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Lincoln Springs Apartments Confidential Investment Summary

Lincoln Springs Apartments

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Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 2

Institutional Quality Investment

A Confidential Investment Summary

The following information is an investment summary provided to prospective investors and others. This information is not an offering to sell either a security or a solicitation to sell a security. At the request of a recipient, the Company will provide a private placement memorandum, subscription agreement and the Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement. The Managing Member in no way guarantees the projections contained herein. Real estate values, income, expenses and development costs are all affected by a multitude of forces outside the Managing Member’s control. This investment is illiquid and only those persons that are able and willing to risk their entire investment should participate. Please consult your attorney, CPA and/or professional financial advisor regarding the suitability of an investment by you.

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 3

Table of Contents

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 4
Executive Summary ……. 501 Property Overview ……. 1103 Market Overview ……. 2005 Addendum ……. 3207 Investment Highlights ……. 702 Financial Analysis ……. 1604 Portfolio and Case Studies ……. 2806 Contact Info ……. 3508

Lincoln Springs Apartments Value Add InvestmentExecutive Summary

Life Bridge Capital has identified Lincoln Springs Apartments (”Lincoln Springs”) for acquisition The asset is an institutional quality, 180 unit property that was built in 1974. Lincoln Springs is located in Colorado Springs, CO.


Colorado Springs has attracted national attention as one of the top apartment markets in the country Multiple publications have ranked Colorado Springs as one of the best markets for rent growth in the nation, with a 36% increase over the last five years.


Due to extremely favorable fundamentals, El Paso County is experiencing incredible growth, and is the fastest growing county out of the 64 counties in Colorado. Between 2016 2018, the population increased by an impressive 24,000 people.


Wage growth has experienced a remarkable year over year increase at 10%, more than triple the national average of 3.37%. This translates to an average income increase per person of nearly $300 more per month. Assuming a third of income is spent on housing, Colorado Springs rents are poised to grow $100 across the board in 2019.

Cap (Adjusted)

Offering Summary

Reversion Cap 5.99%

Expense Ratio (T12) 40% Occupancy (as of 3/22/1019) 99.44%

DSCR 1.31x

Purchase Price $19,500,000 Hold Time 5 Equity Required $7,000,000 Investor Equity Multiple 2.09x

Preferred Return 8.0%

Average Annual Return** 21.70%

Rate of Return (IRR) 18.59%

Includes proceeds from sale

Lincoln Springs Apartments

Investment Summary


Executive Summary


The Colorado Springs economy has experienced massive growth in the last few years. A recent study by the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business shows Colorado Springs leading the state in employment growth; both in 2018 and heading into 2019. The study names Colorado Springs as solidly in the group of cities around the country that are outperforming the nation as a whole. Many factors have contributed to the exciting success in Colorado Springs. The city has taken steps to revitalize and attract businesses. Rapid development of industries such as cybersecurity and health care, two brand new sports stadiums, the US Olympic Museum, and new restaurants have energized the metro area, attracting young, educated new residents.

Investment Highlights


Forbes has recently ranked Colorado Springs as the #5 Most Educated City in the United States. Thirty eight percent of the population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher. Colorado Springs is home to top tier higher educational institutions and has a large number of highly trained veterans transitioning into the workforce, making it a very attractive location for companies looking to relocate or expand their presence in Colorado.

Partnership Structure Investor Distribution of Cashflow 8.0% Preferred To Investor 70/30 Split Thereafter

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 6 ▴
Investor Returns Based on $1,000,000 Investment Investment Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5* Investor Annual Percent Return 8.81% 11.17% 9.05% 9.55% 70.49% Investor Return on Investment ($1,000,000) $88,100 $111,700 $90,500 $95,500 *$704,900 *Excludesreturnofequity

Lincoln Springs Apartments

Confidential Investment Summary


Business Plan

Investment Highlights

The overall goal with Lincoln Springs is to improve the property operations through a variety of renovations and cost-cutting measures that will both generate profit during the ownership period and drive appreciation of the asset for capital gains upon sale.

Some of the steps include:

✓ Replacing all roofs immediately using an existing insurance claim

✓ Professionally manage the property for economic occupancy

✓ Drive value for current and future tenants through landscaping upgrades and interior renovations

✓ Increase asking rents by an average of 7%

1. In addition to replacing the roofs we plan to replace all windows on the property. This will drive down utility costs for both the property and our residents. We also plan to update all signage throughout the property, and reconfigure the clubhouse to include a full workout facility.

2. Lincoln Springs is currently at 99.44% occupancy, which speaks to the strength of the local market, as well as the occupancy goals of the current management. Our property management partner has a long track record of effective management in Colorado Springs, and will be a vital component in achieving market rents.

3. We will immediately remediate the exterior landscaping to provide a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere for our tenants. The unit interiors will be remodeled by our on-site maintenance crew as they come available with new paint, backsplashes, and furnishings. This will both enhance the property profile, and drive maintenance costs down.

4. 2 Bedroom units are a valuable commodity in Colorado Springs, and units with 2 bathrooms are very rare. With our combination of interior and exterior renovations the property will be able to command higher rents. This rent premium is well-established in the local sub-market by comparable properties managed by our property management partner.

5. The entire parking lot will be completely redone and restriped improving the overall appearance immediately.

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 8


Investment Highlights

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 9

Lincoln Springs Apartments Confidential Investment Summary


Property Amenities

Property Overview

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 11
Pool Clubhouse Lounge Spacious Floorplans

Amenities, and Property Overview

Property Information

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 12 Property Information Purchase Price $19,500,00 Number of Units 180 Rentable Square Feet 131,342 Avg Unit Sq Ft 730 Year Built 1974 Land Size 6.26 Acres Utilities/Metering Electric – Master Metered RUBS Water/Sewer Master Metered –RUBS Gas Master Metered RUBS Trash – RUBS Construction Foundation Concrete Slab Style Garden Roof – Asphalt shingles Siding Vinyl Framing – Wood frame
Address 1170 S Chelton Road Colorado Springs, CO 80910 County El Paso Number of stories 2.5 Number of Buildings 8 Features,
Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 13 Bed/Bath Average Sq. Ft Units Current Rent Market Rent 1x1 620 91 $659 $825 2x1 813 45 $781 $955 2x2 870 44 $781 $1,025 Property OverviewUnit Mix and Floor Plans

Property OverviewSite Plan

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 14

Lincoln Springs Apartments

Confidential Investment Summary


Return on Investment Overview

Offering Summary

Cap (Adjusted)

Reversion Cap

Expense Ratio (T12) 40%

Occupancy (as of 3/22/1019) 99.44%

DSCR 1.31x

Purchase Price $19,500,000 Hold Time 5

Equity Required $7,000,000

Investor Equity Multiple 2.09x

Investor Preferred Return 8.0%

Investor Average Annual Return** 21.70%

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) 18.59%

Includes proceeds from sale

Financial Analysis

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 16 *Excludesreturnofequity
Investor Returns Based on $1,000,000 Investment Investment Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5* Investor Annual Percent Return 8.81% 11.17% 9.05% 9.55% 70.49% Investor Return on Investment ($1,000,000) $88,100 $111,700 $90,500 $95,500 *$704,900


Debt Financing

Investment Highlights

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 17
Principal Balance (Initial Funding at Closing) $13,899,600 Loan to Purchase Price 71% Interest Rate 4.2% Months of Interest Only Payments 24 Term (Months) 120 Fixed or Adjustable Fixed Amortizing Period (Years) 30 Subject to change before closing

Pro Forma Cash Flow


Financial Analysis



$1,942,023 $2,000,284 $2,062,012

$445,578 $458,945 $472,714

$2,387,601 $2,459,229 $2,534,725

Real Estate Taxes $31,000 1.49% $78,000 3.36% $79,950 3.35% $81,949 3.33% $83,997

Insurance $55,000 2.64% $56,375 2.43% $57,784 2.42% $59,229 2.41% $60,710

Contract Services $12,600 0.60% $12,915 0.56% $13,238 0.55% $13,569 0.55% $13,908

Trash Removal $28,500 1.37% $29,213 1.26% $29,943 1.25% $30,691 1.25% $31,459 Electric $106,492 5.11% $94,253 4.07% $96,609 4.05% $99,025 4.03% $101,500 Gas $45,290 2.17% $41,422 1.79% $42,058 1.76% $43,109 1.75% $44,187

Waterand Sewer $150,000 7.20% $138,256 5.96% $141,712 5.94% $145,255 5.91% $153,360

Legal $2,500 0.12% $2,563 0.11% $2,627 0.11% $2,692 0.11% $2,760

ManagementFee $62,524 3.00% $69,542 3.00% $71,268 3.00% $73,777 3.00% $76,042

Repairs and Maintenance $45,000 2.16% $46,125 1.99% $47,278 1.98% $48,460 1.97% $49,672 General/Admin $37,000 1.78% $37,925 1.64% $38,873 1.63% $39,845 1.62% $40,841

Payroll $195,000 9.36% $160,000 6.90% $164,000 6.87% $168,100 6.84% $172,303

Other $22,400 1.07% $22,960 0.99% $23,534 0.99% $24,122 0.98% $24,725 Deposit to

Reserve $45,000 2.16% $45,000 1.94% $45,000 1.88% $45,000 1.83% $45,000




$874,824 35.57% $900,463

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 18
FINANCIAL ASSUMPTIONS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Annual Rent Escalator 3.00% 3.00% 3.00% 3.00% 3.00% Annual Expense Escalator 2.50% 2.50% 2.50% 2.50% 2.50% SALE! INCOME 1 2 3 4 5 Average Monthly Rent $906 $934 $962 $990 $1,021 Gross Potential Income $1,957,800 $2,016,534 $2,077,030 $2,139,341 $2,205,360 Vacancy ($97,890) 5.00% ($100,827) 5.00% ($103,852) 5.00% ($106,967) 5.00% ($110,268) Concessions, Loss to Lease, Bad Debt ($195,780) 10.00% ($30,248) 1.50% ($31,155) 1.50%
Effective Gross Income $1,664,130 $1,885,459
Other Income $420,000 $432,600
TotalNet Income $2,084,130 $2,318,059
Net OperatingIncome (NOI) $1,245,824 $1,483,512 $1,533,726 $1,584,405 $1,634,262 Debt Service Principal $0 $0 $266,319 $277,723 $289,614 Interest $583,783 $583,783 $578,695 $567,292 $555,401 Total Debt Service $583,783 $583,783 $845,015 $845,015 $845,015 Cash Flow availablefor Distribution $662,041 $899,728 $688,712 $739,391 $789,247 Distributions fromCash Flow Asset Mgt Fee to Manager 1.0% $20,841 $23,181 $23,876 $24,592 $25,347 Members PreferredReturn Due $560,000 $560,000 $560,000 $560,000 $560,000 Members PreferredReturn Deficiency $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 Members PreferredReturn Paid 8% $560,000 $560,000 $560,000 $560,000 $560,000 Excess Cash Flow to Members 70% $56,840 $221,583 $73,385 $108,359 $142,730 Excess Cash Flow to Mgr 30% $24,360 $94,964 $31,451 $46,440 $61,170 TotalDistributionsto Members $616,840 $781,583 $633,385 $668,359 $702,730 Capital Account Balance (Beginof Year) $7,000,000 $7,000,000 $7,000,000 $7,000,000 $7,000,000 Member Cash on Cash Return 8.81% 11.17% 9.05% 9.55% 10.04% Average Cash on Cash Return 8.81% 9.99% 9.68% 9.64% 9.72% Property Value 4.99% $ 24,966,415 $ 29,729,690 $ 30,736,001 $ 31,751,612 $ 32,750,745 5.99% $ 20,798,399 $ 24,766,469 $ 25,604,782 $ 26,450,842 $ 27,283,175 6.99% $ 17,822,948 $ 21,223,341 $ 21,941,723 $ 22,666,745 $ 23,380,003 Debt Coverage Ratio 2.1 2.5 1.8 1.9 1.9

Lincoln Springs Apartments

Confidential Investment Summary


Corporations in the Area

Market Overview

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 20 Corporate relocations indicate a business and institutional dedication to the region.

Colorado Springs National Rankings

Market Overview

Big City

Economy in The Nation



Desirable Place To Live

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO - Located just 60 miles south of Denver, Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado and is located in El Paso County, the second most populous county in the state of Colorado. Known for its natural attractions and mild climate, Colorado Springs experiences 300 days of sunshine annually. The community’s beautiful setting and high quality of life have helped to build a growing community of academic, government, high tech, non profit, and defense related businesses.

A Thriving Metropolitan Area - Located one hour south of Denver and 30 minutes north of Pueblo, Colorado Springs is home to over 717,000 people and is an easy commute for more than 3 million.

Tourism - The city-owned Garden of the Gods Park is one of the area’s most popular recreation spots, and the famed Broadmoor hotel hosts thousands of tourists and vacationers monthly from all over the world. Other significant attractions include the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Pikes Peak.

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 21 ✓ 1ST Fastest Growing City for Millennials ✓ 1ST Mountain City ✓ Top 5 Job Market in The U.S ✓ 5TH Best
To Live in. ✓ 5TH Best
✓ 1ST
✓ Most
▴ «
▴ «

Aerial Image

Market Overview

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 22

Colorado Springs Job Growth

The Colorado Springs area Remains the….

Market Overview

EMPLOYMENT Colorado Springs’ economy boasts a cybersecurity industry that is one of the top five for jobs in the nation, an unrivaled aerospace and defense cluster that makes the area a hub for national military technology and strategy, 57 national and international sports organizations, and groundbreaking innovation in life sciences and medical devices. While the military outposts boast the majority of the metro area’s employment, companies such as Memorial Hospital-UCHealth and Penrose-St. Francis Heath Services also have a large presence. The military concentration has led to many large aerospace employers in the area, including Northrop Grumman Corporation. Total military employment in Colorado Springs is 54,500.

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 23 Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 24 RANKING EMPLOYER DESCRIPTION 1 United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Insurance 2 Progressive Insurance Company Insurance 3 The Broadmoor Hotel Tourism 4 Lockheed Martin Corporation Aerospace 5 Atmel Corporation Aerospace 6 Northrop Grumman Corporation Aerospace 7 Comcast Cable Television 8 Xerox Customer Service 9 Compassion International Christian Child Advocacy Ministry 10 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Tech TOP



Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 25 # PROPERTY NAME YEAR BUILT # OF UNITS OCCUPANCY AVG
1 Chateau 1973 50 100% 1,223 $1,563 $1.28 2 Esperanza Village 1970 111 96% 873 $1,053 $1.20 3 Stratus Apartment Homes 1980 216 92% 923 $976 $1.06 4 The Lofts at 1567 1971 60 95% 813 $957 $1.18 5 The Parkat Whispering Pines 1968 207 94% 873 $927 $1.06 6 Central Heights 1971 176 93% 580 $923 $1.59 7 Copperstone 1965 124 90% 800 $909 $1.14 8 Gardens at Hidden Creek 1971 124 97% 649 $858 $1.32 9 Mountain Ridge 1973 280 93% 658 $851 $1.29 Comp Average 1,348 94% 781 $946 $1.21 S Lincoln Springs 1974 180 96% 730 $719 $0.99 RentsshownforLincolnSpringsarereflectiveof in placerents



Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 26 1 2 3 6 7 5 9 8 4 Powers AcademyBlvd Blvd Union Blvd AirportRd Pikes PeakAve Market

Lincoln Springs Apartments

Confidential Investment Summary


The Vue at Chapel Hills

Business Plan

Case Summary

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 28
▴ True value-add opportunity, significant management challenges under previous ownership ▴ Rebranded asset as "The Vue @ Chapel Hills" while creating a stronger reputation ▴ Bring unit types up to quality of surrounding assets at $4,500 per unit ▴ Update landscaping and provide additional amenities including a dog park, playground, grill station, and community garden Property Details CLASS C CONSTRUCTED 1967 LOCATION Colorado Springs, CO UNITS 64 PURCHASE PRICE 7.55m Property closed October 2018. Projected targeted equity multiple 2.0x and 22.7% IRR over a 5-year hold.


Case Summary

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 29
▴ Life Bridge Capital partnered with Ashcroft Capital to purchase this Institutional quality asset with substantial value add component ▴ Seller did not renovate any classic units, leaving 100% value-add potential Business Plan ▴ Reposition the demographic of the asset with luxury amenities ▴ Boost rental revenue with renovations of all units ▴ Modernize community amenities as well as implement numerous revenue generating options for tenants ▴ Seek out capital event (supplemental, refinance) in years 2 3 Property Details CLASS B+/A CONSTRUCTED 2001 LOCATION Fort Worth UNITS 398 PURCHASE PRICE $48.6m Property closed November 2018. Projected annual CoC returns over 8% and an IRR of 16.1% over a 5-year hold.
Northern Cross Apartments

at Las Colinas

Property Overview

Case Summary

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 30
▴ Life Bridge Capital, partnered with Ashcroft Capital, leveraged broker/seller relationships to acquire off market ▴ True value add opportunity. Large spacious complex with rents at bottom of market ▴ Rebranded asset “Eleven600” while creating stronger reputation ▴ Bring unit interiors up to quality of surrounding assets at $6,500/unit Property Details CLASS B CONSTRUCTED 1989 LOCATION Las Colinas UNITS 415 EQUITY MULTIPLE 2.27x IRR 19.8% PURCHASE PRICE $61,750,000

Lincoln Springs Apartments

Confidential Investment Summary


Asset Management Team

Life Bridge Capital

Life Bridge Capital LLC seeks multifamily acquisitions appropriate for institutional and high net worth funds. Life Bridge Capital prides itself in identifying comparatively low risk investments that have excellent revenue growth potential. The mission is to preserve and grow investor capital though a conservative acquisition strategy and a hands on asset management approach. It is of utmost importance to deliver a solid current return to investors while implementing a specific business plan designed to add value to the property.

Sam Rust

A lifelong learner, Sam Rust is the founder of VGI Capital. Currently Sam is the sole owner or managing partner of over $10 million worth of real estate, mostly in the Front Range of Colorado. Started investing in real estate in 2017, quickly moved to syndication and am a managing partner for 65 units.

Whitney Sewell

Whitney Sewell is the founder of Life Bridge Capital, LLC and a strategic partner of VGI Capital. Life Bridge Capital works with accredited investors, helping them improve their investment returns via the exceptional opportunities that multifamily syndication offers. Whitney has been involved with in over 800+ units valued at over $100M+. He is host of the daily podcast The Real Estate Syndication Show. Life Bridge Capital LLC has committed 50% of it’s profits to helping families that are committed to adopting children while providing the same great return to investors.

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 32

Real Estate Terms & Definitions

Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) A rate of return on a real estate investment property based on the expected income that the property will generate. Capitalization rate is used to estimate the investor's potential return on his or her investment. This is done by dividing the income the property will generate (after fixed costs and variable costs) by the total value of the property.

▴When acquiring income property, the higher the capitalization rate (“Cap Rate”), the better

▴When selling income property, the lower the Cap Rate the better.

▴A higher cap rate implies a lower price, a lower cap rate implies a higher price

▴Cash Flow Cash generated from the operations of a company, generally defined as revenues less all operating expenses.

Cash-on-Cash A rate of return often used in real estate transactions. The calculation determines the cash income on the cash invested.

▴Calculated: Annual Dollar Income Return / Total Equity Invested = Cash on Cash

▴Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) It is the multiples of cash flow available to meet annual interest and principal payments on debt. This ratio should ideally be over 1. That would mean the property is generating enough income to pay its debt obligations.

▴Return on Equity (ROE) – The amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity

Investor Average Annual Return, excluding disposition The average return per year during the investment hold.

▴Investor Average Annual Return, including disposition The average return per year including profits from disposition This calculation does not include the return of invested capital.

▴Internal Rate of Return (IRR) The rate of return that would make the present value of future cash flows plus the final market value of an investment opportunity equal the current market price of the investment or opportunity. The higher a project's internal rate of return, the more desirable it is to undertake the project.

▴Return on Equity (ROE) The amount of net income returned as a percentage of shareholders equity.

▴ROE is expressed as a percentage and calculated as: Return on Equity = Net Income/Shareholder's Equity

Lincoln Springs Apartments Investment Summary 33

Lincoln Springs Apartments

Confidential Investment Summary

Contact Us

Whitney Sewell Email: Phone: 540-585-4338
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