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Arr show ived in E urop room e Belgi s too, in an c um! Excit luding ing!

Testing the Model 3 in her natural habitat

Photo Credit Sol Jens

Mr and Mrs T on tour

Futuristic passenger travel by Hyperloop

NOVEMBER 2018 / N°10



Wie wil investeren in vastgoed houdt maar beter rekening met de heilige drievuldigheid: locatie, locatie, locatie. En die van Duinenzee kan moeilijk beter. De stijlvolle assistentiewoningen hebben een idyllische ligging op het strand van De Panne.



The Sky-Dweller The revolutionary watch for world travellers, blending watchmaking ingenuity with simplicity of use. It doesn’t just tell time. It tells history.

oyster perpetual SKY-DWELLER

Edito SuperCharged 10 by Martin Gillet



Welcome to your tenth edition of SuperCharged, a special edition, your independent Magazine for Tesla Owners, Club Members, Shareholders and EV enthusiasts.







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First impressions



Insights from the early adopters p24

MODEL 3 Photo Credit Martin Gillet

The unveiling of Model 3 © Naheem Browne



TESLA MODEL X Tesla gives you wings

TESLA TRAVEL EXPERIENCE ”I enjoy every kilometre”

BJORN NYLAND “Exploring Norway and Europe for free thanks to Tesla”

LEILANI MÜNTER Renowned environmental activist

TESLA MODEL X The first electric SUV



the next step towards smart homes

“We are heading towards a totally changed mobility”

TRUMP the implications for Energy and Climate


RE: Erik De Ridder

COP22 MARRAKECH The future of our energy needs is a green global grid

A Super-Charged Rendez-Vous at Tesla Europe’s Tilburg Factory

SpaceX to fly first ever lunar tourists next year

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Promoting electric mobility in Belgium

Tesla Owners Club Leaders Summit

Photo Credit Martin Gillet ePrix Berlin 2017

A look back at the Model 3

Analysts share their insights with SuperCharged

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Ladies in Red

Photo Credit Steven Peeters

SeaBubbles a solution for the smart cities of tomorrow


Saul Lopez championing Tesla in Spain and speaker at TeslaCon

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imec research hub

© Brady Kenniston

Tesla Model S battery degradation Professor Maarten Steinbuch

Addax shows Belgian leadership in light electric commercial vehicles

RE: Erik De Ridder

Thank you. Thanks to your ongoing support and Leadership, we are celebrating our tenth edition; A true Community Lifestyle Magazine led by a non profit Organisation. We are more than proud of the achievement as we are putting a lot of effort into it. We thank you for following us and engaging. Feedback is still overwhelming across different countries. On behalf of all parties involved, we are celebrating with you this tenth edition. Yippikaye! SuperCharged is available online, with past editions: 6

We may sound ‘like a broken record’ but Supercharged is only ‘as good as the energy’ we are putting in along with qualitative content. We welcome as always your topic proposals and invite you to collaborate with the editorial team. We look forward to hearing from you, contact us through our Club website. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust.


Byron Soulopoulos President @soulopoulos

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Martin Gillet VP Global Communication and Marketing @mgillet

Christophe Duponcheele Network Evangelist @duponcheele

Kelly Van Eekel Event Manager @KellyVanEekel


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Edito SuperCharged 10 by Martin Gillet

For this tenth edition, we have nailed down quite an interesting line up! We would like to debrief you on a Fantastic journey we had with Club Members, headed to Champagne in an electrifying mood. Enjoying not only the finest cars on the road but great company with amazing food and drinks. We also would like to bring you up to speed on the last Tesla Owners Club 2018 Leadership Summit held in Fremont. Lots of good vibes there with the finest peers! Review the pictures debrief just like if you were there! We value your remarks and feedback, make sure to continue the conversation and engage with us in order to nurture the Community spirit and ongoing dialogue with Tesla. A US trip would have not been electrifying without a Model 3 journey. So after first unofficial test drive (see Supercharged 9) in Belgium, we seized the opportunity and rented a Model 3 for three days, totalling over 745 kilometers (463 miles) in gorgeous California. Our fellow UK friends did the same. Read our full debriefing and insights regarding Model 3 in ‘the wild’ along with pictures and videos. We hope you will enjoy the detailed walkthrough. Since November 14th, a Model 3 (US specifications) has arrived at Service Center in Zaventem. Car is currently on static display at time of printing. All reservation holders have been notified and invited to see her ‘up close’. In this edition we catch up with the inspiring ‘Mr and Mrs T’, who have transformed their lives to take a round the world trip with a Tesla. All EV users will be able to benefit from their recommendations of hotels to stay in, where they can recharge their own batteries as well as their cars. At Supercharged we love innovative, sustainable travel solutions – if they are fast as well, so much the better. We take a look at the exciting new developments in ultra-high speed rail travel, with the Hyperloop, as originally designed by Tesla and Space X. We then highlight the amazing achievements that are being made in solar powered cars, with the iLumen European Solar Challenge – a 24 hour endurance race for solar powered cars, developed by teams from around the world. From the report, we can see that solar cars are getting much closer to becoming commercially available…. Meanwhile, there is big news from EDF Luminus, the second largest electricity supply company in Belgium, with their growing strategy on innovation, clean energy supply and a range of new energy service solutions. E-mobility solutions to support the transition to electric vehicles are an area where the company has major plans in the pipeline. We look forward to your impressions, stories, article ideas and feedback as well as welcoming you during our monthly events. If not already done, make sure to register for free Club Membership, including 10% discount on official Tesla Merchandise. (Free registration Keep up the conversations online through social media, ‘share the Love’ using hashtag #TeslaClubBE Best pictures are featured in our Instagram feed. On behalf of Tesla Owners Club of Belgium vzw/asbl, Martin Gillet Vice President Global Communications and Marketing Tesla Owners Club Belgium asbl/vzw. Thank you to Julian, Ralf, Simon and Trevor for the reviewing of SuperCharged Magazines, always aiming for Excellent but we can’t avoid tiny typos!

Disclaimer: Tesla Owners Club Belgium is an independent enthusiast non profit organization under Belgian laws and is not affiliated with Tesla Inc. or its subsidiaries. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, POWERWALL and the “TESLA”, “T” and “TESLA and T Flag” designs, and certain other marks, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla Motors Inc. in the United States and other countries.



Text credit: Martin Gillet

NEXT EVENTS EKART CLUB CUP DECEMBER 4TH, 2018 Join us! The more the merrier! Electrifying and cheerful moments as always! Running a ekart contest with Club Members. Get in line on the pitlane and let’s get started! As usual, secure your seat now! See you in the briefing. Registration:

FEBRUARY 2019 CLUB NEW YEAR RECEPTION Your Club is proud to invite you for an exclusive Evening to celebrate 2019 in style. Book the date: Friday February 2nd 2019. Looking forward to meeting you and having a cheerful toast to yet another Electrifying year. Registration is required for catering purposes:


Our club is always looking for great venues and ideas to organise cheerful events and memories. Feel free to submit ideas and locations, Community at work, the more ideas, the more creative, the merrier. All our events are listed under eventbrite, join us and plan ahead as places might be limited:

CHAMPAGNE TOUR 2018 2018 saw a sequel of the Champagne Tour. We enjoyed a fine journey in style towards the finest food and locations along with the best peers. Read in this edition the full debriefing and book already 2019 Summer for the next edition as places are limited.

TESLA OWNERS CLUB 2018 LEADERSHIP SUMMIT ‘Belgium present’. We had the honor to join the Amazing lineup of Official Clubs Leadership Summit held in Fremont, proudly representing Belgium and sharing our ‘five cents’ towards our active contribution towards a sustainable energy. Read the full debriefing in this edition (including full Albums on your Flickr Gallery: )

CLUB UP CLOSE MEETUP DECEMBER 2ND, 2018 Since November 14th, a Model 3 (US specifications) has arrived at Service Center in Zaventem. Car is currently on static display at time of printing. All reservation holders have been notified and invited to see her ‘up close’. The Club is pleased, in collaboration with Tesla to setup a private meet and greet Event on December 2nd, 2018. Further details will follow in our newsletter; sent to all registered members. (Free registration


Text credit: Martin Gillet

NEWS IN A NUTSHELL TESLA INC. EARNINGS CALL TRANSCRIPT Major news for all of us, Tesla reached profitability. Read the full transcript of Q3 2018 Earning Conference Call. Shortlink: (Source and Credit: Text Seeking Alpha)

IMMINENT ARRIVAL OF MODEL 3 IN EUROPE (EARLY 2019) During the Tesla Inc. Earning call, it was stated that Model 3 was likely to arrive early 2019. We are all eager to get our hands on the configuration tool! Some have reported a few Model 3’s in the wild in Europe, besides the Paris Auto Show. More are likely to come. Keep your eyes open and share your best pictures with us hashtag TeslaClubBE

ELON MUSK RECODE INTERVIEW BY KARA SWISHER Elon Musk recode Interview by Kara Swisher: In this interview, the Recode interview, Musk talks about “excruciating” 2018, fighting with journalists on Twitter and why Tesla won’t build and electric scotter. Listen to the podcast: (Source and Credit: RECODE)

NEW! SUPERCHARGER IN BRUGGE New addition to the Superchargers network in Belgium: Supercharger Brugge (Weinebrugge) 8 stalls, available 24/7 up to 120kW. (Friendly reminder, Superchargers are meant for long journeys, not local charging. As a courtesy to fellow Owners, move your car once charged. Thank you for your cooperation).

V9 DEPLOYMENT The much awaited v9 is currently being deployed -to everyone’s satisfaction- through OTA. Many Owners have reported the update on their cars. Deploying is still ongoing at time of printing. According to Tesla: “Our most substantial update yet, Software Version 9.0, introduces a refined and simplified user interface, along with entirely new features for Model S, Model X, and Model 3, as well as on Tesla’s mobile app.To receive Version 9.0 as quickly as possible, connect your car to WiFi.”

Overview of what’s new: • • • • • • • • •

Tesla Mobile App Updates Dash Cam New Apps & App Launcher Updated Climate Controls Navigate on Autopilot (coming soon) Full 360° View Enhanced Navigation Routing Obstacle-Aware Acceleration Fun & Games

Full details:



Onopvallende speakers. Opvallend geluid. Altronik



Alfred Nichelstraat 10-12 9300 Aalst 053 70 15 86

Liersesteenweg 321 Stationsstraat 66 3130 Begijnendijk (grens Aarschot) 9100 Sint-Niklaas 016 56 10 62 03 776 24 40

HD Full Concept Chaussée de Waterloo 1170 (Vivier d’oie) 1180 Bruxelles 02 349 10 00


LIFESTYLE 550 HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM Breng je entertainment tot leven en geniet op elk volume van helder geluid en een diep laag. Het Lifestyle 550 home entertainment system heeft vijf Virtually Invisible series II cube speakers en een draadloze Acoustimass bass module. Het Lifestyle 550 system stemt het geluid af op de unieke vorm van de ruimte. En de console met glazen bovenkant biedt de nieuwste technologieÍn op het gebied van audio en video, inclusief 4K-video en 6 HDMI™-ingangen.

Lifestyle, Virtually Invisible en Acoustimass zijn handelsmerken van Bose Corporation. De merknamen HDMI en HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface en het HDMI-logo zijn handelsmerken of geregistreerde handelsmerken van HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.



Robberechts Klank & Beeld

Verfaillie-Bauwens Knokke

Vilvoordsesteenweg 307 1850 Grimbergen 02 269 30 79

Lippenslaan 225 8300 Knokke 050 60 58 70

Verfaillie-Bauwens Oostkamp-Waardamme Kortrijksestraat 356 8020 Waardamme 050 28 84 86

Elegance is an attitude Simon Baker

VANHOUTTEGHEM GENT Dampoortstraat 1- 3 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45

HUYBRECHTS JUWELIERS Markt 39 2240 Geel 014 58 86 63

COLMAN KNOKKE Elizabetlaan 17 8300 Knokke 050 96 96 44

COLMAN ANTWERPEN Eiermarkt 7 2000 Antwerpen 03 231 11 11

CASTEUR EXCLUSIVE Stationsstraat 22-24

8790 Waregem 056 60 19 51

The Longines Master Collection

Text credit: Martin Gillet

NEWS IN A NUTSHELL ANNOUNCING ROBYN DENHOLM AS TESLA’S NEW BOARD CHAIR Tesla Press Release (November 7th, 2018): Excerpt: “Tesla’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Robyn Denholm has been appointed as Chair of the Tesla Board, effective immediately. So that she will be able to devote her full attention to the Tesla Chair role, Robyn will be leaving her role as CFO and Head of Strategy at Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, once her six-month notice period with Telstra is complete. Robyn will be serving as Tesla Chair on a full-time basis.” Full Press Release:

NEW! TESLA SPARE PARTS CATALOG ONLINE For your information, Tesla has published online the parts catalog. Just curious to see a ‘BOM’ or Bill of materials or to find out which parts your car is made of or simply provide information to your bodyshop official dealer, the catalogs provides the required information. It can be accessed under ‘General Public access’:



According to Elon Musk on twitter (on November 1st), “Tesla advanced Summon ready in approximately 6 weeks! Just an over-the-air software upgrade, so will work n all cars made past 2 years (Autopilot hardware V2+)”. We are waiting for the next OTA Delivery. Stay tuned.

MODEL Y According to Electrek, Elon Musk approves Tesla Model Y prototype for production, targets 2020. Read the full article: (Source and Credit: Text: Frédéric Lambert Electrek

MODEL 3 IS THERE Since November 14th, a Model 3 (US specifications) has arrived at Service Center in Zaventem. Car is currently on static display at time of printing. All reservation holders have been notified and invited to see her ‘up close’.

Join the daily only conversations and news on twitter with the Community and over 8700 peers, join us Hashtag #TeslaClubBE If not already done, make sure to register for free Club Membership, including 10% discount on official Tesla Merchandise’. (Free registration





* Geldig op alle OLED toestellen vermeld in de Loewe-actiefolder, geldig van 12 november tot en met 31 december 2018.

Living Smart. Past. Overal. Loewe bild 3 En hij past zich zeker aan. De producten worden teruggebracht tot de essentie met focus op de hoogste kwaliteit. Er is er één voor iedereen. De nieuwe Loewe bild 3.65 OLED TV met het Loewe Home Screen voorziet alles wat belangrijk voor u is op één toegankelijke plek. Het streamen van uw foto’s, video’s en muziek naar uw televisietoestel was nog nooit zo makkelijk en intuïtief. De Loewe bild 3.55 OLED is, net als de Loewe bild 3.65 OLED, uitgerust met het extreem platte oled-scherm van amper 4,9 mm, dat dunner is dan de display van de meeste smartphones, en toch bijzonder licht en discreet is - ondanks de behoorlijke grootte van 55”. Loewe bild 3.49 en 3.43 worden dan weer met de recentste lcd-displays aangeboden. De extreem platte Ultra HD-displays beschikken over een vier keer hogere resolutie (3.840 x 2.160 pixel). Hierdoor zijn haarscherpe details, perfecte contrasten en een enorme kleurglans zichtbaar - zelfs bij snelle bewegingen. De geïntegreerde soundbar met een krachtig geluidsvermogen van 80W vult uw kamer met elke denkbare stemming.

De Loewe 3.55 OLED is nu verkrijgbaar aan 3.299 € - 500 € prijsvoordeel = 2.799 €. Ontdek meer bij uw Loewe-verdeler of op


SPOO R E N JU W EL IERS Winkelcentrum Donk Patio Donksesteenweg 240 2930 Brasschaat 03 645 05 02


Stationsstraat 22-24 8790 Waregem 056 60 19 51



Markt 39 2240 Geel 014 58 86 63

Ooststraat 64-66 8800 Roeselare 051 20 20 27



Dampoortstraat 1- 3 9000 Gent 09 225 50 45

Grote Markt 16 8600 Diksmuide 051 50 28 66


model 3

TESTING THE MODEL 3 IN HER NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: CALIFORNIA- SPECIAL REPORT FROM EUROPEAN OWNERS WITH DETAILED TEST DRIVE AND INSIGHTS Shortly before the Tesla Owners Club 2018 Leadership Summit, a bunch of good guys decided to take the stunning Model 3 out for a journey across beautiful California. Indeed, the occasion was too good to be missed. Of course, we would enjoy the Model 3 with fellow US Owners but nothing beats your own experience. In 2014, we did already rent a Model S 60 (!) with the application getaround. In 2018 the application that is widely used amongst owners is Turo. (Turo is US based but just reached UK as well). The application registration process is very smooth. Once registered, you will have a wide choice of cars for rent. Use the filter to search for EV cars, including the Tesla Model 3. 16

Tip: To avoid costly additional pickup fees at the airport, rent the Model 3 from a nearby city. We rented ours in San Jose. TEXT & PHOTOS: WILLIAM FEALEY, JULIAN HAKES, CHRISTOPHE DUPONCHEELE & MARTIN GILLET.

Credit Martin Gillet


Credit Martin Gillet

MODEL 3 IN DETAILS You may recall the first Model 3 Test drive in Belgium, as we reported it with detailed insights in Supercharged 9 Well, headed to the Tesla Owners Club 2018 Leadership Summit (read more about it in this edition), we couldn’t resist the temptation to rent a Model 3 and to test drive it around their natural habitat. Here is the special report from Will Fealey, Julian Hakes, Christophe Duponcheele and Martin Gillet. California, October 2018. We aimed at sharing our own experience of Model 3, with a fair detailed insight, not withholding anything. The Model 3 was used in many ways, throughout hundreds of kilometers in different conditions and typical roads.

MODEL 3 ROAD BEHAVIOR (Will) Model 3 handling wise is very planted with a direct steering feel, it’s nippy and quick as you would imagine but it also turns sharper than Model S/X, we saw no major difference between driving at night vs daytime.

(Julian) The main thing to notice however is the lack of illuminated instrument cluster in front of the driver which normally glows and illuminates your face. In the Model 3 you are presented with a black dash, which is a welcome change as there is no distraction in your direct line of sight leaving your attention firmly on the road). Autopilot was pretty solid, sure it had the odd quirk but nothing major, it’s definitely still a drivers aid but it appears to be improving. (Christophe/Martin) Model 3 is not behaving differently from our Model S, the steering worked as designed and we enjoyed as Will underlined sharper turns. We drove Model 3 during day and night. No major difference, except at first the lack of dashboard is a bit disturbing as all commands are consolidated onto the main central screen. Nothing we couldn’t overcome. One point that was a bit challenging at first as we drove in the night into mist, is the triggering of the whispers. It’s just a habit we must get once we got acquainted with Model 3 commands. We enjoyed thoroughly the Autopilot feature as we drove many times on the freeway.

THE FACTS Tesla Owners Club United Kingdom Model 3 - Long Range RWD VIN 0007XX Whereabouts from/to - San Jose Airport > Santa Cruz (via Highway 17) > Monterey > Pebble Beach > Carmel by the Sea > San Jose (via 101) Pilot/coPilot: Will Fealey - Julian Hakes Total Driven miles: 218 miles (350KM) averaging 228Wh/mi using a total of 50kWh exactly. System Version 9.0 Beta 2018.39.4 fe295e8

Tesla Owners Club Belgium (TOCB) Model 3 - Long Range VIN 111XXX Whereabouts from/to - Milpitas - Livermore - San Francisco - Santa Clara - Santa Cruz - San Francisco (via HWY1 - Golden Gate Park - Sausalito - San Francisco - San Jose - Milpitas. Pilot/coPilot: Martin Gillet - Christophe Duponcheele Total Driven 745 kilometers (463 miles) averaging approximately 288Wh/mi using a total of 118kWh System version 8.1 2018.36.2 ac4a215


MODEL 3 USABILITY (Will) At first the indicators/signals on the Model 3 were a pain to get used to and quite often we would be driving down the freeway with them still left on after a lane change etc, this is because they’re different to how Model S & X operate, they don’t click/lock into place when you pull them all the way down or push them all the way up, they reset (position wise) after each press which became a little confusing for the first day or so. So to cancel an indicator you have to move it back to the position it was previously in when you initiated the indicator. (Christophe/Martin) The access to the car was granted using the ‘credit card format’ key. It is far from perfect as we had the impres-



model 3

sion we had lost it quite a few times. Key card has a bad habit of placing itself in the console against the bottom so we have been freaking out quite a few times. This was due to the fact that we didn’t have access to the App as this was a rental. This was new to us, unlocking the Model 3 by presenting the key card on the car pillar. Not ideal but it worked out. We noticed after 3 days that this would be perhaps a bit annoying as many fingerprints were left on the pillar giving the impression Model 3 was dirty. Car is spacious and finally got door pockets (see video link to see it in details). Central console is handy and seems to be improved versus Model S and X.


(Will) Door pockets, finally! Such a simple improvement in fact it’s laughable that in 2018 that this is even being discussed but it’s something that I’ve always missed in my Model S, in fact the quality and quantity of storage is vastly improved over Model S. The centre console is neat, spacious and doesn’t have hidden sections that items get lost in.

(Christophe/Martin) One rookie mistake that we did at the first encounter is the doors opening. We were used to grab the door handle and open the door. This is wrong in a Model 3. It will open the door but in fact this is the emergency opening and alarm will be displayed as it might damage the car if used everyday. The ‘correct way’ is to gently push the top knob on the door armrest in order to safely open the door. We enjoyed the light in the courtesy mirror, so that we could check our hairdue before taking onboard selfies. The only ‘pain points’ we encounter during the take over where to identify where to find the music equalizer, the settings (within the settings) to change the car units from miles to kilometers, look out for the regen as it differs from our Model S or X and engaging the wipers when it rained. The User Experience is still premium but might require a few moments to get acquainted to the latest User Interface. (Julian) The limitation of the card approach also means when you approach the car you cannot easily access the frunk or trunk when you have bags or groceries. With the card you have to swipe the B pillar first then lean in and press the frunk open button on the main screen. This can be done from the App but a key would be much faster and easier. (Will) I’ve heard first hand from Model 3 owners that the Bluetooth connectivity isn’t perfect either, so it’s little wonder Tesla are launching a Model 3 key (similar to S+X). The next part that both Julian and I found off was the lack of a driver’s screen, all the information on the car is on one single centre screen and quite frankly I missed having my speedo in view let alone the important navigation instructions. We have the new Hyundai Kona EV at home in the UK and the HUD is great on that… In my opinion Tesla are missing a trick not having one but I understand why they’ve done it, after all who needs a HUD when the car can drive itself… in the future... at some Elon time…

Credit Will Fealey

The card key is great for when you’re out of the car, as you don’t have yet another thing to fill your pockets as it simply slots into your wallet/purse and all is good, however we didn’t have the Tesla app logged in to the car on our phones (sadly the Turo owner didn’t allow this) so no bluetooth connectivity on our phones meant we couldn’t unlock or start the car automatically which meant we had to use the card to unlock the car and start it which quite frankly became tiresome as you can only unlock/lock it on the drivers side door pillar and the key card needs to be placed in an exact position in the centre console.

(Christophe/Martin) We agree with Will and Julian that the central screen might be confusing at first but we trust that the intuitive approach would make our brain acquire the new functions quickly. This was not the case for sound balance and changing settings (for example kms and miles) in v8. It was some submenu within a menu. We do believe that Owners like French automotive ‘competition’ is providing or in the aviation industry would benefit from a Head Up Display known as HUD. That way would benefit have kept the eyes straight onto the road.


model 3

MODEL 3 PASSENGER EXPERIENCE (Julian) As Will and I took it in turns to drive (ok we had to fight over who would drive basically), but at least it meant that we both got to experience the passenger side of things. The music commands are in the bottom right hand side of the screen so in classic ‘shot gun’ passenger mode the job of DJ is quite easy. The positioning of the centre MCU also means that all passengers feel engaged in the driving experience, it feels almost communal, like a family gathered around a tv set or fire at home. Seated at the passenger side did however throw up some concerning ergonomic issues for the RHD models planned for UK, Hong Kong etc. As a model S driver I normally wedge my left knee up hard to the leather trim around the MCU. This helps stabilize the driver particularly during more sporty / spirited drives. With the Model 3 in LHD configuration this is not a problem as your right leg is planted on the accelerator and left leg and knee can rest up against the padded door. But flip this to RHD and as the Model 3 MCU has so leather trim I am concerned that the side of the screen will dig into my leg - this could be nasty on roundabouts or spirited drives.

Credit Will Fealey

cancelling material inside the doors/frunk/trunk etc to reduce that noise further for those that wanted to pay extra $ & also reduce their Wh/mi (the material actually weighs quite a bit).


Credit Will Fealey

Credit Will Fealey

(Will) Once you master the airconditioning it really is very simple to adjust to your exact needs but at first (like most new things) it’s a little confusing but if this isn’t rolled into a Model S/X refresh it would be a real shame, however, it was sad to see the Model 3 doesn’t come with a HEPA filter option, something that I’ve really loved in my Model S especially when I visit London or pass a local sewage works! The cabin offers great front and side visibility but the rear visibility is pretty poor as the trunk sits high in the rear view mirror (see photo), thankfully the rear camera covers you pretty well. We experienced minimal rattles even on very bumpy roads with relatively low road noise, although I would love to see Tesla add an optional ‘noise cancelling/deadening’ paid option that adds more noise

The dual phone holders (with QI wireless charging) are great, my iPhone X just laid there and starting charging no problems, I have a Tornado QI wireless charger (with a Mous case) on my Model S dash and this felt equally as good, however one thing we did notice was that the plate the QI charger is built into was a little loose on top of the tilting shelf so it tended to rattle, I’ve just checked and it appears this plate was a product made by Jeda ( and not made by Tesla as I had presumed. (Julian) The only issue here was as shown with my IPhone 7 plus (red case) when plugged in the cable prevents the phone from sitting flat in the wireless charging area and my phone was constantly falling out. (Christophe/Martin) Both seats (Driver and passengers seat) have enough space and provide enough settings to adjust to your requirements. We have seated also 3 adults in the back, which could be a bit cumbersome for a long journey but for short trip, this is doing the job.


model 3


Credit Julian Hakes


model 3

(Will) Sadly my biggest gripe with the car is that it’s just not dog friendly in the boot/trunk, without having the rear seats folded or partially folded down (something we cannot do as we have a baby on the way), although saying that the boot itself is actually much larger than I had first thought, we carried two suitcases (1 XXL and 1 Small), two laptop bags and jackets etc in the rear with no problem. (Julian) As we were in Santa Cruise the home of surf and skate culture we decided to have a cheeky surf at Steamer Lane. The surf review said, ‘cold’ I surf in the north atlantic in the UK so this was almost tropical’, ‘rocks fine just avoid them and ermm sharks.

Credit Julian Hakes

We rented a board and wetsuit from a local store and it was a great chance to check out the cars surf ability. The board was a 7’2 fish thruster. It fit in ok with the rear seats down. We had to move the passenger seat forward a little and have the nose of the board right up against the window. We still had loads of luggage in the car but the fixed parcel shelf means you cannot have 4 passengers and boards like you can in Model S, again a major draw back from flexibility in my view. Bring us a hatchback model 3 version please!


One great advantage of the card access was it is waterproof! We didn’t need to as Will went of cruising in the car whilst I surfed but I could have put the card into a vecro pocket inside my wet suit and would not have needed either a bulky waterproof key case or rely on a less than secure lock both attached to the car. Even better would have been an elasticated ‘sports band key’ for us outdoor types. Companies like Jaguar have had this for years.


Credit Martin Gillet

(Julian) On the first day we had driven down to Santa Cruz and stayed close to the coast. In the morning the car was covered in light raindrops from the night. The only problem came when we then opened the trunk and the rain ran onto the rear glass roof section - then straight into the boot area. I could only imagine that this would also be a big problem in the snow. I think the rear boot either needs a rain spoiler or larger rubber gasket. (Christophe/Martin) We were able to store all our belongings, travelling international we had some suitcases, laptop and camera bag. We were totally in known territory coming from Model S. They only different part is the way the trunk is opening, which could limit the type of cargo that you would bring in, although for daily use, this is doing the needful. Although we don’t have lots of winter days in Belgium, we have read from first North America Owners that in case of snow, it is better to remove it all before opening the trunk.

MODEL 3 COMFORT (Will) The VIN 0007XX car felt well put together, spacious and a comfortable place to be in, overall I was pleased as long as I was sat in the front... In the rear with two adult passengers it’s was OK but with 3 adults in the back it’s really uncomfortable for the outer two passengers as you’re ¾ sat on the seat bolster & ¼ sat on the middle persons lap (a slight exaggeration but you get my point) however, it’s unlikely that many people will be driving with 3 adult passengers in the rear that often so I guess it’s not a major issue. The other minor point is that the steering wheel of the Model 3 feels slightly thicker than I’d like if you have your hands at the 9 & 3 positions, not a major issue but something that both Julian and I commented on.


model 3

(Christophe/Martin) the VIN111XXX was as comfy as we expected it. We enjoyed the front console and arm rests. Car is ‘as what you would expect from Tesla’ (we have been driving Tesla for over 4 years), it did not disappoint. Credit Will Fealey

MODEL 3 PERFORMANCE (Will) Coming from a P85D, then a P90D & currently a P100D I enjoy speed and the Model 3 Performance (albeit with winter tyres) certainly didn’t disappoint, I can 100% see how it would rival/beat the BMW M3 around a track and I’d imagine for 90% of P100D Model S owners they would be content with the performance of the Model 3 Performance. Would I swap it for my SP100D + £40,000 in cash… no.... but I would be tempted if it had a bigger boot/trunk and I had a Roadster on the driveway...


(Martin) Early adopter from the early days and Owner of P85+, and after driving 3 days with the Model 3 Long Range, the Performance Model gave us full satisfaction. Indeed, having driven the different Tesla Models, up tp P100D, the Performance Model is as expected, an astonishing ‘road runner’. Feeling and impressions are similar to other Tesla Models. Reservation holders will not be disappointed upon choosing this version.

(Martin) Unlike our Model S or X, the access to the Supercharger network is not free and was charged. Amounts were every time ‘affordable’ and taken over within the rental fee. We used the Superchargers in San Jose next to the airport, in Los Gatos, in Daly City (upon return from Santa Cruz. Quite impressive with 40 (FOURTY) stalls!), Fremont Factory Supercharged and Destination Charger at Tesla Facilities. We never encountered any ‘range anxiety’ nor issue when charging. We are still totally in love with this supercharging convenience and believe this it Tesla’s best asset to the emobility.


MODEL 3 CHARGING (Will) Just like in Europe superchargers are generally easy to find, offer a quick charge and provide plenty of renewable energy to power your car within 30 minutes, it was the first time we had seen or tested the newish city style superchargers but they worked well (72kW). Our first supercharge was included in the Turo rate as it was dropped off with less than 90%, we then purely by accident stayed the night at a destination charger on our 2nd night so got it topped up overnight for free.


model 3

VERSION 8/9 COMPARISON Well well well, lucky ones! While underway, Will and Julian got prompted for a version updated (while Christophe and Martin were also hoping for it). As you know, Tesla delivers ‘Over the Air’ (OTA) updates. These updates provides updated features and more. Will and Julian have illustrated the main differences they noticed between the versions. Meanwhile, v9 has also been deployed to Model S and X across different countries.

AP2+ cars and that have thought the two versions have been very similar for far too long, finally AP2 starts to go beyond Mobile Eyes AP1 system. Once the car requires no confirmation from the owner (for lane change or freeway exit) this really will change everything, the car sees a slower vehicle ahead and requests confirmation that it can move into a free lane to over take it, it uses the AP2+ cameras to check the blind spot etc, you then use the turn signal to confirm and it moves over. On a Model S/X it’s rumoured that you will be able to use the AP stalk to do this, which is prefered as pushing the indicator stalk up or down would lock the indicator on and in position until the wheel rotates enough for it to disengage the indicator (something that won’t happen on a freeway/motorway) but of course this isn’t an issue with Model 3 or with the Model S/X AP stalk.



(Will) The only parts of ‘Navigate on AutoPilot’ that were available in the V9 Beta car at the time were ‘Freeway exiting’ and ‘Auto lane change’, both are welcome changes however it was also great to experience V9’s ability to show different types of vehicle on the AP screen, something I’ve missed from my days driving AP1, it now goes further to show a wider selection of vehicle types. These changes are especially welcome for those of us that upgraded to

Credit Will Fealey

Navigate on Autopilot: Speed Based Lane changes are designed to overtake cars in your lane that are going slower than your set cruise speed, for the most part it worked well, but we were in a Beta test car so we struggled to see any real difference between Mild > Mad Max, I’m sure over time we would have noticed the difference. The tooltip on this says: The mild setting suggests lane changes when you’re travelling significantly slower than your set speed where as Max Max setting will suggest lane changes even when travelling only slightly slower than your set speed. Changing this setting does not affect the safety of the lane change.



Thanks to Dennis and Club Members, we had the chance to meetup prior picking up our Model 3 in the Bay Area. Orange County Club were gathering for lunch, we had the pleasure to join them and meet lots of Model 3 Owners, discuss their latest acquisitions. We were also fortunate to have a beautiful weather and gorgeous Models for a few pictures. More infos on Club:





Kies voor een luxueus leven, in een elegant en prachtig appartement in Knokke. Een buitengewone architectuur, uitgelezen materialen en een fantastische ligging in het hart van de elegantste stad van onze kust. In Knokke ligt de wereld aan uw voeten. De Royal Zoute Golf Club, de Royal Zoute Tennis Club, het casino en

vele boetieks van de grootste internationale luxemerken zijn allemaal hier gelegen. Kortom, uw appartement wacht op u!


W W W. L A R I V E K N O K K E . B E

model 3


CONCLUSION “THE PRODUCT FITS THE PURPOSE” (Christophe/Martin) We enjoyed the ride aboard the Model 3, she has everything you would expect from a modern car. We were not ‘lost in translation’ upon migrating from Model S to Model 3. The central console screen might give you a few hours or days to get use to but as we all know ‘less is more’. Ergonomy wins here. The only thing that would perhaps be different is the volume of the car which seems a bit smaller, not so much from the inside, when driving but as seen from the outside by peers. Do we keep our reservation and await her patiently in Europe in early 2019 ? Ôh yes! She will be a neat match to family requirements (“The Product fits the purpose’. and may substitute to Model S now and then. (Will) I knew I would like the Model 3 and I was impressed overall, especially, with the low Wh/mi but sadly I’ve cancelled my Model 3 order, not because the car has anything majorly wrong with it but because of the boot/trunk just isn’t practical with our dog + future baby, we

picked up a Hyundai Kona 64kWh instead and this will go alongside our SP100D perfectly, that is until Model Y is revealed in March! (Julian)I was in a similar boat to Will and thought about cancelling my model 3 order as we currently have the new Kia Soul Ev as our second EV along side the P100D. But I am still going to get it even if there is a chance the Model 3 will overlap with the Kia by a few months. The main reason is well why not and it is awesome but also by then my eldest son will be starting to drive and both the Soul and M3 would be great for him. I would rather have the M3 for him as it is a very safe car although I am sure I will have the speed limited function switched on! We also have a dog like Will but ours is a little smaller and my kids are teenagers now so they can all travel together in the back or with one seat folded down. Can’t wait for model 3 to reach the UK!

Full walkthrough Model 3 while Supercharging in Fremont & Tesla Performance Launch - Short Link Tesla Navigation on AP - Short Link





James Ensorgalerij 24 8400 OOSTENDE 059 70 99 60

Rammelstraat 22 – 24 9340 LEDE 053 80 07 96

DE WITTE DUIF HERENKLEDING Parijsstraat 11 3000 LEUVEN 016 22 15 28



Luikersteenweg 151 bus 16, 3700 TONGEREN 012 39 15 00

Kuringersteenweg 343 3511 KURINGEN 011 26 21 61


Since the beginning, Tesla Owners Club have been striving to nurture the local Tesla Community for enthusiasts, Owners, reservation holders, shareholders and brand Ambassadors. We are driven by Passion, all volunteers and do more than our utmost to support and echo Tesla’s mission statement towards the transition to sustainable energy. As Tesla is a young company, they are also learning as we go. They have set up a Club Program, sanctioning the Clubs that abide by the ‘engagement rules’ and would like to confirm their relationship with Tesla. 28

All official Clubs can be found under this link:


THE 2018 INVITATION/LOCATION The Summit took place on October 11th-13th in Milpitas, California; close to the Tesla Facilities. This is indeed more practical as guests number is growing, it allows us to be more flexible as close to the facilities and also avoid us to get organized for too many shuttles. It is important to know that all participants are invited at their own expenses and time. They are giving up their working hours to the Community in order to make this happening. This is the true definition of commitment.

Who’s in? All the official Owners Club as listed under the Tesla Official Club directory, represented by their Board and/or President.

OBJECTIVES Main objectives were gather ‘face to face’ or ‘in real life’ all these peers actively contributing to the transition towards sustainable energy. We currently have over 60 clubs across 17 countries with thousand of members. We don’t have personal agendas but as a Club, it is important to raise important topics and discuss openly matters that are important to Clubs, always having in mind the full transparency in Trust. It is also a cheerful ‘Momentum’ with lots of networking opportunities, enjoying for example lunch and diner with peers.

WHAT IS THE SUMMIT? This Summit is the second of its kind and gathered Clubs from all over the World (some were dearly missed due to conflicting agendas). Most of the content is under ‘Non Disclosure Agreement’ but we wanted to debrief about our trip and illustrate the positive outcome of the meeting with Tesla. We had fruitful open exchanges on multiple topics in a cheerful mood.

FACTORY VISIT (REDACTED REDACTED) Tesla took the time to host, once more, a factory tour for our group. It was much appreciated as many of us were returning visitors -This was our third of fourth visit since 2014. Amazing to see the changes in between the years and to see the finest workforce at work. It is always not only interesting but amazing to see how the factory develops over the months/years.

SPECIAL THANKS We would like to thank all parties involved at Tesla and among the Club, namely: William, the Fremont tour guides, the Rangers who took the time to meet and engage with the group. A big shoutout as well for the invitation and the organization to Omar and John for their Leadership as well as all participants. We would like to express our gratitude on your dedication and commitment to make this event to take place, we do know it’s a lot of work. We continue to cherish the idea to organize in the next coming years the ‘European pitstop’.




(*) NDA Applies (redacted redacted)

FREMONT FACTORY We all were very (redacted redacted redacted) by (redacted redacted). The high (redacted redacted) is (redacted redacted redacted). No doubt that (redacted redacted redacted). After all (redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted redacted). (*) If you have visited the factory or if you plan to do so, we respect the house rules of not disclosing ‘what’s cooking inside’. We had a great tour, empowered by our more than enthusiastic guide who shared many insights and funny anecdotes.


We were of course ecstatic to see so many Model 3 around, knowing that a little over a year ago, we were actually all on the lookout for seeing one. We were even driving in the wild with some Owners like Robert to ‘get lucky’ and it paid off as you have seen in past edition, we saw the early Model 3 on the roads, being tested.

After the different batches of tours at the Factory, we headed to other nearby Tesla Facilities where we were greeted by Tesla Staff and Service Rangers. As you have probably read, Tesla is aiming at ‘raising the bar’ when it comes to service. Indeed, why spend time and drive to a Service Center, that might sometimes be far away, when a Service Ranger can come to your place and fix most issues locally? It was great to meet these rangers, to share their enthusiasm while other were enrolling for Model 3 Performance Test Drive. As you see on the pictures, they are well equipped for their duties. Not only are they cheerful but they are also efficient and trouble solvers. We got a fix on our Model 3 that got some garnishment off. They fixed it under 5 minutes. It seems they have been well trained as they directly located the issue and knew how to solve it. Onsite, Tesla provided catering so that we could all enjoy the informal get together diner in typical Californian weather (although getting a bit colder at night .. just to make a business case for our heated seats). Some Owners went the extra mile as a Tesla store was also onsite so they could fulfil their wishlist by buying additional attire. After dinner, we all headed back to the hotel and continued the informal meet and greet, along with peers and a few drinks.

We also enjoy talking to incoming owners charging at Fremont (we did also charge our Model 3 rental while onsite), discussing with them their latest acquisition along with other Tesla Love. Many Owners also took of advantage of the trip to buy some goodies (tee shirts etc) at the shop on location.Smart move to avoid shipping costs and reinforce your dressing!

SUMMIT Summit kicked off on October 12th, with quite a large group. Will take the lead to warmly welcome everyone and review the agenda. The Global list of club is growing as we speak. After a warm welcome from Omar and William, all leaders introduced the Club they



were representing. We introduced your proactive Belgian Club and made sure to leave a positive mark by providing belgian sweets to the audience as an icebreaker (Sequel!).

BIRTHDAY JULIAN (TESLA OWNERS CLUB UK) We debriefed several highlights with Tesla and reviewed how ‘best practice’ on how to operate a Club could be shared, based on each Club experiences and Teams. We had fruitful exchanges and learnt a lot from each other. Interesting to see the differences for example based on the country or just the personality of each Team.

Having overheard that Julian from the Tesla Owners Club UK was celebrating his birthday, we couldn’t let it go unnoticed. So we added playfulness and reached out for a flamethrower to light his birthday cake. As it was inside the hotel, most Guests just stepped back and grabbed their phone. For a half second, the prank worked well and everyone was convinced that flamethrower would actually operate inside.. (of course not, we are crazy but not THAT crazy). Everyone stopped holding their breath and we cheerfully sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Julian who for sure had a memorable evening. Indeed, we all went then outside for some booooring fun!

Happy Birthday Julian!

One example that was put up front was the Social Media and Communication handling, with the leading examples of UK and Belgium Owners Club. Will and Martin shared some insights of how they engage, how they communicate with some practical examples along with ‘do and don’ts’. We were very pleased with the reception and happy to share these insights with the Team, after all it’s ‘Team Work’!

DINNER We had a walking diner to seal the day and enjoy more networking opportunities. We also made sure that Will and Omar would received a Thank you -Kudos- from all of us, giving them our finest belgian chocolates and more. We also handed over the thank you card that we all signed as well as some goodies for Elon, Jérôme and JB; as a token of our appreciation.




Martin Smith, de man achter het

De wijnen van Smith zijn uitzonderlijk. Die boodschap zit ook op de etiketten, waarvoor

wijnlabel Paserene, zette jarenlang

de wijnmaker beroep deed op lokale kunstenaressen.

de lijnen mee uit bij het topdomein

Op de witte chardonnay staat een lijntekening van een meisje, die de expressie vormt

Vilafonté. De wijnen van Vilafonté gaan in China vaak over de toonbank voor 300 euro per fles. Kwaliteit dus. Toch koos Martin ervoor zelf zijn weg te maken.

van de schoonheid van Elgin en die op een dag uit zal groeien tot een mooie, elegante dame. Net zoals de wijn blijft verbeteren en op termijn ultieme schoonheid zal bereiken. Voor de rode Marathon viel de keuze op het schilderij van een zwaluw. Die verbeeldt de behendigheid en het niet-aflatende streven van de wijnmaker in het verwerven van wat hij nodig heeft om zijn wijnen tot bloei te brengen.




Uit Elgin. Gerijpt in Fran-

Syrah, Carignan en

Cabernet Sauvignon,

se eik (16 maanden). Met

Mourvèdre uit Tulbagh.

Petit Verdot en Carmén-

peer, citrus en een va-

Gerijpt in Franse eik (16

ère uit Tulbagh. Gerijpt

nilletoets. Rijk en breed

maanden). Een vleugje

in Franse eik (22 maan-

van smaak, met een licht

zwart fruit, aarde en spe-

den). Zwart fruit, vanille

smakelijke afdronk.

cerijen. Taaie tannines.

en kruiden. Zoet fruit, frisse zuren en stevige maar fijne tannines. Een luxueus gestilleerde wijnen.

€28,85 *

€28,85 *

€28,85 *

Contacteer Minnegoed Wines voor uw dichtstbijzijnde verdeler op


Of word zelf verdeler in een nog vrije regio! Exclusiviteit binnen uw regio! *Alle prijzen zijn inclusief btw en kunnen variëren tussen de verdelers onderling.



Saturday early morning, a full debriefing has been collected with each participants. We reviewed the last two days and shared our insights, remarks and ideas. Regular scheduled calls are ongoing in order to follow up. The next Summit face to face is likely to be held second semester in 2019. We will of course keep you posted throughout the social media. We are very thankful to take part in this amazing journey. Nonetheless, We would also value more commitment from Tesla Executives, by attending some of the sessions (although we fairly understand they are busy but after all, aren’t we all?) with dedicated topics such as for example a review of battery technology and it impacts on long term; and engaging with the Community. We are not groupies, we’re just eager to work closely with Executives. Perhaps timing is not right but will it ever be as Tesla is still growing? To be continued .. work in progress as they say .. until Third Summit.

Follow your local Club online, for example https://twitter. com/teslaclubbe as well as the Tesla Owners Club Twitter Account Although Elon Musk, Executives and Teams were caught up by their long list of todos and Agenda, this Summit didn’t go unnoticed. ‘Token of appreciation’ was summarized with a lot of Love in one tweet:

THE OUTCOME AND NEXT STEPS Throughout these days -that of course went way too fast; kind of a hyperloop feeling, we should have frozen the time- we succeeded to touch base and align: ‘a sequel’. It is very nice to see Tesla taking time and spending time with the Clubs in order to move forward as the company keeps growing. If you ask us what could be enhanced, we would say additional day(s) in order to allow more in depth sessions.


‘Pictures are worth a thousand words’, Photo Debriefing can be foudn online: Pictures debriefing Summit Day 1: Fremont Factory visit {redacted redacted redacted redacted}. Always a treat to see {redacted redacted redacted} and witness the smart kids perform an astonishing job. Meet & Greet Service Rangers, meet the brilliant staff taking care of you. Insightful exchanges, making new acquaintances and friends. Model 3 Performance Model Test Drives. Cheerful onsite dinner. Charging Model 3 while participating at Meet & Greet. All pictures credit (common creative) Martin Gillet @mgillet Pictures debriefing Summit Day 2: Introductions, Leadership Summit Sessions, Different sessions with Guests, Lunch, Sessions (con’t) including Belgian Finest chocolates, Wrap up, Dinner, UK Owners Club: Julian’s Birthday and Starman visit.

Credit: Twitter and respective authors

Press also did highlight this Summit in in several articles, including the one from well known Electrek. Read more: “Tesla owners gathered at Club Leadership Summit for annual meeting” by Electrek - Article


tesla Owners club belgium

TESLA OWNERS CLUB BELGIUM TAKES A SECOND TOUR TO CHAMPAGNE Following on from the success of the first edition in 2017, the Tesla Owners Club Belgium invited members to join on a second tour of the Champagne region this year. Always with drinking in moderation in mind, the participants enjoyed some of the best wining and dining experiences in the region, along with excellent company… Credit S Jensen



WELCOME RECEPTION AND DINNER The journey began with a 4pm meeting depart, on Friday 24 August, from the Tesla Supercharger in Nivelles. In just under two and a half hours, they had already reached their destination hotel. As last year, the group stayed at the conveniently located Novotel Tinqueux, which is equipped with free EV chargers for guests. Following hotel check-in, all 19 participants met up in the evening for the welcome briefing, a glass of champagne and to collect their exclusive Tesla Owners Club Belgium Champagne Tour 2018 polo shirts. The group then travelled into the centre of Reims, for their first dinner of the trip, at one of the best restaurants in the city. The three-course gourmet dinner highlighted traditional dishes from the region and champagnes. “It was nice to have a welcome dinner on the first night this year, as it gave everyone the chance to get to know each other at the beginning” said Sol Jensen, who participated in the club’s champagne tours both this year and last year. “The Tesla Owners Club is not like any other car club. Tesla drivers are another type of mentality – independent, early adopters with an entrepreneurial spirit and very down to earth. I met two nice new friends on the trip last year and we regularly meet up at the coast, or in Brussels. This time I took a friend with me who is not a Tesla driver and she found it very interesting to meet some of the club members. She could see how passionate they are about motivating people to care about environmental issues. She really enjoyed the trip and we were with a great group of people. We had a lot of laughs and the whole group really clicked together.”

VISIT TO G.H. MUMM CAVES EXCLUSIVE VIEWS ON THE DOMAIN AT LE MOULIN DE VERZENAY On Saturday,the party took a trip to explore G.H.Mumm, the famous champagne house founded in 1827. The road to the caves of G.H.Mumm, part of the well-known ‘route du champagne’, takes drivers through some beautiful scenery. During the tour to the vast wine cellars, participants were able to see the methods for champagne making and visit some of the 25 km of galleries, where over 25 million bottles of champagne are stored. The group of Teslas then drove through the 218 hectares of vineyards to reach Mumm’s exclusive dining venue – Le Moulin de Verzenay -and definitely one of the main highlights of the weekend. “What made the trip particularly special this year was the visit to Le Moulin at G.H.Mumm” says Kelly Van Eekel > Exclusie view over the vineyards, Events Manager for Tesla Owners Club Belgium. “The mill is no longer in use, but allows special groups to reserve for lunch in advance. It is so exclusive that the group previous to us was the French national football teams, following the World Cup celebrations. We were the only guests and we all sat around one big table. Le Moulin is beautiful inside and it has fantastic views all over the region and the vineyard. Even better was that, at the time of our lunch, they had started harvesting the grapes. We were able to watch the harvesting while we enjoyed a gourmet four-course lunch, prepared by our own private chef at the restaurant. Each of the courses was accompanied by fine champagnes from the house of Mumm. It was marvellous.”


tesla Owners club belgium

event typifies the family feeling of welcome at the Tesla Owners Club Belgium. We have now reached 2,990 members but, by spending weekends together, you really get to know each other. One thing all members have in common is that they all have the same philosophy on combining sustainability and luxury.”

EVENTS AT THE TESLA OWNERS CLUB BELGIUM “We try to organise events on a monthly basis for club members” explains Kelly. “Normally our events are shorter, such as a bowling evening, indoor skydiving, karting, or a dinner. The key element is that we always have a moment of networking, as it is important for us that people can talk, share information about their cars and get to know each other. We are already beginning to think about the organisation of next year’s Champagne tour, so we have started researching.” “The Champagne tour is a winning concept but we will try to lift the level even higher next year, with more surprises” adds Byron. “We are still looking at the dates but it will be in the summer – so watch for further announcements!” Credit S Jensen

Another gourmet meal followed later that day, with a three course dinner at the upmarket restaurant of La Banque. Accompanied by champagne, naturally, dishes on the menu included ‘Salade de crabe orange et citron confit’, ‘Filet de bar sauce crustacé’and ‘Pavé de boeuf sauce foie gras’. Following breakfast on the Sunday morning, group members visited the cellars of Taittinger. Those who wanted to prolong the experience a little more stayed for lunch, before everyone drove back to Belgium at their own pace.

BRINGING TESLA OWNERS TOGETHER AND PROMOTING THE EV EXPERIENCE “The Champagne Tour is a team idea, but the honour goes to Kelly for making the event happen” says Byron Soulopoulos, President of the Tesla Owners Club Belgium. “The whole trip was a luxurious moment and a wonderful culinary experience.”

Credit Byron Soulopoulos

SUPERCHARGER STOPS ALONG THE WAY Nivelles Supercharger. Aire d’Urvillers Supercharger Châlons-en-Champagne Supercharger Aire de Reims-Champagne-Nord Supercharger Disclaimer

“The reason for organising these events are two-fold” explains Byron. “Firstly, we want to bring Tesla owners together in a fun event and secondly, we want to show the outside world that trips of over 300 kilometres are easy to do in a Tesla. The Champagne

Dear Club members, just a reminder that we ‘Don’t drink and drive’ at the Tesla Owners Club Belgium. None of the participants during the Champagne trip combined driving and drinking. Car sharing pools and taxis were used for travelling to and from all dinners and lunches.




ILUMEN EUROPEAN SOLAR CHALLENGE THE 24 HOUR ENDURANCE RACE FOR SOLAR-POWERED CARS Is a future with solar-powered cars on our roads closer than we think? Those who followed the recent 24 hours iLumen European Solar Challenge could be convinced. The race, also known as the iESC, is Europe’s only endurance race for solar cars. Taking place every two years, the event puts the latest solar automobile developments to the test, on the former F1 race track at Circuit Zolder in Belgium. TEXT JOANNA PAYS AND MARTIN GILLET - PHOTOS ILUMEN EUROPEAN SOLAR CHALLENGE




TEAMS AND RULES OF THE GAME This year’s iLumen European Solar Challenge took place from 22nd to 23rd September, with competitors from around the world – not only from Europe, but as far afield as Australia, Columbia and India. The aim of the race is travel as far as possible, which means having the fastest average time during the 24 hours of the race. Each team can make a maximum of two stops for charging. iLumen, the Limburg-based company which is the co-founder and main sponsor of iESC, is a company that specialises in optimising solar energy systems. The company was recently a finalist of the Flanders Cleantech Internationalisation Awards. iLumen’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ismaël Ben-Al-Lal, has been involved in solar-powered car racing for well over a decade.

THE INSPIRATION “Our event was inspired by the World Solar Challenge, which is hosted in Australia every two years” explains Ismaël. “With the World Solar Challenge, participating teams drive all the way from Darwin to Adelaide. I was part of the Belgian team during the World Solar Challenge when I was a student, 11 years ago. We achieved second place out of a total of 40 entries. One thing we noticed through, was that a lot of teams build a car specifically for the World Solar Challenge and, as they always start from scratch with a new team of university students, a lot of knowledge and experience gets lost from one race to the next. That was one of the reasons why we decided to create a European solar endurance race in the years inbetween the World Solar Challenge. The main difference between our event and the challenge in Australia, is that theirs takes place on road conditions, whereas ours is on a race track.” “We created the iESC six years ago and that first year, we had six participant teams. That was quite an achievement to convince teams to make the investment to come for that initial year, but for this edition we had 22 teams. We have now grown to become the second most important solar car challenge in the world, with different classes for one seater, two seater and four seater vehicles.”

PROOF OF CONCEPT Belgium would not necessarily spring to mind as a host country for solar-powered car racing, but for Ismaël, this means that the race is an even better proof of concept. “We don’t always have sunny weather and as far as I am concerned this is great, as the success of the iESC really proves that the technology works and that is a big reason for us to do it here. There is really a lot of interest growing around our race and in general, the idea of solar-powered cars is really starting to become a more mainstream concept. As well as teams from technical universities, the entrants now even include some teams from secondary schools, as well as professional teams.” “Ultimately, the team that drives the longest distance during the 24 hours wins. All the cars are built from scratch and then tested in wind tunnels by their engineers. At the moment we have cars with top speeds of up to around 130 km/h, but because of other factors including the weather and the elevations on the circuit, the average speed is just under 60 km/h. These kind of speeds are getting quite compatible with the average driver’s needs.”




Event furniture for any occasion.





“Looking to the future, we are searching for more sponsor companies and partners so that we can continue to grow. We want to keep developing our community of followers and participants, to help promote sustainability to both and households. Besides the race itself, one of the highlights of the event is our ‘Greenville’ area, which is a small, off-the-grid, sustainable village. All of it is built by companies showcasing their green technologies and solutions. We definitely want to keep expanding this aspect of the event too.” “The Australian World Challenge has already been running for over 30 years now and the innovators that participate in these events are already making a difference to changing people’s mind-sets. For us it’s a way of encouraging talented students and professionals to put their technological expertise to good use, to show the world that there are other, better ways to create energy.”

NEW DEVELOPMENTS “There have been so many advances in the field of solar vehicles. If you look a car with a typical combustion engine, a lot of energy, as much as 70%, is lost through heat exchange. With solar cars this loss is only around 2%. We have now moved to all-carbon monocoque shells for improved weight reduction and solar panels are becoming more efficient, with more power output for the same surface area. The overall look of the cars is also now moving towards vehicles that are more commercially viable. A team of students from Eindhoven University that participated six years ago have now founded a company that is set to build the world’s first commercially available solar cars. These are the kinds of examples that really make it worth organising the iESC.”



OPTIEK VAN OMMESLAEGHE Nederstraat 20 9700 Oudenaarde 055 31 18 01

OPTIVUE Doorniksestraat 25 8500 Kortrijk 056 25 54 56

OPTIEK VAN NESTE HOOGLEDE Ieperstraat 38 8830 Hooglede 051 24 15 35

OPTIEK VAN NESTE IZEGEM Marktstraat 45 8870 Izegem 051 30 69 83

OPTIEK PORTEMAN Rijselstraat 12 8900 Ieper 057 20 09 71

SPOOREN OPTICIENS Winkelcentrum Donk Patio Donksesteenweg 240 2930 Brasschaat 03 645 05 02

OPTIEK JO WARNIERS Stapelstraat 10-12 3800 Sint-Truiden 011 68 47 67

BODART OPTICIENS 33 rue Royale 1000 Bruxelles 02 219 30 60

OPTIEK CLAEYS Heldenlaan 14 9620 ZOTTEGEM 09 360 17 00

MODEL // LIVIO 8683 / ANDREA 8689 / Available in prescription © 2017 Serengeti Eyewear


mr & mrs T on tour



photo @ mrandmrsTontour

When Ralf and Nicole’s Model S was delivered in 2016, little did they imagine how much it would turn their lives upside down. In April, they began an eighteen month long sustainable trip around the world – by Tesla, of course... Interview Joanna Pays


mr & mrs T on tour

Valeriano Di Domenico - @valerianodd


“When we first started looking for a new car, we didn’t know it would be a Tesla, but it did need to tick several boxes on both our wish lists” explains Ralf. “At the top of my list, I knew I wanted a spacious, sports performance car which would fit in with our everyday lifestyle. Nicole wanted something safe and sustainable, with a great functional design. It turned out that the Model S was the perfect mix for both of us.”

THE IDEA IS BORN “We received our Model S 90D in January 2016. Then, as Nicole and I both share a love of travel, we started to wonder how taking the Tesla on our journeys would work out. We knew that the Tesla website, as well as the car’s navigation system, list all hotels offering Tesla Destination Chargers, but it can take a lot of research to find out which hotels also offer the quality of personal service we like. We both prefer independent, boutique and design hotels, with a cosy and authentic atmosphere. These are places where the guests have names and where you feel welcome and at home from the very first minute you enter the door. This led us to wonder why there was not yet a platform specifically with these types of nice EVfriendly hotels, where you can recharge your own batteries as well as the batteries of your car. When we started to think more about the idea, we soon realized that the only way to collect and share this type of information was to visit the hotels ourselves. But how could we possibly do that?”

THE DREAM BECOMES REALITY “The idea remained on our minds for about 18 months. Something then happened that dynamised us to bring our dream to life. Friends of ours from the Tesla Owners Club Switzerland asked us if we wanted to join them for a Model 3 preview event at Tesla’s headquarters in Freemont. Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s Chief Designer, was there and he gave an amazing speech during which he talked about why he decided to join Tesla. Although many people at the time warned him against the decision – and some even said he was crazy to do it - he really believed in Tesla and the future of EVs. He decided he wanted to contribute to making that future happen.” “Franz inspired us so much, that that very evening, we decided that we would go ahead and do the trip. We quit our jobs, cancelled our rented apartment to reduce our fixed costs and put all of our possessions into storage. At the beginning of April this year we held a farewell event and waved goodbye to our families, friends and more than 80 members of the Tesla Owners Club Switzerland. Then we were on our way… “

THE ROUTE At the time of interviewing Ralf and Nicole they were enjoying the wonderful scenery on the Scandinavian leg of their trip, having just arrived at the Atlantic Road in Norway.


mr & mrs T on tour


Mr & Mrs T on tour, Ralf Schwesinger & Nicole Wanner, @mrandmrstontour

“The full route consists of four stages - while we started in Europe we will also be visiting other continents that already provide strong Tesla charging infrastructures. We are making our plans a maximum of two weeks ahead, as we want to stay open to the experiences and people that influence our journey along the way.” “By the end of September we had already visited Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. While we will be crossing several countries more than once, further European countries will follow as our journey develops. During the winter, in early 2019, we would like to travel to sunnier destinations, to visit Australia and potentially New Zealand. We would then like to continue to Asia and travel through China and/or Japan, before moving on to the United States in the summer. Time will tell if our plans work out.” “Wherever we are, we are looking forward to meeting any followers of our journey who want to catch up with us. Meeting other Tesla Owners Clubs and their members is a real highlight for us! The Tesla community is truly incomparable to any other!”

“We are aiming to use Superchargers for fast charging while on the road and destination chargers while we are at hotels, so that we can fill our batteries while we sleep. We have no range anxiety whatsoever. We will drive our own Tesla in Europe and want to take local Teslas when we are on the other continents - both for ecological as well as practical reasons. We need to see how we can best organize cars for use outside of Europe - any suggestions are highly welcome of course.”

OUR MISSION – SHARE INSPIRATION AND SUPPORT A MORE SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE “We don’t want readers to get the wrong impression about us we are just two people who want to contribute and inspire others. Acting more sustainably does not end with owning an electric car, but we think that it is a good start! By spreading the word about how easy it is to travel with a Tesla, we hope that more people will choose a more sustainable option and enjoy driving an electric car. It’s not that we have endless resources – and we are not financially sponsored by Tesla - but we are willing to use our own savings in a positive way, to invest them towards a better future for our planet.”


mr & mrs T on tour

With the Tesla Club in Belgium

photos @mrandmrstontour

“Our philosophy is that travel makes you richer, in the nobler sense of the word, because of the experiences it brings you. Our whole story is about sharing what we learn on the way. In today’s world, when you look at social media, more and more things are fake news that have been paid for by companies who try to influence people for their own benefit. Our aim is to share a true and honest story. When Tesla heard about our project, they also liked our idea. They decided to send a camera crew to document the start of our journey and to share our customer story on the Tesla website.”


“We have tons of ideas for the future, including a proper Tesla travel guide. We know that what we are doing is probably very unique. By visiting so many different places ourselves, we have become true Tesla travel and hotel experts. For now we are continuing to focus on our journey and sharing our experiences online. This is just the beginning of our greatest adventure and everyone is invited to get involved. Each new follower and the comments and likes we receive on Instagram and Facebook keep us rolling!”



Uw beveiliging, onze missie. Waas Security is gespecialiseerd in het voorzien van totale beveiligingsoplossing op maat voor particulieren en KMO’s. Wij volgen de laatste ontwikkelingen op het vlak van inbraakbeveiliging, camerabewaking, toegangscontrole en brandbeveiliging. Op deze manieren streven wij ernaar een perfecte oplossing voor onze klanten aan te bieden. Wij voorzien eveneens de nodige studies om een sluitende beveiliging te kunnen aanbieden. Interesse? Wij komen graag ter plaatse voor een gratis audit van uw huidige beveiligingsinstallatie en maken gratis een offerte voor het aanpassen, uitbreiden of installeren van uw beveiligingsinstallatie, in functie van uw noden. Neem contact op via of 03 501 95 44.



mr & mrs T on tour

AN INDEPENDENT HOTEL REVIEW “By the end of our journey, we expect to have stayed in over 150 hotels. We also talk with every hotel we stay in. We listen, learn and exchange ideas about our journey, about a more sustainable lifestyle in general and particularly about more sustainable hospitality concepts. Our experience of the hotel is published on our website, as a resource for everyone to help choose their next holiday destination. We list all the hotels on our map and over time we also add further review articles. Travel planning, destination research, Instagram and Facebook posts, developing pictures and building our website, etc., - all of this means quite a lot of work and we can only do so much while we are on the road. But step by step it will all be online!” “It is important for us to stay neutral in our reviews - nobody can buy our opinion! Sometimes we might get a room night for free, as hotel owners or managers like our idea and want to support our mission, but in any case, we only list destinations where we had a truly positive impression of the hotel and how we were treated as guests. Anything else will not make it onto our website!” “Some of the places are very small and personal B&Bs, with maybe just three rooms, while others can have a great history or be five star superior hotels. There are really a wide range of places that we are reviewing – but this is great, given that different travellers have different priorities and budgets. The common denominator is

that all of the destinations have something special that we think is worth visiting. It is hard to pick our favourite hotels, as our website is already a fine essence of these, but one of the nicest was run by a couple who dropped out of their jobs to run their own place. There was something very spiritual about it, in how they were trying to re-connect people with nature. As guests, we were really made to feel at home immediately. This is just one out of many examples, but this is what we think makes a hotel truly exceptional.”

A SUSTAINABLE JOURNEY “One of the aspects we are always looking at, is what kind of sustainable efforts are being made by the hotels we stay in. In general, hotels are not particularly sustainable, as they have a lot of laundry and have to live up to a lot of service expectations from guests. Nevertheless, many of them are really trying to improve and investing money in this area. Obviously all of the hotels we are reviewing have chargers for electrical vehicles, or plans to install them in the near future.” “We have also partnered with myclimate, a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland which carries out tangible projects to offset emissions. Myclimate also has the mission of educating people around the world, to support a more sustainable future. They are compensating for the whole carbon footprint of our journey – so our travels are CO2 neutral.”

Mr & Mrs T on tour, Ralf Schwesinger & Nicole Wanner, @mrandmrstontour




Residentie Le Roulis

Zeedijk 327-328

Zeedijk 3


De Panne

La Plage: T 059 30 15 13

Agence Mulier: T 058 42 12 39

Danny Pauwels: T 0478 20 15 81

Agence Mulier: T 058 41 35 61

Met meer dan 40 jaar ervaring op de teller realiseerde Real Houses tientallen succesvolle projecten, steeds met een focus op de Belgische kust. Stuk voor stuk bieden zij residenties met zicht op zee en kenmerken ze zich door een perfecte ligging, een hoge afwerkingsgraad en de relatie die ze met de koper opbouwen. Het belangrijkste is dat de koper er gelukkig wordt en blijft. Ook voor een investeerder is dat belangrijk, omdat die voorwaarde prioritair is bij verhuur of latere doorverkoop. Ontdek al onze projecten aan de Belgische kust:

mr & mrs T on tour


Mr & Mrs T on tour, Ralf Schwesinger & Nicole Wanner, @mrandmrstontour

A WHOLE NEW TAKE ON LIFE “By opening so many new doors, we are starting to look at things completely differently. One thing I am learning from this journey is that you need to look at things more with your heart and not just your eyes. When you have a dream and you want to do something positive in life, sometimes you just need to get up and leave your comfort zone – otherwise you can become like a hamster on a wheel, running all the time but getting nowhere.” “If you start to do things differently, or to make changes now and then in order to get out of your routine, it can really enrich your life. If you just do things by habit, it means you don’t think as much about it anymore. So whenever you do get the chance to step out of your normal daily timetable, you should go for it and take the chance to re-charge your batteries. Traveling and meeting like-minded people in real life is a great way to gain positive energy!” “There were times in my life where I used to work hard to get money to buy things to impress people I didn’t even like. Now our focus is different! We are trying to do something positive and make the world a little bit of a better place. What motivates us, is to make people smile along the way – whether it’s the people we meet, or the people who read about our journey. Everything we do right now

is because we want to inspire others and share our experiences. The feedback has been so positive. We are very happy to have embarked on this journey which leads us to new places, new people and into a more sustainable future.”

FACTS & FIGURES JOURNEY FROM APRIL TO OCTOBER 2018 •Travelled >12’500 miles (>20’000 Km) •Consumed 4’200 KWh free of charge •Visited 14 countries so far •Met with 11 Tesla Owners Clubs •Stayed at >75 hotels •Made >25’000 pictures and videos For more information follow: E-mail: Instagram: @mrandmrstontour Facebook: @mrandmrstontour


We create the setting Y ou share the memories



Y O U R E V E N T, Y O U R S T Y L E

EX TRAORDINARY EVENTS | +32 (0)3 369 69 56 | +32 (0)2 709 09 50 | +32 (0)3 369 33 03

HET BEST BEWAARDE GEHEIM VAN DE KUST Er zijn al veel mooie appartementen gebouwd aan de kust. Maar niet zoals THE ONE ! THE ONE geeft alle voordelen van een appartement aan zee een extra dimensie. De tijdloze architectuur zorgt niet alleen voor een iconisch effect, maar biedt de bewoners ook terrassen met 360° zichten en laat in elk appartement het onvergelijkbare Noordzeelicht onbeperkt binnenstromen. Een natuurgebied in de duinen en het geplande nieuwe golfterrein maken de ligging helemaal af. Kortom: THE ONE is een woonproject dat met geen enkel ander project te vergelijken is én dit deel van de kust haar ‘grandeur’ terug geeft van ruim een eeuw geleden.


EAGLE FUND T 0486 99 00 99 |

IMMO MARINA T 050 41 96 86 |

THE ONE T 050 95 07 30 |


PROJECTADRES Hoek van de A. Ruzettelaan en de Koning Albert I-laan, B-8370 Blankenberge


FUTURISTIC PASSENGER TRAVEL BY HYPERLOOP MOVES TO NEXT PHASE Hyperloop is expected to be the fastest ground transportation system ever – it will also be one of the most sustainable, efficient and safest. The world’s first full-scale passenger Hyperloop capsule was unveiled by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) in October. It has now been delivered to the company’s R&D centre in Toulouse, France, for final assembly, before being tested on one of the first commercial tracks. TEXT JOANNA PAYS - CO-AUTHOR MARTIN GILLET - PHOTOS: HYPERLOOP






The design for the capsule was created in collaboration with the world’s leading transport design consultancy PriestmanGoode and won the Gold award at the 2017 London Design Awards. It was built at the Spanish aerospace facilities of HyperloopTT’s partner Airtificial, a technological company specialized in artificial intelligence, collaborative robotics and engineering for the aerospace and automotive industries. An estimated 26,000 hours of skilled engineering and assembly were involved in realising the capsule.

The HyperloopTT company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices and partner companies around the world. It was founded in 2013 and, since then, has been working on the development of the technologies required for the Hyperloop. These technologies include a new levitation system, vacuum pumps, batteries and smart composites. Hyperloop’s first capsule, named “Quintero One”, is made from a patented dual-layer smart composite material.

In collaboration with Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurance company along with global certification and inspection company TÜV SÜD, governments and partners, HyperloopTT is creating the first regulatory guidelines and creating the necessary legal framework for Hyperloop systems around the world.



Hyperloop is an innovative form of rail transportation which uses magnetic levitation technologies to propel sealed transportation capsules, at very high speeds, through a system of reduced-pressure tubes. Known as vactrains, they are based on an open source design, which was originally realised by Tesla and SpaceX in 2012. Free of air resistance and friction, estimates put the potential maximum speed of Hyperloop transportation at as much as 1,200 km/h.













“The biggest hurdles have been solving the regulatory issues for this new type of transportation system” says Drik Ahlborn, CEO Hyperloop TT. “How can you regulate a new type of transportation system that is not a plane and not a train? Recently we presented a major breakthrough on this front with our partners at TUV SUD, one of the world’s largest safety certification companies, and Munich Re, one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies. Working with these organizations we recently provided the first safety certification guidelines and the first insurance frameworks for the Hyperloop.” HYPERLOOPTT CAPSULE FRONT

FIRST PASSENGER SYSTEMS WILL BE READY WITHIN A FEW YEARS The response from governments has been quite enthusiastic, as shown by around a dozen agreements that HyperloopTT already has with governments around the world. “There is a demand for new modes of transportation that are more efficient than modes of the past, especially new modes that do not require hefty government subsidies to operate. Hyperloop is proving to be this solution for many regions worldwide” says Drik Ahlborn. “From the beginning we have stated that it would take more than a company to make Hyperloop a reality” says Drik Ahlborn. “In five years we have taken an idea, created a company and built a larger movement that now includes a multitude of companies and governments around the world. This is an exciting time for innovation and mobility, we expect to see the first passenger systems become ready within the next few years.”

QUINTERO ONE CAPSULE SPECIFICATIONS: • Length: 32 meters • Inner cabin length: 15 meters • Weight: 5,000 kilograms For information about Airtificial visit: For information about HyperloopTT visit: For information about PriestmanGoode visit:


Uw wagen, onze chauffeurs Actief in heel België

van Privé chauffeur

tot Shuttle service

Tijdswinst en focus op het traject van en naar het werk, files laten u koud.

U hoeft uw gasten geen verplaatsing tussen twee locaties te vragen.

Ongeremd plezier op een etentje, feest of evenement dankzij onze vervoersdiensten.

U geeft de bezoekers een gevoel van zorgzaamheid.

Als noodoplossing bij kwetsuren of rijverbod.

De verplaatsingen gebeuren geordend.

Onze andere diensten kan u vinden op | +32 494 39 56 88

Kortingscode “ATOBDRIVERS2018” voor 10% korting





IMMOBEL DESIGNS ITS MOST EXCLUSIVE PENTHOUSE ONLINE In partnership with Dieter Vander Velpen en 3D artists NANOPIXEL, project developer IMMOBEL has designed its most exclusive penthouse online. Generously proportioned spaciousness. Generous entertainment spaces. An intuitive flow. Dieter Vander Velpen Architects unites them in The Chambon Penthouse to make a sublime dwelling experience. TEXT: DOMINIQUE SERGANT - PHOTOS: IMMOBEL





The Chambon Penthouse was formerly a bank and it has been renovated in its full glory in partnership with A2RC firm of architects. Here you dwell in an iconic building in the heart of the historic city centre of Brussels. You can’t live any more central than that. The Market Square is within walking distance, as are several museums, trendy restaurants, and boutiques.

patinated messing in the middle of the room. The small kitchen unit in white Calcutta marble runs on into the cabinet wall. This houses the ovens concealed out of sight behind doors with an ingenious turn-slide system.

The whole interior shows a very rigid and contemporary interplay of lines. Timeless, noble materials together form a rich selection, inspired by the art-deco-elements of the Chambon building.

The luxurious living room makes for a pleasant stay in one of the two lounges. The statement wall houses both cupboards behind marble doors and open compartments in veneer and bronze for art objects and photographs. The customised metre-long hearth ensures a warm and cosy atmosphere.

The extensive kitchen is near the exceptional dining space. The sculptural cooking island shows off varying volumes in marble and

The first floor houses the master suite with a splendid dressing room. A jewellery-island, large shoe cupboards with glass doors


maatwerk natuursteen Fotografie Claude Smekens

Fotografie Claude Smekens

Fotografie Claude Smekens

• Authentiek en manueel bewerken van natuursteen in eigen atelier • Maatwerk natuursteen voor alle toepassingen: keuken, badkamer, trappen, dorpels, deuren raamomlijstingen, schouwen, ... • Volledige keukens op maat • Oude Bourgondische dallen en andere natuurstenen vloeren • Belgische blauwsteen - marmer - Franse steen • Specialisatie: verouderen van natuursteen

Winkelomseheide 223b • 2440 Geel • T 014 86 84 41 •


and an oyster coloured wall-to-wall carpet ensure a matchless boutique experience. Via the dressing room you access the master bathroom, fully fitted in Calcutta marble. Alongside a double wash basin and a concealed toilet there is a freestanding bath and a huge double steam shower.

batteries. Enjoying your sauna, the double shower, the spacious jacuzzi, and the splendid view of the indoor area. Images say more than words. And so, click here to view the video in which Dieter Vander Velpen presents the project.

A glass passageway connects the sleeping quarters to a separate wellness area on the upstairs floor. Here you can recharge your

The web site of the penthouse: 61


Wil je de unieke troeven ontdekken via een 3D-rondleiding? Maak dan nu een afspraak via


Een ontwikkeling van

develop different

Edward is verliefd. En dat zal een invloed hebben op uw vermogen.

San José, Californië, VS. Edward, een gentleman van 83, heeft een oogje op Susan. Om te bewijzen dat hij nog ‘hip’ is, zoekt hij haar op in een zelfrijdende auto. Een teken dat de vraag voor voertuigen met Artificiële Intelligentie (AI) in de lift zit. De onderneming die deze wagen bedacht, nam ondertussen 15 mensen in dienst. Van ingenieurs en roboticaspecialisten tot databeheerders. Dit stimuleert andere bedrijven op hun beurt om het potentieel van AI verder te ontwikkelen, voor zelfrijdende voertuigen, maar ook voor smartphones, videogames en domotica. En dat opent dan weer nieuwe perspectieven voor de ontwikkeling van steden, regio’s en zelfs landen. Maar eerst en vooral voor Edward, ook al is hij 83. Om die redenen adviseren onze Private Bankers om onder andere te beleggen in bedrijven die focussen op Artificiële Intelligentie. Dankzij de informatie van onze specialisten in 70 financiële centra wereldwijd, kunnen ze rechtstreeks inspelen op marktevoluties en de beste beslissingen nemen. En dat maakt een groot verschil voor uw vermogen. Meer info op

Investeer in uw leven Deutsche Bank AG, Taunusanlage 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Duitsland, HR Frankfurt am Main HRB nr. 30000. Deutsche Bank AG Bijkantoor Brussel, Marnixlaan 13-15, 1000 Brussel, België, RPR Brussel, BTW BE 0418.371.094, IBAN BE03 6102 0085 7284, IHK D-H0AV-L0HOD-14. V.U.: Steve De Meester

The Home Sound System AUDIOMIX


Liersesteenweg 321 3130 Begijnendijk (grens Aarschot) T 016 56 10 62

Beverestraat 4/C



Ch. de Waterloo 1170

Stationsstraat 66

1180 Uccle

9100 Sint-Niklaas

T 02 349 10 00

T 03 776 24 40

9700 Oudenaarde T 055 30 28 05


Meesurfen op de exponentiële groei van artificiële intelligentie. Zelfrijdende auto’s en slimme steden zijn enkele voorbeelden van de vele concrete toepassingen van artificiële intelligentie, één van de favoriete beleggingsthema’s voor 2018 bij de strategen van Deutsche Bank. Ondersteund door hun expertise zullen de Private Bankers van de bank hun cliënten laten meeprofiteren van de ongeziene opmars van artificiële intelligentie.



$40.000 $34.381 $30.000 $24.161

$16.241 $10.529



$6.629 $1.378












De komende decennia zal de opmars van artificiële intelligentie de robotisering een boost geven. Daardoor zal niet alleen de productiviteit in ondernemingen toenemen, maar zal de consument ook nieuwe diensten aangeboden krijgen. Momenteel evolueren we van een fase waarin artificiële intelligentie de verzameling en verwerking van gegevens bevordert naar een fase waarin ze zeer concreet processen zal kunnen verbeteren. Zo zal er in het grafische informaticacircuit al vanaf dit jaar een nieuwe generatie van elektronische chips opduiken die concreet inzetbaar zullen zijn.

“Dit jaar zal er waarschijnlijk een ‘industrie 4.0’ ontstaan, waarbij artificiële intelligentie in dagelijkse producten zal worden geïntegreerd”, voorspellen de strategen van Deutsche Bank. “De meest voor de hand liggende toepassing ervan is de industriële robotisering van de productiefase. We denken aan intelligente ondernemingen, waarbij informaticasystemen de fysieke bedrijfsprocessen runnen en gedecentraliseerde beslissingen nemen.” Ondernemingen zetten wel al robots in, maar kunstmatige intelligentie zal ze veel efficiënter en energiezuiniger maken. Het gebruik van algoritmen die automatisch leren en zo hun prestatie verbeteren, zal die evolutie nog versnellen. In het toepassingsgebied van consumenten verwachten de strategen van Deutsche Bank de opkomst van nieuwe geïntegreerde systemen die een combinatie maken van

verschillende grafische elektronische circuits. Enerzijds degene die bestemd zijn voor intelligente leeralgoritmen en anderzijds klassieke informaticasystemen die meer op de besluitvorming zijn gericht. Dat zal zeer concrete gevolgen hebben.


“Zo zullen almaar meer autobouwers hun zelfrijdende wagens, die nu al in testfase zitten, in het verkeer brengen”, voorspellen de strategen, “iets wat grote gevolgen heeft voor de ondernemingen die dergelijke chips en informaticasystemen ontwerpen. In de praktijk zou de totale omvang van die markt de komende vier jaar wel eens elk jaar kunnen verdubbelen. En tegen 2021 zullen de systemen waarschijnlijk uitgroeien tot een sector die miljarden dollars waard is.”


Bron: Deutsche Bank

Investeer in uw leven

Na de creatie van de mechanische ridder door Leonardo Da Vinci aan het einde van de XVde eeuw, hebben we vijf eeuwen moeten wachten op het eerste grootschalige gebruik van artificiële intelligentie via de spraakassistenten in de mobiele telefoons. Maar de revolutie is aan de gang en binnenkort zal artificiële intelligentie alomtegenwoordig zijn. Deze spitstechnologie zal de komende jaren in almaar meer domeinen worden ingezet, want ze laat een heleboel goederen en diensten beter functioneren. Vandaag heeft de consument nog een futuristisch beeld van artificiële intelligentie, terwijl deze in bepaalde sectoren toch al sterk aanwezig is. Zo doen gezondheidswerkers een beroep op krachtige algoritmen om tal van databases, in het bijzonder met gegevens afkomstig van klinische proeven, te verwerken en met elkaar te vergelijken om zo de beste opties voor toekomstige behandelingen te vinden.

VERSPREIDING VAN CAMERA’S De sterke groei die op korte termijn wordt verwacht, zette de strategen van Deutsche Bank ertoe aan om van artificiële intelligentie een van hun favoriete beleggingsthema’s voor 2018 te maken. De verwachte versnelling in de ontwikkeling van artificiële intelligentie berust ook op het idee om in de toekomst ‘intelligente steden’ te bouwen, waar de bewoners geavanceerde diensten krijgen aangeboden, op basis van nieuwe technologieën. Een van de eerste vereisten voor de ontwikkeling van dergelijke ‘smart cities’ is de verspreiding van camera’s die essentieel zijn voor de werking van intelligente algoritmen om, bijvoorbeeld, het verkeer te kunnen regelen. Hoewel sommigen bezwaren hebben wegens de bescherming van de privacy, lijkt een uitbreiding van die camera’s onvermijdelijk. “De verspreiding van camera’s is slechts één van de domeinen van de artificiële intelligentie die net in een beslissende fase is gekomen”, verklaren de strategen van Deutsche Bank. “Zelfs


als er in 2018 maar de helft van de beloften wordt ingelost, dan nog zal de praktische toepassing van technologie het leven van de mensen ingrijpend veranderen tegen het einde van het jaar.” De strategen voorspellen dan ook dat de inkomsten van bedrijven die actief zijn in artificiële intelligentie exponentieel zullen toenemen. Want almaar meer ondernemingen zullen deze technologieën in hun activiteiten integreren (zie grafiek). Hoe kunnen particuliere beleggers een graantje meepikken van deze structurele groei? De Private Bankers en beheerders van Deutsche Bank helpen hun cliënten daarbij. Aan de hand van de aanbevelingen van de strategen van de bank, die hun overtuigingen baseren op analyses door de experts van Deutsche Bank op het terrein in een zeventigtal financiële centra wereldwijd, kunnen zij de juiste beslissingen nemen en ervoor zorgen dat de portefeuilles van hun cliënten ten volle meegenieten van de ongeziene opmars van artificiële intelligentie.

Publireportage; de hier weergegeven informatie is geen beleggingsadvies.



En dat zal een invloed hebben op uw vermogen.


De inkomsten van artificiële intelligentie zullen naar verwachting omhoogschieten.


Edward is verliefd.



EDF Luminus, the second largest electricity supply company in Belgium, is putting the emphasis on innovation, clean energy supply and a range of energy service solutions. E-mobility solutions to support the transition to electric vehicles are an area where the company is making strong investments. TEXT: JOANNA PAYS - PHOTOS: IMMOBEL

EDF Luminus is working closely with start-ups, businesses, customers and partners, to bring new solutions to market for generating, storing and distributing energy. EDF Luminus is investing in renewable energy solutions. EDF Luminus is the market leader in onshore wind in Belgium” says Geert Leppens, Business Development Manager of the Strategy, Innovation and Business Development Department. “We have long moved on from being just a utility player – we are now an energy service provider. We are helping customers to produce their own energy, reduce their energy consumption and make the transition to a more sustainable way of living and working.” “E-mobility will play a crucial role, for both private and business customers, in achieving their sustainability goals. It is a vast topic and our approach isn’t a one fits all solution, but multiple tailor-made solutions, depending on the specific customer’s needs.”

TOOLS FOR DEVELOPING INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS WITH ALL STAKEHOLDERS Today, EDF Luminus offers e-mobility solutions for B2B and B2C, but we have also set up a dedicated accelerator, #NEXT, to work in a start-up environment and quickly transform innovative ideas into new business models, together with a variety of internal and external stakeholders - to test ideas and learn from each other. On top of that, our customers can benefit from developments made in other countries of EDF Group, such as UK, Italy and France. “We have already held several “ideation” sessions with our customers, where we look at specific business opportunity topics from different viewpoints and try to quickly evolve towards a proof of concept and testing phase within a cycle of usually three months” explains Geert. “What we have seen is that you have to be fast to market and be able to deliver simple and convenient solutions for



customers. The ideation sessions are organised with a professional moderator who can check the deliverables. The workshops aren’t focussed around EDF Luminus, but about the innovative participants sharing their expertise.”

PLANS TO BECOME THE LEADER IN E-MOBILITY At the end of October, the EDF group announced its plans to become the leading E-mobility energy operator in Europe by 2022. These plans include being the Number 1 charging network operator and electricity supplier for electric vehicles. “EDF Luminus is implementing this on a local level” says Geert.


EDF Luminus began installing fast charging stations in Belgium at the beginning of 2017. It currently has a 25% market share of fast chargers in Belgium, developed in cooperation with Kuwait Petroleum and Decathlon. The chargers are multi-standard, so can be used with all types of electric cars. The company is looking to further develop its network of EV chargers. “The first step in order to expand our network is to identify specific customer needs” says Geert. “We are looking at a variety of user types, such as electric taxi companies, car leasing companies and car sharing platforms, to partner up with.”

E-MOBILITY WORKSHOP “One of our most recent workshop sessions here at EDF Luminus was on the subject of E-Mobility and storage. At the heart of our questioning was how we can further develop our network of charging stations for EVs. This involves flexibility, the grid and the fact that our customers can be consumers and “prosumers” – in that they can add energy to the grid. Our role is to help our customers manage these energy streams and make the best out of their energy. The Belgian market has a relatively high percentage of company cars, which account for about ten percent of all passenger cars on the road. “We believe that this is an important new market that is preparing to make the shift to electrification” says Geert. “Overcoming the potential barriers for corporations to transition their corporate fleets to EVs is what we want to get to the heart of.”

UNDERSTANDING CHANGING NEEDS ““The most important lesson we learned is to identify your (new) customers and listen to and understand their real needs. In the future, in order to cope with excesses and shortages of energy, energy storage will become even more important,” says Geert. “Additionally we need to manage two-way energy streams, as an increasing number of customers are able to add to the grid. This is another area where we are making significant investments. The energy we supply needs to be as clean as possible and we need to continue to invest in sustainable energy – otherwise there is no long term future for this type of industry.”

For more information or to get involved, visit, or contact Geert Leppens at



FROM RODANIA TO ROLEX: THE SUCCESS STORY OF ORYE/STEVENART Each new season, Jan and An Orye from the jewellery store Orye/Stevenart lovingly and expertly put together their collection of luxury watches and magnificent jewels. However, their story is much more than just a combination of the latest creations of top class reputable brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Fope, or their own Orye brand. It’s also and especially a story of passion. TEXTE: WIM VANDER HAEGEN



AN UNUSUAL START Jan and An Orye are writing a unique story in the world of jewels and watches. Unique because they had no family history in the trade when they started their business. ‘That’s very unusual for the sector,’ says Jan Orye. ‘The vast majority of jewellery stores can look back on a long family history and are passed on from father to son or daughter. That’s not the case with An and me; none of our parents operated in this trade.’ And so, how do you end up in the world of luxury watches and jewels? Jan continues: ‘It’s a rather unusual story. An and I had both chosen a completely different area of study, but we didn’t really see ourselves building a career in that position. And so, we both opted gain for vocational training and became jewellery designers. Then, in 1989, seemingly by coincidence, we came into contact with Yvan Larsille from the similarly named jewellery business in Nivelles. His father Jean had started the business in 1930 and had built up a fine reputation in Nivelles and the surrounding area. After 40 years, Yvan took over the business and expanded its fine reputation. An and I worked with Yvan for a year and then we took over the business. At that time, Rodania was also the best-selling brand at Larsille.’

Jan and An clearly had ambition. In 1994, they opened a new business in Hasselt (Jan’s birthplace and the capital of Limburg) where, apart from a number of well known jewellery brands, they also sell luxury watches of renowned trademarks such as Cartier, Omega, and Baume & Mercier. What is remarkable (in the positive sense of the word) is the fresh approach which the couple have guaranteed since day one. ‘That, too, comes from the “unusual situation” which I just mentioned. Children who work in a family business don’t usually get the freedom to change things. Not infrequently, they end up set in their ways and sometimes have no idea how to approach the future. We were completely new, we had the opportunity to make mistakes, and we’ve been able to learn from our mistakes to make further progress. As chairman of the jeweller’s association, I also try to change things with that fresh view of the business and carve out a more dynamic image for our sector. Obviously, professional expertise and an exquisite range are still major factors (that’s also the case with us), but we also connect it to our passion and excellent service. That’s also the reason why we’ve grown quickly here to become a permanent fixture in the region.’ The name ‘Stevenart’ comes from Joëlle Stevenart, whose jewellery business was set up in Waterloo in 1964 and taken over by Jan and An in 1996. ‘Our efforts in Waterloo have also proved successful and we’ve made it a leading business for the Walloon Brabant region.’




ROLEX That hard work has paid off, as is evident from the fact that in 2011 Jan and An acquired the Walloon Brabant concession for Rolex in Waterloo. ‘Three years later, we were also given the concession for Limburg. And so, after 25 years of hard and enthusiastic labour, what started relatively modestly with Rodania has grown into a business with two concessions for Rolex.’ It goes without saying that anyone with a concession for Rolex (the crown jewels in the world of luxury watches) must be able to welcome clients in a suitable environment. Jan and An call it their ‘Rolex universe’. ‘Once we got the concession in Hasselt, we immediately renovated the store at Kapelstraat 9 completely. What’s striking about this are the display cases which seem to float in the glass, an architectural gem which really is unique in Flanders. We’ve taken on that rigid and consciously minimalist style in the whole store so that the sole focus is on various collections. After all, we not only have Rolex, but also other top class brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Omega, Montblanc, Longines, Pomellato, Baumes & Mercier, and Tudor.’

RELIABILITY ITSELF The progressive element that Jan and An like to promote in their business can also be seen in their choice of car. Jan has already been driving for seven years in a Tesla Roadster, one of the first of its kind seen in Belgium. ‘In those days, there wasn’t even a garage

in Belgium where I could buy the vehicle, so I had to go to Germany. The only model on sale was a Roadster ‘Sport’ in bright orange. There are still fewer than 2,000 of this type, and in those days I still had to ask someone to come from the Netherlands to maintain the car. I didn’t hesitate for a second, not only because I thought it was an exceptional car with equally exceptional performances, but also because I was (and still am) a firm believer in electric cars. That, I believe, is the future. At the time, I’d read an article on the concept behind the Tesla make, its construction and features. I had the impression that the idea really was revolutionary, something that could change the world and that Elon Musk was operating on a different level. Electric vehicles weren’t new even in those days, but, with the Roadster, Tesla emerged as a game changer and a make which has made the difference.’ Seven years after the purchase, Jan is still well satisfied with his acquisition. ‘Lots of people are critical of new developments and have certain prejudices. Take the battery, for instance. People said it was the weakest part of the car, but nothing could be further from the truth. I estimate that I lose about 10km of capacity each year and that’s exceptionally low for a battery. Instead of being the weakest part, the battery has perhaps become the best.’



Natuursteen met karakter


ij Steenimex kan u uw creativiteit, ideeën en verlangens botvieren met de eindeloze mogelijkheden van natuurlijke gesteenten, composiet en keramiek (neolith, lapictec, inalco, dekton, laminam,…). Het gamma van Steenimex, specialist steensoorten, is strikt en uitgebreid, u kan vrijblijvend meer dan 300 soorten bezichtigen en uitkiezen. Een toegankelijke en grote showroom, opgefleurd met hedendaagse hippe kunst, vol originele steenideeën en materialen, staat daarvoor steeds ter uwer beschikking. In de ruime magazijnen, achter de toonzaal, staat een zee aan steen, waaruit u uw specifieke blok of plaat kan kiezen. U wordt op professionele manier wegwijs gemaakt in de ongekende mogelijkheden en kwaliteiten van de diverse steensoorten. Steenimex is bovendien ontwerper en producent van een aantal originele afwerkingen zoals de heden succesvolle rosselini-afwerking. Naast een ganse rits klassieke en gekende soorten kan u bij Steenimex ook een reeks unieke originele en zeldzame steensoorten terug vinden. U wenst eens rond te neuzen in de creatieve en kunstzinnige showroom, doorheen de kleurrijke en unieke steenwereld van Steenimex, dit kan steeds (behalve vankantieperiodes) op:


Mon/Ma 08.00-12.00 / 13.30-17.00 Tue/Di 08.00-12.00 / 13.30-17.00 Wed/Wo 08.00-12.00 / 13.30-17.00 Thu/Do 08.00-12.00 / 13.30-19.00 Fri/Vr 08.00-12.00 / 13.30-17.00 Sat/Za 09.00-12.00 / 13.30-17.00


Schaagstraat 2, Kruishoutem (Nokere) tel 056 603264


BUILDING SECURITY REQUIRES A CONSIDERED PLAN 52,816 burglaries were reported in Belgium in 2017. Although that figure represents a drop of 27% since 2014, a good security plan with a combination of various measures is still essential. 72




Home security is a question of a secure lifestyle. These measures cost little or nothing, yet they have a huge effect in keeping out unwanted visitors. For instance, always lock your windows and doors when you go out, even if it is only briefly. Take care of keys, don’t attach any labels to them, and don’t leave them on the insides of windows or doors. Always give the impression that there is someone at home: Use time switches for the lights, have your letter box emptied in your absence, and ask your neighbours to open and close the shutters. In particular, never announce on social networks that you are going away on holiday. Moreover, it is a good idea to mark and register valuable items. This has the advantage that it makes it easy for you to report a theft in the event of a burglary. The police know what they have to look for and can soon identify the owner. Another advantage of marked items is that they are difficult to sell, and that immediately makes them less attractive for burglars. Furthermore, good relations with the neighbours and a healthy form of social control is still the best prevention against burglary.

All ‘weak’ points in a home or other building need to be secured. It is important to keep a burglar outdoors as long as possible. Research has shown that, on average, burglars will abandon their attempts to break in after three minutes. All accessible wall openings need to be well secured. Fit exterior doors with multi-point locks with at least three locking points. Make sure you have a solid cylinder security lock and choose a safety cylinder lock with a security card. Choose laminated glass and lockable windows. Install outdoor lights which come on whenever someone approaches your home. Electronic security is an important supplement to the aforementioned measures. However, fitting an electronic security system is only worthwhile if the home is already well secured. Apart from the deterrent effect, the alarm system is designed mainly to detect a burglary (or attempted burglary) and alert the occupants, neighbours, and police directly or indirectly.



CAMERA SECURITY If you want to install and use a security camera, it has to comply with the regulations of the Camera Law. According to this law, a security camera is ‘any fixed or mobile observation system which collects, processes, or stores images to prevent, establish, or trace crimes, to prevent, establish, or trace trouble, and to maintain order’. Other cameras must basically observe the regulations of the Privacy Act. Important note for security cameras in the workplace: In the private sector it is mandatory to observe Collective Labour Agreement no. 68. If you install a security camera, you must inform the police services. You can do that free of charge via You will find guidelines on the web site on fitting security cameras and storing and using the recorded images. You are also obliged to display a special pictogram at the entrance to your property. The privacy protection law prohibits filming other people without their prior consent. The fact of entering premises where the pictogram is clearly visible is regarded as tacit consent. Certain details must be stated clearly under the pictogram itself about the person responsible for processing the images so that everyone who is filmed by a particular camera can contact this person. (Source: Waas Security)

WAAS SECURITY Waas Security is a specialist in providing comprehensive security solutions tailored to private individuals and SMEs. The company from Sint-Niklaas follows the latest developments in the fields of burglary prevention, camera security, access control, and fire safety. This is how they strive to offer clients a perfect solution. Moreover, they provide the necessary studies so that they can offer consistent protection. They come to the premises for a free audit of the current security installation and give a free price quotation for adapting, extending, or installing a security installation system, depending on your needs. Waas Security takes care of the installation of the necessary recorders, servers, and cameras for both companies and private individuals and does all that is necessary in accordance with the law. They also do this in the fields of fire safety, access control, parlophones, and video recordings.



The sale or distribution of security equipment is not subject to statutory rules. Therefore, it is well worth finding out about the choice of security equipment and calling upon the services of a professional fitter. As a private individual or SME, you can contact the technical crime prevention adviser of your local police for advice on the security of your home or your business premises. However, some activities with regard to equipment are regulated by law. Alarm systems and emergency centres must be designed, installed, maintained and repaired by a recognised security company. Alarm signals originating from alarm systems in buildings must be monitored and dealt with by authorised emergency centres. The use of alarm systems is also subject to rules. Users are also responsible for ensuring that their alarm systems are maintained annually. They can do this themselves, but if they don’t do it themselves, they must call upon the services of a recognised security company. If the maintenance is done by a recognised company, that company will issue a certificate.

Anyone who has an alarm installed must take account of certain elements. If you are not connected to an emergency centre, you should notify the police. Annual maintenance of the installation and annual validation of your contact details are mandatory by law. Switch the alarm on whenever you leave your home, even if only briefly. Anyone wanting to have an alarm system or security cameras installed should call upon the services of a fitter approved by INCERT. Through INCERT the fitter possesses a quality label so that he or she can guarantee a risk analysis in advance and maximum security of the home. INCERT is the number one quality label for building security and protection of vehicles against theft. The system is supported by all players from the security sector. The INCERT quality label certifies fitters who can submit proof of professional expertise and who meet all the requirements and make use of quality products. INCERT also certifies emergency centres which guarantee that they will follow up incoming alarm signals. Only approved fitters can supply an INCERT conformity statement, which you can present to your insurance company.






A wellness-relax concept which is unique worldwide and guarantees guests 100% quality time with no external distractions. That’s what Nooz is all about in a nutshell. The concept is even so special that Nooz has now received several awards such as ‘best sauna’, ‘most innovative concept’, and the Horeca (catering) Award. Whether or not you stay overnight, Nooz always guarantees the most unique and original private wellness experience.




STIMULANTS Unlike other wellness concepts, Nooz does not focus on external stimulants. Manager Wim Vanacker explains: ‘Staying at Nooz is completely private, and we make sure that guests are left alone in peace without any distractions from all sorts of factors which can have a disruptive effect. Think of the presence of other guests, the obligation to join in with a buffet in the morning or evening, or the fact that you have to stick to certain times. The senses are constantly stimulated by external factors, as there’s always something happening. That’s not the case with us. Guests can enjoy a private butler service, breakfast, midday, and evening meals are complete-

ly private, and meals are served discreetly whenever guests wish. There are no opening or closing times or fixed meal times. At Nooz there’s no need to look at your watch in order to be somewhere by a certain time (such as for your unique Duo Massage experience or heat sensation). When we talk about quality time, we really mean 100% quality time, from the first to the last second.’ You can throw timing, planning, and the future out of the window and hand them over to the waves of Nooz.’ Nooz also completely rejects a businesslike approach. ‘Guests pay an agreed price and there are no extra costs. In many other wellness centres you still have to pay for a drink, hire handtowels, or pay a supplement for care products. You always have to keep that in mind, you always have to make choices and purchases. That, too, means more external stimulants which adversely affect the quality time. Guests at Nooz really can let themselves go. All external stimulants disappear and everything is done for them so that they can focus solely on time with and for each other.’


Those who check in at Nooz enjoy a sensory experience. ‘We don’t offer any entertainment using various facilities. By going down this road, we stimulate sensory thinking instead of facility thinking. A stay at Nooz is a journey through the senses, a journey through experiences which you enjoy together and simultaneously. Everyone gets exactly the same and gets it at the same time so that all those experiences can be shared perfectly. Everything is harmonised perfectly. We create an energetic connectedness, an experience which is much more than an act. For example, when two people are given



‘Extraordinary furniture, for extraordinary people.’ Moorselbaan 448, 9300 Aalst - - zondag open


a massage, they receive exactly the same movements simultaneously and rhythmically to our in-house music from a Hi-End sound installation. Our massage workers even swap places so that both guests get precisely the same experience and can share that experience down to the smallest details.’ ‘We strive for a unique quality standard; that means that all our workers are given extensive training in the Nooz Academy to ensure that all things run smoothly. We work for 100% on quality and never on quantity. Each experience is unique and with no external stimulants so that guests can spend all their energy on each other. We’ve even devised a verb for our concept: We refer to 100% enjoyment as to “nooze”.’

Sleeping completely in harmony with nature? Sleeping in an exclusive penthouse with a stunning skyline at the top of the highest building (21st floor)? Relaxing on the coast? The choice is yours. The second type is the private meal experience. ‘Breakfast in the secret garden, eating in the forest (even in winter!) or a top class culinary experience on the 21st floor, but always noozing … fully private dining to suit your taste and your own favourite clothes, colours, and music from a Hi-End sound installation. At Nooz you don’t have to think of anyone or anything else.


As we’ve already said, an unrivalled duo massage experience is one type of experience. ‘That, too, is completely different each time, clients get a unique experience time and again, but always simultaneously so that the experience is exactly the same.

Clients often ask: How can I ‘nooze’? ‘You can do that in many different ways. We offer four types of experiences and there are various possibilities within each type. The first type is the special sleep experience, and we really do make an experience of this at Nooz. Sleeping in a heavenly suite with an unrivalled romantic interior? Sleeping in the Forest Lodge with your own private forest ‘island’?

This unique experience also applies to the fourth type, namely the water and heat experience, where the emphasis is on the sensory experience of water and heat. Indoors, outdoors, behind glass, in the forest, with an unrivalled skyline, here, too, the options are legion.’



Uw droomhuis op een unieke locatie in Spanje? G IOSPECI A


- D E






a Zu


C o sta li d

B C o sta


Dat kan met uw Nederlandse makelaar in Spanje! Droomt u van een eigen huis in Spanje? Wacht niet langer en profiteer van onze kennis en inmiddels 15 jaar ervaring. Wij zijn uw regiospecialist voor de , authentieke Costa Calida Noord en Costa Blanca Zuid. Meer informatie: Bel 0034 6 182 459 67 of e-mail naar


Bekijk het complete woningaanbod op




Nooz has various locations in order to gear the experience perfectly to the client’s wishes. ‘In itself, the location isn’t so important. What counts is that clients enjoy themselves. In the midst of natural beauty on 1.5ha of private domain, woods, and a minimalist villa? An unrivalled private wellness penthouse with a stunning view of the MAS, water, and marinas? On the coast with a private wellness old fisherman family house? On the water? The concept is the same everywhere, but the experience is always different. There is always 100% privacy everywhere, no external stimulants from strangers, clocks, thinking, doing, and buying.. always tailored, in peace and quiet, and in a unique location.’

The concept of Nooz is geared not only to couples who wish to enjoy each other. ‘Families or friends are welcome. Or colleagues who want to apply our concept to a meeting, for instance. Wherever you go, every time, there are those external stimulants from strangers and the clock ticks by mercilessly in the background. That’s not the case with us. You work for as long as you wish and you decide for yourself when you want to eat. No one is bound by the clock. The result is that you get a much more efficient meeting by devoting all your energy to each other.’

Each client can thereby count on private butlers. Don’t they cause those external stimulants? ‘Not at all! Our staff are trained in such a way as to respect the privacy of our guests. In other words, they are there, but you don’t see them. Our staff are selected not only on the basis of their ability, but also and mainly on the basis of their personality. They have to enjoy “being of service”, they have to enjoy making people feel good, and that has to come from the soul and not the mind. The client takes centre stage, not the organisation. We’re not in the business of selling a show. Making people happy – that’s our mission and our vision.’

At Nooz it’s never too late and never too early. Everything is tailored because everyone is different. ‘Everything happens behind the scenes, everything is prepared down to the last detail, and everything is ready to serve our guests to the full. At Nooz it’s all about a 100% fulfilment of any personal wish. There are no rules. How do we know what all those personal wishes are? Simple: It’s our job to know what they are, and otherwise we couldn’t deliver a tailored service.’

FOR EVERYONE Everyone is welcome at Nooz. ‘It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. We welcome both ordinary working people and high-powered international guests. And they all come back for a new experience. Here you are first and foremost a person, and since everyone is a person, everyone is most welcome. At Nooz there is no etiquette, so you can make yourself at home.’

MORE INFO: (in the midst of natural beauty and woods on 1.5ha) (luxury private wellness penthouse with a stunning skyline, NEW in 2018) (Forest Lodge private forest ‘island’) (on the coast with a private wellness fisherman’s family house) (budget-friendly noozing on the water) (for businesses)





Anyone who wants to buy a carpet often can’t see the wood for the trees. After all, there is a vast choice, but, unfortunately, not every carpet is of good quality. That’s why it’s best to choose a proper trader such as Vantyghem Fashionable Flooring from Ichtegem. Clients can count on 100% personal service with sound advice based on expertise and years of experience in the carpet sector. TEXT: WIM VANDER HAEGEN

AUTHENTIC CARPETS Vantyghem Fashionable Flooring is a specialist in the direct import of hand-made carpets from Iran, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Michèle Vantyghem-Lambrecht comments: ‘We select all Eastern carpets personally in situ. Over the years, we’ve built up lots of experience and expertise and we’re only too happy to serve our clients in this

way. We travel regularly ourselves to the Far East to visit carpet producers and select products at source. At the same time, that means we can be sure of the high quality for which we strive. We invariably choose hand-made carpets, not just for quality and durability, but also for the authentic and unique character of each piece.’ Apart from Eastern carpets, clients at Vantyghem can also find fitted carpets, climbing stairs, carpet tiles, and vinyl, plus laminate, parquet, and click-vinyl. ‘We cover the entire spectrum of floors except for hard floors. That wide range means we can always offer modern and trendy carpets and can easily meet client demand.’

PRESENTATION IN SITU Choosing a carpet at Vantyghem is something you cannot rush. You need personal advice from specialists. ‘People often ask if we apply certain rules or whether there’s a golden carpet rule. The answer is no, there aren’t any defined rules. Obviously, there are some criteria which we take into account. Firstly, there’s the client’s taste. A



VANTYGHEM FASHIONABLE FLOORING Torhoutbaan 1 8480 Ichtegem 051 582992


carpet can be absolutely gorgeous or ‘suitable’, but if you just don’t like it, there’s no point in purchasing it. Then, the place where the carpet will be fitted plays a part in the final decision. Which room is available? What sort of interior style are we talking about: classic, modern, rustic, or contemporary? It all plays a part, as does the furniture present in the room. That’s why we offer a free presentation at the client’s home. People can then make a considered choice and in the right setting. We also have our own professional fitting service with people who’ve had the right training and can apply their vast experience. And so, clients needn’t worry. We deliver and fit carpets for free for purchases of at least 30 euros.’

Another advantage of the presentation in situ is that clients themselves can see whether or not certain patterns which look amazing at first sight really do come into their own in a furnished room. For instance, if various items of furniture cover parts of the carpet, a certain pattern can lose its effect. That’s why we advise people to contact us. We’re only too happy to come and present the carpets, and then you can also see at once the effect of the various sizes.’

TIPS AND ADVICE Presenting carpets in situ not only gives an answer to visual issues, but also yields more clarity about the required size. People often have doubts about whether a big or small carpet would be better. ‘We like to give tips, but, obviously, the client makes the final decision. Anyone choosing a big carpet creates more cohesion in the living room. Even a medium carpet still provides nice cohesion between all the furniture, but it’s more attractive financially. Obviously, a small carpet is also possible, but we tend to recommend that to provide certain highlights. At all events, we note that bigger carpets sell better than smaller carpets for living rooms.’





People who follow financial and economic developments closely realised long ago that investing in property is the safest and most profitable investment. ‘At least for those with the right approach,’ say Davy Demuynck and Kristof Vanfleteren, managing partners of ION. ‘And that’s where we can make a difference; we analyse the property market, look at where the opportunities are, and use our experience to guide clients towards the ideal investment.’ TEXT: WIM VANDER HAEGEN



ION profiles itself explicitly as a ‘project developer’ and ‘property investor’ rather than an estate agent. Kristof Vanfleteren opens our discussion: ‘Our task package is much more diversified. We purchase land, we apply for planning permission, and we get projects completed. We pre-finance everything and we also take care of the sale or lease. We’re specialists in so called “mixed complex projects”, which mean a combination of residential and commercial property. Residential property also involves much more than just flats, as we actually operate in all segments of the market. From social housing and affordable flats and service flats and student accommodation to ideally situated housing estates in the city centre or on the seafront, ground-floor properties, or other luxurious projects, our range is quite comprehensive. Non-residential properties therefore include offices, hotels, shops, logistics centres, SME buildings, and infrastructural projects such as sports halls and school infrastructure. We operate in speculative developments, public-private partnerships, and projects tailored to clients. Moreover, we operate all over Belgium. To make things quite clear, ION handles large-scale projects from 50 to 400 units. We’re not a turnkey firm.’

Davy Demuynck adds: ‘Whatever the project, we invariably emphasise both high-quality architecture and the sustainability of the project. We opt for energy-efficient projects with a view to achieving the smallest possible ecological footprint. We were the first ones in Belgium to develop a CO²-neutral project. We relate that to a select choice of material delivered by local producers. Our projects are based on architectural sensation in combination with creativity and sustainability and those elements form an integral part of our package, which adds extensive commercial, technical, fiscal, and legal expertise. This is how we aim to create added value for all stakeholders. That was our intention from the outset and we can guarantee it thanks to a dynamic and multiprofessional team and a wealth of experienced property specialists.’

FROM 0 TO 50 PROJECTS ‘From the outset’ means 2011 when Kristof and Davy joined forces with founding partner Paul Thiers, known for his association from Unilin. ‘Before that, Davy and I had gained experience in the property world, particularly abroad. We wanted to widen our horizons



THE FOUR VALUES OF ION Best in its class: Striving together for the best result and the best quality within the shortest possible time. No-nonsense culture: ION goes for a direct approach with no beating about the bush, but with a pragmatic touch. Adapting quickly and being critical for each other. Enterprise: Consider it your own business! Think along in the corporate interest, dare to show initiative, and tackle problems. Partnership and respect: Projects are completed together, so we help each other where necessary. Each ION worker contributes to the collective result.



and steer our own course. Paul had the financial resources to get ION off the ground. Together, we made a success of it within seven years. In 2011, in a manner of speaking, we had no projects at all, now we have no fewer than 56 current projects at different stages of development. We started with two people, now there are 54 of us. And with an average age of 34, we can say that we have a team with an ideal mix of experience and young vitality.’ Moreover, that team works very selectively. ‘Out of about 500 projects we select ten or fifteen each year. That’s so that we find the right product at the right time at the right price, and in the right location so that investors can do business properly. That’s undoubtedly our major asset and our success factor.’

value. They can be private investors who, for instance, buy one or two flats or professional investors who invest in about 100 flats or a retirement home. Then there are banks, life insurance brokers, pension funds, etc. What can they expect from us? That depends on the investors. Do they want to do everything themselves after the purchase and opt for a higher return? Or do they opt for less return, but care-free assurance by leasing property via us with a contract for 30 years? It’s all possible. We’re looking for the right solution, because however you invest, property is and remains the cornerstone of financial wealth.’

THE RIGHT SOLUTION And so, who are the ION clients? ‘Firstly, there’s the buyer-occupant,’ says Davy. ‘In other words, the client who buys property for personal use. On the other hand, we have investors who are looking for a market (lease) profit and the long-term creation of added


For more information about current projects visit

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Stationsstraat 22-24 / 8790 Waregem

Eiermarkt 7 / 2000 Antwerpen

Dampoortstraat 1-3 / 9000 Gent

056 60 19 51 /

03 231 11 11 /

09 225 50 45 /

Het zicht waar iedereen van droomt

WONEN IN DISCRETE LUXE Stijlvolle en luxueuze appartementen met ruime leefterrassen Schitterende ligging aan het Duinenwatermeer in Knokke Elegante kustarchitectuur Prachtige centrale binnentuin


Ontdek het aanbod op of bel ons op 050/20.00.30 DUINENWATERKNOKKE

supercharged - immo Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) -  0475 73 27 40 -  0487 37 69 74 - -

HOOGWAARDIG AFGEWERKTE BUNGALOW TE WONDELGEM Rustig gelegen bungalow met altijd een “vakantiegevoel”. Indeling: prachtige keuken, living met zicht zwembad/tuin, 4 slaapkamers, 2 badkamers, waspl/berg, zolder, poolhouse, garage, verw.buitenzwembad, zonnepanelen. Bew.opp. 212m2 Perc.opp. 906m2. Kijk op onze website voor een virtuele tour! EPC 213. Vraagprijs €695.000 excl. Kosten. Vg Gdv Wg Vv Gvkr.

KARAKTERVOLLE HERENWONING TE EEKLO Statige herenwoning met tal van authentieke elementen, hoge plafonds, marmeren schouwen,... Beschikt over een grote leefruimte, strakke designkeuken, ruime patio, 3 grote slaapkamers, badkamer met bad/douche, zolder via vaste trap, HR beglazing, CV op aardgas. Elektriciteit conform! EPC 191. Vraagprijs: €370.000 excl kosten. Vg Gdv Wg Gvv Gvkr.

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) -  0475 73 27 40 -  0487 37 69 74 - -


HALFOPEN BEBOUWING MET VIER SLAAPKAMERS TE DESTELDONK Deze nieuwbouw halfopenbouwing wordt volledig afgewerkt opgeleverd met inbegrip van tuin en oprit. Dus geen extra afwerkingskosten na aankoop! Goede verbinding met belangrijke invalswegen. Indeling: inkomhal, wc, berging, keuken, living, tuin. Eerste verdiep: 3 slaapkamers en badkamer. Zolderverdieping: multifunctionele ruimte optioneel 4e slaapkamer. Vraagprijs: €360.000 excl kosten. Vg Gdv Wg Vv Gvkr.

APPARTEMENT MET TWEE SLAAPKAMERS EN GARAGE TE GENTBRUGGE Goed onderhouden appartement met twee slaapkamers en terras nabij de Gentbrugse meersen. Het appartement beschikt over een ondergrondse garage en extra berging. Nabij invalswegen E17 en R4. Kijk op onze website voor een virtuele tour! Vraagprijs: 320.000 excl kosten. Vg Gdv Wg Gvv Gvkr.

Sassevaartstraat 46/212, 9000 Gent (Dok Noord) -  0475 73 27 40 -  0487 37 69 74 - -




Eerstvolgende 22 november 2018 om 19:30 te Dok Noord (Gent) &



Brugsesteenweg 346 - 8800 ROESELARE | Kurt Velghe: 0496 52 72 42 | Nele Devos: 0496 379 122 |




de Louizalaan


het Stefaniaplein


het Europees Parlement


de Europese Commissie


bus- en tramhaltes






Exclusieve appartementen in een oase van rust, vlakbij de levendige Louizalaan • Ingebed tussen het bruisende stadsleven en de Europese instellingen • Perfect op maat van veeleisende eurocraten en slimme investeerders • Verhuurdienst gespecialiseerd in verhuur aan eurocraten, het ideale verhuurpubliek

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