sets off allergy symptoms in your body. Avoid mucus-producing dairy drinks.

4. Wash your bedding frequently and cover your bed with a sheet (stored away from the bed before you get into it). Dry your bedding and bed clothes indoors rather than on a clothesline. 5. Keep your bedroom windows and door closed; if this makes the room too hot, consider using an air filter/ purifier with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filter. 6. Vacuum the bedroom regularly, including the bed, curtains and other fabrics to remove pollen particles. 7. If you own a pet, keep it out of the room you sleep in. Pollen gets trapped in animals’ fur and will be brought indoors.


Fran from Flin’s Fitness says: “In the fitness world, it's well known that a plank can do more for your core strength than any amount of crunches! It trains you to hold your abdominals in taut, bringing about a strong, more upright posture. It holds in contraction not only your stomach muscles, but your back muscles, your shoulders and buttocks, also in full plank your thighs! This move can be modified if you are a beginner, pregnant or post-natal, or post injury, simply by placing the knees down. Place your forearms to the floor, close to your chest. Brace, and take your body onto your toes and forearms, forming a straight line from shoulders to heels. If you feel slumping at the pelvis, put your knees down and then form a straight line from your shoulders to your buttocks, creating a half plank. Build up from 10 seconds to 30 seconds or even longer (unless you have high blood pressure, in which case keep to very short intervals.) Variations are plenty of course! Please message me ( if you would like to know more about the plank!”

HYPNOTHERAPY Q&A Q: When can Hypnotherapy treat anxiety and other serious mental health conditions? As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have worked with clients with mental health issues, such as depression, stress, anxiety, and panic attack. These conditions respond well to hypnotherapy. Yet Bipolar, severe PTSD, various personality disorders, and other serious mental health conditions will need more intervention than a hypnotherapist alone can provide. A hypnotherapist will need to be trained, as a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or something similar. They usually need to complete about 100 hours of therapy work before they qualify. Using both hypnosis and therapy can achieve positive results in helping others manage their mental health conditions. Valerie Davis – VM Davis Hypnotherapy (

40 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

BONE BOOSTER bonebalance™ is a 100% natural food supplement approved for the dietary management of osteoporosis and osteopenia. It comprises high-quality specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides that are clinically proven to help form bone matrix -the tissue that gives bones tensile strength and flexibility so they can absorb impact without breaking.The flavourless powder can be dissolved into water, juice or hot drinks or stirred into yogurt or smoothies and there are no side-effects. Prices cost £39.99 for a month’s supply. See

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Lynne Darcey Quigley

Signs your customers are not going to pay on time Wouldn't it be great if you could predict which customers or suppliers are likely to pay late, if at all? According to Lynne Darcey Quigley, CEO and founder of credit management platform Know-it, you can learn to spot behaviour patterns by identifying activities frequent in late payers and thus negotiate the risks so you can take the necessary precautions to minimise any damage. Frequent excuses which lead to no payment Each of these warning signs is hugely frustrating, but when faced with excuses for non-payment, it can feel like you are fighting a brick wall. The following examples are some of the more frequent 'reasons' often heard by SMEs faced with a serial debtor looking for more time to pay or not wishing to pay full stop. 'The invoice has already been settled.' 'We don't have a record of the invoice.' 'We don't have a record of the goods or services being received.' 'The bank accounts we use are being changed.' ‘The credit terms are unclear or appear to be different on the invoice.' There are occasions when some of the above are genuine reasons, but when you suspect that all isn't truthful, you have to act and focus on recovering what you are owed without losing the relationship. It is not easy to face a customer who wants to argue, but if you can maintain a calm and controlled manner, you are more likely to see a more positive outcome. For example, when the credit terms are being questioned, it is best to carefully point out that the terms in your invoice match the terms in your original agreement. When embarking on a new deal with a customer or a supplier, be mindful of the date they agree invoices would be settled each month, then you have the information you can refer to when the date has gone, and the invoice remains outstanding. Refer constantly to your terms on the agreement and if they have had trouble paying, talk this through with them. It should always be your focus to recoup the monies owed

to your business. Cash is the lifeblood of your company, and without it, the future will look bleak. So, when you are faced with what your gut tells you are excuses, be firm, and where needed, enlist the help of a debt recovery firm that can do all the heavy lifting for you, which will save you time and headaches.

The silent treatment The rule of thumb for unanswered emails should be three and then it’s time to act. First off, call them directly. It might be easy to ignore an email but is usually difficult to ignore a phone call. Then, if you get through to your customer, politely remind them the invoice is overdue and ask when you can expect payment from them. It is critical to apply steady pressure on any outstanding invoice.

Changes to your customer's credit report Credit checking and monitoring are critical if your business is to thrive, and this needs to be implemented from the word go with every new customer or supplier. You must keep an effective credit control process to be clear on your customer's payment behaviour.

When a customer disputes the debt This is often an easy issue to rectify if you initially stated clear credit terms in your agreement. Remember, every time you accept an order from a customer or issue an invoice, your client will have already agreed to your terms of credit. The simple way to address a customer who appears to be changing or disputing the terms is to point out that they had already agreed on accepting either goods and services or invoices.

When a customer changes their trading behaviour Where repeat custom and ongoing agreements are concerned, it is helpful to note against your records changes in payment and buying behaviour. For example, they might change the date they pay you on more than one occasion, or they may be buying less from you - the latter, more often than not, will tell you a lot about their own cash flow concerns. If you see something is off, for instance, a customer who regularly pays on time is now making excuses or placing orders much smaller than usual, it would be best to consider offering payment terms that mitigate some credit risk.

Did you know…? A study from Opinium on behalf of American Express showed that more than half (55%) of small businesses reported seeing a rise in new customers purchasing from their business over the past six months. 42 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

Start a new business Jane Knight is the founder of Successful Mums Career Academy, an award-winning specialist training company for mums. Since 2013, Successful Mums has supported almost 7,000 people back to work or to start a business through fully-funded, face-toface and online training courses, a mixture of career coaching and accredited training courses. Here are Jane’s top five tips for starting a new business: 1. Know your audience It’s really important for the success and future of your business to ensure you know your target audience inside out - whether your company provides products or services to other businesses or whether you sell directly to individual consumers.

2. Make a profit Know how much you need to earn and work backwards: for example, if you need to be earning £1,000 per month, your sales might need to be £2,000.

3. Have a plan Business plans are like road maps; it’s possible to travel without one, but that will only increase the odds of getting lost along the way. A well-written business plan will help drive you forward and by putting goals onto paper and out of your head, you’ll be able to

track progress as your business starts to grow.


4. Online engagement Social media can help engage with your customers and find out what people are saying about your business. Be on just one social media platform to start; consider who your target audience is and where these customers are likely to hang out.

5. Tell people what you are doing Networking is one of the best resources for career development and professional success and is a great way to find prospective customers and new opportunities. Don’t be shy; let people know what you are doing – the chances are every person you meet will know 300 people you don’t know!

Getting started may feel unnerving, but Successful Mums is with you every step of the way. For help finding work or to start your business today visit

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by DIANA ELVIN Jenny couldn’t get comfy in the rumpled bed. She worried about what was happening downstairs. Michael was a wonderful husband in many ways, but the schools were closed and he was trying to work from home. The phone rang, Michael shouted upstairs.

Then Claire came storming in. “I want to go to brownies. It’s toosday.” How to explain to a seven-year-old that ALL meetings were cancelled? “We’ll take you to the swings. Special treat.”

“Your aunts are coming.” “Oh no! Didn’t you tell them I had covid?” “Try stopping Aunt Agatha. They’ve had their two jabs and they’ll be wearing masks. Said they would love to help. I’ll go and tidy up.” At the thought of Michael’s usual attempts to ‘tidy-up’ and her aunts’ unfailing criticism, Jenny moaned. Suddenly her headache was a lot worse. Outside the door, Bobby was jumping up and down with all the exuberance of a five-yearold. “Aunt Yes-yes coming.” “Aunt Alice,” Michael corrected, but it fell on deaf ears. Alice was so determined to avoid a difference of opinion with her strong-minded sister that she answered all Agatha’s remarks with “Yes, yes, of course dear,” or, when prompted by Agatha, “No dear, indeed no.” Over the years Michael and Jenny had fallen into the habit of referring to her as “Aunt Yes-yes” in her absence. When, to their consternation, Bobby innocently addressed her that way his great-aunt thought he was trying to say “Alice” and smiled indulgently. She was always pleased to see the children. Alice alone probably wouldn’t have been too bad, but she was always accompanied by her elder sister Agatha who had once held a very responsible job. Now she had no one to supervise but the pliable Alice. The aunts were coming again at the worst possible time. Jenny did not doubt that the whole place was in chaos, but she really didn’t feel able to do anything about it. Usually she rushed round, frantically trying to create an impression of order and cleanliness. Today they would have to take things as they found them. She must have dozed off because the next thing she was aware of was hearing voices in the hall, then the dreaded footsteps advancing upstairs. But today the aunts did not criticise. Agatha handed Jenny a mask then helped her into a chair, made the bed and put her carefully back into it. What bliss it was to sink into the plumped-up pillows with clean sheets smooth around her.

“Oh, but…” Jenny wondered how the aunts, both well over 80, would manage. Then, seeing her aunt’s face said nothing. Alice said, “I’m relying on Bobby to show me the way. Unless he looks after us we’ll probably get lost.” Bobby put his hand reassuringly in hers. “I’ll look after you,” he promised. “I’ll be EVER so good.” When, later, Jenny groped her way downstairs, she found the house tidy. The children had been exercised, fed and washed. Looking at them all, Jenny realised that the two old ladies shared the children’s excitement. They had really enjoyed being useful for once, and the children had been happy and safe with them. When they hesitantly offered to come each day to look after the children until she was really well again Jenny accepted with relief and gratitude. “You’re absolute angels.” Her mind was full of kind and affectionate thoughts. Being needed and useful had made such a difference to them. As they went through the front door, Agatha studied the glass in it. Clearly it hadn’t been cleaned for ages. But she managed to say nothing. It was the muddy front step which proved her undoing. “With a family,” she said, “A step needs washing frequently. We’ll do it for you tomorrow, won’t we Alice.” “I don’t think,” said Alice, “that the state of the step matters much one way or the other.” They all looked at her in surprise. Agatha found her voice at last. “You’re right Alice,” she said, “Quite right. We’ll play with the children instead.” “Goodee” shouted Bobby. I like playing with you.” “So do I,” piped up Claire. “I’m so glad you came today,” said Jenny. “So are we,” Agatha said. “We’ve really enjoyed helping haven’t we Alice?” “Yes, yes dear.” said Alice, and for once she really meant it.

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BUSINESS & NETWORKING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS (PIB) We are a fun, friendly and affordable small business network group, holding monthly meetings for members who have exclusivity in their field. Our groups include Bromley, Bexley and Southwark. Email or see for more information.

PRODUCTIVITY POD If you’re a small business or sole trader and work alone – or just want some incentive to get your admin, accounts or social media done, join one of the Productivity Pod’s free sessions on Zoom! You continue to work with sound off but cameras ON & after the session you tell the others what you managed to get done in 2hrs! Email with your mobile number and name to register or for more details.


Swimming lessons that last a lifetime. We offer classes with a friendly and personal approach to swimming and cater for all abilities - from beginners to advanced and even nervous first-timers. Please check the website at for the latest updates or our social media. Facebook@aquakidsuk Twitter @Aquakidsuk Instagram


Providing award winning inspiring and imaginative arts and crafts sessions for all ages, parties, events, activities and after school clubs. For more information and booking visit or call Alix on 07906 078840 @TCSBeckenham on social media


We provide sustainable party boxes that contain everything needed for children's parties. Our aim is to provide stress-free planning while helping you to create magical memories! Tel: 0333 444 2017 Email:

JKA ORPINGTON SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUB Based at Darrick Wood Senior School, the club was established by its current chief Instructor Graham Richardson in 1975. Class times are 7pm-8.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 10am-11.30am on Saturdays. See the website at or email


I specialise in making your business look its best with creative graphic design - offering a personalised, professional and cost-effective service. T 07855 585690 E


Holistic, mindful vegan/vegetarian cook-along experiences, workshops and demonstrations. Also offers artisan nuts and spices, available for purchase at Bromley Health Store (8 Widmore Road, BR1 1RY) Call Sushma Raval on 07508-822019, email or see


We make bespoke cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. We cater for most dietary requirements including vegan, diary free and gluten free. Contact Wimbai on 07925496547 or email Instagram: @weecupcakes Facebook: Wee Cupcakes


Professionally Licensed Makeup Artist based in Bromley trained in London & Paris with over 20 years’ experience in artistry and skincare. Together we will create your signature glam look for Special occasions, Bridal + Wedding guest, Zoom or social media makeup, Prom & Celebration Party nights, Business headshots. Makeup Master Classes. All ages, all skin tones. Book your FREE 30-minute consultation. Call 07947 821 991, email or see


Qualified Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist, providing sports and pregnancy massage in the local area. Whether it is a specific injury or to alleviate general aches and pains, sports massage can benefit you. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact via Facebook: Geo Sports Massage, Instagram: geosportsmassage or Whatsapp: 07771299123.


Affordable Integrated Coaching and Therapy for Teens and Parents. Creating a deeper connection through better communication. We also offer Purpose & Progression sessions for 14-16 year olds, as well as a ‘Needs Audit’ for both parents and Teens. For more information email or send a message to 07968 381793.


We make safe toys for dogs using traditional Royal Navy knotting methods and, where appropriate, the dying trade of ‘whipping & splicing’ is used. We also offer a range of accessories, household essentials & gifts including dog leads, Monkey-Fist knot toys and doorstops. See @top_knot_toys on Instagram or email To submit a classified listing please call 020 3488 9959 or email Prices start from just £10 per month.

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A Final Thought…

Helping our young people by SAMANTHA DHOLAKIA

We will, we are, or we have experienced youth… and there is nothing quite like it. No matter which stage of life you are in, being the youth of the day is no easy feat - it can come with great costs and trade-offs. There certainly is a fee to being young and free! This month is home to two fantastic days, National Friendship Day on 7th August and International Youth Day on 12th August, which both raise awareness and offer support to the voices and connections of our young people. I wanted to share these two days because they are so entwined. Growing up we hear all sorts of things; you’re too young, you're growing up too fast, you're not mature enough, you're older than your years, you're just a child, you're not a child anymore… it seems that for the youth, there is no clear being. Are we as young people always feeling too much or not enough of something? This never-ending external input from those around us, coupled with the ongoing growth of comparison and conflicts between social ‘norms’ and identity definition can lead to a great deal of inner turmoil. So yes, being young comes with many ‘fees’ - trade-offs and tough decisions, of which friendships are one of the biggest challenges, connections and complications. Decisions around who we are friends with and how best to ‘fit in’, what we wear and how we present ourselves, what we want to focus our time on and the best way to go about it are just a few of the daily stresses our young people face… and of course with the growing connections through social media, these questions continue online and into our homes. As an educational consultant, parental strategist and implementation coach, I work with a great many young people, and the longing and drive to make, manage and maintain connections is always at the heart of so many of their choices. As human beings we have an innate drive to feel connected to others around us, it not only allows us to feel safe, but also gives us a sense of belonging. Shared experiences as we grow and develop are crucial to how we understand, connect and communicate with the world around us.

46 Life in... BROMLEY August 2022

With all of the work we at SPD Tuition and Coaching do to support schools, parents and young people, I wanted to share some tips that can support our young people in lessening the stress of the daily load of being young whilst offering them (and you as parents) some freedom within.

• Talk about yourself first and then listen

Young people are often processing a great deal and can be overwhelmed when asked open-ended questions such as ‘How was your day?’ - you may get a grunt or a ‘fine’. If you open the conversation with a couple of things you have enjoyed about your day it gives them time to think and allows them to work from an example. Then you can listen, without interruption, to their thoughts and feelings.

• Give them permission to relax

We sometimes forget that the teenage brain is going through a huge shift neurologically and this has an immense impact on their emotions, and of course their behaviour. Sharing relaxation time, again modelling how you relax and then allowing them the freedom to choose what works for them, can support them in building healthy habits.

• Observe and share

One of the best ways to support any child, no matter their age, is through noticing their character strengths and commenting/praising them when they are using them. This not only allows them to feel seen and gives connection, but it also builds their confidence and self– esteem.

The support we offer at home can help develop the skills they need as they go out into the world.

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Bespoke programmes that meet the Graphic needs of both the organisation and the teams. The main purpose is to: • Help to raise personal awareness about an individual’s role within a team • Support team development and inclusion • Identify what is collectively important to drive success and identify the collective strengths and gaps


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Career & Performance programmes that provide clarity of the role and responsibilities, understanding of expectations and how to deliver results.


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At Compassion Homecare we provide the very best in home care We would all like to continue to enjoy independent living within the comfort of our own home. Our qualified staff can help you with those day to day tasks that you are finding harder to cope with.

DAILY CARE, LIVE-IN CARE OR RESPITE CARE Our careers can help you with: • Help with getting up or going to bed • Washing, showering and bathing • Assistance with medication • Getting to social outings and meeting up with friends • Preparing and cooking meals • Overnight and respite care • Cleaning, housework and shopping • Laundry and Ironing • Or just popping in for a chat if you’d like some company

We know how big a step having home care is so we offer a free home care assessment to help you decide what is best for you. Please give us a call.

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