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Consumers want easy access to nature and beautiful environments

overwhelmingly included references to “nature and the outdoors” in their responses to the open question. The importance of nature has been an over-riding theme since the WTA surveys began, and there is every indication that demand for easily accessible natural assets and the opportunity to spend time in nature will continue. When asked what will influence them most when it came to booking wellness-travel over the next two years, respondents cited price; flexibility with bookings and cancellation policies; trust in the supplier and destination management and how well local lawmakers are managing the pandemic.

Call of the ocean Another question posed was which 144 spa business HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022

geographical region would consumers choose when they feel comfortable travelling. Reflecting the demographic of the respondents, the US was the most popular country mentioned, with Hawaii being the most preferred state. Bali and Thailand were mentioned in Southeast Asia, while Italy was the most selected country in Europe. Costa Rica was favoured in Latin America, and the Caribbean was often-mentioned. When asked why they wanted to travel to those destinations, the prominent theme was nature. The most frequently cited reasons for choosing a destination were its beauty, beaches, ocean, climate, outdoor adventures and tranquility. Others made their selections based on locations being safe, easy and close to home or being on their bucket list.

Demand for wellnessfocused travel is increasing. Consumers rank safety and nature as top priorities when planning their wellness travels