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Tuning in: Rock Spa’s treatment rooms have been inspired by recording studios

Katie Barnes talks to the senior vice president of hotels at Hard Rock International about creating a music-centric spa concept which strikes the right chord with both consumers and media


y his own admission, Dale Hipsh concedes that spas contribute only a tiny amount to the bottom line of the 28 hotels he oversees for the iconic music-related leisure brand Hard Rock International. In fact the vast majority of income for its Native American owners, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, comes from gaming revenue (see p52). Yet this has done nothing to quell his love for spa and wellness. “It’s [a] very small [part of operations], but it’s my passion. It’s the jewel inside the lotus,” Hipsh says, referencing a Buddhist mantra. With his senior vice president hat on, he also lays down the business case for the group’s 21 spa facilities. “A luxury spa is expected when you’re in the proper side of gaming. If unique and individualised enough, the experience can drive return visits and they’ve been integral to the expansion of our brand in the luxury market. “Another reason they’re superimportant, besides the fact that I like the spa environment, is because they drive incremental gaming revenue,” he

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Spa Business issue 2 2019  

Spa Business issue 2 2019