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Sha Mexico Mexico Opening: 2023

Sha is set to open healthy residences in Mexico

photos: Sha Wellness Clinic

Sha has pledged to open the world’s healthiest residences this year with its new Sha Mexico resort. Located north of the Riviera Maya, the resort will be surrounded by seven hectares of indigenous flora, next to the Caribbean beach. Every detail has been curated with wellbeing in mind, including the idyllic setting, architecture and design, the choice of natural and sustainable materials and cutting edge in-house technology. Two, three and four-bed homes will be on offer, all with indoor and outdoor kitchens, terraces, gardens, glass infinity pools and wine cellars. They will feature the latest home wellness technology including air and water purification systems and home automation based on circadian rhythms. Owners will have permanent access to an extensive list of treatments, medical and clinical treatments, an array of mindfulness and fitness activities and dining options, including private chefs and cooking classes. ■■

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