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trends: spa foresight™ 2022 Gender Neutrality

15. Equality


With between 1 and 2 per cent of the population not identifying with their birth gender, the world is becoming less binary and the spa industry is following suit. Although having the desire to enjoy the benefits of spa, members of the LGBTQIA+ community often report feeling excluded. This starts with spa marketing, which doesn’t tend to feature people they identify with, continues with gendered booking forms and can lead to issues with changing rooms and toilets. Welcome this cohort by signing up for awareness training, checking which pronouns guests use and not using gendered pricing and language.


16. Wellness franchising As the industry matures, franchising is increasingly attractive as a way to drive business growth. With its access to capital and a motivated pool of entrepreneurs, we think franchising will come into its own in the spa and wellness industry over the next 10 years, as it has been doing in the health and fitness industry, where some of the biggest franchise operators, such as Self Esteem brands – with 5,000 locations – are already crossing over from fitness into wellness, beauty and spa. 22

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Spas can now become licensed partners of the Taymount Clinic to offer faecal transplants


17. faecal transplants II In 2015, Spa Business Foresight predicted faecal transplants would become widely available, whereby healthy microbiome material could be shared to resolve chronic and acute health problems. We said eventually, microbiome customisation by faecal transplant would also be possible. In the intervening years, the benefits of faecal transplants have been recognised and this service is now becoming more widely available under a range of names,

from gut flora transplant to human probiotic infusion, faecal bacteriotherapy, and microbiota restoration therapy. Spas have been slow to offer faecal transplants, but we expect this to change now companies such as the Taymount Clinic are offering global licensed partner services. Taymount has also developed a system of transplanting only microbial cells from faeces, making the process more acceptable to consumers.