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7. The Metaverse

8. menopause

Now architects such as Grimshaw and Zaha Hadid Architects are being commissioned to design lands in the metaverse, we expect spa and wellness operators to start acquiring land, setting up NFTs and looking for ways to engage consumers. Applications could include retailing, immersive remote wellness experiences such as meditation workshops and pre- and postvisit research interactions. The functionality of the metaverse, with its dedicated real estate and real world traded currency enables operators to create and monetise their own content and deliver immersive experiences to consumers.

By 2025, a billion women in the world will be experiencing menopause, with six million more joining their ranks each year. Female empowerment, coupled with growing affluence and levels of education, mean they’re increasingly seeking support that gives them access to active

interventions that reduce the effects of menopause and peri-menopause. This work is a perfect fit for spa and wellness operators and we’ll see more operators launching menopause interventions to support women through this often challenging life stage.

Les Mills

Researchers from the Les Mills Research Institute investigated automaticity

self care

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Our habitual approach to teeth brushing is known as automaticity – something we do automatically without going through a conscious decision-making process. We expect the spa and wellness sector to focus on ways to help people develop automaticity to drive adherence to self-care routines, such as exercise, stretching, healthy eating and meditation. Scientists from the Les Mills Research Institute, Dr Jinger Gottschall, adjunct

associate professor at the University of Colorado, and Bryce Hastings, head of research at Les Mills, recommend keeping feedback positive, emphasising the progress people are making and providing social support. When it comes to exercise, they recommend focusing on frequency before intensity and being aware that enjoyment is a better motivator than physical results. More: