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Swiss Perfection Av. Claude Nobs 14, 1820 Montreux - Switzerland

Tel: +41 21 962 88 90 Email: LinkedIn:

Alexandra Moulin, COO


A close collaboration in sales and operational activities, as well as resultsoriented training solutions, ensures ongoing success and high profitability. Our partners are continually satisfied, as are their clientele, who are well-travelled, multi-cultural, and demanding – and looking for innovative, anti-aging and rejuvenating solutions.

In 1978, a Swiss philanthropist and his team of scientists revolutionised cellular therapy by developing the first cellular cosmetic line based on animal cells. Thirty years later, with a thoughtful and resolutely visionary approach to the everchanging environment, his son took on this rich heritage. His passion led him to the discovery of a plant cell with superior anti-aging performance: Swiss Perfection with Cellular Active IRISA® was born.

Main products and services Swiss Perfection is a results-oriented high-tech niche cosmetic brand that stands out because of its unique savoir-faire and technology, offering the most advanced anti-aging solutions. All Swiss Perfection products include Cellular Active IRISA®, an exclusive compound obtained from the root of Iris Germanica by a unique extraction process, which accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, increases tissue-oxygenation, provides optimal hydration, stimulates cell metabolism and enhances the skin’s natural renewal process. Our principal focus is to offer targeted treatments by proposing a complete cellular experience

Top clients Five-star hotels, private clinics, luxurious yachts, private jets and niche perfumeries. combining intensive formulas, high technology and specific manual methods for a truly luxurious indulgence.

USPs Based on cellular therapy, Swiss Perfection is the first brand to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to cosmetics. A synergy exists between our products, which are enhanced by our cellular signature ingredient, Cellular Active IRISA®, ensuring immediately visible and long-lasting results. By formulating, developing and producing all its products in Switzerland with the highest quality standards, the company carries on the legacy of a pioneering Swiss family, with the goal to continuously provide the most advanced solutions in anti-aging skincare.

Where in the world? Swiss Perfection is present in 25 countries, mainly in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Future plans We aim to continue developing new and innovative products in anti-aging skincare, and to provide outstanding services to our partners. We also plan to continue creating new collaborations worldwide with select luxury locations in hotels, clinics, yachts, niche perfumeries and more.

Who’s who? Alexandra Moulin, COO; Sari Pinguet, sales manager; Sun Li, business development. SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 275