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research the pandemic also looks set to have a direct impact on how attractive those countries will be to medical tourists.

Proliferation of segments There are a number of key market segments which now represent a growth opportunity for wellness travel, these include groups of friends, families, solo men, and, in certain countries, same sex couples. The proliferation of attractive segments is not a new development, but the fragmentation certainly is.

Women used to represent the majority of the demand for spa, however, now lifestyle changes in Western societies, including the rise of affluent millennials, influence from celebrities and influencers, wider and more accessible provision of spa fitness and wellness spaces and new products and technological advancements have all played their role in changing market demand for wellness. Operators need to respond to these changes with flexibility in terms of what they provide, as well as where and how

they provide it. Similar changes have taken place in the hospitality sector, where properties with links to their neighbourhoods have taken off. This trend represents a major challenge for global brands offering the same products and treatments at every location.

Local Flair Hotel spas remain popular, but with an evident appetite for eco and adventure wellness, as well as hot spring-based properties, the hospitality sector needs

Traditional medicine is merged with spa and wellness in India


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