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Photo: Veikko Erkkilä Photo: Timo Koivisto
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Photo: Veikko Erkkilä

Winter Wonderland

We are in the land of winter. We have the darkness of the polar night, freezing temperatures, bright starry skies, Northern Lights, snow, and plenty of life hibernating beneath the snow.

Winter also lives in people. Winter is work and survival. But at the same time, it provides entertainment, joy, and socialising. Human winter also means producing plenty of light and heat.

Winter is strong but gentle in Lapland. The warm currents of the Gulf Stream flow into the Arctic Ocean protecting against the cold. We living in the north can offer our atmosphere, safety and security

Surviving Arctic Lapland

Lapland’s winter’s relative mildness means that in Lapland the short-term peak belowfreezing temperatures normally remain at -30 °C. The coldest temperature ever measured in Lapland and Finland is -51.5 °C. This bitterly cold temperature was measured in the village of Pokka on 28 January 1999, which belongs to the Municipality of Kittilä, just as Levi does. The distance between Pokka and Levi is 70 kilometres.

In the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in Russia, the town of Verkhoyansk is at the same latitude as Levi, just a little north of the Arctic Circle. In Verkhoyansk, 50 degrees below zero is a normal winter day. The

republic is located in East Siberia on the Asian side of Russia.

The average temperature in Verhojanski in January is -47 °C and the average temperature for the entire year is -15.1 °C. The coldest temperature ever measured in the town was -67.8 °C.

In the Levi region, winter changes from one year to the next.

Temperature, the amount of snow, the time of snowfall, and thawing vary. Winter normally starts in the beginning of November, but may be delayed until the end of November, or can start already in October. In the spring, the irregularity of the snowy season is often more pronounced than in the autumn.

Whichever way it goes, Lapland always has a real winter

If you wash your hair, make sure it is dry before going outside, otherwise it will freeze solid. Do not dry wet clothes outside, as they will also quickly freeze solid.

You may have heard about people sticking their tongues on metal posts in the winter. My advice, don’t try it. Trying to free your tongue that quickly froze on the post, is extremely unpleasant.

Your phone battery hates the cold, so you will notice the battery doesn’t last as long as normal, if you are outside. Try to

put the phone close to your skin to keep it warm. If your fingers are freezing and you can’t work your phone’s touchscreen, you will find special touchscreen gloves from clothing stores in Levi.

Whenever you buy something like fruit and vegetables, flowers, drinks and carry it outside, it will start to freeze, so you will have to take this into account.

If you go on a trip into the wilderness without a guide, always tell someone where you are planning to go and what

time you plan on returning –Laplanders like to know you are safe!

If you are standing in a wide-open area somewhere in nature, you may think you are standing on a frozen field, but you are actually probably standing on a frozen lake. Don’t worry, only eight centimetres of ice cover is needed to carry the weight of the average adult. But, with so many things here in the Arctic, if you are not sure, ask for advice, or just don’t risk it.

2 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park Photo: Rami Valonen, Metsähallitus


Reindeer can easily be seen in Lapland’s nature as well. Reindeer often walk along roads and come close to housing areas. The reindeer is a semi-wild animal. It is also a peculiar domestic animal, as each reindeer has its own owner. The reindeer owner can be seen from its ear tag that it was given at the age of a few months old. Reindeer mainly live freely in Lapland’s nature. According to law, reindeer are allowed to graze and move around freely in nature. They may also roam areas where people live, subject to certain restrictions. Each reindeer has its own place of residence, because it enjoys staying in the place where it was born. Reindeer are very docile animals and will avoid people. The reindeer has made life

possible in Lapland. First of all it has taught us how to survive in the region. Ccording to age-old beliefs, even the spirit of the reindeer is carried by the wind to direct the course for the people of Lapland.

It is also perfectly adapted for terrain with very deep snow. In the winter, the reindeer uses its hooves to dig up food from beneath the snow, but it also gets nutrition from the beard moss growing on coniferous trees. The reindeer’s diet comprises hundreds of different plant species, with early summer delights being wetland flora and fungi being popular in the autumn.

The reindeer is a normal part of everyday life in traffic throughout Lapland

Rudolph and his friends

You all know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, and of course the most famous reindeer of them all, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

And when you are in Lapland you meet plenty of other reindeer that take you on a sleigh ride, or are there just to be photographed, or on standby for whenever Santa needs them.

These reindeer are tame. They live near houses and work happily for Santa and his friends all over the world. They are Rudolph’s true friends!

They fly across the sky to all the rooftops and chimneys. They hurry Santa Claus along when he fills the stockings or places gifts beneath the Christmas tree while all the good children sleep dreaming of their new toys.

They take Santa Claus to the homes of children in Finland where the children get to meet Santa in person; there are only a few countries in the world where this is possible.

Reindeer fly faster than the wind and most of Christmastime they are invisible to people not

living in or visiting Lapland.

These are Santa’s reindeer that are fondly mentioned in the popular Christmas carol: These are the Dashers and Dancers and Prancers and Vixens that you can meet with Santa Claus in Lapland even before and after Christmas. This is the home of reindeer.

White Nappi

4 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
Phto: Tundra Huskies Photo: Veikko Erkkilä Photo: Veikko
A husky safari on a December afternoon. The animal in the picture is not a dog. It is an Arctic fox. This Arctic fox named Nappi (meaning Button) lives in Levi Husky Park. For quite some time, the Arctic fox has been a rare sight in the northern regions of Finland, Sweden and Norway, but it is especially rare in Finland. But now there are signs of population growth in Finland because last summer one vixen had a litter of three male kits. It has been a reason for great jubilation. Levi’s Nappi Arctic fox is from the low population of Scandinavian Arctic foxes, as it is from the North American Arctic fox family.

Coffee experience by the open fire

There is also an open-air café in Levi during the winter, where the cheerful Campfire Barista Steffan Wunderink brews coffee over the open fire. His friendly greetings appeal to passers-by who come to experience an exotic coffee moment.

The way Steffan makes the coffee is an eye-catching experience. It is indeed a pleasure to watch the man at work, as brewing special coffee over the open fire is a bit like watching a juggler’s performance with so much going on. The customer gets a tasty experience that on his visit to Levi, Gordon Ramsay described as exquisite.

“It’s not easy for the coffee brewer to brew coffee over an open fire, as both the milk and coffee can overheat without notice. When serving customers while brewing coffee, you need to manage many things simultaneously. I really enjoy this work overall, so working like this really isn’t a problem”, explains Stefan.

He serves special coffee made over the open fire, as well as cookies prepared to his wife Riga’s secret recipe, and marshmallows.

The most popular product is Chai Latte, enhanced with Stefan’s own chai-flavoured syrup, but regular cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and espressos are just as easy to brew over the flames. Of course, he also serves regular tea,

hot chocolate, and hot juice. The chai-flavoured can also be bought to take home with you.


You can savour an extended coffee experience in the heart of nature in the HaliPuu (Hug-Tree) Forest, just ten kilometres from Levi. This is where Steffan organises coffee programmes on request. It is also possible to order his services for your own Lappish kota shelter or campfire or at various events and to supplement activity programmes.

The affectionately named ‘sooty pot coffee’ is a Lappish tradition, but Steffan has enhanced the concept using his own inspiration. He takes guests on a coffee trip where special coffees are savoured with pure nature, while he tells a few stories.

“Camphire Barista coffee is biodynamically cultivated and Demeter-certified fair-trade coffee, which comes from India and is roasted using solar energy at the Forest Roastery in Luumäki in southeastern Finland.

It provides the drinker with a unique taste experience, but it also achieves wellbeing for the entire production chain. Cultivation is environmentally friendly and the income received supports local projects and schools in India” Stefan reveals.

He would like to emphasise that coffee moments are also traditionally times for socialising. The better the coffee, the better the shared moment. Simply being

in nature is proven to be good for your health, so why not do it with a great cup of coffee?

“If you’re interested in reading what my customers thought of my

coffee, it’s worth going to Google Maps to read the reviews. Guests have given me a full five stars there”, Steffan says.

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Timo Koivisto Campfire Barista Steffan Wunderink masters brewing special coffees on the open fire.


6 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023

“You will never tire of experiencing the Northern lights”

No two Northern Lights nights are ever the same

Many people travelling to Lapland hope to be able to view the Northern Lights (aurora borealis). However, you are not always lucky enough to spot them. Levi Hotel Spa’s sommelier and wine director Edmund Liew travelled on eight different occasions to various destinations in Lapland in the 2010s to see the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to see them.

This being the case, he decided to move to Levi with his wife, Sio Sen, in 2018. The idea was to work just one winter season in the winter resort and finally see the heavenly phenomena, which had always evaded him before. It has now been almost five years since making that decision and he has experienced the Northern Lights numerous times. The couple continues to reside happily here in Levi.

Edmund from Malaysia has worked in the restaurant sector around the world before he came to Levi, also having earlier worked in Helsinki.

“When a film about auroras was broadcast in Malaysia in 2015, it inspired a huge amount of enthusiasm for experiencing the Northern Lights. A

friend of mine encouraged me to travel to Lapland for seeing the Northern Lights in person. I can distinctly remember the evening in the Levi fell highlands when I sat with my guide in the snow and saw the auroras glowing in the sky for the first time. It was an awesome experience. The wait was rewarded. I will never get bored of the Northern Lights. Whenever I see them, I have an overwhelming desire to film them and I instinctively take my phone or camera out of my pocket.

My wife sometimes asks if I have seen them enough, but not at all! I have spent the best years of my life here in Lapland. I have probably seen the Northern Lights hundreds of times, but they never stop to fascinate me. I don’t think I will ever get bored of them”, Edmund tells.

Edmund thinks the best time to watch auroras is in the autumn because it is then you can see the reflection of the auroras on the calm water, which really enhances the experience.

Edmund knows that the best places to hunt for auroras in the autumn are the shores of lakes. In winter, it’s worth thinking about how to best include other elements in your photos, such as the picturesque landscapes and snowscapes, or crown snow-loaded trees. When taking pictures of the Northern Lights, a beautiful landscape can make the photograph truly stunning.

Edmund monitors the aurora situation using the Aurora app, and if the forecasts look good, he heads outside. The auroras always entertain people with their unique show, but with free admission for everyone.

If you are planning to go on the search for the Northern Lights, it’s worth dressing warmly and taking, for instance, some tea and snacks with you, because you will be hungry before long. Taking the trip with a group of people all after the same experience makes the trip even better, as great experiences are always better shared. When searching for the Northern Lights, the weather is normally cold, but dressing up well will ensure you won’t get cold, but at temperatures below -30°C, the camera’s battery runs out after taking only a few shots.

“You will not always be lucky enough to experience the Northern Lights, but then it’s worth looking around at everything else nature has to offer. Sometimes the moon illuminates the terrain so much that you don’t have to use a head torch. The millions of stars shining in the sky overhead are also a great experience. While hunting for the Northern Lights, it is worth leaving with the attitude that experiencing them is a bonus, not the main purpose, even if the forecasts are excellent. It is also a good idea to check the camera settings first at home where it’s warm. You can also get some pretty good aurora pictures using your phone, but if you want some really good pictures of your trip, you should definitely hire a professional”, Edmund explains.

Edmund sees Lapland as being a destination full of possibilities for experiencing unforgettable experiences. The Northern Lights are just one element of the entirety. And if at first, you don’t succeed in seeing the Northern Lights, the phenomena can be viewed for eight months of the year in Lapland.

7 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023 Hotel K5 Levi has a restaurant for 120 diners that is partly underground. The restaurant serves Lappish delicacies in addition to Sámi yoik chanting. Enquiries and table reservations tel. +358 16 639 1100 or Welcome!
snacks and patience are good partners while waiting for the Northern Lights to appear.
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9 On the roof of the world, under the night sky. Experience a unique night in a luxurious glass igloo combined with an unforgettable dinner in restaurant Utsu. +358 45 162 5606 LEVI IGLOOS -Luxury under the Nordic Postintie 3b, 99130 LEVI

Look into the distance, far into the horizon

10 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
Photo: Veikko Erkkilä
11 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023 109 € / adult 89 € / children 0-12 yr
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13 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023 Levi
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Fell Region
14 EXPERIENCES FOR EVERYONE BOOK YOUR EXCURSIONS AT LEVI.FI #LEVILAPLAND #SPARKSYOURSOUL LEVI TOURIST INFORMATION / VISIT LEVI +358 16 639 3300, Mon - Fri 9-16, Sat - Sun 10-16 Myllyjoentie 2 Exceptional opening hours from
15 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023 Unique Arctic Experience Tuomikuruntie 136 99130 Levi 0400 394 182 Snowmobile Safaris Ice swimming & sauna Restaurant Riihi Chalet with 8 bedrooms
16 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023

Levin Lapinkylä welcomes all guests to admire the Northern Light and bright sky in cosy roofed lappish huts!

Levi Northern Light Huts

Huts are equipped with two separate beds that can be joined together, toilet, shower , fridge and electric kettle. Area is remote and has dark skies to frame bright stars and Northern Light. Seven huts with pax 2, three huts with pax 2+2

Lapinkylä is logated at old lappish reindeer farm with picturesque old log buildings.

Oldest building dates way back to 18th century with an small exhibition of the life in past days.

Restaurant serves tasty Lappish food incliding breakfast in traditional Lappish main building.

Reindeer safaries implements the services of Lapinkylä

More information:

Address: Levin Lapinkylä Oy, Isotaalontie 285, 99130 Sirkka, mob. +358 400 225 240, email:

Distance: Levi centrum 13 km/ 17 mins

Pink January

Here in the Arctic, nature and the sky take on a blue-red tint in January, especially at the beginning of the month. The colour is produced by the reflection of sunlight from the edge of the Earth. The beautiful colour gets gradually weaker as the sun starts to shine more in the northern zone.

17 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
Photo: Levi Ski Resort Photo: Veikko Erkkilä

Northern part of Scandinavia suitable for testing electric aircraft Enontekiö is already a pioneer

The small airport in Enontekiö has actively developed the route network for electric aircraft and research on unmanned aircraft. By location, Enontekiö is the ideal mini-hub for low-range electric planes. The distances between the destinations in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway are well suited for development work and for operating passenger transport of the future.

Enontekiö Airport conducts research in cooperation with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, Heart Aerospace, and Eviation.

“Aviation is on the threshold of major reforms. Technological development, together with environmental values and the political situation in the world causing the energy crisis, is pushing for rapid change. We will probably see unmanned cargo aircraft and small passenger aircraft operating with electric engines in the near future. The electric motors are powered by either hydrogen through fuel cells or by batteries. At a later stage, we can also expect larger hydrogenpowered aircraft to enter the market.”

This is what Marko Halla, Chief Manager of Enontekiö Airport tells. Marko is also a trained pilot and aircraft mechanic. He has worked in aviation for various airlines and is very interested in aviation research.

Marko Halla believes that the introduction of electric motors in aircraft will be just as revolutionary as the arrival of jet engines in the 1960s that replaced piston engines and propellers. In a way, we are also going backwards, as propellers are making a comeback. The difference is that in the new solutions the propeller is driven by an electric motor.

“This transition doesn’t happen without problems. One of the problems with electric aircraft is weight, which affects range and payload. The power/weight ratio of batteries is very poor compared to the power achieved using fossil

fuels. As a result, the range of firstgeneration electric aircraft will be short, perhaps only 300 kilometres. The size of the aircraft will also be small. Due to the limited range and the small size of the aircraft, new product types and markets will form. One of the benefits is a significant reduction in operating costs. Lower costs come from lower fuel prices and lower servicing costs.


Marko Halla says the new technology will require a new kind of infrastructure and services.

If in this situation, airports and governments decide to go solo and optimise their own airports to a different standard than those used in neighbouring countries, then it will be a mess. Aircraft must capable of flying from one airport to another and receiving the services they need from all airports where they operate. Otherwise, we will be building a scenario that could be compared having a railway station without rails. Or

think about the train ride in the Linnanmäki Amusement Park in Helsinki, for example, where the starting point is the same as the final destination.

Development of the electric aircraft route network and unmanned aviation will be carried out extensively in Lapland. The University of Lapland has carried out a study on the renewal of Lapland’s business sectors and the development of digital aviation services. Enontekiö Airport has participated in the study. Work is now being done in close cross-border (Finland, Norway and Sweden) cooperation with educational institutions and public and private operators in the Arctic. In order to facilitate and enhance this task, it has been decided to found the Arctic Aviation Cluster, to which schools, universities and universities in the region will be invited during the initial phase. The study aims to obtain useful and well-verified research data on the possibilities of shortdistance scheduled air traffic in the regions of northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. The intention

is to create a route network for electric aircraft, which, thanks to its ecological focus, will improve accessibility and allow for greater cooperation with northern regions. At the same time, we want to develop unmanned aviation (UAV). Unmanned aviation is rapidly developing and work on this is being done around the world. The Arctic region offers unique opportunities for technology testing regarding distances, conditions, and sparsely populated areas.


The municipality of Enontekiö is located in Western Lapland and forms an ‘arm’ on the map of Finland. The region is mainly fell highlands and is the location for all of Finland’s largest fells. The municipality has a long land border with Sweden and Norway. The airport is an important link between Enontekiö and the rest of the world. Enontekiö Airport (EFET/ENF) was built in 1980.

The airport has been owned and operated by Finavia, a state-


The airport has been run by Marko Halla since the summer of 2021. 50-year-old Marko is a pragmatic and people-centred aviation all-rounder. He completed his master’s degree in aviation management at the University of West London, where he is starting doctoral studies on UAV education research. He is also reaching completion of his master’s degree in organisational psychology, risk management, and change management at Trinity College Dublin.

owned company responsible for operating Finnish airports, until 2021. In summer 2021, ownership of the airport was transferred to companies owned by the Municipality of Enontekiö. The activities of Enontekiö Airport are traditionally focused on the wintertime tourist season. The first season of the new airport operator and owner (winter season 2021–2022) went perfectly. Passenger numbers immediately reached 2018 levels, i.e. 25,000 passengers. Positive feedback was received from the airlines, all tourism operators working within the airport’s impact zone, and from the authorities. Due to COVID-19, the fluent arrival of foreign tourists in the closed winter season of 2020–2021 was vital for many local tourism companies. In the absence of a tourism season, many companies would have been forced to close down. Current business models forecast an almost 20% growth in terms of both the number of flights and the number of passengers for the

of 2022–2023.

18 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023 Arctic Circle Rovaniemi Kittilä Enontekiö The
winter season This winter, 30,000 foreign tourists will arrive at Enontekiö Airport, a record number. Most of the tourists are flying in from the UK. The first charter flight of the winter season landed in Enontekiö as early as 22 November. Tromsa Alta Pajala An English Islander aircraft converted to a hydrogen-powered aircraft. This type of aeroplane has been operated using piston engines since the 1960s.Both images show the same aircraft, but with different styling.

Are you safe in Lapland and Finland?

Recent world events have made many people think more about their safety and security.

Especially when you are on holiday, many want to forget about worries and troubles. Nevertheless, everyone is used to thinking about how safe they are when staying in an unfamiliar place.

Finland has been at war with Russia in the past, and like Ukraine, Finland used to belong to Russia. Finland has managed to resist Russia, more than once. The Winter War in 1939–1940 saw the Soviets claim Finnish territory, and Finland put up a fight, with massive Soviet losses. Many sources show that Russia had intended to conquer the entire nation. They failed, but Finland had to give up some of its lands. Sound familiar? Next was the Continuation War with Russia in 1941–1944, again Finland halted Soviet advances.

So, how safe are you at the moment, right here in remote Lapland?

After the Second World War, most nations in Europe progressively cut their defence costs over the years. Finland, however, increased its investments in defence. Finland now has the largest artillery in western Europe. There are several military bases dotted around Lapland. You might even see some fighter jets, as they practice a lot.

Although Lapland is a remote and sparsely populated region in the Arctic, things work here. Emergency services always respond immediately and you can trust them to help you in the best way they can.

People in Finland have what they call sisu, which is a word that cannot be translated using just a single word in English. It is part of every Finn’s national identity and includes stoic

determination, courage, grit, and so many other qualities that there is an entire Wikipedia article about sisu in many different languages. This quality means that a Finn will rarely give up. What’s more, this is quality Finns always use in uncertain times. Try asking a local what sisu means, they will gladly – and proudly – try to explain it to you.

The people of Lapland, Laplanders and the indigenous Sámi are used to living in Arctic conditions that are occasionally harsh. Without the help of others, life would be very difficult here. You can always expect a local to go out of their way to help you, no matter what the problem could be. You could say kindness and caring are in their DNA.

Finland has rules and procedures for just about anything. Just take a look out into the street and see how many road signs you can see. Too

many rules can sometimes annoy people, but it is the reason why things work here so well and why there are so few accidents or emergencies.

If you are taking a safari or other activity in Lapland, you can be certain that all safety aspects have been considered exhaustively. Safety allows you to enjoy your Lapland experience to the full.

You don’t have to worry about pickpockets, burglars, violent gangs, or much crime at all. In Lapland, the closest thing we have to organised crime is when a herd of reindeer eat the roses in your garden during the summer months.

You are being holistically well looked after here in Lapland. You have nothing to worry about. Focus on having fun, relaxing, and pampering yourselves!

Peter Culley, who lives in Rovaniemi, is from the Kent in the United Kingdom and has


Finland decides to join NATO and Lappish enterprise speaks to over 300 million people

The war in Ukraine encouraged Finland to apply for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO. It was a historical moment in history, and when writing this article, membership was still pending. All of a sudden, the world was watching Finland, and this time not for being the world’s happiest nation.

International media needed to make sure they received live information about what was being said at the Finnish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee and the press conference held by Finnish President Sauli Niinistö together with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. Local Lappish enterprise, Arctic Language Company Oy, was contacted by CNN that asked for simultaneous interpretation of the

events from Finnish into English, starting immediately.

“We are used to doing a lot of preparation for jobs like this, but luckily it is a subject that I have been following very closely in both Finnish and English. This made the job a lot easier, otherwise, it would have been a lot more challenging. Indeed, the reason why we were approached with such short notice was that their regular interpreter was having difficulties”, tells Peter Culley, interpreter and company owner.

Peter’s interpretation about Finland and NATO reached over 300 million people all over the world.

“I knew there would be plenty of viewers, but I only found out afterwards just how many people were watching! When you are

interpreting, you haven’t got time to think about the size of the audience, the mission is to get the message across as accurately as possible. Translating something incorrectly can lead to enormous problems. They say that World War One and the Hiroshima bomb were both caused by poor translations. I have to admit that these facts did make me try just a little bit harder, as I didn’t want to be responsible for starting a new world war!”, Peter laughs.

Interpreting is translating the spoken word, while translation is translating the written word. There are two main types of interpreting: consecutive and simultaneous. Simultaneous interpreting is the most exhausting work I have ever done. You haven’t got time to think or look a word up

in the dictionary, you have to immediately translate a sentence while at the same time listening to the next sentence. As the task is so exhausting, interpreters usually work for around 20 minutes at a time, taking frequent breaks. You can feel how your brain is working in overload”, Peter adds.

“Most of our work is translations into many different languages. As our company name suggests, we specialise in language solutions for the Arctic regions. This means intensive cooperation with the indigenous Sámi, local enterprises, tourism companies, and multinationals, such as mining companies. Simply put, nobody knows the Arctic as multilingually as we do”, Peter adds.

19 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
lived and worked in Lapland for over 30 years. Levi Times asked Peter Culley to write about his views on Finnish security issues. The length of the border between Finland and Russia is 1343.6 kilometres. The picture shows Finnish and Soviet border guards setting up new boundaries according to common rules during the Cold War period. The management of a common border between countries has been carried out with uncompromising formality and precision. Only in the early years of Finnish independence were the formalities were less stringent. The border was established in 1920. Finland broke away from Russia under the impetus of the Russian Revolution and declared independence on 6 December 1917. The border has been moved in a number of places as a result of two wars. Today, Finland is planning to build a high fence for at least part of the border. It is possible that the fence will cover the entire border. Photo: Salla Museum of War and Reconstruction / Book named Kylmää Sotaa Lapissa (Cold War in Lapland) (Veikko Erkkilä and Pekka Iivari, Otava 2018).


You can find Husky rides, aurora hunting tours, reindeer rides, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing guided trips, tours to the ice hotel, Arcandia Park Adventures, snowshoeing, snow surfing and a lot more from the online shop. Book your excursions in advance!

Don’t miss out:



In December Wed & Sun at 11.00. From January Thurs & Sat at 11.00. Welcome to feel the magic atmosphere among the hustle of the Elves! Upon arrival you will be greeted by the cheerful Elf who will give you a secret map of the area leading you through the magic Fantasy world. A living fairy tale in Lapland can begin! Follow the Elves Path and you will find the Elves hidden huts Elves Hideaway. Elves Hideaway was kept a secret from mankind for a long time. Today it is the elves pleasure to invite you to step into the Elves Fantasy World. Price from: 32€/ person on 25th and 26th December price is 64€/ person) 110€/family (2 adults and 2 3 children 3 12 years old) On 25th and 26th December the price is 220€


Available in December

We ride our snowmobiles through white forests and plains to one of the most beautiful wilderness lodges in Levi area. As we've arrived, it's time to hop on to a sleigh and take a little ride with reindeer. While you're enjoying the peace and quiet with the reindeer you have time to think of your wishes and stories to tell Santa, as you will meet Him next in his old secret cabin! Every family has their own private meeting with Santa. We'll enjoy some hot drinks and a bun before we ride back to Levi. 550€/family (2 adults 2 children under 12 years) Prices separately: 160€/adult, 130€/child under 12 years


In December on Friday at 9.00. In January & February on Wed at 10.00 You will get a secret map of the area that will lead you through the wintery forest and a magic Seita stone to the Elves’ Hideaway. In the Gingerbread house you will bake delicious gingerbread cookies and at Elves´s school you will make decorations like snowflakes and elves and not to mention a visit to the Wise Elf´s house where you can find a crystal eye on the roof that Ämmi (Grandmother) calls her third eye. On the way the elves are helping you to find these magic places and tell you more about their life in the Elves Village. The highlight of the tour is of course meeting with Santa Claus himself. Private meeting with Santa for about 5 minutes. You can bring your letter to Santa by yourself No presents! Photos and videos are allowed Traditional rice porridge with sweet and delicious raisin soup will be served in Tonttula cafe at the end of the program Duration 3h. Prices: 100€/person or 360€/family (2 adults + 2 3 children 3 12 years old); 0 2 years old children free of charge.

VISIT SANTA'S CHRISTMAS CABIN IN LEVI! Monday to Friday at 16.00 or 19.00 until 6th January Santa Claus and the Magic of Christmas! You are warmly welcome to join us at Santa's Secret Cabin and his yard. There are shining lanterns on the way to Santa’s Christmas world. You’ll have a guided tour at Santa’s secret cabin

and his yard. You will see many buildings around the yard and if you are lucky you might see some Elves too. You will get to know many stories about Elves birth and their workshop. Finally, you’ll go inside to Santa’s Secret Cabin and there you’ll meet Mr and Mrs Santa. Mrs Santa tells you some Christmas stories and she’ll also serve you a warm Christmas drink and gingerbread cookies, which she has made by herself. At last, you will meet Mr Santa and say hello to this gentleman who loves every single child and adult and all kind of animals in the world. Santa will also give a small Christmas present for every child. Duration 1h. Price: 110€/adult, 70€/child under 12 years old or 340€/family (2 adults + 2 children under 12 years old).

SECRET HIDEAWAY OF SANTA Daily until 7th January at 17.00, 18.00, 19.00 and 20.00

Your driver will drive through the remote wilderness until you arrive at the secret forest of Father Christmas. As you step out of the car, you notice a red hat that is peeking behind a tree. The elf will help you to climb up onto a sled. You will be pulled by a horse that will be guiding you through the secret path to Santa’s hut. The elf will show you which way to go. At the end of this lighted path is a small hut. Who may live here, hidden away? When you enter the hut, you will meet Santa himself. He was waiting for you, and you will have time to speak with Father Christmas. You may tell him all your wishes and dreams. Maybe Santa is waiting with the presents. After meeting with Saint Nick himself, the lighted path will lead you back to your driver. Duration 1h + transfers. Privately run family by family. Price: 1260€/family of up to 6 persons.


Tuesday and Thursday at 10.00 until 5th January and thereafter with visit to Arktikum instead of Santa Park at 122€/adult, 73€/child 2 11 yrs old. The Santa Claus Office is located in a very special place: right on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. There is a Village of Santa with cheerful elves Santa is always in his office, you may talk to him and whisper your Christmas wishes on his ear or even ask Santa some questions about his fantastic work! You can visit Santa Claus Post office and order a letter from Santa for next Christmas for your children and friends. Rudolf’s gift factory shop offers the best Christmas gifts for shopping. Famous Finnish trademarks Marimekko, Iittala, Marttiini have their shops in the village as well. The ceremony of Arctic Circle crossing also takes place in Santa Claus village. The personal certificates about this event are delivered to everyone. Let’s also get into Santa’s secret cave! So many lifetime experiences await friends of Christmas in Santa Park: Elf School, Mrs. Claus Gingerbread Kitchen, Santa’s Office, Magic Train, Ice Princess Ice Gallery, Post Office, and much more to see and do. The elves will make sure you find what you are looking for. Duration 10h. Price: 149€/adult, 95€/child 0 11 years old.

20 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023


In December on Friday. Also, on 24th, 25th, 31st Dec & 5th January Our main targets will be the Santa Claus Village and Santa Park located on the Arctic Circle. Our guide will give you a short presentation of the Village and will cross the official Arctic Circle line and receive your personal Diploma for crossing the Arctic Circle. Meeting Santa Claus is a dream come true and in high season there can be a long queue to his office, but we will use a pre booked slot, which might shorten the waiting time. You will also visit the Official Santa Claus Post office and have some free time and can visit numerous Finnish design and souvenir shops in the village or grab a bite. After that you will continue to Santa Park. Your entrance ticket to Santa Park covers: Santa Park Exciting Show (performed on stage 3 times a day); Elf School Interactive Show with Elf School Diploma and Elf Trainee Hat; Magic Train Ride; Handicrafts in Elf Workshops; Visit to Ice Gallery, Ice Bar & Meeting with the Ice Princess; Undercrossing of the Arctic Circle; Visit to Gingerbread Bakery and Gingerbread decoration; Family meeting with Santa Claus in his office; Visit to Elves’ Post Office; Twi Gaming Arenas; Toy Factory Shopping Area; Santa’s Corner Shop. There is a separate charge for having a professional photo with Santa Claus taken in his Santa Park chamber. But you can also take photos with your own camera. In Santa Park restaurant lunch is included in your program. Deserts, coffee and additional drinks need to be paid separately. Duration 10h. Price: 135€/adult, 50€/child 3 12 years old.

PRIVATE VISIT FROM HIGHLY EXPERIENCED SANTA TO YOUR CABIN Daily on request from 17.00 (fully booked on 24th & 25th December) Santa will come and visit your accommodation (hotel or cabin). You can leave a bag of presents by your front door, and Santa will bring it in with him. If you have multiple bags of gifts, please only leave one by the door and share the rest after the visit. Santa will know your children’s names and details about their life that you have provided in your booking. He loves to chat and will make sure that everyone has a lovely time during his visit. Duration about 20minutes and it is available in the Levi area. Price from 320€/visit.


WINTER FUN HORSE AND HUSKY Wednesday and Friday at 13.00. From January on Wednesday Experience the power of our Alaskan huskies in a big sled driven by our guide for about 1 km and let your soul relax in the one horse open sleigh ride with the atmospheric sound of a jingle bell. Duration: 1 1,5 hours. Price: 75€/adult, 40€/child (4 12 years old), children 0 3 years free of charge.


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 14.00 and at 20.00 Sit back and relax on a one horse open sleigh ride with a jingle bell along a small snowy forest road. Come and experience the silent and arctic forest. When booking the evening option, you may be lucky and enjoy the show of the Northern lights dancing in the sky. We will warm up in our cosy kammi by an open fire with hot berry juice and cookies after the sleigh ride. Duration: about 1h (20 30 minutes in the sleigh). Price: 65€/adult, 35€/child 4 12 years old, child 0 3 years old free of charge


Monday to Friday at 17.00

‘Sleigh bells ring are you listening...In the lane snow is glistening. A beautiful sight we’re happy tonight. Sleighing in the Winter Wonderland.’ Come and join us for a sleigh ride in the Winter Wonderland. Handsome Black Beauty is taking you to the snowy forest and sleigh bells are jingling. Duration 45 minutes. Price: 55€/person


Monday to Friday until 6th January

Can you hear the footsteps of grey slippers on the snow? Was there something red peeking from behind that tree? Can we find the hidden presents left behind by the elves? The trees covered in sparkling white crown snow load surround us, and somewhere close by we can hear jingle bells. The elves are sneaking near us! They can see us even when we are not able to see them. A Christmas themed trek to the Fairytale Forest for families. Children (4 11 years old) will be on horseback and the parents will lead the horses with the guide walking ahead. Duration 1h. Price: 75€/child (1 parent free of charge per child).


Monday and Saturday at 19.00

A very good opportunity to see and feel the silent and arctic snowy forest, magical Northern sky and perhaps the Northern lights illuminating the night sky on a horseback riding trip in a pine forest. Duration of the whole program about 1,5 hours. Group size: 2 7 guests. Min. age is 13 years old Price: 150€/person


Monday to Friday at 21.00

In the winter evening the sky might be lit with the moon, thousands of stars and possibly the Northern Lights. Come and join us in this late evening ride in the Winter Wonderland on our charming Icelandic horses. No previous

experience is required. Maximum weight limit for riders 95kg. Duration is approximately 1,5 hours. Price: 105€/person



Monday and Thursday at 11.00. From January on Monday at 15.00 Meet our friendly dogs and get a taste of their speed and power by enjoying a fast and exhilarating 1km sled ride. Let the musher give the correct commands and enjoy the fresh and pure Lappish nature flashing past around you. Have you ever wondered how the original inhabitants of Lapland moved around during the long and deep snowy winters? Try it yourself, lean back and put your feet up in our sled pulled by a trained reindeer. After the rides you can learn about reindeer herding and husky sledding from our professional guides, you can share our love for our family animals and take memorable pictures to show your friends and family at home. Duration: 1,5h. Price: 90€/adult, 60€/child aged 4 12 years, child 0 3 years old free of charge with an adult.


Wednesdays: 7.12, 14.12, 21.12. Christmas and NewYear week: 26.12., 29.12., 31.12. From January Monday to Friday between 10.00 12.00 Go on a gentle reindeer sleigh ride 300m at Elves Village. This is a short walk through Tonttula courtyard and a great way of tasting the Arctic wilderness. Duration of a short ride about 5min. Price: 30€/person (children only with adults, 0 2 years free of charge); 90€/family (2 adults + 2 3 children 3 12 years old)


Tuesday and Thursday at 9.40

We will arrive to our basecamp where we will enter in a fence full of reindeer. It is time to feed them! Some reindeer will come running to your bowl of food and others will let you pet them! This is the perfect to take photos and being near the reindeer in an animal friendly way. Then we will sit down in the wooden sled and let the reindeer show us the amazing Lappish forest for 1 km. We will then warm up in our Coffee place and get some hot drinks and homemade pastries. Duration: 3h. Price: 99€/adult, 69€/child 3 12 years.


This kilometer long tour starts and ends at the reindeer farm ”Sammun Tupa”. This family owned old farm is hidden in the forest and gives you a feeling of pure Finnish tranquility and harmony. You will have a reindeer sledge ride in a winter wonderland. As the reindeer travels through the wintery landscape, you experience the sensation of eternity and being a part of nature. The pace is dependent on the reindeer we have both young ones who like to race and calmer lead reindeer. Then we will have an overlook of the old farm and its home museum. Our guide will tell you stories of the past and present life of reindeer herders. Hot drinks and home made local sweet pastry are served in a cozy old wooden cottage. Duration 2h. Price: 95€/adult, 60€/child 2 11 years old.


In the noiseless sleigh ride you will get into Lappish forest, hear the melody of winter and experience the magical light of snow and the colors of polar night. You may enjoy the moonlight, stars and the northern lights, if nature so desires During the program you will get in touch with trained reindeer, feed them with lichen and we will tell you how to handle them. We will stop at an open shelter to enjoy the polar night sky by the open fire with a small snack Duration: about 2 3h. Price: 248€/adult, 125€/child 4 12 years old.


Up to date slope information: resort today

XC skiing tracks:

Further details and bookings: Levi Tourist information office Myllyjoentie 2, Tel +358 16 639 3378; We

21 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
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New ski slope and ski lift in the centre of Levi

There is an alternative to Europe’s glaciers

The new ski slope area, completed at the beginning of this winter – Levi Glacier – offers guaranteed snow in the centre of Levi for early winter skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts and athletes. Levi is intensively developing its downhill skiing services, but it is also an efficient provider of solutions that help to conserve nature and the environment as a whole.

European and American Alpine athletes will train in Levi, as national sports teams seek the best skiing conditions all over the world.

“There are few places in the world where you can practice skiing in autumn and early winter, for example, due to melting glaciers and varying weather conditions.

“We now have an alternative to a glacier. Levi’s new ski slope in the centre of Levi, Levi Glacier, serves the World Cup. Sports teams from many countries come to train on the new slope already in October, and as the season progresses, they can move onto the World Cup slope in November”, tells Jouni Palosaari, CEO of the ski lift company.

Glacier making is made possible using the latest available snow-making technology and by storing snow over the summer months. When snow is stored on

the slope over the summer, ice will start to build up, which can be utilised and enhanced when the snow is used in the same place in the autumn.

Levi has a long downhill skiing season, starting in October and continuing through to early May. The cross-country skiing season is equally long. Snow is also preserved for use by cross-country skiers.

Levi Glacier is the latest demonstration of skill in snow technology and ski slope design that has never been seen

before in the ski resort industry. Construction of the Levi Glacier project has cost 7.5 million euros. The idea of the construction project has been to strive for the highest possible efficiency in snow preservation, both in terms of energy use and person and machine hours. The ultimate goal is to reach a low thawing percentage of snow and to maximise snow recycling possibilities from one ski season to the next. The snow made from water is ideal for downhill skiing. It can be stored over the summer

and recycled from one winter to the next.

Thanks to the Glacier project, Levi can open the skiing season at the desired time in conditions that are very similar to winter, for both skiing enthusiasts and sportspeople alike.


The new Levi Glacier Slope has received revolutionary LED lighting that simulates constant daylight. The amount of light emitted can also be reduced

depending on the situation. The energy efficiency of the LED lights allows a reduction in electricity requirements, and the advanced optics help direct lighting to the desired sites while avoiding unnecessary light pollution in the surroundings. A 3D model is created for each lighting mast and surrounding area to calculate the amount of light required for the area.


The new ski slope has a new chair lift that can take up to 3,000 skiers per hour. The ski lift takes the skier up the fell in about three minutes. The chair lifts are mounted via the loading carpet. The ski lift is the Doppelmayr D-Line model from Austria. Two old ski lifts have been removed.


Since 2018, Levi Ski Resort has been the only ski resort in the Nordics that holds ISO 14001 environmental certification. In certification, the most important environmental aspects of the ski resort are the reduction of the consumption of electricity, fuel, and water, erosion management and waste management. Levi’s state-of-the-art automatic snow-making technology, constantly renewed ski lifts, massive snow storage, and snow recycling programme create an extended skiing season, while at the same time being energyefficient and cost-effective.

22 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
Photo: World Cup Levi / Elias Koli Photo: Levi Ski Resort Levi Competition Centre. The Alpine sports World Cup is held in Levi each year in November. The two previous years saw two world cup races organised for women.

Scheduled flights from Kittilä to European destinations in the winter

Finnair will fly daily or almost daily from Helsinki through to 9 April 2023, after which once a week, either on Mondays or Thursdays until Thursday 7 May 2023.

Norwegian flies from Helsinki 23 December 2022 – 1 January and 18–25

February. Flight days are Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Flight times vary on a daily basis.

Flights to Kittilä from cities other than Helsinki are operated on Saturdays:

Air France from Paris 10 December 2022 – 25 March 2023.

Eurowings from Düsseldorf 24 December 2022 – 25 March 2023.

AirBaltic from Riga 17 December 2022 – 11 March 2023

Lufthansa from Munich 17 December 2022 – 1 April 2023

Airport of the Year awarded to Kittilä Airport

Finavia, the public company maintaining Finland’s airports, chose Kittilä Airport as Finland’s Airport of the Year in 2021.

Customer satisfaction at Kittilä Airport has remained high, even during the extremely busy high seasons.

Finavia’s Senior Vice President Jani Jolkkonen congratulates Kittilä Airport on its achievement and commends the airport’s

employees for making such a demanding job such a success.

“Kittilä Airport is characterised by a huge difference in passenger and flight numbers, depending on the season. There was a need for immense forward planning, while at the same time being able to respond to varying situations, for example, the Christmas and skiing seasons”, says Jolkkonen.

Drinking tap water and breathing in the Arctic air

Whenever we travel on holiday, water is something we always need to think about carefully. Not in Lapland. Lapland’s tap water has been tested as being much cleaner than every brand of bottled water. You are doing yourselves a favour by drinking plenty of water straight from the tap. What about air quality?

To Norway

In fact, Lapland as the best quality air of the inhabited world. Breathe deeply and know the air is pampering you. You are etoxifying yourself, just by being here.

To Norway


Travel Newspaper

Published in the winter

Publisher: Levin Sanomat Editor-in-Chief: Veikko Erkkilä English translations: Peter Culley

Printed by: Botnia Print, Kokkola

Kittilä Calling - Live, Vacation, and Work Remotely


workers welcome

Kittilä and Levi are calling remote workers to take advantage of local services, incredible surrounding nature, and the world’s purest air. Those interested in remote working, whether it be companies or individuals, are welcome to experience Lapland’s exciting opportunities. Kittilä municipality has been progressing as one of Finland’s most predominant remote-working municipalities, which in turn allows for year-round tourism and services in the area.

Experience Lapland through events and culture

Something is always happening in Kittilä and Levi - come and enjoy in true Lapland fashion! Get to know local art and history at various museums, art galleries, and changing exhibitions, such as the Kittilä local museum Vaaranmikkola (open in summer), Särestöniemi Museum, Palsa Museum (open in summer), Taidemuseo (art museum) Einari Junttila, and Galleria Raekallio.

Properties near Levi Fell

The municipality of Kittilä is selling residential plots in Levi’s Akanrova area, near local services. In addition, the golf area offers opportunities for those interested in owning vacation homes to enjoy the quiet nature and beautiful scenery of Lapland, near highquality exercise and sports services. Downhill ski slopes, trails for cross-country skiing, walking and cycling, as well as the golf course and snowmobile tracks are nearby. There are also plots for residential and accommodation facilities, as well as businesses and sports services in the Ylä-Levi area, near the ski slopes. Learn more and contact options:

Valtatie 15, 99100 Kittilä +358 (0)400 356 500

23 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023
Ylläs Kaukonen To Sodankylä Enontekiö Raattama Köngäs Tepasto Nunnanen Peltovuoma Näkkälä Levi Olos Pallas Pokka Kilpisjärvi Palojoensuu Karesuvanto Leppäjärvi National Park National Park Kiistala Kittilä Pulju Särkijärvi Pöntsö To Rovaniemi Sonkamuotka Lainio
Kolari Muonio
24 DECEMBER 2022 - JANUARY 2023 UNIQUE ALPINE BOOTS! The proprietary Fischer VACUUM material used in these shells delivers impressive ski performance and greatly reduces weight, making for an enjoyable ski day. This shell material has a predictable, supportive flex that does not vary much with temperature, enabling you to ski with confidence. VACUUM shells are also incredibly customizable and allow you and your bootfitter to find the perfect fit. Intersport Levi SHOP Torikuja 3 B • P. 040 171 5411 WE SERVICE EVERYDAY! Opening hours: Team Finland cross country national team ski wear selection from us: SWIX XC Collection! New Fischer models for skating and classic skiing! Winter from Intersport! Sport Fashion & Top Equipment! SOREL • KAMIK SALOMON HELLY HANSEN MERRELL Warming Winter Shoes!