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The pandemic has sparked an interest in living more well

developments or senior living projects, there is a serious resort-level amenities smackdown going on. When visiting new luxury wellness homes and developments, it’s hard to believe the spas, fitness centres, hydrothermal facilities and extraordinary wellness design on offer, from vast meditation rooms to full-blown hammams. There are so many examples: Troon Pacific’s multi-million-dollar homes in California have every kind of wellness and environmental angle built in, with elaborate, custom wellness and spa centers within each home. The wellness infrastructure opportunity also includes all the new technology innovations to create healthier buildings: everything from air and water purification to touchless

design and advanced circadian lighting. It includes the builders and suppliers of futuristic smart healthy homes (integrating sensors, AI, telemedicine). Our research found wellness building certification is surging. The two big players, The Well Building Standard (WELL) and Fitwel, saw certified well projects grow ninefold in the last three years. Hitting healthy built environment benchmarks means new opportunities for the technology providers and designers which make it happen.

Get on board The wellness real estate wave creates incredible new opportunities for everyone who creates and delivers diverse kinds of wellness programming, from therapists and instructors to

wellness and spa consultants. Wellness real estate projects are moving into dramatically new programming. The rise of super-sophisticated medical-wellness residential projects, such as Tri Vananda coming to Thailand, create new opportunities for practitioners from integrative doctors to physical therapists. New wellness projects such as Gravity in Columbus, Ohio, are focused on mental health programming, bringing in practitioners from therapists to motivational coaches. A key trend in wellness real estate is more wellness and spa resort and luxury players jumping into residences, whether full-ownership or fractional models. This includes Six Senses, Aman Resorts, Mandarin Oriental, Mondrian, Raffles, Montage, spa business HANDBOOK 2021 – 2022 117