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Millennials are the main market for self improvement

fitness does not equal wellbeing for everyone. Athletically fit does not define healthy and well-balanced. Wellness is holistic. The routes to health and happiness vary for everyone. Emotional and spiritual health are frequently unchartered waters in the hospitality sector. However, these types of services often facilitate significant breakthroughs and meaningful transformations. Suggesting new products, books, meditation tools, and so on, can offer supportive insight and encourage ongoing and future practices. Incorporating retail selections to support these types of services, not only increases the average customer spend but also provides a selection beyond traditional spa retail. These items can include a small selection of books, journals, daily rituals or positive affirmations. Items tailored to foster self-discovery are an uplifting buy and can help boost retail performance overall.

Choose wisely Choosing to make the investment to expand programmes, spa services or new hotel overlays, becomes relative to the goals of the property. There are a number of factors to consider: what is the significance of the offering? Does it align with the property’s concept? Are management and staff committed to its success? Is it ideal to partner with outside companies or to hire and train? All of these aspects can sway the performance and impact the stability and return on investment. Selecting the right partners and discerning quality providers is an essential part of integrating new programmes. It is also key to have premium employee training. As guest preferences evolve with greater volume and speed, it is vital to work within a flexible, yet firm, strategic plan to navigate the process.

Today’s spa and wellness investments are on a path of transformation. The wellness-hospitality sector has the capacity to impart meaningful change by going beyond general wellness ideals. These integrations can inspire people through transformational experiences, generate substantial revenue and garner unique property attention. There is a priceless sentiment that goes hand-in-hand with any journey towards personal growth and wellbeing. As the world contends with ongoing change in a climate amid unknowns, investing in the people, places and programmes which empower and support people is light on the path. l n About the author: Mia A. Mackman is managing director of HVS Spa and Wellness Consulting and principal of Mackman|ES Consulting. spa business HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 127