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DRAFT MINUTES OF IDEFORD PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 5th JUNE 2013 PRESENT: Cllrs: Angie Carter-Woodwark (Chairman), Tom Hill, Dominic Morby, Barry Smith, Derrick White, Anthony French (Vice Chairman) IN ATTENDANCE: Karen Gardin (Clerk), PCSO Colin Ryder 7 members of the public 71/13 APOLOGIES: Apologies Cllr’s Geraldine Gaskell, Beryl Austen, Mike Walters 72/13 MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes of the AGM meeting 8th May where signed as a true record. 73/13 DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS: Councillor Angie Carter Woodwark – interest in the charity Lands of Humphrey Borrington 74/13 REPORTS District Councillor’s Report. - June 2013 The future structure of the senior management and staffing in TDC is continuing apace. Interviews for the seven Business Mangers took place on the 9th/10th May. Three posts were filled. There will be further interviews at the end of June and advertisements have been placed in the public domain. A case for the possible joint venture company being set up to accommodate the further provision of TDC’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is to be made available to the Executive Committee in September. This will involve collaboration with Plymouth City Council and two or three Districts, including ourselves. Also the Capital Programme is to be amended to make provision for investment in the replacement of the Council’s desktop PC’s with a Thin Client solution. The 274 computers are in need of replacement and they would be replaced by terminals which will save several thousands of pounds. An updating of the systems used to Windows 7 or 8 is also a necessity. Savings have already been realized in the centralizing of printing facilities within the Council. The negotiations for the UTC development have been completed and the project has now been given the go-ahead. Final determination of the site is imminent, problems over vacating premises will still have to be resolved, if Bradley Lane is to be the chosen site. Jetty Marsh has no tenancy difficulties, so decisions have to be made with some urgency. The projected date for the UTC to be operational remains as April 2015. The French Market makes its return to Kingsteignton on the 16th June and will be located in the Halfords car park from 9 am until 4.00 pm. The Kingsteignton Town Clerk is in possession of posters and “fliers”. It is suggested that the posters be placed in the Council notice boards and the Library. Any other locations suggested will be welcome. The local newspapers have been informed and news of the market will be published accordingly. The pedestrian crossing adjacent to the Newton Road roundabout has now been completed. It is just a matter of making the lights operational. I have been notified that I shall be attending TDC Planning Committees as a voting member. Cllr Austen – No report Police Report IDEFORD POLICE LOGS for the PERIOD 07/05/13 to 04/06/13 A380 problems. Report of girls jumping in and out of traffic. Area search not trace. 1

2 occasions when broken down vehicles have caused problems. Report of a male walking in the carriageway. Homeless male in a hi-viz jacket. Report of a motorist driving in a dangerous manner. Report of a cow in the road. Report of people breaking into stables at Byways. No one apprehended on site. 2 further incidents of a horse having its mane plaited. IDEFORD CRIMES for the PERIOD 07/05/13 to 04/06/13 Incident on Ideford Common leading to 2 charges one of common assault & battery and the other of assault and occasioning actual bodily harm. Standing orders suspended for public to discuss concerns with PCSO Colin Ryder regarding the horse plaiting Standing orders re-instated 75/13 MATTERS ARISING None 76/13 MATTERS RAISED BY CHAIRMAN None 77/13 PARISH MATTERS Tower Hill – Gullies Work in Butts Lane completed and the gullies seem to have been filled in. Loose chippings used. Need to monitor this situation. Bus Shelter – Chairman reported that the work is due to start. She had been in contact with the contractor. CAB – email read out regarding their impending move in Newton Abbot. Looking for volunteers to help. Notice taken by Cllr Morby SWH – Road Closure A road closure from South West Highways was received for Marsdon Farm Bridge, Luton. Diversions to be put in place from 12th August – 23rd August but necessary to close the road. DALC – planning explained Email received regarding future ½ day planning course for the autumn. Councillors agreed that a need to attend, so clerk asked to reserve 2 spaces for Ideford. Clerk to contact DALC Colleybrook – Mobile home The Chairman reported that a mobile home/caravan has appeared on Mr Ellis’ site at Colleybrook. Steve Hobbs (TDC Enforcement Officer) had been informed of the situation and he will speak to Mr Ellis to establish whether used as a permanent residence. Need to keep an eye on situation. Grants War Memorials A letter was read out from the War Memorials Trust regarding a grant scheme. Councillors decided that this would be put up at the open day in June for parishioners to read and consider. TDC Local Plan update The Teignbridge Local Plan is being presented to TDC Committee for final draft soon.


Parish Charity – Parish Lands/Charity of Humphrey Borrington An email had been received regarding the above charity and the appointment of two new trustees. Cllr Carter-Woodwark having an interest in this as being nominated as a new trustee, would not vote on this item but was informative regarding the charity, so the rest of the Councillors could consider the proposal of two new trustees and change of Treasurer. Councillors agreed. Clerk to notify Ann-Rigby Jones Public Open Day – 22nd June The Chairman advised that the planning meeting for the open day was very useful and informative. TDC representatives attended and they are willing to give support for now in the way of posters, flyers, screens and to set up a general layout that had been used with other parishes considering a neighbourhood/parish plan. Tea/coffee and cake will be on offer. 78/13 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION Standing Orders suspended for questions from the public Offer of help regarding delivering the leaflets to homes in the parish Standing Orders reinstated 79/13 CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED Letter from Anne Marie Morris regarding the next quarterly meeting at the Courtenay Centre to network with parishes. Clerk to advise that two councillors will attend 80/13 PLANNING Ref: 12/03754/FUL – Ideford – Land at NGR 288786 Haldon Lane Planning Decision received. Refusal Ref13/01380/FUL – Erection of stables and agricultural store – Haldon Lane Revised application for 12/03754/FUL A revised application had been received since the refusal of the previous planning decision by the Planning Committee Again, items where highlighted from the previous application and concerns raised. A letter would be drafted and sent around to Councillors for urgent comments before sending to TDC planning office. Councillors requested that again we ask for it to be a CAT B application. 81/13 CLERKS REPORT AND FINANCE The clerk reported that the audit forms had been sent off to the government auditor. Insurance for the council needed to be considered by Councillors, unfortunately the Clerk had left the documents and the cheque book behind, so would forward the details to councillors for their consideration and ratify the decision at the next meeting. Clerk would contact insurance company. Councillor French was concerned over the bus shelter insurance due to the contractor being given the work some months ago and still work had not started. Cheques to be paid David Wright – clearance of vegetation behind bus shelter Proposed: Cllr Morby Seconded: Cllr Smith 3

Transfer of money from business account to current account of £500 Proposed: Cllr French Seconded: Cllr White Clerk to arrange the signing of cheque and transfer form during the month with Chairman and Vice Chairman. 82/12 DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 3rd July Meeting closed at 7.35 pm

Signed…………………………………………….. Cllr A Carter-Woodwark



IDEFORD PARISH COUNCIL You are hereby summoned under the Local Government Act 1972 Sch.12s.10 to attend a meeting of Ideford Parish Council for the purpose of transacting the following business. Agenda for the Meeting to be held at The Village Hall, Ideford on Wednesday 3rd July 2013 at 6.30pm




MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes of the 5th June 2013 to be agreed and signed.




REPORTS – County Councillor District Councillor Police




MATTERS RAISED BY THE CHAIRMAN Response to emails Meeting September


PARISH MATTERS Public Open Day – comments and next stage update




CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED Letter – Anne-Marie Morris Stover Canal Open Day Teignbridge Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy - email


PLANNING Ref13/01380/FUL – Erection of stables and agricultural store – Haldon Lane Revised application for 12/03754/FUL – update from Planning Committee Meeting(Cat B)



Parish Paths £671.23 Parish Accounts Snow Warden (ring fenced) £400.00 Business A/c £4737.10 Current A/c As at 09/05/2013 June statement not rec’d to date


Insurance for Council Yearly Payment - Come and Go Ratification over policy and cheque payment 000353 £317.46


DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 4th September 2013

Karen Gardin Clerk - 07855561030


This notice must be left at or sent to the usual place of residence of every member of the council, three clear days at least before the meeting.



Minutes of Meeting 05/06/13 Agenda Next Meeting 03/07/13