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WDT Werner Dosiertechnik GmbH & Co. KG Hettlinger Strasse 17, Wertingen, Bavaria, 86637, Germany

Tel: 0049 (0) 8272 986 97 0 Email: LinkedIn: Facebook:

Rainer Rieger, managing director


■ Extensive service network of our trained partners ■ Exclusively educated and qualified employees ■ Service and solution orientation ■ Continuous development Our willingness to embrace change and our flexibility allow us to quickly react to constantly changing markets and customers’ demands. This is the main reason for our continuous growth, our lasting partnerships and our worldwide success!

The company was founded by Dietmar Werner in 1985. He invented a dosing system for calcium hypochlorite for swimming pools. Mr Werner still owns 50 per cent of the company. The twin brothers Jochen and Rainer Rieger own 25 per cent each.

Main products and services WDT develops and produces high quality control and dosing systems for swimming pools and hydrothermal wellness facilities: WDT exports all over the world

For wellness facilites: ■ Experience showers ■ Aroma pumps for steamrooms ■ LED illumination for steamrooms ■ Salt nebulisation systems for steamrooms ■ Automatic splash systems for saunas ■ LED illumination for saunas ■ Salt nebulisation systems for saunas ■ Foam production systems for Hammam massages ■ Foot spa systems ■ Room aromatisation ■ Central control systems to control all rooms / parameters of the wellness facility from one controller with touch screen display

For swimming pools: ■ Dosing systems for calcium hypochlorite ■ Auto control systems ■ Dosing pumps

USPs From our point of view it is a necessary core competetence to undestand the application areas of our products and its associated technical systems as a total, to be able to transfer this know-how to our partners. WDT Werner Dosiertechnik stands for: ■ Comprehensive know-how ■ Highest material and product quality ■ Professional consulting

Top clients We distribute through our worldwide network of spa builders / installers.

Where in the world? We realise 75 per cent of our turnover in worldwide export, mainly Europe, Asia, Australia.

Future plans Make our whole organisation and our products ready for digitalisation. Launch new innovations such as ShowerVision and innovative steam room controller.

Who’s who? Rainer Rieger, MD; Jochen Rieger, MD; Franz Mayr, product manager wellness. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 289