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Aquaform Via Matteotti, 311, Gardone Val Trompia, Brescia, 25063, Italy

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Stefano Moretti, CEO and Alberto Moretti, general manager


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With thirty years’ experience, aquaform offers a wide range of shower systems for the wellness sector. Thanks to tireless passion and a dedication to high standards, our products are among the most desirable to be found in both national and international markets,thanks to innovation and attention to detail.

Address beach resort, UAE; Shiseido Spa, Romania; Ruskin Fitness Club, UK; Approdo Resort Thalasso Spa, Italy; Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa, France.

Where in the world? The experience shower from Aquaform

Main products and services Aquaform designs, develops and produces a range of products for wet areas of spas, including horizontal showers, wall-mounted (Zenit) or ceiling-mounted (Aquamotus and Nadir) experience and reaction showers with different sizes, finishes and functions. Other very popular products are the tunnel experience with aromatherapy and music and the dry Kneipp path. Aquaform created different sequential programme stations and systems to control the type of jets, the temperature of the water, chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music. The aquaform team offers a consultancy service for spa specialists to support project design and the development of the wet areas of spas. This provides innovative solutions from both a functional and aesthetic point of view, by customising the management controls of the water, based on the project, installation needs and expectations of the final customer.

USPs The strengths that characterise our firm include continuous investment in R&D to create new products, research into new advanced solutions to satisfy market needs and the dynamism and flexibility to realise custom-made products. Aquaform’s range has been specifically designed for the wellness sector. The products the company develops are designed for both professional and private spa use. The wide range of water control systems allows Aquaform to always create flexible solutions designed and refined every time for each specfic type of project. Another strength is the option to create customised solutions. Aquaform shower systems can be tailored to customer needs in terms of size, finish, function and management system, as well as options such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music.

Aquaform is an Italian company, but thanks to its specific focus on the wellness sector, Aquaform systems are available worldwide.

Future plans We are looking forward to presenting a new line of products dedicated to outdoor wellness projects as well as an innovative wellbeing system.

Who’s who? Stefano Moretti, CEO; Alberto Moretti, general manager.

What the clients say “My company has worked with Aquaform since September 2019 and we have found the company to be an excellent collaborator! On time deliveries, high standards and prefabrication are some of the advantages we enjoy.” George Patsianis, founding partner, Mechanical Engineer Contractus SA SPA BUSINESS HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 187